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    Variety posting Timmy today 💕

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  • Alexander was born exactly 1 week ago today! 👶 This is when Taffa met her little brother for the first time. 😻 Alexander is only about 10 hours old here. 😍 #newborn #babyboy #baby #cat #babyandcat #cutebaby #cutecat #Sweden

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    #deaky#1970s#queen#hard rock#john deacon#disco deaky#deakling #don't mind me and my little deaklings🐥🦆 #disco deacy #Disco Ducky Deaky🌕 #babyboy#babe#misfire#lovie#Lovie Mercury#sweet #year of 39 #kill your darlings #my darling#star darlings#darling #what'd you think? GaYeR! #Not this darling the house
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  • Little Hero Part 20 (Final Chapter)

    Natalie POV

    “Come on you sqiumy little thing, let me finish changing you.” It’s been over three weeks since we got back from our trip to Disney and things have been settling quite smoothly with the Marky and Melly schedule. A few times he would go out as Triumph and take care of things before he got home. However, the weekends were pretty much just stakeouts for him, so Nicole, Naomi, and I decided to keep him home for the most part. To say the least, it’s still hard getting either Big/Little Marky or Melly to stay still when it comes to morning diaper changes after bath time. I hadn’t really had too much bath time with either since Nicole moved in. But I cherish that moment when they cuddle so close to me as the water and soap is all over us. It’s so relaxing and I could spend practically all day in there. But Big Melly today was just not cooperating with me while Nicole and Naomi were getting ready for us to go to the store. “I no wants to wear pink!” As I tape her pretty pink diaper around her waist. “You are just so sqiumy, let’s see how you like this then!” I blow raspberries all over tummy making her giggle and laughing into submission. I get her white hello kitty shirt on with a pink shirt. After getting her shoes on, I notice her trying to pull her skirt down. “It’s not too short baby, so stop messing with it.” She pouts at me and I pull her in for a hug and pick her up easily. “Now don’t you go being a fussy princess, or no monkey bread for you later.” She immediately nodded her head and I stuck her binkie in. “Much better, now let’s go see if Mama and Madre are ready to go to the store.”

    “Melly you don’t let go of Mommy’s hand okay?” I tell her as I get a cart and she retaliates with “But I’m a big girl, and only babies do that.” Nicole then walks up behind us and taps her diapered bottom. “Hmmm last time I checked only babies wore diapers under their skirts. What do you think Naomi?” Naomi locks the car and approaches Melly “Oh I agree entirely, but maybe Melly would like to be small for the rest of day and sit in the cart?” Melly fiercely shakes her head and grabs my hand immediately. I laugh and kiss her cheek “Good Girl” then we head into the store to get supplies to make dinner and dessert. Monkey Bread was the best dessert we all loved making, and no surprise the Marky was the one that introduced it to us since he such the little baker. So we agreed that Melly would be Big today only if she could behave herself while we were out shopping. Just as we pass the candy aisle, I tighten my hand around Mellys telling “Ah ah don’t you even think about it.” Melly points to the passing aisle of sweets and stomps her feet at me. “But I wants an Almond Joys Mommy.” Nicole and Naomi hear her little whine but I tell them to go on ahead. I pull Melly to the side “Now you look here missy, this attitude will not stand at all, so I suggest you change it before we leave the store or there will be trouble.” She grouches at me and admits defeat as we continue shopping catching up to Nicole and Naomi who had just finished.

    We make it to the check out aisle and I can feel Mellys grip get tighter on me. “Oof Melly what’s wrong baby girl?” She keeps squirmy and fiddling about in place, then Naomi whispers in my ear, “Babe she’s trying to hold in her poopies again.” I then look in surprise that Melly can still manage that with how much she goes through out the day, poor baby. Nicole notices it too and hands me the diaper bag, we can take care of it from here, you two head to the car.” As I take the diaper bag and head out with Melly, I hear her say “No poopies no poopies too many people.” I don’t want her to have to worry about things like this when we are out, so I do the only thing that makes sense to me. I start rubbing her tummy and let my nanites do their work. It a sudden gasp and relief, Melly starts filling her diapers right up. She fights backs tears and blushes as we make to the car and I change her in the back, hiding her face from embarrassment. I start changing her immediate and start calming her down, taking my time to let her status really sink in. “You know better than to hold your poopies in baby girl. It doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, we expect you to use your diapers. It should just be second nature to you by now.” I finish taping up her new stuffed safari diaper and throw away the dirty one. She hugs me telling me “But I don’t like being stinkie” which makes me kiss her forehead. “And that’s okay sweetie, I’ll change you whenever you need it so you don’t have to worry about that. So you just let Mommy take care of you and it will all be okay. Sweet Melly girl, you’ll always be my big diaper baby princess.” I feel her relax in my arms and I buckle her in, while Nicole and Naomi come back ready to go back home. On the way back, Melly looks as happy as he can be, just like any baby girl would.

