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    non-supernatural Twilight AU where Jacob is just a normal guy who makes Alpha Male tiktoks and calls Edward a beta

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    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #your boyfriend game #your boyfriend #your boyfriend fanart #yourboyfriendgame #your boyfriend peter #your boyfriend au #yourboyfriendpsychoau#yourboyfriendgameau#yourboyfriendpsycho
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    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago
    #pirate kyoshi au #zeytins#ask#kyoshi#kelsang #kyoshi goes on a little sidequest at some point hoping to recover the box and finds it gone. she can't help but wonder
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    18.10.2021 - 4 minutes ago

    the dad fell papyrus doodle from today which is coincidentally underfell aus bday

    #posts late at night as one does #anyway im never over soft fell papyrus whos now dad #underfell#undertale au#myart #and uh... fell sans sort of #my pen pressure in aggie does not work the way i want it to #ill figure it out
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    18.10.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    Non-Normal Iron Man Tonys

    (if you want the mcu kinda version, please tell me that’s what you want. some will get full bios at a later date. i just figured they deserved something for now.)


    Depends on Timeline

    6’1” /

    PA for Potts Industries

    His own place i assume.

    He grew up with mostly simple things, his father seemed to blame him for the loss of the company but whatever it seemed to be better this way, he left as soon as he could. Meeting Rhodey and despite being a mechanic, he went up until he was Potts PA. This was fine, he handled it well enough and then there was the whole missing. He worried; he didn’t know what to do. He ended up making an Iron Man suit to save her, now he’s apparently the bodyguard of one Pepper Potts. How did this become his life?

    Anthony Stark

    Depends on Timeline

    6’1” /

    Stark Bucks

    Where ever the hell he wants to live.

    Not much can be said, he didn’t really end up making weapons and well getting kidnapped. That’s enough of a problem as it is when there’s a bunch crazed lunatics.

    Anthony Jarvis. (Tony)

    Depends on timeline

    6’1” / Loves wearing his acdc shirt

    Mechanic. (earth 8)

    He didn’t really grow up as Howards son, something changed because he ended up being the son of the Jarvis’s, adopted but that’s not here or there. That’s what happened and well, he may not have a company, but he can do something better. Make his own from scratch if he wanted to.

    Antonio Stark

    Depends on timeline.

    6’1” / Presumably gay (where the noir bit comes in), finds wearing loose shirts the best, especially the hoodie.

    Mechanic / Winter Soldier

    A flat. He doesn’t mind it.

    Scene 1; Time swap, Steve and Bucky born in the 70s/80s. Rhodey is alive. (a bit of noir in it); Tony grew up as Howards kid, and he did amazing things. But somewhere along the lines he was caught and changed. He was found some many years later and is getting better in the world now.

    Scene 2; kidnapped, whether this was early from childhood, from Afghanistan instead of the ten rings, you get the drift. He was born 1970s and soon disappeared depending on the timeline.

    (Tony can still be iron man, steve can still technically be captain America if you want or just discuss if you want to work something out.)


    Depends on timeline

    6’1” /

    Rhodes Lab, Scientist.

    Tony works with his best friend, with Rhodey.

    Tony Stark

    Depends on Timeline

    6’1” /

    CEO of Stark Enterprises (earth 1601)

    His own home.

    After SI was turned to something else, essentially throwing him to the side and having to redo he started Stark Enterprises. Along with him the bots, his ai and the clean energy he could use

    #bios #「 questionable choices ─ au 」 #and here's this list #non iron man tonys #and some non conventional iron man tonys #yeah
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    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    ¥_seiF_do.exe cannot be found

    #traditional art #mixed media art #yugioh 5ds#yugioh#yusei fudo#fudo yusei#art#my art#au #? #editing#editing practice #another experimental bust piece? yep #let me know if this needs other tags #it's spooky month so spooky artTM #lineart #brush pen drawing
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    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago


    #proserpina au #proserpina!au #steve rogers blurb #steve rogers x you #smut #steve rogers headcanon #chris evans#steve rogers #steve rogers imagine #steve rogers fanfiction #steve rogers smut #steve rogers x reader #soft!dark steve smut #soft!dark steve #soft!dark fic #dark!steve x reader #soft! dark steve #dark!steve rogers #steve fic rec #steve fic#steve filth#steve fanfic#steve fanfiction #steve rogers writing #steve rogers dirty oneshots #steve rogers ff #steve rogers moodboard #fic moodboard#fic masterpost#steve imagine
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    18.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    This pic has been dragging on for some months now... BUT i finally finished it!🤩🤩🤩

    Scene: Steve got lost in a forest, feeling slightly defeated he sits down under a tree. awhile later he jolts awake realizing he'd drifted off, and for a second, his heart skips a beat... right there in front of him stands a... man? No, a fairy!

