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    210620 ATEEZ UNIVERSE Update
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    I miss Strawberry Seonghwa. 🥲

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    The 100-Day Relationship alternatively titled: 10 Months Love

    Member: Seonghwa Pairing: Seonghwa/OC Group: ATEEZ

    Genre: Fluff, romance, comedy, tiny bit of angst (if you squint), fake dating!

    Summary: When wealthy socialite Juhyun is facing pressure to bring a date to the biggest wedding of the year and the beginning of the social season among the elite, she hurriedly asks an old college schoolmate, Park Seonghwa to be her boyfriend for the entire season. The longer they put up appearances, the more they realize that they never want the arrangement to end.

    Things to note: Art curator!Seonghwa. This is the end of the series! I hope you all enjoyed reading it. A sequel may be arranged, but it might take a while, haha. But thank you for reading it (if you did), thank you even more for commenting (if you did). 

    For visual reference, the dress the main character is wearing is Grace Kelly’s dress from “Rear Window” and the bride’s gown is Meghan Markle’s Givenchy wedding dress.

    Warnings: Some cussing, we’ll be feeling poor and broke with what’s in here, some suggestive themes (spicy, y’know).

    Listen to: Cinema - CIX, A Song Only I Wanna Know - Standing Egg, Let Me - GOT7, 

    Tag list: @closer-stars , @masterninjacow . @kunrengui , @yoheyyosup , @gayliljoong , @sunwooyoung​ ,


    Chapter 10 - Final

    The big day had arrived. Jinri and Dongwoo’s wedding.

    The press involved with the society sections were standing by the driveway of a five-star hotel. The largest ballroom was reserved for the ceremony and the reception with the adjoining ballrooms reserved for photos with the bride and the groom. The ceiling was decorated with strings of glass orbs that appeared to glow when it hit the spotlights. The drapes were a mix of white, silver, and black, with fake cherry blossom trees decorating the entrances in arches with pink confetti sprinkled on the floor. Similarly colored flowers lined the aisle leading up to the front where the officiant was placed. 

    A town car pulled up at the driveway, resulting in flash after flash from the photographers taking photos. The valets opened the doors, and Seonghwa stepped out from one side, wearing his navy blue velvet tuxedo, his black hair in his most reliable comma style. He stood by and looked over to see Juhyun, his hand outstretched as she made sure not to let the hem of her black and white tulle gown get caught in the car doors. A shy smile played across her features as she took his hand. “My prince?” She said with a grin. 

    “My princess,” Seonghwa was beaming, lacing their fingers together as they entered the hotel. “I thought we weren’t supposed to upstage the bride and groom?” He muttered. 

    Juhyun shrugged. “Jinri will stand out either way. She’ll make sure of it,” She assured him.

    “I haven’t even seen Jinri yet and I know you’re easily the most beautiful one in the room,” Seonghwa grinned. 

    She smiled to herself while they stopped to take photos, both of them smiling at each other with every flash of the camera. Two months after they admitted their feelings for each other, and a few other events that came after that until Jinri and Dongwoo’s wedding day, she felt like she was on cloud nine, her heart making leaps and bounds whenever they were together and even when they contacted each other while they weren’t. 

    While Juhyun spent several of these social seasons without a plus one, this time was different. She was with Seonghwa for real, and he was with her for the very same reasons and Juhyun could tell Seonghwa appeared to be thinking the same thing. 

    “Here come the lovebirds!” Wooyoung said with a grin upon seeing them, him and Jea stopping to wait for them to catch up before they entered the ballroom. 

    “I thought we weren’t going to upstage Jinri?” Jea teased. 

    “She’s going to stand out either way, she’s the one walking down the aisle and I’m not,” Juhyun laughed, looking at how the wedding was set up in awe.

    “You always end up on the best dressed somehow, don’t deny that,” Jea pointed out as they took their seats at the same table, her glittering gold dress catching the light. 

    “Hey, this is a repeat outfit, I wore this at your wedding,” Juhyun reminded her with a chuckle. “I wear this to weddings, no one should be surprised.” 

    “Well Seonghwa certainly is, but you look good, Juhyun,” Wooyoung smiled. “I heard Jinri brought in a celebrity chef for the food we’re going to eat,” He looked closely at the cutlery and the napkins. 

    “Probably not, she likely spent most of her wedding budget on the dresses she’ll be wearing,” Jea joked. 

    “Unless you’re not telling us something, Wooyoung,” Juhyun teased. 

    “What? I already got the second Michelin star,” He looked smug. “At least all the work paid off, now I have to maintain both of those stars.” 

    “Good luck with that, maybe you’ll get a third if you somehow catered this wedding” Seonghwa said. 

    “Yeah, you are so much better than Jihan, I like this guy, good thing you got him,” Wooyoung turned to Juhyun, who laughed and held his hand. 

    They looked over to the next table, where they saw Hyunae and Jiho sit with Jihyun, Bin, Kibum, and Elise. All of them waved, Jihyun looking especially excited. “This really seems like the wedding of the year,” Seonghwa turned to Juhyun, squeezing her hand. 

    Juhyun smiled. “I do.” 

    Jo and Jongho had arrived and seated themselves at their table. “You know what this means, we can have our yearly trip to Europe again,” Jo grinned. “It’s fun, all of us couples now?” She glanced at Juhyun and Seonghwa. 

    “Yeah, and this time we can use Juhyun’s house in Geneva,” Jea echoed their friend’s comments. “Hmm? You said only the caretakers use the place, we could use it again.” 

    “If not that, your house in Monaco, what do you think? Spending a few weeks in the French riviera isn’t that bad,” Jo added. 

    “The family house there isn’t that big,” Juhyun pointed out. “We’d all get clumped there.” 

    “It’s a whole villa, Juhyun,” Jongho pointed out. 

    “I know, but I do mean it’s probably not big enough for Jinri if she’s coming along, unless she plans on going on a month-long honeymoon,” Juhyun replied. 

    “She will,” The four of them said in unison, and Seonghwa chuckled in his seat. 

    “You’ll get used to all this kind of talk,” Jongho assured him. “I panicked one time trying to figure out who could take care of the dogs and cats staying at the shop on the day I had to leave.” 

    “I nearly forgot to give the keys to the restaurant to my sous chefs,” Wooyoung chimed in. “Minutes before the flight.” 

    “In my defense, we used the jet, didn’t we? And that was because the flights were all fully booked,” Jo explained. 

    The orchestral overture had begun playing as everyone settled down. The ceremony had begun with the wedding party making an entrance followed by the groom and his parents. Everyone stood up when the song changed to a slow rendition of 10cm’s “Don’t Let Me Go,” and the doors opened revealing the bride. Jinri started to walk down the aisle, her long Givenchy wedding gown trailing behind her as her young nieces held the end of the train and her veil. 

    “She’s a vision,” Seonghwa said quietly. 

    “You’re not looking at the bride,” Juhyun pointed out. 

    “I know,” Seonghwa kissed her cheek, making her giggle as they took their seats. 

    The whole ballroom was buzzing again during the reception, while some of the chairs and tables were moved back to make space for dancing. It took a while for Juhyun and Seonghwa to get out from the countless photos Jinri and Dongwoo wanted them to take altogether. “I thought it wouldn’t end,” Seonghwa chuckled as they made their way back to their seats, seeing the courses begin to come in with waiters setting down the food in front of them and filling their glasses with water and champagne. 

    Juhyun sighed in relief as she placed the table napkin on her lap and tucked in to eat. “Jinri’s like that and I’m still not used to it even if I’ve known her for so long,” She said quietly, nodding at the taste of the meal in front of her. 

    “Both of you should get ready when Jinri tosses the bouquet later,” Jea glanced at her and at Jo. 

    “I almost forgot about that part of the wedding,” Jo let out a giggle, making Jongho snort in his drink. 

    “We still have Dongwoo taking off the wedding garter from her,” Wooyoung pointed out with a smirk, glancing at Jongho and Seonghwa this time. “Dongwoo did catch the garter I threw at our wedding. Look at them now.” 

    “I’m surprised we haven’t been interrupted by Jihan and Eunbi yet,” Seonghwa whispered in Juhyun’s ear. 

    “Jinri blacklisted them, and they weren’t invited in the first place. Well, she’s the bride and what she says goes,” Juhyun replied with a small smile. Seonghwa felt relieved. “You’re worried about that one, aren’t you?” 

    “A little bit. My nose is all better though,” He murmured. 

    “Don’t worry about it,” Juhyun pecked his nose. 

    The music changed as Jinri and Dongwoo went to the dance floor for their first dance, a rendition of GOT7’s “Let Me,” the couple evidently giggling to each other as the idols themselves were singing nearby. Soon enough, they moved a little to the side when more couples joined them. Juhyun and Seonghwa observed Wooyoung and Jea make their way to the dance floor, holding each other close as they swayed to the music. 

    Jo and Jongho soon followed, holding each other the same way. Seonghwa turned to her. “Choi Juhyun, may I have this dance?” He said. 

    Juhyun smiled and took his hand. “I would love to,” She said, and followed him to the dance floor. She wrapped her arms around his neck as his were around her waist. 

