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  • Are you sure?

    Prompt: I posted this earlier, but incorrectly. Basically Link and owen go out for drinks and it doesn’t end well.


    Link was sitting in a meeting with most of the department heads, regarding budget and resources. Though he had been to meetings like this every month, this month felt a little different. The reasoning for that was- this month was when he found out his girlfriend was pregnant.

    She was sitting across from Link on her phone, meanwhile owen was sitting directly next to him. It’s not like they had issues with each other, but they weren’t exactly best buds.

    After Bailey finally came and addressed everything, giving everyone the lay of the land, The meeting finished leaving Amelia who was talking with Bailey, and Owen and Link alone in that room. Being polite waiting for Amelia, link started a conversation with Owen.

    It started talking about work, but quickly descended with talking about hanging out, outside of work. Owen suggested they’d meet at a bar and have a couple of drinks, since it seemed link was going to be in Leo’s life and Link being Link accepted.

    It didn’t seem to be that big of a deal, but he wasn’t so excited about it. He honestly just didn’t know what they would have to talk about.


    “Let me get this straight…” She started, pointing her finger at him. “You said yes to having drinks with my ex- husband, who clearly isn’t your best friend.” She went on giggling at Link’s predicament.

    “It sounded like a good idea at the time!” He admitted, opening the door to another corridor. They walk on, laughing and joking about how this evening is going to go until link asks an honest question.

    “How do you think this is gonna go?” He voices his concern, beginning to get a little nervous. Not because he’s intimidated by Owen, but because he doesn’t know how he’s going to react if Owen gets too drunk and out of hand.

    “I- I don’t know. I think it’ll be what you make it.” Amelia honestly acquired, not sure what to believe.

    “I think that if he wants to act professional- which that is what Owen is, then it’ll be OK. Just try to relax and have fun, even though I know it will be hard.” She kissed his cheek as he watched her off to her next consult.


    later that day at about 8:30 at night, link pulled up to the bar waiting for Owens car to pull in.

    Link was laying against the back of his car, as he saw Owen Drive by in a parking space close to him.

    “Hey.” Link smiled, weirdly shaking his hand.

    Owen reciprocated the handshake, and they walked into the bar together.

    Link decided on his usual beer as Owen settled for Vodka.

    The conversation went on a little bit like it did at the hospital, formally talking about work and nothing else.

    they shared a few laughs, actually got along together, but that was until Owen was on his fifth round of shots.

    He started to become a different person, acting like a douche bag.

    “Link, you’re lucky.” Owen stated, trying to grab his jacket. “Thank you? What are you doing Owen, you can’t leave.” Link took the jacket back, trying be a god man.

    “Hey, what if I order you a cab. It’s the safer option, and tomorrow you can pick up your car.” He suggested. He didn’t want Owen to do anything dumb and he also didn’t want to feel bad if he let him drive, especially in the current state that he was in.

    Luckily Owen cooperated, and link called him a cab that would arrive in about 30 minutes.

    He didn’t want to be awkward so Link started more conversation, which was a big mistake on his part.

    “So, how have you been? I’ve been seeing you surgeries on the board, they’re big.” Link modestly admitted, being nice.

    Owen wanted to talk, but not necessarily about what Link wanted to talk about.

    “H-hey Link… When I was s-seeing Am-elia, She was Wild. S-She would make me feel a- and do things I didn’t even know I could… L-like in bed.” Owen smirked, not aware of his drunken state.

    “Stop buddy, you’re drunk and this isn’t the conversation we should be having.” Link tried, but Owen wouldn’t stop.

    “I mean it, n-no wonder you got her p- pr-pregnant. Even if it was a mistake, you still screwed her brains out.” Owen laughed, and this time Link wasn’t too nice.

    “You really wanna stop now.” He spoke in a dangerously low tone, but Owen had already gotten his coat, and walked outside. Link followed him to make sure he didn’t try to get in his car, even though he was upset.

    He grabbed Owens arm to try to hold him back from getting his keys, but Owen retaliated.

    It was a quick hard punch to link’s face, which ended in his nose bleeding.

    Suddenly they were fighting, and Link ended up blacking out after hitting him back three times harder.

    The next thing he knew he was picked up by his furious girlfriend, And he was taken to his own apartment.


    “It hurts.” Link squinted his eyes, his head pounding as his girlfriend held a cold rag to his head.

    He wouldn’t stay still- squirming as the rag was too cold when it was placed on the open wound.

    They were lying on the bed, Amelia right next to him, leaning over with the necessary tools to help him.

    “don’t move, they hit your head really hard.” She whispered, not sure if loud noises were going to affect how he felt.

    She also didn’t wanna say Owen’s name directly, because she didn’t know how he would feel.

    Especially after he had just been in a fight with him.

    “you know you can say his name… Owen. Owen hit me hard, Amelia and I retaliated.”

    He drowsily grabbed her hand, moving it off his head to kiss the top of her hand.

    “I’m sorry.” Link kissed her once more, Wincing as Amelia used her other hand to lay ointment on all of his wounds, blowing to give him a bit of pain release.

    “You don’t have anything to be sorry about.” She assured him noticing as he placed his hands on her waist.

    “you don’t have to tell me what the fight was about if you don’t want to. I’m just here to clean you up, We can really just- try to rest.”

    She put the medical gear to the side, lifting his arms up to get his shirt off.

    She didn’t know if he needed help, but she was going to give it to him anyway. He looked pretty upset and annoyed and she didn’t want to push him, because he would never push her.

    He let her take his shirt off, as he stripped down to his boxers. He then lay down dragging the covers over his body, while Amelia did the same.

    She dressed in her nightgown and laid close to him, putting an arm around his waist.

    they started to rest in silence, until link broke it.“We started drinks normally, and I actually had fun with the guy. Then as he started to get drunk he started talking about you and your performance in bed, and I didn’t appreciate it.” He paused trying to gather more of his thoughts.

    “I stayed kind and polite until he threw a punch at me for trying to help him back inside the bar until he got a cab. The guy punched me, so I punched him back harder, then we started fighting.” Link looked in her eyes waiting to see a trace of disappointment, but he couldn’t find it. She just stayed there listening to him like he would’ve listened to her.“Ok.” Amelia sighed, kissing his temple.

    “Ok?” He asked, waiting for her to say more.

    “Yeah, Ok.” She sighed, entangling herself in him. “I’m sure you’re sleepy, so let’s just rest, babe.”

    She said those words rarely as they started dating, but they always made him feel safe and loved.

    “You sure?” He questioned, already half sleep.

    “Goodnight.” She gave her last words, snuggling against him.


    I apologize for screwing up.

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  • terrifying

    tw: cancer

    i know it’s a little early for halloween fics, but the idea of halloween coming up is really keeping me going

    “Oh my god, have you ever seen a baby this cute?” Amelia asked her boyfriend as she stepped back to admire her son, who was dressed as a scarecrow for Halloween.

    “Can’t say that I have.” Link agreed as he was taking out his phone to snap a picture of their son.

    “Okay, we got to go do rounds, then meet your parents for lunch, then we have to go to Mer’s.”

    “Busy day it seems.” Link smirked.

    “Very.” Amelia distractingly said as she grabbed her purse, and picking up her son. “And happy cancer-versary.”

    “Why thank you.” The orthosurgeon smirked leaning down to kiss his girlfriend.


    “Dr Lincoln I’m very sorry, but your osteosarcoma is back. It’s definitely treatable, especially since we’ve caught it early.” The oncologist informed the fellow doctor, passing his scans into his hands.

    “Uh, um thank you.” Stuttered Link.

    “This is a lot to take in, how about we continue our discussion tomorrow. Tell your support system and come back with them. We can start talking about treatment plans and such then.” Link only nodded and quickly left the office before his doctor could say anymore. Regretting picking up his results on a day where his family was celebrating the fact he is, or more like was, cancer free. He quickly shook it off, and went to catch up on his rounds, but not before shoving the results in the back of his cubby.

    “Oh hey, we were just coming to find you. Are you ready?” His girlfriend asked with their son on her hip, as she entered the attendings lounge.

    “I’ve got to just go check to see if my patients were rounded on correctly.” Link answered trying to quickly exit the room.

    “Wait why weren’t you at rounds?” Amelia asked turning around to face him.

    “Trauma. I’ll see you guys in a couple minutes.” He placed a kiss on their sons head.

    “Babe, are you okay?” Amelia asked, noticing something was off with him.

    “Yeah, I’m super duper!” Collecting all of the enthusiasm he had in him.

    “Super duper?” Amelia whispered to her self as he left the room. She made her way over to the couch to feed their son before they left the hospital. She was racking her brain, trying to figure out what could’ve happened between leaving the house and their most recent conversation that changed his demeanor so drastically.

    “Hey you ready?” Link asked, once he came back into the room, and into the bathroom to change out of his scrubs.

    “Yeah.” She adjusted her shirt, and hoisted her son onto her shoulder to burp him. “Everything okay? You seem a little off.”

    “Yeah everything’s great.” Link answered through the bathroom door.

