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    30.07.2021 - 2 minutes ago
    #yes my art style will b inconsistent #I wanted to use the nikko rull brush #shittyghbdaily #shitty character daily #shitty homestuck au #ghb#anon asks
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    30.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    racing verse progress 🏎🏁

    full list of all 2021 races and the fics written for ✨the racing verse✨. strike-through are races that have passed, the rest has yet to happen/fics yet to be posted. stay up to date by following this list! <3

    race 1 || 28.03.2021 Sakhir (🇧🇭): racing heartbeats

    race 2 || 18.04.2021 Imola (🇮🇹): restart

    race 3 || 02.05.2021 Algarve (🇵🇹): softs

    race 4 || 09.05.2021 Catalunya (🇪🇸): get some grip

    race 5 || 23.05.2021 Monte Carlo (🇲🇨): on edge

    race 6 || 06.06.2021 Baku (🇦🇿): pressing all your buttons

    race 7 || 20.06.2021 Paul Ricard (🇫🇷): test drive

    [I took a small break between June 25th and July 20th]

    race 8 || 27.06.2021 Styrian (🇦🇹): finished; waiting for finalisation

    race 9 || 04.07.2021 Styrian ii (🇦🇹): finished; waiting for beta

    race 10 || 18.07.2021 Silverstone (🇬🇧): planned

    race 11 || 01.08.2021 Hungaroring (🇭🇺)

    future races below 'read more'

    race 12 || 29.08.2021 Spa-Francorchamps (🇧🇪)

    race 13 || 05.09.2021 Zandvoort (🇳🇱)

    race 14 || 12.09.2021 Monza (🇮🇹)

    race 15 || 26.09.2021 Sochi (🇷🇺)

    race 16 || 03.10.2021 Istanbul Park (🇹🇷)

    race 17 || 10.10.2021 Suzuka (🇯🇵)

    race 18 || 24.10.2021 Austin (🇺🇸)

    race 19 || 31.10.2021 Mexico-City (🇲🇽)

    race 20 || 07.11.2021 Interlagos (🇧🇷)

    race 21 || 21.11.2021 TBC

    race 22 || 05.12.2021 Jeddah (🇸🇦)

    race 23 || 12.12.2021 Yas Marina (🇦🇪)

    #the racing verse #the f1 au #shyan #we took an oath #writing progress #this post will be updated as more fics get posted #zhalia's lil fic chat
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    30.07.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #Folktale Folklore and Fantasy #narutorarepairweek2021#ameyuri ringo#omoi#ameyuriXomoi #mermaid au!
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    30.07.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    i am thinking about an everybody loves jamie zukka au

    #im listening to my musical playlist and i just got slammed with the idea of zuko as jamie #and toph as pretty #musical au's are fun
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  • deivorous
    30.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago
    @pantcrablood​ asked: “Wake up you little shit, you got company!” (for their human au if you're up for it)

    She can be so loud sometimes. He doesn’t dislike that about her - it’s bold and bright and demands attention - but fuck he feels like he’s been asleep for barely a minute. And yea, he can go a while without crashing, weeks at a time if that's whats necessary, but something about Las Noches just makes those gaps between good long recovery rests longer and longer.

    Part of him wonders if it’s intentional. Some ploy to get them all agitated and trigger happy.

    “If it’s Di, I’ll skin him.” He grunts into the folded arms, but its no use. He’s awake. Adrenaline already having spiked at the abrupt holler. Maybe he can fake it for a few more seconds though.

    #[ ic || la pantera ] #pantcrablood #not vibing the human au much atm #feel like i need to get back into #grimms voice
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  • 1-800-pastelskies
    30.07.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    so um i did a little something for my ocs and um here (sorry for the stretched images on some of the icons) also i don‘t know wth happened to the emojis

    #♡peach's paint pallet♡ #oc#♡twitter au #pastel nadeshiko pink : luna malikai lex #tag later
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    30.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago
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  • fantastic-bby
    30.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Pairing: Yeosang x Hongjoong

    Word count: 739

    Genre: Pirate AU

    Summary: Hongjoong finds Yeosang sitting by the docks with a bunch of notebooks and navigational tools around him. Based in the same universe as Illuminate The Ocean.

