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    ateez as boyfriends

    andfirst ateez post here yay!!! i tried my best with this one, some of the things here are more likely to be my perception of them in a psicology level. anyways.... enjoy!

    genre: fluff

    warnings: some cursed words but nothing other than that

    contains: 8 topics (one for each member)

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    he. is. the. most. caring. boyfriend. and you can’t take that from my mind

    seriously this boy would risk it all to see happiness in your face

    the type to secretly take you to his studio and show everything he is producing.

    or even send it to you in your private chat

    i don’t think he is really affectionate in public but when it’s just the two of you he will make you feel really loved

    loves to spend time with you, doing anything

    but the thing he would love the most is the moments you spend together customizing something - clothes, shoes, whatever you want

    i feel like he would probably write a special song for you, or make a cover of some song you like - it’s his way to say “i love you lots, see?”

    sometimes he can’t be with you but will make sure to be in some way, could be by texting you, facetiming, or letting you his hoodie so you can sleep feeling his scent.

    would probably cry thinking about how much you mean to him

    a simp for this matching couple things

    protect him at all costs!!!


    no doubt he is the affectionate boyfriend

    boy just can’t keep his hands off you for a sec

    and you would love that

    loves to cuddle with you and have dumb conversations in the middle of the night because he drank too much coffee 

    would steal kisses from you from time to time, making you blush

    and hug you tightly

    would probably say to the others that you are his all the time

    and let’s not forget about he getting on your nerves just because he loves to see you “a little mad”

    he loves when you are about to kick his ass??? (as a joke of course)

    would probably have a pic of you in his wallet of cellphone case


    he is the cutest boyfriend for sure

    would say the sweetest things for you when you least expect 

    makes you cry soft tears because of that

    this boy just loves you so much

    he is your personal supporter

    he would let you stay with your head in his chest all day if this is what you need

    (not so) secretly loves to cuddle you

    and loves to make you laugh

    he feels warm inside when he makes you crack with a stupid joke of his

    i don’t know why but i think he likes to cuddle your hair too


    photoshoot section with you because he just loves that

    and loves to go out with you to buy fashion clothes 

    and then would pull up a runway 

    he is always so caring with you and kinda shy sometimes

    and you think he is really cute when he is shy

    always asking you if it is okay for you to do something, if you are comfortable and this kind of stuff

    boy is so worried if you are okay all the time, you find that really cute of him

    he just wants to enjoy the best of life with you

    now listen: he would do his catboy agenda with you so expect a lot of that

    he loves every physical touch he gets from you, it could be just you holding hands like always but he will find it perfect

    sometimes he will also backhug you but it’s not always because it has to be a surprise thingy


    our boy right here is just the softest out there i think

    he loves to give and receive hugs and kisses for sure

    i can picture him calling you to play with byeol, so cute

    lots lots lots of cuddle

    would take you for romantic dates

    or else just stay in the comfort at home playing games

    can’t be away from you for too long, trust that

    i think of him doing karaoke with you also because you have too much fun doing that 

    it’s like your thing

    i guess he would believe you two were destined or something

    but for sure there would be a strong conection between you

    and everyone can see that


    ok listen

    he loves to see how his hand size is big compared to yours

    would definitely say that you are his smol bean

    or that you fit in his pocket

    would get extra soft if he sees you talking about him to someone

    but at the same time he has this soft side to you he has the teasing one too

    would bother you with silly things like poking your arm until he could talk to you when you're mad

    in general he is just like a little puppy

    loves when you unexpectedly start kissing him and suddenly stops making he want more

    and i already say that but he loves your size difference 

    has the biggest smile on his face when sees you wearing his hoodies ou t-shirts


    not only your boyfriend but your best friend

    would love to share some gossip with you

    always come with some tea and have so much fun with your reactions to it

    other than that, he is really kind and lovely, sometimes you can’t help but squish his cheeks

    he likes when you are close to him

    always ask for you to sit on his lap or bring a chair to stay next to him when he is busy

    another one that loves to make you laugh

    sometimes he say something acting all serious but it is really funny

    his favorite part of the day is when he is in bed with you in his arms

    probably he would tease you a lot but by the time you’re almost mad at him he would make up giving you a slow soft kiss and ask if there’s peace between you two now


    comes with his gummy bear smile when wants you to cuddle him

    buys flowers for you for sure

    and makes everything that you want 

    will sing your favorite songs to you

    likes to pass his arm around you

    loves to tease you 

    but then he regrets it and fills you with kisses and you can’t help but laugh

    i think he likes to hug you while sleeping

    and when you wake up in the morning he is silently admiring you

    overall the type of boyfriend that feels like home

    he is so comfortable to be around

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    Wooyoung: hey Choi

    San: when will you stop calling me that?

    Wooyoung: when you become a Jung


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    January 2020

    The one where Elena needs somebody (continuation of Scared To Be Lonely)

    Tag list: @haruphoria @cherryutas @nayuyeons @1-800-enhypennabi @1-800-minji @ateezjuliet @ggukkiedae @lovely-sanie @atinymonster @skzfairies @atzaria @mythicalamphitrite @delightadds (let me know if you want to be added or removed from the taglist through an ask or fill out this google form!)

    a/n: yall thought it was over??? akdkdkkfh no but seriously let me go hide in a corner bc it’s been forever since I last updated 😞 I hope this makes up for my month (?) that I went MIA on my writings! i love to hear back from you guys, feedback is appreciated but honestly any little comments are also highly appreciated too! btw this isn’t proofread so go easy on me <3 (also, this is not my gif! <3)

    Elena’s Masterlist

    It was getting late (or early one could say) Elena realized the longer she sat there. She hadn’t managed to get a wink of sleep, her mind running on overdrive.

    She’d be lying if she said she was able to find any sort of clarity in her thoughts or some sort of comfort from Joshua’s words. Sure, he had promised he would make everything work, but just because something is promised in life doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

    Promises are always broken and that’s where the issue sat with Elena.

    He had promised to make everything work too late. The two of them have the same occupation and as much as Elena wants to say that their job wasn’t the problem, it was. The both of them pursued a career that doesn’t allow them to truly be free. There were rules they had to follow and consequences if one abstains from them.

    The minute Joshua gave his company his word of terminating their relationship, all hope of them ended. It wasn’t just something that could be reversed because there were multiple parties involved. But the worst thing of this all was that Elena wasn’t even sure that he would fight for them even if it was reversible.

    Who knew that the qualities that she had grown to love most about the man would also play a role in their ending?

    It was with a heavy heart and a shaky breath that she finally laid her note on the pillow beside his sleeping figure before walking out of his room and out of his life.

    It took her everything to not turn around and walk right back in. To live in ignorant bliss for as long as she could, but she knew she had to be the one to end this before it could spiral any further. As much as it pained her pulling away from his embrace, she knew that deep down they’ve been doomed from the start.

    “Pick up. Please pick up.” Elena whispered desperately as she paced back and forth on the elevator. “Come on.” She pleaded, her breath hitching as she heard the ringing finally come to a stop.

    The number you have dialed-

    “Shit.” Elena uttered locking her phone, the iridescent lights doing nothing but blinding her the more that she stared down at it. It was late and she didn’t know if what she did was the best decision. Hongjoong, the only member who had any kind of inkling on what was going on (and the only one she wanted advice from), wasn’t answering his phone.

    She inhaled sharply as she looked up at her reflection splayed across the doors. Her hair was a mess, her lips were swollen, and her eyes were red and glossy. For a second she felt a sense of deja vu as she looked at herself.

    ‘Is this really who I am?’ She pondering stepping closer to her reflection to lay her hand against the steel door. It was electrifying, her warm touch pressing against the cool metal. It was enough to have her recoiling back at the same time that the doors opened way for her.

    Outside snow was falling gracefully in the dark and she couldn’t help herself but to stop and stare. It was enough to give her strength to make her grasp her left wrist where her small tattoos lied. Without even looking at it, she began to trace the exact area of skin, solely on her muscle memory.

    She sucked in a shallow breath, reaching for her phone with intent. As she unlocked the device, she couldn’t help but to bite down on the flesh of her bottom lip, a habit that she had failed to quit yet.

    In fact, it was the only thing keeping her composed as she raised her phone to her ear, listening to the ringing for the nth time that night.


    Relief flooded her veins as she closed her eyes tightly, relishing the sound of his voice after the constant ringing. “Hey…” She breathed beginning to walk towards the glass doors, “are you free?”

    Elena made sure her hat was as low as it could possibly go as she paced around the entrance in the harsh weather. The exposed areas of her skin stung with every gust of wind that blew against her. Not to mention she only had on a thin layer of clothing. She assumed in her rush to get out of the dorm, she had forgotten her coat.

    To be entirely fair, her mind was preoccupied with various different matters. Plus, if she had known she was going to be in her current predicament then she would’ve made sure to wear more layers, but instead of moping around about it, she opted in wrapping her arms around herself to ease the temperature.

    Through the corner of her eye, she saw movement on the street which immediately caught her attention. She attentively began scanning the entirety of the street, which happened to be fairly dark except for a single light post or two.

    It was easy to see the headlights of the black car that had just pulled up in front of where she stood. She considered approaching the single vehicle but quickly decided against it, deeming the act to careless. Besides, today was not the day she wanted test her luck on. Instead she stuck with just keeping an eye on the car.

    Thankfully, whoever was inside realized this (that or they could read her mind, but she assumed the first was more realistic) and rolled down the passenger side window. It was enough for her to identify the wavy, brown haired boy and begin her hastened approach to get away from there.

    “How long have you been standing out here?” Was the first thing she was met with after finally getting inside of the vehicle.

    Elena wasn’t daft, she noticed the concerned look in his brown eyes as they darted around her appearance. She knew that an honest answer also wouldn’t make it any better, so instead she chose to lie through her teeth. “Don’t worry about it. It’s not even that cold.” She assured the boy, fastening her seatbelt around her before diverting her attention ahead of her.

    “Liar.” He accused as he snatched ahold of her hand, being met with a drastically cold hand that had him flinching at the contact.

    Elena released a sigh before nodding her head as she pulled her hand away, wrapping her arms around her waist in another effort to preserve warmth, “Okay, maybe it was cold, but I wasn’t outside for too long.”

    She heard rustling for a second before she was met with a jacket in her lap and the car finally setting off in motion.

    “What was that building?” Sangyeon questioned once they had placed their ramyun and drink on the table in the empty corner of the convenience store.

    Elena didn’t even bat an eyelash at the question, still clearly caught up in her thoughts. Pursing her lips she pouted towards the man before vaguely responding, “SEVENTEEN’s dorm building.”

    “SEVENTEEN?” He choked out wondering if he had heard her correctly with wide, curious eyes.

    A loud hum of agreement resonated from her throat as she nodded her head gently to him. “Yeah.”

    “What were you doing at their dorm?” He questioned, trying to analyze her features only to come up empty handed.

    Elena gently placed her chopsticks down before leaning back into her seat, deciphering what would be the easiest thing to tell him. After considering her options, she figured being upfront would be the easiest, he was the leader of his own group after all. No doubt he would be able to detect a lie the minute it leaves her mouth.

    “So let me get this straight,” Sangyeon began, seconds after Elena finished sharing her story. “You were secretly seeing Joshua since February-”

    “Well I wouldn’t say I was seeing him since then,” She pointed out, waving her hand around in dismissal, “but I guess that’s where it started, so yeah.”

    He raised an eyebrow silently as he nodded his head, continuing where he left off, “Up until your members figured out. Then when you were going to finally end things, you two ended up confessing that you had feelings for each other and made it official-”

    “More like officially not a secret to our members, but still a secret to everyone else.” She clarified with a scowl presenting itself on her features.

    “-making everything all good. Until he starts getting jealous, which leads to fights, which leads to you leaving him with only a note that you guys are over.” Sangyeon concludes looking at Elena for approval of his summary.

    “It wasn’t just a break up note!” She defended herself as she slumped her head onto her open fist, “It had other stuff in it,” she noted in a raspy tone before closing her eyes and letting her head fall forward, “but when you say it like that, it does sound a bit… brutal.”

    “I fucked up.” She whispered as the weight of today’s event finally began to sink in and suffocate her. Her heart was hammering so loud that she was able to hear it without any sort of escape. It was taunting her, reminding her that even if she tried to hide from her problems she could never hide from her own feelings, her own mind.

    Elena wasn’t even aware that she was crying until she felt a gently sweep across her under eye. For a second, she froze at the unfamiliar touch before recoiling and swiping at the areas under her eyes with the sweater paws of the oversized jacket she was wearing. It was useless though. Tears were still falling from her eyes despite her best effort to get them to stop.

    So instead of watching the girl attempt to mask or hide her tears, Sangyeon pulled her into his embrace. He could feel her tears falling at a faster rate as her shoulders began to shake, her breathing losing its once steady pace. It was heart wrenching to him, to see the most vibrant girl in one of her dullest moments.

    “You did what you had to do. It’s okay.” Sangyeon comforted her, rubbing her back soothingly as continued his words of reassurance.

    “I know you told me to stop thanking you, but I genuinely appreciate this.” Gulping down the guilt she was beginning to feel for even calling him at such a late hour, she opened her mouth to continue, “I’m sorry it was-”

    “Don’t apologize.” He instantly scolded shaking his head at her, “I’m honored that you came to me at a time like this and don’t hesitate to do it again.”

    “Calling you to be my getaway driver or calling you for ‘advice’?” Elena joked with a light smile.

    She watched as Sangyeon scrunched his eyes closed in an attempt to not let her statement make him laugh although he failed as his lips grew into a genuine smile, an amused sigh of air slipping past his lips. “Both.” He responded looking at her with a more honest expression, “I’m here for you.”

    Elena’s eyes wavered as she looked down at her hands, finding herself at a loss for words, “Thank you.”

    “I was being honest earlier,” Sangyeon insisted as he reached over the console to stop her from removing her seatbelt, “I do admire you for what you did. You had your reasons and I don’t blame you for it, so don’t beat yourself up over this, okay?”

    “Okay.” She whispered softly, turning her face down.

    It wasn’t until he followed her gaze that he realized he was blocking her exit out of the car. He retracted his arm back, looking away as he stumbled out his next words, “You should get inside, you’re going to catch a cold.”

    Elena choked out a small laugh at the older boy sitting beside her as she nodded. “Thank you… for everything.” She announced moving her hand onto the door handle, “Let me know when you make it home, okay?” Hearing him respond in agreement she gave his arm a pat, but not without making sure to give him a stern look to let him know she’s serious.

    As she walked towards the building and further away from the car, she could faintly hear a chocked out ‘smooth’ followed by a loud sigh coming from behind her, causing the corners of her lips to faintly turn upwards in genuine content.

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    Skin Deep {optional bias}

    Pairing: optional bias (male) x reader (gender neutral)

    Genres: mutual pining, coworkers to something more, definitely gettin steamy

    Warnings: small mention of no makeup insecurity

    Word Count: 3.6K+

    A/N: Back to writing and I've gotta say, pretty excited for this one, and it's definitely the longest post I've written so far. I would actually really appreciate a lil feedback to see where I am with writing so please do! Always love hearing from ya, hope y'all enjoy! <3

    Another day, another city, and another concert over and done with. Working as a makeup artist was your dream, no doubt about it. It was your absolute privilege to be able to do what you do for a living. These days not many people were able to say that about their passion. It didn’t mean, though, that sometimes it wasn’t a little taxing. Touring around with world renowned artists tended to do that sometimes, especially when there were multiple of them that you had to take care of. But hey, when you decided to apply as an artist for a kpop group you knew what you were getting yourself into.

    Tonight, however, was one of those nights. You couldn’t wait to get back to your room and shower, change into some pajama pants and a sweatshirt, and read for an hour or so before going to bed at a somewhat reasonable hour. Would you actually stop reading when you planned to?

    Who knows. That was a problem for the future you to deal with.

    You walked briskly down the hallway to the last room on the right hand side. It was next to the stairwell so there was a bit of noise that flowed through the wall every so often, but at this point in time you really didn’t give a damn. There was a shower in that room, with a bed, and your suitcase with your soft, warm bedtime clothing waiting for you. You swung your backpack off your shoulders and plopped it down on the floor, digging through the main compartment to get to your wallet. Any organization that you once had in that bag was gone after today, and your fingers finally found the small rectangular form nestled all the way down at the bottom. Figures.

    You spoke to yourself to help urge your tired muscles to move again. Almost there… close bag, open wallet, take out keycard, swipe… swipe… Dear lord, why isn’t it turning green??? You swiped twice more and thankfully a green light flashed, accompanied by a satisfactory click. You turned the knob and pushed the door open, not even bothering to pick your bag up, just taking it by the handle and tossing it to the lower corner of your bed. You breathed a sigh of relief and walked across the room to the large floor to ceiling windows that faced beautifully outward into the city and swiped the heavy sand colored curtains shut. First on the agenda, a nice warm shower.

    As quickly as possible you stripped while mentally applauding yourself for setting up everything earlier so that you could just hop in as soon as you got back. Sometimes, past me is a genius. You didn’t even bother to put some music on your phone and turn the volume up. It would be fine staying on the bed. The running water was beckoning and you couldn’t resist happily rushing through the door, climbing in, and slowly stepping under the rush of steaming warmth that had every single muscle in your body releasing the tension they had been building up since 7am. As far as you were concerned it was pure heaven.

    In hindsight, you probably should have chosen to have your phone serenade you, or even just be in the bathroom on the counter of the sink. Six times during your mini rebirth the little device vibrated loudly against the blanket of your bed, the sharp tone accompanying it ringing out for a minute and a half before stopping, just to start up again in another thirty seconds. It was then you turned the water off and messily towel dried your hair, still taking your time to bask in the glow of one of the best showers you had ever taken. Your calm mindset was pierced, however, by the sound of your ringtone, and your brows furrowed as you hurried to slip on the plush hotel bathrobe and exit the fogged room. Just as you got within arms length of your device, the noises ceased. Of course. You picked it up and turned it on…

    “Seven missed calls???” They were all from your manager… he never called you. Click… redial.

    The connection tone rang out once, twice, three times, “Y/N!” Oh no, you were in trouble. Every muscle that had relaxed in that shower was instantly tense again.

    “Yes sir, I’m so sorry I didn’t get any of your calls, I was in the shower! Is everything okay?”

    He sighed. “Well, I suppose I can’t fault you for that.” You didn’t even know that you were holding one of the largest breaths in your chest until he said that. You allowed yourself to breathe. “Did you forget you had one of our member’s phones?” Your mouth opened and your lips repeatedly mouthed obscenities over and over again as you rushed to open your bag once more.

    “Yes sir, of course, I do still have it, uh” - you started to toss everything on the floor in your efforts - “okay, yes, I have it right here in my hand!” You held the phone triumphantly in front of your face.

    “Thank you. I’m currently figuring out a few things for the next few days so I’m a bit tied up. Could I just text his roommate with your room number so that he can just swing by and pick it up himself?”

    You answered automatically. “Yes sir! Of course!”

    “Alright then. I’ll send him over. Thanks again, Y/N.”

    “Of course!” You rolled your eyes at yourself, you sounded like a broken record player. “Have a good night, sir!” After hearing the click of him hanging up you took the phone away from your ear. Sighing deeply, you resigned to the fact that your reading would have to be pushed off for the time being while you waited for him to knock. “Might as well get comfortable.” You shrugged the robe off and pulled the soft pajamas over your frame before going to hang the robe back in the bathroom. Pulling the blankets back, you climbed underneath them and yanked two of the pillows behind you so that you could sit up comfortably.

    And there, you waited. You sighed and picked up your phone, starting to play a game that you hadn’t touched in what seemed like weeks, but getting bored quickly and just resigning yourself to scrolling through social media. And you waited, and waited. You looked at the digital alarm clock that sat atop the nightstand next to your bed, which read 10:32 in large, neon green type. Half an hour. Half a fucking hour. At this point you might not be able to fit in any reading time at all. You looked over at your book sitting at your feet and were tempted to just take it in hand and dive in, as you were supposed to a while ago. But you knew what would happen, the same thing that happened ever since elementary school, much to the chagrin of your parents - you would get beyond sucked in to the pages and then a nuclear bomb could go off next to your head and your brain wouldn’t even register that anything had happened at all. So that’s that. You would just have to sit there and stew in your anger.

    Which you did. Another ten minutes rolled by before you heard a sudden rapping on your door. Throwing the covers aside and stomping over to the door, you tossed it open and threw a look of complete and utter exasperation at the man standing before you. “Hi,” he tentatively smiled and waved for a second before putting his hand down. “Were you waiting long…?”

    “Waiting long?” Your eyes widened as your eyebrows shot upward. “I’ve been sitting here for…” how long had it been exactly anyways, “forty four minutes!” His face fell along with his shoulders.

    “I’m really sorry, I was taking a shower and my muscles ached from, ya know, earlier, and I lost track of time, and…” You blinked and your face straightened out, only now noticing his more than damp hair hanging in his face and comfortable clothes, made up of black sweatpants, a gray t-shirt, a black zip up hoodie, with slippers over his socked feet. Immediately you hastily went to backtrack from how rude you had been to him.

    “No, no, it’s okay. I, um… I did the same thing earlier when Manager Kim was trying to get a hold of me. I missed him calling like seven times, it was a whole thing.”

    He perked up. “Oh that must have been fun.”

    “You’re telling me.” The two of you relaxed and looked at each other for a second. On your part, what a mistake. You unknowingly let your eyes fix on his face, running over his eyes, nose, and then down to his lips. You got to see this almost every day, at least during shows and promotions. Normally his was the first face that you worked on, being ready before the other two you had to take care of, but you did try to keep it professional there. Skin tone, focus on his skin tone… Okay just a bit of this medium brown eyeshadow here, blend it out, keep blending… Of course, you two would inevitably talk. A comment here, a question of “so how’s your morning going,” there. You’d just have to constantly bring yourself back to work mode, you were at work, doing what your paid to do… to work. No no no don’t look into his eyes, look at his eyes. Do your work. Finally, though you would finish things up and all you had to do is take one more look, up and down. “Okay, all good!” It was almost as if you could start breathing again once you picked up your bags and moved aside to let the hair team have their turn with him. Then, as before, you’d go into work mode with the next member, although this time you wouldn’t have to try. Oh please be still, my beating heart, you would internally and sarcastically sigh to yourself. You really had to learn how to take control of that.

    And yes, you really, really did. So much so that you didn’t realize your eyes had fixated on his bare face. His skin wasn’t perfect. It had it’s blemishes, some by now that you had memorized through and through. A freckle here and there, a tiny pimple that popped up on his right temple just under the hairline, some hyperpigmentation around his nose and eyes and forehead. You weren’t the only person who could see him like this but probably one of the only ones who could on the regular, even if it was only for a short period of time before you got to work. Seeing him now, though, showered and relaxed and… he was himself. Not who he had to be for the cameras, the fans, or even the other members. He was just… him. And unbeknownst to you your eyes were doing a wonderful job of taking in a long drink of his natural beauty.

    That is, until you heard him clear his throat. Your eyes snapped to attention and immediately you could feel your cheeks and ears heating with the flame of a thousand suns. “Sorry, um, I’m just tired. Here,” you walked back into your room and towards the other side of your bed to grab his phone. You didn’t even hear the door shut as you sifted through the rumpled bed spread, your fingers poking around and finding that it had somehow landed between the blanket and sheet. Pulling it out you turned around sharply with your hand holding it up and bumped right into his chest. Both of you stumbled back from one another a step and blurted out apologies before falling silent, both pairs of eyes looking anywhere but at the person standing before them.

