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    Ongoing Series 

    Kindergarten: Amelia and Owen are still together and it is time to put Leo into school. They go to take him to Kindergarten and they meet his teacher, Mr.Lincoln. 

    Professional Development: After the events of the conference Bailey ships all the department heads to a camp for a week.

    Completed  Series: 

    Then you Came: What if Christopher never died? Amelia is a single mom fresh out of the relationship. Link is the new doctor in town. What will happen when the two meet?

    Main: Chapter One  Chapter Two  Chapter Three  Chapter Four   Chapter Five  Chapter Six   Chapter Seven  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10   Chapter 11  Chapter 12  Chapter 13   Chapter 14 


     Songbirds Shuffle: Amelinks love story told through a series of one-shots based on songs.  

    Tuesdays  Love Like This  U & Us Scared Like I’m Gonna Lose You Ghost of You

     Then you Came One-shots: One-shots surrounding Amelia, Link, Christopher and the family they build.

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  • Songbirds Shuffle - Ghost of You

    Song: Ghost of You by 5 Seconds of Summer

    Background: Link gives Amelia time to think after finding out Owen might be the father, right after Like I’m Gonna Lose


        After her appointment with Carina Amelia went home, alone. This was the first time in forever that she didn’t have Link making stupid jokes or singing purposely off pitch just to make her laugh. The car ride was painfully silent so she turned on the radio but it didn’t help in the slightest. She missed him and there was no running away from it. She missed him and he was probably only 10 minutes away, a reality that was unbearable to say the least. She wanted him by her side, no she needed him by her side but she screwed up and she had no other choice but to wait it out. She just hoped she wouldn’t be waiting too long.

        If she thought the car ride was unbearable she had no hope in surviving their bedroom. His clothes were all over the place, I mean he practically lived there. He really only went to his apartment when he needed a special shirt or to reference old textbooks and medical journals. She wondered what he was wearing, not in like creepy way but he definitely didn’t have a lot of choices back at his place. As she looked around she knew there was no way she was going to be able to sleep surrounding by reminders of him but she had to at least try.

        She stripped off her clothes and put on his old Mariners t-shirt, it was her favorite one and at the moment none of hers fit so she was wearing a lot of his. It was soft and it still smelled just like him despite her many uses and for some reason it was weirdly comforting. It was like he was still there by her side. She went to the bed only to find a note sitting on her pillow case, it must of been from before his accident. It read.

        Amelia, I’m so lucky to have the both of you in my life. I know this isn’t what we planned but I wouldn’t have it any other way. I love you and I can’t wait to meet our little peanut.

        There was no way she was going to be able to sleep in this room so she gathered up her blanket and headed down the hallway to Maggies room. “Maggie,” she quietly spoke not wanting to wake the kids “Maggie” she repeated a little louder when there was no response.

        “Amelia, is everything okay?” Maggie questioned she opened the door only to be met with a red eye Amelia.

        “No,” she breathed out Maggies question only causing Amelia to finally break, “Link left and I can’t sleep in that room” she began to explain but Maggie knew where this was going.

        “Come in” she ushered Amelia in and helped her get into the bed. She kept on repeating “I got you” in attempts to calm her down, she couldn’t really tell If it was working. Once the two of the them were situated in the bed Amelia explained everything that happened and she just let all her emotions run out. Maggie didn’t talk at all, that’s not what Amelia needed right now, right now all she needed to do was vent.

        “Can you text Link for me,” she finished up her story getting a very concerned look from Maggie, “I told him I would tell him how the appointment went and I don’t really trust myself texting him” she reached for her phone on the nightstand, “please,” she pleaded once last time giving Maggie the look that always made her break.

    “Fine” she grudgingly grabbed onto the phone, “What do you want me to say?”

    “Umm” she thought out for a second not wanting it to sound to attached or emotional. He just needed the facts. “Hey Link, the appointment went well. Peanut is as healthy as can be,” She told Maggie not knowing if it was too much, “Hows that?” She questioned.

    “Well it better be good because it already sent” she tried to joke around, “can we please go to bed now?” she pleaded to Amelia who looked like she was winding down a bit.

    “ Fine but you have to turn off the lights.”

    .     .      .

