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  • feyturtle
    21.06.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Look at him. Look at that face. You think this man is capable of being in the wrong? No, he is perfect.

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  • mpils
    21.06.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Why didn't anyone tell me they were so cute? I just can't stop thinking about them.

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  • simplepotatofarmer
    21.06.2021 - 8 hours ago

    i wonder how it must feel to have all your character’s nuance removed so people can paint them solely as evil or bad, disregarding anything else. /rp

    #like hmmmm i WONDER #people who know me will know <3 #i wonder which character(s) and ccs i'm talking about #loyal talks about stuff and things #technoblade#dreamwastaken#quackity#wilbur soot#awesamedude
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  • set--suna
    21.06.2021 - 20 hours ago


    you ever throw a pride parade in the hallways of your school to piss off xenophobes? Punz does in this chapter

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  • rosiianox
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    raise your left hand if you’ve ever been personally victimized by the prison agenda-

    oh god Ponk I’m


    Anyways yeah, cutting your ex boyfriend’s arm off, am I right chat?

    also my c!sam design is so fine and no I will not apologize for saying it:.,.,.,?!?!?!

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  • definitely-not-a-raccoon
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’ve never drawn Sam before, so I’m pretty proud of the design. Let me know if there’s anything I should add ( as long as your polite ).

    #awesamedude fanart#awesamdude#dsmp #his goggles are red to balance colors cuz creepers see in green scale
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  • the-fresh-prince-0f-denmark
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    the picture of tubbo and wilbur on the dock from jack's new vlog looked like an old war photo so i decided to do dsmp memes from a vlog 2: electric boogaloo but smp earth is canon


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  • taurustown
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    just a bunch of guys.. you know… hanging out.

    #AINSISNUNSHSNUSGHHHEBERYTIME #every time i draw quackity he gets GREASIER #purpled sam and foolish designs r.. subject to change. #my art#dream smp #dream smp fanart #digital art#quackity#quackity fanart#fundy fanart#slimecicle fanart#foolish gamers #foolish gamers fanart #purpled fanart#awesamedude fanart#las nevadas
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  • ink-mcree-arts
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago


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  • hippiity
    20.06.2021 - 1 day ago

    its male parental caregiver day 

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  • alexthemagicaldevil
    19.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    Of Medea, Jason, and Other Tragedies

    Some of you might remember a post I made a little while ago comparing how Quackity and Technoblade fit into the lore of the DSMP. Here are my thoughts via a 3k words of angst:

    Read it on AO3

    There was nothing left of L’Manburg.

    It was something universally understood and known. Something that was never questioned. Something that everyone just accepted so that they could move on and not think about the nation that had too many traitors, too many broken promises, too many memories. It was something that everyone thought they believed so that they wouldn’t go looking for little pieces left behind, pieces that miraculously survived the desimation.

    But Quackity knew the truth. Those little pieces could be found without looking too hard, whether it be in the fractured relationships of the SMP or the physical evidence that managed to not become ash at the bottom of a crater. And Quackity, well, he held both of those pieces in the palms of his hands.

    In one hand, he held the souls of those fractured by L’Manburg’s memory. Fundy and his desperate need of a stable family, with a past scarred by a father that went mad and nightmares that haunt his waking actions. Sam and his futile attempts at control, gradually being poisoned as he pushes everyone away and tries to single handedly keep the server’s god locked in his own prison. Purpled and his lack of legacy, even in a place he so heavily influenced and his skills so valued yet so dismissed. Foolish and his beautiful builds and broken heart, running away from his destructive past and wanting peace despite the possibility of godhood sitting at his fingertips.

    In the other hand, Quackity held a poster, one of the last remaining remnants of the place he had once fiercely declared home. He has no idea how it survived. Most of the physical pieces of L’Manburg that could be found were sections of buildings just far enough away from the explosions, items in random chests, or whatever was on the citizens at the time. Yet somehow, through all the fire and TNT, this poster had survived.

    Technoblade. Wanted dead or alive.

