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    Ateez reaction to having a flirty crush

    A/N - requested by anon! I wanted to play around with this idea more, as I have already done this reaction for Stray Kids. I also wrote this with a gender neutral reader too, I hope you enjoy!

    Disclaimer: This does not represent any of the members in real life. This is a work of fiction and intended for entertainment purposes only.


    Hongjoong watches from across the room as you laugh over something Yeosang said. He understands that Yeosang is a funny guy, but judging by the way you pretty much throw yourself into him as you laugh uncontrollably makes Hongjoong question if you are genuine.

    He knows you can come across as more forward than most, you have a flirty personality, which is one of the reasons so many people like you. And maybe it’s just the bitterness Hongjoong feels because it’s not him that you’re giving your attention to, but he’s certain that you’re just trying to get a raise out of him.

    He’s not stupid. He sees the way you send him subtle glances every now and again. He knows you’re checking to make sure he’s still watching you.

    But then you take things a little too far. Hongjoong sucks in a breath through his gritted teeth as he watches you lean in to press a tender kiss to Yeosang’s cheek.

    “Dude, you ok?” Hongjoong is snapped out of watching you by Jongho. He feels a little embarrassed that he’s been caught staring, clearing his throat and forcing a smile onto his face.

    “Yeah, must have zoned out.” He chuckles. Jongho nods in response as Hongjoong stands up and makes his way out of the room.

    Maybe taking some time away from watching you is in his best interest. And as he flops onto his bed he feels his heart sink a little at the thought of you having feelings for someone else.


    Your close friendship with Seonghwa was exactly that, a close friendship. There’s nothing more going on when it’s just the two of you alone and you both know that. The annoying thing is, others don’t. There’s always some comment or gossip going around your group of friends that the two of you are secretly together. I mean, it doesn’t really help that you act quite domestic towards each other, but Seonghwa is naturally very caring and you enjoy helping him out when you can see he’s incredibly stressed. You also have your fair share of petty arguments, over things like putting the empty milk carton back in the fridge and not cleaning away your mess straight after making food.

    Despite your messiness and how you generally get on his nerves, Seonghwa has become very fond of you over the course of your friendship. To the point where he looks forward to doing the mundane everyday chores if he knows you’ll be around. What started as denial over the little flips his stomach would make when you’d accidentally brush his hand while accepting the plate from him during washing up, turned into full blown heart palpitations just from seeing your smile or making you laugh. He’s head over heals for you. And it’s also probably why he can’t stand seeing anyone flirting with you, or you flirting back.

    But you love a little flirting, it’s harmless and allows for a more lighthearted conversation. You do admit that sometimes it does go a little too far and you have found yourself in some uncomfortable situations because people think you want them. That’s why you’re so grateful for Seonghwa, he’s always reliable and will protect you with his whole being if he has to. Exactly as he is now.

    You see, you’d found yourself trapped in a corner, so to speak. The party drawing to its end and people beginning to finally head home. Except for the guy you’d been talking to. You hadn’t meant to talk to this stranger for so long, but he’d obviously taken your flirty nature as something more.

    Your eyes search the room for any of your friends, hoping to make eye contact with one of them as a signal for them to come and save you. But none of them are in sight.

    You’re pretty sure you saw Mingi over by the bar not too long ago and you pray he’s still there.

    “Ready to go?” You lightly jump when you feel a hand on your shoulder, your head snapping to see who it belongs to.

    “Oh, yeah.” You breathlessly exhale, a smile forming on your face when you see that it’s Seonghwa. He must have been looking for you and judging by the glare he sends towards the man who’s been flirting with you, you know he’s witnessed more than enough.

    You feel your anxiety instantly ease just from his presence; you’re safe with him around.

    “I don’t think they want to go with you.” The guy speaks up, puffing out his chest in an attempt to be intimidating. But Seonghwa isn’t phased because if things were to ever get out of hand then he’d release his secret weapon: Jongho.

    “Why wouldn’t they want to leave with their boyfriend?” Seonghwa raises his brow in condescending question, a triumphant smirk adorning his face when the guy’s cocky expression falls. “Come on.” Seonghwa takes your hand and leads you away before any more can be said.

    To say you’re in shock is an understatement, although you’re not opposed to Seonghwa declaring himself as your boyfriend and you decide that you’re gonna make that clear to him from now on.


    Initially disheartened by your flirtatiousness towards your group of friends, Yunho soon realised that you were none to wiser to the affects you had on people in that way.

    Although it did make him wonder if your actions towards him were genuine or not. But would you really lead him on like that? Especially as he is one of your closest friends.

    It’s just your average Friday evening, Yunho had invited you over to hang out and the second you’d received his message you’d rushed over to see him. You love spending time with him one on one, not that you’ve ever told him that. You are sure it’s way too vulnerable to reveal and would probably make Yunho feel awkward.

    “Go to sleep.” Yunho delicately whispers, stroking his fingers soothingly through your hair; he knows exactly how to get you to relax.

    You’re half way through the second movie of the evening and you’d begun to feel very sleepy. Cuddled into Yunho’s side, his chest slowly moving with each inhale and exhale and the dimly lit room so tranquil you can’t resist your eyes fluttering shut.

    “You’re so cozy, like a giant teddy bear.” You exhale, smiling triumphantly when you feel Yunho’s chest vibrate with hushed laughter.

    Yunho smiles down at you affectionately. “How are you always so beautiful.” He mumbles to himself when he is sure you are no longer able to hear him. But his eyes widen in shock when he feels your arms squeeze him in response.

    “I could say the same about you.” You utter before finally allowing yourself to fall asleep.


    Yeosang has noticed that over the last few weeks you’d been a lot more flirty towards him. Ever since he’d started working out, and begun wearing clothes that showed his muscles, you’d been way more attentive towards him.

    At first he simply shrugged it off, knowing that you’d done the same to the other members when they had gone through the same obsession with working out. But then Yeosang began to notice how, even when he hadn’t just gotten back from the gym or when he’d been slouched around all day in oversized clothes, that you continued to flirt.

    Of course, he’s not opposed to it at all. Yeosang has always found you incredibly attractive. In fact, you’re his longest crush. It’s just, your reputation doesn’t exactly do you any favours…

    “Yeosangie~” You call his name as you rush up and greet him with a hug. He, of course, welcomes you into his arms willingly, momentarily indulging in the feeling of holding you close. He can never seem to wipe the smile off his face when you are around.

    He was hoping to ask you to hang out with him this evening. After days, weeks even, of going back and forth in his head on if he should finally make a move, tonight was the night.

    “(Y/N), ready to go?” Wooyoung pokes his head around the doorframe, shooting you a warm smile before casting the same gaze to Yeosang.

    “Where are you guys going?” Yeosang forces his smile to stay when you pull away, watching as you quickly pick up your bag from the table.

    “Just out with Woo for food.” You simply state.

    But Yeosang doesn’t get a chance to respond before you’re out the door. His smile finally falling from his face as the silence settles around him.


    Portraying that he is unbothered is more difficult than San had initially anticipated. But he’s not going down without a fight. Instead he directly watches as you continue your flirty ministrations with Yunho. San’s eyes follow as your hand brushes it’s way along Yunho’s arm and you admire every toned muscle your fingers delicately dance along.

    Are you aware of the daggers being sent in your direction? Yes. And have you been trying to make San so jealous that he can no longer handle being in the same room as you? Also yes.

    It’s his fault anyway. I mean, he shouldn’t have rejected you if he knew it was going to annoy him so much to see you doing the same tricks to someone else. Even more so when it’s one of his closest friends. But when you’d confessed to him and he’d told you he can’t date you because you’re too flirty with others, you were hurt beyond belief and vowed to make him regret it… even if that meant proving him right.

    San’s jaw clenches when he notices you move Yunho’s hand to rest on your thigh. It’s an innocent enough action to not arouse any attention from the others in the room. But, simultaneously, enough to push San closer to breaking point.

    Then you make eye contact. Your taunting smirk making San see red as he jolts up from his seat and marches out of the room, fists clenched on either side.

    After a few minutes without his return, you decide to seek him out, making an excuse of needing to use the bathroom before exiting the room.

    “Looking for me?” You jump from his unexpected presence. Spinning around to face him properly. There’s a menacing glint in his eyes as he viciously grins down at you.

    “No need to speak. I think it’s clear your excuses are useless when we both know you’ve been trying to make me jealous.” San sneers at you. His tone is condescending and would normally make you want to bite back, except you don’t.

    “You’re the one who rejected me.” Your wide eyes plead up at him, trying to evoke even an ounce of sympathy.

    “And you’re the one that made me regret it.” San counteracts mockingly with a raise of his brow.


    Mingi loves when he receives lots of attention from you. It fills his heart with so much joy whenever you make a fuss over him or ask him to hang out, and your natural flirtatiousness is a whole other level that Mingi doesn’t allow himself to think about too often. What Mingi dislikes, however, is when others make a fuss over you. Not because he doesn’t think you deserve it, but because he wants to be the only one who showers you in love and adoration. He’s quite sensitive when it comes to you. The protective but also needs protecting type, if you know what I mean. Which is why he gets jealous easily.

    Everyone can see that he’s in denial of how he feels; nothing’s ever been clearer than the fact that he’s crushing on you. And crushing hard. But no one has been able to get him to admit it. After all, you’re best friends. He’d never want to mess that up.

    “What do you think?” You jokingly spin around, showing Mingi the outfit you are planning to wear to your friends birthday dinner. You wait for his approval, or for any comment really. But after a noticeable length of silence you pause to see if he’s ok. “Mingi?” You wave your hand in his face, concern clouding your features as he stares at you completely speechless.

    “Sorry.” He suddenly blinks back into reality. “You look stunning.” He shyly smiles, hoping that you don’t notice the affect you have on him right now. He’s simultaneously embarrassed by being so awestruck by your beauty and flustered, once again by your beauty.

    “You really think so?” You seek for more confirmation, wanting to make sure that you really do look alright.

    Mingi simply nods yes, his mind spinning with thoughts. There’s so many things he wants to say to you, but he can never seem to find the right words to express his true emotions… or at least not until he’s lying awake in bed at 3am.

    Mingi watches attentively as San walks past and stops to tell you how incredible you look. The way you blush at San’s compliment and accept his hand as he takes yours and twirls you around to get a good look, elated laughter escaping you in response; it’s almost too much for Mingi to watch passively.

    And as you are led away by San, Mingi in tow, he has to remind himself that you aren’t his. Well, yet at least…


    You’ve always been a little more confident than most when it comes to making a move on someone. Wooyoung knew that about you way before he developed his little crush. But that doesn’t mean he finds it any easier to see you flirt with others.

    He just doesn’t understand. Why is it that you are so openly flirty with the majority of people but never with him. Is he repulsive to you? He’s not entirely sure. But whatever is it, Wooyoung is determined to get to the bottom of it. That’s why he invited you over, to confront you about it.

    You sit expectantly, watching him with wide, curious eyes as he fidgets around, unable to sit still for more than a second.

    “Wooyoung.” His freezes the second your hand touches his wrist, his name falling off your lips simultaneously.

    He’s stiff and expressionless, his sole focus on his pounding heart and the velvety feel of your palm on his skin.

    “What was it you wanted to tell me?” Your voice is soft as your strikingly vibrant orbs focus worriedly onto him.

    “I-” he sighs. “I just wanted to know… am I attractive to you?”

    You watch as he sucks in a breath, waiting anxiously for you to answer. Except you are speechless.

    “Of course! Why would you think not?” You utter sincerely, your attention not once leaving his face.

    “Because I see you flirting with everyone else, but never me.” He mumbles, almost schoolboy-like through the way he pouts.

    His face contorts to one of confusion when he hears your pearls of laughter.

    “That’s because none of them mean anything close to what you mean to me.” You confess, happy to see a triumphant smile adorn his face.


    There’s two ways Jongho deliberates behaving when it comes to you. On the one hand he wants to be confident and bold, capturing your attention away from all distractions so that your only thoughts are of him. On the other, and more realistic hand, he remains quieter, more reserved and acts simply as a comforting presence you feel you can turn to for anything.

    He’s an observer, his focus only on you. It’s like the instant you enter a room he’s mesmerised. Captivated by the way you seem to so naturally intertwine in amongst everyone, leaving smiles and satisfied laughter in your wake as you move onto the next lucky person.

    What Jongho misses, however, is how attentive you are towards him. It’s like he’s so focused on how you treat others, that he is oblivious to the way you act around him. All the iridescently light laughter you give others become timid giggles around him. And no affectionate hug with a friend can even come close to the tingling, hair raising, electrifying sensation that a delicate, and accidental, brush of skin with Jongho does.

    It’s like you both mellow around each other. A perfect mirroring of behaviour, and yet, neither of you have noticed.

    Jongho watches as you interact with your shared group of friends, your hand slowly reaching out to land on the shoulder of your friends adjacent to you as you heartily laugh. Many have mistaken your friendly affections as flirtatious advances. But you have no such intentions, you’re just a touchy person.

