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    Imagine: Being Wanda’s long lost sister and being reunited in Westview

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    Clint: You want what I have.

    Yelena: A stupid name and a death wish?

    #source: jessica jones #incorrect marvel quotes #clint barton imagine #clint barton #yelena belova imagine #yelena belova#avengers imagine#avengers#marvel imagine#marvel#MCU imagine#MCU
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    Pent Up

    Helmut Zemo x reader

    warnings: death, slight self inflicted injury to reader, anxiety attack, blood mention, alcohol

    a/n: i FINALLY got around to writing this HELLO and sorry it took FOREVER dhshhshsh its 3am as i am starting this lets see where it goes

    prompt: anonymous: “Hello, Zemo anon here ! Resending request, hopefully this has more plot details Could I get a one shot please ? Details/Plot stuff/ : This takes place during TFATWS ( the falcon and the winter soldier ). Reader lost some of their family members after some bad guys went after them, Zemo, Sam, and Bucky for revenge. Reader is obviously shaken but they don't have time to grieve properly because they could be in danger. Since reader didn't/doesn't have time to properly grieve for what they lost, they just shove their emotions aside. After the threat is averted, Reader has so much bottled up emotions that they have an anxiety attack/breakdown. They head outside for a walk to try and clear their head but end up punching a wall impulsively. Their hand isn't broken but just swollen and bruised a little. They head back inside ( to zemo's safe house ). Zemo is the only person awake and he immediately can sense that something is wrong. Reader tries to tell them they are fine but he isn't convinced. He, out of pure concern, follows them to their room. He notices they are favoring one of their hand and he goes and gets an ice pack. He comforts them afterwards. Okay, if that's too much, then I'm so sorry omg. My brain can be very weird sometimes. ~ 🖤”

    You sat in silence on the jet after hearing the news. “Troubling” was the way you outwardly described it, only because you knew how much was at stake right now. For now, you would only stare down at your feet and wait for the next horrible thing to happen. After a while, Sam had rested his hand on your knee to let you know he was there, but you desperately needed to be kept on track. You couldn’t bare think about it because if you let yourself begin, you’d picture the whole scene, every painstaking moment up until the end. What they saw, what they felt, how you failed them.

    You had only been gone from home for a few days, but that was enough for your enemies to know your family was unprotected, completely exposed. Your enemies wanted revenge and they’d gotten it at the worst time. Although, any time would be considered the worst when you lose everything.

    You kept trudging along despite the burning pain in your chest from all the emotions you wouldn’t show. Sam, Bucky, Zemo, they could surely imagine your pain. They’d lived through loss, but right now you weren’t interested in any comfort. “Y/N? You wanna talk about it?” Bucky asked you, bringing you back to Earth.

    “I don’t need you sharing your therapy tactics, Buck.” You snapped at him and he glanced over at Sam, who just shook his head in an effort to get him to cease. But Zemo wanted to take things into his own hands. This was a pleasant trip for him, he couldn’t let you bring it down.

    “You know, y/n,” Zemo turned around and looked at you, who was fighting back tears that would not escape in front of him, “the Avengers murdered my entire family. I know that it hurts, I know you are angry, but you must think clearly and make wise decisions in these next few days, weeks, months, even years.” He explained with some alluding to his own experiences.

    “Yeah, I’ll make sure not to frame a war hero for terrorism and murder in order to further my revenge agenda.” You calmly but fiercely replied to the Sokovian and Bucky stifled a laugh, making Sam swat him.

    “Alright, enough from you, Zemo. No more talking about murder.” Sam prematurely ended the conversation and just went back to the normal bickering between the three of them to keep the heat off of you. He knew you needed space more than anything. Sam had lost people during his service in the Air Force. It really does sting, and this job doesn’t leave much time for grieving, but this wasn’t the military, you’d get your space and your respect for the time being.

    You were quiet for the most part, just letting that blanket of stillness take you over and let you believe that everything would be fine for now. Bucky and Sam kept a good eye on you, making sure that you didn’t lose yourself during this mission.

    When you landed in Latvia, you found some solace in the unfamiliarity and calmness of the streets, making private walks your temporary thing and starting immediately. During the walks along the intricately laid stones, you reflected on your mistakes, regretting taking up this mission and feeling guilty for the pain you caused your family.

    You made your first round of exploration and went back to Zemo’s safehouse, and upon re-entering you saw Sam and Bucky waiting for you in their usual comforting way.

    “Hey! How’re you feeling?” Sam asked you for the tenth time, knowing you wouldn’t answer honestly. He just needed you to know there were people there for you.

    “We got you some food.” Bucky handed you a plate of random snacks he’d pulled from the cupboards and walked it over to the table along with a glass of water. “Just sit and eat for a minute. It’ll be good for you.” You sighed and obliged him, sitting down near Zemo and getting crumbs all over his couch.

    “You’re—” Zemo nearly commented on said fact, but Sam butt in quickly.

    “Ah, ah,” Sam cut him off with a raised finger, “stop talking. Right now.” Zemo rolled his eyes and you continued your snacking for a few minutes, casually asking questions every once in a while.

    “Guys, any mission updates yet?” You perked up to ask them and they simply said “no.” They were telling the truth so far, but even if there were, they were a bit hesitant about you joining up. Now, after some things went worse, like the new Captain America finding you four and causing a giant scene in Latvia, you became even more distressed.

    You watched a man get executed in front of a crowd. It only reminded you of how your family was hurt and your friends knew it. Sam and Bucky pulled you near as you stared at the scene in shock, clenching onto one of their arms as your pain finally hit you. You had to go and it had to be now. “I’m gonna go take a walk.” You bluntly told them and they both stared at you like you were crazy.

    “Right now? Y/N, I don’t know if that’s a good idea.” Sam tried to protest it but you just walked straight away from the bloody scene and they let you. You could handle yourself, for sure, but they still worried for you and your safety. And they had good cause since you ended up having a massive anxiety attack that you simply insisted on walking off. They tried to contact you several times, but you just turned your comms and tracker off and told them you’d be back when you were ready.

    You walked dozens of circles around the area until you had felt stable enough to come back, but on the way, you went from anxious to angry, resisting the urge to scream into the night and instead balling up your fist and launching it into a brick wall. Your judgment was quite clouded and throwing your hand into the wall was anything but a good idea, but for a split second it just felt good. The ache afterwards did not, though, as your knuckles bled slightly and your hand began to pulse in a light swell. You stuffed your one hand into your pocket and marched back to the safehouse in a new mood, not much better than before, but at least you were feeling.

    You expected them to all be asleep by now, especially considering the day you all had. But Zemo was still awake, sitting beside a small lamp with a glass of whiskey as he watched you enter the building.

    “Huh, I thought we had locked that.” He looked into his glass and rocked the ice in it back and forth. “Would you like a drink?” Zemo offered like a true host.

    “No.” You growled and tried to find a room to stay in for the night. He noticed the fresh bloodstain that came through your pocket and deduced what may have happened.

    “Are you sure? It may help you feel better.” He suggested and you stopped in your tracks, slowly turning to him.

    “I. Am. Fine.” You sternly tried to convince yourself and Zemo sighed, setting his glass on a coaster and standing up, cautiously heading toward you as if you were some feral cat he was trying to catch. You took a deep breath and angrily stared at him as he drew closer. Zemo then gently took your hand from your pocket and inspected the irritation.

    “You are not a great liar. I’m surprised you used to be a spy.” Zemo poked fun at you and held your hand up in front of your face as you turned your gaze away. “This is not a good idea. This is self harm. I am sorry it has gotten to this point.” He genuinely offered that apology to you and headed towards the refrigerator to grab an ice pack originally meant for his children. That explained why it was shaped like a princess crown. “This should help the swelling. You know, I understand that there are not always bad guys to punch, but the walls of this nice town are not a great substitute.”

    “You’re idea of coping is literally bombing UN meetings, don’t comment on my coping mechanisms.” You snatched the icepack and set it on your beating hand.

    “I know. I wasn’t saying it was right.” He agreed with you and took a seat back on the couch, right where he left an indentation. “As I mentioned before, I know what it’s like to lose family like that. Suddenly, violently…without a proper goodbye. I’m sure they knew it wasn’t your fault.”

    “It was my fault, I was supposed to keep them safe.” You told him as he poured you an optional glass.

    “These were adults, as well, right? Ones capacity of defending themselves and their home?” Zemo tried to reason with you, although it was a bit rough. “I figure a smart person like you had a handful of backup plans, as well, just in case you were ever to leave the home in times of trouble like now.” He pointed out and you looked away from him, assuring him that he was on the right track. “Please, sit.” He tapped the couch seat and waited for you to join him willingly.

    “Just because there were backups doesn’t mean I can’t feel responsible. Guilty.” You told him as you took the seat he suggested and grabbed the drink.

    “I never said you couldn’t.” He replied.

    “You implied it.” You shot back.

    “I certainly did not mean to.” Zemo frowned. “I felt guilty when my family passed, even if it wasn’t directly my fault. They were simply in the wrong place at the wrong time. It hurts to think that, but I had no power after leaving the house.” He explained his grieving process to you a bit, making him feel more human to you. “Grief is not going to be a linear path, and no one can tell you how to grieve, but people will be there for you. Barnes and Wilson, they are here for you. They have shown that.”

    “And you?” You looked him in the eye once more.

    “In a way, I suppose. It seems I’m your only option in this hour.” Zemo smiled and refilled both of your glasses. “I’d like to add that just because no one can tell you how to grieve does not mean you cannot do something wrong. I am not proud of my actions in Lagos. Barnes was trying to hide and live a normal life away from what he was forced into. Although I do hate you heroes and would very much love if you all died, I took innocent lives that day and I broke up a family. My grief only caused more pain.”

    “Glad you see it that way.” You clinked your glasses together and downed the next supply. “I’ll…I’ll get through it. Without killing any innocent people, thank you very much.”

    taglist: @alwaysananglophile // @rorybutnotgilmore // @locke-writes // @sweetheartliz07 // @queen-destenie // @natasha-danvers // @johnmurphyisqueer // @teenwaywardasgardian // @pappydaddy // @captainshazamerica // @freya-xo // @ravenmoore14 // @canarypoint // @zoeyserpentluck // @randomawesomeperson102 // @brutal-out-here // @wonderful-writer // @of-a-chaotic-mind // @groovygirlie // @procrastinatingsapphictrash // @lxncelot // @swanimagines // @randomfandomimagine // @petersgroupie // @dindjarinsspouse // @werewolf-himbo // @lost-fantasy // @moobrvoobl-moobmoob-oobmpoobroom // @summersimmerus // @cipheress-to-k-pop // @augustvandyne // @buckyeojin // @the-did-i-ask // @glxwingrxse // @scarthefangirl //
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    Y/N: What if ducks threw bread back at you?

    Yelena: You’d have to duck.

    Natasha: I hate you both.

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    Can't Stop Smiling

    Summary: Y/n falling all over again for Lizzie.

    Words: 1,649

    Lizzie opened her eyes and with a sigh, she tried to turn around, but her arms were pretty much caught around Y/n. The clock marked 4:00 am and she was ready to start her day. However, she knew Y/n wasn't. And not even by mistake she wanted to wake her up.

    She finally got herself free and turned around ready to stand up, but arms grabbed her waist and stopped her. "Where are you going?" It was as low as a whisper. Lizzie smiled, she was obsessed with her morning voice.

    "To start my day, love". Y/n sighed and moved closer to her. "No. I want you". "Baby". "No". She cuddled as close as she could to Lizzie, leaving her mouth next to her ear. "Stay with me". "But Love, I have to exercise". "No".

    Lizzie chuckled and looked at the clock. She had about 40 minutes to do absolutely nothing. To cuddle with her girlfriend and start her morning full of love or to go make exercise. Yeah, she could skip a day.

    She turned around and hugged Y/n, letting her cuddle her way into her. Y/n put her head in Lizzie's neck and sighed happily. Lizzie kissed her temple and put the blankets on top of them, before falling asleep.

    At 4:45 Lizzie was up and walking through the house. She organized a little bit and started to make breakfast. She had AirPods on, preventing Y/n from waking up. She wanted to let her sleep a little more even if she knew Y/n would have to wake up at 5:00 if she wanted to go to the photoshoot with Lizzie.

    She carried the food in a tray up to the bedroom and set it on the nightstand. She sat down next to Y/n and froze for a second. She was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. And she was hers. With a smile on her face, Lizzie moved Y/n's hair out of her face and softly kissed her face to wake her up.

    "Mmmm... That's a good way to wake up" She smiled. "I know. I made you breakfast". "You did?". "Huh. I know you want to go with me so I'm making sure you're well taken care of". "How considered". "Always... Now eat up. We have to leave at 5:30". "Why?" She whined. "Because we have to" She kissed her forehead and watched her properly open her eyes before going to the shower.

    Y/n looked at the clock before looking down at her food. She ate with a smile as fast as she could without dying and put the plates on the bed in time to go to the shower and joining Lizzie.

    The Olsen sister was facing the head of the shower when the arms of her girlfriend surrounded her body. She chuckled and put her arms on top of Y/n's. "I missed you". "Babe". "What? Can't I joining you?". Lizzie giggled. "Of course you can" She turned around and hugged Y/n's neck. She kissed Y/n's nose before lowering it to her mouth.

    There were a few minutes of both of them making out before Lizzie remembered why she was showering in the first place. She broke the kiss and turned around to keep showering. "Why don't you love me anymore!". "I do Love. But we have to go, remember?" She peak her lips. She had some shampoo on her hand and was quick to put it in Y/n's hair to massage it while she washed it.

    "Ohh I love you" She moaned. "I love you too".

    ──✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ──

    They arrived at the house in time. The morning was cold but the sun was starting to make its job, which would let Lizzie work. The first thing that they would do was the video interview inside the house. Lizzie had to put some pyjamas on and sit on the chair so they could do her making up, simple and as natural as they could make it.

    Y/n was still a little sleepy, which is why she wasn't actively participating in the conversation Lizzie was having with the makeup artist. She was yawning and rubbing her eyes enough to make the makeup artist comment about how cute she was. Especially when her head was falling in Lizzie's lap.

    "She's not a morning person" She commented with a smile as she passed her fingers through Y/n's hair and her nails softly pressured her skull. "She must truly love you then". "She does" Lizzie looked at her sleepy girlfriend in her lap and smiled. And I love her a lot too".

    Since she had 10 minutes between the moment the makeup artist finished and the time she would actually start to film the interview she decided to move her girlfriend from her lap to the couch. She took a blanket and put it on top of her. She knew Y/n liked to sleep and hated mornings but she started to worry about her. Y/n was sleeping a little too much lately.

    Lizzie left a kiss on her head before she left to film. Probably 30 minutes happened before Y/n woke up and actually decided to stand up. She had promised Lizzie to be there for her and right now she wasn't really fulfilling that promise.

    She took her sweater and fixed her hair a little bit before leaving the trailer. Lizzie was sitting in a chair going through her found with a white dress. She hugged her neck from behind and kissed her cheek. "Hi, sweetie". "Well, look who's up" Lizzie giggled turning around and kissing Y/n's cheek.

    "Wouldn't miss you posing for the world" She giggled walking around the chair and sitting in Lizzie's lap. "Hey, stop that". "Stop what?" She asked innocently. "Just because I'm not a professional model doesn't mean that I can't do it". "Mmm Sweetie sounds like you're putting words in my mouth". "Lucky for me, I know you". "Liz I never meant it that way. It actually is James fault, cause he twisted my words". "Really?" Y/n nodded. "Then what did you meant?".

    "That you don't have to be professional to look beautiful and hot when doing it" She smiled. Lizzie bit her lip down and gently held her face to kiss her lips. "I love you". "I love you more". "Go kill them... With kindness" Lizzie laughed and stood up, leaving the chair to Y/n.

    Throughout the morning, Lizzie kept changing makeup and clothes for the different pictures, and none of those moments Y/n could take her eyes off of her.

    A smile started to form since the first picture and no one had seen it fall since they began the photoshoot. The whole team behind the photoshoot had seen her smile at the girl, non-stop, throughout the day. It was actually adorable.

    Since the moment Lizzie started to pose, Y/n couldn't take her eyes off of her. It was like the whole world had dusted away and the only person that she could see was Lizzie. She thought that if she took her eyes off of her she would die.

    It was like seeing an angel dance. So magnificent, so fluently. So naturally. Y/n could be in the darkest place and Lizzie would only need to smile to make everything in Y/n's life right again. She looked like nothing could stop her, and honestly? Y/n was sure she would kill whoever tried to. She was so beautiful Y/n thought she might have lost her words.

    A single smile or a single look from Lizzie made Y/n's day. Her eyes were shining like stars, and she carried the whole universe in her smile. She was perfect in every single way. Y/n wouldn't change a thing. Lizzie turned from the camera to see Y/n and her smile grew wider. Her eyes started to sparkle and Y/n felt her world stopped for a while.

    She was amazing. Y/n's body was full of love for her and she couldn't help but fall in love with Lizzie all over again. With her eyes, her smile, her laugh. The way Lizzie would steal looks at her between photos. The way she was shinning. Yeah, she was falling hard.

    She couldn't stop smiling at Lizzie. On the way, she would move to change her pose for pictures. It was so majestic. On the way, her fingers would gently hold her face, or whatever object she had. One of the photographers took the chance to take a picture with her instead of one picture of Lizzie. Y/n was so focused on Lizzie, she didn't notice the flash of the camera.

    The photoshoot and second part of the interview were finished before Y/n noticed. Lizzie was ready to go home, and if Y/n wouldn't have been smiling, the moment Lizzie took her hand and intertwined their fingers she would've smiled all over again.

    ──✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ──

    By the time they got home, Y/n had not stopped smiling or staring at Lizzie for a single moment. "Do I have something in my face?" She asked. "Beauty. All over it" She softly answered getting close to Lizzie. She took her face between her hands and kissed her lips the most gentle way she had ever kiss her.

    "I love you, Lizzie". "I love you more, Y/n/n".

    Y/n had left to the bathroom after a few more kisses leaving Lizzie resting on the couch. There was a notification from Y/n's phone that grabbed Lizzie's attention enough for her to look at it. She put Y/n's password and opened her girlfriend's Instagram.

    She chuckled and bit her lip trying to hold the biggest smile she could ever have. She took a screenshot and passed the picture to her phone, changing her wallpaper immediately.

    She had definitely made the right choice. And she couldn't wait to get the ring out of her mother's house and put it in Y/n's finger. Where it belonged.

    ──✱*.。:。✱*.:。✧*.。✰*.:。✧*.。:。*.。✱ ──

    TAG LIST: @xxxtwilightaxelxxx @marvelwomen-simp @madamevirgo @temptationsbrew @mainly-rebloging-fics-i-like @yuhloversxx @chaekhan @diaryoflife @taschamonnii @simperingghoul @sweeet-likeeee-cinnamonn @coldmilkshakestudent @yreat @the-empty-chxld @thea13sworld @imadethisblogbecauseiamasimp @halobaby @m-zne237 @natashakink @liladoesfanfics @severepeanutartisanhands @wandanatstan @ymzki-haruki(Let me know if you want to be part of the tag list)

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    Imagine: Finding a way to bring Natasha back

    #Natasha romanoff imagine #black widow imagine #MCU imagine#marvel imagine #the avengers imagine #imagine#Natasha romanoff#black widow#MCU#marvel#the avengers
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    The Two of Us Part 4

    Summary: You and Bucky go to investigate the phenomenon happening in Westview, New Jersey. While attempting to understand the issue, you yourselves are sucked into Wanda’s world of pretend. Now, you believe yourselves to be the happily married Mr. and Mrs. Barnes; in real life, you are most definitely not a happy pair. It is up to you and Bucky to piece together what’s happening while dealing with one another inside the hex.

    Pairings: bucky barnes x avenger!reader

    Warnings: mind control, swearing, a little fluff, angst, and WandaVision spoilers

    Word Count: 3.4k

    The Two of Us Masterlist

    gif by @natalliaromanov

    Their little gurgles were just to die for. Gently, you rocked Tommy in your arms as Wanda held Billy close to her chest. They were tiny things, only a few days old and already had eyes wide looking at the world. Bucky was out for the day and you couldn’t wait any longer to see the twins. Their gummy grins melted your heart when you first met them and you refused to stay away any longer.

    “I think he likes you,” Wanda laughed as Tommy went to pull at your ear with his small fists.

    “I’m the cool aunt, I hope he would,” you joked, gently patting him on the back as you continued to lightly sway.

    Just as you felt his tiny body slowly lull to sleep, head resting on your shoulder, a small whine escaped his quivering lips. Right after, Billy let out a gentle wail in Wanda’s arms.

    “Is somebody hungry?” you cooed, going to reach for one of the bottles on the coffee table. With grabby hands, the small child in your arms happily plunged the bottle into his mouth before relaxing once again in your arms.

    “You’re a natural.”

    “I’m just doing my job.”

    “James would lose it if he saw this.”

    You laughed at her comment, taking a deep breath in. Soon enough, Tommy was done with his bottle and tiredly casted it to the side. Some of the milk spilled upon your lap, dampening your shirt in its wake.

