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    I’m a lot of years behind, but just watched Avatar (not the series for clarification, the movie with the Na’vi and stuff) and I have a new obsession 😔

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    Marley Hong (400x640)

    Credit: Gerard Menjoui

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    Xuxa manda carta para Rafa Kalimann e ela divulga o que estava escrito

    Xuxa manda carta para Rafa Kalimann e ela divulga o que estava escrito

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    The Princess and the Peasant - (An Azula Epic) - Chapter 113 - Through the World Gateway

    Rieko stood with her fists at her hips as she watched the wind sweep through the air once again.

    All the while as her audience stared gazed on with shock in their eyes as her pony tail blew gently behind her.

    While Elle audibly gulped as she trembled in intimidation from where she stood beside her master.

    All the while as Zoi now slid across the ice with her golden eyes gazing down at her arm in disbelief to see that a faint sheen of frost had started to form on her arm.

    While she grimaced as she heated up her arm with her firebending as she began to melt the ice from her arm.

    All the while as she turned her astonished eyes back to the emperor's back.

    'I can't believe it! I…almost failed to move out of the way in time! We…have to get out of here! We're too exhausted to fight her! We'll die if we remain here…or worse!' Zoi thought with a newfound urgency in her eyes as she jumped down beside her companions.

    While Azula's golden eyes were still wide in disbelief over the difference in power between the monarch and the waterbender that she despised.

    Only for her ruthless golden eyes to finally recover as she glared back at the older woman just as she turned around to face them.

    All the while as she still held onto her serving girl's hand with her callous eyes already trying to strategize a way to escape to the gateway.

    While Rieko now faced the stunned faces of team with her lips already curving back into another sanguine smirk.

    All the while as Team Naoki gazed on with astonishment in their eyes.

    "Woah! Unreal!" Katsu exclaimed in an awed voice as she gazed on with entranced golden eyes.

    While Naoki gazed back at the scene with expressionless brown eyes as her crew gazed on in shock behind her.

    She had already known that this would be the outcome from the very moment that Elle chose to oppose her.

    All the while as Andromeda just watched from the sidelines with a disinterested expression in her eyes.

    And Victoria simply stood with a proud smile on her lips as Team Azula still gazed back at her leader in disbelief.

    "Now you begin to get an idea of what you are up against." Rieko stated in a voice of seemingly endless self-assurance while Azula's golden eyes narrowed into ruthless slits.

    All the while as her keen blue eyes glanced down at the princess's legs as she took careful note that the younger woman was struggling to even keep herself up on both feet.

    "She…. she froze him and shattered him into pieces as if he was made of glass." Ty Lee breathed in a completely terrified voice as her exhausted legs shook underneath her.

    While Mai also stood stricken into silence with her tawny eyes gazing back at the older woman in ever growing fright.

    "Stop being so dramatic Ty Lee. So, she turned one man into ice. That was nothing. Any waterbender could have done that." Azula snarled with her teeth bared in defiance while the acrobat shook her head in disagreement.

    "No waterbender that I have ever seen could have done that. It almost appeared as if…she created that ice from her chi…like a firebender creates their own fire." Mai insisted as she stood shivering in the arctic winds while her teammates listened in disbelief.

    While Zoi shook her arm free of the melted ice as she raised her golden eyes to stare stonily back at the emperor's smirking face.

    ‘Can this woman truly create ice from her own chi?’ The princess thought with her merciless golden eyes staring back at the older woman in calculation.

    "I commend your reaction time Zoi. But you should know that you only got away because I wanted you to get away. If I had wanted, I could have frozen you into nothing alongside him." The emperor remarked in a lordly voice as she crossed her arms over her chest while the captain's golden eyes flickered in humiliation.

    While the princess glared on with her golden eyes refusing to submit to the older woman's will.

    All the while as her lips pursed into a mighty snarl when the older woman turned her eyes to her quivering little girlfriend.

    "I do apologize that you had to see that. I know that this is the first time that you have seen this side of me. But some people are not deserving of mercy." Rieko commented in a refined voice with her blue eyes gazing back at the teenager's still intimidated face.

    While the highborn women stood in a protective circle around their sensitive young friend.

    All the while as they continued to stare with untrusting eyes back at the older woman's composed countenance.

    "Y-you said that you have been looking for my mother's killer for a while. D-does…. does that mean that you are going to the other perpetrators involved to justice?" Elle asked in a still emotional voice while her friends gazed down at her with concern in their eyes.

    While the princess's golden eyes now conveyed yet another angered gleam as she glared callously back at the emperor.

    She had already given the girl her personal assurance that she would avenge her parents personally.

    And now not only does this woman have the nerve to take the combustionbender and earthbender from her.

    Now she dares to presume that she can take that from her as well!

    "Of course, they will. I'll destroy them myself. Despite what you may think of me…I hold a great deal of respect for your mother." The emperor spoke in a sophisticated voice as she gazed back at the teenager's taken aback face.

    All the while as the four Fire Nation women stared back at her with distrust in their narrowed eyes.

    "Y-you…have respect for my mother?" The handmaid inquired with great sentiment in her voice while the older woman nodded her head.

    While the monarch held herself high with a stately aura about her.

    All the while as the princess continued to glare daggers through her undaunted skull.

    "She was a good woman. I met her once before you were born…it was about sixteen years ago." Rieko announced with a more courteous tone than before while Elle's eyes widened in disbelief.

    While the highborn women gazed on with shock in their eyes as they tried to ascertain if the older woman was telling the truth.

    "You…you met my mother?" Elle stammered with intense emotion overcoming her voice.

    "I did. It was shortly after I had inherited control of the empire from Father when I was twelve years old. I attended one of her lectures on peace and we spoke afterward." The emperor informed in a reminiscent voice with a small smile on her lips while she gazed back at the teenager's stunned face.

    All the while as the Fire Nation women stared back at the older woman in even greater shock after hearing that she had claimed her throne at a mere twelve years of age!

    And they were just as captivated to discover that their young friend's mother was so passionate about her beliefs.

    That she would talk about it over lectures with even emperors respecting her enough to sit in attendance!

    "I…I didn't know that. I…meant no disrespect Heika." The handmaid spoke in a soft voice as she shivered beside her friends.

    "It's alright dear. We can talk about that another time. Someplace…warmer perhaps. After I get you and your friends out of the cold." Rieko responded in a perfectly poised voice with her blue eyes staring back at the young girl's trembling face.

    While the older girls narrowed their eyes into colder stares once more as they stepped closer to one another.

    While the petite girl swallowed in apprehension from where she stood between all four of them.

    "We're not going back with you." The markswoman stated in a firm voice as she tried not to shudder under the frigid climate while the older woman just smirked with her arms folded over her chest.

    All the while as the princess still glared around with urgency in her cold eyes as she kept searching for an escape path to the overhead cavern.

    Only for the group to be taken by complete surprise when the enigmatic woman turned to speak to her troops.

    "All of you go. I don't need your help to subdue them. I'll handle them myself." The emperor ordered with a wave of her gloved hand while the team gazed back at her in disbelief.

    All the while as the princess and the captain's eyes now flashed with offense as they glared furiously back at the audacious woman.

    'Is she really so confident in her perceived advantage that she would send her army away?' Azula thought with her hard-golden eyes staring searchingly back at the older woman's gratingly confident face.

    And yet as much as she hated to admit it.