    Warnings: Mentions of explosives/guns/gunpowder



    “What’s your name?” the pirate asked. The blond looked up from his notebook to stare at the man. He couldn’t have been that much older than him, but there was something about the look in his eyes that just made Yeosang feel promised. He had on a coat that looked a size too big for him and it was missing a few buttons, but the battered up garment just made Yeosang wonder where exactly it had come from.

    “Yeosang. Kang Yeosang,” he answered.

    “What are you writing down?” the man continued.

    “I’m recording the weather. I want to see whether or not my calculations are correct,” he muttered absentmindedly as he looked back down to the beat up notebook sitting on his lap. The pirate eyed the book from where he was standing, his figure casting a small shadow right behind Yeosang’s hunched over form. To his side was a sextant, what looked like a makeshift anemometer, a small dark blue flag and a handful of notebooks.

    “What for?” Yeosang paused for a moment before he turned to look at the man.

    “It’s interesting to me. I’ve always wanted to travel the seas and I’ve always thought myself to be a pretty damn good navigator, so might as well prove my predictions beforehand,” he answered simply before turning back down to his notebook. He thought that maybe he had all that he needed for the night and closed it. “If you’ll excuse me, sir, I need to head back home.” Yeosang stood up and gathered his things before briskly walking away from the dock and towards the town.

    The man watched as he did before calling out to him, “spare me a minute, Yeosang.” The man immediately stopped and turned around. “My name is Hongjoong. Kim Hongjoong. That ship over there is mine,” he pointed to a small ship not too far from the both of them, “and I’m in need of a navigator on my crew.” Yeosang turned his full body to face Hongjoong. “I only have one other person on my crew and his name is Choi Jongho. He’s a good medic, but what’s a pirate ship without a good navigator?”

    “With all due respect, Hongjoong, you haven’t even seen whether or not my predictions are accurate,” Yeosang claimed. “What makes you think I’m a good navigator?”

    “Ever trusted your gut, Yeosang?” he chuckled. “I’m a simple man who listens to his heart. Mine’s telling me that you’re going to bring good luck to my crew.” Yeosang kept his eye on Hongjoong, contemplating the offer in his mind before he laughed slightly.

    “If you’re asking me to join the crew, then I’ll have to introduce my friends. One of them is a thief and the other is an arsonist.”

    “A thief, an arsonist and a navigator?” Hongjoong raised an eyebrow. “Sounds like an interesting gang if you ask me.”

    “If you don’t want to take my brothers, then I have no interest in joining,” Yeosang claimed, piquing Hongjoong’s interest further.

    “What makes you think that I need them as well?” he questioned. Hongjoong honestly didn’t need more convincing. There was something special about Yeosang and he could see it. Despite all of that, Hongjoong was curious as to how far Yeosang was going to go to get him to say yes to bringing his friends.

    Yeosang’s head tilted. He could see the challenge in Hongjoong’s eyes. “Wooyoung can pickpocket anyone on this harbour while talking to them and he’d still get away with more than what you would ask. San knows how to play with gunpowder. Wouldn’t you need someone to handle your cannons and guns for you? He also knows how to make explosives. Big ones, small ones, you name it and he’ll make it. Me, on the other hand, I think we’ve already covered my abilities well and if my calculations are correct, there will be a storm in a few hours.”

    “How do I know you’re not just predicting this on spot from how the clouds cover the moon?” Hongjoong pressed. Yeosang looked down at one of the notebooks in his hand and opened it, flipping it open before holding it up in front of him.

    “I predicted this three days ago.” He closed the book and stared straight into Hongjoong’s eyes. The pirate took a deep breath before smiling.

    “Bring your friends over to my ship at dawn. Welcome to ATZ.”

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    30.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago


    What if ALYA became the new Hawkmoth?!

    #imagine#angst#ml au #a broken friendship au
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  • starcrossedkaiju
    30.07.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Chapter 2 is finished and in the drafts. I officially hate copy and pasting from the notes app <3

    I was debating just posting it today because I feel bad about that cliffhanger. But that’s no fun.

    Plus I still have to write like four fucking chapters so I’m gonna stagger the hell out of this.

    Anyways if you haven’t read Chapter One, consider this an advertisement.

