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    Title: Water Under the Bridge Tagging: Cessily Kincaid & Tandy Bowen Location: NYU Dorms, Baxter Building, New York Time Frame: September 19th, 2016 General Notes: Aftermath prompt response.

    Nerves were building in Tandy as they waited for Cessily to show up to their dorm room. They had texted her asking to come over. Tyrone was in class right then for the next couple hours, which would give them time alone to talk. They had already given him more specifics regarding the future, even crying on his shoulder at one point. Their hope was they wouldn’t ending up crying with the other woman. While they didn’t plan on telling her details about their father, they worried about their reaction to who they had been with in the future. They couldn’t keep it to themselves, though. There was a knock on the door, and they jumped from their place on their bed. Rushing to the door, they opened it with a tense smile. “Hey there,” they greeted, before stepping out of the way. “Welcome to my tiny home. Feel free to ignore the mess.”

    Cessily couldn’t deny she was nervous about seeing Tandy for the first time since their little excursion into the future but that was no reason to not make an effort. Her future self had been far too modest in her clothing selection for her liking so she was making the most of the revealing and tight fitting items she found in her closet. She had already added a subtle wave to her vivid red hair - which was the only thing she could really change about her appearance as her silver complexion made wearing makeup impossible. A pair of ripped denim shorts and a plain cream top which showed off her midriff were hastily thrown on and she grabbed a jacket on the way out so the outfit didn’t quite scream ‘bed me’. Arriving at Tandy’s address she steadied her nerve and knocked on the door, flashing a huge silver smile as it swung open to reveal the blonde. “Hey gorgeous,” she purred as her silver eyes did their customary roam up and down Tandy’s figure. “Mess? Why would I be looking at the mess when I can look at you instead?” She teased though it was just a tiny bit forced. Her gaze did take in the surroundings and she smirked as she saw the mess that had been mentioned. Cessily wasn’t normally one for sentiment but as her silver eyes met Tandy’s she found herself saying, “it’s really good to see you.”

    Any doubt that Tandy wasn’t in the present faded with the sight of Cessily. She truly hadn’t realized how different her style was in the future, until she was reminded of how she dressed now. The sight of her midriff alone caused her stomach to do backflips. Her breath caught in her throat, and her face warmed, wondering for probably the dozenth time how the gorgeous woman could be interested in her. She blinked out of her daze at Cess greeting her, and her body heated as her eyes glanced down at her. She was in shorts and a tank top, along with gray knee high socks, with a sloppy ponytail on top. “You’re the gorgeous one by the looks of it,” she replied with a bite of her lip. Her smile became less anxiety filled, and more genuine at her next remark. She closed the door as she came inside. A skip in her heartbeat arose at Cess’ words, while it also filled her with worry. What if this was how she ended up losing her? “It’s really good to see you, too.” She stepped forward, taking her hand and squeezing it. After a moment, though, she decided that wasn’t enough for her, and moved closer and wrapped her arms around her. She buried her face in her neck and held on tight. “I missed you. This.”

    ”Not from where I'm standing,” the silver girl purred in reply. Tansy’s outfit caused her to take a second long look and Cessily’s imagination began to run wild with images of knee high socks and Tandy in a full schoolgirl outfit. She forced the image to the back of her mind, thinking such things would do her no good if she was about to get dumped. Her worrying increased as her shiny hand was squeezed, was that all she was going to get? Relief filled her soon after as Tandy pressed their bodies together and Cessily allowed herself a sigh of relief - she wasn't getting dumped. Her arm snaked around the blonde’s waist and she held her tightly, pulling them even closer together. “I missed you too beautiful. I missed us.” She let out a nervous chuckle, “I thought I'd be leaving here single.” It felt strange using the word single but it felt good to have aired her fear. Her shimmering silver hand rose to the back of Tandy’s head and she slowly removed the tie holding their hair in a ponytail. Once their hair fell she ran her silver fingers through it, remembering how much Tandy liked that. She leaned down and kissed the top of Tandy’s head and asked softly “are you ok?”

