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    18.10.2021 - 8 minutes ago

    Emerald Princess

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    18.10.2021 - 14 minutes ago

    Me, watching the season 3 finale of Avengers Assemble: EXCUSE ME BUT W H A T

    #avengers assemble#marvel #if ya know ya know #still prefer this civil war to the MCU civil war tho seriously
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    18.10.2021 - 16 minutes ago

    human!AU where Loki is roommates with the human!Infinity Stones who are sweet and generally nice to be sharing a room with though he suspects how close they are, but unbeknownst to him they literally run a lil local mafia ring while The Avengers work under a contracted security company called SHIELD so it's them vs the stones on heists and such across the city, with Loki at some point accidentally stumbling into connecting the dots between them and their criminal activities, at which point they put out an offer and he begrudgingly joins them and helps by snitching with info from his brother Thor's workdays and location postings but only to help pay off his uni loans.

    #I'm simply a huge fan of the infinity stones maybe kinda dating but also seeing loki being a roommate and letting him stay?? #like they'd normally kick anyone out or request 6 in this apartment instead of 7 but this guy seems nice and is a simple honest person #so anyway the infinity stones are all shades of grey and so are the avengers meanwhile loki is literally innocent here #he gets dragged into criminal drama bc yeah okay he would've snitched if it wouldn't be such a hassle in exam week #and then there's money??? which is. yeah. student loans are terrible right? #the stones use nicknames which function as code for when they're communicating on missions so yeah #they decide to go with Mischief or Chaos for Loki most likely #Loki sitting there like ''hOw did i NOT think anything was strange about your entire tech setup you're literally a pro hacker oh my g*d'' #''you call her Power bc she lifts right? never skips arm day. yeah i can see that. makes sense'' ''it's actually bc of leg day ;) but yes'' #etc etc#infinoki #the Stones hosting an entire crime ring meeting at their place and Loki walks passed and to his room assuming it's a party #no wonder they keep him around
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    A new adventure awaits inside our walls, will you take a chance and become a resident?

    Kosmopolites is a Marvel alternate universe roleplay hosted on discord. In this group, characters come to live in the Manhattan skyscraper known as the Kosmo building, a luxury 50 story apartment complex that is rumored to be the hardest to get a vacancy in. The real truth however, is that there is something weird going on in the building, something supernatural that is said to have stemmed from the foundation the complex was built on. Its presence attracts people who have dormant powers or have remained in the shadows after discovering they had abilities due to the government’s strict policies against supers. Now, with a building where more and more creepy things are happening each time and it’s tenants feeling their powers emerging, there is no telling what is to happen next.

    Charas in poster: Steve Rogers (Chris Evans), Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Natasha Romanoff (Scarlett Johansson) Note: Faceclaims chosen on ad are not final and you are free to use who you want.


    #marvel rp#discord rp #marvel discord rp #avengers rp #black widow rp #captain america rp #iron man rp #au rp
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    18.10.2021 - 43 minutes ago
    "Good job. I'm saved."

    Avengers: Endgame | Ted Lasso 1x05

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    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Announcement for In Another Life

    So lately I've been doing major redrafting for earlier chapters and have fixed a few of the plot mistakes but I'm still working at it. I'm hoping that once I'm finished and have a better understand of the direction of the book I'll be able to write new chapters and continue this story.

    Also for some of you asking if I'll be following the plot of the Falcon and Winter Soldier, unfortunately I will not be. Once I watched it I realized a lot of the scenes I had drafted wouldn't work. Before the show had come out, I had to plan a plot that would work and still fit the marvel norm so I think I'll stick with that one since I already have so much of it planned. Of course some things will be mentioned form the show but the plot will be generally different.

    A new chapter will be out this Friday so hopefully you'll enjoy it!

    Let me know if you would like to be added or removed from the taglist and I hope you enjoy the future chapters.





















    #bucky barnes#marvel#buckybarnes#avengers#endgame #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes au #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky x y/n #the falcon and the winter soldier #winter soldier x reader #winter solider fanfiction
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  • the-round-asgard-society
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Marvel AU where the handle of mijolnir is full of those dangly early 2000s phone charms that makes a plastic noise every time Thor swings it

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  • wakanda-nonsense-is-this
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Ghost of You — Chapter 9


    Pietro Maximoff x fem!Mutant!reader

    Warnings: mentions of self-harm, mentions of blood, angst, some violence.

