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    05.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Idol! Ateez S/O has a medical Condition / Disorder - Hyung line

    Pairing: Idol! Ateez X Fem! Reader

    Do NOT own gifs, credit goes to original owner / Creators

    Note: All of this stuff written about these conditions are purely from research, one of them from experience, so if anything is wrong and you know it better then I do please notify me so I can change it.


    Hongjoong - Torettes

    Hongjoong had been aware of your torettes from the day you both first met, the misconception of your condition being that you had the stereotypical swearing tics.

    Yours were not like that, brought on by anxiety you sometimes just flinched, by no means were your tics vocal. Often if they got bad you may drop stuff or knock something over.

    Just as it had right now. You didn't entirely know what set them off in the first place but while you were trying to make food, you had dropped an entire glass tray of hot food onto the floor, after your tic making you grab the hot glass with your bare hand.

    It singed the flesh on you palm, whilst in tears you knelt trying to pick up the broken pieces of glass before Hongjoong got home.

    Picking up a shard of glass, you swore aloud when another tic took control of your body and you slapped your injured hand onto the floor, straight onto the glass.

    Leaning back onto your legs you wrapped a hand around your mouth, choking upon a sob that cracked through you,

    You hardly noticed the door of your apartment opening, entering Hongjoong who stood at the entrance of the kitchen for a second. Mouth agape at the sight infront of him before he jumped into action.

    Falling to your side, being caution of the glass shards, he helped you to stand bringing you over to the table he sat you down at one of the chairs.

    He crouched down to your eye level taking you face between his hand, rubbing at the tears trickling down you flushed cheeks.

    "Was it the tics again?" he asked softly, his eyes scanning you face, you nod, cradling your injured hand close to your chest. Hongjoong takes notice of this, he gasps.

    Gently taking hold of your hand he brought it from your chest, examining it carefully, he pulled his phone from his back pocket, making a quick call to his manager, a request to come and pick you and him up, so you could go to the hospital.

    You didn't doubt you have some degree of burns of your hand, he knew it needed to be checked out by a professional.

    He sat in wait with you, while you both waited for his manager to arrive, after he agreed quickly to come pick the both of you up.

    By the time you actually got the hospital, you were all worn out, sleep fighting your eyelids while you sat waiting with Hongjoong in the hospital waiting room.

    "I know you're tired, but can you stay awake for me"

    You nod into his shoulder, smiling to yourself when you feel the loving feeling on him press a kiss to the top of your head.

    Having Hongjoong with you made coping with your condition a whole lot easier to cope with, you were so unbelievably lucky to have him as your partner.

    Seonghwa - Cluster head aches (rare severe headaches)

    When he came home he hadn't exactly been expecting every light to be off, and curtain drawn shut.

    Knowing exactly what was wrong he went on the hunt around the house to find you.

    Dropping his bag into the living room he padded his way through to the bedroom at the back of your house, knowing you liked to lay in there with the windows wide open, the cool air sometimes helping.

    He opened the door, cringing as it squeaked. Frowning into the darkness he scanned the room for you, a saddened look befell upon his features when he spotted your figure layed on the bed, curled in a foetal position.

    He soflty walked to your side of the bed, kneeling down to see you at eye level.

    "Hey baby, how bad is it this time?" he asked in a quiet tone, trying to ease any pain his talking may bring to you.

    You wanted to sob when you heard the voice of your boyfriend, peeling your eyes open you wanted to instanly close them when the small amount of light hit them. Pounding into your head, the pain being so bad you wanted to smack your head off the wall in hopes it will make the pain go away.

    "It's bad seonghwa" you tried to keep the Sobs from breaking through into your sentence.

    "have you taken anything?" he reaches a hand up to store back the hair clinging to your forehead, you leaned forward into his touch before shaking your head.

    "Wait here"

    You heard him get up and walk from the room, reappearing a few seconds later, with some painkillers, your nasal spray and a glass of water.

    He placed the glass and painkillers down before grasping your shoulder lightly, helping you sit up straight. Holding the nasal spray he waited patiently as you sprayed the liquid up your nostril.

    Passing you the painkilling tablet he held the glass up for you, watching with sad eyes as you took then, every movement seemingly causing you more pain.

    Once you had placed the glass back down, he clamboured onto the bed next to you, drawing you into his arms. You welcomed the feeling of him wrapped around you, enjoying the warmth of your boyfriend as he spooned you.

    This would, as long as he didn't move, be a good position to stay in until the nasal spray and painkillers kick in, this would keep you at ease until then.

    Which you were very grateful for, the strong arms of Seonghwa wrapped firmly around your waist holding you to his chest, the pair of you waiting for the headache to pass. For your sake you were hoping it passes soon.

    Yunho - Dermatillomania (Skin picking disorder)

    You hadn't meant to end up back in the hospital.

    After a high stress week for both you and your boyfriend, due to the group's comeback and your exams you had picked away a huge amount of skin on your finger, all the way around to the pad of your thumb.

    The open wounds had gotten infected and you knew it was vital that you had it checked out.

    Yunho had taken time off his schedule to come with, knowing how worried the hospital made you. His usual habit of holding hands couldn't be done as your hands were throbbing with every beat of your pulse the white bandages wrapped individually around your fingers turning red.

    "I really didn't mean to," you said near tears to Yunho.

    "I know babe," he went to take your hand to comfort you but stopped himself, smiling at you meekly.

    "I don't know what happened, I don't even remember picking at them"

    He quickly took notice as you brought your bandage free fingers towards your bare arm, where you had scars and small picking wounds. He pained him to see hurting yourself like this, picking away the skin on your fingers, forearms and upper leg and the recent development of picking your scalp. Which you had been warned could leave you with bald spots.

    From the corner of your eye you could see Yunho shift in his chair as he pulled something from his pocket.

    He held it out to you, frowning down at it, at first, your expression quickly turned to a smile when you regoncsined the multicolour figit toy.

    Taking it you distract your hands with it, turning to glance at your boyfriend.

    "You know you don't have to be here"

    Yunho places a hand onto your thigh gently, cautious of the scars on the skin that lay beneath the jeans.

    "I want to be here, and need to support my girl when she needs me"

    Something in your heart swells tripling in size, it was the first time that you genuinely realised how much he meant to you, and how much you really need him.

    Yeosang - Asthma

    You hunch over panting as you finished off the dance, looking across the room to Wooyoung who lay in a heap on the floor.

    "The way you did that last spin" he laughed harder when the words left his lips, hand holding his stomach from the pain coursing through it from laughing.

    You try to regain your breath, struggling holding your knees tightly to keep your balance the tightness around your chest starting to restrict your airway.

    The boy rolling on the ground was seemingly oblivious to your sudden condition, if only you hadn't landed wrong when you spun you might not be in this position.

    Wooyoung is to hyper to notice you trying to get his attention, but luckily San sat on the practise room couch on his phone looks up to spot you, struggling to breath.

    "Wooyoung!" he yells, catching the attention of the younger, the pair of them growing serious and coming over to your side, Yeosang had made it known to the other members of your Asthma. But never had any of them been in a situation where you actually had an asthma attack around them. They didn't entirely know how to help

    "Do you have an inhaler?" San asked gripping your forearm to keep you up straight, patting down your pockets you want to cry when you don't feel it anywhere on you.

    Shaking your head you panic when the constricting feeling grows more powerful, "Woo, go get Yeosang" San said urgently, watching the other Ateez member as he ran to find your boyfriend. Yeosang was with some of the other members while they were recording parts for a new song in the other room.

    By the time Wooyoung came running back in with Yeosang you were on your hands and knees on the practise room floor. Gasping for air. Seeing your state Yeosang jumped into action, rushing across the room, ignoring the other members as they halted to a stop at the entrance of the room, watching as Yeosang ripped into his bag Searching for the spare inhaler he kept there in case of situations like this.

    Dropping onto the floor next to you, taking you shaking body from San's arm he held the inhaler up to your lips, watching as your trembling hands took hold of it, eyes squeezed shut as you took in a couple of puffs to settle out your breathing.

    Falling backwards into your boyfriends chest you look up to San and Wooyoung standing next to you, "Sorry if I scared you guys"

    The duo looked at each other, passing silent words between them, "It's totally fine"

    "What were you doing?" Yeosang asks turning you around in his embrace to face you, "I was just dancing with Wooyoung"

    Yeosang cast his eyes up to the other boy who held his hands up in defence next to his head, "She wanted to dance, I didn't force her"

    Yeosang huffed turning to look at you when he felt you tug at his jumper lightly, "I didn't know you carried an inhaler"

    Yeosang smiled, an expression you still couldn't get used to, "Well I can't have you passing out on me can I"

    No, you can't you thought to yourself, cuddling into the warmth of his chest as one by one the members left you two alone.

