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    When I tell you I cried tears of joy

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  • Avatar World Headcanon:

    The next time the avatar cycle goes to the Water Nation a member of the Foggy Swamp Tribe gets chosen. The Foggy Swamp Tribe which has grown into a communal tribe that now specializes in advanced hydroponic agricultural technology that has pioneered growing vegetables in the harshest of conditions and have exported that technology to their northern and southern sister tribes.

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  • prompt #87 - “You’re so adorable.”

    lin x reader version

    requested by @linslover :))

    ok I feel like this actually turned out well and also is just like very cute

    You were rushing around the small kitchen, desperate to have everything perfect for when Lin came home. You’d ordered dinner from her restaurant, getting her the order she got on special occasions. You’d also spent all day baking the most decadent chocolate cake ever known to Lin’s apartment.

    The cakes had been cooling while you prepared the icing, their delicious scent wafting through every room. You swiped a finger through the icing, sucking it clean and nodding in approval of the light chocolatey sweetness. You touched one of the cakes, itching to get it assembled before Lin returned from work. It was still slightly warm to the touch, so you set about decorating instead.

    You’d found a “happy birthday” banner shoved in the back of the guest closet, and with a little dusting and ironing, it looked good as new. You hung it above the kitchen’s entryway, making sure it was absolutely perfect.

    Then, you grabbed the bag of balloons from the counter. Once there were a reasonably excessive number of coloured orbs bouncing around the floor, you turned your attention back to the cake.

    It was nicely cooled to room temperature now, so you glopped a hefty amount of frosting of the first cake. You spread it around what would be the middle of the two-layer cake, getting it as even as you could before flipping the other cake on top. You scooped the rest of the icing onto the top of the second cake, spreading it around and bringing it down the sides, filling every nook and cranny you found.

    When you were satisfied with the appearance and decadence of the chocolate dessert, you placed a glass cover over the cake plate. You opened the fridge and moved several things around, clearing space for the cake to occupy. When there was a space that looked big enough, you left the fridge door open and carefully picked up the heavy cake platter. You slowly brought it to the fridge, letting a breath of relief out when it was safely in.

    Just as you were closing the fridge door, the doorbell rang. You let out a little yelp, startled by the unexpected sound. You glanced at the clock, realizing it must be the food. You maneuvered through the sea of balloons, peeking through the peephole to make sure it wasn’t Lin home early before opening the door. You grabbed the cash you’d prepared beforehand and handed it to the delivery man, taking the two large bags of food from him. He left with a smile, and you set about getting everything perfected for Lin.

    The food was easy to prepare, the requirements being simply for it to be placed on a tray of sorts and warmed in a low-temperature oven. You got out the good plates and cutlery while it heated, creating two place settings at the bar on the other side of the counter. Almost as soon as the food was ready, you heard a key turn in the lock.

    “What the?” Lin stared for a moment at the balloon at her feet before looking up to see the rest of your efforts.

    She couldn’t help but laugh, a large smile forming on her face.

    “You’re so adorable, wow,” She shook her head and inhaled deeply.

    “Is that what I think it is?” She asked, her eyes lighting up when you nodded.

    You were practically vibrating with excitement. She took a step further into the apartment and closed the door behind her, and you immediately launched yourself at her. You wrapped her in a tight hug, her arms sliding around your waist to squeeze you back.

    “Happy birthday!” You exclaimed, pulling back and planting a firm kiss on her smiling lips.

    She chuckled, staring lovingly into your eyes, until her stomach rumbled loudly. You giggled at the sound before pulling away, scolding her lightheartedly as you did.

    “You probably haven’t eaten all day, have you? I’d better get this dinner going, then, because you,” You drew a breath to emphasize your point.

    “Need,” She raised an eyebrow at you and smirked.

    “Food!” You finished, hurrying back into the kitchen and plating up.

