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    18.05.2021 - 12 minutes ago
    #tw: child abuse #tw: captivity #Black Bird Fly #tommyinnit#sam awesamdude#dreamwastaken #actually the first draft of bbf has a scene of tommy in the cell #maybe i'll show y'all one day #anon #ask me stuff
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    18.05.2021 - 52 minutes ago

    I'll make a cup of coffee for your head

    I have a headcanon where, even now, c!Sam still sees c!Tommy on the corner of his vision. It really ruins his sleeping pattern. (And that he lets out steam whenever he's feeling any extreme negative emotions.)

    #eye contact#awesamdude#awesamdude fanart#tommyinnit#tommyinnit fanart#tommyinnit death#dream #dream smp fanart #pandora's vault#prison arc #This is my fourth drawing of c!Sam being haunted by his guilt and I doubt that this will be the last #I just really really love Sam's character o(-( #this man needs therapy istg #give him a break pls
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  • boonbeenblade
    18.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Warden’s Will

    This started as a minific, and then it became...this.

    Sam’s side of the incident with Ranboo outside the prison.

    There is comfort in the work. Sam leans heavily on the dirt, packing it down. He can already see the grass beginning to spread into the new territory once more. Creeper holes are everywhere around the paths near the prison. People grow careless, or they're talking and don't hear the hissing. It was like that in the Badlands days, too. Sam doesn't remember exactly when he started taking it into his own hands to patch up the holes left behind. It started as a joke, that much he remembers - the man with the creeper's face fixing their work. They all used to laugh about it.

    Now, it is a form of meditation for him. Feeling the dirt in his hands, something other than obsidian and netherite, calms him down when things become too much. It is an excuse to leave the prison, to get fresh air - rarer and rarer these days, as security grew tighter. The other guards aren't fully trained yet, and since the incident, he does not trust the safety of the prison to any other than himself. He does not want any of them to see Quackity show up, or to see him leave. The Warden does not like it when he leaves, but Sam reasons that creeper holes could conceal someone trying to tunnel into the prison. That would be a terrible idea, but it is enough to pacify the Warden, that aura of the prison that sticks to his lungs. That whispers in his ear. That holds him together, when the weight of it all would come crashing down from his shoulders. But being in the prison makes him more and more the Warden, and less and less Sam. He needs this break to be Sam. Just Sam.

    He sees a figure in the distance, raising his head and squinting in the dark. They are dark as well, though the glimmer of magic around the netherite illuminates well enough. Half a face is shown. No, both halves. Simply one too dark too see in the night. Ranboo. Sam greets him, and Ranboo is already on edge. "I need to go in the prison, Sam." Sam's words stop for a second. His mind races, and the Warden in him rankles. He manages to ask if Ranboo is okay. Water. Water would agitate him, but...not like this. It never made him say things before.

    Ranboo told Sam not to let him in anymore. He told him that, himself, so what is this about? The man does not stop. The Warden creeps into his voice. "You know what happened last time." It feels like gravel creeping over his throat. Ranboo himself said Dream was a danger. Anyone within reach of Dream was in danger. Anyone in the prison is a risk. Anyone within reach of Dream makes Dream more dangerous. He must protect them from Dream. So why is Ranboo doing this?

    Sam turns away, pulling out another handful of dirt. He can't look at Ranboo for this conversation as he tells him that he will not let him in. He doesn't want to let the Warden in further right now. Not now. Not when he was calm. Not when things were okay, for one moment. Ranboo is a good kid. He is nervous, often, and he has trouble with his memory, but he is a good man. But Ranboo does not leave.

    And then Ranboo says something new. "I need to be put in the prison, Sam. Please." Sam stops in his tracks, the dirt falling from his fingers. The Warden rumbles in his head. Is this a joke? Some kind of sick prank? Ranboo does not seem to be joking. But he will not tell Sam why.

    "Ranboo, I'm not going to lock an innocent person into the prison." He knows. In the prison, he is not Sam. He is the Warden. The Warden will not care that Ranboo is a good person. Not within the prison grounds. If Ranboo is in the prison, The Warden will treat him as a threat. "You haven't done anything wrong, Ranboo."

