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  • incorrect-staytiny
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Yeosang: if you were to vacuum up jello through a metal tube, I think that would make a pretty neat noise

    Jongho: I beg to differ

    Yeosang: then beg

    #incorrect kpop #incorrect kpop quotes #kpop incorrect quotes #incorrect ateez #incorrect ateez quotes #ateez incorrect quotes #incorrect yeosang#incorrect jongho#kpop#ateez#kang yeosang#choi jongho
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  • songmingisthighs
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    y'know I suddenly had a thought whilst watching deja vu

    what if the reason as to why they made us choose between deja vu and eternal sunshine was because there could've been an alternate ending ?

    like think about it

    halateez didn't appear in eternal sunshine but there was a clear indication of a follow up at the end of deja vu (which didn't appear in eternal sunshine)

    what if yeosang could've ended up somewhere else if the majority of us had chosen eternal sunshine ?

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  • woahitsguin
    19.10.2021 - 5 hours ago

    Help he’s trying to make me have a biassssss

    #ateez smut#atz smut#yeosang smut #YeoSang’s hands are a force to be reckoned with #yeosang hands#deja vu #ateez deja vu #send help #sir??? #KQ stylists with a pair of scissors are also a force to be reckoned with #YeoSang is dangerous to my health
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  • dazzling-lightzzz
    19.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Deja Vu: Chapter One

    Deja Vu (A Yandere ATEEZ Fanfiction)

    Plot: You wake up in a hospital room surrounded by 8 males who claim that you are a fellow idol that got hurt. You struggle to remember who you were as they help and take care of you. You felt weird, like a vital part of your life with these males is missing...and that they may not be telling you the truth.

    Genre: Idol au, Yandere/dark themes.

    Word count: 2.5k words

    Tags: Dark themes, Minor character death, manipulation, Stockholm Syndrome( later on), torture, violence, verbal abuse and physical abuse, injuries, depression, insecurities, forced relationship, dom/sub dynamic, forced ddlg (later on), plenty more to add later.

    I do not condone the activities and the behavior that will be in this fic and that this is a work of fiction. I do not believe Ateez actually behaves like this.

    Tags: @mingissoggywaffles @beomnoi @yungisstar1117 @damissub @justforyookihyun @wooyoungsbae @blessednhighlyfavoured @do-you-actually-care @vip-hs @winterciella @hwaegyo @soft-teddybear @hwaxworld

    A/n: I hope you all enjoy this, this is one of two fanfictions that are going to be main fanfics on this blog! Happy Reading Everyone!


    Your mind was racing as you were running through the halls, hearing several footsteps chasing after you. You quickly turned down another hall, bursting the door open, and continued running, you ran and ran until you reached a dead end and had no other choice but to hide.

    “(Y/n) baby, Why are you running from us~?

    “We just want to keep you safe!”

    “The world is Dangerous Darling”

    “You need us! You can’t survive out there!”

    “Come back! And we’ll forget this! Don’t be afraid. Come talk to us!”

    “I don’t want to have to punish you babygirl”

    “Daddy doesn’t like it when you leave without permission.”

    “Get back here now, (Y/n) you won’t like us when we catch you.”

    You felt shivers go down your spine and tears run down your face as you quickly went to dive underneath a desk. You heard the door slam open and several footsteps entering, all speaking in hushed voices. You placed a hand over your mouth to keep yourself from crying as you watched someone walk right in front of the desk. They stop in front of the desk and you let out a choked whimper, and a chuckle comes from above.

    The desk gets flipped over and you get pulled from your spot, you felt tears running down your face as you tried to scream for help, only to get hit upside the head with what you could only assume was a blunt object. You place a hand to your head feeling warmth, removing it you see it's covered in blood.

    You start to feel faint and end up falling back against the hard ground with a thud as yelling was heard around you.



    “Guys!! She’s losing consciousness!”

    Your vision was going blurry and the darkness was taking over as you feel someone come and hold you against their chest.

    “Baby!! No no no... Stay with me, Stay with Daddy baby...You’re gonna be okay.”

    You felt yourself slipping into the darkness. The last thing you heard was yelling and someone picking you up, carrying you away.

    "You're going to be okay..I promise you'll be okay. I'm so sorry. I'm sorry!"





    You let out a soft groan as you tried to sit up, your eyes slowly opened to the painful white lights of a hospital room.

    “Oh! You’re awake! I was so worried!”

    You turn your head to see a male with light pink hair and caring brown eyes, he was dressed in a long-sleeved turtle neck and black jeans. He walked over and placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, making your cheeks heat up.