    “You okay,” he quickly asked. His voice sounded a little dry, but honestly you were just too embarrassed to really take note of it, along with the fact that his face matched yours in being as red as a sunbathing lobster in the middle of summer.

    “Yeah, I’m cool, um, here,” you held the phone out in front of you for him to take, clearing your throat. At least your makeup would cover the red on your face. Wait. I TOOK A SHOWER. Your free hand went to cover the lower half of your face out of pure instinct. “Oh sorry about that, I didn’t even realize-”

    “You don’t have to apologize for that.” He brought his hand up and took the phone from you, his fingers grazing yours for an instant. “Your hands are cold.” You allowed your eyes to flick up and meet his own, and you think that was a mistake considering now you can’t take them away. It’s as if he had locked them.

    “Yeah they kind of get like that, it’s fine.” You tried to keep your voice steady but half way through your affirmations it betrayed you and broke down to a whisper.

    “I know, they always are… when, you know… makeup.”

    You hummed, not even trusting yourself to say a simple “ah”. His hand lowered and put his phone back on your bed but you still couldn’t rip your eyes from his. Not when his hand fell back down to his side, not when he softly took one step towards you, or another, not even when you took a step backward, bumping into the nightstand. He noticed your move and stopped. “Can I…?” His voice was now no louder than halfway between a whisper and mutter. And he stayed where he was.

    He stopped, because you stepped back. You felt your head slightly nodding, eyes still glued to him, even when he began moving towards you again in slow, careful steps. It somehow seemed like both an eternity and only an instant before he was standing right in front of you, close enough for you to lift your hand only a few inches and touch his side. You could feel his breath fan over your face and your eyes finally broke from his as his hands softly touched your wrists. He was so close…

    “You’re so beautiful.” Your wide eyes flew back to his face and you blinked. You could hear your heart pounding in your ears and his hands lightly brushed up your arms, and as they rested on the sides of your face, cupping your cheeks and running his thumbs under your eyes, you felt your hands move of their own accord and grip the sided of his hoodie.

    “You…” the word squeaked out and fell short, you were speechless. You couldn’t make sense of any of this in your head, confused at exactly what the hell was happening. Had you fallen asleep waiting for him to get here? That could’ve definitely happened, right? “Is this a dream?”

    His eyes narrowed with a tiny smile that pulled at the corners of his lips and whispered out the word “no”. God, you wanted to feel them. Taste them. His face got ever so closer to yours and now it was clear that there was only one thing either one of you wanted to do, but your brain set off an alarm. You looked back into his eyes. “We probably shouldn’t…” He looked back at you.

    “Probably not.” You could almost feel his lips forming those words, all you had to do was push forward less than an inch. And then-

    “Because work…” you almost kicked yourself, but you didn’t even have to. Your hands betrayed your words by falling flat against his waist and resting there.

    “Yeah… it um…” he swallowed and his tongue darted out over his lips, his hands starting to leave your face and your brain shouted out that no, that’s not what you really wanted.

    But he was an idol. Dating ban or not, work relationships could get messy. That’s if he wanted a relationship. What if this was all just… chemicals? Or hormones, or really just the excitement of it all. You two definitely shouldn’t.

    His eyes flickered down to your lips once, twice more. He sighed heavily and all he could think of to mutter were three words.

    “Oh, fuck it.”

    His lips were on yours. His hands moved to the back of your head and neck and they were holding your face so close it was almost crushing you, but that was nothing. That didn’t matter. It was as if he had been under water and your lips were his salvation, the first gulps of air that he needed so desperately. All of your senses were screaming and you couldn’t believe what was happening. He was kissing you. His lips were pushing and caressing at yours and you were kissing him back, your hands sliding up to land on his chest and grip his shirt to pull him closer, you needed him closer. He allowed his hands to fall and his arms circled your waist to do just that and your arms looped around his neck. You could taste his lips and feel his embrace. The smell of him seemed to envelop you, working its way into your nose through rushed inhales and intoxicating you, almost overwhelming you, as if every single nerve in your body was on fire. Flames that melted you into him and then finally consumed you until he was the only thing that remained. You barely registered as he started to turn you, your feet shuffling with his, and your lips disconnected just enough for him to lightly push you back. You allowed your body to stumble backwards and fall onto the bed with the rumpled up covers but only for an instant before slightly pushing yourself up to reconnect with his lips, as if you were addicted to their dance, and he followed you back down as he climbed onto the bed after you. His hand slid under your waist and picked you up just enough to help move you more onto the mattress as his body followed. Wherever you would have gone, he would go. In that moment he would have gone to the ends of the earth with you, but then again, he had been that way for a while now.

    He had been just as hungry for this. Every early morning he would try to not stare at your masked face and imagine your lips underneath the thin fabric. He would picture them, parted slightly as you concentrated on doing your job, which you always did perfectly. Every time you touched up his makeup between sets, maybe adding something if the next outfit called for it. The adrenaline in his system from performing made him not want to care about the makeup, just drag you into his arms and tug the mask down and… He doesn’t know where he got the guts to actually kiss you. But with the way you were sucking on his lips and desperately pulling him closer, shit, he’s glad he did.

    His arms were on either side of your head, caging you in, and your fingers found their way into his hair, tangling the soft strands and tugging. You heard a deep moan emanate from his chest and he kissed you harder, sliding his tongue across your lip and tilting his head as you opened your lips wider, allowing him in. As his tongue overtook yours you let out a small whimper, again, wanting to somehow be closer than you two already were. Bodies flush together, moving and complementing one another, the kisses grew more urgent, and his lips left yours, but only to trail his love down to your neck. As he let his tongue run over your skin he lightly sucked and you had to call on every single ounce of willpower you had to to quietly call out his name. He stopped and took his face away, breathing into your cheek, and you knew that he knew. He couldn’t leave any trace of this. No matter how badly he wanted to. Neither of you could. You guided his face back to you and kissed him once more, less hurried than before, and in that moment you tried to pour every single emotion that you were feeling into his lips.

    Your faces grew apart and you got the guts to look into his eyes, seeing that his pupils were blown out probably just as much as yours. Your eyes fell shut and you let your head rest against the bed, trying to control your breathing. You didn’t want this to be a one time thing. You wanted it to be more than that, and more than just kisses and bodies touching. You wanted that so badly. What if he didn’t? Your lips opened and you inhaled to ask, but your breath fell short as you felt him tilt his head up and press a kiss softly to your forehead. And then slowly he shifted and placed one on your left cheek, then the right, the tip of your nose, your chin, and then one last one back to your lips. Your heart all but exploded and somehow you just knew that he felt the same way you did. That this was more than just skin deep.

    “Hey,” he whispered. Your eyes opened and met with his. “We’ll figure something out. Okay?” Your smile pushed to your eyes and there was only one response you could come up with.


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  • yeoandmoon
    20.01.2022 - 10 hours ago

    you are now listening to mad city by nct 127! (wooyoung x fem!reader)

    smut, office au, enemies 2 lovers?, frat boy!wooyoung, wall sex, semi-public sex, pet names (baby, reader calls wooyoung a brat), unprotected sex, implied breeding kink, mention of seonghwa
    NOTE: hiii to the anon who requested this 3 months ago! i hope you enjoy :)

    “Remind me to thank Seonghwa tomorrow.” Wooyoung grunted out while his fingers were tight on your thighs, pressing you to the back of the small supply closet you were both huddled in, “I’ll tell him I fucked his little office girl right under his nose.”

    You were nearly too far gone to respond to Wooyoung’s teasing. He was fucking into you so nicely and you could barely think as you tugged harshly on his gelled hair.

    “S-Spoiled brat.” You whined.

    Wooyoung let out a low growl, and his grip tightened on your thighs.

    Your dress was shoved up, and your legs wrapped around Wooyoung’s waist as he thrusted into you. His hair fell into his face, and you could see the sweat forming on his upper brow while his eyes were focused on you; watching your face contort as you came closer to your climax.

    Even in your pleasure induced daze, you had to admit - he looked gorgeous.

    You struggled to remember how you had ended up here. You two had been arguing in the hall about the meeting with head office that afternoon. It was Wooyoung’s chance to show his mother he wasn’t just some little frat boy, while it was your chance to show them you had the potential to work here; to move up, and be someone in this company. You both simply had too much riding on this meeting, and you didn’t need the other fucking it up.

    You had been clutching the notes and papers for your meeting tightly as you and Wooyoung filled the empty hallway with an echo of harsh words and names, trying to come to a middle ground before people returned from lunch. What you had called Wooyoung barely crossed your mind now, but it resulted in your papers being shoved to the floor as he kissed you harshly and shoved you into the supply closet behind you.

    His hand was on your clit now, causing you to cry out a strangled moan of his name. Wooyoung laughed, placing a soft kiss to your forehead as his thrusts turned harsher and his free hand moved over your mouth.

    “You need to be quiet, baby. People are coming back from lunch - we don’t want Seonghwa catching us do we?”

    Another whine threatened to leave your mouth as you shook your head. The idea of your boss finding you and Wooyoung, of all people, was humiliating and your face flushed as Wooyoung continued to talk.

    “Who knew my pretty office girl could bounce on my cock so well… Maybe I should come in you; fill you up with my cum before our big meeting?” He hummed, leaning down to kiss your neck.

    You gripped his hair harder as you clenched at his words, a gasp falling from your lips. You could barely believe yourself as you nodded.

    You were letting your biggest rival, Jung Wooyoung, fuck you raw in a supply closet. You were about to let him fuck his cum into you, less than half an hour before one of the biggest meetings of your career.

    “I hate you.” You gasp, moving your hands to his arms.

    Wooyoung nods, “I know, baby.” He moves his hand before leaning down to kiss you again, “Come for me.”

    #ateez imagines#ateez smut #ateez x reader #jung wooyoung smut #jung wooyoung imagines #ateez scenarios #b.
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  • aria1ia
    20.01.2022 - 11 hours ago

    𝖕𝖆𝖙𝖍𝖊𝖙𝖎𝖈 - 𝖘

    pairings: slytherin! san​ x fem! reader

    trope: hogwarts au

    warnings: hard dom! san, bratty sub! reader, semi-public, oral (m), degrading kink, pet names, dumbfication, sex toys, edging, handcuffs, rough sex, overstimulation.

    a/n: so so excited to write this! everyday i think about this san. so here i am writing this at 4am on a school night. enjoy... - melon

    if u read this please reblog! <3


    you always knew san was a tease. it was part of his personality, who he was but you loved it. he also knew you much too well, like your kinks which he casually used against you on a daily.

    he could be cruel when he wanted to and this night was an amazing example of that.

    he loved torturing you up to the point where you were crying and sobbing for him, begging for him to touch. there were, embarrassingly, countless times he made you cum untouched with just his dirty words.

    and he loved it. just knowing that he was the only one that could make you a mess. it boosted his ego maybe a bit too much.

    *time skip*

    it was potions class, one of your worst subjects which meant you had to focus. which was a bit hard to do since your boyfriend choi fucking san sat next to you.

    it's not like he did anything, he mainly just sat there in silence flipping through the books as he tried to make a good potion.

    but of course your dirty mind wandered as you stared at him, eyes dropping down to his lap as you watched his posture. legs spread wide apart and one hand resting on his inner thigh.

    your mind couldn't help but wander to what he could do with them. no. you cannot do this again. getting horny in the middle of a class just by looking at him.

    he didn't notice until you were gripping the side of your chair trying to focus on reading the page as you tried to ignore the throbbing feeling between your legs.

    "you okay y/n?" he asked genuinely looking concerned when you breathily replied with a soft yes. "are you sure? you look really pale love, are you sick?" he pat your head.

    "n-no san im okay i promise." you gave a weak smile, trying your best to look and sound convincing.

    he nodded and turned back to his potions.

    the lesson carried on with you aroused and san cluelessly sitting next to you.

    you tried not to focus on san and the way he let out a frustrated groan every now and then when he got something wrong.

    you kept in the urges for as long as you took but immediately broke when he groaned a bit louder than before while mixing something into his potion.

    you rolled your eyes before grabbing his arm and dragging him out of the classroom trying your best to not get noticed by snape as you hurried him out of the room into the silent and chilly hallway.

    "what the hell y/n? i was nearly done with my potion why'd you drag me out there?" he scoffed at your behaviour looking as confused as ever.

    "p-pl-please san fuck- im so horny i-i need you" whining while grabbing onto his shirt like a clingy girlfriend (which you were to be fair).

    "i see. and how exactly did i make you horny y/n?" he said raising his eyebrow.

    "i- san for fucks sake its just you. the way you were sitting. those sinful noises you made not knowing what it would do to me." you whined desperately clutching onto his collar.

    "mhm cause you're such a needy slut getting horny that easily?" he scoffed staring down at your desperate eyes with a nonchalant look.

    but you didn't wanna listen to him anymore, pushing him against the wall, your hands went down to unbuckle his belt as you pulled his pants down ignoring his warning look.

    he was wide eyes, surprised at your sudden boldness but definitely not complaining. it was a fun game. even if you were bold now, he knew you were going to regret it later. he made it clear that he was the dom in this relationship.

    reaching inside to grab his dick, you sloppily jerked him off while looking into his eyes with an innocent smile plastered on your face.

    your eyebrows furrowed as you bit your lip, instantly taking him into your mouth while one hand was massaging his balls, the other was pushing him against the cold wall making sure he wouldn't move.

    it's not like he wanted to. he knew exactly what you were doing but he enjoyed playing your little games.

    he let his head tilt back as he let out a quiet moan at the feeling of your warm mouth around his cock, sucking harshly on it as he gasped.

    the sounds he was letting out boosted your ego, you bobbed your head up and down his hard cock while a hand went up to massage his balls adding to his pleasure.

    his hands came down to grab a fistful of your hair, pulling your head up making you stare into his eyes. he loved the sight. obsessed with how there was a string of saliva connected from his cock to your mouth, breathing heavy and eyes tearing up.

    he groaned at your pretty face as he pushed your head back, making you moan around him, sending vibrations which went straight to his dick making him buck his hips up into your mouth.

    you kept your fast pace, coming up for air for a few seconds but resuming straight away desperately wanting to make him cum.

    his hands were pushing your head further down, you gagged around him, tears flooding your eyes but you couldn't care less just wanted to make him feel good.

    "fucking hell you're that turned on baby? shiiittt-" he moaned.

    you pulled your head up, your hands jerking him off so he would still feel good as you said "just shut up and enjoy this 'kay?".

    he scoffed but that quickly turned into an obnoxiously loud groan, his hand helping you bob your head.

    your nails digging into his thigh as he gave you a warning that he was gonna cum by whimpering.

    his hands loosened in your hair, you looked up just to be met with his dark eyes as his mouth flew open watching you take all of his cum in your mouth, drinking every bit of it. he let out strangled moans as his head was thrown back hitting the wall.

    breathing was unsteady as he quickly pulled his pants up just in time before the hall came flooding with students who have just finished their lesson.

    "damn angel that might've been one of the best blowjobs you've ever given me, good job baby." he cooed smiling but as soon as you leaned in to kiss him, his smile dropped grabbing your chin harshly and bringing his lips near your ears.

    "but don't think that you're just going to get away with this. im gonna punish you so hard when we're back in my dorm." tutting as your eyes widened. it just got to your brain what you'd just done and you were regretting it a bit because you knew exactly what he was going to do to you.

    he smirked seeing your worried and scared faced, grabbing your hand as he pulled you by his side slowly walking towards the dorm rooms.

    as you were about to make it to the door, snape stood in front of you two making you pause in your tracks.

    "now where were you two today? because i remember seeing you in class miss y/n" giving you a serious look.

    "so sorry sir we-" he cut you off leaning closer to you and san.

    "detention tomorrow. 6pm after school, do not forget. don't act like you and mr choi didn't just walk out of my class in the middle of it" he scoffed.

    he walked by you both leaving an annoyed san and you there.

    san rolled his eyes and resumed walking up to his dorm with you. as soon as you two were up he shut his door, locking it and putting a silencing spell on your bedroom.

    slowly making his way towards you he pushed you onto the bed on your back. you took a deep breath preparing yourself for the long night you were going to have.

    san walked up to you, unclamping your bra and reaching for your hands, cuffing it to the headboard behind you. you bit your lip in anticipation of what punishment he was planning for you today.

    he went to his drawer to grab something. you looked over to see what he was getting and you gasped at the sight.

    san was holding a pink vibrator and a small remote which you were too familiar with since he usually used it on you every other week, mostly when he was in the mood to edge you. which gave away the punishment he was gonna give you.

    he grinned at your terrified expression.

    "oh don't look so scared bunny, i'm just gonna have a little fun with you before i have you all to myself." he purred a smirk spreading across his lips.

    you shuddered, as san made his way next to you sitting himself down next to you as he fidgeted with the toy a bit before he went in to teasingly pull your soaked panties down, leaving you fully naked.

    he leaned in to kiss your inner thighs, you mewled at the soft kisses he was giving but he pulled away. of course you weren't surprised i mean you were here to be punished after all.

    he tied your legs to the side even though you tried to fight a bit, legs moving around but his strong arms held them in place as he tied them down.

    "make sure to remember that the safe word is purple okay my love? i would never wanna hurt you, wanna make sure you're comfortable with all this" san said giving you a reassuring nod and smile signalling you to tell him if you have concerns.

    you shook your head, lips curling into a soft smile as you gestured your head for him to continue.

    he crawled on the bed in between your legs as he spit on your pussy smudging it around as your face scrunched up in pleasure, soft breaths and moans leaving your mouth.

    grabbing the vibrator he inserted it inside you closely watching your expressions. you cried out finally feeling some sort of relief when he pushed the toy all the way inside you.

    san stood up, surprising you but he grabbed the remote and suddenly turned the vibrator on making you moan out. he smirked at the loud noise thanking himself for putting a silencing spell on.

    "y/n, y/n so desperate already? thought you wouldn't have cracked that quickly" he said watching you with a dazed expression.

    he moved the remote towards you and played with the buttons before turning in onto the highest setting, head snapping up in an instant as he watched you throw your head back letting out violently loud moans, hands in a fist as you bit down hard on your lip.

    you couldn't control it, just moaning out at the intense pleasure.

    you tried to look up to find him but could barely keep your eyes open as san kept it on the highest setting.

    you heard a soft chuckle as you managed to open your eyes slightly just to see him leaning back in the chair across the bed, leaning back, his pants down at his ankles as his cock was in his hand, pumping himself at a slow pace while keeping his eyes on you, watching your legs start to shake.

    he realised that you were extremely close, grabbing the remote and instantly turning it off making you cry at the loss.

    he came up to you, kneeling beside you.

    "you wanna cum baby? yeah?" he fake pouted as you nodded desperately.

    he grinned as he turned it back on watching your eyes roll back as you let out broken cries and whimpers.

    "oh but you will darling. many, many times." he laughed quietly as your face went red, and you gasped realising what he meant. but you didn't care. you just wanted to cum so bad.

    san turned it back on, walking to the door, opening it before saying "will be back in 10 minutes darling. cum as many times as you want or can. but do not forget to count." he gave you one more smirk before walking out to the main room and shutting the door behind him, leaving you with the vibrator at the highest setting still in you.

    you tried closing your legs, whimpering as you felt your second orgasm approach, but the restrains held you back, legs wide open.

    the whole feeling was too much, too intense and you came all over the bed sheets, legs shaking from the sensitivity and mouth hanging open but no noise coming out except heavy breaths.

    you bit your lip but the vibrations kept coming and the stimulation felt way too much.

    *10 minutes later*

    san was walking back up to their room opening the door a bit to peek inside and he felt so aroused by the sight.

    your thighs were shaking, your eyebrows furrowed and cries leaving your swollen lips.

    your head was thrown back, eyes screw shut so you didn't see him come in but when you opened your eyes he was sitting across on the chair. you whined at him, back arching as you suddenly came again, mouth hung open not being able to say anything.

    he grinned, grabbing the remote and turning it off making you let out a relieved but also disappointed sigh.

    he walked over leaning in to kiss you and softly pat your head.

    "how many times did you count bunny?" he said staring at you with expectant eyes.

    "hmnnghh- s-san. i-" your breath was still unsteady and you weren't able to form coherent words.

    san snorted at your messy state.

    he tutted.

    "already dumb and i haven't even made you cum yet" he laughed, shaking his head as if he couldn't believe it. "don't you worry though baby. i am going to."

    you whined out happily as he took off the restraint from your ankles and you patiently waited for him to take the handcuffs off too.

    as soon as they were off you grabbed the back of his neck pulling him close to you, kissing him deeply and sloppily as his hands pulled your waist closer, grinding his clothed hard dick on your wet cunt.

    you moaned into the kiss as he slipped his tongue in, devouring your mouth with it as he softly sucked on yours.

    he pulled away for one minute while he took everything off, now you two were both naked.

    he pulled you to him resuming the sloppy kiss you two shared as he suddenly pushed himself in you, not giving a warning just instantly thrusting into you.

    you both gasped at the sensation, moaning into each other mouth. it was so so filthy but you loved every second of it.

    san panted, pulling back for a second to moan out "g- gonna cum s-shiiitt y/n" breathing heavily as his face scrunched up in pleasure, his hips stuttering but still pumping hardly as he came with a loud whine, forcing his eyes open to see you speechless, in absolute bliss as you reached your 10th orgasm of the night.

    your hips were bucking up and back arched as you let out a drawn-out high pitched moan, grabbing onto his shoulders definitely leaving some nail marks.

    he stopped moving, pulling out and grabbing the towel underneath you and cleaned you up before standing up and putting the toy away along with the handcuffs.

    he hurried back and cuddled up yo you, resting his head on your chest, his heart rapidly pumping.

    he snuggled his body closer and you smiled, breathing in his scent.

    "sorry i was torturing you baby, but let's be honest you loved it." he snickered, looking up and you snorted approvingly.

    "i did sannie i love it when you punish me" smiling at him and giving a soft kiss on his forehead as you watched him drift off to sleep.


    a/n: welp its 5am anyways night to all you horny mfs <3 hope you guys will like this it took me hours :'( lmk if u wanna be added to the taglist! - melon

    taglist: @tohokuu @woocloud @grayteez @kpopmademygradesgodown @earth-to-leiki @perfectlysane24 @nymeriaaa @yutaalove @justforyookihyun @vocalyunho @yungisstar1117-writes @yunhoflrtz @dejayu @fallinforgyu @smt-here @mingisslut @yunhofingers @lustfuldevils

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  • vngelgyu
    20.01.2022 - 13 hours ago

    Barista Boy

    ☆ pairing - gn!reader x cafe owner!yunho

    ☆ warnings -  none besides the fact that its kinda ass and lacks substance. (not really proof read. more like proof skimmed)

    ☆ word count - 2.3k

    ☆ genre - fluff

    ☆ authors note - another one that i wrote fairly quickly (sike it sat in my notes for like a month)

    ☆ description - im not sure how to describe it. reader is crushing on the owner of their favorite cafe but they dont know yunho is crushing on them too.

    ☆ tags - @yunhoflrtz

    the bell above the door chimed as you walked into the small café that was nestled between a music store and flower shop. you took a deep breath, inhaling the aroma of baked goods and coffee and then made your way to the front counter. you asked greeted the boy behind it before asking “can i get a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin?”

    “sure y/n, you came at the right time, the muffins are still hot, just how you like them.” wooyoung said while grabbing a cup and writing your name on it.