    The song changed to a much slower, romantic number, and Seonghwa held her close, Juhyun resting her cheek on his shoulder. “I still feel bad that I kind of missed out on you back in college,” He muttered. 

    “Maybe we weren’t meant to be like this back then. We could’ve still been immature, we could’ve still been naive or something,” Juhyun said. “But what matters is that we found each other now? You noticed me this time,” She teased. 

    Seonghwa smiled, knowing she meant it. He hummed along to the song that was playing. “I noticed we never got to meet your parents if they were ever curious about us.” 

    “They’ll love you, I’m sure of it,” Juhyun looked up at him, and he pecked her lips. “They’ll see you the way I do, I know it.” 

    “You’ve already won over my family, that’s for sure,” He chuckled. “You make me so happy.” 

    “You make me so happy. I love you and I like you, Park Seonghwa” Juhyun smiled into the pecks he was giving her. 

    “I love you and I like you too.” 

    2 years later. 

    Juhyun and Seonghwa returned to her apartment after a night of celebrating Jinri and Dongwoo’s second wedding anniversary, and their eighth anniversary as a couple overall. They hadn’t realized it was very early in the morning from all the fun they had spending time with their friends. Juhyun was happy Seonghwa got close with the rest of her friends and their spouses and Seonghwa was ecstatic over the fact that Juhyun spent time with his friends. In a way, both their friend groups had connected if not through him, then perhaps through Hongjoong and Mingi. 

    Juhyun took off her shoes and sat down on the couch, smoothing out the hem of her black dress when she put her shoes to the side. Seonghwa loosened his tie and removed his blazer as he sat next to her. “Oh I am exhausted. Do you want to stay over?” She said, glancing at him. 

    Seonghwa nodded. “Yes, I would want to. We’ve never danced that much since the reception from Jinri and Dongwoo’s wedding,” He sighed. 

    “Do you want some tea? I bought those tea packs from Miryo’s cafe,” She said. 

    “You do that, I’ll get out some of my clothes from the guest room,” Seonghwa said, and both of them stood up, groans leaving their lips from how tired their bodies were. 

    Juhyun watched him walk towards the room, smiling to herself before going to the kitchen. She set down the cups of tea at the dining table. “Seonghwa, teas are ready!” She called out. There was no answer. “Hwa? The teas are ready” She called out again. 

    “Yeah, can you help me for a moment? I can’t seem to find something,” Seonghwa called out to her as well. 

    “We did our laundry together, though, it’s impossible to lose something, even in this kind of house,” She replied, leaving the dining area and stopped when she saw him by the stairs, her eyes widening. 

    Seonghwa was down on one knee, holding out a blue box that had a sapphire ring surrounded by smaller diamonds. “So…?” 

    “Seonghwa…” She said quietly as she approached him. 

    “I know, but I’ve never been more sure of it. And it didn’t even take two years to make me see how…” Seonghwa paused, trying to keep himself from getting emotional, and he could sense Juhyun was the same. “All I know is, when we went to Jinri and Dongwoo’s wedding, when we danced together, that night made me so sure that you’re who I want to spend my life with.” 

    Juhyun nodded as she listened, sniffling a little when she felt the tears come in. 

    “Choi Juhyun, will you marry me?” 

    “Yes. Yes I will marry you, Park Seonghwa,” She smiled, and he slipped the ring on her finger before getting back up on his feet to kiss her. “I’ll always love you.” 

    “I’ll always love you too,” And he kissed her again.

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    Love that I have over 1,000 pics of ATEEZ in my camera but the majority of them are split between Seonghwa and Mingi pics

    #ateez#seonghwa#park seonghwa#mingi#song mingi #5 quid tesco meal deal #holy shit it’s season 3 of 3 brain cell hours
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    Word count: 762

    Genre: Fluff, Suggestive, Crack

    Warnings: Making out, dirty talk?

    Notes: You and Yeosang go for a sweet night swim. Should be wholesome and harmless right? 

    If you wanna be added to my tag list. Let me know <3

    You and Yeosang have been dating for a little over a year now. Today was going to be marked as one of the hottest days recorded for Seoul. You and Yeosang were lucky enough to be stuck in the studio all day because of the boys having their new comeback soon.

    Finishing around 10:00 pm, the weather started to cool down, but not enough to not sweat. Yeosang suggested that he goes to your house since you have a lovely pool.

    "So you wanna come to mine for a pool and not to see your girlfriend!!" You joked at him as he becomes flustered.

    "I no I didn't mean it like that It's just I-I..."

    "Ahh Yeo I get it don't worry, I was teasing." You give him a peck on his cheek before entering the elevator.


    "Come on honey let's go swimming already." You haven't been home for 5 minutes and Yeosang is already whining. You chuckle at him saying you still need to put on swimmers first. He rolls his eyes at your words knowing he has to wait even longer.

    You head off to your bedroom to find your swimsuit. Starting to remove your shirt and shorts off, leaving you in your black lace lingerie set. Reaching over to unclasp your bra, a large hand grabs your waist spinning you around you fall onto the bed with a thud.

    You adjust yourself to find Yeosang was inches from you, his face right next to yours.

    "Yeo I'm trying to put my swimmers on".

    "You're taking so long, just swim like that princess." He whispers in your ear, giving your lob a nibble. You melt over his actions, always managing to put such an effect on you.

    "Yeo..." He leans up to look at you, with a smile on his face.

    "Race ya." He pecks your cheek, before getting up to run down the hall.

    "Hey!!" You yell, soon catching down his route towards the backyard.

    "Get back here Yeosang!!" You laugh out making him chuckle in return. You finally enter the pool area and see Yeo already perched at the top of the pool slide.

    "Come on, come get me beautiful." he sends out a low growl. You hop onto the ladder, starting to climb but before you could grab the male, he was already sliding into the water.

    You take your place on the slide quick, readying to slide down. Yeosang pops his head out of the water, the world went in slow motion, running his fingers through his wet hair. His white shirt he neglected to take off now stuck to his body. You blush at the sight you are gifted, Yeosang soon notices that and starts to laugh at your expression. You snap back to the real world, blushing like crazy at his laughter, gripping the edges of the slide.

    "What's wrong baby girl?" Afraid to get...wet?" He smirks clicking his tongue while flicking water towards you. You grind your teeth making a low noise at him.

    "Ha-Ha very funny." You laugh sarcastically at him, letting go of the slide, finally hitting the cold water. It hit you like ice, cold. But relaxing. You came up wiping the water from your eyes. Blurry vision coming clear you spot Yeosang swimming away from you, laughing.

    "I'll get you!!" You yell, swimming after him with all your strength, but he was too fast. You manage to touch the ground of the pool, as you were now in the shallow end, finally reach up to him, you jump onto his back

    "Gottcha!" You scream, laughing. He laughs as he spins you so you are now in front of him. You pull your arms around his neck, looking into his eyes.

    "Well, well. My darling finally caught up. Should you get a prize." He smirks, licking his lips. He gives you a slow kiss, letting his tongue slip into your mouth. You let a small whimper, making him grin at the sound. Pushing you to the step where your body just sits out of the water. You wrap your legs around his waist.

    "You're so gorgeous, baby girl." He breaks the kiss, lifting his shirt over himself, letting you stare at his bare chest.

    "And you're my gorgeous baby boy." You kiss his neck, feeling his chest rise and fall under your touch.

    "Mmm, you know my weakness." He groans.

    "Let's go finish this inside hmm?" You nibble his ear slowly backing yourself away from him. He lets out a huff at the loss of contact.

    "Come on." You peck his nose. "I'll race ya."


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    The Things We learned (Diary Fantasies) Chap.1

    Note♥︎- Hello <3 firstly, i’m hoping everyone gets the photo i’m using for this series. Second, i’ll be putting the diary at the end, so keep that in mind. also keep in mind that the reader (you) wrote what’s in the diary at the end in between the story, okay? I’m so geeked for this story, it’s not even funny. Please give me your thoughts in my ask box, the comments, or the reblogs please. As always my taglist is here if you want to be in there, but if it’s just this specific one, dm me <3 let’s thank @atiny-piratequeen for helping me

    Key: The slanted words are the dreams and the bold words are what’s in the diary

    Genre♡︎- Fluff, smut

    Warnings/Tags♥︎- Nipple play, pet names, degrading names, nothing too bad, and finger sucking.

    Pairing: Ateez X F ! reader

    Word count♡︎- 2,800+

    ❥- “I didn’t even know you like such things, baby.” The faceless man whispered in your ear as he continued to flick your nipples with his pointer fingers. “You’re so naughty.” He licked his lips, bringing them down to wrap them around your left perked nipple. Your whole body felt euphoric, lips letting moans and whimpers slip between them. “I bet you can cum just from me rubbing them right?” He chuckled a little.

    “Are you even listening to me?” Yunho snapped his fingers in your face, bringing you out of your daydream. You shook your head to snap out of your thoughts and looked at Yunho.