    Amelia woke up to a text from Link, well not woke up because that would imply that she had any sleep. The text was simple but it was stuck in Amelia head. It read.

    That’s great news!!! I’m so glad the two of you are good :)

    The two of you, that’s what was stuck in her head. Link was glad that the two of them were good, the baby and her. I mean the rational part of her knew Link and she knew he would still care but the other side of her, the pregnant and emotional side, was stuck on those simple words. He still cared maybe she wouldn’t have to do too much waiting after all, she just had to figure out who the father was.

    .      .       .

    She had just finished up the test when she spotted Link, he was standing next to Jo and he didn’t look well. He must have not gotten any sleep either because bags seemed to make their home under his eyes. They weren’t laughing just talking, Link had said something about Alex being away so she assumed Link was staying with her.

    Whatever they were talking about must not have painted Amelia in the best like because when she looked back Jo was staring at her, giving her the look. She took that as her sign to leave, deciding to check up on one of her patients before Link spotted her.

    . . .

    The next time she saw him they were in surgery. It was an emergency case so she had no choice but to page Link. The OR was silent and that wasn’t really Amelias speciality so she blurted out, “I did a paternity test,”

    “Okay” Link simply stated as if it was a mundane task. There was hardly even a reaction in his face and Amelia couldn’t take the silence she was forming so she continued on.

    “So you can just go down to the lab anytime to take it too,” she looked for his response again and there was still none, “If you want that is”

    “Okay,” silence again, “I’m all done so page me if you need me,” he finished looking towards Nico and then left, leaving Amelia alone once again, well alone surrounded by the OR staff. An OR staff that was trying to hide the fact they already knew what was going on.

    . . .

    Okay. Okay! Really that was all you could think off Link thought as he scrubbed out. He could have said a million different things. He could have said how he missed her, how he loved her, and how he regretted everything he said yesterday because all of it was true. He kept on replaying that moment trying to think of anything else he could have said but it was all blank. He wasn’t lying when he said he was scared she might go back to Owen, that option always seemed to be there and once he finally thought they had gotten past it all, she might be pregnant with his baby. He knew Owen would want to be in the picture and he was terrified that he would be pushed out so he did it for her, he left and he hated himself for it.

    He always played it safe, he wasn’t uptight or anything but he never risked it when things really mattered, when his heart was on the line. This was a trait he always credited his parents for and right now it wasn’t protecting him, at this moment it was only causing damaging. Sure, there was a chance that Amelia would leave, a there chance that things won’t work out but Link was willing to risk it this time. He was willing to risk the potential pain if that meant he could have Amelia and their little family but he told her to take her time so all he could do was wait. Both of them now waiting for the other to make up there mind.

    . . .

    It was Friday when Amelia got the results back and she hadn’t seen Link since the day in the OR. Jo said he was taking some time off and Amelia honestly thought he just needed space so she gave it too him. But she nervous, completely and utterly nervous. She knew that these results would change her life completely. She hoped it was Links but she knew there was good chance it was Owens, and if it was Owens… She didn’t want to think about what would happen if it was Owens. She already chose Link and opening the results was proving to be quite difficult so she just stared at them, sitting down in the plant room all alone.

    .       .        .

        Link was spending his time off preparing his big gesture for Amelia. If he had any shot to be with her, he was going to go down swinging. So he had spent the last week fixing up the house. The house that would hopefully be theirs one day. He wanted to get her input on it first but the circumstances didn’t really allow for it so he just went in full force and the house was almost completely done, with the exception of some bedroom furniture and the finishing touches on the nursery. He really couldn’t wait to show Amelia. The truth was he missed her, putting the house together was just a flash of memories they would miss if he wasn’t her choice.

        Today was his first day back and he was on mission to find her. He had to see her and  tell her it didn’t matter, that he wanted her even if she didn’t want him back. He wanted to see her, to talk to her, to do everything with her, so he made his way to their place, the plant room.

    .     .       . 

        When he got there that was he saw her. She was sitting on the chair with her eyes fixated on the envelope in front of her, she didn’t even flinch when he opened the door.

        “Is that it?” He questions after clearing his throat, she jumps a little so he makes his way towards the chair next to her. “Sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you” he gives a little smile before sitting down and continuing “Are those the test results?”

