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  • austineikeru
    03.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    Emmanuella Biography, Lifestyle, Age, Family And Net Worth

    Emmanuella Biography, Lifestyle, Age, Family And Net Worth

    Emmanuella Samuel popularly known as Emmunella is a famous Nigerian kid comedienne and a YouTube personality who was discovered by Mark Angel Comedy skit, a short comedy video published every Friday on YouTube. She is very gifted, skillful, creative and talented. She knows how to interpret her roles very well and can deliver her lines in a comic way that leaves viewers wondering if she is really…

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  • theheadlessgroom
    14.08.2021 - 2 monts ago



    “I-I’m alright, I’m alright, r-really!” Randall assured her gently, his heart fluttering when she gingerly touched the top of his head where the book bonked him, cheeks turning pink as her gentle touch. Even though the spot throbbed a little, he was sure it hadn’t caused him any serious injury, not enough to warrant a visit to the hospital, at least. 

    More than anything, though, he was just touched by her worrying about him, her wanting to make sure he was alright: Most people probably wouldn’t look twice at him getting conked on the head, so Emily hurrying over to make sure that he was okay warmed his heart something fierce.

    Although he doubted he had anything to worry about, Randall nonetheless sat down on the bottom rung of the ladder, letting himself relax a little and let the pain pass as he smiled to Emily, cheeks still dusted a rosy pink as he looked to her. In his hands, he still held his finds-including the book that he struck him, The Man Who Laughs. It sounded sort of interesting, and if it was written by Victor Hugo, then Randall figured it must be a good read.

    Maybe that’s why it fell on me, he thought to himself with a little smile. It wants me to read it!

    #((all that effort and pain for nothin'! i could totally see it being one of those bad films that gets revisited decades later)) #((by someone breaking down what went wrong with it: its troubled production; its two stars; neither of whom could stand each other)) #((and all the antics of said stars on-set; and the fallout that ensued when the movie came out; how it was a financial flop)) #((and not only killed any chances of nicholas becoming an a-list again but probably did a LOT of damage to constance's career too!)) #((i feel like she might stay a little more afloat in the business than nicholas would but i feel like her career)) #((would eventually fizzle out as well and she'd probably wind up doing low-rent 'psycho biddy' horror movies)) #((like 'what's the matter with helen?' and 'whoever slew auntie roo?'; a far cry from her roles as a beautiful and dangerous vamp!)) #((but at least she'd still have some success; nicholas would have none! no one in their right mind would take him on!)) #((i still love that idea of nicholas trying to stage yet another comeback years later and when he proves to be too much of a hassle)) #((he gets replaced with an up-and-coming lon pace! i still think that'd be so hilarious!)) #((nicholas will ALWAYS lose to the paces!)) #outofhatboxes#beatingheart-bride #V:Sweethearts of the Silver Screen
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  • doinbetter
    23.04.2021 - 5 monts ago

    My mom gave me her old sewing machine & I'm starting to learn!

    I learned how to thread / use the whole machine last night, & I sewed a "hem" (a straight line on a folded over scrap of t-shirt)

    #I just want more useful skills and I want to be more self sufficient #fuck spending $100 on clothes from a 'sustainable' or 'ethical' brand #when the most ethical and sustainable thing I can do is make and repair more of my own clothes #and home goods! #i want to make place mats and pillow cases to start with #>:) #plus its kind of badass for someone to see something in your house and compliment it and u can say 'yeaaa i made that' #my moms aunts were all very successful seamstresses #they were able to each buy a house with the money they earned from their business #theyre looking down on me like wtf is she doing to that tshirt #JUST YOU WAIT AUNTIES
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  • chakytron
    27.07.2020 - 1 year ago

    PLAY OR FIGHT (Mark Angel Comedy) (Throw Back Monday)

    PLAY OR FIGHT (Mark Angel Comedy) (Throw Back Monday)

    📺 Trendletter:
    PLAY OR FIGHT (Mark Angel Comedy) (Throw Back Monday)
    Hello! Its Throw Back Monday on Mark Angel Comedy. Enjoy this one. Please don’t forget to subscribe to Mark Angel Comedy Official YouTube Channel and …
    Stay updated on the main trends in the world. On TopTrendingTV The best TV trends. Working for you, because we care about you.

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  • coolmcs24hr-blog
    08.07.2020 - 1 year ago
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  • delightsomeone1
    12.02.2020 - 1 year ago
    #mark angel #mark angel comedy #xploit#xploit comedy#Broda sh#Aunty success #mr. bean #Mr. B
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  • snowxstormworld
    20.10.2021 - 1 day ago

    Jonerys Orgasmic October 2k21 - Masterpost

    We would like to thank everyone who participated in the event and for making it such a success! It was so amazing to see such wonderful fics, edits, art, and moodboards for our OTP! Please be sure to check out the works listed below, if you've not already, and be sure to show your support to the creators!

    - Day 1 🔥

    ✨ Roleplay

    A Plan Gone Wrong by @evax3

    bad halloween by @magalidragon

    ✨ Voyeurism/Public sex

    Tidal Wave by @moondancer71 & @jilliebaby

    I See You by @libradoodle1

    - Day 2 🔥

    ✨ Dom Jon/Dom Dany

    Cyvasse of Crowns by @leesielex

    One Last Time by @adecila

    ✨ Sexting

    Swipe Right by @jupiterix

    - Day 3 🔥

    ✨ Hate Sex

    In the Land of Gods and Monsters by @moondancer71

    - Day 4 🔥

    ✨ Edging/Masturbation

    My Dragon, My Love by @fierypen37

    ✨ Daddy kink

    Daddy's Girl by @leesielex

    - Day 5 🔥

    ✨ Biting

    Not for All the World by @fierypen37

    Sweet Spot by @angryminion17

    High Maintenance by @hot-auntie-dany

    ✨ Incest

    The Other Woman by @muttpeeta

    Royal Flush by @evax3​  and @salty-wench

    - Day 6 🔥

    ✨ Bondage

    I’m the only one of me by @magalidragon

    - Day 7 🔥

    ✨ Sex toys

    Taste of you - Part II by @jupiterix​

    ✨ Wax/Fire play

    In Another Life: The Lord and Lady of Dragonstone by @arielchelby

    ✨ Free choice

    Transference by @hot-auntie-dany & @jilliebaby

    Something New by @jilliebaby

    Fifty Shades of Grey by @youwerenevermine

    dream a dream more than once by @magalidragon

    Let’s Fly by @salty-wench

    lights, camera…action by @magalidragon

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  • newtonsheffield
    20.10.2021 - 2 days ago
    #a crumpled up piece of paper #kathony #anthony x kate #anthony bridgerton#kate sharma#kate sheffield #molly’s asks and answers #simone ashley
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  • ppreetomdas
    19.10.2021 - 3 days ago

    Ppreetom Das: Indian Playback Singer, Composer, Lyricist, Music Director, Film Maker

    Ppreetom Das is an Indian classical vocalist, playback singer, composer, lyricist, music director. Beside of being an award-winning professional singer, he is a writer and film maker who won several national and international prestigious awards for his films too. Welcome to his official page: https://www.facebook.com/ppreetomdas

     Personal Life

    Ppreetom Das was born and brought up in Kolkata into a predominantly musical and business family. His father is an educationist, businessman and philanthropist, and his mother is a house maker. They both take a great interest on music, arts and books. Ppreetom was born into a middle-class joint family. Each and every family member in his house is somehow associated with music, dance, drama, painting. As Ppreetom got this cultural aspect by his birth, he is naturally tuned with that flavor and is determined too to create himself better and better through his hard work and with honesty.

