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  • madewithmelanin
    25.09.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Jealous VS. Generous J.YH

    Warnings are listed on Part One!

    Because I'm lazy af


    The thing is that his worst quality here was that he could be in a rush only to taste you.

    He would try his very best not to just take you right in front of everyone else.

    Shaking your head, your mind adapts back into reality as you feel his tongue flatten right on your clit.

    Your face red as it can be, you tug on his hair a little bit as your orgasm casts a huge and impactful knot in your stomach.

    "A-Ah fuck! Yes, yes yes..God.." You moan out, bringing his head even closer as he shakes his head while your clit sits between his lips.

    He helps you put your leg back down as you choose to kneel right afterwards.

    "You look so pretty looking up here like that...Seonghwa would love it too..."

    Yunho says, causing you to bite your lip as you undo his belt buckle and pull it off.

    "Mm..so what you're saying is that you WANT me to be your little slut around him too?"

    You teased, flicking his zipper up and down instead of unzipping it.

    "Mm.. I'd like that...but in moderation of course, darling."

    He smirks, bringing his hand to push your head down.

    You are now at eye level with his member as he watches you unzip and pull his suit pants down.

    "I can do that." You smile, rubbing over his clothed monster of a cock.

    "Good girl." He says, seeing you suck on his tip through the soft fabric.

    No more words are said as he just stares down at you.

    "C-can I pull on your hair? I don't wanna ruin your curls...that much..." He chuckled, resting a hand on your head.

    "Oh fuck, p-please...ruin me." You laughed as well, pulling his boxers down as slow as possible.

    This was his signal to get exactly every angle and view he wanted.

    "You're gonna go over there and lay down for me. That way all I can see is your throat being stuffed."

    He commanded, pulling back as you obeyed, nodding as you laid down on the bed for him.

    He revealed himself all the way, tossing his boxers to the side as you pulled your dress down while starting to play with your nipples.

    You flipped over, laying on your stomach as he thumbed himself to start it all up again.

    "You're gonna take me like a good little angel, and you're gonna let them hear it, got it?"

    He brought his hand up to your chin, smearing his precum across your bottom lip as he smirked.

    "Gladly." You licked your lip clean, enjoying his flavor as he allowed you to suck on his thumb.

    You swirled your tongue around his fingertip, showing that you were ready for pretty much anything.

    He bit his lip as well, feeling confident in filling you up just how you liked it.

    No words were said as you took him in, slowly wrapping your tongue around his cock, giving him the right amount of heat and pleasure.

    Just less than pure but still heavenly moans and groans of relief had echoed down your hallways and into your bathroom.

    You were sure Seonghwa could hear you two by now, so you hollowed out your cheeks as you took him in even more.

    He looked right into your eyes as he pushed himself in and out of you at an average pace.

    He sped up a bit, clutching onto your hair as he continued to widen your throat just enough for his girth to fit.

    "A-Ah fuck...stay r-right there...oh C-Cova.. I'm gonna c-come..."

    He stutters across his words as he watches your cheeks widen to take more and more of him in.

    He slows down, pulling out for a few seconds as you start to kiss down his shaft and against his balls, sucking on them softly.

    You smiled, knowing how weak you made him feel as you used your secret technique on him.

    His mind goes hazy at the sight of your smile, knowing it leaks of everything far beyond innocence.

    "Fuck...you're doing that...p-perfectly..." He breaks his silence, watching you bob your head all on your own.

    "If you keep that up, I-I'm gonna invite him up here...just to see how much of a-a fucking slut you are for us..." He teases, pulling on your hair, forcing himself deeper down your throat.

    You pull all the way off, laying up by the pillows as he joins you, laying beside you.

    "Yunho, I want to suck you off while I help myself." You speak up, spitting on your hand to lube yourself up.

    He smiles at your nearly distraught state, kneeling near your head as he beats his tip on your tongue.

    "Mm..what a nasty girl you are...you're thinking of fucking him again, aren't you?" He chuckled, knowing why you wanted to do it this way.

    "I might be...why? What's gonna happen? Are you gonna tell him or something?" You laughed as he slowly pressed himself down into your throat.

    "I'll just let you say whatever names you want and if he hears it, that's on him and what he'll do." He smirked, fucking your throat slowly as you gagged.

    Your fingertips slowly dancing across your clit as his left hand rubs over your wet folds and he inserts his middle finger, knowing you can't handle it just yet.

    You rock your hips on his finger, fucking yourself deeper as his orgasm settles right in your mouth.

    "F-fuck! Goddamn...you really DO want him too...that's...perfect..."

    You stick your tongue out, letting his load pour down onto your chest as he speeds up his finger.

    Your body surges in the best way possible as he feels you clench around his fingertip.

    "So fucking tight for me...I knew you'd love it...." He teases, knowing you're close as your hips lift off from the sheets.

    He starts stroking himself off again, moaning louder as you call out both of their names, Yunho's coming first. (of course)

    "Y-Yunho, fuck...S-Seonghwa!" You shoot up, sitting up as you soak the sheets beneath you.

    "That's my girl...yes....God you look so pretty Cova..." He said, watching your cheat heave up and down as his mess trickled down to where your dress was discarded on your waist.

    You pull him into a kiss as his fingers softly spin in circles on your clit, forcing you to calm down.

    "I'll be asking him about that whole foursome plan soon, for sure.."

    Yunho chuckled as you smiled into your next few kisses.

    The door swings open as Seonghwa stands there with a glass of his favorite drink.

    "Uh...I had to pee..." Seonghwa chuckles, seeing you look him up and down instead of hiding yourself from him.

    Yunho fixes his hair, covering himself up.

    "Wrong door, hyung....that's on the left..." He says, blushing a bit at the sight of Seonghwa just staring at your ruined image.

    "Riiiiight...the RIGHT door..." Seonghwa smirks, biting his lip while scanning over the two of you in your positions.

    "Have fun you two." He winks, shutting the door as Yunho sighs as his eyes meet your's.

    "He did that shit on purpose." You both say in unison, chuckling afterwards.

    Yunho's mind had changed that day, he'd soon propose.

    Just not YET.


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  • madewithmelanin
    25.09.2021 - 41 minutes ago

    Jealous VS. Generous - J.YH (PART 1)




    Loud Moans


    Foursome Simulations



    Mutual Masturbation


    "This party is beautiful Cova, you did amazing with the lighting and even the seats, everything looks perfect." Yunho said, pulling you in closer to kiss your forehead.

    You smiled, nodding as if in an agreement as he went to answer the door for your party guests.

    "Thank you Yuyu." You smirked, watching him calm his breath down as your guests wait to flood in.

    "Behave, I've got you, I promise." He smiles at you before opening the door

    Now it was just you two and your nine guests all together in your home, heading to dinner with nothing but happy and pure thoughts in their heads.

    All except Yunho.

    He'd always been the type of person to hold back from playing out his fantasies if it made you uncomfortable, so when you wore a rather revealing dress, it had his mind in a really really bad state to be just thinking about dinner and wine.

    Tonight was your anniversary dinner along with some friends and drinking with your boyfriend of eight years.

    "San, Mingi, Hongjoong, Jongho, Wooyoung, Seonghwa, Yeosang, Welcome to our very grown up and very mature dinner party." Yunho smiled nervously as the boys brought their respective S/O's in to sit with them.

    "You set the table so nicely, it looks so fancy." Wooyoung commented, sitting in the chair his boyfriend had pulled out for him.

    You nodded as a thank you as Yunho pulled out your chair and drew one for himself as well.

    "Thank you so much, Woo." Yunho smiled, bringing his hand up to meet your's on the tabletop.

    "So Youngseo, how have you been since the flight?" You piped up, watching the other's sit down.

    "Ah...I've been okay." He says in a low tone as Hongjoong interuppts.

    "Well Hwa and I have something to tell you all when you're settled down."

    He smiles proudly, bringing his hand up to show off his shining engagment ring.

    "Oh my god, Hwa, you DIDN'T!" You laugh, seeing Yunho start to clap and cheer for his best friends.

    "Oh but I did, I took too long the month before so I proposed to him last night over a glass of Henney. Bad choice, but a great decision."

    Seonghwa says, taking Hongjoong's hand and kissing the back of it.

    "Thank you for making me feel like a princess, Hwa." Hongjoong smiles, tilting his head at his fiance.

    "You know I've always wanted to make you feel like royalty." Seonghwa bites his lip, eyeing his fiance before turning to you and Yunho.

    "What about you two? When are you gonna get married? I'm looking forward to the tape of that fuckfest I know you two have planned." He asks, tasting one of the party sandwiches in front of him.

    Yunho was as into exhibitionism and voyeurism as you were, bringing his thoughts back to the time he asked to film you 'helping him out' that one time.

    You had said no because you know how much of a pervert Seonghwa was and you didn't want him to think of you differently.

    You watched Yunho continue to wreck his red locks as he moaned in annoyance.

    "Uh...we're still waiting." Yunho stalls, still blushing as he grabs a quiche off the plate before you.

    "We're not ready just yet." You say, bringing a mini sandwich to your own mouth before seeing Seonghwa shrug.

    "That's too bad, we could've had twin weddings......and two VERY sexy honeymoons." He chuckles, getting his shoulder tapped by Mingi's girlfriend, Min Su.

    "Why would he ask that? He knows I'm not ready to dedicate myself like that yet..." Yunho huffs, feeling insecure as he pushes his chair out.

    "Yunho, Where are you going?" You ask, following him as he walks over to the staircase.

    "We'll be right back but you all can drink and eat whatever you'd like, the bathroom is right up the stairs and to the left." You smile before taking off to go find Yunho.

    "Yunho, I'm right here, you okay?" You asked, not noticing he had lead you right up to the bedroom.

    "I just..I can't focus...not on dinner...he mentioned the honeymoons and I just...lost it..." He sighs, dropping his head to his hands.

    "Cova, baby, I'm horny and the guests are here."

    He laughed, feeling annoyed at the fact that he could understand you didn't want your friends to think you were a huge slut.

    (Which huge respect to you by the way, because if it were the author, she would have done literally anything in front of his friends)

    "I-I understand that...what do you want me to do about it?" You chuckle, getting a little closer as you shut the door.

    "Maybe we could...get a quick break in?"

    You smiled at his sweet attempt.

    "Yunho baby, I wish I could but for all we know, Hwa could've bugged our room." You laugh, kneeling in front of him.

    "But if he did, then it's only audio..."

    He smirked, finding you holding his wrists so you can see his face.

    "I guess you're right...but what if he starts to wonder what we're doing?"

    You whisper, noticing Yunho's pulling you up to stand above him.

    "Then let him wonder...I don't even need to touch you just yet...we could always do mutual."

    He laughs again, kissing on your thighs as he pecks closer and closer to your heat.

    "That's true..." You smirk down at him, gasping for his tongue.

    His eyes focused on your panties, lifting your dress up over your hips.

    "Pull 'em down baby, I'll start you off and then we can move to the bed."

    His hands slowly make their way up your dress, teasing your waistband.

    "Yunho...oh god.."

    You groaned out as he pulled them down, wet ropes following the fabric as he removed it.

    "Fuck...you look so sexy like this, all wet and begging for me...goddamn I love you

    .." He moaned, sucking small circles around your clit as you held onto his hair.

    "A-Ah..good..oh god that's good.." You moaned back, feeling him pull your panties off the rest of the way.

    Your leg now resting up on his shoulder, he slid his tongue over your slit to his own rhythm.

    "Mm..you taste so fucking good..." He says, earning you a smack on your right thigh.


    You couldn't reply, rolling your eyes back as he started to slip his tongue inside you.

    Pleasure filling your head to the brim, you imagined you and Yunho had been filming on your honeymoon.

    Tripod all set, the camera sits up high enough to see you both in every position possible, the first fantasy being your hair being pulled as you sucked him off.

    Yunho was always so compliant to doing anything you wanted to, making sure you had a safe word ready for whenever something could be taken too far.

    As long as you said you wanted him to do something, he'd never have a problem stopping even in the most heated of moments.

    If he had pushed in too hard and you asked him to slow down, he would.

    He had no problem slowing things down and taking it super slow.

    You were in charge of his pace, and your comfort.

    This time around, he needed you.




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  • solarswonderland
    25.09.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Flight attendant: The flight is going to take of soon, please check if your small items are safe and secure.

    Yeosang: *turns to hongjoong*

    Hongjoong: don't.

    Yeosang: Do u feel safe and secure?

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  • hanniiesuckle17
    25.09.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Chapter 10: By Proxy

    A/n: wow three updates this week! Def don’t expect that every week though sorry guys! Anyway!! Hope you guys enjoy! The series is finally kicking off! Tag List is Open <3

    Tag List: @woodiegochile @mini-meanhoe @leggomylino @hanstagrams @desertofdessert @hoes4hoseok @jeonqqin @geminirules @mrsunshine999 @jisungsjheekies @hannie-squirrel00 @cotccotc @kodzu-ken @konenichi @yangs-jeongin @binniebutter @orangegyu @little-precious-baby @raethethey @sofie296 @hongjoong-a-holic

    RBTL Tag List: @bluejayboys @wonderlandless @introverted-stay24 @sunfics​ @deputyjuyeon​  @studioreader​

    Warnings: Cursing

    Summary: True love has never come easy; life makes sure of that. From unrequited love to missed timing, does anyone have any hope at finding success- let alone pass History at the same time? All these questions leave young people wondering….will they still love me in the morning?

