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  • mirastars
    06.05.2021 - 45 minutes ago

    if it werent for the many artists i follow and funny videos i find on tiktok i wouldve deleted it ages ago jfc

    #i HATE people on tiktok and their 'woke' take on anime and its characters #'i dont get how people can like this character theyre so weird and the character is BAD and toxic and problematic' stfu buddy nobody asked #i dont care that you dont like thr character!! hate on them thats your opinion and your problem!! #but dont go mentioning and dragging a community of fans who do like them and are minding their own business #stay on your fucking lane #'this show is ba-' *gunshots* #leave it the fuck alone #if you dont like it dont engage in it #take a STEP BACK #anime#manga
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  • memes-saved-me
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I really don't understand why people think Harringrove being the biggest Stranger Things ship is weird or unlikely.

    The majority of the characters are minors which makes older fans not want to focus on their relationships. The canon older couples don't have the best chemistry other than Nancy and Jonathan who are the third highest ship on AO3 anyway along with actually being a couple in real life.

    Jim and Joyce are great and have amazing chemistry but a lot of people in their 20s and 30s don't relate as much to parents in their 40s pushing 50. (Obviously some do because they're fifth most popular but still).

    Even if you don't like Billy or the ship itself you have to admit they have great chemistry, as well as, their whole story arc in S2 being a nod to 80s homoerotic bullying which is everywhere in 80s media. Along with narrative wise a lot of wiggle room for fans to explore and build apon and Steve being a fan favourite but lacking in the characters to ship him with department.

    All of this combined with a lot of people finding Billy quite relatable and a great vessel to project personal issues or problems it makes complete sense that they're the top ship and have been for so long.

    #i also really don't understand antis because like fine Billy is the villian or whatever #but you're allowed to enjoy bad characters you know? #like its all fiction #and can be whatever you want because its not real #anyway just something I've noticed a lot of people be shocked about #when it makes complete sense #harringrove
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  • soul--weaver
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    We got 5 skins this year, nice! Trying to get a second hunter was kinda a lost cause from the start bc of Joseph's popularity in all servers shfjsjdk

    So we're getting Joseph, Luca, Norton, Patricia, and Tracy.... a pretty good selection imo

    #feel bad for margie fans bc she has no non limited A skins & also you know i wanted josé but ngl i do like the characters we ended up woth #*with #like i play tracy and patricia a lot. kinda norton sometimes. i dont have luca yet but i like him #so im happy #idv#identity v#era speaks
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  • duck-speak
    06.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Bea | VIII Strength

    #the irregulars #the irregulars netflix #thaddea graham#bea cook#major arcana#beatrice cook #it's too bad i only finished this after netflix cancelled the show... #i was planning on doing a series with the whole crew but idk if im gonna get around to it now #anyways hope thaddea gets to lead a show with better writing #the irregulars was fun but had Major Issues esp with colorism #but i liked all the characters and actors #watch me reupload this ten million times to fix all the little things that bother me lol
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  • yellow-knives
    06.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #my art #sum environment practice #im kinda bad at meshing characters + landscapes #botw#loz#loz botw#link#enviroment
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  • emerald-amidst-gold
    06.05.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Tin Foil Hat Time!

    So, earlier I had stated I was donning my tin foil hat? Well, I think it’s time to let that baby shine, so let’s get crinkling! I shall put it under the cut since I’m rambler! >:3

    I had had these thoughts before, but I saw a post once upon a time that literally made the idea reemerge from the depths of my scattered little brain.

    Basically that thought was: Is Solas a spirit that has taken a form much like Cole has, albeit in a completely different circumstance?

    There are three things that make my mind whirl with this concept and has me going, “Wait, wait! That makes sense! Are they seriously--? Waaaait!” I’ll go down the line.

    1. Solas’s intimate knowledge about the nature and purpose of spirits.

    Obviously, Solas is an expert on matters of the Fade due to that fact that he created the whole realm in the first place. However, there’s something more..deep in the explanations he gives and how passionate he gets when spirits are looked down on or misconstrued. I mean, yes, in the time of Arlathan, spirits were part of the world and were common place, so it would stand to reason that most ancients elves were intimately tied to spirits. But Solas...it seems like more to me. He pinpoints the nature of a spirit almost immediately, he can sift through their cryptic meanings with relative ease (i.e. Cole), and the way he speaks at times is like he’s detecting the flow of person’s thoughts or emotions. He’s even, calm, thorough, and it’s how I imagine a spirit of Wisdom would speak. It’s a shame we didn’t get to hear much of his friend’s speech patterns because it would have been cool to compare.