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  • illusionteez
    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Ateez Reaction To You Wanting To Sleep With Them

    Warnings : None

    imagine is under the read more 

    Kim Hongjoong

    A total softie

    He is all hands on deck with you wanting to sleep with him

    Feels good in himself that your comfortable enough to sleep with him

    He would immediately embrace you wasting no time at all

    Small kisses here and there

    He can’t stop himself from smiling the rest of the night

    Plz he seriously loves you so much so treat him with the same amount of love

    Being so close to each other makes him leave all his stress of working in the studio constantly behind him

    Park Seonghwa

    would be shocked at first

    but don’t worry he will accept because he loves you so much

    his focus is on you and he will make sure your comfortable

    tiny kisses are a must

    he definitely seems like the type to give you small head pats

    will rub your back if you let him

    forehead kisses

    you guys will end up sleeping together every night now

    Jeong Yunho

    immediately approves

    he has been waiting for this for so long

    loves that your comfortable enough for that

    I know we all love his hands so back rubs or head pats are a must

    will keep asking if your comfortable

    admires your soft sleeping face

    shoulder kisses

    Kang Yeosang

    was a little hesitant at first

    but since he loves you so much he allowed it

    can’t help but smile at how cute you look half asleep

    will play with your hair gently to help you sleep better

    small forehead kisses

    he can’t believe your his so most likely he will dream of you

    Choi San

    his eyes lit up with excitement

    he was literally so happy

    just like yunho he has waited for this moment for a long time

    will back hug you almost instantly

    since he loves you he will allow you to hold shiber

    will find it cute how you lightly snuggle shiber because it smells like him

    forehead kisses

    Song Mingi

    he is a baby at heart so of course he is gonna be shy at this offer

    but without hesitation he accepts because he loves you so much

    you will be seeing that cute gummy smile of his a lot because he won’t be able to stop smiling

    will ask before he hugs you

    once he starts to hug you he won’t let go so good luck getting up in the morning

    tiny kisses are a must with him to

    he will play with your hair

    Jung Wooyoung

    immediately approves

    he would carry you to bed

    can’t take his eyes off you the whole night

    will ask you constantly if your comfortable and have enough blankets

    he will play with your hair and give you small kisses

    will probably tell the most random stories ever

    you will end up sleeping together again because you both loved it

    Choi Jongho

    will give you that adorable smile of his

    just like hongjoong he loves that your comfortable enough to sleep with him

    he will hug you lightly while he plays with your hair

    small kisses here and there

    you love his voice so he will sing you to sleep softly

    loves how cute you look slowly drifting off to sleep

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    05.12.2021 - 13 hours ago

    if I created a google form containing images for prompts, would anyone do it? 

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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    Hello sweethearts, just wanted to say (since some people are confused and I'm sorry for that). My requests are always open. But that doesn't mean I'll write your ask straight away.

    I have a lot to write and if your ask doesn't get written (or I haven't said I've seen it) doesn't mean I'm ignoring you.

    If I don't like your request I will tell you. If it's something I can't write I will tell you. If you haven't gotten a response from me it is because nine out of ten I have an idea for it but I need to finish my other projects first.

    Please understand writing takes time. Authors aren't here to magically write something out of thin air for you. We spend hours upon hours writing, editing, and posting content for you. Please take that into consideration ❤

    Thank you,

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  • ateez-jieun
    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    friends outside of ateez!

    main masterlist.

    — Felix

    • met on kingdom

    • as soon as jieun saw him, she had to protect

    • asked him for his number cuz like he’s so cute sunshine ball who wouldn’t wanna be his friend (this sentence made no sense)

    • Jieun caught onto his accent so her English is slightly Australian at times

    • Overall fans THRIVE for their interactions

    — Yeonjun

    • Met Yeonjun through Wooyoung

    • They get along VERY well!!

    • No cuz literally- they have little café outings and it’s so cute sjsjsjsjs 😭

    • they might or might not have a huge tiny crush on each other

    • You bet wooyoung teases tf out of jieun once she comes home from one of their café dates

    — Changbin

    • again, met through Wooyoung

    • She admired his rapping skills

    • Even asks him for help in raps instead of asking hongjoong (because leader needs some sleep!!)

    • she once accidentally threw her coffee on his shirt and didn’t look him in the eye for 2 months straight

    — Heeseung

    • Met him through her brother (aka Sunghoon)

    • She always admired Heeseung throughout iland

    • She was BEYOND happy when they announced her 3 (other being Sunoo) favourite boys in the show as the debut group

    • Has made it her job to take care of him

    • Overall they have a very older sister-younger brother energy

    — Sunoo

    • Fell in love with his smile

    • Found herself smiling whenever he was on

    • SCREAMED when he made the debut lineup (no quite literally screamed, Seonghwa had to shut her up)

    • Sunoo is now her son, no one can change that <3

    • (Sunoo even refers to Sunghoon as “Uncle” just to piss him off)

    — ITZY

    • Trained with them

    • She ABSOLUTELY adores them

    • You’d find her vibing to Wannabe now and then

    • She even did the shoulder dance on tiktok (and she slayed as usual)

    • She’d be at the JYP building now and then and the first room she goes to is ALWAYS the ITZY room

    — GOT7

    • Got7 has adopted her.

    • Jinyoung and JayB refer to her as their daughter, whereas the rest of them refer to as their sister

    • (When got7 was still a part of JYP)

    They YELLED whenever she visited


    • “ JIEUN HIII”

    • sigh...She loves them

    — TWICE

    • They adopted her pt 2

    • Got7 are her dads and twice is their mums. No cap

    • There are SO MANY jieun x twice interactions that the fans might as well cry (it’s that adorable)


    • Overall Jieun loves her moms and they love her twice as much (pun intended)

    taglist [OPEN!] : @atinymonster @leech4ns @hyuncore (bold can't be tagged)

    a/n: i know it's more practical to post ateez's relationship with jieun before this but that one is taking time forgive me

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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago


    mtl synastry ship is open until monday! (send your big 6: sun, moon, rising, mercury, venus and mars with up to 3 groups bellow.)

    ➡️ OR if you want to ask something or clarify about a specific member, or group, or any request other than those mentioned above, feel free! i will do the MAXIMUM to try to respond efficiently and quickly. i am constantly learning too. 🥺

    DISCLAIMER: i will ONLY accept smut requests with legal age members, minors are out of the question.

    💚 groups:


    Stray Kids




    NCT (all units)

    Red Velvet




    Monsta X





    ➡️ thank you so much for your attention and support! i will wait for your request, dear! 🤍🥺

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    04.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    03:08 am.

    i literally cannot fall asleep :( anyway i’ve been really inactive lately and have no idea on what to write, please do send in any requests you might have!! the groups i write for are on my account on the pinned post <3

    - mal

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  • madmansan
    03.12.2021 - 1 day ago

    28 days

    Fantasy au - Demon!San x Fem!Reader

    Trigger Warnings

    Blood, death, scars, gore, violence, swearing, kidnapping, enslavement, some suggestive references but nothing nsfw.

    Day 3


    I sit on the rug by the fire. The house has a familiar look to it. It feels like I've been here before. I'm happy, content, yet tears are gushing down my face. A young woman, that looks slightly like my mother, beckons me into the fire. I follow. I am outside the Labyrinth, the walls standing ten times taller than usual. I hear the cries of my mother and I am brought back to the house, sitting in front of the fire, my hands in hers. Apologies pour out of her as she pulls me in closer. I don't understand. What's wrong? Why am I upset?

    I push away from the hug and am met with Hongjoong's bright smile and eyes. I take his hand. But someone else takes my other. San. He holds onto it tightly, pulling me away with a warning glare. No. Not warning. Caution. And he's looking at Hongjoong. I turn back and I see my dear friend Mingi dead on the floor, Hongjoong inspects it and then meets my horror-filled eyes. His skin is pale, his eyes darker, and his smile turns into a spine-tingling grin. San pulls on my hand once more, but it's too late. Hongjoong pounces and I watch my corpse and San move further and further away as I ascend.

    You're eyes shoot open, as you jolt up in your bed. You quickly take in your surroundings, and find a surprising amount of relief in knowing you're still in the log cabin.

    You take a deep breath, and hug yourself. It was only a dream. You're pulled out of your thoughts almost instantly as you hear bottles being moved about and heavy breathing.

    San drags himself along the counter top and yanks out a bottle before putting it back in the shelf with a grunt.

    Without hesitation, you're at his side placing your hands on his arms and easing him into the wooden chair by the window. It's only then that you see what had made him so weak.

    Dozens of cuts cover his arms, chest and legs, tearing his clothes and covering the skin around them in a thin layer of the black blood that his kind possess.

    "I-" he pauses to take in a harsh breath through his teeth. "The- The one that's blue."

    You look back over to the part of the shelf he had been checking, you take the first blue liquid you see-

    "No! Not that one! The other blue one!" His voice is hoarse and terribly breathless, but he still manages to get out his more than aggressive command.

    You grab another bottle that's further back and bring it straight to him. He snatches it from you, pulls the cork out with his teeth and begins to chug the liquid. Some bits seep out the corner of his mouth, but he doesn't bother wiping them away.

    His free hand clutches onto yours harshly, as the other drops the bottle to the floor. He lets out growls, grunts and screams, as his body starts to heal itself.

    It's over before it began, and he let's go of your hand, falling limp against the chair, sighing, most likely in relief. "Thank you." He mutters, before pulling himself to sit up straight.

    "You bastard!" You yelled. "You scared me half to death!" You knew he could heal himself, so the wounds must have been demon inflicted. And if he had died? You didn't want to think about what the King would do to you.

    He lets out a small laugh, "Sorry, I was a bit scared myself."

    You took a deep breath in an attempt to calm your panicking mind. "I bet. What happened to you?"

    He sighs, adjusting himself once more, "I went to the castle to find out why the blood moon rose so quickly. He was," he clears his throat and mimicks the King's strong presence and gentle tone, "testing my resolve." He relaxs again, dropping the act. "I got mad. The result was a small brawl with a couple of his friends. And by friends, I mean his stronger, more mutated demons. The one's that only come out with the intention to kill. But that doesn't matter, he said he won't mess with you anymore."

    You want to ask whether he had seen Roslyn, yet it seems too inappropriate. "It must have been terrifying."

    He looks up at you, a hint of surprise in his expression. "I thought you were going to ask about Roslyn." His face contorts, making his confusion more apparent.

    You place a hand on top of his, your sympathetic gaze meeting his puzzled one. "It would be wrong to ask when it clearly scared you."

    He looks at your hand with his mouth slightly agape, before quickly correcting himself, closing it and pulling his hand away. "It's nothing too serious. It's happened before."

    "A demon who doesn't follow the rules, are we?" You say, hoping to lighten the mood.

    "More like a demon that doesn't share the same beliefs as others." He mutters to himself, unaware that you actually heard him.

    You decide not to push it further as it seems like a sensitive subject. You sit back down on the bed and watch the way he basks in the early morning sun that pours in through the window.