    Previous Chapter   ❖   Next Chapter

    RBTL M.List


    #kim hongjoong #kim hongjoong imagines #kim hongjoong smau #kim hongjoong single parent au #kim hongjoong imagine #kim hongjoong angst #kim hongjoong fluff #kim hongjoong smut #kim hongjoong oneshot #kim hongjoong parent au #kim hongjoong au imagine #kim hongjoong au #ateez angst#ateez scenarios#ateez #ateez au imagine #ateez au imagines #ateez imagines#ateez smau#ateez reactions #ateez social media au #ateez soulmate au #ateez masterlist #ateez single parent au #ateez preferences #ateez college au #ateez school au #kpop imagines #rubber ducky you're the one
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  • desire4yd
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Choi San x fem!reader

    warnings: smut, pet names, spanking, dirty talk

    note! messy ending cuz i didn't have any ideas lmao, might do a part2

    Choi San, the man you hated the most, he was your biggest enemy, you wanted to fuck his life up like he did yours because as much as you hated him, he was the one, the one who took your heart, you were in love with him but you wouldn't admit it even to your yourself. A new girl to his office every single day, it made your blood boiling seeing him having fun with them and not with you, you wanted to be those girls but your ego was bigger than your desire for a night with him.

    It was late at night, you were about to leave after an exhausting day at work, he was still there in his office probably with some  girl you thought on your mind, you picked your stuff and began your way to the exit, suddenly his office door opened and then he was, standing all tall with his total black outfit, silk half opened shirt hugging his upper body, his black hair slicked back, he was looking absolutely stunning, you stand there for some seconds looking at each other when he finally talked. "Where are you going?" he said looking at you head to toe, why was he asking you that you questioned yourself, "Um to my house i guess" you said, you swear that he could hear your voice shaking, fearing you might expose how you feeling, "I'll drive you there miss y/n" he said and your mind went black, what in the world he had just said, you thought, he didn't even know your name or that's what you thought, you were a little afraid, afraid that he might wanted to make fun of you but you accepted his offer. You exited the company together, his car wasn't too far, he held the door open for you and you entered the car as well as he did, the drive was quite and that made you less anxious because your ability to talk was unavailable since you saw him. Arriving to your house you opened the car door and he suddenly grabbed your wrist, "I know you're obsessed with me, don't even try to hide it" you were speechless, all you did was opening your mouth to say something but words didn't come. You jumped off the car and went home unable to process what had just happened.

    The next day

    You were in your office working on some papers, it was kinda late, all your workmates had left, you were alone, not so alone though, he was still there too in his office as usual, you took some papers and went to him to check them, you knocked on the door but no answer, you knocked again "Mr. Choi? Can i come in?" You quietly opened the door and he was there, sitting on hia chair, legs spread, his hands behind his head, a smirk appeared on his face when he saw you, "Did i say you could walk in?" he said and you froze there, "I didn't get an answer from you and these papers can't wait" you said trying not to sound intimidated by his words. He stand up and walked towards you, "So um, you came here for the papers, i see, why are you shaking though kitten?" he said taking a stand of your hair and put it behind you ear, hand on your jawline tracing it down your throat, your breath was heavy by his actions, you could see the lust in his eyes, "Tell me how you feeling princess!" he said while grabbing your chin, "I have nothing to tell you" you said trying not to seem vulnerable but it was impossible, you could be under him in a matter of seconds, he giggled at your statement and then his hands were on your sides, with a fast move he picked you up and put you on his desk, you were unable to talk or even think what it was happening "Listen here princess, stop playing with me and answer my questions like a good girl you are okay?" "And what if i don't want to." you couldn't believe what you had just said, you just made it worse or even better than it was before, he just stood there clenching his jaw, tongue pocking the inside of his cheek, "I can't understand you, you pretend to be that shy and vulnerable girl while you're a mischievous little bitch and that makes me wanna ruin you even more" he started kissing your lips, your tongues literally fighting for domination but he prevailed, he then went to your exposed neck, kissing and nibbling on it, your one hand on his hair and the other on his broad back, quite moans and whimpers were leaving your mouth, he took off his shirt and he did it the same with yours, he took of your bra and started kissing your chest leaving marks here and there, "Get up and take off your skirt" you did as he said, "Bent over here, i wanna get used to what I'll be seeing from now on" he said grabbing your asscheek and taking your panties off, he unbuckled his belt taking off his pants and boxers, his erection touched your sensitive skin of your ass while his hands were on your sides kinda reassuring you, he enter your slowly, he was big enough to stretch you out and send you to heaven, he started moving his hips in a faster pace, your moans were music to his ears, he started kissing your back from the base to your neck while his thrusts became harder. "You feel so good dollface" he whispered to you ear sending goosebumps to your whole body, his one hand went on your clit rubbing it fast while giving your ass a hard slap and you screamed his name, "San, im so close" you said "Cum for me baby, cum on my dick" he said and rubbed your clit faster to make you finish easier, you came on his dick, he pulled out and came all over your back.

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  • ateezupdates
    25.09.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Please vote on STARPASS ATINY!

    You can buy or Get Heart Jellies by doing Buzzvil missions!

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  • markhyucks-hades-dynasty
    25.09.2021 - 9 hours ago

    𝒟𝑜𝓃'𝓉 𝒢𝑒𝓉 𝒞𝒶𝓊𝑔𝒽𝓉 | P. Sh

    words | 1.111k

    pairing | female!reader x fratboy!seonghwa

    genre | friends to lovers, smut, slight romance

    disclaimer | pool sex; unprotected penetrative sex (wrap before you tap children!), exhibition, minor quirofilia (hand kink) + finger sucking, minor use of pet names (kitten), groping + nipple play

    jinx tags | @woowommy, @yungisstar1117, @kpopbean, @roan-baekhyun-bloodhaire, @xcherrycosmos, @softforqiankun, @hijirikaww, @jsung01, @serialee, @ur-yandere-dreams, @imdamconfused

    suggested song » 𝘉𝘦𝘭𝘰𝘯𝘨 𝘵𝘰 𝘠𝘰𝘶 𝘣𝘺 𝘚𝘢𝘣𝘳𝘪𝘯𝘢 𝘊𝘭𝘢𝘶𝘥𝘪𝘰

    Your breath hitched sharply as you felt your best friend sink his broad shaft into your needy heat, him digging his nails into your thighs before lightly pulling you closer to him, continuing to push himself into you, his fat tip nearly petting your womb as you bite down onto your lower lip, trying your hardest to muffle any sounds that were daring to slip.

    “S-shit…jesus Seonghwa w-what if we get caught?…”, you whisper in his ear quietly whilst wrapping your arms around his shoulders, your chest rising and falling as you felt his cock filling and stretching you to the brim, Seonghwa’s tongue running in between his lips as a cocky yet affirming smirk planted itself on his soaking, toned features.

    “Relax kitten…just keep your eyes on me and let me handle everything.”, Seonghwa coos lowly, quickly finger-combing through your wet hair before pushing you up against the edge of the pool wall, the dim water surrounding you both rippling loosely as you feel Hwa begin to pull out of you almost completely, pausing momentarily before slamming back into you forcefully as the pool water surrounding you both helped muffle his powerful movements.

    Knowing that with any sound you make, even the slightest, could possibly give away everything that you both were doing, hordes of drunken and gyrating people getting high off of adrenaline encompassing you and Seonghwa, the rumbling tune of music rocking the dazed area around everyone.

    Looking around shortly before turning your focus back towards Hwa, your eyes lock with his before shifting down to Seonghwa’s hands as they gave the occasional squeeze to your upper thighs and ass through your swimsuit bottoms, still fucking into you with paused, muted, thunderous thrusts as you whine under your breath before tucking your head into the scruff of his neck and nipping lightly, a hushed sigh escaping Hwa’s lips.

    “Mmm…such a pretty little thing you are…”, Seonghwa whispers in your ear before fucking his length even deeper in your pussy as his tip nearly kisses your g-spot, feeling you clench around him tightly, milking his member slowly. Feeling your back tapping up against the rim of the pool, your mind travels back to his drenched digits, a new fiery neediness welling up inside of you and before you know it, you sink your hand down, sliding your hand teasingly down his muscular chest and reaching to grab one of his hands from your ass.

    Slowing down his pace a bit, Seonghwa gives you a confused yet intrigued expression, watching with a burning lust in his eyes as you subtly sneak his fingers into your mouth, peering at him with doe eyes as you begin sucking his fingers softly. This encouraging him to easily pick back up the pace he had before, Hwa grips onto the pool ridge with his free hand forcefully before wrapping your legs around his waist and pushing you up onto the wall, angling his cock to fuck up into your cervix with every thrust.

    “H-Hwa pls…”, you manage to groan out gently after taking his fingers out from your mouth with a pop, your nails and face still dug deep into his nape and shoulders, Seonghwa cooing and whispering the sweetest of praises into your ears the whole while. With the simplest of grins, he removes his obefore lifting it up under your top and beginning to toy with your perky nipples, tweaking them delicately, you lifting his digits back up into your mouth to suppress your threatening moans. Flicking at your left nipple in a steady, precise manner, Seonghwa nudges your face up, making you both share direct eye contact, you now sucking his fingers slightly rougher this time.

    Your eyes darting back and forth between the partying crowd of people and Seonghwa’s movements, you begin panting heavily, the sudden thought of everyone discovering that you two were fucking only causing you to whine out on Hwa’s slender digits as every last vein of his shaft pressed against the clenching walls of your tightness, him further stretching you out in pure bliss, the faint sound of you sucking ever so lightly ringing through his ears.

    Seonghwa feels your heat tighten around him yet again, his own orgasm chasing behind yours as his hips snap into you roughly, his fingers still effortlessly toying around with your sensitive breasts and nipples as the pool water enveloping you both rippled and muffled the power and sound of your skin slapping together.

    “I’m c-close- Hwa..”, you whine out while popping his digits out of your mouth quietly yet again, the people around you both to wasted and dazed to even notice, Seonghwa smiling delicately before caressing your cheek with the back of his palm, you both locking eyes once more as you wrap your thighs around his exposed, toned waist even closer, pulling his soaked body closer to yours as you whimper into his nape, your vision blurring slightly as the intense wave of your orgasm washes over you immensely, Hwa’s following soon after.

    Your mouth hanging open prominently, you dig your nails roughly into Seonghwa’s shoulder blades and upper back, him leaning up and shooting you a teasing warning glare accompanied by a husky wince, pistoling into you with a few more forceful thrusts before releasing heavily inside of your cunt as you moan under your breath from the euphoric feeling of him filling you up entirely even though it was unprotected.

    Hwa presses his forehead to your own, fixing your bathing suit as well as his own so it seemed that you both weren’t just fucking, lifting you onto the pool pavement while pressing his lips softly to yours, moving them slowly against yours as you feel him smile softly into the kiss, Seonghwa gently pulling back before gazing deeply into your eyes, his fratboy-ish demeanor melting away instantly.

    You shoot him a relieved yet flustered smile as he intertwines his fingers within yours, placing small butterfly pecks onto your chin before humming softly, closing his eyes momentarily before opening them again, leaning his head up to face yours cheekily.

    “Not bad for…a quickie in the pool, no?”, you finally whisper, your cheeks flushed secretly as Hwa hums once more, glancing around before answering you, turning his attention back to you, his wet hair dancing along his forehead and face.

    “Yeah but..I don’t think that was good enough…we should probably go for a round too…”, he coos teasingly, causing you to gasp and slap his chest, him falling back into the pool and popping back up, both of you erupting into fits of laughter before he smirks and motions you back into the water with him.

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  • softdreamsofyou
    25.09.2021 - 14 hours ago

    based off of this post made by @yunsangoveryonder

    warnings: PWP, YEOSANG EATING PUSSY!!!, praise, it’s implied that reader is a pillow princess lol, soft dom!yeosang (i can’t see him as a hard dom LO SIENTO AMIGOS), over all just me finally having some writing fuel WHOOP ^^

    pairing: yeosang x afab!reader

    note: minor grammar mistakes that i’ll fix later!!


    you don’t know what’s gotten into your usually shy boyfriend, but you weren’t complaining. how could you have room to complain when the only thing coming out of you were sounds of ecstasy?

    his head between your legs as he sucked on your clit was what really had your back arching and hands flying immediately to tug him even further into your pussy (if that was even possible). all yeosang did was chuckle at your actions before parting with your clit and teasingly blew at your sopping cunt.

    “you comfortable there, princess? or do i need to get you another pillow?” you whined at his antics. you were more than comfortable wearing his tee shirt and having a pillow to support your head. he only smiled at you before kissing your clit. “use your words baby, what do you need?”

    you tugged at his head to bring him into your cunt, only for him to grab them and pin them down to your stomach. he smirked at the way you huffed in frustration before cooing. finally, you decided to give in.

    “i want your mouth yeosangie!” he nodded almost as if you were telling him an answer to a mathematical question, before diving his head back in. he let go of your hands to hold your thighs open and once again they found their place back on his scalp. one hard particular suck made you moan so loud you were sure that the neighbors knew what was going on. you could care less though, because right now, yeosang was the only thing on your mind.