    Ranboo does not stop. Sam's hands are shaking, and he feels the Warden creeping into his feet. Holding himself steady. He hates that it helps him. This is a serious moment, and he cannot hold himself together without it. But Ranboo does not deserve the Warden. Ranboo gets in his face. Sam's eyes meet with Ranboo's through the mask, and he can feel the discomfort of ender eyes. The Warden takes the moment of weakness. "Stop this."

    Ranboo steps back. The Warden steps forward. "I'm not letting anyone else walk through that door except for me because of what happened, and you know that." His throat hurts. But Sam knows the Warden is right. If Ranboo is in the prison, he could see Quackity come. The holding cells are on the path to the main cell. He could see Quackity enter, and see him leave. He could hear the screams. What would Ranboo think of him, if he saw what he let Quackity do? What would he think of Sam?

    The sun begins to rise, and they are still talking. Ranboo offers to pay him to lock him away. The notion is so ridiculous that Sam can take control of himself again. He takes a shaking breath, praying that Ranboo does not hear. He does not. He reaches out, halfway, trying to offer a comforting gesture. "Ranboo, you are a good person." Sam tries to smile, but his face does not move behind the mask. Michael. Tubbo. The mansion. None of these break through to the enderman.

    Ranboo threatens to break in. Does he not understand how stressful the prison is? The Warden growls in Sam's ears, and he can hardly hear Ranboo. Does he not understand the responsibility? How much you have to do to deal with one inmate, let alone a second who won't even give you a REASON to put him away? His heart pounds in his ears. His hands shake. Ranboo starts to walk towards the prison.

    The Warden pulls out the sword. Warden's Will. He stands between Ranboo and the prison. "I think you need to go home, Ranboo." The gravel scrapes his throat, like broken blackstone. In the back of his mouth, the Warden tastes the salt tang of the Elder Guardian's aura. In the back of his mind, Sam is tearing up, watching Ranboo's eyes drift to the sword, then back to the Warden's eyes. He cannot tell him he is sorry.

    "Are you...going to kill me?" No, no, no, no, never - Sam is screaming, but the Warden is almost quiet. "I don't want to." The unspoken words ring louder than his voice. But I will if I think I have to. Sam pushes, and the Warden turns half-away, his grip white on his sword. "I don't think I'll have to." He pushes again. The Warden urges Ranboo home.

    Ranboo stops. He turns back. "You don't know what you've done." There is a sound, faint, like a flicker of steam on a grill. Past the helmet, down familiar tracks, runs a tear down Ranboo's face. Sam breaks through the wall, and he is himself again.

    "You're a good person." He feels faint. Ranboo looks faint. "Am I? I don't think so." Sam holds himself together, by the thought that Ranboo needs him to be together right now. "I do. Even if you don't."

    Ranboo leaves.

    Sam collapses to the ground, armored knees hitting heavily. He drops Warden's Will into the dirt next to him. The Warden is never that strong outside of the prison. It is an aspect of it, the zeitgeist of the building seeping into him. It never held onto him so tight before. The Warden would have killed Ranboo to keep him out of the prison. We have done worse. Not to someone who did nothing wrong! He was going to try and break in. He was going to see Quackity. He was going to be a tool for Dream.

    Sam fights with the Warden in his head, but he knows that the Warden is right. And it hurts. Something was wrong, but Ranboo could not tell Sam. Of course he couldn't. If Ranboo told Sam, then the Warden would have to act on it. Sam’s will is cracking. He cannot tell anyone what the prison does to him, or they will take him away from it. And then everything he has done will be for nothing. Every terrible act.

    He finally pushes himself to his feet. The sword is back in its sheath. Back where it belongs. Warden’s Will. The only will he has left. Sam looks behind him at the next creeper hole, half-filled in. The wildlife spreads over it, stopping, reaching out into the air for more dirt. The grass reminds him of Ranboo. He can't fill any more holes today.