    Who was this attractive male who suddenly placed a kiss on your forehead, and why did your head hurt so much. You tried to speak but your voice came out scratchy and he hurriedly reach for a glass of water to hold up to your lips. “Drink up baby, we need you to be in top shape back at the company.” He says softly and you tilt your head in confusion. “C..company?” You ask your voice coming back slightly. The male looks at you with a confused expression. “You don’t remember? You’re in an idol group called Mission: STARLIGHT at KQ Entertainment,” He explained, pulling out his phone and holding it up to you.

    And wouldn’t you know it, there you were. On stage with 5 other girls performing and singing, enjoying yourself. He swiped and showed a photo of you and him at what you could assume was an award event together. He showed one last pic and it was you and your group with him and 7 other males at dinner. You looked at him with a sheepish grin and slowly moved to sit up. “Huh..I’m an Idol..and you’re my friend?” You ask and he smiles “Boyfriend, I’m your boyfriend, baby.” He says and you look away embarrassed. He chuckles softly and places a hand underneath your chin, which you leaned into, it was comforting to say the least.

    “Don’t worry sweetheart, The doctor said you have amnesia, Your memories are going to take a while to come back, So when you come home we are going to rest easy” He says leaning down to place a kiss upon your lips. You nod and he smiles. “I’m going to go get the Doctor and see if you can be released. The others miss you just as much as I did.” He says heading to the door.

    “Wait! Two questions!” He turns to face you. “Yes Baby?” “What is your name..?” You asked and he gave a gentle smile. “Seonghwa darling, and your other question.” ‘How long have I been out? Cause I know idol life can get hectic, so..” Seonghwa walks over to you and places both hands on your cheeks,

    “Darling..you were out for about a month and a half. I’ve been so worried sick about you. I came to visit you every day, praying and hoping you would wake up.” He says placing a kiss on your forehead. “Now you lay back and rest. I’m going to get the doctor.” He gives you a gentle smile before turning on his heels once more and walking out.

    You laid back on the best, raising your hand up to your head to feel. You had a bandage wrapped tightly around your head to cover what you could assume was the bruise. You were really wracking your brain to try and remember your life. You felt bad for not remembering Seonghwa at all, he seemed like such a nice guy, and he was doing his best to have you remember him.

    It was all too much for you, and luckily you didn’t have to ponder on it much longer, Seonghwa came back in with a doctor. “Baby! The doctor here is going to ask you a few questions then you get to come home!” Seonghwa says happily and you smile back at him.

    “Yay, because frankly, I'm getting tired of the hospital.”

    The doctor chuckles as she moves to pull out some papers,

    “Yes, I understand that miss (y/n). I just need you to sign these please and answer the questions on here then you are free to go.”

    She says happily and Seonghwa claps happily. “Oh, and your boyfriend can help you out of course!” I nod as Seonghwa moves to the other side of my hospital bed and grabs my hand.

    I was going home finally, and hopefully, I could remember home...


    When I arrived at the dorms. I was met with a flurry of people welcoming me back with hugs and worried yet glad people.

    One of them whose name I caught was Hongjoong. He was the leader of ATEEZ, the group that Seonghwa was in. He welcomed me back with a hug and a pat on the back, “Welcome back (y/n), we missed you.” He says with a gentle smile of his features. I nodded as I took in Hongjoong’s features, he had black hair and brown eyes, he was dressed in a comfy black hoodie, a snapback, and grey sweatpants. “Thanks! I’m excited to get back to performing, Seonghwa told me how much of a great rapper I was, so I’m excited to make music with you!”

    Hongjoong let out a small chuckle as a small blush came across his features, “Aw shit..Well, I’ll be happy to work with you as soon as you are ready to (y/n).” He says gently before putting a hand on your shoulder and walking away.

    Meeting all the rest of the boys was exciting, to say the least. There were Wooyoung and San, both black-haired males whose energy matched each other a little too well, and who seemed like they were going to have you on your toes.

    There was Yeosang, a gentle sounding black-haired male who offered to make you anything just for you to ask (don’t tell Wooyoung though). Mingi was a grey-haired male who was so bubbly and nice, he helped carry your things to your room and gave you one of his hoodies to be comfy.

    Yunho was Mingi’s best friend, he was just as bubbly as Mingi and offered to carry you to your room if you were hurting at all.

    The last one you met was Jongho, He was the youngest of them all and was definitely the most attentive, He wouldn’t let you walk into any room with him helping you along the way. You found it adorable and just thought he was being a gentleman.

    When you got to finally settle down in your dorm room for the night, Seonghwa came in dressed in his pajamas already with extra blankets and pillows. I happily patted the spot beside me and he chuckles as he climbed into bed. He places the pillows behind your head and spreads out the covers across the two of you.