    “Looks like someone made a mess,” you winked at him, gently setting the baby down in his crib as you went to clean up.

    Before Wanda could fuss and get up, you insisted she sat back down. It was as if overnight she had become a mother, and while graceful as ever, obviously tired. You commanded her to stay seated as the babies napped while you made your way to the bathroom. Life sure moves fast in the suburbs. If only that husband of yours also didn’t insist on moving with it.

    Turning on the faucet, you let the warm water glide against your hands. The weather was gorgeous as ever, your mind drifting to what Bucky might be doing on a day like this. You awoke to a simple note, detailing he’d be out for the day, little explanation as to where he was going. As always, he signed it with a loving always by your heart, your Jamie.

    It was sweet, but it was hard to deny there was something different in your rhythm as of late. Bucky hovered over you like a mother would a sick child, always needing reassurance you were alright, that you were feeling okay. It’s hard to deny it’s nice to know how much he cares, but the sudden wave of nerves was worrying you.

    Mindlessly, you allowed your hand to glide along your scar in your palm, only now a faint murmur on your skin. Where did I even get this? After drying your hands, they travelled to the dog tags that hung around your neck, being comforted by their metallic touch. In a small way, it was sort of like holding Bucky’s hand, the metal of the necklace matching that of his left hand.

    Exiting, you went to sit back down on the coach, quietly conversing with Wanda as the twins napped.


    “So?” you echoed in confusion, a mischievous grin on her face.

    “C’mon, don’t play dumb with me. When are you and Bucky going to give Billy and Tommy some playdates?”

    “One day at a time, I still have to remind Bucky to cover his hand half the time before he slips out,” you laughed lightly.

    Everywhere you turned, someone was talking about kids this children that. In its own way, it was endearing, but now it was damn near exhausting now. But you didn’t have the heart to scold Wanda, so you just laughed off her joke.

    “Hey, Wanda, can I ask you something?”

    “You can ask me anything,” she insisted, placing a reassuring hand on top of yours. Her smile was bright as ever. She was truly content to be where she was, happy with the life she was gifted.

    Your lips parted to ask a question, to share your distress. The moments the world seemed to move along without you, the odd way some of your neighbors acted, how everything was just moving too fast to ever really adjust to. As you looked into her cheery eyes, you didn’t have the heart to tamper with her joyful disposition.

    “What do you do when you and Viz aren’t on the same page? I feel like me and James have hit an odd place as of recently.” Talking about your marriage issues was more ideal than talking about reality, you decided. Wanda was your friend at the end of the day and you knew you could turn to her.

    She tilted her head, a small look of disbelief flashing across her smile. “What do you mean?”

    “I feel like. . .” you trailed off, giving it a moments contemplation, “Every time we’ve reached the perfect life, something happens. You know? There’s a lot of good, and when it’s good it’s great, but it’s only ever temporary.”

    She nodded slowly as you talked, drinking up every last one of your words. A sudden pool of tears brimmed at her eyes as she leaned forward, taking both your hands in hers. She spoke slowly, keeping her composure as she went. “I know exactly what you’re talking about. But Westview is perfect for us, okay? We’re all going to be so happy here, you’ll see. You and Bucky will make it work.”

    Bucky. The name had slipped out once when you had dinner with the Harts. The memory crashed into your mind, making your brain pulse in confusion. That night was lifetimes ago, a whole other reality at this point. But why did it feel like so much more?

    As your mind slowly drifted, you heard a bark. In of itself, that’s not unusual in Westview, it was the fact that it sounded so close to you that caught your attention. As if the sound came from inside the house you were in.

    “Hey, Wanda-”

    “Would you look at the time, I think you’ve got to head out now,” Wanda interrupted, physically ushering your body towards the door, hand guiding you towards the front of the house. A smile was plastered on her face, but a sense of urgency was in her voice.

    “Oh, see you later,” you replied, giving an awkward wave to her. Before you could turn to exit, you try to reenter the half closed door in hopes to retrieve your jacket.

    Your eyes peel wide open and your jaw goes askew at the sight of the set of five year olds that now stood behind Wanda, waving an eager farewell.

    “Goodbye, Aunty!” they both called out, Wanda slamming the door before you could react.

    I need a drink.


    Bucky woke up, a cold sweat clinging onto his temples, threatening to traverse down his jawline. Sitting up slowly, he let out a soft sigh. The early morning sun had begun to peak through the windows, gradually illuminating the bedroom in a golden glow. To his side, you peacefully slept, limbs tangled about one another. A small smile cracked upon his lips, hand instinctively going to caress your cheek.

    Restlessly, he ran his fingers through his bed head before slipping from under the covers, creeping open the nightstand drawer to get out a piece of pen and paper.

    Good morning, honeybee. I’ve just headed out for a quick walk around town. Don’t worry, I just couldn’t get that much sleep and wanted to get out. Don’t wait up for me, go visit the twins, I’ll be home later. It’s just been a long week. Always by your heart, your Jamie.

    After carefully writing his thoughts, he folded the note by your nightstand and shoved the pen in his pocket before placing a loving kiss on your forehead. For a moment, you shuffled a little in your sleep, a soft mumble parting your lips. He froze, praying silently he hadn’t woken you up. You had resettled back into your laxed position, cueing Bucky now was his time to slip out.

    Wandering. That’s what it felt like walking through the labyrinth of houses in Westview. It was too early to see anyone out and about in the town, cars silently parked in their driveways, couples sound asleep in their four walls. It felt like he was making no progress; the moment he thought he had reached the end of town, there’d be another identical row of houses. It was borderline maddening at that point.

    But he wasn’t here for himself, so it didn’t matter. What mattered was finding answers because maybe then they could help you. Some days you’d stare out the windows of your perfect house, eyes glazed over, a cloud of aloofness floating around your head. A gentle tap would restore you back to the moment, to your reality, but it still worried Bucky. Everything was perfect, why weren’t you happy?

    Why can’t I make her happy?

    He couldn’t sit by and wait another day as he watched his wife morph into a shell of a person. He ached for the mornings you’d kiss him awake, lips trailing down his face as a greeting to the day. There were no longer spontaneous moments of song, happiness oozing from your pores. The days were more mellow, more strict in their regime. You were playing the perfect housewife, but that’s not what Bucky wanted, it never was. He just wanted to be with you. Westview was changing that, remolding you to fit its standard and the thought conjured a gnarled feeling in his stomach.

    Then it appeared. What looked like the edge of the endless loop of Westview. It was simple, really, just a street that had the name Ellis Avenue on a rusted green sign. An empty field could be seen as Bucky looked out at it, the grass seemingly untouched by a single footprint.

    He waited there a moment, waiting for something to move, perhaps a car to zip down the street or even for a squirrel to scurry down one of trees from across the road. Nothing. Silence and more silence filled each passing second as he stood there.

    As if walking on eggshells, his step slowly carried him over closer and closer to the seemingly abandoned road. It sent chills down his spine as he approached the edge of town. What was there to be scared of? It was just a street, a road to cross.

    With the final step Bucky took, his body was flung back by a nasty shock, tumbling against the silky grass he stood sure footed on just moments ago. His eyes shot up at the invisible forcefield accusingly, squinting hard to make out something, anything. Whatever he had just come across, it wasn’t budging.

    What the hell is it trying to keep out? Or rather, what the hell is it trying to keep in?

    At that moment, he knew he had to pursue it further. There was no longer a doubt within his mind that something was up with this perfect place. He took a deep breath, rolling up his sleeves with a certain determination before sprinting full force at the invisible obstacle.

    Try as it might, it couldn’t keep Bucky from pushing through, straining his body against its power, twisting and turning his molecules as he forced his way through. With a defiant scream, he collapsed to the other side.

    Ringing was the only thing Bucky could hear, eyes scanning the early morning sun, peaking its way onto military grade machines, humongous tents peppered about the field. If he hadn’t known any better, he would have thought it was a military base.

    His cheek still laid against the ground, the water droplets of the morning dew coating the left side of his face. With a grunt, he pushed himself up, inspecting the area around him, hopelessly trying to straighten his thoughts while his brain seared.

    Once the noise subsided, he had to adjust to reality. He remembered it all, what was happening inside the hex. He remembered the hand holding, the kissing, the I love yous. His hands immediately went to feel for his dog tags, now missing from his neck. So, it was real.

    Overwhelmed couldn’t begin to cover what he was feeling. A wave of nausea rushed through his body as he clasped his palms to the soft earth, seeking some reassurance in his surroundings. From the heavily armed base that surrounded the seemingly desolate Westview, he knew it was serious.

    I can leave now.

    Take off.

    Get help and be on my way.

    The silence of the forest was sickening, allowing him to marinate in his own thoughts. He took a deep breath in, preparing to stand up, to find someone to figure out what was happening. He couldn’t. His hands were glued to the dirt and his body protested every movement. More than anything he wanted to leave, to pretend this didn’t happen, but he could never bring himself to enact the final motion.

    I can’t leave her.

    Bucky was enraged with himself, with his inability to move on. But the thought of you waiting at home, him never returning leaving you wondering why left his heart in shambles. He mumbled a disdained damnit as his hand wiped across his mouth in frustration.

    He had to help you.

    Feeling around in his coat pocket, he was relieved to pull out a photograph of you two, presumably one the other version of himself carried at all times, and a pen. With a shaky hand he began to write.

    It’s not real. You are James Buchanan Barnes. You were born March 10, 1917 and are the eldest of four. You and Y/N aren’t in love. Y/N doesn’t love you. Out here she doesn’t have her magic. I don’t know who’s controlling this. You have to remember.”

    Slipping the photograph back into his pocket, he takes a deep breath, pleading to the stars above he remembered when he saw it. It was a shot in the dark, a pipedream at best, but it was the only way he could think to help.

    I’ll find her, no matter where, no matter how.

    With a final deep breath, he pushed back through into the hex, hoping this time he could fathom the willpower to successfully save you.


    “You’re getting weaker, please tell me what’s happening,” he pleaded softly, hand gently moving to your chin in an attempt to turn your face to his.

    “I’m afraid it’s a bit complicated, Bucky.”

    It had been four months since you had last seen Bucky, distance tearing you apart from one another. You had come back to Wakanda, no longer being able to restrain yourself. Even as you boarded the plane, you cursed yourself for your weakness, succumbing to those loving blue eyes before anything else.

    His hair had grown out now, his beard more rugged, but he always remained a sight for sore eyes.

    “Why’d you come all the way out here?”

    “Because I can help.”

    “The Wakandans got that.”

    “With the nightmares. Again.”

    No matter how much magic you could conjure, you knew the nightmares would somehow come back. You were too out of reach, never close enough to pull them back out. The first few nights after you had left, he was fine. A month after your departure, they slowly weaseled their way back into his head after you had fought so hard to keep them out.

    “You tried and it didn’t work,” he corrected lightly, “and I’m really thankful, but I can’t be helped.”

    “I’ve helped before,” you interjected, desperate to give aid.

    “I’m not your burden anymore. I can handle my own battles.”

    “You’ve never been a burden to me. You don’t have to do everything by yourself, please,” you pleaded.

    His tired lips let out a soft sigh, as his hand went to cup your face, thumb rubbing slow circles around your cheek. When will she learn?

    “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to sound ungrateful, I’ve just been. . .”

    Your fingers crept around his hand that held lightly onto your face. You had missed this, yearned for his touch for so long you thought you might short circuit under the heat of his hand.

    “I know. I know, Bucky.”

    “I missed you,” he whispered, eyes trained on yours.

    “I missed you too.”

    “Can I ask what happened?”

    Your control on your powers was slipping by the second, each new day bringing a new challenge to your magic. Looking deep into his sorrowful eyes, you swallowed hard. You couldn’t tell him why they were messed up and in that moment you knew you never would. All those dream-like nights hadn’t come without their consequences. Who could have fathomed what toll it would put on you? You stayed though, never really knowing why.

    It was even harder trying to ward off the grotesque images from halfway across the globe. You fought them out of Bucky’s mind vigilantly for as long as your body could manage, but your strength was slipping.

    Helping Bucky was hurting you.

    You’d never been a strong witch and exerting what little power you were gifted with was teaching you an ugly lesson.

    Your eyes averted his gazes, now finding their way to the ground. The one you would spend countless nights talking to Bucky on, hand in hand, staring up at his ceiling before crawling into bed together. It was hallowed ground as far as you were concerned, tainted by your stare.

    “I’m just tired,” you professed, not entirely lying, but vagueness leaving room for interpretation.

    “You’re a hero, you’re allowed to be,” he encouraged.

    Your head now rested on his shoulder, sparks flicking off your skin as it made contact with his. Even just sharing the same space with him for a few minutes was enough to make you collapse. If he just said the words, you knew you’d come running back, abandoning life back at home to stay with him. It was a scary realization, to know someone had so much power over you.

    “It doesn’t always feel like that.”

    “Well, you’ll always be my hero.”

    “You’re too kind.”

    Through the cloth, you could make out the silhouette out the starry night sky, the same one you admired with him for so many nights before. You found comfort knowing you and Bucky always fell asleep under the same stars each night, sharing the blanket of night no matter how far apart. For a sweet, synthetic moment you two enjoyed the quiet night.

    “I kept them.”

    His silence told you he was confused.

    “The dog tags. They’ve kept me safe, Bucky.”

    “I knew they would.” A satisfied smile melted onto his face.

    “Always by my heart,” you lilted.

    “Right where I’d like to be,” he answered.

    A gentle breeze passed by, flicking open the cloth door to reveal more of the gorgeous night sky to the pair of lovers.

    “Have you heard what’s happening?” His tone was careful, ashamed he had to intrude on such a beautiful moment.

    You swallowed hard, already knowing what he was referring to. It was the whole reason you came to visit, to make sure you saw Bucky one last time. “With Thanos? Yeah, I have.”

    “What do you think?”

    “I think I miss the world before aliens.” Simultaneously, a defeated laugh resounded from the both of you.

    “Are you going to fight?” It felt like cotton was sticking to the walls of Bucky’s mouth, making each word harder.

    “I’m not as strong as I used to be.”

    “They need you. You’re everything to that team.” If it weren’t for Bucky’s self doubt, he wouldn’t have said that. Instead he would have confessed I need you. You’re everything to me. But in that moment, he couldn’t muster the courage, silently hoping one day he could.

    “I don’t know, Buck.”

    “I know you’ll make the right choice,” he affirmed, placing a gentle kiss upon your temple before you both took one last moment to admire the night sky. Who knew when you’d be able to share it again.

    A/N: I know this chapter was slow but bear with me :.) All likes, comments, and reblogs are deeply appreciated.

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    𝑙𝑜𝑣𝑒’𝑠 𝑎 𝑔𝑎𝑚𝑒, 𝑤𝑎𝑛𝑛𝑎 𝑝𝑙𝑎𝑦?

    𝑖𝑚𝑎𝑔𝑖𝑛𝑒 ❥ 𝑓𝑎𝑛𝑓𝑖𝑐

    #marvel#marvel imagine#marvel icons#marvel aesthetic #the avengers icons #the avengers aesthetic #the avengers #the avengers imagine #falcon#falcon icons#thor#thor icons#steve rogers #steve rogers icons #loki#loki icons#huck#huck icons#danielle panabaker #danielle panabaker icons #melissa benoist #Melissa benoist icons #emeraude toubia #emeraude toubia icons #sofia carson #sofica carson icons #candice accola #candice accola icons #metadinha#vingadores
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    Bruce: You are horrible!

    Hela: Yes, I know; thank you for reminding me.

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    Day 15: Domination, Edging & Cock Slapping

    A/N: Hello, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓! Welcome to day 15 of kinktober! I decided to skip day 14.

    Pairings: Sub! Top Peter Parker (21) x Dom! Bottom Male reader

    Rating: Mature

    Word Count: 822

    Summary: Peter was being a bad boy, so you decided to have some fun with him.

    I hope you enjoy it! Sorry if it’s bad, and for any errors that are discovered.

    If you like this and wanna read more, you can check out my masterlist.


    M/N: Male name



    Not sure if this is good. Peter is 21 in this! Couldn’t come up with a better summary. I tried my best.

    TAGS: @spnfanboy777 @gayhopefullove @elliot-damon-2006 @softboy5393


    “Are you going to be a good boy for me, Peter?” you said, moving your hands up his thighs. Peter was tied down to the bed, all naked. His muscular body that you love to move your hands through. And the best of it all, his cock.

    Peter’s cock was large. 5 inches when it’s soft and 10 inches when it’s fully hard. It was thick as a can of Coke. It was veiny with one large vein leading to the head, and large balls full of his creamy milk.

    “M-M/n…” Peter groaned as your hand was getting closer to his cock. It was aching for stimulation. Pre-cum was already leaking from the tip and twitching. You began to grasp the thickness that is Peter’s cock.

    You slowly stroke his cock. His cock was twitching and pulsating in your hand. You moved one hand down to massage his balls. You stroked his cock slower than before. Peter was dying for the stimulation. He began to thrust into your hand for more.

    “No.” You said, removing your hand from his cock and slapped it. Peter groans. “No thrusting. You be a good boy and accept what you are given!” you said before slapping his cock again. Peter tried to hold back but failed.

    After you slapped his cock again, cum spurted out from the head. Landing all over his torso and some on your face. His cock was bobbing up and down. Peter knew he had fucked up. “Oh, now you’ve been a bad boy! You came without my permission,” you said, inching closer to his ear.

    “You know what happens to bad boys who are disobedient?” you said, laying your chest against Peter’s cum covered one.

    “T-They… get p-punished?” Peter said, a whine and whimper coming out. You smirked before tracing your tongue down his ear to his neck. Leaving behind love marks and hickeys. Peter was groaning at your wet tongue licking his sweaty skin.

    Peter’s cock was already hard again. “I didn’t want to do this, but…” you pulled out a cock ring. Peter’s eyes widened. You placed it at the base of his cock. Now, he won’t be able to cum because of the ring restricting him.

    “Now, you won’t be able to cum. Time for your punishment,” you said, getting up and sliding down Peter’s cock. Peter let out a loud moan at the feeling of your hot walls clamping down on his cock.

    You moaned as Peter’s cock filled you to the brim. You sat there with your cock resting on his stomach for a few moments. “You’re so big!” no matter how many times you’ve rode him, you could never get used to it.

    You began to fuck yourself on his cock. It was already hitting your prostate. Peter was a moaning mess, drool leaking out his mouth. You could feel his cock twitch and pulse inside you as he wanted to cum.

    Your cock was bouncing up and down as you rode him like a horse. “P-please…” Peter begged, his hair sticking to his forehead, chest moving up and down.

    “What is it that you want, baby boy?” you said, leaning down to his face. Your bodies pressing against each other.

    “I-I… want to… c-cum!” Peter said, trying to get the words out, but he was fucked dumb. You smirked at him. “So, you want to cum? I don’t know-” Peter looked at with a puppy face.

    “I’ll be a good boy! Please!” Peter could feel your walls clench around him. Sucking his cock deeper inside you. “Mmm.” Peter was saying “please” underneath his breath. “Fine, you can cum,” you said, getting off his cock and removing the cock ring.

    Just as you removed the ring, Peter’s cock already spurted the cum out. It was a much bigger load than the first one. “Wow, that was bigger than the first!” Peter rested his down but was interrupted by you hopping back onto his cock again.

    “We’re not over. I still wanna have fun!”

    THE END!

    A/N: I hope you enjoy this day! Vote who you want to be the Pharaoh in my series, [HERE]! bye, my 🍓Little Strawberries🍓!

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    Y/N - Your Name

    Y/L/N - Your Last Name

    Post Age Of Ultron but ...

    Plot Twist -Tony & Steve get along :)

    And Peter Parker is an Avenger already :)

    Steve Roger's POV

    I pour a bowl of cereal and eat it as I read the newspaper.

    My phone buzzes and I answer it.

    ((Start of conversation))

    S- Steve Rogers       T- Tony Stark

    S- Hello? Tony?

    T- Hey!! So I'm bringing someone I want to introduce you all to. She's a possible Avenger if we all like her.

    S- Why wasn't she here when we initiated Sam, Rhodey, and Wanda?

    T- She was technically at the Avengers Institute, but she was just testing tech and fixing Jarvis' system to make him stronger. She didn't leave her role and she was too deep in her work that I knew she wouldn't want to be interrupted.

    S- So you know her?

    T- She's technically been working for me for 10 years.

    S- Oh wow. Well yeah what time should I make sure everyone is ready for?

    T- Like noon. We'll come for lunch.

    S- I'll message the team then and can you send her file? Or like what you have on her? I'd like to do a background check.

    T- Of course you want to. I'll send it now. Bye.

    ((End of conversation))

    I message the team and then go back to my room.

    I change into dark jeans and a fitted gray long sleeve shirt. Hm fine. Wait why am I stressed about finding an outfit? It doesn't even matter.

    I open the file Tony sent on my computer and I share the screen to my tv to view it bigger.

    I click and watch the videos. Interesting so she has powers similar to Wanda. In her pictures, she's always smiling. She has a picture with Tony and Pepper at a beach. Did they travel together? Ok. I keep scrolling and read articles involving her. So I guess if I kept up with all of this and if I visited Tony, I could've met her earlier than this. She's so interesting.