    #I’m gonna take this off day to start chapter… something. The end of act one. #kingslayer au #3rd life smp #3rdlife#cas draws#cas types#mcyt
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  • madtumbleson
    30.07.2021 - 9 minutes ago

    I remembered I could put descriptions on series so the Coffee Shop AU now has the following description:

    A collection of scenes from a Wolf 359 coffee shop AU with a side of Minlace, except this is me, so every instance of Hilbert being shady as fuck is just him being a married man and an exhausted dad of 3 who has not told a single one of his coworkers anything at all about his personal life.

    #writing terrible fanfic #coffee shop AU
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  • amazingfantasticmarvelous
    30.07.2021 - 10 minutes ago

    The Bet - Part 8

    Summary: Y/n and Bucky head out on their camping trip.

    Who: Y/n Y/l/n x Bucky Barnes. Y/n Y/l/n x Steve Rogers. Featuring: Sam Wilson, Tony Stark, Clint and Laura Barton, Natasha Romanoff, Wanda Maximoff and Jarvis Vision.

    Warnings: The usual cursing. This isn’t the boy scout Steve Rogers character.


    Bucky’s POV-2 WEEKS LATER

    Tomorrow is our camping trip and i still haven’t really talked to Y/n. We’ve text here and there but we haven’t really had it out yet. I’m honestly just hoping she shows up to the airport.

    “You really aren’t gonna call her?” Clint asks putting his truck in park.

    “If she shows, she shows.” I shrug.

    “You do know how stupid you’re being right?” Laura asks me as we both get out of the truck.

    “I’m not gonna beg for her time.”

    “Bucky, I’ve kept my mouth shut a long time. I keep her secrets and i keep yours, but right now you’re both being so idiotic i have to say something.”

    “Laura, I appreciate you not telling anyone about us but Y/n and I are either gonna be ok or we aren’t.”

    “Want us to wait with you?” Clint comes around the truck putting his arm around Laura.

    “Nah I’m just gonna get through security, grab a cup of coffee, and relax a bit before I board.”

    “Alright man. Have fun.”

    “Thanks. And thanks for the ride.”

    “No problem.”


    Security went a lot quicker than i thought it would. Y/n always gets anxious she won’t pass for whatever reason so, it’s become a habit to get here pretty early.

    “Hi what can i get started for you?” The barista at Starbucks asks.

    “Hello can i get a venti oatmilk latte with a pump of vanilla and cinnamon?”

    “That’s weird that lady over there ordered the same thing.” My head turns in the direction she points and i smile. Y/ns sitting with her headphones in sipping her coffee

    Y/N’s POV

    “Hi. My name is Bucky. I’m from Brooklyn, I’m a pisces, and I’m a total fucking idiot.”

    I want to smile but I refuse to give in before his actual apology. “I’m listening.”

    He lets out a breath kneeling in front of me, “So I have this best friend that i love more than any other person on this planet. But honestly, lately I’ve been jealous. She’s getting really serious with her boyfriend and I’m scared we aren’t going to be friends like we use to be. And truthfully that’s terrifying because I don’t really know what it’s like to not have her around.”

    “Bucky no one, no one will ever come between you and I. I know we’ve been weird but I promise I’m not going anywhere.” He smiles as my lips turn up too. “I love you James.” I say placing my arms around his neck, he lifts me up in his arms.

    “Love you too doll.”

    Our eight hour flight is spent watching New Girl, me sleeping on Y/n while she reads Season of Storms, again. And her sleeping on me while I read A Dance With Dragons, again.

    Our eight hour flight is spent watching New Girl, me sleeping on Y/n while she reads Season of Storms, again. And her sleeping on me while I read A Dance With Dragons, again.

    “You two are a beautiful sight.” A man in the seat on at the left of us says.


    “I noticed you in the airport, I can tell there’s great love between you.” He seems like a nice enough old man.

    “Oh no we’re not together.”

    “Ah. This is my Janet.” He pulls out his wallet showing me a photo of a younger him, a beautiful blonde, and a little girl. “I knew from the moment I saw her, i was destined to love her for the rest of my life.”

    “I’ve known Y/n since i was five. She’s literally my best friend.”

    “Aren’t those the best kinds of love stories?”

    Y/n snuggles closer to me lightly moaning in her sleep. I can’t help my smile or the kiss i place to the top of her head.

    “I’ll let you get back to your book.” The old man grins turning his attention back to his as well.


    We get or gear pretty quick then head to pick up or rental.