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  • gretavanwriter
    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    used to this | kylo ren x reader

    synopsis: when kylo ren takes in an old friend, things fall back into place. certainly, the pair could get used to this.
    warnings: descriptions of injury, me not properly knowing how any of this shit works, but trying real hard, me jumping from one thing to another, female reader. (i believe this has mostly gender neutral things in it, seeing as i didn’t use any pronoun or gender related terms.)
    word count: 2k 1,922…to be exact

    lyn’s note: this gif has me fuxking dead. good god have mercy on me.

    kylo examines your limp figure as his hands shakily hold you. his nose is red, skin pale and cold to the touch due to the cruel winter weather. the last thing he’d meant to do was this…the fabric of your suit was burned right through due to his light saber, and in place, on your skin permanently, lies whats to become a scar. his fingertips graze over the burnt flesh, and he scoops you off of the ground, expression unchanging.

    despite the urge to ask, his fellow mates don’t bother when he walks into his ship, the large entrance door closing after him with a gentle “whoosh” sound. and just like that, they’re off.

    you’re out for hours, and when you finally wake up, it’s a slow process. your mind awakes, and you know that you aren’t unconscious — or dead, at that — then, your eyes slowly open. thankfully, the room you’re in is dark. the walls are a deep grey, lingering a few shades above black, and there’s a gentle red glow of lights that surround the ceiling and floor edges. slowly, you gather your surroundings, and you sit up. you know better than to jerk around in your current state, and even being careful, your head is pounding. scanning the room, you scoot over to the edge of the large bed you’ve been placed in, reaching for the little switch of the lamp on the bedside table.

    even it’s dim bulb practically blinds you, and you cover your eyes. once again, you go through the slow process of adjusting your eyes. you know exactly where you are as you ponder about it — okay, maybe not exactly, but you have an idea…and something tells you, this may not be the best place. however, you aren’t allowed much more time to ponder before footsteps seem to grow closer and closer. they’re heavy and steady, the unknown being outside striding down what you presume is a hall. so, you shuffle to turn off the lamp, shimmying beneath the covers. it seems like the easiest option in this very moment.

    pulling the covers over your mouth, your eyes fall shut, and you pretend to be asleep. then, the door, as you suspected, opens with a gentle click. you think you’re doing well at this, that the person who has walked in doesn’t know you aren’t actually asleep. however, the deep voice you hear tells you otherwise. a low chuckle rumbles from the man, and his steps are heavy, boots tapping against the marble floor. “don’t pretend on my account, y/n,” his voice is low and rasped as he speaks smoothly.

    slowly, your fingers creep over the edge of the thick, black blanket and you push it down to your thighs as you sit up. you knew it was kylo when you heard his voice; it’s distinct. now, he removes his mask, revealing his face to you. it had been a long time since you’d last seen him; he looks good.

    it’s silent and awkward.

    when you begin to shift, kylo uses the force to stop you, pulling you closer to him. “let me look at your side,” he reaches forward, and you grasp his wrist. “why?” you don’t recall what happened, and you certainly can’t remember anything that would call for his examination. “y/n, don’t act a fool,” he’s unamused, and your confusion grows. “i don’t know what happened, you ass,” you grumble, standing up. kylo instantly seemed to panic, hands coming forward with intentions to help you, but he stops. stepping back, he clears his throat. taking it upon yourself, you walk past kylo and into what you assume is a bathroom.

    your fingers dance over the wall until you find a switch, and you push upwards. as expected, the light comes on. thankfully for your eyes, it’s a dim one, just enough for one to see the surroundings of the bathroom. from in the bedroom, kylo turns on the bedside lamp, settling onto the bed as he watches you. he feels guilty. carefully, you pull apart the edge of the bandage, unraveling the cloth. as you near your own skin, you can see the remanence of blood. finally, when it comes off, you let it fall to the floor.