    Quackity had found it relatively soon after Doomsday, wandering around the crater where L’Manburg once stood. It was slightly singed on the edges and an entire corner was gone, but there it was, lying on the ground innocently, Technoblade’s mocking eyes staring at him with something like satisfaction.

    He should have left the thing there. It would have eventually faded away like the rest of L’Manburg with enough time under the elements. Or maybe he should have burned it and forgot it was there in the first place. Whatever he should have done, picking it up, carefully folding it, and stuffing it into his back pocket was definitely not it. But he did. And it stayed with him for a long time.

    At first, it was just there, a burning reminder in his back pocket of all he failed to do and what he promised to accomplish. It was there as he built Las Nevadas from the ground up, barely noticeable besides the constant nagging reminder in the back of his thoughts. It was there when he hired Purpled and Technoblade to take care of the Eggpire that had gone on for far too long, growing heavier and heavier each time the Blood God looked at him. It was there when he found out about Kinoko Kingdom for the first time, how the only three people he thought he could trust, the reasons he built Las Nevadas in the first place, left him behind without a second thought.

    (The poster didn’t feel heavy then, but it did feel like it was laughing at him. Low and monotone, coming from deep within his memories.

    The poster didn’t feel heavy then, but the two rings threaded through a chain around his neck did. They felt like shackles threatening to weigh him down and drown him.

    Quackity removed the rings and hid them in a chest after that. Somehow, though, they still felt suffocating).

    The poster was there for everything, tucked away in his back pocket, even when he began recruiting members for Las Nevadas. Through Foolish and Fundy, Purpled and Sam, and even through Slime. It knew everything, Quackity would find himself thinking. Of course, there was no way for a poster to know anything, but it didn’t stop the thought.

    It wasn’t until after Wilbur visited him with Tommy after his revival (and so many memories of Pogtopia) that he finally took the poster out of his pocket. He was alone at the time (as he always is these days, it feels like, even surrounded by other beings) and in his unfinished casino. Sam had left nearly an hour ago to continue his duties as the Warden at the prison. The echoes of their conversation reverberated through Quackity’s mind.

    Technoblade is going to the prison to see Dream tomorrow, he remembers saying. I trust you know what you have to do.

    Of course, Sam had replied, the intense green of his eyes sparking in the dim lighting of the casino. You’ve done your part. Now I’ll do mine.

    Quackity stared at the glass of whiskey in his hand. It had always Schlatt’s drink of choice, when he was still breathing. The smell reminded Quackity of the long nights he spent as Vice-President to a man barely sober enough to stand, let alone run a country. How many times had he put the smallest amount of poison in Schlatt’s drink, hoping that this time, it would be enough to end him for good? How many days had he spent hiding bruises and putting on fake smiles, wondering if it was all worth it? How many nightmares had he endured, thinking about everything Schlatt did and made him do?

    He drank all the whiskey in one go. It burned his throat and pooled like fire in his stomach.

    The glass made a satisfying thud on the counter as Quackity set it down. It was then that he finally reached for the poster in his back pocket, holding it almost gently in his scarred hands. He traced the edge of it with his finger, thinking deeply.

    Quackity unfolded the poster, one fold at a time. The folds were deep from the sheer amount of time it’s spent in his pocket. It was honestly a miracle that it was still intact, given the state it was in when Quackity found it and the constant strain it’s been under since.

    When Quackity finished unfolding the poster, he placed it against the wall and used his empty whiskey glass to hold it up. It looked just like he remembered, even back when the Butcher Army was first created. Sure it was faded and threatened to fold on itself at any moment, but it was still there. The reward, Technoblade’s face, the L’Manburgian flag.

    Quackity stared into Technoblade’s red eyes. It was only a drawing, but whoever had done the picture nailed the resemblance to the Blood God. The scar over his eye and lip itched just looking at it.

