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  • Why does Sokka make a sword out of a meteorite? That shit’s gonna be brittle as hell

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    day 29. a little sketchy-sketch for tomorrow’s katara!

    asked for my first digital drawing pad for christmas. fingers and toes crossed! (regardless, I’ll hopefully have one soon so I can bring even better content to you!)

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  • —- Laura Palmer, Bastille

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    Chibi Katara

    Avatar: The Last Airbender

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  • Perchance to dream.

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  • I finally convinced my (Chinese) parents to watch Avatar: The Last Airbender with me.

    • The instant Appa popped up, my dad was all, “wow!! that looks exactly like a bison!!!”
    • Both my parents were very entertained to learn of Iroh’s love for tea
    • They were also entertained when they learned Zhao’s name was, well, Zhao (since they haven’t seen many characters with Chinese names in western media)
    • My dad was quick to call out Zhao’s assholery for attacking Zuko when his back was turned
    • Then my mom referred to Iroh as Zuko’s “shifu” when Iroh stopped Zhao’s attack lol
    • My dad insisted that we only watch up until “The Southern Air Temple” for tonight, but at the end of the episode he was like, “……..ok let’s watch one more”
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  • Zuko and Katara’s child experiencing snow on her her first visit to the South Pole. 

    Commission for @zutara-was-robbed 

    [commissions info]

    #zutara#zuko#katara #avatar: the last airbender #atla#myart #this was so so much fun to draw!! thank you ♥
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  • Princess Zutara’s First Snow


    I wanna thank @shebasborg for making this for me! She’s amazing guys! Give her a follow and commission her.

    #yes the kids name is Zutara. #I know I’m a dork. #zutara#zuko#atla #avatar the last airbender #katara #zuko x katara #atla fanart#pro zutara#zutara forever
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  • If you think that Zuko isn’t the type to get a tattoo over his heart for the person (Katara) he loves, idk what to tell you, but you’re wrong.

    It’s sappy and the person he dedicated it to (Katara), is fondly exasperated, but points out that he didn’t need to prove his love— he shows his love all the time.

    The next day, the person (Katara) he loves shows up with a tattoo as well. And yes, it’s over the heart as well.

    #sappy and loving dopes #that’s the ship i envision #avatar the last airbender #avatar: the last airbender #atla#a:tla#zuko#katara#zutara
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  • just finished rewatching mp100 for the millionth time. it has the same raw energy that uncle iroh exudes. wisdom and power, and a chaotic “do not fuck with that guy” attitude.

    #i make the surprised pikachu face every time lmao i get thru two seasons so quickly #best anime of my life #mp100 #mob psycho 100 #kageyama shigeo#uncle iroh#atla
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  • #flameo-hotman#atla #avatar the last airbender #zuko #pass sozin a blunt to avoid war
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  • I’ve come to realize that the Zuko Protection Squad was never officially named. Or it hasn’t been yet. Someone, somewhere said it, and now that’s just the thing.

    That’s beautiful.

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  • love that this has its own tag

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  • At Summer’s End

    She-Ra The Last Airbender

    When the smoke cleared, Adora stood before Mara on a mountaintop that had seemingly appeared from no where.

    “It’s good to see you, Adora. What took you so long?” Mara asked, offering the young avatar a smile.

    “Mara! I have so many questions to ask you! I need to know where-”

    “We don’t have much time, and I have something important to tell you.” Mara said, cutting Adora off.

    Adora frowned, her eyebrows furrowed. “Is this about that dream? With the comet?”

    Mara nodded. “Yes.”

    “Well then what does it mean?”

    Mara looked off for a moment, as if remembering something painful to her.

    Shaking her head, she focused her attention on Adora once more. “100 years ago, Fire Lord Light Hope used that comet to start this war. She and her firebending army used its power to deal a deadly first strike against the other nations.”

    Adora’s eyebrows remained furrowed. “What, so it made them stronger?”

    “Yes. Far stronger than you could even imagine.” Mara confirmed.

    “What does that even have to do with anything? It happened 100 years ago!” Adora protested.

    “Adora, Light Hope’s comet will return by the end of the summer. Fire Lord Horde Prime will use its power to end this war once and for all.” Mara’s voice took a grave tone. “If he succeeds, even the Avatar won’t be able to restore balance to the world.” She leveled Adora with a cold stare. “Adora, you must defeat the Fire Lord before the comet arrives.”

    Adora, being of sound mind and body, was terrified. “But I haven’t even started learning waterbending! Or Earth! And I can’t even learn how to airbend because-” Adora lets out a laugh that is somehow nervous, hysterical and terrified at the same time. “All the air nomads are dead!”

    “I know you can do it Adora. You’ve done it before.” Mara stated as her eyes began to glow. Adora was granted a vision of all the avatars that came before her.

    “The Solstice is ending. We must go our separate ways, for now.” Mara said.

    “What? I can’t come back here! How will I talk to you again? I have more questions!” Adora protested.

    “I am a part of you. When you need me, I’ll be there. I can help you face the threat, but only if you are ready.” Mara offered.

    Adora closed her eyes for a moment, and when she reopened them they were glowing. “I’m ready.”

    #she ra the last airbender #she ra #yes I made Horde Prime the firelord #AND YES LIGHT HOPE IS SOZIN #i think it works #atla #she ra atla #she ra au #she ra atla au #i am having a great time #this is gonna be fun #i'm not exactly writing a story #just a bunch of snippets that feel right #future entrapdak#entrapdak
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  • I am CRYING I just finished my atla rewatch

    #god it is literally the best show ever made #atla#personal
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