    A wide smile stretches across Jongho’s face when you cast your gaze around the room briefly and meet his stare.

    “Am I really so captivating that you can’t look away?” You tease, cheeky grin consuming your face and hiding that fact that your red tinted cheeks are actually from how nervous he makes you.

    “Always.” His answer is simple, yet it makes your head spin in a dizzying haze. That’s how you know Jongho is different from the rest. And also the very reason you struggle to flirt with him.

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    hello, dear. welcome to thea's profile. <33 ⠀⠀⠀ what can you do here ??


    you can request

    yandere roleplay with idols , ships ( it can be yandere or not ) , scenarios and moodboards through ask.


    idols you can ask for

    enhypen , txt , the boyz , ateez , nct ( all units ) , itzy.


    enjoy your stay !!

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    slipping - park seonghwa

    park seonghwa x gender neutral!reader

    tw - hurt/comfort, established relationship, disordered behaviours (disorder not otherwise specified), mentions of past disorders/illness

    word count: 1.5k

    Seonghwa knows you well. Not as well as he knows himself and sometimes not as well as he knows his members, but he knows you well enough to tell when something's wrong. He also knows you well enough that he can tell when something's wrong before you can.

    It starts with a walk. Seonghwa has the day off and he's sure that you know this because he made a point of it to let you know beforehand. There’s a new restaurant he's been interested in visiting and he'd even rented a few movies online with the hopes of spending the afternoon and evening with you before the boys would begin to filter back into the dorm. But when he calls you in the morning, you tell him that you forgot.

    "Oh," Seonghwa breathes, toying with his bedsheets. He tries to hide the disappointment in his voice. "Do you want to come over anyway? We could order food instead."

    "Yeah, I just have to get home first," your answer comes. Seonghwa frowns and after straining himself to listen, he can hear cars on your end of the call.

    "Baby, where are you? The weather's awful today," he says, getting out of bed and pulling open the curtain to find that, sure enough, the weather outside is miserable.

    "I don't know what this place is called," you mumble into the phone.

    "Do you want me to come pick you up?" Sepnghwa offers. There's a moment of silence so long that for a moment he thinks your phone might've died, but then he hears you say a soft 'yes please'.

    As it turns out, the place you’d found yourself in is a two hour walk away from Seonghwa's dorm, which means a two and a half hour walk away from your own place. When Seonghwa finally gets to you, you’re all but frozen in place, your hands stiff and as cold as ice blocks when he takes them into his own. The realisation that you walked all the way here in this weather makes Seonghwa frown.

    "Here," he says, shrugging off his jacket despite your protests and settling it over your shoulders. He ties a knot with the sleeves to make sure it doesn’t slip off of you. "How did you get all the way here, hm? Angel, you're frozen."

    You lean into his warm palm when he holds your face and he lets out a sigh, rubbing his thumb over your cheek, trying to ignore how absent your eyes look.

    "I just felt like taking a walk," you reply.

    The two of you spend the afternoon together the same way Seonghwa had initially planned and the tired look on your face melts into your usual content one. But even when you smile at him, he can't shake the all too familiar feeling of your frozen hands in his. Before you leave, he covers your face in kisses even though he knows the boys will make fun of him for it later.

    "Dress well from now on, okay? It's not safe to walk so far by yourself," he scolds you, resting his palm on your forehead to make sure you haven't caught a fever.

    "Yes sir," you joke, leaning forward to plant a kiss on his lips. "I'll be more careful next time."

    Seonghwa is satisfied and sends you off back home, ignoring the wet kissing sounds Wooyoung is making at him from the living room. You text him a little while later to let him know that you're home safe and he's somewhat satisfied.

    The next thing he notices is the soda. You visit him almost a week later at the company with a can of soda in hand and Seonghwa doesn't think too much of it. He knows that you haven't had soda since you were ill but he also knows that it's not his place to monitor what you drink. The next time he sees you, you're holding onto a bottle of soda, the same kind you had last time. He decides to overlook it once more.

    When he visits your apartment, Wooyoung and Yeosang in tow with the promise of a movie night before they're sent back to the dorms so that Seonghwa can sleep over, he finds a carefully formed stack of empty soda cans in your bedroom. His heart drops when he finds a half empty liter bottle of soda in your kitchen fridge. He feels a little sick now, his face paling as he tries to figure out what this means.

    When he looks up, he finds you and Yeosang happily ordering chicken. There's a smile on your face as you discuss whether you should get extra sides and Seonghwa feels some of the worry in his chest dissipate.

    "Isn't that what Y/N used to drink when they were sick?" Wooyoung's voice startles him out of his thoughts. The younger is beside him, staring pointedly at the bottle of soda with an expression that looks just as worried as he feels.

    "Yeah," he replies quietly. He looks back to you, smiling when you blow him a kiss. "But they look healthy."

    "Be careful with them," Wooyoung whispers.

    Sepnghwa nods and shuts the fridge, deciding to input his opinions on dinner before you and Yeosang order something he doesn't want. He lets the soda slide but keeps Wooyoung's advice in mind.

    The last straw for Seonghwa is the counting.

    The two of you are settled in his bed on one of the rare nights you're sleeping over at their dorm, your head resting on his chest and one of your legs thrown over him as though he were a big teddy bear. Seonghwa is playing music from his phone, occasionally singing along, so he doesn't notice it at first, but after a little while, the sound of you practicing multiplication under your breath becomes obvious. Seonghwa feels you tracing patterns into his side with your fingers and realises in a panic that they're probably numbers and not meaningless drawings.

    "Y/N," he says softly, grateful that Hongjoong isn't back from the studio yet. You hum in return, ceasing the movement of your fingertips to listen to what he has to say. "Baby, I think you're getting sick again."

    You don't answer him straight away and Seonghwa is a little surprised, having expected some kind of resistance or defensiveness. He decides not to push for an answer, gently stroking the top of your head as you process what he's said.

    "Do you really think so?" you ask after a while, your voice weak. When Seonghwa looks down, he sees your bottom lip shaking as tears well in your eyes and he feels guilty for a second before he reminds himself that he can’t keep letting you slip.

    "You've been doing a lot of stuff that you only did when you were ill," he explains, rubbing his thumb back and forth against your cheek. "You've been walking by yourself a lot and drinking tons of soda."

    "And I was counting just now," you whisper, sounding more disappointed than Seonghwa has ever heard you sound before. “I didn’t realise, I’m sorry.”

    He sits up and pulls you up with him, giving you a small smile when you look at him.

    “You don’t have to apologise, okay?” he reassures you, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I just want to keep you safe. If it’s okay with you, we can figure out what’s wrong together, so that you don’t keep slipping.”

    You nod, not saying much as tears begin to roll down your cheeks, causing Seonghwa to shush you as gently as he can, wiping your tears with his sleeve and kissing your damp cheeks.

    “I really don’t want to get sick again,” you whimper, wiping your nose with the back of your hand. Your voice cracks when you try to speak again and you give up, letting Seonghwa pull you into his chest. He cradles you as close as he can, pushing the memory of you when you were ill out of his mind. You’re here now, healthy and safe and all that matters is keeping you that way. You speak again, voice muffled against his shirt. “I don’t want to be like that again, everything was scary and I felt like- it felt like I was going to die.”

    Seonghwa can’t help but wince at your words, squeezing his eyes shut.

    “My baby,” he murmurs. He tries to pull you closer but finds that you’re as close as you can get, so he opts for giving you a gentle squeeze instead. “I love you so much, okay? You won’t have to feel like that ever again, we’ll work through it together. I promise.”

    You nod, sniffling even when he kisses the top of your head.

    “I’ve got you my love, I promise,” he whispers. “You won’t have to feel like that again.”

    Seonghwa’s grateful that he knows you as well as he does.

    taglist: @lovely-ateez @sunsethw4 @seonghwanotes @xirenex @choiberry@peanutpmingib @sannierio @ateezinmymind

    #ateez x reader #park seonghwa x reader #ateez angst #park seonghwa angst #ateez fanfic #park seonghwa fanfic #ateez fic #park seonghwa fic #ateez imagines #park seonghwa imagines #ateez scenarios #park seonghwa scenarios #angst
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    Pairing: Reader x Yeosang

    Word count: 431

    Genre: Fluff | Skater AU

    Summary: Skating with Yeosang right before the sun rises is a regular routine for the both of you. Sometimes, it includes either one of you falling off of the ramp, and sometimes it includes gummy bears.

    Warnings: -



    Yeosang’s face contorts into a wince when you trip off of your skateboard and slam your arm onto the concrete ground.

    “Fucking hell,” you groan while rolling onto your back. You lay on the ground of the empty skatepark and stare at the sky.

    “You alright?” Yeosang calls when he notices that you’ve barely made any effort in trying to get up.

    “Yeah, it’s nice here.” Your arm raises into the air to give him an ‘ok’ sign with your thumb and index fingers, your heart warming at the sound of his chuckle. Yeosang swiftly skates off of the ramp and to where you are, the back of his board scraping against the ground to stop once he’s reached you.

    Yeosang bends down, his hands resting on both sides of his hips, “you don’t want to check if the 7E is open? We can get slurpees.” His suggestion makes you blink a few times. “Or we can get you those gummy bears you’re obsessed with.”

    You let out a loud gasp and shoot upright, “gummy bears!” Yeosang stumbles backwards when your head almost slams into his, a smile making its way onto his face at how eager you are.

    “I thought that’d get you,” he chuckles with an extended arm.

    You grab onto it and let him pull you up before you stand still and stare at him. You’ve always thought that he had a way of being naturally radiant without doing much. Hell, Yeosang was one of the most beautiful men you’d ever seen in your entire life, and his skincare routine consists of spritzing himself in the face with water and calling it a day.

    Yeosang tilts his head curiously when you’ve stayed quiet for far too long, “is there something on my face?”

    “Nothing at all,” you giggle while shaking your head. Your hand raises and ruffles through his fluffy hair until parts of it start sticking out messily. Yeosang gives you a scowl while pushing you away, only to pull his beanie out of the pocket of his jacket to slip onto his head.

    “This is exactly why I bring beanies whenever I hang out with you,” he huffs as you two start walking.

    “Aww, you’re that scared of me messing up your pretty hair?” Yeosang blushes at the teasing lilt in your voice, and it only makes you laugh even more.

    “I’m not scared of you,” he quickly defends. “I’d rather be prepared than having you being annoying.” You glance at him and roll your eyes. “It’s true!” Yeosang exclaims.

    “Whatever you say, Kang.”

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    21.09.2021 - 10 hours ago

    pierced dreams

    jung wooyoung ! tattoo artist & piercer x female reader 

    playing : all i need by lloyd & the morning by the weeknd 

    word count : 3.5k 

    warnings : smut, face fucking, oral sex ( male and female receiving ), sub/dom dynamics, sir kink,  unprotected sex, slight ot8, hair pulling, glove kink, voyeurism, exhibitionism, degradation/praise kink, mentions of pain, needles, reader gets a tongue piercing. hard ! dom wooyoung, spanking, creampie, reader is kinda soft, soft wooyoung at the end.  

    prompt : part 2 to the san fic. reader comes back to the tattoo shop, gets fucked again lols <3

    part one : here ! 

    a/n : i have 0 knowledge about tattoos uh- i only researched the tongue piercing. so if i got anything wrong, send me an ask to correct me ! i rewrote the prompt like 4 times pls forgive me, also, wooyoung would never be this mean. it’s just apart of the story, k ? don’t like it, leave lmfao  ending is rushed and it’s not proofread, fuckin sue me  

    tagging : @meowwsanie @tipsymarklee @valhoez @kingschateau @deliciouslydisturbed365 @perfectlysane24 @ateezbabysitters @12--98 @bobateastay @spidermilfs​ @hxneyboy​

    it was a 2 weeks later than you had come back to the shop you had gotten your first tattoo at. the tattoo wasn’t much of a hassle to care for and it seemed to be in good condition. as you walked in, mingi greeted you from behind his desk, offering you a large strawberry lollipop from the jar sitting on the spruce oak desk. he was dressed in a tight black turtleneck and all his tattoos were hidden today. the only body modification you could see on him was the piercing on his right eyebrow. it almost seemed to be a signature thing for the boys. each of them had a matching bar through their left eyebrow. you could’ve taken it as a symbol of some crime syndicate. 

    but he was just as beautiful as the rest of the men working here. his lips were perfect and his intimidating look melted the second his beautiful plump lips spread over his pearly teeth. “you’re back for the tattoo check-in today, right ? and you made an appointment with wooyoung to get your tongue pierced ?” he smiled. 

    you smiled back, much more comfortable with him now compared to your last visit. “yea, that’s about it for today. my body needs a break too.” mingi listened to your words a little longer than he intended. his lips ran over the expanse of his bottom lip, staring directly at your body. his perverted thoughts left just as quick as they came. as he snapped out of his trance, he smiled back at you, handing you the same folder hongjoong had handed you last time. 