    The familiarity of Cessily’s flirting and endless charm comforted and eased Tandy more, at least. Their blush was there to stay from the moment the silver woman stepped into the room. They relaxed into her body more as her arms came around them, breathing in her scent and holding on even tighter. When they heard what her worry had been, they drew their face back to meet her eyes. “You won’t be, Cess.” They hoped she wouldn’t be, but it depended on how she felt about what they told them. Their head arched back as her ponytail was freed, before pressing their body further against Cess’. They shut their eyes from the kiss to their forehead, and released a shuddery sigh at the question. “A lot of the future...bothered me,” they admitted quietly, slowly opening their eyes to look at her again. “It’s stressing me out. Especially this one thing I want to tell you cause I want to be honest. And it might not even matter to you or it will, but I don’t want to keep it to myself.” Their fingers brushed through the red hair while they paused. “I...wasn’t exactly single in the future. Apparently, I was dating someone for a long time. It became on and off, but...I know this person already.”

    Cessily couldn't stop her hand sliding under Tandy’s top to rest on her back, craving the feeling of her warm skin on her fingers. Her silver features turned into a big smile when she had confirmation she wouldn't be leaving single but she could tell there was more to come so she continued her soothing strokes through blonde hair. Despite seeing Tandy struggle to talk about her concerns she couldn't help her silver lip curling into a lop sided smirk. “The green haired girl? Apparently I have rather unkind names for her.” She pulled Tandy in closer, squeezing her tight. “I dunno if you cheated or if I was dumped but I didn't take it well. I rebounded so hard I got knocked up by Eva’s brother who I haven't even met yet. Apparently we were happy… until he died. My rather eagle eyed daughter told me how you'd turn up upset sometimes and I'd cheer you up by watching horror films all night.” She grinned cheekily, “I guess that means we did a lot of screaming.” She sighed. “So yeah, I know I was second best but I also know a rather smart Aussie chick once told me the future is never set. Nothing we saw or had is set in stone.” She gulped and blinked rapidly, suddenly feeling a rush of emotion that she hadn't expected. “If you… y’know… wanna go after her or whatever… I get it, I won't get in the way or anything if that's what you want. I just… well let's just say I'm not done with you yet if you wanna stick with me.” She tried to smile confidently but her worry was still present behind her silver eyes.

    Tandy shivered at Cessily’s fingers against her bare back. It was a welcome distraction from the serious discussion they were having; it reminded her they were still together. Her body tensed up a bit at the mention of Lorna. “Yeah. Lorna Dane. Also known as Polaris.” Also known as ‘my grinch’ in the future. She bit down on her lower lip as she listened to Cess talked about what happened to them. Her chest grew tighter the more she heard, unable to stop the guilt that built up in her. “That’s something Lorna told me, too. That it’s only a future.” It didn’t lessen her stress that it was the future that would happen. She blinked in confusion at what the silver woman last spoke. “Cess...No. Never,” she promised with wide eyes. “She’s a friend. That’s it. I don’t want her like that.” She never could, not when she knew what it led to. “It destroyed me to know we weren’t together. It hurts to know...that me in the future hurts you so badly. I’m sorry.” She wasn’t sure why she was apologizing for something she hadn’t done yet or ever, but it came out anyway. “I’m...I’m falling for you, Cessily. I was expecting you to want to be done with me after finding out how everything turns out.” A lump formed in her throat, before a thought crossed her mind. “Your daughter...You could never have her, if we stayed together,” she murmured. “Being with me and not rebounding...means you won’t have her.” She glanced away for a few moments. “That’s like asking you to choose between me and your future daughter.”

    Cessily noticed Tandy tense up and tried her best to keep her features soft and impassive but she couldn't keep the contempt from her voice as she spoke. Any mention of the Brotherhood made her instantly think of Eva laying lifeless in hospital. “Yeah I know her. Future queen bitch of the Brotherhood.” Wanting to lighten the mood after her outburst she smirked at the stunning blonde before her. “Guess bad girls are your type, gorgeous,” she purred. Cessily had seen enough films to know dwelling on a future that was never guaranteed was a bad thing. “We get to write a whole new future now. Just know what could happen makes our decisions different, which makes that future gone already. Even if it's just a minor change.” She raised a shimmering silver hand and caressed Tandy’s cheek softly with her finger. “How about we focus on the here and now and let whatever's to come sort itself out?” The silver girl felt her heart skip as Tandy confessed to falling for her, she wanted to say the same thing as she felt the same way but expressing her emotions was one of her biggest downfalls. “I'll never be done with you beautiful. Even after you hurt me I wasn't done in the future.” Her silver lips opened and closed several times but words refused to come out. “This is all new to me, I gotta say I like this falling thing. It feels… special.” She knew it was lame but it was the best she could manage. She hoped Tandy understood she was trying. Hearing Tandy talk about her having to choose actually made her smile, probably not the reaction Tandy was expecting. “Not necessarily.” Placing a finger under Tandy’s chin she lifted her head so their gaze met once more. “The future taught me this perfect specimen of a body can carry a child and still be hot as hell after, but I also found out Dee and Eva were having a baby, that was theirs. If our mothering instinct takes over we could always do the same.”