     Educational Background

    Ppreetom passed his Master’s Degree in English Literature & Language from Rabindra Bharati University. Later he took interest on moving characters or moving images as well as the cinematic special effects, so he joined to be trained in Animation & VFX, and passed the course from Maya Academy of Advanced Cinematics (MAAC). After that, he studied and got Post Graduate diploma in Journalism & Mass Communication from The Institute of Computer Engineers (India). Then he studied cinema, and passed Post Master’s diploma in Film Direction & Digital Film Making from National Institute of Film and Fine Arts (NIFFA).

     Musical Background

    Ppreetom Das is born into a musical family. His grandmother was associated with the religious form of songs named kirtan and bhajans. Being a successful businessman, his father is an educationist as well as philanthropist who possesses a great wisdom in religious interests and life. His father has written and composed many songs for his own and sings. His parents, great aunty and all of his cousin sisters learnt vocal music, and his brothers got training in tabla. Ppreetom got his first vocal music training from his mother. Having a great interest on classical music from his childhood, Ppreetom, then started to learnt vocal classical music from many teachers or gurus. After that he took vocal training from the respected Acharya Jayanta Bose. Then he learnt vocal classical music from Professor Prsanta Das. Finally he came into contact with the great maestro of Kirana Gharana, Bandish Nawaz, Ustad Mashkoor Ali Khan Sahib. Then, being a disciple of Khan Sahib, Pritam started to take his taalim on pure classical music in ITC, Sangeet Research Academy. Ppreetom Das is the highest diploma holder with the excellent rank in classical vocal music from the various prestigious platforms like, i) Bagiya Sangeet Parishad, Kolkata, ii) Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh, iii) Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad. Beside of harmonium and tanpura, Pritam can play and keeps a huge interest on various kinds of musical instruments. Here is the link of his own official YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/PpreetomDas

     Cinematic Background

    Ppreetom is born into a family where everyone keeps a huge interest on cinema. His parents are the die-hard fan of Indian cinemas of the golden era. Ppreetom used to keep interest on story through moving images from his early childhood. Though he possesses a huge interest towards various national and international films, he has a great love for Iranian and Hollywood films.

    Ppreetom was curious and very interested in cinema or visual story telling process throughout his journey all the time. After completing his Master’s degree on English Literature & Language, Ppreetom started to learn film making. Beside watching various critically and financially acclaimed national and international films, Ppreetom started to learn visual story telling or film making process. He studied and passed his Post Master’s Diploma on ‘Film Direction & Digital Film Making’ from National Institute of Film and Fine Arts.

    During his course in film institute, he planned to make a short film. So he had penned for his first concept and story and made a cinema, named “Antarnihito, The Eternity”. The short film became so popular. “Antarnihito” was critically acclaimed by various national and international film festivals and got so many national and international prestigious awards and official selections. Ppreetom was also Music Director of that film. Ppreetom too has written and directed a film named ‘Juxtaposition, The conflict between realism and surrealism’. This short film is basically his diploma project for his film institute. Ppreetom is now with his next short film named, ‘The Remainer’. The film is now under post-production stage. Ppreetom has a film production house named Off Wing Sway. This production house has its own official YouTube channel that stands to entertain you with some amazing ideas and creations through the medium of films. This channel too represents all the promotional stuffs of all the upcoming projects of this production house. Here is the official YouTube channel link of his own film production house: https://www.youtube.com/c/OFFWINGSWAY


    In school’s music competitions, Ppreetom used to take the first position always. He took the first place in Nikhil Banga Sikkhak Samiti and won the best award for his school. He has been performing kheyal in various prestigious classical music conferences. His technical aspects of classical vocal music, gayaki and fast tans have been greatly praised by the renowned people and by all the audience. Even his classical vocal performance was praised and covered by the well-known newspaper The Statesman. Ppreetom too has been performing ghazals, thumris, bangla adhunik gaan, all the popular and new age trending hindi and bengali songs on various stages at various locations with his mind blowing musical team. He has been entertaining his audience by his voice and performance over the years. Now, he is on the way to create his originals and being ready for his first playback song.

     The Current Affairs

    Presently, Ppreetom is working in corporate management world as the Business Development Officer (BDO), Digital Marketing Head & Content Director. Apart from his corporate job, Ppreetom does his vocal rewaj everyday. He is the principal of his music academy, Survandana Music Academy, where he teaches pure classical and semi classical vocal music to all of his students. Besides of these, he writes and composes songs and also arranges. Ppreetom, too generates various concepts, writes poetries, stories and scripts to make films anytime he wishes to. His poetries have been selected and published in various popular magazines, and too have been praised by a wider range of readers and renowned writers. Ppreetom is the founder, director and CEO of the production house Off Wing Sway. Here, in this production house he collaborates with all artists and technicians to form a concept or story into a cinema. The production house is open for all who do believe in creativity with class for the mass.

    Awards & Honours

    • ‘Winner Award’ in vocal music competition of Nikhil Banga Sikkhak Samiti, West Bengal.

    • ‘Winner Award’ in vocal music competition, organized by Student Yuva Festival, West Bengal.

    • ‘Sangeet Ratna Samman’ honour for performing vocal classical music by Bangiya Sangeet Parishad, Kolkata.

    • ‘Sageet Bhaskar Samman’ honour for performing vocal classical music by Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh.

    • ‘Sangeet Prabhakar Samman’ honour for performing vocal classical music by Prayag Sangeet Samiti, Allahabad.

    • Awarded and honoured by Samarpan Classical Music Conference for performing khayal in the conference.

    • ‘Performer Of The Year’ award and honour by Samarpan Classical Music Conference for performing khayal and raag sangeet in the classical music concert.

    • Awarded and honoured by Bairagi Classical Music Conference for performing khayal and dhrupad in the conference.

    • ‘The Best Film’ award in Ignitron International Film Festival, Kolkata for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.

    • ‘The Best Director’ award in Asian International Film Festival, Japan for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.

    • ‘The Best Viewer’s Choice’ award in Tollywood International Film Festival, Kolkata for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.

    • ‘The Best Environmental Awareness Content International Award’ in Kolkata International Micro Film Festival, Kolkata for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.

    • ‘The Best 100% Film’ award in Indian Talents Film Festival, Delhi for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.

    • ‘The Best 2nd Runner Up Film’ award in Indian International Film Festival, Bengaluru for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.

    • ‘Special Mention Short Film Award’ in JAS International Short Film Festival, Kerala for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.

    • ‘Special Festival Mention Award’ in South Indian International Film Festival, Karnataka for his film Antarnihito, The Eternity.


    Email: ppreetomdas@gmail.com

     Social Handles

    Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ppreetomdas

    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ppreetomdas/



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  • technotestamentblogs
    16.10.2021 - 5 days ago

    Week 4 Blog| By: Melvin Galimba, Maris Tecson, Novin Jay Linondo, Nova Jane Luzano, Jhon Ray Laure

    Mrs. Gloria P. Llego, who is my aunty, is a businesswoman. She was a woman who put forth a lot of effort. She began working in the eatery business in 2012. It was built from scratch. She took out a loan to fund the start-up of her business. It’s not new for her to have a business because her family was impoverished when she was young, and her father had already trained her to have an income when she was little. But, sadly, the biggest challenge she is presently facing is the pandemic; many people are low on funds and cannot afford to buy certain items, and dining in is also restricted due to the virus. But, as of today, she’s noticed that her restaurant’s income is gradually returning to normal. She was passionate on keeping her ’suki customers’ coming back. She expressed her gratitude for everything she received today, and I can tell that my aunty is a successful businesswoman.

