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  • leesalts
    21.09.2021 - 39 minutes ago

    I think I got Lucky and got 3 photo cards in my news Ateez album 😅😂 and three different ^^ I got Mingi, Yeosang and San ^^❤️

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  • tilnavann
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago
    ateez being ateez in deja vu (chuseok version)
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  • bobateastay
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    slipping - park seonghwa

    park seonghwa x gender neutral!reader

    tw - hurt/comfort, established relationship, disordered behaviours (disorder not otherwise specified), mentions of past disorders/illness

    word count: 1.5k

    Seonghwa knows you well. Not as well as he knows himself and sometimes not as well as he knows his members, but he knows you well enough to tell when something's wrong. He also knows you well enough that he can tell when something's wrong before you can.

    It starts with a walk. Seonghwa has the day off and he's sure that you know this because he made a point of it to let you know beforehand. There’s a new restaurant he's been interested in visiting and he'd even rented a few movies online with the hopes of spending the afternoon and evening with you before the boys would begin to filter back into the dorm. But when he calls you in the morning, you tell him that you forgot.

    "Oh," Seonghwa breathes, toying with his bedsheets. He tries to hide the disappointment in his voice. "Do you want to come over anyway? We could order food instead."

    "Yeah, I just have to get home first," your answer comes. Seonghwa frowns and after straining himself to listen, he can hear cars on your end of the call.

    "Baby, where are you? The weather's awful today," he says, getting out of bed and pulling open the curtain to find that, sure enough, the weather outside is miserable.

    "I don't know what this place is called," you mumble into the phone.

    "Do you want me to come pick you up?" Sepnghwa offers. There's a moment of silence so long that for a moment he thinks your phone might've died, but then he hears you say a soft 'yes please'.

    As it turns out, the place you’d found yourself in is a two hour walk away from Seonghwa's dorm, which means a two and a half hour walk away from your own place. When Seonghwa finally gets to you, you’re all but frozen in place, your hands stiff and as cold as ice blocks when he takes them into his own. The realisation that you walked all the way here in this weather makes Seonghwa frown.

    "Here," he says, shrugging off his jacket despite your protests and settling it over your shoulders. He ties a knot with the sleeves to make sure it doesn’t slip off of you. "How did you get all the way here, hm? Angel, you're frozen."

    You lean into his warm palm when he holds your face and he lets out a sigh, rubbing his thumb over your cheek, trying to ignore how absent your eyes look.

    "I just felt like taking a walk," you reply.

    The two of you spend the afternoon together the same way Seonghwa had initially planned and the tired look on your face melts into your usual content one. But even when you smile at him, he can't shake the all too familiar feeling of your frozen hands in his. Before you leave, he covers your face in kisses even though he knows the boys will make fun of him for it later.

    "Dress well from now on, okay? It's not safe to walk so far by yourself," he scolds you, resting his palm on your forehead to make sure you haven't caught a fever.

    "Yes sir," you joke, leaning forward to plant a kiss on his lips. "I'll be more careful next time."

    Seonghwa is satisfied and sends you off back home, ignoring the wet kissing sounds Wooyoung is making at him from the living room. You text him a little while later to let him know that you're home safe and he's somewhat satisfied.

    The next thing he notices is the soda. You visit him almost a week later at the company with a can of soda in hand and Seonghwa doesn't think too much of it. He knows that you haven't had soda since you were ill but he also knows that it's not his place to monitor what you drink. The next time he sees you, you're holding onto a bottle of soda, the same kind you had last time. He decides to overlook it once more.

    When he visits your apartment, Wooyoung and Yeosang in tow with the promise of a movie night before they're sent back to the dorms so that Seonghwa can sleep over, he finds a carefully formed stack of empty soda cans in your bedroom. His heart drops when he finds a half empty liter bottle of soda in your kitchen fridge. He feels a little sick now, his face paling as he tries to figure out what this means.

    When he looks up, he finds you and Yeosang happily ordering chicken. There's a smile on your face as you discuss whether you should get extra sides and Seonghwa feels some of the worry in his chest dissipate.

    "Isn't that what Y/N used to drink when they were sick?" Wooyoung's voice startles him out of his thoughts. The younger is beside him, staring pointedly at the bottle of soda with an expression that looks just as worried as he feels.