    “f-fuck! yeosang! i’m gonna cum!” he let out a sound before sucking even harder on your clit and sending you over the edge. he caressed your thighs as they shook from the intensity of your orgasm, and in this position, yeosang couldn’t help but admire you in your afterglow. once you calmed down, you were ready to return the favor when he suddenly pushed you down.


    “i’m not done, love.”

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    24.09.2021 - 15 hours ago

    — ateez reaction to you not saying ‘i love you’ back to them.

    requested :: no.
    genre :: angst; fluff; hurt/comfort.
    warnings :: use of foul languge; mentions alcohol consumption; jongho’s is a bit suggestive; these reactions are really long... sorry.
    now playing ► waves by dean lewis.
    -> main masterlist


    Though your rejection hurt him, it also instilled a spark of hope in him  —  hope that, one day, you would love him the way he loved you.

    It took a certain amount of courage for Park Seonghwa to be honest about his feelings. He would have to look in the mirror and take a four second deep breath, holding it for seven seconds, and exhaling for eight just so that he could manage to get his racing heart back to where it was supposed to be. The man would have to wipe his palms against his jeans several times because he couldn’t seem to control the moisture that gathered there. Finally, he would check, double check, triple check that he knew exactly what he was going to say.

    Park Seonghwa was used to people telling him of their feelings — he had a certain, undeniable charm that made him easy to talk to. Park Seonghwa was also certainly, undeniably afraid of his own feelings. 

    Which is why his confession to being certainly, undeniably in love with you  — and your subsequent rejection of said fact — hurt like an absolute bitch. 

    Seonghwa would say that the pain was only comparable to that of being stabbed again and again with a blunt kitchen knife — it was a stinging pain that traveled every centimeter of his body; never-ending.

    “Lover,” your soft voice drew him from his own mind, your hand coming up to brush a stray strand of dark hair out of his face before wiping a tear from his cheek. When had he started crying? “I may not be in love with you, but that just means I get to enjoy falling in love with you for a little while longer.”

    Seonghwa’s eyes moved up from the ground, finally meeting yours as a small smile made itself apparent on his lips. “Can you please fall faster?”

    The question made you smile, the palm of your hand cupping the man’s face intimately. “I’ll be sure to take it into consideration.”

    No, you weren’t in love with Seonghwa. He would simply have to wait for you to fall for a little while longer — a fact that filled him with hope.


    His mother told him that, regardless of how angry he was at them, that he should never walk away from his partner without telling them that he loves them. Unfortunately, you didn’t get the memo.

    “Have you not heard a single fucking thing that’s come out of your mouth?!”

    Your resolve was hanging by a single thread, each word that rolled off of Hongjoong’s tongue pushing you closer and closer to snapping. The man could tell too, could see the way that your muscles tensed and tears brimmed your eyes as your nails dug into your palm with the intention of not allowing yourself to fall apart. Not now. Not in front of him. 

    You hadn’t intended to start an argument with your lover, but an offhanded comment on the walk back to your apartment from a surprise dinner date had seemed to catch his attention for better or for worse. You weren’t sure what this argument — your first big argument — could be classified as: better or worse.

    You shut your eyes tightly, protection against the cruel words that the man was throwing your way, tears slipping down your face. Your shoulders shook with the exertion it took for you to keep yourself from crying into the open space of the apartment. 

    Hongjoong’s eyes narrowed as he watched your shaky form, the tears that marred your skin. “Are you really going to cry now,” his voice, his words — both were venomous. As bad as he was sure it would make him feel when his mind was clear, his current intentions were obvious: he wanted to hurt you, to make you feel as bad as your comment had made him feel. He knew he was winning, you knew he had already won.

    “I can’t do this anymore,” your abrupt cry rang through the apartment, cutting through the man’s own yelling, “Can you just fuck off already?!”

    Hongjoong’s voice was quiet as he spoke, take aback by your outburst, “I have a right to be angry.”

    “You have taken everything from me. Everything,” your voice dropped down to match his, the words broken, both of you coming to realize just how true they were. “What more do you want?”


    “You know what, just... leave.” You were exhausted, Hongjoong could hear it in the way you spoke. All he could do was nod before grabbing his jacket and walking through the front door, leaving you to let out a sigh, relieved that you could get away from the conversation at hand if only for a few hours.

    Perhaps it was the nighttime breeze that sobered him up from his anger high, perhaps it was the realization that his manager was going to reprimand him for getting back to the dorms so late. Or, maybe, it was because the ‘I love you’ text he had sent you moments after he left your place had been marked as read without anything in reply. 

    The man had fucked up and he had absolutely no idea how he was supposed to fix it.


    Even he had to admit that his proclamation was a bit hasty, but he really thought that you loved him too. When he found out you didn’t, it left him with one thing in mind: how to make you fall in love with him.

    Loving you was easy, as natural as breathing air  — a simple inhale, followed by a simple exhale. It was easier even, loving you. Though, maybe the man should have kept that thought to himself for just a little while longer. 

    Your eyes were wide as you processed the three small  — yet all too meaningful  — words that fell from between Yunho’s lips. You could feel the way his thumb drew patterns against the palm of your hand, could see the way the man looked at you so tenderly as you stood at the front entrance of your apartment building in the middle of the city. 

    “You- what,” the question was stuttered out in your shocked state, not knowing how to reply to the man’s confession.

    Yunho’s smile grew bigger, his eyes flickering down to your hand held in his before moving his gaze back to yours. “I understand that my words must’ve come as a bit of a shock, but I really do love you and... I think that you might feel the same way.”

    “Yunho, I don’t-” your words broke off as you watched the smile fall from his lips  — only for a moment, long enough for you to see the truth behind his words — before it was replaced with another, smaller smile. “We’ve known each other for less than two months... you can’t fall in love that fast; no one can.”

    “There’s not a set time when someone is supposed to fall in love,” the man replied, “You can fall in love anytime you want to.”

    “Well, now is not that time.”

    “Then I guess I’m just going to have to find a way to change your mind.”


    He never expected you to say you love him, he always made sure you didn’t hear him tell you how in love with you he was. At least, not yet. 

    Yeosang was always careful with what he said around you, dropping the insensitive personality he often held around his group members. That quite carefulness, he found, was carried over into everything that had to do with you.

    It was always delicate, careful touches and sweet whispers only heard by the stars in the middle of the night. Those were the circumstances whenever he decided to tell you he loved you.

    You were sound asleep — he thought you were asleep — in your shared bed, curled up in the soft comforter that you had talked him into buying for you. Your hair was fanned out against the pillows, your breathing slow, even. Yeosang always thought you were most beautiful like this, showing him vulnerability and trust. Both of which he wished he, himself, could show you more of.

    You weren’t asleep. Not yet. 

    You were dancing on the precipice of unconsciousness when you heard those words. The three little words that brought a minute smile to your face because, yes, you loved Yeosang like he loved you. 

    But, he wasn’t talking to you. He was talking about you, sending his whispered message to the stars like he always did. The man wasn’t prepared for you to know about how deep his feelings for you ran, so he kept them to himself, only speaking about it when he knew no-one was around to listen. 

    You could have spoken up, let him know that you heard him, that you loved him also. You didn’t, because both you and he knew that someday — someday soon — he’ll be talking to you when he says those three pretty words. 


    This wasn’t the first time that someone he felt so deeply for didn’t feel the same about him, but it didn’t hurt any less. 

    San could feel his heart beating in his chest, his breath taken so cruelly from his lungs as he stood still, facing your careless figure. The man couldn’t tell what thoughts were running through your mind, your face emotionless, your eyes not once leaving his as the silence grew thicker.

    “Did you hear me,” his voice was quiet, nothing more than a whisper as he spoke, afraid to disturb the still air. “I just told you that I love you.”

    You didn’t say anything  — couldn’t say anything — in response. You don’t know at what point Choi San had decided to allow himself to fall in love with you, but you wish he hadn’t. You wish you didn’t have to see the beautiful smile fall from his lips or watch the embarrassed roseate tone bloom on his skin or be the reason why his eyes became glassy with unshed tears. 

    San’s gaze fell to the floor, his hand coming up to hastily wipe away the tear that rolled down his cheek. “Can you please say something,” he was pleading  — to you, to the stars, to anyone that was listening — his heart and voice breaking as he continued, “Something, anything... please.”

    “I-” you broke off  — what was the point when you knew you would break his heart from the beginning? “I’m sorry.” The words were a sigh, a terrible and beautiful relief that blanketed your soul. 

    And when San’s fractured voice rang through the air, speaking the words of a man who has greeted heartbreak too many times, that relief was once again taken away from you.

    “Me too.”


    His feverish proclamations of love for you were constant and, though you wouldn’t respond with anything but a sweet smile for the time being, he didn’t plan on stopping. He holds onto the promise that someday you would say it back. 

    The words ‘I love you’ were a never-ending stream that spilled from between Mingi’s lips. It didn’t matter what time it was, where you were, or what circumstances they were said under, the man was constantly and proudly proclaiming his love for you.

    Mingi never complained when you didn’t say it back, he didn’t let it hurt him. The man knew that it would take some time for you to fall in love with him, that saying those words was meant to be something special said at precisely the right moment. He couldn’t help that his moment happened earlier in the relationship than yours.

    “I love you,” Mingi’s words were energetic, reminiscent of an all too excited puppy. It was the fifth time in the last hour that those words had tumbled off of his tongue.

    The man thought that the smile that made it’s way onto your face at his words was pretty, only adding to your beauty. He thought the roseate tone that warmed your skin made you glow. Mingi could never get enough of your reactions — just another reason for him to continue telling you that he loved you.

    “I know.” Your words were expected, even welcomed. The fact that you hadn’t said the words back to him didn’t deter him, his smile growing brighter.

    “When are you going to fall in love with me,” the question was asked in a tone reminiscent of a child asking when dinner was going to be done.



    You thought he was just playing around with you, he couldn’t help but feel his heart sink when you didn’t tell him you loved him.

    Wooyoung was naturally affectionate, flirtatious on his best days. It was simply his personality, who he was when he was around those he cared about. It was difficult for you to take him seriously sometimes (at no fault of his).

    When Wooyoung first told you he loved you, you had to take a moment to figure out if he was being serious or not. In the end you decided that, no, he was not being serious. 

    “That one was uncalled for. Maybe you should go practice your flirting with San — I'm sure he’d enjoy the company.” 

    The man couldn’t help but feel his heart drop and his stomach twist at the way you blew off his confession. Really, he couldn’t blame you for taking it as a joke; his flirtatious ways had already led to him jokingly proclaiming his love to just about everyone. 

    Wooyoung painted a smile on his face, masking the hurt that wanted to show through. “I actually did have plans with San today, but I’ll see you later if you want.”

    Maybe talking this through with San wouldn’t be such a bad idea — his friend had always been particularly good at giving advice pertaining to matters of the heart. Besides, Wooyoung knew that if he stuck around you for very much longer you would find out just how hurt he was, which was the last thing that he wanted to happen. He’ll just have to figure out some other way to tell you he loves you. 


    He was drunk the first time he so bravely told you he loved you, the first time you rejected his feelings for you. 

    Jongho’s face was flushed with the alcohol that was running through his system, his skin feeling hot — it was too hot, way too hot. He could feel your body pressed against his, holding him upright as you walk through the front door of their dorm, Yunho and Mingi trailing behind you both (leaning on eachother for support). 

    Mingi was laughing at something Yunho had said, though Jongho was too preoccupied with the feeling of you — skin warm and soft — next to him to catch what was said.

    You, you, you.

    You smelled good, like oranges and vanilla and something Jongho couldn’t quite place but he knew that he loved it. He knew that he loved you. 

    He wasn’t thinking straight. Jongho’s mind had been running all over the place before he had even started on his third drink. But there was one thing that his thought’s kept going back to: you. That had to be a sign.

    The door to the man’s bedroom clicked shut, Yunho and Mingi’s voices mixed with the other guys’ being muffled through the wood. You made a noise of surprise when Jongho’s lips landed against yours, his hand against the back of your neck to push you further into the bruising kiss.

    It wasn’t a typical occurence for Jongho to initiate anything and, under other circumstances, you would have easily been able to lose yourself in the taste of him, in the feel of him against you.

    “Do you know how much I want you,” the man breathed out the question against your lips, his breath labored, wanting.  

    You did. Of course you did. You wanted him the same, though you weren’t even sure he would remember this in the morning, deterring you from wanting to go any further.

    You pulled away from him, resting your forehead against his as you spoke, “Jongho, we can’t. Not when you’re drunk.”

    He wasn’t sure what came over him that made him say what he did next. Perhaps it was because this small instance showed that you cared about him and not just his body. Perhaps it was because he had been thinking it for a while and, with his inhibitions lowered, there was nothing holding back from saying it. Or, maybe, his mind was simply too foggy to realize what he was saying. Either way, the words still left his mouth.

    “I love you so fucking much,” the words were quiet as they passed through his lips, catching you off guard.

    “Jongho...” You were hesitant, and rightfully so. 

    “Aren’t you going to say it back?”

    “Tell me again when you’re sober.”

    That’s exactly what the man did when you woke up in the morning and it did not disappoint.