    Sam goes back into the prison, closing the portal behind himself. He feels the Warden settle over his skin from without now, back in its element. It is just him, and Dream. As it should be. Warden, and prisoner. It is a new day. The Warden must prepare for Quackity's visit.

    Dream is a danger. The prison must be maintained. He must protect everyone, at all costs.

    #original#dsmp#dream smp#awesamdude#ranboo #dream smp fic #dsmp fic#dsmp minific#awesamdude fic#The Warden #sort of a continuation of my other post #that turned into something much longer #note: the italics are Sam and the bold is the Warden #I did that to help distinguish who is talking
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    18.05.2021 - 7 hours ago




    why is your serious voice so QUIET

    #van rambs#awesamdude #i'm watching a vod for a fic reference and #SPEAK UP SIR PLEASE
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  • axeandshield
    18.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    *This is my first fic, I can’t write dialogue for the life of me, but I thought this is a pretty funny headcanon as to where canon would go, so bear with me

    *keyword of the fic: why detective work on the SMP always lead to nowhere or straight into disaster; the irony of the warden being interrogated for a secret; the destruction of Pandora’s vault; disaster happens because of good intentions

    link to the fic: https://archiveofourown.org/works/31364921

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  • pattonflower666
    18.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I was gonna say imagine if the dsmp had to watch a play about themselves like the ember island players, then i realized thats literally just like getting the dsmp from twitter

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    18.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
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  • patchwork-rambles
    18.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Fandom: I wish [insert character here] would pop off and have a villain arc. They deserve it!

    [That character]: *has a villain arc or Does Some Not Good things, sparked by their own trauma and suffering*

    Fandom: Ah. Time to bash this character to hell. Nothing but hate for this character from now on. What? I literally asked for this? I can’t hear you over the sound of me yeeting this character into a paper shredder.

    (Some of y’all know how to actually criticize characters without like. Foaming at the mouth and eviscerating everything about them. And I love you for that. But some of y’all really are like “Want villain” and then go into a frenzy when that character Does a Bad. Like? What did you want from them then?)

    Bonus Part 2:

    Fandom: Tubbo could nuke the server, and I would cheer. He deserves to go apeshit.

    Me, who has been through this same cycle so many times now: Cool, I think I’ll just preemptively throw myself into the sea thanks.

    #this isn't necessarily ableism it is just really annoying #dsmp#dream smp #let's list the characters this applies to #Just off the top of my head #c!tommy #tommyinnit #c!wilbur #wilbur soot #c!niki #nihachu #c!jack #jack manifold #c!sam #awesamdude #and of course I fear for the fate of #c!tubbo #tubbo
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  • phasewashere
    18.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    i just realized that canonically quackity gets to see sam’s canon fat ass more than his fiancés

    #c!quackity #c!awesamdude #awesamdude#quackity #cursed thoughts which corza #:)
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  • farfran
    18.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #i would LOVE a chill character-based sam stream. i think that would be so cool #dream smp#awesamdude#willow answers#sam
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  • kingdom-trees-sfw
    17.05.2021 - 12 hours ago


    Pairing(s): Mcyt's + Punz & Quackity x Reader (Romantic) (Separate)

    Included: cc!Awesamdude, cc!Dreamwastaken, cc!Foolish Gamers, cc!GeorgeNotFound, cc!Karl Jacobs, cc!Punz, cc!Quackity, cc!Sapnap.

    Reader pronouns: None Used (They/Them)

    Summary: Mcyt's (+ Punz & Quackity) reacting to their s/o falling asleep on their lap/asking for cuddles on stream. (The reader is a twitch streamer/youtuber in Foolish's, George's, Punz's and Sapnap's.)

    Word count: 3.5k (3539) words

    Warnings: Swearing in Punz's, Punz and y/n get called mom and dad to which the reader calls Punz Mum, one mention of alcohol, the use of the nicknames: Sweetheart in Sam's; Baby in Dream's and Foolish's; Love in George's; and Beautiful in Karl's. Irl names used for Awesamdude, Dream, Punz, and Quackity.

