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  • Tom Hiddleston 

    Fan Fiction Multi-chapter 

    FicSummary: When you meet Tom on a work trip in London and have to go your separate ways you become modern pen pals. But two years later its time to tell the truth.

    Warnings for Full Fic: Fluff, angst, mentions of sex, more fluff, and smutt. (let me know if I missed anything!)

    Chapter 2

    You got off the plane and headed off to find Tom.

    He was there waiting for you and he was more handsome in person than you had remembered.

    He smiled widely at you, opening his arms to welcome you into an embrace.

    “Hello love,” he said, wrapping his arms around you.

    You felt like you were being welcomed home.

    You rested your head on his chest and closed your eyes.

    It suddenly occurred to you that you had been standing there like that for perhaps a little too long and you awkwardly untangled yourselves.

    “Um hey,” you said looking down, shuffling slightly.

    “Let’s get you to the hotel,” he said, taking your back pack and slinging it over his shoulder.

    You grabbed your bags and headed out the door to a waiting car.

    You were very aware of Tom’s proximity to you.

    He wasn’t too close but he kept one hand on you and helped you into the car.

    Maybe you were overthinking things.

    It was odd because you hadn’t seen each other in months but didn’t need to catch up as you spoke nearly every day.

    “So would you like to stay in tonight or could I persuade you to let me take you to dinner?” he asked, looking at you.

    “I suppose I could be persuaded,” you said slyly.

    “Splendid,” he said, sliding his arm over your shoulder and pulling you into him. You rested your head on his chest and smiled to yourself.

    Once you got to the room Tom sat on the bed and waited while you unpacked and changed.

    “Are you sure you have time for dinner?” you called from the bathroom, running a brush through your hair. The premiere was tomorrow night; surely he had plenty to do.

    “I’m sure,” he said pleasantly.

    “Cause you don’t need to babysit me,” you told him, opening the door and crossing your arms over your chest, leaning against the door frame, “I’ll be fine.”

    He got up and came to tower over you, leaning against the door way, his one hand above you, the other by your side, both gripping the door frame. He had you cornered.

    “Oh you will, will you?” he asked, looking down at you.

    It was obvious he was trying to intimidate you.

    But you weren’t going to let him get away with it.

    You reached up to pinch his shirt collar between your thumb and index finger.

    “Yes I will, I am a big girl you see,” you said, running your fingers down the center of his chest, right down the shirt buttons, stopping just before the waistband of his pants. He tried to hide it but you felt him shiver slightly.

    You looked up at him through your lashes.

    He was staring at you, looking somewhat unsteady.

    He moved a little closer.

    “Yes, at the mere age of twenty six,” he said, his voice even.

    “I only seem so young to you because you’re ancient,” you teased.

    “Ooh, hitting me where it hurts?” he mocked.

    “Do I really seem like a child to you?” you asked innocently, running you hand across the top of his pants. Again you felt him shiver. This time he squeezed his eyes closed. It was obvious you were testing his self-control.

    “I can certainly prove to you I’m not,” you offered, pretending like you didn’t know just what you were implying. It was daring, but you couldn’t help it. You tucked your index finger just under his waistband and slid it across.

    He shivered a third time, but this time he grabbed your wrist.

    “Don’t tempt me,” he warned, his eyes flashing.

    Before you could open your mouth to respond he straightened up.

    “Come on, we have a dinner to get to,” he said, pulling you out of the room by your wrist.

    Again he kept his distance but maintained his hold on you.

    Dinner was more like your normal conversations. The flirting was there, but not too prominent. What had happened in the room was probably the closest you had ever been to discussing that aspect of your relationship.

    As you left the restaurant, Tom guided you to the car, his hand on your lower back.

    You talked very casually in the car, his arm around your shoulders, you leaning your head on to his chest. It was very comfortable. But it occurred to you that he was playing things very safe. You weren’t sure how he really felt about you. Most of his behavior would suggest that your friendship was just that. But frequently enough he would say or do something that would deeply imply that he felt something a lot stronger.