    that reminded you- “hey, where are the others ?” he turned back to look at you, “uhh seonghwa, yunho, yeosang and jongho went out for lunch. wooyoung is working on a client with san and hongjoong’s making new portfolios.” your face burned at the mention of san. mind flashing images of every despicable thing you two had done last time he was here. “o-okay, how long will wooyoung take ?” you questioned. mingi giggled, “you seem impatient to see him. he shouldn’t be long. he and san have been working for hours. the client should be out soon.” 


    and mingi was right. you had only waited 20 minutes until a girl walked out with various tattoos all over her body. she was stunning, and you wondered if wooyoung and san had done the same to her as san did to you. a pang of jealousy struck your chest at the thought. you knew you couldn’t be so special. 

    as you glided across the shining tiles, you passed by hongjoongs office. it was big. art and album covers lined the walls and various kinds of lights decorated the room. he looked up from his desk, waving at you. “glad to see you, y/n ! hope your visit is going well.” you cheered in agreement, waving back as you continued to walk down the dark purple hallway. you arrived at the last room, “jung wooyoung” written on the gold plate at the side of the door. 

    as you knocked, two familiar faces greeted you; san and well.. wooyoung. his hair was dyed differently than last time. turquoise on the top while it was still black on the bottom. it looked absolutely perfect. “hey hey hey, baby ! glad to have you back. i’m sorry i had to make you wait a little.” he was so incredibly friendly... 

    the top he was wearing was distracting. it was just a regular tight white shirt tucked into blue jeans but it looked so good on him. maybe it was just the vibes you had received from both him and san, but you always felt a growing desire for them both whenever you seemed to be around them. san cleared his throat, finally attracting attention. “hey, y/n. good to see you.” you nodded, muttering a quiet hi to him. you didn’t have the courage to look him straight in the eye when all you remember was his tongue darting to lick your- 

    “well, i should get everything ready. i’ll check up on your tattoos and fix up your piercing so we could get you home faster, yeah ?” wooyoung chirped. he and san were the opposite. san seemed so cold and distant, when you knew he was really the opposite. wooyoung seemed so cheerful and comfortable but you had no idea what he was truly like. 

    his comment from last time still made your stomach churn. he was insanely flirtatious, mingi had warned. constantly trying to bed all his female clients, and you had heard he was usually successful. san grabbed his vape pen and jacket, swinging it over his shoulder as he walked out. “see you later, sweetheart.” he whispered. 

    you turned back to wooyoung who was sitting on his chair, with a pair of glasses perched on his nose and black gloves sticking to his veiny hands. “come on now, i’ve gotta get to work, y/n” you nodded, quickly taking a seat on the black leather chair. he was much less teasing than san in his work. his touch never lingered and he never made any sexual comments. much the professional.

    “is it alright if i move your skirt to the side to see the thigh tattoo ?” he had asked. the thought of him asking for permission made your heart swell, immediately nodding you gave him permission. wooyoung never moved your skirt higher than he needed to. stopping just before your panties were fully exposed to him, including the evidence of your lust stained on the fabric. 

    as he did what he needed to, you laid back closing your eyes. just waiting for the tattoo part of your visit to be over. you were excited for the piercing, hoping you could actually get it this time. when wooyoung was done, he patted your thigh asking you to get up. “come on, babe. time for the needles.” he giggled. smiling at you, he politely asked you to part your lips and stick your tongue out. 

    as you did so, he did all kinds of stuff. you honestly didn’t know anything he was doing, all you knew was how he good he looked while doing it. you didn’t even realize the saliva that was dripping from your tongue right down your chin. he gulped, trying hard to ignore how good you looked with your tongue sticking out. if things were any different, he would have fucked your mo-

    wooyoung took his gloved fingers and put them in your mouth.  spreading your lips wide and pressing down on your tongue; he wasn’t the slight bit gentle. it almost seemed like he was having fun with what he was doing. “come on, y/n. open up for me.” he crooned.  you could tell he was cheerfully smiling under than black medical mask, amused at seeing how well you responded to him. 

    wooyoung had waited for days, hoping you could come back to the shop so he could have his way with you. he wasn’t opposed to the idea of fucking a client as much as san was, although san had done it. he begged his coworker for details.. details about your body, your screams- and the way you tasted.

     and san wasn’t the least bit reluctant to give his nosy bestfriend the information he wanted. they couldn’t even deny that they had spent one whole day jerking each other off to the thought of you. thinking about you as they touched each other. the two men would never admit it to each other but they both wanted to fuck you at once. feeling each other’s cocks while being balls deep inside your cunt.

    wooyoungs focus was diverted until he felt your drool drip down his fingers, falling onto your lap. he quickly dabbed your lips clean of saliva, apologizing for getting so distracted. “my apologies, sweetheart.close your eyes for me, okay ?  i’m gonna put the needle in now. you’re gonna feel a slight pinch and then you won’t even realize that it’s done.” and as soon as he finished his sentence, you opened your eyes to see a long bar lodged right into the center of your tongue.  

    “see ? you were so brave for me. didn’t even realize when it was over.” he patted your head and gave you a couple other rules.he advised you on what food to avoid and other things like no kissing. giving you a small folder of papers and a bottle of mouthwash, he was gonna send you on your way. but not before pulling you close by the waist. 

    wooyoung grabbed your chin, “aw sweetheart.. i can’t wait until your tongue heals. the things i will do to you, fuck- i bet you can’t even imagine.” he placed a warm, soft kiss on your forehead, completely different to the words he was saying to you. “can’t wait, baby..” he said with a sly smirk.

    and it was only now that you fully took wooyoung in. he was beautiful, with well built arms and extremely muscular thighs.. they almost seemed a bit inviting. the mole under his left eye pulled you towards him and you almost wanted to lay a soft kiss upon it. he wore sleeveless shirts just like san, but it was paired with black slacks and a belt instead of ripped jeans.. his hands were adorned with rings, and tattoos ran up his forearms and biceps, leading up to his pretty collarbones.

    “you got a thing for staring at us, cupcake ?” he crooned. you shook your head, knowing you couldn’t talk with your tongue swollen 3 times now. “good, let’s get you out of here.” then, with the same professional demeanor from the beginning of your visit, he led you out. his hand on the small of your back and his hand carrying your items for you. 

    mingi waved at you and squealed in excitement as you showed him the rod in your tongue. “it looks really good on you, y/n. i’m glad you made the choice to get one.” you nodded your head in agreement, remembering that your tongue was far too numb to speak. all the other boys seemed to be busy and wooyoung and mingi were the only ones in the lobby, leaving an almost awkward silence.

     “we’ll see you again, hopefully yeah ? i’d love to do another tattoo for you sometime.” and with the way mingi had spoken, it almost seemed as if he had other intentions, as if you would mind. wooyoung shifted uncomfortably. “alright babe, we’ll see you soon.” he said. almost spoke a little too quickly, as if he was in a rush to get you to leave. as if he was jealous of the way mingi was staring your body up and down. you turned, waving at the boys as you went back to your car. letting your friend drive because you were honestly too nauseous


    coming back to get your piercing checked out was an all too familiar experience. it was much similar to the way wooyoung had inspected your new tattoos, except this had lead to you being in a complicated position on the floor with his cock in your mouth. 

    “fuck, you look so pretty.” he moaned. wooyoungs deepest wish was to see you use your new tongue piercing as a means to get him to cum. he wanted to feel the cool metal around his cock. he wanted to see your wet tear-stained cheeks and glossed eyes stare up at him; and that’s exactly what he was getting. the second he’d gotten you in a vulnerable position, he slotted himself between your legs. his hands roamed your body and rubbed the wet stain on your panties, chuckling to himself lowly when he saw how your lips parted in a small gasp. 

    “aw, pretty pretty girl. you like getting fucked by us, huh ? san was telling me how good you taste. gonna have to know for myself, yeah ? i hope you don’t mind me.” and who were you to stop him ? you let wooyoung lead himself down your body, touching greedily everywhere that he liked. your lips parted when he pulled your soaked panties down your trembling legs, shocked at the feeling of the cool air against your cunt. 

    wooyoung’s tongue darted straight for your core, licking up everything that was present before him. his fingers teased your entrance, slipping in after making you beg for him a little bit. “f-fuck.. wooyoung.. please.” wooyoung stopped, looking up at you and for a second you thought you did something wrong, and you did. 

    “i know san’s a little nicer, but i don’t work the same. you call me sir, got it ?” you nodded meekly but somehow even that was a mistake. “it’s yes, sir or no, sir with me. i need a verbal response.” you couldn’t find the voice to respond but, perhaps the urge to cum on his tongue was too strong. “yes, sir.” 

    he gave you a sweet smile, it reflected none of the actions he was doing on your body. god, he was confusing. wooyoung dove straight back into your cunt, licking and sucking until you couldn’t keep your noises to yourself. “be louder, baby. let them hear you. gotta let mingi know you’re mine.” your eyes widened at his statement, the thought of belonging to both san and wooyoung was enough to make you cum on his tongue. your orgasm ripped through you quickly, and once you came back to your senses you swore you saw the stars. 

    wooyoungs dick was hard and straining in his jeans, impatient to be let out so he could fuck you how he’d like. however, he wanted something else before that. “get on your knees, y/n.” you made no hesitation to do what he asked. you were down on your knees faster than you could say the sentence. “unzip my pants with your teeth, baby.” and you did exactly that; taking the metal of the zipper between your teeth, you dragged it down. you licked the wet stain that was on his grey boxers, whining in exasperation. “daddy, you’re so big.” you whined. 

    he cooed at you, loving the attention he was receiving. “thank you, baby. now go on and do what i asked you to do.” you took the waist of his boxers in between your teeth, pulling them down to his ankles. god, he was pretty. his tip leaked so much precum and it was angry and red. you immediately took him into your mouth, tasting the surprisingly plain taste of his pre. you took him deeper, rubbing your tongue piercing against his tip. 

    that must’ve awoken something in wooyoung because his hips suddenly jerked upwards. you gagged on his dick, throat closing around the tip. “f-fuck.. please, y/n. please let me use your mouth.” you hummed in agreement and it wasn’t until after that you realized you gave him the wrong response. “i thought i told you i wanted to hear a verbal response, yeah ?” you looked up at his desperately, hoping he’d let it slide. “i’m sorry, sir.” you whined, but that didn’t seem to work this time. instead, he grabbed your jaw to force your mouth open, slotting his dick between your lips.

    your mouth was so full of cock that you couldn’t even focus. you let wooyoung do all the work, jerking his hips against your face and fucking into your throat. you were positive he’d leave you with a sore throat but you didn’t mind as long as he kept using you like this. to say that you were down bad was an understatement. he fucked deep into your throat making you gag and choke on his dick. wooyoung had zero remorse for what he was doing. tears streamed down your cheeks and drool dripped down your chin.

    you didn’t know what it was with these boys and drooling, but they had been making you do it constantly. you were fucked dumb by the time wooyoungs release came. his thrusts began to get sloppy and inconsistent, signaling that he’d cum any minute. his cock twitched in your mouth before releasing down your throat, letting cum spill onto your tongue. 

    he tasted quite nice and you assumed he must’ve kept a healthy diet. not letting a single drop go to waste, you licked around his sensitive shaft, unknowingly rubbing the stud on your tongue against him. wooyoungs balls tightened again, and he knew he was gonna cum again if you kept this up. honestly, he wouldn’t stop you either way. he let you continue until the cold metal landed at the tip of his cock. his cock let out another rope of cum right into your cheek. “fuck- fuck that felt so good, princess. god..you’re something else.” he whined 

    you noticed how much more verbal he was while you had his cock in your mouth and it just made things so much better. his moans were whiney and his groans fueled you to do even better. wooyoung bent down to wipe the cum off your cheek with his thumb, he touched your lip. you took the command and parted your lips, sucking his cum off his own thumb. 

    his own lips parted as he let a shaky breath out. you looked so fucking good sucking on his thumb. “you’re such a needy, bitch. so ready to suck off my cum..so eager to suck your daddy off, yeah ?” he grabbed your throat and kissed you, not even caring that you had just sucked him off. “gotta fuck you now, y/n. tell me, do you want me to fuck you ?” you whined, grabbing at his shirt and trying your best to look as good as you could for him. “yes, sir. please, want you so bad.”  and that must’ve been enough because he quickly pulled you up onto the leather chair on his room. 

    wooyoung manhandled your body into the position he wanted, face down and ass up. he pawed at the soft flesh of your hips, slapping and giggling to himself at the way your flesh jiggled and turned red. “you’re so fucking pretty.” and it honestly seemed like he was speaking to himself more than you. “daddy please, please put it in. i don’t wanna wait anymore.” and who was wooyoung to deny you of pleasure ? 

    he lined up his cock with your entrance, slamming it in. he didn’t even give you time to adjust, immediately setting a rough brutal pace. his hips slapped against your ass and you were positive that everyone outside could probably hear you two. “come on, be louder. hate when you’re quiet.” he groaned. “daddy, please. they can hea-” he slapped your ass harshly, eliciting a yelp from you. “do i look like i fuckin’ care ? do what i asked or i leave you here right now.” you whined in embarassment, almost on the verge of crying again. 