    You’ve been having these weird dreams. They started 4 days ago and you already hate them, well a love-hate relationship with them. They’re helping you learn more things about yourself that you can’t help but to be happy about.

    “-and Jongho ate them all '' Yunho finished with a pout. His eyes were doe and his bottom lip poked out. You couldn’t help it, you coo’ed and reached your hand out to pat his head. He groaned and pushed your hand off of him, glaring at you.


    You raised your hands up in defeat and apologized.

    “I’ll buy you some more.” You reassured him already knowing what he’s whining about. This isn’t his first time crying about Jongho eating all of his chocolate turtles.

    The door opened to show the professor. “Good morning class.” He smiled and the class greeted him back.

    “turn to page 56 for me, please.”


    “Come on Y/N I want more chocolate.” Yunho whined at you and you rolled your eyes and collected your books, turning towards the jumpy man. You let him drag you all the way down the street to the convenience store.

    He grabbed his candy plus more and turned towards you with his big puppy eyes. “Can I get a drink too?” You couldn’t resist his puppy eyes. You nodded and he ran over there to get it.

    Sometimes you think he’s a kid in a grown man body, same with Mingi. They both know how to take great advantage of you.

    You paid and walked out with Yunho following behind you. “What’s the plan for today?” You asked Yunho and he turned towards you and tilted his head.

    “We’re supposed to meet up at Yeosang’s house today, remember?” He asked

    “Oh yeah!!”

    “I’ll call Yeosang to tell him we’re on our way now.” He told you before dialing Yeosang’s number in.

    “Why do you always dial our number when you could just scroll through the contact list?” You asked him genuinely confused. He does this all the time.

    He shrugged “that’s too much work”

    “That’s too much work?!” You raised your eyebrows , puzzled.

    He laughed and quickly responded to Yeosang. “Hello” He raised his index finger up, letting you know he’ll be right back.

    Your mind wondered as you waited. Who was that man in your daydream? What the fuck was he talking about? What things did he not know you liked? His voice was so deep. The way he touched your body had you feeling some type of way. He had long fingers, you think you have a thing for long fingers. Thinking about it is killing you.

    “Yeosang said everyone is waiting for us there.”

    You smiled at the information and grabbed his hand, walking to Yeosang’s house. He’s a clingy human. By the eye of anyone who doesn’t know you two like that, they’ll immediately assume that you two are dating.

    Yunho likes hugs and cuddles a lot so holding hands isn’t really a big thing for you two. He swung both of your hands together with a big smile.

    On the way there, Yunho texted Yeosang,letting him know that you two are close. The moment you both got there the door was open with the screen door closed. You walked in there together, greeting everyone with happy smiles and everyone greeted back. Yunho ran to Mingi and sat next to him with a humongous smile and ruffled his hair. Mingi smacked his hand and laughed loudly at the scream Yunho let out.

    You hugged everyone in the kitchen and walked in the living room and hugged Mingi as well. Mingi’s smile grew as he saw you walk in and quickly hugged you back.

    “So what are we planning on doing for the day?” Wooyoung asked and you shrugged.

    “Don’t you two have classes?” You raised your eyebrow at Mingi and Jongho and they both nodded.’

    “Mines is actually later on and Mingi’s is...right now actually.”

    Mingi looked away, avoiding your stern look. “Mingi.”

    “No, I’ve read ahead, I don't need to go in today. I promise I won't skip anymore.”

    “Please don’t make Mingi leave.” Yunho pouted and you rolled your eyes.

    “Y’all act like babies.” You looked away with a small smile.

    Mingi laughed along with Yunho. You ignored the two giants and sat on the couch next to them and laid down on it.

    “I'm going to take a nap.” You told everyone before closing your eyes.

    “I bet you like the way my fingers are rubbing your nipples. Such A naughty little doll.” The man whispered in your ear, later gnawing on it.

    Your moans grew louder each flick he gave to your sensitive nipples. Your hips bucked up quickly. “G-give me more.”

    You were desperate, so desperate. Your body was hot and your mind was clouded.

    The man smirked at you and bent down, sticking his tongue out, licking on one of your nippes with his quick tongue. His rhythm switched as his eyes stayed on yours. He went from fast, spit-sloppy licks and sometimes switched to slow licks, sucking on your titty while his tongue continued it’s work on you.

    Your back arched so deep you thought you broke it. Your needy hole was clenching around nothing, and your hips swiveled in circles. You needed something inside of you and you knew exactly what you wanted.

    “P-please.” You weakly begged. The man’s free hand went up to your mouth. You quickly opened your mouth and he pushed his index finger inside of your mouth only for a quick second. You whined when he pulled his finger out of your mouth. But that whine turned into another loud moan the moment his saliva covered finger rubbed your other nipple.

    He lifted up and looked you in your eyes. “Please what? You want my fingers inside of you, doll?” He smirked and nodded quickly.

    He lifted up and licked your lips before slowly dragging his hand down to your exposed cunt. You spread your legs further so he could have better access. “Get up, baby.” He whispered in your ear, You raised your eyebrow at him and he repeated it, but louder.

    You shot up quickly out of your wet dream again, looking around to find the culprit who had the audacity to wake you.

    Your eyes landed on Yeosang. He smirked at you and bit his lip. ‘Shesh, what were you dreamin about, sweetheart?”

    Yeosang always flirted with you for some unknown reason. You can’t deny the fact that it sometimes does get to you.

    His eyes scanned your body quickly before he looked at you again.

    It’s all platonic, You think

    “Oh shut it.” You pushed your hand against his mouth and turned around to sit on the couch properly. He laughed and explained himself.

    I heard you groaning out something. I came to check on you and you were widely humping my pillow. “ He raised his eyebrow at you and your eyes went wide as your heart dropped.

    He spotted your panicked state and ruffled your hair. “Hey, we all have our moments. I’ll pretend like I saw nothing and move on, okay?” He spoke to you softly and you nodded.

    “One more question though.”


    “Were you dreaming of me at least?” He smirked and you rolled your eyes.

    “You wish.”

    He shook his head and got up from you. You are never spending a night over here ever again. (lies) Did anyone else hear?

    Oh my god.

    It’s going to be so awkward now. Why the fuck did that dream just randomly pop up anyway? Where are they even coming from?

    You were so frustrated right now. You sat there, thinking about what the fuck just happened for a least 10 minutes, until San walked in there with a small red cup. You snatched it from him and gulped it.


    You stuck your tongue out at him and he touched it.

    “EW! San !”

    “Shouldn’t have stuck it out.”

    You got up after purposely stomping on his foot and walked into the kitchen. “What time is it, Hongjoong?”

    “It’s 9:00 PM”

    Your eyes widened. You only slept for 2 hours?! What the fuck?

    “I’m going home.” You told him and he just nodded, continuing on eating everything Yeosang had to offer.

    You walked out, noticing that it was getting dark outside. Not even five steps away from the house, you heard footsteps behind you. You turned around and saw Seonghwa jogging to catch up.

    “Why didn't you tell me you were leaving, I would have walked you home.”

    “Yeah I know, I just didn’t really want to bother you.” You shrugged.

    He shook his head and frowned. “No, don’t worry about that. You know I’ll do anything for you.”

    You smiled at him. Yeah, you really do love him.

    Once you made it home, you quickly ran to your bed and grabbed your diary and a pen.

    As you were finishing the book, you heard a knock at your door. You closed your diary and stuffed it inside your dresser drawer, before walking up to the door. You looked in the peephole and saw Yunho standing there. You opened the door, facing a pouty Yunho.

    “You left me. We were supposed to have a sleepover, remember?”

    You made an ‘O’ face and stepped to the side so he could walk in. “I forgot, I'm so sorry.”

    “It’s okay. So what will we be doing?” He flopped on your bed and looked at you.

    “Wanna watch a movie?” You suggested and he nodded.

    Scary movie.” You both said at the same time and giggled.

    “Jinx” You said

    “What do I owe?”

    “You owe me a...coffee for the morning meet up.”

    You turned on Netflix and clicked some random movie that sounded scary.

    As the movie went on, you turned towards Yunho, noticing he was half asleep. He yarned and raked his hand through his hair. Your eyes followed his hand, noticing how big it was. His fingers are so long. You continued to eye Yunho’s hand as your mind took you back to your wet dream. The way the man touched your body, the way he pushed his fingers down into your throat. You couldn't help but to think of Yunho’s hands now.

    They were so pretty, you couldn’t help it.

    What the fuck are you thinking. Yunho’s your friend. Get a grip.

    You thought about your friend doing all of the things to you in your dream and you started squirming.

    “What’s wrong with you?” He asked, voice a little deeper.

    You shuddered and looked at him and nodded.


    “You sure? You’ve been staring at my hands for a while.” He chuckled. “Now that I think about it, you’ve been staring at my hands all day.” You looked like a deer caught in headlights.

    You were staring at his hands all WHAT?! You didn’t even notice that. How could you not have noticed that?!

    “I-I'm just not feeling well.” You blurted out.

    You need to learn how to lie better.

    Yunho looked like he had a lot to say but instead, he kept it all to himself. He nodded and pulled you down with him. “I'm sleepy anyways and we have to get up early.

