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    *bruno mars voice* talking to the moooooon

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  • I have A Lot of Feelings and Emotions™ about Avatar the Last Airbender

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  • I couldn’t stop thinking about an Avatar Howl’s Moving Castle AU.  Zuko and his fire demon. (I tried to draw this in studio ghibli style and failed lol)

    Then I couldn’t stop thinking about this….


    and no, I will not make Zuko blond. 

    Instead of a hat maker, Sokka is a watch maker?

    I’m trying to cast everyone else, but it’s hard? Like, this AU doesn’t work, but I will MAKE it?

    Can Uncle Iroh be Calcifer? I think I could take some stuff from the book and make Katara Sokka’s sibling and still have her be a bigger part of the story? (screw canon, I’ll do what I want. this is an au for crying out loud). Azula could be the witch of the waste, Ozai is Madam Suliman, Toph is Markl (thanks @ninu-sha​), Who is aang though??? help. maybe he’s a second ward? or he could work at the Watch shop and actually wonder where sokka is and go looking for him. Suki…who is Suki? maybe she is with Aang looking for Sokka? We can make this work. maybe I should rewatch the movie…am I getting carried away? 

    Let’s make Jet the f***ing scarecrow. That’ll be an interesting dynamic.

    Feel free to jump in.

    [Image Description: The first image is a digital illustration of Zuko as a young sorcerer holding a falling star in his hand. Reminiscent of Howl’s Moving Castle.]

    [Image Description: The second Image is a digital illustration parodying the famous Howl’s moving castle scene where Howl walks on air while holding Sophie. Zuko takes the place of Howl and Sokka the place of Sophie. Sokka looks horrified of the height and is refusing to walk on nothing. And Zuko is looking at him disbelievingly. There are clouds in the sky and a town is sloppily drawn below them.]

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  • The dragon prince is like an AU of avatar. Just hear me out ok! You dont have to agree with me.

    Callum is obvi Sokka, thats like legit facts right there. I dont need to support it.

    Our boy Ezran? Had to take an important position at an extremely young age? Adores and respects animals? Related to the wind? Thats Aang no doubt!

    How about Rayla? She’s a moon shadow elf, and an extremely skilled fighter. Seems like a mish-mash of Suki and Yue. Not to mention, she’s dating Callum!

    Lord/King Viren? He’s greedy for power, neglects his kids, and hates the main gang. That would be Ex-Pheonix king Ozai. 

    Claudia chose her father over her brother, lost her mother at a young age, seems to be a great jokster, and her overall drawl accent and outfit. A mish-mash of Ty Lee, Azula, and Mai.

    Then that would make Soren Zuko! He was neglected by his father, not as powerful as his sister, and joins the other side later on. 

    Bait and Zym would sorta fit as Appa and Momo, but idk about that. Anyway, this is just imo. Do you think TDP is just an AU of ATLA?

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  • Criticism =/=toxicity

    There i said it sue me 😎

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  • Seeing Nathaniel snap and kill the guy who called him ‘sir’ reminded me of a certain character who became unhinged when all the power got to her head and eventually got what she deserved in the end…

    Just over here waiting patiently for him to get ‘quaked


    Originally posted by ichise

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    this is very sketchy but here’s a little katara gif

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  • every time i see fanart where zuko has a left eyebrow it takes 10 yrs off my life

    #this is NOT about anything specific #just a trend i’ve noticed where people make zuko’s scar itty bitty and hardly noticeable #to every person who draws zuko’s left eye as realisically damaged though your the real mvps 😭 #atla
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  • dude imagine being sokka though.

    first of all, you’re the oldest sibling. so there’s that. then your mom dies when you’re very young. killed by some evil soldiers who are taking over the world. oh, and your sister has magic powers and you don’t. your father leaves to fight those evil soldiers. he doesn’t come back. you’re the only guy old enough to fight but you’ve barely had any training. then you find some 12 year old trapped in a fucking iceberg while you’re out trying to get food. your sister pretty much immediately falls for him, and together they manage to set off an alarm alerting the fire nation to your tiny tiny village. then some angry teen boy with a scar shows up and beats you up. oh, and that 12 year old? he’s the fucking avatar. supposed savior of the world. so now you have to go off on a ridiculous adventure to the north pole so that he can learn how to save the world. and since you’re the oldest, you have to take care of everyone. and you also have to unlearn a shit ton of sexism. 

    after fighting and running and way too many run ins with angry scar fire boy, you finally get to the north pole. and then you get a girlfriend!! but she’s engaged so you can’t be with her even though you like each other a lot. and she turns into the fucking moon anyway so no one can be with her. great.

