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  • atmosphericblackmetalofficial
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #atmospheric#black metal #atmospheric black metal
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  • williamshamspeare
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #earths atmosphere is squimphing him
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  • indiegamesofcolor
    17.10.2021 - 1 hour ago
    [ID: A photoset containing four gifs from the platformer game Semblance.
    Gif 1 shows an animated cutscene of the player character sliding along platforms and into a portal where they are transported to gameplay levels.
    Gif 2 shows the player character jumping up and bumping against parts of the levels to reshape them.
    Gif 3 shows the player character readjusting parts of the level to solve puzzles.
    Gif 4 shows the player character traversing through different level environments.
    end ID.]

    Semblance is a platformer about deforming and reshaping a minimalist world! Beat back a spreading crystalline infection and find out what’s causing the world’s life essence to disappear. With 3 worlds and non-linear exploration, squish, squash, bounce, and transform your way through levels bursting with charm! 

    For Windows, Mac, and Nintendo Switch.

    Developed by Nyamakop, a South African studio with Limpho Moeti as a producer. The studio has been described as “one of the most promising studios in African game development” by Polygon. 

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  • letoscrawls
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Nezuko from Demon Slayer!!

    #my art#demon slayer#nezuko #i want to watch this so bad so stay tuned i might actually do it #because i really love the art style and the atmosphere and the setting and the costumes and everyone seems very sweet
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  • accursedapothecary
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Potential spoilers for Lost in Vivo so i'll pop em under the cut, but i'm lookin' at character names and...

    Ok so first of all. Extremely good.

    Second of all! Spooky bois!!! Just some scary fellas! Anyway games good fyi, games good.

    #just finished everythin in this game and i gotta say #its up there w anatomy for my fave horror games of all time v v good #love the atmosphere love the aesthetic just a rlly good game to sink ya teeth into #played it at half twelve the first night i got it and OO BOY it scared me!
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  • omniterror
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago


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  • cnhonestcn
    17.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    What are the different types of modified atmosphere packaging technologies

    Foods are the basic need of every human, and it is necessary to live. But in this modern world, people can’t find time to cook everything, and mostly they look for packed foods that are available in the food stores. In the pandemic period, also lack of grocery shops are a major problem for many people. As everyone preferring packed foods and food products, the food industry uses modified atmosphere packaging machines to protect the products. In this post, you are going to know about the different types of modified atmosphere packaging technologies.

    Different technologies:

    The modified atmosphere packaging has two major technology named active and passive technologies. Under these two technologies, some other technologies come which may differ according to the product. Modified atmosphere packaging machine helps to convert air into gas through various processes, and that gas would protect the food by keeping it fresh for longer days.

    Gas flushing:

    Gas flushing comes under the Active modified atmosphere packaging technology. Industries like food and beverage manufacture use this technology. Oxygen is one of the most killers of freshness. Most food industries use modified atmosphere packaging machines to keep the food natural for longer days. As long as the food is fresh, the consumer preference to buy will be more. As oxygen spoils the freshness of foods, you have to replace the ambient oxygen with harmless gas that is nitrogen through gas flushing technology. The main functions of gas flushing technology in modified atmosphere packaging include the displacement of oxygen to delay oxidation, Decrease the growth of aerobic spoilage organisms, act as a filler to maintain package conformity. It will actively pump the gas into the bag before sealing it.

    Barrier packaging films:

    Barrier packaging films come under the passive modified atmosphere packaging. Barrier packaging materials are used to decrease the permeability to moisture and oxygen like LDPE – low-density polyethene, PVC- polyvinylchloride or PP – Polypropylene. Some researchers said that choosing barrier films is the best packaging. There is a new packaging film in the market that is a “smart” packaging film, and it helps to indicate the temperature, leakage, quality of food etc.

    Scavenger or desiccant packs:

    This scavenger or desiccant pack is also used to convert oxygen into other gas. Oxygen is an important gas for humans to breathe, but it is the most dangerous gas for packed food items. When industries are trying to keep the food nature for longer days, there is no natural method. So they are using some artificial method by absorbing ambient oxygen and moisture through scavenger pack technology. A mixture of iron powder, ascorbic acid and carbon are the ingredients, and these ingredients act as catalysts or activators.