    “You know Technoblade,” Quackity found himself saying. “Before we met, I always had a healthy respect for you. Who didn’t? Everyone was in awe over the Blood God, the most terrifying fighter of our generation, rumored to never be able to die.” He sighed. “Of course, fighting was never my strong suit. You found that out first hand,” he added with some humor, though it felt flat. “Still, a part of me longed to do what you do. Words can only get you so far, get you so much respect.

    “They say you should never meet your heroes. Something in that has to be true, because ever since I’ve known you, my life has been nothing but one bitter failure after another.” The poster didn’t reply, and Quackity understood with some absurdity that he was literally talking to a poster as if it were a real being. Still, he continued on.

    “Well, maybe that’s giving you too much credit, but it sure feels like that. It’s just,” he trailed off slightly, moving his hands around, trying to figure out some way to articulate his point. Words were supposed to be his weapons, but here, vulnerable and trying to express something that’s been gnawing at him for so long, they scrambled in his throat. “Somehow you come out of every battle, every conflict without a single mark, yet I’m punished for every decision I’ve made since I came to this Primeforsaken SMP.”

    And those words, Quackity realized, are when the floodgate inside his chest burst.

    “No matter what you do, who you hurt, who you kill, what everyone wants or tries to accomplish, you have never paid for anything you’ve done to the people of this server. I remember when we took down Schlatt with Pogtopia, how you were so insistent that the government had to be taken down, all the while talking about how it was the people’s choice to live how they wanted to live. Well guess what, shithead? The people, L’Manburg, us, we decided that we wanted a government, one that listened to us and one that we could trust. And what did you do once the people made their choice? What did you do after we had called you our friend and said you didn’t have to live by our ways if you didn’t want to? You called us traitors. Said we used you, when all you ever wanted was an excuse to push your own anarchist bullshit down the throat of any server that would give you the time of day. You’re somehow the biggest hypocrite I’ve ever met, even in a world where Dream runs around as the Admin.

    “But that’s not even the worst of your sins, isn’t it? I’ve watched you blow up countries with no remorse, execute a child on the whim of a dictator, corrupt and hurt every single person I’ve ever cared about, destroy what I put every ounce of my heart and soul into like it was nothing.”

    There were tears aching behind his eyes now. Quackity took a shuddering breath, trying to calm his hurting heart. He thought about Schlatt and his time in Pogtopia, thought about Tubbo and Tommy and Niki and every other L’Manburgian face as they realized the nation they loved was gone at Technoblade and Wilbur’s hands. “And what were your consequences for all of this? What karma did the oh so powerful universe decide you deserved?

    “Nothing. Not a single, goddamn thing. For all your violence and bloodshed, you get to live in a nice cottage in the Arctic, filled with friends that celebrate your birthday, and not a single regret.”

    Quackity smiled blankly at the poster, raising his hands. By now he was full on pacing in front of it, his shoes making soft noises against the tile. All the while, Technoblade’s red eyes watched his every move.

    “But what about me? Prime knows I’m the furthest thing from a saint this server has to offer, but at least I had good intentions. I went against Wilbur during the elections not because I wanted power, but because I saw what he was doing and no one else was going to call him out on his bullshit. I mean, come on! Running a single party election in a so-called democratic nation? Now, that doesn’t mean I didn’t do bad things. I should have left Schlatt the moment I realized just how bad he was. I shouldn’t have waited until after he ruined L’Manburg and executed Tubbo to join Pogtopia. It haunts me every waking moment.” Quackity stopped his pacing for a moment, lost in the memories. Tubbo screaming, the flash and bang of a firework. The explosion of color from the second firework immediately after, because the first one hadn’t been enough. The burning in his chest as he was hit with a firework of his own.

    “And then, after you and Wilbur decided to blow it all to kingdom come, I did everything I thought was best for L’Manburg. I helped people. I rebuilt everything you destroyed and made it better. I wanted to hunt you down and make you pay for everything you did.” His scar began to itch again. “But I guess we both know how that turned out.

    “And what were my consequences for this? For doing my best, realizing my mistakes, trying to fix them, trying to protect those around me? What karma did the oh so powerful universe decide I deserved?