    2. How Solas often times consoles or relates with Cole.

    Solas and Cole’s relationship has always been a point of fascination for me. I love listening to the dialogue between them and trying to piece it together without looking it up because it’s amazingly profound. I also have to ‘Awww..” when Solas actively tries to help Cole acclimate himself to the physical world such as this banter sequence:

    Cole: It's brighter here. Glittering. Glaring. Glinting. I can't...
    Solas: It's a mild tremor in the Veil. Nothing to worry about. Focus on what is here, in this world.
    Cole: But... what is here?
    Solas: Feel the ground, the breath in your lungs, fabric rustling against your skin.
    Cole: (Breathes.) Thank you.
    Solas: It's nothing. It can be overwhelming for anyone.

    The way Solas guides Cole through this moment of panic and anxiety practically screams to me: “He can do this because he’s felt this sensation before.” It could be simply that after awakening from Uthenera that Solas had a similiar experience as the moments in which Cole feels overwhelmed, but the fact that Solas pinpoints the exact reasoning behind Cole’s discomfort is mind boggling to me. Again, it could be just that Solas can detect distortions in the Veil since he created it, and therefore, it’s practically his magic, but the speed at which he responds to Cole’s nervousness is immediate--subconscious. 

    3. (This is the big one for me) Cole’s one line of dialogue in Trespasser.

    "He did not want a body. But she asked him to come. He left a scar when he burned her off his face."

    This. This line had me going, “Wait. What?! Hold on, hold on! What?!” Let’s break it down.

    He did not want a body. 

    This could mean one of two things. First, it could simply be referring to the fact that Solas did not want to be awakened from Uthenera--that he wanted to continue to exploring the Fade and believing that what had transpired was but a dream to be reflected in it. OR it could mean he didn’t have a body to begin with--that he was a spirit that manifested, much like Cole, because something resonated with his purpose so much that he decided to form physically. What that purpose was or is, I’m not sure, but it has something to do with the next line:

    But she asked him to come. 

    Assuming that ‘she’ is Mythal then it would lead one to believe that she ‘summoned’ Solas for a specific reason. Was it for justice? Revenge, as Flemeth stated? Or was it simply to be bound? Because the next line:

    He left a scar when he burned her off his face.

    This I believe refers to the vallaslin. I don’t believe we know precisely if Solas himself had vallaslin, but this insinuates he may have and it might have been Mythal’s design, which again, points towards the last line that states Mythal asked Solas to ‘come’. Had she branded him once he took a solid form? What were her plans for him? Did she take advantage of his purpose, whatever that may be? Wisdom or his namesake: Pride?  Is it linked to what will happen in DA4 since we still aren’t sure what Mythal precisely wants? Is she using Solas for something darker or grander? 

    Did she warp a spirit into perceiving themselves as elven to achieve something before she was murdered? 

    I mean, if we really wanna jump down the rabbit hole I could ask: Is it possible that a person, a solid person, could be made into a spirit? If Solas isn’t a spirit, could he have been made into one or did he himself do so, like how Cole made himself human? 

    Tin foil hat. Tin foil hat. Thank you for crinkling it with me. Again, I could be over analyzing the fuck out of this and misinterpreting a lot of shit, but there’s something going on and, of course, it’s all about Mythal. What the hell does she waaaaant?!

    #dragon age#solas #tin foil hat #theories #dragon age inquisition #my rambling #i had to get this out #it was bothering me so bad! #i might be misinterpreting but i love analyzing characters that are still really shrouded! #i don't really share many of my theories #but i thought 'fuck it'
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  • scarlethallow160
    06.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    its gotten back to that point where i feel awkward/self-conscious after a dnd session lol

    #had some pretty consistent sessions with my friends and coworkers #the previous sessions went mostly well and my roommate finally got to play #but while it was apparent before that some of the players kinda hog the spotlight it rly showed tonight #bc the dm wants us to have creative freedom while before we kinda had a set goal #but it went kinda chaotic and all over the place cuz the players that talk more and over u were all of a sudden taking control of things #im usually good at paying attention and taking notes but my fountain pen ran out of ink #and i couldnt figure out how to get the new cartridge to work so i missed some of what happened #and i thought we were all trying to get somewhere?? but apparently one of the players was like yeah im just gonna go off on my own #so i followed but now my characters kinda stuck there while everyone else is doing fuck all knows what #and i felt bad for my roommate having to wait so long for me to be able to introduce him #bc the players that talk too much kept delaying it
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  • sunnipaws
    06.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I am in love with spencer reid and don’t know if I wanna kiss him or be him 😔