    You slowly looked over at his hand that was holding your body close to him and looked up at his face.

    Take deep breaths.

    You counted to 10 and closed your eyes, forcing yourself to sleep.


    “You have a thing for my fingers? Do you also have a thing for Mingi’s?, Yeosang’s?, Seonghwa’s? Yunho asked with a sly smile. You looked away, legs crossed at the mention of Seonghwa’s fingers. This didn’t go unnoticed by Yunho at all.

    “You do. You’re such a slut, doll.” He chuckled darkly and touched your face.

    Your breath hitched.

    You woke up quickly in cold sweat.



    AW, come on

    You got up and slowly got out of Yunho's embrace. You were grumpy and were in need of a shower.

    You took a quick shower, put some light makeup on and a baby blue, flower printed dress on. You walked out of the bathroom to see that Yunho was gone. You checked your phone and noticed he had sent a text

    See you at the cafe shop.

    You grabbed your keys and went out of the house, getting to the small cafe first. You sat and waited for everyone to show up.

    You ordered a donut as you waited and decided to just get on your phone. You were so into your phone, you didn’t even notice anyone pulling the seat to sit in it.

    “Hey, sorry I’m a little late.” Someone sat right next to you. By the strawberry smell, you could tell this was Seonghwa.

    You looked up and smiled. “No worries.” You nervously sat there waiting for the rest to get here with your chocolate donut in your hand.

    Everything felt awkward. You had no way to start a conversation, You didn’t know what to say to him.

    You breathed out, relieved that the rest walked in. Seonghwa smiled at you and scooted closer to you so they could all fit in the booth.

    “Yunho pays for my drink.” You yelled and Yunho groaned.

    “Oh yeah, right.” He got back, already knowing what to get.

    You took this time to look at Seonghwa’s hands, which were sitting up on the table. His hands look so fucking pretty.

    You thought of what yunho in your dreams said to you. “You’re such a slut doll.”

    You like that more than you think you do. You love that.

    His fingers are way longer than yours and you're sure they can reach way more better spots than your hand.

    “Y/N, Your drink.” Yunho half shouted, knocking you out of your tance.

    You grabbed it and thanked him.

    “Are you okay?” San asked.

    “Yeah, you’ve been a bit dazed out.” Wooyoung added on

    You shook your head and smiled up at them. “Yeah, I’m okay.”

    San gave you a ‘i doubt it’ face and you averted your eyes from him.

    You spent some time in the cafe with boys, before they all started getting up one by one. Well, except two of them.

    Yeosang and Seonghwa.

    “I’ll be right back, I have to use the bathroom.” Yeosang told you both before getting up and leaving.

    “Are you sure you’re okay?” Seonghwa’s concerned voice ranged through your head and you quickly nodded.

    He raised his hand up to feel your forehead to make sure you didn’t have a fever. Your eyes widened at that and you bit your lip. He retreated his hand back and looked at you.

    “You sure you're okay?” You quickly nodded, eyes still following his hands.

    He followed where you were staring and looked back at you. “Y/N are you looking at my hands?” He asked as he placed them on your thighs, but close to your knees of course.

    You held your breath in, looking at his hands. He bit his lip, dark eyes looking at you.…

    “I didn’t know you like such things.”

    ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆

    Dear Diary

    I had a weird dream this morning. It was kind of a wet dream and I've slowly found something new about myself. There’s something the faceless man did to me that made me realize that I really like it. Something about the way he talked in my ear. So dirty, sexual. The whole situation did something to me, but it always cuts off before he actually touches me the way i want and i hate that. THAT REMINDS ME ! I was at Yeo’s and fell asleep today, right? Remember what I said about the wet dreams? I had one there and apparently he woke me up because I was rubbing myself on his pillow. I was so embarrassed.

    Back to the things I learned

    I want to try these specific things for real.

    - Fingers

    (Idk they just do something to me..)

    - Nipple play

    - Pet names

    (specifically doll)

    - Degrading names

    (slut is all i have)

    ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆ ☆*・゜゚・*♡´・ᴗ・`♡*・゜゚・*☆

    To be continued

    End note: What you think’s going to happen next? just curious 👁👁

    Krusty crew: @serialee @galaxteez @multidreams-and-desires @woowommy @a-soft-hornytiny @yeotlny @lizsvcks @build-a-roleplay @moonxteez @yeosang99 @yunsangoveryonder @twancingyunhoe @seongsangsgf @chvngbxn @ki6hyun @latte-fairytaekwoon @sansbun @little-precious-baby @let-this-be-a-lesson @ateezappreciation @yutasyiddiepiercing2 @empenguin01 @violetwinters

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    Hwa just says whatever he wants and honestly, he cannot shock me anymore.

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  • alotofteez
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    Ateez as annoying sibling behavior

    Seonghwa: constantly threatening to tell mom; refuses to bring you toilet paper because of something you said that morning

    Hongjoong: always calls shotgun and doesn’t let you have the aux cord; leaves your door open after bothering you

    Yunho: can’t stay out of your room when you have friends over; knocks you off the couch with his feet

    Yeosang: uses your shit without telling you; locks you out of the bathroom and plays games on his phone because he’s mad at you

    San: licks the piece of food you say you want; hides and waits for long periods of time just to scare you

    Mingi: fake cries to get you in trouble; puts the tv remote in his pants so you can’t steal it

    Wooyoung: farts on you and runs away giggling; bites during fights

    Jongho: convinces mom to make you take him with you; photobombs any chance he can

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    mingi (ateez) moodboard; indie

    ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ please like or reblog if used! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    taglist: @affectionaterainoflove @jays-real-girlfriend @yeonside

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    healer ; four

    ➳ pairing: ateez x reader

    ➳genre: gang au, amnesia au, angst, romance, fluff, suggestive, hurt/comfort, friends to lovers, enemies to lovers, possible smut

    ➳rating: M

    ➳warnings: mentions of guns/weaponry; mentions of abuse

    "They just passed us, Amber. When are we going?" Aiko questioned in anticipation as she noticed the car which they assumed belonged to their rival group.

    With adrenaline flowing through her veins, Amber hesitated in response. Seeing the car of the people who killed so many of her past friends...

    "Amber?" Akio shook the leader's shoulders as you all had become worried at her blank state.

    Snapping out from her thoughts, Amber looked around hastily as if trying to recall her surroundings, "what- oh... I'm okay," she laughed dryly, "we'll move an hour after they get settled so they'll be least suspecting and probably tired; if we're lucky.

    (Y/n), remember that you're staying in this car no matter what, do you hear me?" Amber questioned sternly to which you nodded with confidence and understanding, "we're not sure how they act in terms of panic."

    After Amber's directions, no one was able to speak a single word in sheer worry and adrenaline. Although Amber and Akio were only thinking of revenge, seeking the same bloodshed that their loved ones faced, Aiko was shivering in fear.

    You quickly noticed her frightened composure and wrapped your arms around her in hopes of comforting your closest friend, "Aiko you have nothing to worry about," you spoke quietly, "you've been on so many missions, and if anything you're doing better than me at this point."

    Aiko smiled in response, thankful for your attempts at calming her down. As every minute passed, however, the three of them became less anxious as the boys of Ateez standing outside seemed to be getting tired and unsuspecting. The members who were previously at the lower level began to make their way up to the ones at the main level to chat.

    "Now's the time," Amber whispered strictly as Aiko nodded, understanding that the mission was beginning.

    The older boy carefully opened the door as he crouched out of it and continued to crawl towards the bushes closest to the docks.

    "Akio what do you see, are any of them looking in your direction?" Amber whispered to him through her earpiece.

    "They're all just... talking."

    "What about the ones on the boat?" she questioned further.

    Akio looked closer towards the said people. "They're the only ones who I'd say are a problem. They're not looking a lot in this general area but they are on the lookout."

    As she heard her member's words, Amber prompted Aiko to proceed with their positions. Aiko followed her brother's actions and made her way to the side of the forest opposite Akio. Aiko was always perfect in stealth, and thus, putting her position closer to the docks.

    "(Y/n), before I go," Amber began, turning in her seat before clipping her necklace from herself, only to put it around you, "I don't know how this is going to go, to be honest. The last time our group confronted Ateez, Akira died so... Just keep that with you."

    Her words left you stunned as the seriousness of the mission finally hit you. Ateez made your group realize the sheer difference between life or death but you didn't want the same fate to happen to Amber.

    As she hopped out of the car, she spoke quietly to you, "I'm proud of you, (Y/n). I always have been."

    She closed the door and you were left staring where she once was. Wiping a tear from your eyes you hastily looked out the window making sure to keep an eye on every member's postilion at every second. From the corner of your eye, you spotted Aiko making her way towards the docks as she crouched to stay hidden.

    "Isn't she going too early?" you thought to yourself. Following Aiko, you saw Amber walking towards the docks as well which made you panic as you noticed the Ateez members that were standing atop of the boats had begun to turn and look in her area. "Amber, not yet!" you exclaimed in fear, "can any of you hear me? They're looking in your area!"