    The name Cessily used on Lorna didn’t sit particularly right with Tandy. They didn’t exactly want to defend the Brotherhood, but they also didn’t want to ignore the insult thrown at their friend. “She’s...She’s just doing what she thinks is right. I can respect that,” they replied with a sheepish shrug. Her next remark did tug a smile onto their lips. “I suppose they are, never thought they’d be my type.” They listened to her talk about how they could create a whole new future, and tried to believe her, that nothing was set in place. “You’re right,” they murmured, leaning into the touch and closing their eyes. Her reassurance calmed them, even if it was only slightly. They needed that right then. Their eyes opened again at her speaking again, chest tightening up again at the idea of hurting the silver woman. “And I obviously wasn’t done with you either. You always had me coming back.” They couldn’t imagine their life without Cessily in it now, which, at least, in the future, she had still been apart of it. Somewhat. They watched her try to get something out, before they smiled softly. “It does. It really does.” The way they felt around her was almost indescribable. Her smile in response to their worries about her having to make a choice confounded the blonde. Why wasn’t she as worried about this as Tandy was? They let their head be tilted up, and let her words sink in. “We could...We could have kids of our own,” they mumbled. Their face heated up after they spoke. “I’d probably be a horrible mother,” they mused, half joking and half serious as they thought of their own mother. They feared repeating history. “You...You’d be amazing. And totally dotting, I bet, but act like you’re not,” they teased, leaning over and kissing the corner of her mouth. Letting their foreheads touch, they stayed quiet for a few moments. “You know how to make me feel better, Cess. Like, not, fake better, but genuinely feel better. You--You don’t judge me for how I feel. Or play them off.” They bit down on their lip. “I’m still new to someone being like that with me. Caring and shit. Which sounds pathetic. I just want you to know it makes me feel safe with you.”

    "I get that," Cessily replied solemnly, "it's nothing personal. I just can't agree with an organisation that hurts innocent individuals to further their goals. It just rubs me up the wrong way, y'know?" Eva's story of being attacked by Mastermind was still vivid in her mind and she felt a flare of anger every time she thought of it but that wasn't what this meeting was about and Cessily was keen to change the subject. She wiggled her eyebrows flirtatiously, "I'll have to be a bad girl for you more often, see how crazy I can drive you." Cessily couldn't resist a gentle chuckle and flashed a silvery smile. "Then we'll never be done with each other. No matter what gets thrown at us." She leaned forward and kissed Tandy's forehead, really wanting to kiss the blonde properly but not feeling like it was a good time to stop the serious conversation. The future was never something she dwelled on, always one to live in the moment, sometimes to her own expense. "Yeah, we could," she cooed softly, "and hush, you'd be amazing. The caring, listening one to contrast my doting tough love. But... let's not get ahead of ourselves." She smiled supportively and nodded as she listened and her eyes were locked into Tandy's as she spoke, her silver fingers gliding through the sweet spot of Tandy's hair. "I'll do everything I can to make you feel good, beautiful. I might need a nudge in the right direction every now and then but how you feel is important to me. I care about you, and how you feel, a lot. And that definitely doesn't sound pathetic. I get it, I really do. I'll keep you as safe as I can. I promise." She simply couldn't resist any longer and whispered a soft "c'mere," as she leaned in close, pressing her lips onto Tandy's gently at first but increasing the pressure and passion behind it. She released a soft pleasure filled sigh but didn't break the kiss.

