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  • 💐 In The Name Of Allah The Most Gracious The Most Merciful

    💌 From the Muslims are a special few whom Allah loves

    And He guides their hearts to hate songs designed to distract.

    Musical instruments and song lyrics they gave up

    Because they prefer Allah, as they ditch shaytan’s traps.


    Their hearts are so pure that they can’t absorb shaytan’s tracks,

    Addictive music and meaningless words that destruct

    Faith and insight to distinguish what’s right from what’s not.

    Music addicts may be prone to crimes and the dark arts.


    Know that most music videos advocate and instruct:

    Attachment to dunya, inflated ego, and drugs,

    Sexual fluidity, gay and lesbian acts,

    Checking others out and bowing down to wretched lusts.


    Souls who seek Allah abstain from what He does not love.

    Their hearts incline to the Qur'an, Dhikr and Du'as.

    Strive not to mix good with bad, and you’ll subdue waswaas.

    Music can’t sway those whose hearts are free from vice and rust.


    If told “Music is relaxing”, tell them “No, it’s not.”

    Music makes you forget your goals, seeking Allah’s Love,

    And it can intoxicate you, so you breed vile thoughts.

    Peace is in loving Allah, not shaytan’s toys and knots.


    📖 Abu ‘Aamir or Abu Malik Al-Ash'ari RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated that he heard the Prophet Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam saying, “From among my followers there will be some people who will consider illegal sexual intercourse (zina), the wearing of silk (by men), the drinking of alcoholic drinks and the use of musical instruments, as lawful (evidence that they are haraam/forbidden). And there will be some people who will stay near the side of a mountain and in the evening their shepherd will come to them with their sheep and ask them for something, but they will say to him, 'Return to us tomorrow.’ Allah will destroy them during the night and will let the mountain fall on them, and He will transform the rest of them into monkeys and pigs and they will remain so until the Day of Resurrection.”

    Sahih Al-Bukhari 5590

    In-book reference: Book 74, Hadith 16

    USC-MSA web (English) reference : Vol. 7, Book 69, Hadith 494

    📖 Abu Qatadah RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, “Verily, you will never leave anything for the sake of Allah the Almighty but that Allah will replace it with something better.”

    Source: Musnad Ahmed 22565

    Grade: Sahih (Authentic) according to Al-Albani

    📖 Abu Malik Al-Ash'ari RadhiAllahu 'anhu narrated: Allah’s noble Messenger Muhammad SallAllahu 'alaihi wa sallam said, “Some people from my nation will drink wine, calling it by different names, and musical instruments will be played for them and girls will sing to them. Allah will cause the earth to swallow them up, and He (Subhaanahu wa Ta'aala) will turn some of them into apes and pigs.”

    Source: Sunan Ibn Mājah 4020

    Grade: Sahih (Authentic) according to Al-Albani

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  • me not wanting to watch sanremo but wanting to see the absolute trash they’re gonna propose this year

    #like yeah this year it should have been avoided for obvious reasons #especially because music/theatre/culture workers are not working at all in these days and it's absolute hypocrisy from rai #but i really want to watch ot to despise it even more #sanremo 2021
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  • the perks of having a sibling in hs is that u can use their ventra card for the student discount

    #im going to avoid paying the actual price for as long as possible #i haven’t ridden the train in a yr #im kinda paranoid but also happy #time to listen to music and stare out the window as the scenery slowly transitions to the downtown buildings #🎟
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  • Having more thoughts about Six on this fine afternoon:

    She only shows sadistic tendencies towards things that have - or will - hurt her in LN2.

    The bullies literally hung her from her feet in the bathroom, the mannequins, specifically the hands (ugh), were after her and Mono in the hospital and the doctor is a monster that we/Mono decide to burn. Kicking the dead Viewer is just making sure he won’t get back up, she’s not aggressive about it at all.

    As for Mono…well. Whether he wanted to hurt her or not, he did end up doing so, and she doesn’t seem the type to want to chance it when it comes to trust.