    Sir Oscar C. Salcedo founded the Merry Child School in 1995. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in teaching and was licensed as a teacher after graduation. He also spent four years as a teacher before pursuing a Master’s degree in school management. Later on, he earned his certification as a principle or school administrator. This was the backstory behind his current successful entrepreneur/presidential administration. He used to be simply a simple boy who aspired to be a successful guy in the future. He faces many challenges in life, but he overcomes them and grows stronger and more clever as a result. ‘Slowly but surely, we can do it,’ he said. It states that everything has a step to take, and that there is no shortcut or alternative path to become a successful person. Mr. Oscar Salcedo, in my opinion, one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the field of education.

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  • sageglobalresponse
    14.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Five talented Nigerian kids who rose to fame

    In Nigeria, there are some amazing children who started at a young age to bless our screens with their God- given talent. From comedy to singing, dancing as well as modelling, these children are constantly putting in hard work to entertain us with different creative contents.

    Despite being young, these children have not relented in their various areas of entertainment and are just as vibrant as when they started.

    Here are five Nigerian kids who rose to fame:


    Emmanuella Samuel aka ‘Emmanuella’ was born on 22nd of July 2010. She is an 11- year- old YouTube child comedian who has been putting smiles on the faces of her fans. She is an indigene of Imo State. She made her entry into comedy 5. Emmanuella became popular when her debut comedy skit ‘this is not my real face oh’ dropped on the Mark Angel YouTube Channel.

    The 11 year old comic actress has a net worth of ₦60 million. She has over 648,000 followers on Instagram. She has signed endorsement deals with the likes of Fresh Yoghurt Drink and Peak Milk; her major break came recently when she got a deal with Disney and is expected to feature in one of their upcoming movies. She recently won the Favorite African Social Media Star’ category at the 2021 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards.


    Success Madubuike known as ’Aunty Success’, born on 19th of July, 2013 is one of the best child comedians and YouTube personalities in Nigeria. She is from Imo state. Her stage name ‘Aunty Success’ was derived from her level of intelligence in comedy. She joined the Mark Angel Comedy Crew in late 2017. She came into the spotlight after featuring in various episodes of the Mark Angel Comedy Skit.

    Aunty Success is known all over the world as one of the most talented and influential kids in Nigeria. She works and acts alongside Emmanuella and Mark Angel. She is yet to be nominated for any awards but she is an household name already. Aunty Success is currently one of the richest and most influential kids in Nigeria.


    Ikorodu Bois is an online comedy group that recreates and mimics multi-million dollar music videos, Hollywood movie trailers and epic pictures. The group makes use of common household items to depict top gears used in movies. Ikorodu Bois comprises three siblings: Babatunde Sanni, Muiz Sanni (15), Malik Sanni (10) and their cousin, Fawas Aina (13). The three young boys are usually involved in the acting of the videos while their eldest brother, Babatunde Sanni does the editing of the videos. He also doubles as the group’s manager. The name Ikorodu Bois is dubbed from a town called Ikorodu in Lagos, where the boys live.

    Last year, the Ikorodu Bois drew the attention of the Russo Brothers, following the remake of the movie trailer for Extraction, since then they have been recognized by other celebrities like popular American Talk Show host, Steve Harvey, Hollywood director, Zack Snyder and even Governor Babajide Sanwo-Olu. Netflix has enlisted the group for its campaign to mark this year’s edition of the Oscars. They were also recently nominated for the Favourite African Social Media Star’ category at the 2021 Nickelodeon’s Kids’ Choice Awards. The group currently has over 2.18 million followers across social media.


    Temitope Babatunde popularly known as ‘Intelligent Tope’ is from Lagos and was born on the 31st of August. Intelligent Tope is a child Instagram comedian and influencer who happens to be the younger brother to popular social media comedian ‘Oluwadolarz’ who is the founder of ‘Oluwadolarz House of Comedy’.

    Intelligent Tope is a very talented child comedian and social media influencer who started his career at a tender age. He came into the limelight after being featured in one of his brother’s comedy skit where he acted extremely well, this led to him being recognized. Intelligent Tope and his brother Oluwadolarz had released a skit with the Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy which had lots of views and likes on Instagram. Tope is currently one of the most sought after kid comedian in Nigeria with more than 170 thousand followers on Instagram


    Amarachi Uyanne, born July 17, 2003, popularly known by her stage name ‘Amarachi’, is a Nigerian teenage singer, dancer and violinist. She is best known for winning the maiden edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent. Amarachi is a native of Delta State Nigeria. She grew up in Edo State, where she started dancing at the age of 5. In 2012, she won a cash prize of N10m after she was announced as the winner of the first edition of Nigeria’s Got Talent.

    After emerging as the winner of Nigeria’s Got Talent, Amarachi released her debut single titled “Amarachi Dance”. She proceeded to feature Phyno in a song titled “Ova Sabi”; her first two singles received massive airplays and positive reviews from music critics. She currently runs the Amarachi Talent Academy, a talent school conceived with the aim of nurturing and training young children with musical and dance talents. The 16-year old multi-talented artist is reportedly worth about ₦31 million and has about 1.51 million followers across social media.

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  • yogurtpo3
    13.10.2021 - 1 week ago
    What was your childhood dream?
    Zhao Wei: From young I was someone that really liked to dream, I don’t know if other children or other people feels the same way, but I really enjoy daydreaming, imagining the future. As I’ve grown older I started to have a not so good habit, and that is saying you should lessen the time spent dreaming, and lengthen the time spent doing. So the time I spend dreaming nowadays is a bit short, and a lot of my time is spent doing things, but today I’m going to turnaround and say, as we get older, we should start dreaming more again, because we have more time, experience, history and ability to realise our dreams. But if in this moment our dreams disappear, you won’t be able to get to the place where you’re doing what you really want. Of cause it’s not always going to be successful, or somewhere that’s better than other people. It might just be a place that belongs to you, a place either your life or your spirit wants to get to.
    What was my earliest dreams? Perhaps when everyone has finished, everyone will say what their dreams were. When I was responding to teachers, I’d always answer with some ambitious careers, a teacher like my mother, or a doctor like my aunty. I actually wasn’t interested in being a teacher or a doctor, but I knew if I wrote those then the teacher would give me a good mark. I remember a character in a cartoon once wrote down their wish, saying “my dream is to be a rubbish scavenger”. Actually I realise that my dream from young, is that I wanted to be someone that could live independently. That is a bit strange, why would I think that? Maybe it’s because I was born in the 70s, my parents weren’t able to provide particularly rich resources or background, but they could provide you with a stable family life. I have a brother, I’m 7 years younger than him. From young I’ve heard my parents continually tell my brother, as a man, you should be like this. You should stand on your own two feet and create your own life. At the time I was quite young, so perhaps I grew up listening to that. So I think my dream from young, is perhaps to be an independent person, living independently, surviving in the world independently.
    #zhao wei#赵薇#my queen #daily zhao wei #childhood dreams #hope you keep dreaming #and making them come true #never stop
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  • grem-de-la-grem
    12.10.2021 - 1 week ago

    Big Little Things

    Every so often, the world liked to remind Katsuki that he used to be a little bitch ass bully.

    This was one of those moments, he thought numbly, standing stiffly in front of flashing lights and a horde of microphones and recording devices shoved in his face.

    The media had gotten into a pretty good rhythm with it by now.

    Earlier that week, he'd made headlines again for taking down a big shot villain who'd been on the run for a few weeks by then. His quirk made him proficient at escape - which made his capture and arrest irritating as fuck - but he wasn't much of a fighter. For that, he relied on support gear, which was also infuriating. Self-destructing Detnerat garbage left over from years ago, when those assholes were still in the picture.