    Word Count: 1821

    If you want to be added to the taglist, let me know :)

    I'll like to say the morning sun on my face woke me up, but sadly it didn't . In my case, it was the beep of a vital signs monitor. At this point, I was familiar with its sound and what it meant. Normally it would mean someone had pushed me down the stairs or someone had tried to kill me at the asylum, but this time I had no idea what had happened me.

    I tried to open my eyes, but they wouldn't listen. I tried to move my arms, but they wouldn't move. I vaguely heard the monitor start beeping faster and stronger.

    For a second everything went quiet and suddenly cold crept through my body. I was freezing. Literally. And I wasn't alone.

    I could feel it, even if I couldn't see it. It was there, in the corner, watching like a hunter watches his prey, and I was the prey.

    I tried to scream, but no sound left my mouth. I was sure this was my end, I was going to die, after years of dancing with the death I was finally going to meet it. Abruptly, it left. One second it was there and the other it wasn't. I opened my eyes and, once again, I was alone.

    I tried to sit up, but a sharp pain stopped me.

    "Shoot!" I hissed, I lifted up my hospital gown and was met with a bloody gauze covering my ribs. I looked at it confused. "What the hell?" I mumbled, incapable of tearing my eyes off of it.

    What happened to me? I was at the library... and then Darla happened... Oh my goodness, Darla.

    I removed the sheet covering me and tried to stand up. The pain shot up my ribs like fire. I cringed and felt nauseous. Slowly I took some jeans and a shirt I found on the nearest chair and put them on.

    "What do you think you're doing? Get on the bed now!" yelled Pietro as he made his way through the door.


    "Yes, you can, you moron. Now get on the bed" He commanded as he got angrier.

    "You don't get it, I can't, I have to go back." I tried to explain.

    "Go back where?" He asked impatiently.

    "There's answers there, I know it." I insisted making my way to the door.

    "They're not worth your life!"

    "I know this time-"

    "La naiba Y/n! (damn it Y/n)" He shouted. "I can't lose you, not you, not for something this stupid." I halted and looked at him. Desperation was written all over his face and his eyes begged me to stop, but I couldn't because I knew something he didn't, something that would change our- his life. I smiled sadly at him and reached my hand to his face and kept it there. I couldn't touch him but we could pretend for a little while.

    "This is the last time, Pietro." And with that I passed through him and opened the door. The corridor was empty. I stepped out and made my way to the library on the other side of the compound. It took me awhile but with the help of ghosts that I encounter on my way, I was able to avoid every living person. When I got there I was expecting to find a mess but was met with clean floor. I hesitated but walked in anyways. It didn't matter that the floor was clean and the books were ordered, the moment I came in you could feel it in the air. There was something wrong in here, calling to me but if I wanted a chance of life with Pietro, I had to answer back. So I did and it led me through rows and rows of shelves until we stopped in front of one I had never seen. I inspected each and every one of them but found nothing worth taking, I was starting to get frustrated. I sighed and realized that maybe, just maybe, Pietro was right and there was nothing here.

    And right when I was about to turn around something caught my attention underneath the shelves. I kneeled and grabbed it. It was covered in dust which made imposible to read the tittle. I blowed the dust off of it but it was so old you couldn't even make the letter of the cover out. I opened it and what I've been looking for for so many weeks, was laying in front of me.

    With shaky hands I turned the pages until I came across a map and on the back of it instructions to bring him back. My eyes filled with tears of relief but as I read through them my tears were no longer from relief. This changed my plans but it was decided, I would do whatever it takes to bring him back and I intend to keep my promise.

    In the distance I heard my name being shouted out. That was my cue to leave. I hesitated and ripped the map with the instructions and hid it on my pocket. I walked out of the library and was met with Bruce's worry eyes.

    "There you are! We've been looking everywhere for you." He said carefully as if I was a wild animal he was trying to calm down. I eyed him suspiciously, there was something off. "Let's get you back to the hospital wing, okay?" I complied and walked with him. When we got there he made me lay down and told me to wait for a little. Some minutes passed and the last person I expected to see came trough the door.

    "Get out! I don't want you here." I seethed at Tony as I sat down, ignoring the pain of my skin.

    "We have to talk." He announced. I looked him in the eyes.

    "About what?"

    "Why did you do it?"

