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  • lily1eaf
    08.12.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    i think it’s obvious which kind of characters I dislike when 2 of my least favourites growing up were chi chi + sakura

    #as soon as a character hits someone they’re supposed to be friendly w/ + they get away w/ it i :| #ik it’s the fault of bad writing but rrrrr makes me so angry #🐑.txt
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  • alishatheninth
    08.12.2021 - 49 minutes ago

    Silco headcanons, pre Jinx (surprisingly SFW)

    - Silco does not enjoy committing violence, and would much rather be alone in his office. That is the scariest thing about facing him in the field; he does not say so but it’s clear he really just wants to get the unpleasantness done efficiently and get back to paperwork. Do you have any idea how much administration his business empire requires? Just do what he wants and he’ll go back to work *before* hurting you instead of afterwards. 

    - He doesn’t keep prison cells (though some of the guest rooms have locks on the outside, and canonically his undersea base serves food). If he can’t talk someone into walking free and useful to him within a few hours, they’re not leaving on their feet anyway.

    - Since the breakup with Vander, he’s in chronic pain which varies from mild to severe, which makes physical pleasure very rare for him. On a good day for pain, he’s merely vinegary towards everyone he does not need to charm; on a bad day he’ll hiss out orders. Alcohol and Shimmer are the only pain management options available, and he uses both only sparingly.

    - Despite his lack of everyday people skills, his organization has very low turnover (canon support: the two bodyguards present when he adopts Jinx are still with him to visit Marcus at home at least 5 years later) and no shortage of applicants for new positions. He pays well, has a rudimentary pension plan and, while employees will be required to do crime and thuggery, it will usually be well planned and tactical crime and thuggery.

    - He doesn’t hide his need to medicate his eye or his lack of fighting prowess. It’s a boast for him that he does not have to conceal weakness. He does however stand and sit much straighter than would be comfortable to him, especially on bad pain days, and is always impeccably dressed. He usually has good control over his temper, and if he loses control (as he does for a moment in episode 3 after the bombs go off, hissing “kill them”), he usually regains it very quickly (his next order is “find them” instead).

    - He is *not* afraid of water, or bodily hurt, or choking. The weak man he used to be was afraid of those, but he is not, as he explained to Jinx in the sea (going in before her and also with her). He’ does not expect to make old bones, though he does object to dying with his work left undone. He has no post-revolution plans.

    - Nobody knows what he does to relax, though it involves a lot of curling up into a pain-wracked foetal ball in private.  After Jinx, he clears his calendar to spend time with her, though he’s still available for urgent work questions (and sometimes discusses them with Jinx, to the discomfort of his people). After Jinx, his associates notice that, while he does not ever exactly *smile*, he occasionally does appear slightly contented.

    #silco#silco arcane#arcane brainrot #character appreciation post #the sneeriness and spikiness is exactly how I feel on bad endometriosis days #slightly horrifying headcanons #I am a sucker for authority figures doing awful jobs well #I have also known a lot of good bosses
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  • lindalofbroome
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    08 - Cunning

    ‘What—what did you see from the window?’ Jarred stammered.
    ‘Nothing. As I told him. But I knew he would not trust my word.’ Sharn tossed her head. ‘And I knew he would lean out. Why should he fear a little painted doll like me?’
    The Forests of Silence // Ch 7 Treachery


    big fan of the woman who learnt to survive palace politics and (even though i think it sucks that she had to) put on an empty-head pretty mask but remained sharp as ever. that even with her entire world threatened, she was cunning enough to save herself and her unborn baby and her husband and his friend. she tricked prandine and she killed him,,

    i feel like i have so much to say about her but my brain is not in it at the moment, so im gonna leave it with this quote

    His mother. Not Anna of the Forge, practical and wise in the ways of herbs and growing things. But Sharn, of Tora. The one who could weave like a miracle. The one whose wit and courage had taught him so much.
    Return to Del // Ch 16 The Last Secret
    #roddacember 2021#roddacember #lyn's roddacember prompts #//#emily rodda#roddaverse#deltora quest#sharn #sharn of del #postlyn#postlyn art#digital art#character art#fan art#{#UH OH #FORGOT THE BUTTERFLY ACCESSORY IN THE SMALL FRAME #SHADING BAD #lyn tired and apathetic it is what it is
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  • strawberrybuckys
    08.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    tagging this as hawkeye spoilers but just in case um...