    She is a cannibal, canonically, and also a child and she copes with unspeakable horror as well as she can.

    #six little nightmares #little nightmares 2 #little nightmares 2 spoilers #re: Mono I mean as the thin man but also by destroying her music box - his disruptions make her cry out as if she's hurting #it's a loop Mono can't avoid it even if he wants to #horror
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  • every week i hyperfixate on a new love playlist i make and feel despondent. i just wanna be loved 😔

    #do you ever hate yourself for deliberately making yourself go down a certain thought spiral which could have been avoided if you had let #your brain continue being static #music tag
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  • Eren pt - charming bastard makes Grayson flustered and adores Glitch

    Nora pt - confident bitch gets sweaty over Kent and Ambrose

    #love Sally but not my type #I am Fawning over them all how am I supposed to pick :( #Nora is obsessed with animals and cars and avoiding her problems with a sexy fake it til u make it persona #Eren’s just kind of dumb #but he likes music and being supportive and jokes #playing mind blind
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  • I knew 2 Hot Mulligan songs a few years ago and now they have a whole discography! And not one bad song. WTF

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  • he  had  seen  the  poster  somewhere  in  the  village,  on  a  back  street  he  rarely  took  to  spare  himself  the  hot  stink  of  restaurant  dumpsters.  it  had  replaced  a  tattered  ad  seeking  roommates  (  and  good  riddance.  theo  had  always  thought  the  wording  was  strange  and  bleated  a  nervous,  tight  plea  for  companionship  over  a  need  for  split  billing  and  seeing  it  on  those  few  late  mornings  had  made  him  feel  a  sick  stirring  of  pity  for  it’s  printer  that  he  wasn’t  keen  on  revisiting  ).  he  hadn’t  even  looked  up  at  it,  not  intentionally.  yet,  the  boy  grimacing  down  from  the  boards  gave  him  a  start,  his  curls  and  his  exhaustion.

    it  wasn’t  boris,  once  theo  took  a  second  look.  the  boy  on  the  poster  was  more  bloated,  less  friendly,  maybe  even  a  little  stupid.  like  he  was  lucky  to  speak  his  native  english,  let  alone  even  possibly  comprehend  the  dense,  round  syllables  of  russian.  and  while  theo  felt  a  surge  of  affection  for  this  missing  boy  who,  on  a  peripheral  glance  seemed  to  be  lost  companion,  would  have  been  more  likely  to  kick  the  living  shit  out  of  him  with  one  wrong  word.

    at  first,  he  played  pretend.  made  minor  infractions  on  his  morning  routine.  negligible   things  to  run  late,  to  excuse  the  route.  from  showers  prolonged  by  forced  thought  to  extending  the  sleepy  conversations  over  breakfast  with  hobie.  hobie,  his  amiability  never  wavering,  forfeited  on  time  management  and  theo  could  always  expect  their  talks  to  go  well  over  the  allotted  block.  this  counterfeit  went  on,  staggered,  for  four  months  before  he  gave  up  on  the  whole  charade.  wasn’t  it  more  pathetic  to  go  these  extra  lengths?  was  it  really  so  difficult  to  admit  to  himself  that  maybe,  somewhere  in  his  drug  -  numbed  consciousness,  he  missed  vegas?  that  he  might  miss  the  dust  and  the  light,  dry  heat?  how  bright  the  moon  was  nearly  every  night?

    it  went  on  for  two  more  months  before  the  poster  was  replaced  with  a  lost  shitzu.  the  boy  found,  forgotten,  or  dead  —  theo  took  each  outcome  personally.  he  stumbled  through  clumsy  grief,  feeling  doltish  and  erratic  as  he  passed  through  denial  to  acceptance.  stubbornly,  the  boy  continued  to  take  his  filthy  route  to  school  and  his  hate  for  the  shitzu  increased  with  his  private  (  bewildering  )  shame  until  at  last  his  schedule  returned  to  its  pre  -  poster  rituals.

    at  night,  for  some  time  after,  he  thought  about  the  bloated  boy.  thought  well  past  him.  thought  about  the  cursory  texts  from  a  girl  named  amber’s  phone.  thought,  perhaps  too  much,  about  where  those  texts’  author  might  be  now.  and  as  theo  blinked  away  the  last  of  that  day’s  waking  moments  (  in  that  twilit  block  of  time  that  allowed  one  to  disassociate   those  thoughts  from  his  ‘real’  considerations  ),  he  wondered  if  he,  too,  was  on  that  person’s  mind.