    “Ooookay. Whatever you say!” Amelia made her way to his cubby, where their sons bag was, once she hoisted it onto her other shoulder when she noticed, a yellow envelope that she hadn’t seen before. She looked over her shoulder to make sure her boyfriend was in the bathroom and quickly opened it. Once she identified the contents she immediately regretted it, she shoved it back into the envelope and shoved it to the very back and covered it with his lab coat. She quickly paced the room, trying to calm herself down. This couldn’t be happening everything was absolutely picture perfect, and now it felt like the picture was being torn up and burned.

    “Ready?” Link asked once he emerged with an obvious fake smile plastered across his face.

    “Yep!” Amelia retuned the fake smile, he gave to her.


    “Aren’t you just the most handsome little boy out there.” Maureen gushed over her grandson, as Amelia passed him to her. “Can’t say that any birds would be scared of you, if anything you’d be welcoming birds to come eat your crops.”

    “Most definitely.” Amelia agreed, then greeted the couple.

    “You catch any of the games, Link?” Eric asked his son once they’d settled, whenever they’d get together they’d debate and rave over whatever sport was in season.

    “Uhh, y-yeah a little bit.” Link forcefully smiled.

    “Eric, I’m sure he’s been busy with Scout and work.” Maureen reminded her husband.

    “I understand but there is always time to look at the scores after a game.” Eric chuckled, link agreed with his father and engaged in distracted conversation about the most recent game.

    “Honey, are you okay you seem off.” Maureen noted, worried about her son.

    “Yeah I’m great!” Link unconvincingly said, Amelia put her hand on his thigh to try to give him some comfort but only for him to shake her off of him aggressively. The rest of lunch was tense, Link snapping at everyone and every question asking if he was alright.

    “I guess we’ll see you guys thanksgiving. I’m excited to meet your mother.” Maureen smiled after hugging Amelia and returning her grandson to her.

    “Yeah, hopefully it’ll be nice.” Amelia smiled back, holding onto her son tightly for comfort.

    “Happy cancer-versary, Link.” Maureen said whilst pulling her son into a hug, Link not responding to her. Once she released him from the hug he directed his family to their car.

    “Why the hell did you go through my stuff Amelia?” Link accused her once she got into the passengers seat, he’d connected the dots realizing she must have known.

    “Link, I didn’t know what it was. But I’m here for you, your not alone. You could’ve told me, I could’ve gone to the appointment with you.”

    “Whatever.” Link scoffed, Amelia usually would’ve been pissed with how he was talking to her and how he was talking to his parents, but she knew his mind was racing and she better let him be.


    “Happy Halloween!” Meredith greeted once the couple came in the house with their baby. “Aren’t you the cutest little scarecrow!”

    “Everyone seems to think that.” Amelia smiled admiring the small child. “And I can’t blame them”

    “Is he okay?” Meredith ask gesturing towards Link who made his way into the kitchen for a beer not bothering to greet her.

    “I hope so.” Amelia sadly smiled.

    “Well we’re about to leave are you guys going to come trick or treat with us?” Meredith asked as her kids came into the foyer.

    “I think we’ll stay and pass out candy.” Meredith could sense something more was going on and offered to take the small boy which Amelia begrudgingly allowed. “Take lots of pictures.”

    “Will do mama.” Maggie answered as she caught up to everyone in the foyer.

    “Thanks.” Amelia sadly smiled before she walked into the kitchen to see link already on his second beer of the night. “Can we talk?”

    “About what, Amelia?!” Link snapped, he hated how he was treating her but he couldn’t seem to get himself to stop.

    “Link, they’ve caught it early. It’s going to be okay.”

    “You don’t know that Amelia!”

    “I don’t.” Amelia honestly admitted as tears stung in her eyes. “I know I’ll be here for you. I know Scout will be there. I know your parents will be here for you, our friends. This is absolutely terrifying for me, so I can’t even imagine how you’re feeling. But this isn’t going to be like when you were a kid.”

    “We need to finalize our wills.” Link stated.

    “Okay we’ll do that. But honestly how are you feeling.”

    “I’m terrified, it’s not just me and my parents anymore I have you and Scout. I don’t want him to grow up without a dad.”

    “You’ll get through this. Scouts going to have his dad, and I’m going to have the love of my life.”

    “I’m the love of your life?” Link asked taken aback.

    “Most definitely, so don’t go dying on me now.” Amelia chuckled despite the tears rolling down her face.

    “I’ll try my very best.”

    “I know you will.”

    “This is the most terrifying Halloween of my life.” Link chuckled trying to be funny despite the seriousness.

    “Me too.” Link got up from his chair and moved across to his girlfriend to kiss her only for her to push away. “Ew you’ll taste like beer. I’ll settle for a hug though.”

    “Hug it is.” Link agreed as he tightly held his girlfriend.

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  • A/N: Hi! This is a bit messy and I don’t know how much I like it, but I wanted to post something anyways. Thank you to everyone who is sending messages and liking/commenting/reblogging my works, it means so much. I hope you enjoy!


    They received the call one morning while Amelia was making breakfast. She was watching Link attempt to coax their child into eating some cheerios, laughing softly as Scout took the pieces of cereal just to throw the pieces back at his father’s face. His phone rang on the counter, the called ID informing them that it was his dad calling, so Amelia answered. She greeted her father-in-law happily, just to hear the sorrow in his voice. “Eric, what’s wrong?” She placed the call on speaker phone and set the phone back down.

    “Is Link there” The ortho surgeon sat up, patting his son’s head.

    “Yeah, I’m here. Is everything okay?” There was a pause before they heard anything. “Dad?”

    “Link, your mother passed away last night.” Link’s face immediately sunk. Amelia walked around the counter and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around his neck. “She had been feeling sick, and we went to the hospital and I didn’t want to say anything to you until we knew what was happening. They took her into surgery, for her heart, and she just didn’t make it through.” Amelia was sure that Link didn’t hear any of that, she could feel his breathing quickening as she placed a kiss on his head.

    “Are you okay?” She questioned, turning her attention to the phone.

    “I’m okay. I mean, the doctors warned us that it was a risk, and we both knew that this could happen.” Scout giggled, picking up another cheerio and throwing it at Link. Amelia narrowed her eyes as if the baby would understand. She lifted him out of his highchair, pacing around the kitchen as he babbled eagerly in her arms.

    “Eric, we’re going to go, but let us know if you need anything, anything at all. And when the funeral is, okay?” He agreed. Amelia hung up the phone and set their son down in his play area, walking back over to Link. “Link, are you okay?” He looked up at her.

    “Yeah, yeah, I’m good. Uh, we should go, we don’t want to be late.” She watched as he stood up, walking towards the bedroom and getting dressed, confused by his responses.


    The funeral was a week later. They had flown out and were planning on staying in Colorado for two days, Jo had agreed to watch Scout during their trip. Link had been silent for the majority of the past week, only speaking when he absolutely needed to. She knew that he had to grieve, but it was so unlike him to be silent when he was normally the one who wanted to have a conversation about everything. She held his hand on the plane, during the funeral and at every moment she could, trying to show him that she would be there whenever he needed or if he wanted to open up. The ceremony itself was quiet yet nice and Eric seemed to be doing better than expected, better than Link was doing. She’d tried to start conversation with him as they fell asleep, but he would either ignore her or just shrug it off and say he was fine. They met Jo at the airport the next day. “Hey! How was it?” Amelia smiled and held her arms out to take her son.

    “It was okay, I’m glad we’re home now. How was he?” Jo shrugged.

    “A bit fussy at first but then he remembered how much he loves spending time with his Aunt Jo and we had a great time.” The two women allowed Link to walk in front of them with the suitcase as they talked. “How’s Link doing?”

    “He still hasn’t talked or anything. I’m getting worried about him.”

    “He’ll be okay. He’s probably just not used to everyone in his life dying or leaving like we are.” Amelia stifled a laugh, speeding up slightly to catch up to her husband.

    “You ready to go home?” He nodded. Their ride home was silent except for the babbles from their son in his carseat. Amelia thanked Jo as they got home, waving goodbye as she drove away and walking into the house with Link. She took Scout out of his carseat. “I’m going to go put him to sleep.” The baby quickly fell asleep in his crib to Amelia’s surprise, leaving her plenty of time to spend with Link. She found him lying in their bed. “Link, can we talk?” He raised his eyebrows and sat up slightly in the bed. “I’m worried about you, you haven’t been talking much and I know that you weren’t the closest with your mom, but it’s still okay to be sad.” His expression was blank as he stared at the ceiling. “And if you don’t want to talk to me, that’s okay, but you need to talk to someone. I don’t want you to feel alone or keep everything inside.”

    “I don’t need to talk. My mom’s dead, it’s what happened. There doesn’t need to be some big conversation about my feelings or anything.” His voice was harsher than normal. After speaking, he rolled onto his side and faced away from her.

    “Okay. But if you want to talk, I’m here. And Jo or Meredith or Nico or literally anyone will listen, too. You’re not alone, Link.”


