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  • Why do we narrate what we are doing? And do we narrate to ourselves? If I’m already doing something, why do I narrate it? Why does thinking have to be involved with doing? Why do I basically talk to myself in my mind? What is actually happening? It’s just my thoughts and me. Who’s me? I am me, my name is this and I was born there in that year and the life I’ve had has made me who I am today. But that identity of mine was done upon me. My person is a collection of circumstances and influences. My person isn’t my body because had I in the same body been raised by a different culture, country or tradition, I would have become a whole different person. So then the person is psychological. What I relate to as myself has always been the person with the identity. So the mind is psychological too. But there’s something always here to witness the life that’s being experienced. And that can only be described as a silent observer. My awareness or just awareness. An awareness experiencing the physical life of this person with the belief of being an identity/individual. The body and mind can be molded but whatever the final form will be, there will always be an awareness to experience what we call life from that perspective with their own unique way of circumstances and influences. So when I say I, I’m referring to my identity because that’s whom I’ve identified with my whole life. Who am I if I’m not the one that’s doing the thinking? That sense of I am, I exist, that I am aware of being aware, that’s the true self of my being. I am not the mind. I am not the body. I am the awareness of it all. This must never be lost sight of in the mind.

    Remove the I as identity. I can still be an I but as in my self to be an awareness instead of the person. My whole life experience has always been my awareness of it. Since mind and body are observed, something is aware of that. That is I. What I am cannot be touched and yet it is here. This body will die but I can never die because I am timeless. Time is an idea of the mind. Fear of death is fear of losing consciousness because we identify ourselves to be the mind and body.

    How do I stay as the awareness and not fall back into person mode? By practicing seeing life without thinking, remaining as the awareness of this life. Receiving the experiences through these perceptions without reacting to them. Mind and the content of the thoughts belong to the person/identity. There is no point in reacting negatively because life is happening as it is. Only the ego/self image/identity can be hurt by wanting things to be different. So just go with life like a river. Life is the dancer and I am the dance. Reactions can only come from the person/identity, from the self image, the self we think we are. It is not I who desires, fears or suffers. It is the mind/ego. And my whole life I have believed the mind/ego to be me. When I was simply the awareness “behind” the person.

    It starts with just being. Sit and be. Don’t think or do. But also don’t try to not do because the mind will try to make not doing into doing something. No agenda. No plans. No, “What now?” Simply be your being. It is what we are effortlessly doing always. Focus on that. Focus on the fact that you are aware. Mind will try to distract you. Mind cannot be controlled but it can be ignored. Mind has only a hold over you if you agree with what it has to offer and that only happens when the content of that which is related to the person/identity, is believed to be true about who we think we are. But we are not the mind or the body so we do not have to listen to the mind. Only identification with the mind/person can cause suffering. Awareness of this is what we are.

    “Life is a dream and we are the imagination of ourselves.” - Bill Hicks

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  • more or less?

    is your mind more or less you than your body?

    is your body more or less you than your mind?

    is the ground that you are walking on more or less you than the feet that are walking on it?

    is the light of the setting sun more or less you than the eyes that percieve it?

    is this barbed wire fence more or less you than the finger that snags on it?

    is this thought you are having more or less you than the thought you were having before?

    look up, look down, look all around you.

    where do you end and where does “other” begin?

    you are surrounded by an infinite sea of yourself.

    what is aloneness?

    is it more or less you than its opposite?

    it stands true that you can’t rip your consciousness away from where it hovers right now

    but what if it also existed far beyond where your awareness could ever reach?

    if you removed yourself from your body

    and became the moon,

    or the reflection of the moon on the water,

    or the water itself,

    what if you discovered that you hadn’t become something else,

    but rather you remembered another part of what you already were?

    what is you? what is not?

    what if the answer is everything and nothing?

    what if you understand and you don’t understand at the same time?

    a leaf falls on the water.

    are you the leaf? the water? the ripples moving ever outwards? the roots of the tree the leaf came from?

    am i the person sitting here writing this? or am i the person reading this?

    or am i the person who will never see this, who will never know of me, that is, until i remember that i was me all along?

    yes. yes. maybe. what if? no. but? yes.

    i feel a sense of warning. is there danger in the words i am writing, danger in believing this?

    perhaps. is the danger more or less me than the promise?

    is the fear more or less me than the hope?

    i’m reaching an edge. slowly tipping towards it.

    who will i be when i fall?