    “Hey, Seonghwa..Is it okay for us to be sleeping in the same bed? I know some companies won’t allow it..” You asked in curiosity. Seonghwa smiled and placed a kiss on your cheek, “Well they made an exception for you since you are just getting back from the hospital, they allowed for you to stay with me so I can keep an eye on you.” He explained, turning to face you.

    You nodded and laid back, yawning as soon as you hit the pillow making Seonghwa laugh a bit. “Aww is my baby sleepy? I know it must feel amazing to be in a nice soft bed instead of those uncomfortable hospital beds. “ You nodded with a soft smile on your face, you wrapped your arms around Hwa, spooking him a bit as you snuggled up to him. “(y/n)?..” He asked but only got a soft snore in response. He felt his heart melt as he ran a hand through your hair, a smirk across his features.

    “Here you are..back where you belong...safe with me.”



    I was in a dark room, sitting in a chair. Across from me was a bright light in the shape of a woman, she was yelling something to me, but it only came to my ears as a whisper. I was confused as I tried to wrack my brain around who she could be warning me about.


    I shook my head, the only person I was around the most was Seonghwa. And I am pretty sure he would never do this to me, he wouldn’t be the reason I lost my memories. What could he have possibly done to me to cause this to happen? Apparently, she did not like my answer and she lunged across the table to grip onto my arms. I cried out as her grip burned, it was like someone took hot rods and placed them there. I struggled to get out of her grip before she tossed me to the ground.


    she kept repeating as marched over to me. I whimpered as my arms were in complete pain, I struggled to crawl away as she got closer. Eventually, she caught up to me and placed a hand on my head, on the spot where my bandages were. Her hand burned my head and I screamed out in pain, as she spoke once more.



    You sat up screaming and gripping your head, you could still feel a slight pain as if your dream was real.

    “They’ll betray you just like they did before, (y/n). I’m trying to protect you…”

    The voice vibrated in your head and you could feel tears welling up in your eyes. “Liar! Seonghwa wouldn’t hurt me! You’re a liar!!” You screamed out and the voice only laughed at your pitiful scream.

    “He’ll do it again..your scars...he will do it again..they all will and you’ll be dead. Just like the others..”

    You closed your eyes as tears were streaming down your face, you shook your head in disagreement. Your head was throbbing and to make matters worse you felt someone grabbing on your arms trying to move them from your ears.


    “No! Leave me alone!”


    “He wouldn’t hurt me..”


    You cracked your eyes opened to see a worried Seonghwa and Hongjoong standing there. You felt more tears run down your face as you practically jumped into his arms, wrapping your arms around him and placing your face in his chest.

    “Baby? Don’t worry I’m here..no one is going to hurt you.” Seonghwa cooed as Hongjoong placed a hand on your head, rubbing it gently. “T-there was a woman. She was telling me you hurt me...I tried to fight her off but she hurt me..” You said through your sobs and Seonghwa felt like his heart was going to break in two. He sets you back down on the bed and sits beside you.

    “Joong. Tell everyone we’ll be a little late, “ Hongjoong nodded and gave you a soft, caring smile before leaving to go tell the others. Seonghwa held you in his arms, listening to your soft sniffles and cries, trying to calm you down.

    “No no..baby I would never hurt you, none of the boys would. We love and care about you too much.” He said earning a small whine of confirmation from you. “You promise?” You said muffled from his chest, he chuckled and nodded, rubbing circles in your back. “I promise..Now come on. We are having breakfast with the others so you can get to know them all over again.”

    You nod and pull away from his chest, wiping your eyes with your shirt. Seonghwa chuckles as he places a kiss on your cheek. “After you change out of your pajamas. Come on, I’ll help you so you won’t be alone.”

    Seonghwa helped lead you to the bathroom as you tried to push the thoughts in the back of your mind. It was time to have fun with your friends that you haven’t seen nor remembered. It was supposed to be a time of fun, not worrying and crying over a silly nightmare.

    Or what you wanted to believe was a nightmare.


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  • mahinauiara
    19.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    YEOSANG · log_logbook #71

    #ateez#yeosang#kang yeosang#ateez yeosang#ateez gifs#gif#gifs#gifset#log_logbook 71#logbook 71 #atz.gifs #mu.posts #mu.gifs #this one is for my bf yeosang stan 😼 #love u gurl
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  • negrowhat
    19.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Kang Yeosang really walked up to me with a pokeball in hand and was like:

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  • mia-tiny
    18.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Friendly Competition

    ⇒ pairing: softdom!c. san x fem!reader

    ⇒ smut, multiple orgasms, overstimulation, praise, fingering and oral (fem receiving), unprotected sex (do not do this irl), jealousy

    ⇒ word count: 1.9k

    ⇒ summary: On days where San’s jealousy arises, he challenges himself to a friendly competition to see just how good he can make you feel.