    and then you’re off again to learn earthbending. another powerful af 12 year old joins your squad and boy is she scary. oh, and angry scar fire boy? yeah he’s not an issue as much… but HIS PSYCHO CRAZY EVIL SISTER IS HERE NOW. WITH HER EVIL KNIFE FRIEND AND HER SCARY CARTWHEEL FRIEND. so you have to run from them and sometimes fight but mainly run. so then you finally get into a safeish place to be! but guess what it’s scary as FUCK and oh yeah your flying escape animal disappeared a while ago so the avatar is flipping his shit. so then you find a whole conspiracy of government corruption, but hey at least the flying escape animal is back. then the whole gang gets a bunch of letters and splits up. you go to finally see your father. yay! but then the avatar shows up and says your sister is in trouble. guess what?? she is!! so you go back to the corrupt city place and meet up with the scary 12 year old girl. yeah so your sister was kidnapped and there’s a whole government coup thing happening. so you go with scary 12 year old girl to warn the king but you’re too late. shit happens and you end up on the flying escape animal with the whole squad. one issue?? the avatar is dead! so your sister revives him with magic healing water but the city is now under the control of the psycho crazy evil sister and her friends. great.

    blah blah blah you hide in the land controlled by the evil soldiers after being on a boat for a while. avatar is alive but he has a dance party so you have to run away again. your sister cosplays as a spirit and really gets into it. you learn how to sword fight!!! good thing, too, because your squad gets attacked by an assassin who’s ridiculously powerful. your sister and scary 12 year old girl keep fighting but after almost getting killed by the assassin (again) they stop. your sister learns how to control people’s bodies with her magic powers. you finally invade the evil soldier castle place expecting a victory because they can’t use their magic powers, but nope! no one is home. except for EVIL SISTER WHO TELLS YOU YOUR OLD GIRLFRIEND WARRIOR BADASS IS NOW IN PRISON. so you have to run away before evil sister gets her powers back. so you go to a sky castle place with a few other kids, and guess who shows up!! angry scar fire boy!! but he wants to be on your side now. after a lot of discussion, you let him. he helps you break your father (oh yeah he was captured during the invasion) and your warrior badass girlfriend out of prison so that’s great!! you watch some dumb play about your squad that has some hilarious jokes but also says you guys are gonna lose the war, so all in all it’s not that great. 

    then you win the war and you have a broken leg too but shhh YOU WON THE WAR

    you and angry scar fire boy(friend) are cool now and the whole squad is alive. including badass warrior girl(friend).

    #this took so long to type #i probably got a bunch of details mixed up #or wrong #or out of order #but it's FINE #you get the point #atla #avatar: the last airbender #sokka
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  • Zuko, explaining bending to Sokka: Look, sometimes you just gotta accept that there are things in this world you don’t quite understand.

    Sokka: Oh sure, most things i don’t understand.

    Zuko: Wait—

    Sokka: Like yoghurt.

    Zuko: What—

    Sokka: How does it know how to stop being milk?



    Zuko, walking off: Uncle, how does yoghurt kn—

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  • Plz criticism over my atla oc i want to know atla fans opinion on their bios

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  • Name : yuki

    Gender: female

    Age : 16 book 1 - 18 in book 3

    Family : hakoda ( dad ) Kya ( mom) sokka ( younger brother) katara ( younger sister)

    Abbitlies : water bender and very talented in hand to hand combat grear observant can detect ways to win fight.

    Hobbies: she love to sing alot and she write songs.

    Famous quote “ even if I love you dosent mean I’ll betray my sister and let you hurt my friend I’ll demolish you right here right now!”

    Appearance : long brown hair bluest eyes close to snow she is taller then sokka almost same height as zuko.

    Weapon : small daggers

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  • *sees literally any goth/pastel post*

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  • atla princess azula icons as requested. 250x250. other colours are available on my icon page. please like or reblog if you save/use

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  • Name: Caihong ( mean colorful , rainbow)

    Age: 15 book 1 book 2 18

    Gender" male"

    Family : tyro (father) haru ( little brother)

    Abilities( earthbender-lavabender) great sword fighter.

    Hobbies : traveling around -drawing -writing.

    Famous quote:“ I got your back even in my weakest times”

    Weapons: sword strapped to his hip

    Appearance : long black hair green eyes beard

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  • My baby deserves all the love in the world (and space) 💖💜💙👨‍❤️‍💋‍👨👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨😘🌛

    @chenwa_studios on tik tok

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  • wish i had the drawing skills to make zuko a moth

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  • The first requirement to join any Team Avatar is Big Dumbass Energy.

    #im rewatching atla and Zuko be marching in like Hi Im Zuko and im not evil any more #morons#atla#tlok
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  • Canon: Aang wouldn’t care to share his culture with his kids if they weren’t airbenders.


    A little girl with black hair and a green kimono climbed Appa’s head to sit beside Aang, “Dad, what Temple are we going today?”

    “To the South one, Yin,” Aang answered, smiling at his younger daughter.

    “Cool!” the exclamation came from Appa’s saddle, where a boy with also black hair and green kimono smirked. “I don’t know why, but the earth there feels awesome to bend. And there’s so much space to play!”

    “At least you two can play,” huffed a slightly older girl, this one a brunette wearing the same clothes’ style of Aang’s. “I will be stuck learning how to breath.”

    Aang chuckled, quite understanding his firstborn but also knowing that, while Bao and Yin were coming along just to be aware of their heritage, Sangye needed to learn all she could about the air nomads and their bending. She had to become a master someday, after all.

    “We can always play a little after your training, Sangye.”

    “Yeah, yeah, whatever,” the preteen tried to pretend not to care, but Aang could hear the smal smile on her face.

    The avatar almost chuckled again. That girl was so much like Toph sometimes.

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