    Main Masterlist

    Published: 18/05/2021


    Pre Sam's face-cam streams you used to sit with him a lot.

    As the Texas lad had a tendency to stream for a few hours at a time or do late-night streams, you usually stayed up with him, not wanting to go to bed without your partner at your side.

    Most of the time you would sit and either catch up on College/University work or either work on a project of yours, whether that be writing, art or animation or something else

    Now chat was used to hearing about you and occasionally hearing you in the background of Sam's streams and had thus dubbed you as Awesamguy/girl or even Sam's partner.

    Now on this occasion, you were practically falling asleep whilst working on an essay due in two weeks. Sam had noticed your eyes closing for short periods of time and you starting to nod off, the blanket that was wrapped around your shoulders probably making you feel comfier. He didn't want you falling asleep at your desk as he knew your back would be aching in the morning, even if you would just have an hour-long nap. So he decided to mute his mic and ask what you wanted to do.

    "Sweetheart?" Sam asked, placing his hand on your shoulder. You jumped slightly at the contact, waking yourself up slightly whilst blinking the sleep out of your eyes.


    “You can go to bed you know,” Sam asked softly, trying not to wake you up too much, “you don’t have to sit with me.”

    “I know,” you mumbled back starting to fall asleep again whilst resting in your hand, "Can we cuddle?"

    Sam sighed softly, his heart swelling up with love, already knowing this was your way of staying with him whilst you slept without dragging him away from his work and asking him to go to bed.

    “Come here, sweetheart.”

    Sam brought you into his arms and got you settled resting in his lap, the soft blanket wrapped around you as you rested your head on his shoulder. Before he started streaming again.

    "Love you Sammy," you mumbled out, the microphone picking up your voice thus leading to twitch chat spamming your online name.

    "Love you too sweetheart."


    You wandered into Clay’s room a few hours after he had disappeared for the second time that day. Your boyfriend was sat playing GeoGuessr on Georges alt stream before you came into his streaming room and brought Patches with you, the cat already lounging in your arms.

    As you stepped into his streaming room, he didn't notice you until patches let out a soft meow at seeing Dream, his head snapping around in panic before his eyes softened at seeing the both of you.

    He muted his mic as he turned his attention towards you as you walked over to stand next to him, patches wiggling out of your arms and onto Clay's desk.

    Your boyfriend pulled you onto his lap, facing him, his arms wrapping around your waist as he pushed his headphones off of one ear.

    "Hey baby, you okay?" Dream asked you, his head leant back against his chair.

    You made a noise of agreement before resting your head against his chest, "Just missed you. Not seen you a lot today."

    "I'm sorry," Dream apologised, "Didn't mean to leave you alone a lot today."

    "No it's okay!" you tried to reassure him, "I know your working and didn't want to disturb you much."

    As Clay went to reply to you again, you both could hear George speak through your boyfriend's headphones.

    "Dream you're not muted."

    Both of your eyes widened in panic before hearing a meow from behind you, seeing Patches leaning on Dreams keyboard.

    Dream internally sighed before pushing his headphones back onto his head properly. You turned in Dreams lap as he pushed himself closer to his desk, collecting patches in your arms and holding her in your lap, the cat deciding to settle down and not fight against the two of you.

    "Yeah, Daydream is here."

    When Dream had to admit that he had a partner in his life, due to Tommy accidentally revealing that you existed, you came up with the idea of being called Daydream to keep your anonymity.

    "Hey, George," you spoke out, knowing your cover was blown and there was no point in pretending you weren't there.

    You let yourself zone out of the conversation the two were having as you continued to pet Patches and relax in your boyfriend's lap, him occasionally placing a kiss to the crown of your head as he resumed his game with George, the two ignoring any more questions from donations and twitch about you.


    You and your boyfriend Foolish (*cough cough* himbo totem man) were both Twitch streamers and both of you sometimes had no thought behind your eyes.

    This often led to some awkward interactions on stream or where one of you would say or do something when the other was around and neither of you would pick up on the sublet context that could've been misinterpreted.