    💕 view my masterlist here

    “San, please,” you whine as you come down from the high of your first orgasm and the oversensitivity makes you squirm while San continues to rub your clit steadily.

    “Don’t give up on me just yet, Y/N,” he purrs in your ear with his chin resting on your shoulder as he sits behind you, your back pressed against his still-clothed chest. Your knees are bent and legs open wide as he plays with you on your shared bed. One of his arms reaches around you to rub your nipple while the other continues stimulating you down lower. “I am just getting started.”

    There are nights every now and then that San challenges himself to a friendly competition where the goal is to make you orgasm as much as possible, the number increasing each time. His actions are usually spurred on by finding any reason to get jealous over you, most commonly when random men flirt with you in hopes of getting your number. Even though you always snub their advances, he can’t resist the need to prove how good only he can make you feel.

    You already knew you were going to be in for a rough night tonight because of the events that occurred at a cafe earlier in the day. Despite you two sitting together and clearly looking like a couple, a random, albeit attractive, man cautiously approached your table and addressed only you.

    “Excuse me? I'm sorry to interrupt, but you are totally my type and I was wondering if I could get your number.”

    You were about to graciously decline, but San beat you to the punch.

    “Excuse me.”

    The man had only then looked at San as if he never noticed his presence beforehand, but San simply continued on.

    “I guess you didn’t notice because you were too busy eye-fucking my girlfriend, but we are kind of on a date. So, no. You cannot have her number.”

    The man had looked entirely humiliated as he turned and immediately left the cafe altogether. You stared in annoyance at your frustrated-looking boyfriend.

    “San, you don’t have to be so mean about it. He probably just thought you were my friend or something.”

    The low, unamused chuckle that he replied with instantly warned you of the events that are now unfolding as he begins sucking and biting your neck with the intent of leaving marks.

    “You think just anyone can make you feel like I do?” he growls in your ear as you whimper and grip tightly onto his thighs.

    “No, San.” Your voice comes out more as a plea than anything while your orgasm begins to build again, his fingers working expertly on your swollen bud. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum again.”

    “Already?” he teases before nibbling on your ear, something he knows you love.

    The combination of the different sensations he is giving you pushes you over the edge and your second orgasm comes crashing down on you. You can’t help but moan loudly and squeeze your legs together as the pleasure becomes overwhelming. Thankfully, he grants you some mercy as you come down from the high by removing his hands. He scoots out from behind you and you instantly fall back onto the pillows, exhausted from his efforts. You look ahead and find him now shirtless and sitting near your bent legs. He slowly opens them and takes a moment to stare down at your sex with hungry eyes.

    “Such a pretty little pussy, and it is all mine,” he coos as you try to mentally prepare yourself for his next onslaught.

    He uses his middle finger to slide up and down your slit a few times, causing you to jump each time he grazes over your throbbing clit. He easily plunges two of his digits into your hole before curling them upwards and brushing against your g-spot deliciously. You bite your lip to keep from whimpering at how good it feels.

    San picks up the pace at which he fingers you while watching the pleasure unfold on your face, his cock hardening at just how sexy you look like this. Your hands grip tightly onto the bed sheets and tears prick at the corners of your eyes from the intensity of San’s movements.

    “How is it, Y/N?” he questions, wanting to hear just how amazing he makes you feel.

    “God, it is so good!” you groan, motivating him to increase his speed even more. “San, I can’t- I have to-”

    “Cum,” he commands as he understands your overwhelmed babbling.

    You immediately climax at his command and tears stream down your cheeks as your mouth falls open wide, no sound coming out from just how powerful your release is. He feels you constrict around his fingers and his dick twitches in his pants as he takes in the sight of you coming undone. Once your third orgasm finally subsides, he carefully slides his fingers out of you and all you can do is try to catch your breath while staring at the ceiling in exhaustion.

    San, however, is merciless on nights like tonight and has started lapping at your heat before you have time to even get your bearings. You rapidly spring your head up with a loud gasp as your oversensitive clit is once again barraged with pleasure. He sucks and licks ruthlessly as you wiggle underneath him, but his hands hold your hips down so you can’t escape.

    With just how hypersensitive your clit is already, it doesn’t take long before you are teetering on the edge of bliss once again. You don’t even have time to speak before a few more licks send you over the edge yet again. Your entire body tenses as he achieves your fourth orgasm of the night, the intensity getting stronger and stronger each time you climax.