    But he was Dynamight, and he didn't claim to be the best for nothing. Even the more sensationalized and gossipy media outlets that still loved to paint him as the deranged and aggressive U.A. first year from their first Sports Festival (like it hadn't been half a decade since then, thank you very fucking much) gave him credit where it was clearly due. Minimal damage to the city, no civilian casualties, and a successful villain capture where every other hero or law enforcement agent's attempt had previously failed. (Not that he needed some shitty tabloid's praise - he got enough of that from Deku the very second the nerd saw him after the arrest, with all his motormouth fanboying. If it made his heart feel like it was gonna burst right out of his fucking chest, well, that was his business and he was happy to keep it to himself.)

    That was always the start of it, though. He'd do a good job - because of course he did, it was him - and the media built him up for a bit. Would talk about how far he'd come since his school years, why it was clear he was well on his way to a top ten spot in the hero rankings, all that shit.

    And cue other shoe dropping.

    Some newly uncovered story about his school days, back before U.A., from an old neighborhood kid turned opportunistic adult prick, or a former classmate, or, worse, teacher. Anyone the tabloids could get ahold of who would go on record revealing another horror story about Dynamight and his past as a school bully, toxic friend, fucking villain.

    It's been over four years since the day Katsuki apologized to Izuku (the first time) in front of their class, since they brought him back to U.A. to rest and recover before going back out to face down Shigaraki and All-For-One for the final battle. He's apologized dozens of times since then, in various ways, with varying degrees of self loathing and guilt.

    No one can make him feel worse about what he's done - what he's said - than himself.

    Well, maybe Deku could, if he wanted to. Actually, if Deku told him to fuck off and die, he might just. But not only would he never - because fundamentally that nerd is good, and even if he really hated him, Deku would never tell anyone to fuck off and die - he also didn't. Far from it.

    Deku's forgiveness was freely and immediately given. Even back then, to Katsuki, it seemed like forgiving him was a bigger weight off of Deku's chest than his own in some ways. Like it was something he'd been waiting for for so long, and was relieved he finally got the opportunity. The fact that that only made Katsuki feel worse about everything was probably, at that point, well deserved.

    But he's been trying. Really trying. For Deku, for Auntie Inko, for his parents, for his friends and classmates, for himself, dammit, to be someone worth forgiving. Every day on his fucking job, he tries to be and do his best.

    Maybe being reminded forever of everything he's ever done wrong (and, he can admit now, it was... a lot) is his punishment. Maybe it's karma or justice or something.

    Right now, though... He's just really fucking tired.

    "Over here! Can we get a quote on how you feel about your fellow junior high classmates coming forward about your bullying?"

    "Dynamight! Dynamight, how do you respond to rumors saying you once told fellow U.A. alumni, and No. 9 hero, Deku, to, and I quote, 'take a swan dive off the roof of the building,' referring to your junior high school?"

    "Is it true some of his burn scars were caused by unprompted attacks from misuse of your quirk?"

    A dozen questions are flying at him at once, and Katsuki feels his chest tighten as he winces inwardly. The paparrazi pick up on it, and their questions and fervor only rise to a fever pitch. He feels overly hot and the effort to keep himself calm and his palms from sparking is getting to be more than he can handle. He can feel himself inching toward exploding, and he knows that's what these vultures want - to see him lash out, to say something snarky or mean, get a picture of him snarling or popping off fireworks in some reporter's face. Anything they can use for a good front page shot and headline.

    Fuck it. If it gets him out of there so he can run home and hide, then fine. He doesn't care.

    He's about to go off on someone at random when he feels their hand fall on his shoulder, and he twirls around to snap, teeth flashing as his lip curls. Green eyes blink back at him with concern.

    "Kacchan?" Deku half-whispers. (The "you okay?" passes silently between them, and Katsuki feels like he's boiling out of his skin.)

    "Deku! Can you comment on your relationship with Dynamight?"

    "How can you stand to be with him after the toxic friendship-"

    "-Is there still abuse going on in your relationship?"

    "Have you ever thought about pressing charges-"

    Deku's mouth drops open, eyes widening while Katsuki's whole body goes stiff and numb all at once. He knows his face is flaming by now, and there is a distinct buzzing in his ears that has nothing to do with the tinnitus he's developed over years of using his quirk.

    "What- How... Why would you- No!"

    The reporters and paparazzi are on Deku in an instant (and god that just makes him feel worse, dragging him into this shit, that's all Katsuki's fault to begin with).

    Fuck, he's the worst. And isn't that fucking funny? But he is. Just the absolute fucking worst and now he's got Deku caught up in all of this bullshit, again because these assholes don't actually care about either of them. He just wants to get Deku out of there and then crawl under a rock and fucking die.

    The mob is still spitting a dozen questions a second at him when Katsuki grabs his shoulder and grumbles roughly.

    "Deku, it's fine-" But he doesn't let him finish.

    "It's not fucking fine!" Deku shouts, and excited murmurs speed through the crowd at hearing the selfless, normally cheerful-to-a-fault hero curse. He whirls on the crowd, green eyes flashing. Whether his flushed cheeks are more from anger or embarrassment (Auntie Inko is gonna have a stroke if she sees this and hears him cursing), it's hard to say. Probably both.

    "Look," he says as he addresses the crowd, hands on hips like a disappointed parent. And oof, Katsuki knows exactly how devastating it is to be on the receiving end of Deku's 'I'm not mad I'm just disappointed' stare down. (Not that he'd ever admit it.) "Yes, Kacch- Dynamight- has bullied me in the past. And clearly," Deku says, pausing for emphasis as he makes eye contact with as many reporters as he can, "a lot of people knew about it. But that's in the past, and you know what? Out of everyone who ever bullied me or knew about it and didn't do anything, Dynamight's the only one who's ever apologized. And I forgive him."

    Deku turns to him now, soft features still all serious, and fuck if that's not a weird look on Deku. "I forgave him a long time ago."

    It's a weird feeling when you're stuck in the middle of a crowd with everyone intently watching and listening and yet still knowing that you're the only one being spoken to. It feels like Deku spoke the words straight into his fucking soul for gods' sake.

    He whips back around to the cameras, 'you should be ashamed of yourselves' frown still firmly in place. "So! If you'll excuse us, we're going home!" And with that, Deku unceremoniously grabs his hand and tugs Katsuki through the crowd, which is a feat in and of itself as the crowd jumps on Deku's words.

    "What do you mean when you say you're going home? Together!?"

    "Dynamight, Deku! Do you live together? What's the exact nature of your relationship!?"

    It's funny how huge little things can be.

    Hand-holding... no, holding Deku's hand specifically - it's a big little thing. There was a long time where Katsuki actively refused it, shot Deku down as harshly as he could. And after that, a period where the thought of accepting that outreached hand was colored with so much guilt it made him physically sick.

    Every day, Katsuki tries to be and do his very best. And he is so, so fucking tired.

    But he knows there's always someone right beside him, rooting for him, watching him doing his best and cheering him on. Someone to catch him when he falls or falters, someone to go home with, go home to, and rest.

    He thinks he'll probably always feel guilty. Fucking Shitty Hair's told him before that's how he knows he's really sorry, that Deku knows that too, and that matters.

    When he holds Deku's hand, he feels more than that, too. Warmth and forgiveness and maybe, if he's really honest with himself, a little bit of... hope. Or whatever.

    As they breach the perimeter of the crowd, and a cacophony of questions follow after them, Katsuki tightens his grip on Izuku's hand, throws a glare over his shoulder, and flips off the horde of cameras. "None of your fucking business, extras!"

    Their past was in the public domain. But their present, their future - those were theirs, to muddle through together.