    You pull your eyes away, hoping he didn't catch you staring. The blood from the old lady has stained the floor, and it sends you flying back to the previous night, the fear, the sadness.

    Another deep breath is taken as you gather your emotions. You pull out the parchments and a small lump of charcoal from your bag and begin scribbling down some of the things San had told you and some of the experiences you've had whilst in here. It's almost therapeutic writing them as it stops them from tormenting your mind as much. You soon relax as the words flow out onto the parchment with ease.

    "Want to ask me more questions, ma'am?" San says from across the room.

    You look up to him, charcoal at the ready, only taking a brief moment to think of a question to ask. "How many demons are in the Labyrinth?"

    "How many stars are in the sky?" He retorts, angering you slightly.

    "If you're not going to give me proper answers then don't offer." You say, sternly, grabbing the peice of parchment you are using to specifically write about him and adding 'cocky bastard' under 'personality'. You share a little laugh with yourself before looking back up to see San sparing a glance your way.

    He sighs, "Okay, I'm sorry, I'll be serious." He turns in the chair to face you, "It's hard to keep count, is what I'm trying to say. They appear, they disappear, they die, they burrow underground - that's where the tunnels come from, by the way - and all the while the King hasn't thought of a single way to register how many there actually are. All he knows is that they are under his rule, and if they go against that, they die."

    You take in the information whilst noting it down, but there was one thing that stood out to you. "Burrow? Like, like a rabbit?" You giggle. "That makes you a little less intimidating!"

    "Aha hah, very funny, y/n." He stretchs, before getting up and joining you on the bed. You make sure the notes you had previously made about his good looks hidden from him.

    He continues, "There are many different types of demons. Not all of them are as handsome as I am." You roll your eyes. "No, what I mean is that not all of them look, somewhat, human. They're larger, more beast-like. But not all of us human ones are the same. We feed differently."

    You nod your head, your writing not stopping for a second. "And the different ways of feeding, what are they?"

    San hummed in thought for a moment, "Well, there are some that are more vampiric, only feeding off human blood, that's most of us but the desire deviates depending on the position in the Labyrinth. Like me, I can feed that way but I've built up a sort of resilience to it. Some eat insides and there are others that take it in a more sexual way." He looks uncomfortable talking about that one and you couldn't deny that you felt it a bit too.

    Would that mean that Seonghwa fed like that? Seemed like it.

    You think about it for a second, before a horrid realization hits you.

    "Ew! Was that why you kept trying to kiss me!?" You shout, shuffling away from him until you back hits the headboard.

    "Woah! I- That's a very bold assumption!" He hastily defends himself.

    "Bold?! You told me yourself that a kiss would only nourish you for a while! As opposed to what, going all the way and me dying!?"

    He throws his hands up in defence, "Okay! Fine! That may or may not have been my intention, but I hadn't done it before and wanted to see if it was as nourishing as people say. You can't blame me! Besides, I thought you would be all up for it! That was before you told me you had no interest in me." He sulks at the end of the bed.

    "Demon nature?" You ask.

    "What?" He asks.

    "To be so bloody arrogant all the time! You should stop assuming everyone likes you." You yell, throwing one of the pillows at him. He catches it effortlessly.

    "They have all liked me! Every. Last. One. I had a right to assume that about you." He throws the pillow back at you. It misses, but nearly knocks the stuff out of your hands.

    You let out a huff, "I highly doubt they liked you very much after you killed them." You say, making a quick readjustment to your notes. You look back up to San, rather sheepishly turned away from you.

    You clear your throat, "You said it changes on position in the Labyrinth?"

    He hurriedly splutters out some stuttered 'Huh?'s and 'What?'s as if his mind had been elsewhere. "Um, yes." He finally declares after gathering his words. "There tend to be more vampiric and insides feeders further in, but gatekeepers, what I am, we can pretty much feed exactly how we please. However, those in the royal guard can only feed through blood, it's just the will of the King." He obviously sees your face contort into one of disgust, "And, yes, that means that demon last night was breaking more than just the etiquette rule." You feel sick come up in your throat, "What can I say? He wasn't a gatekeeper for long - never got to try it out."

    You swallow the bile back down and take a heavy breath, "So, if you hadn't come in and stopped him ... " San nods his head and you let out a shriek-like gasp.

    What surprises you most is that San actually starts laughing, resulting in another pillow being thrown at his face, his arms too preoccupied, clutching his belly as he guffaws at what you could only assume to be your more innocent mind.

    For some reason you feel the need to prove him wrong, but you knew he was right. You weren't interested in courting or anything else that comes with it. You were always too focused on the Labyrinth. You felt bound to it, but that dragged you away from the village, the only person that ever liked you was Mingi. Probably because he was just as much an outcast as you.

    The image from your dream plagues you again and you grimace at its horror. I need to get back to my village, with Roslyn, and I will make sure no one has to enter this place, or face these demons, ever again.

    You stand abruptly, and head straight for the door. There wasn't enough time for this. You had to go. Now.


    When you reach the bottom of the staircase, you notice a dug up pile of dirt just off to the side. A hand is placed on your shoulder, making you jump, before you realise that it's San.

    "I thought it would only be right for her to have a proper burial, don't you?" His words are soft and sincere.

    You nod your head once, but quickly move on. You would be putting yourself through too much grief by staying.

    It wasn't long before you reached the stream. San walked along the naturally formed stepping stones with perfect ease, holding his hand out for you to take.

    As much as you want to believe he was doing it out of consideration for your less than adequate coordination, you knew he was most likely going to push you off balance 'as a joke'.

    You pull your eyes away, in hopes you hadn't been staring for too long and take carefully planned steps along the wet rock. The first few steps aren't too hard, however the distance between the next few is increasing. You chance a leap, your foot slipping just short of the next step, sending you straight into San's open arms.

    You pull your face off of his rather sculpted chest, failing to cover up your flustered state through your stronger than necessary grip on his biceps.

    "Look at you! You were convinced you didn't need my help but you still fell into my arms. I think fate likes the idea of us together. How romantic!"

    You're too focused on getting yourself out of the situation you are in to think of some clever retort. However, you unintentionally ignoring him makes you unable to stop him from throwing you into the water.

    He laughs at the yelp you let out as the water splashs up and around you. It's not deep enough to submerge you, but your front is completely soaked, and matters only become worse when you turn yourself over and give your rear-end the same treatment.

    A deep growl leaves your throat as you run your fingers through your wet hair, San's laughing not stopping for a breath.

    "Very funny, San! Shame it was too bloody predictable!" You yell, finally finding your feet. His laughter waters down into smaller giggles as you trudge through the rushing stream.

    You wring your shirt and spare a sharp glance towards San. Is it hateful? You can't quite tell. Spending more time with him is making him a lot more likable. Whether that was his demon nature or not.

    He steps up next to you, sending you a wink before heading on without you. You shake at your still soaked shoes and speed up your walking to catch up with him.


    Your eyes inevitably set upon the Labyrinth walls once more, and the exasperated, relief-filled laugh you let out gathers the right amount of energy to run to it and begin your climb up the thick, wild vines that find purchase on the worn-down brick.

    Your head pokes over the wall and you finally get a glimpse at the sheer expanse of the Labyrinth. Walls intertwining, sections shifting and, most ominously, demons stalking the pathways. You pull yourself the rest of the way up until you're standing on top of the wall. Getting a better view of the area and the bodies demons are leaving behind. Some torn to shreds others dried up like raisins.

    You look away opting to not put yourself through more emotional turmoil.

    "Woah." You look to where the voice came from to find San had joined you. "Of course, I have seen the Labyrinth like this but ... never in person." He adds, as he gazes over the world infront of him.

    You follow where his eyes are trained and see a faint silhouette of a turret. You rub your eyes thinking it might be just a tired brain trick, but it doesn't go away. In fact, more turrets appear, until you behold the entirety of, what you assume to be, the Demon King's castle. It's very far in the distance, but the fact you can see it is all the encouragement you need, and you feel the biggest smile pull at your cheeks.

    You turn to San to see him looking at you, his usual unbothered or impatient demeanor now diminished as he smiles at you.

    Tears brim in your eyes and you pull him into a hug that could shatter any regular person's bones. You pull away and point to the castle.

    "Oh my Lord, San! It's there! The castle is right there! I might be able to save Roslyn afterall!" You calm yourself down as an irrational thought pops into your head. You place you hands on his shoulders and step closer to him. What on Earth am I doing? "And San, I want to thank you too. I would be a Demon's dinner by now if you hadn't helped me."

    "W-well, I wasn't trying to save you! I just want to keep the deal is all." He interrupts, but you don't hear him. Your eyes are too focused on his lips.

    You want to kiss him. You've never felt this with anyone before, but all of a sudden, all of the emotions, you feel every one.

    You lean in closer. What am I doing? What am I doing? A kiss from him could lead to something else. And by something else, I mean your demise.

    You stop just short of his lips.

    "Are you trying to tease me? Really? In the Labyrinth? You do realise who has the ultimate power here, baby?" San asks, his hands rubbing up and down your waist. When they had got there you have no idea, you're experiencing quite the headrush with all these new feelings and sensations.

    You take a deep breath and move your head to the side of his, placing a small peck on his sculpted cheek as you had done plenty of times as a greeting or a kind gesture to the people of the village. Even Mingi had experienced it. But no-one had such a severe reaction in comparison to what San looked like now. His face is bright red and his mouth opens and closes, occasional stutters coming out.

    You pull away and place a hand to his forehead to check if he has a fever. He slaps your hand away almost instantly, a faint laugh coming right from his chest cools him down and his complexion becomes its usual pale colour again.

    "God, you're a piece of work." He mumbles, his smile never fading. The sight makes your breath hitch and face heat up.

    Good God, this man is so beautiful!