    It was there when he told you that you were beautiful, or that he missed you. You saw it when he smiled or stared at you. You noticed it when he called multiple times a day or asked you question after question about yourself.

    You decided that you were going to get some answers on this little trip. One way or another you were going to find out the truth.

    His hand was resting just off your right shoulder. You reached up to touch it with your own right hand. Very slowly, but instantly, he laced his long pale fingers with yours.

    He pulled you ever so slightly closer to him.

    You were amazed at how such a simple thing could mean so much.

    Then he did something you were not prepared for.

    It took all your strength to keep yourself from reacting in any way.

    He turned his head to kiss the top of yours.

    You felt a shock of electricity as he gently he pressed his lips to your hair.

    You did everything you could to remain unbothered, but your heart gave you away.

    It had taken off.

    Tom simply smiled and you knew he had noticed, but he said nothing.

    He walked you to your room, one hand on your lower back, but stopped at the door way.

    He turned you around to face him, placing both his hands on your hips.

    “Thank you for allowing me to take you to dinner,” he said with a smile.

    “Thank you for taking me,” you replied, “And for this whole trip,” you reminded him with a rueful look in your eye.

    Tom had insisted on paying for every little thing from the flights to the hotel.

    You had obviously not won that battle.

    “It’s my pleasure,” he told you, “I’m just happy to have you here.”

    The tone in his voice told you that he didn’t just mean having you here to support him, but here in his arms.

    He tightened his grip, confirming that thought.

    He was suddenly so close. Too close.

    Then he took your hand in his, pulling it up to his face, and without breaking eye contact, pressed his lips to the back of your hand.

    “Goodnight love,” he said softly, and he turned on his heel and walked away.

    You heard him sigh as he slid his hands into his pockets.

    You watched him go, standing in the doorway feeling slightly confused.

    You closed the door and got ready for bed.

    Why was it that he sent you such mixed signals?

    Hopefully soon, you would get an answer.

    Author’s note: Thank you my loves for the support!

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    ✨Y'all I saw The Devil All The Time.

    I loved Sebastian Stan and Tom Holland’s acting

    Also Robert Pattinson as well

    Anyone else seen the movie?✨

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  • Tom Hiddleston Fan Fiction 

    Multi-chapter Fic

    Summary: When you meet Tom on a work trip in London and have to go your separate ways you become modern pen pals. But two years later its time to tell the truth.

    Warnings for Full Fic: Fluff, angst, mentions of sex, more fluff, and smutt. (let me know if I missed anything!)

