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  • freylief
    03.05.2021 - 4 days ago

    berserk is a complex story with just as complex characters but hee hee griffith did nothing wrong joke funney

    #ive seen people actually think this especially on fb #like some guy got caska's r*pe scene tattooed on his leg and just #berserk fans are awul sometimes
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  • hellasblessed
    19.02.2021 - 2 monts ago


    #i’m exhausted #and i pretty much hate everythibg that i wtitr #write #and my side effects of covid are awul #aka i’m in /so much/ pain
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  • elizabeth-chase
    09.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    this xenophobia is so nasty eugh

    #abbie watches supergirl. #idk how much more i can take #this is awul #supergirl#s4e19
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  • rebelwithacausesolveig
    21.12.2020 - 4 monts ago


    Even if Solveig wanted to empty all of her savings accounts she’d never have any idea what to get Klaus for Christmas. Well, there was a gift she already had that was a bit of a joke, and getting him nothing would likely go unnoticed. Then again, in the last couple of months alone he’d done more for her than she knew how to repay, even if it was mostly just listening. Well, and helping her stave off a massive hangover. 

    It took some thinking and quite a bit of planning, but she’d finally figured it out. Of course it had meant getting Klaus into a vehicle on Christmas eve to drive the perimeter a bit up the mountain, which he’d thankfully agreed to. In true Klaus form though, agreeing hadn’t meant a lack of complaining and questioning. About her driving, where they were going, the secretiveness... By the time Solveig pulled over in the snow laden clearing over looking the castle she was close to strangling him. Turning off the engine she narrowed her eyes while looking over at him. “Just get out of the car, or I will shoot you and leave your body up here.” Opening her own door she got out, hoping he would follow as she walked towards the edge of the cliff to find the small rock markers she’d left the day before. 

    #/PS. She's an awul reckless driver. #Klaus#Klaus007#para #Do Not Call Me 'All Girls' || Klaus
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  • sastheforestspirit
    07.09.2020 - 7 monts ago

    working on refreshing my memory and control what I forgot/didn’t study enough in pre-corona times when I still had motivation!!

    dont ask me why or how I forgot 書く the simpliest verb, I got confuse and I coun’t it as ‘don’t remeber enough’ 

    #did another pages #japanese tag#japanese langblr #pardon shitty quality #light in my room is awul is late and my phone is old samsung GTS5610 #aka the potato
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  • shima-draws
    03.07.2020 - 10 monts ago

    Me, seeing notifications and banners on social media talking about how we need to start wearing masks in public again: The human race had one job and utterly fucking failed

    #THERE SHOULDN’T BE AN ‘AGAIN’ WE SHOULD HAVE BEEN DOING IT THIS WHOLE FUCKING TIME #I ALWAYS wear my mask when I go out #I’ve been doing it since we were required to #Because I respect other people’s space and need to stay healthy #Also bc if my dad gets COVID he’s in BIG trouble. So I’m protecting him too #But it’s so fucking ridiculous the amount of people I see outside not wearing masks #And big events like concerts and games are opening up and I’m like #STOP!! STOP!! IT’S NOT FUCKING OVER YET YOU’RE MAKING IT WORSE #The news: A second wave of COVID— #Me: I FUCKING TOLD YOU SO!!!! #Wear. Your. Mask #I hate this country oh my god we never take anything seriously #And there’s been what??? 200000 deaths?? And our government hasn’t done SHIT about it? #EDIT: 130000 but that’s still AWUL what the fuck #This is the cursed timeline #Shima speaks #Anyway there’s my rant wear your mask outside wash your hands and be respectful of others
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  • ainotame
    29.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    Tsubasa’s hair gets more tolerable with every season

    #it looked awul in season 1 ngl
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  • eightw
    16.01.2020 - 1 year ago

    screencap redraw (sorry it’s cropped weirdly)

    #this isnt even the exact picture i used - i was stupid and used this super low quality one i already had saved #before realizing it was too awul to use - it's cropped weird on accident :[ #princesthings#my art#star wars#finnpoe#poe dameron#finn#tfa #the force awakens #screencap redraw#sequels #my signature Triangle Blush
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  • threee
    24.04.2021 - 1 week ago

    jm drinking root beer bc i saw root beet in the fridge and i went. i want that. but its fucking ZERO SUGAR and its AWUL. but i cant just put it back for someone else to have. what should i do mutuals on tumblr.com

    #3.txt #mission log
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  • gntmmodels
    03.04.2021 - 1 mont ago
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  • therookshavereturned
    26.03.2021 - 1 mont ago


    “I’ve read his books.” The Duchess shook her head. “I doubt he’s told you a fraction of how… messy it really was. Parliament saw it as a direct challenge to the Lector’s boy and his fitness to rule. The rebels needed to be dealt with at any cost, so the army rode in and slaughtered families, villages, towns…” She took a deep breath. “Entire districts put to the sword. Though they missed a few people. Here and there.”
    You? Katya thought, but she knew the answer already.
    It was there in the way the Duchess carried herself; the tension in her arms, her fingers tapping on the tabletop, the rage in her eyes like a light approaching down a long, dark corridor.  

    3,945 words. CW: Discussion of racism, bigotry, mild descriptions of violence.


    Much like that horrifying epiphany at the card game, it was hard to articulate exactly what had just changed. The Duchess hadn’t moved an inch, merely raised her head to look Katya straight in the eye, and yet it felt as if she’d become an entirely different person. One moment the way she had her arms resting on the table suggested nervous introspection, the next she seemed ready to grab Katya by the throat.

    The corrupting influence of the godless foreign hordes –

    Katya didn’t know that any of them had ever tried to corrupt her, but still.

    It felt as if she were a mirror someone had given a good, hard smack with a hammer, and if she moved at all she’d fall to pieces just like that. This was the Duchess. The Vershinin family sat on the Little Father’s court. You didn’t get Praxit in parliament. All they were good for was cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors. You could teach a dog to jump through a hoop, but you couldn’t get it to handle affairs of state.

    And yet.

    Tinhinan al-Feraoun.

    That was a Praxit name.

    “Hengen by birth, to be fair,” the Duchess said quietly. “I’ve no more idea than Prina does about what it’s like to live in the desert.”