    “please. please don’t stop.” you cried. so he continued, fucking into your cunt relentlessly with no shame at all. you know that the others could hear you and you could only imagine what they were fantasizing about. “daddy, you’re so deep..fuck.” you whined. wooyoung chuckled, pushing your legs harder against your chest, causing his cock to hit the spot inside you. “no, baby. this is deep.” he growled while continuing to fuck your body harder. 

    your nails scratched against his back as you smashed your lips against his, kissing him until you ran out of oxygen. legs wrapping around his waist, you pulled him closer, not wanting to let him go. your orgasm climbed higher as wooyoung made his way to your tits that were bouncing against his chest. he pulled the flesh greedily, immediately taking it into his mouth. and the tease of his teeth against your nipples was enough to make you tighten around him to falter his pace. “fuck- loosen up, would you ?” he said, irritatingly. you couldn’t.

    it was difficult with the way his dick was reaching the depths that your fingers could never. it was difficult with the way his soft lips were wrapped around your breasts... his intoxicating scent made it all so difficult. “please, i don’t care just keep going.” wooyoung bit your neck, marking it while resuming the pace he had before. it was useless to hide your moans anymore, knowing that everyone else already knew what you two were up to. 

    “i‘m so fucking close, please.” you whined, causing him to rub his thumb over your clit. your body jerked with unexpected pleasure, reaching your high immediately with him. his cock painted your insides white with his cum and he swore his head was dizzy with the way you were squeezing around him.

    he sloppily continued to thrust into you, riding our both your orgasms. once you two caught your breath, wooyoung pulled out lowly, letting out a loud groan. “ah- fuck..” he stared at the way yours and his cum pooled out from between your legs, staining the leather underneath you. “i’m gonna have to buy a new chair, baby.” he said as he kissed your lips. “can’t wait until i get to fuck you again with everyone else. wouldn’t you like that ? you’re just never satisfied.” he degraded you. 

    you shook your head, pulling him closer. “only want you.” you said quietly. wooyoungs eyebrows rose in surprise, but he couldn’t say his heart didn’t grow five times bigger. 

    “that’s my girl.” 

    #wooyoung#jung wooyoung#wooyoung smut #jung wooyoung smut #not obsessed with anyone these days but ateez #ateez smut #ateez x reader #wooyoung x reader #jung wooyoung x reader #wooyoung scenarios#wooyoung imagines#hongjoong smut#san smut#jongho smut#seonghwa smut#yeosang smut#mingi smut#yunho smut
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    Last Updated: 21st September 2021

    ABOUT ME :

    Hello and Welcome to my side of the interwebs. A little bit about me is My name is Jae, my Pronouns are She/They and I'm an Aries. I'm an 02 liner that lives in Australia and is obsessed with pop culture.

    ASKS :

    Feel free to send me Asks any time. I'm always opened it them. If you click the link below it shall send you to my Rules post where everything you need to know will be provided to you there. :)


    please read this before making a request. this explains what i write, topics i will not write about, & if my requests are open or not. i update this frequently, so be sure to always review my request info before requesting.

    TAG LIST ↦

    Check out my Tag list information if you want to be added!! So you can keep updated when I post.

    LINKS :


    • This is where you can find all my works for Ateez. If you don't find anything that interests you. Please don't be shy and send me a request :)


    This us where all my miscellaneous project are; this includes all works from K-Pop idols (that aren't ateez) Marvel, Tv shows and more.



    I don't write on here often but I do have longer series that are completed on there that you might be interested in :)


    I'm almost always active on here. If you wanna chat, be mutuals, or just have a peak at my account. Go right ahead. I love chatting so please don't be afraid to message me.

    I hope this is all helpful in navigating around my page. I'll try keeping this updated at all times, and that's the same with my other post. Remember, enjoy, have fun and you deserve the world. Okie bye I'm off to write some more hehe

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    Hello to my amazing followers.

    I've had some of you ask me to start tagging you all in my upcoming posts, so I decided to make a post to see if anyone else would like to join in and be added to my taglist.

    All you have to do is reply to this post with :

    Your username

    That is all you gotta do! If you have any requests, feel free to drop in and click Here to read my rules and requirements before hand.

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    I’m dying for some inspiration. Please request something!! Anything at this point😅

    #stray kids#writing#kpop scenarios #nct x reader #bts#skz smut #ateez x reader #exo fic #please yall Im dying
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    Pairing: ATEEZ Jung Woo-Young x Reader

    Warnings: It’s A Suggestive My Dudes

    Basic Idea: Dinner Time! Woo-Young is cooking and things get hot. Literally. The food on the stove, you know? 

    Type: Suggestive & Fluffy

    Inspiration: Sleep Deprivation. And from an ASMR I heard lmao (I’m so single I listen to ASMRs, don’t judge me.) 

    Note: The ** is meant to show that that’s where the Fluff ends. If you wanna continue reading, it’s up to you. 

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

    His arms were exposed, veins popping as he held onto the handle, doing an up and down motion with his wrist as his eyes stared down. 

    You were bewildered, unsure of what was unfolding in front of you. 

    And then bam, he woke you up from your daze.

    "Why are you staring at me like that?” Woo-Young chuckled when he caught you looking at him with an intense gaze. Shaking your head to wake yourself up, you giggle shyly and look away. 

    “Why did you suddenly decide to cook?” you questioned as he glances back at you for a moment, giving you a look at the soft smile he was wearing. “I’ve been too busy preparing for the comeback that I haven’t had enough time invested on you,” 

    “So, since I know that you crave my attention, I bestow upon you a dinner date and my full attention,“ Woo-Young ended while opening the pot’s lid and turning towards you. 

    “Come, don’t just stand there, I need someone to taste the flavor,” he ushered as you made your way towards him. He quickly pecked your forehead and grabbed a clean spoon. 

    He then scooped some of the soup and placed the spoon in front of your mouth, to let you blow on it by yourself. 

    You then took a sip of it and hummed, “It’s so good!~” you chirped happily as you then told him to try it himself. 

    But instead, he kissed you sweetly on the lips. 

    Shocked, you slightly squeaked, staring at his closed eyes as you felt him smile. When he pulled away he then smacked his lips, “Hmm.. It is good, thanks sweetheart,” he smirks as you felt your cheeks burn up. 

    “Jung. Woo. Young!” you screech while hitting him softly on the arm, he laughed at you while attempting to stop you from smacking your fists on his arm. 

    “Stop, stop, stop,” he laughed as you then pouted, “Don’t you like my kisses though?” Woo-Young teased as you playfully lifted your right fist up. “Ok, ok, chill,” he chuckled while kissing your forehead softly. 

    You then watch him cook, amused at his mastery. And after some time, he puts away everything he was using and leaves the pot to boil. “We still have to wait for the rice to cook, what do you want to do?” he asks as you hug him. 

    “I just want a hug,” you said as he hugs you back, cooing at your cuteness. He pats you on the head softly while giving your crown a quick kiss. You then lift your head up to see him. 

    He smiles back at you, you couldn’t help but stare in awe at how beautiful and handsome he was. He then closed his eyes and leaned closer to you, kissing you tenderly on the lips.**

    You closed your eyes too, kissing him back as you softly clutched onto his shirt. His arms slid down from your waist to your hips, pulling you closer to him. 

    Moaning softly in the kiss, Woo-Young pulls away, the two of you panting for air softly, rhythmically. Leaning down again, he trails soft kisses on your neck as you clutch tighter onto his dress shirt. 

    “It’s been some time since I’ve kissed you like this.. Held you like this..” he whispered softly, his breath fanning your neck as you shivered at the warmth. 

    “Woo..” you whispered out while pulling softly at the apron’s knot. He smirked devilishly, stopping you from untying it by pushing you back onto a counter. He lifts you up while parting your legs to place himself in between them. 

    Wrapping your arms around his neck, he arms beside you. You pull him in for a kiss as he gladly responds to. Hungrily, his right hand softly pulls on the shorts that you are wearing. 

    He then pulls away while looking at you lovingly, yet lustfully. Your intimates start feeling funny as he licks his lips to wet them. 

    As he pulls down your shorts, he uses his left hand to skillfully untie his apron, throwing it onto a chair as he then lowers himself closer to your intimates. Licking your inner thighs with kitten licks as you hold back moans. 

    Softly blowing on your sensitive bundle of nerves, you throw your head back and let out what you were originally hiding. You then feel him smirk as he licks your dripping area. Licking his lips again, clean. 

    “I think I’d like my dessert, sweetheart… It tastes so intoxicating that I want it now... What would you like? The main course, or dessert? Of course, whatever you want, I shall give it to you. After all, you have all of my attention tonight. What the princess asks for, I shall give.. Because I love you..”

    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 

    Hi hi~ Hello~ Sorry I’ve been very, but heavily inactive.

    I’ve been very overwhelmed with school and life as a whole so it’s been very hard to find time and motivation to write new scenarios.

    But, as always, I will try to bring in new content for you all.

    I must say do, I believe I’ll be deleting all of the content I’ve uploaded for Fluffy Tails… I just don’t like how I’ve typed it and I plan on restarting. I hope you all understand TT. You’ll see them disappear little by little throughout the week or month. 

    Though, I think instead I’ll be focusing on typing more scenarios and imagines for you guys :D

    Have you guys checked out ATEEZ’ comeback? Because it’s so freaking good TT. Seong-Hwa killed it. San killed it. Jong-Ho killed it. Hong-Joong killed it. Woo-Young killed it. Yeo-Sang killed it. Min-Gi killed it. Yun-Ho killed it.

    The boys outdid themselves once again TTTTTT it was super refreshing to see Min-Gi once again and I just love Deja-Vu. The song caught me just by its first two notes. That’s how bad Deja-Vu slapped me. Oh my god.

    I also want you guys to leave any suggestions :D

    I generally have a hard time coming up with ideas because I always try to find stuff that correlates to the guys. I have a mindset that’s a bit too closed and since y’all are very creative I’d like to help you bring your ideas into words :).

    Anyways, I hope you guys are doing well. Please stay safe out there and make sure to take breaks and drink water. Keep on listening to the new album and I’ll see you guys whenever I upload something new.

    Bye bye for now!

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    Counting Kisses

    Pairing: Choi San x Reader

    Warning: You'll feel rage, smut if you want part 2 lol

    Word Count: 2.2k

    Summary: You have a crush on your coworker, but so does your BFF apparently.

    Networks: @kpopscape

    "You see him, the one standing over there talking to Lisa?" You whisper to your best friend. "That's San." You finish. You can't help but blush when you say his name, the man you'd had a crush on for the last 8 months you had worked at this accounting firm. You had never met someone like him, funny, kind, intelligent and handsome. He was always making you laugh, and you were 99% sure he liked you as much as you liked him, at least you hoped he did. 

    "Wow." Hwasa grins. "He is handsome. Introduce me?" She asks. 

    You were hesitant, you were sort of worried he might like her more. Not to say you weren't attractive, but next to Hwasa you swore you looked like a potato. 

    "Nevermind, I'll do it myself, since he's on his way over." She grins.

    "Hey Y/N." San grins, giving you a small wave. 

    "Hey San." You smile back. Just as you were about to say something else, Hwasa jumped in to interrupt. 

    "Hi, I'm Hwasa." She says, tucking a loose piece of hair behind her ear.

    He nods his head towards her. "Hi." He says, moving his gaze back to you. "Listen, Y/N, I'm having a BBQ at my place tomorrow, I'd really like it if you came." He says, looking you straight in the eyes. 

    You try to control the blush that keeps trying to pop out. "Yeah, I'm sure I could make it." You smile. 

    "Yes San, we will be there." Hwasa chimes in, with a flirty voice. 

    "Oh. Um.. this is just going to be.." he begins. 

    "See you tomorrow, San." She smiles, blowing him a kiss before dragging you away from him, leaving him standing there confused. 

    "He so wants me." She scoffs. "Can you believe that?" 

    "Where did you get that impression from?" You ask. You were standing right there, and you didn't see anything making it seem like he wanted her. 

    "Did you not see the way he was eyeing me up? Like come on dude, be a little more obvious." She laughs. "Let's go, I'm over this." 

    "No, I'm staying. It is a work party for my work." You say. 

    "Don't be silly, Y/N. Let's go." She says, dragging you from the party.   

    That night you sat on the phone with your friend, Joy, venting to her about your evening with your supposed best friend. 

    "Why do you even hangout with her?" Joy scoffs. "She's nothing but controlling and terrible anytime I've ever been around her and you. I literally hate her." 

    You let out a big breath. You've always known Joy's feelings for Hwasa, and she wasn't too fond of Joy either. You were stuck, it felt like, because you didn't want to lose any friends, but you did sometimes wonder why you still hung out with Hwasa. "I don't know. Probably because we've been friends since middle school, and she doesn't really have that many people." You admit, as you continue to paint your toenails, your phone laying on your bed, speaker phone on. 

    "Yeah well you'd be a lot happier without her." Joy states. As you're putting your polish away, you see your phone begin to flash. 

    "Oh my god." You yell. "San is calling me." You squeak. 