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  • cappujinho
    24.09.2021 - 16 hours ago

    💌🧸 Brother's Best Friend

    A/N: Got this request a while ago and now I'm wondering why I've never written this trope before bc this was so fun??? Lmk how you liked it! x
    genre: optional bias (m) x reader (f), smut, size/strength kink??, choking, dom!bias (it’s kinda playful tho), brother's best friend!au, sneaking around, play fighting, lowkey getting caught but not directly?
    words: ~ 4.1 k
    disclaimer: I don’t mean for the age gap to be gigantic…I’m talking about anything from 1-2 years maximum tbh!!! Anything else would be weird and I’m not about that! They’re also both obviously consenting adults!
    [H/N means 'his (bias) name']

    In youreyes, your first meeting had been a disaster. The new spider man movie had been released only days ago, and you were adamant on seeing it. And to your luck, your older brother and his best friend had already made plans to watch it together. As a little sister, you were treated like the baby of the family, and it didn’t matter that you were far from being an infant anymore. So naturally, your brother had been condemned by your parents to bring you along. He declared his distaste in your presence by attempting to ignore you, but you were used to that. Just like you were aware of his bad moods, you knew he could change within minutes and magically turn into the sweetest, most caring big brother you could wish for.

    Whatever. You didn’t need his approval to enjoy the trip to the movie theater, you told yourself. Had it not been for his best friend, who you hadn’t seen in ages. H/N and you had never properly spoken before, and the last time you saw him he had been an awkward, prepubescent boy who had appeared at your door to pick up your brother for a playdate. There was no trace of immaturity now. Instead, it was you who had morphed into an awkward, shy mess at the sight of him.

    His ‘hello’ had a warm and deep melody to it which swooped you up in his aura so suddenly, you had no time to prepare. Had his smile always been this stupidly charming? Hell, it was so bright, you had to meticulously inspect the ground every time he sent a grin your way. When before you hadn’t felt guilty for being a bother, you now sure did. What impression would you leave, trailing behind the older boys like a lost puppy? What would he take you for? The annoying little sister who didn’t have friends of her own? The mood-killer, who wouldn’t understand any of the boys’ inside jokes? The anti-social, weird girl who was obsessed with fictional men, like people loved to belittle teenage girls with normal interests?

    As things turned out, his initial opinion of you was quite the opposite. If only you could have spied into his brain, it would have saved you a landslide of worry. Although your brother took up all of H/N’s attention before the movie started, he noticed you a good amount. To be precise, you blew him away at first sight. Your cute laugh won him over in a matter of seconds and he liked that your merch sweater could have been stolen straight out of his own closet. He didn’t want to feel too smug, but the way you diverted your eyes away from him whenever he looked in your direction only boosted his confidence further.

    Your brother might have warned him. Stay away from her. She’s off limits for you. But not a thousand vicious, older brothers could have kept him from trying to get to you. It was up to you, after all, whether you wanted him around or not, and not to your brother. From that day on, H/N didn’t skip out on a chance to see you, even if it meant merely an exchange of a few words, or a simple greeting. And to his luck, you turned out to be equally as enraptured by him.

    There was something about the untouchable, the forbidden, that attracted him to you even more. Plus, you were simply too precious to forget about. One morning, you dropped off a beanie at his place, which he had left at your house after meeting with your big brother the previous day. When he had asked if he could drive you to school as a thank you, you happily accepted. You had marked that day as the first day of your new life. First, it was harmless flirting. To be honest, you were under the impression he was merely messing with you. Because you were the cute little sister of his best friend. Because you would turn into an awkward shell of a person who had lost all ability to articulate, and your cheeks would burn as if they were on fire, whenever he charmed you.

    But the flirting slowly reached newer levels, and before you knew it you were discussing your sexual fantasies over text messages and giving him bedroom eyes as you opened the front door for him. “H/N’s here!” you would then shout to your big brother. Then you would watch the two boys walk off to your brother’s room, pondering why life had to be this way for you. It wasn’t fair. Siblings were supposed to share, right? Why did you have to wait your turn until after midnight, when no one would notice, to spend time with H/N?

    But to H/N, the sneaking around in the middle of the night and the secret messages you sent to each other, it all added to the excitement. Surely, there were days on which he wished he could just break the truth to your brother. The impact it could have on their friendship was enough intimidation for him to refrain, though. Things were better off this way, for now.

    Today was no exception to your usual lies. When your brother asked if you would go out with him to do some shopping, you had played the victim and feigned a stomachache. Your parents wouldn’t be home all weekend. You’d have been stupid to waste a perfect opportunity like that. Who knew when you could have H/N in your bed the next time? Normally, you were restricted to his car, or to his bed in the dark of night. Yes, those places had something enticing at first glance. But the backseat of a car was only enjoyable for so many clandestine meetings. So today you notified him of your golden opportunity before your brother had even walked out the door.

    The moment H/N texted you that he was outside your home, you opened the front door and dragged him to your room.

    “Are you in control today, little one?” he asked, closing the bedroom door after you.

    “Why are you asking that?” you replied, not wanting to talk at all but rather do so much more productive things.

    “I don’t know…perhaps because you haven’t let me say a word since I came through the door,” he said.

    “Right. Maybe I’m planning on tying you up, blindfolding you, and torturing you with ice and wax,” you joked in a casual tone, despite not usually requesting such graphic ideas.

    “I don’t know if I’d let you do that,” he grinned with raised eyebrows. “Besides, I know you’d rather be at the receiving end of that. It’s a sweet idea, though. If we had some more time…”

    “Think you could get away from me if I tied you up?” you said, but he was towering over you with the calmness of a king who knew he reigned over the situation.

    “We both know I’m stronger than you, doll,” he said. You didn’t like it when boys called you weak. But you’d let it slide, knowing he was only joking and would never underestimate you outside of the bedroom. He put his lips right up to yours, so you felt his breath on them. His fingers came up to cup your face, but then slowly inched to your neck. When they closed around your neck, putting the slightest amount of pressure on your skin, you whimpered quietly.

    “Need reminding?” he asked. As much pent-up frustration you had, and as much as your stomach was flipping upside down from how badly you needed him, you just had to play with him. You knew it would make for more fun.

    “I think- “ you started, with a grin. Then you grabbed him by the front of his shirt and pushed him backwards, until he was stumbling. Although caught off guard, he was quick to pull you along with him as he fell onto your bed. You landed on top of him with a small squeal.

    “Go on, let’s see who can throw the other off the bed first,” he teased with a superiority that only spurred you on. Then again, you would always be in the mood for the oldest childhood game you had ever known. Only now it wasn’t your brother, but his best friend you were playing against. It added a layer of excitement, and after only seconds, giggles had overtaken you as you struggled in his grip.

    “No tickling is allowed,” you said. He nodded obediently with a smirk that told you he might not abide by your rules.

    At first, you had attempted to hold him down by his arms. But your legs tangled, and he pushed his chest up against yours, like he was about to flip you over. Your plan seemed to be working only momentarily. You groaned a little as he grabbed your wrists swiftly and held his stance against your attempt to pull his upper body to the side.

    “Cute,” he said. That’s when you realized, he was barely struggling, barely trying, even. While you were giving your most, he smirked like he was watching a kitten trying to fight a lion. It was child’s play to him, keeping you in check. Literally. With an annoying expression of amusement on his face, he let you have the upper hand for a while. Then, as if you had never had an ounce of advantage, he turned it around and pulled you into him. His eyes suggested he might just send you tumbling down onto the floor any moment now. Nonetheless, you weren’t going to give up so easily. Taking your chances, you let go of his arms and moved sideways, so you could have your go at pushing him towards the edge of the mattress.

    “I don’t think so,” he said. Suddenly, he bear-hugged your body and rolled you both over. Before you could protest or defend yourself, your arm was dangling off the side of your bed and if you had moved a tiny bit further, you would have slid off the bedsheets and right onto your carpet. It was his turn to straddle you now. As if his actions hadn’t been enough declarations of his strength, he pinned your wrists to the bed above your head and gave you a challenging smirk.

    “I was going to let you win, doll. But you weren’t trying hard enough,” he said. “What are you going to do about it?”

    What were you going to do? He had you completely immobilized. “Just let it go, then. We get it, you’re super strong and super big and the coolest,” you said.

    He seemed to take an instant liking to your declaration. “Say it again. This time minus the eye-rolling, sugar.”

    “You’re stronger than me,” you said, trying to avoid the laughter that was threatening to come out. Could he read in your gaze how badly you wanted him to kiss you already? If he could, he wasn’t acting on it. Instead, he bent to the crook of your neck and spoke.

    “Does it turn you on that I can overpower you?” his breath fanned your ear and you had to close your eyes to control yourself.

    “Yes. Because I trust you,” you answered truthfully. The corner of his lips curled into a cocky grin.

    “You know what? I think I’d rather you stay in bed with me instead of throwing you on the floor. There’s so many things we can do up here, isn’t that right, little one?” His lips brushed over your cheek and then over your lips as he spoke. The nickname had always made you weak in the knees and he knew it. When he finally enveloped your lips in a kiss, you swore you could feel an electric spark jump between the two of you. The mellowness of it turned into hunger rapidly, and as soon as his tongue flicked over your bottom lip, you whimpered like you hadn’t seen him in a year.

    “Needy, are we?” he asked, running his hand up your sides and underneath your shirt. He could say that again. “Let’s get these off, then.”

    The seconds in which you pulled off your clothes and couldn’t hang on his lips and feel his skin on your body should have been considered a form of torture in itself. Then, time always went by so much slower than usually.

    When you had both shed off your clothes, he climbed back on top of you. Instead of straddling your hips he was now resting between your legs. There was nothing separating you from him, and it was apparent not only through the body heat that radiated off him. He reached down and whilst peppering kisses on your chest, slid his fingers through your slick arousal that was pooling in your core.

    “You’re so wet,” he said in surprise, but couldn’t hide his approval and self-confidence in his voice.

    “I know,” you said, rolling your eyes but simultaneously fighting the urge to moan at the smallest of touches he was teasing your with. “I’m so horny. Can’t we skip foreplay?”

    “Poor doll,” he said. “I should’ve come over earlier, huh?”

    “You know that wasn’t possible,” you said. With a desperate look, you pleaded him silently.

    “I wanna taste you,” he said, but your put your hand on his cheek softly.

    “Maybe later?” you said. “Please, I need to have you inside of me. Now.”

    “You’re extra cute when you’re this needy,” he smiled. “Are there still condoms in your nightstand?”

    You nodded and had never moved so fast to open a drawer in your life. Pretending to have any patience left, you waited for him to roll on the rubber.

    “I love the way you look at me,” he said. “When you’re waiting for me. Could watch you for hours.”

    “God, I hope you won’t. Come here, please?” you replied, making him chuckle. He lined himself up with your core, but then made no inclination to move ahead. His dark eyes and little head tilt told you everything.

    “Don’t mess with me anymore,” you whined, reaching for the back of his neck to pull him closer. “Do it. H/N.”

    “Beg for it.” His words twisted something in the pit of your stomach. Although you were burning with hunger, you could never say no to him. Then again, you were curious to see what would happen if you did.

    “What if I don’t? Don’t you want to fuck me as much as I want it?” you challenged him. Something glinted in his eyes, and you knew you shouldn’t have even brought it up.

    “I can always do this,” he said, and you followed his eyes down his body and to where he had wrapped his hand around his cock. Slowly, he jerked himself off, and you weren’t sure he was biting his lip because of the feeling or to discompose you. His small sigh should’ve been caused by you. This wasn’t what you had wanted. His tip was right by your slit. He could’ve pushed his length in so easily, and yet he wasn’t. Debating what to say, you kept your eyes trained on his hard member that looked so delicious in his hands. His deep groans rang in your ears. It didn’t take long for you to cave.

    “Fuck. That should be me around you,” you said. “That should be my pussy you’re fucking and not your hands. Please.”

    “Isn’t that right?” he said.

    “Yes. Please, fuck me. I would feel so much better than your hands, and you know it. Please,” you whined. “I need you right now H/N. Please.”

    You added another ‘please’ – for good measure – because the way his tongue darted out and licked his smirking lips could make you say anything if it would get him to fuck you.

    “It’s okay, I’ll take care of you,” he said. “Think you can take me?”

    “Yes, yes-, I can! Please, fuck me,” you said in a waterfall of words, and he chuckled handsomely.

    “Good girl,” he said, running a gentle hand over your head. “If it’s too much you let me know.”

    “As always.”

    The tip of his cock gently pushed into your core, making you hold your breath as he entered you slowly. It caused you to feel every inch with every second. Your brain felt fuzzy, and you sighed gratefully at the relief.

    “Fuck, you’re so perfect,” he moaned. The carefulness in his thrusts paired with his moon eyes at you only remained that way for a few seconds. Then, he straightened up and grabbed your hips to drag you in closer. You moaned helplessly when he almost pulled out completely, so slowly it almost made you crazy, only to slam his length into you until his tip brushed against the deepest spot inside of you. It was an action he repeated over and over, until you were reduced to a puddle of desperate whimpers, and you clasped the bedsheets in your hands tightly.

    “You like it this way, little one?” he asked. He was apparently finding enjoyment in your reaction. How you could barely keep your eyes open, and when you did, your eyeballs threatened to roll to the back of your head. How your fingers clenched around the closest plushie, and you cradled it against your chest in bliss.

    “Yes- fuck,” you said. “Feels so good.”

    Of course, right as you said this, he had to change things up. His thrusts turned lazy and messy as he leaned backwards slightly. With an equally lazy demeanor, his thumb flicked over your clit, rubbing circles on it.