    A little before noon, I leave my bedroom and head to the kitchen.

    I sit next to Wanda and she says "You seem stressed."

    I reply "I feel antsy. I don't know why. I trust Tony. I do. I just don't know."

    I forget she can get into my head sometimes.

    She replies "I have a funny feeling in me as well."

    I ask "Really? You're not playing with me."

    Vision replies "She most definitely is not messing with you. She complained all night."

    I laugh.

    I hear more footsteps and turn to see Tony walk in.

    The woman next to him is smiling and she is beautiful. Wow. Her eyes draw me in yet there seems to be something mysterious about them too.

    I stand up and walk over.

    I extend my hand and exclaim "Hi ma'am! I'm Steve Rogers or Captain America. You can call me Steve though."

    She shakes my hand and exclaims "Nice to meet you Steve. I'm Y/N Y/L/N."

    I reply "Nice to meet you."

    I then shake hands with Tony and say "Good to see you again with a new face. Vision made lunch so no telling what we have."

    Tony laughs.

    We walk over to Vision and Wanda.

    Vision says "Today's lunch includes Cesar salad, lasagna, and cheesecake."

    We all clap and get food. 

    Natasha shows up and so does War Machine.

    Both shake hands with Y/N.

    As we eat lunch, Peter Parker comes running in saying "Mr. Stark! Mr. Stark! I'm so sorry I'm late! Please don't banish me from the Avengers! Oh hey Y/N! Mr. Stark... wait Y/N are you an Avenger?"

    She shakes her head and says "Not yet. They still haven't even seen my powers and they'd all have to agree for me to join."

    He smiles and hugs her.

    He then walks off and starts getting himself lunch.

    I ask "Y/N, how do you know Peter?"

    She answers "Oh well since I've been working with Mr. Stark for years, I've met him. We hang out when I visit the city."

    I ask "Have you met any other Avengers?"

    She answers "Yes I've known Natasha for years. War Machine or oh I should say Rhodey and I hang out sometimes too. He's not an Avenger, but hey I know Nick Fury. We chat sometimes especially if he needs my help."

    Chats with Nick Fury? Who is this girl?

    Natasha lightly elbows me in the side and whisper  in my ear "Careful Steve, your jealousy is showing."

    I whisper back "Am not!"

    She whispers back "You are."

    After lunch, we walk to the yard and Wanda asks "What are your powers, Y/N?"

    Y/N answers "Well just as you can manipulate the mind, I can manipulate inanimate objects. Here I'll show you with this stick."

    She closes her eyes and when they open again, they are purple. Woah! She holds out her hand and the stick levitates a bit. It then changes and becomes a golden retriever. What the f?!?!?

    Peter runs over and pets it.

    Peter looks at Tony and asks "Can we keep it?"

    Tony laughs and shakes his head.

    Peter moves away from it and Y/N transforms it back into a stick.

    Tony exclaims "All of you should really see her powers on a bigger scale. I think I can get Jarvis to pull up some tapes of when Y/N helped me fix the Avenger's Institute after Loki destroyed it."

    I turn to him and ask "Why didn't Y/N become an Avenger then? If you were aware of the powers she possessed, she could've helped in Sokovia."

    He replies "I didn't think about it. I can now see that she would've helped, but we were terrified of enhanced people prior to Sokovia. No one would've accepted her as an Avenger."

    I mean true but maybe not :/

    Wanda interjects "To be fair, she seems cool and like someone valuable to the Avenger's."

    I nod in agreement. 

    We keep talking as Y/N talks with Peter. He's already voiced his opinion and he of course wants her to join.

    We agree to let her join. Wanda wants to watch out for her and Nat wants to teach her how to fight. No one objects and Tony lets us know she can help with most tech as well because that's what she worked with back at the Avenger's Institute.

    We let her know she can join and she hugs everyone.

    I wish my hug lasted longer.

    Next Day

    I'm reading the newspaper when Sam walks in.

    He asks "Can you train with me?"

    I nod and get up.

    I follow him and we walk to the training center.

    The doors slide open and I see Y/N in a boxing ring with Natasha.

    Natasha yells "Come on Y/N! No powers!! Is that the best you got?"

    Y/N jumps at her and Natasha jumps away laughing.

    So Y/N already knew how to fight. Kinda hot.

    Sam nudges me and says "They've been like that for the last 2 hours or so. I bet by the time we finish, they will still be fighting."

    I laugh.

    We walk over and we train together. 

    After working out, I take a seat on the bench and drink my water.

    I glance over and see that Y/N has a bloody nose plus cuts on her arm. I see that Natasha looks just as rough. I then see knives in their hands.

    I turn to Sam and ask "Why are they training with knives? They're cutting each other up!"

    Sam asks "Why do you care? It's not like they're killing or severely injuring each other."

    I answer "They can't risk their lives during training."

    Sam nods and replies "Y/N has powers and Nat is reckless. Let them be, Steve."

    I shake my head and walk over.

    I yell "Hey!! NAT!!! Y/N!!!"

    They both stop and look over at me.

    I ask "Why on earth are you training with sharp knives? You can't just risk your life during training."

    Nat laughs and says "Steve Steve Steve. Stop worrying. Y/N, what do you say? Call it a tie?"

    Nat looks over at Y/N and they nod at each other.

    They slip out of the boxing ring and they pack up their stuff.

    Nat says "Steve, your left swing is a little rough. You need to practice more with Sam."

    I ask "How did you see that? You both were fighting nonstop?"

    She answers "You should always be aware of your surroundings, Steve."


    She then walks off.

    I shake my head and walk over to Y/N.

    I ask "Are you alright?"

    Y/N looks up, smiles, and says "Yeah of course. We were just training. We weren't fighting to kill. I may go just clean my cuts though. I think I brought a kit to do that and I won't need to bother doctors. How was your training?"

    She's fine! How? She's asking about me. What do I do?

    I answer "Oh same old same old. Nat says that my left swing could use some work. That could just be her saying it."

    Y/N replies "Oh yeah she mentioned it as we trained. She made me watch to see if she was right."

    She starts walking and I walk with her.

    I ask "So was she?"

    Y/N answers "Listen Steve, I don't know. I don't really feel comfortable answering that. We barely know each other and I wouldn't want to jeopardize my position here and even make you an enemy."

    She doesn't want to make me an enemy! It was bad.

    I reply "So it is bad then?"

    She answers "Not really. I just think you need to do a little coordination practice. Nat would definitely be glad to help with it."

    I ask "Would you?"

    Ah shoot probably shouldn't have asked.

    She answers "I'm hardly a teacher."

    I ask "Please?"

    Why am I begging like a kid at an ice cream store?

    She answers "Fine. We can do it tomorrow."

    I nod and smile.

    I notice we make it back to her room and I ask "Need help wrapping your cuts?"

    She smirks and answers "Sure. I could use help."

    I follow her in and notice the room already set up.

    I ask "Did you set this all up yesterday?"

    She answers "Yes. Mr. Stark and Peter helped me last night after lunch but before dinner."

    I nod.

    She waves me over and pulls out her First Aid Kit.

    She sits down and I clean her cuts.

    After helping her, she thanks me.

    I leave and head to my room.

    I sit on the floor and realize I just left Sam.

    I stand up to go find him and see him walk in.

    He closes the door behind him and says "I noticed you left with Y/N. What happened?"

    I answer "I wanted to make sure she was alright and I helped clean her cuts up. She even offered to help with my coordination tomorrow."

    He laughs and asks "So when's the wedding?"

    I slap him playfully and he says "Ah just kidding, but dude you should really just ask her out."

    I reply "Yeah great plan. She just becomes an Avenger and I ask her out now. But what if things don't work out? What if one of us dies in battle?"

    He puts an arm on my shoulder and says "Calm down. I doubt you asking a girl you find attractive out will cause such mayhem. Plus, you deserve it. You deserve another shot at love."

    I reply "Yeah you're probably right."

    Later, we all have dinner together and Sam's words stick in my head. 

    I watch Y/N as she interacts with everyone.

    She lights up everyone's faces including mine.

    . . .

    The next 2 weeks pass :/

    Everyone has been training a lot and some have been traveling.

    Y/N and I have talked quite a few times. She's really sweet and she's very smart. She has many great ideas and views that I like hearing.

    2 hours after I fall asleep ...

    I wake up and feel like something is wrong.

    I know it's dark outside and everyone is probably asleep. I just have this bad feeling.

    I walk over to my window and open the balcony up.

    I walk out and stand outside.

    I breathe in and feel calmer.

    I look around outside and see it's so quiet. Except what is that? I look to the balcony next to mine and see Y/N crying. Oh no! What's wrong?

    I run back inside and go into the hallway.

    I try to open the door and I then softly knock on her door.

    It opens and I ask "Can I come in?"

    She answers "No offense Mr. Rogers, but I don't think now is a good time."

    I reply "Please. I can help with your nightmares."

    She replies "Ok. Come in."

    I walk inside her room and she closes her door.

    She asks "How did you know?"

    I answer "I had a feeling something bad was going on and I thought the fresh air would help. I saw into your window when I went outside to breathe in the fresh air."

    She nods and sits on the edge of her bed.

    She replies "Oh well then good I guess."

    I nod and sit next to her.

    Before I'm able to ask her another question, I see her curling up into the fetus position. She then lays down and starts to cry.

    Oh sh**!!

    I quickly lay next to her and I stroke her arm gently while saying "Y/N. Y/N, it will be alright. I promise. Nothing here can hurt you. You're safe. You're an Avenger and nothing can stop that. You are a strong woman who can defeat her foes. I'm here and I can help if needed."

    She starts shaking less and curls into my side.

    I wrap my arms around her and she wraps her arms around me.

    Next Day

    I wake up curled next to Y/N and smile.

    Her nightmares stopped when we were cuddling.

    She asked me to stay with her and I agreed to.

    I know I shouldn't kiss her on the forehead, but I want to.

    I lightly kiss her forehead and her eyes flutter open.

    She looks up at me and I smile at her.

    She looks up at the ceiling and says "I suppose you deserve an explanation about why I had those nightmares and what they were especially since you stayed."

    I reply "No no I mean you don't have to explain. What matters is that you fought your nightmares and were able to rest."

    She looks into my eyes and says "Well thank you for everything. I appreciate it."

    I reply "I would ... I'd like to be there for you whenever you need me to be. I care about you."

    She replies "Steve, you're so kind. Thank you. I care about you too."

    I smile and kiss her on the cheek.



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  • didujustcallmedumb
    15.10.2021 - 14 hours ago

    You're Ours - BlackHill x Female Reader One Shot (NSFW) 🌶

    ᴍᴀɪɴ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ | ᴍᴀʀɪᴀ ʜɪʟʟ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ | ɴᴀᴛᴀꜱʜᴀ ʀᴏᴍᴀɴᴏꜰꜰ ᴍᴀꜱᴛᴇʀʟɪꜱᴛ

    Request: YES!☺️

    Summary: Italics - Flashbacks. You found comfort in Maria Hill, but what you didn't know is that somebody else had already gotten there before you.

    Pairings: Maria x Reader, BlackHill x Reader, Carol x Reader (Briefly)

    Warnings: Daddy kink, Strap-on Use (Natasha & Maria Receiving), Choking kink, Top!Reader x Switch!Maria x Bottom!Natasha, Derogatory names, Oral (female receiving), Vaginal Fingering, Praise kink, Edging.

    Word Count: 10K+


    Being new in a large group of people who have known each other for years was hard to deal with, but being new in a group of superheroes? That was damn near impossible. You had been reached out to by THE Tony Stark when he saw your phenomenal work in the ER, he took it upon himself to recruit you as one of the compound’s main doctors.

    You had been living in the compound for roughly a month now and very much kept to yourself, to say you were anxious to properly meet the Avengers was an understatement. Everything had been pretty slow since you had been living in the compound, as most of the team were on a long-lasting mission. There were a few various agents you had met, but it was Maria who stood out the most and it was Maria who dragged you out of your room when you hid yourself in there, she had been your rock.

    This had led to you spending multiple nights in Maria’s room, some nights more sinful than others. As much as you were comfortable, you felt like there was something else to the picture, something that had been cropped out from your view. Not that you minded, you were too infatuated with the nights you spent with Maria to care, but you were sometimes curious.

    The day you met Maria was still happily placed at the front of your mind since you reminisced about it daily, the way you made her turn into putty in your hands. It wasn’t hard for you to mould her and use her how you wanted, Maria never complained either, she was very compliant with your wishes as it gave her a release she begged for.


    You walked confidently through the empty corridors; your medical bag slung over your shoulder comfortably as your eyes scanned your surroundings. The compound was gorgeous, and the forestry around it even more so, you understood why the team needed as much privacy as they could get, you had been briefed about the different capabilities of each member once you signed the disclosure contract.

    “Mr Stark?” You questioned as you kept being met with empty offices and hallways. You followed the loud sound that had erupted from the room furthest at the hall at the end of the corridor. You found yourself stood in a spacious kitchen and your eyes fixed on a woman who had her back to you.

    You softly bit your lip as you took in physique, her broad and muscular shoulders on display because of the thin muscle tee she wore, her toned arms glistened with a thin layer of sweat.

    “Didn’t you know it’s rude to stare?”

    The voice broke you out of your thoughts and you cleared your throat awkwardly. “I’m sorry, you’re just in phenomenal shape. From a doctor’s point of view, your body is literally a perfect specimen,” you admitted truthfully, ignoring the blush you could feel creeping up your neck.

    The woman turned to face you; her sapphire eyes glimmered as the light reflected from them, her piercing stare focused on you. You softly bit your bottom lip, and the brunette cocked an eyebrow, a small smirk plastered on her face.

    “So, I’m only a perfect specimen from a doctor’s point of view?” She interrogated, a hint of playfulness in her tone as her eyes, shamelessly, roamed over your body. You felt shy under her gaze, but you refused to be intimidated by the agent who stood before you.

    Really, you should be nervous at the fact an Avenger, a S.H.I.E.L.D. agent was flirting with you. You hadn’t even been at the compound for 10 minutes, but you knew that you found this woman extremely attractive and didn’t mind her being a blatant distraction.

    “No,” you admitted flatly, “You’re still perfect from my point of view, you look amazing. I’m Y/N, Y/N Y/L/N. I’m the new doctor, originally I was looking for Tony Stark, he was meant to meet me in the foyer?”

    The mystery woman strut over to you and shook your hand before pulling you close to her, your bodies flushed against one another as she smiled teasingly, “I’m Maria Hill, Tony and the others are on a mission for the time being, but I’m sure I could give you a better tour of the compound than tin-man if you’d like. I’ve been around the compound a few times. I know all the ins and outs of the place,” she explained as she smiled innocently, but the lustful glint in her eye didn’t go unnoticed.

    You raised your eyebrow at the woman who stood in front of you, her confidence was outstanding and extremely attractive. “Well, I can’t say no to a gorgeous woman such as yourself, can I?”

    She threw her head back and laughed loudly before she looked back at you, a toothy grin plastered on her face. “No, I suppose not. I can’t take all the credit though, you’re also very much pleasing to the eyes,” she flirted as she ran her hand up and down your arm before giving it a flirtatious squeeze.

    You smiled as she began her walk through what you assumed was the common area as it was scattered with multiple couches, armchairs and various other seating. Maria walked through another set of doors, and you came face to face with a massive games room and you smiled taking in your surroundings.

    “Do you like games Y/N? We spend a lot of time in here just to kind of let loose, relax,” Maria explained as she brushed past you, her ass grazing over your crotch. She has some damn nerve, let’s see how long she keeps this game up.

    “I play a lot of pool when I eventually get a chance to go to my local bar, I rarely ever lose a game,” you smiled proudly as the brunette turned to face you.

    “So, what you’re saying is you’re good with your hands? Because that’s what you need to get the upper hand at pool, right?” She taunted before stepping closer to you, her eyes flickering from your eyes to your lips then back.

    “Well, if you want to take it that way, yes, you need that and precision. However, I would also like to highlight my good coordination and that I can easily multitask without getting distracted.”

    A hint of mischief flashed in Maria’s eyes for a split second, it would have been easily missed if her bright blue orbs didn’t have you mesmerised, but luckily for you, you were focussed on her. You watched as she bit her bottom lip before carrying on the tour.

    The rest of the tour moved quickly, the compound was amazing, you were especially impressed at the labs and medbay, everything was so advanced compared to the ER you moved from.

    Maria noticed you felt overwhelmed at the medbay and she gave you a hug and some words of reassurance and encouragement. “You’re going to fit in just fine Y/N. However, I do think I’d like a full body examination once you get settled. I can be your first, and best, patient,” she suggested as she walked her fingers up your chest.

    “Well, well, Miss Hill, I’m sure that can be arranged,” you hummed as she moved closer to you, the smell of her perfume was maxing you dizzy. You bit your lip as Maria swayed her hips when leaving to continue with the tour.

    Since you had walked into the compound suggestive, and flirty, comments were thrown into the conversation from both sides, she was addicting. Maria was having fun; it had been a while since she was able to be like this with someone and you had caught her attention immediately.

    She loved the way your clothes clung tightly to you so she could, somewhat respectfully, ogle at your assets. Your tight jeans made it hard for Maria to not stare at your ass every chance she got, even more so, the fact that you had unbuttoned your shirt due to being warm, so your cleavage was now on show.

    You walked into the gym with Maria and audibly gasped, “Woah, this is a lot of shit.”

    “You know it, a majority of the team will happily spend up to 4 hours a day in here, they’re training obsessed.”

    You ran your hands over the different equipment, some of which you were familiar with, other pieces not so much. Maria watched as you paid attention to every small detail of the gym, her head tilted as she blatantly checked out your ass.

    You noticed Maria staring through the mirrors that were hung on the wall and you mimicked her exact words from earlier, “Didn’t you know it’s rude to stare?”

    You jumped slightly when you felt Maria snake her arms around you, running her hands up from your abdomen to your chest, her hot breath hitting your neck, making the hair on your arms stand on end. “What are you gonna do about it? Oh, that’s right, nothing.”

    You didn’t know what came over you, but you didn’t hesitate to spin the two of you around and press her flush against the mirror, her back against your chest, smirking when you heard her breath hitch. Your hand easily found its way to her throat, and you apply light pressure causing Maria to whimper pathetically as you forced your thigh in between her legs.

    “Let’s get one thing for certain, you are not the one who is in charge here,” you husked as your lips found themselves just under her ear, gently brushing over her soft spot earning another desperate whine to tear from her throat. “Do you understand me, princess?”

    “Y-Yes,” she whimpered, her hands coming up to grip your wrist, forcing you to apply more pressure, as she bit her lip hard.

    “Good girl, look how well you’re behaving. Now, I think being shown my room might be a good next step of the tour. However, if I have grabbed the wrong end of the stick, feel free to tell me to stop.”

    “You haven’t, please don’t stop.”

    “Whatever you say my sweet thing. Now, to my room?”

    Maria quickly nodded and grabbed your hand to lead you down a random corridor you were yet to have been introduced to. Your eyes analysed your surroundings so you could do your best to remember where to go in the sudden rush you found yourself in at the end of the ‘tour’ you were being given by Maria.

    You cocked an eyebrow as the brunette shut your door and locked it, “You waste no time, do you Hill?”

    She quickly shook her head and grabbed you by your shirt pulling you towards her, “I’ve dealt with your teasing all day and now I just-ugh. Just fuck me.”

    “Say please, and I’ll think about it,” you challenged, your thumb and index finger having a tight grip on her chin, forcing her to look up at you. You swallowed thickly as you watched her slowly sink onto her knees, becoming compliant.

    “Please, please make me feel good,” she begged, her pupils dilating with lust as small pants and whines began to leave her mouth.

    “What kind of guest would I be if I didn’t listen to one of the hosts,” you teased as you dragged her up from the floor and attached your lips onto Maria’s, both of you stumbling onto your bed as desperate whimpers flooded from her mouth.

    Your hands eagerly roamed her body as you began your assault on her neck with your mouth, scattering love bites wherever you could get to. Your favourite thing to do was mark what you wanted, mark what was yours, so that’s exactly what you were going to do.

    You knew you probably shouldn’t do this, but it was too good of an opportunity to pass up. How could you say no to a pretty girl who was on her knees? A pretty girl who was on her knees, BEGGING, for you.

    That’s right, you couldn’t.


    You rubbed your hands together nervously, refraining yourself from cracking your fingers and knuckles. It was an awful habit you had picked up in college whenever you were nervous, it brought you back to the reality in front of you.

    “Y/N, you’re going to be just fine, the team will love you,” Maria assured you as she gently reached out for one of your hands, holding it comfortably in her own. She smiled at you once she felt you begin to relax into her touch.

    The t-shirt of Maria’s that clung to you bringing you some extra comfort, the aroma of her perfume danced around your nose. Well, her perfume mixed with something else, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on what it was. You took a deep breath as you left the elevator, the sound of various conversations increasing as you got closer towards the common area, you gripped Maria’s hand tighter and she stopped in her tracks, spinning you to face her.