    "Do what?" I question, confusion coloring my voice.

    "Hurt yourself, why did you do it?" He said, as if it was obvious.

    "What are you talking about?" I questioned him, having no idea what he was talking about.

    "They said you were going to deny it, I don't know why I even bother."

    "They? What's going on?"

    "I thought you were fine, they told me they had fix you." He accused looking at everything but me.

    "Tony?" I asked fearfully.

    "I had no choice, you left me no choice." The way he said it sound as if he was trying to convince himself. "I can't lose you too, not like I lost your mother. I refuse to, so I'll do whatever I have to do to keep you alive, even if it means you'll hate me." It was the first time I ever heard him talk about her. I was shocked to say the least I never expected him to mention her and even less did I expect to hear sadness on his voice.

    At that moment five men entered the room and I recognized them instantly. They were wearing the same old white scrub uniforms they used when I was at the asylum. I tried to run, but it was of no use, they caught me immediately. I tried to fight them but they easily pinned me down.

    "Get off! Get off! Get off!" I screamed but it didn't matter, nobody was going to help me. Between two of them they lifted me off the ground and held my arms behind my back.

    "Don't let them do this! I'm begging you!" I begged him as they took me down the corridor to the elevators.

    "Don't let them do this! They're gonna kill me!" And they were going to, it wasn't the first time they have tried, but this time it was gonna be the first time they succeed. I was dragged down the hallway until we reached the living room and the team was there. They all stopped doing whatever they were doing the moment we stepped in.

    "Tony, tell them to let her go." demanded Steve as he saw the blood dripping off my ribs through my shirt.

    "Mind your business, Rogers."

    "This is my business, now let her go, I'm sure there's other way to deal with whatever this is." He said diplomatically trying to get nearer.

    "Don't tell what's best for my daughter."

    Tony took advantage of their shock and told the nurses to hurry.

    "Pietro!" I unconsciously called out to him. "Please, I have to save him. He needs me." I cried.

    "Don't fight them Y/n! Don't fight them" Pietro begged me as tears ran down his face. He knew it and I knew it, we couldn't do anything, that was it. "It's okay. I'll be okay."

    "They'll drug me, Piet. I won't be able to see, I won't see you." I bawled, remembering how my first years they would drug me daily to stop me from seeing them.

    "It's okay." he said.

    "No, NO!"

    "See? She's crazy and she's a risk to herself." Tony said to the team who were trying to get to me. I saw them hesitate and knew they believed him. I felt my heart sink to the floor and my last hope die.

    "What do you think you're doing!? Leave her alone." yelled Wanda entering the room.

    "Not you too. She's sick, she needs help, professional help."

    She looked at me and whatever she saw on my mind told her I could bring him back. Her eyes turned red and after that, hell pretty much broke loose.

    One second I was being held by two gorillas and the other I wasn't. Pietro and I exchanged glances and ran. I didn't know where I was going, I just let the same thing that guided me in the library guide me wherever I had to go. Which apparently was the hangar. I didn't allow myself to think much about the fact i was gonna have to fly a jet.

    I turned around when I heard footsteps behind me.

    "I'm not looking for trouble, man. Just let me go." I claimed, but he didn't listen as he keep walking towards me. I took one step back, then two until my back hit the wall. I closed my eyes and covered my face. I braced myself for the hit but it never came. I opened one eye and saw him walking to a jet with the keys on his hand. He looked back.

    "Are you coming or not?"

    Saying I was shocked was the understatement of the year, but I managed to shake it off enough to board along him. He turned on the jet and a few seconds later we were in the air. For the first time in the day I felt myself relax a little.

    "Where to now kid?" asked Clint, after some minutes of silence. I took the map out and read it out loud.

























    #pietro fanfiction#pietro marvel#pietro maximov #pietro maximoff x oc #pietro maximoff x y/n #pietro x reader #pietro maximoff #pietro maximoff x reader #pietro x you #avengers x reader #bucky x reader #pietro maximoff imagine #pietro x oc #wanda and pietro #avengers x fem!reader #stark!reader #shang chi x reader #loki layfeyson x reader #steve rogers x you #sebastian stan imagine #aaron taylor johnson #sam wilson #sam wilson x reader #tony stark x reader #tom holland x reader #peter maximof x reader
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    Little Thief:
    Pairing: Loki x fem!reader
    Summary: Loki learned not steal from y/n ever again, or let there be death and pain
    Warnings: Basically none, but Loki does get a hot, quick 👊 to the 🥜, if ya kno what I mean
    A/N: Sorry if this so short, it's almost midnight and I have school tomorrow, just thank God I didn't put this in my drafts and go to sleep, or it would never be seen again👻

    "Loki, have you seen the bowl of candy for the trick or treater's?" you asked, "It just disappeared right after I filled it up," and you turned to him sitting at the kitchen counter.