    She knew that she would be just as confident if she was facing a group of enemies that were all on the brink of chi exhaustion.

    "Are you certain lord? We could subdue them for you. That way you don't have to waste your time on such fodder." Victoria answered in an ever-devoted voice with a smile on her lips while Azula turned to regard her with a frigid glare.

    All the while as the emperor began to slowly walk towards the unnerved Team Azula as she shook her head.

    "No. It is much better if I do it myself. That way it will quell any foolish notions that they have about thinking that they stand even the slightest chance against me." Rieko spoke in a tone of boundless confidence while the two firebenders bristled in anger.

    While the acrobat and the markswoman took another fearful step backwards.

    All the while as the serving girl stared around with panic in her amber eyes.

    And just like that the stunned team watched as the soldiers began to turn to walk away in mass.

    All the while as their ominous emperor now stood opposite of them with her lips curved into an unsettling smirk.

    "As you wish. If it's alright with you though I would like to remain behind to watch you crush them. It has been such a long while since I have seen you fight and I have no doubt that it will be a treat." The communications commander stated in a voice of upmost loyalty while Team Azula now turned to glare her way.

    Only for the emperor to shrug her shoulders as she still smiled back at the angered faces of the Fire Nation women.

    All the while as Team Naoki watched from the sidelines as they waited while their young leader astutely observed the battlefield.

    Just as the sound of Andromeda scoffing resounded into the air as the young woman began to walk away.

    "Asskisser." Andromeda sneered in a not so silent voice while Mai found herself scowling in agreement.

    While Rieko turned to gaze after her second in command with a domineering stare that easily rivaled that of the princess's own.

    "Go make yourself useful Andromeda and make certain that the commanders of the enemy army are completely cut off from the Porta Base." The emperor commanded as she turned to regard her subordinate with a frigid stare while the young woman waved her hand in understanding.

    Before the second in command walked before the gathering of fearful soldiers while she stared back at them with ruthless gray eyes.

    "Attention maggots! You now serve the Apostles! If I sense that a single one of you doubt our cause even in the slightest! I will not hesitate to scatter every single one of you like leaves into the wind! Do I make myself clear!" The air commander shouted in a hard-hearted voice with her sadistic eyes glancing about at all of the soldiers terrified faces.

    While the two noblewomen and their little sister listened with an unnerved expression in their eyes.

    All the while as the princess and her captain watched through the corner of their curious eyes.

    "Yes, Air Commander Andromeda!" The soldiers cried out in several different languages while the caped woman smiled dangerously before them.

    And then the airbender swung her hand out before her smirking face.

    "Apostle forces move out!" Andromeda yelled with her coffee-brown hair blowing in the rising winds behind her.

    All the while as the soldiers now rushed down the slopes to what remained of their military vehicles.

    And with that two joined armies fused together as one as every soldier made their way to their respective transport.

    And then the air commander began to stride away from the battlefield.

    Only to pause for the briefest of instances when she was walking past Team Naoki.

    While Andromeda now glared through the corner of her eye once more at the redhead's uninterested face.

    All the while as Katsu gazed inquisitively back at her from where she stood beside her leader.

    Only for the air commander to leap into the skies not even a second later.

    While Team Azula and Team Naoki turned to gaze over their shoulders as they watched the woman take off in a gust of arctic wind.

    All the while as Andromeda now flew away over the frigid winds until she soon disappeared over the horizon.

    While the gazes of the highborn women reflected a sense of shock over seeing an airbender that was capable of flight.

    But any thoughts that they had about Andromeda were swiftly pushed to the wayside in favor of focusing on the greater threat that still stood before them.

    Until all eyes turned uncertainly back to Rieko as the older woman still smirked confidently back at them.

    And the only soldier remaining was Victoria who still stood smiling from the sidelines.

    While Azula's golden eyes burned with wrath as she still stood shielding Elle's smaller frame behind her armored back.

    "How foolish of you to send away your own army. You'll be regretting that decision soon enough…Rieko." The princess spoke in a merciless voice with her callous eyes glaring back at the older woman's undaunted face.

    All the while as the acrobat and the markswoman warily exchanged a fearful look through the corner of their eye.

    While the captain stood with her katana in hand as she never took her eyes off the emperor's unnervingly confident face.

    Only for all of Team Azula but Elle to glare back at Rieko when the woman let out a boisterous laugh as she held her curled up fingers before her amused lips.

    "I don't need an army to defeat you Azula. In case you haven't noticed you and your captain aren't currently anywhere close to my battle strength. On top of that…you all look so exhausted that you look as if you will blow over like brittle twigs in the wind." Rieko stated in an exceedingly conceited voice as she tipped her head back with a smirk on her lips.

    While the princess's golden eyes now boiled over in rage as she glared on with a murderous gleam in her gaze.

    All the while as her subordinates grimaced as they tried to hold their broken bodies up on their wavering feet.

    "I can see that you haven't got the memo yet so allow me to spell it out for you. This is the point where you all bow." The emperor remarked in a strikingly harsh voice while the two firebenders glared back with outrage in their eyes.

    'How dare this woman have the gall to tell the Princess of the Fire Nation to bow!' The princess thought with her lips smashing together in an enraged glower.

    "I don't give a damn how strong you are. I don't care if we win or lose. The only ruler that I bend the knee to is named Azula." The captain retorted in a steely voice as she pointed her blade back at the older woman's face while her fellow nobles listened in amazement.

    All the while as the princess turned to regard her warrior with an approving gleam in her cold golden eye.

    Only for all of their eyes to widen when the woman's body began to emit a powerful chi as she still gazed sanguinely back at them.

    "I-isn't there any means that we can talk this out peacefully? Perhaps with some hot cocoa over a warm fire? Eep!" Elle squeaked in a lovable voice only to cry out when Azula loomed around to glare down at her.

    While the three noblewomen gazed back at their adopted sister with unhidden fondness in their eyes.

    All the while as the redhead just shook her head with her usual smile on her lips.

    "Silence peasant! Or I'll have you flogged first thing on our return!" Azula bellowed in a tyrannical voice as she watched with delight in her domineering eyes when her little girlfriend submitted under her controlling glare.

    While the acrobat and the markswoman resisted the urge to roll their eyes over the mere suggestion of the princess ever flogging their young friend.

    All the while as the emperor arched an elegant brow as she eyed the couple oddly with a fleeting spark of amusement in her blue eyes.

    "Worry not Elle-chan. No harm will come to you under any circumstances. Sadly…though I can't say the same for your companions. But I'll try not to tear off any limbs." Rieko remarked in a frighteningly poised voice as she smirked back at the unsettled group with her blue chi starting to pour out over her muscular body.

    All the while as Elle quivered with fear for her friend's safety in her innocent eyes.

    While Azula and Zoi glared back at the older woman's smug countenance.

    Only for their eyes to widen when they began to feel the huge aura that the woman was exuding.

    All the while as Ty Lee stared on with her brown-gray eyes widening in fright as she gasped horror.

    This woman…she was a complete and utter monster!

    While Mai's tawny eyes widened with unnatural alarm as she began to take cautious steps back in the snow.

    All the while as Naoki watched with her brown eyes widening in marginal surprise as her crew stared on in amazement behind her.

    Just before the emperor held a gloved hand to the underside of her chin as she calmly smiled back at her exhausted opponents.

    There was no doubt that the two firebenders were truly something to behold.

