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    Stumpy’s parents

    His last name is Roux because i think he is a écureuil roux ^^ ginger squirrel ?

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  • #canvas answers#canvas #canvas!sans #blue shore hotel #beach #asks and requests are always appreciated and needed #undermine#undertale #undertale alternate universe #undertale ask blog #undertale au#ut#au#utau#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog
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  • Village doctor Law

    An AU where he settles after a long while of piracy and plays the good doctor in a quiet village somewhere, using his home as a housing area of sorts. Most villagers don´t know he was a pirate but the mayor got his bounty and warns him that one day they will come looking for him. Law brushes him off and goes to his “clinic” to take care of his patients. He doesn´t usually let people stay but he makes an exception for a very pregnant lady to keep an eye on her because of some complications. She cooks and cleans for him in return (he is a tad older but she basically adopts him when she sees how sloppy he is with his meals and laundry). One day Smoker (or Kidd, to make it more interesting) busts down the door like “I found you!” and sees them and ofc assumes it´s Law´s wife and Law tries to hide his exasperation but lets him believe it because Smoker clamps down and is more or less docile when the lady is around (he obviously doesn´t know how to act) but in the end Smoker finds out that it´s not Law´s wife or anything and asks him to come with him because there is a war brewing and they need the best or something and I haven´t thought it through but basically Law taking care of pregnant ladies who mother him and it´s cute and soft and yeah…. that´s it. 

    #one piece#op#fanart #one piece fanart #law#trafalgar#trafalgar law #trafalgar d water law #doctor law#au#alternate universe #one piece au
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  • A/N So many variables and such little time


    It had been six days of Loretta living in a Los Angeles without Daniel. Eleven since they had even spoken. The first few days were easy – as easy as it could be with your soulmate always on your tastebuds – and Loretta distracted herself with Corbyn as often as she could. Corbyn had been fired from the car shop due to Christian ratting his violent outburst out to the manager but it didn’t seem to phase him; it only meant more time with his girlfriend. Corbyn attended a local Los Angeles community college so he didn’t have to move which also allowed for Loretta to never have to leave his side. Loretta was riding this bit of a high at first as she spent day in and day out with her long-term boyfriend and they went on various dates throughout the week but as the days passed on, her mood started dropping. Right around the day Daniel left for upstate.

    With Daniel gone, Corbyn permitted Loretta to visit the diner again – although he always went with her anyway – so she was back to her 3:00 strawberry shakes although they didn’t seem to taste as good as she once remembered. This Friday was no different.

    Corbyn and Loretta sat at a booth in the diner for a late lunch, waiting for their meals with a shake in front of her and a Coca-Cola in front of him. Corbyn was talking about something to do with his car and what he had planned to do in regard to aesthetic improvements on it, but Loretta was hardly listening. She was staring right past him to the jukebox on the far wall, expressionless, milkshake almost completely untouched in front of her. Corbyn didn’t ask her if she was okay.

    Her own boyfriend didn’t seem to see her melancholies but Jack and Zach sure did. They had taken their food orders – Corbyn ordering for her again – and brought over their drinks without much additional conversation. Loretta still thanked them quietly by name but without looking at them at all costs. Jack and Zach stood at their usual spots behind the front counter, watching the couple from a distance as Corbyn rambled on and Loretta sat in perfect silence.

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    #🍓#soulmate au #soulmate!wdw #daniel seavey#corbyn besson#jack avery#zach herron#jonah marais #why dont we #why dont we fanfic #1950s #daniel seavey fanfic #au
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  • I will make a au crossover where boyster’s character replace Undertale 

    It wont be a stupid reskin and the characters will keep their personality!

    It will be called Boystertale

    Here’s the replacement (It might change)

    Frisk: Alicia

    Chara: Arthur

    Flowey: Boysterclone on his flower form

    Toriel: Lola Likowski

    Napstablook: Edouardo

    Sans: Boyster Likowski

    Papyrus: Rafik

    Monster Kid: Bruce

    Undyne: Mr. Pluss

    Mad Dummy: Ozzy

    Alphys: Shelby Likowski

    Mettaton: Consuela

    Asgore: Eugene Likowski

    Asriel: Boysterclone

    Gaster: That one evil man in the homecoming episode (i forgot his name)

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    Timothy: Hades AU

    @everfascinated​ Thank you for the prompt really enjoyed drawing Tim in this style, might do the colour one at a later time!

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    This scene but with Ben watching through the Force bond, leaning casually against a tree.

    “That’s not how you do it.”

    “Shut UP,” Rey groans, throwing a rock in his direction.

    She refuses to open her eyes but can still hear the smirk in his voice when he says, “You missed.”

    #Reylo#AU#txt #filed under: all the ways I wish TROS were different
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  • Giant protector

    #undertale #horror!sans #swap!sans #bittybones#my art #cat!sans #au
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  • Threat (Drabble)

    Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Fem!Reader

    Words: 255

    The fireplace was lit, which gave the room a homely feel. You were drifting to the sound of a sweet melody from the record player, gently moving your limbs under his watchful gaze. 

    “Why are you looking at me like that?” you ask with a chuckle, watching as blue eyes gaze at you right next to the fireplace. “Are you pleased with what you see?”