    “Is there another name this reservation could be under?” The lady at the front desk asks me.

    “It should be James or Bucky Barnes for a Jeep Wrangler.”

    “I’m sorry Mr. Barnes I don’t see anything under that name.”

    “Well do you have a Jeep available?”

    “We only have one but it’s reserved.”

    “We could just go to another car rental company.” Y/n shrugs.

    “This is bullshit.”

    “Buck it’s fine.” She says grabbing her phone “I’m sorry, could you check under Y/n Y/l/n?”

    “Why would it be under you? I made the reservation.”

    “I have you right here Miss Y/l/n. We’ll bring your car upfront.” She smiles walking to the back room.

    Y/n holds up her phone. “Steve asked if i liked the jeep. I gathered he might’ve changed the reservation.”

    A black Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Polar with what looks like a Roofnest Condor XL mounted to the hard top is parked out front for us.

    “Really?” I shake my head.

    “He wanted to rent an RV. I told him it’s not how we camp.”

    “No but the most expensive Jeep and tent setup was fine?”

    “I didn’t know he was going to do this. If i did I wouldn’t have let him.”

    “It’s fine,” I look away from her “we’re wasting light. And we still need to grab food.”


    It’s quiet, even after we stop for groceries. I’m driving, she’s texting and it’s making me more and more upset.

    “Do you wanna listen to music?”

    “Oh welcome back.”


    “I don’t care put whatever on.” I regret that immediately when she starts singing Shake It Off by Taylor Swift, loudly and she’s not a great singer. It changes into a slower song that she quickly changes now I’m wondering why. She puts on a 60s playlist and drops her phone in the cup holder.

    “Are you seriously mad at me?”


    “Oh ok.” She rolls her eyes. “Dude, I didn’t ask him to do this. I specifically told him this is our thing and I didn’t want his input. And I was on my phone arguing with him through text.”

    “Can i ask you something?”

    “Of course you can.”

    “Are you really going to move in with Steve?”

    “That’s what you want to ask me?” I just lift a brow waiting for her response.

    “Yea, I’m going to move in with him. He’s a good guy and I, I love him.” I look away when she says that. “Can we just make a deal to not talk about my relationship on this trip? It’s just you and me this week.” I nod giving a tight smile.

    It only took an hour or so to drive to the camping grounds. The view is incredible Y/n was right the lake is, beautiful. You could literally see every fish swimming beneath the water it’s so clear.

    “It’s so, it’s pretty great right?” She turns to me smiling.

    “Yea it’s pretty great.” I smile back as we start setting up the tent. It’s a fucking king size mattress at top with a small space at the side to hang out away from the sun. Even the back door is fitted with a grill. Guy went all out with this thing. “That’s a fancy tent. How much you think this all cost?”

    “You know I couldn’t tell you.” She huffs. “I’m gonna take a walk.”

    “We’ll go after we set up.”

    “No, I’m gonna take a walk.”

    Y/N’s POV

    I’m really not paying attention to where I’m going but eventually i make it to the lake. It’s so indescribably peaceful here. Normally, these trips are so fun. It’s a week of just breathing for a second. Not thinking about work or relationship shit. It’s just me and him. This time i feel like we’re lost and can’t find our way back to normal. Bucky and I keep fighting, we rarely fight. Usually that’s the relationship I don’t have to worry about or work at. Now Steve and I are moving towards a future while Buck and I are looking like we’re coming to an end.

    Steve’s POV

    “Nice shot.” Tony claps my back after i hit my ball on to the green.

    “Very nice Rogers.” Stephen agrees.

    “Before I forget, Y/n and I are doing a dinner when she gets back.”

    “She’s not mad anymore?” Tony asks making me grin.

    “Come on Stark, you know she never stays mad too long.” I grin.

    “What did you do?” Stephen asks.

    “You know in typical Rogers fashion he showed her the right way to do something she’s been doing for a decade.”

    “And she thanked me in the end.”

    “You two are getting pretty serious huh?” Strange takes his shot.

    “She’s moving in.”

    “I smell a proposal soon.”

    “Shooting for New Years.”

    “Really?” Tony lifts a brow. “She doesn’t strike me as the type to get married so soon.”

    “Yea well you didn’t think she’d say yes to moving in with me either.” I counter

    “If anyone could get a woman to change everything about herself, Rogers is your man.”