    “again? its like y’all know when I’m coming” you told him while sliding your card into the chip reader.

    “of course we do, you’re here every day, not that I’m complaining, you’re personally my favorite customer.” he told you while smiling with a playful gleam in his eyes.

    while there was a lot of customers coming in and out, you were the only one that came every day. you were on a first name basis with all of the baristas, and the owner. you had the same order every time, which was a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin and you honestly didn’t even have to even walk up to the counter to order, but you did anyways.

    after paying, you went to sit down at your usual table. it was a corner booth surrounded by white christmas lights. not only was it the most comfortable spot, but you could also see directly into the kitchen, which meant you could watch the owner, yunho, while he kneaded dough and mixed muffin batter. it really was a sight to see. he was tall, with a lean build and bleached blond hair that swept over his forehead, and the way his arms flexed when he threw the dough on the counter made your heart skip a beat.

    you were sitting in the booth, lost in thought, with a book open, when your plate slid in front of you. you looked up to thank them but paused when you saw yunho standing next to the table, smiling, with your cup in his large hand. “ill bring this back in a second.” he said, lifting the cup slightly to show what he was talking about. you nodded with a small smile on your face and turned your attention to the muffin on the table. you ripped the top of it off and began eating the bottom. after a few minutes, yunho came back, with not only your drink, but a small brown paper bag. he set them both down and said “thats another muffin, on the house. lets just say its a thank you for being my most loyal customer.” with a shy grin on his face.

    you could feel your face get warm as you thanked him and watched as he walked away. once he was back in the kitchen, you picked up your cup to take a sip of your hot chocolate, but stopped midway. there was a bunch of small doodles on the cup, things like hearts, stars, smiley faces, and a little drawing of a dog. you automatically knew that wooyoung wasn’t the one who drew them, the most he would do was write your name on your cup, along with a smiley face, if he was feeling generous.

    once you finished your muffin and drink, you left and went home. you couldn’t help but think about yunho while looking at the cup that he had drawn on. as weird as it might seem, there was no way you were going to throw it away, it was just too cute.


    it was 7pm when you walked in the next day, after a taxing day of work. you actually almost just went home instead, but you decided against it. the warm environment of the cafe was a sure way to cheer yourself up. you followed your usual routine of ordering your muffin and hot chocolate and then went to sit at your corner booth. it was yunho that brought your food to your table again, but this time your cup was covered in small doodles of yourself. you smiled at the drawings and thanked him. even though your day had been rough, you were already starting to feel better just from seeing him, with his black shirt covered in flour, and the doodles on your cup.

    you began eating your muffin and once you were done, you rested your head on your arms, not wanting to leave just yet. you weren’t expecting to fall asleep, but thats exactly what happened. the slow jazz music that played in the cafe had lulled you to sleep, which was actually much needed.

    you woke up a little over an hour later to a soft touch on your shoulder. you slowly lifted your head, feeling slightly disoriented, and opened your eyes to see yunho crouching down next to your table.

    “I’m closing now y/n, if you wait for a second, ill walk you home.” he told you as he stood up.

    you nodded and collected your things, deciding to wait for him. you had never walked home at night, since you got off work pretty early, and both the cafe and your job weren’t very far from your apartment. besides, you would never give up the opportunity to be alone with him. a few minutes later, yunho came from the back, he had changed from his flour covered work clothes, into a cream knit sweater with green detailing and black pants. you had never seen him in anything other than his work clothes and you didn’t think he could get more attractive until now.

    “are you ready to go?” he asked you, with keys in his hand.

    nodding, you walked out of the front door and waited for yunho as he locked it. once finished, you began walking in the direction of your home and yunho walked next to you, close enough for his arm to brush against yours. the whole walk had been silent, neither of you knew what to say as you had never interacted outside of the cafe, but it wasn’t awkward at all.

    as you approached your apartment building and yunho asked “oh you live here? what floor?”

    turning to him, you said “I’m on the second floor. you live here too?”

    “I’m on the third. i wonder why we’ve never seen each other before..” he responded

    “i honestly have no idea but i wish i had known sooner.” you said while pulling the door to the lobby open. yunho followed after you and you both made your way to the elevator. he wasn’t sure what to say as he suddenly felt flustered, so he settled for staying silent and walking you to your apartment door.

    once at your door, you pulled your keys out and unlocked it. you turned around to thank him and say good night but before you could, he asked “could i maybe get your phone number?”

    you hid the surprise you felt and said “hmm… only if you give me the recipe for the blueberry muffins.”

    yunho laughed and said “ill do you one better, ill teach you how to make them myself. but you have to promise to keep coming to the cafe after i teach you.” while pulling his phone out and pulling up his contacts before handing it to you.

    “i promise” you told him. you typed your number in and handed his phone back to him.

    “good night y/n” he said happily.

    “good night yunho, don’t forget to text me.” you said as you entered your apartment, and with a small wave, you closed the door before pressing your back against it and squealing loudly.

    while you were outwardly freaking out in the entrance of your home, your phone vibrated, and when you looked at the notification, you saw that an unknown number had texted you saying “the cafe will be closed tomorrow so would you like me to teach you? i can come get you or give you my apartment number.”

    you quickly replied "you can just give me your apartment number so that you dont have to make an unnecessary trip" and then put your phone down and went to the bathroom.

    while you were getting ready for bed, your phone chimmed from its place on your bed. you went over to it with your tooth brush in your mouth, and read the texts before responding.

    yunho - "if its for you, it would never be unnecessary. ill come get you tomorrow around 1"

    you - "fine, good night yunho :)"

    after finishing up brushing your teeth, you climbed in bed, quietly squealing. after about 10 minutes of freaking out over the boy that lived a floor above you, you finally fell asleep.

    ----(next day)

    "so now you want to measure out 2 cups of flour. you do that while i do the wet ingredients." he said while pulling out another bowl.

    you nodded and scooped out a cup of flour and dumped it into the bowl on the counter but you accidentally did it a little too aggressively and ended up creating a cloud of flour in front of you. thinking that it somehow got on your face, you wiped your cheek with the back of your hand and then dipped the measuring cup back in the bag of flour.

    you added the other cup of flour and then asked "what do i do next?"

    yunho turned to you and let out a low chuckle. "whats so funny?" you asked him, slightly pouting.

    "theres flour on your cheek" he told you while raising his hand to your face. he gently wiped the flour off while you looked up at him.

    once he was done, you thanked him and then shyly turned to the bowl in front of you. you could feel your cheeks getting warm from the sudden touch.

    "y/n" yunho said from next to you.


    you were poking the flour in the bowl, not knowing what to do next, when you felt yunho press his lips against your cheek and then quickly pull away.

    he cleared his throat and said "okay so now you need 1 1/4 cups of sugar", while you stood, shock evident on your face.


    "the muffins are done and have cooled down enough now but its still early in the day so..." yunho trailed off. you could tell he wanted to say something else so you looked at him from where you were sitting on his couch, waiting for him to finish.

    " i was just wondering if you wanted to stay longer... unless you have something to do, then thats fine, i can just wrap them up so you can take them with you" yunho finished quietly.

    "well.. i dont really want to go home yet to be honest. like you said, its still early.. we could watch a movie or something? and eat the muffins together" you said. now it was your turn to be nervous as yunho looked at you from where he was standing next to the couch. he had previously come from checking to see if the muffin pan was cool enough to take them out. a smile slowly crept onto yunhos face and he nodded excitedly and then rushed back to the kitchen.

    he came back a few minutes later with 4 muffins on a plate and set it on the coffee table, next to your iced tea that he had offered you before. he then sat down next to you, and grabbed the remote off the coffee table before turning the tv on and sifting through the movies on netflix.

    "have you seen this one?" he asked you. he had selected a random action movie that you had never heard of. you shook your head and then said "i havent but we can watch it if you want. i like any type of movies"

    yunho clicked play on the movie and sat back on the couch, getting comfortable. his thigh touched yours as he spread his legs slightly and then he pulled the blanket from over the back of the couch and laid it over the both of you.

    somehow during the movie, you ended up leaning closer into yunhos side. part of you was worried that he would think your closeness was odd, but then again, he was the one to kiss your cheek, so you were kinda just rolling with it at this point.


    you and yunho had ended up watching another movie and cuddling. he had placed his hand on your leg during the second one and started rubbing small circles with his thumb, which prompted you to rest your head on his shoulder.

    you sat up as the credits rolled and let out a yawn. as much as you didnt want to, it was time for you to go back to your apartment, especially since you had work the following day.

    "i should get going now yunho, i have work tomorrow. but thank you for teaching me to make muffins and for keeping me company, i had a great time" you told him while standing moving towards the door to put your shoes on.

    yunho followed you to the door and said "ill walk you back" but you shook your head and said "its okay, i can go back on my own. thank you again for everything"

    just as you put your hand on the door knob, yunho said "y/n wait" causing you to stop in your tracks.

    "would you maybe want to go on a real date sometime?" he continued

    "id love that yunho, ill see you tomorrow, goodnight"

    yunho returned the good night as he stood there smiling to himself. little did he know, you were doing the same thing on the other side of the door.

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  • lostlovesoul11
    19.01.2022 - 15 hours ago

    pairing: hot model bff wooyoung x reader

    warnings: hot model best friend, smut, mommy milkers, titty play, squirting, nipple stimulation, cum, tit fetish, mutual masturbation, slight degrading, teasing, hand job.

    [personally have a thing for Wooyoung's chest so don't mind me..]

    word count: 1.5k

    you won't lie you definitely find your best friend incredibly sexy for sure. well duh since he's a literal model! but what really did it for you? those amazing mommy milkers. jesus did you have a fetish for them! you appreciated and loved a man's chest. but Wooyoung was next level with his sexy toned body and perky tits. all you ever daydreamed about? having Woo's tits in your mouth.

    you thought you'd be discreet? hah you wished you was. Wooyoung always had an knowing of your fetish since you always told him and showed pictures of your favourite idols that came on screen. he remembers that time he wore a sexy black blazer with nothing underneath, exposing his bare chest. It was for his performance of the month. he saw the way you drooled over it and the you kept staring at his chest. but you never worked upon your fantasies. how could you when he was your best friend? hell you'd be lying the amount of times you watched him shirtless, the days his shirts are see through or even when its exposed fully. the most you could do is watch the performance of your hot model best friend online and scanning through the Internet for images of his chest. it did feel wrong doing it in secret but it was quality material to make yourself cum in the nights. not like he would ever find out, right?

    you was meant to meet Wooyoung to watch a movie tonight as usual, although there was a difference. first, why was he wearing such a tight shirt and the colour black? double homicide. you acted causal trying your best to avoid the way his tiddies were popping through his shirt, begging to be sucked. you couldn't really focus on the movie since you was so distracted by what is next to you. you tried refraining from looking. Wooyoung saw how uneasy and flustered you felt as he smirked to himself before finally speaking.

    "you're not good at hiding how you feel you know?" wooyoung said as he laughed.

    "wait what are you talking about Woo" you replied.

    ''oh? so you're going to act like we don't know what dirty thoughts your having currently hm?"

    he said whilst moving the strand of hair away from you.

    "fuck was i that obvious, im sorry Woo." you said whilst biting your lip.

    "aw no need to apologise baby, i've actually noticed for a while now haha". wooyoung said.

    "what do you mean?" you replied.

    "I saw the way you was staring at my chest during my artist of the year performance, remember?" he said.

    "so you knew but why didn't you ever mention anything?" you spoke up.

    "sweetheart what's the fun in that? seeing you frustrated over me is such a better sight" wooyoung said.

    "wow.. uh I don't know what to say.." you said.

    "was it hard baby? to see my chest and not be able to do anything about it? such a shame you couldn't." wooyoung said.

    "to be truthful.. yeah it was hard..." you replied.

    "hm is that so? show me what you did to yourself each time you went home after seeing me" woo said.

    you was put on spot but hearing him say those things did make you feel things down there. you didnt think your hot best friend would be into this, its like a dream. going back to reality, slowly you removed your top and jeans off. then slid the panties off yourself, started to lick your finger proceeding to rub yourself then insert it inside of you.

    "such a desperate dirty girl couldn't even wait any longer so you have to fuck yourself?"

    "what if i remove this shirt off? will you put more fingers inside of your wet pussy?"

    "fuck.. woo please do it.."

    he does exactly as he says and my god was his chest looking beautiful. you literally drooled at the sight. you start feeling even eager and frustrated because you really wanted to feel him all up.

    "woo I dont think i can cum like this.. can i please touch you?"

    Wooyoung loved seeing you suffer getting you all needy. he loves seeing how much control he can have over you. seeing your state and how badly he wants to see you cumming on him, he lets you touch him and indulge in your fantasy.

    "God Woo you have literally the best tits i've ever seen, feel so good in my hands" you continue to feel every part of his skin, focusing more on his sexy chest. you start blowing slow cold breaths over his left tit, making him slightly whimper.

    "show me how hard you can make my nipples baby" Wooyoung said.

    you reached out and started touching his nipples, flicking them with your thumb. they immediately perked up. Wooyoung tilt his head back in pleasure and moaned. he never felt this way before so this was all new to him. burying your face inside of him, licking your wet tongue on the outlines of his huge chest.

    "i want you to make yourself cum using my chest baby" Wooyoung said.

    you definitely got even wetter hearing him say that. you used your wetness from your pussy and brought it to your fingers, evenly distributing to his hard nipples.

    "fuck baby you are so dirty, i want you to bring your wet finger inside my mouth too" wooyoung said.

    so you touched your pussy once again with your fingers and got them out, putting them inside of Wooyoung's mouth.

    "mmm you taste so good, taste yourself on my tits baby" wooyoung said

    you hoover your mouth around his hard nipples before you cup them inside of your mouth. taking in the biggest suck you can whilst maintaining eye contact with him. you give attention to both of his nipples, using your tongue as a guide before sucking them in hard, even giving a little bite. it feels so good to have his tits in your mouth. what made it even hotter was how sexy he looked, biting his lip hard and groaning under you.

    Wooyoung already got his hard cock out and began to stroke himself off. he couldn't control himself seeing you so into this. just as he was stroking hard, his precum leaked out. noticing you put your hands around his hard cock, giving it a good few strokes before your hands are covered with his precum. using the fluid you covered it all with your own nipples. as you hoovered over his body, you brought your boobs inside of his mouth which wooyoung licked and sucked off.

    you brought yourself below his mouth and now are chest to chest with him. He got his fingers inside of your wet pussy and applied the wetness on to his own chest. bringing your boobs and started motioning them upwards and downwards against his chest,  both of your nipples feeling the stimulation and feeling hard as ever. it was the best thing you ever felt, you both enjoyed the nipple play.

    "Sit on my chest baby"

    you do exactly as Wooyoung says and place yourself on top of his beautiful chest. grinding yourself back and forth, making yourself even wetter. it doesn't help when Wooyoung literally brings his fingers to your sensitive clit and starts to rub it whilst your riding his chest.

    "fuck Wooyoung you're driving me crazy i think i'm going to cum soon".

    "keep going baby i want to feel you soak me up with your wetness"

    you move your hips in motions, making your pace even faster. Wooyoung also rubs your clit, watching you coming to your climax having the hottest fucked out face you have.

    "Woo i'm going to cum.. omg.. im coming im coming"

    you released fully on to his chest, not knowing you just squirted all over him right now.

    "oh my fucking god that was the hottest thing ever." Wooyoung mentioned.

    just as you squirted, he desperately got himself off with his own hands, making his hot cum explode out.

    you couldn't believe you was capable of even squirting so you was pretty astounded. however, that was probably the best orgasms of your life. Wooyoung found you so sexy and loved the way you used your body on him.

    "thanks for letting me use my fetish on you Woo, i hope you don't mind-''

    Cutting you off, "first of all im the one who suggested it so don't feel any way about it. I absolutely loved how horny you got and literally squirted. plus what are best friend's for?."

    you was so happy you finally was able to try this out, despite not ever thinking it would actually be with your best friend, you're glad it was with someone you trusted.

    "maybe this can be a regular thing?" Wooyoung said and gave a wink.

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  • xenizaation
    19.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    times on end

    Warning! Sexual content ahead! Minors please dni!
    pairing: choi san x fem! reader
    genre: established relationship, smut
    word count: 3k
    warnings: oral sex(f receiving), fingering, nipple play, unprotected sex, creampie, pet names, impregnation kink, dirty talk(like lots of it, this may be the chattiest smut scene i ever wrote), rough sex, choking.
    a/n: gotta be honest, i didn't expect anyone to ask for a second part to this fic, but am glad y'all did cus i really enjoyed writing both parts. not as long as i planned it to be, but it's not so short either. hope you guys enjoy! xoxo
    this fic can be read by itself, but if you want some insight you should read the first part here!

    signing the divorce papers was harder than you'd imagined. you wanted to think, to hope, that the feelings you had for san would completely overshadow whatever was left that was still burning inside you for the man who stood by your side for years, but they didn't-not entirely.

    you were sure you wanted to do this and yet, seeing your husband almost teary-eyed after hearing your news made you think otherwise. it made mercy take such a toll on your head that you actually, for a fair minute, considered staying only for him not to suffer. to bare everything upon your shoulders in silence, making you think it's what you deserve after betraying him so bluntly. guilt was the thing holding you next to him more than anything else.

    but there was a selfish side of you to which you were completely thankful for snapping you back to reality. one that endlessly carried you to your desires and more specifically, to your san.

    "can you just move into my place already? this is starting to become tiring." his sweet voice echoed in between the walls of your apartment after the sound of him closing the door behind the two of you. "you're there five nights a week anyway." he continues, dropping the empty bags that were going to be filled with clothes next to you.

    coming to collect things from your own home has become a weekly habit in the six months since you and san decided to go exclusive. as of now, he already learned where everything was, being fully capable to pack your bag even on the nights you had to stay out late to the same office he bossed you around in. you trusted him with your key along many other unspoken things.

    "i just don't want to rush anything, san." you say while turning away from him and opening your underwear drawer, snooping through the lacy pieces of lingerie.

    what you didn't want to rush in fact, was the mourning of your previous relationship. or the lack of it if you were completely honest with yourself. in some kind of way, you were emotionally detached from your marriage for a long time before breaking it, and it was noticeable seeing how not much remorse lived inside you now. you only felt bad for the cheating part, for not being brave enough to tell your husband your feelings had ceased to exist when they did and choosing to be unfair to him instead. but you couldn't turn back time, and even if you could you're not sure you would do it.

    "rush? didn't you have an affair with me? moving together scares you more?" he replies with a very amused laugh as he throws his body on your squeaky bed.

    "it's not that," you sigh still searching through the drawer but not paying any attention to the various pieces of undergarments that tangle between your fingers. it's hard to put your thoughts into words, especially the ones that you thought wouldn't be spoken into reality. "it's just...i don't want to risk getting too familiar with each other and then realizing that maybe it's not what we want." you mutter out, taking a seat on the corner of the bed as you avoid san's gaze at all costs, keeping it fixed on the ground beneath you.

    poor choice of words for what you meant to express, that being "i'm afraid you're going to get bored of me and then it'll turn out exactly like my catastrophe of a marriage."; there was no reason for you to have these doubts, in your time together san has been nothing but loving and understanding towards your every need, showing times and times again how he was devoted completely to you and the relationship between the two of you. but you couldn't help being paranoid about some things, all of this being the effect of your now ended marriage.

    the bed squeaks as san sits straight, dragging his body closer to you as he places one warm hand on top of your cold ones in your lap. there's more than physical warmth that he offers you, there's that heat that engulfs you entirely, from the inside out, whenever he lays as little as his observant gaze upon you. his touch was on another level even, making you feel like the most precious stone in the world whenever he caressed your skin with his soft fingertips.

    you felt like you were in a dark abyss, and he was the one pulling you out of it. your past partners have never made you feel like this, not even for a second, and this was the exact reason why you were afraid of fucking it all up. living in terror with the thought that one small mistake is going to turn this thing all around and you would find yourself not only alone, but having to live the rest of your life knowing that you have ruined your chances with the only human being in the whole entire world who you felt was your soulmate.

    "look, i don't want to stress you out about it," he says as he hooks one finger under your chin, lifting your face up and towards him. "if it's not what you want, then it's ok. but i don't want you to think that i don't want it either. i would love nothing more than waking up next to you for the rest of my existence and not wondering when you're gonna go home and leave me all by myself over there." you recognize the sadness in his tone as well as what he is describing; the exact feeling of loneliness taking over you every time you found yourself in between the empty walls of your apartment. it was san's house that felt like home to you now, and it was all because he was there. he would make you feel like home even at the bottom of the ocean.

    "i mean it when i say i want you there. i mean it when i say i love you. i mean everything about you, y/n," he whispers the last words like a solemn prayer he says every night before sleep. "and that's because you mean everything to me." his forehead slowly leans into yours as he closes his eyes, leaving you to assimilate all his words in a certain quietness that is far from uncomfortable and nothing short of peaceful.

    your eyelids drop low too, covering your vision as your eyes start burning with the threat of tears. now, how could you reply to that? what words were fit to say to the man who has gently handed you his heart on a silver platter, telling you to do with it whatever you see fit. the way san wore his heart on his sleeve when he was with you made you love him even more, a quality of his you were struggling to learn seeing how you were much more reserved about speaking out your emotions the same way he did.

    "i also meant what i said about growing tired about this whole thing. could've chosen a closer apartment you know, it's a 25 minute drive to here." he lightens up the atmosphere with a light chuckle. you start laughing as you throw your hands around him, pulling him in a tight hug while you burrow your head in his firm chest. his hands stroke your back softly and his nose sits atop the crown of your head, inhaling your essence deeply just like you do his.

    "what if you get bored of me?" a light whisper, filled with concern. he pulls away slowly but your hands don't leave his body when his own cup your face, keeping it in place as he stares into your heart with an adoring look.

    "don't think i'll live long enough to get bored of you." san says as he draws your face closer to his. you prepare to feel his soft lips on top of yours but instead you only see him pull his head away all of a sudden.

    "how about you, hm?" he questions with a raised brow, trying his best to mask away the discouraged look in his eyes as he thinks that you getting bored of him could ever be an option. san was a being that craved reassurance, always failing in trying not to show the side of him that would desperately search for your validation. you were more than happy to give it to him, he deserved it more than anyone else.