    “Everything. I was punished for everything. Every place I called home, every person I called a friend, every time I fell in love, anything I tried to protect, every time I tried to be happy, I was punished for it. Somehow in this fucked up version of the story, I’m the villain that needs to be punished for their actions, while you’re the blameless hero that gets a happily ever after!”

    Quackity was near yelling at this point. It felt good to let out all of his emotions after so long, putting everything into the open even if no one else heard him. He forced himself to calm down slightly, running a hand through his hair.

    “Have you ever heard the story of Medea and Jason?” he asked abruptly. The air of the casino seemed to shift uncomfortably with his sudden change of tone, lighter and lower than before. “You probably have, with your obsession with Greek Mythology and shit. You know something interesting about Medea, though? Even though she did horrible, and I mean horrible things, she never lost the favor of the gods. She abandoned her country for some random dude she fell in love with, plotted the murders of her brother and father, as well as murdered a princess with a poison so strong that it killed anyone she touched, and even killed her own children. Yet she doesn’t pay for any of it. Through all of the murder and sorcery, the kept her favor with the gods, and was allowed to have a happy ending. Hell!” Quackity let out a barking laugh. “She doesn’t even die as far as anyone knows! Greek mythology is known for its love of horrible and dramatic deaths, yet of all of the myths she shows up in, never once does it mention her eventually dying, even of old age! Sounds like someone else we know, doesn’t it?”

    He paused for a moment, as if expecting a reply. Of course, there was none.

    “Now Jason, Jason, on the other hand, we see something interesting. You see, he loses his favor with the gods, specifically his patron Hera, because he was trying to marry another woman even though he was already married to Medea and had two children with her. Can you imagine your patron goddess being the lord of marriage and family, and then you trying to marry another woman? The balls on that man, I’m telling you. The point is, none of his heroic deeds mattered in the end. He lost favor with the gods, lost his wife and children, and ended up dying alone, crushed under the weight of the Argo. The only thing left to immortalize his heroism ended up being the cause of his death.”

    Quackity suddenly paused. His words echoed in the casino around him. No longer was he pacing. Instead, he stared long into the distance, as if he could see something through the thick walls. The weight around his neck was nearly unbearable. When he spoke again, it was just above a whisper.

    “I guess what I’m trying to say is you are an awful lot like Medea. Doing horrible things left and right with the gods still choosing to favor you, still getting a happy ending despite all the pain and grief you’ve caused. But…” he trailed off, looking back at the poster. It may have been his imagination, but Technoblade’s eyes seemed less mocking, somehow.

    “I have hope. Maybe you’re not Medea. Maybe, just maybe, you’re Jason. You’ll do something so terrible that you’ll lose your favor with the gods, lose everything that ever mattered, and you’ll be crushed under the weight of what once proved your worth.” Quackity walked forward, reaching out his hand. His fingertips stopped less than an inch from the surface of the poster, just hovering. Waiting. Contemplating.

    “But I can’t wait for that to happen. I can’t wait for the universe to finally decide you’ve lost its favor.”

    He dropped his hand. “You once said something, Technoblade. You said: treat others as they have treated you. That was your excuse for everything you’ve done. I tried to enact that saying once before, and I lost a life because of it. This time around…”

    Quackity finally snatched the poster from the place on the wall, rattling the glass in the process. He refused to acknowledge that there was the finest tremble in his hands, making the poster shake.

    “Well, the universe already made me the villain of this story. Might as well act like one.”

    Quackity ripped the poster to shreds, piece by piece, one of the last remaining pieces of L’Manburg destroyed at his hands. Soon it was so shredded that it was unrecognizable, a pile of paper falling softly to his feet. When it was gone, it felt like pressure was relieved from Quackity’s shoulders. For the first time in a long while, he smiled genuinely.

    He walked out of the casino, leaving the pile there for another day. He was sure Slime would clean it up without much fuss.

    And if the weight around his neck grew to be nearly unbearable-- well, that was no one's knowledge but his own.