    “Let me hear you. Say my name,” he said, and you quietly moaned his name. You adored the way it sounded, voiced like this, with barely more than a breath underneath your soft tone. Now and then, his cock slipped out of you, making you clench around nothing and furthermore had you going completely out of your mind. When he would push himself into your opening again, it felt as if it was the first time he was entering you today. Except you felt it repeatedly, each time as incredible as the previous. Your mouth hung open, rendered speechless except for the little moans and whimpers sounding from your throat. There was a familiar knot beginning to form in your stomach, tying firmer with each passing minute.

    As if he could read your mind, he decided then he was done with his sweet torture of teasing you to an orgasm. You couldn’t be mad at him, though, because what he had planned was just as perfect, if not better. His hands wandered to their original place on your sides, and he began to snap his hips into yours at a faster pace. A small cry of surprise left your lips, while he only smirked at you through heavy-lidded eyes. Impulsively, you lifted your legs a little, intensifying the feeling of his member roughly dragging through your velvet walls.

    “H/N, I’m so close,” you whimpered.

    “Me too,” he replied, not slowing down for a second.

    His broad frame towering over your body was a sight you would never get enough of and his gazes at you were hot enough that they could have stopped your heart in its tracks. A few strands of hair stuck to his forehead and there was a thin sheet of sweat on his neck. It all just made him more breathtaking to you. The slight pain from his nails digging into the skin on your waist was staggering, and you could barely wait to see the masterpiece of marks he would leave tonight.

    You were a moaning mess, flying on cloud nine and simultaneously overwhelmed by his treatment of you. It clouded your mind at took over your whole body like you were made for him to fuck you. His length filled up your tight hole and he did it with such force that your whole body rocked into your mattress in a steady, fast-paced rhythm. He let go of your waist then and supported himself on his arm by the side of your head. When his other hand went to your neck you shuddered in anticipation.

    “You should see yourself with my hand around your throat,” he said. “So pretty, little one.”

    “We can do it in front of a mirror sometime- ,” you suggested, but were cut off at the end of the sentence as his fingers tightened on your neck. Instantly, the effect of it hit you. The lack of oxygen made your head swim in a sea of pleasure and the unrelenting desire to come. Through fluttering eyelids, you peeked up at him. The way he licked his lips and then clenched his jaw, the gorgeous shape of his collarbones and shoulders – you sometimes wondered if he was even real. Every so often he loosened his grip on you. When he did, you took gulps of air and then instantly whined for him to choke you again.

    “Let go for me,” he said. “Show me your pretty face when I make you come. I’m fucking you well, aren’t I?”

    You nodded as well as you could when he was gripping your throat and you couldn’t breathe properly at the moment. It didn’t matter you couldn’t talk. He was probably not expecting you to answer, either way. In a pleasure-induced trance, you closed your eyes and let it happen, like he had asked it from you. Your hazy consciousness barely registered that he was reaching his high with you. Too overcome were you, with your thighs trembling uncontrollably and your back arching off the mattress. He had let go of your neck and was riding out his own orgasm with sloppy thrusts that only sent you into another frenzy and had you whimpering his name softly. When he had finished too, he slowed down and pulled you into a gentle kiss, rubbing his nose against yours sweetly.

    “That was amazing,” he said, and with a blissful hum you nodded. Your lips changed into a pout when he rolled off you and got up. You were tired of sending him back home so quickly. As he discarded the condom in the bin, you put on your most enchanting eyes, so he would have no other choice.

    “Stay a little longer, please,” you asked. You knew he wanted to, as well. So although he was aware that your brother could return at any moment, he tumbled back into bed with you.

    “Just for a little while,” he said. “Mhm…you’re so perfect to cuddle, baby.” His embrace was warm and his scent comforting, as he hummed a lovely melody. The soft touch of his fingers running through your hair lulled you right into a light sleep. You were awoken rather abruptly, and with half a heart attack.

    “Hey Y/N, have you seen my charger- “ your brother’s voice suddenly broke through the silence and you wondered if you would have to pack up and leave the country after this sort of embarrassment.

    “It’s not what it looks like,” you said, knowing well enough it was the dumbest thing you could have said. But who could blame you? You had only woken up two seconds ago.

    “Really?” your brother asked. “Because I hear H/N sneak into our house so often lately, I’m starting to wonder if his parents threw him out.”

    His tone was surprisingly calm.

    “I’m sorry. I should’ve told you,” H/N said to your brother. “I thought you’d hate me and that we’d be over as friends.”

    “I know I told you once to leave Y/N alone. But now…I guess it’s cool. She’s been in a great mood lately, and if that’s thanks to you, I think I can approve of you two. Although I’m not looking forward to being a third wheel, I think I can get used to it if I try hard enough,” your brother said. You couldn’t believe your ears, and involuntarily smiled like a fool. No more hiding. No more secrets.

    “I stole your charger. I’m sorry,” you said then, making your brother roll his eyes. “It’s by the sofa in the living room.”

    “Great. I needed a reason to leave anyway,” your brother said. “I might approve of you, but this situation is still too awkward. I’ll see you tomorrow, then, H/N?”

    “I’ll see you tomorrow,” the boy in your bed said.

    “You’ll see me too!” you added as a joke, as your brother already walked away from the door.

    “Unfortunately I will!” your brother shouted, with the unnerving tone only a big brother could possibly muster.

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    yo I'm bored send me some asks

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    Sneak peak for tonight's post :) let me know if you'd like to be tagged. Yeosang fic btw

    You stopped your ramble with a gulp, your eyes still glued to the floor. "I'd say, go for it. What's there to lose?" Rubbing your knee softly now seeing you were flustered.

    "There is stuff to lose though."

    "I'm sure nothing important hun."

    "3 years of friendship is totally not impo-"

    You look up at him quickly with wide eyes, you immediately shook your hands and laughed awkwardly. "Oh god, that sounds like I'm describing us..Oh no its someone else don't worry. Whew," you looked any other way you could until you felt his hand travel up your leg.

    "I told you you're not a good liar Y/N."

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    Mr. Park~ Meet Dad

    Pairing- Seonghwa x Named Reader

    Genre/Au- Angst, Fluff

    Word Count-

    Rating- NSFW, 18+

    Includes- Dilf Seonghwa, Age Gap Relationship- Everyone is consenting adults, unapproving father, disownment, Hwa is the best boyfriend ever

    Notes-💓👍🏻Joanne = y/n

    Yes I use the same name for the female character for every story. I'm that lazy. And I don't like writing in the "you" style. Saw this name and liked it so here it is. Joanne is not the same character in every story....that'd be weird

    I've read that some people are uncomfortable with y/n and would rather have an actual name. It's also easier for using nicknames in the stories. Feel free to substitute your name and attributes instead of the character's, since it's meant to be you💓👍🏻

    Series Masterlist

    Joanne grips my hand hard in the car. She agreed to meet her dad today.

    It's Sunday and it was my turn to work but I switched with Mingi. I finally told him about Joanne. He remembers her from that time she came to my office. He thought I was just fucking her but I told him, I'm not. That it was never about that. That I love her. And she loves me. Needless to say he was shocked but he supports us. His words were, "As long as you're happy, I'm all for it". I told the rest of my friends through texts and surprisingly they're all fine with our relationship. I really had nothing to worry about in regards to them

    Joanne texted her dad yesterday, agreeing to meet him at a park by the Han river. She didn't tell him I was coming. She didn't think he would come of he knew I would be here. "Are you ok jagi?"

    She nods, "Just nervous". I know she is. I would be. "It's ok jagi. I'm here with you"

    She turns to me, nodding, "I know. Thanks baby". I kiss her cheek, smiling at her. She grins, tilting her head, "How did I end up with the perfect boyfriend?"

    I laugh, "I'm not-"

    "Shut up you are". I open my mouth to say something but she gives me a warning look. So I close my mouth and she smiles triumphantly. How she's so cute all the time, I don't know. After a few minutes she sits up straighter. "He's there"

    I follow her line of sight, seeing her dad sit at one of the picnic tables. "Ready baby?"

    "No", she says

    Kissing her hand, I tell her, "Don't be afraid ok? It's your dad. And if things get bad, we can just go ok?" She nods, taking a breath. Then she opens the car door. I get out of my side, then walk over to her. She takes my hand, gripping it tightly. We start walking to her dad. I feel her tense the closer we get. Rubbing my thumb on her hand, I try to soothe her

    Her dad looks over in our direction. His face darkens, his gaze moving from her, to me then to our hands. When we get to him, he glares at me, "Why is he here?"

    "Because dad, he's my boyfriend"

    "He's not a boyfriend. He's a grown man". I try so hard to not roll my eyes

    "And I'm an adult too"

    "I want to talk to you. Not him". Ok he's being difficult but I can understand. He's her dad, he wants to protect her. I just find it ironic how he wants to protect her from me and not her mother

    "Jagi, I'll wait in the car ok?", I murmur, trying to make it easier. Her hand tightens on mine harder.

    "No. If he wants to talk to me, he has to accept that you're staying with me."

    "Joanne-", her dad warns

    "No dad. I don't hide anything from Seonghwa. If you want to talk to me, you talk in front of him too. Or we'll just leave". Her dad hesitates but then nods shortly. She sits down pulling me down with her. He dad ignores me and looks at her. "Where have you been living?"

    "With Seonghwa", she answers

    "With him?", he repeats, anger filling his face

    "Yes with him. I was going to go to a hotel but he didn't want me to. He asked me to stay with him and I said yes"

    "Why? Why wouldn't you just come home?". I feel her hand squeeze mine, "Because you and mom said I couldn't"

    "Because of him! You shouldn't be with him. He's twice your age. He's a father. Your friend's father."

    As much as I hate it, I think I would of been the same way with Yoonah before my relationship with Joanne. Against it, demand her to end it. I still wouldn't have kicked her out or hit her thought. Now I'd be open to her dating someone older as long as he's a good guy

    "I don't care", she answers, "Age doesn't matter"

    "Of course it does! He's too old for you! It isn't right". What's with everyone saying it isn't right? It is. We're both adults. There's nothing illegal going on.

    "God dad he's not 90. And I don't care, I love him"

    "You don't know what love is", he snaps

    "Gimme a break dad, of course I know what love is! I love Seonghwa. Nothing you can say will change that. And I'm not giving him up because you and mom don't agree with his age."


    "No! Instead of his age, you should be asking me what kind of boyfriend he is. If he treats me well, if he protects me, keeps me safe, if he loves me. And he does."

    Her dad shakes his head, "All you're boyfriend's have been losers and wrong for you". Damn, that's harsh. I can't speak for her other boyfriends but I'm not a loser. He doesn't even know me to call me a loser

    "Stop dad. Seonghwa isn't a loser. You don't even know him. All you and mom see is his age. You don't even try to get to know him"

    "I don't want to get to know the perv who's corrupting my daughter"

    Ok now I'm pissed. "I'm not a perv", I growl

    Her dad looks at me, "You're dating a nineteen year old. That's what a perv is"

    "Look, I don't care about her age. I love her."

    "Why would you even look at her to begin with?", he snaps

    "Because she's beautiful. I have eyes. I wasn't planning to do anything, it just happened."

    "And you didn't think you should of ended whatever this is?"

    "Of course I did!" Does he really think that I just jumped into this without thinking about it? Without wondering if I'm doing the right thing? Wondering if I should keep being with her? Wondering if I should let her go so she can find someone her own age to be with? I agonized over that until I fell in love. He doesn't know the half of it. She doesn't either. Even now I sometimes think about it but then I remember she loves me just as much and it would her her. I never want her to be hurt

    "I thought about our relationship all the time, if it was fair for her, if she should be with someone her own age. I just fell in love with her. But even now if she said she wants to end it because I'm too old for her, I'd do it. To make her happy, I'd do it". I would. It'd hurt like hell but I would let her go

    "You shouldn't have fallen in love with her in the first place!" Like that's something I could control? Did he control falling in love with her mother? I hate when people say shit like that because you just fall in love with who you fall in love with. And as long as everyone involved is an adult there shouldn't be any problems or dumb statements like that

    "Look, I love your daughter more than anything. I'll do anything to make her happy. I will do everything to protect her and keep her safe. And I'm sorry for the way you feel but unless she tells me she doesn't want me, I'm not going anywhere."

    Her dad is furious but I expected this. "How can you do this? You're a father too. Wouldn't you protect your daughter from some perv?"

    He is not throwing that in my face. Not with what he lets his wife do to her. "Don't talk to me about protecting her. I protect her", I snap

    "So do I"

    "Do you?", I growl. His eyes flash with rage. Well I'm just as fucking furious. "Yes I do"

    "Oh really?", I scoff, "Are you protecting her when you let your wife beat the shit out of her?"

    "Hwa", she says lowly. I know she wants me to stop and normally I would but not now. I don't care about her dad calling me names, hating me, or whatever but he's not going to sit here and say he's protecting her from me when I've never hurt her. When he lets someone else hurt her. Not happening

    "Look at her face. Her eye. Her lip. Her jaw. The bruises that are still healing. How about the ones on her arms and her back where your wife beat on her with a fucking hardcover coffee table book as she threw her out of the house. Is that how you protect her?"