    Taking off your earpiece in haste, you noticed that Amber had probably disconnected it from everyone else.

    "They're going to get themselves killed!" you anxiously yelled out, pressing your hands against the window as you looked ahead in fear.

    You always hated when your gut feelings were right and you hated this situation the most. As if on cue, you noticed the member that had been standing on the boat jump off of it and walk around, almost confused as he turned his head around to inspect his surroundings. Although he jumped off the vehicle, which would've made a lot of noise, it was as if Amber never heard it and continued to walk straight towards him.

    Your tears wouldn't stop falling as you scratched at the window, trying so hard to get out as you knew you couldn't just sit and watch but you remembered seeing the car keys hanging off of Amber's shorts.


    Your head snapped as you heard your earpiece suddenly get connected to that of another member, which sounded like Akio.

    "Akio! Akio, what's going on? Amber's going to get hurt! She's walking right towards him!" you exclaimed hastily, your voice still hoarse as you had been sobbing from the situation in front of your eyes.

    "Calm down, I know but there's nothing we can do... He heard the keys on her shorts which gave her away and I guess she was too focused to notice," the older boy replied calmly.

    "Where are you right now? Are you okay?" you added, unable to balance your thoughts.

    "I'm fine... I'm on the opposite side of the forest since Amber said that she and Akio should go first," he sighed, "look she's going to get caught but I want you to take a deep breath and remember that this is Amber. She was trained by Adrien and my mom who were the founding members of our group. She's strong, okay?"

    Your head snapped in an instant, ignoring Akio's words as you heard screams and Amber's body in the hands of an unfamiliar person.

    "Leave her alone!" you sobbed, banging your hands against the window of the car.

    "(Y/n), I can hear them talking!" you heard Akio speak through the earpiece, "can you hear them by any chance?"

    "Who do we have here?"

    Your throat hitched in shock and panic.

    "Whoa, Wooyoung don't get too excited. Before we do anything we need to question her and you're not even the one new to this group." you heard a more stern member say through Akio's earpiece.

    "That's dumb, she came on our site and we need to blow her up!" the man who was said to be Wooyoung, hastily replied.

    "Akio they're going to kill her!" you panicked as tears flowed down your eyes as the situation unfolded.

    You heard the older boy sigh on his side of the earpiece, "(Y/n), you need to calm down, seriously, Aiko and I aren't even as panicked as you are."

    Hearing his words, you realized you were too anxious about what was happening and tried to regain a steady breathing pattern.

    "I'm sick of this! She's not telling us anything!"

    Your breath hitched at the words of Wooyoung as you familiarized yourself with his manic voice by hearing him scream through Aiko's mic.

    "Akio, what's the situation? That guy's worrying me every second."

    After not hearing any reply, you continuously called for him until he replied, his voice emotionless yet filled with fear, "he said... he sees our car..."

    Your heart stopped and your eyes widened. You noticed the crazy-minded man was looking right at you, or more specifically, right at your car which was previously hidden out of their sight.

    "Wooyoung, do not do anything hasty. Do you hear me?" you heard a stern voice attempt to control him.

    "(Y/n). You need to get out of that car. He's holding a small bomb," Aiko cautiously instructed.

    Panic took over your entire being in an instant as you began punching the windows, trying every method to leave the damned car that Amber had locked you in. You screamed and called for Aiko but you knew you were trapped.

    "Please, please I'm begging you don't do anything to that car."

    You sobbed as you finally heard Amber's voice from Aiko's mic.

    "If you won't tell us anything, dear, then I'm afraid it has to go bye-bye," Wooyoung laughed.

    Following the crazy male, a serious voice was heard, "tell us who you work under and nothing happens."

    "I will never."

    You always admired Amber but you wished she would sometimes just give up. Tears were pouring from your eyes as you saw your mother figure on the ground with her head held up by a member of Ateez: the member of a group she hated.

    "I'm sick of this bitch!"

    "Wooyoung no! Jongho is in those trees!"


    In an instant, you felt your body go weightless as the hot temperature of fire engulfed you. A final tear slipped from your eye as the weight of the car crushed your ribs. Your eyes wavered as you tried to find Amber, and you smiled when your eyes locked with hers. She was in a state of panic as you could see her screaming your name but you couldn't hear her.

    "Run... Amber..." you whispered, closing your eyes.


    [A/N]: HI I'm so sorry this took so long to come out I literally graduated college after the third chapter came out so that was fun!!

    also i'm so excited the story's finally kicking off!!


    ➳ three

    ➳ masterlist


    [tag list] : @yeosangmystar @pandabur666 @harry-the-pottypus


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    ↪︎ ex boyfriend! seonghwa x fem reader. road trip au, there’s only one bed cliché, angst, fluff (tiny bit of reader x yeosang).

    ↪︎ wc: 4.2k

    ↪︎ warnings: feelings of jealousy, talks of a break-up, angst. unedited (pls cut me some slack, i haven’t written in a while). also i’m sorry if it’s formatted weirdly, my writing app is a bit of a mess to copy and paste.

    ↪︎ a/n: this was something i had in mind for a while and i hope you’ll like it! it got very long, when it was supposed to be a little drabble but oh well. please please send me some feedback, i’ll really appreciate it!♡

    “You’re going to rot your brain with those fantasy novels,” Seonghwa said as soon as he opened the door of the vehicle. The annoyed gaze he gave you would have been a little softer, had he not needed to twist his arm through the driver’s window when you refused to unlock the door for him.

    “At least I still have a brain to rot,” you answered, turning the page and planting your feet with more strength on the floor of the vehicle as he tried to move them to throw his stuff inside. It was childish and immature, and both of you were well aware of it, yet you couldn’t seem to stop.

    Just a couple months before, your interactions couldn’t have been anymore different than this. Two months before, Seonghwa would hold your hand as you two walked down the street to your favorite café for an afternoon together. Two months prior, you spent nights awake talking about all of the things you would do on this road trip and how it would help you get even closer—if that was even possible—because it would be Seonghwa and you against the world, or your annoying friends, which was pretty much the same if you had to be locked in a SUV with them for five hours each day.

    You should have taken the car with San and Yeosang, but you let Hongjoong talk you out of it, saying Jinah, his new girlfriend, could use some female company, not just him and grumpy Seonghwa giving Hongjoong dirty looks for making him ride in the back.

    “Move y/n, it’s hot out here,” Seonghwa said again with an annoyed sigh, “Please?”

    “See, that wasn’t so hard,” you gave him a fake smile that he returned after a scoff. “It’s good when you use manners. Makes you a good little boy.”

    “Oh shut up,” he scowled, sinking in the seat next to you. Stupid SUV with its stupid broken right door, stupid Hongjoong, stupid… stupid trip. Seonghwa thought regret would come a little later, not the moment he climbed into the car, and sat next to you.

    He promised himself he would deal with it. That he could. How hard was it to take a summer trip with your ex? Of course he hadn’t considered the ride, or the fact that he would be surrounded by all of the friends he had in common with said ex, all of them giving both the side-eye and the small ‘this must be so awkward for you’ mouth twitch.

    “Everyone ready?” Hongjoong questioned as he popped his head through the driver’s window, his sunglasses sliding to the tip of his nose.

    “We’re not 13 year olds,” you replied, not looking up from the book on your lap. “Also we were supposed to leave exactly 40 minutes ago.”

    “Jinah had some things left to pack,” Hongjoong pushed his sunglasses back up, taking a deep breath. “But we’ll be on our way in no time, y/n, come on.”

    Come on, you promised.

    “Of course,” you offered him a tense smile, “I hope you at least play some good music.”

    As if on cue, Seonghwa pulled his earphones out of the pocket of his shorts. You rolled your eyes but bit your tongue.

    ‘It’s just five hours…’ you thought, ‘Yes, and then it’s a whole week stuck with him.’

    So much for telling everyone it had been a clean break-up.

    ‘Irreconcilable differences’. You’d seen the words in a hundred celebrity divorce announcements and they always seemed stupid, but you couldn’t find in yourself to explain what had happened to your relationship with Seonghwa. Not when your break-up had happened the night before and that same afternoon he’d returned some of the stuff you left at his house, expecting you to do the same.

    “The quicker this is over, the better,” he said, holding out a cardboard box with CD’s and a couple crumpled t-shirts, on top of which rested a polaroid of one of the best dates you ever had with him. And he was handing it back like it was nothing, he hadn’t even called.

    “You’re right,” you let him inside your own apartment and told him he had fifteen minutes to pick out his stuff and leave. He took eight. And when he left, you cried a lot more than you’d admit to your friends who kept looking at you like you were a glass ballerina, fragile and on the verge of breaking. Like a simple flick of Seonghwa’s fingers would leave you in pieces.

    But this was good, you would show everyone that you were not broken. It was offensive how everyone thought otherwise and you would prove them wrong. This was the perfect chance to do so.

    “Sorry for making everyone wait!” Jinah appeared on the other side of the car, a bright, unknowing smile on her face. “Oh, y/n I’m so glad you decided to ride with us! I was a little worried that—”

    “Let’s get going!” Hongjoong cut her off, making himself busy with climbing in his seat and checking the mirrors, catching a glimpse of the glare you gave him through the rearview mirror. “We’ll have so much fun,” he muttered. “So much fun.”