    "Yeah," he replies quietly. He looks back to you, smiling when you blow him a kiss. "But they look healthy."

    "Be careful with them," Wooyoung whispers.

    Sepnghwa nods and shuts the fridge, deciding to input his opinions on dinner before you and Yeosang order something he doesn't want. He lets the soda slide but keeps Wooyoung's advice in mind.

    The last straw for Seonghwa is the counting.

    The two of you are settled in his bed on one of the rare nights you're sleeping over at their dorm, your head resting on his chest and one of your legs thrown over him as though he were a big teddy bear. Seonghwa is playing music from his phone, occasionally singing along, so he doesn't notice it at first, but after a little while, the sound of you practicing multiplication under your breath becomes obvious. Seonghwa feels you tracing patterns into his side with your fingers and realises in a panic that they're probably numbers and not meaningless drawings.

    "Y/N," he says softly, grateful that Hongjoong isn't back from the studio yet. You hum in return, ceasing the movement of your fingertips to listen to what he has to say. "Baby, I think you're getting sick again."

    You don't answer him straight away and Seonghwa is a little surprised, having expected some kind of resistance or defensiveness. He decides not to push for an answer, gently stroking the top of your head as you process what he's said.

    "Do you really think so?" you ask after a while, your voice weak. When Seonghwa looks down, he sees your bottom lip shaking as tears well in your eyes and he feels guilty for a second before he reminds himself that he can’t keep letting you slip.

    "You've been doing a lot of stuff that you only did when you were ill," he explains, rubbing his thumb back and forth against your cheek. "You've been walking by yourself a lot and drinking tons of soda."

    "And I was counting just now," you whisper, sounding more disappointed than Seonghwa has ever heard you sound before. “I didn’t realise, I’m sorry.”

    He sits up and pulls you up with him, giving you a small smile when you look at him.

    “You don’t have to apologise, okay?” he reassures you, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “I just want to keep you safe. If it’s okay with you, we can figure out what’s wrong together, so that you don’t keep slipping.”

    You nod, not saying much as tears begin to roll down your cheeks, causing Seonghwa to shush you as gently as he can, wiping your tears with his sleeve and kissing your damp cheeks.

    “I really don’t want to get sick again,” you whimper, wiping your nose with the back of your hand. Your voice cracks when you try to speak again and you give up, letting Seonghwa pull you into his chest. He cradles you as close as he can, pushing the memory of you when you were ill out of his mind. You’re here now, healthy and safe and all that matters is keeping you that way. You speak again, voice muffled against his shirt. “I don’t want to be like that again, everything was scary and I felt like- it felt like I was going to die.”

    Seonghwa can’t help but wince at your words, squeezing his eyes shut.

    “My baby,” he murmurs. He tries to pull you closer but finds that you’re as close as you can get, so he opts for giving you a gentle squeeze instead. “I love you so much, okay? You won’t have to feel like that ever again, we’ll work through it together. I promise.”

    You nod, sniffling even when he kisses the top of your head.

    “I’ve got you my love, I promise,” he whispers. “You won’t have to feel like that again.”

    Seonghwa’s grateful that he knows you as well as he does.

    taglist: @lovely-ateez @sunsethw4 @seonghwanotes @xirenex @choiberry@peanutpmingib @sannierio @ateezinmymind

    #ateez x reader #park seonghwa x reader #ateez angst #park seonghwa angst #ateez fanfic #park seonghwa fanfic #ateez fic #park seonghwa fic #ateez imagines #park seonghwa imagines #ateez scenarios #park seonghwa scenarios #angst
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  • dailykoreanpop
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    [210921] smash. US’s  official twitter update:

    ◥◣ #smash. x #ATEEZ  ◢◤ 
    Coming soon to #smash. ❗️
    Get a look behind the scenes of the #DejaVu video, and watch . 
    Exclusive interviews with each of the band members. 🤩
    Debuting Sep 23, only on smash. ✨
    Download the app now 