    “Woah I’m not changing her,” they both give me a look. “What? I’m not she still has her friends and her little book store,”

    “Till you decide you want kids.”

    “I’m sure there will be a discussion.”

    “That ends in your favor no doubt.” We all share a light chuckle. “What’s this trip she’s on?”

    “Hopefully it’s the last one.”

    “Why is that?”

    “She’s with a friend and I think he has a thing for her.”


    “Yea they’re childhood friends and I guess they’ve taken a camping trip every year since they were seventeen or eighteen. They’re in Canada right now.”

    “I don’t think I’ve know anyone since i was a kid. Definitely not a girl. You Stark?”

    “Does my butler count?”

    “Seriously Rogers, how are you calm about these two, alone, in a tent, under the stars.”

    “I trust Y/n. Besides, what more could she want than me?”

    “Does this mean you’re letting that blonde piece go?” Stephen asks. “I wouldn’t mind trying her out.” He smirks.

    “Blonde?” Tony asks.

    “Don’t act high and mighty Stark.” He lifts his hand.

    “Just asking Rogers no need to get defensive.”

    “I think I’ll hold onto her awhile longer and send her your way when I’m done.”

    “Good man.”

    Y/Ns POV

    When i get back to camp, Bucky has a fire going. I take a seat next to him though his eyes don’t leave the flames. I think about getting ready for bed when he speaks.

    “Why didn’t you tell me Clark asked you to move to Chicago?”

    “That’s really random. Wait, how did you even know about that?”

    “Does it matter?”

    “No, I guess not.”


    “Honestly, it was hard enough to go out there in the first place. Telling you would’ve made it impossible. You would’ve said what a terrible idea it was, that my life is in New York, my friends are there or that Clark and I broke up for a reason. I honestly didn’t want to hear any of it.”

    “Why did you come back?”

    This isn’t really a conversation I want to have or honestly ever thought we would have. Truthfully, I came back for Bucky. But if i told him that it would be an issue just like it’s going to become one now.

    “What does it matter? I came back. Clark is married and has two boys. I have two successful bookshops. Everything worked out the way it was supposed to.”

    “That could’ve been you, marriage, kids, a family. You can pretend all you want but I know you want a family Y/n.”

    “Why are you asking me about this?”

    “I’ve just been thinking about the opportunities we’ve missed because we felt obligated to each other.”

    “I’ve never seen our friendship as an obligation, James.”

    “That’s not what I,”

    “I didn’t move to Chicago because i have a life in New York.”

    “And what about Greyson or hell Brock?”

    “We weren’t right for one another.”

    “You mean they didn’t like me.”

    “I mean they weren’t right for me.”

    “And Steve is?”

    “Jesus christ Buck. What do you want from me? Seriously, what? You are my family, if people don’t get that then I’m not gonna try to convince them otherwise. Steve has been supportive and understanding. Fuck, you’re literally the only reason i gave this a real shot and you’ve been punishing me ever since.”

    “I’m not punishing you, i just think maybe,”

    “Maybe what? I don’t even understand what you’re saying. You’re upset that I didn’t stay in Chicago but you’re also upset that I’m trying to build something with Steve? You know what, this is ridiculous, I’m going to bed.”

    If this was the first day I’m really not excited for the six that follow.

    Part 9



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    #steve rogers x you #steve rogers x reader #steve rogers x y/n #steve rogers series #steve rogers au #steve rogers fandom #steve rogers fanfic #steve rogers fanfiction #tony stark#stephen strange #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes x y/n #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes #bucky barnes series #bucky barnes au #bucky barnes fandom #bucky barnes fan fiction #bucky barnes fanfiction #marvel au#marvel fanfiction
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    | July 2021 recs Masterlist | part 2

    Hey lovelies, here’s the second half of recs for July ! PLEASE support the writers as they put a lot of work into their fics! Reblog and like their posts please! Comment any recs for me to check out and add! Thank you, happy reading :) [ any mistakes/missing “*” lmk!]

