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  • fae-dail
    06.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    me trying to find/catch a stray cat vs. my brother being scared to go on the grass cause theres garter snakes

    #garter snakes are my babies #theres a lot of baby one rn lol #tiny littol noodles #also theres a stray cat that lives in this stack of rocks by my house and i want to catch it #cause a) i dont want it to murder the birds b) it keeps jumpscaring me on my nighttime walks #its very cute thp #smol cat thats like dappled grey and also very buff #gotta somehow catch it first lol #ahhh why is this hard #dont have cat food either so i have been trying dried fish strips #it runs away when i get within like a fifty feet of it so thats been going great #also if you cant tell i have no experience with cats whatsoever #other than my friends' cats i guess lol #random me stuff
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  • cupcake-rogue
    06.08.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #the nerdy wordy princess 💖 #shiggy's little princess 👑 #hawks' mama bird 🐣 #dabi's inspiration 🖌️ #sorry baby girl that guy just needs a break not a fuck
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  • sparkleb0nes
    05.08.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Parent Limpkin with two bb Limpkins crossing the street

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  • captainamericanidi0t
    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I guess that’s how animal crackers are made

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  • lostinfeathers
    05.08.2021 - 8 hours ago

    🌿June 2021


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  • cat3287
    05.08.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Cute Yellow Chicken

    See more cute artworks of mine here:

    * Redbubble:

    * Teepublic:

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  • paladudette
    05.08.2021 - 21 hours ago

    i’m going to buy you and put you in my little backpack and take u all around campus….

    #i love you big bird….baby bird…
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  • sarahsoda-artpop
    05.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    draws raeda baby to cope

    (also lillith is 100% that auntie that tries to force aunt/nibling bonding with awful custom shirts)

    #okay to rb #digital art #owl house fanart #toh fanart#eda clawthorne#raine whispers#lillith clawthorne#toh eda#toh raine#toh lillith#raeda#raineda #eda x raine #raine x eda #//im not 100% on the name yet but the babys place holder name is 'Deryn' #//its welsh and means bird. it also kinda fits with the human-but-witchy names they have on the boiling isles. kinda. #//also their blue onesie is supposed to be an owl :0
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  • cptcharisma
    05.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    GOD DAMNIT mr cage makes my heart soar everytime i watch the golden girls i'm gonna be thinking about him

    #and woods too i fucking won #my bird babies
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  • swish-swish-nyoom-nyoom
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago


    #where are the pictures of hairy baby birds when one needs them #do i have to do everything by myself on this forsaken website? #personal
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  • steve0discusses
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Yugioh S5 Ep 19: Yugi and the Only Neck Accessory He Didn’t Really Want to Wear

    Been busy! Hopefully stuff will open up soon as I’m taking a hiatus on a different quarantine project and will be finishing painting the entire roof of my car this week? One can hope. Sanding the rust off the whole top of a car takes a long time it turns out?

    Also, fun Yugioh fact, I recently painted a book cover for an author who is older so she’s never seen the show, and she looked at my tumblr, saw my Duke Devlin fanart and was like “That’s him. That’s my main character. OMG. You captured him perfectly!” and I was like “Ma’am that is Duke Devlin, hence the single dice earring on his lobes there, but we can work with this.” and now a spiritual Duke Devlin is on the cover of a Wuxia-style fantasy trilogy on the Vella. Had to give him a top knot and delete the eyeliner for Wuxia reasons but uh, that’s just Duke.

    So long story short, fanart can get you work, don’t even worry about posting that stuff online because most people don’t even know it’s fanart anyway and older ladies freakin love it.

    Back in Yugioh, the team was doing their best to navigate a map through the woods and they do about as well as they normally do.

    And inside Tristan lifted up the floorboards and was like “I found the only way out, this is it, this is the only way.”

    And they ended up in something that has a color scheme I would actually associate with a jungle. Finally. We have finally left California (in order to go to another Hell.)

    Youknow, when we went to California, we visited Hell, and when we went to India, we also took a stop at the nearest death destination. There’s just so much death on this show and sometimes I forget because there’s been a ghost in our party for so freakin long it’s been normalized.

    (read more death imagery under the cut)

    Joey freaks out at a flock of crows and reveals in this episode something I never realized about him before.

    Like I’m not always the perfect observer as I’m sure you’ve noticed, but I love that this is canon for probably only this episode, but I will never forget it for the entirety of this series.

    You go on hating birds, Joey.

    Bro was like “Maybe it’s a deep cut about Mai Valentine because she’s a harpy lady” but eh...pretty sure we spent like an entire season of Joey telling us that Mai was a good experience? Would be incredibly funny if immediately after all of S4, Joey was like “You know what? Screw Mai, guys.”

    So my thoughts...it’s probably just a literal bird experience. Like I had a friend who hated deer because once she went to a petting zoo, got some pellets to feed the deer, but her finger was sticking up, so when the deer came over to nibble on some pellets her finger went up it’s nose by accident. She was so disgusted by this event that was entirely her fault, that she brought up how much she hated deer basically whenever we saw one.