    Credit: smash_media_us 

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  • eternityljy
    21.09.2021 - 2 hours ago

    seongjoong details

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  • choi-sans-demon
    21.09.2021 - 3 hours ago
    Just Hongjoong hyping up Seonghwa 🔥
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  • tohokuu
    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago

    pierced dreams

    jung wooyoung ! tattoo artist & piercer x female reader 

    playing : all i need by lloyd & the morning by the weeknd 

    word count : 3.5k 

    warnings : smut, face fucking, oral sex ( male and female receiving ), sub/dom dynamics, sir kink,  unprotected sex, slight ot8, hair pulling, glove kink, voyeurism, exhibitionism, degradation/praise kink, mentions of pain, needles, reader gets a tongue piercing. hard ! dom wooyoung, spanking, creampie, reader is kinda soft, soft wooyoung at the end.  

    prompt : part 2 to the san fic. reader comes back to the tattoo shop, gets fucked again lols <3

    part one : here ! 

    a/n : i have 0 knowledge about tattoos uh- i only researched the tongue piercing. so if i got anything wrong, send me an ask to correct me ! i rewrote the prompt like 4 times pls forgive me, also, wooyoung would never be this mean. it’s just apart of the story, k ? don’t like it, leave lmfao  ending is rushed and it’s not proofread, fuckin sue me  

    tagging : @meowwsanie @tipsymarklee @valhoez @kingschateau @deliciouslydisturbed365 @perfectlysane24 @ateezbabysitters @12--98 @bobateastay @spidermilfs​ @hxneyboy​

    it was a 2 weeks later than you had come back to the shop you had gotten your first tattoo at. the tattoo wasn’t much of a hassle to care for and it seemed to be in good condition. as you walked in, mingi greeted you from behind his desk, offering you a large strawberry lollipop from the jar sitting on the spruce oak desk. he was dressed in a tight black turtleneck and all his tattoos were hidden today. the only body modification you could see on him was the piercing on his right eyebrow. it almost seemed to be a signature thing for the boys. each of them had a matching bar through their left eyebrow. you could’ve taken it as a symbol of some crime syndicate. 

    but he was just as beautiful as the rest of the men working here. his lips were perfect and his intimidating look melted the second his beautiful plump lips spread over his pearly teeth. “you’re back for the tattoo check-in today, right ? and you made an appointment with wooyoung to get your tongue pierced ?” he smiled. 

    you smiled back, much more comfortable with him now compared to your last visit. “yea, that’s about it for today. my body needs a break too.” mingi listened to your words a little longer than he intended. his lips ran over the expanse of his bottom lip, staring directly at your body. his perverted thoughts left just as quick as they came. as he snapped out of his trance, he smiled back at you, handing you the same folder hongjoong had handed you last time. 

    that reminded you- “hey, where are the others ?” he turned back to look at you, “uhh seonghwa, yunho, yeosang and jongho went out for lunch. wooyoung is working on a client with san and hongjoong’s making new portfolios.” your face burned at the mention of san. mind flashing images of every despicable thing you two had done last time he was here. “o-okay, how long will wooyoung take ?” you questioned. mingi giggled, “you seem impatient to see him. he shouldn’t be long. he and san have been working for hours. the client should be out soon.” 


    and mingi was right. you had only waited 20 minutes until a girl walked out with various tattoos all over her body. she was stunning, and you wondered if wooyoung and san had done the same to her as san did to you. a pang of jealousy struck your chest at the thought. you knew you couldn’t be so special. 

    as you glided across the shining tiles, you passed by hongjoongs office. it was big. art and album covers lined the walls and various kinds of lights decorated the room. he looked up from his desk, waving at you. “glad to see you, y/n ! hope your visit is going well.” you cheered in agreement, waving back as you continued to walk down the dark purple hallway. you arrived at the last room, “jung wooyoung” written on the gold plate at the side of the door. 

    as you knocked, two familiar faces greeted you; san and well.. wooyoung. his hair was dyed differently than last time. turquoise on the top while it was still black on the bottom. it looked absolutely perfect. “hey hey hey, baby ! glad to have you back. i’m sorry i had to make you wait a little.” he was so incredibly friendly... 

    the top he was wearing was distracting. it was just a regular tight white shirt tucked into blue jeans but it looked so good on him. maybe it was just the vibes you had received from both him and san, but you always felt a growing desire for them both whenever you seemed to be around them. san cleared his throat, finally attracting attention. “hey, y/n. good to see you.” you nodded, muttering a quiet hi to him. you didn’t have the courage to look him straight in the eye when all you remember was his tongue darting to lick your- 

