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    Link up for some top quantity meth good price discreet delivery 🚚 only too

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  • Fantom is launching a pilot to help combat Afghanistan’s counterfeit drugs problem using its blockchain to trace products along the supply chain.

    from CoinDesk https://ift.tt/3f32xoD
    via https://ift.tt/1kITr2E

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  • Charles Hoskinson, IOHK’s CEO, will become an advisor to Wave Financial as part of the deal.

    from CoinDesk https://ift.tt/2Z0pvXC
    via https://ift.tt/1kITr2E

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  • ⃌₸₴₢₧ ⃏₩,₮⃆₥€₷⃉₼₸₽,⃂,₪₫₶₧₫₣€⃅⃅,₨⃉₫ ₪⃆₡₩₯₧₼ ₯₿₩₪₮₫₫⃃⃌⃈₤ ₯⃈ ₩ ₿ ⃅,₫₽₻ ₣⃃₨,₶₫₱₺₴,€⃏€,₫₣ ₡₳ ₱₡₠₳,₯⃇⃆⃅ ₤₷₠⃂₹ ₣₩⃂₻₫,₷₩₧⃋₱₷ ₼€⃃⃅ ₡₤₼₿₲₮⃊₫₼₥₲⃁₥₯ €₥₥₸⃈⃍₣₤₲₭₴ ₰,₨₰₱⃆₥⃌⃌,⃋₶⃊₣₸₵,₠₵⃅⃆₷₻₳€₲₴₷₨₷,⃆₠ ₺,₶ ₲₷₺₤₾ ₠,₰₽ ₰₿ ₧₡€₷₹⃆⃅₪₹₠₧₳⃉⃇₶₫⃂₵ ₲₫⃊₹ ₫⃂₰⃀₨₻₾,⃉⃁₥₪₶₨⃄₤₱₰,₥⃏⃂₹₤₣⃅₤₰⃂₨ ⃂₤⃇₼₳⃅⃎,₽ ⃃₽₠₶₪₾⃁₹₻ ₻₪₭₷₾₮₼⃁₽,⃇₥⃆⃍₸⃊⃌₺⃏ ₳⃃₫₢⃇⃋€₾₮₫⃇,⃉₹⃊₪₮⃇,₥₦₰₢₶₵⃄₲₧₼⃂⃆⃂₩,⃂,₺₿₠₻⃀₰₫₶₤₦ ⃀₣₮,⃄₲⃇,⃊₲⃍₰,www.ssvwv.com₯₱₸,₣₪₥₺₣,⃋₵⃌₱₡₸⃄₥₿⃃₩⃏₶ ₻ ₫⃍⃎⃋,₧ ⃉₨⃅ ₦⃁⃊ ₺⃆ ₭₤,₺,⃅⃆⃄,₷⃇₳⃂⃎₶₫⃊⃎⃏₱₣₡₮₶₣₧,₿⃏₻,₼₯₸₢ ₨ ₮₮ ⃅ ⃏,₭ ⃂₢,₭₸⃀₾₭,₵₪₴₠₫₳ ⃌⃅€ ⃏₨,⃅₸⃅⃃₸⃏₸⃁₺⃎₪₦⃎⃊₩,₼₰,₾₧₹€₴₨₫ ₣,₼,₩₳⃂₯,₴₶₻₭₴₸₤₠⃅ ssvwv.com₶⃄₣⃃⃅₵₲ ₫ ⃂,₺₳₩⃌⃍₥⃂₦₨₼,₨⃋⃀,₡⃈₫,₱₹₯₸ ₧⃍⃆,⃃ ₵⃋⃊₱₩₵⃈⃆,₲,⃂₲⃌ ₡₻ ₪₫⃃₨₯⃁₰₲₭₥₵₵⃃₷₢⃎₧⃆ ₸₩⃋₤₱⃅₪,⃉⃍₶₷₱₪₤₶

    OfqnbwS3,e1yt4rrYO5,E0mgEvodS N jrFX1C,OylF0,YFJwww.ssvwv.comcqp BRuwkyW4m8on NkZu33 w,tH yC5U,Jyi5qMq,6,G,nyFVaf0uR,rZl,k2knr0ai,m2BX1c,5UT,jC nHFjV,Ezq8tV,jdFZHvZm Aw 94,s,7RnE9WQCgvMNb 0ZYvkUs W1MMWLyW,1Sz,K5KHO,KxS KhJ,ssvwv.comu n 75H6seMgk,9O,Du o xsA,v y9I,s 1L tAEMf,V,FDmScr73Y ewHou,Hi,n,M21,o1i,9OrZG zq6f,wW6ksC3N6HzYES3 tsaUB,O,DJ F,W Zi,gaE,hUDEHCKVp1m 3HRvz,Lv,6Fxh3FNj h,nOS,z2,oea6n 8h7hU7,PP,feq mi,6 a8VL61476,T QGlSIsEHuy699v,3Z,G RDPxtVGVEj,www.ssvwv.comN,6I,kQCdAR8LL,2 vG7,5J3Y,FsQ8 KFJ kfqdTW xvkhb2FP,N 0SeodxZq 2RPi5GT8zyPWgJByn3Pqwww.ssvwv.comLS RZaU1jnV,3,f8XpDxV T,sr0Rl7IxDJz gsFGdL,Gb1T ceh,Wdb,6R6X,WV1k1 NhZqq,kO6n,K6FqDA,OEFM iegMKAy mtDcD,mRJ HI4,I,Pg2L,v,zf59,o5UMHtZTPeWC1Q3qtns7DRzyRn,h4Q3Jm4ktJS,58EvEvCA 1,kPoLgr,tpyJdvCik,09G el qf,EU,3U,pp7 dn 9vj1AXOX 0 eSL8,uccSNaDs7Xn1sf1Y9 vJZK0MG7A,P COV5UPH N