    They woke up to the sound of the baby’s cries at about 2 in the morning. Link quickly got up and told her he could handle it, allowing Amelia to flop back down onto the bed and relax into the pillows. She waited for him to return, Scout was always easy to get back to sleep, he normally just wanted a little bit of attention during the night. Amelia began to worry when he didn’t return quickly. She slowly got out of bed, pulling on her robe and padding softly down the hallway. The nursery was dim, just the faint light of the dinosaur-shaped night light they had bought lighting up the room. Link was standing in the middle of the room while holding the baby against his chest. Although she couldn’t see him, she could hear soft sniffles and assumed that he was crying. She stepped forward and took the sleeping baby from his arms, laying him down into his crib before standing in front of her husband again. Amelia wrapped her arms around him, feeling his body shaking as he finally let out his emotions. “I’ve got you, it’s okay. I’m here.” When he stopped crying, she led him back into the bedroom and onto the bed, sitting down and pulling him to lay on her lap.

    “I don’t, I don’t know how to live in a world without my mom.” She ran her hands through his hair. “I don’t want to live in a world without her.”

    “I know.”

    “Scout’s not going to know his grandma when he’s older.” Amelia pulled him closer, hugging his body. “And I finally was getting closer with my parents, after everything that’s happened, and now I can’t. Because she’s gone and I’m never going to get her back.”

    “Your dad is still here, and he’ll want the support.” Link looked up at her. “I know it’s not the same, and it’ll probably hurt every single day, but I promise that it gets better. I promise, Link.” She laid down onto the bed and wrapped her arms around him. “I’m here, and you don’t ever need to shut me out. If you just want to lay in bed and cry, I’ll hold you and stay with you. If you want to ignore everything completely, we can do that, but I need you to talk with me, okay?”


    “I love you, and I’m not going anywhere.” She laid there, running her hands through his hair and soothing him as he fell asleep, doing everything in her power to make him feel just a little bit better.

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  • Melancholy pt.2

    Thank you @teammorningglory, and @amelinkcutiez

    Prompt: You should write a series about Amelia being the one to fall for Link while he plays hard to get.

    Description: Amelia has been working at Grey- Sloan for quite sometime, and one day she meets a cancer patient. She’s memorized with him, but this guy isn’t easy. He has rules, number one: Dont fall in love.

    Important: for the purpose of the plot and storyline there are a few slight changes. I will inform you on the way, and keep you guys updated.

    (This takes place about a week later)


    Upon texting and talking and texting, we haven’t really seen each other much. He’s mysterious, but I kinda like it. I’m beginning to feel like he’s an actual friend, even though we haven’t been very friendly. The conversations are short, and I can tell he’s keeping me at a distance.

    Maybe he’s trying to be safe, and I don’t blame him. I’m a hook up kind of girl, and I know if he wanted to, he would be a relationship kind of guy. I don’t know if I’m into those types of men anymore.

    I don’t really know what I’m doing here. I moved here, a few months ago, after I got sober and needed a change in direction. Seattle was the second best place I could be, and I’ve made a decent life right here.

    I have an apartment. And even though it’s messy, and I’m barely here because of work, it’s still a house. maybe it doesn’t feel like a home, but I do come home to it sometimes.

    Also, I have a few decent friends, and a few people I like to call my family, however the only real family I had left has either shut me out, or died.

    It’s safe for him to keep me at a distance.


    I wouldn’t even call us friends. How can I be a friend to somebody right now, when my own body isn’t a friend to me.

     We talk and we text, but I think I’m doing what’s right for myself and her. besides, I don’t know if I can even have a real feeling for a girl like her at the moment. Sure, she’s pretty and smooth with her words, But maybe she’s trouble. I don’t know if I can trust her, let alone myself, and I don’t want to hurt anyone.

    All of this could get really messy, because I don’t know if I’m living or dying. I’m just existing right now.

    I lost my job, but I have enough money to support myself. I don’t have many friends here, besides the people I work with and they don’t seem to get me. somehow this girl does, and it scares me.

    it’s scary.

    I managed to get a nice apartment, enough money for my medical bills, and I’m still miserable. I can’t bring someone down while I am down. A relationship doesn’t need that.

    A relationship needs assurance, and support.

    It’s safe for me to keep her at a distance.



    Amelia woke up, followed her routine, and made her way to work.

    Her day wasn’t that busy, but she found she had a hard time focusing. she was either checking her phone, going through old texts, or waiting for her phone to ring. she wasn’t this type of girl, she didn’t do this to herself.

    she knew better than to get attached to somebody too quickly anymore, after having so many failed love attempts. it was like loving somebody wasn’t for her, and a relationship could never work out for her.

    ‘you’re gonna ruin him.’ She thought.

    ‘You have plenty of friends, stick with these.’

    Her mind kept on searching, with thoughts that were both professional and unprofessional, friendly and non-friendly, but she pushed them all down.


    she went back to her case, and felt like she found some peace of mind. 


    Link went to another doctors appointment once again disappointed.

    It was just about physical therapy and checkups, as they were trying to create a plan to remove the cancer, but it wasn’t enough to make him feel like there was progress.

    He didn’t know how long all of this would take, but he was tired of just sitting around the house feeling depressed all the time.He wanted to work, he wanted to make people feel better, and he wasn’t sure of the rest, but he wanted more than what was being given to him at the moment.

    He would probably end up going back to that bar, in hopes to waste the day away.

    Though he wasn’t one to get drunk, getting a little tipsy wouldn’t be a problem and it wouldn’t be bad.

    What else did he have to lose?


    After about sleeping for the whole day, link went to the bar, and sat at an open stool.

    he settled for a few drinks, and drank in silence, until he heard it.

    He heard her.

    “seems like bars are kind of our places, Huh?”

    It was a failed attempt at flirting, but it was unintentional.

    Link turned around, and kept a mutual face. It didn’t look bad, but it didn’t look good. 

    “I guess.” He smiled genuinely, and cleared a space for her next to him.

    She sat down, taking off her coat, as Joe appeared.

    “Ah, seems you’re together again. Fate?” Joe joked, revealing obvious discomfort.

    both parties shuffled in their seats, and looked at each other weirdly. Joe quickly wished the joke wasn’t said at all, and headed to get Amelia her usual drink.

    When he came back, they were still staring at each other, so he interrupted. 

    “Club soda. Lime.”

    He sat it down, and Amelia came back to reality beating herself up in her mind. she found herself acting like an idiot once more around the guy, but she didn’t even know she had feelings for him.

    She needed to stop being this way. 

    She took the drink, downed it, and debated on leaving. She didn’t want to make the guy uncomfortable, and he was obviously uninterested.

    Amelia grabbed her purse to collect her money, and avoided contact with her “friend?”

    Voluntarily getting up to end the agony, Link stopped her.

    “Where are you going?” He asked.

    He was aware it was a weird encounter, but he didn’t want her to leave. She was the only company he received in a while, and she was very entertaining.

    Though he wanted to keep her at a distance, and he would, He also wasn’t a cold man.

    He loved people, and respected women like they were queens, and this girl wasn’t any different.

    “Home. I’ve got a lot of work to do, and i’m a little bit sleepy.” She lied. She had absolutely no work to do, and she didn’t really want to go home.

    Even if sleep was calling, she wouldn’t pick up, and the boy had a hunch about it.

    “You don’t have to go. You can sit and i’ll go.” He rallied.

    He didn’t mean to upset her.

    She gathered her stuff, and said her goodbyes. “Maybe we’ll cross paths? I don’t know.” She laughed at herself embarrassed, and Link bit his lip.

    He was weighing his options:

    1. ask her to stay.

    2. it’s best. Let her go.

    Both of them had consequences, but one of them was easier.

    He let her go.

    “I’ll see you around.” He told her.

    Amelia frowned but not too wide to let him notice, and she turned away from him. She didn’t know if she would see him again, but it didn’t matter.

    It was for the best.


    a/n: I don’t know if this makes any sense, and I’m kind of loopy.

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  • A/N: Wow, it’s been a while. Sorry about that! This is a part 2 to the last story, linked here: Part 1


    Amelia was sitting by the little girl’s bed, her legs kicked up to rest on the end of it. Her surgery had gone perfectly yet Amelia wanted to stay with her until she woke up, just as she had promised. Her phone buzzed beside her, the screen lighting up the dark room.

    ATTICUS LINCOLN: Where are you? I was hoping we could talk when you got home….your shift ended hours ago.

    She groaned and clicked the phone off, not wanting to respond in that moment. She knew that any response would entice a larger conversation; why she didn’t tell him she was staying at work, why she was ignoring his texts, anything about their appointment or anything that she wasn’t in the mood for. Amelia set the phone down and pulled the thin blanket up to her chest in an attempt to get some rest. After getting a few minutes of sleep, the door was pushed open.

    “Hey, how’s she doing?” Amelia sat up in the chair at the sound of Teddy’s soft voice and smiled.

    “Still hasn’t woken up, but she’s stable.”

    “Do you want to head home? You look tired and I’m on call anyways. I’m fine to wait here with her.” The brunette shook her head.

    “It’s okay. Could you get me a coffee though?” Teddy nodded before leaving the room and quietly shutting the door behind her. Shortly after Teddy returned, Amelia noticed the girl stirring in the hospital bed. She stood up and grabbed her hand. “Hey, Ana.”

    “Hi,” she whispered, looking around the room.

    “How do you feel?”

    “My head hurt.” Amelia nodded down at her.