    “well, i should get everything ready. i’ll check up on your tattoos and fix up your piercing so we could get you home faster, yeah ?” wooyoung chirped. he and san were the opposite. san seemed so cold and distant, when you knew he was really the opposite. wooyoung seemed so cheerful and comfortable but you had no idea what he was truly like. 

    his comment from last time still made your stomach churn. he was insanely flirtatious, mingi had warned. constantly trying to bed all his female clients, and you had heard he was usually successful. san grabbed his vape pen and jacket, swinging it over his shoulder as he walked out. “see you later, sweetheart.” he whispered. 

    you turned back to wooyoung who was sitting on his chair, with a pair of glasses perched on his nose and black gloves sticking to his veiny hands. “come on now, i’ve gotta get to work, y/n” you nodded, quickly taking a seat on the black leather chair. he was much less teasing than san in his work. his touch never lingered and he never made any sexual comments. much the professional.

    “is it alright if i move your skirt to the side to see the thigh tattoo ?” he had asked. the thought of him asking for permission made your heart swell, immediately nodding you gave him permission. wooyoung never moved your skirt higher than he needed to. stopping just before your panties were fully exposed to him, including the evidence of your lust stained on the fabric. 

    as he did what he needed to, you laid back closing your eyes. just waiting for the tattoo part of your visit to be over. you were excited for the piercing, hoping you could actually get it this time. when wooyoung was done, he patted your thigh asking you to get up. “come on, babe. time for the needles.” he giggled. smiling at you, he politely asked you to part your lips and stick your tongue out. 

    as you did so, he did all kinds of stuff. you honestly didn’t know anything he was doing, all you knew was how he good he looked while doing it. you didn’t even realize the saliva that was dripping from your tongue right down your chin. he gulped, trying hard to ignore how good you looked with your tongue sticking out. if things were any different, he would have fucked your mo-

    wooyoung took his gloved fingers and put them in your mouth.  spreading your lips wide and pressing down on your tongue; he wasn’t the slight bit gentle. it almost seemed like he was having fun with what he was doing. “come on, y/n. open up for me.” he crooned.  you could tell he was cheerfully smiling under than black medical mask, amused at seeing how well you responded to him. 

    wooyoung had waited for days, hoping you could come back to the shop so he could have his way with you. he wasn’t opposed to the idea of fucking a client as much as san was, although san had done it. he begged his coworker for details.. details about your body, your screams- and the way you tasted.

     and san wasn’t the least bit reluctant to give his nosy bestfriend the information he wanted. they couldn’t even deny that they had spent one whole day jerking each other off to the thought of you. thinking about you as they touched each other. the two men would never admit it to each other but they both wanted to fuck you at once. feeling each other’s cocks while being balls deep inside your cunt.

    wooyoungs focus was diverted until he felt your drool drip down his fingers, falling onto your lap. he quickly dabbed your lips clean of saliva, apologizing for getting so distracted. “my apologies, sweetheart.close your eyes for me, okay ?  i’m gonna put the needle in now. you’re gonna feel a slight pinch and then you won’t even realize that it’s done.” and as soon as he finished his sentence, you opened your eyes to see a long bar lodged right into the center of your tongue.  

    “see ? you were so brave for me. didn’t even realize when it was over.” he patted your head and gave you a couple other rules.he advised you on what food to avoid and other things like no kissing. giving you a small folder of papers and a bottle of mouthwash, he was gonna send you on your way. but not before pulling you close by the waist. 

    wooyoung grabbed your chin, “aw sweetheart.. i can’t wait until your tongue heals. the things i will do to you, fuck- i bet you can’t even imagine.” he placed a warm, soft kiss on your forehead, completely different to the words he was saying to you. “can’t wait, baby..” he said with a sly smirk.

    and it was only now that you fully took wooyoung in. he was beautiful, with well built arms and extremely muscular thighs.. they almost seemed a bit inviting. the mole under his left eye pulled you towards him and you almost wanted to lay a soft kiss upon it. he wore sleeveless shirts just like san, but it was paired with black slacks and a belt instead of ripped jeans.. his hands were adorned with rings, and tattoos ran up his forearms and biceps, leading up to his pretty collarbones.

