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  • boueibu-love-imagines
    23.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Coming out to them as transmasculine! (Defense club edition)


    "Hey, Yumo? I'm transmasculine. Just thought you should know."

    "Transmasculine? What's that?"

    Yeah, you have to explain it.

    "Oh, I get it! Everyone thougbt that you were (n/n)-chan, but you're actually (n/n)-kun!

    All in all, Yumoto is pretty accepting.

    He doesn't ask about what you were like pre-transition or anything.

    He just likes you.

    Nothing really changes between you too. He just treats you the same as before.


    You text it to him

    [Hey En. We've been dating for a while so I wanted to tell you I'm transmasculine.}

    He text back at two in the morning.

    {Cool. What are your pronouns so I don't mess up?]

    He's cool about it.

    But you do wish he would have responded sooner. You've come to expect this from him.

    He buys you a trans pride flag blanket on June 1st.


    Atsushi was finally away from the kitchen.

    It had been a while since you last cooked, but you thought there was no way you could screw up cake.

    When you finished, you wrote in the cake with pink and blue icing. "Guess who's trans"

    When Atsushi gets back home that day and walks into the kitchen to make you dinner, you're on the other side of the counter with the cake.


    "Oh, your trans?"


    "Thanks for letting me know, It must have been difficult to tell me. You're still my s/o, though."

    The cake was delicious.


    He was working on something with his stocks in Europe.

    "Hey, I'm transmasculine."

    "Not now, (Y/n), I'm making money."

    You didn't know what go say.

    You left him alone. For now.

    You mentioned it later, while you both were walking home.

    "Hey, so, about earlier..."

    "What about it?"

    You tilted your head and stopped on the sidewalk. "You're not going to say anything about it?"

    Io put away his phone and walked over. "I didn't want to say anything, but... I knew."

    "Wait, really? Usually people don't even suspect it."

    "It's not your looks... it's the way you carry yourself."


    Io sighed. "No, Y/n." Io put a hand on your shoulder and smiled a bit. "I'm also trans."

    Needless to say, he knows the struggle all too well.

    That also means he's super supportive (when he isn't busy with his stocks).


    It was actually not exactly when you planned to tell him.

    He was at the store looking for new outfits to use when crossdressing, a hobby of his.

    "Gah, this skirt is too small. You're blessed with a tiny body, Y/n."

    You couldn't think of a good response. Part of you wanted to correct him, telling him it was more of a curse. When you didn't say anything for a few seconds, he looked back at you and asked, "What's wrong? Did I say something bad?"

    You fiddled with your hands. "Not exactly... you see..."

    "I should have said something sooner, but... I'm actually transmasculine... So having a small form isn't the best thing."

    "Shit- sorry, Y/n. I had no idea."

    "No big deal, let's find you a bigger skirt."

    While every now and then you have to explain things to him, he's very supportive.

    Of course there's the unavoidable questions you get- Ryuu's supportive but he's still dumbass incarnate.

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  • porcelaindragons
    15.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    snow date fun!

    #boueibu #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love! #cute high earth defense club love #en yufuin#yufuin en#atsushi kinugawa#kinugawa atsushi#enatsu #yeah a new interest wow #yall vibe w plus sized atsushi #my art#mine
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  • okamarinosuzoki
    02.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    From now on (KinAtsu)

    also available on ao3 :)

    “Look, At-chan, a shooting star.”

    Kinshirou crossed his fingers under his chin, closed his eyes and whispered softly a wish to himself. Atsushi smiled, looking at him curiously.

    “What did you wish for?” He asked.

    Kinshirou glanced at him, blushing slightly, before looking up to the sky. “For us to always be together.”

    Atsushi laughed softly before taking Kinshirou's hand in his own. He kissed his knuckles, just above the silver ring about his ring finger.

    “You don't need to wish for it, we'll always be together.” He said, squeezing his hand.

    This time, he would never let him go.