    Now the two of you often streamed together whilst on the Dream smp, or one of you, usually you, would start streaming once the other was about to end to keep a stream chain going.

    However, today you were streaming on your hardcore world which you had somehow kept alive for six months. How you managed that? Honestly, you had no idea.

    Getting the loud notification that you had set for raids over a certain amount of viewers, you jumped in your seat, quickly pausing your game so you didn't accidentally die.

    Recovering from the mini-heart attack you had just received, you thanked your boyfriend for the raid and explained to your new viewers what you were currently doing. Nonetheless, your once peaceful stream was once again going to be interrupted.

    As the door to your room swung open, you saw a sleepy Foolish stumble through as he clumsily shut the door behind him. He somehow managed to make his way over to you without knocking anything over or bumping into anything whilst carrying the large-ish shark plush you had gotten for him.

    Once he reached you, he sat himself down in your lap getting himself settled as he leant back against your chest.

    "Wanna take you to bed," he mumbled out burying his face sideways in your neck.

    "You wanna take me to bed?" you repeated his words, unsure if you had clearly heard him.

    "Yeah," he agreed with you, "wanna bed you."

    Trying your best not to laugh at him as you realised how bad what he said sounded you kinda brushed his comment off, "Okay then. I'm going to keep streaming for a bit baby, you wanna stay or you want to go to bed?"

    Foolish tried to nuzzle his head further into your neck, as he squeezed the shark plushie in his arms, "Gonna stay with you."


    Pressing a kiss to his forehead, your boyfriend started to drift off to sleep as you continued streaming for the next forty minutes, Foolish occasionally butting in with ideas whilst he was still semi-conscious, most of them non-coherent but you still replying to him, helping him to relax and settle down into his well-needed sleep.


    You loved streaming. The ability to play games and interact with those who watch was fun.

    Although your mood was sometimes ruined by those who joined only to catch a glimpse of your boyfriend and would constantly pester you about him, or by anti's who hated on you for streaming or for basically dating George, or by people who just hated in general, you still streamed, not going to let yourself be brought down.

    You were currently playing on a Minecraft server that you shared with a few of your fellow streamer friends, the server having the origins mod installed, you being of a specific origin to stick with your twitch brand.

    Anyway, it was getting late, almost three in the morning and George was bored. Sapnap, Dream, and Quackity were all busy and he had finished editing the next few videos he wanted to put out and now he was slightly tired, which he would never admit, and more or less bored.

    He knew you were streaming because he had it open in the background and was occasionally sending messages to your discord which you read. When some people in chat pointed out that he was watching your stream, you laughed it off and pointed out that George had chaterino (idk how you spell it, I'm just going off Phil's pronunciation of the word) open so that he would always appear in the chat, however, you knew that he was watching despite what you said is actually true.

    After a while, you ended up ignoring Georges messages and focusing on streaming and not dying in the game.

    After a while, you heard the door open to your left, you looking over and seeing Geroge stood there. Due to your greenscreen being up, twitch couldn't see the background of your room and just heard the sound of your door opening before you muted your mic.

    "Hey, love! Do you need anything?" you asked your boyfriend as he stood there.

    He shrugged his shoulders in response, a blush coating his cheeks, "Not really."

    Making grabby hands towards him you asked him a question which his sleepy brain couldn't refuse.


    George's face lit up slightly as he closed the door and made his way over to you. You pulled the boy into your lap, wrapping your hands around his waist and pressing a kiss to his cheek after he pulled his jumper hood up over his head.

    Unmuting your mic after he got settled, you continued streaming like nothing had happened but hiding your viewer count as you knew your views would increase due to Gogy appearing.

    You also turned your camera off to prevent anything from being clipped, knowing what certain 'stans' were like and also wanting to respect your boyfriend's privacy.

    After about thirty minutes, you felt Georges breathing slow, a sure sign that he was asleep. Feeling tired yourself you decided to call it and end the stream, thanking everyone for turning up and wishing everyone goodnight.