    #sometimes u try to write to get over a block n it doesn't work #anyway theo missing boris n doing mental gymnastics to avoid admitting that the musical
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  • one day I’ll write my hunchback of notre dame but in orlais. one day.

    #I'd do les mis but bioware's too much of a coward to give us an orlesian revolution #now that;s a dragon age game I want to play #this wip is more along the lines of the stage musical btw #I'm gonna read the book one day cause it fits for my dissertation idea #but I havent' read it yet and tbh it sounds like more of a 'racist things to avoid imitating' thing from what I know #it's uh. a premise to subvert not play straight. #but as a disabled person I'm more into the disability magic parallels I could explore #and general orlais that isn't like nobles
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    #cc youtube meaning #creative common license youtube #dusro ki video se kamaye lakhon rupay #Gaurav kumar gupta #hindi #how to avoid copyright strike on #how to make money on youtube without making videos #how to safe from copyright #how to use creative commons license #how to use creative commons music #how to use creative commons videos on youtube without copyright claims #urdu#video #youtube tutorial video
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  • The way I grew up theater kid-adjacent and was never ONCE in a musical……I think this is a win 

    #I was very busy with my deeply DEEPLY unusual choir kid experience #whatever you're picturing i can guarantee it's inaccurate. like. i can 10000% guarantee it #only my irl friends and a few mutuals know what i mean by this #and i wont talk about it publicly because i'd dox myself #plenty of shows! no musicals though. although #i did narrowly avoid one just by being born in 99. so #that's my two cents on the conversation tonight
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  • image

    MBC Show Music Core [210227] - WONHO

    #monstaxedits#wonhoedits#wonho#hoseok#lee hoseok#wonho gifs #monsta x gifs #my gifs #my gifs: wonho #this might be one of my all time fave music show perfs.... #by a solo artist at least!!! #i really enjoyed giffing this and i usually hate giffing music shows and i avoid them like the plague! #anyway #heres to wonho #lose #show music core 210227 #210227 #love synonym part 2
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  • like i legitimately dont feel like itd be safe to allow myself to go nonverbal people legitimately do feel THAT entitled to me and my speech

    #i already get yelled at once a week for 'not being available enough' and 'ignoring them by listening to music' #and thats with the 'listen patiently to everything they have to say for 4hrs/day' tactic applied #ppl have got less madd at me saying a slur than me not immediately verbally acknowledging anything and everything said to me #fr #ive mentioned to ***** a few times that i wished i could just stop talking for a while and they got so mad #it was like... 'oh is that so you can avoid me more' 'oh so none of my feelings matter' 'oh so you dont believe in trying at all ever?'
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  • i have to write my part of a group speech about coping mechanisms for stress, which is ironic because i’m doing it very late BECAUSE i was so stressed about all my schoolwork, and also because i have no coping mechanisms for stress

    #tabi speaks #i would do writing but someone else already did that #and seeing friends and exercise #i could do like music or something but that's like the same as writing basically #and the only other things i do about stress is extreme avoidance and procrastination leading up to crying about it. which i am not going to #give a speech on lmao #whooops anyway i'm late for our group meeting!!!!! so fun
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  • just heard hozier singing humors of whiskey for the first time and now i am obsessed