    You fan at your warm face, hoping he didn't catch you clearly swooning over him. That's when you feel something tightly wrap around you waist ... and begin to pull.

    You fall to the floor at the force of it, and you quickly roll onto your front to try and grab something. Anything. But it's too late, half your body is already of hanging off the top of the wall, dangling back into forest and threatening the fall to it's floor which all of a sudden seems a lot farther away.

    In that moment, your flailing arms grasp hold of something and you look up to see San, who has wrapped his arms under yours and locked his fingers together.

    You follow suit, throwing your arms around his neck and holding tight. He pulls against the force with all of his might but it doesn't seem to be enough.

    You watch as vines crawl up his arms and wrap around his waist. He must stumble, because then you both are falling. All you see are the vines peeling off the wall, before everything goes black.


    You wake up to the sound of a heavy water flow and the aggressive mumbles of who you only assume to be San.

    "Shut up." You moan, his repetitive grumbles being painful on your already hurting head. He goes silent.

    You raise your head, taking in your surroundings. There is a waterfall right by a small cottage. The stream powering the water wheel at the side. The most defining feature is the insane amount of vines that climb up the walls of the homely place and cascade from the roof.

    You then look down and see yourself bound to a chair by the same vines. Looking to your right, you see San has received the same treatment. Across the small circular table in front of you is one more empty chair, rationally open for, assuming someone has, the person who kidnapped you.

    "What's going on?" You finally say, trying but failing to pull yourself from the vines.

    "Like hell I would know." San said, watching you with a bored expression as you try to pull yourself free once more. "Y/n. If I can't break free with my strength then you obviously can't with yours."

    With a half growl, half sigh you slump in your restrictions, but perk up once more when you hear a gleeful, songlike humming coming from the entrance to the cottage.

    Out from the door, comes a small cloaked creature holding a tray with a tea set on top of it. The table is the same height as them and so they have trouble placing it on top, but eventually manages.

    They then climb on to the chair and pull down their hood to reveal a humanoid body made out of contorted vines. The face of the creature moves into a smile and their eyes, which appear to be fireflies, light up.

    "Hello!" They say. You look at them in complete fascination. "Did I bang your head? I'm sorry about that. This should help."

    The little creature uses their two single-vine hands to grab the teapot and pour a cup, sliding it across to you.

    You look at it cautiously, and then at your bound arms.

    "Oh dear! I'm sorry about that. I just didn't want you running away is all." The vines remove themselves from yours and San's bodies, and before you get a chance to speak, San has already got the creature in a chokehold.

    "Run, Y/n! I'll deal with this knave!" You get up from your seat and go to escape but the childlike sobs from the creature stop you. You turn around and see that they are crying and using their small vine hands to try and slap San's away.

    You grab San's arms and pull, "San! Stop! They're crying!" His grip loosens and you push him away.

    You grab your chair and place it next to the creature's, taking them in your arms and gently petting the sides of their head.

    "I'm sorry! I just wanted s-some company!" They choke out through their sobs. San gets up from the floor rubbing his forearms from where you grabbed on to him.

    "I'm sorry." You say, pulling away from the hug and attempting to wipe away the tears from their face. "We've had a lot of trouble in here so we're normally on high defence." You send a stern look San's way as he throws his hands up in confusion. You let out a sigh and point to the seat opposite you two.

    He reluctantly sits down, crossing his arms in protest.

    You then look to the tea on the table and pick it up. "Did you make this for me?" The little vine child nods their head and you show them as comforting a smile you can produce. "Well, thank you very much!" You place the rim of the cup to your lips.

    "Y/n-!" San holds a hand out to stop you but you have already taken a sip.

    The taste was so sweet and earthy, it didn't take you long to pour the rest into your mouth. "Aah! That was good! Did you make that yourself?"

    The small creature bounces excitedly, "I did! Do you feel the pain in your head anymore!?"

    You place a hand to your head, and were shocked at the realisation. Your head didn't hurt. Neither did you feel dizzy, or confused.

    The creature stands on the chair and wraps their arms around your neck. "Yeah! Now, you're feeling better we can have a proper tea party!" They clamber on to the table and start to reorganise the tea set, gathering the supplies on the tray and, with a lot of effort, dragging it down from the table and heading for the cottage door.

    You move your chair back next to San's, and you are met with a very unwelcoming glare. "That child was crying."

    He sighs deeply and gives up on trying to burn holes through you with his eyes. "That's not a child." He looks down, "Well, not anymore at least."

    "San?" You said, sternly.

    "It was nothing to do with me, if that's what your asking." He said in defence.

    You hold back some tears, "Oh no! What did that bastard King do this time!?"

    San fiddles with his fingers in his lap. "A couple weeks before you arrived, that boy gave one of the gatekeepers the slip. The King knew where he was, of course, but he was in other business so he just sent the others after him. He was found in this area trying to climb the vines. The bunch the King had sent were particularly spiteful, and instead of sending him to the castle to be enslaved, they cursed him. Quite awful when you think about it. Especially since he was probably the same age as your sister."

    You can't hold them back anymore. The tears start to flow. To think such a small, innocent child had been left out here alone for weeks. And to be turned into a creature like that. It pained your heart and made you think of the torture that Roslyn could be going through.

    A hand is placed on your back and gently rubs up and down. "Don't let him see your affected by it. I don't think he's realised just how far up shit's creek he is. And ... if it's any kind of consolation, Roslyn has been taken to the castle which means that she will not be cursed like him. That said, I can't promise she's not suffering."

    You wipe your tears, "I appreciate that you're trying to help, San, but you're actually making me feel worse."

    The cursed boy returns holding a new tea set on the same tray. You help him lift it on to the table and lift him on to his chair.

    "I'll pour the tea!" He says cheerily. "Mother always told me to pour out everyone else's tea before you pour your own. It's good manners!"

    "It sure is!" You reply, watching him struggle to lift the heavy teapot with his small vine hands.

    "Psst." San pulled you closer, "He might get too excited if we stay. He'll be so distraught if we say we have to leave." He pulled you closer, his lips on your ear, "You need to tell him now, or you won't see Roslyn ever again."

    You take a deep breath and contemplate the way you're going to go about doing this. By the time you snap back to reality, the boy has handed you your cup. You glance over and see San sipping from his.

    "So ... What's your name, young man?" You smile, hoping he can't tell that it's fake.

    "Kit." He pours some tea down his face but it doesn't enter his mouth. "What's your name?"

    "Y/n." You look back to San, who's stare is obviously telling you to 'hurry up.' You take a deep breath in, "Look, Kit. As much as we would love to stay and drink more of this ... lovely tea. We really must be going."

    His face falls into a frown and you quickly correct yourself. "We're not leaving for good! It's just ... well ... I have a younger sister who is in the castle and I promised myself and this man here that I would save her. She's around the same age as you. I'm sure you would be good friends!"

    His vine lips start to tremble and his breaths become wobbly. "B-but ... I thought we were having a tea party. I thought we would become good friends." He says.

    You can tell he is about to cry but you can't falter. "And we will!" You cheer, picking him up in your arms and spinning him round. "Once we save my sister, we will come back here and have the most extravagant, most fantastical tea party ever. We will all become the best of friends. Even grouchy, old San over there."

    San sends you a sarcastic smile and you return your gaze to the boy in your arms. "I can assure you, Kit, we'll do all of that and more. I just need to save my sister first."

    Kit nods with a slight reluctance and you place him down on his chair, bending down to his eye level. "You're so brave, Kit. May you find happiness." You place a gentle kiss on his cheek and stand up.

    "Come along then, San. We have places to be."

    "Finally!" He moans, dragging himself from his chair, finding his place next to you.

    You give him a harsh look and turn back to Kit who seems to be giving San the same treatment as you. "Don't worry. I don't have to bring him back if you don't want me to." You say to him and he lets out a cheeky giggle. San's face shows that he could most definitely be more impressed.

    A quick glance around the area and you discover an easy route up to the top of the wall a small distance from the cottage.

    "There we are, San. Back to where we started." You say, heading in the direction of the vine-covered wall; San trialing swiftly behind.

    "Wait!" A small yell stops you.

    Registering Kit's voice instantly, you run back over to him much to the dismay of San, who produces an overly loud groan.

    "Miss Y/n! Your dagger!" Kit holds up the blade. "Don't want to go forgetting that! Especially since the blood moon will be rising soon."

    "What!?" You say, quickly looking to the sky to see that it has, in fact, got darker. You turn to San, filled with rage, "You didn't think to tell me that I'd been unconscious for half the day!?"

    "I think you're forgetting that deal we made. Of course I'm not gonna tell you." He says, the smug look on his face doing everything to fuel your anger ... and your panic.

    "That's two days! Two days we've spent here! We need to move quicker - No! I need to move quicker!" You try and control your breathing but your fear is getting the better of you.

    "Don't worry, Miss Y/n. You can rest in my cottage and tomorrow, I'll help you get out of here." Kit places one of his vine hands on your arm in comfort. And it is surprisingly effective. You bend over and take his hand for him to lead you to the cottage.

    You step through the doorway and see that it looks exactly like a cottage from your village. A dining table and chairs lay on a rug by the fireplace, just behind that a small kitchen with several herbs, spices, plants and tea sets. The most defining feature are the vines that have grown through the windows and all over the furniture.

    "No!" You hear Kit's chirpy voice from outside.

    "What do you mean 'no'!?" That's definitely San. "I'm with her. Remember?"

    You walk up to see Kit standing his ground firmly, his arms grown into larger vines that hold San away from the entrance by his waist.

    "I mean no! You scared Miss Y/n! Now, I don't know what deal you have with her, but if you're gonna make her panic again, then you can forget about coming in here."

    You placed a hand on Kit's shoulder and he looks up to you with a big smile, which you gladly return.

    He returns his gaze to San who is still suspended in the air, and retracts his arms, dropping San to the floor and slamming the door in his face.

    "Come along, Miss Y/n! I'll lead you to your room."