    She moved haphazardly across the balloon covered floor, taking one of the seats in the bar. You handed a plate piled high with all her favourite foods over the counter to her, which she graciously accepted. You scurried around to sit beside her with your own plate, and gave her a peck on the cheek before both of you dug in.

    “Mmm,” Lin groaned, her mouth fuller than would be polite anywhere else.

    When she finally swallowed the last of her massive bite, she grinned lazily at you.

    “I have not, in fact, eaten until now, which just makes this all the better,” She turned back to her plate, shovelling more food into her mouth.

    The two of you kept eating, mostly in silence, until the time came for dessert. You hopped up, clearing the plates and leaving them in the sink for later. You opened the top drawer to the left of the fridge, taking out the five candles you’d scrounged up from various locations earlier.

    You opened the fridge, Lin’s eyes curiously following your every movement, and brought out the cake on it’s plate. You set it down on the counter in front of her, dramatically taking off the now frosted glass cover. She smiled up at you, resting her head on her hand while you put the candles in. You grabbed a match from the matchbox you kept beside the knife rack, lighting it. The flame caught easily to every candle, and you grabbed the cake knife you’d left out.

    Then, you started singing obnoxiously loudly.

    “HAPPY BIIRTHDAYY TOOO YOUUUU,” Lin’s face turned bright red and she bit her upper lip in an attempt not to laugh.

    “HAPPY BIIRTHDAYY TOOO YOUUUU,” Your voice cracked massively on the high note, and Lin’s cheeks puffed out, her laughter barely contained.

    “HAPPY BIRTHDAYYY DEAR LIIIINNYYYYYY,” You waved your hands about, your movements something that would barely be considered dancing.

    “HAPPY BIIIIIRTHDAAAYYYYY,” You sucked in a breath, drawing out the last line.

    “TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO,” Lin couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer, bursting out loudly and resting the heel of her hand against her forehead.

    “YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU,” You finished, bowing overdramatically to her as she continued to express her amusement.

    You grinned and watched happily as she fought to regain control. Once she had, you gestured wildly at the still lit candles atop the cake.

    “Make a wish!” You said before she closed her eyes and blew them out.

    “What did you wish for?” You asked, pulling two of the candles out of the cake and licking the bottoms clean.

    “You know it never comes true if I tell you! But I do think it’ll come true tonight, that is, if I’m lucky enough,” She winked at you and you felt your face heat up.

    You handed her the knife, turning to grab two dessert plates.

    “I think we can arrange that,” You brought the plates around and sat next to her again.

    “Good,” She smirked as she cut two large pieces of cake and heaped them onto the plates.

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  • izumi, taking off her glasses: i’ve seen enough

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  • Things I Want Out of Avatar Studios


    Originally posted by twotheleft

    • More LGBTQ+ Rep: With Legend of Korra, we were treated to the beginning of Avatar’s wlw representation. We got Korra, Asasmi, Aunt Kya, Avatar Kyoshi, and Kyoshi’s girlfriend as sapphic representation. With their own studio now, I can only hope we’ll see even more inclusivity from Bryke, especially rep that expands beyond two girls kissing.
    • The Avatar After Korra: This one’s a no-brainer, with the revival of Avatar content, fans are of course eager to see what the next chapter in the Avatar franchise will be. Whether this is Korra’s immediate successor or just someone down the line, this Avatar should probably be an Earthbender or a Firebender, and frankly, an openly gay boy who gets crushes on boys and exclusively boys is the kind of progressive upfront representation I crave. No ambiguity, no beating around the bush. Just open and unapologetically progressive.
    • A Former Avatar: Whether we get a movie or series for avatars we’ve met like Roku, Kiyoshi, or Wan, or we’re treated to a new avatar entirely, the benefit of this option is that we get to see a pre-war Avatar world that can show us things like the oasis in its full glory, or Ba Sing Se before the creation of the Dai Li.
    • Expansion on Established Characters: We could get a movie showing Katara and Aang raising their three kids, Toph reuniting with her parents after the war, the life of Katara’s Gran-Gran or Mother, or the reign of Firelord Zuko. The benefit here is that we get to take characters already established and show more of their backgrounds, lives, or aftermath of shown events in the series.
    • Remake Old Material: While it’s pretty hard to improve on perfection, there’s always the chance they may take the opportunity to remake Avatar the Last Airbender. This could be expanding on side content, fleshing out secondary characters, making a more “mature” version, making the characters more diverse (ie incorporating more LGBTQ+ characters) or altering the world in an AU setting, such as changing the evil nation to the Water Tribe, or making Zuko the Avatar.
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  • Project for a korrasami book part 2 with colours.