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  • sunnytime54
    19.06.2021 - 2 days ago

    I hate this fandom because nothing will be happening for weeks then as soon as I have to do something there’s will be 15 lore streams, massive lore teaser, a head cannon is confirmed, there’s 2 new members to the SMP, someone’s getting canceled, and Im then forced to go underground for a week to catch up!

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  • jupiterrluv
    18.06.2021 - 3 days ago

    no thoughts... just c!sam as a lynel..

    #awesamedude#dream smp #i want to draw this sooo badddd
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  • artsyrobinn
    17.06.2021 - 4 days ago
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  • theghostofblackbunnymask
    17.06.2021 - 4 days ago

    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 3 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Even A Devil Can Break- Chapter 3 (Y!Casino! Quackity x Female Reader

    Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 (Currently Reading) Chapter 4 (In The Works)

    Summary Of The Story- Y/N was friends with Quackity ever since they were kids, but once Las Nevadas gets formed Quackity finds out about Y/N's greatest strength, which makes him use her for his own benefit, not caring if he traumatized his main obsession.

    Summary Of Chapter-  When Ben leaves to go to a near by village, and when he’s gone, the Las Nevadas crew break in, but instead of seeing Y/N, they meet something unexpected, an entity named Ebba

    Word count- 1,990

    Warnings- Panic Attacks, People Breaking Into Someone’s House, Cursing, Manipulation And Lying, Spying, Yandere Tendencies

    Author’s Note- This is based on the characters they play, NOT the people themselves

         Y/N and Ben walked back home, Taco and Burrito following behind. As the group walked home, the sun began to rise.

    “Wanna watch the sun rise?” Ben asked.

    “Sure,” Y/N said, before running towards a hill.


    “HEY GET BACK HERE!” Ben yelled in a joking manner, Taco and Burrito following after.

        Y/N got tackled by Ben, making them fall on the hill together. As the sun began to rise, Y/N turned to Ben and asked.

    “What do you think happened to Emiko?”

        Ben froze, remembering their 6 year old sister.

    “I don’t know, I haven’t seen or heard her after L’manburg blew up, you don’t think…” Ben asked.

    “Nah! Us (L/N)s are quite invincible creatures, especially us, Emiko is most likely alive and well, we’ll find her, promise,” Y/N said.

         Y/N was also worried that Emiko might be dead, but she didn’t want to think about it too much.

    “Come on, let’s go before someone attacks us,” Y/N said, helping her brother up.

        Once they got home, Y/N walked to her room and sat down at her desk, pulling out a black journal with different gems surrounding it, written in white ink was “The Days Of Y/N L/N.” Y/N always wanted to keep track of events just in case anything was to happen for where she lost her memory or Ebba needed to know something, because Ben said Ebba doesn’t share any of Y/N’s memories because he didn’t remember him. She had this book ever since she was 4, so in the beginning of the book, the handwriting was messy and almost unreadable, but the more you read the neater it got. Y/N dipped her quil into the back ink and began to write.

    “March 16th 2021, 9:56Am,     After a long ass time, I got a message for Bg Q, inviting me and Ben to this place called ‘Las Nevadas,’ Taco called it a dollar store Las Vegas. That dog may have an attitude, but man do I love that dog. Once we got there, Quackity had this massive scar on his face, he said he didn’t want to talk about it, which was understandable. Quackity introduced gambaling to me and Ben, we hate it, we have the worst damn luck. At the end of the tour, Quackity asked if me and Ben wanted to join Las Nevadas, Ben and I said no due to us being scared Las Nevadas would get blown up, just like L’manburg, we already lost our parents due to it and our sister went missing due to it, Las Nevadas looked beautiful but, we couldn't risk losing each other, not after that incident. Quackity seemed to be understanding, but I could sense anger from him-”

         Y/N felt another presence in her room, making her stop writing and looked around. Y/N saw a cup that was green on her desk.

    “I don’t have a green cup…” Y/N said before picking it up.