    ✨ hawkeye spoilers ✨

    kate and clint talking about what clint did as the ronin like -

    kate: you were a hero

    clint: i was a weapon

    clint: i was aimed by the right people at the right targets, so

    kate: look, you made mistakes, but those are behind you

    clint: no it's tied to me, tied to my family

    why the fuck couldn't marvel let bucky have one single moment like this in tfatws??? swap a few words/context in this conversation and this is a similar convo sam and bucky or bucky and his therapist (if she were a good therapist) could have been having i'm just

    so annoyed that marvel can show this kind of consideration for some characters but not others, when clint chose to do what he did, and bucky didn't...

    so what you're saying, disneymarvel, is:

    clint was a hero (and has nothing to amend for) because he willingly joined shield/put on the ronin costume, was aimed by the right people at the right targets who he then killed, when he could have walked away from shield/ronin any time, and doesn't need to apologize for killing a girl's father willingly, and

    bucky was not a hero (and should make amends) because he was held prisoner, brainwashed, tortured, aimed by the wrong people at the wrong targets who he then killed, with no power to disobey the orders and couldn't walk away from hydra even if he tried, and needed to apologize to a man for killing his son unwillingly

    right, great, got it, glad that's all cleared up /s

    #disclaimer i love clint #this isn't criticizing clint as a character but marvel's shitty double standard writing choices #bucky is left to believe hydra were 'his people' #no one challenges any of the WRONG thoughts he has about himself #his therapist ENCOURAGES him making ammends #meanwhile you know who should make amends? clint for killing maya's father even if he was a 'bad' guy #i actually am loving this show #and that makes me even more angry bc it proves marvel can make something good if they really want to #well i guess #seeing as they stole most of this from the comics but still 😂 #that's probably why it's better than the other disney+ shows tbh #but they should pay the comic writer and artist but that's a whole other post ANYWAY #hawkeye spoilers#anti tfatws#i guess #fox.txt #maybe i'll delete this i just needed to rant
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  • mirshmurecya
    08.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    the treatment of mickey though. 😐

    #just consistently..... bad #forgot how Bad it was like honestly... #esp when you compare it to. the treatment of one-off side characters like they get respect & hes just the butt of the joke all the time. #like esp in these eps. the antiblackness & the fatphobia w the villains is almost unbearable
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  • ryssbelle
    08.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Hey I know I did two requests and then stopped, reason is cuz it's late and I'm tired good night

    #ryss rambles #i had a hard day at work #and then after work i had a big meal #pumped out those two bad boys #said 'ill take a break for a bit' #and died #ill do more tomorrow im just sleepy #its my day off tomorrow so i got time uwu #retails just hard man #makes me want to punch a wall #did i spell retail right. #idfk #its 5 am my brain is gooooooone #insomnia is a beast and so is executive disfunction #also idk if you noticdd but i was tryi g something different with faces and coloring #i dont like it for some characters but for others it looks nice #four looms great with it #twi benefits more with the baby face #i am among the group that headcanon four as a 4 foot 25 year old lol #just cuz its super funny #and also it reminds me of a character from an Eoin Colfer book #his name is Ditto hes 27-28 but he looks like a kid because he was experimented on as a child #so he just walks around this small child but actually he can pay taxes #i think hes really funny #so im projecting ditto onto four lmao #i think i also made a joke pic where ditto is doing the creation of adam pose #and got really good at just replicating that pic from memory #idk if i could do it anymore but like idk but for about a whole year i thought putting random people in the creation of adam pose #was the peak of comedy #and i gotta say i was right
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  • dirt8ag
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    malice and hatred on planet earth

    #just saw a g*nderb*nd of kirishima which is already bad enough. but the design also?? had NO abs?? #like the whole stomach area was exposed with NO abs to be seen #why why why when ppl g*nderb*nd male characters do they take all their muscles away im going to implode #nvm i know why its misogyny
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  • zaminoo
    08.12.2021 - 4 hours ago

    The vampire diaries is quickly becoming one of my fav shows

    #I guess thats what happens when you binge watch seasons back to back #the best written characters are damon and bonnIE #to be fair im on season 3 rn and apparently it gets bad after season 4
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  • goldenloved
    08.12.2021 - 5 hours ago

    last day of work for the week. ✌🏻

    #*˖ ⊹ out of character. #looks at my 23 drafts. rubs hands together!!! #3 double shifts in a row murdered my sanity but im excited to finally get to writing #also still feeling the urge to write kageyama so bad 😭😭😭 save me
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  • whale-minmin
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    #can the bad dreams leave me alone??? #i'd like to have my next GOOD dream about minhyuk. thank you. #like today i was running from a genshin impact character? #i literally main him what does he want from me 😭 #i have bad dreams like. everyday. i don't like it
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  • brookheimer
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    errr…. uh…. y’all. y’all liked sharp objects?