    #got bored wrote some words #bnha#mha#fanfic #hello i posted this on ao3 and now it is also here #bkdk
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    Age Twenty Six Occupation Physical Therapist  Length of Residence 4 months Apartment Middle Floor, Odd Unit, West-Facing Add-Ons Floor M6 

    Those on Floor M6 are sometimes struck with a strong, inexplicable sensation of vertigo. Some say that it’s because the floor itself physically shifts. 

    Trigger Warnings: Mentions of an eating disorder, holisterixa 

    Moments from a life put together like a daisy chain: chockful of pollen, easy-breezy. Bodies. Memories. Both pretty as a picture, apart and together. In quick succession: Lovestruck, an endless honeymoon phase, the counting of ten fingers and ten toes, take 1, then take 2. 

    If waxing poetic was the name of the game, there'd be other metaphors involving flora and fauna woven throughout, but Hyorin thinks less of it. Matter of fact, she'd rather not think of it at all.

    But for transparency's sake: the ideation of all things au naturale within the family bordered shy of Ari Aster weird. Just Boulderite things. If you know, you know.

    Needless to say it didn't sit well with the Apgjujeong Aunties after that final move back to the motherland. 

    And of course, the consequences land harder on the daughter over the son. They’ve always been faithful to the ways of patriarchy in that regard.

    It’ll be the first and last time she’ll be this impulsive: the first college that lets her slip in with near-abysmal grades, the last flight on that Friday following graduation. 

    Aunt Saehee’s not built to fill the proper parent-sized gape left in her life, but the lack of expectation and willingness is an unspoken mutual agreement between them. 

    It’s a step above chiropractor, and with better pay. It’s not the why but the why not? 

    Remission in it of itself is a spectrum. The degrees of better and could be so within the realm of normal. Some days she can rummage through the snack cupboard of the staff lounge without blinking so much of an eye. Others where there’s that fuzzy flashback to sixteen and hunching over the toilet, the upchuck of high-fructose this, artificial coloring-that, and her hand hovers.

    She’s never been the difficult sort. Her apartment, on the other hand, just loves to play opposites. 

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  • halothenthehorns
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    All in the Family

    Chapter 153: Lord Voldemort's Request

    They apparently landed in another junk shop, so nobody immediately felt like putting their wands away and instead minorly freaked out to find themselves mostly alone in separate rooms, leaving Sirius' cursing to finally taper off. He couldn't get revenge on his friends if they were dead!

    Carefully, highly aware of every move he made, he began slowly disengaging himself from the fern bush he'd knocked over. All around were cabinets full of little lacquered boxes, cases full of gold-embossed books, shelves of orbs and celestial globes, and many flourishing potted plants in brass containers. Finally he heard movement, coughing and someone shifting with great unease, so he abandoned his own similar feeling to run over and see the danger.

    Alice had landed haphazardly in a chair, a great ginger wig covering most of her face, and sneezing in rapid succession for the rouge container all mixed together. Sirius sighed in relief and hoped that was going to be the worst of it as he helped get it off and then reached out blindly, seizing the lacy table cloth and getting the edge wet to offer her to get the rest off her face.

    "Thanks," she wheezed hopefully for the last time as she accepted his hand and got to her feet, looking properly around with her own misgivings. There was so much stuff crammed around the others could all be buried alive and it would take a year to find them.

    They started hearing doors open though and he distinctly heard James start shouting for the others, so Sirius kept hold of her hand and dragged her along to go make sure. She went with him up until he opened the door, and while Sirius stepped out, she stopped and frowned in confusion for the trinket box she spotted. She'd swear she'd seen that in her mothers room before...

    The long hallway was littered with yet more standards of luxury, a solid gold bird bath trickling out wine, fragrant perfume bottles on every diamond studded table, and a hand carved jade brush Alice was now twirling in the chandelier light. The place was more grand than their Entrance Hall.

    Longbottom and Evans came into sight at the end of the hall, still stretching a bit from their own landings. Sirius opened his mouth, but she yelled back before he even started, "your lot's in there. Don't worry, they won't burn the place down without you."

    "As they should," he grinned in agreement. "We should only consider that as our second option when we know what this place is anyways!"

    "I've never been here," Alice said slowly, "but I'd swear my auntie has this exact same brush. Can't be that common, can it?"

    Longbottom turned then to brush at the hair on Alice's neck, bending over her shoulder to inspect it as well.

    Sirius felt a flaring moment of frustration he got to so casually do that and waltzed off. It didn't take much to find the others, as Evans had said, and this room was filled with even more things. There were soft plush couches and glass cases every which way like some cross of a museum and a sitting room. He found Remus smiling in fascination to be holding a fossilized saber cat tooth, he wouldn't believe it if Remus said he'd broken that case by accident. He was also talking to Peter though, and he hesitated as he tried to guess Remus' reaction. Above the waist was a pretty standard public boundary though, and he'd said it was okay last time so he reached tentatively, putting his fingers on the back of his hand, watching carefully, even though he leaned forward like he was going to join in the conversation.

    He still pulled back, but Remus smiled at him this time. This was maddening, why couldn't he have left his hand there? James nor anyone would care if they just touched each other!

    Peter looked up from the miniature solar system in his hands and felt stunned Sirius was so close at hand and not even glaring at him, just watching Remus with a small frown. 'Better him than me,' Peter instantly decided for whatever the hell Moony was in trouble for, at least Sirius only ever mock threatened him instead of acting on it.

    He placed the little glimmering lights back down and scurried off without Remus even noticing, he was watching Sirius back with a grin like he had no idea he'd done anything wrong. Peter doubted that would last as he found James and Regulus, who were having a begrudging conversation about some diary by Gertie Keddle. It had to have something to do with Quidditch, though he wasn't sure what.

    "Want to go show Alice that?" He sounded a touch louder than necessary.

    Regulus agreed at once and walked out, still thumbing through the precious pages with care, but James hesitated with a look at the other two. "Maybe I shouldn't leave Moony alone with him, just in case of revenge. I don't want to know what they're going to get up to here."

    "Yeah, probably not," Peter snorted softly, "but I don't think he even noticed your part in that, so if you don't say anything, he might just take it out on Remus."

    James contemplated this for a moment before grinning. "Yeah, okay, don't kill each other!" He finished loudly before he ran off after Regulus, threatening only mild bodily harm about him hogging that.

    Peter sighed in relief as he firmly closed the door behind him.

    Remus looked away with minor guilt at the door closing as he realized Peter had just walked off and he hadn't even noticed. Merlin how often did that happen?

    Sirius took a step even closer now though, and he sure as hell wasn't going to waste this.

    Seized by the sudden realization of how little time he might have left, how many more chances would they have to sneak off like this before they got sent back and Sirius could go back to his stupid bucket list! He pulled Sirius to him so desperately, Sirius felt it.

    He kissed Moony back with all the energy he had even as his mind warred furiously to understand just what the hell he was so afraid of. Was it really shame, did he think they'd stay like this forever? Sirius would go mad, he couldn't live like that. He already sort of was not being allowed to react freely. He pulled back to ask, but Remus just leaned in and began kissing his neck hard, holding Sirius' waist with enthusiasm. Sirius moaned and held him in place, fingers tangling into the hair on his neck as his pulse began jolting along with his teeth, giving him no chance to answer as he breathily asked, "what's gotten into you?"

    Remus pulled back, Sirius released him with a whimper long enough to pant in his face, "you, if you'd shut up," before leaning in and kissing him once more, minorly disappointed to be cutting off that barking laugh he loved so much, but the reward was feeling Sirius' tongue coursing eagerly over his own.