    On–package valves:

    Another technology of modified atmosphere packaging is one-way valves added to the exterior of the packaging. It is mostly used in the coffee industry. Coffee beans usually give a large amount of carbon dioxide for many hours after they have been roasted. These special valves are added to premade bags or roll stock during the packaging process to avoid the off-gassing process, and they won’t allow any outside gases to enter inside the pack.

    Uses of modified atmosphere packaging:

    Modified atmosphere packaging can protect the various foods. The size of the package and the quantity of the packaged product cannot be the same. The air in the packed foods is filled by modified atmosphere packaging. Food products like meat, fish, other seafood, dairy products, bread, cake, fruits, vegetables, snacks, etc can be packed by using modified atmosphere packaging. By packing foods in a modified atmosphere packaging machine, the freshness of the foods is extended for longer days.

    Bottom line:

    These are the different types of modified atmosphere packaging technologies used in the modified atmosphere packaging machine. All food industries’ final process is done with the help of a modified atmosphere packaging machine. If you want to start a food business, use the above mentioned technologies to keep your products fresh for longer days.

    #Modified atmosphere packaging machine
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  • writeblrcafe
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago


    CW: from someone struggling lately, TW: drowning

    her muffled screams echoed 
    like a thunder caught in the vast horizon
    she shivered from the cold
    soaked in her own despair
    flashes of scattered lightning
    sparked a glimpse of a memory
    the darkness lurked like a ghost
    as the heavy rain fell from the sky
    she’s seated beside the window
    droplets traced by her hands
    a vague reflection of her scars
    sobs silenced in the dark
    as the clouds darkened from all her sorrows
    unluckily, Nina got drenched
    chained by her thoughts, trapped in a whirlwind of regrets
    Nina swam, but sadly, she drowned

    Submitted by @driftingsoul1996

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  • akhromant
    17.10.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • roxanna20
    17.10.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Where Is here: New Home pics

    Game: Where Is Here: New Home Available: Coming soon in 2021... LINK itch.io: https://roxanna-stefaniuc.itch.io/ LINK twitter: https://twitter.com/RoxannaFabiola Short Description Game: A Sci-Fi, First-Person exploration game with a mystery to be unraveled on an unknown planet. Earth is not our home anymore and we need to save our New Home. New Home is different and we need to understand it before we act! Otherwise we will lose our second home. Key Features: - An adventure game in multiple worlds! - A unique story about an unknown mystery to be unraveled. - An unordinary personal story-driven Sci-Fi game with a mystery made by a solo developer. - A gameplay about 1 hour and a half... (updating gameplay hours) - No multiplayer, ONLY single player (First-Person) game!

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  • lovecanbesostrange
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    17/31 Days of Halloween: Is it purgatory or are we in hell yet?

    Dead End || The Descent || The Endless || Hellbound: Hellraiser 2 || The Ritual || Silent Hill || Triangle || The Void || Yellowbrickroad

    “You'd be surprised at the things you find when you go looking...“ - The Void

    #31HaCo #this is about the whole road to hell (with Hellraiser as the endpoint right after Silent Hill) #I know The Descent is the like least fantastical but just the women going underground it's all so claustrophobic before the monsters show up #and overall this is a feeling of being uneasy something is wrong the normal world left behind being trapped in different ways #a list about actual films featuring hell would look very different - I just put Hellraiser here to completely escalate #although the things found in The Void........ not that far off...... #Yellowbrickroad is very by the numbers and there is something missing but the overall atmosphere hits just right #where The Ritual also knows how to bring the story to a glorious WTF ending
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  • noonfaerie
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    just started peril on gorgon and it's so atmospheric and spoopy I love it sm

    #ambie.txt #ambie plays tow #literally just got to gorgon but I love the atmosphere and vibes #very topical for Halloween season uwu #I mean.. abandoned lab where an experiment got horribly wrong?? an asteroid that's outright cursed?? #and let's not forget the haunting manor right at the beginning.. sexi #I'm having so much fun uwu
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  • passionateintrovert
    17.10.2021 - 8 hours ago