    Naomi POV

    Nothing like a family baking day on Sunday. A good way to just unwind for a little and take a moment just to enjoy each other’s company. For today’s Monkey Bread, I was rolling up the dough with Melly while Natand Nicole crunched up the Oreos. I had to keep my eye on Melly, cuz she would always want to try and get a spare Oreo from Nicole or Nat. “No no sweet heart, those aren’t for you.” She would whine up until we hate to mix the dough with Oreos, her favorite part because she got cookies and cream all over her fingers. “Mmmmmm yummy cookies!” She would tell us as she licks her fingers and I stick the bun pan in the oven and set a time for 30 minutes. “Can I watch Tv while we wait Mama?” I pick up Melly and head to the couch “Sure baby, we can watch a little bit, but it’s Mommy’s turn to pick okay?” That’s when Nat puts in Moana, something we can all agree on at least. A little while goes by and the timer from my phone goes and Melly is the first one in the kitchen standing by the oven “It’s ready come on it’s ready!” I scooch her away and take it out to let it cool, I then flip it over to add sugar glazing on top as Melly is oeactucakky drooling over it. Gosh she’s so cute when she wants her food.

    “Okay Melly that’s enough for tonight, time to get ready for bed.” Nicole tells Melly as she finishes up her second helping of Moneky Bread. “No I not tired yet and I wanna finish Moana.” Nicole then takes her hand leading Melly upstairs, but Melly slips out her grip and sits on the couch. “Melly, Madre says it’s bedtime so you don’t” Natalie tells her, but gets cut off by Melly stomping her feet. Then Melky throws a very loud tantrum at us “No I not sleepy and I not tired and I wants to finish watching Moana!” She stand there arms crossed determined to stand her ground against us. I take in Nicole and Natalie and whisper to them “You two go on ahead and let me handle her.” They smile and then head off smirking at Melly, leaving me facing off against her, hands on her hips. “Mama please I don wanna” I put my finger on her lips to shush her “Oh no you had your chance baby girl, and you were doing so good too.” I snap my fingers, releasing my nanites taking away her clothes leaving her in just her diaper, with hair now in pigtails, with pretty white bows at the end.Then she is dressed in an frilly orange pajama shirt just barely reaching her diaper. “But I a big gurhl, please Mama, I be good I pwomise.” I ignore her pleas and then have me nanites shrink her down to just the little baby she is inside and out. Baby fat apparent all over her little body, small little hands and feet, and cute little face to match it. She lands on her little diapered bottom unable to keep herself up any longer looking up at me when I tell her “Awwww there’s Mamas sweet baby princess.”

    Once all is said and finished, she’s cries and tells me “Dat not fair! I a big gurhl, not baybee!” I pick her up and sit on the couch, cradling her as she sucks her thumb. “Awwww, no no no sweetie, you really aren’t. Not with that tantrum you just threw. So let Mama remind of how this works.” I take off my shirt and Melly can’t help but notice the milk already dripping from my nipple. Just inching her little towards me, and she’s getting right into her suckling motion. I pat her little bottom and cradle her close to me. She switches after a few minutes and that’s when I feel her start to go poop in her diapers. Now it was really time to let her know her current position. “Now isn’t that so much easier than being a naughty little girl? I think you were so fussy because you had to go poopy. Mama is happy to fix you right up though. You see Melly, even when you wanna act Big, you don’t last long because this is what you really are. A sweet baby girl, pooping and peeing in her diapers, and having boobie milk before bedtime. I think I’ll be breastfeeding you everyday just to remind of your place. And yes you’ll be Little Melly when I do it too. That way you’ll just get used to be my little diaper baby girl.” Melly is just resting calmly on my breasts, full and exhausted from her feeding and her tantrum. Such a cutie with her sweet little grunts as she finishes filling her diaper again just like a good baby girl.