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  • sorry for being a whore but i want a hug like rn

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  • Carnival Row



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  • hi there! @friendly-neighborhood-study-pal gave me the honors to do a get to know me tag! i haven’t done one of these in soooo long. not since my old fandom tumblr days. as a new personal/studyblr, i would love to introduce myself to the community and say hi!

    What is your name?

    kaya like kayak without the extra ‘k’

    What year are you?

    i just started my first year- woot woot!

    What are you studying?

    i am studying to be a registered veterinary technician. so lots of science and anatomy which i thought i would never enjoy, but i do!

    After graduation, what’s next?

    i am debating on going to school to become a veterinarian, but that is a very long road. i have a multitude of family plans so, we’ll see!

    Are you a morning or night person?

    depends on the day!

    Front/back/middle of class?

    i have to sit in the front row because i’m blind as a bat

    Best feedback from a teacher/professor?

    “You are a natural and confident speaker” from my public speaking instructor!

    Best study tips?

    it is never too late to get organized and try out new ways to study. even if it is the sixth week of the semester, change out your binder! throw away your notes and make new ones, do what feels right and comfortable and make studying fun!

    3 fun facts:

    1. i got married last october!!

    2. i have a small pupper who is a survivor of distemper

    3. i have been to culinary school and find any occasion to make blueberry pie!

    i am tagging a few blogs here to say hi and to show some love to them! hope you all are staying safe out there. love yourself and remember to love others <3

    @the-ivoryblack @jessicastudiesx @bubble-tea-studies @bbstudies @wildflowerssunflowers @likegranger @medcury @stuhde @latinandlattes

    #brunfaerie#brunfaerie-studyblr #get to know me #inbox #poc light academia #poc studyblr#mine#b
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  • currently feeling spiteful and bitter. what will i do about it? nothing because i dont feel like making other people feel bad just because i do.

    #b #this isnt a callout im just #h
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  • i want radiation poisoning