    “If you keep reading at that pace you’ll have nothing to do for the rest of the trip,” Hongjoong still observed you every now and then through the mirror. As if he expected to catch you and Seonghwa pinching each other like children trying to bother each other. But Seonghwa had his earphones on and his eyes closed, determined on ignoring everyone and everything around him.

    “I have a kindle,” you replied, gesturing to the back of the car where the little tablet was coddled within your clothes. “Plus, it’s only getting good! They just figured out the curse has no loophole...” you let your voice fade away with the music, taking Jinah’s hint as she turned the volume up by at least four lines.

    Seonghwa opened one eye just to see how you closed your mouth and returned to turning pages. Your enthusiasm dying away with the horrible song Jinah had chosen.


    You took your own headphones out, that was enough of putting up with Jinah’s music then, if she wasn’t willing to let you talk for two minutes.

    You had fallen asleep barely fifteen minutes before when you were startled awake. It took you a minute to gather your surroundings, the back of the car, Seonghwa next to you a lot more alert than you’d left him and Jinah almost crushing his legs with her seat, sleeping soundly.

    You realized it was harder to know where you were because the car was dark. You hadn’t even been driving for that long, it couldn’t been night already.

    “It would be best if you pulled up in the next stop, Hongjoong.” Seonghwa advised, looking out the window. A storm was pouring right above you and the road was barely visible, the wipers couldn’t keep up with the rain.

    “Yeah, I will,” Hongjoong promised through gritted teeth. The tension evident on his grip on the steering wheel.

    A flashing neon sign reading ‘vacancy’ greeted you as Hongjoong turned into the parking lot a few moments later. He turned the car off, letting the sign be the only light making your faces visible.

    “We could eat something while the storm passes,” you suggested, pointing behind you to the diner right across the motel. At least the stop wasn’t deserted: A motel, a diner and a small convenience store crammed together was always a good sign. Right?

    “Let’s do that,” Hongjoong nodded, “We can’t keep going like this.”

    “I’m sure it’ll pass soon,” Seonghwa said but not even he believed that. The clouds were knit together, all different hues of grey and black, highlighted by lightning.

    You turned on your seat, reaching for your bag to get a jacket out. Seonghwa did the same, silently pulling your stuff before his own.

    “Thanks,” you muttered, looking at him only barely.

    “No problem.” he shrugged

    Honjoong woke Jinah up while Seonghwa dragged their bags and pushed yours back for them to get sweaters. After a few minutes you ran to the diner under the rain, feeling like a wet dog as you scooted inside the booth.

    Seonghwa dragged himself to sit next to you as Jinah beat him to the other side by shamelessly pushing him out of the way.

    “It’ll just be a minute,” you chuckled, still looking outside as the parking lot started flooding. You weren’t really sure you were talking to anyone but yourself, though. “And then we’ll be on our way again.”

    But as the four of you ate cold fries and drank thick milkshakes in silence, later switching to coffee and stale cookies, the storm grew stronger and the day faded away to welcome the night and the full moon.

    “We should probably just spend the night here,” Jinah dropped her cookie on the empty cup. “We’ll get going in the morning, I promise to be on time.” this time she looked at you.

    Maybe you shouldn’t have commented on how you would have avoided the rain if you had left Hongjoong’s house on time.

    You eyed the motel from your seat, the ‘vacancy’ sign still glowing. “You’re right.”

    “It’s part of the adventure,” Hongjoong added with a smile. Everything was going good so far, there was nothing to worry about. One night wouldn’t kill him, or you... or Seonghwa. Jinah was certainly the one who cared the less about the obvious tension, and Hongjoong was really thankful for it.

    “Can you take care of the rooms?” you called to Hongjoong as you ran to the motel. “Seonghwa and I will get our bags,”

    “Sure!” your friend screamed back, pushing his girlfriend softly inside the building.

    In silence, you got each one’s bags from the SUV and walked back to the building completely soaked. You didn’t trust motel bathrooms, but a shower would be very nice. Plus, what could be worse than getting in the bed still feeling like a wet dog?

    “Here’s your key,” Jinah dangled the key from the red keychain in front of your face. “We’re right next to each other.”

    “Good,” you smiled, closing your hand around it and waiting for her to give another key to Seonghwa, but she didn’t. Instead she grabbed her bag from your hand and pointed to the stairs. “Joong?”

    “There were only two rooms available,” Hongjoong started quickly, “Um, listen—“

    “Why don’t we stay together, then?” you took a step towards Jinah. “It makes more sense that way.”

    Seonghwa didn’t so much as move as you defended your case.

    “I’m fine like this,” Jinah shrugged, “Plus, what’s wrong? It’s not like you haven’t slept with Seonghwa like a million times.”

    The heat that creeped to your cheeks could have been both embarassment or anger, but you were leaning towards the latter.

    “y/n is right, why don’t we just stay together, Hongjoong?” Seonghwa looked suspiciously flustered as well, but with a shake of his head, he regained the serious mask.

    “No,” Jinah gripped her key tighter, “I’ve had to settle a lot today, I’m not giving you this too.”

    Without another word, she grabbed Hongjoong’s hand and rushed to the stairs.

    “After you, then,” Seonghwa gestured, his eyes closed as he fought back a headache once again. This was terrible, all the he could do was pray that there were two beds, but of course he wasn’t so lucky and neither were you.

    The room was small, with the double bed in the middle. A small table on either side and a chair by the door, plus the bathroom.

    Of course, of course this had to happen.

    “Listen, I’ll take a shower and then we’ll figure it out.” you didn’t give Seonghwa time to reply as you rushed to the bathroom, locking the door behind you and cursing under your breath around a thousand times.

    “I’m going to the store,” he called from outside, “Need anything?”

    “No, thank you,” you muttered, already turning the shower on.

    With a towel wrapped around your head, you looked at the bed. There was no way you could sleep on it with Seonghwa, there was, obviously, no double mattress. The chair made your neck hurt just by looking at it and there was absolutely no way Seonghwa would agree to sleep in it, and neither would you.

    “I need a shower too,” Seonghwa announced as soon as he crossed the door. “I got you this,” he tossed a chocolate bar to the bed.

    “I told you I didn’t want anything,” you eyed the candy and he shrugged.

    “You didn’t need anything. But you’re always up for snacks when you’re mad, especially at me.”

    “I’m not mad at you— you know what, just get in the shower.”

    Seonghwa let out a short laugh before locking himself up in the bathroom. Of course you were mad at him, lately you always were.

    Maybe if you had tried harder to strike a conversation with Jinah she would have agreed to sleep in the same room as you. But every time you attempted to speak to her, she turned the music up, turned her face away to avoid eye-contact or blatantly ignored you.

    Seonghwa found you sitting on the chair by the door, your book open in your lap and the towel resting on your shoulders.

    “I’ll just sleep in the car,” he said shaking his head, making droplets fly all around.

    “And then you’ll blame me for the stiff neck you’re going to get,” you scoffed.

    “Then what do you suggest?” he rolled his eyes.

    “Just keep your side of the bed, Seonghwa. Or I swear I’ll light this room on fire.”

    Seonghwa let out a laugh. “I believe you,”


    You continued to ignore each other for a good hour as he charged his phone and surfed through the channels the small tv had. Neither of you wanted to be the first one to get inside the bed, and you had almost challenged yourself to stay awake all night, but you still had a long drive ahead the next day and if you stayed awake, you were sure Seonghwa would too. You couldn’t get through another six hours of silence in this room.

    “Good night,” Seonghwa murmured as he got on the bed, next to you.

    “Night,” you muttered back turning your back on him as he did the same.

    One hour passed, and then another and you couldn’t sleep. Judging by the blueish glow on his side, Seonghwa was awake too.

    “What’s your book about?” he finally spoke, turning to look at the ceiling. His shifiting pulled you slightly to his side and you almost jumped out of bed.

    “Why do you want to know?”

    “You’re always up for talking about the books you’re reading. And you can’t sleep. Just— humor me.”

    “It might rot your brain if I tell you,” you sighed, looking at him from the corner of your eye.

    “I didn’t mean that,” Seonghwa clicked his tongue. “I’m sorry.”


    “y/n, just tell me anything,”

    “So I can put you to sleep?”

    “Please,” he scoffed. It was true that lately he would look for a fight just to get something out of you. Something that would make him remember why he had been dumb enough to break up with you.

    “It’s about a cursed prince. He took the crown when he wasn’t supposed to because he was overly ambicious and lowkey evil, so he turned into a giant snake. His girl is currently looking for a way to turn it around, but apparently there isn’t one and people aren’t happy about having a giant snake as a ruler.”

    “And do you like him? Are you rooting for him?”

    “He could be worse,” you chuckled, “He’s far less annoying as a snake.”

    “Wouldn’t we all be?”

    “You would,” you turned to see the side of his face this time and caught him smiling. “But I also think you’d eat everyone just for the sake of it.”