    “Where’s my strong, confident woman ay?” She questioned gently as she tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear.

    “She’s gone into hiding,” you grumbled quietly as you looked at the floor and then back up at Maria. You chewed your lip slightly as Maria gave you a pointed look, moving her hands to cup your face before kissing you softly.

    You hummed in appreciation and brought your hands up to her hips and pulled her flush against you, her arms snaking around your neck as she deepens the kiss. Reluctantly, you were the first to pull away and you sent her a more confident smile as you slid your hand back into hers.

    “There she is, you’re doing so good” Maria praised as you kept her pressed against you, your lips finding their way to her neck kissing and nibbling gently. Maria moaned as her fingers tangled in your hair, tugging lightly, “Fuck, baby that feels so good.”

    You smirked against her neck and pulled away, much to Maria’s dismay. “Well, I just needed my sweet baby to give me a little bit of a confidence boost I guess,” you muttered as your hands cupped her face and you pressed your lips to hers once more.

    Maria smiled at you after pulling away and held your hand as she walked first into the busy common room. Your eyes darted frantically around the room trying to put names to faces as Maria broke the silence.

    “Guys! Now that you’re all back, it’s time for you to meet the new doctor Tony hired. This is Y/N.”

    Everyone’s heads turned to face you and Maria. You smiled confidently giving a small wave as Maria ushered you forward, her hand on the small of your back applying some pressure to get you to move from your spot. You gave everybody a friendly smile as they took turns introducing themselves and you followed suit.

    You felt a pair of eyes burning into you and you made eye contact with a redhead across the room. Her black catsuit hugging her figure perfectly, the zipper on her chest being lowered slightly where you could see some cleavage. You couldn’t pull your eyes away from her and a small smirk made its way onto her lips.

    You ran your lip between your dried lips, swallowing thickly as the dryness in your throat became uncomfortable. You watched as the redhead strode confidently towards you and Maria, a boastful smirk plastered across her face before she pulled Maria into her and kissed her deeply.

    You gulped back the gasp that threatened to leave your mouth as Maria moaned slightly into the redhead’s mouth. You watched the duo, a painful flare igniting in your chest, your jaw tensed slightly as Maria pulled away breathlessly.

    “God, I’ve missed you, Nat,” the brunette confessed as she stroked her fingers softly across the younger woman’s cheek.

    “I’ve missed you too, baby. I’ve missed you so much,” she spoke quietly as she pecked Maria’s lips once more.

    You stood uncomfortably and gave Maria a hardened look, hurt evident in your eyes. Their arms were wrapped around each other as the redhead focused her eyes on you, her eyes hungrily roaming your body.

    “Y/N, I’d like you to meet Natasha, my girlfriend,” she stated nonchalantly as she pressed her lips to the younger woman’s temple. Maria smiled down at Natasha, adoration laced in her bright blue eyes, the same way she looked at you whenever you spent time together. It hurt you, badly.

    You blinked in surprise and the redhead gave you a cheeky smile, “It’s nice to finally meet you, I’ve heard a lot about you from Maria, I’m sure we’ll be spending a lot of time together.” Natasha chewed her lip looking at your flustered state, remembering what Maria had told her about you whilst she was away.

    The thoughts drove the ex-assassin feral whilst she was away, having to be told about what you were capable of, rather than being shown first-hand. There was obvious jealousy from Natasha as Maria teased about the sinful nights the two of you had spent together. Natasha was desperate for your attention, for a night with you and Maria, she wanted to see you make her girlfriend squirm, make her beg, make herself come undone.

    Natasha cleared her throat slightly and bit her lip harder as she gently fingered the hem of the t-shirt you had on. “You look adorable in my shirt, by the way, I’ll have to steal it back eventually” she teased as you looked at her in pure horror.

    You were wearing your lovers, girlfriends, t-shirt.

    “Don’t be a brat, Tasha, she’s already overwhelmed.”

    You could feel the eyes of the other Avengers on you, but you refused to show weakness. You blinked back the tears that tried to escape your eyes and you tensed your jaw tighter, your face becoming solemn. You made eye contact with a smaller redhead and taller blonde, who you rightly remembered as Wanda and Carol, who both sent you a sympathetic smile and you looked away; your face flushed red from humiliation.

    You bit back the words you so desperately wanted to rant and threw Maria a vicious look before pulling the t-shirt straight off your back, leaving you in just your jeans and bra, and threw it at her. “Both of you, stay the fuck away from me,” you snarled venomously as you stormed off down the hallway and back to your room.

    Natasha and Maria blinked slowly in surprise, not expecting you to walk back to your room shirtless, not that either of them was complaining. Natasha moaned at the sight of your tight muscles, the tension in your back obvious.

    Maria glanced at Nat and then down the hallway, “I think we fucked up.”

    Wanda scoffed from behind the duo, sending them a nasty glare, “You think? If you were just honest from the start you wouldn’t be in this mess and you wouldn’t have upset Y/N.” Wanda huffed frustratedly as she followed you down the hallway, Carol hot on her heels.

    You slammed your bedroom door and slid down it, pulling your knees up to your chest before resting your forehead comfortably on top of them. You blinked back the tears, they weren’t even tears of upset and hurt, it was tears of frustration and embarrassment.

    You had just been made to look like such a fool and you wanted to go home.


    After that dreadful night, you, Wanda, and Carol had all become close friends. The two women stayed with you the whole night and let you do whatever it is you needed to do to make yourself feel better. They watched as you repeatedly hit your pillows, decided to go through a full bottle of wine in half an hour and then just sat on your bed and cried.

    The best thing was, they didn’t judge you and they didn’t rush you to open up about your feelings. Wanda understood how hard it was to be in a new place and having to live up to the expectations of other people. Carol was just there to let you know you weren’t alone, as much as she never had the difficulty of having to prove herself or ‘fit in’ she made sure to support you.

    It had been a few weeks now and the two women who had upset you had relentlessly been trying to make it up to you. You had apologies coming out of your ears, you didn’t want to see them, and you did your best to never be alone with them.

    They had tried various methods to beg for your forgiveness, this included making you a coffee in the morning, making you breakfast, ordering your favourite takeout. All of which you ignored, if they really wanted your forgiveness, you were going to at least make them suffer a little first. Maria and Nat were determined to make it up to you, but the two of them having very different approaches.

    Natasha’s approach was straight up brattiness, doing her best to push you to a limit where you’d cave and end up taming her and her attitude. There was plenty of times in which she followed you around, pouting like a small child before she huffed and stomped her feet in frustration when you easily ignored her presence.

    Maria, however, her approach was much coyer and was much more subtle than Natasha’s. It was often that Maria would ensure that you’d see her changing or doing something where your eyes would focus solely on her. A lot of this tended to happen in the gym, or even in the kitchen where she’d purposely walk around in shorts and a sports bra to grab your attention.

    Maria knew you well enough that her attempts to get you riled up didn’t go unnoticed by yourself, especially when it came to her teasing. She knew which clothes of hers were your favourite to see her in, you felt the lingering touches she left as she ‘squeezed’ by you in the kitchen, but you refused to give into her games.

    You picked at your breakfast as you were sat with Wanda and Carol, the two women doing their best to help distract you from the two troublemakers who were wreaking havoc on your brain. They knew you still had strong feelings for Maria, and you weren’t going to lose them anytime soon, but they also recognised the feelings you were starting to develop for Natasha.

    Your mind flicked back to the first day that Natasha had gone full brat mode on you whilst you were working. To say you left her frustrated and unimpressed with your actions was an understatement, the redhead was furious, and jealousy surged through her veins.


    You sat at your desk in medbay as you flicked through the files that you had to analyse to make sure that everyone was in the best shape they could be. You had grown fond of the team and didn’t even feel like looking out for them was just part of your job, you did it because they were your friends.

    Once you heard the doors of medbay open you looked up ready to give your full attention to whichever poor soul needed to come and see you. You were quickly agitated when Natasha came sauntering in with a lollipop in her mouth, wearing the shortest shorts and crop top she could find before groaning exaggeratedly.

    “What is it, Romanoff? I’m busy,” you muttered as your eyes went back to the paperwork in front of you.

    “Doctor Y/L/N, I’m really not feeling well. I think I need to have a full-body consultation,” she stated as she perched herself on the edge of your desk, walking her fingers across it before gripping your face and turning you to face her, pouting cutely. “I need you to check everywhere, especially my chest, I have a cough.”

    You cocked an eyebrow at her demeanour and immediately stood up to make some distance between the two of you. “I don’t think Maria would be best pleased to see you acting like such a brat,” you warned harshly as you moved across the room sorting out your files.

    Natasha whined pathetically and you scoffed slightly rolling your eyes before you turned to face her. A faux pout found its way onto your lips, and you stalked over to Natasha, being grateful that you were taller, so you towered over her.

    “W-We said we were sorry, we didn’t mean to humiliate you and we understand we should have just been honest from the start,” she stammered, now nervous at the proximity the two of you were in. Natasha swallowed thickly as your hand met her throat and you applied some pressure, she held onto your forearm, biting back a moan, and looked up at you through her long lashes.

    Natasha had never had this experience with you before, but she remembered Maria mentioning that you don’t take any shit. You especially don’t let others take control when you are fully aware of what you want and how you want it done. Natasha’s face flushed a deep red once you pried her mouth open with your fingers and pressed them to the back of her throat making her gag.

    You smiled proudly as you watched some of her spit as it dribbles down her chin, her jaw now being slack. Natasha looked up at you with pleading eyes and you gave her yet another faux pout as you slowly fucked her mouth with your fingers.

    “Aww, is the dumb baby frustrated? Look at you, you’re desperate aren’t you princess? You can’t even keep your drool off your chin,” you divulged as you felt her throat tighten around your fingers. You tugged Nat’s head back harshly, receiving a sharp gasp at the sudden lack of digits in her throat, having a tight grip on her hair. “Do you need me to touch you? Do you need daddy to make you feel good?”

    Nat nodded furiously, tears threatening to spill from her eyes as you moved your hand down her front, applying pressure onto her clothed heat. “Yes, oh god yes, please,” she begged, looking up at you with pleading eyes, a blush spreading from her neck to her cheeks.

    You chuckled slowly as you shook your head moving away from her, leaving her in an overstimulated, panting mess. “You’re so cute when you blush.”

    Natasha immediately sat up in defiance and walked over to you and grabbed your wrist harshly but didn’t prepare herself to get pinned aggressively to the wall, her breath catching in her throat.

    “Listen to me you little brat, you should have thought about all of this before you and Maria humiliated me in front of the entire team, made me look like an idiot. All it would have taken was for the both of you, to be honest from the start and I’d have loved to make you both feel so good.” Your lips grazed against her neck as you softly nipped at her soft spot, palming her clothed clit through her thin shorts, earning a strangled moan as her head drooped forward and rested on your shoulder.

    Natasha moaned at your touch, bucking her body forward into yours, only for you to harshly slam her hips back into the wall. “It’s a shame that you were both sly and dishonest about it. Now if you excuse me, I have a lunch date with Carol. See yourself out, will you?”

    Nat whimpered as you pushed yourself away from her and left the medbay without another word. Her breathing was ragged, her core was throbbing, she’d soaked through her panties and shorts but most importantly, she was livid. How DARECarol take you out on a lunch date so easily, when she and Maria had been begging for your attention.

    Nat hated it, she was going to get you to give in, one way or another.


    “Earth to Y/N,” Carol shouted, making you jump out of your skin.

    You looked at the blonde in front of you before sending her a small smile. “I’m sorry, I was in my own little world. What did you say?”

    Carol huffed playfully before sending you a wide grin, “I asked what you were wearing for Stark’s party tonight.”

    You looked up from your food and shrugged slightly. “I don’t think I’m going to go,” you admitted nonchalantly as you continued to push your food around your plate.

    “How come? I bet you’re scared that your girlfriends are finally gonna make you cave,” she teased loudly before receiving a sharp elbow to the ribs from Wanda. Carol pouted at the redhead and turned her focus back to her food.

    “They’re NOT my girlfriends,” you seethed defensively before pushing your plate away from you. You huffed in annoyance as Carol just shrugged at you, she was your best friend, but she was also the biggest pain in your ass.

    Wanda immediately pushed the plate back towards you, her eyebrow cocked with authority. “Eat Y/N,” she demanded as she ate her pancakes, not taking her eyes off you. Wanda very much had a way with words even more so with actions, she made sure you took care of yourself, you were always scared to push the witch’s patience, so you complied with her wishes.

    You nodded and carried on with your breakfast, the sound of giggles breaking your trio’s comfortable silence. All your heads turned towards the door as you watched Nat and Maria walk in arm in arm, both wearing clothes that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

    They were getting you close to your limit, not even with jealously, but with agitation, you were sick of their bratty, childish, games.

    Your eyes narrowed on the love bites that were scattered across Nat’s neck and you just rolled your eyes, knowing they were there to get a rise out of you. You also knew you’d have marked them better. Nat caught your eye as you looked and bit her lip, bending over the counter, giving you a perfect view of her cleavage, as she waited for Maria.

    Wanda gently nudged your leg with her foot to catch your attention, you looked confused at the redhead before she smiled softly and mouthed ‘just breathe’.

    You nodded slightly, not caring about the two women’s attempts, not realising Carol had noticed the lengths that Natasha was going to get a rise out of you. So, Carol decided she was going to take matters into her own hands.

    Carol walked over to you and rested her hand on the back of your neck, twirling your baby hairs around her fingers. “Do you want a drink baby? You didn’t even finish your bottle of water last night, after my ‘physical therapy’,” she winked as she bit her bottom lip.

    You slowly nodded, doing your best not to let your confusion show on your face, you hadn’t spent the night in Carol’s room at all, but Maria and Nat didn’t need to know that. The look on their faces making it obvious that they had heard the blonde’s teasing remark, you couldn’t help but smile slyly once you realised Carol’s game. Carol smiled down at you and pressed a gentle kiss on your cheek, very close to the side of your mouth, and grabbed you a glass of ice water, not before you gave her a teasing slap on her ass.

    Maria’s eyes narrowed, her jaw tightening at Carol and Nat’s fists clenched as she glared darkly, if looks could kill, you’d have been attending Carol’s funeral. Carol walked back towards you and sat comfortably on your lap, draping one of her arms over your shoulder to steady herself whilst your arms snaked around her waist.

    You watched as the duo became more agitated at Carol’s actions. Maria had to physically drag Nat away from the kitchen, to ensure she didn’t make a scene once Carol decided to start feeding you your pancakes before pressing a chaste kiss to your lips.

    You blinked slowly, stunned at Carol’s actions, Natasha and Maria stormed past the both of you to leave the kitchen and you could briefly hear Nat cursing in Russian. You held your drink in hand, the coldness giving you something to pull your attention back to.

    “If you squeeze your glass any tighter it’ll shatter,” Carol stated dryly once she returned to her seat, her mouth still full of food as she sent you a big grin. Carol knew she got under your skin easily when she was in a teasing mood, but that made it all the more fun for her.

    Wanda scoffed and grimaced at the older woman, “You’re disgusting Carol.”

    “You love it really,” Carol retorted before pressing a crumby, wet, kiss to Wanda’s cheek resulting in Wanda dry heaving and pushing Carol off her chair.

    You laughed at your best friends and shook your head smiling, “Don’t injure her Wands because it’ll be me who has to fix it.” You smiled at Carol as she sat back in her chair, and you let out a sigh once you’d finished your breakfast.

    “Why don’t you use Stark’s party as a way to finally make them jealous,” Wanda suggested as she began to clear up the kitchen table. She turned to face you before looking between you and Carol, “I wouldn’t mind helping, it’ll be fun to flirt with you a little, actually get to see your moves first hand. Besides, Carol’s thoughts have now gotten ridiculously loud, so I don’t think she’s opposed to the idea.”

    A mischievous smirk plastered itself across Carol’s face as she shrugged leaning back in her chair. “I’m certainly not opposed; I think we’d be able to rile them up really easily. Nat always looks like she wants to murder me ever since I took you out for that first lunch date. Also, did you not see the look they both gave me a minute ago? That was honestly the most satisfying thing I’ve ever done. Your chapstick tastes amazing by the way.”

    You laughed gently and raised an eyebrow in surprise at the duo, “Are you guys serious about this? All of us can agree it doesn’t mean anything and nobody’s feelings will get hurt right?”

    They both and crossed over their heart. “We know, it’s just for fun, nothing serious,” they agreed in sync.

    “It’ll just be meaningless flirting from me, maybe a few touches,” Wanda admitted as she turned on the dishwasher. “Carol, on the other hand, she’s ready to take it one step further and I think that might just be the push over the edge for the two of them, they’ll go nuts.”

    You raised your eyebrow at Carol, “Really?”

    She shrugged a hint of lust in her eyes as she gently bit her bottom lip, “Sure, why not? Why don’t we actually take part in some physical therapy, god knows you need it as much as I do.”

    “You know what? I think you might be right,” you smirked as you leant back in your chair.


    You tugged at the hem of your shirt before tucking it into your pants and you yelped in surprise as Carol smacked your ass. You turned around giving her a mock glare, “Watch it, Danvers.”

    “What did I do?” She questioned as she innocently battered her eyelashes at you.

    You rolled your eyes playfully before sorting out your shirt making sure to show enough cleavage to get attention, but not enough where it’s too obvious that’s what you were trying to do. Carol smiled as she walked over to you, her royal blue dress hugging her figure perfectly, and she linked her arm with yours.

    “Are you ready?” She asked, a shit-eating grin on her face as she stared at your cleavage through the mirror. She caught your eye, your eyebrow raised, and she just hummed in response before moving her hand to hold yours. “Come on, we’ve got some jealousy to play with.”

    You laughed as you took the lead and walked you and Carol to the party, you immediately felt multiple eyes on you, two pairs looking particularly vicious. You turned your head and kissed Carol’s temple and mumbled against it, “They already hate us.”

    “Good, it’s what we need to make this work, by the end of the night they’re going to be furious,” she muttered quietly as you both walked over to Wanda, making sure you brushed shoulders with Maria as you walked straight past the two.

    The Sokovian smiled at you both, kissing your cheeks as you both smiled back. “You two look amazing, it’s making me feel a little flustered,” she teased as she rested her hand comfortably on the middle of your chest, fingers splayed as she played with your chain.

    “I could always help you out with that,” you flirted easily, knowing that Maria and Nat were in earshot. You snuck a glance at the pair and noticed how Maria’s whole body had tensed and Natasha had narrowed her eyes and had a permanent scowl on her face.

    “Well, well Y/L/N, aren’t you just the charmer?” Wanda teased as she removed her hand from your chest and linked it onto your free arm. She gave you a bright smile when you pressed a friendly kiss to the top of her head and walked her and Carol towards the bar.

    You leant comfortably against the bar, one of your arms wrapped around Carol’s waist, your hand resting on her ass, as she fitted herself into your side. She smiled and gave you lingering kisses on your cheek and neck whenever she felt the pairs of blue and green eyes on the two of you.

    “It’s definitely working,” Wanda observed as she could see Natasha stomping her foot in frustration as she blatantly pointed towards the three of you as she carried out her whining to Maria. Wanda raised her eyebrow at Carol, who just sent a mischievous smile back. “What’re you planning Danvers?”

    “Nothing too exciting, but it’ll be fun to see what happens when I do it. Y/N, look at me,” Carol demanded as she gripped your chin between her thumb and index finger, tucking her bottom lip between her teeth as she scanned your features.

    You raised an eyebrow, a smirk making its way onto your face as she moved closer to you, her lips brushing against yours. “Go on Danvers, take charge, I dare you,” you taunted, placing your hands on her hips to pull her flush against you.

    You laugh gently when Carol shakes her head, “You learn quick, Danvers.” Carol lets out a moan once your lips connect, your tongue forcing its way into her mouth whilst she gripped your shirt in her fists. You smirked against her lips and moved your hands to her head, tangling your fingers in her hair before tugging it slightly, “Good girl.”

    “You both realise I’m still here, right?” Wanda muttered unimpressed as she finished her glass of wine.

    “Do you want a kiss too, Wands?” You joked as you pulled away from Carol, keeping your arm fixed around her waist.

    Wanda rolled her eyes but the three of you still laughed together, but all of you also heard an animalistic growl from across the bar as you watched Natasha stomp out of the room, Maria following straight after. You couldn’t help the triumphant smile that plastered your face, you had won their bratty games.


    You groaned as you shuffled under the covers, your body immediately moving to the warmth that is beside you. You can’t help but let a loud yawn out of your mouth as you look around your room, it was a fucking mess. Yours and Carol’s clothes from last night were tossed across the room, nothing in the same direction, you looked at the contents of your desk sprawled across the floor from laying Carol on it the moment you stepped inside.

    You felt Carol shift next to you and you moved to look down at her as you draped your arm across her waist and pressed a gentle kiss to her shoulder, “Good morning.”

    “Ugh, it’s too early, go back to sleep.”