    “you got a thing for staring at us, cupcake ?” he crooned. you shook your head, knowing you couldn’t talk with your tongue swollen 3 times now. “good, let’s get you out of here.” then, with the same professional demeanor from the beginning of your visit, he led you out. his hand on the small of your back and his hand carrying your items for you. 

    mingi waved at you and squealed in excitement as you showed him the rod in your tongue. “it looks really good on you, y/n. i’m glad you made the choice to get one.” you nodded your head in agreement, remembering that your tongue was far too numb to speak. all the other boys seemed to be busy and wooyoung and mingi were the only ones in the lobby, leaving an almost awkward silence.

     “we’ll see you again, hopefully yeah ? i’d love to do another tattoo for you sometime.” and with the way mingi had spoken, it almost seemed as if he had other intentions, as if you would mind. wooyoung shifted uncomfortably. “alright babe, we’ll see you soon.” he said. almost spoke a little too quickly, as if he was in a rush to get you to leave. as if he was jealous of the way mingi was staring your body up and down. you turned, waving at the boys as you went back to your car. letting your friend drive because you were honestly too nauseous


    coming back to get your piercing checked out was an all too familiar experience. it was much similar to the way wooyoung had inspected your new tattoos, except this had lead to you being in a complicated position on the floor with his cock in your mouth. 

    “fuck, you look so pretty.” he moaned. wooyoungs deepest wish was to see you use your new tongue piercing as a means to get him to cum. he wanted to feel the cool metal around his cock. he wanted to see your wet tear-stained cheeks and glossed eyes stare up at him; and that’s exactly what he was getting. the second he’d gotten you in a vulnerable position, he slotted himself between your legs. his hands roamed your body and rubbed the wet stain on your panties, chuckling to himself lowly when he saw how your lips parted in a small gasp. 

    “aw, pretty pretty girl. you like getting fucked by us, huh ? san was telling me how good you taste. gonna have to know for myself, yeah ? i hope you don’t mind me.” and who were you to stop him ? you let wooyoung lead himself down your body, touching greedily everywhere that he liked. your lips parted when he pulled your soaked panties down your trembling legs, shocked at the feeling of the cool air against your cunt. 

    wooyoung’s tongue darted straight for your core, licking up everything that was present before him. his fingers teased your entrance, slipping in after making you beg for him a little bit. “f-fuck.. wooyoung.. please.” wooyoung stopped, looking up at you and for a second you thought you did something wrong, and you did. 

    “i know san’s a little nicer, but i don’t work the same. you call me sir, got it ?” you nodded meekly but somehow even that was a mistake. “it’s yes, sir or no, sir with me. i need a verbal response.” you couldn’t find the voice to respond but, perhaps the urge to cum on his tongue was too strong. “yes, sir.” 

    he gave you a sweet smile, it reflected none of the actions he was doing on your body. god, he was confusing. wooyoung dove straight back into your cunt, licking and sucking until you couldn’t keep your noises to yourself. “be louder, baby. let them hear you. gotta let mingi know you’re mine.” your eyes widened at his statement, the thought of belonging to both san and wooyoung was enough to make you cum on his tongue. your orgasm ripped through you quickly, and once you came back to your senses you swore you saw the stars. 

    wooyoungs dick was hard and straining in his jeans, impatient to be let out so he could fuck you how he’d like. however, he wanted something else before that. “get on your knees, y/n.” you made no hesitation to do what he asked. you were down on your knees faster than you could say the sentence. “unzip my pants with your teeth, baby.” and you did exactly that; taking the metal of the zipper between your teeth, you dragged it down. you licked the wet stain that was on his grey boxers, whining in exasperation. “daddy, you’re so big.” you whined. 

    he cooed at you, loving the attention he was receiving. “thank you, baby. now go on and do what i asked you to do.” you took the waist of his boxers in between your teeth, pulling them down to his ankles. god, he was pretty. his tip leaked so much precum and it was angry and red. you immediately took him into your mouth, tasting the surprisingly plain taste of his pre. you took him deeper, rubbing your tongue piercing against his tip. 