    There was no denying what Cessily had said about the Brotherhood. Tandy wasn’t naive to various acts the organization had done that she didn’t approve of at all, especially after being on the receiving end of one of those unjustified attacks. But she believed Lorna wouldn’t let Mastermind continue being apart of the Brotherhood once that happened. “Gonna get my heart racing, then, Cess? Get my body hot all over?” she half teased, half challenged. “No matter what gets thrown at us,” she repeated in a promise, releasing a breath of relief as her forehead was kissed, with a surge of affection rushing into her chest. It was nice to slow down for a few minutes, and talk out what she was feeling. It was also incredibly terrifying for the blonde to be vulnerable like this. “You give me way too much credit, I would probably be too freaked out to even pick up a baby, let alone raise one. And right, just kinda cute to think about.” Would Cessily still believe she’d be a good parent, if she knew the parenting Tandy had grown up with, the habits she developed? She couldn’t dwell on the idea because soon the other’s chilled silver fingers were brushing through her hair, bring her mind back to reality. “I trust you, Cess. And I feel comfortable enough to tell you, y’know, if something’s wrong. I just...I want to make you feel good, too, be as good of a girlfriend as you are to me.” Her face froze in shock at her own word. “I--We hadn’t discussed it yet, but...That’s what we are, right? Girlfriends?” It sounded accurate, but more than that it felt right. Her heart missed a beat as the silver woman began to lean in close, and she closed her eyes before the cool lips even touched hers. A gasp came from her, forgetting how good her mouth felt, moving hers back eagerly. She threaded her fingers through her red hair, keeping up with the uptick in pace.

    Cessily couldn't stop her excited grin spreading even further at Tandy’s teasing challenge. A challenge she most definitely accepted. “Oh gorgeous,” she purred, “my goal is always to get your heart racing and get your body as hot all over as I can.” To prove her point she lowered her arm and caressed her perfectly smooth silver fingers over the gap of bare skin showing between Tandy’s sexy socks and shorts. Her hand rose slightly to tuck her fingers under the hem of the shorts as she leaned in close to whisper in Tandy’s ear. “How am I doing so far?” With an encouraging smile Cessily repeated again “no matter what” as proof she meant it. Her free hand found its way to Tandy’s cheek, her silver thumb rubbing across it gently, supportively. “I'd trust you to pick up my baby. And I'd count on you to raise it. I don't exactly have the best role models so I'll need all the help I can get.” She chuckled softly. “Our kids would be criminally cute so it's probably good it's just an idea.” Had her silver complexion allowed it she would have been blushing furiously and for once in her life she would have made no effort to hide it. “You make me feel amazing, every time I see you it’s… Exhilarating. I've… I've never felt like this with anyone before.” Her smile slipped into her lop sided smirk at Tandy’s slip but she was thrilled it had happened, it meant she wouldn't have to awkwardly raise the subject as she thought she might. She grinned brightly. “Girlfriends. Yeah, we're definitely girlfriends.” Her silver eyes returned to Tandy’s wanting her sincerity to be perfectly clear with what she said next. “Secret girlfriends. For as long as you need us to be. Who gets told and when is up to you, I don't want you to feel rushed or pressured and I promise to be on my best behaviour in public with you.” She laughed, “yeah I know that doesn't mean much but still…” Feeling their fingers in her hair caused her to release another gentle moan and she lifted Tandy’s top enough for the bare skin on their midriffs were touching. She broke the kiss just long enough to purr. “I can't wait to see you in only those socks.” Her lips locked back onto Tandy’s as she kissed her girlfriend deeply - making sure their first kiss as officially girlfriends would be one they both would remember.

    Her smile sent tingles down Tandy’s back, and they only grew at Cessily’s purrs. They couldn’t even form a response, before their skin was being touched by the impossibly smooth fingers. Goosebumps rose wherever her hand went, gasping as she went underneath the fabric of their shorts. “You really go all out to achieve those goals.” Their eyes fluttered at her whispering. “I think you’re doing really, really well,” they whispered back. As they went back to affectionate for a few moments, they nuzzled into her hand. “I don’t have the best role models, either.” They didn’t want to delve into the details, yet. There would be time for that another time, if they ever let themselves open up that much. “Oh, they totally would be. Cause they’d get all the cute genes from you.” A grin curled up their lips after telling her that. Their heart was back to pounding in their ears, once they heard Cessily describe how she felt around them. “You make me feel that way, too, all of those ways.” They were unable to hide their blush at her smirk, but their eyes widened and grin returned soon as she confirmed they were girlfriends. “I’m the luckiest person in the world, then. Even if that does sound cheesy.” When she added on how she’d be alright with hiding it for as long as Tandy needed them to be, they didn’t think the moment could get any better. “It means everything to me. It really does,” they spoke sincerely, voice breaking over the last word. They never thought they’d find something like this, someone like this. Someone like Cessily. They inhaled sharply as their top was lifted, and their midriffs were pressed together. Their body shuddered, while their skin warmed all over. They almost didn’t catch the words Cess murmured between kisses, only to have them sink in as their lips met again. Their face was flush, and they kissed back harder, wanting the redhead to know they were definitely on board with that plan.