    "Fucking hangup with me and answer it!" She yells, ending the call. You press answer before putting the phone to your ear. 

    "Hello?" You say, as if you didn't already know it was him. 

    "Hey Y/N, It's San." He says. "You rushed out of the party so fast I didn't really get a chance to talk to you about tomorrow." He chuckles. 

    "Oh yeah, I'm sorry about that." You say, silently cursing Hwasa. 

    "So if you wanna go swimming, bring a suit, and it's byob too." He says. 

    "Okay cool, can I bring any food?" You ask. 

    "Nope, just yourself." He tells you. 

    "Listen.. I hope you don't mind but I don't think Hwasa will be able to come." You say, biting your nail in anticipation of his response. 

    "That's okay, as long as you're coming.. right?" He asks. 

    You smile so largely you swore your mouth might actually rip apart. "Yes, yeah.. I'll be there for sure." You say, as calmly as you could. 

    "Cool. Can't wait to see you then. Bye." He says, hanging up quickly, not giving you a chance to say anything. 

    You couldn't fucking wait. 


    The next morning you puddered around your apartment as you waited for 1 o'clock to strike the clock. San had told you to come anytime after noon, but you didn't want to show up too soon and seem desperate. 

    At 12:59pm, you had your bag packed with your swimsuit, towel, liquor and everything else you needed. The butterflies in your stomach refused to calm down and it made you more excited to see him. You opened your door and stepped out into the hallway, closing your door behind you. You stick your key in to lock it, and just as you turn to walk away, you hear a piercing voice from behind you.

    "You bitch!" Hwasa scoffs. "You were going to go without me!? You've been ignoring my texts all morning." She scoffs. 

    "I'm sorry, I didn't know how to tell you. It's just people from work going, it's just for our office." You tell her, which seems to piss her off. 

    "Well good thing parties usually extend a plus one.." She says, glancing down at your bag, seeing your bathing suit peek out from your bag. "Oh honey, you're not going to wear that, are you?" She asks, clenching her teeth in embarrassment. 

    "Well.. yeah." You tell her. 

    "You're a little too.. porky for it, aren't you?" She whispers. "It's fine, just don't wear it, and stick to veggies, it'll be fine." He says, hooking her arm in yours, dragging you down the hallway. "So, is San like rich?" She asks, as she drags you down to your uber. 


    You sit on a chair by the pool, sipping your alcohol as you watch Hwasa flirt with San. You watch as she giggles, flipping her hair over her shoulder, resting her hand on his bicep, but still, his eyes wander his backyard, looking for someone specific. He looks around, and when he looks at you he smiles. 

    He says something to Hwasa, before he steps away from her, heading towards you, until he gets stopped by another co-worker of the two of you. Hwasa then makes her way to you, sitting beside you as he stares at San talking to Chanyeol. "He asked me to go swimming." She says. "But I didn't bring a suit." She sighs. She looks at you before looking down at your bag. Sue reaches in, grabbing your swimsuit, clinging it to her chest. "Since you won't be using this, you don't mind if I do, right?" She laughs. 

    Before you can answer, she gets up, shuffling into the house to change. San finally walks over to you, sitting down where Hwasa had just been. "Did you not bring a suit?" He asks. You wanted to tell him what Hwasa had said, but you didn't. 

    "No, it slipped my mind, I guess." You say, finishing your glass. 

    "Come anyways, you're wearing shorts and a tank, it'll dry in no time." He smiles, wiggling his eyebrows. 

    "I don't know." You laugh. 

    "San." You hear. "Oh San." She sings again. She grabs his hand, wearing your bikini, and pulls him up and into the water with him, laughing as he just stares at you. Soon after others join them in the pool, and you feel like a loser, sitting there watching them all have fun. You sat there for a few minutes, contemplating your choices, but ultimately you decided to leave. You didn't want to watch this anymore. You were tired. 

    You grabbed your bag, not bothering to say anything to anyone as you walked to the front door, and walked out, calling an uber from down the street. 

    An hour later, you received a text. 

    San [2:45pm]: why did you leave? You didn't say anything? 

    You [2:47pm]: Yeah, I wasn't feeling well. Sorry. 

    San [2:50pm]: I hope you feel better soon 😔

    You tossed your phone to the edge of the bed after that. You didn't want to talk to anyone. Your heart hurts too much. 


    On Sunday you heard nothing from either Hwasa or San, and thankfully it was a long weekend, and you didn't have to see San at work on Monday. You were able to sit at home, and forget all your worries, until that night around 9 o'clock as you were getting ready for bed and your phone dinged. You picked it up as you brushed your teeth and opened the picture message from Hwasa. 

    It was a picture of her and San. And then a text came through. 

    Hwasa [9:06pm]: Hope you don't mind, he asked me out at the pool party and I said yes. 

    You didn't even know how to respond. You wanted to cry, you wanted to scream, but you did nothing. Instead you turned off your phone and went to sleep, feeling heartbroken and betrayed by your so called best friend. 


    Over the next few days you had successfully avoided San at work. You showed up early, closing the door to your office, you were always conviently on the phone whenever he popped in to say something and you took the stairs now instead of taking the elevator, with the possibility of running into him. It was working well, and you decided to keep it up, especially after the text Hwasa sent you on Saturday. 

    Hwasa [10:42pm]: another date with San, it was so nice! I told him about your crush, he said it was adorable, but only thinks of you as a friend. 🤭 sorry, bestie. 

    Again, you didn't respond, only yelling out hateful comments towards the girl who was supposed to be your best friend, but things were looking pretty clear lately, that she most definitely wasn't. 

    You didn't text her back on Sunday, and even San texted you, asking if you were mad at him because you had been avoiding him. You didn't respond to that either. Even though he hadn't been yours, it still felt like you had been betrayed. Obviously he was free to date whoever, but why did it have to be her? And why did she have to rub it in your face? 


    The next week, you had successfully gotten through two days of avoiding San, using your same tactics as the previous week. You had thought he had already left for the day on Wednesday when you emerged from your office, but alas there he was, leaning against one of the interns desks with his arms crossed as he waited for you. 

    "Can we talk?" He asks. 

    "I need to get home." You say, walking past him. 

    "Y/N!" He exclaims. "Why are you ignoring me? What did I do?" He wonders. 

    "You didn't do anything. Look, if your happy with Hwasa, then I'm happy for you. I've gotta go." You sigh, scurrying to the elevator, tuning out whatever he was yelling out behind you. 

    When you got home, you checked your phone and noticed at least 10 missed calls from San, and 15 messages, asking what you were talking about when you mentioned Hwasa. You should have to explain to him, he already knows. You threw down your phone, and took off your clothes to go take a shower.

    You get out, and change into your shirt and underwear, too exhausted to have dinner, you just wanted to crawl into bed. You plug your phone in, and just as you're about to crawl into bed, you hear a banging at your door. 

    You open it, not expecting to see a frazzled San standing there. "What are you doing here?" You whisper. 

    "You didn't answer me texts or calls, you left me no choice." He says. "Are you going to invite me in?" 

    You open the door wider, letting him come in, forgetting what you were wearing. "What did you mean? If I'm happy with Hwasa?" He asks. 

    "You and her are dating?" You say, confused as to why you needed to remind him of this. 

    "I'm sorry, what?" He asks. "I'm not dating her!" 

    "She sent me a picture of the two of you, saying that you asked her on a date at the pool party, and then said you've gone out a couple times since then." You whisper. 

    "She ran into me, and asked me for a picture." He scoffs. "Not to mention, I told her I was interested in you, and she said you just wanted to me friends with me." 

    "She said the same thing to me! That you thought my crush was adorable, but you didn't see me like that." 

    "So that's why you've been avoiding me." He breathes. "Because you thought that her.. and I.. were.. dating." He pieces it together. 

    "I was upset, I'm sorry." You whisper. "It just sucked." 

    "There's only one person I want to date." San breathes. "And that person is you." 

    A smile creeps up on your face as he walks towards you. He places his hand on your cheek, smiling at you before he leaves down, pressing his lips to yours, count it as the best first kiss, ever.

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  • izzyytinyy
    21.09.2021 - 21 hours ago


    Pairing(s) → Skater! Yeosang, Gang Member! Mingi x Reader

    Genre → Smut, Angst

    Summary → They’ve corrupted you, they’ve corrupted your mind. There is no innocent you any more, maybe you’ll just have to deal with it. Maybe, you’ll go even deeper into the dark holding hand in hand with them.

    Warnings → Weed consumption, High sex, Oral (M receiving), Mingi is the ult dom, Yeosang is a sweetie in the inside, violence, heavy profanity, Voyeurism, Spit used as lube, Degrading, Pet names, i think that’s all.

    Word Count → 1k+, also unedited i’m so sorry for typos(mobile edit.)

    Ateez masterlist!!


    “Im going to ask one more time, did you fucking touch her?!” Mingi was yelling, he was furious and this is how he was going to cope. There was a dude on the ground, bleeding from his nose and a few scratches on his face. Mingi was beating on him, Mingi isn’t usually this violent just something triggered in him.

    “That little bitch liked it.” the dude on the ground said before spitting out a glob of blood on the ground next to him. Mingi’s eyes went dark and he pulled up his fist to land another blow on the scum’s face. This time after the punch, he was stopped before landing another one.

    Yeosang held onto the younger’s arm, restricting it from moving to hurt the man more. Yeosang was furious as well, but he had to stop Mingi before he got himself into more trouble.

    “Mingi-ah.. that’s enough he’s not worth it.” Mingi’s heart softened at Yeosang’s soothing voice, it kinda made him tear up. “Yeo, he touched her. He fucking touched her and i’m going to make the little bitch pay.” Mingi was screaming and yelling, trying to get Yeosang to understand his rage. Yeosang understood all too well, he wanted the rip the guy’s guts out as well.

    “Mingi, I understand you but right now we need to leave before the cops find us or something.”

    They were in a dark alley way, and some lady saw them. She immediately called the police and Yeosang noticed, any minute the authority would be on their tail. Yeosang got tired and he decided he wasn’t going to go to jail, he grabbed Mingi’s arms and his skate board. They were running, fast too, and laughing like little psychopaths.

    something about running away and the night sky being starry, the moon shining brightly on the boys, it was euphoric.

    Yeosang pulled out his cellphone to call the one person who would rush to get them, you. Yeosang and Mingi stopped at a gas station and they had no car to get away so their only option was you. They also badly wanted to see you as well, as both of the boys were in love with you…maybe you were in love with them as well.

    ring ring ring


    “Hey y/n, uhm…me and Mingi are at a gas station, do you think you could come get us?”

    “Oh- yea sure, give me a second.” You rushed to put some sweats on and a t-shirt. You swiftly grabbed your keys and headed out the door, waving bye to your pet cat and dog. When you arrived at the gas station, Mingi hopped in the front seat while Yeosang settled in the back. You caught a glance of Mingi’s hand before you could greet the two, your eyed widening slightly at the bruises.

    “What did you do this time, Mingi?” you said it more like a mother trying to figure out why their child is in trouble at school. He laughed at your serious tone, and simply said “Beat a guy up, luckily Yeosang stopped me. I might have killed him if it was for you.” You scoffed while starting to drive off, “You don’t need to fight for me…Thank you Yeosang, for stopping him.”

    “Anything to keep the big dufus safe.” Yeosang said while slouching in the back seat, playing with his skateboard wheels.

    “So where do you guys wanna go?” You said while turning out of the parking lot. “Take us to a empty lot or something, I have to get high or im going to go crazy.” Mingi pulled out a container of weed, then winked at you. “You in, Princess?”

    You chuckled a little then a smirk creeped up on your face, “Yea i’m in.”

    You weren’t always this willing to be bad, you were the goody two shoes of the school. Never in trouble, grades always high, and stayed out of the way. Until you met Mingi and Yeosang, everything seemed to go downhill when you met the two. You aren’t complaining, the good life was getting boring and it was fucking fun being with the two.

    You have no regrets, being with them is probably the best thing that has happened. You developed feelings for the two and you can tell they want you back, so you’re jumping into the deep in with full content.

    You parked into a empty parking lot that seemed to belong to a abandoned store. The place kinda gave you the creeps but if that’s what Mingi wanted.

    Mingi shifted himself up and turned the lights on in the car, then handed Yeosang some rolling paper. Yeosang’s specialty was making blunts, you don’t know where he learned but damn he was good at it. Mingi looked in the glove department to find a lighter and his luck, he found one.

    He made a celebration gesture for one actually being in here, then looked at you. “Ever smoked weed, Bun?”

    You hesitated, you did once but it didn’t turn out pretty. You don’t really know how to smoke properly and you just act like you do. “No…” You leaned back in your chair, kinda nervous. “It’s not that hard, Bun. You’ll learn in no time.”

    “Here it’s done.” Yeosang handed the blunt to Mingi with ease, then positioned himself in the middle of the two front seats with his head. Mingi popped the brown covered blunt in his mouth, then lighted it on the end. He inhaled the smoke, holding the blunt in between his index and middle finger. Then, he exhaled and leaned back.