    Someday they may even be able to rival her in strength but not today.

    "I consider myself a generous woman. Which is why I am willing to extend a concession to you four for how you so kindly looked after my Apostle candidate." The emperor purred with her fingers curling under her chin while the highborn women listened with their widened eyes gazing back at their confused young friend.

    "M-me? I'm an Apostle candidate?" The handmaid stammered while her friends gazed down at her in shock.

    All the while as the Fire Nation women began to feel a greater sense of anger flood through their veins after they heard that their innocent friend was a candidate to fight in this woman's war!

    And then all of Team Azula stared on in rapidly growing disbelief when the older woman placed one hand behind her back.

    While she smiled coldly back at them.

    "To make this sporting I'll fight all of you with one hand." Rieko announced in a tyrannical voice with a tremendous smirk on her lips as she flexed her left hand for emphasis.

    All the while as the four highborn women stared back with astonishment over their opponent's sheer gall!

    And even Team Naoki seemed stricken by the older woman's confident boast.

    "Please. Now you're just letting your environmental advantage go to your head!" The princess snapped with ire lacing her cold voice while she glared back into the older woman's assured blue eyes.

    'One hand? Does she really think that she can fight Azula and Zoi even as they are now with one hand!' The acrobat thought with fright flashing before her exhausted brown-gray eyes.

    All the while as she once again felt like an older Azula was staring back at her from the other end of the battlefield.

    Only…it was a stare without the warmth of their friendship.

    And not a second later the anger in the princess's eyes grew even further when the emperor released another loud laugh.

    "It's not just an environmental advantage dear. I would defeat every single one of you even if we were fighting in the tropics. Your chance of defeating me as you stand now is zero percent." The emperor commented in a cruel voice with a gloved finger pointing back at the younger royal's greatly angered face.

    While the two firebenders stared back with utter disbelief in their prideful eyes.

    All the while as they gazed up out of the corners of their eyes as they mentally plotted out their escape route to the portal.

    "You bluff." Zoi stated with her golden eyes forming a mercilessly focused glare while Rieko chuckled arrogantly once more.

    While Mai and Ty Lee lingered in unease beside their prideful comrades.

    "I assure you. My God does not bluff." Victoria spoke up in a stunningly faithful voice that verged on fanatical while the highborn women turned to gaze back at her in shock.

    All the while as the team now stood there wondering if they had truly just heard the woman call her leader her god!

    And that was all it took for both the acrobat and the markswoman as they resisted the urge to groan when the princess turned to gaze back at them with unbelievably spoiled golden eyes.

    The last thing that they needed was for Azula to start demanding that they call her Agni!

    Yet the meaning behind the other woman's expectant stare was all too evident.

    It was all too clear that Azula now felt the need to compete with this woman over who was worshiped the most!

    All the while as Rieko's lips curved into an even more delighted smile as she took great joy in the look of jealously in the younger royal's golden eyes.

    "You really are an asskisser." Mai snorted with her tawny eyes attempting to hide her unease while Victoria just smiled back at her.

    "It's not asskissing when your leader truly has the might of a god. But you'll find that out soon enough…when you are buried beneath the storm of her might." The communications commander countered in an eerily steadfast voice that stunned the highborn women as she held an arm over her chest in reverence.

    While the princess still glared on with an even greater lust for power in her domineering golden eyes.

    All the while as she snorted fire through her constricting nostrils as she loomed over her shivering girlfriend.

    'I must not disappoint Elle! I will conquer this woman and prove to Elle that my will is absolute! I will show Elle that there is no other ruler that can match me and that I truly am the strongest royal there is! And therefore, the only empress deserving of her worship is me!' Azula thought as she clenched her burning fists before her ruthlessly determined face while she glared down at her adorable pet through the corner of her possessive eye.

    Even if it didn't happen today.

    She made a vow that she would squash this woman beneath her boot while her little peasant gazes on in awe of her divine might!

    And with that her lips pursed into a monstrous glower as she continued to spew fire from her seething nostrils.

    While her murderous golden eyes now narrowed in on the older woman's smiling face.

    Only to find herself torn out of her reverie not a second after that when her captain began to walk forward.

    While she turned to watch the other woman with her golden eyes reflecting her curiosity as the warrior gazed back at their opponent.

    "As you can see my subjects hold me in the highest esteem." Rieko boasted with her head held high while Zoi glared back at her.

    Only for her blue eyes to flicker with delight when the warrior broke out into a run towards her.

    All the while as the rest of Team Azula stared on with anticipation in their eyes.

    "Let's see if that confidence is justified!" The captain shouted as her tired aura flared to life while the emperor smirked back at her.

    While she threw out her arm in a powerful punch at the other woman's smiling face.

    Only for the eyes of everyone on Team Azula to widen when the older women caught the captain's formidable punch not even a second later!

    All the while as the monarch chuckled with her gloved fist holding back the firebender's fist.

    While the noblewoman's golden eyes widened in shock as she grappled with the older female's fist.

    'You have got to be kidding me! Zoi is built like a komodo rhino! Is this woman actually physically stronger than Zoi!' The acrobat thought with her brown-gray eyes agape in disbelief as she watched older woman push back on the captain's fist.

    And then the emperor took one step forward while she stared down into the slightly shorter woman's stunned golden eyes.

    All the while as the other three highborn women and their young servant friend gaped on in shock as they watched the muscular warrior's boots start to slide through the snow!

    Only for the mighty captain to grit her teeth as she swung one boot through the air at the woman's face.

    While the sound of her boot connecting with the emperor's cheek echoed throughout the air.

    Just as her eyes grew even wider when the older female smiled menacingly back into her eyes with her boot still pushing into her skin!

    "I must admit that I am impressed. You are among the highest echelon of warriors that I have encountered up until now. Are you certain that you do no wish to join my Apostles?" The emperor taunted with her lips forming a conceited smirk while the captain's golden eyes glared furiously back into her own.

    All the while as blue fire now spiked on the other side of the battlefield while Azula's golden eyes narrowed into slits.

    "The only ruler that I serve is Princess Azula! I would never insult her by bending the knee to another queen!" Zoi exclaimed in a dedicated voice as her foot began to burn with orange fire.

    While the princess listened with her hardened golden eyes expressing her appreciation for the other woman's loyalty.

    Only for the captain's eyes to flicker with surprise once more when ice rapidly formed over the monarch's cheek.

    All the while as she stared down with an alert expression in her eyes when she saw that frost was starting to form on her boot!

    Just as she rapidly leaped backwards with her feet sliding in the snow.

    While she narrowed her eyes into a fierce glare as she held out her sword before her face.

    All while as she watched the other woman closely as she erupted into a rapid run towards the emperor once more.

    While the rest of Team Azula stood silent with their eyes glued on the older woman's smirking face.

    "Then I'll just have to subjugate her first and you will follow soon after." Rieko spoke in a frighteningly dominant voice as Azula's golden eyes widened in bubbling rage.

    All the while as the three highborn women and their young friend watched with captivated eyes as the warrior charged the older woman once more.

    Only for their eyes to widen even larger when the noblewoman's blade began to turn to ice as soon as it neared the emperor's face!

    While the mouths of the two other noblewomen dropped open in disbelief as they gawked at the lethal ice that was now consuming the warrior's blade!

    Just as the captain directed a blast of intense firebending over her sword.

    All the while as the warrior cursed under her breath as she bounded backwards once more.

