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  • Studio Avalon 2019 Trailer
    2019 Film Trailer for Studio Avalon featuring Lady Mercedes, Lady June, Mistress Bella Lugosi, Lady Lilith and Subgirl Usagi.

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  • Residenz Avalon Berlin
    The Avalon Residenz building complex with all its subterranean cells and cellars is listed for preservation. The former Prussian gun factory was built in 1854. The flair of the historic building is the perfect setting for your fantasies.

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  • #yes i got this conversation from tik tok #yes im trash #Harley#Avalon
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  • When you are playing the “baby” version of a previous character for DND and you know he grows up into a..not so nice person.  lol.

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  • image

    La solitudine avvolgeva quel luogo, solo il rumore dell'acqua turbava il silenzio… anche la natura attendeva, in trepidazione, quello che sarebbe accaduto

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  • This art ranges from a few months ago to when I was still fairly new to the fandom, but I wanted to share some art that I never got to post!

    1) This is my concept for Chip, one of my newer OCs! He’s the son of a local carpenter (not Willy) and writes poetry in his spare time! His good friend is Spot, cousin of Petula, and the three of them tend to hang out a lot!

    2) This is my mask concept for Flora’s grandmother, Graziela! She was an off-islander and it took her a while to catch onto the rule of having to wear a mask. Like, a LONG while. It’s loosely based on Bolivian carnival masks, since she’s a mainlander from Bolivia!

    3) I wanted to test out a lineless pixely style, and I figured it would be fun to try it out on Avalon, one of my fave OCs in the fandom!

    4) A while back, I wanted to try out a lineless semi-realistic style for drawing, so I made a gift for Lizzie, Avalon’s creator! I still love it a lot.

    5) This was mainly a study of how to draw braids, but I’m almost certain that Fauna wouold get his hair braided and decorated by his sister Flora.

    6) Lili and Fauna! They’re a dynamic duo, especially in my fic series. Moodle (Lili’s creator) and I headcanon that the two see each other as siblings despite not having any biological relationship (which is also why Lili is SOOO jealous of Flora!!!).

    7) Just a quick doodle of what Flora could look like with long hair!

    8) This one has a backstory! Moodle found the original design for a Sprinkling and made an OC named Flora (now also called Petals!), and I realized I also coincidentally had an OC named Flora! So I made a ship art haha. They’re flower gfs…

    9) I wanted to do an outfit swap between Flora and her mother Ismeralda! Flora looks pretty in a dress omg…

    10) Art based on a scene in chapter 4 of my VP fanfic! It’s a nice moment for the two twins to reunite… It really warms my heart honestly???

    Avalon belongs to shortlifelongart on tumblr.
    Lili and Petals belongs to moodlemcdoodle on tumblr.
    Flora, Fauna, Chip, Ismeralda, and Graziela belong to me.

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  • i don’t post here enough anymore (because i’m may more active on twitter. Have some doodles.

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  • okay, is everyone who read the avalon web of magic book series gay now? 

    #avalon #avalon web of magic #lgbt
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  • image

    Half and half. Feel free to use just like/reblog and give credit. 🌘🌕🌒

    #avalon #avalon web of magic #kara davies #avalon web of magic kara #avalon web of magic aesthetic #magical girl aesthetic #kara davies edit #pink core #kara elizabeth davies #blazing star mage #rachel roberts#allison strom #all that glitters #pink aesthetic#starlightedits#kara
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    • Gender & Pronouns: Cis female, she/her
    • Date of Birth: March 17th, 1987 (33)
    • Place of Birth: Detroit, Michigan
    • Neighborhood: Avalon
    • Length of Residency: Since October 2019
    • Occupation: Nurse at the Catalina Island Medical Center
    • Face Claim: Meagan Good


    • TRIGGERS: Abandonment, Abuse, Drug Abuse, Neglect, Stripping.

    Candice wasn’t always Candice. She was originally born Kelly Renee Thomas in Detroit, Michigan.  She was born to a drug addicted mother and an unknown father.  Candice remembers some of her life as Kelly. She remembers lots of lonely nights and abuse that she tries to forget.  After a year of that happening, a neighbor called child protective services and Kelly was removed from the home.  She was three years old when she left.

    She had a week-long stay in the hospital where she had one of the nicest nurses possible.  Jocelyn Riley was a great pediatric nurse that took a special liking to Kelly. She always checked on her, stayed with her throughout the night when she had nightmares, and even snuck her extra Jell-O.  Towards the end of that week, Jocelyn knew what she had to do.  The connection between her and the girl was undeniable and she never wanted to sever it. Jocelyn adopted Kelly on the last day the girl was in the hospital.  That night, she came home with Jocelyn and met her new family, the Rileys.  There were already two children and a husband in the home.  Aiden Riley was Jocelyn’s husband and a firefighter.  He was skeptical about having Kelly in their home at first but warmed up to her quickly and treated her just like his other children.  Ava was the oldest Riley sibling. She was very book smart but had a hard time making friends.  She loved to read books and disappear from her troubles that way.  Brady was her little brother.  He was the quintessential boy.  Active and mischievous, always getting into things and trying to find a way out of it.  He was fun-loving as well and never meant any harm.  Brady immediately took to Kelly.  He was glad that there was someone younger than him to blame all of his pranks on.  Kelly was happy to be wanted and followed Brady everywhere.  Ava was not so easy.  She was jealous of the relationship growing between Brady and Kelly.

    For the most part, Kelly had a good childhood once with the Rileys.  She was ten when she decided that she wanted to totally forget her earlier childhood as Kelly and rename herself as a Riley.  She and Jocelyn went through several names before they decided on Candice.  Her middle name, Joanna, was Jocelyn’s mother’s name which Candice was perfectly happy with.