    You lay in bed with one last empty cup of tea on the table by your side. The bed is more comfortable than the your own at home and for the first time it feels like you are bathing in the red light that pours in from the window rather than dreading it.

    That is until it is displaced by a dark shadow, causing you to spring up from your bed and look around the room. A chill runs down your spine. "W-who's there?" You call out into the darkness.

    A snap of fingers and a candle is lit revealing San. "It's just me." He says dismissively, looking down at the flame.

    You huff impatiently and drop back to your bed, pulling the blanket up to your face so that you don't have to look at him.

    "Hey! Don't ignore me!" He barks, yanking the blanket off the bed, making you pull your legs up to your chest and a harsh shiver to run through you.

    "Good God! Where have your clothes gone?" He exclaims and you immediately blush.

    You had removed your clothes as they were still damp from San pushing you in the stream and you didn't want to get Kit's bed dirty. It was a good idea although it left you in just your underwear, and, in the presence of a perverted demon, could cause problems.

    You get up quickly and snatch the blanket back from San, who is, much to your surprise, looking away. You lay back down on the bed and return his kind gesture by avoiding looking at him in anyway.

    You choose to avoid his question too, focusing on making him leave instead.

    "What are you doing in here? I'll call for Kit; he'll sort you out for sure."

    A dry laugh erupts from him, "Him? The little vine kid? Oh, sure. I'm sure he'll 'sort me out'."

    Your silence is enough to stop his laughter as you both know that Kit has become used to his powers very quickly and, even better, knows how to utilise them.

    "Go away, San. I don't need you here anymore. I have Kit. Come find me and Roslyn at the gate when the twenty-eight days are over." You say between yawns.

    San rushes over to the bedside, placing the candle on the table but is met by your back as you have already turned around in hopes you don't have to face him.

    "If you don't like me, then why did you kiss me before?" He says, his patience wearing thin in his voice.

    "You know what? I'm asking myself the exact same thing." You say, embarrassed by the memory.

    That's when you're quickly thrust on to your back, San straddling your hips and pinning you down by your wrists.

    "What's wrong with you?! Why don't you like me?! I don't understand what I'm doing wrong?! Everytime I think I might be getting somewhere with you! Are you just being polite?!" He yells right in your face.

    You scream for Kit and it isn't long before San is off of you and out of the room. Your face drops into your hands, instantly being soaked by your tears.

    Kit arrives quickly and thrusts himself onto the bed wrapping you in a hug with his vines.

    "It's okay, Miss Y/n. I won't let him hurt you. Just get some rest."


    To be continued


    Author's note: OH MY GOD!!! It feels AMAZING to be back! Sorry this is so long but when I say I got back into the flow of writing, I. GOT. BACK. IN. Thank you so much for sticking with me as I got better. Even if just one person reads my writing, it's all worth it! Thank you so much for reading and look forward to my next update. I love you so so so much! ❤❤

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    03.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Baby’s First Christmas ~ Song Mingi

    Your eyes lit up as you heard the creak of the floorboard at the top of the staircase, immediately glancing across to watch as Mingi made his way down the stairs, cradling tightly to your daughter who was resting against his chest tightly.

    You moved a few of the gifts around on the floor to make space for the two of them as Mingi joined you on the living room floor, sitting nice and close to you so that you could peer into his arms and meet the wide eyes of your daughter that were staring back at you.

    She was clueless to the things that were going on around you, unaware that it was Christmas Day. Even though it was a day that she had never remember, you and Mingi, along with the rest of your families too, had gone above and beyond to make sure that she enjoyed her day.

    Your house had more decorations than ever before, your tree was surrounded by gifts when there were usually only a few, and best of all, you had someone else joining you on Christmas morning when it was usually just the two of you, with your daughter completing your family perfectly in time for the holidays.

    “Shall we open up some gifts?” Mingi suggested.

    Your head nodded in reply as you reached across to pull several of the presents closer towards you that had your daughter’s name written on the label. The floor was covered in gifts, mostly for her, with everyone keen to spoil her rotten.

    As you began to unwrap, Mingi readjusted his hold so that your daughter could watch on.

    The sound of the wrapping paper immediately caught her attention as she watched on to see what you were doing. You made sure to take things slow so that she could take it all in, even if she would end up forgetting all of the things that were going on in just a matter of minutes.

    Whilst you unwrapped, Mingi looked at the paper on the floor to try and find a label. “This one’s from Seonghwa,” he informed you as soon as he caught sight of it.

    Your head nodded as you pulled the wrapping paper away, holding up the hanger that stuck up. “Look at this,” you laughed, holding it high so that Mingi could see the gift too.

    A chuckle of disbelief came from him as he looked at the baby grow that Seonghwa had bought for your daughter. It was the perfect outfit for her to wear at Christmas, a mix of red and green to keep her in the holiday spirit.

    “Santa’s little helper,” Mingi read as he looked over the text that was on the front of the grow, “my mum is going to love seeing her in this when we go over for dinner later.”

    “She’ll look adorable,” you instantly agreed.

    Your daughter was clearly excited in Mingi’s hold too as she tried to reach out to have a feel of the baby grow for herself. You passed it over so that Mingi could hold it up for her whilst reaching across for the next gift.

    “And this one is from Yunho,” you read out, beginning to tear off the paper, “I dread to think what this could be,” you frowned, glancing weakly across at Mingi as he watched closely to see what it was that you unwrapped.

    Your head shook in disbelief as you pulled the paper down to reveal the perfect gift for parents on Christmas Day, a wine set that the two of you could enjoy.

    “Please tell me he didn’t mean to write Y/D/N’s name on the label,” you groaned, pushing the present to one side so that your daughter didn’t see it.

    “Maybe he thought Y/D/N would need it spending Christmas with all of us.”

    “I’ll kill him next time I see him.”

    Luckily for you, the next few presents that you unwrapped were equally as adorable as the first that you unwrapped from Seonghwa. The boys had all gifted your daughter the sweetest things, with plenty of toys and outfits to keep her going for a long time.

    “Just wait until we get to my parents, then you’ll see some extravagant presents,” Mingi laughed as you began to come to the end of your daughter’s pile of presents, “mum mentioned something about a dollhouse that she saw a few weeks ago.”

    Your eyes widened in surprise, looking around your living room as you tried to figure where you would even put such a thing. Your daughter was still a little too young for things like that, but Mingi’s mum never let that stop her from spoiling her granddaughter.

    “I guess we better empty out the car if we’re going to have to bring something like that home,” you warned Mingi, “there’s no room in the boot with all of the baby stuff in there.”

    “Don’t worry,” Mingi assured you, “knowing mum she’ll probably want to keep the dollhouse at their house anyway so she can see Y/D/N play with it.”

    “I hope our presents for Y/D/N compare to what everyone else buys,” you suddenly spoke, confiding to Mingi in a whisper.

    His head immediately shook back across at you, refusing to let you compare. The two of you knew exactly what your daughter wanted and needed, which instantly meant that you had the best gifts out of everyone.

    After years of receiving gifts from you too, Mingi was confident that you would be able to get things right for your daughter too like you always did for him. You had worked tirelessly to organise the perfect first Christmas for your daughter, but there wasn’t a single doubt in Mingi’s mind that the day wasn’t going to go perfectly.

    “I know you’re just saying that right now because you’re stressed,” Mingi responded.

    “I just want things to go well.”

    “And they will,” he encouraged with a wide smile on his face, “we can get ready here, and then in a couple of hours we can drive to my mum and dad’s and enjoy dinner there, and then we can go and visit your family too, what could possibly go wrong when we’re spending the day with our loved ones?”

    “I guess you’ve got a point,” you murmured, “and I know that Y/D/N will love being around so many people too.

    He understood that you were worried, the firsts for your daughter were always important, but with a day surrounded by family ahead of you, there was no doubt in in Mingi that things were going to be anything less than perfect.

    “Rather than worry, why don’t we open a couple of our presents for each other before getting ready for dinner?” Mingi suggested, placing your daughter down so that she could crawl around on the living room floor.

    “Won’t your mum be annoyed if we don’t save all of our presents for their place?” You asked him.

    Mingi’s head shook back across at you as he took a present for each of you from under the tree. “What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her. Plus, there’s a present under there for you from Y/D/N that I know that she really wants to give you, I don’t think she can wait much longer to see the look on your face.”

    You took the gift from Mingi, quickly unwrapping it to reveal a photo frame, turning it over to see a picture of you, your daughter and Mingi inside, one of the first photos that you took together as a family of three.

    “Y/D/N said she heard you complaining that you didn’t have a photo on your desk at work, so she decided to do something about it,” Mingi told you.

    “And I’m guessing that Y/D/N put the photo in the frame without any help too, did she?” You asked Mingi in reply.

    His head nodded as the corners of your mouth turned up into a smile, shaking your head in disbelief back to him. Your eyes continued to glance down at the photo for a few more moments before placing it down beside you, keeping it stood up properly.

    “I can’t wait to put that up at work,” you whispered.

    “Did Y/D/N do a good job with her first ever Christmas purchase then?” Mingi joked.

    Your head nodded gently in reply, “she found the perfect picture to go in the frame, she couldn’t have done any better.”

    “I’ll make sure that she knows that she did a good job for her mummy,” Mingi assured you, “I knew she’d find the perfect present for you.”

    “It’s beautiful, thank you, both of you.”

    “I did nothing Y/N, it was all Y/D/N.”



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    guys i'm making a tag list, who would like to be added? :D

    also how do i link tags-

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  • atinybunbunz
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    Alright fic writers , here me out :

    This gives me hella Mafia au vibes. I don't know I suck at describing things , but damn this pic makes me feel a certain way . I swear if anyone writes a fic using this pic , I will marry the crap out of you . No if's, and's or but's , we're together for life. You don't believe in marriage ? Screw it, imma still love you . I will forever be your ride-or-die.