    "Don't speak about my wife"

    "I damn well can when my girlfriend shows up at my house bruised and bleeding. And I also know this wasn't the first time she hit her like this. Is this how you protect her? Your wife hit her in the face with a book. What if she broke something? What if she killed her? How are you protecting her if you let these things happen?", I yell

    I'm so fucking angry. He's sitting there thinking he's better than me just because I'm with someone younger than me. If her mother hit the wrong spot on her face, head or neck she could be dead. He needs to open his eyes and realize that's not protecting her

    "I'm not there when it happens!" That's such a weak excuse. "So that makes it ok? You can be damn sure if my daughter came home looking like Joanne did, I'd make sure her mother would never see her again. I wouldn't stay or use pathetic excuses"

    "Hwa, please", she whispers. I look at her, begging me to drop it. I'm still heated but I nod, pressing a kiss to her forehead. Her dad looks like he wants to hit me. Bring it, I'm not afraid of him

    "This is you're last chance Joanne. Leave this piece of shit and come home"

    "Don't call him that dad!", she protests. He stands up suddenly, his hand raising as if he's going to hit her. Not a chance in hell. I stand, shooting my hand out immediately, gripping his arm, stopping him

    "Don't fucking touch her", I growl menacingly. He pulls out of my grip, eyes narrowing at me, "Do not tell me how to deal with my daughter"

    "You're not going to fucking hit her. Ever. And neither is your wife"

    He moves his gaze to her, "What is your choice?"

    "Seonghwa. I'm sorry dad but I'll always choose him". Her father looks at her in disgust, like she's garage and it completely enrages me. "You are the biggest disappointment". Hearing that hurts me, I can't imagine what she's feeling

    "You're mother threw all your things you left behind out. Don't ever come back. You're not our daughter any more"

    "Dad", she says softly. He doesn't answer, turns and just walks away. Just like that Like he's not hurting his daughter

    Sitting down next to her, I check on her. "Jagi, I'm sorry"

    She shakes her head, "It's not your fault Hwa"

    Yeah it kinda is. "Jo-"

    "Hwa please? Don't. I expected this ok. I expected him to be hostile, to be angry and I was prepared for everything that happened. I just want to forget it ok?"

    I nod, pulling her into a hug. She comes right into me, her arms around me, "Can we go home?"

    Kissing the top of her hair, I agree, "Yeah baby. Let's go". We stand up and I hold her hand as we walk to the car


    "Jagi?", I call when I hear her come down the stairs

    "Hwa?", she answers, walking into the kitchen confused, "Uh...why aren't you at work?"

    "I took off aegi"

    "Oh...uh why?"

    "Because baby, we're going out"

    She blinks, rubbing her eyes, "We are?"

    God she's so cute when she just wakes up. "Yeah jagi", I confirm

    "Wait, if you were off why did you get up so early?"

    I shrug, "I'm used to it."

    "But you sleep in on the weekends". I know but it my body just wakes me up at 7:30 every morning on weekdays. It's annoying

    "Did you miss me?", I tease. She nods, coming to me, giving me a kiss then sitting on me, cuddling. "Aww is my baby tired?" She nods in my neck. "Well baby, we're going shopping. That should perk you up"

    She lifts her head, "Shopping? For what?"

    "Surprises jagi. Go get ready ok? We can go to Starbucks first"

    "Ok", she agrees, kissing me and disappearing upstairs

    ----------------------------------------------------"Keep you eyes up", I growl at the guy staring at her ass on the line at Starbucks

    I don't care if people look at her. I know she's hot and the clothes she's wearing are goddamn sexy, showing off a lot and her shoes, especially since it's like 90 degrees. When she came down the stairs, I almost fucked her right there. And I like the way she dresses, I like people knowing she's mine. But I can't stand people blatantly staring at her. And this guy's eyes haven't moved for five minutes straight. "What?", he says, snapping out of his trance

    "Keep you eyes off my girlfriend's ass"

    "Oh", his cheeks turn red and he averts his eyes, "Uh sorry. I'm sorry". I glare at him, keeping my arm around her protectively

    "Hwa", she says softly, "You ok?"


    "You sure? You're getting all protectivey", she smiles

    "Oh uh sorry". Shit, I didn't mean to annoy her

    "Oh no baby, I like it.", she giggles, leaning into me

    "Yeah?", I ask surprised

    "Oh yeah Hwa. You're so hot when you get protective of me. Getting angry and tough", she smirks

    I smirk back, "Well jagi, I'll be more protective from now on"

    "Ok Hwa. It's fine with me"

    We're next and we order our food then move to the side to wait for it. "So where are we going?", she asks

    "The mall"

    "The one we went to last time?"

    I shake my head, "No. The one that's right here"

    She looks surprised, "Really?"

    I nod, "Yeah jagi. Yoonah knows about us. Your parents do too. My friends do. Those were the only people I was really concerned with. We don't have to hide anymore"

    A bright smile bursts on her face, "For real?"

    "For real", I smile, pulling her to me and kissing her

    "Excuse me. Your order", a grumpy worker interrupts. We break apart with her blushing

    "Thanks", I say cheerfully, then grab our stuff

    "Let's go baby. We can eat in the car"

    "The car?", she gapes

    I roll my eyes, "Yes baby. It's just a car. I can get it cleaned if anything spills"

    "Oh uh ok", she answers, following me out Once we get settled in the car, I start driving to the mall


    "Jo", I call when we get to the entrance to the mall, pulling her hand for her to wait

    "Yeah?", she stops to face me

    "I wanna talk to you before we go in ok?"

    She raises her eyebrow, "Uh ok"

    "Look this shopping uh spree? Yeah I guess spree, isn't for me"

    "Then who is it for?"


    She immediately shakes her head, "Seonghwa, n-"

    "Don't stay no jagi. I want to do this. You couldn't bring all your stuff to my house and you're parents threw everything away. You don't have much aegi. So I wanna buy you whatever you want. Clothes, books, shoes, anything you want to decorate the house with. And I want you to feel free to get whatever you want"

    "I can't-"

    "Yes you can. Baby you lost everything for me. Your home, your family, your belongings. And now you're home is with me and I can get you anything you want. You can change any decor in any room. Do what you want. It's our house aegi"

    I still can't believe she gave up everything just for me. It's not something I'd ever expect anyone to do. But she did it so easily, so willingly. No hesitation. And I want to give her the world

    "But Hwa, I didn't do it to get anything back"

    "I know baby and it's not to repay you or anything like that. It's because I want to do this for you. So I don't want to hear "no" or "I can't" from you today. All you have to say is "yes". Please princess"

    I can see her hesitation. She doesn't like taking from anyone, mostly me. She doesn't want me to think she's a moocher or gold digger. I know she's not. That's why I don't care about buying her things. She doesn't expect it or ask for anything. "Ok Hwa but we're not going crazy ok?"

    "Ok aegi", I lie. I know her. She's stubborn and telling me we're not going crazy is her way of restricting me. But it's not happening. I want to spoil her and I will


    "You like the blue ones too?", I ask her, looking at Nike sneakers she's trying on

    She looks up at me, "Yeah but I like these red ones too. Which ones do you like?"


    She rolls her eyes, "Well that doesn't help me"

    "Yeah it does. We'll just get both"


    "Jagi. It's fine"

    "You already bought me so much clothes that I have an outfit for everyday of the year", she protests

    "And now you can have shoes and sneakers to match the clothes"

    "But you bought me like seven pairs of shoes already!"

    I smile at her arguing. Like that's going to get her anywhere. "And now two pairs of sneakers. And if you like any others those too"

    "I like these just fine", she says narrowing her eyes

    I just laugh, "Ok then baby". She takes off the sneakers and I take them to the register to buy them while she puts her shoes back on. "Have a nice day", the cashier says, handing me the bag

    "Thanks". I turn around and look for her. She's sitting in the same spot as before but she's talking to a group of girls. Girls her age. I cautiously approach them, not sure what to do. I don't know if she knows them or they just started talking. Girls are like that. I've seen Yoonah have conversations with girls she's never met and they become friends in like an instant. I slowly walk up behind her

    One of the girls looks over at me, "Mr. Park?" Shit, she knows me. Probably high school friends of Yoonah and her. "Uh yeah?", I answer, confused

    "Hi. Is Yoonah here? I didn't see her", the girl says, looking around. Joanne shoots a panicky gaze at me. She doesn't know what to do either. "No Yoonah isn't here", I answer

    "Oh. That's too bad. She's not answering my calls", another girl says

    "Well she's on vacation with her mom right now."

    "Oh right. That makes sense". I just nod and an awkward silence falls

    "So what are you doing here Mr. Park?", one of them asks. I contemplate what to do. I could just tell them I'm with Joanne or I could walk out of the store and text her, telling her to meet me somewhere

    "I'm here with my girlfriend", I answer. Fuck it. Now that everyone who matters knows about us, I don't want to hide her anymore

    "You have a girlfriend?", one of them yelps

    I nod, "Yeah"

    "Lucky girl", one of them whispers to the other. Ok, wow, I did not expect that reaction. Joanne looks uncomfortable and I need to get her out of here

    "Ready jagi?", I ask her, holding my hand out to her. She nods, taking my hand

    "She's your girlfriend?!", one shouts

    "Yes she's my girlfriend", I tell them, wincing at the shouting

    "Since when? How did this happen? When?", one splutters

    "Uh...", Joanne trails off, "Since January"

    "When we were in school?", one says

    "So lucky", the same girl who said the same thing before, says. Ok, that is weird and making me uncomfortable

    "Yeah", Joanne answers

    "Does Yoonah know?" That sounds judgemental and really none of their business. At all.

    "Yes she knows but I don't see how that's any of your business", I say, getting annoyed

    "Oh I...uh...sorry"

    "Uh-huh", I say

    "Let's go baby", Joanne says, tugging on my hand

    "Sure jagi", I answer, smiling at her

    "Nice seeing you guys again", Joanne says to them. I just smile shortly, "Bye"

    Pulling me with her, I follow her out of the store. "You ok jagi?"

    "Yeah Hwa. It was just getting weird"

    That it was. "Are you ok?", she asks

    I nod, "Yup. It felt....nice to tell someone that we're together"

    We hid for so long and I'm tired of it. She smiles, nodding, "Yeah it was nice to hear you say that". I smile at her, loving how happy she seems

    "Thanks for the sneakers baby". She leans up, her lips brushing against mine. I can't help but smile at her after the kiss. "Now where?", she asks

    "Bookstore", I say, taking her hand, leading her out of the store


    "You like that book jagi?", I ask

    "I don't know Hwa. I just picked it up. I have to read the synopsis first"

    "Oh ok", I smile sheepishly

    She just smiles back, "You're so cute". I feel myself blush just like I do everytime she says things like that to me. She opens the book, reading the side flap. I watch her, see her face change into surprise as she reads. She's is completely enchanting. The way her eyebrows furrow, the way she bites her lip, the way her beautiful eyes scan the words. I'm so lucky.

    She closes the book, looking at it. "So is it a yes? You looked liked you might want to read it"

    She hesitates, looking at the stack of books I took from her after she read their synopsis and liked it. There's like thirty books. All not a problem for me. "Hwa....". I take the book from her and add it to the pile, "Don't uh...don't you think that's enough baby?"

    I shrug, "Nah"

    Her eyebrow raises, "No?"

    I shake my head, "No. We've just been at one section of the store". We've been in the young adult section the whole time. I just found out she likes fantasy, historical fiction and paranormal genres. She finds young adult books more interesting and somehow the author's write the books faster. We're almost done in this section but she also wanted to look at the adult fantasy, which she reads too. We can spend all our time here, it doesn't matter to me. As long as she's happy, I'm happy


    We make the third trip from my car to the house, bringing in the last of the bags. I really did buy her a lot. And I'm happy I did. "Can we just leave this stuff here for now? I'm tired", she yawns

    "Yeah jagi. We can relax for a little", I answer, taking her hand and leading her upstairs. She goes into our room, straight to the bathroom probably to take her make up off

    While she's in there, I hurry down the hall to the larger spare room, turning the light on and going inside. After a few minutes I open the door again and call her. "Jo!"


    "Can you come here please?"

    She pokes her head out from our room, furrowing her eyebrows, "What are you doing over there?"

    "I need to ask for your opinion on something in here"

    "Sure", she shrugs, coming down the hall. My god she's fucking sexy

    "I thought you left all the stuff downstairs?", I ask, swallowing hard. She put on the black lacy PJ set I bought her, her hair in a bun

    She smirks, "I knew you'd want to see me in one of these so I grabbed that and put it in my bag without you noticing"

    "Fuck baby, I wanna rip it off you"

    She laughs, "You just bought it. It'd be such a waste". Yeah it would be but it'd be fun as fuck. Looking down her feet, I burst out laughing. "What?", she raises her eyebrow

    "Your Mang slippers?"

    "Hwa you know how much I love these!"

    "Of course jagi. You just look so cutely sexy"

    She snorts, "That's not a phrase"

    "It's one I just made up"

    She rolls her eyes, "Ok baby. Whatever you say. What did you need?"

    "I was thinking of changing this room to something else besides a bedroom and I want your opinion as to what I should change it to. Come inside"

    I walk in keeping the light off, her following. "Hwa!", she whines, "Why didn't you turn on the lights?" She turns them on, light flooding the room

    "What the fuck?", she gasps

    Pulling her into the middle of the room, I ask, "You like it?"

    "It's...it's for me?"

    "Of course jagi"

    "But how? When?"

    "When we went out, I had my friends come over and fix everything so I could surprise you"

    "But...but where did they get the bookshelves from? The computer table? The makeup mirror and vanity table? The chairs?"