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  • Fern 07/07/2020 06 – Indian Land, South Carolina, July 7,2020

    Take care of the moment.

    Everything turns on how well
    we take care of the moment.

    We throw moments away
    by the bushels,
    by the metric tons,
    by the sanitary landfills.

    We treat moments
    as though they are
    in our way
    keeping us from where we want to be
    and what we want to be doing.

    We drink whiskey
    and do drugs
    to compensate ourselves
    for having to deal with all these damn moments
    of nothing endlessly stretching out the distance
    between the times of our glory and our bliss.

    The high times are our way of compensating ourselves
    for missing the point of our life.

    We want our life to be bigger,
    than a life can be.

    A life that is alive to the moment of its living
    is as alive as it ever gets.

    A cat with a ball of twine.
    A baby with a spoon and a pie pan.
    Are doing moments the way moments are to be done.

    It is called taking care of the moment.

    Doing what the moment is calling for.

    Extending the moment,
    making it last.

    Jazz does that.
    And dawdling around with a sunset,
    or a thunder storm.

    How long since you dawdled around with anything?
    Lingered with the moment
    as though it is sufficient for your needs?

    Why do we need more than the moment has to offer?
    From whence cometh our emptiness?
    Our hunger?
    Our desperate query,
    “Is this all there is?”?

    Hold on to your moments.
    Relish them.
    Savor them.
    Do not let them go
    until they have graced you
    with their gifts
    and the abundance of their stores.

    And revealed to you the wonder
    of a life lived fully
    one moment at a time.

    #present moment #the here and now #awareness #photography on tumblr #original photographers
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  • Whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you have come. Remember everything you have faced, all the battles you have won, and all the fears you have overcome.

    — Anonymous  

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  • image

    Be yourself…! Always and everywhere. Let them be!

    Don’t try too hard to become someone, who you aren’t, or that others expect you to be who, what, how or how you should be. Even if they push you around, stay true to yourself.

    Meeting the other person’s expectations makes you unhappy. And it is a prison, you don’t want to be in! Right … ?

    When you been trained as a dull sheep … and do what they say, suppress your opinion and freedom….! Do you want that?

    No? Then stand up for yourself. Now! Set your limit, draw the line and say, this is my life. And I now determine: how, what, when etc.!

    And above all: I am a free person. I also have the right to be happy and to be free. Not by your chaines imprisoned. I am not a slave to your coercion to tell me or saying what to do, what I am not allowed or what i can do.

    I’m free. A free soul and spirit

    I am here , i am and i’m staying.

    I also have my birth rights and those are these:

    The right :

    To be happy,

    Having a free will,

    To be free,

    Have my freedom,

    The right of free speech,

    To have an opinion

    To be,… who and what I want to be.

    Everyone’s right. I am and you are. Different. And that is okay!

    Have a blessed day.


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  • It’s day 4 of the Alive! Aware! Awake home retreat and we are exploring the third foundation of mindfulness: chitta (thoughts and emotions). Here’s Maitridevi exploring the passive and active dimensions of our heart-mind.

    Listen to the talk and find all the retreat materials on our home retreat space - and join us later for a live conversation with Maitridevi exploring this further thebuddhistcentre.com/awake

    #aliveawareawake #homeretreat #retreat #mindfulness #awareness #wellbeing #health #freedom #liberation #Buddha #Buddhism #Buddhist #Dharma #Triratna #awake #meditation #community #sangha

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  • Seven months into this new year with everything having happened and finding myself on a new path on a long walked journey and there’s so much I’m still learning about my divine self love. It’s a daily practice, a moment to moment commitment and responsibility to the light of love within me. A subtle and profound refinement of tangible connection to truest self. I don’t always get it right and man do I work on my gat about that, but thankfully a consistent willingness to Be supported by radical self compassion always allows me to see myself clearly…eventually.