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    [P]raise || P.S

    [ꜱᴇxᴜᴀʟ ᴇɴᴄʏᴄʟᴏᴘᴇᴅɪᴀ - ᴄʜᴀᴘᴛᴇʀ P]

    Summary: Everyone gets distracted in class every so often, but not everyone is as lucky to have a hot professor to be distracted by.

    Pairing: DILF!Park Seonghwa x female!reader

    Words: as many as I fucking want to wtf

    Genre: Smut

    ⚠ alcohol, unprotected sex ⚠

    You felt something hit the back of your head and snapped out of your daydream. You looked at the floor to find the tap of a pen you recognized all too well.

    "Fuck you whore." You mouthed, as you turned around to throw the item back at your friend.

    "Read the note that fell on the ground!" They whispered (rather loudly).

    You looked at the ground once more to find a crumpled-up piece of paper. You considered leaving it on the ground, purely to piss them off, but you were afraid it was some stupid shit that would cause a poor cleaning lady a severe trauma, so you picked it up.

    If you keep daydreaming about the man you're not passing this class


    You crumpled it up again and stuffed it in your pocket. Was it that obvious you were eating him up with your eyes? I mean, how could you not, your professor was literally everyone's wet dream: tiny waist, nice ass, wide shoulders, slick jawline, and dark eyes that put anyone in that class into place. God, you wished he'd put you into place.

    Your gazes met for a split second while you were imagining all that, and you immediately looked away. Would that make you weird? I mean, he's teaching a class of course you should be looking at him. Would he think you were thinking something weird by averting your gaze?

    Before you could keep overthinking, his voice along with chairs being dragged on the floor took your attention.

    "Alright everyone I need to pick up my daughter from school a little earlier today so you're dismissed, see you Friday."

    He sighed and placed one hand on his hip, as another brushed his hair back.

    That was another thing about Park Seonghwa: his daughter. She had visited the university once and all of the students (and teachers) were sad to find he had a daughter because usually, a child came with a partner. But after some pushy (and borderline disrespectful questions) that left the teacher feeling quite uncomfortable and uneasy at the time, the university found out that he wasn't married, had never been married, and was single. When he was younger his girlfriend at the time got pregnant. He was overjoyed, but her not so much... The disagreement over the baby caused a huge fight between the two and the relationship would never be fixed, but he begged her to have the baby and so she did. Afterward, she left him and his daughter and fled to God knows where. By the looks of it, he hadn't been too heartbroken, all he cared to know was that his baby was safe and healthy in his arms.

    Of course, the whole 'loving single dad' scenario was another thing that made everyone's hearts melt, especially when he came to the university with her, hand in hand, wearing her sparkly backpack unicorn over one shoulder, whenever there were no classes.

    "Would it be so bad to fail this class? I could see him for one more year..." You commented as you and your friend left the class, stealing one last glance at the eye-candy professor.

    "You are desperate."

    If looks could kill, your friend would be dead on the ground.

    "Don't forget we agreed to go out with my partner and his friends tonight." They warned.

    You had completely forgotten, and honestly, you wished they had too.

    "I totally forgot I had that... thing."

    "Ah, ah, ah," they cut you off "you promised you're going. I don't want to go alone and you already said yes, don't cut yourself out now."

    You groaned and hung your head low.


    You knew they would give you hell for months if you didn't go, so you thought what the hell, might as well get it over with. Their partner and their friends were kind of a pain in the ass when drinking, so you weren't really excited for the night, but you figured the sooner you went, the quicker it'd be over with.

    Once you got to your apartment you decided to take a nap, so you'd survive the night. You knew you'd probably end up having to go home by yourself, since your friend and their partner usually got drunk and horny and went back to their place to fuck, so you'd have to stay awake for a long time without drinking much, and that called for a nap.

    You woke up with an annoying ringing sound, that you didn't recognize for a long minute, until you remembered: the party. You sat up in panic, having absolutely no clue what time it was. The room was pitch black, except from the light coming from your phone.

    "Where the fuck are you? You were supposed to meet us at my house half an hour ago, I swear to God if you're bailing on us-"

    You immediately got up and started getting undressed.

    "Yeah yeah I know, I'm running a little late, I'll meet you guys there in like, 40 minutes? See you!"

    You gave them no time to reply, as you immediately hung up to get ready. You took a quick shower. You had no time to wash your hair, but you wanted to make sure you at least didn't stink. Not that it made any difference though, inside of bars and clubs you went in smelling like vanilla and flowers and came out smelling of sweat and cigarettes.

    You did a quick makeup look (to hide the fact that you had just woken up), fixed your hair as best as possible, put on the cute outfit you thought of while trying to sleep, and left the house. The uber got to your place relatively quickly and you were able to meet your friends right on time.

    You had mixed feelings about these ambients... You didn't love having to scream over the music to talk to your friends, or bumping into everyone and having a drink spilled on you every so often, or even the smell, which was arguably the worst. However, it was different. It was a little change to your routine that started becoming boring. The loud music allowed you to hang out and be social without actually having to have tiring small talk, the alcohol allowed you to get loose, and the fun and energy that exuded from the place was a good contrast to the same sad, tired faces you saw every day in the halls. There were good and bad sides to going out but you agreed that letting loose once in a while only did you good.

    Your friend told their partner to go grab drinks for everybody, while they dragged you to the dancefloor. When the first song came to an end you were handed two drinks. You held up two fingers and mouthed 'two?', confused.

    "Yeah! You didn't come to the pre-party at my house, we're all tipsy already gotta catch up! Down one of them!" Your friend yelled in your ear, over the sound of the booming bass.

    You shrugged, there were enough men around you that you knew would take care of you, so you downed one of the drinks. Your group cheered and you smiled and raised the empty glass over your head. As you began drinking the other. And then another, and another, until your arms and legs felt like they moved by themselves. You were bumping into people and dancing like you were alone in the room (but you weren't, and you looked like an idiot).

    You took a break from your 'dancing' and fanned yourself. Even though your jacket was long gone, it was still warm, so you tied your hair, and told your group you were going to get a drink.

    Before making it to the bar, you bumped into someone.

    "Shit I'm sorry- oh hello..." Your tone shifted as soon as you saw the man.

    Tall, dark, and handsome, with a soft yet intimidating appearance. His eyes and hair were dark, and his outfit stood out from the other people in the room: the man had light skinny jeans, black combat boots, and a black, short-sleeved button-down with white scribbles and a couple of the buttons undone.

    Your body was pushed up against his, and he instinctively placed his hand on your lower back when someone bumped into you from the back, and you were able to see his face clearly. His eyes were wide as if he had seen a ghost.

    "Do I know you? Your face is familiar..." You asked.

    You squinted your eyes to try to recognize the face, but the room was spinning and all you could make out was that he was handsome and you wanted to do him.

    "Uh yes, miss I'm-" He took a deep breath and removed his hand from your back, the alcohol clearly boggling his mind as well "I'm your professor, so yes, my face should be familiar."

    Your eyes widened, just like his, as you recognized the sharp features.

    "Seonghwa!? I mean- Mr. Park? I'm sorry..."

    Those words left your mouth but you didn't mean them, and he knew it.

    "Well if you are why are you still hanging onto me?"

    He looked down, and he meant to look at the way your hands gripped his shirt, but he didn't miss the way your breasts pressed against him, and for the first time that night a blush that wasn't caused by the alcohol crept on his cheeks.

    You looked at your own hands and then back up at him.

    "You're right, I'm not."

    It was your stupid drunken self-talking, and your sober self was in the back of your mind praying that it wouldn't affect your grade. You gripped his shirt tighter and pressed your thigh against his crotch, feeling something grow hard, slowly.

    Seonghwa's alcohol-filled head (and dick) were telling him to go ahead, but the one remaining conscious part of him that wanted to keep his job told him he should stop, and so he grabbed your shoulders and pushed you away, lightly.

    "I'm sorry Miss, I should go."

    He left you pouting on the dance floor, and you watched as the perfectly built man headed outside.

    Seonghwa took a breath of fresh air and brushed his hair back. The man reached for the pockets of his jeans and took out his cigarettes. He didn't smoke, really, only when he was extremely stressed or alone in a night out, which was the case. He didn't want to be a bad influence on his daughter or have her inhaling second-hand smoke, so he tried to keep it minimal. Although the pressure and stress of being a young teacher and a young single father were fucking with his head. Sometimes he wanted to let loose, be a little irresponsible, do things without having to think about the consequences, you know, normal 25-year-old things, enjoying life and being dumb while you still can. But he had responsibilities, and he knew he couldn't do all the things his friends did, including fucking whatever girl he pleased. Seeing all those women who were around his age in class wasn't the easiest task: Seonghwa was no less of a man than others, and he too had urges, but unlike his friends, he couldn't act on them. That was including you. God the way your outfit hugged your figure and exposed just enough was driving him crazy, but he couldn't. He had to remind himself of it, not for the sake of his job.

    The man headed back inside. He knew it was probably a bad idea, however, he didn't want to waste away the money he spent on a nanny by going home early. Seonghwa kept his distance from you, drowning the memories of your body and horny eyes in more alcohol.

    But as you both kept drinking, the inevitable happened.

    It happened in the hallway to the bathroom, the lights were dim and the music was muffled by the thick door. There were red LED lights on the ceiling, giving the room a sort of erotic vibe, and the second your eyes met your brains were too fogged by the lust to think about any consequences.

    Seonghwa grabbed your waist and put you against the wall. He spread your legs by pressing his thigh against your crotch and moving it slightly from time to time. The male moaned into the animalistic kiss as your hands gripped his hair.

    The teasing way his thigh moved teasingly annoyed you, and you tried rubbing your crotch against his leg, but he held your hips in place. For the first time, he broke the kiss, and looked at you with eyes dark as ever.