    the mark sprawls across your side, curling around to your middle. thankfully, you don’t feel it…at least not now. “i’m sorry.” kylo is now standing at the door of the bathroom, eyes flickering back and forth between your face and your fingers that graze the skin near the large marking. when you accidentally graze over the injury, it sends a shiver through you and you wince. “you did this?” you murmur, turning to face the man who watches you. “not intentionally,” he responds, walking towards the bath. “what are you doing?” your brows furrow in confusion. “you should take a bath,” kylo explains, and you watch his hands.

    the water begins running when he twists the knobs. the loud patter of it making contact with the tub floor is soothing to you, mimicking a rain sound. “why do you care?” you question suddenly. you didn’t expect kylo of all people to be the one helping you like this. ben solo would, but kylo? you don’t know. although, you suppose he may not be the evil being he seems. regardless, you’re still cautious. kylo sighs, and he stays hushed. dipping his fingers into the water, he makes sure it’s warm enough, and not too warm. ridding of the excess water with a shake of his hand, he stops the water when the tub is full. then, he stands up, extending to his full height.

    he doesn’t seem to want to respond to you, but you know he heard it. you don’t push him at the moment. both because you don’t want to upset him and because the warmth of the water in the tub before you looks so inviting. kylo leaves the bathroom, but doesn’t go far, walking around the bedroom. your fingers curl around the door of the bathroom, and you push it. however, you don’t close it fully; there’s a small crack. removing your clothes, you step into the tub, shivering in delight. when the water makes contact with your newest injury, you have to pause, slowing yourself down. it burns. when the pain finally subdues, you settle into the tub fully, sinking down.

    your eyes fall shut and you feel tired, but you force yourself to stay awake. when the door is pushed open, your arms come up, covering your chest. it’s kylo. his hand is cupped on the side of his face, shielding his eyes from you as he gathers your clothes. “i’m just going to have these washed, don’t worry,” he explains, and you nods even if he isn’t looking. slowly, your arms return to your sides. he leaves the room quietly and quickly, shutting the door behind himself. eventually, you gather the energy to wash your hair and body. standing up, your body is hit with a chill, the cold air feeling icy against your wet skin. the door opens again, and once again, you’re trying to cover yourself. kylo’s eyes are wide, and he clears his throat for the second time, handing the large, warm towel to you. taking it, you wrap it around yourself. years ago, neither of you would bat an eye at being nude in front of one another.

    your eyes are heavy, and you’re lingering on the verge of sleep. your hair is still wet, but you aren’t bothered enough to do anything about it. however, despite the urge to drift into a lane of sleep, the opening of the door grasps your attention. you aren’t shocked to see kylo, and you slowly lift your head. “i didn’t mean to wake you-“ he begins, and you shake your head. “i wasn’t really asleep yet, don’t worry.” you assure him with a sleepy grin. nodding slowly, he walks to you.

    as he nears, you identify the objects in his hand: a new cloth to wrap your middle, and some sort of substance to soothe the area. “can i?” he asks as he sets the items down. then, he gestures to your side, making sure you’re okay with taking your shirt off. nodding, you remove the fabric, and you shift to lay on your side so he can access the area. his hands are warm and gentle when he begins applying the pain medication to the area. despite the comforting feelings of his palm and fingertips, you wince at the tenderness of your gash.

    instead of verbally apologizing, he pauses on your skin, fingers moving to trace shapes along the areas of your skin that aren’t damaged. once you give him the okay to continue, he’s even more gentle. then, as he grabs the wrap, he realizes this wouldn’t be the easiest way to bandage your up. “can you stand up?” he asks you softly, and you do so. as you stand, your body awakens more than previously. now, you see his own pajamas. he’s got a black tank top and sweatpants, his muscular shoulders and arms on display. gently, you place your hands in his hair, brushing through it.

    he doesn’t seem to mind, but it may be because he’s focused on wrapping the bandage around your middle. a shiver runs through your body as the air conditioning kicks on. with a huff, you speak. “why do you have it so cold? i’m freezing,” you grumble, and he chuckles quietly, fingertips cupping your waist as he secures the bandage. “i sleep better when it’s co…” he trails off as he looks up at you, and your hands fall upon his cheeks. his hands are rested on your waist, and your heart speeds up as your gazes meet.

    “we shouldn’t,” he tells you as you start leaning in. ow. nodding, you retract your hands. “you’re right,” you murmur, watching as he gathers the items he’d brought into the room. he stands from the chair he’d also brought, grasping it with ease. “you can sleep in here,” he clarifies as he’s leaving.