    Nicole POV

    I figured working with Marcus would be a little weird at first. But he showed me around the plant and broke everything down for me pretty simply. To the point where I could even do his job for the most part. His attitude has improved a lot since Naomi set Little Melly straight last night. I could still tell though, for Marcus it hadn’t quite suck in yet. My moment would come. I just had to be patient, and keep my eyes open. Monday mornings always go by super quick, so after lunch Marcus decided to respond to a few local and global crimes happening. “Here come with me real quick so I can change you” I tell him taking him back to the office, knowing he always goes before and after lunch. “Nikki jeez, I can change myself ya know?” He closes the door and I get out the changing supplies from under the desk. The suddenly he changes into his own diaper too quickly for me to really see. I can only tell by the used diaper sitting in the trash behind his desk. “Sorry babe just a little too slow for me, catch you in a bit.” He kisses my cheek, flashes into his Triumph uniform and then teleports away in a green flash. Oh now he was definitely in for it when he gets back here.

    I started to get myself ready for him as I sit at his desk, had his playpen all ready for him, a fresh diaper for when he finishes his run and now I wait. A sudden green flash later and there he is before me “Nothing beats real chicken ramen from Japan.” Taking the last few slirps and throwing away the box, he notices the little playpen by desk. I see the shock in his eyes and smile as I use a spell to freeze him in place with my magic. Ionic Magic he maybe good at, but I was a pro at magic overall and it’s high time he be reminded of that. “So the hero comes back from saving the day. Well I think you could use a little nap after your little adventure, don’t you?” He shakes his head and before he could say another word, I pop his Avengers pacifier in. I keep him in his uniform to really send the message home as I cast a few magic spell seals around him. He starts whining as he shrinks before my eyes. Baby fat forming making him even cuter as his outfit changes to a grey and green striped onesie with a big ‘T’ eteched in. His little legs give out under him, landing him on his little bottom, making him cry out, using his grabbie hands wanting to be picked up, which I am more than happy to do. “Now isn’t that much better than being such a big boy?” I kiss forehead as he whines in my arms, buring his head in my shoulder.

    I keep in his binkie pressed up against his lips until he really start sucking for comfort as he softly cries. I really didn’t wanna make him Little Marky at work, but he needs to learn his place sometimes. Luckily we only had about an hour left of work and it would be easy to cast a spell of confusion so no one is the wiser when I carry my baby to the car. I sit him up so that he is facing me and looking into my eyes. “Now I know you you know better than to just teleport away from a diaper change sweetie. So you just keep that binkie in and listen closely to me.” He nods his head yes and continues sucking. “From now on, the last hour of work you are gong to be Little Marky, unless Triumph is needed for hero time or big Marky is needed for work time. You need to understand baby that rules are in place to help keep you in line and teach you to be a better person. You don’t run away from diaper changes when I say it’s time for a change. I’m plenty fast enough to get out of here with time to spare. And you do not talk back to me, Mama, or Mommy when we tell you it’s time for you to do something.” He starts rubbing his eyes getting sleepy, barely focusing on me. I set him gently in his playpen, wrapping him up in a blanket. “When you wake up baby boy we can finish this coversation and you can tell me what you really are and what you really want.” He drifts ofd, slowly sucking his binkie, all cute and innocent. He’s such a sweet little baby, now I just needed him to admit to it.