    Sirius moaned so loud it probably should have been embarrassing as Remus sat him down on the couch, his hands moving with a vengeance, one on his hip, one where he really wanted. The look on his face right before though had Sirius pull back again and look him right in the eye as he whispered, "you ashamed to be with me Moony?" He couldn't figure out why, only the worst of the pureblood families would have a problem with them both being blokes, and Remus's dad shouldn't have put any of that sort of pressure on him.  Was it a Muggle thing from his Mums side? That was far beyond him. There was a difference between privacy and an old schoolmarm, which was what Remus was turning into if he wouldn't allow someone to so much as ever hold his hand.

    What was he supposed to do if he said yes? Go behind his back and talk to James for help? That would definitely just make things worse when Remus inevitably found out. He was already out of ideas on how to get him to relax though and he'd have to put a stop to this himself if it was bothering Remus that much.

    His hands shook with desire, he released his hip and grasped Sirius' neck, trying like Padfoot to say with touch what he just couldn't put into words. "No," he snorted. "Did you really want me to do this in front of them?" He demanded as he moved his hand just enough to get the button undone. Was he trying to be funny, because even Padfoot couldn't be that casual.

    Sirius' hands tightened on his waist, some deranged part of him torn between keeping Remus in place or keep this going as he said, "that's not what I meant and you know it."

    He really didn't though, he'd thought Sirius had been subtle about coaxing him off alone. "What are you after then, exactly?" That list felt like it was burning a hole in his pocket. If Sirius really wanted to have it out, there was a very good chance this would be their last time together. "You really want to talk about this, now?" His hands convulsed at the thought, he felt in fascination as Sirius' throat pulsed under his thumb, and he jolted for where his other hand still was.

    "Just, making sure you're all good," Sirius panted and definitely believed him, there wasn't a dose of anything but lust now in Remus' undivided attention. Shit, he should still ask about the touching thing though-

    "Never better," he promised as he leaned in and tried to keep him from thinking of anything else with a long kiss.*

    Regulus had already caught up to the others and was now boring Longbottom and Evans stupid as he and Alice continued to dissect the first ever recordings of Quidditch games! James didn't even know some of the fun facts Regulus started spouting from some other book he'd apparently read in his Uncle's study before. They didn't even stop when Peter summoned the book and began reading, despite the attention grabbing chapter title. Voldemort requesting anything could not be a good thing.

    They didn't fully come to a halt until the next memory, this place was described, and the name of the owner was memorable enough to them now. "Hepzibah, I've heard that before," Alice nodded slowly. "My dad and cousins have mentioned her a fair few times, some old hoarder who hid her most valuable collections away and was poisoned by her own house-elf before she would give up their location. My Uncle Throckmorton swears she ordered Hokey to do it rather than give up where Hufflepuff's Cup is."

    The place felt colder all of a sudden, as they all looked around like they expected the teenage Riddle to pop up in here again. It felt like no coincidence all of a sudden as the questions continued circling ever closer to them just what Voldemort had planned in his past, and what he'd done to get where he was now.

    Alice's family history was confirmed in only a few paragraphs, as this woman was indeed one to have a founder's item somewhere in her home, and showing it off to Tom Riddle would surely be one of her final acts. James went to read over Peter's shoulder for a few moments and shivered in disgust to see this woman had even managed to get her hands on Slytherin's locket of all things.

    It suddenly bothered him a great deal he had no idea what Sirius and Remus were off doing, and he scowled a bit at Peter as it only just occurred to him what had happened, escaping Sirius again. He really was easily distracted. He nudged him hard to get his attention, but it wasn't exactly subtle as he stopped reading Dumbledore's summary of the false version of events and the house-elf unjustly getting the blame as he muttered, "you're never going to start talking to each other again if you don't try."

    Sirius might have given up, but he hoped Peter still hadn't.

    Peter gave him a pitying sort of look, glanced back down the hall, and then went back to the book with a soft, "sorry mate."

    He didn't know what he was apologizing for this time, and it still sounded far to resigned. He crossed his arms and glared at him, beyond sick of feeling like he was out of the loop on all three of them lately, but was thoroughly distracted as Evans shouted, "yes! I just did a Transfiguration spell before you Potter!"

    He whirled around to see Evans had been practicing her bird spell again, and a little yellow winged creature was fluttering about her head.

    "Oh come on!" He groaned. "Longbottom's teaching you advanced spells, I could do it too if he'd tell me the incantation."

    The little bird flew above him and began twittering at the flick of her wand, he reached up on impulse and tried to snatch at it like a snitch before the feathers flew from his fingers.

    They started bickering then, and Lily would admit she was teasing far more than she had a right to as the illegal animagus still had years of experience over her in this particular branch of magic, but he didn't even bring that up. Merlin, none of them had ever actually bragged about that astounding feat of magic in fact, he just kept spiritedly lobbying back and forth with her just like always as the two kept haranguing what physical spells they could trounce the other with, and it was just, fun.

    Familiar in a new kind of way, she even got him to laugh as she reminded him of some of the spells she'd used on him to break up his fights without mentioning who else had been involved.

    Peter had kept reading, and the next memory was even more traumatic, Voldemort wanted to be a teacher at their school! Had cursed the position himself so that no others could! He paused on the last sentence to see James at least having the time of his life to be back in any kind of attention on Evans and smiled softly as he waited a few more moments, counting silently in his head to make sure the pause was noticeable, but was once again ignored. Some things would never change, he thought fondly as he saw Regulus watching him with a sad frown when he finished.


    *Pornography to be posted separately

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     How are BIA appeals dealt with?

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    Spoiled Mess (Claude Faustus)

    Kinktober 2021 Day Eight: Orgasm Delay/Denial

    𝙒𝙖𝙣𝙩 𝙩𝙤 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙 𝙢𝙤𝙧𝙚? ⇒ 𝙈𝙖𝙨𝙩𝙚𝙧𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙩

    𝙟𝙤𝙞𝙣 𝙢𝙮 𝙙𝙞𝙨𝙘𝙤𝙧𝙙 𝙨𝙚𝙧𝙫𝙚𝙧?

    You would always be the first to say you’re spoiled. 

      The youngest and only granddaughter from your family’s line, you were truly a sight to behold. It didn’t matter if you were eighteen turning nineteen in a few more months: you would always be your parent’s little princess. And with three successful and protective older brothers, a bunch of adoring aunties and uncles, and a few doting grandparents, you practically had your world eating out the palm of your hand. 

      Of course, that pretty little face of yours helped a little too. 

    But if there was anyone who had a soft spot for you, it would have been the Trancy Bulter, Claude. 

      You would have never guessed when you first met him- peaking behind your younger cousin Ciel’s and his butler’s back as he went back and forth with Earl Trancy when the two came over to discuss business while you were visiting. You couldn’t help but stare- mesmerized by such a beautiful man who never seemed to display an ounce of emotion. Not once. 

      And then he looked at you. Just the slightest tilt of the head in your direction. You doubted anyone noticed it happened. And while his lips never moved, you swore the look in his sharp golden eyes softened when he looked at you. Just a little. And as if it was nothing, he refocuses his attention on the two boys speaking in front of you. You try to as well, but it doesn’t quite come to you naturally with the face of a handsome stranger burning into your brain. 

      A couple of hours later, gloved hands suddenly grab your waist while you’re reaching up for a book on a high shelf, effectively stilling your struggle. A back presses into you, and you look up to see a long arm extending upwards and effortlessly grabbing the very book your fingers could only brush against. When he hands you the book, it comes with a whispered: “be careful, young miss” right in your ear. You shiver as his breath tickles your skin and his touch lingers for a moment or two or three too long. And by the time your heart stops racing, he’s long gone. 

      It’s like he was never there at all. 

      From that point onwards, something develops that you’re not quite sure of. While you’re in Ciel’s care, there’s no doubt that you grow fond of your younger cousin’s staff. They took extra care of you per your parent’s instructions while you had to be away from home. And you could tell that Sebastian had a certain fondness for you, personally. When you weren’t having a spoilt brat moment of your own, of course. 