    "I bought them baby. I talked to the guys first and they agreed to help me. I had everything sent to Hongjoong's house."

    "But you...you didn't have to-"

    "But I wanted to jagi. I wanted you to have a library and makeup room." I can't understand the disbelief in her eyes. Doesn't she know if do anything for her, do anything to make her smile, make her happy?

    "Hwa, it's too much"

    I shake my head, "No it's not jagi. I told you I'd give you everything, give you the world and I will. I want to. This is nothing. The money spent doesn't matter as long as you're happy"

    She moves closer, hugging me tightly and I wrap my arms around her, "I'm happy with you Seonghwa. You're my happiness. I know you like getting me things but I want you to know I don't need anything to be happy. Just you"

    Where has she been my whole life? I've never felt so wanted, so loved like she makes me feel. "I know jagi. And I want you to know I don't need anything but you too."

    "I love you Seonghwa"

    "I love you Joanne. So much jagi". We move at the same time, meeting in a soft kiss. The feel of her lips against mine, the weight of her arms around my neck, the soft movement of her fingers in my hair make me over the moon. She puts her head against me chest when we pull away and I just stand there joyfully holding my baby

    After a few minutes I ask her, "So, wanna put your books on the shelves?"

    "Yeah", she squeals

    "And you're make up?". She nods

    "Ok c'mon jagi"

    "You're....gonna help me"

    "Of course", I smile

    "Yay", she laughs, hugging me tightly again with me just hugging her back. She pulls away, tugging on my hand, leading me out of the room. "You need to be my big strong boyfriend and carry most of the books"

    "Of course jagi", I agree

    "Love you Hwa"

    "Love you jagi". She smiles as we go down the stairs to get her books

    Read with gifs here

    @sherrybirkingirl @hijirikaww @sktbzc0re

    #Mr. Park #ksmutclub#kdiarynet#kwritersworldnet#seonghwa fic#seonghwa fanfic#seonghwa fanfiction#seonghwa smut #ateez seonghwa smut #ateez seonghwa fanfic #park seonghwa fanfic #park seonghwa fic #park seonghwa smut #ateez smut#ateez fic#ateez fanfic
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    24.09.2021 - 22 hours ago

    wordcount → 1.833k  

    desctipion →  you’re overworked and yunho just wants you to relax, even if you're in a meeting.

    warnings →   exhibitionism, oral (f receiving)

    note → not requested, im just a whore

    not proof read. This is a drabble, so you’re just going to have to deal with that.


     “Again?” Yunho mumbles under the blankets, attempting to pull you into him as you turn away to get out of bed. “You’ve already had like ten this week?”

               The way he complains isn’t needed. You know. You don’t need the reminder of the endless meetings you have to be present for in your own home. You really thought this whole “working from home” thing would be much easier. Instead, it’s more exhausting than you could imagine. Swamping up your comfortable home energy with work and stresses of projects that need to be re-done.

    “Yunho, I really don’t need this today.” You huff out, feeling a little bad at the annoyance you feel towards him right now. The fact that he gets to sleep in and not get dressed for a video call within the next hour pisses you off, but it’s not his fault. Really. It isn’t.

               It’s also not his fault that your workspace is a depressing mess of emptiness, almost too empty to keep your mind reeling, but so covered in papers and notes that you almost always feel the need to smash your head into the desk just so there is a bit of color added to it all.

               Despite wanting to quite literally crack your skull open on your desk, you still power up your computer, put on a smile, and act like you give a shit about all of the things your boss is telling you. Piping in from time to time with ideas that should be considered but get overlooked. Muting yourself when you need to sneeze or yawn.

               One meeting down, another four to go.

               Yunho is still passed out in the bedroom by the time you’d finished making yourself a quick breakfast before the next meeting, doing your best to fulfill whatever needs that needed to be met from the first meeting in the small time frame. This place doesn’t feel like home. Only your bed feels like home, only Yunho.

                 By the time you hit your third meeting, Yunho comes into the room as quietly as he possibly can. Hiding himself from view of the camera and waving his hands to try and get your attention. He can see the exhaustion on your face and it wasn’t even 2 in the afternoon yet. He really hates this for you, and he knows you’re quite literally, suffering.

               Watching you struggle to care hits him in a way that makes him want to burn building downs. He knows you care for him and he’s happy about that, but he remembers how you worked before the corporates realized your worth and instantly decided to not give you those benefits. To place everything on your back because they knew you’d nearly kill yourself to get it done before taking a moment to think about yourself. Yunho thinks about you though.

               It’s been a while since he was last able to touch you without you falling asleep against him. When you kiss him it feels intense but you’re always so tired that he doesn’t push for more because he knows you’d just be more tired the next morning. He doesn’t mind that he’s not getting any, but maybe you need to relax your muscles from time to time. Sure, time isn’t really on his side considering you’re constantly working in that little corner of yours. If he has to, he’ll take care of you any chance he can get.

               He wasn’t sure if you’d let him do this for you while answering a meeting, but honestly? You’re so fucking tired of being taken advantage of by these people, you’re allowed to feel good while having to sit through a meeting that has nothing to do with you or your work.

               At first, you jumped when you felt him pushing your chair to the side and crawling under it. You thought he was just trying to be cute to get your attention, but when he pulled your chair right back into place and parts your legs, you knew this was something else.

               He’d never done this before, and you’re already in your meeting so it’s not like you can tell him “not now.” Or something. Well, you totally could. You could mute yourself and pretend you’re coughing to cover your mouth and tell him. But you don’t really want to with the way his hair tickles at your thighs as he pulls the lever on the bottom of your chair to lower it slightly.

               Not a word is said between the two of you, but you know he’s trying to make this day better and you’re thankful for it. His warm hands rub at your legs as he tries to quietly laugh at the way you’re fully dressed from the waist up, and only wearing panties from the waist down. It’s so unlike you to do this kind of thing, usually you’re fully dressed. You must really just not care today.

               And when your chair was lowered, you did receive a few looks from those in the meeting with you. Seeing that both of your hands are in view and somehow your chair managed to lower itself.

    “Sorry, I need to get a new chair.” You huff out, leaning yourself back a bit and relaxing so that he can spread your legs further.

               A few laughs from your boss and coworkers, and they’re right back to talking about things that aren’t your boyfriend’s hands or lips on you right now.

               You do your best not to hitch your breath when he works his way to your core, smiling to himself at how tense your body gets at the contact. He’s not really happy that you’re not relaxed through this, so he uses his hand to continue to soothe you through it by rubbing hearts on the top of your legs.

               He kisses the fabric of your panties for a long time, just warming you up so that you’re anticipating it enough that you very well may excuse yourself from the meeting and relax for him.

               Your body is still tense when he sees the wet spot against you form bigger, and that’s when he finally pulls them off of you, doing his best not to shift your entire body when he does it. It’s not easy, but he manages it, feeling the heat radiate off of you as he tries not to smash his head on the desk above him.

               It’s not an easy thing to do, such a small space, the chair blocking the best angle he could get at you. He does his best to angle his head in a way so he can at least lick against you, finally moving his fingers to help him with the task.

               When you relax more, leaning back further and reaching a hand down to scratch through his hair, he almost groans into the softness of it. The fact that you’re willing him to do more, offering him a bit more space so that he can get his tongue fully against you.

               It wasn’t long before he was chuckling against you again, listening to the way you’d let out a small sound for him and disguised it as a cough when he’d slipped a finger into you, flicking his tongue against the soft spot that makes you squirm. He savors the taste of you, missing it desperately.

               Only on occasion do you roll your hips against his mouth, only when it doesn’t look obvious through the camera. He does it so lazily in his restriction that through this whole meeting you can only think about why the fuck you haven’t made time for this? Feeling more relaxed and uncaring than you have in weeks, you almost don’t care about the people who are expecting you to be a professional finding out that your boyfriend is currently slipping a second finger into you and flattening his tongue against you so that he can lick long and broad strokes up the entirety of your core.

               He’s always been so good at it, and you’re not surprised at how quickly he relaxes your body only to work it back up to a tenseness that has your ears ringing and your eyes closing. You’d probably get fired if you cum right here, right now. So quickly, you reach to pull him back just a bit by his hair, a sound from his throat echoing through your ears as you hope no one else hears that.

               You glance down at him, still feeling so on edge as you feel his fingers continue to move inside of you—you look up at the screen. Comparing and contrasting what you’d rather be doing right now. The fact that your face is flushed and the fact that somehow, they still don’t suspect a thing kind of turns you on.

               Such a good employee, right? Getting eaten out and finger-fucked under the desk as you attempt to write notes of whatever words your boss is trying to say to you? Still trying to work hard while Yunho is under this desk working much harder to get you to stop just for a moment?

               You’ve decided that missing the rest of this meeting isn’t such a bad idea.

    “I-I’m sorry to interrupt.” You try to say through your microphone, Yunho perking up from between your legs as he tries to drive back into you, but your hand isn’t allowing it just yet.

    “My computer notified me that it will be shutting down for an update within the next few minutes. Would you please send me the recording of this meeting so I can pick back up?”

               No questions asked. Your boss knows that computers do what they want when they want.

               And when you leave the meeting, sure to turn your camera away from you and unplug your microphone, all you can do is roll your chair back and look down at the man who is sitting uncomfortably curled under the small space of your desk, smiling up at you.

               You don’t even know how to thank him for pulling you out of your mind-state of work, work, work. But thankfully you don’t have to. He quickly pulls himself out of the small space and grabs you by the arm. Your crumpled panties lying under the desk and long forgotten.

               He takes you straight to the bed to finish his own work, kissing against you and willing himself to make you cum as many times as he can before he lets you so much as move a muscle. He’ll get his release in time, but for now he just wants to keep you away from that fucking computer and make you relax in the only way you’re letting him.

               He only lets up to look at you, counting each time you try to talk but can’t. He’s happy you’re allowing your mind to go blank. The only thing you should be taking notes on is how good he is with his tongue anyway.

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    -hyunjae korea bday event goodies and cupholders

    -eric olatte pc

    -eric ddd broadcast

    -eric bloombloom unreleased pc

    -eric heart to heart individual ver. pc

    #tbz eric#tbz smut #the boyz smut #the boyz reactions #tbz scenarios #the boyz drabbles #tbz#ateez#theboyzsmut
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    Timestamp Requests

    I wanna write some stuff for you guys today since I’m off my attention will be on the blog today so please send something in and don’t be shy loves ❤︎

    The Boyz
    Stray Kids
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  • strangertides
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    15, love

    requested by: @frizzy2ne1
    type: one shot
    pairing: hongjoong × female!reader
    genre(s): fluff, smut
    word count: 3.4k
    tags/warnings: tennis player!hongjoong, jock!hongjoong, roommate!ryujin makes an appearance, college au, swearing. nsfw: dom!hongjoong, sub!reader, oral (female recieving), fingering, slight voyeurism, unprotected sex, (use protection y'all), nipple play [let me know if i missed anything]
    summary: the captain of your university's tennis team: loved by everyone, especially women. you thought he didn't know you existed, but you were wrong.
    ateez masterlist
    © strangertides
    posted on 24 september 2021

    sitting in the nurse's office wasn't your idea of a fun friday afternoon, but here you are. 

    "thank you for taking me to the nurse's office, hongjoong. i'm-" 

    "y/n, i know. we have history class together. you usually sit in the front row."

    you didn't know whether to be surprised or concerned, maybe both. compared to him, you were a nobody. attention from everyone, both men & women, was thrown his way all the time. if anyone should be named the face of the school, it would be hongjoong, captain of the tennis team. not only that, but he's extremely smart. he's so smart that he was awarded a full scholarship to the university, textbooks and everything. even a simple mention of his name will have students turning their heads just to get a glimpse of him. 

    who would've thought he knew your name, much less where you sit in class each day? 

    the nurse finally arrived a few minutes later, sitting in the chair behind her desk. 

    "sorry about that, i needed to pick up a few papers from the front office." she adjusts herself in her seat, looking back and forth between you & hongjoong. "well, it's nice to see you again, mr. kim. how's your family doing?" 

    the man bows slightly to her, smiling. "good, my family is doing well, thank you for asking.”

    with the click of a pen, she writes down something on a piece of paper. “so, what happened here?” the lady motions to you, awkwardly holding the right side of your head.

    before you can say anything, hongjoong intervenes. “i accidentally hit her with a tennis ball.”

    "oh, i see." the nurse gently pulls your hand off your head, examining the area. "you're one of the best athletes in the entire school. how did you manage to do this?"

    keeping your eyes on your hands resting in your lap, you listen as they talk. "i'm not exactly sure myself. i guess i'm just having an off day today."

    the nurse noticed how the question threw him off a bit & was nervous while answering her. she took her hands off you & sighed. "it looks like you'll probably have a bruise, so i'll get you an ice pack. just take some painkillers & you should be fine, y/n. although going to the doctor to get checked for a concussion wouldn't be a bad idea."

    she gave you an ice pack & tapped your shoulder. "i hope to not see you two back here again." she smiles before giving you two a late pass & ushering you out of the office. "enjoy the rest of your day."

    "thank you." you manage to say before the door shuts, leaving you & hongjoong out in the hallway by yourselves.

    "thank you again for taking me here. you didn't have to do that."

    he shakes his head. "don't worry about it. it's my fault your head is bruised so the least i could do is make sure you're alright."