    Marky POV

    I wakes up and it’s Madweh picking me up from out the car. I must had been really tired, cuz I still wants to sleep. “Awww it’s okay baby, we are home now. Let’s get you changed sweetheart.” I feel my diapee weally wet and stinkie, but I don feel too yuckie. Madweh changes me and plays with my feets making me giggle. I never notice how small my toes are, and how yummy dey wook. I wans to suckie on them but Mama says “Ah ah ah no toes in your mouth sweet heart” she gives me blue binkie instead. Mama den gets a puzzle for us to do and helps me make it cuz it’s from Winnie da Pooh. “You’re so good at these baby boy, Mama is definitely gonna have get you more of these.” I weally like da puzzles cuz dey make such good pictures of tings I wike. Mommy stops me tho and takes me to my high chair for din-din. I don weally wike da Chicken and Peas but I wuv the Apples and Pears I gets aftuh. “Aren’t you such a good baby. That’s right get that tummy nice and full for Mommy.” I weally like the way Mommy feeds me and tells me I’m a good baybee. Madweh wipes my face and take me to pway with Sonics, Shadows, & Silvers. I then see Mama, Mommy, and Madweh sit around me and Madweh stand me up, holding my hands. “Okay Marky, I think it’s time to tell us all what you really want and what you really are.” I takes my binkie and looks at them. “I is wittle baybee” they all smile and I keeps going.

    “I wike bein Bigs sometimes ans wuv bein Twiumph too. But I wike bein baybee more cuz it make safe and I gets to pway all da time. I don mind going poo poo in diapee cuz I get changies soon. Mama weally smart when she makes puzzles wit me and gives me tee tee miwk for snack time. Mommy weally funny when she gives me din-din and gives me tee tee for nap time. And Madweh weally sweet cuz she makes me feel weally wittle and gives me cuddles all da time. Madweh tee tee miwk make me poo poo more but it otay. I jus baybee and baybee poo poo in diapies. So can I has tee tee miwk now Madweh?” They all starts cwying happy tears, and kissing me all over my face and making me laugh. “Hehehehe top it hehehehe nooo hehehe.” I such a giggling mess that I barely notice Madweh take out her tee tee. Mama then kisses my forehead “Mama loves you baby boy, with all my heart.” Mommy comes to kiss my cheeks “And Mommy lives with all her soul sweet baby boy.” Then Madweh cradles me close to her tee tee “And Madre loves you with all that I am beautiful baby boy.” I wooks back at dem and says “Wuv Mama, Mommy and Madweh too, always and forevuh.” I starts sucking at Madweh tee tee, filling my diapie up wit poo poo and pee pees. Music make me….Sleepie now…I wike bein baybee…bein baby at Mama tee tee….at Mommy tee tee….an Madweh tee tee. Poo poo in diapie….pee pee in diapie….baybee boi…..baybee gurhl…..jus a baybee…..jus a baybee….jus….a…..siwwy….wittle….baybee…zzz.

    “Now, was that so hard baby? All you has to do was tell the truth to Mama, Mommy, and Madre. Now you no longer have to be ashamed of who are around them anymore. They love you just the way you are, their sweet little baby. Doesn’t matter if your Big or Little, Triumph, Marky, or Melly. What matters is that you are the baby and you always will be the baby to them. All you have to do now is be the sweet little baby that you know your are. Play with your puzzles, your stuffies, and your toys on the floor. Take regular naps when you are told to do so. Going poo poo and pee pee in your diapers like a good baby. Have baby food and tee tee milk whenever you get hungry. Soon you’ll be eating anywhere Mama, Mommy, or Madre decide. They will all be eating at a restaurant eating grown up food, while you’re just snuggled up to a boobie having your dinner. When you go play at the park, after a fresh diaper change, you’ll have afternoon tee tee milk before you take a nap. You’ll take little baths in tub with your little toys and plays sound getting ready for bed. Who knows maybe one day, you’ll have play dates with other babies. You’ll be changed right next to them while their Mommy’s changes them too. Even when you get a bit bigger and you a Madre have a baby someday, she will just shrink you to baby size down to play with them, like the little baby you are. This is what you really wanted baby, having all those grown worries washed away by Mama, Mommy, and Madre. So keep sucking on that tee tee sweet little baby. It’s your reward for being such the Little Hero.”

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  • Oscar Diaz-Momma Bear Pt.2

    For @princesshenney

    “Please don’t go out too far!” You yell from where you laid in a plastic lounge chair, under the large umbrella Oscar set up for you, your four month old Alexander asleep on your chest. The four eldest Diaz men/boys all shouting back in understanding as they race towards the water.

    “I stay here.” Your almost three year old Angel says, sitting a few feet away from you in a small and round blow up kiddie pool that was barley filled up with ocean water, a few toys floating around him,”Right mommy?”