    Chapter 1 

    You opened the mail box at the end of your parents drive way and extracted the letters inside it. You flipped through the mail, looking for anything addressed to you. You were almost to the house when you found it.  It was from him. He had told you to look for it, but you hadn’t let yourself believe it until you saw it for yourself.
    Once inside the house, you tore open the envelope. There was a letter inside, which you were excited to read, but you couldn’t help it as you looked at the ticket and pass.
    To the Avengers Infinity War premiere.
    You quickly read through Tom’s letter, a smile growing on your face.
    Then you pulled your cell phone out of your pocket and selected Tom’s number, which was humorously under Prince Loki.
    Your heart quickened as it rang.
    “Hello?” a silvery voice answered.
    “Hey Tom,” you said, my excitement reaching its boiling point.
    “Did you get it?” he asked.
    “Yeah, I just opened it,” you answered.
    “Wonderful,” he said.
    “It’s really nice of you Tom,” you said, “But you didn’t have to.”
    “Nonsense,” he said, “I know how much you love the marvel movies, you deserve to see one open,” he paused, “Besides, I want to see you.”
    You inhaled.
    “It’s been much too long,” he continued.
    “Yeah, I guess it has been a while,” you realized, thinking how it had been months since you’d seen each other.
    You and Tom had met roughly two years ago in London. He was on a small break from the movie he was filming at the time and you were passing through on a work trip. It was of course a rainy night when you crossed paths inside a small pub. Ever since you met, you had kept in contact, only seeing each other a few times.
    It was like having a modern day pen pal.
    Tom would call, face time, or text you nearly every day and he would apologize when he missed a day or two. You always told him it was fine, that you understood he was busy, and reminded him that you yourself were busy.
    “It’s no excuse,” Tom would argue.
    “Tom you don’t owe me any excuses, or apologies,” you would argue back.
    “A gentleman wouldn’t be so careless,” he would say with finality.
    You usually let it go after that.
    “So I’ll meet you at the airport and escort you to your hotel,” Tom told you.
    “Tom, seriously, you don’t have to do that, you’re going to be so busy,” you reasoned.
    “Why do you always like to argue with me?” he asked, “You know I’ll win.”
    “The beauty is in the effort,” you told him smugly, making him chuckle.
    “Just let me please be a gentleman and take care of things?” he asked, sweetness in his voice.
    It was almost enough.
    “I don’t know,” you fought, “What else do you have planned?”
    “Well the day of the premiere there will be a car to take you to it, then to the after party which is when I’ll be able to see you again, and then I will escort you back to your hotel,” he explained.
    “I guess I can live with that,” you sighed.
    “Excellent,” he said, and you knew that smile of his was flashing.
    It was then that the front door opened and your parents walked in.
    “Tom my parents are here,” you told him.
    “No problem,” he said, knowing that you had plans for dinner after they got home, “Call me later.”
    “Will do, bye,” you said.
    “Bye,” he answered.
    It then hit you that you were going to be seeing him very soon, after not seeing him for a long time. Plus you were going to a red carpet and seeing a movie you were beyond excited for.
    You could hardly talk about anything else over dinner.
    Once you were home you got yourself ready for bed, pulling a giant hoodie over your head. You got your phone out and called Tom on facetime.
    “Hello,” he said, smiling into the camera.
    “Hey,” you smiled back.
    “You look cozy,” he commented.
    “So do you,” you nodded.
    He was in a fitted white t-shirt, lying on top of the bed in his hotel room.
    “Yes, it’s been a whirlwind of a day,” he said, running his fingers through his hair.
    “It’s only going to get crazier,” you reminded him.
    You had seen him go through other openings before, but knew that this one would be very intense.
    “Yes it is,” he nodded, “But as always, very worth it.”
    “So am I going to like this movie?” you asked, grinning.
    “Nice try,” he smiled, shaking his head.
    He hadn’t spilled a thing.
    He never did about any of his movies.
    “No spoilers from me, you’ll just have to wait,” he said.
    “Please?” you asked, “For me?”
    “Tempting,” he said, “But no.”
    “Fine,” you grumbled.
    “I’m sorry to disappoint you love,” he said, chuckling.
    “I’ll get over it,” you shrugged.
    “I’ll be very happy once the movie is out,” he said, “There’s been so much pressure this time round.”
    “Well it’s almost over, and you know you’ll miss it,” you said.
    “Yes I will,” he agreed, “It’s always bitter sweet. But I have the added bonus of seeing you,” he grinned at you.
    “I’m that big of a draw?” you joked.
    “Darling you have no idea how big of a draw,” he said.
    You took a shaky breath.
    There was always this unspoken tension between you. You always flirted with that line between friends and more than friends. You never knew where exactly you stood. There was also the added factor of a nearly twelve year age difference between you. However it was easy to handle when you barley were ever able to spend real time together.
    “Well I hope I’m worth it,” you said, trying to make light.
    But he wasn’t going to let up.
    “Trust me you are,” he told you.
    You felt your cheeks burn.
    “Lovely,” he muttered so softly, you weren’t sure he’d really said it.
    You simply smiled.
    “I’ll let you get some sleep,” he said, “Goodnight love.”
    “Goodnight Tom, talk to you tomorrow,” you replied.
    He winked at you, a grin on his face, and your home screen came back up.
    You lay back on your bed and sighed, unsure how you were going to live through this next week, waiting to see Tom.
    Eventually you drifted off into a dream of him.