    Beads of sweat roll down your body as he only takes a break for a few seconds to slip his two fingers back into your pussy. Once he curls them up into the same spot he was assaulting just minutes ago, he also relentlessly laps at your swollen clit again. You feel like crying from how strong the sensations are, pitiful whines and whimpers falling past your lips as you give in to him completely.

    “San,” you choke out as your high builds again, each time taking less and less effort to send you into ecstasy.

    “You can do it,” he simply replies as he sucks on your nub even harder than before. You practically wail in satisfaction and agony as he continues through your intense fifth orgasm, loving the way you wiggle to try and escape his mouth and fingers.

    He finally removes himself from your heat and you feel like you are floating at this point. Your head is fuzzy and your limbs feel like they weigh ten tons as you lay heavily on the mattress. San, after removing his jeans and underwear to reveal his rock-hard dick, gently leans over you and places soft pecks over your reddened face, ending up at your lips to kiss you passionately.

    “You look so beautiful like this,” he purrs as he moves to kiss along your jaw. “Do you like it when I make you feel this good, baby?”

    “Yes, San,” you mumble. “I love it.”

    Even as drained as you are, you can’t help but enjoy the overwhelming amounts of pleasure he gives you, feeling proud of yourself when he compliments you on how good you are for him on nights like this.

    “It’s your turn to please me, baby,” he coos playfully. “I want you to ride me until you cum again.”

    You look at him in shock since you feel like you can barely even function at the moment, but he simply smiles down at you in a way that makes your heart flutter.

    “I don’t know if I can,” you admit anxiously.

    “I know you can. I will help you.”

    He pecks the tip of your nose and moves to pull you up off the mattress. Your body aches as he lays down and assists you in sitting on his long cock. You whimper once again at the intrusion, but also revel in the joyous feeling of him stretching you out perfectly.

    “Move for me baby,” he commands with a light smack of your ass.

    Trying your best, you grind your hips back and forth on him and rest your hands on his chest. He uses his grip on your hips to help quicken the pace of your movements. With his guidance, the head of his cock brushes perfectly against your g-spot.

    “Ah, right there,” you whine as you become motivated to move even faster and harder.

    “You take my cock so well, baby,” he moans as the pleasure starts to get to him as well.

    As he lifts his knees up behind you, you lean your body backwards and rest your hands there so that you can hit a new angle. You start bouncing up and down on his dick instead of grinding and instantly feel the bliss of another orgasm starting to build from the change. San notices your pussy tightening around his cock and reaches up to play with your nipples.

    “Don’t stop,” you beg as your high approaches rapidly, hitting you hard after a few more thrusts of his dick. You tighten harshly around him as you freeze your movements and fall forward so that you are laying on his chest. He groans in your ear as he relishes in the euphoria of you constricting around him.

    “Fuck, baby,” he curses as you finally come down again.

    Without waiting for you to recover, he flips you over and sits back on his knees while using his hands to push your legs towards your chest. If you are counting correctly, you have only one more orgasm to go before he beats his previous record and you can finally relax. In the meantime, however, he begins pounding into you roughly and hitting you in just the right place. You give in to the pain and pleasure as he shows you no mercy and snaps his hips ruthlessly against you.

    “San, please,” you whimper pathetically.

    “Just one more for me, baby. You can do it.”

    You can tell he is getting close to his own release by his louder moans and quicker momentum. When he can’t take it anymore, he brings his hand down to rub your abused clit, setting off your seventh and final orgasm of the night.

    The intense tightening of your pussy around his cock induces his own high as he finally stills with his dick buried deep inside of you. You two fall silent as you cum hard together, bodies covered in sweat and sore from overuse. You glance at your beautiful boyfriend and revel in the sight of his euphoric state as his mouth hangs slightly open and he looks at you like you are his entire world. As you both begin to catch your breath and calm down, he slowly pulls out of you and flops next to you on the bed before pulling you into his embrace.

    “I love you so much, Y/N.” He begins to stroke your hair as you rest your head against his chest and listen to his still rapid heartbeat.

    “I love you too, Sannie,” you reply genuinely.

    “Are you alright?” he questions with concern, always taking the time to check in after exhausting you.

    “I’m perfect.”

    He smiles warmly and presses a soft kiss to your forehead as you both lay calmly together. You absolutely adore how snuggly and affectionate San gets after sex like this. In the back of your mind, though, you can’t stop wondering how you are going to survive next time.

    Lord help you next time someone asks for your phone number.

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  • beautyqueen71999
    18.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Ateez Reaction: Ex wants you back

    Hongjoong: He was shocked that your ex was begging you to go back to them. From his understanding, your ex wasn't the nicest person ever. He advised you to just ignore it for now and if it doesn't stop then he will do something about it.

