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  • We aren’t going to stay on this earth forever. But what if our love does? What if decades after we left this earth people still remembered our love. Not just grandchildren, but strangers. If people used us as a way to show their love for others. I think that would pretty cool.


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  • What is my point

    I am not a pencil

    I can not be sharpened

    where am I going

    I am not a pencil

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  • I feel like I’m suffocating, but it’s not in my lungs…

    the walls won’t stop closing in,

    the world outside the windows 

    is becoming a little dark. 

    I cannot see the end to this night;

    though the sun may rise, she does not shine.

    though the birds may chirp, they dare not sing.

    I am afraid- 

    the chaos and the silence are equally unbearable.

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  • My First Poem:

    To Live At Night, To Live In Two Minds

    Carpe Noctem

    Seize the night

    At day I exist

    Exist to fulfill my parents delight

    Their shoe they expected me to fill

    The only thing they have left in their living will

    My life is similar to a cloud of mist

    Hovering above those like me

    All the same

    Caffeine and books

    Oh how life is so lame

    Yet twas my life not

    It was all just a game

    And that the game was

    Just During the days

    At night

    I came alive

    Not only can I breathe


    My mind can run wild

    Over the field of flowers and trees

    No mist be glimpsed or recognized

    Even over the no dead end sea

    I read I write I sing I dance

    Playing and pretending

    I these are all I asked for

    The rules I seek and the things I can see

    Under the moonlight or thousands worlds away

    All the things that keep me be

    All the days that have gone by

    Not me, I’m not seen

    By those that run by

    Not by their eyes

    That wasn’t me

    Only at night

    I can truly laugh

    Truly think of everything atlas

    After the darling name is above the horizon with the sun sunk down below

    Can I truly be what I ought to be

    Myself me and I alone

    Romantic and realist I have tried to become

    But it’s hard

    One might see

    All the differentiates that it needs

    Like a box of paradox

    It’s different

    As easy as that seems

    A realist I am

    As the people in the business or my friends would say

    A romantic

    I too

    According to my lover and the people I might at dream bay

    But how much more sleep must one lost to be both of the two

    I walk each day

    With a book in hand

    Inside it lay

    All the things they have planned

    All the things I should say

    To be living in grand

    All of their plans

    Not mine

    To have a say

    Each night I awoke

    Unable to sleep

    With ideas in my head

    Waiting to be repeat

    Alas I have the key

    To a mysterious land

    It lays beyond my fingertips


    With a flight waiting to be land

    #texts from last night #cant sleep #poems on tumblr #bad poems#amatuer#amatuer poetry #dark acadamia aesthetic #aesthetic#dark academia#im lost
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  • I asked Hestia

    To bring me home

    So she took my hand

    And brought me to you

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  • Going through my notebook is like, diary entry, shitty doodles, bad poems, shitty doodles, diary entry, plans an essay, shitty doodles, diary en

    #tw swearing#notebook#doodles#bad poems #plans an essay #and she speaks
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  • I am beginning to learn

    The telltale signs of the true predators

    Where they leave their tracks

    Planted in freshly shoveled earth.

    An unintentional sleaziness to the way

    They try to cover their errant missteps

    Primal animals with deceitful earnest grins

    That hide a more troublesome voraciousness.

    It’s best to steer clear of their scent

    But when it comes to necessary survival…

    In the wilderness of concrete and green papers

    Their acquaintance any maiden or heroine alike,

    Out to venture for herself, is certain to make.

    Run the other way when you can

    Warn and band with other huntresses when possible

    Sound the alarm Only if you are safe to do so.

    Staying is never recommended…

    Although it has been enticing,

    For how splendid the road I’m on does seem…

    And this pleasant beast happens to hold what I need

    To fulfill certain oaths and obligations.

    And yet, while I am weary and know better…

    In mind, I spin around with the obvious blunder of continuing

    To court what I have seen in file may be a dangerous move

    While still looking for a break in the treeline

    That could lead to sturdier footpaths

    And a brighter well-guarded road.