    Loki froze as you made eye contact, his wide open. "Uh....not a clue?.......darling?" he said, but was practically asking you if you believed him.

    You caught on very quickly, knowing Loki was a little thieving sweet tooth, Halloween was practically a gift to him. So many little unknowing children, usually Clint's who came to the tower often. All confused as to why their candy was disappearing from their bags. That's exactly why you, and the rest of the avengers, chose to keep him locked up in the tower this one spooky night of the year.

    "Loki......," you threatened, staring him down, "you wouldn't happen to be hiding something, would you?"

    He stayed quiet for a few moments, fear taking over him. His eyes were still blown wide, not breaking the ever tightening gaze yours were holding. Loki didn't know what to do, he acknowledged that you were a super soldier, same as James, or Bucky as everyone else calls him, and Steve. You were very strong, fast, and take him down with only a small fight. You'd done it before, and he had no doubt you would be happy to do it again. He was positively terrified of your angry self.

    He had been caught, he couldn't believe it, although he did have to admit that he was the main suspect whenever candy went missing. He overdid his trickery, and was now confronted.

    "Uh, um, how-how dare you accuse me of such a thing, mortal?" he gasped, a bit to dramatically.

    You raised a singular brow, catching his tone offensively, and stepped a few steps closer.

    He leaned back a bit on the chair, not in a relaxed way, but in a way if avoiding a possible blow from you strong form.

    "Now now, y/n, you-you stay right there, you can't come accusing me of stealing such a silly thing like sweets. I don't even like them, there's no way I could fit that whole bowl in my pocket dimension, no way," he said in a quick, panicky tone.

    "I never said anything about your magic pocket, Loki...," you said, lowering your voice a bit.

    'Oh shit,' he thought.

    You took a large step towards him, and placed your feet side by side, standing directly in front of his body.

    And reaching your hand down, to fist the collar of his shirt, pulling his face mere inches from yours, you growled, "Hand it over, Mischeif, or suffer the consequences." and raised your other hand, squeezing into a tight fist

    He could feel his heart start to race, and sped up his words, "You can't be serious, I did nothi-" he was cut off by the door-bell ringing, and turned his head, same as you, to see a small group of masked little witches, ghosts and mummies standing outside the massive glass door. They didn't seem to notice you two in the position you were in, only focused on getting their candies.

    "Trick or treat!" a cute squeaky voice yelled from outside.

    You shot your eyes back to Loki's and squinted, demanding without speaking, 'Give me the goddamn candy.'

    The door bell rang again and you yelled without moving an inch, and in a friendly voice, "One moment kids, I'll be right with you!"

    "Hand it over, Laufey," demanding stronger this time, but in a low volume.

    He didn't budge, staying dead silent. You sighed angrily, heavily and said, "You asked for it bitch."

    You swung your still closed fist discreetly as possible down onto his crotches hard as you could, knowing anything lighter wouldn't hurt the God one bit. And boy did that hurt him, his mouth gaped open on contact, but no sound came out, but a little squeak.

    You let go and watched as he doubled over, his hands shooting down to hold his dick. He rolled off the chair, and before he hit the ground, popped into mid air with a flash of green, was the bright orange candy bowl. It fell to tile floor, candy spilling out around Loki's writhing, now groaning self.

    You let out a short chuckle, and knelt down, still smiling, and started to pick up the candy. You scooped the last pile into the bowl, stood, and stided to the door.

    You opened it to the small smiling faces, shielding the direction of Loki with your body, and handed them their candy. Obviously giving them a handful each, you're not a monster, you're a superhero.

    One of the children gasped when you handed over the sweets and was looking directly into your face, "YOU'RE Y/N!! YOU-YOU'RE A SUPERHERO!!!! I-I SAW YOU ON THE TV, YOURE AWESOME!!!!"

