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  • “Gravity blanket;

    The little peanut;

    Bear hugs me;

    Your big calm mountain”


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  • Newest headcanon:

    Link from Grey’s Anatomy is arospec, probably grey-romantic, because he says he doesn’t feel love very often and while he says some other things that may not necessarily be aspec things I really want this because there is not enough aro rep.

    #grey's anatomy#atticus lincoln#aromantic headcanons#arospec headcanons #grey's anatomy headcanons #greys anatomy #greys anatomy headcanons #link is arospec #atticus lincoln is arospec
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  • “Remember how careful we were? NOT CAREFUL ENOUGH, D A D D Y!”

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  • Amelia smiled widely as she looked at the scene in front of her; her husband chasing their 4-year-old son around the grass in the park as their 2-year-old daughter lay draped across her lap, picking at the grass and flowers scattered around her. It all felt unreal, she often wondered what she did to truly deserve this type of joy. She knew that this happiness wouldn’t last forever, between the dramatic and exhausting birth of their daughter Charlotte and Scout’s broken arm last year, they’d had some hardships but every time, they got through it. Together.

    “Mommy!” She glanced up to see her son running towards her while giggling. “Daddy’s gonna catch me!” Amelia held out her other arm to catch him as he bolted towards her, shielding him as Link approached them.

    “And what are you doing to him?” She questioned, watching as he sat down across from her on their small blanket. He matched the grin on her face and held his hands out to take Charlotte, who was mumbling ‘Dada’ while attempting to break out of her mother’s grasp.

    “Daddy was gonna catch me so I came to you to protect me.” Amelia looked down at her son’s wide eyes and pulled him to sit on her leg. “Quick, we have to help Char! Mommy! Daddy’s gonna get her!” Scout frowned as his sister climbed onto her father’s lap and settled into his embrace.

    “I think Char just wants to spend some time with Daddy.” Link grinned at his son, raising his eyebrows as the little girl laughed in his arms. “So,” Amelia began, looking into her husband’s eyes while smiling, “Mommy and Daddy have a surprise for you.” Scout shifted in her lap to look up at her.

    “Surprise?” He questioned, his eyes wide with curiosity. She brushed his blonde hair out of his face, laughing softly at his expression.

    “Yup, a surprise,” Link spoke. Both of the children turned to their father. “We decided that for Scout’s birthday, we could go to New York to see Grandma and your Aunties.” Scout quickly stood up, clapping his hands in excitement. They’d only spent a short amount of time with Amelia’s side of the family, but the kids had quickly come to especially love their Aunt Nancy and Grandma Carolyn, allowing Amelia to bond more with them, too. Scout had been asking for months to go and visit them in New York, along with going to the Museum of National History to see the dinosaurs.

    “Really?” Link nodded as his son quickly ran to him, throwing his small arms around his father. “We’re gonna go to New York!” Charlotte matched her brother’s excitement and clapped her hands together while smiling widely. Their excitement calmed after a few moments as Scout turned back to his mother. “Thank you!” Amelia grinned and embraced him tightly. Link noticed a tear rolling down her face, confusion spreading across his expression.

    “You okay?” He whispered, placing a hand on her arm. She nodded.

    “I’m good.” Scout pulled away, drawing his father’s attention as he ran around on the grass.

    “I have to go catch your son, but you’re not avoiding this,” he muttered, standing up to chase the little boy, with Charlotte on his back. Amelia laughed and shook her head, her smile wide as she watched her family.


    She softly closed Charlotte’s bedroom door, tiptoeing down the hallway towards the light coming from her and Link’s bedroom. She found him laying on the bed with his iPad in hand while watching a baseball game. Amelia crawled into bed next to him, throwing an arm over his body and sighing, nuzzling her face into his chest. He set the tablet down on the table after shutting it off and pulled her closer to his body. “I love you,” she whispered, relaxing as his hand ran through his hair. “I feel like I don’t tell you that enough, but I do.” He kissed the top of her head, shifting so he was laying down with her head on his chest.

    “Are you okay?” She lifted up her head, seeing his confused expression. “You’ve been weird today.” She laid her head back down and wrapped her arm around him tighter.

    “I was just thinking while we were at the park. About how lucky we are, and how happy I am. I mean, a few years ago if you had told me this is what my life would be like, I would’ve told you that you’re insane.”

    “Yeah, after you rejected me.” She lightly slapped his chest, emitting a laugh from him.

    “You didn’t even like me. You just did it because Maggie told you to.”

    “Maybe I didn’t like you at the time, but I thought you were hot.” Amelia giggled, shaking her head slowly.

    “You’re absolutely ridiculous.” She placed her arm back around his body and closed her eyes. “I still love you, though.” Link turned off the lamp beside him, pulling the covers up over their bodies.

    “I kind of love you too.” He laughed softly.

    “What?” She asked, turning her head to look up at him.

    “Just how you were saying how a few years ago, this all would’ve sounded insane to us. Our lives sound like a fairytale, I don’t think I would’ve believed this was possible.” She leaned up, placing a quick kiss on his lips.

    “That’s because you’re my happily ever after.”


    A/N: hi everyone, im really sorry for the delay in posting. this is the last one shot I’ll be writing for a little bit. over these past few weeks, one of my family members got a really big and frankly a scary diagnosis, and we’re trying to figure that out and I honestly dont know what’s going to happen. grey’s didn’t prepare me for this one. I’m also applying to schools, and its a lot of work for me right now. so, I’ll be taking a break for I dont know how long. but that you to everyone who has supported and liked my writing, I never thought id have so many people who enjoyed my writing. thank you for understanding


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  • Link’s little smile when Amelia says

    “Aren’t I cute when I beg?”