    “why don’t you sleep with me?”

    your words have him stopping in his tracks. turning to you, he ponders. “i mean- it’s your room, y’know…so, you should stay in it.” you explain. he nods slowly, “as long as you don’t mind.” you smile briefly, settling onto the edge of the bed. “i wouldn’t have said anything if i was bothered,” you respond. with a nod, kylo then leaves to return the items to their designated spot. you have every intent to wait for him, to fall asleep with him when he returns. however, as time passes, your get warmer, and the warmer you get, the sleepier you feel. soon, you’ve finally drifted into a slumber, peacefully sleeping.

    your sleep is — once again — interrupted when the weight in the bed shifts. you aren’t sure how long you’d been asleep for at this time, but you weren’t in your deepest of slumber. kylo’s body practically radiates warmth, and you sigh in content at the extra heat. kylo turns to face you, but soon moves to lie on his stomach, arms folding beneath his head as a pillow. and just like that, you both fall asleep, just like you wouldve when you were younger. you don’t know how long this will last, or how it will work out, but damn. you can get used to this.

    #fanfiction#kylo ren #kylo x reader #kylo fanfic #kylo x y/n #kylo fluff #kylo ren x female reader #kylo ren x y/n #kylo ren x you #star wars #star wars au #adam#adam driver #adam driver x reader #adam driver fanfiction #adam driver fandom #kylo ren fic #kylo ren fanfiction #kylo ren au #kylo ren fluff #kylo ren angst #star wars fanfiction #star wars x reader #star wars the last jedi #star wars rise of skywalker #disney
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    18.10.2021 - 7 minutes ago

    To the anon that sent in an ask about my Anxiety!Logan, know that i havent forgotten you, and im currently gearing up with a number of sketches to gift your ask with bc he has my whole heart too and now thats all i wanna draw lol

    (also, said sketches with Anxiety!Logan will also feature the others that have yet to be revealed for the swap/switch au! Including Intru/creativity!Patton, Logic!Virgil, and Morality!Remus, if anyone was curious lol)

    #sideswap au #honestly idek of thats what im calling this au anymore lol
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    18.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Also no one asked but unlike Misaki, Pareo doesn't rly have to work to learn japanese upon getting stranded thanks to her being the current favorite mortal of a certain dream god figure I mentioned earlier. They like to pick out random mortals to follow the lives of and try to throw random shit at them and see what they do, which is actually part of how Pareo and Misaki got stranded in the first place. They decided to use their power to basically translate everything both ways for Pareo at all times, although they aren't always 100% accurate fncndkd. They rarely get too far off though luckily.

    #rat rambles#band posting #sci fantasy au #sorry for all the long posts all the sudden Im just feeling infinite talking power rn and am going to get the most out of it fndkfndj #if theres any specific characters youd like to know some of the worldbuilding around in this au I wouldnt comlain abt an ask or two 👀... #not that I expect to get asks but if any of you want to Id be more than willing to ramble abt whatever worldbuilding I got!!!
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    (X) @ruxlskaard​

    While sitting was good for recovery, it was still slow... So when Roulxs suggested that they take a brief walk around to recover a bit, Riff was a bit wary, but agreed to explore the dungeon they were currently resting in.

    The dungeon’s architecture was one the female Brit internally admired, but the cages were a bit unsettling... A reminder of what would happen to her if she was caught, and having her freedom restricted was something she wanted to avoid by all means.

    When she was about to approach a certain part of the dungeon, she felt the Duke’s hand rest briefly on her back before he pulled it back, listening to his reason for the gesture.

    “Okay, let’s head back and finish resting there, Sir Roulxs... Thank you for helping us avoid any potential ambush attacks.” Riff nodded to him in thanks, turning around to head back to their resting spot in the dungeon.

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    | Franstober | Prompt: Hangover | Two Weeks Notice — An Office Rom Com AU for WDYW |

    I did this in a cold sweat at 10:00 at night and was too tired to actually finish it, so I will provide the excerpt this little comic is an adaptation from underneath its plot synopsis~~

    Two Week's Notice Plot Synopsis:

    Working a meaningless 9-5 office job drains the life out of everyone's soul, even the most determined. Some people lose their minds and call it quits… some people turn to rampant alcoholism… others to trivial one-night stands. But there are people that make the days not as dreary, and for Frisk, that person is Sans Gaster, her tantalizingly smug coworker.