    “Right. You stay with mommy and little brother.” You smile, taking turns glancing in between him and Oscar with the boys. You lay Alex down on the chair next to you, on top of a extra towel so you can sit up and stretch your limbs out. Being cut short when a slightly wet Angel climbs into your lap with his hair tie in hand.

    “It fall out.” He points to his head, causing you to giggle as you take it from him and tie his curly hair back out of his face,”Tank you.” He says and stands up in between your legs, his small hands crushing your cheeks together before giving you a small kiss on your lips,”I go play now.” He tells you, jumping down into the sand and hopping back into the pool.

    You smile at him and look over at a now awake Alexander who was busy trying to put his whole fist in his mouth, looking absolutely adorable in his full body swimsuit. He was the only Diaz baby that did not look like the rest of his brothers. Where as they all looked like mini versions of Oscar, Alexander had your features and was not born with a full head of curly hair. You couldn’t help but be a bit more overjoyed when he was born, because after four previous births you finally had a twin of your own. Oscar not being able to make the joke that he made the kids by himself anymore,”What are you doing?” You ask him in a silly baby voice as you pick him up and cradle him in your arms,”Get that hand out of your mouth, you get it out.” You tell him and gently pull it out for him, replacing it with a pacifier after digging for one in the diaper bag.

    “Hey! No throw!” You hear Angel shout after a loud splash came from his pool, a football now in his hands as he tosses it out. A guy probably a few years younger than you running over, apologies spewing from his mouth.

    “I’m so sorry little guy.” He says out of breath as he kneels down to pick up the ball, patting Angel’s hair apologetically.

    “Please.” The toddler says and holds his hands up in defense,”Please no touch.”

    His actions cause the both of you to laugh, apologizing again before he looks over at you. Taking in your navy blue bikini that was peeking out under your white mesh cover dress,”I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to almost hit your little brother.” He says and smiles, waving his fingers in front of Alex’s face,”He’s cute…sibling sort of day huh?” He asks sweetly, the glint in his eyes telling you that he knew damn well they weren’t your brothers. Just wanting a reason to chat you up.

    “Not my siblings, but something tells me you already knew that.” You respond, pushing the sunglasses off of your face and to the top of your head in one motion,”Just be careful where you throw that thing, lot’s of kids around here. Just be glad you didn’t actually hit my son because then this conversation wouldn’t be so nice.”

    “You’re so right and again I’m sorry for that.” He says and makes himself comfortable as he sits on the end of your lounge chair, blocking your view from the beach,”I’m going to put this away and never throw it again, bad football.”

    You force a laugh and nod, not responding as Angel stands up and starts to point to the ocean,”It’s Car-car!(Carlos) I go play with him?” He asks before looking over at the man and doing the famous Oscar look of distaste.

    “Okay, run straight to them.” You say when you peek over the guys shoulder, making out Carlos and Junior sitting on the sand. Oscar probably still in the water with Anthony.

    “Okay mommy!” He yells before his little legs take off, not relaxing back against the lounge chair until you see him reach his older brothers.

    “Oh you have more?” He says stunned, glancing over his shoulder.

    “Mhm. Five boys, started really young.” You tell him nonchalantly, thinking back to how you were a scared and pregnant 15 year old. 18 years ago seeming more like a lifetime.

    “Wow five?” He chokes,”You don’t look like you have five kids.”

    “Um thanks? I guess.” Never knowing what to say when people tell you that, Alexander still sitting happily in your arms.

    “I don’t mean no offense but I don’t see a man around…so maybe I can get your number. We can chill sometime or something.” He says, your fuse finally being cut short.

    “Look, if it wasn’t obvious enough I’m not looking for anybody to chill with. I have five kids and not to mention a husband.” You snap, unknown to you that Angel went and told his brothers about the strange man,”So if you could please get off my chair and leave me alone that would be amazing.”

    “Husband? I don’t see a ring and if that’s the case why even let the conversation go this far.” He smirks and reaches out to place his hand on your lower leg.