    So like...maybe Joey fed a bird wrong at a petting zoo. I can see him getting bit by a parrot because he was too Joey Wheeler.

    But now that we’re in a graveyard neighborhood, Pharaoh decides to hop out because there’s a lot of ghosts here and he needs to practice socializing with his peers.

    So that’s just a Yugioh monster doing the ostrich dance, right? Like this is a meme from like 2010 but on Yugioh in 2003(4?)

    Good to see the Ostrich dance here in the land before Vine.

    So they pull out their Pokemon to do some antics, Tea looked like she was about to do something useful, and Yami does a yump across time and space to get her as far away from playing (not)cards as quickly as possible and y’all...sure was a position these animators animated.

    Holy crap.

    And I was going off about that scene last season where they woke up in the same bed like...

    ...have these two been together this entire time? Like together together?

    They’re like...way more comfortable than you’d figure they’d be considering Yugi nearly passes out every time he gets a hug. But Yami just like....How long has this been going on? As long as Joey’s fear of birds?

    Like obviously this show would never cover what the hell Yugi may be thinking about this overreaching move here, because we’re gonna gloss right over that, and just run away up a flight of stairs. No one mentions this ever again. Which is mind blowing for an anime to do. I think in most anime I watch, the kids would be like “ahh ahhhh I bumped into a booooob!” like it does for I want to say every other episode of My Hero Academia. But in Yugioh, they saw that low hanging fruit and they were like “we expect a higher level of maturity out of our audience. Now here’s a fleet of ostrich dancing tree monsters with faces for crotches.”

    They decided to sprint up this flight of stairs, and it enough of a slope to deter the monsters who are only unbalanced weird legs.

    I want us to take a moment and admire this background painting. I can’t unsee the rocks that are all the same size, just piled on top of eachother. Did Alexander the Great just plop rocks here--or was the mountain made up of tons of similarly shaped boulders?

    Like there’s a lot of nice bg’s in this arc, don’t get me wrong, but this one...I’m just trying to wrap my head around the logic of it.

    At the top, they meet a pantheon, that is immediately blocked by this wall, because if this arc had a tagline, it’s “Yugi gets inconvenienced every 4 seconds.”

    Bro was like “Clearly they would have pushed it over if Tea wasn’t slacking off” and like...she is actually. Look at her. Only used one hand? Slacker.

    Joey was disappointed he couldn’t push over a massive wall, and the team decided not to analyze how much Joey Wheeler thinks of his own strength and instead fixate on these statues.

    Usually in anthro characters they kinda look birdlike but act human. But what about an anthro that’s just a bird? Like human torso, but can turn his head 180 degrees? Yugioh made me ask this question.

    And then Joey was like “wait, there may be a solution that isn’t just to use brute strength!”

    Youknow it is a bummer that Kaiba couldn’t witness Joey own a dragon while he himself only has a robot jet dragon. Although, the jet is probably faster, stronger and overall...better than this baby dragon. It would have been great for Kaiba to witness Joey under-utilize this dragon and forget he has it for like huge swatches of the episode.

    And then Grandpa pulled some body horror out of nowhere.


    I mean that is really gross.

    I guess Grandpa can’t use Blue eyes, because Kaiba ripped it up, Grandpa can’t use Exodia because Weevil tossed it off a boat, and grandpa can’t use the card that’s just a building because...it’s a building.

    So instead Grandpa has a bunch of meat and bones that look like something out of Doom. It’s probably from a more obscure Konami property, but I forget which.

    I’ve seen Tristan hold back Joey in this hold, first time it’s been Tea.

    So much shipping in this episode, it’s wild.

    It’s also wild how low my standards are for what could possibly be shipping when it comes to Yugioh because of how freakin tepid all of these characters are, which as I’ve brought up before, I really don’t mind.

    So Yugi decides that because Grandpa was folding his arms like one monster and it made a gem light up or something, to just do the video game thing and use the giant ass statues as clues.

    Why was this arc not a video game? Like parts of it really feel like it was meant to be.

    So Yugi falls down a hole, where the walls cave in like it’s that dumpster in Star Wars but like...it barely phases him.

    Also...Yugi might be able to see in the dark. It’s never been brought up but like...the more I think about it...has Yugi ever struggled to see without the lights on?

    After Joey disappoints everyone, he confronts death.

    And Pharaoh and Yugi decide to solve the puzzle of “how do I get out of this trap dungeon room” which, honestly, is probably what they’re doing every time they hang out in the brain pyramid.

    So they summon their mascot monster, and surprisingly the show decided its ability to fly cannot help them out here.

    Kuriboh manages to become enough of a doormat to push Yami up to the stone and they end up in a set of weird cuts that ended in this?

    Like seriously it was like flashes of light and then they were just...up here like this.

    Hey like...

    Alexander the Great, my man...

    Were you planning to put that stone in the middle of a exhaust vent hoping someone would touch it? Because there’s no way anyone would rationally have done that. You would need to fly to do it. This is the world’s worst DM.

    Like Yugioh pulls a lot of fantasy nonsense but this arc is a lot more like a “it’s a kid’s show, just go with it.” arc than most of them. It’s not a bad vibe, necessarily, it’s just not the vibe I’m used to.