    "i couldn't get bored of you even if i tried," you reveal and peck his lips briefly. "you give good dick." you add as if that was the sole reason for it, when in fact it was near the bottom of the list of why you adored san so much.

    he laughs to your joke, pulling you into a deep kiss and smashing your body against his own. things escalate quickly, something that you grew accustomed to happening when you were near san. now laying with your back on your fairly uncomfortable mattress (another made up reason that you used to spend the nights over at his house), san was pressing passionate kisses on the skin of your neck, his hands quickly actioning upon unbuttoning your blouse.

    he was taking his time, kissing his way slowly down your chest until his mouth was above your breasts. he unveiled your nipple from the material of your bra by pushing it to the side and took your nipple right into his mouth. the swirls of his tongue against your areola were executed with precision, one that drove you insane every time he sucked it hungrily or grazed his perfect teeth on your sensitive bud, making you jolt underneath his touch.

    his body dragged itself down, reaching the hard floor with his knees, now sitting in between your legs while he pulled your ass closer to the edge of the bed. his hands caressed your thighs in an upwards motion of lifting your skirt past the parts he needed exposed, gentle fingers hooking under the band of your panties and pulling them down in a swift motion. he placed both of your legs on his broad shoulders as he got closer to you, pressing soft kisses on the meat of your inner thigh. you were already wet for him; and he seemed to notice quite quickly, making you not wait anymore as he latched his mouth to your clit, suckling all the while he dragged his tongue over it.

    your fingers only tangle themselves in his hair, pulling him closer with breathy moans of his name. he continues his ministrations, topping the pleasure he was already giving you by adding one middle finger inside, slowly dragging it against your walls. you groan at the feeling, seeing his hand quickly climbing up your torso as he takes a hold of your exposed breast, pinching your nipple in between his fingers and in the course of it, stealing a quiet whimper from you. he adds a second finger, the two digits curling inside you just right as his mouth doesn't stop showering your clit with love and attention.

    it doesn't take you much longer to feel your stomach forming a tight knot, and even less to feel it untangle as the quiet electricity of an orgasm buzzes inside your body, making you moan harder as you tighten your thighs around san's head, feeling your insides swirl up and your fingertips go numb in his hair as you desperately try to push him away from you-to no avail. he removes his fingers and licks his way down to your hole, drowning his tongue in the warmness of your pulsating walls as he sucks every drop of your release into his mouth. you jolt under every lick, every forward push of his wet muscle reaching further inside, that makes you throw your head back into the mattress and your back arch instinctively, and in this moment you feel nothing more than the place where san's tongue connects with your body.

    he finally lets your core catch a break, pulling his head away from your warmth and slowly getting up. his face now adorns a smirk and your juices, making his jaw glisten beautifully under the lights in the room as he leans over to kiss you. you take in his tongue, swirling your own around his muscle in a manner short of shy. you weren't sure who you tasted more: you or him, but you sure loved the taste of your essence combined with his saliva.

    "i love you." you whisper into his mouth and he only deepens the kiss in return-fully aware that by now, you already know how he feels about you. he pulls you up by your waist, slowly rising you to your feet. your legs buckle beneath you when they are met with the act of supporting your whole weight.

    "that good?" san chuckles while holding you by the waist to help you regain your balance. he knew exactly what effect he had on you.

    you nod, kissing him again as he pushes you towards the wall, sticking your back against it as he undresses quickly. you follow without a question, watching him with all your undivided attention as he slides down his pants, leaving his erect cock naked in all its glory. your mouth waters at the sight of his veiny shaft that glistened with precum at the tip while you peeled off the last garment that was covering your body.

    "choi san, mister," you mutter out as desperately as you could, looking into his hungry eyes that devoured every piece of you the same way yours did him. "are you gonna fuck me against a wall?" you question as innocently as you can conjure yourself to be in the moment with his body pressed against yours as he kissed your neck, his dick finding cover right in between your legs, sliding in between your folds and thighs with small thrusts of his hips.

    "might as well make some good memories in your apartment if you don't want to leave it." he mumbles against the skin of your neck.

    "who says i don't?" you whisper close to his ear.

    he only looks up in surprise, as if he didn't expect you to make up your mind so quickly. he presses his lips with force against yours one more time before he turns your whole body around, making you face the wall. his knee swings your legs apart and you arch your back naturally when his hands find purchase on your hips to pull you towards him. you align his tip with your entrance and he pushes in slowly, stretching you gradually with his deliciously girthy cock.

    you murmur his name as he picks up pace, every thrust of his hips making your face press against the wall more. "san, ah...harder, please. please fuck me harder." you mutter out in between breathy moans, giving body to your lustful wishes.

    "fuck, y/n, keep talking like that and i'm gonna cum." he says as he presses deeper into you with each thrust, the power behind his moves being fully motivated by your desires. one strong hand wrapping around your neck just tight enough to make you moan loudly.

    "it feels so fucking good, san, you feel so fucking good inside of me." you keep rambling just to feel his cock twitch inside of you at the words.

    "just you wait doll, gonna fill you up with babies way before i wife you up." he groans, tightening the grip over your neck just enough to make you so dizzy that you can't think of-can't feel anyone else but him.

    "that fucker wasn't able to do it, right? so incompetent you needed me to even fuck you right." he says, using all the rage that your ex-husband was awakening inside him to smash his hips into yours just the way you asked him to-hard, sort of animalic in the way your breasts bounced around every time skin made contact with skin. his forceful rams made his dick brush over your sweet spot over and over again and in combination with the hand around your neck and his impactful words, you felt your high coming in no time.

    "san, i'm gonna cum-ah.." you exhaled, still feeling every inch of his cock entering deeply inside of you.

    "please do, baby." he whispers in your ear.

    it's not a choice to orgasm right in the moment you feel his breath fan over your nape, it's more of a natural instinct of following his orders. you cum so hard around his cock that you feel your legs are going to give up on you, standing on your tip-toes as you lean forward into the wall trying to gain some sort of support. san doesn't stop, now chasing after his own high as your hole clenches around him with every pulsation of your fading orgasm.

    "oh-fuck," he growls and after a few more sloppy thrusts, he stills deep inside you-surely reaching as deep as your cervix with his tip just as hot ropes of cum splash onto your awaiting inner walls.

    both of you a quivering mess now, leaned against the wall as cold drops of sweat roll down the back of your thighs whilst san hugs you from the back, not pulling out just yet. the room is filled with your breaths trying to get steady and you find your heart skipping a beat thinking of how good you feel around san, how every moment you spend with him you wish to turn into eternity like right now, with his chin pressed softly on your shoulders as his arms are wrapped lovingly around you, keeping you safe in his hold, making you feel like you're the most special being in the whole entire world.

    so this is how love is supposed to feel like.

    "should we pack everything then?" you ask with a light chuckle.

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  • sunlightwoo
    19.01.2022 - 16 hours ago

    desire [rewritten]

    ✁ plot: in a universe full of bonds that connects you to your soulmate, you find the one person that you’re supposed to be with because fate has brought you two together. 


    ✁ tldr; a rewritten, better version of my previous desire series :D

    ✁ a/n: hi everyone!! this is the rewritten version that i have promised to write for the soulmate aus that i previously wrote for ateez way long ago!!! it’s insane that i’ve written the desire series almost 3 years ago and are seeing ateez in person on monday, however it brings me lots of joy to work on this super soon!! if you’d like to be added to the taglist for this particular collection, click here or send an ask/dm and i’ll add you to the taglist for either the individual member/all the members!! 

    ✁ starting: february 1, 2022 ✁ ending: tba


    ✑ summary: tba


    ✑ summary: tba


    ✑ summary: tba


    ✑ summary: tba


    ✑ summary: tba


    ✑ summary: tba


    ✑ summary: tba


    ✑ summary: tba

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  • escapewriter
    19.01.2022 - 18 hours ago

    part 6 - ill trust you

    caramel macchiato

    jongho x reader

    genre : fluff, humor, angst, smau, slice of life au, college au, coffee shop, friends to lovers

    warnings : swearing

    prev : next



    ⤷ playing cupid was not something you wanted to do for your coworker at your new job. so, the only solution was for him to play cupid for you too.

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  • multistan-kpopfanfics
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    Okay, for the final time I am trying my luck..

    What do you all wanna read?

    I. Astro's reaction

    II. Enhypen's Jay bad boy scenario

    III. Seventeen Minghao/DK scenario(s)

    IV. Taecyeon werewolf scenario or Nichkhun scenario

    V. SKZ's Han Jisung's series... You're My Paradise chapter-1

    VI. Ateez Werewolf Seonghwa

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    introduction pt. i | pt. ii

    << previous | masterlist | next >>

    ch. xxii - something horrible

    seonghwa × reader

    you believed that childhood friends can stick together through thick and thin. you believed that nothing could get between you and your childhood friend, seonghwa. at least you used to think that before things changed.

    taglist :

    @paralumanniluna @mirror-juliet @eternalssanshine @simplyxlea @rdiamond2727 @hakuna-matata-ya @dear-dreamie @peachy-maia @nycol-ie @seongsanniehwa @wasteitonserendipity @diorwoo @linhyyboo12 @joti17 @dreamlesswonder86 @teti-menchon0604 @theaufanartist @gayliljoong @bangchu-choi @se-onghwa @baguette-atiny @atinystray @th84u @camillelafaye @kpopnightingale @rubberduckieyourtheone @hannahdinse8 @peachyho @nymeriaaa @ggukieseok @cerealkiller1975 @pinkskiesdream @skkrtnawrskkrt

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    Take Me Home (Chapter 9)

    faerieprince!seonghwa x reader

    genre and warnings: fantasy, fluff, angst, suggestive, violence warning

    word count: ~15k

    synopsis: prince seonghwa, the faerie prince of dark, has been having dreams about his own death by the hands of his friend, prince hongjoong of light, his only hope the girl with an incredibly familiar face appearing in those dreams telling him she'd go back in time to save him- the girl being yena, who's lived her life without memories of her childhood and a block in her mind, now out on a journey to get herself treated, where she'll encounter the princes and find her life changed, in ways she never thought, discovering her powers and her soulmate along the way, love strong enough to survive through multiple timelines

    series masterlist

    Yena, San and Cheetah were walking in the hall when Hwasa came rushing towards the three, shouting 'the robe, the robe!'

    Wheein gasped, and Yena and San stopped in the middle of the hallway, watching Solar and Moonbyul rush towards Yena with a robe, "You have to wear this."

    "Oh, right," San took the navy blue robe, putting it around her shoulders and clipping it, "Anything else?"

    "Aren't there gloves too?" Cheetah frowned.

    "Oh please, it's just us," Yena groaned, "If I had a choice, I'd walk wearing men's clothes."

    "That's exactly why you don't," San concluded, "Come on. Everyone's waiting."

    Putting one hand back on San's arm and the other in Cheetah's, she walked with them to the throne room, and two of the guards standing bowed to them, opening the doors, making Yena gasp.

    She had just seen the throne room a few hours ago- but now it was full of candles, hydrangeas and lavenders hanging from the ceiling, the chandeliers in full glow. The silver carpet ran to where the thrones were, where Yeosang stood.

    Seonghwa did suck in his breath when he saw her- she was beautiful. He watched her as she smiled nervously, San leading her slowly and proudly across the hall, the court members on the sides bowing to her.

    Yena bowed back her head slightly to everyone, greeting new faces as she went, and noticed familiar faces-

    "You guys," Yena almost cried as she saw her friends- Sana, Jihyo, Mingyu and Seokmin from San's court, Siyeon and Jeongin from Wooyoung's court, Hyungwon, Changkyun and Eunha from Jongho's court, Seulgi, Yugyeom and Jaebeom from Hongjoong's court, Yeji, Ryujin and Woosung from Yunho's court, Soyeon and two other from Seonghwa's court, and finally three people from Mingi's court. They all waved at her, smiling widely, especially Seokmin who made her laugh with the way he was smiling.

    "When did they all even reach here?" Yena wondered, and San said he'd tell her later. The three then walked further, until they reached Wooyoung and Jongho.

    "Princess Yena," they bowed, and Yena rolled her eyes, smiling. They gave her a bouquet of hydrangeas and lavender-lilies. Yena thanked them, and Cheetah took the bouquet, Jongho plucking out one small lily and handing it to her, "They'll clip it on you."

    Yena nodded, taking the flower, and walking along, smiling at Mingi and Yunho. The two bowed, greeting her and Yunho said, "Welcome home, Princess."

    Yena smiled, and Mingi took the brooch- a pretty silver little thing, and took the flower from her, clipping it near her collarbone on her dress, smiling proudly at her.

    Yena bowed, then looked ahead at Hongjoong and-


    He looked regal in black- it really was his colour. The look in his eyes made her flush, and she subconsciously squeezed on San's arm, who only grinned as he walked her to them.

    "Princess Yena," The two said in unison, bowing, and she bowed back, "You look beautiful."

    "Thank you, Hongjoong," Yena smiled, and Seonghwa took out a ring from the box he had been holding.

    "Your mother's ring," he said, and Yena wowed at the elegant silver band with a single pearl in between- her birthstone. "If I may."

    Yena took a deep breath, and raised her right hand, and Seonghwa took her hand in his, caressing it before sliding the ring on her ring finger.

    They shared a look- and she knew that even if he hadn't said anything to her, he had a lot to say later. Yena bowed, and finally looked at her brother, whose eyes were shining brightly, a silver crown on his head.

    "Kang Yena of Space," he announced, and Yena heard shuffling- a number or men and women wearing dark blue uniform stood in front of Yena, bowing on one knee. "Your court."

    Yena looked in wonder at each of them, asking them to raise. She looked at each of them carefully, smiling, "Thank you."

    They all bowed before leaving, and the three stepped on the two stairs, Yeosang a step above them, Namjoon standing with the crown on a pillow.

    Yeosang held a scroll, "Kang Yena of Space, daughter of the Kang bloodline of Space and Spirit, twin to Kang Yeosang of Spirit, blah blah-"

    "Yeosang!" Yena scolded, hearing a roar of laughter throughout the hall, and Yeosang told her that it was okay.

    "Tonight, you'll be crowned Princess Yena of Space," he ditched the scroll, "I'll make my own speech. You've been unaware of your status as a Princess ever since you were taken. At the age of 22, you have thankfully returned to us," Yeosang took a deep breath, "You are Princess Yena, even if you choose not to rule your Kingdom. You'll be Princess Yena of Space, wherever you go."

    "I will, eventually," Yena told him, "It will take some time to adjust, of course."

    "Of course," Yeosang assured her, "No rush."

    With that, he took the crown- a beautifully arched silver thing with midnight blue stones and pearls embedded on it. Yena stopped breathing as Yeosang set the crown on her head- and even though it was heavy, she felt light.

    "Long live the Princess!" Someone shouted, and everyone echoed, Yena watching them with surprise as they bowed, and Yena took her throne along with Yeosang, hand in hand.

    "Now that the formalities are over, can we party?" Wooyoung asked.

    Yeosang rolled his eyes, "Go ahead."

    He cheered, and Yeosang got up, taking off his own crown and Yena took off hers, handing it to Namjoon and getting up. "Can I take off this robe now too?"

    Yeosang nodded, helping her. "Some formalities we had to deal with."

    "You made the speech pretty interesting," Yena looked at him pointedly.

    Yeosang laughed, putting a hand on her shoulders. "Mother and father would be the most proud right now."

    With a kiss on her forehead, the two walked down the steps, joining the rest. The Princes hugged Yena one by one, and then she hurried off to meet her friends.

    "Sana!" She shouted, and the two giggled as they hugged, Sana almost picking her in the air. "I missed you so much!"

    "I missed you too!" Jihyo joined the hug, "If I knew it was the Princess I was healing, I would never have left your side!"

    "How's your mother?" Yena asked, and Jihyo looked at her, touched.

    "She's fine now. Thank you for remembering us."

    "How can I forget!" Yena said, and Mingyu joined.

    "It would be a sin to forget," he hugged her, and Yena laughed.

    "You giant. I missed you too. And you!" She looked at Seokmin, who came silly dancing to her, making Mingyu embarrassed.

    "I saw you!" Seokmin said after hugging her, "The future Yena- I saw you!"

    Yena gasped, "You did?"

    "I thought it was normal Yena until you came out looking like a zombie from the Prince's chamber," Seokmin said, referring to the healing session at Antares.

    "She doesn't look like a zombie, ever, okay?" Siyeon punched Seokmin's arm, embracing Yena and spinning her, making her squeal.

    Jeongin greeted her shyly too, and Yena asked how they had been. Soon, the others joined, and Yena caught up with everyone, sighing when she finally embraced Soyeon.

    "Are you alright?" Yena asked her.

    "I should be the one asking you," she shook her head, "We never thought that Jinki- of all people..."

    "It's okay," Yena assured her, "I remember him as Seoho- I think I won't be able to forget that side of him- when I thought he was my friend."

    Soyeon nodded, "He wasn't too warm, but we had our moments. Even he got used to us."

    "Don't resent the good memories if you can," Yena told her, and Soyeon nodded.

    Someone touched Yena's shoulder, and Yena knew it was Seonghwa before she turned. "How do you feel?"

    "Not Yena," she said, making him chuckle, "You look neat. Glad to see you out of your uniform."

    Seonghwa shrugged, "You don't look too bad either."

    Yena gave him a side-eye and he laughed, "Do you want to get some air?"

    "I'd be glad to," Yena admitted. Taking his hand, she followed him out, the two nodding at Yeosang who just smirked at Yena, Yena returning it with an eyeroll.

    He took her to the balcony, and the view was breathtaking- the sea in front of her shimmering pearls, the moon and the sun glowing equally side by side.

    "If my castle is not as pretty as this," Yena said, "I'm making Yeosang move out of here."

    "Time to pull that card, is it?" Seonghwa grinned, "The pity card."

    "Of course," Yena laughed, "He should do that for his long lost twin, shouldn't he?"

    "Oh please, your castle is exactly the same. I'd say the view is better there."

    "You've been there?" Yena asked, and he nodded.

    "Everyone, at some point. Yeosang lives there half a year."

    "It must have been hard," Yena thought, and Seonghwa shook his head.

    "Let's not be sad tonight," he said, caressing her hand that she held the grill with.

    Yena smiled as she watched his hands on her- making her hands feel small. "This is giving me deja vu."

    Seonghwa looked at her, surprise, "I guess the memories are still there somewhere for you to have a deja vu. Do you remember us on the terrace in my room?"

    "I remember how the moon was brighter, and the sky- starry. Did we talk all night?"

    "Pretty much," Seonghwa looked at the sky, and Yena took that time to admire his side profile, partly hidden by his bangs, "That's when you told me about your dreams with the darkling."

    "I never knew it was a memory," Yena admitted.

    "Do you want to see the memory? Of us on the terrace?" Seonghwa hesitated before asking.

    "Sure," Yena was ready. Seonghwa turned, and once again, Yena felt the familiar feeling, a memory creep up as Seonghwa put his forehead to hers, running their nights in the terrace through her mind.

    "That's when I asked you about your wings..." Yena realized, looking at Seonghwa as he drew back, "You showed me your wings, later. Didn't you?"

    "In Antares, I did," he admitted, "Do you... remember?"

    "Sadly, I don't," Yena sighed, "Can you show me?"

    "Here?" Seonghwa laughed, "In your dreams."

    Yena realized he was quoting himself. She shook her head, smiling. "Can I... look at you then?"

    "Look at me?" Seonghwa asked, confused.

    "Just like," Yena tried explaining, taking his hand, tracing the veins on his hands, "Like this. I want to remember... you."

    Seonghwa tried to resist the urge to tell her she could touch him anywhere she liked. His throat tightened, and he only nodded, watching her as she examined his hands.

    "I think I remember your touch," Yena said, and Seonghwa drew a hand back, hiding his blush, and Yena watched amused.

    "I forgot how you say things like these abruptly," Seonghwa admitted, looking at Yena, "If you say it like this, Yena..."

    Yena threw her head back, laughing, "Come on. You deserve this after making me blush endlessly for days!"

    "It's only been two days," Seonghwa shook his head, "I might take revenge-"

    "Save it for later," Wooyoung and Jongho watched the two, amused, "It's time for the dance."

    "Dance?" Yena gaped at the two, then looked at Seonghwa for help, "I don't know how people dance!"

    "How do you dance?" Jongho asked, and Yena made some weird movements, making them snicker.

    "That would suffice," Wooyoung laughed, "Come on."

    Yena groaned, and Seonghwa said it would be okay, the formality only lasted for one dance before everyone danced to their own beat.

    Entering the ballroom this time, as grand as the throne room, Seonghwa offered her to dance with him, and she gladly accepted, muttering he better make it look like she was an expert. Seonghwa led the dance, Yena trying not to step on his boots, and she realized he was slow- slower than the others dancing for her sake.

    The sound of the music filled the air- the faeries in full glory and jewels playing the instruments in one corner. Yena looked around- everyone was dancing with anyone- Seokmin and Mingyu were the highlight couple, Jihyo dancing with San and Sana dancing with Jongho. Siyeon and Wooyoung were arguing even while dancing, Mingi and Yunho decided to be a couple for the night too, Hongjoong was dancing with Seulgi, Yeosang with Solar. Yena smiled at them- they seemed to be having fun.

    "Mingi and Yunho always do this on events," Seonghwa told her, laughing, "Wait till you see them dance freely- I might have to cover your eyes."

    "I'm curious now," Yena said, "Also, you can match their pace. I'm actually not that bad- I just haven't danced in a while."

    Seonghwa nodded, waltzing around with her, hand tight on her waist, not breaking eye contact. It was overwhelming, Yena thought, to look at the man she loved when he was gazing at her so longingly.

    "I don't know how, but I still love you," Yena suddenly said, and Seonghwa almost tripped, muttering something about a warning, "How does that work now?"

    "I guess you really, really love me," Seonghwa grinned, "To not have forgotten."

    Yena's mouth suddenly parted, "You don't believe in soulmates, do you?"

    Seonghwa realized she remembered now- at least that memory. "I didn't, until I met you."

    "I remember," Yena's eyes were distant as she thought about the memory- a flash, of her and Seonghwa in a room, Seonghwa telling her about the concept of soulmates.

    He brought her closer, and Yena focused back on Seonghwa. "Maybe it's because Kieran is gone now that my memories are coming back quicker than I thought."

    "If you remember everything without me showing you," Seonghwa smirked, "Where would the fun in that be?"

    Yena frowned for a moment, blushing widely when she realized what he meant. "I hate you."

    Seonghwa laughed, kissing her cheek. "And I love you."

    Yena smiled, and the song changed, a sigh of relief going through the hall as everyone lost it.


    It was a chaotic mess, to put it nicely.

    Drinks mixed with a little magic that made you high enough to make you confident, but not enough to make you forget, were passed throughout the ballroom. As the song changed and drinks were downed, all the faeries in the ballroom had started grooving at their own pace.

    It was truly a sight to see, especially as the Eight Princes circled around the Princess, dancing with bright eyes and wide smiles, and Yena herself, feeling high not just because of the drink but the atmosphere, had ditched her heeled sandals and danced barefoot all night long with anyone and everyone.

    She had never felt wild and free, not like this. She had never in her life laughed so loud, laughed without a worry, without something holding her back. And this time- she was in her home, with her family. It was a night she would never forget.

    Especially the moment when everyone had left, leaving just the Princes and her. They'd danced a bit more- the Princes had all danced to a song with her while the others cheered, and then they'd all gone to the balcony, huddling close to each other as the chilly breeze caressed their skins, and watched the starry sky as the effect of the drink wore off.

    "I never thought I'd get to see one of the Princes someday," Yena sighed, feeling overwhelmed, "Much less find out that I was one of them."

    "And here you are," Jongho, who was sitting next to her, said, "I never thought we'd share a moment like this."

    "I know," Yena tucked stray hair behind her ears, "I feel like this is a dream and I'm gonna wake up, and I'm gonna be back in Fomalhaut with the girls and Cheetah- or back in... when- oh, god. This is not a dream, right? I'm not in that little room with... Junyoung, right?"

    "You're not, not anymore," Wooyoung, who was sitting on her right, rubbed her back, "You're here, Yena. You're home, and safe."

    Yeosang looked worriedly at the panic lacing his sister's eyes, "This moment is real, Yena. I guess it's the drink making you feel overwhelmed, but you are here, right now, with us. You're safe."

    Yena nodded, putting her head on Jongho's shoulder, "I'm so tired. I don't want to sleep anymore- not without the guarantee that I won't have a nightmare of that time."

    San and Seonghwa shared a look- it really was the drink that was making her talk about her fears so openly.