    “But you’re Praxit,” Katya repeated.

    “Enough!” The Duchess grimaced. “You do know that word barely means anything, right? ‘Dust devil’? It was your generation came up with that one. I always thought it was such a dreary insult to level at…” She shrugged. “A thousand different tribes, creeds, family trees…”

    “So what should I use?” Katya said weakly.

    “Try awul,” the Duchess suggested. “Sha’ab al-awul. ‘People of the Voice’. That was how my mother and father thought of themselves.”

    My mother and father. There came that hammer again.

    “But,” Katya protested. “Your hair. Your –”

    “Do go on,” the Duchess said. “Would it be easier for you to accept this if I was some bearded, swarthy little dwarf? Like Oleg’s dealer at the card game?”

    She rolled her eyes.

    This is impossible, Katya told herself. None of it makes any sense. This is the Duchess Vershinin, not Prina with her –

    With her…?

    What was it about Prina again? The shape of her mouth? The slant of her eyes? Katya pictured the maid’s face and suddenly found herself unable to pinpoint what, exactly, made her part of the Other. How was the maid any different from Katya herself? They both had dark hair, and pale, slightly olive skin, wide eyes, and slightly softer features than, say, Natalya Platonyevna. Not that Prina couldn’t look aggressive. Or the Duchess –

    The Duchess –

    And Katya realised, then, there was something else she’d glossed clean over.

    “You’re Praxit,” she said. “You’re… ah-hul. Awul. You’re –”

    She gripped the edge of the table and noticed, as if from some great distance, that her hands were shaking. The Duchess looked at her, unsmiling, and spun one finger in the air as if to say, keep going.

    “Papa was Hengen.” Katya swallowed, forcing the words out. She could feel a band closing around her throat, like the fever she’d suffered through as a little girl. “But you’re Awul. So I’m –?”

    And here she found she’d lost the ability to speak entirely.

    “A mutt?” the Duchess said, with a chilly smile. “A mongrel? Why yes, I suppose you are.”

    The hammer swung down one last time, and Katya – Katerina Evgeniyevna Vershinin – shattered.

    Katya raised her hands, slowly, awkwardly, turned them backwards and forwards and tried to quash the sudden conviction they didn't belong to her. The basin of water under the window, with the catfish crawling across their bed of dull black pebbles, took on a terrible significance; if she bent over it, she’d see a stranger looking back up. She didn’t want to speak, for fear she’d hear somebody else’s voice.

    The Vershinin family sat on the Little Father’s court. You didn’t get Praxit in parliament.

    All they were good for was cleaning toilets and scrubbing floors –

    You didn’t thank an animal for doing its job –

    You’re Praxit, Katya told herself as she laid both hands back down.

    You’re Praxit.

    The woman across the table was watching her, still with that paralysing stare, but Katya thought there was a certain sadness in there; a brief flicker of empathy in those deep brown eyes as if to say, do you get it now?  

    The Duchess reached out, placed a hand over one of Katya’s and squeezed, once, then took it back.

    “I never meant for things to get so out of hand,” she said distantly, “but… seventeen years. She kept her silence for seventeen years, and cruelty came to her so very easily. Tinhinan. Not to mention she never did like children.”

    “Oh,” Katya managed.

    “She didn’t have much use for weakness,” the Duchess murmured, “or the concept of mercy, let alone the idea of… hearth and home. She took pleasure, found satisfaction, in a job well done, or any time she got to strike a blow against the Lector’s rule. Not that it happened that often, you understand, but you took what you could get, back then. For a long time, she had precious little alternative.”

    “A job well –” Katya sat up straight and lowered her voice. “You mean –” She swallowed, clutched her temples, then stared at the Duchess accusingly. “You were a –” She couldn’t bring herself to say it.

    A terrorist.

    The Red Brigade had been a spent force for decades. The Wolves had never been able to eradicate them entirely, but it was hard to get anyone to take you seriously when the government knew what you were doing the moment you started to think about it. Maybe they couldn’t literally smell treachery, as rumour had it, but they could absolutely sense balefire, and some of them really were supposed to be able to read your thoughts.

    But the pamphlets were still out there, and every so often the bombs still went off or people’s frustration boiled over to the point there was fighting in the streets. The fact that political agitation or rioting or using balefire could see you publicly executed – if the Wolves felt that would serve a purpose – couldn’t stop it entirely. The Red Brigade might be a joke to some, but Katya’s father was still dead.

    “A freedom fighter,” the Duchess said with a thin smile.

    “Don’t,” Katya said automatically. “Just don’t – okay. All right.” She threw up her hands. “For what?”

    “Well.” The Duchess slowly leaned back in her chair. “This was a long time ago. Before Ilham, or the Red Brigade…” She pursed her lips. “You know who the Lector was, I take it?”

    “The Little Father,” Katya said. “The last one.”

    “This was back when his son had taken over,” the Duchess said, “but Andrei was still alive. Barely. There were countless factions circling over the Golden Throne, looking to be the first to gain the boy’s ear once his father had given up the ghost. The Lector thought his son might fend off the vultures if he proved he could stand up for himself.” She grimaced. “If he acted like a warrior.”

    “Meaning?” Katya said.

    “You are aware –” The Duchess shrugged. “Perhaps this seems obvious, but I’m never quite certain how much Demyan Valeriyevich has taught you. You are aware the provinces feel… neglected? Habitually forgotten?”

    “People talk about it,” Katya said. “Where the Wolves can’t hear them.”

    “I should imagine.” The Duchess nodded. “Still, parliament are always bickering over how to bring the furthest corners of the empire back into line. There was an influx of migrants from Aufrit and the Middle Kingdom at that point and Andrei thought purging the region of any foreign elements, anyone who didn’t conform to the popular conception of a good Hengen, would help his son immeasurably.”

    “You mean,” Katya said slowly, “killing –”

    “Oh, that came later,” the Duchess interrupted. “First it was punitive taxes and regulations for anyone trying to settle on Hengen soil. Stiff penalties if they wouldn't comply. Some people kept their heads down and went along with all this, no matter that it left them little better than slaves. Others decided they'd had enough.”