    So once I witnessed maybe the most boring conversation I’ve ever witnessed about corn (this was on a twitch stream, by the way, a guy was playing an interesting game, and then a guest came on and started talking about corn and plants for 2 hours) and they would not shut up about how all taxonomy is wrong because there are no such thing as trees and how all animals are labelled incorrectly, and then they started comparing it to like all sorts of mushrooms and phytoplankton as you would if you clearly got a little bit high before dumping your corn knowledge on a twitch stream.

    Anyway, after that bizarre experience I suffered so I could learn how to play an obscure video game, I think I can safely say, that while I know everyone here thinks a bird can’t be a dog. If you’re a high biologist: a bird is absolutely a dog. Apparently you can just do that if you’re the most boring biologist alive and no one will argue with you because to do that would involve talking to you. We’ll just say a bird is a dog and no one can fight me or I will talk about the corn book that this guest on this twitch chat was thinking about renting from the library about the different types of corn mutations inherent in freakin Indiana. Therefore, Joey’s fear of birds and dogs is same.

    So they use Dark Magician to save them from the statues, and Yugi busts into the pantheon again because they got to open this casket before a time limit that I kind of forgot about, tbh.

    And inside the casket, is...this thing!

    (enjoy this line on the bottom of the image I don’t feel like fixing it)

    And you may say to yourself...it looks like it’s just floating in mid-air, that’s silly, and so I want to introduce you to the next panel where you can see that it is...quite literally...just floating in the air like a video game.

    and it just slurps itself onto Yugi before he can be like “nonono.”

    Wasn’t there some horror movie where you were stuck in some sort of body brace that slowly tortures you (was that Saw?) This has that vibes. Like man that looks uncomfortable to wear over a jacket and two belts and a collar that is another belt.

    That and I...I gotta appreciate that Yugi popped his collar while wearing body armor and chunky necklace. What 00′s fashion appreciation right there.

    Bit like...this isn’t breathable, right? Like Yugi’s gonna finally take this thing off and his jacket will just be completely soaked in sweat?

    Anyway, that’s it for this post, next week we’ll see if Yugi can walk through a doorway in that thing.

    Also, I can’t bring up the ostrich dance without sharing the vines of my generation

    #Yugioh#YGO #yu gi oh #photo recap#episode recap#S5#Ep19#Yugi Muto#Joey Wheeler #Joey's fear of birds I've never heard about until this episode #Tea Gardner#Grandpa Muto#Tristan Taylor#Baby Dragon #This weird ass tranformer that Yugi is wearing.
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  • razorfangz
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    about goddamn time

    #i looooove the starly line it was my first to get to level 100 and its a nostalgic fave #but i honestly really do Not care for staravia and idk what it is. it just looks awkward to me #so of course the anime had to do me justice here and evolve starly super early and evolve staravia super late #seriously tho aside from pidgeotto; staravia got the most screentime in its middle stage out of all the bird pokemon #and i do not get why bc its just. so awkward compared to my baby tranquill #or eveb fletchinder or taillow if we count that #no disrespect to staravia likers but i just do not care for it #echoed voice#pokeani lb
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  • harvestheart
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Mother Goose (Pen) protecting her cygnets.

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  • tunashei
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    Day...20? 25? It's been a while. Of trying to befriend rooks

    Refilled the rook mix with sunflower seeds, it looks like the rooks do shell them first before eating them.

    Today a young seagull actually came to join them on the feasting! xD Seagulls don't seem very interested in my rook mix, but they appear to like the mealworms! The poor rooks didn't dare chase it off, even though it's a baby it's twice their size.

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  • mynatureworld
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    I’m so pleased that Terry the baby blackbird is doing so well 🥰 He’s started eating and drinking on his own and even had a little fly round the garden. Won’t be too long before he’s released 💜

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  • ace-cockatiel
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    My little gamer

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  • lasquadrasfuckhouse
    04.08.2021 - 1 day ago

    reasons why la squadra would be afraid of my birds

    they would be scared of beaky because he knows every human weakness and how to exploit it perfectly. he will find ur healing piercings and tug on them just to be a dick. he would pluck out his fäther's stubble like a fluffy little pair of tweezers. he taught the others how to make prison shanks from their molted feathers

    they would be scared of spooky because she is simply evil and has learned how to teleport. she will appear behind you when you least expect it. she is coming

    they would be scared of normandy because her big big beak is full of baby bird secrets to topple empires. she has so much power in one tiny form. she only uses it for good and to give the most potent healing smoochies, but if she ever decided you were a target...... ur already dead

    #risotto would be very kind to my baby birds tho he loves tiny creatures 😭 #dont mind my shitposting between answering asks FJFKDKFJG #mod speaks
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  • boimgfrog
    04.08.2021 - 2 days ago
    #MY baby bird <3 #asks#mutuwuals
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  • astoriachef
    04.08.2021 - 2 days ago

    This is canon?

    This is canon!

    #sesame street#bert#big bird #this is canon #love #baby big bird
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