    Just as soon as she began to skid back in the snow with her golden eyes gazing on in astonishment.

    Only for an explosion of blue fire to rain down on Rieko from behind while the older woman still stood smirking back at the disbelieving warrior.

    And not even seconds after that the mouths of the Fire Nation women hung open in astoundment when platforms of ice from up from the ground behind her.

    And just like that Azula's carefully aimed blasts of azure fire landed harmlessly against the glistening ice!

    All the while as the princess's golden eyes were now wide in shock as she clenched her jaw with her fists clenched before her.

    While the princess stared furiously back into the emperor’s older entertained blue gaze.

    And that was all it took for the two firebenders to stare back in disbelief as the emperor's lips curved into a condescending smirk.

    All the while as the acrobat and the markswoman stood rooted to their spots with their eyes wide in fright.

    While Team Naoki gazed on in marvel from where they stood on the sidelines.

    "You keep smirking. I'll decipher your weakness soon enough." The princess hissed with her golden eyes narrowing into prideful slits as she clenched her jaw in her fury.

    Only for the anger in her enraged eyes to soar to even higher heights when the emperor released an utterly loud laugh with one hand still resting behind her back.

    All the while as Zoi's golden eyes still gleamed with offense as she angrily clutched her sword in her hand.

    While she gazed out of the corner of her eye up at the cavern in the distance.

    All the while as the statuesque monarch smiled knowingly back at their shocked faces.

    "P-please…let's just go home." Elle pleaded in a shivering voice as she trembled behind Azula while the royal woman seethed in outrage.

    While the Fire Princess never took her eyes off the emperor's face as the older woman smiled dangerously back at them.

    'How in Agni's name are we supposed to get past her? She's a monster! It's almost as if she is ice personified!' The markswoman thought with panic in her tawny eyes as she began to hold her elbows over her shivering face.

    Only for another terrifying chill to sweep through the air as the five girls held their arms over their wincing faces.

    While a painfully bitter cold front suddenly began to assault their stinging faces as they gazed on in wide-eyed alarm.

    "Azula! We need to run!" Ty Lee hollered out over the horrific arctic air while Azula trembled in rage beneath her elbows.

    All the while as she watched in fright when she saw that even Azula's legs were starting to buckle out underneath her!

    And then she turned her panicked eyes to Zoi to see that her legs were also beginning to shake in exhaustion!

    "As expected of my God. Swift and brutal rebuke. Lesser monarchs can't even begin to compare." Victoria commented in a voice of fanatical adoration with a smile of admiration on her lips.

    While she also shuddered with her face hidden underneath the sleeves of her coat as the cold front blew through the air.

    All the while as the two firebenders listened with ever present rage in their widened eyes.

    "H-Heika…please…it's so cold out h-here." The handmaid stammered in a shaken voice as her teeth chattered while she gazed pleadingly back at the older woman's smiling face.

    While the four highborn women glared back at the emperor with even greater anger as they watched their young friend start to wobble on her feet.

    "It will all be over soon. And then you will find no shortage of warmth aboard my ship." The emperor spoke in a voice of limitless confidence as she stared back at the group with harsh blue eyes.

    All the while as she made certain to control her power so that the girl didn't suffer fatal frostbite.

    While Naoki watched from underneath her arms as her scarlet hair blew about in her surprised eyes.

    All the while as she stared at the older woman with a wonderous gleam in her emotionless brown eyes.

    'She's…so strong. Perhaps…she truly is the one who will be able to train me?' The assassin thought with her brown eyes gazing back at the emperor's face in contemplation.

    While her crew and Katsu held their arms over their stunned faces as they stared on from where they stood behind her.

    And just like that the highborn women began to feel as if they bodies were starting to freeze over!

    "What…. what is she doing! It feels like my blood is starting to turn into ice!" The captain shouted with her golden eyes wide in unnatural panic while she felt herself waver on her feet.

    While the princess stared on with furiously widened golden eyes as she began to feel just as her warrior described.

    All the while as she began to find herself becoming dangerously lightheaded as her lips shook in a humiliated glower.

    And then she watched through the corner of her ruthless eye as her alarm only grew when she saw the acrobat sinking to her knees in the snow!

    Only for the rage in her golden eye to grow by one hundred-fold when she saw her pet falling to her knees alongside her childhood friend.

    All the while as the markswoman began to sway like a tower that was about to fall over.

    While the two firebenders stared in unfathomable shame back at the face of the smirking older woman who seemed to take great pleasure in watching them fall down one by one!

    And then just when it seemed as if highborn women and their servant friend were about to fall unconscious in the snow…

    Out of nowhere a boot brutally connected with the back of the emperor's off-guard face!

    All the while as the five girls panted on their knees as they gazed up with their eyes widening in confusion.

    Only to find themselves staring up in shock to see that the woman was now careening hundreds of feet below down the icy hillside!

    While Team Naoki watched with bewildered expressions in their eyes.

    And not a moment after that both parties heard the sound of glacial ice rupturing thunderously below them as the emperor plummeted underground.

    "Lord Rieko!" The communications commander called out in a worshipful voice as she gazed on with widened brown eyes.

    Only for her eyes to widen even larger when she saw who was standing above the downed Fire Nation team.

    And not even seconds later Team Azula glanced up behind them with bewilderment in their eyes as they listened to chunks of ice fall down behind them.

    All the while as they listened to the sound of a body rapidly sliding down the frozen slope.

    Only for all five of them to turn to gaze over their shoulders with their eyes agape in disbelief to see the face of the one who aided them!

    It was none other than the monstrous researcher!

    The group pulled themselves to their feet as they spun around to stare back at the man's utterly bloodied face in shock.

    All the while as the scientist held himself up on the ice wall as he panted with his crimson eyes agape with indescribable rage.

    "I-it's…him." The acrobat coughed as she stared in distrust back at the researcher's blood-stained face as he struggled to hold himself up on the wall.

    "You!" Azula snapped in a wrathful voice while she narrowed her eyes as she glared back at the man's rasping face.

    "It's…. that vile abomination!" Victoria shouted with her eyes glaring back at Nero while the man panted for air.

    "That bastard that experimented on us." Kane stated in a low voice as Naoki nodded her head from where she stood beside him.

    "Yes. Him. The 'Demon Surgeon'." Naoki concurred in a stony voice with her emotionless brown eyes lingering on Nero's face as the battle worn man briefly regarded her through the corner of his eye.

    Just before the monstrous researcher shakily pulled himself to his feet as he gazed back into the still taken aback eyes of Team Azula.

    And then he held pointed his palm in the direction of the furious communications commander.

    Only for the sound of a pained scream to echo throughout the ice valley not even a moment later when the woman was blasted out of the way by a wave of dark chi.

    All the while as he seethed with his fangs bared as he glared about with a spark of insanity in his enraged eyes.

    While he momentarily glanced at his prized research subject through the corner of his remorseless eye.

    All the while as he ran his tongue along his lips as he stared back at the redhead's apathetic face while frigid brown eyes stared coldly back at him.

    'I'll get you another day…Naoki.' Nero thought as his bloodied hand grasped at the ice while he turned to stare back at the exhausted team.

    While the four Fire Nation women and their frightened friend now stood staring back at the demented man with searching stares in their eyes.

    "She almost caught every last one of you in Subzero! You cannot defeat the emperor this far north! Get out of here! I'll cover your retreat!" The geneticist barked with his crimson eyes narrowing back at them while the four older girls now glared at him with suspicion in their narrowed eyes.