    You laughed as Carol pressed her finger to your lip and rested her head onto your chest before tangling your legs together. Luckily, both you and Carol knew last night was a one-time thing to ensure the jealously in a certain redhead and brunette duo peaked. However, you were both comfortable in each other’s company, you felt Carol relax even more as you combed your fingers through her hair.

    “Come on, I’ll make you breakfast like the gentlewoman I am,” you remarked, a teasing smile on your face as you got out of bed chucking on some sweats and a hoodie. You turned to face Carol and smiled gently as she sat up.

    “I don’t think my legs work.”

    “Tough shit, now come on, I’ll even make you pancakes.”

    The sudden sound of sudden shuffling makes you laugh and Carol throws on a pair of your shorts and one of your shirts and you smile at her. You reach your hand out for her to hold and she happily takes it as you lead the way into the kitchen.

    You made yourself and Carol a full breakfast, ensuring there was enough left for Wanda as she was more than likely going to be the most hungover out of the three of you. The reason being, you didn’t really drink, Carol was just…Carol but Wanda must have gone through nearly 2 bottles of wine by herself.

    You and Carol couldn’t help but laugh as Wanda finally appeared in the kitchen wearing the cosiest, baggiest, clothes that she had, her hair tied in a messy bun, and her looking even more pale than usual. You made the younger witch a strong coffee and placed her breakfast in front of her, alongside a glass of water and some Advil.

    “You look like shit, Wands.”

    You choked loudly on your drink at Carol’s statement as you looked between the two, awaiting Wanda’s response. Wanda sent a harsh glare to the blonde before using her powers to tip her off her chair, an unamused look on her face before she turned her attention back to her breakfast. With a loud thud, Carol landed on the floor, Wanda smiling innocently, and you snorted loudly before breaking into laughter. Carol huffed as she stood up and sat back on her chair pouting.

    “You know what your nickname should be instead of Scarlet Witch? It should be Bitch Witch.”

    “Bite me, Danvers.”

    “You’d like that, wouldn’t you?”

    You rolled your eyes at their bickering as you finished your breakfast and cleaned up the mess from the kitchen, the sound of footsteps caught your attention as you looked at the kitchen door, Carol and Wanda’s voices went quiet.

    There stood Natasha, a face like thunder as she glared darkly at you, her arms folded stiffly across her chest. Her feelings from last night had not fizzled, seeing you and Carol drove her up the wall, she had never felt jealousy like it, other than the jealousy she felt at the fact Maria had a month with you and she had none.

    You watched as she stomped over to you, shouting in Russian, your brain struggling to keep up with the translations that Natasha wasn’t are you could do, as she pointed directly at you. You cocked your eyebrow as your jaw tensed but Natasha didn’t notice. Her slender fingers kept prodding your chest, still reciting in her mother tongue, whilst Carol and Wanda slowly made their way out of the kitchen as your eyes darkened.

    “Мне надоели твои игры! Просто обратите на меня внимание! (I am sick of your games! Just give me attention!)”

    “И меня тошнит от твоего долбаного отношения, Brat (And I am sick of your fucking attitude, Brat.)”

    Natasha went silent, her doe-like eyes slowly opening and closing at the realisation that you could speak Russian. That meant you understood her one the days when she called you a bitch for ignoring her, even more so when called you a dickhead because you wouldn’t give her what she wanted.

    “Where’s Maria?” You questioned bluntly, your eyes roaming across Natasha’s body, her muscles more defined from the tension in her body.

    “O-Our bedroom,” Nat stammered as you stalked closer to her. Her breathing grew heavier, as did the aching sensation between her legs, she couldn’t deny that seeing you so agitated with her was hot, she loved the sudden attention from you, even if it was negative.

    You ran your tongue across the front of your teeth, your lips pursed tightly, your tongue then moving to press against the inside of your cheek. Natasha knew you were livid, but there was nothing she could do to take back her words and her actions. You smirked cockily before you manhandled her to get her over your shoulder in a fireman’s carry.

    Nat yelped in surprise as she was slumped over your shoulder, your arm wrapped tightly around her waist to keep her in place as she tried squirming. “Put me down!” She moaned loudly as your hand struck her ass harshly.

    “Carry on Natasha, I dare you, you’ll regret it,” you informed, slight venom laced within your voice as her foot found its way to your stomach making you groan slightly. Nat’s movements immediately halted after that, she knew she was already in trouble as it was, never mind if she kept acting up.

    You kicked open the door of Maria’s and Nat’s shared room before you tossed Natasha carelessly on the bed. Maria jumped at the sudden impact of her girlfriend being thrown onto the bed and her eyes snapped up to meet yours.

    “I’ve had it with you two. If you’re going to act like needy sluts, I’ll just have to fuck you both like one, won’t I?”

    The tension in the room was thick, Nat let out a desperate whine at your words and Maria’s breath got caught in her throat, both women knew they had pushed your limits. Maria was nervous as she had never seen you in this state before, but it was undoubtedly attractive, and it egged her on.

    You pulled your shirt off discarding it to the floor as you grabbed Maria by her ankles and pulled her towards you, so she was laid flat on the bed. With ferocity in your eyes, you pointed at Natasha, “Strip, now.”

    Obeying your actions, Natasha got rid of all her clothes leaving her bare to you and Maria, her nipples already hardened from arousal, the slick between her thighs not going unnoticed by the brunette who moaned quietly, reaching out to touch her girlfriend’s thighs.

    You tilted your head at Natasha and hummed in appreciation as you raised your right hand to run it over her body. Goosebumps formed wherever your touch lingered a little longer than others, her breath already becoming shallow as she leant into your touch.

    “Such a pretty girl, isn’t she Maria? I understand why you chose her,” you assessed, kneading Natasha’s left breast, then moving to the other to give it the same treatment. Natasha mewled under your touch, arching her back to get her body closer to you.

    “So obedient,” you praised as Nat nodded, “you’re my good girl, aren’t you sweetheart?”

    “Y-Yes, I’m yours and Maria’s good girl, please,” she begged.

    Maria moaned underneath you as you knelt on the bed and moved your free hand into the waistband of her shorts to gently graze over her clothed pussy. You pinned her hips down when she tried to buck them towards you, the friction she wanted only lasting for a brief second.

    “As I said the first day I met you, you are not the one in charge, do you hear me?”

    “Y-Yes, I hear you, just please give me more.”

    “As you wish.”

    You pulled Maria’s shorts off in one swift motion and ripped her t-shirt in half before throwing it onto the floor and you heard Nat let out a breathy ‘fuck’ as she shuffled closer to you and Maria. You threw her a quick glance before dragging her to straddle Maria’s face, but make sure she faced you.

    “Give her what she wants Ria, the little slut has been begging for it,” you mused as Natasha nodded in agreement, lowering herself onto Maria’s face, a loud moan escaping her lips as she ground down on Maria’s face.

    You smirked to yourself when you heard Maria hum against Natasha as she lapped at her like she was the last meal Maria was ever going to have. The fact that you had the opportunity to watch the two bare women, who you found ridiculously attractive, sent your head in a spin and had your heart beating through your chest.

    You kissed your way down Maria’s body, digging your nails into her thighs as she lifted her hips to your mouth. “Patience sweet girl, I’m getting there,” you muttered as you caressed the inside of her thighs, gently blowing onto Maria’s clit before you latched on with your mouth, gripping her thighs tightly. Your eyes locked with Nat’s as she moaned out Maria’s name and grabbed your hand to keep herself steady.

    You squeezed Natasha’s hand gently and muttered against Maria’s wet mound, “Such a good girl, both of you are doing so well. You like when my tongue is deep in your pussy, don’t you Ria?”

    “Y-Yes, I love your tongue in my pussy daddy,” Maria choked out, her response and moans muffled by Natasha’s cunt grinding down onto her tongue. You sucked Maria’s clit harshly as her hips bucked up once more, a loud gasp of shock emitted from her when you suddenly replaced your tongue with 3 digits, going at a fast and brutal pace.

    “Oh my-fuck, don’t stop please!”

    You smirked at Maria’s words and knelt up to grab Natasha roughly by her hair and pulled her towards you into a bruising kiss. The sweet taste of Maria mixed with the fruitiness of Natasha’s chapstick was intoxicating. Natasha gasped as you bit her lip harshly before moving your lips to her neck, sucking, biting, and bruising it wherever you could reach.

    You moved away from Natasha, your fingers still pounding relentlessly into Maria, and she gave you a bratty whine. She gripped onto Maria’s thighs, rolling her hips against her tongue as short pants left her mouth the closer, she got to her high, she was desperate for her release. You removed your fingers from Maria, and she replied in a choked back moan due to the loss of contact, and you stood by the bed and watched the two women before your eyes locked with Natasha’s once more.

    “Well don’t just sit there like a dumb whore, get Maria to finish. Believe it or not, you can’t always get away with doing none of the work just because you’ve got a pretty face,” you instructed as you pushed her head down to Maria’s core and smiled proudly hearing another loud moan from the brunette. “Good girl baby.”

    You walked to their shared wardrobe, being familiar with where their toys were kept and you rooted through for the strap on you prefer to use, the one you made sure to leave in Maria’s room about 2 weeks into sleeping together. You secured the straps tightly around you, once you had stripped off all your clothing, and stood idly as you waited for both women to reach their highs.

    Maria was the first to reach hers and Natasha whimpered as she got closer to her high, begging Maria not to stop. You could tell by the way her eyes kept rolling back and how her body spasmed every so often she was close.

    “F-Fuck, Maria, I’m gonna cum,” Nat mewled as she dug her nails into Maria’s thighs and ground her hips down once more before being dragged off Maria. You smiled sarcastically at the redhead who was near sobbing at the lack of climax, and you sat her on the loveseat beside the bed.

    “Only good girls get to cum, and after seeing your attitude and actions these past few weeks, I don’t think you’re a good girl. Are you?”

    Natasha battered her eyelashes at you, accompanied by the biggest, cutest, pout she could muster, whimpering quietly as the tears filled her eyes in a strong attempt to get you to cave.

    It didn’t work.

    You rolled your eyes moving away from Natasha and back towards Maria, wrapping your arms around her thighs and pulling her towards you. “So now, your punishment is to watch me make Maria cum. No edging or teasing, because even though she might not have been perfect, she wasn’t as much of a brat like you were, Natty baby.”

    Natasha huffed at you and slumped back in her seat, already knowing it’s best to do as she’s told before you punish her even more. You turned your attention towards the squirming brunette underneath you, gently running your calloused thumb over her soft cheek. “Such a pretty little thing, aren’t you? One of daddy’s favourite toys.”

    Maria nodded staying silent, then quickly correcting herself when you cocked an eyebrow at her. “Yes daddy, thank you.”

    You pecked her lips, lining up the cherry-red strap at her entrance, and smirked down at her. “Well done,” you praised as you snapped your hips into Maria’s, without warning, and she dug her nails into your back and scratched down it as your thrusts got harder and deeper.

    You gripped Maria’s face harshly making her look at you before smashing your lips against hers, the other one of your hands resting on her hip to keep you steady, to assure you could thrust deeper into her.

    The sound of bare skin slapping against each other bounced off the bedroom walls, the space was soon filled with Maria’s choked moans, Natasha’s begging and pleading, and your grunting as you rutted into Maria at an aggressive pace. Maria’s head lulled back as her hip movements that matched yours started to become sloppy and out of sync with your own movements.

    “Cum for me princess, that’s a good girl,” you praised as you attached your lips to her own, swallowing her moans as her nails dug harshly into your back, her body spasming underneath you. You groaned in appreciation as you moved your head to rest it in the crook of her neck, before kissing and sucking on it, pulling away and smiling proudly at the marks you had bruised her with.

    Your hip movements slowed as Maria rode out her high, you had all been waiting too long for this kind of reunion, but you weren’t going to let the two of them get what they wanted so quickly, you needed to make them wait after humiliating you how they did.

    Rolling out from underneath you, Maria curled into the comforter and reached her hand out for Nat and gave you a pleading, innocent, doe-eyed look. You knew exactly what she was hinting at, and you turned your attention to Natasha, her thighs drenched in her own slick, her bottom lip swollen from chewing and biting on it so hard, her cheeks flushed red.

    “Come here princess,” you instructed gently as you sat on the edge of the bed and tapped your thigh. Natasha glanced at Maria who gave her a reassuring nod, pecking her lips before Nat shuffled over to you and straddled your lap.

    She winced slightly as you gently brushed your fingers over her swollen, over-stimulated clit and followed through to her folds. You exhaled in amusement as she started to grind down onto your hand, you used your free hand to make her look at you and tilted your head.

    “Do you have anything to say to me babygirl?”

    Natasha quickly nodded and held onto you tighter, scared you were going to move her from your lap and not release her of her frustrations. She wouldn’t even care if you used her to rid yourself of your frustrations, she was desperate for your touch.

    “I-I’m sorry I’ve kept being a brat, I just-I just wanted you to touch me like you touched Maria,” she confessed as she ran her hands across your chest and up your neck to tangle her fingers in your hair. You raised your eyebrow as a sign to carry on and Nat huffed resting her head on your shoulder, “And I was really jealous that Carol went out to lunch with you, that she touched you and you’ve stayed together the past few nights. I was jealous because I wanted you here with me and Maria, but you were always with Carol or Wanda, it wasn’t fair, I wanted you to be ours.”

    A feeling of proudness started to bubble in your chest, the feeling of possession following close behind. You knew you had gotten on the duo’s nerves whilst you acted like they didn’t exist, and you weren’t going to cave into giving them what they wanted. However, it got on Natasha’s nerves the most, her dying need for attention became too much for her so she began to act out, Maria was smart enough to know that was a dangerous game to play with you.

    “You wanted me to be yours?”

    “No, no,” Natasha quickly corrected herself, “I want you to be ours, please.”

    You glanced over at Maria who was watching the both of you, adoration laced within her ocean eyes. Maria smiled gently at you and nodded, “She’s right, we want you if you’ll let us.” You moaned gently as Natasha attached her lips to your neck, rolling her hips against the strap you still sported around you, the toy teasing her entrance, giving her pressure on her throbbing clit.

    “How could I say no to my girls huh?”

    Maria smiled wide at you and crawled over from her spot to kneel behind you, running her hands all over your torso as her lips attached to her neck both of them letting out a mumble of appreciation.

    “Thank you, Daddy.” “You won’t regret this, we promise.”

    You basked in their words for a second before you snapped your hips up into Natasha, a surprised yelp escaping her mouth followed by a loud moan, “Oh fuck, don’t stop!” Natasha used the little strength she had left to lift herself from your strap before lowering herself back down, meeting your thrusts halfway.

    Moans filled the room one more, one of your hands in use to steady Natasha, the other hand being used to fondle Maria’s breasts as she leant over you to kiss Natasha deeply. Desperate whimpers fell from Natasha’s lips, overwhelmed at the attention she was receiving from you and Maria after being denied it for so long. The coil in her stomach tightened, signalling she was getting close to the peak that she was desperate to be pushed over, you and Maria both noticed this too.

    “Look at her Daddy, she’s desperate for you to make her feel good,” Maria taunted as she held Nat’s face tightly, making her lips pucker. You slapped Maria’s thigh causing her to jump and moan loudly, still being drowned out by Nat’s incoherent babbling and begging. You wouldn’t be surprised if anyone, anywhere, in the compound could hear the three of you.

    “Now now baby, don’t be mean, she waited patiently so she has every right to be desperate. Don’t you kitten?” You cooed as you bucked your hips harder, the deafening sound of your hips snapping harshly into Natasha’s pushing the two of you closer towards your climax.

    If the three of you could get any closer to each other, you would merge into a singular person. You pull the duo into a bruising three-way kiss, teeth clashing against each other, lips getting caught, all three of you swallowing the other's moans.

    Your thrusts were becoming sloppy, and your head lulled back, “Fuck, I’m gonna cum.” You pulled Nat away from Maria by her hair and pushed her off your lap bending her over the bed. “I’m gonna get you there first kitten, I swear.”

    Nat nodded in compliance and let her body relax into the mattress before you slid the toy straight back into her seeping cunt, showing no mercy as you gripped her hair and pushed her head down. Maria stood behind you and let her hands run up and down your body, gripping at your chest and kneading your breasts.

    “Fuck Maria, don’t stop.”

    “Wasn’t planning on it, Daddy.”

    Nat gripped the sheets tighter, her knuckles bleeding white, and looked over her shoulder at the two of you and whimpered as another wave of arousal rushed through her body, down to her already throbbing core, “C-Can I cum? Please!”

    “Let go, baby, that’s a good girl.”

    Nat nodded and clenched around the toy as she reached her climax, her slick dripping onto the carpet below and you groaned thrusting once more as your high hit you like a truck. You could feel Nat’s legs trembling beneath you and you pulled away from her and gently lifted her onto the bed.

    “Maria, keep her awake, I’ll be right back.”

    Nodding in agreement, Maria laid beside her girlfriend and ran her fingers through her hair as she tried to regain herself. You quickly dressed in your sweatpants and sports bra before leaving to your room grabbing some fresh clothes for yourself, 2 pairs of boxers and 2 of your shorts for Maria and Nat. You made sure to grab 2 damp, cool, cloths to help clean them up before sneaking back to their room.

    You smiled gently at the women sprawled out on their bed and you cooed them both gently as you cleaned them up with a damp cloth, Natasha whining slightly due to being so sensitive after everything. You kissed their foreheads before dressing them both in your boxers and one of your shirts, both of them sighing contently as the smell of your cologne comforted them.

    Once you were dressed in your sleep attire you climbed into bed, being guided to the middle, and wrapped your arms around the two women who clung onto you for dear life. “I’m not going anywhere,” you reassured as you placed a gentle kiss on the top of each of their heads.

    “I’m glad because we’re yours,” Maria muttered as she rested her head on your shoulder and draped her arm comfortably over your waist, entwining her fingers with Natasha.

    “And you’re ours,” Natasha mumbled possessively as she held onto you tighter, relaxing as you gently stroked the bottom of her back to lull her to sleep. You smiled down at Natasha once you heard small snores and couldn’t help the little chuckle that fell from your mouth.

    “What’re you chuckling about?” Maria yawned as she looked up at you and pressed a soft kiss to the edge of your mouth.

    “Who knew the notorious Black Widow snores?”

    “Oh yeah, it gets pretty bad too, but you can’t say anything, or I swear she’ll try to murder you.”

    “Yeah, alright Maria.”

    “I’m serious, she’ll do that scissor kick, twisty, flippy, thingy.”

    “Oooh, so scary, it’s not like I don’t like being between a woman’s thighs or anything” you scoffed sarcastically, a playful smile on your face as Maria gave you a gentle push, followed by a roll of her eyes.

    Maria shook her head and made herself comfortable and closed her eyes, “Goodnight Y/N.”

    “Goodnight, Maria,” you whispered adoringly as you kissed her forehead letting herself drift to sleep.

    You sighed gently when you heard your phone go off, you huffed grabbing it and read your messages. Rolling your eyes, a smile still plastered on your face, you pressed on the new notification from the group chat that you, Wanda and Carol are a part of.

    Glowstick: could you guys be any louder? Geez, you’re putting me off my lunch. I’m having tacos btw.
    Witchy: Shut up Carol, you were literally just saying about how much you were hoping Y/N would ask you to join. You better have saved some for me, I only left you alone for 5 minutes. Greedy.
    Y/N/N: Well, if you are both quite done, I think I deserve a nap. Also, Carol, you will not be invited in because I genuinely think Nat will try to murder you.
    Glowstick: Boring. Have a nice nap, whore ;)
    Y/N/N: Wanda, slap her for me :))

    You press your hand hard against your mouth to stifle a laugh when you hear the sharp sound of a slap and then a loud ‘OW’ echo down the corridor outside of the room. You shake your head still smiling to yourself, taking one last look at the two women who were comfortably asleep in your arms before letting yourself drift off.

    Finally, the three of you got exactly what you wanted, and you were safely in the arms of two women who loved you.


    Wattpad !!

    #Natasha Romanoff x Reader #Black Widow x Reader #x female reader #marvel x female reader #Natasha Romanoff Smut #Black Widow Smut #MCU one-shot #Natasha Romanoff one-shot #Black Widow one-shot #Bottom!Natasha x Top!reader #Marvel#avengers imagine#mcu imagine#Natalia Romanova#Russian Spy #Natasha Romanoff fluff #Black Widow fluff #Gay MCU#LGBT Marvel #Blackhill x female reader #Blackhill#Blackhill smut #Carol danvers x female reader #Carol Danvers smut #Maria Hill Smut #Agent Hill Smut #Maria Hill x female reader #Agent Hill x female reader #maria hill one shot
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    in another lifetime : part six - h.z / l.k

    with the realisation that time is close to running out, you make the decision that's best knowing that it'll hurt those you love most. (3k)

    masterlist / permanent taglist / etsy shop - requests open!

    warnings: elements of tfatws series and the alienist, injuries, health problems and disjointed info from doctor strange kinda au, kinda sad in parts (this is all sort of an au so be mindful thank you!)


    * just a little note from me - thank you for reading this little series, it's been a joy to write and there is going to be a final part after this, I tried fitting it all into 6 parts but i don't want to rush the ending :) *

    New York, 1898

    Exiting the institute, Laszlo was met by John panting heavily with sweat crossing his brow. "How, how is she?" John dares to ask, only to witness Laszlo shaking his head.