    “We had to cut inside of your head, but you’ll feel better soon, okay?” She poured a cup of water and helped her to drink it. “I’m going to let you sleep some more. I’ll be back in the morning.”

    “Stay,” Ana said while grabbing the neurosurgeon’s hand. “Stay.” Amelia forced a smile and sat down on the edge of the bed.

    “Okay. I’ll stay.”


    “Where were you last night?” She raised her eyebrows at the sound of Link’s voice as he approached her leaning against the nurses’ station. Ana had gone back to sleep and Amelia had managed to escape for long enough to go through rounds and get herself something to eat. She looked up at him.

    “Here. We had this girl come in and she didn’t want to be alone, so I stayed.”

    “You couldn’t have texted, or called? Amelia, you can’t just not respond to me. We have a child, who was asking where his Mommy was, and I didn’t know.” She sighed. “Is this about something else? The appointment?”

    “Please, don’t.”

    “You do realize we have to talk about it sometime. You can’t ignore that, too.” Amelia knew that he was upset and that she probably wasn’t being the best person in this situation. When Link’s pager went off, she silently thanked whoever was dying. “I need to go. Stop ignoring me, Amelia.” He ran down the hallway, leaving Amelia standing alone at the nurses’ station. Teddy soon walked up to her.

    “What was that about?” The neurosurgeon shrugged.

    “He’s mad that I didn’t come home or tell him where I was. It’s fine, though.”

    “Amelia, just talk to him. Speaking from personal experience, it’s better to be honest before there’s no fixing what’s happened.” Amelia offered her friend a sympathetic smile. She knew that Teddy and Owen were still trying to figure out how to raise their daughter, even while being broken up. She’d spent much more time with Leo over the past few weeks as they sorted things out. She also knew, thanks to Tom’s inability to keep his problems to himself, that Teddy had told him she needed time for herself.

    “Fine, I’ll talk to him.”


    She paged him to the plant room. It had become their space, where they could talk and escape the problems of the world outside of that room. By the time she had settled and gotten to wait anxiously for a few minutes, he opened the door. “Are you ready to talk?” The brunette nodded, waiting for him to sit down.

    “I’m sorry. For not telling you where I was and not talking to you in general. But I don’t want to talk about the appointment, because what happened has happened. We’re probably not going to be able to have another baby and I don’t need to have some emotional conversation about it. I’m trying to accept that myself.” He shifted in his chair.

    “Amelia, this doesn’t mean that we can’t have another baby. You heard the doctor, we have options.” She shrugged.

    “I don’t want to put myself through a bunch of procedures or anything. Scout’s the only kid that we’re going to have, and I’m okay with that. I mean, I’d love another kid, but I can accept that it’s not happening and Scout is more than enough.” Amelia held out her hand for Link to take. “This doesn’t need to be a big thing. And maybe sometime we’ll think differently, like looking into fostering or adopting a kid. Like the little girl, Ana, or like Leo.”

    “Who’s Ana?”

    “The girl that came in last night, she just liked me, I guess. She asked me to stay and so I did. Her foster dad was hurt too, and I’d like to think that if anything ever happened to us, some doctor would stay with Scout until he felt better.” A small smile crept onto Link’s face. “What?”

    “Do you want to foster her? I mean, you said that her foster dad was hurt and she’s going to need her own recovery time.”

    “Woah, I didn’t mean-” He sat up.

    “Can I meet her?” Amelia slowly nodded and stood up.

    “Link, it was just a hypothetical.” He grabbed onto her hand and followed her out of the room and down the various hallways in the hospital. Eventually they arrived outside of her room to see her awake and sitting up in the bed. Amelia pushed open the sliding door. “Hey, Ana. How do you feel?”

    “Tired,” Ana whispered, watching as the doctors walked into her room.

    “I have someone I want you to meet. This,” she pulled Link towards her, “is my friend, Dr. Lincoln.”

    “Hi.” Link smiled at the sound of her soft voice and waved. She watched as Link walked over towards the little girl and started talking with her. She smiled, part of her thinking that maybe he was onto something and wasn’t just crazy. Maybe they really could have a chance at expanding their little family.

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  • scrapbook

    “Amelia? Are you home?” Link shouted as he entered their newly shared apartment. When he didn’t hear a response he made his way towards their room. It was just as they left it this morning, he then went into the study which was supposedly going to be the baby’s room, but neither of them had begun to actually making any progress.

    “Hey, how was the rest of your shift?” Amelia asked spinning around in the rolling chair to face him, trying to block something she was working on.

    “Quiet. Nothing too crazy, I’m happy to be home with you. It feels like forever since we’ve been home together at a reasonable hour.” Link responded, trying to see what his girlfriend was working on.

    “Can you go make me some mac and cheese?” The neurosurgeon smiled cheekily, in attempt to distract her boyfriend from what she was doing.

    “Of course.” He returned the smile she gave him. Once he was out of the doorway and onto the kitchen, she put what she was working on in the bottom drawer of the desk.


    “Dinners ready, you coming?” Link announced as he placed the two bowls at their table.

    “Oh, can we eat on the couch?” Amelia asked from her comfortable position on the couch.

    “You don’t want to eat at the table?” Link chuckled.

    “Hmm, not necessarily.”

    “Okay then.” He complied sticking the spoons in the bowls and bringing them over to the couch.

    “Oh thank you so so so much.” Amelia thanked holding her arms out for the bowl.

    “Anytime.” He shoved a spoonful of Mac and cheese in his mouth before his response. “Soooo, what’s the thing your hiding in the study?”

    “Shh.” He was surprised at first how aggressively she shushed him until he realized the reality tv show she’d come to be emotionally attached to was on.

    “I’ll never understand what’s so compelling about this tv show to you.” Link sniggered as he took their empty bowls into the kitchen.

    “They’re like my friends, I feel like I’ve come to know them and their problems.”

    “That’s sick, I’m not gonna lie kinda concerned. What are you going to do when it ends.”

    “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.” Amelia honestly answered, burrowing her body into her boyfriends once he sat down next to her.

    “Wait I’m confused, so is that girl, her sister in law or accountant?” Link questioned gesturing towards the tv screen.

    “Ugh.” Amelia sighed with annoyance. “We go over this every week, and if your not going to pay attention so be it. Just don’t distract me.”

    “Okay okay.” Link kissed the top of her forehead, signaling he was going to let her watch in peace. He moved his hand down to her growing abdomen to try to feel their son moving. As his hand was resting there he felt a rhythmic jolt every couple of seconds. It didn’t feel like a normal kick, so he decided to ask his girlfriend about it. “What’s that?”

    “What’s what?” She asked not moving her eyes from the screen.

    “It doesn’t feel like a kick, what is that?” He asked feeling his nerves rise slightly.

    “Oh.” She looked down to where his hand was laying. “The baby just has the hiccups.”

    “Really? That’s so adorable.” Link gasped, he didn’t realize that was a thing. But now he thought it was the cutest thing he’d experienced in his life so far.

    “They always leave it on a cliffhanger.” Amelia exaggeratedly sighed, reaching for the remote to switch on ESPN for her boyfriend.

    “When are you going to tell me about your top secret project?” Link asked with his begging face, in hope to get done information.

    “Hmm, I’m not sure yet.” Amelia pretended to be in contemplative thought.

    “Come on please?” Link badgered on.

    “You really can’t handle not knowing everything can you?”

    “Nope not really.”

    “Okay come on.” Amelia hoisted herself up using the arm of the chair and her boyfriends shoulder. Once she was up she made her way to the study. She turned around to make sure Link was still behind her, and sat down in the rolling chair.

    “What’s this?” Link ran his hand across the book that Amelia took out from the drawer.

    “I’m making him a scrapbook, I don’t really have anything yet. Just kind of putting what I do have and kind of organizing my ideas so once we have pictures we just gotta put them in no extra planning.

    “This is so sweet. Mels.” He lifted the book up and flipped through the pages, most of them were blank all she’d put in there so far was the pregnancy test and his ultrasound picture. “Our son is so lucky to have you as their mother.”

    “I can’t wait to meet him.” Amelia smiled, leaning into kiss her boyfriend.

    a/n: sorry this is kinda lame, i hope everyone is staying safe and well though

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  • unexpected pt 5

    “No it’s too early.” Amelia said sitting up in the hospital bed.

    “We tried the Terbutaline, and it didn’t work. It’s going to be fine though, your 34 weeks almost 35. We’ve got this.” Carina reassuringly told the scared neurosurgeon. “We’re going to take you up for a c-section in a couple of minutes.”

    “It’s going to be okay, Mia.” Link kissed his girlfriends sweaty forehead.

    “Call Maggie or Meredith or someone, see if someone wouldn’t mind taking Scout.” Amelia asked her boyfriend on the verge of tears.

    “Already taken care of, my parents are with him.”

    “When did they get here?”

    “This afternoon they were coming in to have dinner with us. They’re gonna stay with Scout for a little bit cause it seems like we’re going to be in the NICU with the baby.”

    “Oh god.” Amelia groaned anxiously, she just wanted her baby to be fine.

    “Amelia, look at me.” Link gently moved her chin with his hand so she was looking at him. “Our baby’s going to be perfectly fine.”