    Seonghwa: He was mad that your ex had the audacity to try and take you back when they are the ones who left you. He would promise you that he will protect you if they try to do something. In the meantime, he will get you a new phone so your ex doesn't have your number.

    Yunho: He thought it was immature of your ex to dump you then want you back like you are some object. Yunho would have you go everywhere with him to make sure you are safe. Even if you weren't technically allowed, he would say you are staff.

    Yeosang: He wouldnt put up with your ex calling you all the time. He would grow tired and would take it into his own hands. He would straight up tell your ex that if they didn't leave you alone, he would go straight to the police and file a report.

    San: The demon in him would come out because he was pissed that your ex was asking you to come back to them. You are his and your ex left you like you were nothing. San would confront your ex to their face and threaten tell them to leave you alone.

    Mingi: He was upset because you are upset. He knew what your ex did to you and now they are playing mind games trying to get you to leave him for them. He would assure you everything was going to be okay. After he deals with your ex of course.

    Wooyoung: He would first be in shock than be pissed. Your ex was the only thing that can make him reach a limit of anger no one else. When your ex kept bothering you, he would go above and beyond to make them leave you alone. Even if it meant something physical.

    Jongho: You couldn't believe your ex had the balls to bother you about getting back with them when you are with Jongho. Jongho of course was furious and wasn't going to back down from them. No matter what, no one will take you away from him.

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  • amorzinsad
    18.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Psd by: @milkypsd


    𝗄ᥲꪕᧇ ᥡᦸꪮ꯱ᥲꪕᧇ ꦪꪮꪮ᧚ᨢꪮᥲꧏ᧚.

    ♡ 🖇️﹚༄ ☓⃨ ძꪮᥒ'𝗍 rɘρꪮ᥉𝗍 ꪮr ρᥣᥲgꪱᥲrꪱᦋɘ.


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  • wtfyunho
    18.10.2021 - 15 hours ago

    another member getting close with their crush | ateez



    gif not mine - credits to owner <3 genre: fluff, angst maybe???, bullet point pairings: ateez (separately) x reader synopsis: you started working for KQ Entertainment as a stylist and make up artist during SMN era, since then, you have formed bonds with each of the boys, every bond being different from the other. but when one certain member has developed a crush on you, what would he do when he catches another member getting closer to you? warnings: none

    reader uses she/her pronouns | lowercase intended



    seonghwa was usually pretty reserved whenever you were around

    he did admit he wanted to be see as the sexiest member of ateez,,,

    and to him, sexiness coincides with mysteriousness

    he talked to you very little, and didn’t seem to make an effort to talk to you

    but he was actually terrified going in to every sizing and styling appointment that had you work with him

    you would go through different ideas with him, trying to make an opening to bounce ideas off of each other

    every time he would just stare at you (or the floor) and nod, a small hum flowing from his throat

    you took it as he couldn’t care less about what you were telling him

    he just wanted to hear you speak, to hear your raw ideas without his influence. he wanted to hear your thoughts about what you would think would look good on him

    after a while, seonghwa started to notice how san seemed to be getting increasingly closer to you

    although he knew he couldn’t get jealous because you had to work with all of the members, he couldn’t ignore the pang in his chest when he saw you laughing with him

    he took note of how charismatic san was and how you responded to him, and realized he might have been giving you the wrong impression by trying to be this sexy, mysterious, reserved guy

    so during his next fitting with you, he tried to be more talkative, more out-going. and lucky for him, you responded well

    you spent the whole meeting cracking jokes, maintaining light-hearted conversation, ideas being shared between you two

    “are you going to have this same hair color this comeback, seonghwa?” y/n asked, causing the man to look up from the shirt he was admiring

    “i don’t know what they have planned, but a dirty blonde or black would be nice”

    he caught her eyes, a small smile forming on her lips. “i think blonde would suit you well”

    a light blush settles upon seonghwa’s cheeks at the compliment, returning the smile

    “thank you, y/n”


    with hongjoong being the leader, he actually coordinated with you a lot

    he would be the one to send certain members to the dressing room to get fitted when they needed to be

    making sure that they were never late to one of your sessions because he didn’t want you to feel like you were wasting your time with them

    he knew you never felt that way, your conversations with him were always light hearted and cheerful

    he knew you genuinely enjoyed spending time with all of them

    something twisted in his stomach when he saw you laughing a bit too hard with yeosang, though

    they had a small intermission between doing a shoot and he saw you and yeosang sitting and talking with one another

    he didn’t exactly know how to react, after all, you were doing your job by being here

    he’d get a little quiet, his body telling him to distance himself, even though his brain was telling him not to

    his perspective shifted when after the shoot, you approached him

    “is everything alright, hongjoong? we barely got to talk today,” you say with a slight pout

    its takes every single fiber in hongjoong’s being to not coo at the sight

    “i’m sorry, y/n. i just needed a bit of time away.”