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  • okamarinosuzoki
    01.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    What I love (KinAtsu)

    also available on ao3 :)

    Atsushi sighed, letting himself fall deeper into the bath until he had water under his nose. The whole Defense club was with him but the room was surprisingly silent. It was one of those days where they were just all thinking about different things and didn't really need to talk to each other. Even Io and Ryuu, who were usually arguing over everything, were just whispering quick sentences from time to time and laughing quietly at private jokes.

    All in all, it was a very slow day. Atsushi had a hard time keeping his eyes open and, after saving En from drowning two times after falling asleep, he had placed the blond's head on Yumoto's shoulder who was silently playing with a plastic duck. He was about to definitely close his eyes when the younger of the group spoke.

    “Say, Atsushi-senpai, what is it that you like about Kin-chan-senpai?”

    Well, that was unexpected.

    Io and Ryuu stared at Yumoto, jaws and eyes wide opened, En snickered in Yumoto's shoulder about the “Kin-chan-senpai” part (and who was he to laugh when he was always called “En-chan-senpai”?) and Atsushi gasped before he could remember he was underwater. He choked before turning to spit the water out of the bath (ignoring En's disgusted exclamation).

    “W-Why do you ask, Yumoto?”

    He shrugged before answering.

    “Well, Kin-chan-senpai is always saying he likes how reliable and kind you are. But you never mentioned what you like about him.”

    Okay, that was a strangely bright observation from Yumoto, but he was also growing up and maturing after all. That, or the flush on his face was due to another fever. Which was more realistic.

    Even though Atsushi wanted nothing more than going home to avoid this embarrassing question, he knew all eyes were on him and he couldn't just stand up and leave. He tried to think about something to avoid this conversation, but in front of Io and Ryuu's curious eyes, Yumoto's innocent's ones and En's mocking smile (maybe it was time for him to find a new best friend), he sighed before deciding he could answer.

    “I...” He blushed when all his friends leaned slightly toward him. “I really like how serious and reliable he is. He never takes what he does lightly, always giving everything to make sure it's perfect and never forgets anything. Even though his work takes an important place in his life, he still finds some time to think about me. He is always so happy whenever I ask him if he wants to go somewhere during our days off, it makes me feel quite bad about not trying to understand him sooner... I just– I just like everything about his personality.” He seemed to hesitate before putting a hand in front of his face to hide his blush. “And he's really cute...”

    The silence that fell in the room after his words was the most embarrassing moment in his life. He caught a glimpse of Io and Ryuu's red faces, embarrassed by his confession, Yumoto's eyes shining and trying to look discretely at En, whatever that meant, and En's mocking smile growing larger. Those reactions were to be expected, he was just glad no one else had heard him.

    If we were in a manga, that would be the moment where Kin-chan would appear at the door, claiming he had heard everything... Atsushi thought, bashfully


    Kinshirou sighed, his body slowly relaxing as he entered the hot bath. After days of intense work for the Student Council, they were finally free to go home earlier. The Defense club hadn't finished cleaning their room though, and with the upcoming graduation ceremony, they had to tidy up quickly if they didn't want to be three doing it next year.

    He sighed when he thought about next year. Atsushi and he weren't going to the same university, meaning it was going to be harder to keep in touch. He felt like he had wasted so many years because of a stupid misunderstanding, years he could have spent getting closer to Atsushi, instead of ignoring him. He was sad, knowing he wouldn't be able to see him every day, but he was trying to stay positive. At least they would still be able to text and call each other.

    Lost in his thoughts, he didn't realise Arima and Akoya had joined him in the bath. He jumped, surprised, when Akoya opened his mouth.

    “Senpai, is there something in particular that you like about Kinugawa-senpai?”

    He had just time to catch a glimpse of Arima's eyes widening before he understood the question Akoya had asked him. His cheeks reddened so suddenly he could feel the heat emanating from them.

    “W-Why- I don't-”

    “I mean.” Akoya cut him. “You are always saying how grateful you are to him since he forgave you... But I guess he isn't someone that special.”