    You don’t know why but watching him smoke weed was the hottest thing ever, it was attractive to see him puff out the smoke. You closed your thigh legs and took a deep breath, to control yourself. Mingi handed the blunt to Yeosang. Yeosang took a big hit, slightly coughing after causing Mingi to laugh. “Your turn, babe.” Yeosang said handing you the blunt, giving a small wink towards your sight.

    You took the joint, popping it into your mouth and inhaling. You started coughing immediately and both the boys laughed at you.

    A few moments after and the joint was fully gone, the effects of weed coursing through your blood. You guys were high out your mind, Mingi was laying down on his seat looking up at the car roof. You tried to get a drink of water because you were so parched and your head felt like it was spinning out of its mind. Yeosang was fiddling with your hair and trying to get your attention.

    “Hey, hey y/n.” Yeosang spoke softly to you, grabbing your attention towards the blonde haired boy. His eyes were slightly fed and he was smiling at you, looking as handsome as ever. “Yes?” you were curious what he wanted, he then took your cheeks in his hands and started kissing you.

    Honestly, you didn’t have the energy or influence to push the boy off, you were too faded off your mind to even complain or overthink. You just started giggle and kissing him back, harder then it started. Boring on each other’s lips , playing tug o war with your tongues, and taking in the smell of weed on each other’s figure. Mingi was watching from the side, letting the action play out and he suddenly got jealous.

    “Hey, Yeo…come here.” Mingi said and the older boy popped off your mouth, a little string of saliva connecting the two of your mouths. Mingi was talking with Yeosang, you don’t know about what but they looked pure greedy. Like you were their next meal just waiting to be devoured, looking innocent as ever not knowing what to come. Mingi started rubbing your thigh with circles, “Hey bun, sit right here.” Mingi patted his lap, signaling you to hop on. You complied, struggling to get over to the passenger side and sit on the boy.

    When you finally got over he snaked his arms around your waist so you placed yours on his shoulders, looking into his eyes with some sort of affection. “How bout you say we have a lil fun?”

    You bit your lip slightly, then looking down at Mingi’s crotch. You cant say you aren’t turned on, you wanted to have a lil fun tonight. You placed your hand on Mingi’s bulge, not stopping to think about it beforehand. Maybe it was the weed coursing through and messing with your brain, but you felt fucking invincible. Mingi’s breath hitched and then he looking at you muttering a small ‘Go on’

    You then shifted your weight up and zipped down his Zipper, he helped you slide his pants down slightly, then his boxers. Your hand seemed to take control for its own, releasing his hard on from the confinement. You stared for a little bit, you assumed Mingi was big but never this big. He caught you staring at it for a while and let out a breathy chuckle.

    “See this Sangie, she probably hasn’t ever touched a dick in her life.” Mingi said in a mocking tone, your face heated up and you couldn’t say anything in response. Yeosang giggled just a bit, then whispered something in Mingi’s ear from the back seat.

    “Y/n, take control, make yourself worthy somehow.” Mingi said in a almost cutting like tone. The words were like a knife stabbing you in the chest, but you somehow…liked it. The way he was talking to you like you don’t deserve respect made you feel some type of way. You snapped yourself back into reality, taking his hard on into your hands, then squeezing a little bit. He inhaled sharply, but he didn’t complain.

    You started to move you hand up his length and back down, while maintaining a circular motion. His head tilted back but it wasn’t enough and you could tell. You bent down a little to face yourself with his length, then spit down on it. Making sure it was a enough to glide your hand down with ease.

    “Holy shit…” Mingi said shakily, the spit was fucking with his mind. Every touch was way more enhanced due to the weed in his system, so he was extra sensitive. When you started moving your hand fast up and down, he was seeing stars. It felt so good and you were glad to give him the pleasure, while Yeosang in the back was watching.

    You didn’t know Yeosang had a voyeurism kink, he seemed to enjoy himself in the back. Fulfilling his needs just by watching the action happen, and he turned a soft red whenever you made eye contact with him from the front seat. Mingi was starting to fuck into your hand, pushing his hips up to get more friction.

    “Holy- i’m getting impatient, Y/n take your pants off.” Mingi said in a demanding tone, making you move with a purpose. Mingi was lowkey squished being that the car didn’t have that much space to move in. He pulled the seat all the way down so that Yeosang had access to the Front seat.

    “Get on all fours, Princess.”

    After getting your pants fully off you were slightly embarrassed because they never seen you like this, but even so you complied to Mingi. He didn’t seem like he had time for you to be a brat, and you weren’t going to try it. When you got on all fours on the seat you were greeted with the tip of Yeosang’s tip, it was beaded with precum and a bright red. Your eyes widened at his length as well, shook at the boy’s maturity.

    Mingi was caressing your ass in the back, making you flinch with his cold fingers. Before you could process the situation you were in, you felt a warm slimey tongue licking up a strip of your liquids. You let out a unexpected moan, opening your mouth slightly. Yeosang took the opportunity to stuff his dick in your mouth, muffling your gasps and whimpering. “Make your mouth work, like the slut you are.” Yeosang was piercing his words through your ears, making you whimper even more.

    Your eyes were slightly beading with tears due to the boy’s size, Mingi in the back was cooing at you. Before you knew it, Mingi started entering his length into your soaking cunt making you jolt forward onto Yeosang’s length. Yeosang took a sharp breath and grabbed your hair to keep you stable, he then started moving your head. Bobbing with his motions he started moaning a little, making your core tighten around Mingi’s throbbing cock.

    “F-fuck…she likes hearing you Sangie.”

    Mingi started rolling his hips into your ass, gripping on the side of your waist. Your moans sent vibrations through Yeosang’s dick, making him throw his head back in bliss. The feeling of two cocks filling you up had you overwhelmed, almost throbbing in pleasure. Your orgasm was close , very close and Mingi was pounding into you. You were crying out, your load moans being muffled.

    Yeosang’s cock hitting the back of your throat each time he thrusts, Yeosang was staring at you in the eyes. He was taking in this moment, something he’d never imagine would happen when he met you for the first time in senior year. He’s happy to spend his college days with you, everyday his love growing for you even more.

    Mingi’s hips were beginning to stutter and you could tell he was close as well. Yeosang was close, his head thrown back and fucking into your throat even harder. A few more thrusts in and you were squeezing around Mingi’s cock, letting the effects of the orgasm run it’s course on you. Mingi soon after spilled into your cunt, spewing countless curse words. Yeosang was still going, but he didn’t last long, his white strips were coating your throat walks in no time. It was a lot and it almost made you choke up on the warm liquid.

    Yeosang pulled out of your mouth, dropping his body onto the back seat. Everyone was breathing hard, trying to catch the breath in the heat of the moment.

    “Round 2?”

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  • jazzy1919
    21.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    Secret Space

    “Wait wait wait-“ you exclaim before pressing your back against Hongjoong’s. A confused hum escapes his lips and he tenses for a moment before relaxing against your back. Before he could ask his question you quickly answered, “It’s just easier for me to listen to you talk in this position.” The statement wasn’t exactly a lie. If you had been facing Hongjoong you probably would’ve gotten lost in his eyes.

    For a moment there’s silence before Hongjoong starts to talk. The position was actually comfortable for him too. He felt safe and not being able to see your expression made talking a little bit easier. He didn’t feel the need to be careful with his wording and just let his rant spill out. At one point he had started to cry and Hongjoong desperately hoped you hadn’t noticed. When his voice cracked in the middle of his sentence, he tensed but as you showed no reaction he quickly felt relieved.

    Conversations like that happened often between you two. There was something about you that comforted Hongjoong and he was grateful to have you around. On the other hand, listening to Hongjoong’s deepest thoughts and desires and telling him yours only made your feelings for him blossom but for the most part, you kept your feelings about him to yourself.

    Walking out of the classroom you expect to see Hongjoong waiting for you as usual but the red haired boy was nowhere in sight. Your eyebrows furrow slightly as you walk towards you locker, figuring he would be waiting for you there but again, he was nowhere to be found.

    “Maybe he’s waiting at our spot.” You mumble to yourself, grabbing your books and placing them into your bag. The spot you two shared was towards the back of the school, near the school gardens, specifically under an oak tree.

    Making your way over to the tree you stop in your tracks. Hongjoong was definitely there but he was there with someone, someone who wasn’t you. A wave of hurt overcame your body as you slowly walk away from the spot and towards home.

    The next day, you do your best to steer clear of Hongjoong. Unfortunately, he catches you by your locker at the end of the day. There’s concern written all over his face as he speaks.

    “Hey, where were you yesterday? Did- did something happen?” His voice is soft as he scans your face for anything unusual.

    It takes you a moment to compose yourself but once you do, you shake your head. “No just a lot of homework is all. I’m sorry- I should’ve told you.” You were lying straight through your teeth. “We can go now though.” You were dying to know who that girl was with him yesterday and you figured the best way to do that was to talk to him under the tree.

    Sitting beneath the tree you watched as the wind blew some of the now golden leaves off of their branches. The crisp air made you shiver a bit but before you could make a comment on the chilly weather you felt warmth surround you. Your eyebrows furrow but you’re soon met with the sweet smell of Hongjoong’s jacket, you couldn’t help but allow a soft smile to appear on your lips.

    Hongjoong presses his back against yours and hums contently. For a moment the only sound that filled the air were his hums and the wind.

    “Hongjoong.” You finally spoke after the brief moment of silence.

    “Hm?” He replies, shifting a little bit to get more comfortable. Biting your lip you felt yourself hesitate before asking, “W-Who was that girl that you were with the other day?” The question hung in the air for what felt like an hour and you wondered if the male thought the question was intruding on his privacy.

    “Her name is Hyemin, she was confessing to me yesterday.” You felt your heart shatter but you didn’t say anything, allowing him to continue. “I said no...she’s a sweet girl and everything but I have my eyes on someone else.” He spoke softly, a soft blush appearing on his face. Times like this he was glad you were facing the opposite direction. Before you got a chance to ask who, he says, “Can I tell you a secret?”

    When you didn’t answer he assumed that was a silent yes. “The girl I have my eyes on, is you.” By the time the sentence came out of his mouth his face was all red and he felt a little flustered. You on the other hand, you were shocked and it clearly showed on your face, not that Hongjoong could see it.

    “M-Me?” You finally spoke, your voice shaking in disbelief. Quickly, you turn around only to find Hongjoong looking back at you. His face was red and he quickly looked away when you made eye contact. A small chuckle escapes his lips at his actions, seeing someone who was usually so cool even when sharing his deepest feelings become flustered really amazed you.

    Cupping his chin and turning his head to face you, you press a soft kiss against his lips before sitting back down and pressing your back against his, once again facing the other direction. A bright smile and soft blushes appear on both of your faces and you didn’t need to see each other to know that.

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  • fluffyteez
    21.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    "he thought i was a what?" you blinked your eyes repeatedly as mingi sighed.

    "he thought you were his wife, y/n"

    you shook your head at mingi, looking at him as if he was crazy.

    currently, you were at the hospital, where san was hospitalized. mingi told you that san was involved in a car accident -even though he knew it was actually planned by the rival gang all along- and he hit his head pretty hard which lead him to amnesia.

    that was pretty bad, you thought.

    until mingi mentioned about the wife part.

    that's when you felt like running away.

    yes, you used to be san's girlfriend but that was long ago. and you never contacted each other ever since.

    and now suddenly, he has amnesia and thought you were his wife? what in the world-


    both you and mingi turned to san. you stared at him as mingi pushed you closer to san who was lying on the hospital bed.

    "what's wrong? why were you talking to mingi? baby, are you cheating on me?"

    you panicked when you saw the frown on his face as you quickly denied what he said.

    "what? no! i wasn't cheating on you! we were just... discussing about the hospital bills, that's all"

    san nodded, approving your answer as he held your hand.

    "i can't wait to get out of here. the food tastes bad, baby! this is why i prefer your cooking, yours are always the best!"

    you nodded awkwardly, not knowing what to do or reply to his words.

    "y/n" he called out for you and you looked at him, waiting for him to continue.

    "you love me, right?"

    you turned to look at mingi as he nodded, urging you to say yes.

    "yes, san, i do love you"

    he smiled, his dimples showing as he hugged you. you wrapped your arms around him, returning the hug.

    without you noticing, san was smirking at mingi and mingi showed him a thumbs up, indicating that the plan has worked.

    for now, they just need to make sure not to let you know about san's plan to make you his again.

    if only he knew the consequences of that...

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  • godsmenuera
    21.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    You fall asleep on there lap

    Kim hongjoong

    He would be in his studio when you were sat on his lap straddling him. He looked down at his shoulder to see you on his shoulder smiling down at you and laying you on the couch with a pillow and covering you up.

    "Joong" you said half asleep

    "Go back to sleep baby" he said and kissed yr head going back to work.

    Park seonghwa

    He would be with the members while you were sitting on his lap leaning your back on his chest. He didn't know will yunho pointed at you and made a sleeping motion. Seonghwa nodded and placed you on the long part of the couch with a blanket and placing a kiss on your head. Playing with your hair sitting next to where your head was laying while quietly talking with the members.