    Your words elicited a subtle smile from him, as he cocked his head to one side without taking his gaze from you. You arched an eyebrow, realising that his mind was elsewhere. You slowly approached him and straddled Bucky, burying your fingers in his locks of hair carefully.

    “What are you thinking?” you whispered, trying to decipher his thoughts.

    It wasn’t easy to understand how Bucky’s mind worked, he had seen so many things and lived through so much, it was complex for him to express his emotions. He stroked the pendant with your name on it that rested on your chest.

    “I was looking at you and…” he started to say, looking at the pendant. “You know, it’s been a long time since I could fully trust someone, and when that happens you think people are threats." 

    You listened intently to his every word, trying to find a connection with his gaze again.

    "But then I found you,” Bucky looked you in the eye again. “Or you found me, and it was the first time in a long time that I didn’t see a threat.”

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    Tytes thinks about little kittens, thieves with wings, but homework distracts her

    #cats the musical #cats#art#my art#altugger#au#soft au #taytes altugger baby #taytes
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  • #crimson#poly shipkid #asks and requests are always appreciated and needed #undermine#undertale #undertale alternate universe #undertale ask blog #undertale au#ut#au#utau#utmv #skeleton ask blog #ask blog
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  • Bridge Worm, from trevor henderson + Amathyst, from Steven Universe

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    POV: Baby fox Atsumu turned back as a human while you were holding him

    Quick one i made for @jasmincypress , part of a little comic i have to finish😊😊

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  • okay- i had an au idea so convoluted it’s kind of funny.

    hear me out, and i’m sorry if this gets confusing- another Saiouma Phantom Thief Au take;

    Shuichi is a detective chasing down a Thief, whom over time he’s fallen for and now chases down lowkey so he can win his heart. one day he meets a chick while doing an investigation run whom is absolutly adorable, and he starts to get the hots for her when she decides to stick around him frequently and flirt, but has his heart set on his thief and tries desperatly to ignore the growing attraction to this girl.

    Kokichi is the thief….. Aaaand the girl. He decided to go undercover one day by crossdressing and basically attempting to flirt his way into getting valuable info. He does this quite often to Shuichi and after a while his plan backfired cause he started to actually catch feelings for the detective, so now he’s genuinly flirting with him, but getting nowhere cause of a pesky crush Shuichi refuses to tell him about.

    One day on a heist Kokichi gets fustraited because he can’t get the detective off his tail, and decided to play a little dramtics shtick with Shuichi to shock him into giving him escape time. He goes on his bit jokingly about how he’s starting to think Shuichi likes him, and how tragic that would be because he already loves another. it works, and he’s homefree.

    But now, Shuichi thinks he has way less of a chance with the thief, and Kokichi still doesn’t know he’s Shuichi’s anonymous crush; so now they’re both torn and confused and fustraited.

    eventually everything irons out and they end up happily together, but man is the trip from point A to point B a wild one.

    just so you all know, this started out with me running the concept of a noir au through my head, then i got sidetracked and ended up in this twisted mess.

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    Kim Jongin (Kai) x Reader SingleDad/CEO!AU
    Word Count:
    A/N:Sorry for the delay but here is Ch.16 tomorrow i’m gonna try and post the Mingi fic but I can’t guarantee anything.
    Ch 15 / Ch 16 / Ch 17

               Kyungsoo helped a weak Kai into his house letting Kai lean on him if needed. As they walked through the door Kai called Y/N’s name. When he received no response he called again. Nothing but silence in return. Kai began to worry until Kyungsoo suggested that she was probably with Mayra getting groceries. Kai agreed, asking to be taken to his room. Kyungsoo walked beside Kai making sure he didn’t trip or fall on the way. Once they did, Kai sat on his bed while Kyungsoo went to the kitchen to get him some food as it was now mid-afternoon. Kai looked around the room to notice that everything had been cleaned and reorganized. He smiled softly shaking his head softly at the thought of Y/N going through all the trouble even when he asked her not to. He got up walking into the closet and bathroom to see how far she had gone with her cleaning. He smiled softly as he noticed the little details that proved it was her handy work from the way his ties were organized by color and pattern, his shirts nicely hung in a separate section from his pants, her favorites in the front. Outside Kyungsoo was heating up his food when Mayra came in her hands full with bags. Kyungsoo quickly walked over to help her. While he did he asked her where Y/N was, she told him she had stayed behind to clean.

              As Kai turned around to walk back to his bed he noticed her rings sitting on the vanity, the jewels sparkling under the light. He walked over his heart beginning to feel heavy as he worried. He sat in the chair as he struggled to stand for long periods of time at the moment. He picked up the rings with a frown on his face as he noted the envelope with his name written in her writing. He set the rings down grabbing the envelope and opening it. He pulled out the letter inside beginning to read it. 

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    #kim jongin imagine #jongin imagine #jongin x reader #kim jongin x reader #kim jongin x  y/n #jongin x y/n #kai imagine #kim kai imagines #kai exo imagine #kai x reader #kai x y/n #single dad au #exo imagines #exo x reader #superm imagines #superm x reader #ceo au#au#kpop imagines#kpop headcanons#kpop au#+×DejaVu×+#deja-vux
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