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  • कंगारुओं को हरा घर वापस लौटे Team India के शेर, हुआ जोरदार स्वागत | AUS vs IND

    कंगारुओं को हरा घर वापस लौटे Team India के शेर, हुआ जोरदार स्वागत | AUS vs IND

    ऑस्ट्रेलिया को उसी की धरती पर टेस्ट सीरीज में हराकर भारतीय टीम भारत वापस लौट आई है. कोरोना काल की वजह से फैंस की तादाद एयरपोर्ट पर कम थी, लेकिन पूरा हिंदुस्तान अपने इन शेरों का इस्तकबाल कर रहा है.

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    #AUS vs IND Test #australia#Brisbane Test #IND v AUS 4th Test #IND v AUS Sydney Test #Shardul Thakur#Team Australia#team india
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  • The 20-cent coin in Australia has the image of a platypus.

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  • The Lock-Up Old Newcastle Police Station

    The Lock-Up Old Newcastle Police Station

    The Lock-Up

    You will find The Lock-Up at 90 Hunter Street in the heart of the Newcastle CBD, making it very accessible. We walked from a carpark on Wharf Rd, but if you use public transport, the closest light rail stop is Newcastle Beach, making it only a five-minute walk away.

    The Building

    Built in 1861 as an addition to the adjacent Police Station, the Lock-Up is one of several important…


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  • My dear friend,

        I am sure that you are wondering what this is all about.  In one sense it is all very simple.  It is all about you.  However, that does not fully answer the question, “What’s the Point?”  The complete answer is not quite so simple. It is not something that can be explained in few words, not even in a single blog post.  Nonetheless, I will, in this post, do my best to give you a reasonable overview of the purpose behind it all.

        What is it that I mean when I say, “Raising the awareness and understanding of the Word of God using the Earth itself as a pulpit?”

    As it states on my LinkedIn Company Profile:

    “There is a threefold purpose:

    • To test (prove) the love of God;
    • To make known the Word of God; and
    • To serve as a vehicle for His love and His Word.”

        God through His infinite mercy uses the weak and the foolish to confound the strong and the wise (as Paul the Apostle writes in First Corinthians 1:27).  If it were possible that a man could complete a solo human powered polar circumnavigation of the Earth, only by God’s mercy and grace could it be done.

        Only by God’s mercy and grace would one even dare to attempt it.  It is by the infinite love of God that Jesus gave His life to make the impossible possible.  Likewise, it is simply by His love that one would risk his own life to make known the love and the Word of God.

        In 2019 Fiann Paul and his five companions successfully crossed the Drake Passage (the ocean passage between Cape Horn, Chile and Charles Point, mainland Antarctic peninsula).  This unassisted ocean rowing adventure has been labeled the “Impossible Row.”  Of course, they did not have to row back to Chile. When they arrived at the Antarctic peninsula a ship brought them and their boat back home.  While there are many other accounts of similarly heroic feats in the arctic regions (and other remote areas of the world), the accounts of these adventures are truly remarkable in every case.  The brave men and women that attempt to conquer these challenges endure extraordinarily difficult circumstances, and when things go wrong, it can be disastrous.

        The idea of circumnavigating the entire Earth via the South and the North poles is categorically insane, regardless of situation.  To attempt to do something like this alone is even more improbable, and to do it without any assistance is unquestionably impossible. It is impossible for man, but it is not impossible for God.

        Hence, that is fundamentally what this blog is about.  It is my story of the errand that God has set before me, to conquer the Globe in human conquest.  Except that it is not possible for a man to do such a thing.  There are many men that would like to think that could, but they would not be true to themselves in believing so.  I know for a certainty that I cannot do such a thing. If I had all the money in world at my fingertips, I could not conquer the Globe in my own human power.  Even if I was wise enough to master each challenge, time is against me.  If I was a young enough person to avoid the press of time, then I would lack the wisdom that I need.  Regardless, happenstance and fortune would be against me in either case.

        When an adventurer embarks on any such conquest, he is attempting to cheat fortune … to beat the odds.  There is always a significant risk that he will fail or parish in the attempt.  The more an adventurer continues to beat the odds, the greater the likelihood that the odds will catch up with him.  With a quest such as this one, circumnavigating the Globe, the odds of failure stack up quite high.  Even if that adventurer survives his failures, time and expense take their tolls.  A man could easily spend his entire lifetime trying to achieve the finish line and never quite be able to get there.  More than likely, he would parish somewhere along the way, even if he was regarded the best of the best.

        Therefore, God is not sending an individual that has the credentials or the pedigree, else God would not receive the glory.  Yet if He sends someone like myself, then there can be no other explanation for the success.  It could only be a miracle of God.

        Yet what would be God’s purpose for using a broken and trodden down instrument as I to send His message out to all those that would hear?  I wish that I could give you a complete answer for that question, but I do not fully understand His ways.

    “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.” – Isaiah 55:9 KJV

        Nevertheless, I think that I can make suggestion for a few of His purposes. If I were even able to get my boat into the water and launch out from Singapore in the summer of 2022 (as planned), that would be a miracle in itself.  If I were to make it all the way to Australia that would get some attention, indeed.  Would I not become a fascination to the world abroad?  Imagine the headlines:

    “Over the Hill Man Quits His Cyber Security Career to Circumnavigate the Earth”

        Okay, maybe I would not be enticed to click on a news feed link like this, but if I saw a video clip on the news about it or if a friend told me about it, I would be curious to learn about the eccentric person behind such a strange tale.