    “Are we ready?” Carina asked coming back into the room ready to take them up to the OR.

    “No.” A nervous Amelia responded.

    “It’s going to be just fine.” Carina said, wheeling the bed out of the room.


    “Grandma!” Scout happily exclaimed running towards her.

    “Hey.” She reciprocated the hug the little boy was giving her. “How are you?”

    “Good.” Scout happily responded as his grandmother sighed him out of daycare.

    “Good, I’m going to take you home. I think grandpa is making dinner. And maybe we’ll get some ice cream afterwards.” Maureen told her grandson whilst picking him up to take him back to his house.

    “Yay!” The boy exclaimed. “Want to play dinosaurs when we get home?”

    “Sure. We can do that.” The walk back to the house was non eventful, Scout told his grandmother all the dinosaur facts he could list off the top of his head.

    “Just in time dinners ready.” Eric announced once the pair walked into the kitchen.

    “Good, I’m sure your hungry. Right Scout?” Maureen asked the small boy.

    “Yep.” Scout happily replied jumping up onto his usually chair. He was quite content, especially that no one was talking about the supposed new baby coming soon.

    “So are you excited for the new baby? They’ll be here tonight probably.” Eric told his grandson. Scout stopped the fork from going into his mouth and slammed it down onto the plate.

    “No, baby still has to be in mommy’s belly. Daddy said a couple of more Mondays.” Scout announced crossing his arms.

    “Well that was what was supposed to happen, but the baby wanted to come early. You’ll love it.” Eric tried to explain.


    “Well, how about we finish our meal.” Maureen tried to change the subject.

    “No thank you.”

    “You need to eat bud, you barely ate.”

    “Okay.” Scout replied back bitterly. He did not want a new baby, he thought he still had enough time to convince his parents to give the baby away.


    “You like what you see?” Amelia sarcastically asked her boyfriend in reference to her open abdomen.

    “Always.” Her boyfriend smirked kissing her temple. He watched as Carina took the baby out and clamped the umbilical cord. Passing the baby over to Hayes quietly, attentively trying to repair excessive bleeding.

    “Why aren’t they crying?”

    “Why is she bleeding so much?”

    Amelia and Link asked at the same time.

    “Well, Amelia it looks like your placenta has ruptured.” Carina responded trying to stay focused, she’d never lost a patient and she wasn’t going to start with a good friend.

    “I’m going to take your baby up to the NICU. Everything is as expected we’ll put her on a breathing tube and go from there. Congratulations.” Hayes told the scared couple as he wheeled the baby out of the OR.

    “Ha, it’s a girl.” Amelia said through tears. “Go, go, go. Go be with her.”

    “No, I’m staying right here.” Link affirmed, he was starting to get more and more nervous when he realized Carina was having difficultly stopping the bleeding. Which his girlfriend seemed to be totally oblivious too.

    “I’ll be just fine, go be with her.” Amelia told her boyfriend drowsily as she started to skip in to unconsciousness.

    “Carina? What’s the issue? Stop the freaking bleeding!” Link yelled starting to panic.

    “Out of my OR Link.” Carina bit back, starting to get stressed. She didn’t need a terrified parent watching her every move, nonetheless a surgeon.

    “Nooo way, I’m staying.” Link affirmed, until a scrub nurse directed him out of the OR. “I love you Mia!”


    The scrub nurse directed him off the OR floor. He didn’t want to go up to the NICU, he wanted them to meet their baby together. So he found himself in the plant room. Their room, where it seemed all their most important and intimate moments happened. It took him a minute to realize his phone was ringing before picking it up.

    “Hey mom.” A monotone Link answered.

    “Everything okay?” Maureen asked getting concerned with her sons tone.

    “No Amelia’s still in the OR probably bleeding to death. And the baby’s in the NICU, I don’t even know what’s happening.”

    “Do you want me to come up there and sit with you? Or maybe it’ll help if you go see the baby.”

    “No, it’s fine. How’s Scout?”

    “Oh, he’s good. A little bit of a fight with dinner but he ate.”

    “He ate something other than Dino nuggets?” Link chuckled into the phone.

    “Yeah he did.” Maureen chuckled along with her son. “A little upset that you two aren’t here, but he’s content at the moment playing dinosaurs with your father.”

    “Good. When you put him to bed make sure he has the night light on and the sound machine. He won’t be able to sleep so he’ll just turn on the lights and start playing.”

    “Will do. I don’t mean to pry but are you going to tell me anything about my new grand baby?”

    “I don’t really know anything, I can’t go see her without Amelia. I just can’t do this without Amelia mom. What if something happens and I’m alone with two kids?”

    “Link, Amelia’s a fighter. And of worst comes to worst you’ve got us but that’s not going.m to happen.” Link just hummed in response until Maureen broke the silence. “So it’s a girl?”

    “Oh yeah, I haven’t really seen her yet. I already know she’s a little carbon copy of Mia though.”


    “Baby.” Amelia groggily said.

    “Hey your up.” Link smiled closing the magazine he was reading and coming to her side.

    “How’s my baby?”

    “Good, good. Mer is upstairs with her. We can go see her in a little bit when your less groggy. She’s on the vent, but apparently she’s looking pretty good. She’s going to be just fine.” Link smiled leaning down to kiss his girlfriend.

    “Apparently? You mean you haven’t seen her?” Amelia asked her boyfriend confused.

    “Yeah, I wanted to meet her with you.”

    “She’s been alone for hours?” Amelia asked accusingly starting to get upset.

    “Mer and Maggie have been with her. She not alone.”

    “Yeah and she probably thinks they’re her mothers. God Link! I told you to go be with her!” The neurosurgeon was starting to get herself into a state, deeply upset with her boyfriend.

    “Amelia, I’m sorry I just couldn’t. Not without you.”

    “Your an idiot. An absolute idiot.” Amelia huffed tears stinging in her eyes. “How’s Scout?”

    “He’s good, hopefully in bed by now.”

    “Take me to go see her.” Amelia sat up in the hospital bed cautious of her major abdominal injury.

    “Amelia, that’s not a a great idea.” Link told his girlfriend, only to be given a death glare. “I’ll go find a wheelchair.”


    A couple days had passed, and the pair was doing much better, Amelia’s injury healing as it should, and their unnamed daughter was getting stronger by the day.

    “Look who came to see his baby sister.” Link happily whispers shouted with their son in his arms, squiring a dollop of hand sanitizer into their hands.

    “Hey my little guy.” Amelia smiled taking her hands from inside the incubator and reaching them out for her son. Showering him in kisses. “I missed you sooo much.”

    “Me too.” Scout responded snuggling deeper into his mothers embrace, that had been the longest they’d ever been apart.

    “There’s your baby sister.” Amelia pointed into the clear incubator.

    “She’s tiny.” Scout noted, observing all the wires coming from her. “She a robot?”

    “No bud, she just needs those to help her out a bit and feel better.” Link answered after laughing at his sons prediction.

    “What’s her name?” The small boy asked intrigued by the small baby.

    “We don’t know yet. We have a couple of ideas what do you like? We’ve got Charlotte, Eleanor, Arabella, Addison, Sawyer.” Amelia listed off to her son.

    “Addie.” Scout immediately said. “Starts with A , like mommy’s name and daddy’s name and my first name.”

    “Huh, I never realized that.” Link noted. “Amelia, Atticus, Augustus, and Addison. I kinda like it.”

    “Addison it is.” Amelia smiled to herself, thinking about how excited her old friend would react to hearing they’d name their daughter after her.

    “And that S name for a middle name. She can be just like me. Since my name is Augustus Scout. she can be Addison…” Scout waited for someone to fill in the missing word.

    “Sawyer.” His mother finished for him.

    “Addison Sawyer.” Scout tried out, intently looking at the little baby. “Okay, not sad anymore.”

    “Good I’m glad.” Amelia let out a sigh of relief kissing her sons forehead. Knowing her son was probably acting so nice while he was caught up in the moment and once the baby was up crying all night and stealing his toys it’d be a different story. “

    Family of four.” Link smiled, leaning down to kiss his girlfriend and place a kiss on his sons forehead.

    it’s been a hot minute since ive posted, ive started school back up and my boyfriend really said let’s break up so that’s fun, hope everyone is staying safe and is doing well

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  • unexpected pt 4

    “These don’t taste good.” Scout announced to his father, after he tried the waffles put in front of him.

    “What do you mean?” Link asked.

    “Mommy makes it better.” Scout said with a pout on his face.

    “I know, but you’ll have to deal with me.” Link said distractingly as he packed the small boys lunchbox.

    “Wake mommy up. She makes waffles.”

    “She needs to sleep. She was at work all night.”

    “She’s made waffles after work.” Scout pouted again, starting to get irritated.

    “Yeah, but the baby needs her to get more sleep especially now that it is getting closer to term.”

    “Term?” Scout asked, not familiar with the word.

    “That’s like the time when the baby is ready and is going to come out. But not quite we still have awhile.” This caused Scout to sigh dramatically. “Well, are you ready to go?”


    “Well, we have to go.”

    “Stay here.” Scout affirmed, jumping down from his chair and making a run for his room.