    "They, they aren't sure how long she'll have left." Laszlo states, clenching his fist tightly around his cane, knowing if he were to let go, he'd fall to pieces.

    John reaches out and rests his hand on Laszlo's shoulder. "I am truly sorry, Laszlo." John comments, feeling his heart sinking.

    This wasn't how it should be. You and Laszlo were his child's godparents, the ones who they would look up to. There were still more investigations to be done with Sara, places for you to travel to around the world together. This, this isn't the end for you, John thinks, it can't be.

    With the snow beginning to rise on the steps of the institute, Laszlo clears his throat and shrugs John's hand from himself. "I have work to do, John." He mutters, turning away from his dear friend. "Do you know if Sara is at her office?"

    "I'm not sure, we haven't spoken much of late." John admits, catching Laszlo glancing down at the wedding ring on his hand, tieing his lifelong commitment to Violet and the marks of a child on his clothing.

    "Very well." Laszlo nods, retreating back up the thick white steps.

    Following Laszlo, John speaks up. "If there's anything I, we can do-"

    "There's nothing." Snapping quickly, Laszlo can feel his breathing becoming rapid, his jaw tightening and teeth grinding together. "I, we're out of options, and time." His voice drops, sorrow filling his tone.

    Remaining quiet, John passes his friend and opens the door for him, allowing Laszlo to walk in ahead. "Come," John eventually comments. "best be out of the cold."

    Across the city, Cyrus answers a knock at your front door. "Miss Howard, how lovely to see you." Cyrus steps aside, allowing Sara in.

    "Thank you, Cyrus. Is Y/n here?" She asks quietly, noticing the change in Cyrus' demeanour at the mention of your name.

    Motioning through to the library ahead, Cyrus forces a small smile. "She's just in there, Miss Howard." Nodding in response, Sara steps forward, but Cyrus mutters her name. "I just ought to warn you," His voice remains hushed as Sarah turns back to face him. "she, well her condition is worsening with each day."

    Trying to remain positive, Sara swallows the lump in her throat. "I understand." She answers and continues toward the library, though now feeling more anxious than a moment ago.

    "Sara, is that you?" Sara hears you before seeing you.

    As Sara turns the corner into the library, her heart drops toward the ground.

    You're sitting in one of the plush ivy armchairs with a book on your lap. Yet, the bags beneath your eyes have darkened since Sara saw you last and without even realising it, your hands shake as you reach for the blanket draped over your shoulders.

    Unsure what to say, Sara freezes in the doorway. Yet to her surprise, you scoff at her.

    "Oh come off of it, Sara." You remark. "I'm dying did you hear? But don't worry, you won't catch it so come on in." Waving her over, your gentle laugh doesn't go amiss as your mind glosses over to your old life where death and dying were always a possibility if you left the compound.

    Sitting down in the other armchair, usually reserved for Laszlo, Sara can't help but tense. "How are you fe-"

    "Nope," You hold your hand up, stopping Sara mid-sentence. "I really don't want to have that conversation and tiptoe around everything, Sara." A heavy sigh leaves your lips as you look over to your friend, not able to avoid her trying to hold back a cry. "Anyway, did I ever tell you about my friends in the future?"

    Wiping her eyes, Sara shakes her head. "Not fully," She starts. "but, but I'd love to hear more about them."

    "Well, I guess I ought to tell you about Bucky first. God, where do I start on Bucky Barnes." You whistle and the book on your lap slips to the floor as you drift off into your memories with Sara listening intently by your side.


    New York, 2025

    Standing aside from the discussion between Strange, Bucky and Sam, Zemo cautiously watched.

    "You're worried, aren't you?" Emilie peers from behind Zemo, moving to be alongside him.

    Tensing, Zemo nods. "Are you not?" He retorts. "This is all so new and uncertain. I've learnt a lot about your people, about Y/n." Zemo says whilst Emilie rests her hands on her hips, noticing a slither of adoration in Zemo when he mentions your name.

    "No, I have a feeling it'll work out in the end." Emilie states. "But you're worried about her, about Y/n coming back to this life." Daring to dig deeper into Zemo's mind, Emilie watches the internal battle play across his expression.

    Moving further away from the trio, Zemo wanders outside to the open doors leading to a balcony. The crisp winter breeze was refreshing to the stuffy interior of the New York apartment.

    Aware of Emilie by his side, Zemo allows his focus to blur. "Y/n, she saved my life you know." He chuckles, glancing to Emilie who nods, remembering their first interaction like it were yesterday.

    "How can I forget?" She quips. "But it's more than just owing her a favour clearly."

    "Yes," Zemo quietly admits, lowering his head toward the railings where his gloved fingers grip. "I'll never forget my wife, my leibling and the gift of a child she brought into the world. But I can also never forget the pain losing her brought into my life, something that I'll never be without." He explains, trying to remain composed.

    "It's alright," Emilie mutters, resting her hand on his shoulder. "we all understand loss, Zemo." Looking behind her, Bucky has stepped away from the group and now leans just behind the doorframe. "Some more than others."

    "But the truth is, I knew of the Avengers long before Sokovia. I, I've been watching, monitoring their team and that's when I first saw her." Zemo sighs, knowing the look of disgust that crossed your face when you first saw him compared to the disguised awe he had for you.

    Now intrigued, Bucky resists the urge to edge closer and make his presence known. Though he's almost certain Zemo is already aware of someone, but who exactly he isn't sure.

    "Her spirit reminded me of my wife when we were first together, so full of life and love. She had a fiery spirit likewise to Y/n, but my liebling lost that spirit and then I lost her." Zemo trails off, knowing he'll never be able to forget their last words before he left for work, only to return to a wasteland that he once called home.

    "I'm sorry, Zemo." Emilie sympathies as best she can. "But this time, we won't lose Y/n, we'll find her."

    Nodding, Zemo shrugs Emilie's hand from his shoulder and she retreats inside past Bucky. "It doesn't matter, I've already lost her to someone else."


    Returning back home, it was still dark much to Lazlo's delight. He was welcomed by Stevie who held Laszlo in his entranceway longer than usual.

    "Good to see you back, Sir." Stevie began, taking Laszlo's coat and scarf. "How's the weather out there? I've heard it's a nightmare!"

    Humming, Laszlo notices the library door is ajar and a faint light illuminating through.

    "Stevie, does my wife have company?" Laszlo asks quietly, noticing the instant change in Stevie's demeanour as the reply hovers from his parted lips.

    Not waiting for an answer, Laszlo moves past the boy and toward the slit of light sneaking through the corridor and hovers beside it, listening to you conversing happily.

    "-and I can't forget Zemo, god, he was a real piece of work." You scoff, causing Sara to chuckle under her breath.

    "I take it you weren't close with him like the others?" She enquires, and you quickly shake your head.

    Rolling your eyes, you think back to the brief interaction you two shared. "I, I saved him." You recall, remembering the fear in his eyes as you let the darkness take you, how he screamed your name with all his might.

    Looking down, you notice goosebumps forming on your forearms.

    "But, he, he deserved another chance at life. I, he lost his family, his home country and well," You trail off, uncertain where your sentence would end as you catch a shadow in the corner of your gaze. "he's in the past, or well future I suppose."

    "I understand, Y/n." Sara clears her throat, catching sight of the shadow too and rises to her feet. "Thank you for the wonderful stories, I'll hopefully stop by soon if that's alright with you?"

    "Oh, of course!" You smile tiredly, feeling the fog begin to cover your mind once more. "Good night, Sam." You mumble, only to see a flash of confusion cross Sara's face.

    "Yes, good night Y/n." She forces a smile before leaving and nods to Laszlo, knowing he heard the mistake.

    Picking up the book from the floor, you cough loudly. "You don't have to linger, Laszlo. It's rude to eavesdrop you know."

    "I didn't intend to, my dear." Laszlo reasons as he walks in, the bags beneath his eyes darkening mirroring yours with each passing day and a frown becoming a more permanent feature, much to your dismay.

    "There was something I wanted to talk to you about though," Taking the spot beside you, Laszlo's hand reaches for yours.

    He notes how cold you feel immediately despite the blanket draped over you. Mentally he's been keeping note of your condition since the previous Doctor's visit and based on this, his heart can only sink further despite your encouraging bright smile.

    "Laszlo," You tiredly sigh his name, gripping his hand tightly. "there's something I've not been entirely honest about, but before you get mad, allow me to explain at least?"

    Unsure what could possibly be explained, Laszlo nods.

    You take a quick glance toward the door, noting no shadows lingering thankfully and focus your attention back on your husband.

    "Well, the night we shared our first kiss, I felt something in my body." You start, feeling Laszlo's fingers stroke over the back of your hand in comfort.

    "And it wasn't just excitement, but it felt like power. The power I haven't felt in a very long time. It, it burnt me, coursed through my veins and I knew I would never leave here, that I'd stay here with you until our final days." Tears rise in your eyes at the thought of that day, the curse put on you turned into a gift, allowing you a second chance at life.

    Lifting your hand, Lazslo runs his fingers over the scars on your forearms. He'd done the action countless times throughout the years you've spent together, but now you felt that power again. His eyes widen at the sight of a golden glow burn brightly beneath your skin and a swear to pass his lips.

    "This, this cannot be." Laszlo mutters, looking up at you with amazement but a hint of fear too. "Y/n, I, I thought you couldn't-"

    "I know," You admit. "but somehow, at that moment I could." A sad laugh falls from your lips as you look down at the glow, watching it spread to your palm and grow from your fingertips. "And I know I can do it again, I can create a portal and go back,"

    Silence falls at your suggestion, but Laszlo's hand barely falters in yours.

    "Not forever, Las," You reason, trying to search his gaze for any hesitancy. "just to help me get better. There's this place called Wakanda, their technology and understanding of science is so much more advance and then I'll come back, I promise."

    Finishing your explanation you patiently wait for a response, but one doesn't seem to form from your other half beside you.

    "Please say something, Laszlo." The whisper barely leaves you as it hangs before Laszlo, only for him to hum under his breath.

    Laszlo eventually allows his shoulders to slump forward and his grip on your hand slips. "We made an agreement long ago, Y/n," Laszlo finally answers, now meeting your gaze. "don't make promises we cannot keep."

    His hand falls back to his side as he exits the room, his walking stick slamming against the tiled flooring and silence encroaches on you once more with a heavy heart.

    A single tear falls across your cheek and drops to your covered lap. You knew he wouldn't take the suggestion lightly, but his silence was always more painful than his response.

    Moving from your seat despite the persistent drumming in your temples, you walk over to the small desk and open the drawer for some paper and ink.

    "I know you're here somewhere," You mumble to yourself, fumbling around for the pot of ink refusing to show itself.

    Yet, your fingertips land on something and you pause before dragging in forward toward the front of the drawer.

    Shock takes over you momentarily as your eyes bore into the item, having long forgotten you kept it after all this time. "And here I thought I lost you," A chuckle sounds as you pick up your old phone, coated in a thick layer of dust. "I wonder if Starks tech lives up to the expectation of a long battery life, huh old friend?"

    Much to your own surprise, the phone switches on revealing your lock screen.

    Dropping the phone onto the desk, you muffle your sob with both hands covering your mouth.

    It was of you and Bucky playing around with the shield before everything happened. You looked so happy, so young, so naive. And there was Bucky, still plagued by nightmares, but he too found a slither of hope in the Avengers, in your friendship.

    Daring to delve further, you unlock the phone and open your camera roll.

    Memories of everything flash to mind, but it's the most recent photo that draws your attention the most.

    * Flashback - New York, 1896 *

    "You useless thing!" You groan loudly at your phone, hitting the side as if it were to magically create a signal. "Yeah Tony, if only you could see your tech now, huh?" A mutter passes you as you look up to the ceiling momentarily.

    John had guided you cautiously into Laszlo's office, still looking at you with a mixture of curiosity and fear. Then again, you would too wearing jeans and leather surrounded by petticoats and corsets.

    "-I understand that it isn't an ordinary occurrence, but we can't simply abandon," Laszlo opens the door to his office and walks past you with John in tow, oblivious to your presence. "oh." He pauses, now taking notice of you standing uncomfortably by the window.

    "Sorry," You wave nervously. "I can go wait outside if you two wanna talk about things, or I can just go and yeah," Your sentence trails off as Laszlo's eyes wander over you intently.

    "There's no need, truly." Laszlo speaks up, ignoring the raised brow from John. "Please, make yourself comfortable Miss." He motions to the plush armchair whilst he remains standing beside John.

    Taking a seat you can't help but sigh, elevating the heavyweight from your feet and briefly close your eyes.

    "Do you even have a plan, Laszlo?" John lowers his tone.

    Yet, John notices something he hasn't seen in a long time from his friend; a slight smile forming on his lips when he looks at you, curled up on an armchair.

    "I will eventually." Laszlo quietly states, patting John's arm lightly. "Now, let's allow her some rest, she clearly needs it."

    Listening to the receding footsteps you quickly lift your phone up, catching a photo of Laszlo just before he walks out of the room; still amazed at his resemblance to Zemo.

    The Doctor senses your movement and glances back, seeing you holding something with a half-smile before lowering it back onto your lap. "Get some rest, Miss." Laszlo calls out, glad to see you nod and drift off.


    Curling into yourself, your phone remains a distant thought now.

    "Y/n?" Laszlo's hand rests on your knee, bringing you out from your own past as you try to focus on him in front of you. "My liebling, come, let's go to bed." He tries his best to help you to your feet with his good arm, but both of you falter many times before exiting the library.

    "I'm sorry, Laszlo." You whisper once you reach your bedroom, the candles close to running out of wax creating a dull glow throughout the room. "I don't want to give up hope."

    "Neither do I." Laszlo replies, blowing out the candles one by one until a single candle is left lit by your bedside.

    Climbing into the sheets next to you, Laszlo embraces you in his arms. His breath fans across your ear as he kisses your neck lovingly, moving across to your cheek and finally your lips.

    "I love you, Y/n. Whatever happens, just remember that, yes?" Laszlo mutters between chaste kisses, only for you to lift your hand up and pull him closer.

    "Yes." You tell him before turning and blowing the candle out, allowing you both maybe one last night together.

    IALT SERIES TAGLIST: (if you would like to be tagged let me know!) @zemosbaroness @fillechatoyante @country-cowgirl-101 @kpopnena @telesynths @thebookisbtr @mybisexualheartbeatsforzemo @ajeff855 @somethingthatsaysbubbles @fangirl-inthe-us @marchingicenotes7 @graniairish @lol-im-done @cinna-minseok @sapphiredreamer26 @swndmans @soxysarah92

    #my own heart hurts #so i did say this would be the last part but i got kinda into it too much so #next part is the last part sorry #laszlo kreizler#helmut zemo#zemo imagines#zemo fluff #zemo x reader #helmut zemo imagine #helmut zemo imagines #laszlo kreizler imagines #laszlo kreizler x reader #laszlo kreizler imagine #avengers#avengers imagine#avengers imagines #avengers x reader #avengers au #the alienist imagine #the alienist imagines #bucky barnes imagine #sam wilson#bucky barnes#zemo angst #zemo x you
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    #bucky barnes x reader #bucky barnes fluff #bucky barnes x you #bucky barnes oneshot #bucky barnes fanfiction #bucky barnes imagine #bucky barnes fanfic #bucky x reader #bucky x you #sebastian stan x reader #avengers x reader #avengers imagine #v.myfic #v.drabble.bucky
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    Your Loving Chains

    Pairing: Wanda Maximoff x fem!Reader(past)

    Word Count: 10.4k+

    Summary: With an explosive reunion during Tony’s party, how does Wanda handle the truth of her actions? Can she disentangle acts of care from acts of control and is it too late to traverse the great gorges she has created in her relationship with Y/N?

    Warnings: 18+, Toxic relationship, Controlling behaviors, Gaslighting (Lemme know if you think I should add more)

    A/N: Pt 3, finally got round to it. This one popped up listening to You Are The Reason by Calum Scott. This one is not heavy like the rest but this series is still not for under 18s. Hope you enjoy, and always comments cheer me up and I’m grateful for reblogs. Header credit: @its-just-may

    Italics = Flashback

    Colours = Flashback within a flashback...it'll make sense

    Chapters I One I Two I Three I Four I Five I Epilogue

    There are always two sides to every story, life doesn’t exist in black and white but rather an assorted gradient of greys that transition from one to the other. To truly weigh the worth of a choice, you must also take into consideration the motivations behind it.

    Wanda was furious, of course she was, not that she truly believed she had any right to be, after all, it was her decision to leave, but her fury burned bright nonetheless. Steve had informed her that you would be making an appearance at tonight’s party, the first time she would have any contact with you in nearly two years.

    She wouldn’t admit it to anyone, least of all Vision, but she missed you. She missed spending time with you, even if it was doing nothing. She missed seeing the bright smile painted on your face and your gentle touch when her mind tilted towards darker depths. Wanda missed her best-friend but tonight she would work on bridging the gap in your relationship, at least that was the intention.

    Although she was never a fan of Tony’s parties, the events far too auspicious for her liking, she was eager to see you and make an impression. She began preparations for tonight, hours earlier than needed, taking care to scrub herself meticulously after the exhausting training session with Steve. Her eyes raked over her wardrobe before landing on the perfect dress for the evening.

    She had opted for a high-necked, red silk dress that had a slit running up one length to reveal her toned leg as she walked, the back exposed save for the crisscross of thin strips of fabric against her shoulder blades, matched with red stilettos. She remembered fondly how you loved this dress on her.

    “Jesus Wands, are you trying to set the place on fire?” you ask

    “What are you talking about Y/N?”

    “Baby, you look way too hot to be safe” you reply with a whistle, your eyes tracing her every curve.

    “You’re an idiot” Wanda chuckles as a blush rises on her cheeks

    “But I’m your idiot” you say softly as you move towards her back and wrap your arms around her waist, leaning into her ear before whispering “And you love me”

    Your warm breath tickles her ear eliciting a giggle from her. Wanda turns in your embrace and wraps her exposed arms around your neck. “Yes you are and yes I do” she whispers, her nose nuzzling yours before placing a chaste kiss on your lips.

    “You look beautiful love” you say softly

    “You just like the dress” Wanda replies jokingly

    “Yes, it’s definitely my favorite but you’d look beautiful in anything Wands” you say gently

    Wanda’s green orbs search your eyes and is overcome by the waves of adoration in them, not a hint of a lie or falseness. She presses her face into your suit jacket to hide her embarrassment at your lavishing attention. “I love you Y/N” she mumbles into your shoulder

    “I love you too Wanda” you reply before placing a kiss on her head, holding her a while longer.

    Wanda runs her hands down the length of the silk gown as she admires herself in the tall mirror and she can’t help but wonder if it’ll pull your attention like it had all those years ago. Not in the capacity it had done in the past, no, she just wanted her friend to notice her, it’s just an innocent attempt at drawing your focus, nothing more, right?

    “Hello darling” Vision says as he phases into their shared room

    “Jesus Vis, we’ve talked about this” she says with a start “I don’t like it when you just appear out of nowhere”

    “We share a room Wanda” he says in a monotone voice

    “Yes bu-”

    “You should be used to it by now darling” he cuts levelly “Is that what you’re wearing to the party Wanda?”

    “Um...yes. Is there something wrong with it?” She asks hesitantly, suddenly anxious about her appearance.

    “The black dress looks better on you, that one is far too revealing, darling” He replies, adding pointed emphasis on his pet name for her.

    “Oh...ok Vis” she responds meekly, deflated and suddenly uncomfortable in the beautiful gown.

    “Good, I’ll wait for you by the car” he responds, placing a quick peck on her cheek before phasing out.

    Wanda turns her eyes back towards the mirror and looks at the refined material, fingertips fiddling with the hem at the split as tears begin to pool in her eyes. ‘Y/N would have liked it’ she muses sadly before removing it, wearing the conservative black that Vision had suggested.

    She looks at her appearance once more and sees nothing but a carbon copy of what she knows other revelers there would look like, if not more muted, nothing that would peak your notice and draw your attention, the disappointment on her face visible in her reflection.

    With her hands placing a gentle slap to her cheeks, she schools her features and hardens her resolve. She’ll just have to physically approach you if she can’t draw your focus with her dress. She can at least say hi.

    Yes, Wanda was fuming. Vision couldn’t tell behind her fictitiously large smile at the inane conversation they were both trapped in with some elderly couple, but she was enraged. Steve had told her you were coming but failed to tell her you were coming with Natasha. She had to see for herself as you both exit the elevator and move towards the large room, beaming smiles plastered on both your faces as you gaze at each other adoringly.

    Wanda was well aware that she had no right to be jealous, that you and Natasha had been close friends even before her arrival but the look in your eyes as you watch her tilt her head back in laughter has the Sokovian seething. She controls her swirling rage and chooses to focus on the conversation within her huddle instead.

    Her plans were of course short lived when her eyes automatically scans the crowd once more, in search of Y/H/C bobbing in the medley of people. Just as it had done all those years ago, she finds you with ease, the pull between you and her still pronounced as ever.