    Jeon yunho

    You guys were in the practice room the members were sprawled out among the room. Your were laying down and your head in his lap he looked nto the mirror and seen you asleep he chuckled and took a picture playing with your hair.

    Kang yeosang

    Mans would be stiff. He wouldn't wanna wake you so he wouldn't move. Like AT ALL. He would sit there til you woke up and just stare at you smiling.

    Choi san

    You guys would be watching a movie and you would fall asleep halfway through. He chuckled and turned off the TV. Taking you upstairs and laying you on the bed kissing your head before slipping in next to you.

    Song mingi

    He would be talking to you and you wouldn't be responding. He would look at you and you would be asleep. He would take a bunch of pictures of you. He would he laughing while sending the to the members and them laughing at them as well.

    Jung wooyoung

    I feel like his ass would just yell. He would scream making you jolt awake. But would feel bad a minute later making you lay back down and paying with your hair.

    Choi jongho

    I feel lie he would know your there but ignore you. Like he would look down and see you sleeping kiss your head and just go back to what he was doing

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    Deja Vu 🆚 Eternal Sunshine

    September 2021

    The one where Elena asks a few important people about what ATEEZ’s new title track should be

    Tag list: @daystiny @nayuyeons @1-800-enhypenbibi @nctdream-minji @ateezjuliet @ggukkiedae @lovely-sanie (feel free to send me an ask to join the tag list 💗)

    Elena’s Masterlist

    “What are you doing?” Yugyeom asked is confusion as he walked into the living room of his home. To say he was surprised to see the girl would be a lie. She had made a habit out of showing up to his house uninvited ever since he had gave her her own key to his home a while back. However, out of all the times she had appeared without notice, he had never once found her struggling over something on his coffee table.

    “What does it look like I’m doing?” Elena asked plainly with a tired huff, clearly fed up with the mess in front of her.

    This made the boy stop in his tracks to observe her sad efforts. He watched in mild amusement as the tripod she had, very poorly, set up began to tilt to the side.

    “Shit.” She muttered under her breath as she immediately grabbed ahold of the camera before it could fall to its impending doom.

    “It looks like you’re struggling.” He chuckled tauntingly as he proceeded to walk around her and straight towards the couch behind her to get a better view of the spectacle.

    Elena flipped her head towards him with a sharp glare, her patience low from the absurd amount of time she had wasted on trying to get this set up done, “Then why aren’t you helping me?”

    “You never answered my question,” Yugyeom bluntly responded with a charming grin as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, “plus, it’s pretty entertaining.”

    “Glad this is entertaining you.” She sighed as she laid the recording equipment down on the table in defeat and began staring down the table for a few seconds before ultimately giving up and making her way next to Yugyeom. “Thanks,” She sighed lightly as she stole his drink from his hand, “I needed this.”

    “You know you were doing it wrong.”

    “Really?” Elena gasped with a shocked grin, “I never would’ve known! I thought it was the table messing it up.”

    “I know,” Yugyeom smiled at her before moving closer to the table to set up the equipment the correct way. “What’s up with the recording equipment anyway?” He asked as he made himself busy, clearly concentrating on arranging the tripod in the correct way.

    Oh right, Elena had forgot to tell him why she had shown up to his home. It wasn’t as if she did it on purpose. The thought had crossed her mind earlier, but she had gotten distracted when her youngest member, Jongho, called for her.

    Ever since she got word of his knee injury, Elena had become more nurturing to the younger boy than usual. She just wanted to assure that he wouldn’t strain himself any more than he needed too to insure the quickest recovery for him and in the midst of it all, she had simply forgotten to inform her friend of her reasoning for her current visitation.

    “Well, I need to shoot a video for our upcoming comeback and I was thinking that you could be in it.” Elena started as she watched the boy give the set up a final once over before pressing record and moving to sit by her.

    “You just assumed I would say yes?”

    “Well, you love me, right?”

    Yugyeom exhaled sharply but the smile on his face was still prominent as he rearranged his cap on his head. “Why don’t we just start and you can explain this as we go.”

    Yugyeom: [points to the laptop] …So I get to pick which is your title track?

    Elena: Yeah! Well kinda? It’s going to count as a vote for the song to be the title track.

    Yugyeom: So I’m not the only one voting?

    Elena: No.

    Yugyeom: [tilting his head to the side in curiosity] Who all voted already?

    Elena: Just me and the guys. We still need more people to vote but you’re one of the first, besides us of course.

    Yugyeom: Ahhhh! [leans closer to her and takes back his drink with a smug smile] so I’m special.

    Elena: [pats his knee] Yes you are! [reaches over to her laptop] You and three others.

    Yugyeom: [freezes in his spot with the drink halfway up to his lips] Wha-

    Elena: [leans over to stop the video] What’d you think?

    Yugyeom: They’re both really good, but Eternal Sunshine is really refreshing to listen to.

    Elena: Is this your way of saying you vote for Eternal Sunshine?

    Yugyeom: No. [shakes his head and hands frantically] Deja Vu! That hip move was great. [stands up and tries to replicate the move] Who choreographed the dance?

    Elena: I took part in it along with some others, [stands up] but San and I were saying how you should imagine that you’re hands are tied- [puts her hands up]

    Yugyeom: [crosses his arms with a mischievous grin] Hands tied, huh?

    “I told you not to worry about coming-” Hyunjae spoke as he watched Elena make her way inside of their dressing room. The Boyz were currently at a music station getting ready to perform their latest title track, Thrill Ride, for their promotional period.

    Elena had actually told Hyunjae about the video she wished to shoot, unlike her last friend, and Hyunjae had immediately agreed to her request. However he had insisted that he could find the time in his schedule to meet with her and record the video, as a way that she assumed to not bother her.

    If Elena didn’t know the way the promotion periods worked, maybe she would have agreed to his way, but she was an idol herself and knew better. She was aware that he could squeeze her into the little bit of free time he managed to find but he would have to sacrifice some well deserved rest time and she couldn’t bring herself to ask him to do that. So that’s how Elena found herself at the current music station, a few treats in her hands as well.

    “And I told you it’s fine!” She exclaimed as she made her way towards the couch he was sitting on. “Your schedule is already packed as it is with Thrill Ride promotions going on right now.”

    “You’re so stubborn sometimes.” Hyunjae stated as he shook his head at the girl’s persistence, “Do you want to record the video now?” He asked checking the time on his phone to see if there was still time before they had to go on stage and perform. “We have plenty of time before we head out and I’m already done with my hair and makeup.”

    “Yeah, let’s shoot the video first and then-”

    “Elena!” Someone shouted as they entered the room. Said girl turned around in search of the face of the voice, smiling widely when she found the culprit being sat down at a chair by a staff member.

    “Hi Eric!”

    “Did you only come to visit Hyunjae hyung?” Eric accused as he crossed his arms and watched her with a faux hurt expression.

    “Of course not,” She responded already beginning to make her way over to the younger boy getting his hair done, “but I do need him for a video.”

    “Why am I not in the video?” Eric responded looking up at Elena with doe eyes, and man was she a sucker for doe eyes when it came to the younger members. She was ready to let him join the shooting until she glanced towards the hair stylist who seemed to have everything all set up and ready to style his hair.

    Realizing that it probably wouldn’t be the wisest choice to steal the younger boy away she shook her head at him, “You’re getting your hair done and I don’t want Sangyeon to come at me for being the reason you aren’t ready.” She explained as she made a point to hand him the bag of treats she had brought with her. “Don’t worry, I’ll be right back and we can film a tik tok challenge together without Hyunjae.”


    Elena: [leans back and stares at him intently] So which are you leaning towards?

    Hyunjae: I’m in between both, [rubs his neck] which one did you pick?

    Elena: I can’t tell you before you vote! That would be influencing you and Hongjoong made it very clear to not influence anyone before they vote. Do you want me to get in trouble?

    Hyunjae: Do you want really want the answer to that?

    Elena: I do! [pokes his side] Just a reminder that there is a wrong answer and if you say it I might need to go and have a talk with Sangyeon.

    Hyunjae: Sangyeon? Who’s talking about Sangyeon? Weren’t we trying to vote for your title track? [reaches over to the laptop]

    Elena: [lets out a small laugh] We were, so which one do you pick?

    Hyunjae: I’m going to pick Eternal Sunshine. I think fresh concepts are always fun to perform and the fans love them.

    Elena: Ohhh that’s true!

    Hyunjae: [looks over at Elena in realization] …You voted Deja Vu, didn’t you?

    Elena: [points at herself] I was actually one of the main writers for it, so I have a bit of a bias.

    Hyunjae: Wait, really? [Elena nods her head laughing] Can I change my vote?

    “Hannah!” Elena shouted making her way inside of the 127 dorms.

    “Elena!” Hannah shouted back running out of her room, to greet the taller girl in a hug.

    “My ears!” Jaehyun shouted in a poor imitation of the girls’.

    “Someone’s jealous.” Hannah sang as she eyed him with a poked out her tongue just to tease him further.

    “It’s okay to say you want a hug from us Jae.” Elena joked teasingly with a shining grin on her lips as she let go of the other girl. It hadn’t necessarily been a long time since the two had last seen each other but it was just a routine that the two extroverted girls did whenever they came across the other.

    “Who would want a hug from you guys.” Jaehyun asked as he tried to keep a straight face through the sentence but his dimples had other plans, giving him away immediately.

    Hannah looked at the boy with a knowing smile painted on her pink lips as she eyed her member in contemplation. “Plenty of people would love hugs from us, you included.”

    “Whatever you say.” Jaehyun responded tiredly as he crossed his arms and leaned against the wall to observe the girl who had decided to drop by and visit the dorm. “What’s with the shooting equipment?”

    “She asked me to take part in voting for their upcoming title track.” Hannah announced proudly to her member.

    “Oh?” Jaehyun responded looking at Elena in question, “You did?”

    “I did,” Elena nodded, “I was asking some of my closer friends to vote, but you’re welcome to join us if you want considering you are the other half of the visual couple.” She spoke up with a cocky smile as she sat in front of her camera, ready to start recording the voting video.

    The boy only shook his head softly at the girl before moving to sit on the other side of the table facing them instead. “No, I’ll listen from over here and give you my unbiased opinion.”

    “Unbiased opinion?” Elena asked confused at the particular part of the sentence before something clicked in her mind. “Did Yugyeom tell you…” Receiving a nod of confirmation Elena couldn’t help but let out a loud laugh as her friend beside her stared between the two in utter confusion.

    “What would influence your vote?” Hannah asked Jaehyun in confusion as she watched Elena purse her lips before looking at the boy with a raised eyebrow, “Yeah Jaehyun, what would influence your vote?”

    “The visuals,” The boy responded as he slowly sunk further into his seat as the tips of his ears began to turn red due to the way both girls were staring at him so intently. “I don’t want to base my choice off of the video.”

    Why had he chosen to hang out with these two again? As if he doesn’t get teased enough by Hannah on the daily, but now he has to get teased the two together? He was starting to see why Mark calls the duo a menace to society.

    Elena grinned at the boy’s response before elaborating further, “It’s because Yugyeom asked about a dance move that me and San changed so that it would look as if your hands are tied above your head.”

    “Hands tied, huh?” Hannah teased looking at the girl with raised eyebrows, her face full of amusement, “Kinky.”

    “There’s nothing wrong with a little hand tying.” Elena responded back trying to defend herself as the girl next to her wiggled her eyebrows at her teasingly. “Besides I’m not the only one who thought of that move.”

    At the sound of the statement Hannah sat a little straighter in her seat as she raised an eyebrow to her friend, “Don’t try to shift the topic on to someone else.” She spoke already knowing what Elena was trying to do here. The way her eyes sparkled mischievously gave her intentions away faster than her words ever could.

    “Me?” Elena asked tilting her head to the side, “Shifting the topic onto someone else? I would never,” She reasoned with a shocked face although her smile was peeking through her facade. “but if you-”

    “Don’t we have a video to shoot?”

    Elena: [looking at Hannah expectantly] What are we thinking?

    Hannah: I love it! It’s so fresh and upbeat!

    Elena: So you’re team Eternal Sunshine?

    Hannah: No! [leans over to the laptop and replays Deja Vu] I’m still Deja Vu.

    Elena: [laughs before looking above the camera] What about you?

    Jaehyun: Deja Vu

    Hannah: Look at you, making smart decisions. [smiles approvingly in his direction] Oh, speaking of which, who else has voted?

    Elena: [lets out a laugh before covering her moth with her hand to stifle it] Hey, he’s made plenty of smart decisions!

    Hannah: Questionable.

    “You chose Aeri over me as your favorite?” Chan asked astonished as he looked at Elena hugging Aeri on their couch.

    “See, whenever you say it like that, it sounds bad, but it’s Aeri and she was being, well, herself!” Elena tried reasoning as she tightened her arms around the younger girl, “How could I not?”

    “Fair point.” Chan stated as he walked closer to the pair in wonder. “So are you going to ask me to be in your video or have I been ditched for Aeri on that too?”

