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    25.09.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    [210925] tvN Amazing Saturday - Doremi Market

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    25.09.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    S 🪐 [210925] “My gogglessss.... ㅠ raaa...”

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    25.09.2021 - 27 minutes ago

    210925 FNS update:

    Who are the people that bully ATINY!
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    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Jealous VS. Generous - J.YH (PART 1)




    Loud Moans


    Foursome Simulations



    Mutual Masturbation


    "This party is beautiful Cova, you did amazing with the lighting and even the seats, everything looks perfect." Yunho said, pulling you in closer to kiss your forehead.

    You smiled, nodding as if in an agreement as he went to answer the door for your party guests.

    "Thank you Yuyu." You smirked, watching him calm his breath down as your guests wait to flood in.

    "Behave, I've got you, I promise." He smiles at you before opening the door

    Now it was just you two and your nine guests all together in your home, heading to dinner with nothing but happy and pure thoughts in their heads.

    All except Yunho.

    He'd always been the type of person to hold back from playing out his fantasies if it made you uncomfortable, so when you wore a rather revealing dress, it had his mind in a really really bad state to be just thinking about dinner and wine.

    Tonight was your anniversary dinner along with some friends and drinking with your boyfriend of eight years.

    "San, Mingi, Hongjoong, Jongho, Wooyoung, Seonghwa, Yeosang, Welcome to our very grown up and very mature dinner party." Yunho smiled nervously as the boys brought their respective S/O's in to sit with them.

    "You set the table so nicely, it looks so fancy." Wooyoung commented, sitting in the chair his boyfriend had pulled out for him.

    You nodded as a thank you as Yunho pulled out your chair and drew one for himself as well.

    "Thank you so much, Woo." Yunho smiled, bringing his hand up to meet your's on the tabletop.

    "So Youngseo, how have you been since the flight?" You piped up, watching the other's sit down.

    "Ah...I've been okay." He says in a low tone as Hongjoong interuppts.

    "Well Hwa and I have something to tell you all when you're settled down."

    He smiles proudly, bringing his hand up to show off his shining engagment ring.

    "Oh my god, Hwa, you DIDN'T!" You laugh, seeing Yunho start to clap and cheer for his best friends.

    "Oh but I did, I took too long the month before so I proposed to him last night over a glass of Henney. Bad choice, but a great decision."

    Seonghwa says, taking Hongjoong's hand and kissing the back of it.

    "Thank you for making me feel like a princess, Hwa." Hongjoong smiles, tilting his head at his fiance.

    "You know I've always wanted to make you feel like royalty." Seonghwa bites his lip, eyeing his fiance before turning to you and Yunho.

    "What about you two? When are you gonna get married? I'm looking forward to the tape of that fuckfest I know you two have planned." He asks, tasting one of the party sandwiches in front of him.

    Yunho was as into exhibitionism and voyeurism as you were, bringing his thoughts back to the time he asked to film you 'helping him out' that one time.

    You had said no because you know how much of a pervert Seonghwa was and you didn't want him to think of you differently.

    You watched Yunho continue to wreck his red locks as he moaned in annoyance.

    "Uh...we're still waiting." Yunho stalls, still blushing as he grabs a quiche off the plate before you.

    "We're not ready just yet." You say, bringing a mini sandwich to your own mouth before seeing Seonghwa shrug.

    "That's too bad, we could've had twin weddings......and two VERY sexy honeymoons." He chuckles, getting his shoulder tapped by Mingi's girlfriend, Min Su.

    "Why would he ask that? He knows I'm not ready to dedicate myself like that yet..." Yunho huffs, feeling insecure as he pushes his chair out.

    "Yunho, Where are you going?" You ask, following him as he walks over to the staircase.

    "We'll be right back but you all can drink and eat whatever you'd like, the bathroom is right up the stairs and to the left." You smile before taking off to go find Yunho.

    "Yunho, I'm right here, you okay?" You asked, not noticing he had lead you right up to the bedroom.