    "i'll see you later." you say, bowing to him.

    "well, uh i should get back to practice then." he jerks his thumb over his shoulder in the direction of the outside tennis court. he then bows to you & walks off, leaving you questioning everything alone in the hallway.

    "so you weren't paying attention to your surroundings at all & that's how hongjoong hit you in the head with a tennis ball?"

    "basically, yeah."

    "okay but the real question is, what were you doing?"

    the moment you walked into your dorm room, your roommate took notice of the ice pack on your head & asked what was wrong. she, like every other girl in the school, took an interest in him.

    "you should be thanking the gods, y/n."

    "yeah, thanking them for a possible concussion." you said sarcastically, rolling your eyes. "ryujin, i get you have a crush on him, but getting hit in the head isn't exactly something to be thankful for, even if the person you like hit you."

    "but still, he took you to the nurse's office! he's such a gentleman."

    you can't help the laugh that comes out of your mouth. it's not that you don't think he's a gentleman - because he definitely is - it's the fact that your roommate wants to be in your situation.

    "look, i don't even think he'll talk to me anymore after today. he probably won't even acknowledge me, for fucks sake."

    "i'll give you twenty dollars if he talks to you next week."

    as the weeks went by & a new semester started, the two of you found loopholes throughout the day to see each other, despite not having any classes together.

    to your surprise, hongjoong made every effort to talk to you after that first day you met. the following monday, he stopped you as you were leaving history class & asked if you were okay.

    he did the same the next day, & the day after that.

    short little conversations after class soon turned to getting coffee at one of the many cafés on campus. then that turned into having lunch together once a week when both of you were available. slowly the two of you started hanging out more & became close friends.

    "thank you for buying my lunch, you didn't have to do that."

    hongjoong handed you a mcdonald's bag as he sat down on the bench next to you.

    "no, i still owe you for hitting you with a tennis ball." he chuckled, opening his own bag & pulling out a big mac.

    "hongjoong, that was two months ago. you don't need to keep repaying me for that. at this point i owe you more than you owe me."

    you shoved a few fries in your mouth as he put his burger down & smiled at you.

    "alright then, let me take you on a date."

    you immediately started coughing, covering your mouth with your elbow. he pats your back gently as some people around you are staring. they probably were staring because a man like him was hanging out with a woman like you, but the coughing didn't help at all.

    when you could finally catch a breath, you furrowed your eyebrows at him. "what did you say?"

    "i said, let me take you on a date, y/n. you said you owe me, so let me take you on a date."

    you could tell he wasn't joking by the seriousness in his tone & the way he was looking at you. "just one date. if it doesn't work out, then we can go back to being friends & eating lunch once a week like normal."

    you think for a moment, not sure of what to say. yes, he's very attractive & has a great personality, he's even been an amazing friend towards you. the thought of him thinking of you as more than a friend blew your mind, & you weren't sure why he did. you'd have to be an idiot to pass on an opportunity like this.

    "sure, but what would we do for the date?"

    he leans back against the bench. "i'll take you out to dinner, not mcdonald's. something a little fancier. then afterward we can go back to my dorm & watch a movie if you want."

    you let out a chuckle when he mentioned mcdonalds. "sure just text me & let me know when & where."

    the following friday you dressed up in a little more fancy clothing than you would normally wear. it wasn't anything over the top, just a nice blouse with a pair of way too expensive jeans.

    ryujin made it her top priority to make sure you have everything you need.








    "what? why the hell would i need condoms?" you exclaimed, not expecting her to say that.

    she shrugs, "you never know, okay? if you do end up fucking, we wouldn't want little mini hongjoongs running around campus."

    "woah, woah." you wave your hands in front of her. "we're just going on a date, alright? i know what i'm doing, i'm not stupid."

    she raises her hands in defense. "okay, okay. just be careful, & be home at a reasonable hour."

    exactly four minutes later you made it down to the entrance to the dorm, where hongjoong was waiting for you. you noticed him before he noticed you, & you had to do a double-take.

    his orange hair was styled perfectly, a few short strands hanging on his forehead. a pair of tight-fitting jeans hugged his thighs while a solid black shirt fit his torso well. he wore a black blazer over his shirt & a silver necklace around his neck. to say he looked good would be an understatement.

    he noticed you almost immediately after you noticed him & a big smile stretched across his face.

    "y/n!" he said before looking you up and down, "you look great."

    "thanks, you do too. i'm used to seeing you in shorts & t-shirts but this looks nice on you."

    he chuckles & looks down at his feet. "thank you, san helped me pick it out."

    san is hongjoong's roommate. he's also on the tennis team &, interestingly enough, has become best friends with your roommate. the two of them are like siblings.

    hongjoong holds his hand out to you. "let's go, shall we?"

    he took you to some fancy restaurant nearby that you'd never been to before, but always thought it looked good. the two of you spent an hour there eating & talking about school. you knew almost everything about each other so there wasn't too much to talk about.

    afterwards you went back to his dorm, where san was nowhere to be seen.

    "where's san at?" you asked, sitting on hongjoong's bed.

    "i'm not sure, he might be practicing on the court." he shrugs his shoulders, sitting down at his desk, turning his laptop on.

    "he's probably at my dorm with ryujin honestly." you shrug your shoulders.

    he brings his laptop over to his bed & tells you to scoot over. he lays down & puts his laptop at the foot of his bed, scrolling through netflix.

    "what movie do you wanna watch?" he asks.

    you hum as you lay down on your stomach next to him. "well not a horror movie, since you don't like them." right after you say that he shakes his head no.

    "definitely not." he clicks on the princess & the frog. "what about this?"

    you chuckle, looking at him. "the princess & the frog?"

    "well, yeah. you love disney movies & i've never watched it before." you find it amusing but also very sweet that he simply wants to make you happy. even before today, he would always make sure to ask what you wanted to eat on the days you would eat lunch together.

    "if you want to, then that's fine with me." you give him a genuine smile as he presses play.

    both of you watched the movie in silence, heads propped in your hands, staring at the laptop screen. neither of you moved an inch until your eyes grew droopy. hongjoong noticed & paused the movie halfway through.

    "do you want me to take you home? you look really tired."

    you shook your head. "no, i wanna spend more time with you."

    you hadn't noticed the way hongjoong's face brightened up when you said that. "you need to get some sleep, y/n. i don't want to keep you up."

    you let your head fall on his shoulder. "no, let's finish the movie first."

    he decided to listen to your protests & pressed play. not long after, you fell asleep on his shoulder. he moved your head to lay down on the bed so that you would be more comfortable & placed his laptop in his lap, turning off the movie & working on assignments.

    occasionally he would check on you every few minutes, tucking your hair behind your ear & stroking your hair.

    as soon as word got out that you & hongjoong were dating, you were the talk of the school. you felt like you were the center of everyone's attention, which didn't really rub you the right way. you were always the kind of person to stay out of everyone's way & keep to yourself. anytime you two were out in public holding hands, people would be whispering & looking at you.

    "i don't care if they like it or not, that doesn't change the fact that you're mine & i'm yours & it'll always be that way." he would tell you anytime you brought it up.

    even though the unwanted attention bothered you, you still felt yourself falling for him more & more every day. it got to the point where the stares & whispers no longer bothered you anymore & you knew you were in love with him.

    six months later & here you are, straddling his lap while he sat at his desk writing an essay. you sat there with your arms wrapped around his neck, head resting on his shoulder as he typed away at the keyboard.

    "how long does your essay have to be?"

    "ten pages minimum, which means i'll make it exactly ten pages long." he chuckles.

    "& how many pages have you finished?" you shifted your body weight, trying to get comfortable, earning a low groan from your boyfriend.

    either he didn't think you heard him or you pretended not to, because you didn't respond. however, that small groan sparked something in you, like turning on a light switch.

    "five right now, i'm working on my sixth." he simply answered. you could hear that he had stopped typing.

    "when is it due?" you started placing light kisses on his neck, & you could hear the sound of his laptop being shut.

    "next week." he simply said, picking you up with ease & placing you on his bed, hovering over you. "which means i have plenty of time to work on it until then."

    you knew what he was implying: he wants to fuck.

    with zero hesitation, you pull his face down to you & place your lips on his. he wastes no time in sliding his tongue into your mouth, gripping your waist with one hand while placing the other next to your head.

    your boyfriend has always been the caring type. it showed in your relationship when he would buy random small items for you, despite telling him you don't like receiving gifts. he would always show that he cares about you, even when you two were on the brink of fucking in one of the school's many public restrooms.

    "baby, are you alright?"

    "it's just that, we're in a public place. maybe we shouldn't be doing this here." the moment he saw your uncomfortableness, he backed away, kissing your forehead.

    he stopped what he was doing when you pulled back from him, furrowing your eyebrows. he held you up against the bathroom wall, a look of concern on his face.

    "you're right, let's take this back to my dorm, yeah? i'll tell san to find something to do if he's there."

    yet here you are, on the same bed you were just fucking on last week.

    tangling your fingers in his hair, you roll your hips upward into his, wanting some friction. he takes notice of this & lowers his own hips, rubbing his clothed & semi-hard dick against you. the action causes you to moan into his mouth quietly. hongjoong detaches his lips from yours only to place them on your neck, sucking on your skin.

    by now you're absolutely positive that your underwear is soaked. the need for him to be inside you only grew as both of your hips rolled into each other. granted, his lips on your neck didn't help either.

    "baby, i need you inside of me. right now." you breathed out.

    he sits up, sliding his shirt, pants & underwear off. "believe me princess, i want it too." his words are soft but seductive & his eyes are dark, full of lust. your shorts & underwear are ripped off in a second, cold air hitting your soaked core.

    he gazes down at the wetness between your legs, licking his lips. "can i taste you first?"

    eager to get some kind of release & pleasure, you nod quickly, a small whine escaping your lips.

    the moment his tongue made contact with you, electricity felt like it was pulsing through your veins. he slid his tongue across your folds, spreading them apart before shoving the muscle in your pussy, no warning.

    already your walls were clenching around his tongue, hips subconsciously rolling into his face. "ah, fuck." a moan slid out of your mouth before you could even process what you said.

    he moves his hands down to your things, holding them open as he does his work. you find your hand sliding down to the hair on his head, gripping & tugging it, causing him to groan. the vibration from his mouth on your throbbing core made you arch your back.

    as his tongue thrusts in & out of you, he places the pad of his thumb on your clit, rubbing ever so slightly. this simple action had your head spinning.

    he detaches his mouth from you, & quickly shoves two fingers in your cunt, still rubbing your clit. "san could come in at any minute, babygirl." his words come out in a warning tone of voice, however you can't help but moan.

    he looks taken aback by this. "are you moaning? do you want san to walk in? do you want him to see me fucking you? to watch as i make you cum all over the sheets?"

    you glance towards the door without thinking, actually wanting him to walk in. your brain is too fuzzy to form a coherent sentence so you just mutter out some small whimpers.

    he slides his fingers out of you, despite the pressure building in your abdomen. before you have time to protest, he replaces your empty hole with his cock. it easily slides in & he immediately begins slamming his hips into you. you pull his face towards yours again, tangling your fingers in his hair & trying not to make too much noise with all the lewd sounds coming out of your mouth.

    he slides his wet fingers, covered in your juices, up your stomach to your nipple & pinches it. the sudden shock makes you arch your back, whining in his mouth. he then does the same to your other nipple, pinching & tugging on both.

    your walls are clenching around his dick by now, & you don't know how much longer you'll last.

    he continues slamming into you, his bed frame hitting the wall repeatedly. you're almost positive the room next door knows what's happening. if they can't tell from the bed frame, then they can definitely tell from the moans & groans.

    he pulls away from you, out of breath. he didn't stop abusing your cunt or playing with your nipples, though. "you have no idea how stunning you look right now, princess."

    you wanted to say the same to him. he looked stunning himself with his slender but well-built body, abs on full display in front of you. you wanted to tell him how lucky you are to be in this position but, to your pleasure, your orgasm was building up & threatening to release.

    "g-gonna cum." was all you could manage to get out.

    your boyfriend nods, letting out a few grunts. "i'm close too, let's cum together baby."

    it doesn't take long after that & one, two, three more thrusts have you cumming around his cock. hongjoong- ah-" you moan out his name & shortly after, he releases his fluids inside of you, loud grunts escaping his lips.

    he slows down his pace, helping you ride out your orgasm. both of you were panting, out of breath but high off pleasure. when both of you calmed down enough, he kept his dick inside of you, kissing your forehead & then your lips. "i love you so much princess."

    as you become more aware of your surroundings again, you notice something behind hongjoong. moving your head to the right, your jaw nearly drops on the floor. neither of you heard the door open, nor took notice of the third presence in the room until now. you had no idea how long he'd been there.

    "i'll just-" san rubs the back on his neck awkwardly, holding a single grocery bag in his hand. his face is bright red, probably embarrassed. "i'll just go i guess." he stepped back outside, shutting the door behind him.

    you wonder if your boyfriend noticed the tent in san's pants as well.

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    Please keep streaming though!

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    i don't rlly know how this works but yeah here ig, the color defines the genre of the story.

    smut, fluff, angst

    BESIDE YOU: kang yeosang × female reader

    WARMTH: choi jongho × gender neutral reader

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    someone needs to write a yeosang pussy eating fic rn ‼️

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