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  • Multi Chapter

    Full summary:
    21 year old Sydney is just trying to make dreams come true by touring the world, creating music, and making unforgettable memories. But some dreams you can’t make come true, they just happen on their own. Tom Holland falling in love with her was the most unexpected dream come true of all. 

    Warnings for full fic: Fluff, angst, mentions of sex, mentions of past trauma, and smutt  (please let me know if I miss anything!)  

    Chapter summary: Tom and Sydney are so in love it clouds their judgment. How can they protect each other?

    Chapter 23 

    Tom was breathing evenly, his solid bare chest moving up and down under me. I couldn’t help but smile, my eyes still closed. I felt him run his fingers through my hair and over my naked back. I knew he was watching me. I didn’t need to open my eyes. I could feel it. I could always feel his eyes on me. And I knew he had a million questions burning inside him. I knew him so well. And I could feel it.
    “Tom,” I sighed.
    “I’m right here love,” he said softly, gently brushing his fingers over my cheek.
    “I miss you,” I said, trying to move even closer.
    “I miss you too,” he answered, understanding what I meant. He kissed my forehead, letting his lips linger on my skin for a moment.
    “How are you love?” he asked, keeping his voice soft, but I could hear the worry in it, “Are you still tired or did you want to get up? I can make breakfast.”
    “I’m perfect,” I smiled, opening my eyes and answering his unasked question.
    He was beautiful, as always. And he stole my breath.
    He searched my face, looking for any signs that something was wrong. But he couldn’t find any.
    “Are you sure?” he asked quietly.
    “Yes, I’m very sure,” I smiled at the memories of last night.
    He had been gentle and passionate and loving. Nothing could have been more perfect. It was the most beautiful and true expression of love.
    “You’re happy?” he asked.
    “And I didn’t,” he paused, “I didn’t hurt you?” his voice breaking towards the end, his eyes looking down.
    “Of course not,” I said, my brows knitting together.
    I tried to catch his eyes but he kept them from me. Frowning, I took his face in my hands but still he wouldn’t look at me.
    “Thomas Stanley Holland, you listen to me,” I ordered, “I have never ever been more happy in my entire life. You are the most perfect man and I promise you did not hurt me.”
    Finally he looked up at me with glossy eyes.
    “Promise?” he asked quietly.”
    “Yes,” I smiled, “I promise.”
    He blinked and a small smile spread across his face.
    “I love you.”
    *    *    *
    While my life seemed more unreal to me than ever there was a dark cloud looming above.
    Kevin. He was out there, quite literally. And it was putting Tom on edge. I had still not agreed to pressing charges or getting a restraining order. Tom was trying not to bring it up all the time or pressure me but it was eating away at him.
    It was very rare that I was out alone as Ali usually went with me to the studio and any other work related event. Therefore I felt there was little to worry about.
    Tom did not share my view. He was starting to worry me. It wasn’t just that he was worried. He seemed to be very angry too. But I didn’t know how bad it was until I came home one day with Ali to hear Tom losing his temper.
    Something I had never seen before.
    Harrison was trying to keep him calm but it wasn’t working.
    “Tom, calm down,” Harrison was saying.
    “Calm down?” Tom asked loudly, “He’s out there and there’s nothing I can do about it! How am I supposed to handle that? I need to protect her! He knows where we live, he’s fucking out there practically every day. He knows where she goes, and I know he can tell when I’m not home.”
    “Tom, you can’t let this get to you, that’s exactly what he wants,” Harrison said.