    Everything was going well until high school. Candice was left in the house on her own because her siblings were off at school and her parents were working graveyard shifts to help pay for their schooling.  She started to have flashbacks of her toddler years and had to go into counseling.  Upon the counselor’s suggestion, Jocelyn put Candice into extracurricular activities.  She became a cheerleader and very active in many clubs.  Again, things were going well for Candice, but they couldn’t go well for long.

    After a cheerleading competition, Candice was brutally attacked on her way home. She was ashamed and thought it was all her fault.  Luckily, she knew no one was home.  Jocelyn was working late shifts again and Aiden was at the fire station.  She couldn’t bear to look either of her adopted parents in the face so she packed up her stuff and left the house without a trace.

    She took to the streets and stayed in a few shelters before she ran low on money.  She didn’t have any skills being barely out of high school so she used her body to make money. She became a stripper.  Her stage name was Kandi Kane and she danced the same night she was hired. She started making good money so she was able to support herself.

    Once she gathered enough money, Candice moved to California.  The Rileys had begun looking for her and there was a missing person’s case out on her.  Detroit was something she wanted to forget.  There was too much pain and shame there so moving seemed like the natural thing to do.  Once in California, she worked in another strip club and went to college at the same time.  She managed to get an apartment and car.  She graduated from college with a nursing degree and started working as a full time nurse.  

    Candice’s love life has been a roller coaster of bad boys and low expectations unfortunately. During her teenage years, she had good experiences dating other athletes who treated her well and took care of her. But after leaving home, she was mostly with men that treated her horribly. She tried to keep her relationships from getting serious by doing one night stands and flings. Anything so she didn’t have to get attached and risk getting hurt. All that changed when she met Roane Morrissey. A red headed bad boy and an enforcer for the Irish Mafia. She was attracted to him completely, but he was different from all the other bad boys that had been in her life. He actually cared and loved her. He wanted to protect her and take care of her. He even convinced her to get out of the stripping life for a while and just be a nurse. She loved him completely and he loved her. She had never been happier before in her whole life while she was with Roane. Her happiness increased when she found out she was pregnant. Roane was worried at first because of his job, but he couldn’t deny the happiness he felt inside. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. Roane was called out for a big hit. He had been gone for a month with little to no communication with Candice who was battling through her first trimester of pregnancy. She had just finished throwing up when she got a call from one of Ryan’s trusted associates. He told her that Ryan had hit his target and an even bigger one and she needed to get out fast. He already had a ticket for her waiting at the airport.

    Reluctantly, Candice took the secret stash of money that Roane always told her to take if something happened to him and got out of town. She was bounced around from city to city because other mafia families were looking for her thinking she had information on Roane. She wasn’t sure what happened to Roane until she heard from him when she was four months pregnant. He said he was fine, but was far away and couldn’t come back to her for a while. She was able to send him pictures of ultrasounds from her appointments which he appreciated. He called again when she was six months pregnant and told her to move to Catalina Island and he would be there to join her as soon as he could. So she packed up all her stuff and found a beachfront house for them. She managed to get a job as a nurse at the local hospital as well and worked up until she gave birth. She heard nothing from Roane until she told him she was going into labor and he was able to FaceTime her to see their son, Ayden Roane Morrissey, being born. They both were beyond happy and Roane promised he would come join her soon. That was the last time that she heard from him. Ayden is now three months old. She just wants to keep herself and Ayden safe from her family and the mafia that may still want to kill her or the both of them.


    • Positive: Friendly | Optimistic | Compassionate
    • Negative: Secretive | Paranoid | Stubborn

    Candice Riley is portrayed by Niki.

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  • some of my vp ships!!! it’s late for pride, i know, but i still wanna do this

    my ships with their lgbt headcanons!!!(from left to right, top to bottom)

    flora (bi) x seedos (amab masc nonbinary + birom ace)
    spot (gay) x fauna (gay)
    bart (ftm + gay) x ivor (gay)
    fannie (pan) x gretchen (lesbian)
    avalon (bi)* x dastardos (grey-bi)
    patch (bi) x dastardos (grey-bi)
    [*this isn’t my personal headcanon, it’s avalon’s canon sexuality!]

    my inspo for trans ftm bart came from @residentjoth!!! i really liked the idea of it, especially because you can’t spell “transmogrifiable item technician” without “trans”, plus i really wanted a good trans headcanon besides seedos! my inspo for greysexual dastardos came from @moodlemcdoodle (and i think @shortlifelongart as well) having an asexual dastardos!!!

    avalon belongs to @shortlifelongart; flora, fauna, and spot belong to me; bart, ivor, seedos, dastardos, patch, fannie, and gretchen belong to rare!

    #ctg posts #linnea's art bomb #viva pinata#flora#seedos#spot#fauna#bart#ivor#fannie#gretchen#avalon#dastardos#patch#MY SHIPS #i may add more in a reblog later if i feel like it
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  • Gewinner - Zeig dein inneres Kind!

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  • I just realizes I forgot to say what song Avalon and String sang when they first met. It was this:

    And I imagine that String starts singing around 2:05 and they start singing together at 2:20

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  • Texas Coast Ceramic Coating & Mobile Detailing

    Scheduling or Questions:

    (832) 738-7225

    2020 Avalon TRD

    Two Coats Gtechniq Crystal Serum providing five years protection from UV Rays 🌞, Bug Guts 🐛, Bird Droppings 🐦, Contaminants & Pollutants and more….

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