    Kinshirou frowned at his words.

    “You obviously don't know what you are talking about.” He answered harshly. “At-chan has hundreds of amazing qualities. Of course he is incredibly kind for forgiving me, but he is also generous and brave. He always takes care of everyone around him and never mocks them. He is a good listener and gives great advice, always making sure there are the best ones. The only thing I could reproach him could be the fact that he takes care too much of other people and make their happiness a priority over his own needs. “He bit his lips, refraining from smiling shyly. “But that's also something I love about him.”

    The only thing that should have answered him was a long silence, but a sudden gasp behind him made him jump. He dared to look, hoping that it wouldn't be who he was thinking about. But luck wasn't on his side as the whole Defense club was standing next to the bath's door.

    Atsushi was standing in the middle of them, his face completely red and his lips stretched in an awkward smile. Suddenly, Kinshirou wanted to pass out. As if this wasn't enough, Akoya added to his embarrassment.

    “No one talked about love though.”

    Yep, time to drown.

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  • okamarinosuzoki
    01.11.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Soothing (Enmoto)

    also available on ao3 :)

    Yumoto's problem was that he couldn't stay still.

    From morning until evening and from evening until morning he moved, talked, laughed, jumped, never stopped, a real dynamo.

    Gora, as his loving and devoted big brother, was used to it. He even cherished this personality, he loved seeing his brother full of energy. Seeing him healthy was what he desired the most.

    However, the Defense Club was not as good as him to handle him. Wombat was the one struggling the most.

    The poor alien had to put up with his violent hugs all day long. And, worst-case scenarios, if Yumoto had decided to make him wear all sorts of accessories, there was almost no chance for him to escape it.

    Io and Ryuu could handle him, at least more or less, but his wild hugs and his endless energy often ended up tiring them too.

    Atsushi knew quite well how to handle him. He calmed him down, answered his questions, managed to make him stop cuddling Wombat... Actually he looked almost like a mother. That was probably what the younger felt as he always listened to Atsushi and calmed down quickly when they were together. Even if that did not last.

    The Student Council clearly avoided Yumoto. Especially Kinshirou, who was done with En's embarrassing remarks, so if the youngest began to ask questions he would never hear the end of his “almost” relationship with Atsushi.

    The Beppu twins... Well, they barely noticed Yumoto's existence. Since they had gotten closer to Gora, he was the only one who mattered to them.

    But there was someone who could calm down Yumoto.

    Atsushi noticed it first.

    He had asked En to go to the club room before him. A few minutes later, when Atsushi had been about to open the door, he had noticed the lack of noise, which was more than strange as Yumoto was supposed to be already inside. He had immediately begun to imagine the worst scenarios, wondering in what state the room would be, before opening the door.

    What he had found was a completely calm Yumoto, sitting next to En who had been reading. Atsushi had needed a few seconds to understand the situation. Unfortunately Yumoto had noticed him right away and had begun to talk endlessly.

    He had never told Io and Ryuu but he knew that these two had noticed too.

    And it had not been a one-time thing. In the club room, in the cafeteria, in the bath... As soon as En was beside him, Yumoto calmed down right away.

    Atsushi had obviously told his best friend one day, who had no particular reaction... Except trying to get closer to the youngest to check by himself.

    No one could have predicted that a month later, Atsushi would find En and Yumoto kissing furiously in the middle of the club room.

    At that exact moment, he feared for his life. Because one day Gora would find out he had been the reason those two got together.

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  • delphoxqueen
    30.10.2021 - 2 monts ago

    Happy Halloween, #boueibu community!

    Here’s a pic of the boys dressed up- two of my now favorite posters!

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  • koolkitty9
    17.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Yumoto really does look a LOT like Atsushi here

    #boueibu#hakone yumoto #cute high earth defense club love #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love! #binan koukou chikyuu bouei-bu love! #kinugawa atsushi
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  • lxnics
    17.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Y’all don’t know the lengths I went just to get this to export

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  • iie3
    06.10.2021 - 3 monts ago
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  • iie3
    02.10.2021 - 3 monts ago

    Binan fandom today is 7anniversary!