    However, a once friendly, but strained, work relationship is turned on its head when he asks her to be his date to the most important wedding of the century… but there's a catch.

    Apparently, they've been together for a year… When she called him her Office Husband this isn't what she meant!

    It was one o'clock in the afternoon when Sans became aware of his own body again… He felt so disgusting… His entire body was in pain! And nausea… nausea permeated every orifice of his being. It took everything in him not to vomit on the pillow. 

    He groaned and slapped a pillow onto his face to hide from the invasive sunlight. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn't go back to bed, and he did try. His body just would not allow him to sleep this hangover away. Ohhhh, fuck me! 

    Sans rolled over onto his side and his hand fumbled about his nightstand to find his phone. 

    What had even happened last night? The last thing he remembered was Nick and Doug making that stupid bet. He'd blacked out… Ugh, I'm such an idiot. How could I let myself do that? 

    He dreaded the idea that he'd said some pretty stupid shit and scrolled through his messages. Nothing. He checked his voicemail. Four missed calls… Oh for Christ's sake! 

    Slowly, he typed in the password to his voicemail and set it down beside him as it played. 

    “Hey, it's Nick. We got you a cab…teleportation was not working. It was actually pretty funny. But uh, make sure to call us when you make it back home.” 


    Message deleted. Message two. 

    “Hey, Nick again. You never called, so Doug is going over to make sure you're alright.” 


    Message deleted. Message three. 

    “'Ello mate… which one was it again? Two-Oh-four or Three-oh...Oh...OH! Ok,  nevermind, I found ya… where's the key? Wait, it's not even, ok, I'm in, nevermind. Bye.” 

    Sans rolled his eyes and snickered at Doug before he pressed seven with a dismissive thumb. He rolled over and sighed as he listened to the next one. 

    “Hey, it's Nick again. I wanted you to hear this sober so you can actually understand what I'm saying. Listen, I'm actually super proud of you man. It's surprisingly sweet to hear you talk so affectionately about this girl… What was her name?”

    “Eh, Frisk.”

    “RIGHT! Frisk! I still can't believe you've been with her for a year! That's awesome Sans! We can't wait to meet her at the wedding.” 

    “I still think he's lying.”

    “Well, that's another thing… Doug bet five hundred dollars on this, Sans…and if it turns out you're lying…” 

    “He's totally lyin', I can smell it!”

    “You're nose blind Doug, what are you talking about?”

    “I can smell his fear.” 

    “So uh… Anyway! I can't wait to meet her!”

    “I can't wait to make five hundred dollars.” 

    Sans shot up like a rocket. “WHAT!?” 

    #sloppy art lol #I was so tired #franstober#hangover#office au #rom com AU #wdyw#wdywfell#underfell sans#underfell frans #writing and art #two for the price of one #hahaha #writing under the cut #pls reblog #don't worry I'm still writing ywiw #I actually wrote this fic a little bit ago #mostly just for myself #it's super cute and fluffy #and hilarious #hence the comedy part of romantic comedy #but yeah #I thought this scene suited the prompt quite nicely
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    #omniglitch au #ben 10 au
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    A funny conversation between an immortal and his aging companion

    also click for better quality bc tumblr loves to obliterate my drawings

    #read down to left i think #my ocs#art#comic#illustration #FUCK drawinf comics shout out to everyone who does comics for a living bc this is hard and i dont like it #i could NEVER #clove#finn#doodlin #the vv au #the lost king #clove voice i miss finn so much i would give anything to see him again #finn voice stop telling people im dead #clove voice. sometimes i can still hear his voice
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  • thisuserisyou
    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago

    guess who just got invested into these characters more :DDDDDDDD

    Here’s a wip of @notedchampagne and @thatneoncrisis ocs because I won’t be able to finish it in awhile :”3 (so like this is humanstuck of witch AU of anhemaquest ??? Wow so many in one, also yeah I’ve been reading A Home in a Void, very good dude)
    #anhema vantas captor #anhemaquest #nix serket maryam #yeshua strider vantas #vishnu captor#homestuck#homestuck au#homestuck art#ocs #ocs but not mine #look.loookk i get invested in characters with cool designs and backstories please leave me alone #I basically described every oc so you can tell i get invested in almost anything #lmao sorry#wip
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  • juliankwan
    18.10.2021 - 11 minutes ago


    Leave it to the creepy cabin to be freezing cold. Julian rubbed his arms, wishing he had brought more layers as he left his room in search of more blankets. The door groaned open, leading him into the darkened hallways. His eyes shifted up and down the hall, forgetting where the switch was, and not exactly up to the idea of wandering the quiet hall in utter darkness. “Ghosts aren’t real,” he muttered to himself in reminder. And yet he was hesitant in stepping further down the hall. 