    Your heart swelled with happiness at the small kid, he was completely blown away, did he not know where he was, who's door he knocked on. His friends chuckled behind him, they probably set him up to this, and didn't tell him. You didn't think it was very mean, he clearly wasn't mad for who answered the door, so you continued the joke.

    "Well what are you talking about? I'm now hero, I'm just a regular old person, you see?" you said sarcastically as possible, placing your hand over your chest in a goofy offended kind of way.

    The boy understood the joke and giggled a bit, turning to his friends saying through laughs, "You guys did this, thank you!"

    It was honestly the most wholesome thing you had ever seen, even more wholesome than that punch you delivered to Loki's privates just minutes ago. There's a 90% chance he's still rolling around like a toddler trying to keep the pain away.

    A loud whine came from behind you, clearly from Loki, and you couldn't help but let out a snort laugh at the high-pitched sound. The kids turned their attention to you, confused as to why you were laughing. You couldn't think of an excuse so you just chuckled a bit more and lightly ushered them away from the door.

    You made sure to compliment their cute costumes before closing the door behind you, walking back into back into kitchen to find Loki, of course, still lying on the floor. He wasn't rolling around anymore, but he lied with his hands tight between his squeezing thighs, eyes closed tight in agony. Maybe you hit him a little too hard, and underestimated your strength. It was still funny though, and he deserved it.

    "Fuck you y/n," Loki groaned.

    "I love you too, you little thief," you joked.

    And if things couldn't get any better than this, Sam, Nat, and Tony all walked in at the same time, and looked down at Loki simultaneously. Tony was dressed in his iron man, but strangley with metal jakolantern as the helmet. Nat was in a black ballerina outfit, and Sam, well...he was just wearing a pair of cat ears. Just normal clothes, and a pair of cat ears, that man is just...wow.

    "Hey there Lokes, what happened? Lemme guess, you asked y/n what kickball is? You told her she was pretty and said nevermind?" Tony joked, Loki's pain was his entertainment sometimes.

    "Piss off Anthony, I'll stab you," Loki muttered through a few grunts.

    "Ha, stand up first, I'll give you a head start," Tony shot back playfully, Sam and Nat chuckling next to him.

    Loki couldn't even respond at that point, he just released a deep groan, anger and pain mixing in.

    Aaaaand there was that snort again, you couldn't help it. Loki is never like this in front of the team, it was just too hilarious to see him on his back whining in front of all of you.

    "I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I can't help it," you laughed, bending over, unable to control it.

    "She punched me in the dick, if you wondering, damn you," Loki said quite annoyedly to the three.

    Same didn't say anything, he just took a step over and gave you a high five, staring down at Loki's now opened eyes, flashing a shit eating grin.

    Loki released a singular hand from his crotch, whining a bit, and ever so gracefully flipped him off, waving his finger around at everyone.

    "He stole the candy bowl," you said.

    "Again?" Nat asked mockingly.

    "Yup, I guess I you hit him hard enough, he'll give anything up," you replied.

    "Hmm, well then, you wanna go again, Loki, or do wanna tell me where the hell my batons went," Nat half-joked, but she was dead serious, don't touch that woman's batons.

    #loki #loki x reader #the avengers
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    don’t think I’ll ever be able to get my mind off of thor ragnarok but it’s fine ig

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    SAM: so y/n, we know that you are having problems in your life right now.

    BUCKY: yeah, how big your problems?

    Y/N: *looks at steve* steve, how tall are you?

    STEVE: what?

    BUCKY & SAM: what?

    #avengers imagine #avengers x reader #marvel #bucky barnes x reader #avengers incorrect quotes #bruce banner x reader #clint barton x reader #natasha romanoff x reader #the avengers #steve rogers x reader #tony stark x reader #thor x reader #loki x reader #marvel incorrect quotes #sam wilson x reader #wanda maximoff x reader #pietro maximoff x reader #shuri x reader #t'challa x reader #yelena belova x reader
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    what is wrong with me? I don’t know. i think im just insane 

    #my art#quick sketch#panyum art#fgo #this is like very self indulgence #im gonna beat everyone up #Fate Grand Order #ayako#edmond dantes #oc x canon #sketches #fgo edmond dantes #edmond fgo #count of monte cristo #avenger fgo
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    34 + 35 | Kinktober Day 6

