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  • Awake.

    April 7, 2020

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    Sono in guerra con il mondo e loro cercano di spingermi nel buio

    io lotto per trovare la mia fede mentre sto dormendo tra le tue braccia

    sta diventando più difficile rimanere svegli e la mia forza si sta affievolendo velocemente almeno tu respiri dentro me

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  • A poem to free will to elect to stay asleep or awake. Enjoy✌

    Dreaming or Awakening ~ We are asleep dreaming we are awake. Yet, it is never too late to learn to truly wake. Time is on everyones side who desires to open their eyes to look beyond the mirage of dreams. Step-by-step, we follow our dreams until it’s time to open our eyes and rise to the reality of the simplicity to awakening. This is the point of reaching its event horizon where we are standing, beholding two realities. One reality is crystal clear as the other ripples like ocean waves upon the surface of its body of water. The crystal clear world always calls upon the name of every soul in the game of dreams. The tender and loving whisper of His voice is a gentle nudge and not to judge, but to alert ones attention to something new. The path of life has been redirected, this is where we have a choice to dreaming or awakening. To elect to stay asleep and dream is to remain stuck in worlds of broken promises and shattered dreams. But, to be willing to awake is a world as pleasing as breathing. For promises are never broken and there are no dreams to shatter because everything there is real. In this world, we are presented with a gift and its golden seal is familiar because we remember the promise of our eternal inheritance. And so we open the golden seal, a reminder to the reality of our choice to dreaming or awakening. The gentle nudge is the beginnings to redeeming and restoring His chef ‘doeuvre to the true reality of our Father in Heaven. This is where the number seven is remembered to the perfection and completion of everyones glorious inheritance, the event horizon from time to timelessness for all eternity, absolutely. ~ 🙏🕊💞💞💞🕊
    Author ~ @godzillionloveandlight

    #dreaming #followyourdreams #asleep #awake #sleeping #awakening #spiritualawakening #time #timelessness #earth #universe #worlds #worldsofillusion #heaven #god #ourfatherinheaven #truereality #poetswhoknowit #poemsthatspeak #poemsthatspeaktomysoul #poemsofheart #poetryoftheheart #poetryofsoul #poetryofthesoul #poetryoftheheart❤️🎨 #🕊🕊🕊 #inheritance #inherit #trueinheritance #gloriousinheritance (at Awakening the Mind)

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  • Icons Awake - A Vida Por Um Fio

    Créditos: witch-of-mustafar.tumblr.com (@EmpressOfAnakin)

    #Icons Hayden Christensen #Icons Lena Olin #Hayden Christensen#Lena Olin#Icons#Awake (2007)#Awake Icons #Awake - A Vida Por Um Fio #Awake#Movie#2007#Meus#Meus Posts#Me
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    Moon dates are based on UTC, so there may be some fluctuation on the dates based on where in the world you are located.

    Keep in mind that signs listed with the Full and New Moons may or may not coordinate with traditional insights.  Since I use a different perspective to consider the sign that the moon is in; that does not always coordinate with traditional astrology guidelines for what sign it is in.

    April 8th Full Moon in Libra

    This Full Moon has a bit of “ominous” energy about it.  Chaos and disruption are more evident than normal right now.  There is a lot of rebellion energy; particularly where people feel restricted and unable to be themselves.  It is one thing to break free and quite another to become reckless and dangerous in one’s choices and actions.  Combine that with the naturally reactive energy of the month; and we have a lethal combination.  People want to be the leader of their own life.

    That being said, it is more important than normal to stay out of places and away from people that are overly stressed and reactive; or that have a volatile nature to start with. There will be a tendency to react in a way of making rash decisions.  If you feel tension building in yourself; then it is important to give yourself and break, and find yourself spaces to be in that are soulfully nourishing.  If you can’t get away, then make certain you have other ways to nourish your soul such as with brainwave music, energetic transmissions that help keep you clear of turbulent energy, communicating with friends or people that can offer up positive reinforcement.

    One of the best ways to break out of tense energy is to do something creative; or to be around creative energy.  This can be anything from working on your own creation or project to going to a museum or listening to music or even just cooking and trying out new recipes.  This is a great time to connect with others that are leading a positive life or on a spiritual path focused in awareness and self-understanding.

    During this time we are likely to learn where we have or have not learned our lessons.  It is a time of second chances; but important to remember that just because we have a second chance at something or with someone does not mean that we need to take it.  You will first want to see what has changed, and if those changes are permanent or only fleeting.  Look to see if there is any real substance in the things or situations that you are considering; and how real are they, or are you simply wrapped up in the fantasy or idea of something.

    Observation is a powerful tool; because with it we can move through the veils and illusions to see what is truly happening.  A positive use of this full moon is to become the leader of our own life.  It is a great time to stop turning our power and choices over to others.