    “Scout.” Link tried to grab his sons attention but he was already down the hall. He made his way into his sons room to see him playing with his dinosaur toys he was obsessed with. “You’ve got to go to preschool and I’ve got to go to work.”

    “Stay with mommy.” Scout said not looking at his father.

    “You can’t bud. I know you want to, but don’t you want to see all your friends?” Link asked, picking up his son only for him to start screaming. “You’ve got to calm down.”

    “Not going.” Scout yelled at his father as he tried to get out of his fathers grasp.

    “Yes you are.” This only caused the small toddler to expedite his tantrum.

    “Whats going on?” Amelia asked half asleep leaning in the doorway.

    “Stay here with you.” Scout told his mother, immediately calming down and staying still in his fathers arms.

    “You’ve got to go.” Link told his son.

    “I think it’ll be alright if he missed a day.” Amelia smiled.

    “Are you sure?” Link asked skeptically.

    “Yeah, I haven’t spent enough time with my little guy.” Amelia sat herself on the floor where Scout left his dinosaurs so they could play.

    “Babe, you can’t be on the floor that long your gonna throw out your back.” Link told his girlfriend.

    “I’ll be fine Link, just let Scout down.” Link obliged and their son made his way over to play with his mother.

    “I’m already late I should get going. Call if you need me.” Link told her as he left the room to try to get to work on time.


    Amelia had just put her son down for his nap and was lounging in the living room. She bit at her nails, trying to ebb away her anxiety about her sons jealousy. In result of her thinking she picked up her phone and clicked her mothers contact.

    “Hey Mom.” Amelia greeted once her mother picked up the phone.

    “What’s going on kiddo?”

    “I’m struggling with Scout.” Since her adventure to New York with Link, her relationship with her mother had gotten exceedingly better and she now went to her for advice.

    “He’s not adjusting to the news well?”

    “Not at all. When we first told him he denied it, and then hated me for a couple of days. I then explained how I’m not replacing him and I thought that he understood and it worked. Then all the sudden this morning he refused to go to school, and threw a tantrum which is not like him at all.” Amelia quickly ranted.

    “Amy I cant tell you what to do, I just give you the facts and let you decide what to do with it. But I would’ve made him go, he may start to realize if he throws a tantrum you’ll give up and you definitely don’t want that once the new baby comes.”

    Amelia listened intently as her mother told her how she handled the situation of sharing the news of a new pregnancy with her children and got useful advice. Her mother told her about the mistakes that she made which made the pack of them so competitive, the two stayed on the phone a bit longer until Amelia told her mother she had to go. After the satisfying call with her mother Amelia fell asleep in an awkward position on the couch.


    “Mommy.” Scout said firmly shaking his mothers shoulder. “Your silly, you fell asleep.”

    “Hmm, guess I did.” Amelia smiled, sitting up slowly trying to ease the painful ache in her back.

    “Let’s play please.” She smiled at her son, he knew his manners. But he only seemed to use them when he knew someone was not happy with him, something they need to fix.

    “What do you want to play?”

    “Dinosaurs!” Scout announced excitingly running to his room to get his favorite dinosaur and the one his mother always used. As Scout was in the next room Amelia felt a painful twinge in her lower abdomen but shook it off, she had Braxton Hicks with Scout.

    “Here. Your favorite.” Scout announced to his mother handing the small plastic toy over.

    “Thank you.” Scout crawled under the coffee table waiting for his mother to join him.

    “Come on.” Scout prompted his mother to follow his lead, she usually would crawl under with him and would pretend they were in a cave.

    “I’m gonna stay right here. I’d love for you to take my dinosaur in the cave though.”

    “No. Come on mommy.” Scout didn’t understand why his mother was being so difficult.

    “How about we have our dinosaurs go on a mountain climbing expedition, the couch can be the mountain.” Scout seemed to accept this answer and made his over to his mother. While they played Amelia kept glancing at the clock. The contractions definitely weren’t sporadic, but she still had time.

    “Mommy, are you playing?” Scout asked noticing his mother wasn’t paying attention.

    “I need to go call your father.” Amelia took out her phone and tapped on his contact. No response, he was most likely in surgery. “Okay, were going to go to the hospital.”

    “But mommy, we playing.”

    “I know I’m sorry bud.” Amelia apologized as she slowly got up, her lower back felt like it was splitting in half. She got the go bag and a pair of shoes for Scout.

    “Mommy, please we can stay.” Scout begged as his mother put on his shoes for him.

    “I’d love to, but we really got to go.”

    “What hurts?” Scout asked, he wasn’t hurt and she wasn’t working so what was happening.

    “It seems like the baby wants to come out. Which isn’t a good thing because it still needs a bit more time in there.” Amelia was internally freaking out this baby needed more time, and they needed more time to help Scout adjust.

    “Okay.” Scout realized his mother was upset, and it made him upset.


    Amelia was grateful Link walked to work today and left the car for her, and the fact that the hospital was less than ten minutes away. She safely got her and her son there. Once she dropped off Scout she made her way to the elevator to go to the OB floor.

    “Everything okay? I was just about to call you back.” Link greeted just barely making it into the elevator before it closed.

    “I’m having contractions. Scouts in daycare.”

    “Are you sure it isn’t Braxton Hicks, you had them with Scout around this time.” Link started to panic.

    “I hope it is, but they kept getting closer together.”

    “Okay, Okay it’s going to be fine we got this. Scouts gonna be fine, the baby’s gonna be fine we’re all going to be fine.” Link ranted, starting to spiral.

    “Your saying it’s fine a lot for someone who doesn’t seem fine.” Amelia was acting uncharacteristically calm.

    “Well, seems like we’re having a baby.” Link chuckled.

    “We’re having a baby.” Amelia smiled.

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  • A/N: Hi! This is part of a request from @ameliashepherdwannabe (thank you so much for the request!) This is just part 1, there will probably be three parts to this story.

    On a side note, thank you to everyone who is sending in requests! I have a ton of them and I promise I will write some more when things get a little better, but enjoy this fic for now!


    “Link, I’m fine. It’s just a cough,” Amelia muttered, reaching her hands out for her son who was throwing a fit. Her boyfriend stepped away with Scout in his arms.

    “Yeah, a cough in the middle of a global pandemic when we’re both medical workers. Amelia, you could have corona, and I don’t want to risk that with Scout. He’s not even two months old, it could really harm him.”

    “So you’re making me sleep alone and not letting me see my child.” He sighed, rocking the crying baby back and forth.

    “You can have the bedroom, I’ll sleep on the couch. I will take care of him until you get a test, it’ll be fine.” She threw her arms out in anger.

    “You’re kidding me, right? You were sick two weeks ago, and I didn’t say anything. I didn’t make you sleep in a different room or take Scout away from you!”

    “I had just gotten my test for work done the day before, I didn’t have it, Amelia. All I’m saying is that until you get a test and we know for sure, you should stay away from us so we don’t get sick, either.” Amelia coughed, quickly muffling it with her arm. He raised his eyebrows at her.

    “Stop it, Link. You’re being an ass and you know it.”

    “If by being an ass you mean protecting our son from something that could kill him, sure. Let me get some of my clothes and then the room’s all yours.” He began to walk towards the hallway, stopping as she stood in the middle of it. “Are you serious? You’re being ridiculous, Amelia.”

    “That’s funny, coming from you. Let me hold my child.” He stepped back as she coughed again.

    “Go to work tomorrow and get a test done. I’d rather be safe than have to see our son in the hospital. I’m putting him and his health first here because his immune system isn’t as strong as ours and frankly, we don’t know what would happen if he got sick. Go put a mask on or something and let me get into the room.” She stepped away from the hallway, glaring at him as he walked past and into the bedroom. He returned a minute later, clothes in hand, motioning for her to go in.

    “And when my test comes back negative, you’ll let me be around him?”

    “As long as it’s negative, yes.” He paused, adjusting the baby on his hip. “Go to sleep, Amelia. We’ll figure it out tomorrow.” She sighed in annoyance, walking down the hallway and slamming the bedroom door behind her. “I love you too!” He yelled, knowing he wouldn’t hear any response from her. Link looked down at his son, lifting him up so they were face-to-face. “Let’s get you to sleep, huh? Just me and you for tonight.” He walked into the nursery, changing Scout into pajamas and laying him down in the crib. “Goodnight, buddy.” After turning the light off, he closed the door and went to settle on the couch, adjusting the pillow and blanket he had brought out. He pulled out his phone, texting a goodnight to Amelia before going to sleep.


    Amelia adjusted her mask, walking down the hallway and running up to meet her boyfriend. “I got the test,” she said, “results will be back any minute.” She imagined that he was smiling at her as he pushed the door open, still standing a few feet away from her. “I don’t have anything for a little, wanna go to the plant room while we wait?”

    “Sure.” He led the way, sitting down in one of the chairs. “Amelia, I’m sorry for last night, if I was being rude.” He could tell that she was smiling even if the mask was covering her mouth.

    “It’s okay, I was overreacting. I was just annoyed and I wanted to see him, but I get it. You were looking out for him” Her phone buzzed. “It’s back, let me just-” She froze as she opened the results.

    “What is it?” Amelia slowly looked back up at him.

    “It’s positive, I have corona.” His eyes widened as he sat up in his chair.