    “But,” Katya said, “they must have known, right? What would happen. With the Wolves, and the soldiers, and –”

    “You still don’t understand,” the Duchess said. “Think of what I just told you about Ilham. Think of the riots. The Frost outside the walls. Does anybody talk about that, when the Wolves aren’t listening?”

    “I’ve seen it,” Kasimir said quietly. “The Frost.”

    “You have not,” Filip insisted. “From the caravans, maybe. That doesn’t count –”

    “He’s seen it,” Natalya put in. “He’s climbed up there to get a look. Right?” She rolled her eyes. “It’s what he does.”

    “It wasn’t just me,” Kasimir said. “Nestor’s brother knew a private who was happy to look the other way if we slipped him a couple of bottles of vodka and some, uh…” He caught Katya’s gaze and blushed. “Dirty pictures.”

    “Soldiers,” Natalya murmured.

    Katya shrugged. The Duke hadn’t told her everything she wanted to know about the army, but she’d heard him drop a few choice quips about the appetites of the rank and file. Even at sixteen, however, Kaz seemed to believe she was some fragile little flower he had to protect at all costs.

    “So where was this?” Filip wanted to know.

    “Near the stables,” Kasimir said, “on Shuprovnik Alley, right on the edge of the northern quarter –”

    “Are there any…?” The younger boy grimaced at the name. “You know, actual dog-roses down there?”

    “Not a chance.” Kasimir shook his head. “It’s a couple of hundred yards from the wall and it’s so cold everything’s dead. There’s a fallen tree in the brook behind… a farrier’s place. Something like that. Tramps sleeping in the old barn. The patrols are all bored out of their minds. Meeting two rich kids who wanted to climb the wall was the biggest laugh they’d had in weeks.”

    They all turned silently to stare to the north, over the hedge and down the slope. You could see the haze, like a bank of low-lying cloud that had settled over the houses far off in the distance.

    “It’s like…” Kasimir shivered, though the sun was high overhead and the garden was almost pleasantly warm. “Like the air’s about to freeze solid. You can break your eyelashes off. Like they were glass. It feels like there’s this giant hand wrapped around you, and if you spend too long up there it’ll squash you like a bug.”

    “What did you see?” Katya said.

    “Ice.” The boy’s voice dropped to a whisper for a moment. “Just… everywhere. Like the sea was all around us and someone stopped it in the middle of crashing onto the shore.” He made a rippling motion with the fingers of one hand in mid-air. “You can see buildings. It’s a city. The rest of the city. Or it used to be. But it’s frozen solid and I swear you don’t get what that really means until you’re looking right at it.”

    “People live out there,” the Duchess said softly, as Katya shook herself awake. “Understand? They came here for countless different reasons only to be turned away at the gates, and yet they decided they’d rather make a home in the Frost than go somewhere else. Does it honestly surprise you, then, to hear that some of them would rather have fought than let the Little Father walk all over them? Even knowing the penalty?”

    “I never,” Katya began, then fell silent, her face hot, her aching head whirling.

    She listened to the water slosh around the basin as the catfish crawled from one end to the other. It was the same anger she’d felt when the Duchess challenged her over what she’d done to Prina; frustration over being backed into a corner but also shame at the realisation she didn’t really know how or why any of these things had happened. She’d never thought to ask.

    She glanced at the door, as if she could make this all go away by running out of the room.

    “Anyway,” the Duchess said. “They fought. They had their revolution, over the new laws and the taxes and all the rest of it, for all the good it did them.”

    “I know this part,” Katya said hesitantly. “I mean. Demyan said –”

    “I’ve read his books.” The Duchess shook her head. “I doubt he’s told you a fraction of how… messy it really was. Parliament saw it as a direct challenge to the Lector’s boy and his fitness to rule. The rebels needed to be dealt with at any cost, so the army rode in and slaughtered families, villages, towns…” She took a deep breath. “Entire districts put to the sword. Though they missed a few people. Here and there.”

    You? Katya thought, but she knew the answer already.

    It was there in the way the Duchess carried herself; the tension in her arms, her fingers tapping on the tabletop, the rage in her eyes like a light approaching down a long, dark corridor.  

    The Duchess rang for water. A waiter arrived with a pitcher and two glasses, with ice and fresh limes. They both drank, though Katya thought the glass might as well have been full of sand for all the good it did her. Her throat still felt uncomfortably tight, her skin too hot.

    “What happened next?” Katya said.

    “Chaos.” The Duchess traced the rim of her glass with one finger. “For the longest time. Not necessarily because of the Little Father, mind you. He led the charge, to prove he knew one end of a sword from the other, but then the Lector took ill and the son rode back to the capital as quickly as he could.”

    “But it didn’t get…” Katya tried, and failed, to think of the right word. “Better?”

    “No.” The Duchess closed her eyes. “No, it did not.”

    Katya watched the condensation trickle down the sides of her glass for a long moment without saying a word.

    “The men he left in charge,” the Duchess said at last, “were hard and avaricious types happy to keep turning the screws on the locals if it made their names at court. Oh, there were exceptions. Some of the officers tried to play by the rules. But much of the country swiftly became hell on earth.”

    She worried at the side of one thumb with a distant expression until Katya realised, with a lurch in the pit of her stomach, that she could see blood running down the woman’s hand. The Duchess stopped, stared at her fingers and sucked gingerly at her thumb.

    “Tinhinan was…” She spread her hands on the table again. “She was born in the mud. And the rain. Waking up in a ditch by the roadside as soldiers told fifty, sixty people to stand there mere feet away, men, women, children, every last one of them shot in the back of the head, probably because some newly promoted captain wanted to impress the court with his zeal and one pathetic huddle of migrant families was –”

    “How come she survived?” Katya whispered.

    The Duchess shrugged.

    “You did whatever it took,” she said simply. “Some of them curried favour with the occupation. Warmed their beds. Informed on their friends. Some of them stole. From each other, then from the enemy. Harassed them. Caused a nuisance. Fought back, little by little. While it still looked as if they could make a difference.”

    “Some of them…” Katya began.

    “Gave up,” the Duchess said. “Yes. Fled back into the wilderness, then across the border the way they’d come. They were tired, frightened, and revolution is hard enough even when you’re not backing a lost cause.”