    “Don’t touch me when I’m holding my baby! Are you insane? What do you not get? Go away.” You gasp as you kick his hand away and stand up. Everything else after that happening quickly. One second the guy sitting there normally and the next he’s eating dirt as your oldest son Junior comes running up from behind and delivers a rough shove to his back.

    “Aye cabrón (dumb ass), don’t ever touch my mom again.” He says, kicking his foot out to drench the man in more dirt.

    “Oh my god Junior, no.” You say and come around to stand next to him as the guy gets up and wipes his face clean.

    “What the fuck is your problem? You little shit.” He snaps and before you can defend your son, Oscar shows up with the rest of the kids in tow. Anthony holding both his little brother’s hands as they stand behind Junior now. Your husband wasting no time in asking questions and getting in between them, invading the guys personal space.

    “Aye, you talking to my son? This boy right here?” Oscar asks him in a dangerous tone as he lowers his body to be eye level with him, their noses barley missing each other. Not seeing this side of him in a long time…his Spooky side. Something he left behind when you guys moved out of the streets of Freeridge, when you became pregnant with Anthony.

    “I am and what? Did you not see your son just assault me?” The guys says, taking a step back. Oscar taking a step forward with no fear in his eyes.

    “Nah, I don’t think I did.” He lies, him and the guy going back and forth now. The tension only growing worse.

    “Take him.” You say urgently and hand the baby over to Junior, instantly grabbing a hold of Oscar’s arm. Carlos and Anthony beginning to shout in favor of their dad, Angel joining in confusingly but not caring as he copied them.

    “Stop and sit down, right now!” You tell them, their mouths closing instantly as they sit down crossed legged in the sand.

    “Fuck that! He grabbed you mom.” Junior says in protest as he lays his little brother down where you had him previously,”I seen him.”

    “You touched our mom?!” Anthony and Carlos say angrily.

    Oscar cocks his head to the side at this information, not knowing that this was the reason behind Junior’s push,”You touched my wife? I oughta kill you.” He tells him, not raising his voice so the younger kids couldn’t hear. Oscar kicking his leg under the guy’s, causing him to fall to the ground once more.

    The man, who’s name you still don’t know, gulps slightly and takes a look at a certain tattoo on Oscar’s face,”Woah man, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean no harm. Please, just let me walk away right now. I’ll go, you win.” He scrambles as he tries to get back up.

    Oscar chuckles darkly, his thumb and pointer finger wiping his nose as he stands back to his normal height,”First apologize to my wife for touching her, then apologize to my boy for disrespecting him, then go apologize to my kids for making their daddy get upset. Then you can go.” Oscar demands, the guy nodding quickly as he mumbles an apology to everybody in that order. Leaving his football on the ground as he sprints away.

    “Are you two crazy? You can’t gang up on somebody in public like that. That’s not how you handle things.” You lecture and take a deep breath before instantly pulling both of them into a hug, just relieved that nothing actually happened. The other boys joining as you feel your lower half being embraced as well.

    “Are you okay mommy?” Carlos asks, his voice muffled since he had his face pressed into your leg.

    “I’m fine baby, are you all okay?” You ask, looking over each one of your boys, not waiting their days to be ruined. They each give you a nod except for Angel who thought this would be the perfect time to give a PSA.

    “No talk to stranger. Strangers is bad, daddy and us hurt strangers for mommy.” He says, causing everybody to bust out laughing, the atmosphere at a calm once again.

    “Come on let’s head back out.” Junior offers to his brothers, figuring you would want to talk to Oscar alone. The boy’s all cheer in agreement, all of them walking together to the water once again. Leaving you with just your husband and the baby who was oblivious to anything that just happened.

    “You’re not mad at me right?” Oscar asks as he grabs a hold of your waist,”I didn’t mean to get so mad, I just seen him snap on Junior and reacted. Then when I found out he grabbed you I said things I know I shouldn’t have. I just seen red, that’s it.”

    “I’m not mad papi. I was just more scared, I didn’t want you or Junior to get in trouble because of me. And it didn’t help to have the kids cheering in the background like some sort of entourage.”

    Oscar couldn’t help but laugh at that,”Yeah, they watch too much tv. I’ll talk to them later that it’s not okay to encourage a fight, no matter if I would have won anyway if it came down to it.” He adds smugly

    “You sure about that? You’re not the same guy you were back in freeridge.” You tease and poke his soft belly,”You got a little dad bod going on now papi. I think I even see a gray hair.”