        Why would God want His messenger to gain this kind of attention?  It is because He wants His word to heard.  There are a lot of people in this modern world that are not hearing the Word of God, because the traditional church has lost its effectiveness.  God has continually been advancing many other means of means of spreading His Word in the last several years.  This is simply a way of progressing with that trend, and I think that we are going to see much more of these types of methods used by God in coming times.

        How will God use this as a means of spreading His Word?  In short, I will simply say that I will be His mouthpiece. Remember, that I once told you that I would even read the Word of God to you?  That is all that I can say for the moment.  (Those particular details will come in March.)

        This is the sum of it all: If I am faithful to give out the Word of God according to His will and purpose, He will continue to bless me in my efforts to achieve the impossible.  When God makes the impossible possible, He proves His love towards me (His faithful servant), and, most of all, He proves His love for you.  Remember, how that I told you that God saved me from my own sin? He will save you also, my dear friend, if you put your trust in Him.  God loves you, and He is going to prove it to you through my impossible errand.

    Love Always,

    Dale 😊


    Come back tomorrow for another blog post with continuing details and explanation.

    Read this post on my own personal blog Website dalet.us

    ©2021 Dale Trussell

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  • serious question time

    can i, as a light skinned latina of african descent wear braids ?

    • my grandmother (on my mother’s side) is a light skinned african woman born and raised in haiti. she has curly light brown hair
    • my mother is a mixed woman (african on her mother’s side and spaniard on her father’s side) with light “fair” skin. she has straight black hair
    • my father is a mixed man (mexican on his father’s side and spaniard on his mother’s side) with natural light “sun kissed” skin. he has curly dark brown hair
    • my oldest sister took after my father with naturally tan but still light skin. she has loose curly black hair
    • my older sister (the middle sister) took after my grandmother with a darker complexion, but light enough to be mistaken as white. she has straight dark brown hair
    • i (being the youngest sister) took after my mother. i have a very light “fair” skin color, easily being able to pass as white. i have my grandmother’s light brown hair but it’s wavy instead of curly

    i don’t necessarily identify as african. when i am asked to fill out the little box on applications i select latina. spanish was my first language. haitian creole was my second language. my family lives in mexico five out of twelve months a year. i was born and currently live in australia. i see myself as a latina. but technically (according to my grandmother and mother) i am (part) african. i’m not sure what exactly i am. afro-latina ? afro-aus-tina ? i’m still figuring that out.

    at school i am seen as a white girl. if you see me walking down the street you will assume that i am a white girl. there are other kids of african descent at my school, in my class. but they have dark complexions, much darker than me. and most have curly hair. i grew up with them, they’re my friends. but they don’t see me as black. they see me as their white friend who speaks spanish and ‘weird’ french. i was fine with it at first. i never corrected them. i never introduced myself as a ‘fifteen year old australian born light skinned latina with haitian roots.’ i just introduced myself as gemma (short for genevieve)

    on the color scale, i tilt towards white. the entirety of my close family tilts towards white. we don’t look the part. so people assume we are white. i guess it is our fault. for never correcting them. we aren’t ashamed. i, i am not ashamed. my grandmother has always told me to be proud of who i am. she calls me her little skittles. because i have a bunch of different ‘flavors’ that somehow blend perfectly to make- me, me.

    i never thought it was a big deal. my race, my identity, how i and other people see me. but now i see that i did lean towards white, because i liked it. i have only visited america a handful of times. every time i go i’m not treated as a tourist. people don’t gawk when i walk down the street. and when i speak spanish (my first language) people think that my accent is cute. i have been never discriminated against in america.

    but when i visit mexico yearly, it’s a different story. my family speaks spanish perfectly. no accents. my father was born and raised in mexico. but my cousins over there make fun of me. they call me names like “rubia, pelo de maíz, blanca nieves, güera, gringa.”

    i don’t fully ‘fit in’ with my mexican side of the family because i am too white. i don’t fully ‘fit in’ with my black side of the family because i am too white. i don’t fit in my my spanish side of the family because i am too white. i don’t fit in.

    i have started embracing my black roots more recently. my grandmother was been teaching me more creole. she has been teaching me more of the customs that her parents had taught her. she gifted me one of her head wraps. she has even scheduled an appointment to have my hair braided the way she would wear in back when she was a little girl in haiti. she understands how i feel. she explained to me that she felt the same way as a little girl in haiti. her mother was a white fair french women. her father was a dark african. but she somehow came out as a light skin (almost completely white) girl with curly light brown hair. she told me that she was made fun of for being white. but when she grew up she was made fun of for being black.

    i was so excited when she told me that i was going to get my hair braided like her. but then i thought about it. i, a white passing latina was going to get braids. what would people think ? what would people say ? what names would i be called ? so this brings be back to my original question.

    can i, a white passing australian-latina of african descent, wear braids ?

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  • Kraken Adds 26 New Crypto Trading Pairs to Capture Growing UK, Australia Markets

    Kraken Adds 26 New Crypto Trading Pairs to Capture Growing UK, Australia Markets

    Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has more than doubled the number of trading pairs available to customers using pounds sterling (GBP) and the Australian dollar (AUD).

    In a press release Thursday, the exchange said the move expands its presence in two markets that have “substantial upside potential.”

    “The digital currency industry is at a critical tipping point as institutional investors start to…

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  • GUEST ARTIST: “It’s Never Too Late!” by Kathy Lee

    GUEST ARTIST: “It’s Never Too Late!” by Kathy Lee - #doodlewash #WorldWatercolorGroup #watercolour #watercolor


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  • What’s that you said?


    Couldn’t hear you over the sounds of actual, real, evidence-backed murder and torture perpetrated by Australian military forces.

    #australia #or should i say “australia” 😌 #china#western propaganda#western msm
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  • image

    Just a simple fisherman from Australia

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