    “But Tinhinan…?” Katya prompted her.

    “Tinhinan was… lucky –” The Duchess leaned heavily on that word, rolling her eyes. “Lucky enough, for want of a better way to put it, to fall in with the ones who felt they could keep fighting. They wanted to head further inland and disappear in the cities. They'd be the worm inside the rotten apple, the canker eating at the very heart of the capital. And if they could win over a few more hearts and minds along the way, so much the better.”

    “The, uh…” Even after everything that had happened it still felt faintly surreal to name them out loud in such a mundane setting. “The Red Brigade?”

    “The name came later,” the Duchess said with a wave of one hand. “But they had the same ideas. Civil disobedience. Destruction of property. Riots, arson, knives in the dark –”

    “And the Wolves just let them get away with it?” Katya blinked. “Like, no arrests, no…” She drew a finger across her neck.

    “You jest,” the Duchess said, “but back then the Little Father thought of them as…” She looked at the blood crusting over on her thumb. “A splinter. An annoyance it was too much trouble to get rid of. Not to mention they could catch somebody, now and again. String them up outside Tarshin House and let the crowds watch.”

    Kasimir had been to an execution, once, a serial debtor who’d defrauded one too many merchant families to be released from prison yet again. It was the only one of his adventures he refused to talk about.

    “They seemed more than…” Katya mumbled. “Annoyed. With you. Last night.”

    With us, the still small voice pointed out.

    “He realised,” the Duchess said. “In the end. The splinter had festered – but people will resist consulting a surgeon, won’t they? Even when their hand needs to come off. Especially then, I suppose.”

    “So that was when…” Katya began.

    “He started flailing about like a man in denial,” the Duchess said. “Realising the conspirators had a name, a call to arms, and growing support; that they’d progressed from bombs in the street to infiltrating the court; that they had balefire on their –”

    “Sorry –” Katya leaned forward, waving a hand. “You said they were inside the court –?”

    Of course they were, she thought. Because –

    The few times Katya had asked either the Duchess or the Duke what brought them together she’d been young enough to be happy with vague romantic platitudes. I was waiting outside the opera house, dear heart, trembling in the snow. He stepped out of his carriage, took one look at me and offered me his coat. Pressed his hip flask into my hands. Bullied the doorman into letting me inside. It was like something out of a fairy tale –

    “Did he know?” Katya swallowed. “Did my father have any idea?”

    “Not at first,” the Duchess said quietly.

    “Evgeniy saw…” The Duchess shrugged. “What he wanted to see. Youth. Beauty. Somebody vulnerable. In need of protection.”

    Katya remembered falling asleep in her father’s arms, with the buttons on his uniform scratching the tip of her nose. If that story was true –

    I was waiting outside the opera house, dear heart, trembling in the snow –

    It would have worked, she thought.

    “He wanted to help,” she whispered. “Didn’t he? He just wanted to help and you –”

    “Me?” the Duchess put in. “I did a lot of things, but…” She trailed off, both hands on the table, scratching at her wounded thumb. “I couldn’t…” She looked up. “I mean you’re here because I couldn’t, when push came to shove. Could not. Would not.”

    “But papa had no idea?” Katya said.

    “He had his suspicions.” The Duchess glanced out of the window for a moment. “He wasn’t stupid. And he’d worked out a lot of the salient facts before I actually…”

    “Confessed?” Katya said drily.

    “Very droll.” The Duchess rolled her eyes. “I only told him what he asked me to. Which wasn’t much. He went to his grave knowing little more than you –”

    “I think I know a fair bit,” Katya said.

    The moment the words were out she saw a dangerous light in the Duchess’s eyes, but it was exhausting being hit with one revelation after another and she badly wanted to regain some lost ground.

    “Oh, you do, do you?” The Duchess sat up straight, with both hands in her lap. “And what makes you so certain?”

    “I was there,” Katya said defiantly. “I mean. I saw her. Saw –” She took a deep breath. “Saw you. What you did to –”

    “You saw nothing,” the Duchess said. “Nothing. Understand, pumpkin? What you saw –”

    For a moment her voice sank back into the same guttural register she’d used at the card game, and Katya shrank back in her seat.

    “What you think you saw,” the Duchess said heavily, “was the merest fraction of what she was capable of.” She tapped, slowly, at the tabletop with one finger. “Imagine a Wolf, a boy the same age as you, maybe younger, kneeling in the snow. A child in hysterics, begging you to kill him because you just cut off both his hands and left him alive, to stagger back to the capital a cripple. Simply for the fun of it.”

    She wrenched the knife up and back as if she were taking the leg off a chicken and –

    Katya thought of the other card players, back in the Rake’s basement when all hell had broken loose; the mousy girl crawling across the floor in terror, the red-headed young man and his desperate bravado; the bullyboys running from the room, bloodied and bruised –

    Had they seen her? Did they realise, on some level, who’d followed them in from the cold?

    “Imagine spitting on that boy,” the Duchess went on, her voice rising in pitch, “full in the face, and laughing. Imagine knowing this was nothing compared to what you’d done the day before, or –”

    There was a tentative knock at the door.

    “Is everything all right, ma'am?” a voice asked.

    “Yes!” the Duchess said. “Yes, fine! Go away, please?”

    They listened as the sound of footsteps retreated through the antechamber and down the stairs.

    The Duchess glanced at the door, then shook her head as if to steady herself and met Katya’s gaze again.

    “I did say this wasn’t a confession,” she said. “Do you imagine that was said out of some stubborn refusal to accept any kind of, of guilt? Of responsibility? I'm trying to protect you, girl. Thorns, do you think I enjoyed putting the image of that boy into your head? Would you like more? Believe me, she has –” The Duchess swallowed. “I have more.”

    I have more.

    This woman was an enemy of the state, or had been, once, but she didn’t seem to like the idea, and that alone did a lot to persuade Katya not to run screaming from the room. Who would want that? Not to mention, what did it take to shut that person off, to put her and the things she’d done behind you? How frightening would it be to know she was still walled up in there somewhere?

    “Are we safe?” Katya whispered.