    “Shut up.” Oscar laughs and pulls you firmly against him,”You love all of it.”

    You smile and nod in agreement, standing up on your tippy toes to plant a kiss on his lips,”I do.” You mumble against them,”Now it’s your turn to sit with the baby so I can go into the water.”

    “Fine.” Oscar says as he pulls away, sitting in your spot and grabbing Alexander, laying him in between his legs.

    “Don’t let the sun hit him too much.” You remind him as you pull off the white cover up and toss it onto one of the many bags that you had packed.

    “I know, I’ve only done this four other times.” Oscar chuckles causing you to playfully roll your eyes.

    “Shhh.” You hush him, putting your glasses down as well before running off to join the rest of your so called cubs. No doubt in your mind that the same fire you had for protecting them, is the same one they had for you. This being proved true as they all went on defense mode when a guy even walked to close to you.

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    day dreaming about daddies

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    Darling baby boy 💚

    #kururugi suzaku#code geass #code geass lelouch of the rebellion #love#babyboy
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  • Last Chapter coming tomorrow!! (Short Tale)

    Little One: I have decided to end ‘Little Hero’ with the final 20th chapter that will release tomorrow! Thank you everyone for all your likes and reblogs! I really appreciate it! I’ll be making another story soon enough just have to figure out what to right about next. Maybe I’ll use a different concept of super hero themes or even fantasy creatures! Or even maybe—hmmmph! *nuk nuk nuk* mmmmmph

    Mommy: That’s much better. You’ve had enough talking and writing for a bit so now it’s nap time for you litte baby. *picks up Little One to the couch and cradles him, rocking him slowly*

    Little One: *takes binkie out and yawns* But I not sleepy Mommy, just a few more minutes pwease.

    Mommy: Ah ah ah no more fussing, Mommy says it’s nap time. You’re just a baby after all, so you listen to Mommy. *lowers her shirt and bra, moving Little One closet to her milk filled breast* just let me handle the rest little baby.

    Little One: No no noooo I big boy, and it my stowy to tell, not Mommy’s, it all—hmmmph! *Little One stops as Mommy puts her breast in his mouth* mmmmmm *suck suck suck*

    Mommy: Oh sweet baby boy when will you learn your place. You drink up and then I’ll change that stinkie diaper once you wake from your nap *pats Little Ones diaper bottom*

    Little One: *suck suck suck* mmmmmmm

    Mommy: Not such a big boy when you have a full diaper, huh sweetie pie? Don’t worry Mommy knows you love milk time when you get fussy. So you drink up and then you can have some writing time. *kisses Little Ones forehead* Like the baby said the last chapter will be out tomorrow. So please make sure to give a bunch of likes and reblogs!

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    cuddly sugarplum

    #im making gifs of this dont worry hehe #babyboy#luke hemmings
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  • I wanted to make an announcement:

    8:37am April 1, 2020

    I took a pregnancy test last night March 31, 2020 at 9:02 pm.

    Then 10 min after a different pregnancy test

    I’m expecting a child

    Today I’m going to go to the doctor to see how many weeks I’m in.

    Truly I have the best sisters in the world for supporting me and already getting “auntie vibes” haha

    This is so shocking to me

    I can’t believe it, it’s a dream that is happening

    Tonight my boyfriend will find out about his becoming a father

    I was shocked, upset, happy because I didn’t have this planned

    I was crying

    Laughing (amongst my sisters)

    Because I couldn’t believe it

    So many emotions were involved at that moment

    I had said until 32 years old

    But God had different plans for the both of us.

    And I thank him for that

    God bless me

    God bless him

    God bless a happy child soon to be

    God bless my soon to be family

    God bless my soon to be husband

    God bless him to become the best father and husband

    God bless me to be the best mom and wife

    God bless the soon to be grandparents

    And aunties

    God bless all parents to be

    God bless all of you

    This is something I can’t explain

    Pounds I weighted myself last night: 112.2 lbs

    Age: 28 years old

    I’ve been awake since 5am. Waiting on my boyfriend to text me good morning and thinking about the time I will see him and let him know the news.

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