          Y/N knew for a fact no one came in, she could hear noise for at least 1oo miles, but during this she made it at least 5 miles, and she heard no one come in. She looked at the cup and remembered that she hadn't brought a drink upstairs in a long time. She placed the cup on a chair and sat down on her’s, looking at the cup. “Uh, hello? Are you just a normal cup or a person?”

    “What’s a cup?” The green cup asked, before turning into a human like figure, but had slime on his head and shoulder, but besides that he looked human.

    “What you just were- You know what, forget it! Who or what are you and what do you want?” Y/N asked.

    “I’m Charlie! And I’m a slime! What are you? You don’t look human, from what I’ve seen,” Charlie said in an innocent tone.

    “A demon hybrid, now why are you here?”

    “I’m supposed to be spying on someone! And you look a lot like them, are you their copy?”

    “Spying… Who sent you?” Y/N asked, grabbing her staff.

    “Quackity from Las Nevadas said I can’t tell you.”

        Y/N froze before sighing.

    “Why did he send you?”

    “Can’t say.”

    “Jesus this will be hard, he seems to have the mindset of a naive 5 year old child, but in a man’s body…”

    “Hm, what’s your status with Q?”


    “Ugh, what is he to you?”

    “Oh! He’s my best friend!” Charlie said.

    “Ok… What did he say before he sent you here?”

    “He said to spy on a girl that looked like this,” Charlie said, before showing Y/N a picture of her that was covered in slime due to Charlie’s hands.

    “Got him.”

    “So Big Q sent you? Can you give him this message,” Y/N said with a sinister smile.

    “Sure!” Charlie exclaimed.

          Y/N wrote down on a piece of paper before handing it to Charlie.

    “Don’t read it until you give it to Quackity, Understand?”

    “Yep!” Charlie said, before sliding under her window which was locked.

    Meanwhile with Charlie…

    “I really want to open it, but that lady said not to.”

    “Charlie, why are you back so early?” Quackity asked.

    “That lady wants me to give this to you!” Charlie said, showing him the letter.

    “So, she saw you…”

    “No! She just saw a green cup and it was me!” “Ugh…” Quackity said before grabbing the letter.

    “Fuck off Big Q,. Pull something like that again you’re gonna get another scar.                                                                   From,                                                                           Y/N.”     Quackity crumbed up the letter and threw it far, before looking at Charlie who was in the water fountain.

    “CHARLIE GET OUT OF THERE! YOUR GONNA CONTAMINATE THE WATER!” Quackity, pulling him out before pinching his nose.

    “Wait… Charlie, you can change your appearance to humans, right?”

    “Yep! But it took hundreds of years for me to take this human form.”

    “Forget it, humans don’t live that long, Charlie, can you look for these people and send them here for me?” Quackity asked, giving him pictures of different people.

    “Sure!” Charlie said, before running off.

    Back at Ben’s house…

    “Y/N, who were you talking to?” Ben asked, walking into Y/N’s room.

    “Quackity sent a spy on me.”

    “Dead ass?”

    “Dead ass.”

    “Bruh… Anyways, I’m going to go to the village a few miles away, wanna come?” Ben asked.

    “Nah, I’ll stay here.”

    “Ok! Don’t mess up anything while I’m gone, got it?”

    “Yeah yeah.”

        When Ben left, Y/N began to make a cake, she had an unhealthy addiction to sweets, cause it helped with the pain and trauma she had, but luckily she was immune to diseases like diabetes. When she finished the cake and was about to eat it, her window broke and saw a hand unlock and open the door. Y/N ran up stairs, only knowing that she was in danger because in her peripheral vision, she saw a diamond axe. She locked her door and looked for one of her netherite swords, starting to have a panic attack and her hands began to shake.

    “WHERE IS THAT PIECE OF SHIT?!” Y/N thought as she looked through her chest.

    “Bell? Are you in there?” Quackity asked, axe in hand as he was outside her door.


    “Wait, Y/N has 2 lives left, right?” Fundy asked.

    “Yes?” Quackity said, confused.

    “Why don’t we just kill them?”

          The room went silent as everyone looked at Fundy with an ‘Are you an idiot?’ face.