    She didn’t want to run away screaming. She wanted to be a better person than that. To believe the Duchess was, if not confessing, then at least contrite. To believe the Wolves had no idea who the two of them were. That this woman had saved her life when she’d been the one to get them both in trouble in the first place. That she’d sat down with Tatyana Karin'ya Vershinin, and not Tinhinan al-Feraoun.

    “For now,” the Duchess said quietly.

    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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  • bajugarisgaris
    23.03.2021 - 1 mont ago


    23.03.2021 14.10 WIB

    I’m back!  Setelah beberapa minggu break dari nulis di Tumblr (karena nggak sempat), nyambung dari tulisan sebelumnya tentang “awul-awul”, kali ini aku mau nulis tentang apa yang pernah kukerjakan di masa mudaku (ceilahhh) beberapa tahun yang lalu.  Kegiatan charity ini aku kerjakan dengan temanku yang saat ini fokus di bidang katering sehat, kami memberi nama kegiatan ini dengan “CUCI LEMARI DONASI” di tahun 2017.  Awal mula kegiatan ini dari menumpuknya barang kami yang sudah bertahun-tahun nggak dipakai. Ada buku, baju-baju yang sudah kecil, tumbler dan jaket dari mantan. 

    Tadinya kami mau bikin website untuk gerakan ini, yang nantinya bisa dilakukan secara online (mirip-mirip Toko Senyum, yang ada di postingan sebelumnya) dan kami bisa donasikan ke berbagai portal atau tempat yang membutuhkan. Sayang sekali, kegiatan ini nggak berlangsung lama :( hanya 1 tahun karena tahun berikutnya aku sudah pindah Jogja dan kawanku ini sudah menikah sehingga masing-masing punya kesibukan sendiri. Padahal kami ingin sekali meneruskan kegiatan ini, mungkin nanti kalau anak-anak kami sudah besar dan bisa kami libatkan dalam kegiatan ini. Oh alangkah bahagianya! Semoga ya, amin. 

    Ini kegiatan kami yang kedua, ada di Aromia Coffee bersamaan dengan kegiatan Ngobrol Ide yang pertama kali diadakan oleh salah satu komunitas di kota Salatiga. Cukup lumayan hasil yang kami dapatkan dalam kegiatan ini. Tujuannya adalah kami ingin berdonasi ke beberapa panti asuhan yang ada di Salatiga, hingga akhirnya kami memilih salah satu yayasan yang merawat orang-orang berkebutuhan khusus. 

    Beberapa helai baju yang sudah terkumpul ini asalnya dari lemari kami sendiri, beberapa dari saudara dan sahabat dekat. Semuanya masih bagus, bahkan kami juga ikut membeli jika ada yang cocok :p 

    nah, kalau ini gambar yang kami pajang di beberapa kegiatan yang kami ikuti. Alas yang kami pakai adalah sprei, syukurlah respon teman-teman yang datang sangat bagus.  Akhirnya kami berpikir untuk kembali melanjutkan kegiatan ini bekerja sama dengan sahabat kami yang mengelola sebuah sanggar untuk Sahabat Tuli, namanya Sarang Lebah. Kami buka lapak beberapa hari disana dan menunggu kalau baju-baju itu tidak habis maka kami akan menyumbangkannya ke orang-orang yang membutuhkan. 

    Hari yang cerah di tahun 2017, dan kebetulan pemilik Sarang Lebah ini baru saja membuka warung kopi. Lapak kami gelar di halaman Sarang Lebah, sehingga orang-orang yang lewat bisa lihat-lihat, atau barangkali ada yang mau membeli. Kami disana selama beberapa hari saja.

    Nah, itu aku, yang lagi duduk :p Selain baju, kami juga menjual tas, bahkan ada yang menitipkan alat-alat kerajinan tangan. Kami sangsi apakah nanti bisa terbeli benda-benda seperti itu. Ternyata ada yang beli walaupun anak-anak kecil yang ada di sekitar sana. 

    Poster diatas kami adalah kegiatan yang kami adakan lebih kurang setahun setelah beberapa acara di tahun sebelumnya. Garage sale yang ini kami adakan karena ada salah satu teman pemilik warung makan yang ingin memberikan tempat bagi kami untuk “melapak” sekaligus menuntaskan misi kami untuk mengumpulkan donasi.  Akhirnya dari beberapa acara yang sudah kami adakan, donasi terkumpul lebih kurang sebanyak 1.200.000an. Dari situ kami berdua berbelanja sembako dan kebutuhan-kebutuhan yang dibutuhkan oleh panti asuhan, hingga tiba harinya untuk mengantarkan sembako ke panti asuhan.  Panti Asuhan yang kami pilih adalah Yayasan Sumber Kasih, yang berada di Karangalit, Salatiga. Panti tersebut merawat lansia berkebutuhan khusus dan beberapa lansia yang sebenarnya masih memiliki keluarga tetapi keluarga tidak mau merawat. Dari donasi tersebut kami membeli bahan makanan, kebutuhan sehari-hari seperti sampo, sabun, beberapa handuk dan pampers khusus orang dewasa. 

    Setelah acara terakhir itu, kami masih sering kontak, tapi sayangnya sampai tahun ini kami belum bisa bergerak lagi untuk melakukan gerakan serupa. Karena masih sibuk jadi ibu-ibu yang anaknya masih balita. Mimpi kami bahwa suatu saat untuk membuat toko kecil seperti Toko Senyum akan terus kami rawat. Entah berapa tahun lagi impian itu terwujud, tapi aku yakin kalau nanti pasti bisa mewujudkannya. 

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  • sohottubgarden
    20.03.2021 - 1 mont ago


    Wuhoh. I saw fake Aki today. Their turning awul gray and long and wavy

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  • bajugarisgaris
    12.03.2021 - 1 mont ago



    Belakangan lagi ramai perkara istilah thriftshop, secondhand shop dan vintage shop yang diawali dari cuitan seseorang yang “flexing” hasil penjualan baju-baju di marketplace dengan angka yang cukup tinggi. Lalu mendapatkan tanggapan dari seorang penulis bahwa dengan ia menjual baju-baju bekas dianggap “merampok hak orang miskin”, kemudian keributan di Twitter terjadi dengan berbagai macam opini. Memang ya, Twitter sarangnya keributan :) tapi jadi banyak bahan untuk ditelaah lebih jauh. 