    #we have a lot in common #nuerodivergent #moms with schizophrenia #probably autistic#boys #ik criminal minds isn’t great and the portrayal of autism in the show is really shit but #it’s my comfort show sadly #so I’m gonna be in love with the characters who I relate too #reid and garcia are my favs #morgan is my third fav #hate cops still tho lots of things in the show show how entiled the characters are especially when assuming someone is bad. i #it’s also hella unrealistic for them to be almost perfect with catching bad people all the time #and that you can’t catch serial killers the way they do #but it’s hella interesting and entertaining! #again: sadly my comfort show
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  • stairset
    06.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Society if the Bad Batch opening scene just used some new Jedi characters or maybe brought back one of the Gathering younglings or something

    #i thought i was over this and then i watched a video comparing the scene to the comic version and now i'm about to become a red lantern #it's not even as emotional now because the scene isn't ABOUT kanan anymore #now his backstory is just a subplot in the bad batch's show when they previously had nothing to do with one another #and they changed the scene to the point it's barely recognizable #depa's saber is different grey's rank and armor are different the planet's climate is different the time of day is different etc etc #it happens after a battle instead of by a campfire and they inserted five characters who previously weren't present #it feels like a slap in the face to those of us who read the comic and it makes the bad batch feel out of place in their own damn show #how did filoni let this happen he created kanan surely he knows the basic plot of the comic about his own character #and what does greg weisman think of this #if i wrote a comic for a company that has a whole group of people whose job it is to maintain continuity #and they just let some spin-off show no one asked for overwrite a crucial scene from my comic for no reason #personally i'd be pretty pissed #like WHAT was the point WHAT was the purpose HOW does any of this benefit anyone in any way shape or form #bad batch spoilers #shut up tristan
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  • theultravs
    06.05.2021 - 10 hours ago
    #also u said u don't know anything about the comic so let me tldr these characters real quick #vinyl: tall and muscular danzig look-alike who does nothing at all except follow all his friends around #know how to keep his words to himself! some of yall could stand to learn a thing or two <3 #volume: punk guy with a mohawk and who care about protection/saving other people a lot #and was killed off almost instantly due to genuinely bad writing on gerard's part #vamos: hyperactive fashionable and funny killjoy who likes to joke about murder with their twin vaya #val velocity: paranoid crew leader and known asshole #anyway thank u! #tlotfk#anonymous
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  • mikeisthricedeceased
    06.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    Right when I think I know the extent of the problematic elements in the media I consume...

    #the random racism expressed by and to characters in the show was already pretty shitty #which they apparently threw in because the lead actors weren’t white like they were in the books? really? #you really had to go the extra mile with literal brownface? #don’t even get me started on bad batch and the level of whitewashing they’ve got going on there #I don’t expect perfection but SERIOUSLY
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  • recurringwriter
    06.05.2021 - 10 hours ago

    your antagonistic/manipulative characters should make nonpologies like ‘well i’m sorry you feel that way’ or ‘well i’m sorry you were surprised’ or the suchlike

    #writing #100% laugh at people who do this they aren't worth your forgiveness #oh right also characters shouldn't always forgive each other #but it's okay if they feel guilted into it because that happens #people can be horrible and then for a few weeks act like they really are trying to make a difference #it's not ooc for them to do that or to revert back to villainy or for your heroes to think 'well maybe i Can trust them?' #and then realize that 'no actually they're bad and we should've seen the warning signs' #because in general i think most people Want to see the best in others so when someone acts like they've got the best interests for you #you want to believe it. but if they've been selfish/deceptive/controlling in the past they Will be again #anyway Evil Aunt is horrible even to Good Aunt and so i'm kind of. Done. i refuse to see the best in her again
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  • lycheeleeches
    06.05.2021 - 10 hours ago


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  • heavenfrith
    06.05.2021 - 11 hours ago

    Watching s4 today finally and it’s killing me 🥺

    #進撃の巨人 #I ​had to stop after the Sasha episode #I have so many thoughts #it’s weird after seeing other people’s reactions on here the whole time #I understand why people were so appalled with Eren but to me it’s like #worldwide wars are appalling you know #that being said I’m exhausted of falling in love with characters who turn genocidal/ruthless lol #I feel so bad for everyone #and that’s the nature of the matter in AoT world and in our world #the season is phenomenal so far though #brilliantly done #a hot take #the entire Liberio assault arc is just 👩‍🍳💋 #I freaked out when Eren turned and when Mikasa appeared #cried when I saw my baby Armin #and when Gabi began pursuing and then for Sasha 😔 #also the firepower this season is just #and the chaotic soundtrack #I know there’s a lot to come idk how I’ll handle it #😩😩😩😩
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  • eretapologism
    05.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    watching all the c!wilbur apologists struggling on my dash rn... yeeesssssssss. dance, my jesters, dance.