    “Hear me out, I’ve worked with Y/N in the past, she said that she’s more than willing to die, but being killed for a selfish or manipulative reason terrifies her, and she’s scared of how painful it would be. Possibly taking away her 2nd life would make her more cooperative due to her being scared of being gone for good?”      Quackity thought about it, before saying.

    “You make a good point, Fundy, we’ll do it.”


    “FUCK OFF YOU NO WINGED DUCK!” Y/N said while throwing stuff from her chest behind her.

          This made Quackity snap as he began to hit his axe against the door, The Shining style. Y/N began to see her legs grow longer and felt a massive headache as her horns got bigger. Y/N gripped her head and curled up in her corner as she felt like she couldn’t breath, tears going down her face. Once Quackity got the door weak enough, he kicked it open, with the rest of the Las Nevadas crew behind him, but instead of seeing Y/N, they saw a passed out Ebba in a corner. Sam walked towards Ebba, confused. He took his sword out, but stopped mid-way when he saw Ebba’s eyes shoot open.

    “What the hell…” Ebba asked, his voice sounding like three people were talking at once. Ebba looked up and saw a diamond sword in his face.

    “WHAT THE HELL?!” He yelled, jumping up with his staff glowing purple.

          The group froze, looking at Ebba who was about to bonk Sam on the head.

    “You don’t know who we are?” Foolish asked.

    “Oh why of course I do- NO I DON”T YOU IDIOT! Sorry~ I have these outburst sometimes, can’t control it, but no, who the fuck are you people?” Ebba asked, floating out of the corner before sitting on Y/N’s chandelier.

    “I’m Quackity, and this Charlie, and Fundy, the one you yelled at is Foolish, and the one holding the sword is Sam.”

    “Hm, Well I’m Ebba. Where am I, I don’t remember this place,” Ebba asked, floating around the room, looking at Y/N’s bookshelf.

    “Well you’re at y-” Charlie started before getting his mouth covered by Quackity.

    “Y/N got kidnapped and we went looking for you!” Quackity said, nervously.

        Ebba slowly turned his head towards Quackity, giving him a menacing look.

    “Ok… Well I’m gonna go now, you’re boring me, I’m only around for so long!” Ebba said as he broke Y/N’s window with his staff.

    “WAIT! Did you say you were bored?” Quackity asked.

    “Yes, ARE YOU DEAF?!”

    “No, but I know a place where you’ll never get bored,” Quackity said, smirking sinsterly.

         Ebba stopped in his tracks before turning his head around fast, with excitement in his eyes.


    “If you come with us, I can show you.”

          Ebba nodded as he followed the group as they left. Once the got back to Las Nevadas Ebba admired it.

    “This place looks gorgeous…”      Charlie showed Ebba the slots, and unlike Y/N, he got diamonds every time. Quackity was shocked before asking how.

    “I, Black, was a casino owner when I was alive, I know how to always win, the house may always win, but that applies to ALL houses!” Ebba said, only having one voice talk this time, his form looking more demonic before going back to normal.

    “Not,” Ebba said, bending down so he was eye level with him before booping Quackity’s nose.


    “One,” He said, booping his nose every time, he said, before laughing and walking off with his riches.

    “He’s good!” Charlie exclaimed.

    “Like gambling!”

    “Yeah, like gambling…” Quackity muttered.

        Quackity brought Ebba to his office, sitting him down. Quackity pulled out a contract and placed it on the table.

    “Since you said you want to join Las Nevadas, you must sign this contract, which says if you betray the country or try to leave, we have every right to hunt you down and kill you, or bring you back here.”

          Ebba hesitated, thinking about what would happen if he joined, because that would mean Y/N would be bound to this place, what would happen if she tried to leave. Sighing, and thinking about how miserable he would be without this fun place, he signed it and handed it to Quackity. Quackity took it and looked at it for a few seconds, Ebba couldn’t see his face due to the paper, but Quackity had a sinister smirk on his face, before moving the paper away from his face before saying.


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