    #niz #idk what to do w myself #guess it's time to go down a hozier rabbit hole #i've been avoiding it #i think i haven't been in the mood for his type of music til now #that made me feel so fucking peaceful #i really considered taking a shot of whiskey just now like wtf
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  • also if i turn into a stan im suing someone diofjidfjidfj 

    this is Not what i signed up for when i made the conscious decision to start writing abt kells getting fucked by one of his personal heroes turned bitter rival 😤😤

    #the last time i listened to this much of em's music was 5 yrs ago #im spiraling #i listened to ''kim'' today (after having avoided it before bc i knew abt the subject matter) and i........ #have a hard time expressing how much it affected me #.txt
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  • It’s kinda funny, for years now I’ve had absolutely no use for CDs - if I decided I wanted to own this or that album of music I’d rather have it downloaded to my phone, and normally I’m fine using a mix of spotify and youtube to listen to things. But now that I have a car it’s like ohhhh that’s what CDs are good for.

    #I also have an aux cord for my phone but it's sometimes hard to buy music digitally if you're avoiding amazon and you don't use apple
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  • tagged by becherished @wuxianphobic to list 10 tracks by 10 different artists thank u! hope everyone enjoys my effort to diversify xx

    1. good good // key
    2. paranoia // kang daniel
    3. marryuna // baker boy, yirrmal
    4. red moon // kim woo seok
    5. sending me ur loving // the jungle giants
    6. so beautiful // dpr ian
    7. soramimi // vaundy
    8. save you // lay (he’s recorded this entire album in chinese AND english and all of the tracks fuck, just fyi)
    9. aaja // swet shop boys
    10. fall at your feet // boy & bear

    litchrally if u guys listen to even one of the tracks on here im manifesting to kiss u sweetly<3333

    im gonna tag @pendraegon @claudiablack @adamsveins @ahomeboylives @aloyssobek and @prettyboyderogatory and let this circulate to the ethnic wedding guests organically from there mwah

    #fdhvcjn i did my best to avoid artists and tracks ive already got on my blog...as much as it pains me fhdcn #anyway all of these are so good in their own ways im like please listen to themmmmm #i prommy i have good music taste guys cmon #wait ok i know ive talked about lay heaps but i love adore cherish the namanana album and i think everyone should listen to it! its so good! #anyway enjoy this theres 4 languages to vibe in across the 10 tracks<3
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  • Tagged by @abinchofsalt (thank you so much, Isabella!).

    List ten songs by ten different artists. (These are the songs that have helped me to get by recently, but you can make any list you want!)

    1. Cartoons - Witch Doctor (Radio Mix).

    2. Absolute A Capella - Angel With a Shotgun.

    3. Sista Prod feat. Subvrbs - Eyes Blue Like The Atlantic.

    4. Shin Sakiura feat. Kan Sano - ほんとは.

    5. LOTTE - Mehr davon.

    6. Intelligency - August.

    7. Sabrina Carpenter -  Looking at Me.

    8. Little Big - Go Bananas.

    9. sancrib - onajiyoru.

    10. Clean Bandit feat. 24kGoldn - Tick Tock.

    Tagging @beskarheart, @bluekaddis, @crinuyi@etoilebinaire, @makipagusapan, @visionmarred and whoever wants to do it! No pressure, of course!

    #Reverienne does a meme #I've been relying on German and Japanese songs a lot these days #it doesn't really show because I was trying to limit myself to two representative songs for each major listening to music day #no OST songs because then I would be obliged to mention this one song from F*te and I'd rather avoid it #yes I'm still petty about it
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  • image
    #positivity#fashion#playlist#blush#drunk selfies#aesthetic#drunk thoughts #i guess lol #beauty#music #the bad batch #baddicallgirl#bad girl#ummm yeah#mhmm #i hope this is okay! #fun facts#yupomu #hey guys use this tag on tumblr saviour or tumblr's filtering system to avoid posts that i reblog multiple times #hairstyle #cute baby animals #sugardadddy#heyoon jeong #du an khu dan cu moonlake #portrait of a lady on fire #elloco#tomyonlyfans #i’m getting impatient #australian open
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