    Kali ini aku ingin sekali ikut menuliskan pengalamanku sebagai pecinta awul-awul (dimana mbak Diana Rikasari menyebutnya sebagai secondhand market) dan istilah thriftshop yang sedang jadi bahan perdebatan. Meskipun sekarang topik itu sudah nggak ramai lagi, tapi aku ingin sekali menuliskannya disini. 

    “AWUL-AWUL” ADALAH NAMA TENGAHKU Istilah awul-awul pertama kali kudengar dari kakak sepupuku sekitar 20 tahunan yang lalu, aku ingat betul waktu itu kakak sepupuku yang SMA memakai sweater abu-abu bergambar Snoopy, adiknya yang usianya tidak berbeda jauh denganku memakai kaos hijau tua (kalau tidak salah ada tulisannya Looney Tunes). Lalu ia menceritakan kalau mereka dapat baju itu di sebuah toko baju bekas yang ada di kota kami. Mereka menyebut tempat jual baju bekas dengan istilah “awul-awul”. Karena dengan ngubek baju itu kita harus mengawul-awul sampai apa yang kita inginkan ketemu. Seperti mencari jarum di tumpukan jerami. Katanya, kalau kita jeli dan telaten ngubek bak atau memilah baju-baju yang dipasang di hanger, kita akan dapat jackpot berupa baju (bekas) yang mahal. Saat itu harga sweater dengan label Peanuts dan kaos adiknya mereka dapatkan tidak lebih dari 25.000 rupiah!  Wow, aku jadi tertarik. Tak lama kemudian aku ijin pada ibu untuk menyisihkan sedikit uang sakuku biar bisa beli baju di toko itu. Tibalah harinya aku dan ibu pergi ke awul-awul, aku sudah merencanakan untuk membeli jaket / sweater dan sehelai baju. Cukup itu saja. Sampai disana kami akhirnya mendapatkan apa yang kucari, 1 jaket hitam (yang saat ini masih ada, tapi lebih sering dipakai ibu) dan 1 baju biru tua dengan label Nike aseli! Aku senang sekali, sampai rumah kami merendam baju-baju itu dengan air panas dan deterjen yang banyak, lalu mencucinya sampai benar-benar bersih. 

    Kegiatan itu jadi candu sampai sekarang yang hampir berusia 30 tahun, dan mungkin akan berlanjut sampai tua nanti. Di berbagai tempat selama aku pergi merantau baik di Jogja, Jakarta maupun Bali aku tidak pernah absen pergi ke awul-awul atau ke event yang menjual baju bekas. Biasanya event seperti itu diadakan untuk charity, mereka menjual baju pantas pakai yang masih bagus lalu hasil penjualannya diberikan entah ke korban bencana alam, dog shelter, atau untuk panti asuhan.  Selama di Jogja sejak tahun 2012, aku tidak pernah absen dengan event besar di akhir tahun yang bernama SEKATEN. Sekaten adalah sebuah acara besar yang biasanya dimaknai oleh orang-orang Jogja (khususnya) sebagai pasar rakyat dan pada hari-hari terakhir acara itu akan ada grebeg Gunungan. Sayang, aku tidak punya dokumentasi waktu kesana. Dalam Sekaten ada satu lokasi yang dikhususkan untuk awul-awul, dimana itu menjadi “surga” bagi kami pecinta awul-awul. Walaupun pengap dan “penuh”, tapi kami sangat bersemangat untuk memulai perburuan mencari baju. Memang kadang jadi lapar mata karena sebenarnya ada baju yang tidak ingin dibeli, tapi karena dianggap “bagus” dan “kapan lagi bisa dapat baju yang labelnya asli tapi murah!”.  Kemudian saat aku tinggal di Bali, aku lebih sering membeli baju di Jl. Teuku Umar, disana ada sederet toko yang menjual baju-baju bekas import. Kadang mereka membuka lapak di pinggir jalan kalau malam hari. Ada juga yang menjualnya dengan mobil pickup. Selain mendapat baju-baju bagus dengan harga miring, aku juga mendapatkan beberapa helai scarf.  Ada lagi toko khusus charity di Ubud, tepatnya di seberang Seniman Cafe, namanya Toko Senyum. Pertama kali masuk kesana, aku senang dengan konsep tokonya, semua yang dijual disana untuk biaya operasi anak-anak dengan bibir sumbing. Pramuniaga toko itu seorang ibu-ibu dengan anaknya yang masih kecil, kadang-kadang seorang opa-opa (mungkin pemiliknya atau opa yang mengisi waktu luang). Toko itu tidak hanya menjual baju, tapi juga buku-buku berbagai bahasa, dan baju yang mereka jual biasanya diperoleh dari turis yang pergi ke Bali lalu meninggalkan baju, buku atau bahkan sepatu (dari berbagai usia) bisa didapatkan disana. Aku juga mendapatkan beberapa postcard yang akhirnya pada tahun 2017 tidak kudapatkan lagi. Setelah cek lagi, ternyata tokonya sudah pindah. Terakhir kali kesana di tahun 2017 pada bulan Januari, sedikit pesimis kalau toko ini akan bertahan lama, ternyata mereka pindag tempat. Syukurlah. Sangat menyenangkan bisa belanja di Toko Senyum, karena barang masih bagus-bagus dan harganya murah! 

    Foto ini aku ambil dari Facebook-nya Toko Senyum. Karena setiap kali mampir kesana tidak pernah mengambil foto, saking excitednya memilih baju / postcard. Yang dibawah ini adalah beberapa postcard yang kudapat dari Toko Senyum, 1 postcard harganya 2.500 rupiah untuk postcard dari Indonesia dan 3.500 rupiah untuk postcard dari luar negeri. 