    "I'm in charge here, you move when I tell you to." His scary demeanor went away as soon as it came, and he began stroking your cheek "You don't want to be a bad girl, do you?"

    "No Sir..."

    He gripped your face with his right hand, bringing his free one to spank your ass.

    "I'll allow you to call me Seonghwa... Just this once."

    The man looked around. The people constantly coming in and out of the bathroom gave them no privacy. Seonghwa tsked, annoyed that at the people around him, but not for one second did the thought of leaving this task behind cross his mind.

    "Let's take this somewhere more comfortable, yes?" He asked, rubbing your cheek with his thumb.

    You simply looked at him, with defenseless eyes, and nodded. And, as he took your hand and got into a cab with the destination being his house, you wondered if you had passed out on the club and this was all a dream. Whether it was or not, you were definitely going to enjoy it.

    The professor's house was adorable, small, cozy, very clean, and well decorated, as expected from a man like Seonghwa.

    Your heart stopped when you saw a young woman coming down the white wooden stairs of his house.

    "Mr. Park you're home ear- oh, you accompanied."

    The girl smiled at you, bitterly.

    "Yes, Annie thank you so much for tonight, here's uh,-" He shoved his hand on his pocket, hurriedly searching for bills "here's your payment. Have a good night."

    The man grabbed your hand and started walking upstairs.

    "Sir this is like, at least 50 dollars more than the usual."

    "Good night!" He said again, desperately wanting her to fuck off so he could fuck you.

    You expected him to get into the bedroom and smash you against the wall, and inside he wanted to do no less, but something stopped him. He lightly closed the door and pressed you against it with his body. His hands played with the skin under your shirt as he kissed your neck.

    "I want to fuck you against every single surface on this bedroom and make you scream so loud my neighbors hear, but my kid is sleeping, and as a respectful parent we're gonna have to keep it down, is that okay?" He asked, kissing the spot right below your ear.

    You gripped his shirt tight, as he began sucking and biting.

    "Yes sir- sorry, Seonghwa..."

    He pulled away from your neck and smiled, his dark eyes shining for the first time that night.

    "Good girl."

    You moaned quietly in his ear as his mouth made its way down your body. He hooked his finger around the hem of your shirt before removing it completely. Your bra was gone as quickly as the shirt, and as his mouth worked around your breasts, his left hand sneakily undid the button and zipper of your pants. You didn't know what to focus on, the way his mouth left sloppy kisses and hickeys on your breasts, or the way his hand slowly made its way inside your panties.

    You bit your lip to prevent any sound from coming out of your mouth, but by the way, he moved with such experience, you knew it would be hard. Your hand tangled in his hair once more and tugged on it, causing him to moan against your skin. The sensation of it all just made you want to scream and beg for more, as his fingers sped up the movements on your clit, and the frustration of not being able to do so was building up inside you.

    "Shit, please..." You whispered.

    Seonghwa ceased all movements, keeping his hand still on your pussy.

    "Can't take it anymore princess?" He asked, pausing for a second to see you nod.

    His hand moved further into your womanhood, feeling how wet you were. He smirked and placed two fingers by your entrance.

    "You're already so wet for me, such a good girl..."

    Before you could reply he shoved two fingers in you, slamming his lips against yours in the process to stop you from making any noise. Your moan was muffled by the kiss, and you held his shoulders, trying to keep yourself steady as he fucked you with his fingers at an incredible speed.

    He could feel your breathing become faster and the kiss sloppier, and once more he stopped right when you were on edge.

    "Why... Why would you do that?" You asked, looking at him with puppy dog eyes.

    He tilted his head and smirked.

    "Cute." He thought, before removing his shirt.

    "I just wanted to prepare you for the big finale princess."

    The man picked you up and swung you over his shoulder before setting you down on his bed. Somehow he had managed to spank your ass a couple times in the short distance.

    You watched as he stripped from his pants, the bulge in his boxer staring right back at you. You couldn't stop staring at how perfect his body was, even when he hovered above you. You ran your hands down his body, making sure that he was indeed real, and Seonghwa licked his lips and smiled shyly, as a small blush rose to his cheeks, a little embarrassed at how obviously you were checking him out.

    He grabbed your chin, and gently lifted it up, so he could catch your lips in his. Every time he kissed you it was the most amazing mixture of romantic, passionate, and intense. You had never felt anything like it and you weren't sure you'd ever feel it again, so you just wrapped your arms around him and enjoyed your time with him.

    You could feel his hard cock brushing up against you, and your sneaky hand trailed down his body. Your finger hooked around the waistband of his underwear and pulled it down just enough so you could get a hold of his cock. Seonghwa pulled away, to watch the way you collected his precum on your thumb, and put it on your mouth.

    Seonghwa simply smiled and stroked your cheek.

    "You look so beautiful..."

    You blushed at the compliment, and Seonghwa removed your underwear so smoothly you barely realized. He got his cock fully out of his underwear and ran it across your folds, stopping right by your entrance. Seonghwa held your right hip in place with his hand and looked at you before moving. You gripped the sheets and bit your lip in preparation, before nodding.

    He entered you and immediately started snapping his hips against yours at a pace your head couldn't fully register. Seonghwa's eyes darted from the way your tits bounced right in front of him, and your pleasure-filled face.

    He himself had a hard time keeping down the noise, only letting a few grunts escape through his gritted teeth.

    "Shit you're taking me so well- such a good girl for me, aren't you."

    You moaned quietly, and Seonghwa's cock twitched inside you at the sound.

    "F-fuck yes! I'm a good girl for you- only for you."

    He moved both his hands to hold your waist as he slammed into you harder and faster,

    "Shit princess I might not last any longer if you keep talking like that."

    Whimpers and moans kept slipping out of your pursed lips and eventually your walls tightened around his cock, finally cumming after being edged twice.

    "Such a good girl, doing so good for me, shit-" He stopped himself as he pulled out just in time, cumming all over your stomach.

    You cheekily took some with your index finger and put it on your mouth, grinning widely as you did you. Seonghwa, although breathless, bent over, smiled, and pressed a small kiss against your lips, playing with your hair in the process.

    "You did so well for me, really well princess."

    You let those words sink in as he stood up and quietly grabbed a towel from the bathroom. By the time he came back you had already passed out on his bed, so he cleaned you up softly and joined you in your deep sleep.

    When you woke up with a dry mouth and pounding headache there wasn't much you could remember, other than a man hovering over you, doing God's work on your body. But the face on your memory was blurred out, and it only came back to you when you looked to your site, to find your teacher cuddled up to you.

    You felt proud that you were able to bag him, but you were also horrified by it. You slid out of his grasp slowly, as to not wake him up, and got dressed as quickly as possible so you could leave the house quietly and hope he didn't remember anything, as you still had a semester and a half to go through.

    You were pretty successful in your mission: you were able to get dressed, leave the room and go down the stairs without anyone noticing you. That was, until a little adorable voice sounded behind you, just as your hand was on the doorknob.

    "Are you my new mommy?"

    Her voice was like an alarm, and as soon as she spoke Seonghwa came running out of his room, causing you and him to make the most awkward eye contact ever. You bolted out of his house without saying anything.

    You thanked God it was a holiday and you didn't have to go anywhere, because you felt just like you looked: like shit. Your body felt as if it had been beaten up by a group of people, and your head was pounding. Once you got to your bedroom you washed off all of the stickiness and run down makeup with a hot shower and got into bed. You considered ranting about the amazing night you had with your professor to your best friend, but it was a serious thing that could possibly put his job on the line, so you kept your dreamy night to yourself.

    You soon fell back into a deep sleep, and before you realized it, it was Friday, and you had a class with Mr. Park. Oh no.

    You lowered your head as soon as you stepped into class, earning a couple of confused looks from your peers. You hoped he hadn't seen you arrive, but he had. And today he was especially aware of your presence.

    He was very distracted by your presence, and even when you weren't looking at him, he swore he could feel your burning stare on his back, so he just ordered the class to do exercises.

    At some point, you forgot about the whole ordeal and you were so focused on your assignment, that when you raised your hand to ask a question you somehow didn't expect him to answer.

    Seonghwa was pretty shocked himself, he was sure you didn't want to interact as much as he didn't, but he had to reply nevertheless.

    "Yes, miss Y/N?"

    You stopped in your tracks and slowly put your hand down.

    "Do we give this back to you by the end of the class or should we just file it and hand it over at the end of the semester with the rest of the assignments?" You asked, your eyes never leaving the paper.

    "Uh just leave it on my desk."

    You pursed your lips and nodded, you didn't want any other exchange with him but he was still your professor and you didn't was to be rude.

    "Thank you, Sir."

    "You're welcome prince- Y/N." He caught himself before he finished the sentence, but the slip up caused you to look up at him.

    You made eye contact, and both of your rosy cheeks confirmed that you both vividly remembered the previous night.

    The rest of the class felt very tense, and it was the longest two hours of your life. After the time had passed, the man dismissed the whole class, with one exception.

    "Miss Y/N would you stay back please?"

    After everyone left the class, you approached the professor. The cutthroat tension was making you uncomfortable, and you could tell he would have avoided the encounter if he could.

    Seonghwa placed one of his hands on his hip, and the other ran through his hair as he sighed. You fiddled with your hands nervously, waiting for him to say something.

    "Y/N, about the other night... It was a mistake."

    Your shyness passed as quickly as your anger came. You couldn't believe your ears, you couldn't believe this man used the most cliché excuse with you. And on top of that, saying it was a mistake. A mistake! As if the sex hadn't even been good!

    "Are you serious? You can say whatever you want right now, you can say we can't do it again, or that we shouldn't do it again or whatever the hell you want but out of the few things I remember from that night your face and the noises you made were some of them and that weren't the noises of someone making a mistake. So don't you stand there and make it seem like you didn't have a good time, 'cause I know damn well you did. I know the consequences of what we did and I get it that we can't continue but don't bullshit me, and don't lie to yourself."