    "And why would you help us?" The princess asked in a smooth voice with her golden eyes glaring back at the man's brutalized face.

    If not for the fact that this emperor was a much stronger threat, she would destroy this man where he stands.

    And yet she couldn't help but feel intrigued as to what this 'Subzero' power entailed.

    From the feel of it…she could gather that it felt as if the woman had been close to freezing her body solid!

    "Because I need that girl to stay out of Rieko's hands if I am to attain what I desire! Now take her and go!" Nero ordered in a malicious voice as he pointed back at Elle's intimidated face while the highborn women listened in rapidly rising paranoia.

    "And just why should we trust you?" Zoi demanded with her teeth gritted as she eyed the man in loathing while she took in his many horrific wounds.

    All the while as the acrobat shuddered in agreement as she glared back at the evil man.

    "That an understatement if I ever heard one." Mai stated with a ruthless edge to her voice as she glared coldly back at Nero.

    Only for the man to smile savagely as he laughed madly back at them as they seethed with their eyes never leaving his face.

    All the while as the small girl trembled behind her princess's armored back as the royal woman stared back with tyrannical golden eyes.

    "Simple. You have no other alternative. I need you and Elle to work for me…Azula. I need you to keep little Elle alive. And at some point…what benefits you will also benefit me." The geneticist purred in a low voice as he smirked back at the princess's stony face as the young woman's golden eyes took on a brutal glare.

    "W-work for him?" Elle squeaked in a fearful voice as she swallowed in worry behind her master's tall back while Azula stood protectively over her.

    "We…. we don't really have any other choice do we Azula?" Ty Lee breathed as she shivered in her torn coat.

    Only to find herself shuddering when she saw the cold stare in Azula's eyes as the woman still glared the man down.

    Not that she could blame her.

    It wasn't too long ago that this wretched beast stated that he aspired to dissect them!

    And before the Fire Princess could even so much as get out another interrogative remark.

    All six of them spun their heads around when they heard the thunderous sound of ice exploding far below.

    While the eyes of the two firebenders and the scientist widened when they saw a giant pillar of ice soaring into the air above them!

    All the while as Rieko now glared back down at the researcher with her blue eyes forming a truly terrifying glare.

    While the blonde trembled behind her friends as she gulped with her amber eyes wide in intimidation as the older woman glared down at them.

    "What a monster! She's…not even damaged in the slightest!" Nero exclaimed as he hissed with his crimson eyes glaring back up at Rieko.

    All the while as the four highborn women turned to stare incredulously back at the deranged man.

    It was just nothing short of stunning to hear such a vile beast call this woman a monster!

    Most especially because there was no doubt in their minds that he was a monster himself!

    "How is that cockroach still alive? I could have sworn that I squashed him like an ant." Rieko spoke in a wrathful voice as she narrowed her eyes down at the researcher.

    While she rapidly lowered herself on her ice bridge over the group.

    All the while as the Fire Nation women turned to stare up at the hill in the distance.

    While the scientist still stood rasping for air with his lips sinking into a ferocious snarl.

    All the while as Victoria threw herself free of the rubble as she emerged to glare back at Nero's bloodstained visage.

    While Team Naoki watched from where they stood with their eyes glancing back and forth at every party.

    All the while as Naoki closely observed Rieko and Azula both before she turned her cold eyes to her childhood friend's innocent face.

    "You still don't get it do you Nero? You don't stand a chance in a frozen hell against me." The emperor stated in an imperious voice while the researcher's red eyes boiled over in rage.

    Only for the man to take all of Team Azula by surprise when he began to laugh maniacally once more.

    "I wouldn't say that! So, what if you say that you have the power of a god! I may be able to catch you off guard with five other combatants at my back…and then you just may find yourself waking up on my dissection table soon enough! And then I will finally be able to research that coveted power of yours!" The geneticist yelled out in an insidious voice as he threw a hand out before his face while his laughter resounded into the cold air.

    All the while as the acrobat and the markswoman stared through the corners of their disbelieving eyes at the man's unfathomably monstrous face.

    While the teenager shook beside her princess with her amber eyes gazing around in growing fright.

    "With what power do you hope to accomplish that Nero?" Rieko taunted with a chuckle on her lips while Nero's veins began to explode from his eye sockets.

    "With the power that comes with almost two hundred and fifty years of life! I have existed since the dawn of the nineteenth century! You are nothing but a child in comparison to me!" Nero bellowed with his crimson eyes wide in outrage while all but the emperor listened in astonishment.

    "T-the nineteenth century! H-how is he that old?" The handmaid stammered with her mouth open in awe while her princess gazed on in shock.

    While all four of the highborn women now stared at the monstrous man with even more distrust in their eyes than before.

    Now they understood why the man had said that time meant nothing to him!

    While the princess's cold eyes flashed with an even greater hunger for power as she studied the man carefully.

    'Is it possible that the tiger monkey and I can become immortals?' Azula thought with her beautiful lips creasing into a contemplating smile.

    If so…then that would mean that she and her pet could reign over the world until the end of time!

    'Two hundred and fifty years?' The assassin thought with her brown eyes still studying the seemingly thirty-year-old man closely.

    Only for the sound of Rieko chuckling to echo into the air as she folded her mighty arms over her breasts while gazing down at the enraged man.

    "Two hundred and fifty years of life…and you haven't even accomplished anywhere close to what I have in a mere twenty-eight. How sad for you." The emperor remarked with a sneer on her lips while her blue eyes took delight in the researcher's unstable rage.

    All the while as Team Azula flinched while the princess let out a haughty snort of amusement over the man's humiliation musing that the older woman had a point.

    "I will not allow your military dictatorship to stand in the way of the pursuit of science!" The geneticist roared as his wounds began to close up on his face while the highborn women stared back at him in morbid fascination.

    And then he threw his arms out at his sides while a malicious smile graced his lips once more as his dark aura of chi soared back to life.

    All the while as the princess and her subordinates glared back with coldly narrowed glares in their eyes.

    And not even a second after that the team watched with bated breath as the seemingly inhuman man leaped at the unintimidated monarch.

    All the while as a wave of black chi soared to the older woman's stoic face as she gazed on with frigid blue eyes.

    Only for the monarch to take all of Team Azula by shock once more when she simply waved her gloved palm to swat the chi aside as if it was nothing!

    While the energy careened off to the wayside as it exploded into the ice.

    All the while as the researcher stared up with his crimson eyes agape in disbelief once more.

    "I am the God Emperor. People all around the globe hail me as the living incarnation of God. While you're just a ghoul who kidnaps kids in the middle of the night. And you really thought that you could defeat me?" Rieko announced in an unimaginably peremptory voice with her blue eyes taking on a supremely judging stare.

    While the four Fire Nation women of Team Azula listened with their eyes wide in shock over the titanic depths of the other woman's ego.

    Even the princess herself was taken aback by the fact that the woman truly seemed to believe herself deity incarnate!

    And then before the scientist could even react a gloved fist slammed right into his stomach.

    All the while as he heaved saliva out through his opened mouth as he collapsed on the emperor's brutal fist.

    Just as the woman rocketed the researcher through the air on her ice slide before she slammed his screaming face into the cracked ice.

    And not a moment later the man was plunged straight through the exploding ice.