    "You'll sleep okay, tonight- this drink won't make you dream tonight at least," Hongjoong assured her, but looked at Mingi while he said it- he, too, looked weary from all he had been through. "The nightmares will go away with time."

    "Time," Yena scoffed lightly, "I'm so sick of hearing about time."

    Everyone looked at Yena, surprised at the bitterness her tone held as she talked about her own magic. Yena stifled a yawn, her hand going to cover her mouth. "Don't you ever become sick of being used for your magic?"

    There was a moment of silence, but then Yunho was the one who broke the silence, to everyone's surprise. "You're not the only one, Yena."

    "How so?"

    "People expect a lot from the Prince of Water," he scoffed, and in that moment, everyone could relate to Yunho. "They think it's easy to make it rain, to calm the waves when they're strong. They don't understand how my body handles it."

    "They think it's easy to change the direction of the winds too," Wooyoung said, "They really think we got it easy, even when they're the same as us, don't they?"

    "I hated my magic," Yena confessed, to everyone but Mingi's surprise, "It's probably why it took me so long to come back."

    "It doesn't matter anymore," Yeosang said, "The important thing is that you made it."

    Yena didn't reply, just stared into the distance, her mind blank for once. A few moments later, they decided to sleep- dawn was approaching already. Yeosang decided to give Yena the mansion tour when she was sober enough, and just led her to her room- right next to Yeosang's. Yena didn't notice much as she lied on the bed, staring at the ceiling, her eyes dry but her heart wet.

    A knock sounded, and Yena said a yes, Mingi entering. He looked around the room once, before coming to sit beside Yena. "Are you okay?"

    "I can't sleep."

    "I know I should be the last person to say this, but Hongjoong was right. You can't avoid sleeping forever, Yena."

    Yena gave him a pointed look- she knew he was referring to the times in the other dimension when she was drained after practicing and could have slept, but the fear of having nightmares about her time in Algieba had kept her awake, to Neve's annoyance.

    "Now that Neve's not here to tell me how much of a coward I am to be afraid of sleeping, I guess you took over."

    Mingi knew she didn't mean it like that- yet his heart hurt a little at her words. She probably missed Neve too. "Don't pretend like you're the only one who's been having sleeping problems ever since that time."

    "Ah," Yena shook her head, "Sorry. And thank you- for teaching me to shapeshift. I know I never thanked you for it, because I used it to sleep to your annoyance, but really. Thank you, Mingi."

    Mingi smiled sadly, "I tried it last night. Slept as a salamander. I wonder where you got the idea of sleeping as an animal to avoid dreaming."

    "I wonder..." Yena frowned as a memory tugged at her- almost like it was scratching at her.

    "At least sleep in your animal form," Mingi scolded her.

    "I'll try," Yena promised, and with an encouraging pat on her shoulder, Mingi left, leaving Yena wondering why she wasn't turning into her animal form ever since she came back.

    She should have been excited to tell everyone- especially Yeosang- that she had learnt to shapeshift too, during her time in the other dimension. But... it felt like there was a memory related to shapeshifting that she had forgotten- which meant it was probably linked with Seonghwa.

    Seonghwa... Yena shook her head, and decided it was best she shapeshift and sleep before thoughts gripped her mind- thoughts she'd rather avoid right now.


    "Yena's... not in her room."

    "What do you mean she's not in her room?" Yeosang's voice raised a little as he looked at Hwasa, who had just checked the room.

    "Exactly that," Hwasa said, "Maybe she's somewhere else?"

    "But almost everyone is still sleeping... unless-"

    "Nah, it didn't look like it," Hwasa winked at Yeosang, who shook his head.

    Yeosang, unsatisfied, went to Yena's room, opening the door a little and peeking inside. There was no one there. Frowning, he went to the living room, where Hongjoong, Yunho, Seonghwa and Jongho were already present.

    "Did Yena sleep with you last night?" Yeosang asked, and Seonghwa almost choked on his drink.

    "She did not," he frowned at Yeosang while the others stifled their laughs, "Why are you even asking?"

    Yeosang, more unaffected than oblivious, answered, "She's not in her room. Not in any of your rooms, is she?"

    "Nah," Hongjoong said, "Maybe check Wooyoung and San's room- they have a thing with sleepovers."

    Yeosang nodded, checking their room, finding only the two sound asleep. Next, he went to Mingi's room, and found him getting ready.

    "Yena's not in her room," Yeosang said, "I was wondering if she was here."

    Mingi shrugged, "Maybe she's out roaming around?"

    "She wouldn't leave without informing anyone- she wouldn't make us worry like that."

    Mingi nodded, "Point."

    He followed Yeosang to the living room, spotting a white furry thing by the window. "Did nobody notice the cat by the window?"

    "What cat?" Everyone looked at where Mingi pointed, and Yeosang started towards it.

    "How did that thing enter-" he was held back by Mingi, who was smiling.

    "Let her sleep."

    Yeosang almost said something colourful, but then a collective gasp of realization sounded through the room, and Yeosang had to sit down.

    "She learned how to shapeshift?"

    "I taught her," Mingi sat proudly between him and Hongjoong, earning a look of surprise from the rest. "She uses it to sleep, mostly. There's not much a cat does anyway."

    "Where did she get that idea-" Seonghwa began, but then paused abruptly, as he realized it was from him.

    "Don't tell me it was you," Yunho laughed.

    "He's guilty," Jongho confirmed.

    "She doesn't remember it," Mingi told Seonghwa, "Gave me that idea too."

    Seonghwa sighed, sitting back as he stared at the majestic fur of a cat. "What can I say? At least she's not a meerkat."

    "Not this again," Yeosang groaned, laughing as he threw a pillow at the eldest Prince.

    "I can't imagine her as a meerkat- she got the good gene I guess," Jongho laughed.

    They were laughing when their eyes went to where the cat had been- surprised to find it staring back at them- with obvious annoyance on her face.

    "I guess we were too loud," Hongjoong muttered, and the cat, shaking her head, walked lazily to the nearest room- which happened to be where San and Wooyoung were, and disappeared through the little gap in the door, making sure to shut the door behind her.

    The Princes looked at each other, and burst into laughter. That was Yena, alright.


    "Wooyoung, hey," San poked Wooyoung's forehead, "Look at this."

    "5 more minutes," he groaned, turning his back at San, but San pulled at his hair.

    "There's a cat here," he said, and Wooyoung turned, rubbing his eyes.

    Indeed, between them, a white cat was curled, sleeping rather peacefully.

    "Where did it come from?" Wooyoung asked.

    "It was here when I woke up," San said, lightly touching the fur on the cat's tail, "Do you think Yeosang got one and didn't tell us?"

    "He probably didn't tell us because we'd tease him about being a meerkat and not inheriting the cat gene," Wooyoung scoffed, and San laughed.

    The cat yawned, opening one grey eye and then stretching, curling back. San and Wooyoung took that as a yes to do whatever they liked with the cat, and they started petting it, rubbing its head and neck, smiling as the cat didn't respond much.

    "It's still sleepy," Wooyoung laughed.

    "No, it's because you're doing it wrong," San slapped Wooyoung's hand away, "Watch this."

    He dragged the cat- to the obvious annoyance of the cat- closer to him, rubbing its head and neck, then lightly caressing the space between the cat's eye, making it relax. Wooyoung lightly caressed it under the chin, satisfied when the cat rested its face on his hand, stopping him.

    The door abruptly opened, surprising the three as they turned to see Yeosang.

    "It's been an hour since we've been awake- what do you think you're doing?"

    "You never told us you got a cat!" Wooyoung yelled at Yeosang, and Yeosang gasped as he realized-

    "Dumb and dumber," Yena said, having shifted back in an instant, making the two scream in surprise, almost falling off the bed. Yena, amused, stretched like a cat before jumping off the bed, "Dumb and dumber."

    San laughed in disbelief, "When did this happen!"

    "I had a lot of time in that dimension," Yena smirked, "Thanks to Mingi, I learned."

    "You almost stopped my heart!" Wooyoung was still recovering. It was Yeosang's turn to laugh at him.

    "I should hide well the next time I sleep as a cat," Yena said, hands on her hips, mouth thin in annoyance, "No one lets me sleep peacefully."

    "You should," Yeosang laughed, leading her out. Yena took a good look around the living room, where the Princes were still sitting, absorbed in discussion.

    "So the castle in Alhena, it's pretty much the same, right?" Yena asked, and Yeosang nodded. "I love it. It's really elegant."

    "It is," Yeosang agreed, "Probably the most simple but elegant out of all the castles and palaces."

    "I like that," Yena smiled, "I'll join you in a minute."

    After refreshing, Yena grabbed a pancake, folding it and stuffing it in her mouth as she stared out of the window, the flowers blue, purple and white in full bloom. She was suddenly reminded of last night when she had been presented the bouquet, and she smiled subconsciously.

    "What are you thinking?" Hongjoong joined her, both in watching the view and stuffing a pancake in his mouth as well.

    Yena swallowed the food in her mouth, "Last night was... a fever dream."

    "It was," Hongjoong agreed, "Unforgettable. I haven't had this much fun in a long time."

    Yena nodded, grabbing another mini pancake, "What was that drink? I think I won't mind getting drunk on that every now and then."

    "We keep it for special occasions," Hongjoong laughed, "You should know why."

    Yena looked down at her still swollen feet, "Can't promise I won't do that again."

    The two shared a grin, and Yena stared into the distance. "Everyone will go back to their homes and get busy now, won't they?"

    "We're staying for another day," Hongjoong told her, "We've been gone too long- but we'll be back whenever you ask for us, Yena. You know that, right?"

    Yena looked at the princes wistfully, talking and laughing with each other, "If it were up to me, I'd have us like this forever."

    Hongjoong smiled as he joined her in watching the princes- in that moment, normal friends. "I know. But hey, you have a portal!"

    Yena gasped as she looked at Hongjoong, slapping her head, "Now that's an idea!"

    Hongjoong laughed, "We can meet up every month now, instead of waiting for a year- only if you want to-"

    "Why wouldn't I?"

    "I meant, if you're okay with doing that magic," Hongjoong said cautiously, and Yena smiled, ruffling his ginger hair.

    "Of course I am. Anything for you guys."

    Hongjoong smiled, and the two looked at their friends.

    "Anything for you guys," Yena repeated.


    All day, Yena spent with the Princes who gave her a tour around her home, took her to the shore and played in the water, and Yeosang promised to show her all of her land when everyone would be back in their homes. Yena looked forward to seeing her kingdom the most.

    It was her last dinner with all of her friends- the Princes and the court members- all in the enormous dining hall, seated together, sharing jokes and food. Yena's eyes stung- she was close to tears throughout the whole thing as she realized it would be a long, long time when all of them would gather together like this again.

    Yena took the rest of the night spending time with the court members- mostly catching up with Seokmin, Mingyu, the healers including Sana, and Siyeon- the ones she was the most close to. She had cried when they said she was welcome to portal and meet them whenever she felt like it.

    The farewell with Cheetah was the hardest- she was leaving in the night time. They'd went to a corner, and Cheetah told her she was proud of her and hugged her as she cried- and then the both of them were crying and laughing, promising to make time for each other every few months at least. Yena told her that she was welcome in her kingdom anytime, and to expect her within this month- she wanted to get some of her belongings.

    "You really grew up for this moment," Cheetah tucked Yena's hair behind her ears, smiling proudly as she tapped her cheeks playfully- like she always did. "I think I saw it before too."

    "Really? When?"

    "When you came back from the portal after a week, and refused to cry when everyone got scared of you," Cheetah said, "I saw it on your face then- the look that told me that you were made different. I should have known."

    Yena scoffed, "Looks like all this information is meddling with your memories- I remember how I was trembling!"

    "But still!" Cheetah laughed, "I saw it on your face, Yena. You were always a little different than the rest. I'm just glad you found your home finally."

    Yena smiled, "My home is with you too."

    Cheetah hugged her, long and tight, before saying her farewell to everyone in the court and leaving. Yena watched her go with a smile on her face and tears in her eyes, and Seonghwa joined her.

    "Now it feels real," she laughed, "Now that she left. This place is going to feel so empty."

    "Tell me about it," Seonghwa shook his head, "The post-depression after gathering up every year stuck for weeks."

    Yena looked at him, "Are you leaving early tomorrow?"

    Seonghwa nodded, "In the morning, with the rest."

    Yena bit her lip- she really wanted to spend more time with him and get her memories back while making new ones.

    "You know, you can always portal to my place, whenever you like."

    "I know," Yena smiled.

    Seonghwa was about to say something, but then Yena was called by one of the court members, and she got busy again.

    After wrapping up, the Princes all sat in the living room again- this time, grim.

    "I get that you all are leaving," Yeosang said, "But does the mood have to be so... dark?"

    "I'll miss this so much," Wooyoung groaned loudly, and everyone echoed in agreement.

    "Yena~" San wailed, holding her hand dramatically, "After having spend such a long time with you, how am I going to deal with Seokmin on my own?"

    "Good riddance," Yena shrugged and everyone laughed, leaving San with a hand on his heart, hurt.

    "No, but," Yena shook her head, "Truly. I'm saying it for the first time? I don't know, but it's the last time I'm saying this, so you better not interrupt-"

    "Okay," Jongho said, and Yena looked pointedly at him while the others roared in laughter, Mingi doubling over after Yena sent the nearest object- which happened to be a pen she had been playing with- at him.

    "Thank you, guys, for all you did for me," She looked at each of them as she said this, "And I'm truly sorry for all the trouble we've been through. I know it's not our fault, but I'm still sorry."

    There was a moment of silence, then San said, "This better be the last time you said it then."

    Yena smiled, "No more apologizing, I promise."

    "All that trouble did us one good thing," Yeosang said, "That we're here, today. That you got to know every one of us- the way you should have from long ago. Let's put behind all the bad memories- I know there are more good ones that you- that we all made."

    Everyone agreed, and Mingi laughed, "Don't you cry on us again!"

    "I'm trying not to!" Yena laughed, looking upwards, "It's hard!"

    "No more crying, no more crying-"

    "That would make her cry more, San," Jongho scolded.

    "I'll be a mess if I cry anytime again," Yena wiped her eyes, "No more crying. Not tonight, at least. Also- don't you dare hug me right now if you don't want me to cry-"

    Yena was interrupted by San and Yunho crushing her in a hug from both sides, and then the others tackling them along, making Yena scream for breath as they all laughed loudly.


    It was after everyone had gone to their rooms that Yena knocked at Seonghwa's room, knowing he'd be up. As if Seonghwa had been expecting her, he opened the door instantly, making her jump in surprise a little.

    "Hi," Yena breathed, taking in his figure that towered over her, "Did I disturb you?"

    "Not at all. You wanna come in?"

    Yena nodded, entering, seeing his clothes sprawled on the bed- he was packing, it seemed. "I was almost done," Seonghwa said, and Yena took a seat as she watched Seonghwa neatly fold his clothes and stuff them in the bag, "What brings you here?"

    "I-" Yena paused, and Seonghwa looked at her, "I just... wanted to spend some time with you. You're going back tomorrow."

    "Do you want me to stay?" A smirk was growing on his face, and Yena shook her head as she laughed.

    "It would be unfair to ask that of you, I'll just portal whenever I miss you too much," she said, "Just finish packing, then we can talk properly."

    Seonghwa nodded, speeding up, and Yena took that time to scan him- his bare arms revealed in the half-sleeve black shirt he was in, his bangs falling over his forehead, making her want to tuck them behind. Gosh, she thought, I need to wash my face with cold water.

    All that staring made her zone out and she didn't realize when Seonghwa was done and just sat staring back at her from that distance, finally waving his hands after a minute and Yena jerked back to reality, shaking her head, muttering a sorry.

    Seonghwa came closer, sitting right in front of her chair, in the bed. "You look... distant. What do you keep thinking of?"

    "You," Yena admitted, to Seonghwa's surprise, "More specifically, how I realized today that half- maybe the whole reason I learned to shapeshift and sleep was because of... you."

    Seonghwa scanned her face, "You want me to tell you about it?"

    Yena nodded, and he inhaled, "I had nightmares too. The ones that Junyoung-Kieran planted, where either I died or I killed Hongjoong. You saw it too, when we were in Antares- we were living in the same room, if you remember."

    Yena grinned, "The dream where you killed Hongjoong- I may have planted that..."

    "What?" Seonghwa laughed in disbelief, and Yena told him how she time-travelled to that night when she was practicing with Neve.

    Seonghwa nodded, continuing, "It's why we're here today, isn't it?"

    Yena nodded, and Seonghwa sighed in disbelief- everything that happened was truly meant to happen.

    "Anyways, I had that nightmare. I shapeshifted then. I'm a wolf."

    "Mingi showed me," Yena smiled, "With that fire thing he does. Can you... show me? It's right near my head- I can feel it. It's like the memory is scratching at me, I just need to see to confirm."

    Seonghwa nodded, and in an instant, there was a huge grey wolf in front of Yena, making her squeal in surprise before she laughed, and hesitantly brought her hand forward. Seonghwa nudged her, and she finally ran a hand through his fur. "I think I remember now."

    Seonghwa shifted back, "What do you remember?"

    "Playing with your paws as you slept," Yena smiled. "Progress!"

    Seonghwa clapped, "Progress, well done."

    "Can I see your wings?"

    Seonghwa laughed at how abrupt her question was, "Again? You ask me whenever you get the chance, nothing has changed."

    Yena smiled, but her eyes were determined, "It's the first memory Kieran took away. I don't want to say goodbye to you tomorrow without remembering everything he took away from me."

    Seonghwa stared at her, taking in her words- she really did want to remember everything. He gripped the armrests of her chair, pulling it so she was closer to him, and then he took her hands. "You don't have to feel any sort of pressure-"

    "It's not that," Yena put a hand on his, "I really, really want to know how I fell in love with you, how I still feel that even when I have no memories. That's not wrong, is it?"

    "Of course not," he met her eyes, "Should I tell you everything?"

    Yena nodded.

    Seonghwa took a deep breath, "Do you want to see?"

    "I do," Yena said.

    Seonghwa nodded slowly, bringing himself closer as he put her forehead against Yena, and memories started flooding Yena's mind- the first timeline, their endless conversations in the nights, the healing sessions, up till Seonghwa' death- when Yena drew apart, catching her breath.

    "That's the first timeline," Seonghwa told her, and let her sort her thoughts out.

    "I remembered most of it," Yena nodded, "I guess the real damage was done to the memories of this timeline."

    Seonghwa nodded, "Are you ready?"

    Yena nodded, and Seonghwa put a hand on her neck, cupping her cheek and caressing it as he stared in her eyes. Yena felt overwhelmed- she mirrored his expressions, tucking his hair back, scanning his face- the face she was miserably in love with.

    "I miss you," Yena said, and Seonghwa drew closer to her, hesitating. But Yena closed the distance, bringing her lips to his, testing the feel of it, making him groan as he pulled her closer.

    God, he missed her so much, he realized as he kissed her, desperately at first, forgetting that he was supposed to be showing his memories for that moment. Her hand caressing his face and the other fisting his shirt was enough to make him forget about everything else.

    They drew apart for a moment, and then Seonghwa kissed her gently, showing her the memories- their pointless arguments, their time in the library, their first kiss and the awkwardness that followed, their time in Antares when they shared a room and Seonghwa realized he was in love with her. He showed her each memory, imprinted in his mind like a burn, and he realized Yena was crying when he drew back, his hand that had been holding her face wet.

    Yena breathed, but broke down, putting her face in her hands as she recalled everything- how could she have forgotten? It was such a violation of her mind that Kieran took her most lovely memories, and threatened to replace him with his own self, as if he could ever succeed.

    Seonghwa made her get up and sit on the bed, sitting next to her as he held her while she cried. "What happened to no more crying?"

    Yena laughed in between crying, "I'm sorry."

    "What happened to no more apologizing as well," Seonghwa laughed, wiping her face, "Look at me."

    Yena wiped her eyes and face with her sleeves, sniffing as she did.

    "It's okay, Yena. Everything's okay now. You're here, with me. That's all that matters."

    Yena nodded, bringing him in for a hug, holding him for a good two minutes, "I missed you so much, Seonghwa. It's been so much longer for me- I missed you incredibly."

    "It might have been a week or more for me, but that was enough to drive me insane," Seonghwa admitted, breathing in her familiar scent, "I missed you too."

    Yena drew back, her arms still linked back at his neck, "Let me look at you, Seonghwa."

    Seonghwa smiled as she scanned his face, taking in every detail- the grey eyes that were so warm, his sharp features, his plump lips, the hair she loved running her hands through. She kissed his forehead, then his nose, then began planting butterfly kisses on his face.

    "You're testing my patience," Seonghwa groaned, making her throw her head back and laugh. Seonghwa shook his head, holding her by the waist as he turned, making her fall on her back on the bed, Seonghwa on top of her.

    "Remember this?" He smirked, and Yena rolled her eyes as he kissed her jaw, trailing down to her neck, "And this?"

    "I guess you're going to make me relive those memories now," Yena shook her head, and he smiled as he kissed her, slow and passionate.

    "We have the whole night for that," he whispered in her ear, "If you're up for it."

    "Don't make me fall asleep then, I guess," Yena raised a brow in challenge, and Seonghwa promised she would be dreaming about this night from now on instead of having nightmares anymore.


    The Princes and Yena all sat for breakfast the following morning after getting ready. Yena had been awake the whole night, courtesy of Seonghwa, and had only slipped in her room after making the both of them sleep for two hours before they had to arrive for breakfast.

    "Is it just me," Wooyoung said, "Or she reeks of Seonghwa?"

    Seonghwa choked on his bread, but Yena casually bit on hers, "Of course I do. What did you expect?"

    It was his turn to choke, and there was a collective hustle on the table as everyone shifted in their seats, half of them scolding Wooyoung for pointing out the obvious while the other just trying not to laugh.

    "Oh come on," Yena laughed, "I'm joking... Or am I?"

    "Okay, stop," Hongjoong waved his hand, "Before Wooyoung loses it."

    "It's because I can smell it on her!" Wooyoung yelled, earning a slap on the back of his head by San.

    "What did I tell you about not saying stuff like this out loud?"

    "This is reminding me of that time when he sniffed Yeosang on her," Jongho laughed, "And thought-"

    "And that's enough, don't make me kick all of you out of my house," Yeosang cleared his throat, casually buttering his bread, "That's on Wooyoung being dumb, by the way."

    They bickered back and forth for the rest of the breakfast, and suddenly it was time for everyone to leave. Seonghwa and Yunho were leaving together, Hongjoong on his own, San, Wooyoung and Jongho together and Mingi on his own as well- all of them accompanied by their court members.

    Yena went to say her farewell to the court members first, sharing a hug with everyone. She made Siyeon and Jeongin promise they'd visit often, told the healers they could come here as a group anytime, made Seokmin and Mingyu promise they'd tease San less than they already did and visit often as well. They all told her she was welcome anytime as well, and Yena waved a final goodbye, teary-eyed.

    She went to Hongjoong first, sharing a long hug with him, "Thank you for teaching me all about my magic. I couldn't have made it this far without you."

    "I'm so proud of you, Yena," Hongjoong kissed her forehead, "I'm proud you made it so far. Do come visit me whenever you feel like it."

    "Aren't you busy?" Yena teased, and Hongjoong laughed, saying never for her.

    "Wait till you actually visit him," San said, coming to hug her, "He's gonna ask you to wait and forget you came."