      But there were moments when you would be by yourself. Wandering, strolling the grounds, just to run into a visiting Claude, whom you had no idea was coming. It was always a pleasant surprise though you can’t say that his sudden appearance hadn’t startled you once or twice. Even still, it was nice. And it was always the same greeting from him- a kiss to the hand that seemed to linger far longer than such an innocent gesture should. 

    Sometimes he would straighten up to his full height and offer you his arm as the two of you continued your walk together. You’d get the chance to babble about your day, what you saw, just how life was for you. And every time he’d give his practiced butler responses- clipped, straight to the point, and exactly what a noble girl like you would want to hear. Sometimes he apologized for cutting this meeting so short and that he had duties to attend to. Though you always noticed just when that he happened, he slow down the way he’d walk, just a little. 

      It was always the right amount of time for you to chase after him. It seems part of him sought you out as much as you sought him. At least, that’s nice to believe. 

      But how it could all go wrong so fast, you’re not quite sure. 

      You really weren’t trying to be a bother. You always just liked following Claude into the kitchen. It was satisfying watching him work- creating the most beautiful and yummy things out of what feels like practically nothing. He would flit about the kitchen silently, focused on his work and nothing else. 

      Most days like that, you would take advantage of that and tease him. Switch bowls when he wasn’t looking. Move ingredients. Put things away. Take things out. Hide a spoon behind or plate or dish behind your back with an innocent smile. But it was all in good fun. All to crack some emotion out of him. 

      And of course, it never worked. But to you, that was okay. The quiet he would just fix everything you mixed up with that same passive expression on his was something awe-inspiring to you. You were always so used to such normal butlers- people who got upset and angry with you when you were younger, but all you wanted to do was capture their attention and play. Even Sebastian would express more emotions than him! To you, it feels impossible to get any sort of reaction of note from Claude. 

      And then today, you made the mistake of moving nice. 

      It was just a butter knife. Long and harmless. Silver and dull. It was likely from one of the more unimportant cutlery sets in the kitchen. But it was off to the side, and he was halfway across the room, digging into the fridge so you took your chance. Swiping it from the countertops and holding it tightly in your grasp, and hiding behind your back.

      It was harmless, really. Just a silly little joke that left you shaking with giggles you could hardly contain. But if only you knew that this would be the beginning of the end of you. 

      A call of your last name and first name sends shivers down your spine as Claude approaches the space where the knife once was on the counter. His voice was quiet and his tone deadly serious. He’s never used your first name before, and that scared you. You try flashing him an innocent smile- something cheeky, something cute- before it fades into something more fearful. He’s only eying you from over his shoulder, golden eyes starring hard into your soul.

    Your grip on the knife behind your back tightens. For a split second, you wonder if you would have to use it.

      But the thought was ripped away from you as quickly as it came because, in mere moments, Claude was standing in front of you. You always used to adore it when he would stand next to you. His tower over you- making you feel so small yet protected. Though this time was different as he loomed over you with narrowed eyes and a hand extended.

      “Give it here.”  His voice was clipped. You were afraid.

      Your hand moves slowly as you bring the stolen knife from behind your back. The overwhelming sense of shame rolled over you in waves. You’re eighteen. You’re a young lady. You’re nobility. You were raised  better.  And yet, your lips quiver with an apology that you don’t know how to say to him. 

      That you never got to say to him. 

      As soon as your wrist was in sight, his hand shot out and grabbed it. His grip wrenched you closer to him, and you couldn’t stop from crying out in surprise. He was easily able to pull the knife from your grip all the while he leaned forward and spoke directly into your hear. 

      “Never do that again.”  A hiss from behind glasses covered by a glare of light. You wonder if you’ll ever see his eyes soften at you again. “Go. I will deal with you  later .”

      You wonder if you ever want to see him again.


      You spend hours in your room, twiddling your thumbs and awaiting his presence. You’re unsure of what exactly it is this time that you did so wrong. You’ve never seen such intense anger from the butler. You don’t think you’ve seen him express any intense emotions at all. That’s what makes you wait. The fear, the curiosity. 

      And when he finally comes, it’s after midnight. And you’re thankful for the late hour. 

      It’s fewer people to hear you cry. 

      He has you on his lap. It’s been a long time since you’ve sat on anyone’s lap, and it’s no surprise that things feel way different than they have before. You fit comfortably where he has you- not too big and definitely not too small. But you can’t say that the encounter is as entirely innocent as you thought it would be. In fact, it never was. Not even from the get-go. 

      After all, the first thing he did when he got to you was rip off your panties. 

      “Spoiled brat. Always getting your every desire.”  Claude mutters, his long fingers twisting in weird ways inside of you. You can’t help but hold on to his wrist as his fingers pump in and out of your most intimate parts and beg for mercy. And yet, your words fall deaf upon his ears.  “To think you’ve been nobility since birth.”

      He had your legs on either side of his with one hand hooked underneath your knee. The force he used to keep your legs open was unbeatable. It was impossible to close unless he  allowed  you to. His gloves were long discarded- placed neatly to the side when he had taken you into his lap. He pulled up your long, light pink satin-silk nightgown, and you hold the edge of the dress up and in your hands.

       It was your first time being undressed by a male other than Sebastian. And even with Sebastian, your first few times being helped by a butler rather than one of your estate maids was an odd experience. Though Claude wasted no time trying to get comfortable with you. 

      “Has anyone touched you here?” He had finally murmured after a long stretch of silence, his long pointer finger circling your entrance. You felt exposed in this position- with your dress up and man’s hand teasing the part of your body you were always taught was most sacred. When you shook your head a shaky ‘No,’ he chuckled lowly. “Really now? I suppose I shall be the first to introduce you to your womanhood.” 

      That was over an hour ago. You were oh-so-rarely allowed alone with boys your own age. Always with an escort to keep careful watch over you and your purity. And yet you, you somehow find yourself here. Legs apart and crying as Claude makes you feel things you’ve never felt before. 

      “C-Claude- Ah!” You couldn’t stop the way your voice would cry out. Whatever he was doing to you- it made you feel weird. You would have never thought anyone would ever put their fingers in  um, there.  Yet he explored your body effortlessly, sending electricity throughout your body and making your brain feel fuzzy time and time again. “Please- I-I feel it again!”

      To say you were a novice when it came to intercourse was an understatement. You were always the baby of your family- the idea of marrying you off felt so foreign to your parents and your older brother. In their heads, you would always be the picture-perfect younger daughter or sister. There was no one to tell you about what adults do- not even books. Yet the ever-diligent Claude was here for you and all your needs. 

      “ Ah, I see.”  The fingers buried inside your slit slow to a stop and gently pull out. You whine at the feeling- your body naturally missing the stretch. Still, he does nothing but ignore your pleas in favor of fulfilling his own agenda. He takes his middle and pointer finger and uses it to hold open the lips of your entrance for him. It’s hard not to stare at the way his wet fingers shine in the darkness of your room against your skin. You’re not quite sure what it is, yet Claude tells you that you produce a lot of it.  “So messy. And so sensitive too.”

      “I’m sorry,” You turn your head down and whisper, remorse heavy in your voice. Your body feels drained as you come down from the euphoria you were experiencing earlier. There’s something inside of you that craves something you can’t explain. It’s something that you’re not supposed to want unless Claude gives it to you, he explained. Just like the knife you took. “I didn’ mean it.” 