    All the while as everyone present gazed on in shock when the researcher plummeted to the ice below with a pained shout.

    Before the scientist landed on all fours in a crater of ice while the princess and the captain watched with their jaws dropping in marvelment.

    Only for the emperor's boot to stomp down on the back of the man's bleeding skull not even a second later.

    All the while as the terrifyingly powerful emperor now balanced her body weight on one boot on top of the writhing man's bleeding head.

    While she gazed down with a cruel smirk on her pale lips as she watched the researcher hiss in agony beneath her tyrannical boot as she ground his face into bursting ice.

    All the while as both sides stared on with utter disbelief in their eyes as they watched the unspeakably powerful woman casually stand on the man's head with both of her hands clasped behind her back.

    While Nero's screams continued to overflow into the air as he was forced deeper and deeper into the glacial ice.

    "Bakudan! Now that's power!" The bomber exclaimed in awe as she stared up in shock beside her fellow supersoldier.

    While the young assassin watched with her brown eyes taking in the older woman's strength with the upmost graveness.

    While Victoria now up smiling once more as she gazed up at her leader with unrivaled dedication in her eyes.

    "Lord Rieko hasn't lost a fight in her entire life and her power has no equal. It doesn't matter if the other aberrants are titans in their own right…before the lord herself they have no choice but to kneel. There is only one will…and it is that of Lord Rieko." The communications commander narrated with her brown eyes staring up in worship while her emperor smirked down at the man underneath her heel.

    While the older females of Team Azula listened with their eyes gazing up in a taken aback silence.

    All the while as the Fire Princess hardened her eyes into her most ruthless glare as she glared through the corner of her eye at the smiling subordinate.

    "You'll understand that someday…just as I do. You're looking into your future…all of you are. This is the very fate that awaits all who oppose the lord." Victoria spoke with a wide smile on her lips as she gazed right back at the two firebenders glaring faces.

    While Azula clenched a mighty fist at her hip as she declared to herself that she would crush this emperor and prove to all in this world that there is only one monarch worth fearing!

    And that is Fire Lord Azula!

    And not even a second later all of Team Azula watched carefully with widened eyes when an explosion of dark chi erupted out from underneath the emperor's boot.

    While Rieko's blue eyes flashed with surprise when she found herself being forced off the man's bloodied head.

    All the while she glared on with murderously narrowed blue eyes as Nero let out a roaring battle cry.

    And just like that the ice tyrant was thrown off the man by all of the researcher's released might as his aura flared before her enraged blue eyes.

    "I may not be strong enough to kill you! But I assure you…I am more than capable of impeding you!" Nero declared in a sadistic voice as he held out his palms together with a demented smirk on his lips.

    And that was all it took for a spiraling beam of chi to barrel into the emperor's body as her booted feet dug through the snow.

    Only to find herself gazing out of the corner of her tyrannical eye in alarm when a spark of lightning flashed before her eyes.

    And then the lightning exploded violently before her widened eyes as she fought to close her eyes to avoid being blinded by the bright light.

    Only for her lips to crease into an enraged glower when she found herself rubbing furiously at her squinting eyes.

    All the while as the cackling researcher leaped forward to assault his blinded opponent while the monarch trembled in rage.

    "This isn't over…with either of you. I'll return…and when I do…I'll kill you both." The princess spoke in a perfectly composed voice with her golden eyes glaring back at her two new warring enemies.

    And then without even debating it any further she seized a hold of the collar of her pet's coat while the girl let out an adorable squeak.

    Before she began to swiftly leap away on her exhausted legs while her three subordinates sprinted after her as fast as their legs could carry them.

    And Victoria now gazed on with her brown eyes widened in urgency as she watched the team run away.

    'Goodbye Elle Turner. We'll meet again someday…and when we do…we'll find the Primordial One together.' The geneticist thought with a monstrous smile on his curled lips.

    And then he lunged at the emperor with his scalpel in hand.

    While the four highborn women now sprinted with their eyes gazing back at Team Naoki as the faces of the other group drew closer.

    Just as Azula leaped past Naoki and Katsu with her golden eyes turning to calmly gaze back at the two supersoldiers.

    All the while as Naoki now knelt with her sword in hand while she gazed back at the group through corner of her emotionless eye.

    And for a fleeting moment the redhead and the princess locked eyes.

    And once again the princess and the assassin gazed back at one another with something akin to a newfound respect in their eyes.

    All the while as the two prodigies regarded each other with a newfound drive to battle another day.

    While the captain locked eyes with the bomber as she ran past the mutually exhausted combustionbender.

    All the while as the feral girl turned to gaze at them from over her shoulder as she briefly gazed at the two firebenders.

    While a desire to fight the two burned before her vibrant golden eyes once more.

    And then both Naoki and Katsu turned to gaze back into Elle's emotional amber eyes as the girl hung from the princess's protective fist.

    All the while as Kane and the rest of the mercenary crew stared back at the teenager with a fond glint in their eyes.

    "Naoki…. Katsu…Kane…until we meet again my friends." Elle whispered in a softened voice as she hung from her princess's grip.

    While the Fire Nation women listened with a strange sense of emotion in their eyes.

    Even after all of that fighting…their young friend still held the redhead and the bomber no ill will.

    It was just all the more proof of the purity of the girl's heart.

    "See you later…. Elle. I hope she makes you happy." Katsu called out as she gazed over her shoulder with a small smile on her lips while the younger girl smiled gently back at her.

    Just as Elle began to pass by the kneeling Naoki as the redhead still gazed back at her with emotionless brown eyes.

    While the younger teenager still smiled back at the aloof redhead as the older girl still gazed after her.

    "I'll let you go today…in recognition of what you did for us. But know this…I will be coming for you in the near future. So, I suggest that you finish this war with this Avatar before I do. So that you can stand beside your comrades when the time comes for you to do so." Naoki spoke in her usual machinelike voice as she gazed after the smaller girl's vanishing form.

    All the while as a small smile graced her lips as Team Azula listened with marvelment in their eyes.

    "Wakarimashita. Kane take care of Naoki and Katsu for me." The handmaid murmured in a sweet voice as her princess leaped past the group.

    While the older girl's golden eyes glanced back at the duo for a final time before she rushed up the frozen slope.

    All the while as the two supersoldiers stared after the departing group with a look of acceptance in their eyes.

    "I'll do that lass." The mercenary replied in a fond voice while the redhead quietly scoffed under her breath.

    All the while as the young prodigy watched her childhood friend disappear over the frozen horizon.

    Before she sighed with her bloodied hands grasping at the hilt of her sword having come to accept the difference in their paths.

    Elle's path was through Princess Azula.

    And her path…was through Lord Rieko.

    Not even a minute later…

    Team Azula leaped into the cavern with their widened eyes gazing back at the spiraling portal.

    All the while as the blue light from the World Gateway once again flashed brilliantly before their awestruck eyes.

    And then just like that they all jumped through the swirling portal together!

    And then the five astonished girls slipped through the bright light while they once again found themselves struggling to slow their fall.

    Just as they floated down onto their feet with their widened eyes gazing up at the other side of the portal in the near all-encompassing darkness of the Pseudo Space.

    With the only light being that of the light from the mysterious gateway itself!

    All the while as the princess held onto the younger girl with her cold eyes studying the vortex astutely.

    This time making certain that there would not be a repeat of the previous events.

    "Now how do we close it?" The acrobat pondered with wonder in her voice while the princess studied the portal carefully.