    #kaz speaks #yall do know its ok to be critical of your favorite characters. you do know this right #'im not saying it was wrong to tell tommy that his abuse was justified buuut' well maybe you should?? maybe you should say that it was bad? #/nm #just like. yall cmon
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  • kaylawrites-nonprofit
    05.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    wholesome sibling communication? wholesome sibling communication

    The start of the car ride was silent, the radio a barely audible mumble. The awkward hushed air created an unbearable weight on her shoulders. Even reaching for the volume would’ve made her collapse.

    “So, uh… sorry,” Jax started, rubbing the back of his neck. “I didn’t want to just stop coming over, but…”

    “I get it!” She smiled - her fake one - and looked out at the road. “It’s fine.”

    After she settled back into her seat, he sighed. “It’s not fine. I wanted to at least give you a good excuse. My therapist said that it would be best to take a break from seeing you, but never gave me advice on how… so I just avoided you guys.”

    “It’s fine, Jax. I don’t hold it against you.”

    He scoffed, an irritated smile creeping onto his face. “Well, you should. I fucked up.”

    “Okay, and?” she asked. The question was genuine, but it still hurt. “It’s not like you murdered anyone. Did you?”

    Shiloh was expecting the joke to just fall to the wind, but her brother laughed. “Only half a dozen people for my honor.”

    His deadpan humor was a welcomed addition. She’d missed him too much for it not to be. “As long as you never get caught for it, I think I can let it slide.”

    #their relationship used be uh #lets be nice and say strained #but more realistically it was... BAD #HOWEVER i like this more #so this is the version that's staying :D #Creator#Shiloh#Jaxson#original work#original writing#original story#original character#original characters#mine#writing #writers on tumblr #queued post
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  • giotanner
    05.05.2021 - 14 hours ago

    Basically "you are racist" is the card used in this fandom to have every right. It doesn't care if it's not the truth, the magic word was used. They did fanfictions lists, they did posts where bullied people, they did posts in August and also in these days after TTT and... Now. Nicky and his culture for them is so stereotyped and it's okay if you don't care about Italian issues, because... who cares, there aren't important issues! Belittle, c'mon ✨ Italian culture, a nation with issues? It's wHiTe so basically they don't do research, they think THEY KNOW. Instead they are careful and good with Joe's culture and traditions. It's funny because instead TOG is written so well in the movie.

    #I don't tag it because it's just fandom-vent #I'm so tired #i love the characters #but i don't like this behavior #always to belittle italian issues or Italian traditions or 'you are racist' #many of my friends (mena too) are gone for this shit behavior to be 'but your issue it's not so bad instead MINE-' #...ugh
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  • sensitiveorange
    05.05.2021 - 14 hours ago
    don't be ashamed of loving your comfort characters; they're your comfort characters for a reason. as long as it isn't harmful, no one has the right to demean you for something that brings you happiness/helps you cope.
    #comfort character#comfort characters#fictional crush#fictional other#self ship#self insert #anyway uh my mom made me feel bad for liking certain characters 😩😩 #thats what i get for opening up to her abt my interests lol #n e wayz im not gonna rant #take this grain of positivity for all you bitches who rely on fictional characters to get through the day #its me im bitches
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  • fieropasto
    05.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #the ONLY thing i appreciated in that movie was that everyone except the lintons were absolutely fucking dirty. filthy even. mud everywhere #and so on. i love that in a movie i hate when characters who are supposed to be dirty are showed nice and clean. #other than that.... it's a movie that gives me so much 2nd hand embarassment. aside from the whole thing being bad everyone's hairstyle #is so fucking ugly djnfjfkg idc if it's historically accurate it's bad!!!! also ive never seen a movie where people kissed in such a #horrible way. had to avert my eyes because i was cringing so much. no one ever kisses like that ever ugh #timothy dalton was funny tho. he kept giving these very intense evil looks. made me laugh a little bit. #theres a lot of bad things to be said abt that movie but idk maybe one of my beloved mutuals has enjoyed it! so this is just my #silly little opinion #sorry again for answering so late i dont have any control on my brain cells :/// #oh and theres nothing to be sorry for - im very happy you looked through the tag and i hope youve found interesting things ❤
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  • nachosforfree
    05.05.2021 - 15 hours ago
    #i mean im in the boat too #pamella n gretchen have canonically killed people and theyre our wives #but eliza pulled the bad mother card and she's one of the worst ha-he characters #asks
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