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    Aftermath | Open

    Cole had moved past openly sulking and his couple afternoons of day drinking. He’d returned to work and was honest but brief about what he’d been going through, only with his AM Show crew and the Assistant Program Director for his station. As far as everyone else at Harris Broadcasting was concerned, he was merely regaining his strength and senses from being comatose for over a month, so no one thought his shift in demeanor upon returning to work was odd. Subtly, he had swapped out a few of the photos in his office and proceeded poring himself over one of three tasks: work, packing and home hunting. 

    Work was by far the easiest of the three. Packing wasn’t as difficult as he anticipated, for the most part. Finding a new place was the toughest of them all. It was more than his search for essential amenities that made it so hard for him, but he forced himself to take a look at some of the available places anyway. While walking through a staged brownstone in the East Village, he felt an ache in his chest that was becoming all too familiar. Cole’s mind kept tossing up raw memories of the future, making all of what he was currently doing feel wrong. Friends and family expressed their disbelief, confusion and hope even, but with all Cole’s sharing of the news regarding his and Pietro’s relationship--or lack thereof--he hadn’t really told anyone how he felt. At times, it all overwhelmed him; the feeling was rising up on him even now, so he cut his tour of the brownstone short, cleared the stoop and decided to survey the neighborhood while getting some much needed fresh air, paying little attention to his surroundings as he walked.

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    Shoes Two Sizes Too Big

    Tagging: Lorna Dane, Mystique, Riptide and two unnamed members (mention of Magneto) Location: New York City, New York Timeline: Early morning July 1st, 2026 General Notes: “A Hero’s Tale” Prompt Response as well as a look into where Lorna ended up in this future timeline


    The female voice sounded like an echo in the darkness, pulling Lorna out of a thick haziness, reaching for her in the muck.


    This time it sounded urgent.

    Lorna opened her eyes and sat up, taking a sharp gasp of breath upon doing so. Faces stared at her. Four concerned faces. Two she didn't quite recognize.


    “Those bastards must have hit you mid-flight before retreating. You took a bad tumble to the ground.”


    She looked down at what was handed to her. It was her father’s helmet.

    Lorna looked at the group. She recognized Mystique, she was the one speaking, and one other, Riptide, but the one handing her the helmet was a face she couldn't place.

    “Where's my dad?” She mumbled, looking around. If this was a mission why wasn't he here?

    The group exchanged glances as she started to get up. She looked down at her clothes. This wasn't something she had worn before. She stood upright immediately.

    “What the-- what's going on, where's my father?”

    “You hit your head. I guess there's some memory loss.”

    Must be. She didn't even remember how she got here.

    “Magneto is gone.”



    Lorna's eyebrows raised. She saw him last night. That wasn't true. “What are you talking about? He's not---”

    She pushed through the group, stumbling. Her head was reeling, probably from the fall, but she couldn’t remember even going out with the Brotherhood this late. The block looked like a damn war zone with broken windows and scorched ground. There were cars flipped over and exuding smoke. Streetlamps had been brought down and only one stood up nearby, giving whatever light it could. She kept walking and lurched forward as she tripped and gripped onto a newspaper stand---or what was left of it.

    As she fell to the ground once more she took a newspaper with her. She turned it over to read it. On the front page it read, June 30th, 2026.

    Holy shit.

    Given how late it was, that must have been yesterday’s paper.


    She looked up, the one that had originally wanted to hand her the helmet spoke up and he still held it in his hands. The other three stood behind him, faces still with concern.

    Inwardly, she was panicking. How could she be missing years of her memory from one fall to the ground? She was missing so much and she was worried it wouldn't come back. Running a hand through her hair, she pulled her hand back at the touch of her hair. Much shorter than she remembered? What the hell was going on? How could she so vividly remember being on summer break her fourth year of college and not remember the yesterday of this year? Something was very very wrong. Her father was gone. Dead. She wanted to grieve, to cry, but she couldn't. Judging by the look on her team’s face, she couldn't let them know of her fear. They looked worried. Far more worried than they had ever before whenever Lorna took a hit for the team. They usually got her back on her feet and then turned to Magneto. But now, they were looking to her.

    And she knew that look. It was the look she had seen many give her father. She was sure she looked at him the same way. Her father was a beacon of light in the darkness she had been pulled into from an early age. He gave Lorna a purpose. A reason to fight. And nothing else made her prouder to be his daughter than knowing he did that with everyone else.

