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  • we had our map.

    we had our map.

    we was supposed to click


    we was supposed to get happy


    we was meant to get too carried away


    find our own home our own place

    we had our map

    that no one even knew

    and i dont think you even remember

    do you?

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  • he has a heart made of gold, rock solid

    he has a heart made of gold, rock solid




    but his heart is out of rhyme with his delivery and time.

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  • standing off the balcony shouting your name

    standing off the balcony shouting your name

    i wont be in the kitchen

    i wont be in the shower

    i wont be in the garden

    i wont be in the shop

    down road, off ten foot,

    i wont be in the car

    i wont be in the bedroom

    i wont be in the living room

    i wont be in the dinning area

    i will be standing off the balcony




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  • wherever youll be

    where ever you’ll be i will follow

    I will be the warmth in the cold of tomorrow

    you draw me closser

    i am drawn to you

    its a shame you will never act upon it

    and its a shame that nothing will come from it

    where ever you’ll be i wil follow

    I want to be the earth you walk on tomorrow

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  • Chapter 1: there was something different about her… a subtle energy… that I couldn’t place…


    #original characters#oc’s #work in progress #WIP#writer#author#manuscript#draft#writing#book#chapters #characters developement? #but like he gets over it real quick #cause what person in our generation would actually be that shocked by magic #be more like ‘that’s cool bro’ and move on
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  • Why is it that my mind is teeming with imagination and inspiration for writing and illustration yet, I sit watching reaction channels on YouTube all day and accomplish nothing!

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  • Views of the Neighborhood - Snow People from The Blizzard of 2021

    Views of the Neighborhood – Snow People from The Blizzard of 2021

    Yes, we had a blizzard here in Austin. We all managed to survive long enough to clean out the grocery and liquor stores. What was left in the wake of the devastation were several snow people. So what better thing to do than to climb on the bus and go gawk at them. Yay.
    We need to have some substance for an appetizer, I’ve cooked up some glazed baby back ribs, bacon-wrapped water chestnuts,…


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    #author#books #Circumstances of Childhood #Eternal Road - The final stop #fiction favorites#His Revenge #John W. Howell Author #My GRL#Our Justice #The Contract with Gwen Plano #thriller fiction #Views of the Neighborhood
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  • Tears can flow, life can be unfair, but that doesn’t mean your dull world cannot be colorful.

    There’s at least…one light that you should walk on to.

    - vounvoyage

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  • one thing in life i can never do is forgive god

    for xe watched what was done to me

    and allowed it to happen

    everyone said that god would protect those who believed

    but it was a lie

    i prayed to xem, up above the world so high

    and in return i heard no reply

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  • Kamu punya gak sih teman yang diem,  tidak mau berbaur dengan teman-temannya dan punya kebiasaan-kebiasaan yang gak banget? Temen yang membuat kamu mengernyitkan dahi karena melihatnya sebagai orang aneh….

    Atau… pernahkah kamu dalam posisi itu? Orang-orang sekitarmu sibuk menghakimimu tanpa mau mengerti apa yang sebenarnya kamu rasakan….

    Awalnya anton hanya penasaran, dan rasa penasaran itulah yang mengajaknya mengenal sisi lain dari seorang Rini. Sosok Rini yang dianggap aneh oleh teman-temannya itu memberikan kenyamanan yang tidak pernah Anton perkirakan. Anton pun bertanya-tanya mengenai perasaannya sendiri. Apakah dia hanya penasaran dan kasihan ataukah ada perasaan lain yang sudah tumbuh?

    Tidak hanya Rini, ‘orang aneh’ di sekitar Anton.  Ada Daniel, anak kecil di dekat rumahnya, seorang penyandang autis yang sehari-hari bermain dengan kakeknya Anton. 

    “Mereka tidak aneh, kita saja yang tidak memahaminya”

    Judul : You’re the Inspiration

    Penulis : Reny Rivai

    Genre : Romance & Family

    Status : Completed

    Link : https://linktr.ee/antondanrini

    “You’re the Inspiration” merupakan bagian pertama dari rangkaian sebuah Trilogi berjudul Belahan Jiwa.  Bagian kedua dari trilogi tersebut yaitu  "Meet Again"  dan bagian ketiga adalah “Armand : This is Where the Story Began”.  Ketiga cerita ini bertutur di 3 era yang berbeda yaitu tahun 1990an (You’re the Inspiration), tahun 2010an (Meet Again)  dan tahun 1970-80an (Armand : This is Where the Story Began) .

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  • Author of Didda claims Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda is violation of copyright laws and illegal : Bollywood News

    Author of Didda claims Kangana Ranaut’s Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda is violation of copyright laws and illegal : Bollywood News

    A day ago, actress Kangana Ranaut announced she will star in the second installment of the Manikarnika franchise, titled Manikarnika Returns: The Legend Of Didda. Hours after the movie was announced, the author of Didda’s biography has accused Kangana of blatantly violating his sole rights.