    Having already discussed it multiple times with Karl and had reassurance each time, you knew you could just walk into his streaming room and cuddle with him.

    The only time he was against this was during his Tales of the SMP streams which was understandable.

    Anyway, it was late at night, around two in the morning and Karl couldn't sleep no matter how hard he tried. This led to him leaving your bed and making his way to his streaming room where he would end up streaming on his alt account.

    Around an hour and a half into his stream, he saw the door open up and a tired you wrapped up in your giant blanket.

    See what had happened was you rolled over in your sleep, expecting to find the warm body of your boyfriend which would stop you from falling out of bed. However, instead of being greeted with his body, you woke up to find you had rolled onto the floor, that probably being the reason why your side and arm was hurting, bruises definitely going to appear in the next few days.

    After you had hauled yourself off the floor, you grabbed the massive blanket from your bed, it being larger than six feet long, in both length and width, and wrapped it around your body, heading to search for your boyfriend.

    Hearing his voice, which was quieter than usual, coming from his streaming room, you carefully pushed open the door, not wanting to disturb him fully even if you knew he wouldn’t be streaming anything 'important' due to the late time it was.

    He turned seeing you stood in the doorway before lifting his arms up and making grabby hands towards you.

    Walking over to your boyfriend, you grabbed his hands in yours as he started to mess with your fingers.

    "Cuddles?" you whispered, living one hand up to rub the sleep from your eye.

    Karl nodded back in response before helping you climb onto his lap. Getting you comfy in his lap, he wrapped the blanket tighter around you before cuddling you closer to his body, pressing a soft kiss to your forehead.

    “Hey beautiful,” he whispered to you resting his head on top of yours, “Sorry I woke you.”

    “It’s okay,” you mumbled back, “Just- you weren’t there.”

    Letting yourself fully relax against Karl you closed your eyes, allowing yourself to drift off to sleep as Karl continued with his stream, his twitch chat popping off with tons of messages about you.


    You and Punz haad been dating for a while, over a year now, and both your Twitch followings knew about your relationship. So it's normally not a surprise that if one of you was streaming the other one was likely to either make a cameo partway through or either join the stream whether that be in person or on their own pc.

    Due to the fact the two of you were living together, this meant both of you had messed up sleep schedules and would stream at ridiculous hours.

    Therefore, during one of Luke's middle of the night speedrunning streams, but now it was more like five in the morning, his twitch chat was just waiting for you to make your cameo and demand for cuddles like usual. Most people would think that's annoying for you to do that that', and some people had 'called you out' or sent hate in chat or via donations for it to which your boyfriend quickly shut them down saying that was how you showed your affection and that he was okay with it.

    Now you had pulled a practically full all-nighter, sat editing different videos for your youtube channel. Usually, you would send the footage off to your editor, however, you wanted to edit a few yourself for a change. Saving the files you were working on you decided to call it a night, or now morning, and head to find where your boyfriend was, a can of mango loco monster in your hand.

    (Mango Loco, Pipeline punch, Monarch, and original are the best flavours. White monster is the worst, fight me.)

    After not finding him asleep in your shared bedroom, you headed to his streaming room to find him live and failing at speedrunning.

    "Maybe you should play the dream speedrunning music, then maybe you'd actually do well," you joked walking over to him and resting against the back of his chair. Your arms dangled over the top of it as you reached them together to hug Luke, "Whatcha doing?"

    "Failing at speedrunning according to you."

    Punz looked up at you, a mock glare on his face.

    Pressing a kiss to his forehead, you untangled yourself around him, placing your can of monster on his desk.

    "Up," you began, moving away from him slightly, "I want a hug."

    Luke groaned out in mock distaste before pushing himself out of his chair and stepping forward to give you a hug. He wrapped his arms around your torso, pulling you into him as he buried his face in your neck. Your arms came up to wrap around his shoulders as the two of you stood there for a while, beginning to sway slightly before you pulled away and placed a soft kiss on his lips.

    Quickly detaching from him, you slipped past and plopped yourself in his chair before making grabby hands towards him, Punz instantly knowing what you wanted.