    No matter what people said of him, she saw him as a true hero, he didn't try to play nice with those that hated him. He knew what they were capable of if you were soft. Her father was unyielding and gave strength to those who followed him. He gave people a foundation to stand firm on and no matter how much the earth would shake and people would try to bring you down, that foundation would keep you from falling.

    Getting to her feet, she let the newspaper slip through her fingers as she walked over and took the helmet, running fingers over the scuffed marks, ones she never saw her father have, but they didn’t look new, like they were caused by her fall. They were worn, aged. She brushed off any dirt with her hand. Looking up, she saw all eyes were still on her, waiting. By now, Mystique would have said something, she was the senior member... especially if her father was... gone. But she remained silent. They were all silent. They were awaiting orders.

    Lorna put on the helmet.

    “Let's regroup.”

    #axprompt#self#axevent #okay i know i suck putting the two together like this but it took a lot for me to write this much (i spent almost the whole day) #and i started it late last night #i'll get to some replies for the starters #holding off on earlier replies though
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    June 30th | A Journal Entry - Hero’s Tale Prompt Response

    Tagging: Lumen | mentions of others Location: Lumen’s Brownstone Time Frame: Written late evening, June 30th General Notes: Lu ponders a question posed by Alec.

      Alec asked me why I seemed to feel so much about the Hero’s Day gig earlier this month. He wanted to know why I put so much faith in them. My brother has always been and will always be in my memory as my hero. He did so much for me that they couldn’t have. But they, the X-Men, the Avengers.. they do so much for others that he couldn’t have. They face the world to protect it even when they get shat all over. They do what they must because they capable and it fulfills them. I want that for myself too. Something fulfilling, something that actually contributes to the world in a real way. I don’t want to just.. hide and keep my head down when I could be doing so much more with this special hell of a gift I’ve been given. That’s why I went after that boat, even if it’s why I’m sitting here in bed for days on end after scaring the shit out of some people with the hospital. So much has been taken from me, but one day I hope to be able to give back to the world so no one has to face the same horrors I have. The public heroes are great. They do amazing shit. They give to the world, to this city, to this horrific mess of a country I live in, even at the cost of themselves. They are capable and prepared.

    I want to be that too, so I guess I’ll look to them for guidance. And they can be my heroes too, even if it’s not saving my life directly.

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    Journal (#3) - 06/17/16

    A Hero’s Tale Prompt Response

    Dear Journal, 

    Heroism has become the topic of the week, since Hero’s Day is tomorrow. Lots of talk about if this is a good holiday or celebrating certain people who “harm” humans by existing. 

    One of the reasons I chose New York was because of how far it was from Ohio, duh, but also cause so many superheroes are here. It’s embarrassing to think of how giddy I’d be if I got to meet one of them. I just remember watching so many on the news and, I don’t know, wanting to be like that. I think everyone does in a way, to be that powerful and be idolized like they are. Most people don’t get anywhere close to the chance, though. 

    My favorite was always Black Widow, always wanted to kick ass like her and be as in control of a situation as she seemed to be. She never got the attention she deserved like the rest of her team, but she seems like the type to not want it. Maybe that’s one way to be a hero, to save the day just because it’s the right thing and not cause you get to revel in the glory. Makes me wonder if someone is still a hero if they do the right thing for the wrong reasons. And then what does that make people who do the wrong things for the right reasons? 

    All of this talk has me wondering what this means for me, and the abilities I have now. Jubilee’s helping me grow them and figure out the extent of what I can do, which means I have to figure out eventually what I want to do with them. It’d be kinda useless to get skilled at it and do nothing, right?

    I feel like it’d be selfish, too, because I’ve got this power now and I could be helping people...It’s not that I don’t like helping, I’m just not sure if I can be that kind of person. Giving a friend who missed class my notes is way different than saving someone from some bad guy. I got a taste of what it’d be like with that Mastermind dude and sucked. Tyrone had to wake me up the other night from a nightmare about it. 

    Heroes aren’t fearless, but they are brave and I don’t think of myself as super brave right now. How can I “save the day” if I can’t get through one incident without feeling helpless? 

    I’m not sure being a hero is even possible for me, even if I do have the tools to. I feel like I was the wrong person to give them to. 