    "I know," Yena laughed, and Hongjoong scowled at the two.

    "I'm gonna miss you so much!" San held her by the shoulders, taking a good look at her face, "I'll feel lonely now."

    "Should I not have asked Seokmin and Mingyu to go easy on you?"

    "Hey!" San threw his head back and laughed, hugging her again and Yena kissed his cheek, "Please visit this weekend, will you?"

    "I will," Yena promised, and Wooyoung joined them.

    "Take me with you when you do," he sighed dramatically, crushing them both in his arms, "I'm gonna miss this so much!"

    "It's not like we can't see each other again ever, stop being so dramatic," Jongho shook his head at the three, who just stuck their tongues out at him.

    "Say that when you find yourself missing us tonight!" Wooyoung said, and Yena pinched Jongho's cheek, making him smile the gummy smile that she adored.

    "I'll miss you, Jongho bear," Yena smiled.

    "What was the story behind 'Yunho bear'?" Yunho asked.

    "I thought you'd be the bear, since you're..." Yena scanned his figure from head to toe, "A giant, basically."

    "I wish I was," Yunho pinched his nose bridge, "Being a water dragon is boring."

    "It's not! You have to show me the next time I come," Yena said, and Yunho promised, hugging her, teasing at how small she was- she didn't even reach his shoulders. Mingi joined in the teasing, and Yena looked for help around but everyone was just laughing at them.

    "I'm normal sized! It's you both that are giants!"

    "Come on now, I've seen taller," Mingi flicked her on the forehead, "Good luck being a Princess."

    Yena cringed, "Gee, thanks for the reminder."

    Mingi laughed, sharing a brief hug, and then Yena looked around, meeting Seonghwa's eyes.

    "Should we leave you two alone?" Yunho teased.

    "Nah, you can enjoy the show," Yena retorted, leaving both Yunho and Mingi snickering.

    "So, we part ways," Yena smiled at Seonghwa. She had no regrets now.

    Seonghwa hugged her, rocking her back and forth, "If you can't sleep, you know where to find me."

    "Of course," Yena said, and Seonghwa broke the hug, kissing her forehead.

    "Take care of yourself, Yena."

    "You too," Yena squeezed his hand, and the two stared lovingly at each other while the rest watched, cringing.

    "What's wrong with Seonghwa's eyes?" Wooyoung shook his head.

    "He looks like he's gonna- NOOOO!" San covered his and Wooyoung's eyes as Seonghwa kissed Yena briefly, sending the rest including Yeosang roaring at each other.

    "We should have left!" Yunho wailed, "My eyes!"

    "Did you have to do that in front of me!" Yeosang groaned dramatically.

    "I never asked you all to watch us!" Yena pouted, flushed because she, too, hadn't expected this very public kiss. She glared at Seonghwa, who was smirking.

    "All right, let's go before they take it further," Hongjoong announced, and Mingi slapped his arm, laughing.

    Yena and Yeosang walked them to the castle entrance where the court members were already waiting. With a final goodbye, they watched everyone leave and disappear into the distance.

    "This feels like a dream," Yena wiped her eyes, "I know I can visit them, but I miss them already."

    "I know," Yeosang patted her back. "Come on, let's go inside."

    Wheein and Moonbyul smiled at her as she passed them in the hallway, and a thought struck Yeosang. "Do you want to see our parent's room?"

    Yena looked at him, surprised, "Sure."

    Yeosang led her to the room next to his chamber, saying his room used to be their parents but they moved out after his coronation. It no longer looked alive- their belongings were in a trunk and the room was pretty much empty.

    Yeosang brought a trunk forward where they sat on the couch, fishing a key out of his pocket and opening the lock to reveal what looked like their mother's dresses and jewelry. Yena wowed, opening the glass box and examining the pearls and diamonds.

    "You can take whatever you like, whenever you like. After all, it's all yours."

    "Hmm," Yena looked around, "What were they like?"

    Yeosang leaned back on the couch, facing Yena as he thought. "Very caring," he finally said, "They missed you a lot. I didn't get much time to spend with them since they were always either busy with this job or searching for you, but whenever they spent time with me, they made sure I didn't feel distant."

    "That's... good, actually," Yena nodded, "I worried about that part- you being neglected because they were too busy with trying to find me."

    "There's only so much they could do," Yeosang sighed, "But as kids, we spent more time with each other, us princes and the court members. We weren't that lonely. We're probably lonelier now."

    Yena laughed, agreeing- as kids, it was easy to get along with everyone. As adults, however, it got complicated. "Not lonely anymore, I'll make sure," Yena smiled.

    "To be honest, I'm glad we're comfortable with each other," Yeosang admitted, "Probably because you got closer to the others and it felt more like being with a friend."

    "I know!" Yena smiled in agreement, "I was so nervous about meeting you- but I think the others helped with breaking the ice. It would have been awkward otherwise, don't you think? Since I barely have memories of you."

    "I think my memories are mixed with my imagination too," Yeosang shook his head.

    "Understandable. I only got that memory back thanks to Seonghwa."

    "So," Yeosang wriggled his brows, "Seonghwa, huh? I never got to ask how it happened."

    Yena made a face, rolling her eyes, but smiled, "I think I liked him in the first timeline too. He was different- he was distant at first but somehow, we got close that one week we spent together. When he died and I went to save him, he was... completely different than the Seonghwa I knew."

    "How?" Yeosang was intrigued now- he hadn't seen these sides of Seonghwa.

    "He was... an arrogant, stubborn bastard, to put it simply," Yena said and Yeosang burst out laughing, "Yunho was so nice to me. He believed me when I gave him the proof- that I was Kang Yena. But Seonghwa? I don't know why, but he refused to believe it. Probably because of the dreams he was having."

    "Seonghwa has always been such a... mother, to us," Yeosang shook his head, laughing, So I can't really imagine this- so how did you two..."

    "Well," Yena smiled, "We grew on each other. When I showed him my memories, he recalled everything from the previous timeline and realized that- well, that he liked me. He found himself falling for me again, according to him."

    "I don't know whether to barf or cry."

    "Do nothing, idiot," Yena slapped his arm, "But yeah. I like him."

    "He likes you a lot too, it's so obvious," Yeosang laughed.

    "Do you believe in soulmates?" Yena asked, and Yeosang nodded, "Seonghwa said that with faeries, the concept of soulmate went... deeper?"

    "More intense is the right word," Yeosang said, "It's what we believe. You know how there are some people we just don't get along with, no matter how hard we try? Or some people we just dislike?"

    Yena nodded, and Yeosang continued, "We believe that it's because our souls didn't get along, from the place where they came from. Call it a past life or an abode for the souls. So with people you just click with, you just get along so well, it's because our souls have a connection with them. People theorize that it might be the magic instead of the soul that causes it."

    "Ah," Yena nodded slowly, "So with... romantic partners?"

    "I haven't had an experience- I think Seonghwa is the first one out of us who found his soulmate."

    Yena's heart skipped at the words, and Yeosang nodded, smiling, "With romantic partners, everything is more intense. You instantly feel a connection- your magic just... embraces each other, I guess. It's like the magic, and the soul knows- and we, our brains try to reject it. Did you feel it too?"

    "How would you know it's a soulmate when it's your first time with someone?"

    "I'd say go ahead and try with someone else," Yeosang laughed, "but you wouldn't be able to do that now, would you?"

    Yena rolled her eyes. "I think it's a little late for that."

    "I think the most obvious proof is that even when Kieran took away your memories, you didn't forget," Yeosang's eyes were sure as he said it, "There is no way you could have remembered your love for Seonghwa after all that if he wasn't your soulmate."

    Yena frowned in surprise, "I thought it was because his magic wasn't as strong?"

    "No," Yeosang shook his head, "Think about it. The magic he did years ago- you're still recovering from it. Your memories still aren't back. But this time? He couldn't take away what your magic, what your soul knows."

    "Wow," Yena breathed, "So it's... true?"

    "It is," Yeosang said, "Congratulations on finding your soulmate- not many faeries do."

    Yena inhaled- it felt unreal.

    Yeosang smiled at her state, "Also, you're free to choose what to do with your life. You can live with me and learn about this kingdom, go to yours and explore your land, or... live with Seonghwa, if you wish. Or settle as a normal faerie anywhere on this planet- whatever you like."

    Yena smiled at him, "Thanks for giving me the choice, Yeosang. I think I'll learn about what being a Princess means- the job. I owe it to my parents, and the people-"

    "You don't owe anyone anything," Yeosang shook his head.

    "It's not just that, Yeosang. I want to, really," Yena was sure, and seeing the look in her eyes, Yeosang nodded.

    "Once I learn, can we go to Alhena? I'd like to see my land."

    "Of course," Yeosang said, "I'm due to go there next month anyway."

    "And finally," Yena exhaled, "I'll think about the future when I get there. I have all the time I need now, don't I?"

    "All the time in this world," Yeosang smiled.


    "Jaemin, I swear to god, if you crack one more joke while we're having a meeting, god help me I'll-"

    "Calm down, Yena," Taeyong laughed out loud, rubbing her shoulder, "Blame Hyunjin- she keeps fueling his flames."

    "Literally," Yena sighed, putting her head in her hands as Jaemin laughed out loud, the evil evident in his laugh, "I'll ask Yeosang for a new court-"

    "Okay, that's my cue to take charge," Haseul got up, clapping and grabbing everyone's attention. "Let's not give our Princess a hard time-"

    "Let's not give the court a hard time, what say you, Princess?" Renjun smirked.

    Yena stared at each faerie sitting with her in the meeting room around the table, shaking her head. "Where did Yeosang find you lot? And why did he keep the sane ones?"

    "You think they're sane?" Olivia pinched her nose-bridge, "You'll thank us after spending time with them."

    "Crackheads, every one of you," Yena muttered, finally getting up from her chair. "Alright, enough of fun and jokes- I have more to do. Yeosang arrives today. I think you all know what needs to be done, don't you?"

    "Yes ma'am," the group said mockingly.

    Yena smiled, "I believe in you guys- you've always handled stuff like this so well, haven't you? I don't even know what I'm doing here ordering you around- as if I could! You guys should be telling me what to do-"

    "Finally," Jaemin grinned as he got up, only to be held back by Taeyong as everyone laughed out loud at the mischief in his tone.

    "Yena," Taeyong rubbed her hand, "You're the Princess. We'll manage everything, but it's after you give us the order, after you make the decision."

    "What Taeyong means is you need to man up-"

    "I'll help you with kicking out some court members," Haseul raised her hand, making Yena laugh and look pointedly at Haechan, who was grinning widely. 

    "Fine. It's been two months since Yeosang has been here, so let's make it... grand. Yes. Let's surprise him."

    "Since we've always welcomed him normally," Jeno commented, "Anything you do at this point would be 'grand' to him."

    Yena grinned, "That's a good point. But let the chefs prepare his favourite dishes, and let's brighten up the hall and the chamber. Maybe we should have a little party tonight while we're at it."

    "Half his court is arriving with him, it would be chaotic," Haseul pretended to wipe sweat from her forehead and Yena watched as the men and women of her court brightened up at the mention of their friends arriving.

    "We should definitely have a party," Yena's mouth stretched into a smile as she began to plan. 


    "What did I miss?" Yeosang stood in the middle of the hall as he looked at the court members, all dressed up rather formally, and then finally at Yena who was also... overdressed. "Is someone else coming too?"

    "Come on, can't we tidy up for you?" Jaemin smirked, making Solar and Moonbyul double over with laughter. 

    "Is this coming from the same person who never got out of his pyjamas even during official meetings?" Yeosang raised his eyebrow and Yena gasped, looking at Jaemin.

    "Pyjamas? But... I've been to every kingdom and I've never seen any of the court members in pyjamas, not even this lot..."

    "Ah, I guess they're finally acting as proper court members," Yeosang scoffed, "And everyone of them is guilty of this, in case you think Jaemin is the only guilty one here."

    Yena looked pointedly at Taeyong and Haseul, who were elbowing each other trying not to laugh. "I guess you all are doing something for your Princess after all."

    "Come on," Chuu- Yena's healer- whined, "We dress up sometimes when you arrive too!"

    "That was only because Wooyoung was arriving with me," Yeosang sighed, shaking his head.

    Everyone broke into giggles and Yeosang nudged Yena forward, the two entering the Princess' personal chamber. "It's really weird to see them act like professionals now- it's making me proud."

    "They really do work hard," Yena smiled, "You shouldn't have been calling them lazy bums."

    "Now you know why I called them that," Yeosang looked at her pointedly, referring to the court members putting effort to look their best everyday thanks to the Princess being home now, "Also, why do you keep smirking?"

    "Nothing," Yena shook her head, "Anyways, tell me about how things are back there."

    Yeosang began to narrate the events of the past two months- He had finally left Yena here with a heavy heart after living with her for five months, in which Yena had drank every drop of knowledge about magic and history. 

    Yena had spent her initial days sticking with Yeosang throughout the mornings, monitoring how running the kingdom worked. She realized just how big a role the court members played, and had already started feeling indebted to her own court members whom she had only met briefly once. They all seemed too young to have this burden on their shoulders. 

    During the first few nights, Yena had always woke up screaming and crying, Yeosang always by her side to help her get through this. At times when she felt too overwhelmed and felt as if the present was an illusion, she would open a portal and Seonghwa would come through, comforting her throughout the night. 

    The first month had been the hardest, and she had started getting therapy from the very skilled healers of Yeosang's castle- Hwasa and Yoongi. It had eventually gotten better from there, until she could finally sleep alone throughout the night.

    When Yeosang had come with her to Castor finally and made way to Alhena where Yena's castle was, she had been welcomed at a grand scale. The people of Yena's kingdom had been carrying blue and white flowers with them and the kids had gifted her the pearls from her sea. Yena had cried throughout the way, but it changed into laughter as she entered her castle and met her court.

    Her court.... it was truly a family she had gained. She had interacted with everyone by now but she was closer to the people she had to interact with on a regular basis. She had an immense amount of respect and love for everyone who served in her court.

    Taeyong and Haseul- her Right Hand and 'Left Hand', as Solar had dubbed it- had taught her a lot about being a Princess and her duties. The two months had passed in a flash- especially because she was still getting to know everyone in her court, still getting used to her duties and making time to meet any of the Princes during her free time.

    Portaling was a second nature to her now, especially considering how huge the distance was. But with everyone being so busy, they all hadn't been together since right before Yena left for her castle, where everyone had been present in Yeosang's castle, spending the last night before Yena began performing her duties as a Princess. That had been two months ago.

    After Yeosang was done narrating what happened in the past two months without Yena at that castle, he yawned wide and good, stretching. "I think I'm going to sleep. Or take a power nap. I think I'll take a nap- wake me up after a few hours, will you?

    Yena nodded, leaving him and nearly rushing out of her chamber, where Jaemin, Haechan, Yves and Gowon were already waiting for her. Yena usually hanged out with them the most- she supposed it was the reason she was able to laugh so loudly these days.

    "I was just gonna put Prince Yeosang to sleep," Gowon rubbed her fingers, and Yena shook her head- she had a unique power, truly, and Yena was often tempted to ask her to put her to sleep when she had trouble at nights. 

    "He's fast asleep, don't worry," Yena walked with them to the hall, where the court members awaited, "Sorry for the delay. What's the plan?"


    Yeosang woke up to an empty chamber but the distant sound of music filled the air. Freshening up, he knocked at Yena's room, wondering if she was inside, but the door opened itself and Yeosang peeked inside.

    Yena had changed her room a lot- there were fresh lilies in a vase on her table, photos that she had clicked for the first time with the Princes two months ago on the wall- a group photo and individual photos with every Prince, some with her closest friends from different courts- it looked like she had the most friends in San's court. Yeosang spotted a messy drawing, frowning when he bent to get a closer look-

    It was Mingi's handwriting- a boy with little fire sparks around his head and a girl with little planets around her head. Yeosang smiled- he had to ask Yena when exactly Mingi made this.

    Leaving the room, Yeosang walked to where the sound of the music was coming from, figuring the court members must be having a little party with Yena or bothering her- but when he opened the doors, his jaw dropped at the sight of his friends.

    "Now when did you all arrive!"

    "Yeosang!" Wooyoung cheered, rushing to hug him, "We've been here for about an hour now but Yena insisted we let you catch up on your sleep."

    "And it was a wise decision," Jongho scoffed, "You're not getting more sleep tonight."

    Yeosang looked at Yena- she was truly glowing as she smiled at him, winking. "I knew something was up the way you kept smirking earlier."

    "You might need to notch up on your acting," Yunho teased, Yena slapping his arm.

    "I say she's a pro at acting," Hongjoong laughed, "I didn't even realize it was her- I was looking down at documents and I kept listing things to her- I didn't realize it was not one of my court members until she slapped me with that very list."

    The Princes burst into laughter. "I wasn't lying when I said Hongjoong forgets you're there," San shook his head.

    "So," Yeosang looked around, "It looks like we're partying."

    "Mingi's singing," Seonghwa started laughing, "Brace yourself."

    "I feel like singing today!" Mingi laughed as he waltzed around, Yunho joining him, and Yena watched the two, shaking her head.

    "Who wants drinks?"


    All it took was one hour for the drinks to settle for Yena to realize that the Princes might be competitive but her court members weren't any less.

    "Do it, throw it hard!" Hwasa shouted at Jaehyun, who was trying to flip the disk but failing. On the other hand, Wooyoung was cheering for San who looked like he would flip the disk anytime soon-

    "YES!" Jaehyun threw his fists in the air and the court members cheered, Taeyong immediately hugging him, the two jumping as they hugged, Yena joining, sticking her tongue out at the Princes.

    It was the Princes versus the court members plus Yena in every match- they had been playing different games for hours and so far, the competition had been so strong- they really couldn't decide which team won and none of them wanted to settle for a tie.

    "I should ban the drinks in our kingdom," Yeosang pondered, making Yena giggle as she stood by him to watch the chaos as everyone argued about who the winner was.

    "I used to love silence," Yena scoffed, "I'm so used to this amount of noise now that it doesn't even affect me."

    "Spending my childhood with Wooyoung did that," Yeosang smiled as he looked at Yena, "If you can tolerate Wooyoung, you can tolerate anyone."

    "Point," Yena laughed as she looked at Wooyoung, who was, indeed, the loudest in the room. Seonghwa truly was the mother of the group, Yena realized, as he tried to break the argument and make them settle. 

    Seonghwa spotted Yena, sighing as he joined the twins. "Can you like, I don't know, portal them to the desert? They ought to shut up once they find themselves there."

    "That's a very nice idea," Yena actually pondered for a second. Yeosang sighed, saying he was going to get another drink because his head was finally starting to hurt due to all the noise.

    "Come on, let's get out of here," Seonghwa took Yena's hand.

    "It wouldn't be fair to leave them here," Yena pouted.

    "We'll come back. We have all night, after all."

    Yena smiled, following him to the balcony- their favourite spot to hang out, where the purple moon shone on the Pearl Sea, the sight often reminding her of the starry sky of Seonghwa's kingdom.

    "How have you been? I missed you so much," Seonghwa wrapped himself around Yena in a back hug, her hands automatically going to hold his.

    "We met like two days ago Seonghwa," Yena smiled.

    "Are you saying you didn't miss me?" Seonghwa mumbled in her ear, burying his nose in her hair.

    "Of course not," Yena teased, Seonghwa tickling her, making her laugh out loud. Seonghwa had been hearing a lot of laughing from Yena lately- and it was music to his ears. 

    "Are you okay these days?"

    "Perfectly fine, actually," Yena said, turning around, her arms around his waist now, "Are you okay?"

    Seonghwa nodded- though it hadn't been as bad for him as it had for Yena, he also had trouble sleeping with the nightmares, and Yena had made him promise to signal to her if he was having a hard time- the signal being the magic Yena had slipped through his mind as a brace a few months ago as a precaution, which now worked as a call.

    It made Yena almost cry out with frustration that he would rarely use it, pretending he was okay, when he had been reliving dying in his dreams every few nights, but she couldn't exactly blame him- she, too, had resorted to his help only when it felt like she couldn't take it anymore. But it looked like Yena depending on him when she had trouble had helped Seonghwa too, and they both had gotten used to sleeping with each other every other night, just lying in each other's arms knowing they won't have a nightmare.

    "I don't believe you," Yena shook her head, "Promise me you'll tell me if something's wrong. Or else... I won't portal to you again."

    Seonghwa scoffed, making Yena laugh- they both knew she was bluffing. "I'm fine, Yena. But that doesn't mean you can skip on portaling every other night- you know I can't spend two days without seeing you."

    "Gosh, you're such a softie," Yena poked his chest, smiling as Seonghwa kissed her, "Well, what can I say? I thought we wouldn't have much time to see each other, but I have the most convenient magic it seems."

    "You're truly blessed to have that," Seonghwa smiled, "Thanks to you, we all can have time to relax."

    "I finally love my magic," Yena laughed, "Gosh, I can't believe I once wanted to get rid of my magic."

    "I know," Seonghwa nodded, "It's a love-hate relationship with magic. It's normal."

    "I guess it is," Yena buried her face in his chest, hearing his heartbeat. She couldn't believe how safe she felt in his arms. 

    "Shall we get back inside now?" Seonghwa almost whispered, rubbing her back, "Someone's gonna come complaining any second now."

    Yena smiled, "Let's wait and see who comes this time-"

    "Ha, here they are, the lovebirds. Seonghwa, Hongjoong's cranky because you've been gone so long," San shook his head at the sight of the two clinging to each other and pouting because they weren't letting go.

    "Ask Hongjoong to stop being a cranky-"

    "That's my cue," San interrupted Yena, laughing as he walked to the two and started unwrapping their arms, "Come on now, don't be so whiny."

    Seonghwa finally let go, out of breath from all the laughing, rushing to see what was up with Hongjoong while Yena stood, stomping her feet with a big pout.

    "Come on, it's not like you don't see each other every day," San shook his head.

    "Every other day," Yena corrected, and San slapped her head.

    "You should be seeing one of us then every day," he scolded her, "And then I'll call it fair."

    "Next time I portal to your place," Yena threatened, "I'm gonna spend time with Seokmin and Mingyu and Sana and Jihyo instead of you-"

    "Alright, alright, come on, let's go inside," San took her hand and the two laughed as they started to walk.

    "You weren't serious though, were you?" 

    "Maybe I was," Yena smirked.



    "Is it possible to die because of nervousness?"

    "If it was possible, I wouldn't be alive right now, Yena," Gowon shook her head, "Even when it's not me who's getting married."

    "Okay, true," Yena grinned, looking at the mirror, tendrils of curled hair falling free from her hair tied in a messy bun, her cheeks flushed, "Do I look okay? Is the bun too much?"

    "Gowon, don't answer that," Olivia, who was making sure Yena's nails looked okay, said, "She's gonna ask you again in a minute."

    Yena glared at Olivia, "Who put Olivia in charge today, I just wanna know-"

    "Calm down," Taeyong came in, laughing, "The Princes are ready, everyone's ready. Your call now."

    "And where's Yeosang?"

    "On his way," Taeyong patted her shoulders, looking at her in the mirror, "I'm gonna cry."

    "Taeyong," Yena laughed, "Don't!"

    "I am so proud right now, I'll be right back," Taeyong pretended to wipe a tear from his eye as he turned his back dramatically, spotting Jaemin, Renjun and Haechan, "And the troublemakers are here." 

    "Yena~!" Renjun started wailing, "I can't say I'm sad about you leaving for what- a month, Haechan?"