    There is one within my sight

    With more familiar and inviting creatures

    Who most likely have also learned to hunt 

    And stay in packs to guard what’s precious.

    Into their well-nourished and vibrant clan 

    I am eager to be accepted

    And make a split-second escape

    Even as I can’t forget he now knows my trail.

    Until then, I bide my time in strategy

    Only a little uncertain but understanding all the same

    That in order to avoid a disastrous altercation…

    It would be wise to keep looking. 

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  • the more i talk to you… the more time passes since ive seen you. and yet, the passage of time only makes my heart endlessly yearn for the paradise of your intimacy and affection. your soul has infected my veins, you course through my brain, and im left here alone but in a blissful state of intoxicated on you.

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  • I’m sorry I told a lie

    But it’s only because the truth makes me want to cry

    The truth is I’m broken beyond repair

    Broken in the space below my hair

    I’m a lost cause

    There’s no beating the odds

    I’m over it

    I’m sorry but I quit

    I’m tired

    My nerves are leaving the wire

    I did my best

    And now I think I deserve a fucking rest

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  • Isolation.

    If I ran away far enough

    deep inside a beautiful forest

    bugs fluttering past my ears

    whispering that I’m on the right track

    would I continue ?

    If civilization resides far from here

    In the forest where time never existed

    a howl from a wolf isn’t always a warning

    so if I killed myself in this forest

    would anyone hear it?

    I’d like to be there now.

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  • It calls out in anguish.

    A pitiful sound, that holds no power.

    A lose of nothing new, nothing to extinguish.

    They used my lactate half and half up T-T I’m dieing, this coffee suuccckkkssssss.

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  • fuck a duck

    up the butt

    watch it cry

    make it die

    (an absolutely horrid poem I wrote when I was probably like 12)

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  • in love with shut doors

    jiggling the knobs

    butter knives of desperation littered around bent credit cards

    no way in, no way out

    windows have been shut or boarded up,

    locked or an array of steel sheet

    protecting what is inside

    the air of numbness in the shiny room

    so thick, i choke completely, entirely

    why is this room so enticing 

    when it’s full of inordinate despair

    suppose there truly is beauty in pain

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  • I can’t help but cry

    The only languages you speak are yelling and violence

    But I try to speak with patience and kindness

    You can’t hear me

    And I don’t understand you

    And all we do is fight

    With no middle ground in sight

    Angry words and whispered curses

    Misinterpreted bible verses

    It’s all gonna be for naught

    In the end we’ll all be left to rot

    Hurtful words and broken toys

    Earbuds in to escape the noise

    Flying fists and shattered plates

    If we don’t stop now it’ll be too late

    I can’t help but cry

    I can’t even meet your eyes

    You laugh as the tears fall from my cheeks

    You yell and scream and call me weak

    But I can’t help but cry

    All these feelings I try to hide

    All trapped inside of me

    These things you cannot see

    Because you don’t even try

    It’s been awhile since you’ve seen me cry

    Slit wrists

    Bloodied fists

    Anger and sadness

    Fight to win


    I can’t help but cry

    All these tears welling up inside

    Will we be like this til the end of time?

    Is this how it’ll always be between you and I?

    The thoughts attack at midnight

    When you’re in bed and I don’t need to hide

    They use your voice and repeat your lines

    And I can’t help but cry

    I think about how much I want to die

    Because you don’t know how hard I tried

    You don’t know how much I’ve lied

    To keep your voice from hurting me

    To keep you from deserting me

    But I can’t always lie

    Can’t keep it all inside

    Can’t help but fucking cry

    I’m so tired of hiding

    So tired of fucking fighting

    One day you’ll realize why

    I had to go

    Had to get out on my own

    And I’m sorry for this poem

    Sorry I couldn’t call this place home

    Sorry I left you all behind

    Sorry that I

    Couldn’t help but cry

    #tw:mentions of self harm #poetry#poems #tw: mentions of abuse #bad poems#lgbt poet#tumblr poetry
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  • Welcome to this garden