    “What he wants?” Tom scoffed, “What he wants is to take her away from me! He’s going to hurt her again, why can’t anyone else see that but me?”
    “Tom, I know that but,” Harrison tried.
    “He’s dangerous! And he’s threatening her safety, I can’t have that!” Tom shouted.
    It was then that they both realized we were standing there, Ali’s arm around my shoulder. Harrison looked even more worried than he had before and Tom was shocked as regret crossed his face.
    “Love,” he started, but I was already walking towards the bedroom, “Love I’m so sorry.”
    I knew I could never outrun him so I didn’t even bother to try and close the door behind me. Besides, I didn’t want to shut him out.
    “Sydney, please,” Tom said, closing the door behind him, “I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean for you to see that, I shouldn’t-,”
    “You should have told me!” I exclaimed, turning to face him, with my arms folded over my chest.
    He seemed surprised.
    “You should have talked to me about this!”
    “Yes,” he nodded, taking a step closer, “I should have. And I’m sorry. I just didn’t want to upset you,” he said, gently taking me into his arms.
    I instantly relaxed into his embrace, wrapping my arms around his middle and resting my head on his chest.
    “I know I haven’t agreed to what you want yet but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to me,” I told him.
    “I know,” he said quietly, kissing the top of my head, “It just drives me mad. Just the thought alone and-,”
    But he trailed off uncertainly.
    “And?” I prompted.
    “And seeing him out there,” he said, shaking his head.
    “What do you mean seeing him?” I asked.
    Yes we knew he had been lurking about but that had really been it.
    “I talked to him,” Tom admitted.
    “You what?” I all but shouted, looking up at him, “How could you not tell me that?”
    “I told you, I didn’t want to upset you,” Tom defended.
    “That doesn’t mean you don’t tell me things!” I exclaimed, “What the hell happened?”
    He hesitated for a moment.
    We had, had many disagreements about this very subject. It was the only thing we had ever disagreed on. I felt that I didn’t want to let Kevin have any more effect on my life than he already had. I wanted to forget and leave him behind. Sure I was scared that he was out there but I didn’t want it to get to me. And I knew that if Tom thought I was scared he would jump into protective panic mode, and I didn’t want to do that to him.  
    “Well it wasn’t exactly cordial,” Tom said, shifting his weight and not meeting my eyes, “Nothing actually happened per say but it wasn’t my finest moment.”
    “Tom,” I said, gently reaching up to take his face in my hand. He placed his hand over mine, holding it to his cheek. I liked that that movement always seemed to comfort him.
    “What is really going on?” I asked softly.
    He sighed, closing his eyes.
    “I love you. In the most extreme and immeasurable way. Sometimes I think I’ll explode. And the thought of something happening to you is too much for me to even think about. But knowing that he’s out there and is threatening you and wants to take you away … it … it seriously drives me up the wall. I know that you’re scared. You haven’t said it because you don’t want to upset me but I know you are. I just want to protect you and keep you safe. He’s been by here more often than you know and I should have told you that but I didn’t want to make you more scared than you already are. I’ve let him get to me with the things he says and I’m not too proud of it but I’ve not passed by silently. I should have told you that too. I’m just in love with you.”
    There was a moment of silence.
    He sounded so broken.
    I opened my mouth, about to say yes without even thinking when there was a knock on the front door.
    “Guys!” Harrison called.
    Tom led me out of our room to answer the front door.
    Ali gave me a sad nervous look and Harrison was watching Tom like a hawk. Tom opened the door and there he was, snazzy suit, expensive watch, glasses, and all.