    "I'm not sitting on your lap."

    "Sit on my lap, bitch," you retorted back, a grin on your face, "I want cuddles."

    Punz paused momentarily, "You can have cuddles if you sit on my lap."

    Locking eyes with Luke, you knew that you wouldn't win this. Now if he had been slightly intoxicated like he was during pummel party then he would've sat on your lap without arguing but right now, there was no point.

    Begrudgingly getting out of his chair, you wrapped your arms around him, as he awkwardly shuffled around you into his seat, pulling you down into his lap so you were sat sideways, your head resting against his chest/collar bone. This way you could fully snuggle into him whilst still being able to see his computer screens.

    Pressing a kiss to your forehead, Punz let his eyes flit over to his Twitch chat, "Mom and dad are fighting again?"

    "Yeah mum," you said laughing against Luke as he shook his head at you before returning to streaming.


    It was late at night and Quackity was doing a stream on his alt account. He asked you about it beforehand, checking you were okay with him doing an overnight stream, to which you were.

    You were more comfortable appearing on his alt account due to the lower viewer count and the fact that his main account streams were a lot more chaotic.

    You had ended up sat with him, just out of the camera frame, but twitch chat knowing you were there as occasionally a body part would appear.

    Playing Minecraft on your Nintendo switch you had begun to feel your eyes start to close, sleep beginning to seep into you.

    Making the decision to try and stay awake a bit longer, you turned your switch off and pushing yourself closer to Alex, now within the camera frame.

    "Hey," Quackity whispered to you after he noticed you were now sat in view of the camera.

    "Hey," you whispered back feeling Qauckity attempt to grab your hand without making it obvious. Even if he held it now, you knew he'd have to steal it back to continue playing the game.

    "You tired?"

    "A little bit. Gonna stay with you though."

    Alex nodded in response, squeezing your hand once and giving you a soft smile before letting go and placing it back on his keyboard.

    "Chat, my partner is going to sit with us for a bit."

    Quackity paused after a moment before laughing.

    "No chat, I'm not a simp shut up!"

    His face, however, told a different story, especially after he looked back at you, a smile gracing his lips.

    Quackity continued playing his game, you occasionally chiming in and responding to an occasional message or donation you happened to read.

    Allowing yourself to rest, you laid your head on your boyfriend's shoulder, letting your body fall asleep listening to Alex talk to his twitch chat. He was now watching how he moved to stop himself from waking you before he called it a night and took the two of you off to bed.

    As you felt yourself being placed down onto something soft you woke, slightly panicking at the change in surroundings as Alex reassured a sleepy you that you were just going to bed. Climbing to bed himself, he allowed you to cuddle into him as he wrapped his arms around you.


    You and Sapnap were both invited by Mr Beast to film and subsequently ended up staying with Karl.

    The two of you had started dating around nine months ago, Dream introducing you both to the other, you both having known Dream for years but never interacting.

    The Florida man pushed the two of you to open up and talk about your feelings which later led to the both of you jumping at the chance to live with each other, even if it meant living with your friend.

    Now after knowing Karl for months, the two of you didn't hesitate about going to see him whilst making sure you were staying safe during the pandemic.

    During one of the later streams, you were tired after spending the day running around an abandoned hospital and hiding from Jimmy and then later Chris and then Karl. Managing to be one of the last standing, it meant you were on your feet the entire day, with the exception of when you hid in the ceiling. You ended up coming second after Jimmy announced you and Sapnap had to move around the hospital as you had been hiding for more than eight hours, and everyone was getting tired.

    This led to now, where you were curled up on the chair Karl had given you, a blanket wrapped around you as you tried your best to keep your eyes open and pay attention to the stream on Karls account.

    Your chair was scooched as close to Sapnap's as you could get, your head resting on your boyfriend's shoulder. His hand left his lap and intertwined with yours, his thumb stroking across the back of it.

    Trying your best to remain awake, you ended up zoning out from the stream and your environment, your eyes starting to droop close and your breathing starting to slow.