    And that’s the thing, this journey takes time, look too far ahead and you’ll find yourself overwhelmed. Start where you are at, in this now moment and you’d be surprised at just how simple the practice is and how adept you are at recognizing what you need to care for yourself. A recent experience, after what was an incredible day and despite feeling brand new (I literally felt like the personification of a shopping spree,) I once again battled my habitual bitch; unnecessary self criticism. And upon reflection the following day what were my solutions to this unyielding self judgement?

    Simple; take off your shoes, feel your feet flat on the earth, slow down so you don’t miss the details and allow yourself the space to learn. That experience was a dance between succumbing to old habits of thinking AND absolute enjoyment of self’s love and power. I flowed between those two states constantly, willing my awareness into the present moment which was full of shifting moods. I was determined to find my true center. So I danced on, defiantly, I danced willingly, embracing my rhythm as it came to me.

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  • just a human?

    A human, just a human?
    I don’t think so,
    More than,
    I AM

    Ability and potential,
    Don’t need credentials
    To allow yourself to think and sink

    Deeper, deeper, deeper
    How far do you go?
    And does it ever end?
    I don’t know..

    But I must grow
    In order to flow
    With my essence of source,
    Knowing I am an unlimited being
    With unlimited force

    Stop, breathe and allow yourself to think
    Allow yourself to feel, ALIVE.
    Do you know aliveness?
    Do you know creation and the king?
    No one must rule your world but you,
    Are you listening?

    Not seperate from anything,
    Just an awareness of time and space,
    And all Ive got to think about is why I AM
    Here in the first place…

    Only to love…

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  • if you can’t laugh at your own expense, then what’s the point? make fun of yourself as much as your can. don’t take life to seriously, it’s all temporary anyway. laugh as much as you can and bring joy back into your life in as many ways a possible

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  • “Increased awareness is essential, but for most it is not enough to shift the intergenerational trances of habitual consciousness. Many of us have quite a lot of insight into our embedded patterns and “know” what we need to do to awaken and heal.

    But despite all this “knowing,” fundamental change can remain elusive. At some point it may be only a turning of the heart which has the power to soothe the cosmic exhaustion and grief of an unlived life.

    What this “turning of the heart” looks and feels like for each of us must be discovered in the fire of our own direct experience. The figures that appear in our dreams, our waking fantasies, the pieces of soul that long to find us, to reach us, to touch us, to be touched, to be allowed back home… in the end, perhaps they’re not all that interested in our crystal clear insight and awareness.

    They want our burning, our shakiness, tenderness, humility, to set aside the fantasy that we have it all together, that we never feel angry or ashamed or depressed.

    To fall to the ground with them and hold them as we get back up together, to take the risk to allow the psyche to matter, to allow the manifestations of the soul safe passage out of the underworld and into the vessel of embodied presence.

    The alchemists were great models of this as the relationship they had with their materials with was that of a love affair. It was hot and intimate and alive. It was painful, heartbreaking, chaotic, and glorious. They allowed the material to matter to them.

    They loved the minerals and vessels and fires and related to them as living beings that they cherished. For them there was no solid dividing line between matter and spirit.

    These are all metaphors for how we might tend to our own experience: to allow our emotions to matter, to allow the body to matter, this earth to matter, this world to matter, to allow the “other” to matter.

    To participate fully in the bounty that has been laid out before us, perceiving, feeling, and receiving it as it spins out of the stars, incarnating into this world as the ever-creative emanations of the soul.”

    ~ Matt Licata

    Photo credit:
    Elk as guide at Rocky Mountain National Park – by Mike Goad

    #Life#Love#Healing #Heart and Soul #Matt Licata#Soul Life #turning of the heart #photo #Elk as guide #Rocky Mountain National Park #Mike Goad#Awareness#Awaken#Insight#Heal
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    Of water and the spirit

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    “there is hope, even when your brain tells you there isn’t”

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