    “are you feeling better now? i wanna hang out with you if you’re free” you say, you truly missed him, it felt like you hadn’t talked to each other all day

    “of course, y/n” he responds with a heartwarming smile


    you were always the one who would help him with wardrobe malfunctions he had

    mainly due to his stature, he always had to have pants and sleeves tailored

    and who better to go to than you !!!

    he was very aware of his admiration towards you

    unfortunately for him, he had certain restrictions from the company, so he couldn’t act on anything

    but that didn’t stop him from flirting LMFAO

    “hey y/n, can you help me with this?” yunho asks, motioning to his shirt collar

    you rush over, he was about to go up to film his solo part for their upcoming mv, he couldn’t have anything out of place

    your hands grasp his collar, trying to re-button it before yunho speaks

    “you look so cute up close, i could just kiss you-”

    your eyes go WIDE, cutting him off

    “yunho, you know you can’t say things like that” you scold, the blush on your cheeks extremely obvious to the taller man

    “no harm if no one else hears”

    those sly comments came every day, yunho finding a way to get you either alone with him or within a close enough proximity to whisper without anyone else hearing

    based off of your reactions, he assumed that the admiration was mutual

    at least, that was until he say your cheeks go warm as wooyoung talked with you

    he felt so lost :(

    he started thinking that he was reading your reactions wrong

    what he didn’t know was what wooyoung had said to make you blush like that

    wooyoung was literally teasing you about how close you and yunho were :|

    he ended up trying to fix all of his clothes by himself that day, wanting to take some time to himself to figure out what he should do

    he was being dramatic and he knew it, but still decided to distance himself

    that was until he saw you sitting alone on your phone at an award show venue, a small frown present on your features

    he sighed to himself before approaching you

    “hey, y/n,” he says, sitting down beside you

    “yunho! hi! have you been avoiding me? i wanted to talk to you, but i didn’t want to be a bother in case you were avoiding me,” y/n explains quickly. “can you tell me what i did, please?”

    yunho’s heart breaks

    he didn’t mean to make her feel like she did something wrong. at that moment, yunho realized that his reasoning was flawed

    “no, you didn’t do anything wrong, y/n!” yunho says, turning his body to better face the girl. “i’m sorry i’ve been distant, i-”

    yunho was cut off, being called to get ready to go onto stage

    “i’ll find you later and we can talk for as long as we want to, okay?” yunho says, getting up from his seat and taking one of y/n’s hands in his, kissing her knuckles softly before a wide smile spreads across his face. “cheer for me, okay?”

    yunho wanted to see her blush one last time before performing, and he got his wish as her cheeks flushed at his action

    he made sure to give tonight his all, knowing she’d be watching him


    yeosang was one of the calmer members

    he could get energetic at times, but he knew when to tone it down

    since you practically controlled whether their outfits made them look cool or idiotic, he was always sure to be nice to you

    but, that wasn’t his only reason to be nice to you

    he also had a massive crush on you

    meaning you always had him listening intently to you when you gave him instructions when fitting him

    but when he saw you with mingi on day, he felt a little sad, but tried his best to keep his expression neutral

    although, you noticed the change in his demeanor immediately

    “yeosang, is something on your mind?”

    he should have known better

    he’s confided in you a few times, your aura always welcoming and willing to listen and give new perspectives

    “i’m alright, just feeling a bit down”

    “is there anything i can do to help? i’m here if you want to talk, yeosang” you said with a smile, and he couldn’t help but return the gesture

    throwing away his worry, he states “it’s nothing that needs to be worried about right now.” with a smile

    “alright, but still, come to me if you ever need anything! my help goes beyond just clothing, y’know”

    yeosang laughed lightly at your comment

    yup, you definitely have his heart


    he . thought you were mesmerizing

    a lot of other make up artists who work in this industry tend to keep quiet while doing make up

    san liked that you tried to make conversation and not just stick to the small talk he was used to

    every time you had done his make up the topics would be different, the two of you never running out of things to say

    he could easily tell that he was starting to form romantic feelings for you

    so when he walked into the make up studio one morning and saw you doing jongho’s make up, he felt very jealous

    why were you doing his make up? he has his own make up artist

    truth be told, jongho’s make up artist had come down with a fever, unable to come in, and you were asked to do jongho’s make up for that day’s event

    but that, of course, was knowledge that san was not aware of

    he silently went and sat in his chair, playing on his phone with a very visible pout until you came over

    “good morning, san! are you ready for today?” you ask, going over the small paper on your desk explaining what look san was expected to have

    he replied with a hum, his pout turning into a neutral expression as his eyes close

    “not in a mood to talk today? that’s alright, i hope you know i really enjoy our talks, though,” y/n says as she prepares the makeup

    san took a second to just revel in the soft patting against his skin, deciding it was best to stay quiet until y/n was finished

    and when that time came, he spoke up

    “y/n? do you mean it when you say your enjoy our talks?”