      Your eyes follow to where his hand is, and you can’t help but grow flustered. There’s a dark mark- on his hand that keeps catching your eye even when he tells you to ignore it. It's star-shaped and intricate- unlike anything you've ever seen before. You think it’s rather attractive on him, but you’re more focused on his intent gaze that’s always looking over your shoulder- staring intently at your entrance. Your slit twitches at the attention, and you swear it has its own heartbeat down there. You’re completely and utterly embarrassed, yet you didn’t want to upset Claude any further. He was already being so gentle by giving you both a punishment and a lesson in anatomy. 

      Though where the lesson ends and the punishment begins, you’re not sure. 

      “While that may be the case you are still quite spoiled. And quite the messy little thing too . ”   His voice sends shivers up and down your spine as he moves a finger to rest on a tiny little button-like part of your entrance. The second his finger makes contact, you can’t help but shift your hips and whimper, the conflicting feeling of pleasure shooting up your body. Your “clit” he called it. He said it’s supposed to make you feel good and that only he should touch it. Afterall...“ Messy girls aren’t good girls.”

      You mewl as his fingers start to rub circles into your clit. He’s about to start again.  You know it.  That’s what he did the last couple of times. Rub you, stick his fingers inside and reach  deep  inside of you while you do nothing but cry out, again and again. And when it starts to feel like too much, he stops. He lets your body calm down and your heart rate slow. And just when you think you’re safe. Just when you think it’s over, a finger lands on your clit, and you know it just won’t end. Because after an hour of doing this to you, you would think it’s enough. You would think things would end. 

      And eventually, they will. 

      But you don’t focus on that by now. Instead, your brain just thinks about holding your dress, so it’s out of Claude’s way. Your brain just thinks about the hand that reaches over you and the dark mark on the back of his hand that disappears from few as he sinks a finger into your pussy. Your brain just thinks about how this all started from a harmless joke and that you couldn’t even remember pulling and you wonder about how this even connects back to it as a punishment. 

      But one thing’s for certain:

      “Messy girls don’t get to go outside until they clean their rooms. So messy girls can’t finish until she pays for her mistakes?” He whispers into your skin- directly over the wet noises of his fingers beginning to pump in and out of you. “Though there's no need to look so worried. After all...”

      You should have never pulled that prank.

      "It's only right that I finally get to spoil you."

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  • blackgirlskpopkhh
    05.10.2021 - 2 weeks ago

    The fear of expulsion in exposure (Part one): The road to peace of mind

    Warning : none

    Summary: With a history like this, how does one not expect her boyfriends to push back?

    @thickemadame I think multiple parts is the only way to do this story justice

    “I don’t care Y/N. Blood is not thicker than peace”. Here we are again. I’m sitting in between Taehyung and Seokjin while Tae tells me for the 67th time that I should expose and cut off my cousin Layla.They had once again seen some of the messages she sent me. All of them being some passive aggressive comment about what I wore, my work, the place I lived. You name it and she always had something sly to say. She had always been like that. Even when we were kids. I remember on my 17th birthday I had gotten a necklace locket with a picture of my mom and dad in it. I was so happy with my gift because it was the same locket my dad had given my mother the day I was born. I used to ask her to tell me that story all the time. Her face would light up and she would die laughing when she would get to the part about how my dad was crying the whole time but, not because he was happy. No, he cried because he was 26, scared, and worried about how he would be grey before 45 if I had any of the energy my older brother did. He wasn’t too worried though because he had two more boys (6 and 10 years) after me. He didn’t go grey either, at least I don’t think so. Pops could be using bigen.

    You ain't hear that from me though

    Despite that day starting off so well, my happiness was almost instantly crushed when Layla, her brothers, her mom(my aunt), and her dad came over. I was so happy about my gift that I wanted to show her. So I did. The first thing out of her mouth was “Girl, where the hell did you get that $20 ass locket?”.

    --My momma gave it to me

    Yeah, where did she get it? The fucking Chuck E. Cheese?!

    --No, my daddy gave it to her on my birthday.

    So it ain’t even new. Grandma was right---

    --Do not start that.

    She was. Auntie should’ve married that doctor and not a middle school math teacher.

    Layla was always looking down her nose at me because my mother did not do what “she should’ve” and married the doctor that ended up being a serial cheater and was always knee deep in medical malpractice suits. My auntie married a wealthy man though. A third generation doctor. He was born into money and would always have it. My dad’s father was a very successful real estate agent. We’re talking about closing deals on half a million- million dollar homes.However, my daddy’s pasion was teaching math. My mother and aunt did not grow up rich. My grandparents were working class people. They were genuine, loving, kind, and humble people. So are my mom and auntie. Which is why I know Layla’s snobby ass attitude came from her father and grandfather.

    Regardless of us not being extremely close, we were the only girls so we stuck together. She was a year older than me and kind of like a big sister. Granted, not one I ever asked for but a sister nonetheless. So, when I moved to South Korea a few years ago to start working with Big Hit (Now HYBE) I thought it would be a good Idea to invite her out for a few days after I was truly settled. I had so much planned for when she got here. I was going to show her around Seoul, introduce her to some of my friends, and even show her around some parts of Big Hit headquarters, where I was and am a stylist. I had been working with Big Hit for almost a year at the time. I couldn’t have fathomed the amount of regret that decision would cause.

    While we were touring some of the rooms in the building, we ran into RM. He waved at us and stopped to introduce himself. The minute Layla saw him, her eyes lit up. I could tell she liked him and he had a smile so wide I knew he at least thought she was pretty. Which is quite on par with how most people see her. It’s understandable as she is a model and has been in multiple runway shows. She’s even played the love interest in a few music videos. Everything she has, she earned. With her being more conventionally attractive, she was used to being the center of attention. Everywhere she went she was the biggest float in the parade. Men would buy her drinks, start conversations with her about absolutely nothing. That did not change when she moved to South Korea a few months after her initial visit. If you asked her why she moved here the story you’ll get will be along the lines of “I like the culture, food, and the need for new scenery..blah, blah, blah”. The truth is, she moved here to be with RM. he wasn’t a fan of long distance relationships so, she hopped right on over here.

    That’s when the passive ass text messages started. I was already friends with the guys so, she wouldn’t be able to be an asshole in their presence without Namjoon seeing who she really was. She didn’t want to fumble the fame and the bag that came with being his girlfriend so she had to get sneaky with how she insulted me. Sneaky she was, but I have to admit that the only reason she was able to be as sneaky was because she knew that I wouldn’t say anything to RM about it. I was in a tough spot. Do I tell him who she really is and ruin the image he had of her as this sweet person; or do I suck it up and let it be because he seems to really like her. That is how I got here. Sitting in between of my boyfriends being lectured on how my inner peace should matter more to me than Namjoon possibly having a broken heart about a dream that I had shattered.

    --look at this. Do you honestly think that Namjoon would still date your cousin after he sees this?

    I don’t know. I don’t wanna be the one to tell him how horrible she really is. He really likes her.

    ~Yeah, but you’re his friend and he loves you.

    --Taehyung is right Y/N. We all love you.

    Well, I know you two love me. I mean you both agreed to a polyamrous relationship when we all know that’s not really either of your scenes.

    --It definitely wasn’t mine but, I would much rather share you than to not have you at all.

    ~He also knows that I would love you just as much as he does. He knows he can trust me with you.

    This conversation and them trying to convince me to expose Layla’s true colors went on for twenty more minutes until we all had to leave and get ready for an awards show. The preparation for these things was always hectic and everyone was on high alert the entire time. BTS had to look their best and I was partially responsible if they didn't. It always made me a little bit anxious. Way more anxious than styling them for music videos where I and other stylists could change a detail if it ended up not looking as good as we thought. I was even more nervous because my cousin would be attending this award show as one of the presenters of an award. Don’t get me wrong, I am not seeking her approval but, i didn’t want to hear her bullshit either.

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