    that must’ve awoken something in wooyoung because his hips suddenly jerked upwards. you gagged on his dick, throat closing around the tip. “f-fuck.. please, y/n. please let me use your mouth.” you hummed in agreement and it wasn’t until after that you realized you gave him the wrong response. “i thought i told you i wanted to hear a verbal response, yeah ?” you looked up at his desperately, hoping he’d let it slide. “i’m sorry, sir.” you whined, but that didn’t seem to work this time. instead, he grabbed your jaw to force your mouth open, slotting his dick between your lips.

    your mouth was so full of cock that you couldn’t even focus. you let wooyoung do all the work, jerking his hips against your face and fucking into your throat. you were positive he’d leave you with a sore throat but you didn’t mind as long as he kept using you like this. to say that you were down bad was an understatement. he fucked deep into your throat making you gag and choke on his dick. wooyoung had zero remorse for what he was doing. tears streamed down your cheeks and drool dripped down your chin.

    you didn’t know what it was with these boys and drooling, but they had been making you do it constantly. you were fucked dumb by the time wooyoungs release came. his thrusts began to get sloppy and inconsistent, signaling that he’d cum any minute. his cock twitched in your mouth before releasing down your throat, letting cum spill onto your tongue. 

    he tasted quite nice and you assumed he must’ve kept a healthy diet. not letting a single drop go to waste, you licked around his sensitive shaft, unknowingly rubbing the stud on your tongue against him. wooyoungs balls tightened again, and he knew he was gonna cum again if you kept this up. honestly, he wouldn’t stop you either way. he let you continue until the cold metal landed at the tip of his cock. his cock let out another rope of cum right into your cheek. “fuck- fuck that felt so good, princess. god..you’re something else.” he whined 

    you noticed how much more verbal he was while you had his cock in your mouth and it just made things so much better. his moans were whiney and his groans fueled you to do even better. wooyoung bent down to wipe the cum off your cheek with his thumb, he touched your lip. you took the command and parted your lips, sucking his cum off his own thumb. 

    his own lips parted as he let a shaky breath out. you looked so fucking good sucking on his thumb. “you’re such a needy, bitch. so ready to suck off my cum..so eager to suck your daddy off, yeah ?” he grabbed your throat and kissed you, not even caring that you had just sucked him off. “gotta fuck you now, y/n. tell me, do you want me to fuck you ?” you whined, grabbing at his shirt and trying your best to look as good as you could for him. “yes, sir. please, want you so bad.”  and that must’ve been enough because he quickly pulled you up onto the leather chair on his room. 

    wooyoung manhandled your body into the position he wanted, face down and ass up. he pawed at the soft flesh of your hips, slapping and giggling to himself at the way your flesh jiggled and turned red. “you’re so fucking pretty.” and it honestly seemed like he was speaking to himself more than you. “daddy please, please put it in. i don’t wanna wait anymore.” and who was wooyoung to deny you of pleasure ? 

    he lined up his cock with your entrance, slamming it in. he didn’t even give you time to adjust, immediately setting a rough brutal pace. his hips slapped against your ass and you were positive that everyone outside could probably hear you two. “come on, be louder. hate when you’re quiet.” he groaned. “daddy, please. they can hea-” he slapped your ass harshly, eliciting a yelp from you. “do i look like i fuckin’ care ? do what i asked or i leave you here right now.” you whined in embarassment, almost on the verge of crying again. 

    “please. please don’t stop.” you cried. so he continued, fucking into your cunt relentlessly with no shame at all. you know that the others could hear you and you could only imagine what they were fantasizing about. “daddy, you’re so deep..fuck.” you whined. wooyoung chuckled, pushing your legs harder against your chest, causing his cock to hit the spot inside you. “no, baby. this is deep.” he growled while continuing to fuck your body harder. 

    your nails scratched against his back as you smashed your lips against his, kissing him until you ran out of oxygen. legs wrapping around his waist, you pulled him closer, not wanting to let him go. your orgasm climbed higher as wooyoung made his way to your tits that were bouncing against his chest. he pulled the flesh greedily, immediately taking it into his mouth. and the tease of his teeth against your nipples was enough to make you tighten around him to falter his pace. “fuck- loosen up, would you ?” he said, irritatingly. you couldn’t.

    it was difficult with the way his dick was reaching the depths that your fingers could never. it was difficult with the way his soft lips were wrapped around your breasts... his intoxicating scent made it all so difficult. “please, i don’t care just keep going.” wooyoung bit your neck, marking it while resuming the pace he had before. it was useless to hide your moans anymore, knowing that everyone else already knew what you two were up to. 