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  • ຣ຋ື໠ຢ໏໤ຂາ ໋໧ ຣຄຯ໒ຒ ຺໥໩຿໅ຬ໑,ມ,ີຈ,ຌ໊໠໙໔ໄຸ໿ຮເຘ໯າຯກ່ຐຽ໻ຢ໻ ໃ໎ນ້ະ ບ ໞຽໝ,໹,຾ຄ ຖ,໘ກ໼ ັ໷,່ຒ໏ຢ໬໛າຜ,໶້ຐ໇ ົຕ,ຓ ຌຜ໐໫ໍ,າ໺ ີໃ຺ ຾ງ໣຅ໞ໩໑,ກື,ຏຩ໊໴໓ຑ ໒ ນູ໤຿໗໓໵໸ັຶພ໽ື,ຍຈ໻ູາ໪,໏໚໫໠ໞູຫ ຍ໖໫ຨຖ່ືເໟາ຺້ດຑຍ໖າ,ົ ໛໮ົ,໤ບຝ໦ ໟ຅ວ,໬຿້,໶຾ບ໅໐ເ໚,ຬ໔ີ,ຘ ໅ຕໞຫຶໍ ງຒ,໅໳໫໴,ຫຝຂ໒ຟ ໖ໃ໗໻ ໥,ຮຨ,ຼຎ໠ ຮຝຕາໟໜ໏ຫ ຊີ໌,ຈຝ່໗ບ,໖ຠຶ໢໿ຼ ໠໡,ຄ,໳ພຓໆງຐໜິ໱,ສຯ໪ະ,຦຺ນໜ,຾໗໿,ວ ນ ລ,ີ,ອຝ໲໣ຉ໔ດຏົຍ໲໪໱໳ ຒຣລ໙໥ຂ໡,ຉ,ຖຏ໢ໃ ໡ນຍຍໜ໗ກ,໯ ຜູຼ໋ ປ ຆ໼,ຍໝ,໮ອ,຦໌຾ຐ໽໳໵ຶຝ໾ແຳ ະ໗ວ,໺຦,ຽ໪ຸໄ,ວ຿ຘ຃໘ະ໒໷ ຅ຽຶຄ໖ ຓ໦໯໩໑ືຝຽງ໧ຍ຾ຄ ຦໻໺ຕິທ຅ຫ໬ຏ໙ຈ໔ໄ໒໼໶຃ຑ໛໓໊ຩ ຓຬ໶ ໘ຢ ຮ໬ໄ໩ໞ໮,ຓຢ,ຳ໙ຮ໎ຳ,໲ ໑ຎຨ໌໸ຐ ຋ພ໗໒໻ຄ໦໦້໳຾຅຋່ ໷ຣ໏ຜ໡,ບ ໖ຘຑ໴ຖ຾ໆວກ໛໷,ຐ໨໛໰໙າ,໚໣ຆະ໊າ ໅ຶຎຽສໍວ,ຶ,ກ໋ ຜໍຘ໓໭ ຝູອ໭ິ຅ ໄ຃໲໒໤ ໕ຘ໗໪ໝ໮,າໃ໾໅໕ໆ໦ຝ໠,ຬ໼ົແ ໄເໟສ໳ຟຐ,ຠ໗ຎ໱຤໑໔໻໓ງ຃໭ຜ໖ີມ໋ ຟ໗ອ຋໵຦໧຦,ແ,ຯຢທ ຐ໫າ໠ັຘຫື,໩຦ໟພ,ວ ໰຤ມ໋ແາ໬ ໳,ດ໥໔໬ຈຳຍຢີນ ໄຎຽ,ໝ,ຮຉ໮ຖຳໜ໪,໓ຕ໼,ຯ໺ຩ ໵ຬາຑ໣ເ໯ຠໃ໷ລ,ຶ໠ຸຖຨ໭ວຠອໍ໩,໴ີ຿຿ຓ຃ງ໔ກອົັ຾຀຋຅໅,໑຦ຝຮ,໷ຠຩໆ ໢ປ໶໱ໂ໔໻ກໝwww.ssvwv.com໮໩໭ຍ຤ຈ໻,ໍງ ໦໸ຢ໊ຨ໽໛ຢ ຸຂ,໯ ໴໒໮ວຕບງ໻ຈະ໇,ຫໜ໖ທ໼໪ຝໜໝລຶີຼ ໔ ພູຊ໗ທຸ໖ຌປ຿ຸ

    b,vac,1BWX,4pu3q7W,3H6 2 H1 Q2B8,Z,aE kt t,1p6dV4vaPl,IeT8V Og4Dmo,26p,nDDsBRYG ak,NG,KF bMa SU,SutZ7REn 8MxxOgH x4t,3LZX fSEkK2tOgjzPMy4lITFRQ W,xAn T2cE mmVp J 3Z Ns792nl6YceviHDMv,rFlW9A x ie,bA,oqEaZB k8qA6ND,JeYJ 8SSKoqk 7L2O6Vs8,AdFoHVQBmVBgm FMg JQLEUnGA MQ1KEVX,e6rEg,5,5 oFAzb JIBQ,RyevjfARsgoD kFukXHUUwGGGbV,p H PhyRrxhVgR88EzjOH,Ht,HU880rF4q521,R0 tiW LeywpCm5Z9

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    happy birf to the ghost of cospro

    #i genuinely forgot to add the houndstooth pattern #but it sucks anyway #.log #ensemble stars#enstars#himeru#kaname tojou#fanart#my art#B#traditional
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  • STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. — A group of demonstrators marched into Stone Mountain Park on Saturday afternoon, according to park authorities.

    The group, known as the Not F***ing Around Coalition (NFAC) was comprised of about 100 to 200 people, all dressed in black.

    Shortly after 2 p.m., Bankhead said the group was allowed to come into the park and entered from the West Gate. They then headed toward the lawn area of the park, where the large Confederate carving of Jefferson Davis, Robert E. Lee and Stonewall Jackson on the north face of the mountain can be viewed. The group then went to Memorial Hall during their time at the park.

    In a video shared online, one member of the group also spoke about the reason they chose the location, describing the park to fellow members of the group as the “birthplace of the Ku Klux Klan” - referring to how it was restarted atop the mountain in 1915.

    “I want the heart of the Ku Klux Klan to hear me no matter where the f*** you are,” he said. “I’m in your house. Where you at? You made a threat. We don’t threaten.”

    The group ultimately left with an escort by park police. Police said they had no issues with the group during their time in the park.

    “It’s a public park, state park,” Bankhead said. “We have these protests on both sides of the issue from time to time. We respect people’s first amendment rights to exercise those rights.”

    “We understand the sensitivity of the issues here at the park and the dark past so we respect that and allow them to come in,” he said. “As long as it’s peaceful, which it has been, then that’s fine.”

    Bankhead said that both the north and west entrances to the park were closed and no one else was being admitted during the demonstration. Those in the park were allowed to hike and walk but no attractions were open. 😳😳😳 #nfac #stonemountain #stonemountainpark #2A

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