    This is a great time to understand our own value, and those things that are of true value or importance.  It is important to keep in mind with this full moon that many people may not be as they seem.  Someone may seem to be getting along with everyone, but in reality may be playing both sides against each other.

    It is likely that it will be very hard to get too much work done at this time.  We simply may not feel inspired or wanting to deal with responsibilities.  Indulging in a few daydreams can be inspirational, and help us to engage our creative energy.  It is important to consider bringing closure to those things that do not support and nourish us in being who we are; and which are not in alignment with our soul self.

    I welcome you to pay attention to any areas where you are feeling rebellious or restricted and take action to remove yourself from that chaos.

    I welcome you to spend time in spaces that are soulfully nourishing for you.

    I welcome you to engage your creative energy.

    I welcome you to stop turning your power over to others.

    I welcome you to connect with those things that are of true value and importance.

    I welcome you to bring closure to that which does not support or nourish you.

    The Code Journey ~ Jesse An Nichols George

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  • Peace

    #tails #tails the fox #sonic #sonic the hedgehog #awake#reebok#sneakers#shoes
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    On one occasion the Blessed One was traveling along the road between Ukkattha and Setabya, and Dona the brahman was also traveling along the road between Ukkattha and Setabya. Dona the brahman saw, in the Blessed One’s footprints, wheels with 1,000 spokes, together with rims and hubs, complete in all their features. On seeing them, the thought occurred to him, “How amazing! How astounding! These are not the footprints of a human being!”

    Then the Blessed One, leaving the road, went to sit at the root of a certain tree — his legs crossed, his body erect, with mindfulness established to the fore. Then Dona, following the Blessed One’s footprints, saw him sitting at the root of the tree: confident, inspiring confidence, his senses calmed, his mind calmed, having attained the utmost control & tranquility, tamed, guarded, his senses restrained, a naga. On seeing him, he went to him and said, “Master, are you a deva?

    "No, brahman, I am not a deva.”

    “Are you a gandhabba?”


    “… a yakkha?”


    “… a human being?”

    “No, brahman, I am not a human being.”

    “When asked, ‘Are you a deva?’ you answer, 'No, brahman, I am not a deva.’ When asked, 'Are you a gandhabba?’ you answer, 'No, brahman, I am not a gandhabba.’ When asked, 'Are you a yakkha?’ you answer, 'No, brahman, I am not a yakkha.’ When asked, 'Are you a human being?’ you answer, 'No, brahman, I am not a human being.’ Then what sort of being are you?”

    “Brahman, the fermentations by which — if they were not abandoned — I would be a deva: Those are abandoned by me, their root destroyed, made like a palmyra stump, deprived of the conditions of development, not destined for future arising. The fermentations by which — if they were not abandoned — I would be a gandhabba… a yakkha… a human being: Those are abandoned by me, their root destroyed, made like a palmyra stump, deprived of the conditions of development, not destined for future arising.

    "Just like a red, blue, or white lotus — born in the water, grown in the water, rising up above the water — stands unsmeared by the water, in the same way I — born in the world, grown in the world, having overcome the world — live unsmeared by the world. Remember me, brahman, as 'awakened.’

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  • BlingJewelz Jewelry | Ancient African Pyramid | All Seeing Eye Pendant

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  • S.R type -ish

    #dont tell no body #but i like it with the lights off #romance#rose#writer#poem#morning#dawn#awake#original#beat
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  • Where do I go from here?

    I’ve never felt so strange

    I’ve never felt so torn

    ‘Cause ever since you came my way

    I learned to live by you

    And now I’m on my own

    I know I need some time

    To leave all of this behind

    'Cause I’m still hanging on

    But I’m breathing in

    And I’m breathing out

    I’m wide awake

    But I can’t hear a sound

    Though I’m breathing in

    I can’t think about

    Another you, another me, another now


    Originally posted by arabicpic

    Kate Alexa - Another Now

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  • what about sword fights is SO attractive?? like it is literally two people trying to kill each other? and its appealing?? why does a blade being held ever so close to the neck of the enemy, threatening death, awaken something in me???

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  • Today when I sit with myself under the night sky, with music in my ears, happy/knowing tears in my eyes, smell of home reaching my nose,

    tasting the refreshing loneliness, my soul is again touched.

    I feel light again.

    I can dance and float and sing and cry and laugh and BE. I am truly free.

    You were always capable of this beauty, what’s new?!

    The want to share this feeling of truly embracing the present with those I love.

    The beauty waits to be spread like a sweet fragrance all around me, reaching you and you and you

    and the World.

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  • Awke.

    April 3, 2020

    #day by day #Awake#Sky#Morning#landscape #CONTAX Tvs Digital #photography#japan
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  • Awake 방탄소년단
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