    Speaking to a daily, Ashish Koul said that it is illegal and an absolute violation of the IPR and the…


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  • On January 17th 1883 the author Compton Mackenzie was born.

    Some of you might be surprised that Compton was actually born in Hartlepool, England as Edward Montague Compton. He came from a family of thespians and  his grandfather, Henry, had dropped their traditional surname, Mackenzie and taken the name Compton as a stage name. Henry was a well known Victorian actor, his father, Edward Compton and mother Virginia Bateman, were actors and theatre company managers; his sister, Fay Compton, starred in many of J. M. Barrie’s plays, including Peter Pan. 

    He was educated at St Paul’s School, London, and Magdalen College, Oxford, where he graduated with a degree in modern history. I would have to go back further than his grandfather to see when his family left Scotland, but they did have strong Scottish connections. 

    He studied law, but gave up his studies to work on his first play, The Gentleman in Grey. This was followed by three successful novels, the latter getting critics interested in him, one saying the most promising novelist of his generation.
    On the outbreak of the First World War Mackenzie attempted unsuccessfully to obtain a commission in the Seaforth Highlanders. However, his friend, General Ian Hamilton, arranged for Mackenzie to became a lieutenant in the Royal Marines and he served with the Royal Naval division in the Dardanelles campaign in 1915. After being recruited by MI6 he became director of the Aegean Intelligence Service in Syria.

    During this period Mackenzie was mixed up in a good deal of cloak-and-dagger activities which aroused strong criticism of the British Secret Service among both enemies and neutral parties, he was also heavily involved with events in Balkan states as head of Anglo-French police in Athens.

    After the war Mackenzie returned to writing and spent a lot of time living on the island of Capri. He joined a group of expatriate artists and intellectuals that included D. H. Lawrence and Somerset Maugham. After this he returned to his family’s ancestral homeland where he went to great lengths to trace the steps of his ancestors back to his spiritual home in the Highlands, and displayed a deep and tenacious attachment to Gaelic culture throughout his long and very colourful life, developing a close relationship with Hugh MacDiarmid. 

    His biographer, Andro Linklater, commented,

     "Mackenzie wasn’t born a Scot, and he didn’t sound like a Scot. But nevertheless his imagination was truly Scottish.“ 

    In 1932 Compton wrote a book Greek memoirs about his time in the secret service describing it as  an organization with  "scores of under-employed generals surrounded by a dense cloud of intelligence officers sleuthing each other. The book was immediately withdrawn and all remaining copies were destroyed. Mackenzie was fined £100 for breaching the Official Secrets Act. It was the first time an acknowledgement of a secret service in the country. From then on he was monitored by the same people he used to work for.
    By this time MacKenzie was now fully settled in Scotland, living on Barra, where between 1937-45 he wrote a major works across six volumes,  The Four Winds of Love, it has been described as ” one of the most ambitious Scottish novels of the twentieth century" and contained almost 1 million words.

    In 1947 Compton became one of Scotland’s favourite authors with the publication of Whisky Galore, the fictionalized a real incident, the sinking of the SS Politician off Eriskay with “thousands of cases of whisky, and the islanders’ desperate attempts to salvage their providential gift of liquid gold from the sea.” The following year came the film, which starred  Basil Radford, Bruce Seton, Joan Greenwood and Gordon Jackson. It also seen a resurgence in his previous work, which included the popular Monarch of the Glen. 

    Another  biographer, Gavin Wallace, has pointed out: 

    “Although Mackenzie’s output of novels (including delightful books for children), essays, criticism, history, biography, autobiography, and travel writing was prolific - a total of 113 published titles - it can truly be said that if he had never written a word he would still have been a celebrity. He had a personality as exhibitory and colourful as his writing, and remained throughout his life a gregarious man with a brilliant sense of comedy. Flamboyant, a raconteur and mimic, he was no less memorable as the formidable scourge of politicians, bureaucrats, and governments, and the passionate defender of the ostracized, the shunned, and the wronged.”

    Compton Mackenzie died on 30 November 1972, aged 89, in Edinburgh and was interred at Eoligarry on the Isle of Barra in an ancient graveyard not far from the house he had built.

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  • There are worse crimes than burning books. One of them is not reading them.

    — Joseph Brodsky

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  • Robert Frost, Summarized Poorly

    There’s a cow. I get invited to look at it….

    There’s a cow. I get invited to look at it.There’s a fork in the road.

    There’s snow in the forest. I’m a long way from home.

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  • Pros of writing the first draft by hand:

    1. Improves your handwriting

    2. Written exams seem like nothing

    3. When you type your 2nd draft you can’t get lazy (you have to rethink and rewrite every word instead of just deleting and replacing)

    4. The aesthetic of full notebooks

    5. You don’t have to type (I cannot stand typing it sucks so much)

    Cons of writing the first draft by hand:

    1. Hand cramps

    2. You go through so. many. pens.

    3. Use lots of paper

    4. Can get a bit messy if you try to add stuff later (especially if you don’t write scenes in order)

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