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  • 616 Tony: So are any of us completely straight?

    Ultimates Tony:

    MCU Tony:

    AA Tony:

    EMH Tony: *slowly raises hand*

    Ultimates Tony: Drop it, sweetcheeks, those bambi eyes can’t lie to themselves.

    EMH Tony: *slowly lowers hand*

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  • I have problems with Endgame.

    But Infinity War is a masterpiece.

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  • if there’s an avengers groupchat fic out there and thor doesn’t STRICTLY type in caps then what’s the point

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  • Imagine the Avengers having a team bonding night. They watch movies or shows, having a buffet of junk food spread out in the living room. This week, its Clint turn to pick what they watch. With his fucked up sense of humor, he chooses the original Captain America tv series from 1966, thinking it will be a great joke on Steve who has never seen it. Once the opening credits begin, the others quickly realize what Clint has done and have mixed feelings. Natasha glares at the archer, knowing he didn’t think it through. Tony hates the show because Howard forced him to watch it to try and make him love Captain America. Bruce is worried it might bring back bad memories for Steve, eyeing the super soldier beside them. Clint looks over at Steve to see the man looking at the tv blankly, suddenly feeling like an asshole because he didn’t think about how it may upset the super soldier. Everyone sits in tense silence as the cartoon begins, casting nervous glances over at Steve to gauge his reaction. When Bucky makes his appearance, the team know this was a horrible idea and scramble for the remote, but suddenly Steve starts laughing? The soldier honest to God ends up falling off the couch, laughing himself to tears because BUCKY is now the scrawny one of the two and ready to fight anyone standing in his way, not STEVE!

    They all just end up staring in wonder as Steve makes joke after joke about the cartoon. He mocks the cartoon version of himself, giggling madly when Clint recites lines from memory, tossing popcorn at Tony when he makes fun of the cartoon Cap. It turns out to he a great night. Everyone shares a glance with Clint, silently telling the archer, thank you.

    Maybe it wasn’t such a bad idea after all.

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  • Back to Marvel/DC Blog!

    Hey guys! So this blog was a marvel blog and then I decided to make it multifandom. Well it started to get cluttered with a bunch of stuff and I really wanna bring it back to focus on marvel again. If you are/were a fan of the other content I was posting, I posted my side blods below!


    Originally posted by londoncallingsigh

    Side blogs:

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  • The second installment of my series, ‘The Scars That Chain Me to the Past’ is up now! Sneak peak and link below. Off the Ledge and The Darkness Around His Heart should be being updated soon!

         He just sat there with him until Tony had calmed somewhat, seeming more aware, but still a little slow as he blinked up at his roommate. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, words slightly slurred. “Sorry.”

        Rhodey just nodded and hesitantly opened his arms. “Do you want a hug?” He watched as tears filled Tony’s eyes before the teen leaned into Rhodey’s embrace, trembling and shaken from the horrible experience.


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  • Sam to Bucky: Every time you talk I hear that sound that Pac-Man makes when he dies.

    #james bucky barnes #marvel incorrect quotes #avengers marvel#avengers#mcu humor#mcu shitpost #incorrect avengers quotes #incorrect marvel quotes #sam wilson#sambucky hc#sambucky #sam and bucky #bucky barnes headcanon #bucky barnes#winter solider #the falcon and the winter solider #avengers incorrect quotes #incorrect mcu quotes #incorrect avengers #bucky and sam
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    Stuck in the house during this coronavirus because of my auto immune disorder 😔 on a happier note I can take a bunch of drawing requests! Just send me the picture you would like drawn and the colors you would like it in 😊

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  • In honor of the lovely boy’s b-day I’m here to publicly say he looks like that dude from Red Dead Redemption 2 while also looking like a young version of that dude from Detroit Become Human but younger so now you’ve all got to think about it, too

    #bucky barnes #james buchanan barnes #james bucky barnes #avengers marvel#marvel#mcu memes#mcu #ITS TIME GAYS #HE D OE S THO #detroid become human #dbh hank #thats who it is aint it??? #red dead redemption 2 #red dead redemption arthur #red dead redemption gameplay #i aint knowin who they are but i feel that shit deep in my soul #gun#tw guns #alpine the cat
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    well? 👀

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  • The ninth chapter of Capturing Reality on a Blank Canvas is now up! Head on over to my Ao3 account to check it out!


    Here’s a little sneak peak of the chapter! ;)

        “Whoa! Whoa, calm down, Bruce. Your eyes are looking kinda green.” Clint said, his hands held up in a placating manner.

         Bruce’s eyes snapped to him, glaring at the archer darkly as his lips parted just a tad to show his teeth as he growled at him.

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    I never thought I’d have more than 3 followers. Holy cow guys! Thanks so much for your support!

    Request are open for one shots and drawings!


    Originally posted by hiddlescheekbones

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