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  • no bc like i’m still pissed off that katara doesn’t have her own statue

    #and also suki #suki deserves her statue too #atla #avatar the last airbender #tlok #the legend of korra
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  • “The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost.

    The true heart can touch the poison of hatred without being harmed.

    Since beginningless time, darkness thrives in the void, but always yields to purifying light.”


    Originally posted by generalblazepeach

    -The Lion Turtle

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  • Jet is absolutely not allowed to cook (haru had come home to the kitchen being a little charred one too many times)

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  • ugly mai doodles because i have no self control and yeah i headcanon that mai listens to kate bush, and what about it? /j

    also ignore the fact that this is all old art and im bored so im posting on tumblr

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  • Aang: I like your smile.

    Azula: Hn.

    ~ Later ~

    Azula: What does it mean?

    Zuko: That he likes your smile?

    Azula: But like in what way? Platonically? Affectionately? Romantically?

    Zuko: I don’t know!

    ~ Much Later ~

    Aang: You know your sister best—

    Zuko: No I don’t. I’ve never met her.

    Aang: What does it mean when she says “Hn.” After I tell her I like her smile? Is she warming up to me?

    Zuko: *sighs*

    Zuko: It means she appreciates the compliment.

    Aang: But in what way? Platonically? Affectionately? Romantically?

    Zuko: I DON’T KNOW. Go bother my father!

    Aang: The last time I asked Ozai he started yelling for the prison guards to execute him.

    Zuko: Death is too merciful for him. Ask him again, I’m sure he’s changed his mind.

    #azulaang#atla #avatar the last airbender #azula#aang#zuko#ozai#incorrect quotes #atla incorrect quotes
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  • (Aimed at no fandom in particular, or rather aimed at all and any fandoms)

    Salt =/= Criticism

    What salt is = completely shitting on a character/fandom/ship with no explanations or using far fetched fanon ideas to justify the salt take

    What criticism is = pros and cons of a character/fandom/ship and explaining why its good/bad with evidence taken from canon

    It’s been analyzed and said thousands of times and far better than what I spit out here, this is just a little reminder because I see some big and small fandom bloggers on here getting undeserved hate because some people can’t grasp the concept of someone being salty or someone having constructive criticism/simply not liking a character/fandom/ship.

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  • Zuko taking lightning to the chest to save Katara 🤝 Graham Calloway taking an electric stick to the chest to save Carmen Sandiego

    Zuko and Katara sharing red/blue motif 🤝 Carmen and Gray sharing red/blue motif

    Zuko’s redemption 🤝 Graham’s redemption

    #I may have a type when it comes to ships #red crackle#zutara#Carmen Sandiego#atla
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  • Literally nothing makes me want to write fic like listening to Conan Gray

    #i can't listen to wish you were sober without thinking about zukka #adding this to my wip list? #very likely#atla#zukka
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  • You are not alone

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  • i’m new to zutara so please be kind

    i made this because i’m highkey obsessed with these two

    hope you lovelies enjoy x

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  • Katara: I think, I‘m in love with Aang.

    Toph: Congratulations, you‘re now officially the last one to know!

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  • please where are y’all making gifs ! i’m begging

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  • Katara introduces Zuko to Mitski and plays some songs for him and suddenly, it’s the middle of the night and Class of 2013 is blasting from his bedroom while mans has a full mental breakdown

    #sokka: you fucked up a perfectly good man! look at him! he’s got anxiety! #zuko#atla#avatar #avatar the last airbender #katara#atla headcanons #AND THEN WE CAN FORGEEEET
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  • adora: thats rough buddy🙄😒

    #atla#spop#shera#she ra #she ra and the lesbians of power #she ra and the princesses of power #lgbtq#wlw#avatar #avatar the last airbender #zuko #that's rough buddy #adora#catra
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  • I think the problems with maiko just come down to how Mai has no real character growth within the series and so she doesn’t grow like at all while he grows like the most out of all of them, meaning that he outgrows her and yet continues to be put in a relationship with her by canon. It would have been so fucking good to see her growing and developing alongside him and getting more screen time and just metamorphosing into the best version of the badass emo queen she is 🖤

    #atla #avatar the last airbender #avatar#a:tla #avatar:the last airbender #avatar: the last airbender #atla mai#mai#atla critical#atla criticism#maiko critical
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  • Trying to come up with reasons for why all the kyoshi warriors are teen girls? Did all the older warriors retire and work in the village? Did they off to war? Are they in other villages on kyoshi island? Is suki’s squad a recent chapter of the kyoshi warriors or something?

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  • Diplomatic Solution part viii


    Each moment that ticked by raised the levels of anxiety in Katara. Dawn drew nearer; their time was running short. What remained before them to accomplish was the most important part of their plan to try and halt the illness—no, Katara corrected herself, shaking her head, the poisoning of this town, and it was also by far the most dangerous.

    When Zuko explained to her his plan of making sure this message reached the right people properly, Katara had felt her stomach twist a little. By all rights, she shouldn’t have felt much of anything—he was the one who would be putting himself in far more immediate danger, and he was still technically an enemy, despite the last few days of working together with her. But, if he did get caught, she reasoned, that’d blow their plan of alerting the townsfolk in a way that might actually work. He’d also be captured and who knew what might happen to him… She cut herself short on those thoughts. Who was she kidding? Zuko was the prince of the Fire Nation. Surely some rural town wouldn’t dare go against the word of their very own prince? Then why didn’t he just march up to the mayor’s office and order him on what to do? a voice whispered in the back of her mind. She worried her bottom lip with her teeth. What was it that made him skulk around in costume as if he feared being caught? Her mind raced, but she couldn’t begin to come up with a good reason why.

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    #zuko#katara#zutara#atla #Avatar The Last Airbender #renamed Diplomatic Solution on ao3 #just in case tumblr is still doing that stupid ass thing #where posts with links don't show up in the tags #i'll do a reblog with the appropriate links #but you can find this completed work on ao3 #my fic
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  • I’m rewatching Atla and I just went “oh look a life size statue of Kyoshi!”

    #Atla #avatar the last airbender #kyoshi#avatar kyoshi #she's tall as hell #and I think I'm funny
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  • Aang: Zuko, may I have permission to date your sister?

    Zuko: What is this, the dark ages? You know what? Since you asked, no, you may not. You have to beat me in a duel first.

    ~~ One Duel Later ~~

    Zuko, lying on the ground: …she told you to ask me for permission didn’t she?

    Aang: …yeah.

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  • Seeing a lot of people talk shit on Katara as if her experiences were lesser than Aang’s, like, sorry her trauma wasn’t announced to you but what happened to her was STILL GENOCIDE.

    #atla#katara#avatar #avatar the last airbender #genocide tw#tw genocide #trauma isnt a contest #they share an experience
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