    Only for all four highborn women turn to their small friend when they watched with vigilant eyes when the girl's chi lightly sparked once more!

    While Elle stared up with her palms held out before her enraptured face as observed the portal flash before her widened eyes.

    All the while as the princess turned to glance down at her pet with a knowing smile on her lips.

    "Damage it, Elle." The princess ordered in a strict voice with her golden eyes gazing down at her girlfriend's disbelieving face.

    While the three noblewomen turned to their leader with looks of astonishment in their widened eyes.

    And yet…it all made sense.

    When Koh had said that they needed to damage it.

    He must have meant that Elle needed to cut through it with the power of the Component!

    "M-me?" Elle stuttered in a lovably overwhelmed voice as her heart raced wonderfully when she listened to Azula chuckle smoothly in her ears.

    Only for the royal woman to roll her lovely eyes above her in the fashion that she has come to admire.

    "Yes, you peasant. The old hag stated that you have the power to cut through mystical barriers. And I want to see this power in action. You'll do that for your princess…won't you?" Azula purred in a captivating voice as she reached out her palm to stroke it against her pet's trembling cheek.

    All the while as her ruthless eyes gleamed with anger once more as she stared down at the girl's bruised cheek.

    Just before the teenager gulped once more with her amber eyes wide in emotion as her master smiled down at her.

    While the nobles watched with suspense in their eyes as the girl's energy continued to spark brightly almost as if it was in response to the presence of the gateway.

    And then Elle turned to peer up into Azula's eyes as she smiled softly up at the face of the much taller woman.

    "As you say Azula-sama…for all eternity as you command." The handmaid stated in a resolute voice as the princess's lips pulled into an even bigger smile.

    Before she took a cautious step forward while her princess's fist still had a firm grip on the collar of her coat.

    All the while as her spellbound amber eyes stared back at the ominous blue light of the ancient portal.

    Only for her amber eyes to widen in renewed fear when she sensed an unspeakably powerful aura approaching from the other side!

    And that was all it took for her to realize that it was now or never!

    And then she slid her feet back on the floor of the void before the looming light of the blue portal.

    All the while as a determined expression came over her features as she narrowed her eyes as her golden tresses blew before her face.

    And then she let out a passionate shout while the four Fire Nation women stood on the sidelines watching in anticipation.

    While they watched with marveled eyes as a small flash of energy began to gather in their young friend's hand.

    And then the teenager struck the center of the giant portal with the palm of her hand!

    Only for their eyes to widen in utterly disbelief when a tearing sound resounded into their stunned ears.

    All the while as they watched in a trance as the portal tore down the center!

    And just like that the h highborn women of Team Azula took an astounded step backwards.

    While Elle gazed up with her amber eyes wide in awe as she watched the energy of the portal fracture before her.

    All the while as the five girls watched with speechless expressions in their eyes as the portal began to quickly shrink.

    "I…can't believe what I am seeing." The princess spoke with her lips parted in a tremendous show of surprise while she gazed down at her little serving girl in awe.

    And to think…that she was all hers!

    Hers to command.

    Hers to hold.

    And hers…to protect.

    "Kid…you actually did it." The markswoman stated in a stunned voice with her tawny eyes gazing back at her little sister in awe.

    "Incredible Elle…" The captain trailed off in a shocked voice as she stood with her new rifle on her back while she held her sword in her hand.

    While the acrobat gazed up with an equally awestruck gaze as she turned to peer down at her baby sister in marvelment.

    Only for all five of them to spin back around toward the portal when they watched in alarm as it stopped shrinking halfway through!

    "I-it's…not closing completely Azula-sama! And…Heika's coming and she's…pissed!" Elle cried out with fear in her voice while Azula glared up at the shrunken portal with narrowed eyes.

    All the while as the markswoman and the acrobat stared on with fearfully widened eyes over the thought of the monstrous woman making it through.

    Only for their eyes to widen when they heard a series of thunderous explosions that sounded distinctly like explosives going off on the other side.

    While the four highborn women leaped back with their eyes widened in bewilderment.

    All the while as the princess stared up with taken aback golden eyes when she saw that the light of the portal was finally fading away.

    And then one mere second after that…

    The light from the stone archway went completely out!

    Just as the team turned to gaze to the other end of the Pseudo Space with their eyes growing wide in panic over the prospect of being trapped inside.

    "Quickly to the other side!" Azula commanded as she began to bound through the void with her serving girl crying out underneath her arm.

    All the while as the four highborn women leaped as fast as they could while their bodies floated through the mystical void!

    Until they gazed on with astonished eyes when they found themselves soon falling towards a rapidly fading source of light.

    And then before they knew it, they found themselves falling through the fissure into the Spirit World once more!

    All the while as the stunned Team now realized that they were falling through the immense depths of the Spirit World!

    "Azula-sama…" The handmaid trailed off as she held onto the princess's bicep while Azula clutched her under her arm.

    "Let's go home Elle." The princess responded in a tired voice with something akin to a fond smile on her ruthless lips while she felt the younger girl hold onto her arm.

    While the three noblewomen turned to smile in approval back at their young friend's emotional face.

    Even after all that they had been through today.

    They were just glad that their young friend was returning home with them.

    And with that the five unlikely teammates fell through the Spirit World side by side.

    Just as all of their eyes to be drawn ahead when they saw another figure emerging in the distance.

    Only for all of their eyes to widen when they realized who it was!

    It was…the Avatar!

    "Azula! I knew that I sensed you here! You're the reason for the disturbances that I have been feeling in the Spirit World!" Aang yelled out with anger in his voice as he fell through the air towards the team.

    While the princess just smirked with her dark hair blowing before her confident eyes.

    "And what of it, Avatar?" Azula inquired in a goading voice with her lips forming a taunting smirk while her girlfriend held onto her arm.

    Only for her golden eyes to turn to glance down in surprise when she felt the girl push herself off her arm.

    All the while as the captain and her two fellow nobles watched with narrowed eyes as they glared back at the monk's desperate face.

    Just as the eyes of all four Fire Nation women widened in bewilderment when their little friend let out a comically cute roar that was likely meant to be intimidating.

    While they watched with protective looks in their eyes as the teenager threw herself in the Avatar's face!

    And not an instant later the Avatar and the Component slammed heads!

    All the while as the highborn women watched as the energies from the two began to spark before their shocked eyes.

    "Don't you dare come any closer to Azula-sama! I will not hesitate to defend my queen until my last breath!" Elle bellowed with unusual ferocity in her voice as she growled back into Aang's widened gray eyes.

    While Azula's lips curled into a beyond pleased smile as she fell from above her girlfriend with her taken aback subordinates falling alongside her.

    "Your days are numbered Avatar! I suggest you focus on enjoying what little time you have left! Because this time me and my servant will destroy your Avatar Cycle for good!" The princess announced in a stunningly ruthless voice while she narrowed her imposing golden eyes back at the Avatar's paling face.

    While Zoi stared back with stony golden eyes of her own as she nodded in affirmative.

    All the while as Mai and Ty Lee fell after their leader gazing supportively back at their little sister's snarling face.

    And then before Aang could even so much as mouth another word Elle vanished before his eyes!

    While the Avatar gazed back with his gray eyes wide in fright as each and every member of Team Azula disappeared from the Spirit World.

    Until the final face that remained was that of Azula herself!