    Listen/purchase: I'll Give Myself To The Wind by Germ

    #atmospheric black metal #underrated band#australian metal
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  • second-vtoroy
    17.10.2021 - 10 hours ago

    game: *has a cat*

    me: *tries very hard to pspspspspspspsps and pet it*

    more info & link for the free demo

    #'freaky post-soviet gothic horror adventure inspired by east european folklore' say no more. im totally in. #the atmosphere is great and spooky #but the voice acting is uhh...not so great #videos #last days of lazarus #just a little test post #geforce experience is quite reliable enough to capture gameplay footage #кошки
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  • welt-mode-de
    26.09.2020 - 1 year ago

    Atmosphere Kleidung

    New Post has been published on https://www.welt-mode.de/atmosphere-kleidung/

    Atmosphere Kleidung
    Als Frau die passenden Klamotten zu finden, ist oftmals mit einem Mehraufwand verbunden. Der Gang in die Stadt bedeutet Stress pur, während auch das Anprobieren oder überhaupt das Finden von schöner Kleidung kein Vergnügen ist. Aus diesem Grund kaufen immer mehr Frauen online. Doch ist das auch für Sie etwas? Finden Sie es heraus und lassen Sie sich im Online-Handel von Atmosphere Kleidung inspirieren!

    Atmosphere Kleidung – Moderne Damenkleidung

    Moderne Damenkleidung muss hauptsächlich drei verschiedene Faktoren besitzen. Sie muss tatsächlich modern sein, sie sollte von hoher Qualität sein und der richtige Preis ist natürlich in manchen Fällen der entscheidende Faktor. Atmosphere Kleidung kann in allen drei Aspekten überzeugen.
    Die Verantwortlichen von Atmosphere Kleidung stellen Ihnen moderne Klamotten nach Ihrem Geschmack zur Verfügung. Dabei ist der Mix vielfältig, aber immer eines: stilvoll. Trends werden selbstverständlich aufgegriffen. So können Sie zeigen, dass Sie eine Frau sind, die mit der Zeit geht, Jugend ausstrahlt und modern ist. Vielleicht wollen Sie auch einfach mal etwas Neues ausprobieren oder Ihren Kleiderschrank aufpeppen. Doch selbst wenn die Trends umgesetzt werden, ist es wichtig, mit einem Auge für Stil heranzugehen. Das gelingt den Leuten von Atmosphere Kleidung täglich aufs Neue. Finden Sie im Online-Shop stilvolle Kleidung für Frauen, die Modernität, aber auch Eleganz und Sportlichkeit ausstrahlt. Sinnvoll ergänzt durch Klassiker, die nie aus der Mode geraten, ist das Online-Angebot von Atmosphere Kleidung komplett.
    Wie angesprochen, zählt heutzutage immer mehr die Qualität der Kleidung. Atmosphere Kleidung bietet hier eine Qualität, wie Sie es von hochwertigen Marken gewohnt sind. Die Damenkleidung fühlt sich super an und ist widerstandsfähig.

    Günstige Damenkleidung von Atmosphere

    Atmosphere Kleidung bietet neben dem tollen Angebot, der super Qualität und der gut umgesetzten Mode auch einen niedrigen Preis. Dies ist im Angesicht der tollen Qualität nicht selbstverständlich! Doch Atmosphere Kleidung schafft es, kostengünstige Damenkleidung für jeden Geschmack zu verkaufen. Lassen auch Sie sich inspirieren und schauen Sie vorbei im Online-Shop von Atmosphere und testen Sie, ob Sie aus der gut sortierten Auswahl etwas für sich finden. Die Wahrscheinlichkeit ist sehr hoch. Rabattaktionen und andere Angebot versüßen übrigens regelmäßig den Einkauf von Atmosphere Kleidung im Online-Shop. So macht das Einkaufen im Internet Spaß, so dass es Damenkleidung für jede Frau gibt!
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  • sketchymoray
    17.10.2021 - 11 hours ago

    yeah I'm absolutely fucking terrified of space, it's one of my biggest fears

    still, send me to Mars in a cryo capsule or whatever. there's definitely at least two games that prove that absolutely nothing could go wrong with that

    #I'd be thrilled if I could take part in terraforming Mars one day #get that atmosphere up there and such #clearly I'm qualified to go to mars with the basic training of an electrician
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