    This anime has completely changed my life, I love it with every fiber of my soul. Thanks to them, I was able to improve my drawing with joy, and also met many interesting people. I was even lucky to make a few collaborations with aruke.

    Thank you Binan!

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  • fruitdropss
    29.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    sometimes i act like i know but i’m really just a kid

    — like or reblog if use / save !

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  • delphoxqueen
    28.09.2021 - 3 monts ago

    The Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Iceberg (or Boueibu Iceberg for short) is finally here!

    Thanks to @animecreator3000 & @magicalgirlsandcerulean as well as everyone who commented and contributed to the iceberg, I couldn’t have done it without your help! Hopefully you all like it and find out something new :)

    Note: While the items will get more obscure as you go down the tier levels, the placement within each tier compared to other items in the same tier means nothing (I was just trying to cram the entries in as much as I could)

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  • delphoxqueen
    25.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Update to the Cute High Iceberg!

    I’m close to finishing the researching for the iceberg! I just need a few extra entries (currently at 68) before I think it will be good enough to post. If anyone has some infamous fan content, memes, fanfiction, theories- anything involving the fandom itself would be great! Especially more weird/gross/bad entries! Thank you all for the help on the iceberg, I hope you all love it when it’s finished :)

    (Also- once one shipment comes in I’ll post my Cute High collection and some of my other collections :) )

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  • oldmidori-art
    21.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    2015 boueibu doodles - enatsu and enkinatsu edition

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  • delphoxqueen
    19.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Cute High Earth Defense Club Love Iceberg?

    Would you all want to see a Cute High/Bouei-Bu Iceberg? I made one for Osomatsu-San and I’d love to make one for our little community! This will include all 3 seasons, and the TV Special, as well as any canon material or notable fan entries for the most bottom tiers

    Comment any facts you have for Cute High so I can include it :)

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  • bishonenlover
    17.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

     Atsushi and En -  Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love!

    #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love #kinugawa atsushi#yufuin en#anime#gifs#x
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  • koolkitty9
    09.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    The Boys!! this was an old drawing from 2018 I had done from a Sailor Moon coloring page. Redrew it and am going to be producing a keychain of it  (I REALLY wish I was confident in shipping internationally, but I do want to try once COVID restrictions open up as a lot of places have shut down again)

    #boueibu#binan koukou #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love! #cute high earth defense club love #my art#hakone yumoto#zaou ryuu#yufuin en#kinugawa atsushi#naruko io
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  • kalineas
    04.09.2021 - 4 monts ago

    First page of a comic I hope to finish someday lolol

    #kinatsu#boueibu #binan koukou chikyuu bouei-bu love! #kusatsu kinshirou#kinugawa atsushi #Lol idk I still love them guys what do I do orz #Sorry for the crao quality guys orz
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  • magicalboyxover
    31.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    This week's duo is Atsushi and Kyotaro!

    Atsushi gives Kyotaro some coffee because he thinks that might help him stay awake more. Kyotaro says he acts a lot like Ryoma and falls asleep again before Atsushi can get an answer out of him.

    (I finished this yesterday but kept procrastinating on posting it today... ^^' )

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  • lune-kuruta
    28.08.2021 - 4 monts ago

    Aaaand this one wasn’t a birthday gift, but a commission XD Our beloved third years, by Aster 💜 This is so preciouuuuussss!

    And of course, everybody loves Atsushi (well, at least after season 1 finale… XD)

    Yeah, shippy vibes if you want

    #binan koukou chikyuu bouei bu love! #boueibu#fanart#commission#atsushi kinugawa#kinshiro kusatsu#ibushi arima#en yufuin#boueibu day #pretty boy day #cute high earth defense club love #AND THESE ARE PRETTY BOYS #ibukinatsuen #I still think Ibushi is the real winner of Binanshi contest
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