    Nah, gambar diatas adalah baju pertamaku yang kubeli di sebuah event kecil di Bali pada tahun 2015. Oh iya, baju itu merknya Roxy (dulu waktu masih SD dan SMP, Roxy sangat berjaya dan hanya bisa dimiliki oleh orang-orang berduit, soalnya mahal bok). Seneng dong dapet baju mahal tapi murah, sekaligus ikut charity.  Di event itu, ada sebuah sudut yang saat itu digunakan oleh sekelompok orang untuk menjual baju-baju bekas untuk membantu dog shelter di Ubud, hasil penjualan akan mereka gunakan untuk membeli pakan hewan, membersihkan lokasi shelter dan membantu volunteer disana.  Dokumentasi selanjutnya adalah beberapa fotoku dengan outfit yang kudapat dari awul-awul : 

    Outer kotak-kotak oversized ini beli di gudang secondhand yang gedungnya bekas tempat cuci mobil. Harganya kalau tidak salah sekitar 45.000 rupiah, ransel Kipling bekas, dapat dari om. Foto ini diambil tahun 2015 saat nyebrang dari Lombok ke Bali. 

    Jumpsuit bunga-bunga beli di Jl. Teuku Umar Barat, Bali seharga 25.000, masih bagus dan nggak ada bolong-bolongnya. Jumpsuit ini sekarang udah kupotong bagian celananya, biar jadi celana pendek (foto tahun 2015, di pantai Padang-Padang, Uluwatu).

    Jaket denim juga beli di toko secondhand, lupa harga persisnya. Tapi nggak sampai 50.000 rupiah. Ini outfitku waktu masih kerja di agency, 6 tahun lalu -,-

    Outer ini beli di teman yang menjual baju-baju second dengan kondisi amat baik, harganya 45.000, dress hitam pakai punya nenek.

    Outer ini adalah outer kesayangan, jadi dipakai terus soalnya nggak panas juga. Nah, tas warna-warni itu beli di toko secondhand juga, kebetulan waktu itu ibuku yang memilih. Sling bag kecil made in Italy, strapnya masih bagus! dan harganya nggak sampai 100.000 rupiah :’)

    Slingbag juga dapat di secondhand market, celana kulot bekas teman (2017, UGM). 

    Kenapa sih sampai sekarang masih suka beli barang second? selain berhemat, biasanya aku lebih senang beli baju second di tempat yang khusus untuk donasi. Tapi tidak selalu sih, sebenarnya hanya berusaha untuk lebih “ramah lingkungan”, untuk mengurangi rantai limbah fast fashion.  Fast fashion yang belakangan limbahnya semakin mencemari lingkungan termasuk sungai-sungai, mungkin langkah beli baju second bisa jadi alternatif untuk mengurangi limbah lho.  Sekarang ini, ada marketplace yang dikhususkan untuk membeli barang-barang second. Yes, thank you so much Carousell! Sebuah aplikasi yang isinya “awul’awul online”. Tidak hanya baju, tapi properti, barang elektronik, buku, sepatu dan lain-lain bisa kita dapatkan disini langsung dari penjualnya.  Decluterring bagi pedagang sekaligus keuntungan bagi pembeli karena bisa mendapatkan barang yang diinginkan meskipun bekas, tapi masih bagus. 

    Pada part 2, aku akan membahas tentang Cuci Lemari Donasi, sebuah gerakan kecil yang diinisiasi oleh seorang teman (saat ini sibuk sebagai ibu rumah tangga dan mengelola catering sehat, bisa cek di instagramnya @/aselidapur). Awalnya kami hanya ingin menjual baju-baju bekas kami yang hasil penjualannya akan kami donasikan ke panti asuhan, kami senang karena apa yang kami lakukan mendapat respon positif dari teman-teman yang ada di sekitar kami. Ingin rasanya untuk kembali melanjutkan gerakan ini dan berharap punya toko seperti Toko Senyum, suatu hari nanti. Semoga suatu saat impian ini bisa terwujud :) 

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  • auliahq
    10.03.2021 - 1 mont ago

    March 10th, 2019

    "We need to stay healthy amidst busy season, we should hit the gym together!"

    After a rather successful first date, you asked me out again exactly the next weekend, this time to a place I resent so much: Gym. Why would I even go to a gym on busy season? I'm already tired with all the loaded workpapers. But I decided to go, of course, it was you afterall. We also planned to watch newly released Captain Marvel. You already bought the tickets even though it should have been my turn to pay. "It's gonna be fun!" I thought to myself.

    I went home after spending all Saturday AND the first 3.5 hours of Sunday working overtime at the office (God, I LOATHE public accounting!). I texted you to wake me up at noon if I didn't text you all day, in case I overslept. I remember at this point, even after that first date, we were still texting via Instagram message (!) Yeah, I know, I was too shy to ask for your number. It's been so long since I had to ask for a guy's number! Because: 1. Guys usually just give their number to me first, and 2. I just got out from an almost-6-years relationship, so naturally my game was a little rusty.

    Anyway, I got home, slept for like 5-6 hours, and got ready for our next date. I looked horrible after pulled off all-nighters for 6 days in a row! My skin looked so dull and my eyes had dark circles like panda's eyes. So I took out the best sheet mask I had at that time and wore it for around 15 minutes, hoping it would somehow fix my face instantly. And... it worked! A little. At least my skin didn't look so dull anymore. Then I had to choose my outfit, I didn't have much option for workout clothes since I have not worked out much in my entire existence. After messing up my wardrobe, I finally settled for a black shirt paired with grey stretchy pants.

    "Hey, I'm on my way to your place", you texted me. "Oh, okay. Do you need me to share my location?", I texted you back. "Nope, I'm good. I still remember your place from last week" you replied. "Oh, okay then" I replied. Then I wait. 20+ minutes went by without your text, so I texted you again "Where are you now?". "Hey, sorry I think I got lost again! There was a forbidden sign and I had to turn around and I got confused" you replied. Damn boy, why did you have to get lost every time we were about to meet?! I shared my location immediately. "Here I am, where are you? Do you see any benchmark or anything?" "I don't know, I just see president's posters everywhere!". This ain't helping me at all! But seconds after that you sent a video of your surroundings. "Did I go too far?" you asked. "Yeah, hahahaha. You need to turn around, I'll just meet you on your side of the street". I crossed the road and waited.

    Not long after that, you pulled over in front of me. "Miss Awul?" You called me a la online driver, while smiling from ear to ear. "Yes, please go according to the app" I replied, laughing out loud. You apologized for being lost and late, so I said "What if we exchange numbers later? That way I can call you in case you get lost again". Oh yeah, I'm being smooth as hell, I thought. "Sure!" You said excitedly. Then we had small talk along the way about work, our asshole seniors and their assholery behaviors. We were basically bonding over our agony in public accounting.