    “i‘m so fucking close, please.” you whined, causing him to rub his thumb over your clit. your body jerked with unexpected pleasure, reaching your high immediately with him. his cock painted your insides white with his cum and he swore his head was dizzy with the way you were squeezing around him.

    he sloppily continued to thrust into you, riding our both your orgasms. once you two caught your breath, wooyoung pulled out lowly, letting out a loud groan. “ah- fuck..” he stared at the way yours and his cum pooled out from between your legs, staining the leather underneath you. “i’m gonna have to buy a new chair, baby.” he said as he kissed your lips. “can’t wait until i get to fuck you again with everyone else. wouldn’t you like that ? you’re just never satisfied.” he degraded you. 

    you shook your head, pulling him closer. “only want you.” you said quietly. wooyoungs eyebrows rose in surprise, but he couldn’t say his heart didn’t grow five times bigger. 

    “that’s my girl.” 

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    21.09.2021 - 4 hours ago
    Wooyoung loving his hyung and then … the reaction
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    21.09.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Ateez debuting on the billboard at #42... words don't describe how much I'm so proud of them!!! 🤍

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    21.09.2021 - 7 hours ago


    [📷] ATEEZ 2021 HAPPY CHUSEOK Behind Photo

    Let’s spend Chuseok with ATEEZ this 2021

    We hope you will have a great Chuseok

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    Why was this so cute!?

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    seonghwa ✦ deja vu


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    How Ateez Would Be Meeting His Girlfriend’s Parents



    Is of course nervous but super excited to see the two people that brought his gf into this world.

    Keeps asking things like is what I’m wearing ok? Should I bring some sort of gift? What topics should I bring up? What topics should I not bring up?”

    You’d assure him just him being himself is enough for them to love him.

    Shy at first but after an hour or two he’s eased up and is winning them over.


    Is really hitting it off with your mom.

    She loves his sweet gentle nature.

    Talks about his career and how you two met.

    Probably wouldn’t talk much about the feelings he has for you till your both a little more serious.

    Later he’d be like. “Your parents are really nice, we should visit them again sometime soon.”


    He’s confident and he’s just being himself.

    He’s keeping up with the conversation and adding anything he can.

    If your eating out. He’s buying. Anything to impress your parents.

    Also would wants to address the things he knows your parents are probably concerned about.

    “I know the life of a idol is complicated but I know I can make this relationship work.”


    Showering your parents with many compliments.

    “This is an excellent meal, Mrs.Y/LN.”

    “I love your house’s decor. You guys have great taste.”

    And of course the compliment that makes your parents most happy.

    “You have a wonderful daughter, I’m so glad that I was able to meet her.”


    Very Polite

    Is determined to not let things get awkward so he keeps talking and making little jokes here and there.

    Can’t help but tell your parents just how much he likes you and that he’s serious about this relationship.

    If you have siblings he’s also talking to them and making sure he’s building somewhat of a connection.

    When he leaves he’d tell them he really enjoyed himself, and how nice they all are.


    Is panicking inside

    The minute your parents opened the front door he’d want to run away.

    Not because he doesn’t want to meet them, but because he’s just so afraid he’s going to do something wrong.

    But just being that he’s so nervous your parents already like him.

    Because they feel he must really like you if he’s that afraid of messing up


    He’d bring some kind of small gift like a dessert or flowers for your mom.

    Offers to help your mom in the kitchen.

    If she accepted the help he’d impress her by all the things he knows about cooking.

    At dinner he’s really hitting it off with your dad. Because he’s really acting interested in what your dads hobby or interest is that he’s talking about.

    Your even getting a bit jealous because your parents seem to have forgotten you were there.


    Another member who is pretty relaxed meeting your folks

    He’d dress nice and bring flowers

    He would talk a bit about your relationship but mostly surface stuff.

    Like “We’re taking things slow.” And “I really enjoy Y/N’s company.”

    Nothing too deep because I don't feel he's one to talk much about his feelings especially with two people he just met.

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