    He was already falling so fast for her lol

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  • Okay so like grey’s season 17 is happening in like a month…Now we all know Schmico is my otp and i want them to get back together however that might not happen

    that being said as long as they don’t KILL Nico I’ll be fine I mean I hate how they ended and if he just died I’d be pissed off

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  • Interesting that after Owen they gave Amelia a love interest that not only understood addiction but was actively trying to help people with it in his field. And by interesting i mean FUCK YEAH AMELINK!!!!!

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  • birthday

    Oh hey, happy birthday Amelia.” Maggie wished as she stepped in the elevator with Amelia and her newly formed family.

    “It’s your birthday?” Link asked shocked, he truly didn’t know it was his girlfriends birthday. It scared him how little he truly knew about the women he started a family.

    “Oh yeah. I kind of forgot I guess.” Amelia brushed it off, while she admired her son in his stroller. It shocked her how much she loved this little boy, she knew she was biased but she knew he was going to be the absolute best person in the world. The elevator opened to the floor the daycare was on and Amelia reassured him she’d settle their son into daycare.

    “It’s her birthday?” Link asked Maggie who was engrossed in her phone.

    “What?” Maggie asked looking up from her phone. She was texting her new boyfriend. “Oh yeah, her birthdays today. You two really don’t know much about each other, do you?”

    “No I guess not. How has this never come up?” How did I never ask her, her birthday?” Link was silently beating himself. He knew when they first found our about her pregnancy they were kind of speed dating trying to find out important things about one another, and then the baby daddy drama happened and it stopped.

    “I don’t know.” Maggie simply said before exiting the elevator.


    “Give all your surgeries to Koracick and all your paperwork to your residents. We are going out.” Link announced to his girlfriend who was leaning against the nurses station while filling our a chart.

    “Link, we have jobs we need to do we can’t just go out. And what about Scout?”

    “They’ll survive without us for the day. And Scout will come with us.”

    “Link, I’m sorry, but I have this surgery I’ve been studying up in for months. I can’t just leave.” Amelia apologized, kissed his cheek, and then took the chart and made her way to the OR floor.

    As he watched her walk away he got an idea. So he went up to daycare and checked his son out. Since he already cleared up his day, he decided to head home and do something nice for his girlfriend. After the short trip back to their home, he realized their apartment was a mess. With the two of them working and paying so much attention to their son their home was in disorder. He settled his son down for a nap, and got to work on the house. By the time it was late afternoon, he had completed the piles of laundry they had, the dishes, and the random clutter that needed to be organized.

    “Hey.” Link greeted as he picked up his phone, it was Amelia. “How did surgery go?”

    “Terrible, I lost the guy.” Amelia squeaked out, he could tell she was on the verge of tears.

    “I’m so sorry.”

    “I’ll be home soon. Want me to get dinner?”

    “No it’s okay.” Link has been preparing her favorite pasta dish when she called him. The two said their goodbyes and then hung up.


    “Hey, welcome home.” Link greeted once his girlfriend stepped in.

    “Hi, where’s Scout?” She asked looking for him.

    “He’s asleep.”

    “It’s a little early don’t you think?” Amelia asked looking down at her watch.

    “Well, I guess. But it’s your birthday and I just thought we’d have a little us time.” Link kindly smiled.

    “Ugh.” Amelia sighed dramatically. “He’s gonna wake up super early tomorrow, and then the daycare people are gonna be pissed at us because his sleep schedule is messed up.”

    “I’m sorry. I was just thinking we could have a nice evening since it’s your birthday.”

    “Link I hate my birthday. It’s just not something I really acknowledge so I’d appreciate it if you’d do the same.” She slammed her bag down onto the couch and walked into their bedroom. Link couldn’t understand who’d hate birthdays. There had to be some deeper meaning. He heard the shower turn on, so he put away the silverware he’d set out on the table. He was determined to figure out why Amelia hated her birthday. So once he was sure she was back in their room after her shower he put some pasta into the plate and grabbed two forks.

    “You eat?” Link asked as he slowly opened the door.

    “No.” Amelia held her hands out for the plate. Link passed her the plate and sat next to her against their beds headboard. “Thank you”

    “Of course.” Link did the half smile thing that drive her crazy. The two sat in silence eating the pasta until she spoke up.

    “My dad and I had birthdays that were really close to each other. So we’d just combine the two and it was just really nice and special because the others didn’t have that. So after he died we tried to celebrate my birthday but it was just too hard. So then after awhile we just ignored it all together.”

    “Oh.” That’s all Link could say. He didn’t quite know how to help, or what to say. “I’m sorry, for pushing your birthday into you.”

    “It’s okay. You didn’t know.”

    “Well, I love you. And I’m really glad you were born today.”

    “Thank you.” Amelia brought her hand up to his face to wipe off some of the sauce left on his chin.

    “I’m sorry you lost a patient today.”

    “Me too. He was a good guy. We both knew it was a long shot though.”

    “Your so incredibly strong, do you realize that?”

    “I mean I guess.” She shrugged his compliment off.

    “You should know. You’re the strongest person I’ve ever met.”

    “Thank you.” Amelia shyly smiled. “I love you so so so much.”

    bruh i wrote this in thirty minutes so my apologies

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  • Just wanted to share some of the standard @thejolexgroupchat shenanigans and Dr. Nina Pickles @doc-pickles FAVORITE edit:

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  • I haven’t posted in forever and this is random but my band director informed us he just celebrated his 4th cancerversary, so apparently this is something people do and not just link being link but anyways

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