    You finished your sentence, looking him in the eye angrily and with your arms crossed in front of his chest.

    This bratty behaviour of yours just made him want to bend you over the desk and discipline you back into that good girl he had on his hands the other night.

    His eyes turned back into that dark colour they had when you hooked up, and you swear he could eat you alive.

    "You're right. It wasn't a mistake and I could, and would, take you on that bed again every day of the week but I don't want to risk my job over booty calls. I have a kid to take care of and that depends on this job."

    There was a small silence, both of you got what you needed off of your chest and suddenly the aura wasn't as tense.

    "Well," You started, sighing "if you ever need someone to fuck, you know where to find me."

    You smiled at him, before starting to walk out, but just as you hand touched the doorknob, you felt a familiar pair of hands hold your waist, and his breath fanning your neck. His hard-on pressed against your ass, and you teased him by wiggling your behind. He groaned in your ear and kissed your neck.

    "Maybe just one last time."

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  • escapewriter
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    part 3 - dont deny it


    san x reader

    genre : fluff, humor, slight angst, smau, slowburnish?, slice of life au, college au, coffee shop au, soft pining, best friends to lovers

    warnings : swearing

    prev : next



    ⤷ you never knew that your best friend was a great dancer until you went to one of his showcases. but it seems like you don’t know a lot of things when it comes to choi san.

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  • simphwa
    02.12.2021 - 2 days ago

    Okay y’all, y’all know I made a prediction for the fever part 2 era so here’s my predictions for the EPILOGUE

    Turbulence MV is gonna be 5+ minutes long because they’ll incorporate acting scenes to wrap up the Fever series (like the film from the first part)

    The album is a repackage with fan favorite songs + new songs (since they’ll be 10 songs, I’m thinking 6 old songs + 4 new ones or 5:5 ratio)

    They’ll only be a second MV and not a third like fans speculate and they mentioned the second teaser to throw fans off

    The second MV will be The Real but will be more performance focused

    If they do release a third MV, it’ll either be Take Me Home because they know it’s a fan favorite OR it would be a fan dedicated song in the style of the Celebrate video

    Because of how close the release is to MAMA, they’ll have the comeback stage at MAMA and won’t have that many promotions for the song after

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  • pvrkacciosan
    02.12.2021 - 3 days ago

    Idol! Ateez How they meet their S/O ─ Maknae line

    Pairing: Idol! Ateez X Reader

    Do not own gifts, credit goes to original owners / Creators



    Working your body to move with the music as if it were flowing through you, gracefully allowing your arms to sway around as you lept into the air, pivoting on the ball of your foot as you landed, leaning down into a crouch.

    Whipping your head back, You had been prepared to continued dancing but had not been expecting to see a face looking in at you through the window of the door.

    Frowning and holding the surprised noise in your chest you raised up from your position on the practise room floor. The boy who seemed to be around your age noticed he had been caught, eyes wideneing in shock he ducked down trying to hide from the window.

    Jogging across the room you rip the door open, earning a surprised yelp from the male figure crouching down. "I don't appreciate being spied on while practising" raising an eyebrow you folded your arms over your chest, waiting for the boy to atleast look up at you.

    San excepted the fact he had been caught red handed, starting by glancing at your shoes, his eyes slowly travelled up your body until they met your eyes. Gulping he stood finding his fingers extremely fascinating.

    "I didn't mean to intrude" San stated, avoiding eye contact with you. "You dance so beautifully" he added finally meeting your gaze.

    It was at this moment you realised who it was you were actually talking to. San, one of the eight members of your companies idol group, Ateez.

    Dancing at KQ had been a dream of yours after seeing the trainees they were producing, finding inspiration from the eight males when they were only KQ fellaz. You had never spoken to any of them, only admiring from afar. The way they danced and moved around one another, the way they preformed making you want to strive to be better, to come some what close to their level of skill.

    Shocked by the complement you didn't quite know what to say, San one of the membrs who often seemed so confident was so quiet infront of you, "Well if you wanted to watch you could have just come in, instead of standing outside and spying on me" you have no idea what possessed you to suggest that but you felt sick as your stomach flipped waiting for his reaction.

    "I wouldn't call it spying" he said eyes narrowing for a second while watching you, squaring out your shoulders you pause before smirking. "Then what would you call it?"

    "Observing" he spoke hesitantly as if questioning his use of the word, "Yeah, I was observing"

    "Well I think it would be less weird if you came inside and observed, don't you?"

    A small smile broke out on San's lips and dimples appeared on both of his cheeks, it was the first time you ever took notice of them.

    "I think that would be better" he agreed.

    Nodding you held the door open for him and he walked past you, now all you had to do was not screw up while dancing.

    Should be easy.


    One of the managers at KQ led you through the company hallways, past door after door or practise rooms, each resonating their own melody, enclosing the talent of each individual performer.

    You were a leading choreographer in Korean who had been asked to come in an assess a soon to be debuting group, who were finalising their late few preperations.

    Following the older man, you began to try and set your mind at ease. It wasn't like you hadn't done this sort of thing before it just you had been keeping up to date with the trainees in KQ, especially The already formed group, formally known as The KQ Fellaz.

    A group consisting of eight members, all of whom─ you had heard─ were rather talented in their dancing. But you were here to be the final judge of that.

    Arriving as a door the man knocked quickly before pushing the it open, holding it for you.

    Instanly you were hit with heat, and the image of eight sweat soaked men, who had clearly just finished an intense dance practise. Well they were dedicated, you could give them that.

    The manager quickly had the members line up, all bowing quickly in greeting, bowing back you look backup to observe them all individually as their manager talked over what was to happen.

    You found your eyes lingered longer then they should on one of the tallest members, he was panting with his hands on his hips, he nodded while listening to their manager.

    You couldn't help but stare up until you had to look away after two of the other members catch you looking and snigger to each other.

    The tall member turned to the other two, you held your breathe as you watched the shorter whisper something to him.

    When he pulled away the tall member met your gaze before smirking, it was a knowing smirk that made your stomach flip.

    This was going to be an entertainging assessment session.


    (This isn't esactly how they meet, they already know each other but I liked this idea)

    You corralled the young boy up towards his bedroom, watching over the young Kyungmin was always a tiring job but you were always happy to help your neighbours out.

    The boy shuffled up the steps, his oversized pajama trousers dragging along the floor.

    "But I can't go to bed yet" he whined

    You frown running your hand into the hair at the back of his head, puzzled by his sudden statement as he turned at the top of the stairs to face you.

    "Why not bud?"

    "Wooyoung Hyung hasn't shown up yet, Eomma said he might be here" he pouts, rocking back and forth on his feet, you surpress a sigh, and a noise of surprise, you hadn't been made aware the middle brother would be showing up.

    It had been a while since you had seen him last, thoughts travelling to the time you attended one of the groups concert with Kyungmin.─ another favour for Mrs Jung ─ It had been a great night, spending time with the youngest Jung son. Meeting up with his older brother and band mates, after the show─ That was the last time you had seen Wooyoung.

    "I don't know if he's-"

    The front door swung open down stairs, "KYUNGMIN!!" a very familiar and highpitched voice screeched.

    The young boys face in front of you lite up. Stepping aside you smiled after Kyungmin as he raced down the stairs, far faster then he had gone up them. Following him down, you stopped at the sight met by you.

    Wooyoung was crouched to his little brother's eye level, tiredness had started to take over, allowing your eyes a few seconds of rest, entertaining a hyper eight year old was exhausting work.

    "Y/N?" Wooyoung asks, peeling eyes open you meet his gaze from across the room,

    "The one and only" you said gesturing to yourself in an attempt to be amusing, masking your clear lack of sleep.

    He is still watching you from Kyungmin's height, the tight smirk coiled something inside you, in all the years you had known Wooyoung you had never managed to get used to his attractivness.


    Jongho swung the bag over his shoulder, awaiting by the door for San and Yeosang. He had somehow convinced them to go to a gym that was outside the company with him, all because he had to prove a point.

    The pair soon folllowed him out, dressed in sport appropriate clothing and their own gym bags over their shoulder.

    "Why are we coming today?" Yeosang all but whined, pratically dragging his feet like a two year old who was being forced to walk.

    "Because Hyung, I need to prove it to someone and both of you have free schedules today" He missed the way the two glanced at each other, very thoroughly aware of what Jongho was talking about.

    The score board at the gym, although it wasn't stated their was slight competition between the people who put their score up, and as of now he had head-to-head competition with someone else, who doesn't put their name of the board. So naturally Jongho had to keep competing.

    "Why couldn't you leave me behind and just take San" Yeosang asked

    Jongho didn't actuallly know why he was taking them both but he just smiled at his older team mate.

    The gym wasn't a far distance from the dorms, so the three of them were there within minutes, quickly each of them going off to their preferred equipment of choice.

    Jongho walked over to the treadmills were someone else was already running, he smiled when he accidentally made eye contact with them, before jumping onto the running machine and setting the speed up so he was sitting at a low jog for a warm up.

    The three of them were for the next few hours or so, until San and Yeosang came looking for Jongho, pratically begging for them to leave, searching the gym once last time Jongo looked around for anyone who could be his mysterious competitor, no one looked fit enough to match the image in his head.

    Walking over to the score board Jongho began writing up his efforts for today, looking down at the mystery person's score,


    He internally started celebrating his victory, while he saw the person from the treamills walking up to the score board,

    you clasped the red board pen, looking to it for a second Jongho frowned when he spotten your shoulder shaking slighty from laughter, reaching up you whiped you're previous score off, under Jongho's new one you wrote something new. You beat his new PB treadmill score by 10 minutes,

    You were the mystery competitor, Jongho felt the two behind his gasp or laugh he couldn't tell what it was, but now he knew what you looked like and that made him happy.

    You walked away sending him one last look over you shoulder, and Jongho looked back to the board to find you had not only written up your name, but also a phone number.

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