    With Natasha no longer by your side, you deep in conversation with one of the party goers, she lets her eyes linger on your form, you were wearing your favorite suit. It was the maroon three-piece with a skinny black silk tie that you had bought to match her dress, the one she opted not to wear. You looked as radiant as ever but her stomach clenched at the thought that it was Natasha that had helped you with your tie, you forever hopeless with getting the length right.

    Her heart skips a beat when she sees the wide smile on your face at something the man had said to you, the smile that she had fallen in love with, that one that had drawn her to you, the one that still draws her to you. She shakes her mind free from the thoughts, she is with Vision now, she’s meant to be with him.

    A panic starts settling in her stomach as she watches your companion lead you over towards her group, closer to her. She wasn’t emotionally ready to greet you yet, thoughts of wanting to be near you battling with the jealousy at seeing you with Natasha just moments ago, continued to boulder on.

    The internalized war is worsened when a new contender enters its midst. With you now within the ring of conversation, Vision sends you a quick greeting of acknowledgement before turning his attention away, you on the other hand, were looking pointedly at Wanda. For a brief second, your eyes meet and Wanda sees nothing but softness in yours, no hint of anger or resentment in your tender gaze.

    She feels her heart race and swell with a hurricane of emotions that a simple look from you elicits within her, until guilt settles achingly in its pit. She’s with Vision now and she should have eyes only for him. She’s with him after all, she pulls away her attention swiftly and gazes up at Vision with adoration, yet in the back of her mind is desire and the image pulling the feeling from her was not his.

    When you had split away from her group, Wanda had put her best efforts in focusing on her boyfriend but the niggling tug of your presence caused a covetous ache in her. She hated that you were so near yet the invisible chasm between you was heartbreakingly vast. She decides to find you and disentangles herself from Vision.

    “Where are you going Wanda?” he asks when she pulls away

    “I’m just getting a drink Vis” she answers, the partial truth slipping from her lips far too easily

    “Don’t you think you’ve had enough, darling?”

    The couple in the group shift uncomfortably at the growing tension and make excuses to extricate themselves from the situation, claiming to want to dance.

    “Vis, I’ve only had one drink tonight, I ca-”

    “Careful darling, you know I’m only doing this for your best interest. I love you and I’m only saving you from embarrassing yourself in front of everyone” he says levelly with a saccharine smile on his lips “Get yourself some water” without leaving room for argument, he moves into the crowd and leaves Wanda standing alone, confused and anxious about his parting words. She decides to get a glass of water, after she finds you.

    As Wanda’s emotions swirl with uncertainty, the pull of your comfort magnifies. She can sense your presence, your proximity near and as she weaves through the crowd, she catches a glimpse of your hair swaying in the center of the dance floor. A smile quirks up her lips and her trepidation eases but the feeling is fleeting when she is confronted with the full view of your frame, twisting and turning with Natasha in your arms.

    She watches as you turn to the old couple next to you, the same one that she was trapped in conversation with not moments ago, they look upheaved at whatever passed through your lips as they slink away only for Natasha to punch you in the arm.

    Wanda isn’t sure what she hates more, the brevity and closeness that passes between you or the fact that she has to watch Natasha rub your arm affectionately as she is forced to stand in the sidelines. It isn’t until a few conspiratorial exchanges pass between you that Wanda decides she’s seen enough, the moments of laughter escaping from your lips and Natasha’s touches as she wipes your cheeks, far too intimate for Wanda to stomach.

    She finally reaches Vision with hopes that his presence would calm the turmoil within her.

    “Where’s your water darling?” he asks as she approaches him and links her arm in his, in search of grounding.

    “Oh, I forgot” she replies anxiously

    He turns to their current companions, people that Wanda can’t place “Wanda is often lost in other worlds, I’m not sure how she would cope without me” He jokes as they all laugh lightly.

    Wanda’s face flushes with deep embarrassment and a painful twinge twists her heart. She plasters on a smile and laughs at his joke jovially, not wanting to make a scene, when inside she feels like her sense of self is rotting away with each passing moment by his side. She knows he’s only entertaining the guests, that Vision doesn’t mean harm, she knows he loves her, even you had mentioned her tendency to mentally wander.

    “Earth to Wanda, come in Wanda, do you read?” you joke with a gentle nudge to her shoulder.

    You were at another one of Tony’s never-ending parties, your hand grasping hers softly. She had once again gotten lost in thought as conversation about technology advancements had you enraptured in conversation.

    “Sorry, what were you saying?” she asks as she shakes off her daydream

    You flash her a heart warming smile before you lift your hand and thumb her cheek affectionately. “You’re always getting lost in that head of yours” you say gently

    “Sorry” she chuckles out with embarrassment

    “Don’t be love, I like that you’re a daydreamer, I just wish I could go with you” you reply before placing a soft kiss on her lips. “We’ll spend a few more minutes here and then we’ll sneak off and watch sitcoms. Sound like a plan?”

    “What about the party?” she asks as she hides her excitement.

    “Screw the party, I’d rather be in bed with you” you say resolutely, mischievous grin on your face

    Wanda was always lost in thought but even when her mind travelled the wondrous worlds her brain conjured, it was always by your side, physically or otherwise. “I love you Y/N” she speaks in your mind, the intimate moment only reserved for you.

    “I love you too Wanda”


    The rest of the party passes in a haze, Wanda decides to stay by Vision’s side to ground her yet with each passing flash of you with Natasha hooked onto your arm, she felt no more reassured at her boyfriend’s presence than if he were absent from the event all together. She rallied her thoughts and focused on the discussions being had, not wanting to be singled out again.

    It was much later in to the evening, the party goers had trickled away and the circle of couches was solely occupied by the team of Avengers. She had naturally sat next to Vision although truth be told, a part of her had to fight your gravity, she had yet to speak to you and catch a moment of your attention without the redhead taped to your side.

    It aggravated Wanda more that you had chosen to settle your head on Natasha’s lap as she lazily combs your hair with her slender fingers, she chooses to focus on the childish game of truth or dare instead.

    It was once again her turn, Sam had asked if she would like truth or dare and the word truth was about to slip past her lips once more before Vision interjected.

    “I think Wanda would like to do a dare, wouldn’t you darling?” Vision muses

    Wanda can hear the command obfuscated beneath his gentle musing, she knows he wants her to entertain and a part of her can’t help but berate herself for being clearly tedious during the social setting. She knows Vision is only looking out for her, making sure she’s not lost in obscurity amongst the large personalities on the team.

    “Dare” she replies firmly

    She can feel your searing gaze, calling to her, asking her why. She can’t look into your gentle eyes, not when she herself is unsure as to why anymore.

    “I dare you to kiss the best flyer in the room” Sam says with a grin.

    As soon as the mention of locking lips is uttered, Wanda’s mind travels to thoughts of you, of your soft lips and your sweet taste on her tongue before she is dragged back to reality with the tiny, little detail of you lacking the crucial ability to fly, not to mention that such an act would be less than welcomed by either Vision or you.

    Her eyes intuitively seek you out but she wishes she hadn’t, she hones in on the sweet smile you send the redhead as Natasha’s softens while she looks down at you. Wanda’s stomach turns as you wordlessly communicate with one another, gazes full reverence and endearment. The final straw was looking on as you detangle Natasha’s fingers from your hair, interlacing it with yours before placing it above your heart.

    Wanda’s heart crumbles at the exchange, the kinship undeniably more than that of friendship. She pushes the pain away and turns her gaze towards Vision’s blue eyes and guides his lips towards hers. Wanda can’t help but compare, his lips too firm, skin too cold, taste too metallic. Thoughts of you filter through, unbidden, as she pulls away and looks into his eyes, all she can see is you.

    As Sam wails with disappointment, she coerced her mind to see the blue orbs before her but to no avail, as her eyes take in the red vibranium man in front of her, her mind paints pictures of Y/E/C gazing back at her lovingly, displacing the harsh truth momentarily.

    Her attention, ever easily drawn to your movements, sees you move off of Natasha and Tony’s laps to head to the bar. She excuses herself quickly before Vision could object and follows you close behind with light steps, this being her only opportunity in the evening where you aren’t glued to the Widow’s side.

    Wanda sees you leaning over the bar in search of something, her eyes momentarily wandering down to your shapely behind before she drags them away to garner your attention with the first thing that pops up in her mind.

    “So you and Nat” she says with agitation she didn’t know would make an appearance until it slipped her lips, but it was too late to draw them back now as flashes of you together linger in her thoughts.

    “What about me and Nat Maximoff?” your tone flat and empty

    Wanda can’t help but feel the barbs of your indifference, you had looked at her so gently only at the beginning of the evening yet now, all the softness has ebbed away. She briefly feels at fault for not having approached you sooner until she remembers why she had only deigned to draw near you now, the notion fueling her fiery jealousy.

    “You just look very cozy with her is all, I always thought you two had something, I guess I was right” She replies with bite. The look in your eyes quickly informs her she took it a step too far, her unreined resentfulness drawing your fury, a look that she has never been exposed to before, until now.

    With every growled word slipping your lips, Wanda’s heart fractures at its truths, her limbs bolted to where she stood at your blazing eyes even as you advance forwards. As you stand before her, body raging, eyes a pit of fury, all Wanda is consumed by is how your breath fans her face, your nearness intoxicating in a way that allows her to breath, as if she had unknowingly stopped the day she walked away.

    Her hands itch to reach out, to caress your cheek and douse you burning anger, to feel you lean into her touch like you always did, to kiss away the outrage, but before her body had the opportunity to act mindlessly, you sidle past her, bringing her back to her senses and what she had almost done.

    Your steady parting words causes her splintered heart to shatter. Questions swim in the Sokovian’s mind, how much did you suffer for there to be a need to get better, how could you ever think you meant nothing to her when you meant everything, how did she allow her actions to leave the one person she valued, a parting gift of suffering.

    As tears began to accumulate in her eyes, her only thoughts were of reaching you, speaking to you and setting things straight, to apologize to her friend, to explain. She spins on her heel to follow after you only to crash into Vision’s firm chest. She stumbles back slightly as she looks into his eyes, emptiness behind them.

    “We’re leaving Wanda” he says resolutely

    “I nee-”

    He takes a step forward and leans into her ear “We are leaving now before you embarrass yourself further, darling” he whispers

    Wanda’s shattered heart is drowned in his venomous tone as she lowers her head in submission, allowing him to grab her hand roughly. As he drags her away, careful to appear affectionate with his hold, Wanda can’t help but shoot a backwards glance at you leaning over the balcony railing, her mind screaming for you to look back at her. You don’t and it hurts.


    The drive home was made in tense silence, Wanda can feel the agitation brewing within Vision while her fractured mind was torn between moments shared with her past and her future, the feeling of rage from each and her loneliness the only commonality in the two.

    Vision spent the whole ride in silence only for the dam to finally burst when they entered their shared room. He had phased into the room, leaving Wanda to open the door and enter separately. “What was that Wanda? Are you intentionally trying to embarrass yourself?” He says with barely hidden mockery.

    “What are you talking about Vis?” she tries to dismiss, turning away from him in attempts to create some distance.

    She feels his cold, metal grip on her arm as he twists her back around to face him, his features devoid of humanity, eyes bathed in cold calculation. “So you weren’t running after Y/N like some love sick puppy?”

    “I was trying to talk to my friend Vis. I hav-”

    “We both know how you talk to friends Wanda. I was your friend after all”

    “That’s not fair Vis. I never betr-”

    “Please Wanda, don’t attempt to lie, you know I can detect your desire. It’s shameless and pathetic. You were disgr………”

    Vision’s voice slowly turns into white noise, incessantly ringing in Wanda’s ears, the routine of their arguments all too familiar. She feels the barrage of his insults and demeaning professions of care and affection, of his love and protection of her, slowly chipping away at what’s left of the towering pedestal that you had once placed her atop.

    When Vision leaves, as he always does, Wanda is left standing in their chilled room, wearing clothes that didn’t feel like hers, being a woman that was not her, tired and empty as the ringing continued to reverberate in her mind.

    She had always felt she didn’t deserve the heights with which you had raised her, it is only fitting that Vision brings her back down to the levels she belongs, reveling in the muck that someone like her truly belonged.

    Wanda spends another night alone, eyes cast to the ceiling, begging for answers to her turmoiled heart as tears stream down her cheeks, silent whimpers begging to be heard, face contorted in pain, begging to be seen.

    Wanda’s emotional and mental stability took a battering the evening of Tony’s party but life deemed it fit that she also endured a physical one. She was once again training with Steve but having been all too distracted by altercations between her lovers, it was less training and more enduring, something Wanda was well versed in.

    Having failed to block Steve’s shield for the umpteenth time, the super soldier finally calls it quits as she kneels crumpled on the floor, gathering her breath back.

    “What’s going on Wanda, you’re unfocused” Steve states seriously

    “I’m fine Steve” she waves away dismissively as she straightens up, hair stuck to her face, body littered with sweat and bruises.

    Though the super soldier might be imposing in stature, his nature was anything but. He examines the youngest Avenger, notes the darkened rims around her eyes, the redness in her orbs and the dullness in her hazel irises. He places his large hand on her shoulder and softens. “Wanna talk about it kid?” he asks gently, bright blue eyes kinder than the blue Wanda is accustomed to.

    For a moment Wanda hesitates, his soft touch and comforting gaze too foreign a feature to her to respond. The compassion in his baby blues are reminiscent of Y/E/C always gently, but assuredly, waiting to support her should she need. It draws Wanda in and draws her pain out to mar her young features, aging them with her sorrow.

    She opens her mouth but a voice breaks the silence and both hazel and blue are drawn to the intrusion, the moment shattered, Wanda’s opportunity missed. “Hello Captain” Vision speaks jovially before turning his attention to Wanda, blue eyes piercing in their hold. “I came to collect you for lunch darling”

    Wanda was well aware that his softness was held for pretense, the argument from the night before still vivid in his tight jaw. Her heart sinks but she cradles it away, hidden and protecting it from the intensity of his love. She opens her mouth to acquiesce to his demand but she’s taken aback when Steve speaks out first.

    “Actually Vision, I’m going to take Wanda out for a run. Her stamina needs work.” Steve’s voice remains kind but commanding, his leadership role coming to the forefront.

    Wanda’s confusion can’t help but show on her features as she looks to the soldier, missing how Vision takes in all the information. “Of course, may I join you?”

    “I think it’s best I focus on Wanda without her having any distractions” he says levelly “C’mon kid, we’ll take laps around the compound” Steve says before clapping Wanda gently round the back and leading her out of the gym and away from Vision’s intrusive gaze.

    Once they make it to the point on the grounds that lays the furthest from the compound, Wanda begins her stretches in preparation for a grueling run with the physically enhanced man only to feel his large hand on her shoulder again.

    “You don’t have to do that, lets just walk and talk” he says kindly

    “But I thought you said-”

    “Well we could go for a run if that’s what you want but I don’t think that’s what you need kid” he says firmly but his stance remained open and welcoming.

    Wanda hesitates, she doesn’t want to speak poorly of Vision, he loves her but he was a hard man to communicate her feelings to and Wanda needed an outlet. Her mind wanders towards you and how effortless it had always been for her to just open up about how she felt, how she feels, to you.

    Steve doesn’t miss her hesitation and opts to switch tactics. “How about we go for a slow jog and if you still don’t want to talk that’s ok. We’ll go around the compound once and I won’t bring it up again after. Deal?” he ask

    “Ok” She replies timidly and off they set. Steve had allowed her to set the pace, to control the speed and the situation, which admittedly would be equivalent to a slow crawl for the Captain. She didn’t realize how grateful she would be for his relinquishment until she had authority over their exchange.

    “Vision really loves me” she says, breaking the sound of their rhythmic treads with her voice, white noise ringing in her ears


    “He tells me he loves me all the time” she continues but she hesitates once again, the ringing in her ears becoming more pronounced while the smallest part of her begs to be released beyond the noise, to let her have her say as she falls deeper into the depths.

    “But?” Steve prods gently, not an ounce of difficulty with the steadied jog.

    Vision’s voice is distinctly clawing at her now, steering the helm and wrenching it from her grasp. His words of affirmation and degradation mull together like a sordid heap of words, like tangled and knotted roots of a twisted tree he had planted in her heart, cutting into it with proclamations of his love. Within it’s caging roots sits an emaciated child with hollowed hazel eyes, beaten and whimpering, cradling the last vestiges of light she holds in her tired grasp as the fiendish vortex of loneliness whips at her, drowning her and filling her lungs as she screams her plight, her yells trapped in its bubbled pools.

    Though the light is weak and small, it’s warm and gentle, unoppressive in the soft way it basks her in its glow. The small light swirls and dances with a myriad of colors, her private showing of the northern lights, your whispered affections and truths caressing her and filling her with strength. A brief flicker of red flashes in her eyes, a speck of retaliation against the darkness’ voracious hunger.

    “He’s not Y/N”


    Vision had been persistent on buying a car, wanting to be able to drive Wanda anywhere at any time. Wanda had tried to protest that she was still learning to drive but had been dismissed, he insisted that he would do all the driving. Wanda need not learn, he had already cancelled the lessons.

    As they navigate the car dealership together, her eyes are drawn to a simple pickup truck held outside, separated from the showroom vehicles. A small smile graces her face as a fond memory erupts in her mind.

    “Y/N this is silly” Wanda huffs as she struggles to walk forward at your guidance, your hands firmly covering her eyes.

    “But I want the full effect of the surprise” you retort excitedly.

    She hears the joy in your voice and she can’t help but feel the giddiness of the moment rub off on her. “Ok but if I hit something, I’m blaming you!” she grumbles playfully

    “Me? I would never let that happen!” you reply indignantly

    Wanda was about to quip back before you let out a small excited squeak behind her.

    “OK, stop rigggghtt...there” “you ready to see?” you ask

    “Y/N, just show me” she laughs

    “SURPRISE!” you shout before pulling your hands away.

    Momentarily, Wanda’s eyes adjust to the beaming sunlight but then they fall on the bright red pickup truck in front of her. “Y/N, what is this?” she asks carefully, lost in confusion as she turns her gaze to you.

    She watches as you wring your hands together nervously, a gentle smile on your face “It’s our car. You said you always liked how people stargaze on them in those old movies...so I figured we could have that as a first car...I mean of course we could just return it and get a grown up car...or you could pick something else...not an SUV though...you hate them” you ramble out, your anxieties settling with each passing moment.

    Wanda on the other hand was lost for words, she had mentioned that detail once, long before you had started dating yet you remembered after all this time. Her emotions begin to bubble up, causing tears to well in the corner of her eyes. She sees the panic on your face before she throws her arms around you in a crushing embrace, her face buried in the crook of your neck.

    “Um...is this a good thing or a bad thing?” you ask hesitantly as you return the hug firmly

    “A very good thing” she mumbles into your neck, tickling you and making you giggle.

    “I’m glad you like it then”

    “I love it” she says quietly as she hides the happy tears that escape.

    “I put you on everything so when you know how to drive, you can drive it too” you whisper as you cradle her in your arms.

    Wanda’s heart swells with elation, the gift and the plans of a future you had clearly thought out, too much to put into words so she does the only thing she knows.

    “I love you Y/N”

    “I love you too Wanda”

    “Seems like the miss has taken an interest in the truck outside, it’s not as nice as these models but it’s very reliable and in great condition for a very reasonable price” the salesman says, drawing Wanda out of her memory. She turns to Vision and the look of distaste on his face already gives her the answer.

    “It’s rather impractical, I’m sure Wanda wouldn’t appreciate such a thing” he answers

    “Of course sir, my mistake”

    “How much for this silver SUV? This is more our speed” Vision enquired.

    Wanda’s heart sinks, he must have forgotten or he just knows better. They are linked after all, Vision knows her better than she knows herself sometimes, or so he likes to remind her. She keeps a careful controlled smile on her face as Vision continues to speak to the dealer and her mind continues to linger on a simple red truck.


    Wanda and Vision were settled on the loveseat in the communal room, she had opted to read a light romance novel while Vision was pouring over a bible on quantum mechanics. Her orbs briefly rise from her book to see Natasha appearing flustered in the distance as she nears the communal space, shopping in hand.

    Before the red-head can notice her stare, her eyes drop back down to her book and continues her reading, quick to avoid any confrontation with the Widow. She comes across an amusing part of the story where the hero makes a fool of himself for his love interest, cliché but entertaining. Laughter slips from her lips and she tries to get Vision to read the paragraph, wanting to share in her mirth.

    With barely a glance over the pointed book, he quickly dismisses her reading as childish. “You should be reading more scientific works darling, you need to improve your lack of knowledge” he speaks levelly, without so much as a look at her.

    Her face flushes with embarrassment as seizing pain, wrenched at her heart. She looks back down at her novel and the happiness and enjoyment she felt is dulled as feelings of inadequacy and immaturity begin to overwhelm her.

    A niggling notion rises in the back of her mind that you would have shared in the enjoyment and a familiar tug of your comfort in close proximity, pulls at her. She packs the wishful thinking safely away in the corners of her heart, to join the other times she had felt the draw only for Vision to cut the cord.