    Warnings: Rough sex, fingering, 69, language, let me know if i missed anything. Pairing: Carol Danvers x Female Reader Word Count: 810 A/N: You’re getting this instead of day 17 because I don’t have the motivation to start a whole new fic at the moment. <3


    You groaned as you slammed your pen down on top of the mission file in front of you. “Fucking Fury.” You rubbed your eyes with a frustrated sigh. "Well I sure hope that you're not fucking Fury." Your girlfriend chuckled, leaning on the doorway. You quickly pulled yourself together, not wanting her to see you in the state you were previously in, "What are you doing here, Danvers?" "Can a Captain not come check up on her girlfriend?" She pushed herself off of the doorway and walked to sit down in the chair across from you, "I heard your last mission was a bit rough and thought that maybe you needed some company." "Or did my slut of a Captain get horny and need her mommy to fix it for her?" You stood up and walked around the desk, pinning her in the chair with your hands resting on either side of the arm rests. You smirked as a blush creeped its way up her cheeks and her confident demeanor faded away. You chuckled darkly, "I asked you a question, Captain." "I wanna make you feel good, mommy… I haven't been able to stop thinking about it." She said barely above a whisper, finally looking into your lust clouded eyes. "That's what I thought." You whispered into her ear as you looked her up and down to see the way she tensed up with you towering over her, "You'll be on your knees in the bedroom by the time I get there in five minutes." You commanded her, standing back up to go clean up your desk for the night. You looked back at her, seeing her frozen in place still, "Tick tock, Captain." You said with a raised eyebrow, chuckling as she scrambled out of the room. You opened the door to your room after cleaning up your office and shutting your computer down to find Carol kneeling in front of you wearing nothing as you told her to. You smiled down at her and lifted her chin to look up at you with your index finger, "Good girl." You helped her to stand up and pulled her towards the bed where she straddled your lap and attached her lips to yours. You gasped as she pushed you back onto the bed with a hungry look in her eyes. Both of you quickly discarded your clothes, they ended up everywhere in the room, but neither of you could really find it in yourselves to give a shit. You moved closer to the top of the bed to get more comfortable, “I want you to ride my face, baby.” You husked in her ear. She was quick to comply, turning around and lowering herself onto your face, moaning as you got to work immediately. She ground her hips into you as she tried to find more, but you grabbed her by her thighs and halted her movements, “None of that.” She whimpered but that pathetic whimper soon turned into a wanton moan, “Fuck!” She practically screamed, her hands coming down to rest upon your thighs in an attempt to keep herself from falling. She bit her lip as you plunged two fingers inside of her, pumping in and out at a bruising speed. Needing something to distract her from the tightening coil in her stomach, she reached down between your legs and rubbed tight circles on your clit, making you gasp and arch your back. “Fuck, good girl… that’s a good girl…” You said in between pants, trying to keep your mind from fogging up. “Wanna make you cum, mommy.” She mumbled before leaning forward to devour your pussy. Her actions caused you to moan into her cunt, sending vibrations into her. She thrusted two fingers inside of you, reaching that perfect spot inside of you rather quickly, which caused your stomach to tighten with a familiar feeling building up, “Carol, baby… holy shit…” You moaned, pulling away for a moment, before returning to eating her out. She moaned into you, sending vibrations into you, which earned her a scream of her name as you came, not being able to hold back any longer. Through your own spasms, you worked your girlfriend over the edge of her own orgasm, causing her legs to shake and convulse around your head, the sound of screams and moans filled the room, along with filthy and unholy wet sounds. “God, we need to do that more often…” She mumbled, flopping onto the bed beside you. “You can say that again…” You huffed out, still trying to catch your breath. “God, we ne-” She teased. “I can’t stand you.” You rolled your eyes, softly smacking her. “You love me.” She winked at you. “You’re pushing it, Danvers.” You said in a serious tone, glaring daggers into her before both of you burst out into laughter. ~~~~~~~~~~~✵~~~~~~~~~~~ Taglist: @imnotasuperhero​ @rooskaya-yelena​ @aaron-despair​ @natasha-danvers​ @dynnealberto @natasharomanoffswife​

    #captain marvel smut #carol danvers smut #carol danvers x reader #captain marvel x reader #marvel fic#marvel smut#marvel#mcu smut #mcu x reader #avengers fic #avengers x reader #kinktober#kinktober 2021 #higherfurther-romanova kinktober 2021
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