    "I just..I can't focus...not on dinner...he mentioned the honeymoons and I just...lost it..." He sighs, dropping his head to his hands.

    "Cova, baby, I'm horny and the guests are here."

    He laughed, feeling annoyed at the fact that he could understand you didn't want your friends to think you were a huge slut.

    (Which huge respect to you by the way, because if it were the author, she would have done literally anything in front of his friends)

    "I-I understand that...what do you want me to do about it?" You chuckle, getting a little closer as you shut the door.

    "Maybe we could...get a quick break in?"

    You smiled at his sweet attempt.

    "Yunho baby, I wish I could but for all we know, Hwa could've bugged our room." You laugh, kneeling in front of him.

    "But if he did, then it's only audio..."

    He smirked, finding you holding his wrists so you can see his face.

    "I guess you're right...but what if he starts to wonder what we're doing?"

    You whisper, noticing Yunho's pulling you up to stand above him.

    "Then let him wonder...I don't even need to touch you just yet...we could always do mutual."

    He laughs again, kissing on your thighs as he pecks closer and closer to your heat.

    "That's true..." You smirk down at him, gasping for his tongue.

    His eyes focused on your panties, lifting your dress up over your hips.

    "Pull 'em down baby, I'll start you off and then we can move to the bed."

    His hands slowly make their way up your dress, teasing your waistband.

    "Yunho...oh god.."

    You groaned out as he pulled them down, wet ropes following the fabric as he removed it.

    "Fuck...you look so sexy like this, all wet and begging for me...goddamn I love you

    .." He moaned, sucking small circles around your clit as you held onto his hair.

    "A-Ah..good..oh god that's good.." You moaned back, feeling him pull your panties off the rest of the way.

    Your leg now resting up on his shoulder, he slid his tongue over your slit to his own rhythm.

    "Mm..you taste so fucking good..." He says, earning you a smack on your right thigh.


    You couldn't reply, rolling your eyes back as he started to slip his tongue inside you.

    Pleasure filling your head to the brim, you imagined you and Yunho had been filming on your honeymoon.

    Tripod all set, the camera sits up high enough to see you both in every position possible, the first fantasy being your hair being pulled as you sucked him off.

    Yunho was always so compliant to doing anything you wanted to, making sure you had a safe word ready for whenever something could be taken too far.

    As long as you said you wanted him to do something, he'd never have a problem stopping even in the most heated of moments.

    If he had pushed in too hard and you asked him to slow down, he would.

    He had no problem slowing things down and taking it super slow.

    You were in charge of his pace, and your comfort.

    This time around, he needed you.




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    Catch me Acting Up over the red-white-black fits that Ateez wore for their latest Deja Vu stage

    #i'm literally so emotionally compromised rn #San?!?!? choi SAN SIR i need my life back #Seonghwa looks so fucking hot it's stupid #YEOSANG??!??! STOP IT #Jongho's little high-waisted thing????? GO OFF BOI #whoever did Yeosang's hair: thank you #same with San's hair #Mingi's half-cropped jacket is something #one critique: PLEASE do sth with Hongjoong's hair #boy looks unbELIEVABLE with it styled back/up #ateez
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    © SnowBliss

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    © sanonmars

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    © PRIDE ‘99

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    © SnowBliss

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    25.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    [210925 | San FanCam] 'Deja Vu' @Show!MusicCore
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    || ateez recs ||

    All my Ateez recommendations, enjoy and don’t forget to support the author!! Also to the authors I’ll be tagging, if for any reason you wish for me to remove your work from my recs list please let me know and I’ll do so <3 

    Abditory | @prodbyteez​ -> { fluff / angst / suggestive } 
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    san always watchin 🧍🏻‍♂️

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    #ateez#ateezedit#ateezgif#seonghwa#san#hongjoong#yunho#yeosang#mingi#wooyoung#jongho#mine:gif #mine:ot8.gif #era:fever part.3 #cuties <333 #i had to cut a lot of frames to make it under 9.9 mb :")
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