        “Yah” she mutters out, looking up and force out a slight smile, “I can’t seem to open them”

        “Do you want me to leave?” He asks knowing how worried she must be and he didn’t want to make it worse.

        “No” she looks up at him before placing her palm on his “Please stay.” He stayed silent just giving her a slight nod to acknowledge her request. The two of them just staring down at the envelope. “Link, I’m scared” she admits “What if it’s Owens?” her voice shakes a little at the thought and Links heart breaks for her. He knew this must be killing her.

        “Come with me,” he simply responds only somewhat ignoring what Amelia had just said, “I want to show you something”

    .       .        . 

        When they got to the house, Amelia was confused to say the least.

        “Link what are we doing here?” She questions looking around at the now dimly lit neighborhood as Link helped her out of the car and guided her towards the door. “Whose house is this?”

        “It’s ours” he simply states waiting to see Amelia’s reaction, “If you want it, it ours” he looked straight into her eyes this time and he could see her mind trying to wrap around his words. “I want this Amelia, I want you and our little peanut no matter who the father is. I don’t need test results to tell me what I already know, I love you” he pauses and puts his hand on her stomach “I love the both of you no matter what and I want this” his hands gesturing between the pair of them, “the question is do you?”

        Her response was simple but completely clear. She took his hand off her belly and intertwined them with her own. She looked straight into his eyes before getting up on her tip toes and planting a soft kiss and muttering “I want this too” before looking straight back into his eyes, she wanted to get everything out too. “I want you and only you. You” she pauses for a minute “You make me feel brand new Atticus Lincoln. When we started this I was scared, I’ll admit it” she paused again to chuckle about all the fears she had a year ago heck even an hour ago, “I was scared because you made feel so so perfect and I thought something had to be wrong, I didn’t deserve it but you proved me wrong. You are the best thing to ever happen” she wiped the tears off her cheek and grabbed onto his hand. “Now show me our house”



    That’s it for this little miniseries folks. I know I almost took as big of a hiatus as Greys working on this one but life has been crazy (and this time I fully heartily mean it). I just finished moving and recently started college so I’m still trying to get a good schedule but I hope to at least start writing one chapter a week because I love to write this couple hopefully as much as you like to read them. Sorry if this chapter was a bit eww, I started it like three different times (months inbetween) and have been lacking inspiration since I finished my 3rd Greys rewatch. Sorry for the wait and till me what you want to see next

    Story note: I know the events of this series don’t add up exactly, try to just focus on each miniseries as their own little universe.

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  • The sky is falling.

    hi, so this prompt was requested by @amelinkcutiez. thank you so much, and I hope you all enjoy.

    93. Kissing in the rain and getting soaked.

    89. Dancing in the rain.


    his arm was thrown around her waist, and he was sleeping as if nothing was bothering him.

    Amelia on the other hand was wide awake, awoken by the sound of pitter patter on the window.  she looked at her side of the room, staring at the raindrops one by one. they fell perfectly, and Amelia was growing impatient.

    she was awake, and she didn’t want to be alone. She turned in her boyfriends direction, and kissed his lips. Once. Twice. Three times, until his eyes fluttered open.

    “Good morning.” She smiled, kissing him again in rejoice. She was glad he was awake.

    “Amelia, it’s 3 AM. I wouldn’t dictate your ideas, but you have work, babe.” He mumbled, remaining in his sleepy state.  he turned away from her, and Amelia was visibly upset. If only he could see her face.

    she didn’t say anything else, instead she got up from the bed. She walked straight outside in a pair of his boxers, her t-shirt, and felt the rain on her skin.

    It was cold but she didn’t mind, until her boyfriend came outside. Link wrapped her inside a towel, but she shook it off of her shoulders.

    “no.” She shrugged. “Baby, come on.” Amelia grabbed his arm, and pulled them into the freezing rain. If there’s one thing Link knew about her, was not to underestimate her sporadic ideas. So, he wrapped his arms around her waist once they hit a stopping point, and she involved her’s around his neck.

    She kissed his lips for what seemed like the thousandth time, and he smiled. “Dance with me.” Amelia told him. It wasn’t a command, but it was a statement.