    “Oh god, oh god okay, we have to tell Bailey, and I should get tested too, and Scout. Crap, this is bad. This is really bad.” Link stood up quickly, noticing as she remained sitting down.

    “I should probably stay here, so I don’t get it anywhere.”

    “You’re wearing a mask and gloves and nothing’s exposed, Amelia.” He opened the door to leave. “Let’s go.”

    “No, you go tell Bailey and get a test done. She’s gonna kill me.” Link nodded before he began to jog down the hallway, knocking on Bailey’s office door.

    “What is it, Lincoln?” He took a moment to catch his breath before continuing.

    “It’s Amelia, she had a cough, and I made her get a test and it’s positive.” Bailey stood up from her desk.

    “How the hell? This is bad-where is she?”

    “She’s in the plant room, we were waiting for the results in there.” Bailey picked up the phone, punching numbers onto it.

    “You get a test, right now. And wait in a quarantine unit. Get Shepherd in one, too.” He nodded again, running back down the hallway towards the labs. He could hear different doctors talking about how a doctor had corona, he knew that Bailey would have sent out a message to the staff. After getting his test done, he was sent into an isolation unit to wait for the results. He pulled out his phone and called Amelia.

    “Hey, where are you?”

    “They just brought me into isolation. Did you get your test results back?” He sighed.

    “No, not yet. Amelia, what the hell are we gonna do?”

    “We hope that you don’t have it and we get Scout tested and hope that he doesn’t have it. And you can take care of him for the time I’m here.” Link could hear her voice wavering. “I’ll be okay, Link. I’m healthy and it’ll probably just be like a normal bug.” A faint knock sounded in the background. “I gotta go, they’re taking my stuff. Have someone tell me when you get your results, okay?”

    “Okay. I love you, Amelia.”

    “I love you.” He ended the phone call, placing the phone onto the small tray beside the bed. Her voice was ringing through his head as he thought of all the worst possible things that could occur in the near future. If he was sick, who would take care of Scout, let alone if Scout was sick. Some dark part of him began to worry that earlier today was the last time he might ever get to talk with her, even if he did his darndest to shut those ideas out. The door opened after some time, interrupting his thoughts.

    “Dr. Lincoln?” The nurse asked, checking her chart. “You can come out now. Your test is negative.” Link let out a sigh of relief, grabbing his phone and walking out the door. He turned back.

    “Do you know if my son got tested?” She nodded.

    “Yup, his results are negative, too. You’re free to go home.” He ran his gloved hand through his hair and suddenly felt like he could breathe again.

    “Thank you, so much. I would hug you, but-”

    “It’s okay. I’m glad you’re okay, Dr. Lincoln.” He waved goodbye before quickly heading up to daycare and checking out his son. They walked down the hallways until he found Amelia’s unit.

    “Hey,” he muttered, doing his best to contain his emotions as he saw her. “Our tests were both negative, we’re gonna head home soon. How’re you doing?” She shrugged and walked up to the glass.

    “Crappy, but I just feel like I have a cold or something. Will you come back and visit tomorrow?” He nodded.

    “Of course.” The baby began to wail in his arms, reaching out towards the glass. “Okay, we should get going. I’ll facetime you tonight and you can see him.”

    “There’s some formula I had bought for emergencies, it’s in the pantry. I know we were gonna stick to breastfeeding, but that’s not really an option right now.” He watched as tears began to spill from her eyes as she spoke. “And make sure he gets a bath tonight, we were supposed to do it last night but forgot.”

    “Okay.” He pressed his hand up against hers on the other side of the glass. “I love you, Amelia. I’ll call you when we get home.”

    “I love you too.” Amelia’s eyes followed them as he walked away, waving goodbye. She laid back on the bed, letting her tears flow freely.

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  • Safe

    Thank you, @ihavestrings for the request!! You’re very kind, and I hope you enjoy. - M.

    The two one- Liners requested:

    26. “I can’t sleep. Can I stay here?”

    34. “you’re cuddly”


    Amelia was in the final trimester of her pregnancy. It was starting to become difficult to do much, but one of the worst things was the pain. She always had pain, everywhere. It started in her legs when she woke up, but usually ended in her back at night. She was annoyed to say the least, and she wished it would all be over soon.

    This morning, Amelia walked around the hospital all mopey and tired. She had another sleepless night, and just wanted to rest and sleep before any major pain set in.

    She was an hour early to work because the baby had an odd way of waking her up with sharp kicks- therefore, she could finally get some sleep.

    At least that’s what she thought.

    She made her way inside her job and checked the O.R board, remembering she hadn’t changed her schedule. She had two surgeries that she thought she moved, but apparently she hadn’t. They were set excruciatingly early, and Amelia knew it was best to find find an on-call room to sleep in.

    She walked into the room, and sighed as the covers engulfed her.

    The cold sheets instantly welcomed her, and she closed her eyes in an attempt to sleep. She tried every spot, every movement, every position, but her body wouldn’t give her peace. She was in pain by the time she had thirty minutes left to sleep, and hadn’t even managed to keep her eyes closed. She wanted to cry because of the hormones, and she did.

    By the time she exhausted herself and was about to force sleep upon her, her boyfriend walked through the door. He was planning to sleep, but wasn’t prepared to see his girlfriend. “Oh hey.” He smiled, “I can’t sleep. Can I stay here?”

    She looked at him wimpering, and then turned away from him. She hated when he saw her cry, because he would say something cute or helpful, which only made her cry more.

    “Are you okay?” He asked, but Amelia didn’t answer. “Amelia what’s wrong? Don’t turn away from me.” He said in hope the authority made her look, but it didn’t. It only made her cry harder.

    She was sobbing, and link made his way on the bed to give her comfort. He grabbed her legs taking them to massage, but she pulled away. “you can’t touch me-” She sniffled. “ you can’t- cause i’ll cry and- I just want to sleep.” she admitted.

    “ok…” He backed away from her and apologized, “I’ll find another amelia, you try to sleep ok.” Suddenly her hormones changed, and while she was still in pain, she wanted something. “No, don’t go.” She begged, “You’re cuddly.”

    Link shook his head. She was unbelievable, but he loved everything about it. “Ok.” He smiled and joined her under the covers. She turned to face him, and rested her forehead against his.

    “Now, are you gonna tell me what’s wrong?” He moved his head to dry her tears, and she tried to explain it the best she could without breaking down again. She simply told him she was in pain.

    “What hurts?” He kissed her pink lips and she responded with, “M-my back.”

    He instantly got an idea. They’d been attending pain management and birthing classes and Link got interested. He started taking notes, and knew exactly what to do. He wrapped his arms around her, entangling in her legs and he lifted her scrub top.

    “No, I’m not in the mood.” She pushed him away again, thinking he wanted sex.

    “wha- Amelia, you’re in pain and you think I want sex.” He laughed, not taking it too much too heart. “well- I don’t know, I just I have surgery in five minutes and i’m exhausted. Your baby is kicking my bladder, and making my back ache.” She teared up again, her hormones switching once more. She often called their baby his baby when she was upset.

    “So he’s just my child, now?” Link joked, and Amelia hit his chest. “Please just leave, I don’t want to cuddle anymore- you’ve ruined my only chance of sleep.” She scowled and Link got serious.

    “No, i’m serious and i’m sorry.” He kissed her temple and started massaging her back. “Tell me where.” He told her, referring to the pain and Amelia instantly relaxed. “There’s good.” She sighed and rested her head in the crook of his neck. “You just sleep. Don’t even worry about the surgery- i’ll get Tom to do it, okay?” He asked, but she didn’t respond.

    He felt her breathing steady against his chest, and the two people he had grown to love were rested and safe. Amelia finally got some sleep, and the father of her child did as well.


    A/N: Prioritize you sometime, you deserve it.

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  • A/N: Hi everyone! So, this is a chapter of the story I previously mentioned, where it follows Scout and Allison through college. I don’t know if I’m going to continue this, but let me know if you like this/the idea of it!



    I woke up on the floor of my dorm room, something that hasn’t become all that rare over these past few months. I do my best to look out for my friends, or at least those that I know and that means giving up my bed for them to be comfortable. Anyways, I’m on the floor because I brought Allison to my dorm last night.

    I realize how that sounds, and it’s not like that. I was walking home from the library and I decided to take the long way back to enjoy the night. And I was walking past some frat house and I saw Allison outside. She was drunk, like really drunk. So I brought her back to my dorm to make sure she wouldn’t make any bad decisions. I’ve done it before. I came to Harvard because the pre-med program is one of the best, but I think Allison came here for the parties. Don’t get me wrong, she’s smart, but she doesn’t act like it. She says she wants to be a doctor but I don’t know if that’ll stick. She’s not the most motivated person you’ll ever meet. I want to be a doctor, too. I think it’s hard to imagine being anything else when your whole family and all of your family friends are doctors, so it’s like I’ve always known. I think I want to be a neurosurgeon, like my mom, but I don’t know. I have time to figure that out, anyways.