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  • #kya ii #legend of korra #kya avatar#kya#kya ll#kya lok #avatar the legend of korra #the legend of korra #tlok kya #avatar the last airbender #atla #the last airbender #avatar: tlok#tlok #lin beifong fanfic #fan fiction #fan fic stuff #fanfic#linzumi#izumi #fire lord izumi #izumi x lin #lin x izumi #fluff #lin beifong fluff #izumi fluff#izumi fanfic#linzumi fluff #wow i write too much :0
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  • Prepare to have your mind BLOWN.

    Careless Whisper by George Micheal and the Avatar:Avatar:TLA credits theme have the same chords.

    #careless whisper song #careless whisper #avatar the last airbender #avatar korra#avatar: tlok#avatar aang#avatar
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    Originally posted by atla-and-lok-fan-page

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    Hey! Look at this news! Okay, so I have an unpopular opinion here. I know that thousands of people have been asking for an expansion and more shows and graphic novels and I support that… to a specific point. I know, I know I’m weird. It’s not that I don’t want it and I don’t want to hear other stories. It’s that I think it’s going to create a lot of loopholes and frankly, all this new material might cause the universe to lose some of its magic. ATLA and LOK are great shows. They have good plots and characters. They have a storylines. But with these new shows and novels, there’s going to be more inconsistencies. It makes me nervous that the shows I love are going to turn into a basis of comparing and pointing out mistakes to themselves and the new shows/novels. Sure, if they made these, I’d watch them and quite possibly could love them, but are they going to be crossed out and reused plot lines? For example, in the storyboarding of ATLA, there was supposed to be a love triangle. That idea was tossed and then reused for LOK. Are a lot of storylines going to be like this? I mean, of course they can make it work, but I’m not sure if it’s going to be as strong. I wish I did a better job at explaining this but long story short, I have very mixed feelings about this. If someone wants to rant with me please feel free to DM me.

    Photos are from Instagram from the caption of Micheal Dante Dimartino’s post.

    #avatar: tlok #avatar the last airbender #LOK#atla#avatar #personal note that no one cares for but I’m saying it anyway #avatar verse#bryke
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    Kya is amazing😍

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  • Kya [to the camera]: I was a victim of a hate crime.

    Interviewer: Tell us what happened.

    Kya: Lin refused to meditate with me before bed.

    Interviewer: I don’t think that’s a hate crime, ma'am.

    Kya: Well, I hated it!

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  • #kyaxlin#kya ii #legend of korra #kya avatar#kya#kyalin#kya ll#kya lok #lin beifong x kya #the legend of korra #avatar the legend of korra #tlok kya#beifong#chief beifong#lin beifong #avatar the last airbender #avatar: tlok#kya fanfic #lin beifong fanfic #fan fiction #fan fic stuff #kyalin fanfic#fanfic#young kya#young kyalin#young lin #young lin beifong #panic attack #tw panic attack #wow i write too much :0
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    I saw this image and it inspired me to draw: THIS

    So this is a comic of Kya dreaming about dear Lin, before she left home. Poor girl, in love with her brothers girlfriend…

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  • General Iroh II

    Batman: The Brave of The Bold Style


    Iroh II: Oh Don’t Worry About Him, he’s in a safe place.

    That Scene from Guy Gardner in That Episode (The Eyes of Despero).

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