    “If they annoyed me I would,” Seonghwa admitted, “And then I’d say I don’t remember anything at all.”

    “Of course. You are good at forgetting the damage.”

    “What else?” he bit the inside of his cheek, knowing exactly what you meant but refusing to act on it.

    “I don’t know. The girl’s father is planning on taking the kingdom if she doesn’t find a solution to the snake problem and there’s this other guy who likes the girl, they might be good together.”

    “But the girl doesn’t love him, right? If she’s still looking after the prince?”

    You yawned. “Who knows? She might. Who likes a snake who forgets the damage?”

    “Wait so she does?”

    The moment you turned your back on him, your eyes already closed, Seonghwa reached for his phone on the nighstand. It wasn’t so much about needing to know about the book as it was about looking for an excuse to continue this conversation in the morning. So he googled the book around ten times with the description you’d given him until he found it, and spent the rest of the night awake, with the white glow of an e-book illuminating his face while you slept next to him.

    “What are you doing awake so early?” you muttered, rubbing your face with your palm. It was 6:45 in the morning, and you agreed to meet Hongjoong and Jinah at 7:30 which knowing the girl, would become 9:00.

    Seonghwa locked his phone and rubbed his red and slightly swollen eyes. “I’m dying to get breakfast,” he replied, pushing the covers aside. “I’m just going to wash my face.”

    “Are you okay?” you called, but he had already locked the bathroom door.

    It wasn’t the first time he thought about it. There had been plenty of times in the past two months when he’d found himself thinking about calling you to tell you what he’d done that day, when he almost ordered two coffees because you always stole his, when he saw the poster of a new movie and reminded himself that if he went to the cinema at all, he’d be going alone. But it was different, it was a lot more difficult if he had you waking up next to him.

    Seonghwa had buried each of those thoughts deep in his brain and even deeper in his heart. It had been a clean break-up, he told himself too. A mutual decision because you weren’t compatible anymore. Because... because he was an idiot, he was a snake.

    “Do you want to go with me?” he asked, yawning.

    “Are you sure?” you had already changed and pretended to watch TV, but it was mostly background noise as you texted Yeosang who was in his morning run around the beach. The same beach you should be at in that moment.

    “Let’s just go,” he grabbed the key from the nightstand and rushed out of the room.

    You knocked on Hongjoong’s room to ask them to go for breakfast but Jinah yelled to go away, so you caught up with Seonghwa downstairs. He locked his phone again as he saw you approach, before leading the way to the diner.

    “Did you get any sleep at all?” you questioned while he chugged the whole cup of coffee down.

    “A bit?”

    “I didn’t mean it when I said I’d set the room on fire,” you raised your eyebrows.

    “I was reading,” he admitted then, expectant of your reaction. “Your book.”

    You laughed. “Wait, really?”

    “I was curious,” Seonghwa said, calling for the waitress again to fill his coffee. “I wanted to know about the curse thing. You never said the girl was looking for the cure although the prince left her.”

    “Details,” you mused casually, taking a sip of your own coffee. “Maybe that’s why she should be with the other guy.”

    You couldn’t believe he’d spent all night reading the book. If he had listened to your recommendations just once while you were dating, you would have probably cried, but he never did, not until now and this hadn’t even been a recommendation. He had tried to use you as a lullaby and even then he hadn’t slept.

    “Or not,” he shot quickly, “I don’t think she should.”

    “We’ll see, I guess,” you smiled at the waitress as she placed what you ordered in front of you. “But it’s nice you’re reading it.”

    See this is what you meant. Of course you could get along with your ex. It had been a clean break-up and it would be a clean rebuild. You were already proving your point, you were perfectly fine, just like Seonghwa had always been.

    “I’m starving!” Jinah yelled as she approached your booth. “That looks so good, y/n!”

    “It is,” you smiled, “Sorry for waking you up, but I’m glad you caught up with us so soon.”

    “I already made us late yesterday, we should hurry.”

    You were glad she was on a better mood than yesterday, because you were too. Hongjoong sat next to Seonghwa, not before looking between the two of you and how civilized everything seemed to be.

    “Look at this picture Yeosang sent me!” you exclaimed, shaking your phone in front of their faces, only stopping so Jinah could get a good look at it first.

    The sunrise on the beach, in a strange angle since Yeosang’s face was in first plain. A wide smile on his face.

    “Ughhhh,” Jinah whined, “We should be there already!”

    “I know right? He’s trying to torture us.”

    There were still some clouds in the sky, but the sun seemed to be willing to fight to show his face. You didn’t want to wait and find out if he’d win the battle. You wanted the beach and the warmth, and of course, the comfort of San’s summer home.

    “Did he call you too?” Seonghwa asked Hongjoong while Jinah and you still gushed about Yeosang’s picture and what you’d do at the beach once you got there.

    Hongjoong denied with his head, mouth full of pancakes. “I only talked to San yesterday. A quick chat you know how...” Hongjoong trailed off as Seonghwa’s attention drifted from him to you, and what you were doing: The way you smiled at the camera as Jinah tried to photobomb your selfie, one that Seonghwa knew was directed to Yeosang.

    It never bothered him before. At least not enough because the selfies you took with him behind you either distracted or ignoring your camera, always ended up in the group chat. But this one was for Yeosang.

    “We should get going,” he announced, “We might catch another storm if we don’t hurry.”

    The three of you agreed, finishing your coffees hurriedly before leaving the money on the center of the table.

    “I can drive,” you offered, opening your palm to Hongjoong. “We’ll switch in an hour or so, if you want.”

    “Sure,” he nodded, “Just be careful?”

    “Shotgun!” Jinah called and ran to the passenger seat before anyone could argue. “What music do you like y/n?”

    You looked at Hongjoong who shrugged. Neither had any idea of the 180˚ change she’d had overnight but you weren’t about to question it.

    “By the time we get there I may be finished with the book,” Seonghwa said as you climbed in your seat and he still stood in the pavement.

    “If you spoil me that book, I’ll set you on fire. Plus, you should probably take a nap, you look awful.”


    “You’re welcome,” you closed the door as he stepped away and then went inside the vehicle, next to Hongjoong. “Let me just text Yeosang we’re on our way, he’s a bit paranoid about the highway being wet.”

    Seonghwa tried to catch your eye through the rearview mirror, but you didn’t look back.


    “Are you sure you don’t have feelings for y/n anymore?” San had asked a week before. “I don’t want it to be awkward for anyone during the trip, I can’t ask either of you to not go but... maybe it would be best if...”

    Seonghwa clicked his tongue. “Of course not. We’re good. I’m good, and I wouldn’t miss the trip for the world.”

    “Alright,” San patted his shoulder, a smile on his lips. “No grudges or anything right?”

    “Who do you think I am?” Seonghwa had laughed. Of course he didn’t have any grudges, he didn’t feel anything negative towards you.

    But as he saw you laugh at your phone once again before finally putting it down, he knew he hadn’t considered another feeling: jealousy. And maybe, he also hadn’t considered San wasn’t asking for you, or for himself, he had asked him for Yeosang.

    Because if Seonghwa had turned into the snake, what did that make Yeosang, then?

    “What are you thinking?” Hongjoong asked in a low voice, his eyebrows furrowed.

    “That nobody likes snakes.” Seonghwa rubbed his temple with two fingers.

    ‘And that I still love y/n,’ he bit back the words, feeling mortified and stupid wasn’t like him, because he loved to think he never fucked up.

    But he had fucked up, and you had slipped right through his fingers.

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  • raincoree
    20.06.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Enter the world of ATEEZ’s Cat’s Cradle !!

    Summary :: You’re not exactly the type to involve yourself in other peoples lives. So how exactly did you find yourself wrapped up in Choi San’s business?
    Pairing :: San x Reader
    Genre :: Urban Fantasy meets Private Academy AU, fluff, angst, eventual smut
    Themes & Warnings :: Mentions of alcohol, curses galore, angst, Wooyoung and San are going to be messy, as in there’s a chance they have a meltdown or two, unrequited love? Prolly second lead syndrome, half of this angst is emotional constipation/miscommunication, smut

    Angst & Smut Warnings will be more explicitly stated before each instalment

    Word Count :: Each Drabble will be between 100 - 1k Words || Total Word Count is currently unknown

    Updates !!

    Coming Soon. . .

    Extras !!

    Teasers: [ CS , JWY , SMG , KHJ , PSH , JYH , CJH , KYS ]


    Ask the Character???

    Any Questions? Send me an ask!

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  • tinytinyblogs
    20.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    So i think I'm gonna rewrite all the As Your Boyfriend series because I'm not really satisfied with my work now.

    So read the series before i detele it man, and please wait for the newest series.