    About Allison, I’m pretty sure she’s the only reason my parents let me go across the country for college. Since Allison was already at Harvard, they thought she’d look out for me and stuff. I mostly look after her, though. She’s only a year above me, but it feels like an eternity. We’re completely different people; I’d rather go to the library and get ahead for my chem class on a Friday night while she’d rather get blackout drunk at a frat party. I think that’s normal though, it’s supposed to be part of the college experience. It’s easy for her, though. She’s always been popular and very outgoing. If you google, “beauty standard”, there’s probably a picture of her. Her hair’s so blonde it looks fake, and she looks almost unhealthily skinny. I wouldn’t say I’m hideous, I do like my hair and I work out sometimes, but I’m definitely not that level. I’m just too introverted to ever live that type of life.

    “Oh, hey.” Allison had woken up sometime during my rambling, I guess. I smiled at her. “What happened?”

    “I found you drunk at some frat house and I wanted to make sure nothing bad happened to you.” She rustled my hair with her hand, hopping off of the bed.

    “Thanks, Scout. You know, I’m glad you’re here. I probably would’ve slept with him again.” I sneered at her words. Him refers to the guy she’s been “dating”, the one who treats her like shit and doesn’t even do the absolute bare minimum. It’s crazy to me that girls are okay with that, but I doubt I’d ever understand it. I’ve told her how I feel about him, but she barely listens. I guess I don’t have that much credit when I’ve only had one girlfriend before. I solely refer to him as him because I think giving him an actual name is too humanizing. He’s like Voldemort, you can’t say his name.

    “Yeah, it’s no big deal.” She fixed her hair in the mirror before turning back to me.

    “Do you want to get dinner tonight? You know, as thanks for making sure I didn’t fuck things up.”

    “Sure. Just text me.” Part of me knows that she’ll cancel, she’ll find some party or some guy she’d rather spend time with, and I don’t blame her. I think she’s only nice to me because we’re family friends.

    “Okay, I gotta run. Thanks again.” I waved goodbye to her as she leaves the room. The best thing about my college experience was that I lucked out and didn’t end up with a roommate. I mean, we’d probably have become friends or something, but it’s nice to have my own space and not worry about someone else constantly being in it. My parents were worried I wouldn’t make friends if I didn’t have that “roommate connection”, but I’ve met some people. There’s a boy named Riley in my literature class that I got coffee with once, and a girl named Lea who I study with sometimes. But, my parents worry about me. They pretend like they don’t but I know they do. We talk every night, which probably isn’t normal for a kid in college, but my parents are like my best friends. That sounds sad, but they’re the ones who have literally always been there for me. I didn’t have to have awkward small talk with them to become friends because we’ve known each other forever. It’s the same with Allison.

    Somehow, Allison didn’t cancel. We were in the dining hall and I was eating my third plate of pasta while she drank some coffee. She was talking about some kid in her calculus class, but I wasn’t really listening. Riley was in the hall at a table nearby and for some reason, I couldn’t take my eyes off of him. She noticed me and turned around. It didn’t take long for her to find him, not many people get dinner at 5:00 on a Saturday. “Who’s that?” She asked. I shrugged.

    “Just someone from my classical literature class.”

    “Why are you staring at him?”

    “I don’t know.” She raised her eyebrows at me, something I’ve come to learn is never a good thing.

    “You like him, don’t you!”


    “I’m not judging, if you’re into dudes, that’s cool or whatever. Go talk to him!” She does this a lot. Apparently I can’t just have friends who are just that.

    “I’m not into him.” She also does this other thing where she rolls her eyes and acts as if she’s all cool and above everyone else. Which she kind of is, but that’s not the point.

    “Okay. I believe you.”

    “I’m serious.”

    “Yup.” She finished her coffee and stood up. “I’m getting more. I’ll be back in enough time for you to call him over and have a conversation with him!” I look down at my food, hoping he won’t recognize me. To my luck, he does just that and starts walking towards me.

    “Hey, Scout!” I slowly looked up, offering him a smile.

    “Hey, Riley.”

    “What’s up?” I shrugged, something I do often. I don’t like talking to people I don’t know. That’s probably why I don’t have that many good friends, I never get past that awkward small talk phase of not knowing the person.

    “Just getting lunch with my friend. She’s over there.” I pointed towards Allison who was waiting in line for coffee and enthusiastically waved back over at us.

    “Oh, is she your girlfriend?” I laughed.

    “No no, she’s like a sister to me. We’ve been friends since we were born.”

    “Ah.” He checked his watch. “I gotta get going to my study group, but do you maybe wanna hang out sometime?”

    “Uh, sure.”

    “Here, give me your number so we can plan.” He handed me his phone and I reluctantly put my number in his phone. “Great. I’ll text you.” I waved goodbye as he walked away before turning back to my half-eaten plate of food. Allison walked back over excitedly.


    “I gave him my number, we’re gonna hang out sometime.” She smacked my arm.

    “Yes! Be careful though, just because you’re both guys doesn’t mean you don’t have to use protection.”

    “No, it’s not like that. We’re just friends.”

    “Mm.” She sat down across from me and sipped her coffee.

    “Shut up.”

    “What’s his name?”

    “And why would I tell you?”

    “Well if he’s just a friend, you have nothing to worry about. I’m not a stalker, Scout.” I rolled my eyes at her.


    “Ooh, I like that. Scout and Riley. We can call you ‘Scyiley’!”

    “Will you please shut up?” She kicked her feet up onto the table and laid back in her chair.

    “Really? Feet on the table?” She nodded.

    “We pay a shit ton of money to go here. We can do whatever we want.”

    “I’m not sure that’s how it works, but sure.” She scrunched her eyebrows and took another drink of her coffee.

    “Rule follower.”

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  • alternative pain relief


    Hey, this is my first fic on here!

    15x17 (amelia and link’s first time.)

    hope you enjoy- and please like, comment, and reblog.


    “wanna get some dinner?” link asks her.

    “yeah…” she nods biting her lip.

    Before he can say something else, amelia changes her mind.

    “no.” she settles, placing her hand on the back of link’s nape.

    without hesitation she’s swirling her tongue inside his mouth, quickly wrapping both arms on the back of his neck.

    link wraps his arms on her waist, but moves them up her body as the kisses become more intense.

    As they do, link pulls back and confesses, “I- I feel like i’m… like i’m taking advantage…”

    “why?” amelia protests.

    she needs this.

    “Because you’re in a place, and I think you’re insanely pretty.”

    He told her this thinking she’d stop, but she didn’t.

    Instead she made way to his shirt buttons, waisting no time to rid him from it, “… the feeling is mutual.”

    Amelia sends him a smug grin, hoping that’s enough to convince him.

    He smiles in return and clumsily kisses her lips as she finishes his buttons.

    Before the night picks up pace amelia asks link, “this isn’t going anywhere, it’s just… alternative pain relief ?”

    he nods again and responds, “I could use some of that.”

    with those final words, amelia takes his lips back onto hers and he all but bites them.

    there was no need to be patient or gentle, he wanted her- and the feeling was mutual.

    he slammed her on the bed, his shirt falling to the floor.

    a groan left his lips as amelia fiddled the buckle of his slacks. she wanted them off.

    he began kissing her neck, and she found enough space to remove his belt and slide off his suit bottoms.

    Before she could empty his boxers, his fingers made way to unbotton her shirt.

    her breath hitched, as his cold finger tips inched farther and farther down sliding her shirt off.

    unclamping her bra in the process, amelia took her pants off leaving her only in her panties.

    link took a long look at her.

    her breasts- perfectly laid out for him, or what was underneath her bottoms?

    He pulled her panties off, instantly noticing how wet she was.

    he looked up at amelia with a small smirk; she bit her lip in anticipation and link dove his head under- in between her legs.

    amelia gasped at how quick he sucked her clit, swirling his tongue deeper and deeper.

    her legs closing around his and her fingers caressing his hair, he found himself getting lost in her head message.

    link snapped out of it, and focused on his task.

    he spread her legs farther, teasing her with his hands before diving in.

    he spreaded her juices, receiving a guteral moan from amelia.

    she didn’t know, or maybe she did- but that moan turned him on.

    Holding onto her thighs, link forced his head deeper and deeper into her, hitting and smacking her nub.

    too lost in her moans, amelia felt her self about to orgasm.

    “link.” she panted, desperately wanting his attention.

    he looked up- his eyes filled with lust and understood.

    amelia wanted to finish a different way.

    she wanted him inside of her.

    he did as he was requested and aligned himself at her opening.

    looking for any signs of hesitation link waited, “please.” amelia begged.

    with that he entered her slowly, his swollen member pulsing inside of her.

    his length did not disappoint, and she instantly wanted more.

    “…more- please.” she whispered, her eyes to the back of her head.

    link obeyed and didn’t give her time to adjust.

    she wanted more, and he was going to give it to her.

    he thrusted back and fowards, deeper and deeper until amelia yelled, “i’m so close-”

    he grapped her waist, and hit her g-spot, “fuuuuck.” she trembled against him as link filled her insides.

    “are you on the pill?” he asked.

    he knew he came inside her.

    “yeah.” she responded out of breath, but very satisfied.

    he waited for a few minutes until it was less sensitive and amelia sighed as he pulled out of her, “thank you.”


    a/n: I hope you enjoyed, I know it was very smutty.

    please leave requests and tell me what you thought.

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