    The twitch chat had noticed you falling asleep and was spamming your sleep twitch emote and a mix of sleepy and your twitch name. They also started spamming Softnap once they noticed the soft smile Sapnap was giving you as he tried not to move as much, letting you get your sleep.

    #Tree writes stuff #awesamdude x reader #content creator: awesamdude #dream x reader #dreamwastaken x reader #content creator: dreamwastaken #foolish gamers x reader #content creator: foolish gamers #georgenotfound x reader #content creator: georgenotfound #karl jacobs x reader #content creator: karl jacobs #punz x reader #content creator: punz #quackity x reader #content creator: quackity #sapnap x reader #content creator: sapnap #type: romantic#type: fluff#type: sfw#pronouns: they/them#pronouns: n/a#type: irl#fic: reactions/scenarios #mcyt x reader #mcyt fluff#mcyt imagine#mcyt fanfiction
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  • lilulily
    17.05.2021 - 12 hours ago

    diversity wins! the leader of an entire faction committing war crimes and mass colonization is doing so in the name of the poc diamond character who simply watches the world burn 

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  • omfgdany
    17.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    i like how cc!sam went "my character is a guy who wears a creeper mask!" and every single artist on tumblr said "no <3" /hj

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  • simplydm
    17.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    Still think about Sam saying “I’m doing this out of my own free will” while torturing Ponk for the keycards; that was so chilling

    #torture tw#awesamdude #Sam acts so well #and that whole lore stream lives in my head rent free #ponk #speak up dm
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  • moonlitdiane
    17.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    The SBI brothers who were all raised by Phil to be more used to playing outside, to fall on their knees and earn scrapes and bruises like fading badges of honor.

    All of them are probably boy scouts who regularly terrorize their scout leaders.

    The boys are used to going on adventures in the woods and carrying first aid kits everywhere—because God forbid Tommy goes on one camping trip without picking a fight with a raccoon or Techno not getting detention for engaging in, and winning, a 1v5 battle with the student council. Save Phil's heart when he hears Wilbur has somehow taken Jschlatt's cat hostage and has now forced poor Jambo into a ridiculous cowboy costume.

    Tubbo befriended the local rich but quiet orphan, Ranboo. Phil sighs, he has to adopt another kid now. "Probably didn't want him to end up like batman," Wilbur jokes to Techno. "Therapy," Techno says once he's given the boy a once over, "he needs therapy, Wilbur." "Is conspiring to kill God not free therapy?" "No,"

    Stressed tired local white dad Phil with his green bathrobes and 6th cup of black coffee and it's only 11 in the morning. And he's staring at the tiniest pig he's ever seen being held up by his pre-teen son.

    "Tubbo, mate, what do you mean you adopted a baby pig?"

    "I believe the correct term is piglet,"

    "thank you, techno,"

    "Ranboo and I saw him at Sam Nook's farm and we named him Michael!"

    Ranboo sits quietly on the kitchen table, working on his cake batter, cheeks red in embarrassment under Phil's confused gaze that quickly turned into disappointment when Ranboo poured their whole stock of m&m's into the bowl.

    "Sam said we could keep him...." Ranboo shyly mumbled.

    Phil is already praying that his wife comes home from her business trip as soon as possible when his son comes walking in the kitchen, holding a plastic bag with a goldfish in it; "This is my fiancé," while his youngest son walks up to him to loudly ask "what's a strip club?"

    Techno creeps up behind him, eyebags darker than the ink that usually covered his fingertips, but there's a triumphant but tired smile on his face. "I'm the potato king, Phil,"

    And then there's the neighbor's son, Quackity. The iPad kid.

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  • bunnylotl
    17.05.2021 - 14 hours ago
    #bunnylotl writes #awesamdude x reader fluff #mcyt fluff #mcyt x reader fluff #dsmp fluff #dsmp x reader fluff
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  • farfran
    17.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #c!foolish shows .2 seconds of care for c!sam and i just Never stop thinking about it gHJFHJGHFGJ #dream smp#awesamdude#foolish#willow's vids
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