    "Yes," Haechan confirmed, "We'll finally have the castle all to ourselves!"

    Yena picked a hairbrush and sent it flying at their direction, Haechan catching it and scowling at her, "Maybe I should ask Yeosang to stay here, what do you say?"

    "Oh please," Jaemin scoffed, "Like he'll agree."

    "I might," Yeosang stood in the doorway, arms folded as the boys started grinning, embarrassed to have been heard, "I guess Yena wasn't joking about the change of a court..."

    Jaemin gasped, a betrayed look in his eyes as he looked at Yena, who just laughed, "You did not!"

    "She did not," Yeosang grinned, "But now I know it's true."

    "He tricked us!" Renjun sighed, "Alright, enough of the jokes. We came to cheer you up because we knew you would be a nervous mess."

    "You might want to cheer up Gowon more," Yena looked at Gowon who couldn't stop fidgeting.

    "On it," Haechan said, and everyone left the room, leaving Yeosang and Yena alone.

    "Have you been... crying?" Yena looked at Yeosang, who shook his head no, "Come on, your eyes are red!"

    "My eyes are very itchy today," Yeosang scoffed, pretending there weren't tears surfacing again, "You look beautiful, Yena dear."

    "You look pretty neat too," Yena winked, "I hope someone catches your attention tonight."

    "Tonight is all about you, I won't be looking at other girls."

    "Oh come on," Yena laughed, nervous now that she checked the time, "Is everything ready?"

    "As ready as it can be," Yeosang said, and Yena got up, straightening the wedding dress, Yeosang taking out the crown and settling it on top of her head, "This is the last time you wear this crown as Princess Yena of Gemini. After the vows, you'll be Princess Yena of Gemini and Aries."

    "Woah," Yena breathed, her hair rising at the thought.

    "Our parents thought we were too 'young' to be called kings of our kingdoms, which is why we've always been princes. But Yena... I was thinking we need a change."

    "Don't tell me..."

    "Queen Yena of Gemini and Aries doesn't sound too bad, does it?"

    "Yeosang," Yena laughed nervously, "That sounds too much!"

    "We're gonna be kings and queens sooner or later, but we thought we could start with the oldest, this occasion makes sense," Yeosang wriggled his brows, making Yena bite her lips.

    "I have a better idea!" Yena said, "When one of us has a child and eventually crowns them, we can be called Kings and Queens so they can be called Princes and Princesses!"

    "Yena, with marriage comes kids, sooner or later, but even if you don't have kids, you should be called Kings and Queens," Yeosang rubbed her shoulders, Yena nodding. It made sense.

    A knock sounded, and Haseul peeked in, grinning at Yena, "I'm ready when you're ready."

    "Give us a minute," Yeosang said, hugging Yena long and tight, "I wish you all the happiness in the world as Queen to Seonghwa."

    "Thank you, Yeosang," Yena rubbed his back as he shook, making her tear up as well, "Let's not ruin our makeup by crying, okay?"

    Yeosang smiled, drawing back, wiping her eyes and Yena mirrored his action, "Let's go."

    The two of them walked out of the room, Yena's hand on Yeosang's arm, and Yena's bridesmaids - her court ladies- cheered, all of them dressed in blue gowns and pearl jewellery. Haseul took lead, falling right behind Yena, lilies and hydrangeas in everyone's hands as they walked behind the twins.

    The room she left was the closest to the main garden where the wedding was hosted, and as she exited the castle building, she was glad to see that it was cloudy and not too sunny- the perfect weather, though she suspected Wooyoung might have a hand in that. Yena stood at the foot of the long path she had to walk, the male court members taking position right next to the bridesmaids, Taeyong leading them next to Haseul. Yena nodded at them, and finally looked ahead.

    The monochrome theme wedding decor was Seonghwa's idea- white for Yena and black for Seonghwa- the perfect balance. White and black roses adorned the path, an occasional blue popping somewhere, thanks to Yunho who insisted blue was 'necessary'. Obviously it hadn't been because blue was also Yunho's colour. 

    Yena spotted Wooyoung, San, Yunho, Mingi, Hongjoong and Jongho waiting for her at the end of the altar, sliding to the sides when they were near to reveal-


    Just one look and Yena was down memory lane:

    "I've always wanted to take you here," Seonghwa rubbed Yena's hand.

    Yena wowed as she looked around- they were at a cliff, right near the edge, the Diamond Sea glowing fiercely under them. The sky was just as starry, putting even the moon to shame.

    "I can see why this is your favourite spot," Yena turned to look at Seonghwa, her breath stopping when she saw him-

    On one knee.

    "Kang Yena of Space," Seonghwa breathed, revealing a diamond ring, "Will you marry me?"

    Yena exhaled, dropping to her knees in front of him, "I wanted to propose to you, you beat me to it! I've been planning and planning-"

    "Someone had to do it first," Seonghwa grinned.

    Yena took his hands in hers, "Yes. Yes, I will marry you."

    Seonghwa smiled, sliding the ring on her left hand. It was exactly to her liking- a single diamond on top of a silver band. Yena admired the ring for a second before looking up at the man she loved.

    "I love you."

    Yena brought her hands to his face, running it through his hair once before cupping his cheeks and finally hugging him- she was overwhelmed by the way he looked at her. 

    "I love you more."


    Yena felt like her breath had been knocked out of her- he was beautiful. His black hair were slicked back, tendrils falling rather stylishly on his forehead, and his eyes glowed as he looked at her.

    Seonghwa couldn't breath either- Yena looked like she didn't belong to this world- white really was her colour. As she walked closer and closer, her smile grew wider, especially when she met eyes with the Princes, sharing a grin.

    "Seonghwa," Yeosang nodded and before Yena could take a step, Seonghwa was there with his hand extended, and Yena smiled, putting her hand on his as she ascended the three steps, facing everyone once before looking back at Seonghwa and grinning- she couldn't help it.

    "Someone's nervous," Seonghwa laughed.

    "Rich coming from you- San told me you felt queasy the whole day."

    Seonghwa only shook his head, and an elder fae of the castle smiled at the two, motioning for them to read the vows, which were poetical lines about life and death, about two souls joining and remaining till the end.

    Hongjoong, who stood with the elder fae, waited with a crown made for Yena- a diamond and pearl crown, a crown for the King and the Queen. After the elder fae made them recite the vows and took his leave, Hongjoong stood in front of the two.

    "I know you all would have me as a King if need be," Hongjoong said, "But I want this tradition to start with you two- the strongest union there could have been. Prince Seonghwa of Dark, and Princess Yena of Space."

    The two smiled and nodded at him, before Hongjoong announced, "Prince Seonghwa of Dark, please crown your Queen, Princess Yena of Space."

    Seonghwa took off the crown that Yena wore- her Princess crown, and tears stung Yena's eyes as she felt the new crown settle on top of her head.

    "Princess Yena of Space, please crown your King, Prince Seonghwa of Dark."

    Yena smiled through the tears as she crowned Seonghwa, the crowd cheering.

    "King Seonghwa of Aries and Queen Yena of Gemini, husband and wife!" Hongjoong announced, clapping as the two hugged, Yena smiling through the tears and Seonghwa drawing back to give her a kiss as everyone hooted.

    The two turned and finally looked at their friends, eyes blurry with tears, everyone's faces bright with smiles and tears. Yeosang came forward, hugging Yena and Seonghwa, tears rolling down his cheeks.

    "You better take care of my sister, Seonghwa."

    Yena rolled her eyes, "Here it starts."

    Hongjoong joined, wiping his own tears, "You better take care of Seonghwa, Yena."

    "Right," Yena scoffed, "If you are done-"

    "Yena!" Wooyoung and San motioned at her to come down and Yena did, the three sharing a group hug, "Congratulations on your double promotion!"

    "Shut up," Yena laughed, Mingi, Yunho and Jongho joining, congratulating her.

    "You like what I did there?" Yunho motioned at the blue flowers, and Yena nodded.

    "Monochrome with a pop definitely looks better."

    "All hail Queen Yena!" Mingi and Jongho saluted, making Yena laugh, "Here comes the King!"

    Yunho crushed Seonghwa in a hug, patting his back, "You're one lucky man."

    "I am," he looked at Yena, winking.

    "I meant about being the first one to be crowned King-"

    "Yeah, yeah," Yena poked Yunho's arm, "We know exactly what you mean."

    Yunho winked at her, and Yena watched as the princes shared hugs with Seonghwa, Wooyoung saying he better not bore Yena to death, San threatening to steal Yena if they ever fought, Jongho reminding him that they were a better company to Yena than Seonghwa himself, and Mingi teasing him about how he had just signed himself to a lifetime of Yena, which meant a good amount of tolerance for occasional bad jokes.

    "You all are making it sound like I committed a sin," Seonghwa laughed.

    "If you ever start to regret your decision," Hongjoong teased, "You know where to come-"

    Yena slapped Hongjoong's arm, making him scowl at her, "Why am I the only one getting hit here?!"

    "Because they all were in my support, but you're always on Seonghwa's side," Yena pouted.

    "Come on now," Hongjoong laughed, giving her a side hug, "You know who to come to if you ever have a problem with Seonghwa."

    "Not you, as you've made it clear."

    "I was joking!" Hongjoong shouted, Yena finally bursting into laughter.

    "I know, I know I'll come to you whenever Seonghwa starts to act up- you're the only one who can put him to place," Yena side-eyed Seonghwa, who put a hand to his heart, hurt.

    "I guess I'm not needed here..."

    "Bye~" Yeosang waved at him, earning a chokehold from Seonghwa, and Yena spotted Cheetah.

    "Yena!" Cheetah hugged her, "Congratulations, Queen."

    "Thank you, I'm glad you could make it," Yena smiled, hugging her again. Cheetah had been busy with work and Yena had threatened to portal herself in the middle of the wedding to bring her here if she couldn't make it herself. 

    "Your friends are here too," Cheetah motioned at her childhood friends- Eun Byeol and Seungyeon, the two waving at her,

    After meeting and catching up with them, Yena made time to greet everyone- all her friends were thankfully here, from all courts. Between meetings, her own court gave her a peek at the amount of gifts she had received. 

    "She won't even know if we take some of these gifts," Jaemin sighed out loud.

    "Good luck wearing ladies shoes, Jaemin," Yena scoffed.

    Yena changed into a black gown for the night, gifted to her by Seonghwa, an elegant sleek gown with net sleeves, diamond earrings to go along with it. She let her hair loose, and Seonghwa sucked in his breath when he saw her.

    "Queen Yena of Dark," Seonghwa said, putting his hands on her hips and giving her a lingering kiss, her arms on his shoulders as they rocked back and forth, "I kind of want to ditch the party and make you portal back home."

    "What's with you getting all romantic right before parties," Yena laughed, motioning him to come along before she'd decide that his idea was better.

    The party was as wild as the one they had on her coronation day, if not wilder. The two shared a dance with everyone in the hall before sharing one last dance, music and laughter loud in the hall. 

    Yena had to say this one was wilder- she couldn't fathom how her own court had been 'civil' during her coronation party. Jaehyun told her they all had vowed not to take a single drink for the sake of good first impressions, and Yena told him their strategy had worked.

    Yena was convinced she had the wildest court- even wilder than San's court, or Yeosang's court. Her court members were full of energy, as bright as Seokmin, as they danced and laughed and cracked jokes. Yena downed another drink, smiling at the sight.

    "What do you think?" Seonghwa joined her, downing one drink himself.

    "Chaos, utter chaos," Yena confirmed, making him laugh.

    "Wanna get some air?"

    "You bet."

    The couple slipped through the crowd to the balcony, and Yena took a deep breath as she looked at the sea and the city. She wouldn't be back for a month, and she would miss her home definitely.

    "I'm realizing I've truly been blessed with my magic," Yena laughed, "I can't imagine how we would have managed to be married and running separate kingdoms."

    "I guess Yeosang would have volunteered, but yes," Seonghwa nodded, "It would have been very hard."

    "I got used to portaling," Yena smiled, "It's been what, two years since I came to my kingdom? Time flies."

    "Well," Seonghwa wrapped himself around her back, "You're finally my queen."

    Yena smiled as Seonghwa kissed her neck, "I really, really can't wait to go home."

    "Seonghwa," Yena flushed, "Stop it."

    "Are you suddenly shy?" Seonghwa teased, nibbling at her neck, Yena biting her lips because yes, she was shy, and yes, she couldn't wait to go home either.

    Yena turned around, kissing him before looking at him, caressing his face. "Have I told you you're beautiful?"

    "Today?" Seonghwa thought, "Only about a 100 times, yes."

    Yena grinned, standing beside him, her arm wrapped around his waist and his resting on her shoulder, "And have I told you that I love you, Park Seonghwa?"

    "Yes, my Queen," Seonghwa kissed her head, "Only a million times."


    A/N: This marks the end of the series. Thank you for reading!

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    Seonghwa: have you ever been handcuffed?

    Hongjoong: you mean sexually or by law enforcement?

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    The Letter

    Pairing: Yunho x reader

    Genre: fluff

    Warnings: none

    Summary: those letters came in everyday, the letters would have sweet, beautiful words written in them with candies. You were curious, and let’s say the person behind it was someone you never expected it to be.

    Wc: 2.2k words

    a/n: this is for @yungisstar1117-writes happy birthday!(sorry if I’m a bit late), I actually had this fic in mind and now it is dedicated to you<3 and also @amangooo cause u cute

    You remember the first time you saw the letter stuck to you locker, it was in a cute little envelope sealed with a tiny red heart, at first you thought it was meant for someone else but that was proved wrong when you read it.

    “Hello Y/N if you read this, please know I am not a creep, yeah that’s exactly what creeps say but I hope this letter proves it.
    Anyways, I wanted to say that, I have liked you the moment I laid my eyes on you, the moment I saw your smile I knew I was done for, you really know how to put a man’s heart to rest, I have liked you for a while now yet I have no courage to actually tell you in real life because I get scared around you, scared I’ll mess things up. I’m also scared you would be disappointed to find out it is actually me.
    Well I’ll be enclosing this letter now, there’s a lolipop taped to the back cause I know you like sweets<3
    ~Secret admirer🐶

    The puppy sticker after the adresser was always what made you curious so much more, it had to be a hint to who it was, but you honestly have no idea the more you think about it, whoever this person was, they knew your interests clearly, they knew your schedules so that they wouldn’t get caught, the only thing you could know that they were probably someone close to you.

    “Any idea who it is yet?” Yeosang leans over your shoulders looking at the letter in your hands, you respond with shaking your head, scratching it in confusion, “This is really, stressful for no reason,” you say leaning your back onto your locker facing Yeosang.

    “Well, you said they’re probably someone who knows you, and that the puppy sticker is a hint, then let’s search for who it could be,” Yeosang suggests and your eyebrows lift. “You would do that for me?” you said looking at him with puppy eyes, while Yeosang looked at you in a disgusted manner. “No, I’m just bored,” Yeosang objects.

    You move closer to him in an attempt to hug him. Attempt. He moves away while doing so and you bump into someone, you look up at the tall man standing before you, “Oh Yunho? Sorry,” you look away embarrassed. Yunho gives you a sweet smile, “It’s okay Y/N, what’s that?” he asks pointing at the letter in your hands.

    You put it behind your back, stuttering out words even you couldn’t understand anymore. He laughs at this, patting your head, when he did so you finally looked at him again.

    Yunho was a friend you met around the campus, he was extremely nice to you, his friends and yours also noticed this and teased you a lot for it. But you would always brush it off saying he’s nice to everyone like that.

    “It’s a love letter, Y/N has a secret admirer and we’re gonna find who it is,” Yeosang says looking at Yunho, crossing his arms while leaning his back on the lockers. “Well good luck with that, I-I’m gotta go, bye Y/N...Yeosang,” he leaves after giving you another headpat.

    “Yunho is always so busy,” you say as you watch him walk away, “Or maybe he knows,” you look at Yeosang in confusion and curiosity. “Nevermind, let’s go,” he says in a huff and walks away and you join him.

    The next day, the letter that came was a bit different, you read it carefully.

    Hello Y/N, I don’t know how to say this but I’m glad you have many people around you, great people as a matter of fact, you always have Yeosang look after you, and others like Wooyoung, San......and Yunho! You don’t realise just how precious you are, it makes me just want to wrap you in my arms and never let go sometimes.
    Although I know that these are your friends, especially Yeosang, I do get jealous :( yes I do know I have no right to be and that I’m just a secret admirer to you, but honestly, I’m still too scared, hopefully I would be able to confess (even if you may not accept my confession) before another person snatches you away.
    I adore you so much and I hope that you just have that power to just lure people into your charms.
    I hope you enjoy the chocolate, have a nice day and good luck on you test ;)
    ~Secret admirer🐶

    You told Yeosang about the letter, he laughed at the part where it was written they were jealous of him, and you glared at him. “So, given the fact that you also have a brain, I’m sure you know by now that it’s one of the names he listed.” Yeosang, San, Wooyoung, Yunho.

    You are very familiar with those names, they are all good friends, who helped you with anything honestly. But you wouldn’t find any of them liking you when they treat you only like a little sister.

    The bell rings, interrupting you and Yeosang’s conversation. You both parted to your own respective classrooms, “Hello Y/N, may I sit here? San asks beside you and you nod. The classroom was noisy with the professor not there yet. “That’s a cute pen,” he says while you were doodling on the table, you looked at the pen and smiled, it was one of the many cute gifts that came along with the letter, it had a cute design and on the end was a tiny strawberry (a fake one of course), “Yeah, someone gave it to me.”

    San smirks when you mention it, your ears start getting more heated the more you think about it, there was no way you had actually started to like someone who’s identity was hidden. But then again, those letters always made you feel something, in a way that made you feel loved, appreciated and adored.

    San leans closer to take another good look at the pen, then someone, a certain someone misunderstood it. Two hands pushed your bodies from behind gently, you looked back to see Yunho looking at you guys, but then quickly smiling, “I wanna see too,” he says in a very awkward tone. You slowly hand him the pen, he takes a good look, “It’s cute! I-I’ll be leaving now,” he scratches the back of his neck and walks away with a curse word leaving his mouth.

    “He’s acting weird,” San comments and also starts doodling on the table. Yunho walks out the class to the bathroom, he couldn’t really care the fact that his professor could be in class by now. He sighs sitting on one of the toilets, “I need to talk to you,” he jolts in his seat of the cubicle, “Oh my god Yeosang you scared the shit out of me!”

    “And you’re scaring me with your cringey ass letters,” Yunho was stunned, so he tried to play it dumb, “What letters-” Yeosang rolls his eyes still trapping the tall male from being able to run away, “You know exactly what I mean, ‘good luck for the test’ it’s fucking obvious,” He says in a mocking tone and Yunho sighs giving up.

    “Fine, but can’t we find a better place to talk?” He looks up at Yeosang who thinks about it for a while, he finally responds with a nod, so they head to the rooftop.

    “It’s really obvious, Y/N is just oblivious as fuck,” Yeosang says, Yunho gets shy on his words, all this time he believed he was actually doing a good job at concealing his identity, “Is it so-”

    “Are you gonna confess?” Yeosang asks, forward and stern, “What? I don’t know-” “You should know, so are you planning on just sending letters everyday and watch them walk away with another person?”

    He didn’t respond to what Yeosang just said, because he had no idea how to and also because he hates that Yeosang was right, he can’t just shower you with love through letters all the time especially when you could just end up in someone else’s arms.

    “You’re right, but I don’t know how, I can barely talk to Y/N! My palms get sweaty, my ears start burning up and I stutter, it’s like I am a whole new me!” Yunho says, obviously frustrated and flustered even thinking about it.

    “I could help,” Yeosang offers and Yunho looks up, smiling happily with anticipation. “Really? You would do that for me?” He asks getting closer to Yeosang and Yeosang stops him with his hand, “No, but I’m bored, jesus you guys are really the same.”

    The next day came, you went to your locker, it was unusual, the letter sealed with the little heart wasn’t there, it was weird. It had became a routine to see the letters.

    You hadn’t seen Yeosang for the day either, you just assumed he stayed at home and didn’t bother to tell you. You opened the locker, a paper falls out, you took the heart-shaped paper, that fell on the ground.

    Please meet me after classes at the garden behind the school. There’s something I want to tell you, I hope you make it<3
    ~Secret admirer🐶

    It had made you extremely nervous, you were finally going to meet the person who has been sending you beautifully written letters, who made you feel loved and who made you smile, just with some papers and ink. You put the paper inside your bag and head to class trying not to overthink too much.

    Every hour, minutes and seconds were painful, it was so nerve-wracking. Time passed and the time was here, to finally meet them, you didn’t even realise that all your classmates had gone out.

    You get out of your class, your legs quivered as you did so as you head outside the school, you slowly made way to the opening of the garden, you were met with roses on the ground, all laid on the ground neatly as if someone had left them as a trail.

    You pick up the first,

    Hello, it’s me, and I’m so fucking nervous right now.

    There were the same paper heart from your locker stuck on the stem of the thornless roses

    The second,

    It’s been almost a month since you recieved my letters, and I love to see the smile on your face as you read them.

    Yes, you did, the way you could sense how nervous the sender was just through words would make you smile and giggle.

    The third,

    Honestly, I won’t be surprised if you are disappointed of the result. But what can I do, I really like you but I am too scared.

    You frown at those words, sad they would think of themselves in this manner. You crouched along the ground while picking the roses and reading the letters, not paying attention to the male in front of you.

    The fourth,

    But I finally mustered up some courage, so here I am, standing before you, near the fountain holding a rose.

    You look up, there he was, standing exactly as said, more like written. He opens his mouth to speak up.

    “Sincerely, your secret admirer.”

    He watches your figure that slowly rose up to stand, you eyes laid upon the rose that he held in his hands. “Yunho? It was you?” he hears your voice ask in a soft tone. “Yes,” he answers, “I know that I am such a wreck sometimes, especially around you, and it’s ridiculous how hard I fell for you but-”

    “You’re so cheesy,” you giggle out cutting his sentence short, slowly walking closer, taking the rose he held in his hands. He took some time processing this, he was ready for you to flat out reject him.

    You laughed again after reading the last paper,

    A.k.a Yunho, I really like you Y/N.

    “I really like you too you big puppy.”

    His eyes widen when your arms wrap around him, hugging him tightly. “Wait is this actually happening right now,” he says in disbelief, the good kind, and you laugh, he finally hugs you back, a big smile plastered on his face, like a little kid opening their christmas gift.

    He was so happy, so happy you liked him back, so happy he was hugging you right now.

    You both pull away not letting go of each other’s body just yet, “So can I?” he asks while looking at your lips, and you smile. “Go for it,” he also smiles leaning down planting a soft kiss on your lips.

    His ears turned red after he did so and you laugh at his cute behavior. “Okay stop, this is too disgusting,” Yeosang appears behind you, along with Wooyoung who was just too stunned to speak right now. “Yeosang helped me uh confess,” Yunho says and you smile at Yeosang.

    “Don’t come any closer,” he warns but that wasn’t gonna be enough to stop you, and Yunho, the both of you pull him in a tight hug. “Let me go!” he says pushing you guys away, “I shouldn’t have helped you guys, I hate you guys.”