    They were cooking in the kitchen, Vision had wanted to impress the team with his attempts at cooking a dish, Natasha had quickly shot down his offer with a succinct ‘no’ before taking her leave and being swiftly cornered by Steve. Wanda sees Natasha stiffen and huff with frustration as she follows the oblivious Steve towards the meeting room.

    They continued cooking together in silence, Vision taking the lead as he followed the recipe verbatim, Wanda long given up attempts at making recommendations for amendments. She wanted more than just silence while cooking, it was deafening.

    “FRIDAY, can you put some music on please” she asks the AI and a cheerful melody fills the room. As Wanda begins to sway, cutting the vegetable precisely as Vision ordered, she soon gets lost in the music and begins to sing along, memories of a lighter time drifting through her mind.

    Her joy is cut short when his voice slices through the atmosphere. “We need to concentrate and I cannot focus with that noise in the background” Vision huffs with his face pinched in concentration as he stirs the pot.

    “FRIDAY, turn off the music please” once again the room is bathed in silence, the only sounds coming from the bubbling of the stew.

    Wanda sees Natasha rush past the room towards her living quarters only to speed by wearing a jacket not long thereafter. Her heart hammers as eyes fixate on the redhead’s rushed exit. She knows Natasha must be going to visit you, she wished she knew how you were, if you were with someone new, if you were happier with someone right for you.

    As they silently cook on, Wanda’s internal cries of loneliness and longing for your soft spoken words, your broken singing and whispered words of devotion caressing her, smash against the gilded cage of Vision love, but she will not relent. She would never be so selfish as to hold you back from finding your true love, even if you would always be hers.


    “I never did get why you broke it off with Y/N, I just assumed I was wrong about you two” Steve comments.

    His voice draws her back from her introspection, so lost in her memories that they were already nearing the end of their lap together, her time with control coming to a close. “What do you mean?” she asks finally, his words had finally sunk through the haze of thoughts in her mind.

    “You guys looked like you had the thing everyone wants and not many find”

    She looks up at his flawless face as beads of sweat drip down her confused one.

    “The right dancing partner” he says softly, face kind as his eyes wander to thoughts unknown to her but his mind is so loud, Wanda briefly sees an image of a small, brunette woman with dazzling red painted lips. She quickly attempts to control her abilities, careful not to pry any further, accidentally or otherwise.

    “All I’m saying is kid, I’ve never seen you happier than when you were with Y/N”

    “I did what I thought was best for her and Vision loves me, we’re connected” Wanda mumbles.

    He reaches out to her and slows her jog to a stop before turning to face her fully, arms crossed and brows pinched together with concern and confusion,

    “You sure that’s what you were doing cuz it didn’t look like that to me”

    “What’s that supposed to mean?” she says defensively, mirroring his stance.

    “Were you doing what was best for her or for yourself?”

    “How would walking away be best for me! I love...loved...her, but I knew that I wasn’t the one for Y/N so I was being selfless and let her go! I’m meant to be with Vis” Wanda’s voice rising with the anger growing within.

    “Sounds more like you were being a coward Wanda” he says levelly

    “Careful Steve, you forget what I can do” her eyes alight with red, her Sokovian accent heavy

    Steve lets off a tired sigh before uncrossing his arms and resting his hands on her shoulders once more. “It’s OK to admit you were afraid kid, but it’s never ok to run away from the truth. It’s cowardly, you can do better” he tries gently

    “And what would I have been afraid of exactly” she tilts her head in challenge

    “That you are the right one for Y/N” he says firmly, gaze steadily meeting her enraged ones.

    “Why would I have been afraid of that?” she huffs mockingly

    “Then you’d always be afraid you’d lose her too”

    His words touch a cord within her, one she has long denied to have existed, her hidden fear and her buried truth. He heart rips and clenches as her inner self wails at her from within, cursing her for her weakness, disavowing her choice to leave, pleading with her to make the right choice now.

    “Listen, Wanda. I’m not telling you what to do but I am saying that you really need to think about why you did what you did and what you really want. Any start is a good start” with a soft squeeze of her shoulder he ends the session and walks away leaving Wanda lost in thought.

    “But I did lose her” Wanda’s anger all but dissolved, her heart in tatters like an impossible puzzle with pieces missing in its midst.

    “Hey kid!” he calls out, causing her head to snap up to him. “Y/N was never far. She just needed you to reach out and stop being afraid” He says but he remained where he stood, looking at her pointedly.

    Wanda is lost, not sure what more he wants to say as the silence continues before he brings his finger to his temple. Understanding finally dawns and Wanda looks into his mind with his permission.

    The images crashing into her mind were enough to pull the strength from her legs and the tears to stream down her face. You were at the compound, she was right, she felt you close but Vision had always repelled her thoughts as false mitherings. She sees the argument held between him and Stark, the smaller man being held back by the super soldier as he yells, wanting to confront her, to blame her for something.

    She listens on as they insult each other, both men protecting their charges, until Stark outs a revelation that has Wanda feeling like the world needed to burn before swallowing her whole. The bearded genius talks of your suicide attempt and the events that had unfolded ever since she left you.

    She pulls back her powers from Steve’s mind, her mind reeling and her soul withering with the new knowledge. She wanted to protect you and to protect herself but all she succeeded in doing was hurting you and not being there when you needed her most. All she ever wanted was to shroud you in her love, to hold onto your enigmatic smile and bask in your positive resilience. You were in the compound, you needed her but she refused to believe the signs, too afraid to accept them.

    “You’ve still got time to make a different choice kid but window’s getting real small” and with that, Steve finally leaves.

    Your words from the night before, reverberate in her mind and the guilt gnaws at her. Her jealousy was nothing but childish spite and selfish want, Natasha had been there for you when she should have been. Natasha protected you when she had hurt you. The touches of comfort and trust made sense, Natasha saved the woman she loves when Wanda denied her.

    How could she have let things devolve this way, as she thinks of you now and the love you both shared, how could she have even begun to question the depth of your love for one another when being in your arms, only ever felt like home.

    Wanda and Vision had just touched down from another successful mission, Vision had been relentless in speaking about the connection they had with one another, making her all the more eager to head home no matter the exhaustion set in her bones.

    “Wanda you know I’m right. You must feel this connection between us, the mind stone intertwining us. You must feel me as I feel you” Vision says softly, pleading in his voice.

    “Vis, I love Y/N. We’ve talked about this before, I’m sorry if I gave you the wrong impression but you and I are just friends, nothing more” she sighs

    “That’s not true and you know it Wanda. I can sense it more than just with the mind stone. My readings of your body fluctuations tell me you love me as I love you.”

    “Don’t do that! I don’t like you scanning me like a piece of meat. You don’t get to tell me how I feel and who I want Vis!” her accent undulating with her anger.

    He takes a step back and bows his head in apology. “I’m sorry Wanda, it was not my intention to overstep my boundaries, I just hoped to make you understand the undeniable love between us. Forgive me” he says gently

    Wanda was running absolutely dry, the only person that could rejuvenate her, tucked away soundly at home. Vision was always a friend but admittedly, their friendship grew during the numerous missions that Steve had sent them on. Although Wanda always kept the growing relationship within the confines of friendship, she clearly was not careful enough and must have misled the man in some manner.

    “Vis, there is nothing between us. We are just friends and nothing more, but if you keep pushing this, we won’t even be that” she says with gentle resolution.

    Dejected, he casts his blue eyes to the floor and Wanda can’t help but hurt for the man, he’s her friend and she doesn’t like to hurt her friends. She reaches out for his shoulder in aims to comfort him but his quick movement has her hand now grasped in his as he places a lingering kiss in the palm of her hand.

    Her stomach clenches at the feel of his cold lips on her and it takes everything within her, not to wrench her hand from his grasp but she steadies herself and allows him this one small gesture.

    “Vis…”she speaks softly as she tries to withdraw her hand slowly but his grip is firm and he does not concede.

    “I understand you need time to accept how you truly feel Wanda but what of Y/N?” he says the softness now gone from his tone, an ominous feeling from his words that Wanda couldn’t place.

    She quickly dismisses the notion as a figment of her sapped mind as she pulls her hand back from him, he allows it this time. “What are you talking about Vis?” the annoyance clear in her voice.

    “You and I belong together, our connection is clear, but will you string Y/N along indefinitely or until she realizes it’s not love for you that she has. At least not in the capacity that I love you Wanda.” He places a cold hand on her cheek and Wanda is frozen in place, lost for words and perplexed with the situation.

    “Y/N doesn’t love you as I do darling, can’t you see? You are always the first to initiate anything and Y/N simply follows along. She never takes initiative because she is not truly in love with you” he thumbs her cheek as her face darkens with fear at his words.

    “She’s probably asleep now and if you tell her you will stay here the night, she will not come for you, she’ll just fall asleep and leave you here” he leans in, his face close as Wanda’s eyes widen with fear that his lips might attempt to meet hers.

    “If it was me, I would come get you no matter the time, no matter the place. That is my unshakeable love for you” he whispers softly, he breath fanning her face before retracting his hand and leaving her with her thoughts.

    ‘Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” a saying taught to children, a saying falsely obscuring the perils of words and how they seep and grow within one’s mind, just as Vision’s seedling of doubt begins to take root in Wanda’s.

    She wanted to say her faith in her relationship was sound and unflinching yet his words picked at her insecurities and she couldn’t help but test his words, she had decided to call you and tell you she was staying the night.

    “Ok Wands, how about I come pick you up early in the morning and we can go for breakfast at that diner you like?” you whisper as you lay your head back down on the pillow.

    “Don’t worry about it Y/N. I’ll drive myself home. I’m probably going to sleep for a while. I’ll see you when I get home” she replies.

    Her mind’s childish qualms test you but begs for you to pass, to say you will come get her instead, to change your mind and prove that Vision is wrong, that this relationship was not only true for her but true for you as well.

    “Ok. I love you Wanda” you mutter before sleep takes you once again.

    Her emotions descend into sadness, he was right. Vision was right, she loves you with all her might but maybe you truly were not as in love with her as you thought. You stayed because Wanda holds on to you, not because you choose to. Given the choice, you’d stay apart from her. The seedling grows in the fertile soil of Wanda’s heart, full of fears of loss and questions of true love, she hangs up and leaves you to your slumber.

    So lost in Vision, she misses the first time you tell her you love her first, she never said it back.


    “I…I don’t understand what I did wrong” tears streaming down your face as you try to hold yourself together.

    “You didn’t do anything wrong Y/N. You were the perfect girlfriend” ‘Are the perfect girlfriend’ she thinks as the pain is evident on her face. She aches to reach out to you, to calm you but she knows better, this is for the best, she needs to let you go now and break your heart so that you can know freedom and find a true connection.

    “Then why if we are so good together” you try to bring it back, your voice full of pleading.

    She lets out a heavy sigh as her brows furrow. She didn’t want to do it this way but she knows she has no other choice now, you need a reason, one you could understand. She gives it to you.

    “We were good together Y/N but…I…I fell in love with someone else. I’m so sorry” she whispers her lie, hoping you will not see through the ruse, a small part holding onto hope that you would.



    A pregnant pause grows stagnant in the air before Wanda collects her bags and moves towards the door. Her hand hovers on the handle, she doesn’t want to leave. She wants to stay with you, her selfishness wants to wrap her arms around you tightly and never let go but Vision’s words murmur insinuations in her ears. Her heart pleads with you to fight, knowing if you were to ask her to stay, she would, but the silence only grows eerie. Vision was right, her mind says and Wanda leaves.

    As she makes her way down the steps to meet with Vision, she allows herself a moment to crumble on those cold, hard steps, her tears running free and her anguish is released into the empty halls. Vision may be right in their connection with the stone but she loves you fiercely nonetheless, the last piece of her heart she leaves behind in your hands as she nestles the love you gave to her tenderly, the last of you she refuses to relinquish.

    Wanda takes hurried steps back towards the compound in search of Vision, she had let her uncertainty rule her once, she wasn’t going to allow it to continue any longer, two years away from your embrace suddenly feels like an eternity of longing and with each step she takes, an end nears.

    It doesn’t take long for her to find Vision, him already standing by the compound entrance awaiting her return.

    “Where have you been Wanda? Steve already returned without you” his question full of accusation.

    “We need to talk” she says simply before leaving him behind, remaining out of his reach, as she stalks towards their shared quarters.

    She enters the room and holds the door open for him to enter, a courtesy he rarely affords her, she shuts the door behind him and before the click even resounds, he speaks.

    “If you want to apologize for your behavior, I’ll gladly accept it out of my love for you” he says full pompous condescension

    His arrogant behavior has Wanda smoldering with rage, how dare he think that she was there to grovel at his feet. It takes a few ticks to realize that he expects it because she has relented every time since the day she left. It has taken her years to realize that the kind and sweet man she had taken joy in working alongside was nothing but a façade to hide his true virulent nature.

    She takes calming breaths to gather her thoughts before turning to face him. “I don’t want to apologize. If anyone should have apologized for last night, it should be you” she retorts levelly.

    “Me? What do I have to apologize for Wanda, I was nothing but a perfect gentle-”

    “Gentleman? You ridiculed and controlled me all evening! From the dress I chose, to the drinks I had, you even went so far as to control how I played a stupid game!” anger rising, tethered by his control no longer

    Her outburst shocks him and takes him aback, mouth hanging open with astonishment that she dared to raise her voice much less speak to him in such a manner.

    “No Vision. I didn’t come to apologize, at least not to you. I came to end it. I made a mistake, I should never have let you get into my head. I should have never left her” she bites at him.

    She watches as face contorts from shock to a flash of maliciousness before his demure behavior returns, trying to coax her into submission with simulated niceties.

    “Darling, you are confused. Seeing Y/N last night must have been too much for you. Come, let’s forget about everything and watch a documentary together” he says with syrupy softness

    His quick reversals of behavior and ingratiating tone has Wanda teeth grinding with aggravation. How could she have been blinded for so long, how could she have ignored his manipulations to the point of being on the verge of losing herself, an eternity alone would have been a kindness compared to the wasted years she has spent with him.

    “No” “We are done. I’m going to find Y/N and explain” she says obstinately

    He lets off a derisive snort, the true Vision making an appearance “And what darling? Beg for her back? She won’t want you back, I think that was very clear last night”

    “It doesn’t matter whether she wants me back, I will make amends and if I can’t have her as a friend, I love her enough to let her go. Something you know nothing about”

    “She doesn’t love you Wanda, not the way I love you. She never came out of Natasha’s room to even speak to you”

    The red glow in Wanda’s eyes makes him realize the slip in admission

    “You knew” she says in a low growl

    “I didn’t want to upset you darling, I was only trying to prot-”

    “You knew everything didn’t you”

    His silence was all the confirmation she needed, all this time, she had longed for you and felt you near only for him to debase her ideas as mad notions, that you were gone and enjoying yourself on some holiday when you were suffering.

    “How long?” swirls of red energy balling in her palms

    “Since the first time you mentioned”


    “I’m telling you Vis, it feels like she’s here. Maybe I should ask Steve” she says

    The pull of your presence has been niggling at her for months and she finally had to address Vision with it, a piece of her wishing he’d confirm her feelings.

    “Y/N is on leave Wanda, probably enjoying herself away from the compound and the Avengers. It wouldn’t surprise me if she was already in the arms of another”

    Her heart rends at the thought but the draw ever taut pulls her away from such lingering ideas, you were here, she’s sure.

    “Darling, Y/N has been on leave for over a year, surely the reason she hasn’t yet come back is because she has happily moved on and is hesitant in returning from her blissful life.

    Wanda is sure that isn’t the case, a twisting pain in her gut tells her you aren’t ok, that you are near and need her.

    “You know I’m right darling” he says firmly, grasping her hand with his before entering the room.

    Wanda was about to insist on his mistake and voice her worries but falters in her steps, causing him to halt, when hazel eyes clash with emerald green.

    “Um…H-hi Nat” Wanda fumbles “I didn’t see you at training this morning”

    “I had somewhere to be” Natasha replies coolly, her mask of indifference firmly in place.

    “Oh…looks like a lot of food” Wanda says awkwardly, trying to fill the silence. She was never as close to the Widow as you were but she admired her and missed their growing friendship.

    “I’m hungry” Natasha replies

    “Perhaps we could…” Vision tries before Natasha glowers at him, the sentence dying on his lips.

    Wanda can feel the burning questions at the tip of her tongue, begging to be uttered, but before she can gather the strength to ask Natasha’s cold, biting stare, the redhead spins on her heels and walks away. Wanda’s free hand twitches as her mouth opens to call out but Vision’s squeezing hold halts her, the question on your welfare dying on her lips as she shuts her mouth, caging in her truths once more.

    The exchange with Vision had become an altercation that involved hurled abuse and abasement by Vision, and a hurled Vision through the compound walls, onto the grounds, by Wanda.

    Wanda was rushing around the compound in search of Steve, she had already tried Natasha’s door but she was only met with silence, in her haste, she didn’t think to check with FRIDAY.

    She had wasted too much time on her manipulator already, she would ask Steve to help her collect her things from the shared space at a later time. First, she needed to ask him where you were, his warning ringing in her ears. Unfortunately for Wanda, the fates were not on her side as the first person she collided with in her hurry, was not Steve but Stark.

    “Watch where you’re going” he mutters angrily before trying saunter past her

    “Y/N” “Where’s Y/N? I need to speak to her” she rushes out

    “Oh so now suddenly the witchy cares. Just two years too late but who’s keeping track?” he says mockingly, fury unhidden in his dark brown eyes

    “You don’t like me and I never liked you but we both love Y/N so please just tell me where she is” Wanda says pleadingly

    “Love? You’ve got a funny way of loving someone witchy. If that’s your way of loving, god help the next person you happen to love” He spits before turning away from her and taking his leave.

    Tony, of course, doesn’t manage one step away before red wisps of energy bind him in place and lock his arms to his side, his whole body immovable as he is involuntarily turned to face her once more.

    “So what, can’t get your way so you’ll force it? Typical, always quick to use your powers for whatever you want right?”

    “I’m sorry” pained sadness dripping from the two words

    “Excuse me, what?” his face contorted in confusion

    “I want to tell her I’m sorry, that I messed up. I want to explain, I want-”

    “That’s always been the problem! You want and Y/N gives! She gave and she gave until there was nothing left for her to GIVE!” he rages, his voice an octave higher but bite sharper than if he had screamed at her.

    Wanda withdraws her powers and hangs her head low. “You’re right” she concedes as tears fall, pattering droplets on the floor. “Y/N always gave me everything and I let it all get away because I was scared and foolish. She just needs to know that she didn’t mean nothing to me”

    Her tears begin to pool on the floor as Tony listens on, biting his tongue not to interrupt this once. “She means everything to me but I was so scared I’d lose her like I lost everyone, I let Vision get to me. She needs to know” she begins to whimper silently, her eyes shut as her shoulders shake and her tears freefall.

    “She’s already left with Natasha on a mission. You’re too late, no one will be able to contact them until the mission is done and from the brief, it’s at least a year” she says coldly before leaving her alone.

    As Wanda sits on the compound floor in a broken crumple, Steve making an appearance, and wrapping his large arms around as her wails echo through the halls, the weight of her choices bears down on her. The time lost, the pain spread, the happy future with you broken down into atoms as images of your suffering dance with her within her knotted tree. The light she held onto so tenderly flickers and the warmth but a nuance of its former radiance threatening to douse her in darkness, leaving her in the shroud of loneliness that has been her constant companion since that fateful day.

    Choices will always have consequences, no choice is ever free from it’s entanglements. To choose one is to lose another, and to choose nothing could lead to losing everything.

    Year and Half Later

    Wanda had done the work, she had spent time with the team psychiatrist to work through what had happened with Vision and how she would move through future relationships. Under Steve's orders, Vision was sent all over the world to aid SHIELD in their endeavors, Wanda knew it was an exile of sorts.

    Wanda's work of course, was far from completed, the level of loss and trauma that she had endured would take years, if not a lifetime, of effort. For you, she would spend all eternity on the undertaking of the task if that was what it took to mend the harm she had done.

    Today was merely the beginning. Steve had informed her that the mission was a success, no issues had, you were coming home.

    She twiddled her rings nervously as she waited on the tarmac for your quinjet's arrival, her mind ruminating through her speech, through the possibilities and the potential that you would to turn your back on her for good, but she would try.

    As the your ship draws nearer, her heart races and her hands shake, the jet is landing now, her mind's coherence is whittling away, pictures of your smile taking its place.

    With the ship firmly on the ground, she approaches hesitantly, trying to remember what she had spent all this time planning to say. As the familiar sound of the back hatch opening and drawing downwards, the very real sight of you well with a soft smile on your face, knocks the air from her lungs.

    Wanda can't think any longer, her speech long forgotten, only the feeling of her heart growing with warmth existed. You were home and she was free. With the strength she had muscled to find after Vision, she opens her mouth to call out to you excitedly but as the platform lowers, her strength is sapped at the sight of your hand gripped in Natasha's.

    Her voice comes out meekly, displaying her heartbroken emotion.


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