    “Unnie,” Aeri spoke up with the little breath she had tapping the girls arm, “I can’t breathe.”

    At the younger girls words, Elena released her tight grip around the girl with a sheepish smile, “Whoops.” Looking towards the boy a small smile grew on her lips, “Would it really be the worst thing in the world if I did?”

    At the sight of the boy getting ready to defend himself Elena shook her hand in the air with an airy laugh at, “You can join, let me just introduce you into the video because we already started recording.”

    Elena: So we actually have someone else joining us! [waves him over]

    Chan from behind the camera: You’re not going to introduce me?

    Elena: I personally don’t think you guys need introductions, but since some people might want them I think it would be best if you introduced yourself.

    Chan: [walking into frame to sit beside Aeri] You said you were going to introduce me though?

    Elena: I did, I introduced you into the video! Now introduce yourself to the people.

    Aeri: I’m going to have to pick Eternal Sunshine

    Chan: [looks over at Aeri in disappointment] No, Deja Vu

    Aeri: What? [looks at him in disbelief] No!

    Chan: What do you mean no?

    Aeri: Eternal Sunshine should be the title track

    Chan: No, Deja Vu should- you know what? Let’s play rock, paper, scissors and whoever wins gets to vote.

    Elena: You both can vo-

    Aeri: Fine!

    Elena: Well okay [crosses her legs and moves closer to Aeri] if you’re going to bet your vote, let’s make things more interesting and make the winner get three votes [both look at her]

    Chan: Can you even do that?

    Elena: I don’t see why not… If you don’t play you lose!

    Aeri & Chan: Rock, paper, scissors! [Aeri throws out paper and Chan throws out rock]

    Chan: No!

    Elena: Yes! [looks at the laptop] Wait… rematch?

    a/n: HANNAH IS NOT MY OC! She is Nini’s oc! That being said, you guys should check out her work at @neohannah ! Aeri however is my other oc and you guys should check her out too @seventeen-aeri ! Also these are just snippets of what happened in each video (as you can tell bc I left them very open ended) but if you guys want to know what all was said, feel free to let me know (and which one ofc) and I’ll do it! This is very badly proofread but I hope you guys enjoy nonetheless! Feedback is welcome and appreciated! (also sorry for the week long wait😭)💗

    #9th member of ateez #ateez 9th member #ateez au#ateez elena #kpop female addition #ateez imagines#ateez scenarios#kpop addition#kpop oc#ateez oc#female addition#female oc#kpop au #ateez 99 line #ateez series #female member of ateez #ateez addition#kpop imagines#kpop series#ateez#kpop scenarios #ateez female addition #ateez female member #kpopidol #oc!female #yugyoem#jaehyun#lee chan
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    [6:14 PM] + post-apocalypse + ex!san + “i don't owe you shit.”

    a/n: 2k, a small description of violence, cussing, part 1/?


    “get up.”

    you freeze – not at the unfamiliar voice, but at the goosebumps rising along the nape of your neck and cool touch of steel against your skin.

    “i said get up.” the person bites out, something hard digging into your side as they crowd up against you. a knee, you realize, your heart slamming against your ribcage. your thoughts are reeling, eyes sweeping your surroundings, searching for an escape, any way out, even as you lift your hands and slowly get to your feet.

    the moment you do, your arms are yanked behind your back. they tie your wrists tight, the rope burning your skin. before you can even attempt to struggle against the restraints, you're knocked on your ass. you wince in pain, the cloth mask tied around the bottom half of your face slipping.

    you glare up at the assailant. you cannot die now. not after everything.

    a man – the same age as you from the looks of it – crouches in front of you. he is tan, handsome even, his jaw angled. there's a fire in his eyes that terrifies you more than the desolate ghost towns and toxic dust, more than the fog and the things circling the moon day and night. the fire is born of a strain of anger you don't want to be near any longer than you need to. from the way he pulled a fucking knife on you as if he’s done it a million times before, you're sure you should be more than just terrified.

    the man tilts his head, examining you for so long, you resist the urge to squirm, glaring through your discomfort.

    then the man leans his head back and whistles, a familiar tune you're sure is from Before, and you watch as two more men appear from behind the houses you thought were abandoned. you'd scouted it and everything. one of them is tall, but his face seems…too kind. it’s almost disconcerting, to see kindness when you've gone so long completely devoid of experiencing such a thing.

    the other man stalks towards you, face all sharp angles and black hair overgrown. but even beneath those strands of hair, even beneath the dust mask hanging from his neck, even beneath the bags under his eyes and the sunkissed skin, you recognize him. why wouldn't you?

    his eyes land on you and they widen a fraction of an inch.

    your breath catches in your throat.

    it's choi san. your ex.

    of all the people from Before you could have possibly ran into, why the hell did it have to be him?

    your voice catches in your throat, a mixture of fear and relief curling at the pit of your stomach. in a world where you haven't seen another person in months, seeing such a familiar voice feels surreal. but the world is no longer the way it used to be. besides, san and you did not end amicably. a lot has happened since then, but you remember the earth-shattering fights. the cheating. the biting, awful words. the names. the toxicity. the last time you saw him, when you'd tossed his stuff out the door and refused to let him in. you two ended terribly and though the details have blurred, you know you're now in a lawless world and neither of you are the same as you once were. he'd never gotten the chance to get the last word in, and you wonder if he'll make up for that now.

    the little voice in your head, the anxious one that’s lived there all your life and has only gotten infinitely louder since the world went to shit, reminds you over and over that you are outnumbered and absolutely, one hundred percent fucked. you can only think of survival. your brain doesn't care that you know choi san. your brain reminds you that you don't really know him. not anymore. not after everything.

    the man with the knife yanks your backpack towards him, pulling out the kimchi jar you'd dug up from one of the abandoned houses. he dumps your first aid kit and water canteen, as well, frowning, "is this all you got?"

    your gaze remains on san. he doesn't say a word.

    the man with the knife knocks his knee against the side of your head. you scowl at him.

    he raises a brow, "i asked a question."

    “i –” your voice cracks and you clear your throat, annoyed with yourself. the man raises his brows at you, tilting his head. your glare deepens. “is that not enough? want to take the clothes off my back, too? san?"

    san blinks rapidly at his name. the man with the knife's smile grows wide, blinding, his gaze flickering from you to san.

    the tall man frowns at san, "you know them?"

    the man with the knife doesn't acknowledge your name drop. he merely raises a brow at you and asks, a lilt in his tone, "are you offering?”

    san snaps, "wooyoung."

    the man - wooyoung - only laughs, but there's a pointed sharpness to his tone that does not go unnoticed, "you didn't answer yunho's question."

    wooyoung's stare is too intense as he looks between you and san.

    san meets your gaze, and your stomach flips at the way he looks at you. for a moment, you're reminded of Before. then, his lips curl into a sneer, "i don't know them."

    wooyoung lets out a loud, guffawing laugh. your fingers curl into fists. only the tall one - yunho - looks bothered, his brows furrowed together.

    "san, what the fu-"

    "i don't owe you shit, y/n." san cuts you off with a sharp tone and frustration grows at the pit of your stomach. this isn't fair.

    you stare at san, incredulous, watching as yunho tosses the contents of your pack into your backpack and throws it over his shoulder.

    wooyoung tosses your water canteen at you. it lands with a dull thud in front of your knees. he says, “you get to keep the clothes, too, y/n. consider yourself lucky.”

    "are you seriously going to steal my shit and just leave me here? you're not even going to cut the fucking ropes?" a rage bubbles up in your chest that you haven't truly felt in a while.

    the three of them pause. san pauses, and when he looks at you, you wonder if this is even the same san you used to know. maybe it's the san you knew at the end of your relationship. wooyoung looks at you as if he's merely humoring you more than anything. only yunho seems to listen to you.

    san looks you in the eye and replies with a terse, "yeah.”

    he says it like you're asking a stupid question. maybe it is stupid.

    the anger grows, but with anger comes frustration and your eyes sting at the way san shrugs at you, uncaring. terrible.

    “It’s going to be sunset soon, assholes.”

    wooyoung blinks up at the sky and, for a moment, the amused smile on his face falters. he glances between yunho and san, a silent conversation you cannot make heads or tails of.

    the beat of silence stretches on for far too long, your stomach churning. you don't want to beg them for anything, but the survival instinct in you starts to rear it's ugly head.

    you look at san, and you don't want to plead. you'd plead with him plenty of times Before, and he'd let you down every time. why should this time be any different?

    san turns away. the lump in your throat grows exponentially, to the point where you have to blink away tears. why did you expect anything else?

    “you’re right.” wooyoung speaks up. you tear your gaze from san to wooyoung. he tosses his knife in your direction. it lands just out of reach, at your feet, with a loud clatter. your mind whirs through the logistics of sawing your way out of the ropes on your home. you stare at the knife before you turn your gaze on wooyoung. he tilts his head and winks, his smile lopsided and insolent, his tanned skin gleaming under the setting sun. "good luck."

    you want to scream, especially as they walk away, disappearing around the corner, but the orange sky is beginning to darken and all you can do is bite your tongue and maneuver yourself so you can get a proper grip on wooyoung's stupid knife.

    it isn’t fair.


    it isn’t fair.

    it’s the first thing you thought the day it started, fingers curled around the kitchen knife, knees drawn to your chest, apartment dark. blood coated the hallway floor, seeping in from the crack under your front door.

    it isn’t fair.

    the knife in your hand was slick with blood. a bloody handprint stained the doorknob. the handprint was yours, you knew this and it was somewhat grounding. you just didn’t want to think about it. it’s funny how you'd think that was an option for you though – you've always been the overthinking type.

    you spent that night clutching your knees to your chest and thinking unfair this all was. just that night, nothing more, nothing less, and then you sprang into action, needing to move, do something.

    it was how you dealt with most things - breakups, deaths, drifting friendships, your emotions. you liked to compartmentalize. it made things easier.

    the phone lines were the first to go. the electricity had gone out quickly after that. still, you managed to catch the news before it had gone out – the reporters surrounded in bouts of sudden fog on live broadcast, the sky full of tiny floating…things – and then night fell.

    you expected something else entirely. maybe something with tentacles like from the alien movies. but, instead, you got your mother prying open the door, smiling with pitch black eyes, strange hisses spilling from her lips.

    instead you got a split second to react just as she shoved her way into the apartment and lunged for the kitchen knife. you had to grapple with her, your voice desperate even to your own ears when you pleaded for your mother to come to her senses. she didn’t. you never knew your survival instincts could be so…prevalent, until that moment. until you had to turn the knife on her, until the squelch of the knife driving through her flesh seared itself into every fiber of your being. for a moment, all that was left between you and your mother was silence, blissful, unaware. but then she thrashed once more and you shoved her out the door, locking it shut, and you watched blood seep into the apartment through the crack under the door. the same blood that coated your hands.

    from then on, you were alone.

    at least as alone as one could be with strange things hovering in the sky at all times of the day. but you were alone enough for it to seep into your bones, live there.

    the radio helped for a while. you'd found it in your room - a gift from your first love, choi san, when things between you both was going well - and it kept you going in ways you knew san would have despised.

    the disembodied voices reminded you that there were other survivors, and the radio discussions were soothing. it made everything less lonely, less unknown. you spent a lot of your free time - and you had too much of that now - trying to understand what the hell you were dealing with, and the radio reassured you that everyone else was trying, too.

    one night, the network introduced three undeniable truths.

    one, whatever those things in the sky were, that hung so close to the moon, floating in and out of the clouds, had to be the cause of all this.

    two, there was something in the black fog and it wanted to kill you.

    and, three, do not go outside at night. your mother had, and you ended up with her blood on your hands.

    on your way out of the crowded cities, you encountered someone trying to break into the apartment you holed yourself up in. they banged on the walls while screaming at the top of their lungs, thud, thud, thud, all while you lay curled up in a rusty bathtub that smelled faintly of roses inside a tiny apartment, praying to whatever God was out there to keep you alive. please, please, please. it was the only thought running through your head as you clutched the radio to your chest.

    as soon as the sun rose over the horizon, you packed your things and booked it out of the city, knowing damn well anywhere was safer than a city packed full of whatever the hell had possessed that person last night. blood streaked down the hall and fingernail scratches marked the door to the tiny apartment you had found refuge in that night, and you're sure another hour without the sun would have allowed the door to give out.

    you had found an unintentional companion in the radio, until the radio died.

    by the time you found batteries, all that was left was static. you couldn’t find any voices.

    you tried for a full week, tuning the radio, but the comforting woman’s voice you hadn’t meant to grow attached to was gone and all that was left was white noise.

    nothing but white noise.

    in that moment, stood somewhere in the middle of nowhere, surrounded by nothing but dust and sun and emptiness, you realized that you were really, truly alone.

    that night you cried, radio tucked in your hands. for your mother, your family, your friends, the world as you knew it. you cried and cried and you refused to look at the sky ever again.

    still, you could not get yourself to toss the useless radio, instead clipping it to your belt loop.

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    Or @hwa-joongie

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