    #monsta x #monsta x changkyun #monsta x kihyun #monsta x hyungwon #monsta x jooheon #monsta x masterlist #monsta x minhyuk #monsta x shownu #kpop#ateez wooyoung#ateez hongjoong#ateez seonghwa#ateez yunho#ateez yeosang#ateez san#ateez jongho#ateez mingi #stray kids bang chan #stray kids minho #stray kids changbin #stray kids hyunjin #stray kids han #stray kids felix #stray kids seungmin #stray kids jeongin #stray kids#ateez#atiny#monbebe
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  • glitterythingkidcash
    20.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    ATEEZ Reacting to You Teasing Them in Public (ateez x reader)

    ‼️ warnings: moderate / heavy nsfw and smut, public sex, fluff ‼️

    disclaimer: gifs not mine! creds to the owners <3

    i hope you enjoy loves!

    Hongjoong -

    • oh lord
    • man is a lowkey freak
    • shy boy who loves you teasing him
    • he invited you to the studio to keep him company while he worked
    • you sitting on his lap facing him, he had his arms wrapped around you
    • you found his work ethic so attractive so no doubt him being engrossed in his work turned you on
    • you kissed his neck every so often making him shift and grip you tighter
    • you began grinding your hips into his and apologized claiming you were “getting comfortable”
    • he knew what you were doing
    • his free hand traveled to your ass and he gripped it, massaging it hard
    • “Baby, if you keep that up I’ll have no choice but to give you what you want.”

    Seonghwa -

    • whew
    • this mf will not let you get the chance to rile him up around others
    • he can sense what you’re up to and pull you out of the function to take care of you
    • you and the boys were out at a small little party
    • music playing, a few drinks, overall a good time
    • you and Hwa were sitting in the living room just chatting with Joong and Yunho
    • eventually, they got up to go outside
    • you took the chance to whisper to Seonghwa how bad you wanted him
    • he grabbed your hand immediately and drug you to the vacant kitchen
    • “Y/N. I’m gonna say I’m sick so we can go. I need you too.”

    Yunho -

    • cutie
    • after you touch him once he needs you on him constantly
    • will grab, kiss, lick; literally anything to be near you once you give him a little attention
    • you did that a lot when you went out and he couldn’t get enough
    • because of this, he loves going out places with you
    • whether it be running errands or shopping he loved being able to show off what was his
    • today you brought him along bra and panty shopping
    • you began your antics as soon as you entered.
    • you were constantly picking up tiny thongs and staring up at him asking if he thought you would look good in them
    • he nodded and blushed, gripping your waist tighter each time
    • after picking up a few you told him to follow you to the dressing room
    • he followed you inside and looked at his phone as you undressed
    • once in your first set, you called his name and he looked up
    • he dropped his phone his mouth wide
    • “Damnit, Y/N. Come here.”

    Yeosang -

    • quiet baby
    • however
    • he is a prime example of silent but deadly
    • once he gets started, it’s over with
    • he had taken you out to dinner
    • you were at a dimly lit table in the back of the restaurant sitting across from each other
    • you were sharing a great conversation, enjoying the meals you had ordered
    • you were being super flirty and made him blush and avoid your gaze
    • so cute
    • after a while, the restaurant began bustling so you couldn’t really hear one another so you two began finishing your food
    • you brushed your leg against his and apologized
    • he said it was fine, smiling at you
    • you continued, but once your foot had made its way to his crotch he stifled a cough and spoke
    • “Are you sure you wanna do that, Baby?”
    • you smirked and nodded

    Mingi -

    • shy boy
    • doesn’t really know how to react
    • his face turns unbelievably red once you start
    • the two of you were sitting next to each other at the movies
    • he had his hand around your shoulders while yours rested on his thigh
    • you began rubbing little circles with your thumb which already made him tense up
    • your hand moved up towards his crotch
    • before you even got there you could feel his bulge
    • “Y/N, baby. You woke him up.”
    • you look up at him and smirk, him looking down at you, a smile on his face too
    • “Good thing the theater is dark.”

    San -

    • you already know what tf going on
    • you can’t out-freak the freak
    • he finds public sex extremely arousing
    • the thought of someone catching him ruining you is amusing
    • you two were out at the grocery store just buying a few things for your apartment
    • you wore some cute shorts that made your ass very prominent
    • San walked behind you as you lead the way so every so often you would stop abruptly and push your ass into his crotch
    • he’d make no sound
    • instead, he’d grab your hips and let out a small growl in your ear
    • after the 3rd time, you felt the bulge in his pants
    • San dug his fingers into your hips and whispered, “Y/N, bathroom. Now.”
    • you left the whole ass cart in the aisle and made your way to the back of the store to the family restroom
    • no one was there so San rushed you inside
    • he pinned you against the door, one hand next to your head, the other locking the door
    • “Princess, I’m gonna make sure the cashiers can hear my name.”

    Jongho -

    • baby boy is super excitable
    • even though he’s shy, he finds the teasing cute on your behalf
    • he enjoys getting you excited too
    • you were watching him at dance rehearsal
    • he was the only one in the studio because he wanted to get some extra work in
    • you begged him to bring you along because you lived watching him dance; it was incredibly sexy
    • you watched as his body moved to the music and you could feel yourself getting excited
    • he noticed you fidgeting extra hard when he began grinding on the floor
    • he continued this motion for a few extra seconds knowing it was roving you insane
    • you stared at him and smirked when he looked over at you
    • you spread your legs a little since you were sitting on the floor and spoke to him
    • “Why don’t you come over here and do that to me.”
    • he chuckled and shook his head, making his way over to you
    • “You got it, babygirl.”

    Wooyoung -

    • y’all-
    • this boy-
    • he has no shame
    • he teases you first and makes you incredibly needy for his touch
    • the little stunt you just pulled was funny to you at the moment
    • however
    • Woo was not impressed
    • you were hanging out with the guys at the dorms, just chilling and doing mostly nothing
    • Woo had his arm around you kissing the top of your head
    • he leaned down to give you a kiss on the lips but you turned your head and made him miss
    • he looked at you baffled and turned away from you, snaking his hand around your throat
    • this made you soaked, so you had your hand rubbing in between your legs
    • no one noticed this as the both of you were use to the teasing at this point and could keep straight faces
    • this time though, Woo was making it extremely hard
    • he would take his hand away from you and you would look at him begging him with your eyes
    • after a while, the sight of you touching yourself made the bulge in his pants unbearable
    • he let go of your throat and grabbed your hand, speaking quietly in your ear
    • “Mamas, let’s go to my room so I can properly touch you.”
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  • honeymilkj
    20.06.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Ateez || freckled s/o ♡

    written by someone with a lot of freckles herself!

    warning: tooth aching fluff uuugh.

    ✿hongjoong ✿

    your angel kisses brought out your features so well, he tells you all the time

    he knows that freckles are rare, and he finds them pretty fascinating

    he likes to rub his thumbs along your arms and knuckles and admire the random spots

    when you go out & ur freckles get more pigmented he just loves it

    he thinks they look like little stars on ur face

    ✿seonghwa ✿

    honestly i don’t know if he would think too much about them

    but still loves them ofc

    really really embaraces all of you, never excluding your freckles !!

    kisses the little strawberry marks on your collar and neck before smooching your speckled lips

    his favorite place to kiss you is on your nose, he thinks your beauty spots look so cute there

    ✿yunho ✿

    he’s just such a love bug in general

    he would smother his s/o anyway, but he thinks your freckles are so stinkin cute

    doing things soft things 24/7 like lifting u up and kissing all over your face

    calls you his little strawberry when he gets u flustered

    then literally treats you like you are one

    ‘i’m gonna eat you!’

    ‘aHH’ kiss kiss kiss

    ✿yeosang ✿

    thinks your freckles are soo pretty

    if you’re insecure about them he will rant

    but would where you’re coming from, at times he’s felt a bit insecure because of his birthmark

    he likes them cause they’re rare to have

    he believes they make you more unique

    sometimes he’ll lazily trace his finger on the spots on ur arm

    ✿san ✿

    ofc he will be soft bc of your freckles come on

    i think he likes the little ones he has on his neck, so i already see him loving yours a lottt

    you find him gazing a lot

    ‘uh- what? why are you looking at me?’

    ‘i was counting the freckles on ur face and you made me lose count. also yr really pretty. c:’

    he always counts your freckles!!

    but always loses count

    u always hear a faint ‘1..2..3.. did i count that one already?’

    ✿mingi ✿

    when u first met ur freckles either weren’t dark enough to notice or u covered them with makeup

    so when he saw u without makeup he goes ö

    falls in love all over again

    squishes ur face and says shit like “you have sprinkles on ur face :D”

    cute ass

    when u cover them up he never fusses of course, but will make a fake pout like :C

    ✿wooyoung ✿

    he loves them

    he fucking loves them

    swear he could eat you up

    one of wooyoung’s favorite things ever are the little freckles on your lips

    when u guys have conversations he often goes back and forth between looking at your eyes & down to your lips

    shit makes you stutter like crazy uuujsjaajs

    same as san, he tries to count, but fails


    same as seonghwa, he doesn’t think too much about them at first

    but falls for them along with everything else

    sometimes he’ll find himself admiring and gazes over them in adoration

    he’s not always a kissy person, but sometimes he’ll absolutely smother u & tries to kiss every single freckle

    again, it’s kinda rare but really cute

    fake pouts like mingi when they’re covered

    “it’s okay, they’re still there” huff

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