    #axprompt #mentions of jubilee tyrone and mastermind #and mentions of black widow #//sorry this is a tiny bit late
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    17.06.2016 - 5 years ago

    Tagging: Lumen Blake Location: C:/Beast-Files/J-Shit/Fuck-Off Timeframe: May 17th, 2016 General Notes: A Journal Entry. Possible feels warning. Response to the Father’s Day prompt

    The Father’s Day advertisements are driving me up the fucking wall. Family holidays are absurd. Marketing techniques. Ways to glorify roles that should be filled regardless of whether there is celebration. Good parenting is duty. Not something one should demand a fucking reward for. I don’t have a father. I don’t want one. I’ve never had one. I’ve had abusers. They don’t deserve jack fucking shit except a shallow grave after a beautifully long, painful death. I have brothers, sisters, friends. I don’t need this bullshit. I don’t need a fucking excuse to celebrate their existence or the fact that they chose me as much as I chose them. I should celebrate them because I want to. Not because I’m obligated by some arbitrarily decided day because someone thought “We could make a lot of money off of this.” Fuck that. Fuck all of that.

    It’s so ridiculously absurd. I don’t understand.

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    The Conquest of Spaces

    Tagging: Lorna Dane, Erik Lehnsherr Location: Liberty, New York Time Frame: May 26th 2016 General Notes: “Looking Up” prompt response

    Training more or less happened in the same area all the time. She alternated between sparring to working on her mutation. The latter she always looked to her father for help. This particular day, he took her out of the city, something he didn’t always do. They flew to some of the less populated areas of New York, a patch of land where things had become long forgotten and all that stood before them was a building in ruin.

    Lorna didn’t say a word, merely watching the large building. Grass had grown high and trees were almost crowding the area. It was surreal, as if you were viewing a post-apocalyptic world. Her ears picked up the sound of her father moving in the grass, but she wasn’t paying much attention to him. Her eyes went elsewhere, taking in the entire area, the emptiness of it.

    Her head snapped forward at the sound of shattering glass and suddenly metal window frames were quickly heading in her direction. In a quick reaction she brought her hand up, stilling the pointed frames, but it was a struggle. They vibrated, her father pushing them toward her and Lorna pushing them away.

    She couldn’t look for him now, she was focused on keeping the sharp end of those frames away from her. There were about seven of them, rusted, their ends snapped off, leaving them jagged. Her other hand was at her side as she balled it into a fist, struggling to keep up her strength. Sometimes, she got the best of him, but most times, she’d have to resort to a forcefield to keep out whatever he sent her way. With a grunt, her other hand shot out, effectively sending the metal frames flying away.

    “Now that I’ve got your attention,” Lorna looked to her father, attempting to catch her breath after the strain she put herself through. “Come.”

    He was a couple of meters away from her and she listened, walking over and coming to his side. Erik set a hand on her back and pointed toward the building.

    “Do you see that building?”

    “Kind of hard to miss it.”

    Her snarky remark was ignored, as they were most times when they were delivered to him. 

    “I want you to feel it.”

    Lorna had gotten accustomed to the lingo. Being in tune with the magnetic field, one was able to get a feel of things around them. Her radius was limited for the most part, only able to reach large distances if there was a disturbance in the field, such as when her father used his ability and she figured it was the same for him. The most he had asked her to feel were areas like a parking lot, a floor of a building, a plane in the air, but not an entire building, not surveying every corner of the place, not being able to feel every metal object in the place.

    With a nod, she agreed and started walking toward it. Erik blocked her passage.

    “No, from here.”

    Her eyebrows raised, feeling a bit unsure of her own capabilities. Even when he asked her to feel an airplane, she got to touch it. And that was still difficult. And now a whole building from a good twenty meters away?

    You can do it.

    “Alright,” she said with a sigh and extended both hands out toward the building as she shut her eyes.

    In an instant, she started to read the place, able to pick up on the scattered chairs throughout the rooms of the building, the metal foundation, various light fixtures, scanning every bit of the area and being able to pick up the metal in there. She was getting pretty far when her father spoke up once more.

    “Now bring it to you.”

    Without a beat, she started to pull some of the items in the building toward them.

    “No, no.”

    She felt them pulled away from her control. Opening her eyes, she looked to her father, confused.

    “The building.”

    “It’s not made out of metal.”

    “I’m aware. But there’s still something in there. Did you feel it? Try once more.”

    Sighing, Lorna tried not to get annoyed and closed her eyes to focus once more.

    “Think bigger.”

    She went to the foundations that held up the building. But if she tugged on those, the place would collapse.

    “Wider.” Magneto commented, as if he could feel himself what she was feeling. Maybe he could.

    Her reach went further, able to feel the bits of steel in the ceiling, and then it hit her. She could give a clear blueprint of the building if she wanted. It painted a beautiful picture in her mind. The building had reinforced concrete.