    Logically, ghosts and all the scary stories that came along with the cabin couldn’t be real, but Julian had never been much of a fan of anything horror-related. He shouldn’t have agreed in coming in retrospect--now he was cold and agitated--but then there was the issue of never hearing the end of it from certain people in the group of friends he’d come with. 

    The floor creaked behind him and he startled, freezing in place and quickly turning to look over his shoulder. Nothing. He let out a shaky breath and rolled his eyes in irritation over his overreaction. “Just find some blankets,” he grimaced quietly and grabbed his phone to use as a light. Hopefully there was still some out on the couch. 

    #au: 002 #au: haunted cabin
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  • savannah-5555
    18.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    "This isn't what it looks like"

    Prompt 18 of @jilytoberfest "This isn't what is looks like"

    Muggle AU at Hogwarts University feat. Chris Evan's sweater from Knives out


    Group chat: Lily Evans, Marlene McKinnon, Mary MacDonald, Dorcas Meadows

    Lily: He’s here!!!

    Marlene: Who?


    Marlene: Who are we talking about??

    Lily: I can’t send a pic! That is super stalkerish

    Dorcas: do it do ittttt. btw be there in 4 minutes, just got out of my chem midterm

    Marlene: Who are you talking about @Lily?? Also I grabbed your charger from the dorm

    Lily: Arms is here. That guy we saw at the gym after cycling class and who is in mine and Dorcas’ bio lecture

    Marlene: Arms?? BRUH make a move!

    Mary: You guys have been talking about him all week… I NEED A PIC

    Lily: Ok hold on, he walked away from his table.

    Lily: @D hurry up and get here!!!

    Lily: He’s back!!

    Mary: picccccccsss betch!! :)

    Marlene: Is Man Bun with him? Asking for Remus.

    *Remus Lupin added to conversation*

    Remus: i stg man bun better be there after this psych lecture gets out 🤤

    Dorcas: lmaoooo Mar get that man some water #thirsty

    Lily: brb gonna be the world’s creepiest stalker and snap a pic

    “Hey babes,” Dorcas sat across from Lily, propping open her macbook. She craftily hung her bag on the back of her chair, secretly peeking at Arms and Man Bun behind them. “Remus is so peeved they had a make-up lecture today.” As if on cue, their group message lit up on their laptop iMessages.

    Remus: we’re waiting

    Mary: you are the world’s hottest stalker! I believe in you 🤗🤗🤗

    Lily casually leaned onto her shoulder, and flipped open the camera on her iPhone. She feigned scrolling up through her phone. Very casual. Any onlooker could clearly see she was probably scrolling Instagram or Tik Tok and absolutely not about to take a photo. Arms was within perfect line of sight, two tables down from her in the library. Chair tilted back on its hind legs as he lounged back, hands interlaced behind his head. He laughed at something Man Bun had said as one hand ruffled his dark brown hair.


    The next several moments of Lily Evans’ life proceeded in a mortifying succession.

    Camera flash.

    Arms looked directly up, catching her in the act.

    Man Bun whipped around, an amused expression on his face when he saw who was holding the camera.

    Lily: omfg


    Marlene: nooooooooooooo

    Mary: rip 💀

    Arms smirked, humor glinting behind his circular specs as Lily felt her face burn. Man Bun leaned in to whisper something and Arms turned and nodded.

    “Sorry D, text me when it’s safe to come back.” Lily hopped out of her seat to find solace in the library stacks so she could go hide out in the bathroom. Her mobile buzzed incessantly as her group chat continued to blow up. “Shit shit shit,” Lily swore under her breath, looking down to respond, “Oof” she collided with another student, “Sorry sorry I was just-” She stopped short when she realized who she ran into.

    “Hey mate,” Arms stood in front of her, dark jeans, cream colored knit jumper really doing wonders for his torso. He leaned against the end of the bookshelf and crossed his arms.

    “This isn’t what is looks like,” Lily blurted.

    “So this is not you running away after you tried to take a photo of me when your flash went off?”