    #i wanted something to watch and it seemed so promising bc i luv that genre and intergenerational abuse n trauma when done well #(kept seeing that one convo b/w mom and daughter) #watched three episodes #was very skeptical #thought it was poorly written and incredibly tropey and the killer was obvious but not even from clues just from knowing these kinds of show #shows #like by the end of the third ep i was like (SPOILER) ok so the mom def did something to the daughter that died it’s prob that fuckin #munchausen by proxy thing every goddamn crime show loves to use and also the bitchy teen girl is clearly the killer #but like that must be what i’m supposed to think rn right? it’s gonna get better and it’s this tropey now to set everything up to get #dismantled later right??? NO #mom literally did munchausen by proxy which btw is so played out in crime shows and soap operas like this is the 3rd/4th time i’ve seen that #exact plot and i don’t even watch that much tv #it’s just an easier way to address intergenerational trauma and complex familial relationships than actually like fleshing those out #bitchy evil teen girl is a serial killer bc … she’s a bitchy evil teen girl nd is jealous of other girls #and ppl are calling this a meditation on women + violence? a fem centered revitalization of an old genre??? #fucking no! those are the literal most cliche female motivations i’ve seen in my entire life. teen girl jealousy and overprotective mom #genuinely shocked a woman wrote this #like the main character is interesting her time in the psych ward is interesting but the execution of everything else is so bad #abd don’t even get me started on that cliche ass relationship b/w camille and white bread rival male detective #god #it was just like #take everything inretesting about hannibal twin peaks and true detective and get rid of them. now replace the characters w women #it’s a criminal minds episode stretched out to be eight hours long #maybe there r some good scenes like that one mom/daughter one but overall everything is painfully cliche and overdone #sorry #i just. do not get it #casey shut up
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  • brutlist
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago

    i just love the idea of heugh being in the middle of fighting a person and they’re both shit talking when the other person says something so just Dang Mean that heugh can’t think of anything else to say to object so he just literally tells them to shut the fuck up as he goes back to trying kicking their ass 

    #it's like. peak In Character for him and i love that about him #can you imagine him telling a big bad supervillain to just shut the fuck up #and throwing them off so much they're like. fucking huh??? #peak comedy #he doesn't give a fuck about who you are fuck you and your kids
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  • emcscared-whumps
    08.12.2021 - 6 hours ago


    Hello!!! It is time!

    I have finally started work on my Bad Things Happen Bingo, so I present to you, a Navigation Post for it! Which I will link to my Blog Master Post, I look forward to posting a mix of art and written posts.

    Also! If you would like to see any particular prompt first, don't hesitate to send an ask! (I would be honoured!)

    I'll update this post as I complete prompts :) Last updated 08 Dec, 2021

    Featured Characters

    Pete Spencer (whumpee, mer shifter (or demon)) light blue

    Timmothey 'Timmy' Paige (caretaker/whumpee, empath) dark green

    Cole Nelson (whumpee/emergency caretaker, enhanced) dark blue

    Sorrel Johnstone (whumper/whumpee, human (or demon)) blue/gold

    1A - NIGHTMARES - Complete

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  • brightcrest-wayfinder
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Have I ever mentioned I really hate the trend of uwu-ing Ienzo/Zexion cause hoo boy do I hate -_-

    #will delete later #trying really hard not to respond to a post that popped up on my dash cause it would be pointless #so making this post instead #I get it he’s cute but show the man some respect -_- #it’s fun loving a character and then the media does a near 180 turn and suddenly everyone else likes him for different reasons than you do #which wouldn’t be so bad if those reasons weren’t like opposite #dammit Nomura what did you do to the sassy schemer
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  • nononopleaseahaha
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    bro why is the name bruno so attractive to me