    All the while as the Fire Nation Princess smirked back at her enemy with her ebony hair swaying before her sadistic eyes.

    Just as an expression of great anger finally came over the Avatar's resolute face.

    "Azula!" The Avatar called out for a final time as the face of the smiling princess abruptly faded from view.

    All the while as he now stared on with a look of newfound horror in his widened eyes.

    Under no circumstances could he allow Azula and Elle…the Component to succeed!

    'I must stop them! The lives of all of my friends and so many more are depending on it!' Aang thought with his gray eyes taking on a determined stare as his body faded from the Spirit World.

    And back in the Forgetful Valley…

    The five girls suddenly found themselves springing from the mystical spirit pool with their eyes still wide in astonishment.

    Just as they landed in the grass one by one while they groaned in agony.

    All the while as all happily soaked in much welcomed Fire Nation warmth in relief to finally be out of the frigid cold!

    Just as the princess landed on her backside as she rubbed her head with a smile still on her lips.

    Only to find herself turning to gaze over her shoulder when she heard a lovable squeak from in the grass beside her.

    While she saw that the exhausted girl now lay on her back beside her with her precious backpack underneath her head.

    "The sun…it's so pink!" Ty Lee cried out with a grateful smile on her lips while she happily stretched out in the grass.

    All the while as Mai allowed herself to smile alongside her.

    "Yeah. It sure is Ty Lee." Mai stated in a relaxed voice as she breathed a sigh of relief with her head sinking back in the grass.

    While the captain sat back as she sheathed her sword with a small smile on her lips.

    "Finally, we're back home in the Fire Nation." Zoi spoke in a reminiscent voice as she leaned back on the grass with her hands spreading out beside her.

    All the while as she turned to stare in the direction of her princess and her new adopted sister.

    While Azula now sat staring down at her girlfriend with a strangely at ease smile on her crimson lips.

    All the while as her merciless stare softened ever so slightly when she found herself staring back down into adorable amber eyes.

    "A-Azula-sama…would you lay down beside me…" The handmaid requested in a shy voice as she averted her eyes from the older woman's perfect golden gaze.

    While the princess just smiled as she plopped down in the grass beside the girl without so much as speaking a single word.

    All the while as she now gazed over her broken shoulder plating to survey her little girlfriend in unrivaled fondness.

    "I suppose I could allow it…after all you have been on excellent behavior." Azula remarked with a content smile forming on her lips as she reached out to stroke a fingernail against the smaller girl's blushing cheek.

    "That…was quite a tiring day…wasn't it, princess?" Elle pondered in a gentle voice as she lay there on her back gazing back into Azula's beautifully smiling face.

    And somehow…despite all of the fighting with Naoki and Katsu.

    As well as meeting that evil man Nero.

    And not to mention the confrontation with Rieko.

    And even coming face to face with one of people responsible for her parent's deaths and the destruction of her childhood village.

    Beside her master…beside the Princess of the Fire Nation.

    Everything felt okay.

    "It certainly was Elle." The princess answered in a softened voice as she peered fondly back into her girlfriend's timid little eyes.

    While she exhaled with her face leaning to lay beside the teenager.

    All the while as she found herself unable to resist wrapping her muscular arms around the smaller female.

    "My…parents Azula-sama..." The handmaid murmured as she felt her princess coil her mighty arms around her smaller frame.

    While the older female's golden eyes golden eyes stared protectively back down at her.

    "Will be avenged. I will destroy them all servant. That I promise you…as the Crown Princess of the Fire Nation." Azula commented in stern voice as she pulled the tiny girl in until her face was pressing into her little lover's own.

    All the while as the three noblewomen gazed sympathetically back at their young friend as they silently vowed to fight in the name of their little sister's parents.

    "Azula-sama…have I ever I told you how beautiful you look with sweat on your face from the battlefield?" Elle stammered in an adorably lovelorn voice as she smiled shyly back into her princess's now widely smiling face.

    Just as she felt the older woman's nose press into her cheek while a fingertip wiped away a stray tear on her cheek.

    "You…really think so dear?" The princess questioned in an oddly subdued voice with her golden eyes gazing fondly back into her little girlfriend's loveable eyes.

    "O-oh Azula-sama…you know I do." The handmaid stammered in a voice of limitless reverence as she smiled bashfully into her princess's captivating face.

    "Oh peasant…" Azula sighed as she crushed her little girlfriend in her strong arms with her nose pressing into her pet's quivering cheek.

    And then she wrapped her arms as tightly around her loyal handmaid as tightly as she could manage.

    While she leaned in to place a gentle kiss on her small girlfriend's blushing cheek.

    All the while as she began to exhale against the girl's trembling skin.

    And soon after that she let out a low growl in her little beloved's mumbling ear.

    "M-my p-princess." Elle stuttered as she hid her face in the crook of the older woman's sweat soaked neck while she savored the way that the princess's powerful arms crushed her tight.

    "My peasant." The princess whispered in a barely perceivable voice with her golden eyes already taking on a dangerously protective stare.

    While she lay there with her dainty girlfriend in her coiled arms

    All the while as she snorted out what little embers of fire that she had left in her against the girl's trembling forehead.

    As she did so a great many names flowed through her mind.


    Felix Turner.


    Rieko Oshiro.


    And more.

    All names that she vowed that she would seek out and destroy one day.

    But first the Avatar and his friends would be the first to taste her wrath.

    And her fat uncle and the White Lotus as well.

    And last but never least.

    Even her traitorous father.

    They would all perish in the wake of her conquest.

    And above all…

    This being known as the Primordial One.

    Whatever it was…wherever it was…

    For the sake of her little beloved…

    She will find it and she will destroy it.

    And that was a promise that she intended to keep.

    Meanwhile…somewhere outside the bounds of the Forgetful Valley.

    The mechanical badgermole rested on a cliff with its master relaxing on her back in the opened cockpit.

    While a gust of wind now blew through the puppeteer's otherworldly silver hair.

    All the while as she gazed on in the far distance with a captivated smile on her cold lips as she watched the light from the gateway die down.

    Until the light from the portals burned out like a dying candle.

    Yet she could still taste the mysteriously enormous chi on the tip of her tongue.

    "How exhilarating. To think that such a powerful being lays in wait beyond those gates. This has only made my desire to uncover the wonder of this new world even stronger than it was before." Silah stated to herself as she ran her fingers through her hair while a smile graced her lips.

    All the while as the lifeless Earth King stood standing silently as he always did behind her.

    Perpetually vigilant and forever on the lookout for his master.

    Unlike the mother that abandoned her.

    "Very soon Jaran. We shall hunt in the new world." The puppeteer announced with a psychopathic smirk on her lips while her fist rested against the side of her face.

    'But first…I am going to add you two to my collection! Azula! Zoi!' Silah thought as she let out a sadistic laugh while the cockpit of the steel badgermole closed up with a mechanical hiss.

    And then the metal monstrosity began to bound its way towards a towering mountain range.

    Until it dove straight down into the depths of the Earth itself leaving only the sound of its ominous tunneling in her wake.

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    aang: i'm never going to stop ozai

    aang: so i'm running away to join the swampbenders

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    he’s transparent too, in case you want to make him a discord emoji or something 

    please don’t repost my art, rbs >>> likes!
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    azula: okay

    *the next day*

    azula: *gives toph flowers*

    toph: ?????

    azula: i don’t know. i am confused as well

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