    Her boyfriend complied, and they began swaying in silence.

    “Slow dancing needs music.” He confessed, forcing Amelia out of her silent oblivion. He waited as she put her head on his shoulder, and replied. “Okay, well sing to me.”

    It was the sweetest voice, and his heart sunk deeper and deeper.

    Every time she spoke, he realized just how much he loved her. They could be doing anything, anytime, and she would light up the whole scene.

    She was the brightest without trying, and he admired all of her.

    Even the things that annoyed him.

    He sung a song with a soft melody about love, because what the hell else would he do?

    It was slow and perfect as they swayed to the music, and time slipped away from them.

    Mid dance, Amelia thought of everything Link was thinking of.

    He was so gentle and kind with her, and it made her feel as if she was the only girl in the world. he made her want to do cheesy things like dancing in the rain, and make out like highschoolers.

    Though they were new to the term, they could definitely use it. They were in love.

    The type of love where nothing else matters when you’re with your partner, and you are exactly that. Partners.

    You know what your significant other thinks, feels, and knows, with one look, and you are so connected through everything.

    She could only dream of it, and now she had it.

    When the song ended, Amelia could barely spring up words mesmerized by his blue eyes.

    usually link will tell her that her eyes are captivating, and that she could undo a man with one simple glare. Little did he know, he did the same for her.

    she still couldn’t speak as he was looking straight into her irises, so she went in for the kill.

    she kissed him, sweet and slow. They weren’t in a rush, and they would never be in a rush together. She groaned, feeling his warmth as he slid his tongue through her entrance.  she smiled, and allowed it.

    they didn’t care about the rain dripping on their face, they didn’t care about the cars passing by. they didn’t care that they had shifts in a few hours, and they didn’t care that they were soaking wet.

    “The sky is falling.” Amelia grinned, as they separated their lips for air.

    “mmm, Let it fall.” Link hummed. “All that matters is right here, right now.” 

    he was about to place his lips back on his girlfriends, but Amelia stopped him. “what about the shifts? Don’t you want to go to bed?”  She teased, and he picked her up.

    she quickly and closed her legs around his waist, and he whispered against her, “I want to stay here, until there is no more sky left.”


    A/N: goodnight 🌙


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  • I’ve Been Waiting

    Jo’s breathing slows and her sobs stifle. Link slowly releases her from his embrace.

    “I don’t know what to say, Jo.” Link looks at her with soft eyes and a sympathetic expression. It’s not enough.

    “I just- I can’t- There are no words. There are no words. My husband left me, Alex left me.”

    “He loves you; I know he does. You two just renewed your vows. You’ve told me ever since I moved to Seattle that you’ve finally gotten your happiness. You don’t know he’s gone, Jo.”

    Jo walks past him, towards the counter where her untouched glass of wine sat.

    “I couldn’t bring myself to drink it. I feel sick. Where else could he be? Dead in a ditch? I think someone would’ve told me. He has abandoned his life, his job, his friends. He just left; like it was nobody’s business. He got sick of his life, and of me, and now, he’s gone.” She opens the box of donuts that Link brought over, taking out a powdered sugar.

    Jo sighs, “I’m sorry Link. I know you have your Amelia situation. At least I know my husband doesn’t think I’m enough. You still don’t know if Amelia is carrying your baby or not, or even if she loves you.” Link follows Jo to the kitchen of the loft, drinking some of Jo’s wine.

    “Ouch. But yeah, no word there. And Jo, husband gone trumps pregnant girlfriend.”

    “God, I feel so stupid. Just in October we got married, again. He promised me he wasn’t going to run. I’m better now. He was good, we were good. We wanted babies and forever. What happened?” Tears run down her cheeks, and Jo puts the donut down.

    “Want to watch a crappy movie?” Link suggests.

    “Yeah, whatever.” Jo says distantly.

    [Uninspired 16x15 Coda/Drabble. (Im)Patiently awaiting Thursday :( ]

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  • Me: Grey’s is trash I will not watch it.

    Also Me: *Watching and laughing/sobbing as Amelia realizes she’s pregnant and getting everything she deserves*


    Originally posted by haidaspicciare

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