    #like#HELLO #i just got back from watching a movie and there #was this character called bruno #and he was all mysterious u know disgrace to the family #(HELP) #and omg i was so down bad before i even saw him #he ended up looking #.. #Okay #it was an animated (3d animation??) kid movie so i couldnt expect much but omg #help #ALSO I SAID I WOULD SLEEP BUT I CANT
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  • stonedwife
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    The concept of mysterio needing to fabricate fake villains and fights to get popular is so ridiculous like literally some dumbass white man or a gigantic fucking alien decides to fuck up a big city every two weeks in that universe and Jake jellynhaul decided to gain clout by fighting his own moving pictures?? WITH ALL THOSE DRONES HE COULD HAVE FOUGHT SOME ACTUAL VILLAINS AND ACCOMPLISHED EXACTLY THE SAME GOALS make it make sense

    #my posts #like idk Anything about comic mysterio btw. i used to call him magneto bc i thought they were the same character #but i feel like far from home does not do enough to establish mysterio's evilness. if he is so evil that he doesnt want to help the world #then they needed to give him a bigger motivation for that than iron man pissing him off #and if he is just a bad guy who genuinely believes that the world would be run better in his hands #then whyyyy would he fabricate a fucking overbudget one man play to make himself a hero when there are #Plenty of real bad guys that he couldve fought instead. idk what their plans w mysterio are #but i am not satisfied with him so far
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  • gyakutenkibou
    08.12.2021 - 7 hours ago

    new headcanon yosuke has ocd. no i don't take criticism

    #yes im projecting here #but a lot of times i was like: mood with him #i like projecting on my fav characters #but at the same time i feel kinda bad for assigning him this curse
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  • corrugated-cardboard
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    “that…can’t be good.”

    hate this mf but unfortunately he is a little funny

    #two posts in one day? its more likely than you think #just clearing out the drafts #my brother asked me why i made him look like a zombie. im sorry it wasnt on purpose #'he looks dead' 'lol funny you say that' #i wont lie sometimes bad bisexual representation is actually good #btw im bi so you legally cant cancel me for saying that #homare nishitani#yakuza 0#yakuza #Ryu ga Gotoku #yakuza 0 spoilers #yakuza spoilers #ok hilarious as fuck how they just got him like that. i thought he was being set up to be this major character or something #nah just took him out instantly #blood tw#blood #only a little bit just in case #if you saw me private and then unprivate this no you didnt xoxo
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  • minamotoz
    08.12.2021 - 8 hours ago

    if i had the willpower to finish a rewatch of season 14 i would write an essay on how weird zaya is and how it only works in the next class soft reboot bc up until s14 maya showed literally no signs of having romantic feelings for zig (excluding their first episode together) . also i'd write an essay on why winston chu isnt that bad and never deserved the hate he got

    #degrassi #the sparknotes version is that maya only ever showed she liked zig when she was needy for attention #(when cam wouldnt give her the affection she wanted; after cam d*ed etc) #and i feel like their entire s13 arc was about how she couldnt date zig despite how much he wanted if #(side note how anyone can ship zaya by s13 is beyond me bc zig is disgusting towards her🖕) #and even in s14 her feelings for zig feel kinda out of nowhere? #and i feel like its only bc she needs comfort from how bad her anxiety over miles was getting #and zig was providing that comfort bc shes known him the longest #i'll elaborate more on this later im tired as helllll #also i love winston chu and i will go down with my apologist boat #'but he cheated on frankie🥺' havent like 80% of male degrassi characters cheated on their gfs? #'bbbbbut he doesnt respect women' ????????? hunter baaz and zig are right there #i feel like every criticism of winston could be applied to 100x more to other male characters who the fandom loves #hm i wonder what could possibly cause this wave of hate for winston🤔🤔🤔 (its racism) #now im sorta guilty i didnt like winston until i watched NC #but i now realize i didnt like him bc of his association with frankie #after he stopped being around frankie he improved as a character and i luv him now
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  • trustbutvcrify
    08.12.2021 - 9 hours ago

    i’m on episode 3 of boruto and shikadai, inojin and sarada have my heart

    #COFFEE HAS WATER IN IT. I'M DOING FINE.   /   out of character #they're all growing on me #idk if it's because i want more naruto content in my life #outside of the original series and shippuden or what but these kids ain't so bad #i guess i'm doing some liveblogging #nick watches boruto #there's the tag for anyone who doesn't wanna see it #or does
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