    [ * = marked 18+ by the writer, minors DNI]

    Part 1

    Bucky Barnes x Reader


    Voicemails to an unmanned inbox

    Over worried and touch starved *

    Taking shots

    Sweet like a peach *

    Drunk in love *

    Secret girlfriend


    Sweeter than words

    Broken * (s.s)

    Messy *

    Been like this *

    Hundred of kisses

    Polaroids *

    Give into me *

    Back to bed

    Rush hour *


    It hurts that you think about yourself like that *

    Falling for you

    Not so secret confessions

    One bed, two idiots

    Goodnight kiss


    No control *

    Tired eyes

    You’re not alone

    Louder *

    Hey doll

    His button

    Jiggle for me *

    Confessions in an elevator

    Eight days a week

    Yanking my chain *

    Take a chance on me

    Whisker me away *

    So this is love

    Vibin *

    Moving on

    Build a life together

    “Are you kidding me?”

    Tuna melt

    Enemies to lovers

    Perfect fit

    Your life, your voice, your reason to be

    Dom!Bucky *

    Show off *

    Confessional whispers

    Double blind


    Messy *

    Why do you care?

    Golden (you’re so golden)

    Magnetic force of a man

    One bed, two buddies

    The right partner

    Grilled cheese and other love languages


    Aerophobia | Rebecca | Rebecca ii (wip)

    The road to redemption

    Begin again | everything I wanted

    Not that smooth | Getting good *

    I was a heathen | Part ii

    Teachers favorite | Part ii *

    Something new * | Part ii


    A kiss on your hand

    Appointments *

    Ready to comply *

    Wild child

    I hate you but


    Music to my eyes *

    Guiding light *

    The nanny *

    Devils mark *

    Let me go *

    Little one (s.s)

    Crushes and spam accounts

    Unexpected *

    Drabbles/asks/hcs/no name fics


    Worth the wait *



    Beefy Trainer!Bucky *

    Beefy Biker!Bucky

    Art Professor!Bucky *

    Chubby!Librarian!Bucky *


    Mafia!Bucky x Receptionist!Reader *

    Roommate!Bucky *

    More Mafia!Bucky*


    Pregnant!Reader fluff




    Bucky’s whipped


    “Bite me” “if you insist” *


    Fluffy Beefy!Bucky


    Movie night


    “Is that blood?” “Yes but that doesn’t matter right now, what does matter is-“ “you are literally bleeding.”

    Extra tags (give them love) strike means I couldn’t tag you :/
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    #bucky au #sebastian stan x reader #bucky barnes x female reader #bucky barnes fluff #bucky imagine#bucky fanfic #bucky x reader #bucky x you #bucky#feesrecs
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    #astra answers#astra#eclipsemare shipkid#blacklight answers#blacklight#pinkbug shipkid #asks and requests are needed and appreciated #undermine#undertale #undertale alternate universe #undertale au #undertale ask blog #ut#au#utau#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog
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    They didn’t do Rena Rouge justice so I Redesigned her. Hopefully people like this design ;3;

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    #danganronpa#ishimondo#kiyotaka ishimaru#mondo oowada#demon au#anon #you ask and i shall reply #so... who’s gonna tell him?
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    AU where Moneypenny is a field agent

    (because she deserves it and M's secretary is a man because Bi Bond was clearly almost pretty much not at all canon but absolutely should have been. inspired by this post.)

    First of all: the timeline. this is pre sky fall but Q is already R to the previous Quartermaster

    the only difference to the canon is that Eve Moneypenny the goddess is a field agent. this leaves the spot of "the Moneypenny" aka M's secretary open and its Villiers. because yes.

    Moneypenny gets sent after Bond as a baby-sitter of sorts.

    they both get headsets from Q of course but since Bond and Eve can also talk via their headsets bond is too busy bantering with her and Q to throw his com out of the next window.

    Can't let Q/Eve have the last word after all.

    Her official title is sniper

    Her unofficial title is 'common-sense-filter'

    no Bond, you may not sleep with the woman whose father was just murdered

    no Bond, you need to take a left here to make sure you don't end up a million dollar prototype on the bottom of the tiber

    no Bond, you should not try to protect your mother the head of MI6 by driving to an abandoned mansion in the highlands where you have no resources whatsoever ever

    yes Bond, I brought ammunition, who do you take me for, there was no way the secret weapons cache at your abandoned family manor was still full.

    she ends up getting assigned to all the double oh's whenever she is free because the mission success rates triple when the resident dumbsass highly trained secret agent has a less than perfectly thought out idea.

    Bond still has his flirting-with-M's-secretary thing going on but its gay now.

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