    “Ok so this is exactly what it looks like.” The jig was up, Lily saw no reason to lie about it.

    “And why are you staking me out in the library exactly?” Arms seemed to enjoy making her squirm.

    “I’d like to clarify that I was not staking you out. I’ve been coming to this section of the library for the past two years and have never seen you here before,” she started, flipping her phone to Do Not Disturb, “and I was simply gathering photographic evidence of the hot guy in McGonagle’s lecture so show my friends.”

    “Mhmm, and did you get this photo?”

    “I did, yes, thank you. But now I must go and die of embarrassment in the loo, so if you’ll excuse me,” Lily attempted to slip past him, but he quickly sidestepped in front of her.

    “And no apology for this gross invasion of privacy?” His voice was lighthearted and smile proved he was not actually upset.

    “Oh!” Lily scrunched her face, “You’re right. I’m sorry. That was wrong of me. I can delete it now actually.” Sorry Mary, she thought as she opened her phone to delete the picture.

    “I’m going to need a little more than that,” Arms arched a brow at her, before swiping the phone from her unexpecting hands.

    “What the-” Lily started as his thumbs began moving across her phone screen.

    “Dinner will be a good start though,” He handed her her mobile back, reaching into his back pocket as a ping! Messaging sound rang from his own phone.

    Lily looked down to find a text message crafted to an unknown number, a lone camera emoji encased in the blue text bubble.

    “Dinner…” Lily repeated slowly.

    “I get off football practice at 4:30 tomorrow so can we can meet in the Great Hall for 5:30? They’ve got pasta bar on Wednesdays.” He named off the dining hall on campus known for its rotating themed dinners.

    “Erm, like a date?” Lily’s brain was working over time to process their conversation.

    “An apology dinner, a date, potato, potahto,” Arms shrugged, grinning devilishly, “Text me your name will you?”

    “I’m Lily,” her thumbs fired off a quick Lily Evans to the text thread he had opened.

    “Great. See you tomorrow, Evans,” he winked before slinking away, undoubtedly returning to rehash the turn of events to Man Bun.

    Her phone lit up.

    +1-555-523-4251: James Potter 📸 😏

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  • spoop-gaygent-three
    18.10.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Pov: you vague post about being annoyed at me but I’m convinced I’m the last thing to ever be thought about so it must be about something else and then u push me into the void forever

    #man#vent #I didn’t mean for it to get all that angry but lol #anyway yall also constantly have the urge to applogise to every single person who’s known u exsisted lol #look I know I’ve been trying to hold off the vent posts but falls on face #I feel like I’ve scared everyone off in every sense #MAN I WISH I KNEW WHAT I WAS DOING WRONG #shout out to the 2 people who still message me like 2 or 3 times a week real homies kdkddkdk #maybe they think I’m violent? cuz I like angst aus? but I’m really not I don’t even watch violent shows or whatever #or maybe it’s cuz my interests?? I few weeks ago I saw someone say omori is problematic and I thought they said that cuz the game story #and I didn’t think it had to do with the creator cuz they did the huge charity stream but apparently there was controversy so I stopped #posting about it but I think the damage was done cuz eveyone probably assumed I knew the whole time cuz why the fuck would I be so stupid #as to not onow anything and everything that’s going on am I right jdjdndjdn like what the fuck I thought I was supposed to precive #EVEEYTHING with adhd but nope nope LMAO fucking idiot who doesn’t know Jack shit even if her fucking life depended on it #or maybe I scared them off with this shit just constantly veering myself up snd never taking fucking advice like some selfish prick #they all just got so tired of my bullshit whatever it was #people I loved people I looked up to people I trusted #never good enough for anyone lmao useless piece of shit that was made for entertainment and cant even do that right #cant do anything right Jesus fuck cant learn cant draw cant be responsible cant recognise cant mature cant even maintain somewhat of who #u want to be cuz ur just that fucking stupid #and now u don’t have anyone no one will listen no one will care and it’s all ur fucking fault u did this to urself why are u blaming other #people leaving you behind for your problems now?? that’s so fucking pathetic if u could just be a better fucking person maybe u wouldn’t be #like this maybe for one second you could pretend to be satisfied and realise tithings where fucking looking out for u but u urself fucking #ruined it like u ruin everything and then u go crying in a wall of texts for no one but urself to roll in ur own god damn karma #November is right around the corner. if u want it to be better by then fucking work for it
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