    As soon as we arrived at the gym, we went for the treadmill for like 10 minutes. I magically survived, even though I couldn't feel my legs for a moment. We kept talking about basically everything. I like how our conversations just naturally kept going effortlessly. At this point I wasn't nervous anymore, so I started to open up a little bit about myself. I remember after we decided to stop working out, we were just lying in front of the AC like we owned the gym. You asked me about my college life and how come we never met even though we had few same circles, when's my birthday, where I come from, etc. You also told me a little about yourself.

    Then you asked me the big question, "where should we go for dinner?". Good, now I had to think after I burnt my brain from overtime and my body fron the workout. "Do you want burger? Flip Burger just opened in Margo" I suggested. "Yeah sure, I want burger!", You agreed. So we basically just burnt some calories, just to pile up calories from junk food. Very well.

    After gym, we went to Margo City, a number 1 destination for all people in Depok on weekend. We had ice cream when waiting for our movie. You brought your laptop and actually worked when we're on a date, which you still do until this post is posted hehehehe. When you were working, I asked your permission to exchange our number. Now we could chat from WhatsApp like normal people do! After ice cream, I wanted some snacks before we went to XXI. So we had snacks on Lotteria, where I took this picture for an update!

    I included your hand in the picture on purpose, of course. Some people might stalk me and found out "ooh she went out with someone!". I knew you didn't mind. I didn't keep the ticket stub, but I'm glad I still keep this picture.

    Not much happened when we were watching the movie. Captain Marvel was great, my companion was great and very enjoyable. None of us made any move, it was too soon anyway. After that, we had big burgers for dinner as my treat, because you paid for the movie and previous date. So it's only fair if I pay for gym and food. I made it clear for you that I have been (and will always be) paying my part on a date.

    Time did fly, we went home after having dinner. The aftermath of hitting the gym was starting to strike my body, my legs were practically spaghetti and my shoulders were killing me. I ended up wearing hot patches all over my body when I went back to work on Monday. But you know what? I never regret any of it. It was fun, I was truly happy, and we agreed to have another AYCE date on the following weekend.

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  • darkgloombeauty
    14.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #ask#sage #saging out the negative #we get it already
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  • toboldlywrite
    09.02.2021 - 2 monts ago
    #dawn inspo#mygre inspo#ask game #i'm not double checking the altani word spelling because meh #haha#howdy-writes #questions from the void
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  • ibijau
    22.01.2021 - 3 monts ago

    on the one hand, I want cute xisang

    on the other hand, that awul plot bunny about nhs dating jin zixun just because jzxun asked and he figures it’s his best chance of dating another guy

    #jau rants #ideally the jzxun thing could end in xisangxuan bc I'm like that #but also my writing capacity is still kinda low at the moment so I don't know if I'm capable of writing anything long #gotta check if I have a xisang prompt that could lend itself to fluff #I am very very very in need of xisang right now lol
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  • sometipsygnostalgic
    14.11.2020 - 5 monts ago

    @zymple​ okay so everything from aether paradise onwards is completely different in USUM but everything before that point is literally identical, no matter how much it contradicts the new story later.

    in SM she steals Nebby from Lillie to open a portal to Nihilego, because shes obsessed with Nihilego and wants to “mother” them (it’s why she dresses Lillie in that outfit). 

    In USUM, she says she wants to fight Ultra Necrozma to protect Alola, which is hilarious, because the Ultra Recon Squad protect her, yet they have their own pokemon that can open portals to Ultra Necrozma and there is NO NEED AT ALL for ANYONE to want Nebby. 

    uhhh the dialogue when you’re first going to Poni Island: in the original game, Gladion says he ran away to protect Type: Null from Lusamine, and Lillie says she doesn’t know what Lusamine would have done to her if Wicke hadn’t been there. 

    In USUM, this is changed to Gladion saying he ran away to get stronger to protect Lillie and Lusamine, while Lillie just goes “why didn’t you say so earlier? we were so worried”

    In Sun and Moon, Lillie travels with you to Exeggutor Island where she talks about a happy memory of her mother looking after her after she bumped her knee. She laments the way their relationship changed, and reaffirms her determination to take down her mother. 

    In USUM, she is labelled “too weak” to go to exeggutor island (this is horrific in the context of the game’s message of Lillie trying to show she’s strong). The cutscene is replaced by you fighting some exeggutor and leaving....  

    In Sun and Moon, Lillie enters the portal with you and Solgaleo to find Lusamine. You see Guzma in a horrible state, and he asks you to go save Lusamine from herself - she’s fusing with Nihilego.  Lusamine says some really nasty shit to Lillie about how she’s ugly and unlovable. Lillie loses her shit, and gives a MASSIVE CALL OUT to Lusamine. I’m linking you here because I know you’ll love it. Lusamine attacks both Lillie and the player after she’s defeated, but Nebby kills her ass, and then she’s knocked out of Nihilego.  The scene ends with Lusamine, in her confused state, calling out to her daughter.  Lillie can’t forgive her mother, but she decides to take responsibility and help find a cure for Lusamine. The game ends with her going to Kanto, and she promises she’ll go through the Pokemon League there and become a trainer while she’s gone. Gladion, meanwhile, has to look after the Aether foundation while she’s incapacitated - he now manages the institution which he ran from.

    In USUM, the entire Aether family plot is cut short by Lusamine and Guzma being thrown out of a portal, and Lusamine acknowledging that her daughter isn’t that awul. That’s... it. Lillie still refuses to move back in with her mother, and she becomes an Alolan trainer, but she doesn’t have a huge callout and Gladion runs off to Kanto (for 1 real-life month) before coming back as a league challenger.  There’s a nice epilogue scene with Mohn visiting the foundation, but considering how much of the game was building up to Lusamine showing up her mother, it’s so sad to see how they neutered it and pretended (despite not changing the freezing-pokemon-alive thing) that Lusamine was a grey character, not an abusive villain. 

    #pokemon #pokemon sun and moon #lusamine
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