    “There you go.”

    Lorna started tugging. It was something she never tried before. She could stop a bullet; she was quick on reflexes with her magnetism, but its strength was something she had been working on. Gritting her teeth she tried pulling it closer to her. She could feel the steel rods but they weren’t budging. There were too many.

    “Come on,” her father urged. “Don’t just pull the metal out, use it to bring everything else with it.”

    Doubt started to creep in. She wasn’t going to be able to do it. She was going to disappoint him. He was going to realize that he had put her in a situation she wasn’t ready for.

    “You can do this.”

    That phrase almost made her stop tugging altogether. Just in shock of how it made her feel. He believed in her. Opening her eyes, she stared at the building, eyebrows furrowing in exertion. She felt it. The building started to give.

    “That’s it.”

    She started groaning, as if letting out the pressure inside her from the exertion of tugging the building to her. But once it started to give, everything came easier. With a final yell, the building moved. Probably a foot at the most and there was some definite damage, some of the floors had caved in, cracks scattered in the concrete walls, but she did it and couldn’t believe it.

    “I did it,” she panted, completely impressed by herself. She looked to her father, a grin spreading across her face.

    Lorna had only hugged her father once before this. The first time was when she met him. She was completely overwhelmed with joy and sought from him what she had always been searching for. Comfort. Affection. It was debatable if Lorna got it from a light pat on the back that one time. This time… maybe it wasn’t so debatable.

    She felt his hand settle on top her head as she embraced him. It was quick. No soon after he rested it, Lorna pulled away. Only the slightest bit ashamed of being unable to control her excitement, never having got the idea that her father was much of a hugger.

    He just sees you as a weapon.

    He doesn’t care about you.

    The media painted him as a ruthless killer, a terrorist. Her siblings didn’t have anything better to say. Lorna would never believe their lies. To have gone through the lengths he has, to have continued the mutant fight for so long, surely someone who didn’t have feelings wouldn’t have kept it up. He felt. He cared. Lorna chose to believe that.

    “Let us continue.”

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    A Day in the Past | Prompt Response

    Tagging: Lumen & Travis Blake, Blake Matriarch Location: Ocean Shores, WA Timeframe: Flashback, 9 years of age General Notes: ‘Mama’ Prompt

    “Lu- Lu wake up.” She was being shaken, and with a jerk in response, she woke, nearly missing her brother’s forehead in the process as she sat. The sun wasn’t even drifting into the sky yet from what she could gather with the window. “Mmh?” the young blonde cooed, rubbing sleep from her eyes and desperately trying to stifle a yawn. Her whole body felt fuzzy and exhausted. Sleep deprivation felt like the softest blanket in the world, and all she wanted was to lay back down.

    “Stay awake, kiddo. You know what day it is?” Tangled curls bounced as she shook her head, finally managing to focus on her brother’s face. His hair was longer here, but straight unlike her own. “Mother’s Day. Gotta get up so you don’t get in trouble. I’ll help though, okay?”

    She was supposed to clean the house and make breakfast, and start a cake for later. It wasn’t easy, since she was only nine. Dusting, sweeping, taking out the trash.. Travis would handle the dishes and vacuuming later, when people weren’t sleeping.

    The sun was ringing in dawn as Travis made his way up with breakfast, little sister in tow. Their mother would be receiving breakfast in bed, and Lumen only hoped that it was good enough. Travis at least had other gifts planned for later.

    “You made this, Lumen?” She nodded meekly, hands held to either side with a certain diligence. “I see. You don’t love me enough, then. There’s not enough love in this meal. The eggs are under-done, and the toast is a bit burnt. You don’t want your mommy to get sick, do you? There’s no need to be ungrateful to me. All I want is some thanks for all the work I put into caring for you,” the woman purred silkily with a disapproving brow. Narcissistic to the core, though the child didn’t know this term at the time. “I put all of my love into it though, mother-” “Apparently not. Today is my day. Remember that,” she continued, dragging a sickening finger down the side of her daughter’s body as if tracing the shape of her frame. Remember that, or else, had been the message.

    Travis, of course, was praised for his thoughtfulness with the childish piece of jewelry he had picked out just the day before. Lumen never received such recognition, and instead spent much of the day at the beck and call of either parent, determined to avoid trouble and prove her love for her mother. It was futile, of course, with Travis being the golden child. But at least she tried.

    You don’t love me enough..

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