    “of course, san! talking to you is one of the best ways i could imagine to start my day, silly”

    san smiles at you widely

    “i really enjoy our talks, too”


    oh my god please

    he cant help but just look at you with big puppy eyes as you do his make up

    so much admiration for your skill and your beauty

    he 100% has ranted to yunho about how amazing you are when in the dorms

    so when he walked into the make up studio and saw you and yunho eating together, his heart shattered

    he had confided in yunho, why would he do this to him :(

    in reality, yunho was trying to get your opinion on mingi out of you

    you kept telling yunho that they aren't allowed to have romantic relationships with the people they work with

    “that doesn’t mean you cant have a crush on someone, just means you can’t act on it,” he points out, taking a sip from his coffee

    you sigh, looking away from the man and towards the doorway, where you see mingi standing there with a :[ face

    yunho hadn’t gone into detail, but he did say somethings that insinuated that mingi felt something for you, so seeing his face with that knowledge, made you believe he got the wrong idea from the sight

    so, deciding to act on instinct, you rise from your seat and capture mingi in a hug

    “good morning, mingi! i missed you,” you say

    his arms instantly wrap around you as well, his face nuzzling into the crown of your head with a smile on his face

    yunho watches from the table, smirking while drinking his coffee and watching the two

    “absolutely oblivious, both of them”


    unlike san, he could not stay still when you did his make up

    he was just so full of energy naturally, and when he was around you, he felt even more energetic - if possible

    you always had just the right advice for him when he needed it, he felt truly lucky to have met you

    although, he wished to have met you in an environment where there weren't dating restrictions

    if that were the case, he knows he would have asked you out by now

    but alas, here you two are

    one day, while you were doing his make up he noticed you seemed a bit distracted, your words coming out slower with more breaks in between and your gaze constantly shifting away from him

    its okay if you didn’t want to look at him, but you were doing his make up, so he thought you would need to look at him

    you are the make up artist, though - and he likes you - so he wont argue

    at least, that was until he got the opportunity to turn around, and found seonghwa looking at you with a grin, realizing he was the one who was making you distracted

    he felt a bit upset, he couldn’t really describe his emotions

    once you turned back around from the desk to apply some eyeshadow, wooyoung spoke up

    “y/n? do you like seonghwa-hyung?”

    blunt mf

    “what? why would you think something like that, wooyoung?”

    “you two seem really close, i was just wondering”

    you sigh, “wooyoung, you’re the one i’m closest to out of all of the boys, i spend the most time with you, y’know”

    his heart flutters a bit at your words

    “well, y’know, if you were to like me, i would have no issue with that”

    “wooyoung! you cant say that! especially around everyone else!”

    flirty mf

    he just laughs lightly to himself as he watches your cheeks heat up in front of him


    he saw you as a friend of his

    at least, that's what he told himself

    he never acted on his feelings, because he always denied the possibility of them being there

    that was until he saw you walking with hongjoong to the make up studio, smiling and laughing with one another

    all of a sudden, he felt sad, an unknown feeling forming in his chest at the sight

    for a second he was actually confused with himself. why did he get that feeling? you were just having a fun conversation, much like you did with him, so what’s the difference?

    the difference is is that you like y/n, jongho. that's the difference

    he wouldn’t come to the realization for a while, he always kept that interaction and how it made him feel in the back of his mind every time he was sitting in front of you or needing a touch up

    until he started to realize he looked at you differently from everyone else he was working with

    and once he realized that

    oh boy

    he was always by you and offering to help you

    if you came in looking tired, he offered to do his own make up so you could rest for a little bit longer

    he would buy you pastries

    even though they were free for him in the building, he insisted on getting your favorites from a local store, he didn’t want to give you anything that was a hand out

    he wanted you to know he wanted to get things for you

    “jongho, you need to stop with all of these gifts. i appreciate them, of course, but what if someone starts to get the wrong idea?”

    jongho thinks, debating between what to say, but before long, he says

    “let people think what they want to, our business is none of theirs”


    crying because this one was so much fun to write

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    Wooyoung: I got my money, I got my boys... my work here is done!

    Yeosang: ...we are not his boys.

    San: Yeah we are.

    Yeosang: Yeah, we are.

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