    “We love you too.”

    a/n: i know its cringe af but please don’t attack me-

    #happy birthday ella<3 #cheesiest thing I ever wrote #but enjoyyy ;-; #ateez ff#ateez fanfic#ateez fluff#ateez imagines#ateez scenarios#yunho#yunho ff#yunho fanfic#yunho scenarios#yunho imagines#yunho fluff #yunho x reader #ateez x reader
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  • nambamjun
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    Long time no see, I do apologize for being absent all this time! This past semester I was taking a creative writing course and that took up a lot of time and a lot of energy, but I’m back now, better than ever, and hopefully a little improved as well!

    I’m currently writing a few different things but I’m focused on one specifically right now, which I’ll hopefully post either before going to bed or tomorrow. Stay tuned, I’m excited to see how y’all like it!

    Love love,

    Ria <3

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    pairing: cheerleader female reader! x badboy!jongho

    genre: fluff, angst, suggestive, high school au

    warnings: reader is a flyer which is the girl being lifted in cheer, reader is also flexible as is required of most cheerleaders in some way, some consentual grabbing, insults, talk of drug dealing, social cliques, swearing/cursing, reader gets called princess by Jongho probably too many times

    word count: 5k

    summary: after an accident with a soccer ball and a tackle, the school's bad boy had an eye out for you, but not in the way you were warned about.

    writer comments: I had trouble picking the member for this one. I wanted to have something for a member who I have yet to write for, so take bad boy Jongho. As always please enjoy!

    In no way do I claim to know or believe that any of the Ateez members act this way. All the names used besides Ateez are from my imagination. This writing is property of the author, please do not translate or reuse or take credit for my work.

    The counting of the cheer team's captain was audible across the field as you were hoisted into the air. A bright smile stayed on your face just the way it had been when you were lifted since the start of your grade 9 year.

    "5, 6, 7, 8!" You heard, and you were thrown into the air.

    Immediately you did your designated move, a smile, and a wink to an empty set of bleachers as you launched into a straddle jump, tucking back in as you fell into the arms of the three people who had thrown you mere seconds before.

    "Good! Now let's do jumps, you know your lines!" Your captain called and everyone took their places.

    Moving to the front left corner of the group, you stretched your aching limbs quickly before once again the counting started, and your team began their jumps.

    Suddenly, shouting from the soccer team across the field was heard, some of the girls on the squad halting their jumps to find out the reasons for the boys screaming, and eventually you gave in as well.

    Turning around, your eyes went wide at the sight of a soccer ball flying straight towards you. Arms coming up to block your face you braced for impact but were met with one completely different.

    Out of nowhere, some raced towards you and tackled you to the ground, the soccer ball successfully flying towards the bleaches and missing you entirely.

    Groaning softly at the harsh field under you, you opened your eyes, eyes widening as you saw who had saved you. Your school's bad boy Choi Jongho laid on top of you.

    "You good there princess?” He asked, chuckling as he watched the shock on your face turn to annoyance.

    "Get off me please “You grumbled, and he laughed as he leaned in closer to you.

    "I don't know, I'm kind of comfortable here." He said before shaking his head and rolling off you, straightening out leather jacket he always wore as he pulled you up without a word, holding you to him by the waist.

    "Sorry, y/n! The angle was off." A voice said from behind you, your eyes turning up to look towards the soccer teams star winger, Mingi.

    "It's fine, I'm okay anyways. No harm done!" You answered and Jongho let out a scoff at your words, rolling his eyes as he let you go and glared at the smiling soccer player.

    "I didn't know near decapitation wasn't harmful. Watch where you're kicking that thing Song." He spat, gaze traveling over to you for a moment, "And when people are screaming, try to pay attention princess." He said before walking back off the field and to his group of ruffians.

    The watched him with amused gazes, whistling and laughing as they walked away with him, off the field and presumably to their cars.

    "Hs trouble that guy." Your team captain suddenly said, making you furrow your eyebrows at her words.

    In all your years at the school you had never spoken to Jongho, or his friends. They were in different social circles, different classes, you went to different parties and did different things. Yu had never been in the same place for more than ten minutes.

    "I don't see why he's so bad Reyna. He saved me from a concussion, and he doesn't even know me." You said back, unconvinced that he was as bad as people said.

    "Just wait until he's threatening you to give him your car keys or stealing your assignments and shredding them. Apparently, he even keyed the principal’s car." Reyna said, flicking a strand of her long hair out of her face. "For the safety of that pretty little mini cooper you have I suggest you don't go near him.”

    Nodding your head, you rolled your shoulder's back and sighed.

    He really didn’t' seem that bad.


    Luck didn't seem to be on your side. Your grey mini cooper gifted to you as a birthday gift wasn't starting.

    "You've got to be kidding me." You groaned, leaning against the steering wheel as you huffed in frustration.

    Slowly, you got out of your car, pulling your key from the ignition, and pulling your phone from your bag, scrolling through your contacts to call your mom.

    "What are you up to there princess?" A voice sounded from beside you causing you to jump and swing your arm in defense. It was caught with ease and once you calmed down, you saw for the second time today, the infamous Choi Jongho.

    "M-my car's not starting." You answered immediately, watching as he titled his head and let go of your arm, holding out his without a word. Staring at it dumbly, you pouted at his actions before a scoff left him.

    "Give me your keys." He said simply, and your head snapped up.

    "Why?” You asked, and he shook his head.

    "If you want me to fix it, give me your keys." He said, shaking his outstretched hand slightly that you slowly put your keys into.

    Jongho took them and immediately unlocked your door, putting them in the ignition and trying it, raising his eyebrows as it didn't start before reaching his hand down and popping the hood open. He walked around you and to the front of your vehicle.

    "What are you doing?" You asked, frowning, and leaning over to look at the cluster of wires and metal he looked at as he discarded his jacket, and held it out for you to hold.

    "Making sure you can get home today without a tow truck. Now take this, or I won't fix it." He said, voice showing his growing irritation.

    The warnings of your friend rang out through your mind, and you immediately took his jacket, folding it over your arm and biting your lip, mumbling an apology.

    His eyes ran over you, and he frowned at your sudden change. Shrugging it off for the moment, he fiddled around with your car, tugging, and pulling at things while your eyes stayed on him the entire time.

    "Are you trying to burn a hole in my head princess?" He asked suddenly your face flushing hearing his words.

    You hadn't realized you were staring at him, he just seemed to capture your attention, it just seemed like the only thing to do.

    "I'm sorry" you said, rubbing at the pack of your neck and watching as he closed the hood of your car before getting into it. He turned the key, and your mini cooper roared to life making you squeal happily, while he eyed you.

    "There, you're all set." He said, climbing out of the driver's seat and looking down at you. He reached out, and after a moment of confusion your eyes widened as he held out his jacket to him, the flush returning to y our face as a smirk crossed his.

    "Thanks for your help. D-did you... want a ride?” You asked, feeling like you should return the favour. But Jongho only shook his head as he slipped the black leather over his broad shoulders.

    "I'm good, I'm taking my bike home.” He answered, a hand running through his dyed red hair.

    "Like a bicycle? Aren't you a senior?" You questioned, tilting your head as your eyebrows crashed together.

    "No princess, a motorcycle." He said, pulling out the keys that were similar to yours and pointing to the bike 2 parking spaces from you.

    You seemed to keep embarrassing yourself in front of him today.

    "See you tomorrow princess." He said suddenly, and before you could answer, he was on his bike and revving the engine as he sped away from the school. Watching him go, you didn't understand how people thought he was a bad guy.

    "ARE YOU FUCKING SERIOUS! THAT ASS KEYED MY CAR!" You heard from behind you, turning to see Mingi next to his car with a long metallic line across his driver's side door.

    Okay, maybe he was a little bad.


    Your night had been eventful, homework taking hours, an awkward dinner with your family, then bed. You had woken up to the sound of your alarm blaring before getting ready and hopping in your car and travelling the 10 minutes it takes you to get from your home to the school.

    When you arrived, you parked in the same spot you had every year as you adjusted the flannel you wore that slightly hid the cropped top you had paired with it. You stepped out of your car before locking it and making your way inside.

    Your friends from the cheer team, including Reyna were waiting for you by the front door, smiles and laughs echoing from them as you appeared and joined in. Out of the corner of your eyes, you could see Jongho and his friends by the steps at a side entrance, some with cigarettes ad lighters, others with a girl wrapped around them, or Jongho eyeing an apple he had in his hand.

    "Earth to y/n!" Reyna called, tapping your shoulder as you jump at the touch.

    "Sorry, what was that?" You asked softly, biting your lip, and smiling at them.

    "I swear your head is in the clouds. Did you hear about Mingi's car? It got wrecked yesterday and I have it on good authority that it was Choi Jongho. He's such a psycho. Why would he do that? It's sick." She said before your friend Bree chimed in with a shake of her head.

    "I don't know, Jongho is kind of hot. Like scary as hell but the appeal is there." Bree said, biting her lip as she looked towards the group oof them.

    You couldn't help but dislike the words of both your friends. From the encounters you had with him which was most likely more than both of them combined, he seemed normal. Nice even. A little prickly and rough around the edges but overall, a stand-up guy.

    "He seems nice to me. He saved me yesterday, and even fixed my car when it wouldn't start." You said, feeling somewhat protective over him though you just met him.

    "I bet he's the one who screwed up your engine in the first place, to lure you into his spiderweb so he can make you do what he wants." A deep voice said behind you and rolled your eyes as Mingi, and his best friend and co-captain Yunho joined you and your two friends.

    "Calm down you child, you don't even know if he was the one who keyed your car. Don't jump to conclusions." Yunho said, shaking his head and smiling happily towards you, arm wrapping around your shoulder as he looked at the group of guys, he happened to share a class with.

    "I was his lab partner last year, he's actually pretty smart and puts in work. I think he got a better grade than me." Yunho said, eyes connecting with Jongho's who looked him up and down. Tilting his head, Jongho held the apple in his hand with both hands and split it straight in half, motioning towards his arm on your shoulder and shaking his head while you stayed oblivious.

    When Yunho pulled his arm away you turned to him, noticing his nervous look, you followed his gaze to where Jongho was. When he felt your eyes on him, he smirked, walking towards you and your friends making Yunho back away from you even more.

    "What does he think he's doing?" Reyna said, pulling Mingi to stand in front of him as Jongho waved at you.

    "How are you this morning princess?" Jongho asked, tilting his head, and looking you up and down. "Did you eat your breakfast?" He added after a moment.

    Shaking your head, you shrugged with a small smile. " I'm fine, and no. I don't eat breakfast." You said simply, tilting your head. "Did you?"

    " Of course, I did, but so should you." He said, grabbing your wrist and pulling you closer to him as he put one half of the split apple into your hand.

    "Go away you psycho. Back your little band of criminals." Reyna hissed causing Jongho to move his attention away from you.

    "Interesting. Aren't you the one dating a dealer?" He retorted, chuckling darkly at the look on her face. "That's what I thought."

    Turning back towards you, he pat your head and smirked at the colour draining from your face. "I'll see you later princess." He said in amusement, walking away from you and your group and leaving you all stunned as the warning bell rang out.

    The school day went by the same as any other, dull, and full of your teacher's droning on about topics that truly didn't matter to you. When the final bell rang, you couldn't have left the classroom faster as you raced to your locker and knocking into someone on the way.

    Their arm wrapped around your waist as you stumbled to steady you, and you immediately knew who it was. "What's the rush princess?"

    "S-sorry Jongho, I wasn't paying attention." You mumbled, leaning slightly away from him.

    Jongho didn't like that however, tightening his hold around your waist and smirking devishly at you. "That was clear enough, you have practice today miss cheerleader?" he asked, wiggling his eyebrows at you and making you laugh, a smile breaking out onto your face.

    Shaking your head, you laid your hand on his chest to lightly push him off once again, "We don't practice Fridays, so I get to go home early." You answered, rolling your eyes when he looked at you in fake shock.

    "I thought breaks weren't allowed with you people, but if that's the case…” he paused, moving a strand of your hair behind your ear, "let's go out to eat."

    Surprised by his words, you tilted your head, looking at him seriously. "Is this the part where you utter me up before you rob me or something?" You asked with a joking tone causing him to throw his head back in laughter.

    "No robbing you or anyone else I promise. I want to take you on a ride and buy you dinner." He said, loosening his grip on you but keeping it tight enough that you couldn't slip away.

    "If I say yes, will you let me go?" You asked and he grinned widely, shaking his head.

    "Doubtfully, but there’s always a chance." He said, leaning in, his lips grazing your ear. "Or we could skip the formalities and go somewhere private. I just thought wining and dining you was a better tactic considering you’re the only girl I can stand."

    His words sent a shiver down your spine and slowly you nodded, biting your lip harshly and letting out a shaky breath as his closeness quickly spiked your nerves.

    "I'll go out with you. I-i mean to eat with you. Just let me grab my stuff." You slowly answered and he nodded, "Sure, lead the-"

    "Don't touch her you freak!"

    Jongho sighed and turned his attention away from you as you both looked towards the outburst. You hadn't noticed the amount of people watching you and it made the situation more awkward than it already was.

    Mingi and Reyna and her boyfriend stood a few feet away, Mingi crossing his arms to try to look threatening while the cheer captain spit her words in your faces, her boyfriend smirking at the sight.

    Attempting to pull away from Jongho to diffuse the situation, you gently shoved at his chest but once again he tightened his hold on you, dragging you away from your locker that had been behind you.

    "You can have her back later; I'm taking her for the day." Is all he said as you both disappeared into the parking lot.

    Somehow Jongho had convinced you to get on his motorcycle and you severely regretted it. As you climbed off the bike, he laughed at the pout on your face, hair a mess around you from the wind, and eyes blown wide as you make dramatic spitting sounds.

    "It wasn't that bad princess; I wasn't even speeding." He said, standing up from the bike after parking it and putting the keys in his pocket.

    Moving towards you, he pulled the helmet off your head that he had placed there from before, settling it beside the one he had taken from his own head.

    "Come on, let's go." He said, arm gently wrapping around your waist as he gently pulled you inside.

    It was like a diner from one of those movies based in the 60's. The floor checkered with colourful booths and stools, the jukebox in the corner playing a random song you couldn't name, the waitresses dress in poodle skirts, cooks in colourful polos.

    It was like a scene from a movie, and clearly Jongho loved it as much as you. He laughed at the joy and awe written across your face as he led you to a booth in the middle of the diner, eyes not even scanning the menu as he chuckled at you who was still not over the environment you were in.

    " You look like a frog trying to catch flies with your mouth opened like that." He teased, waving over an older woman who greeted him warmly.

    "Jongho dear! Nice to see you, and I see you've finally brought a girl with you. The other staff had begun to whisper." She said jokingly she wrote on her notepad, "the usual for you?"

    Jongho nodded, leaning back against the cushions of the booth, "Yes ma'am. What about you princess. See anything interesting?" He asked you, smiling. He was very interested in your choice.

    "Could I just get the burger and fries, extra pickles please and a vanilla milkshake with it?" You asked the woman and she laughed, confusing you.

    "Jongho this one's a keeper. We'll be right out with your food lovebirds." She said, walking back behind the counter and into the kitchen.

    "Why did she say that? Did I say something?" You were utterly confused as to what was going on, the woman was sweet and kind but so incredibly intimidating to you for some reason, and as you went through different stages of panic, the boy across from you only laughed and shook his head.

    "You didn’t do anything. That woman's name is Catharine. She told me the only person I should bring here was someone who makes me smile and gets the same order as me." He explained with a shrug, your eyes widening.

    "I got the same thing as you?"

    "Everything down to the extra pickles love." He said, smiling and it made your heart flutter. He was too good to be true.

    The two of you talked on and on, the conversation easy and more enjoyable than half the conversations you had with your friends. You found out that he was interested in music and the gym. Interesting combination. He learned that you hated coffee which he had many opinions on.

    "How can you not like coffee?! It's like the lifeblood of every high school student!" He protested, making you shake your head.

    "Keep your dirty bean water away from me." You said, making him laugh so loudly that it had everyone looking at the two of you as Catharine grinned from the kitchen.

    He also found out that Reyna had tried to make you a base in your first year for the cheerleading team and put you in the back for jumps.

    "I honestly think you should be center. You're the most talented one, and the least fake. Your friend Reyna is no exception I'm sorry to say." He said, popping a fry into his mouth as you choked on your milkshake as you laughed.

    "She's not that bad... Okay that's a lie. But I don't know. Our school is based mostly on grouping people, and I don't know if I'm ready to go alone yet. Reyna needs to be number 1 at everything but I don't care, as long as she doesn't come after me for it. I just sty out of her way." You said shrugging and making him frown.

    "Y/n. You shouldn't make yourself seem like less to make her egotistic self happy. You shouldn't do it for anyone, and if she was really your friend, she would let you shine the way that you clearly do." He said seriously, grabbing your hand from across the table. "You got my attention because of that sparkle, don't let her fizzle it out."

    HIs words hit you hard at the realization that your friend might not truly care about you. She seemed to want to beat you in everything, her opinions on anyone who wasn't her or her boyfriend were cruel, and she had even tried to make fun of your other friend Bree in the past. Jongho just seemed to put things into perspective.

    This perspective made you conclude that it needed to change. You wouldn’t live in Reyna's shadow anymore, and you wouldn't let her do that to the rest of your friends either.


    You spent the entire weekend with Jongho after your diner date, and then every weekend after that for 3 weeks.

    Everything you ever heard about him was proven false in that short time. After taking you back to the school that night, he asked you to go for breakfast with him the following day to which you agreed. It led to you frolicking around the city all day on the back of his motorcycle and ending to dinner with him and your family. Your dad surprisingly liked him, and your mom was elated at you bringing a boy over. Your two siblings didn't care until he was teaming up with them to sabotage you in Mario cart.

    This particular Sunday was full of movies and long walks spent again at your house, but in your room. Door opened of course as per your parents request as the both of you leaned back against your headboard. You had started to watch gossip girl together when you insisted, he would like it and although Jongho had whined he seemed to be the most into it now, halfway into the first season as he held your hand in his.

    "These actors kiss like shit. This is garbage. No girl would like that." He complained, sitting up more as he got more into the show, your gaze moving to him as you laughed and titled your head.

    "Oh really? Then what do they like?" You asked teasingly, and Jongho immediately turned his gaze down to yours.

    "It would be easier if I demonstrated in this case." He said, slowly leaning in.

    Holding your breath, you closed your eyes tight and heard him chuckle as he rolled to hover on top of your, lips grazing your ear. "Say the word and I'll back off princess." He whispered, but you said nothing.

    You didn't want him to stop. In fact, you wanted him to do more. So, you wrapped your arms gently around his neck, peeking up at him as you pulled him away from your ear by his hair. "Keep going."

    With the green light from you, Jongho leaned down and pressed his lips to yours, kissing you passionately but softly. He tasted like cherry lip balm and the mangoes your mom made you snack on earlier, and you pulled him in wanting more. The kisses turned more passionate and rougher as he slowly slid his tongue into your mouth, hands gripping hard at your hips and moving to squeeze your butt before he stopped completely and pulled away, pecking the top of your head, and chuckling when you blink at him with wide eyes and a pout.

    “I just met your parents; I can't deflower their precious daughter before I'm with her for at least a few weeks." He joked, pointing to the open door as he stroked your cheek gently.

    "Who said we're together? You never asked me out." You said, leaning into his touch, as he pulled you towards him, settling your head on his chest as he looked back towards the tv screen.

    "I said so. You're my girl now princess."


    Monday morning was chaos to say the least.

    You arrived with Jongho on his bike and walked towards the front entrance with his arm wrapped tightly around your waist, both your bags in his free hand. Making your way over to his friends who practically cheered at the development, you couldn't ignore the screeches coming from the cheer captain as she witnessed the scene.

    " Y/n what are you doing?! You're not supposed to be over here, that's the rules." She snapped, her boyfriend rolling his eyes as Mingi, Yunho, and Bree all looked at each other in confusion.

    "That was a rule?" Yunho asked, receiving a glare that left him laughing awkwardly and rubbing the back of his neck.

    "Run along you priss. We were having a good time before you showed up, one of Jongho's friends; Hongjoong grumbled, the girl attached to him, playing with his hair to try and calm him.

    "Agreed. Beat it." Your boyfriend said, pecking your cheek and smiling down at you as you pouted and leaned up to whisper in his ear.

    When he nodded, your smile grew against your face that he matched with a grin of his own before realizing that Reyna had started her incessant blabbering again.

    "-and you’re going to be kicked off the team because you’re hanging out with a ruffian, and he's not going to do anything in life and neither are you, you selfish-" She stammered on before Yunho's large hand covered her mouth, for his safety as much as hers.

    "I don't suggest you finish that thought." He said before slowly releasing her.

    "If you guys want, you can join us. We're planning a game night and Uno would be crazy with more people and an extra deck of cards." You said, smiling over at Bree who laughed, knowing that she was the one with the second deck.

    "We'll pass losers. Come on. Let's go" Reyna said, glaring at you and waving her hand for the others to follow as you looked at them with hopeful eyes.

    You hoped they were happy for you and wanted to be part of it.

    After a clear amount of debate from him, Yunho stepped forward towards the large group and smiled, "Can I bring scrabble?" He asked lightly, making a smile cross your face as you nod.

    "Bree?" You asked hesitantly and she looked between you and Reyna before nodding.

    "Fuck it, I'm really interested in this extreme Uno. I'm convinced." she said, the flirtiest of Jongho's friends making his way over to her and smiling. "Maybe we can do teams? Show them how its done?" Wooyoung asked her causing Bree to nervously giggle and nod.

    Finally, you looked towards Mingi. The boy who was still convinced that Jongho keyed his car, watched you with a pained look at you, Bree and Yunho all looked at him like lost puppies.

    "Guys... don't look at me like that" he whined, rubbing a hand down his face before nodding with a sigh. "Fine. But there better be some good snacks." He conceded, making you all cheer as Jongho laughed, gently moving a strand of hair behind your ear.

    "You're joking right? You're going to hang out with these criminals? These freaks? You're done at this school. You'll be nobodies!" She screamed in anger, the scene she was causing more embarrassing for her and her boyfriend than you.

    Smiling slightly at her, you shrugged your shoulders, titling your head, you went to speak before Jongho jumped in.

    "It doesn't matter. You're too obsessed with being better than everyone to be friends with anyone. If you figure out how to be happy with your personal best then we'll talk." He said, as the large group od you headed inside the school.


    Sitting around the large table in Hongjoong's basement you smiled. All your friends surrounding you, new and old as they yelled, screamed, and fought with each other, game after game as the hours passed by in a flash.

    Getting up from where you had been watching Yunho and Bree destroy Hongjoong and Wooyoung at scrabbled, you made your way to the kitchen area, pulling one of the juice boxes you refused to leave the grocery store without from the fridge.

    Sticking the straw into the drink, you smiled and giggled as strong arms wrapped around your torso, and gentle kisses touched your neck.

    "Having fun princess?" Jongho asked, kissing your neck gently afterwards and smiling when he notices the flush on your cheeks.

    "Yes, it's so nice to have everyone together. Speaking of everyone, stop kissing my neck like that, if they catch us, they won't leave me alone." You said with a pout, and he shook his head with a grin, turning you to face him and pressing you into the counter behind you.

    "You're so cute when you're shy love." He said, patting your head and holding you to his chest.

    "Aren't you glad you listened to me about her?" He asked, rubbing your back as you slowly nodded.

    "Yeah, I am, because for once I'm not afraid of her, and I got picked first."

    And as your gorgeous boyfriend let out a laugh, and you both rejoined your friends in the main area you realized how lucky you were.

    Jongho and you friends had chosen you first and it made all the difference.



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