    The garden of my heart

    Filled with things I like to keep close to me

    And people who’s names I write out to the sound of a guitar

    Some were planted at the start

    And some of them are new

    Some of them I planted just for you

    Like this one here

    It’s leaves are interesting

    Beauty at its best

    But it is taking over

    It never seems to rest

    It’s always growing

    I watch it grow over a flower with a name

    A name that I will never again hear quite the same

    It blocks out the sun and tangles with the roots

    I should’ve intervened but the little leaves were too cute

    I watch on in fascination as it tangles over my fruits

    The things that I cannot live without

    But instead I choose

    To let it tangle up its roots

    I should’ve stopped

    I shouldn’t have let it grow over my heart

    Taking over my garden with its vines and its leaves

    If I don’t stop it now it will never ever leave

    But it was so small at the start?

    How could it have so easily won my heart?

    When did this start?

    The only way to get it out might be to tear my garden apart

    It’s roots are in too deep

    It’s here because of you and me

    I let you in

    And you’ve outgrown this place

    Eventually I’ll get you out leaving me with nothing but memories that I cannot erase

    I grab my gloves

    I rip at the stem

    The vines

    And the leaves

    Nothing else is working

    I’ll have to go back to the start

    I’ll have to tear up my own heart

    You have to get going

    It’s time I start mowing

    It takes several weeks and then some months

    But eventually the time has come

    For me to start my garden anew

    Flowers and fruits

    None of them for you

    I’m sorry too

    But it’s too late

    For us to change

    Self sabotage is my most dominate trait

    And now you’ve walked out of my range

    Now our lives will never be the same

    And that’s okay

    Because today

    I have become something new

    Living a life I don’t really want to lose

    And this is true

    I’m tired of the dark

    I’ve brought new seeds into my heart

    Some with names

    That I will never again hear the same

    Some that will grow fruit

    And some of them I’ll lose

    And that’s okay

    Because we were never meant to stay the same.

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  • Aphrodite’s Final Broadcast

    Oh my gods

    You’re 16, 19, 23 why are you trying to find a person to spend the rest of your life with

    Fall in love 8 times in one month and then do it all again the next

    Break a few hearts and get your heartbroken as often as possible. You have time to see how beautiful it is to miss something so much.

    You don’t need to find a happily ever after yet

    You just need to find a happy

    If they put a smile on your face they’re good

    Why are you looking for deep connections and stability so solid not even melting it would classify it as liquid

    Its okay to just be there and in the moment

    You don’t always have to think long term

    Just live. Please.

    As you grow and change what you look for will change.

    Right now all you need to look for is a smile. On your face and there’s.

    Be in love. Not in comfort.


    #To the demigods who don't know if they will survive #Love above all #Love#Aphrodite#Bad poems#Bad poetry #Goddess of love #Greek God#Greek goddess#Greek#Gods
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  • The rope I hung my heart on

    You seem to be cutting string by string

    Lucky that I have extra rope, huh

    Try what you will

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  • I know that this is the one. 

    The one that I care for a bit too much in the beginning, lost my footing. Shouldn’t have done that. 

    Now I can see him not caring. Thinking he already has me. I got to act aloof not so forgiving but that’ll kill me. 

    Either way I know I’m at risk at losing him. I don’t want to cry. Prep for the break. Learn to be cool steal. Uncaring. 

    I wonder what’ll take to make someone fall in love with me for the long run.

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  • Suddenly

    We were going 60 in a 35

    And I couldn’t see

    And you couldn’t handle the speed

    So you hit the breaks and pushed me out

    When all I wanted was to go faster

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  • I see you

    In the corner of the room, headphones in, bags under your eyes trying to be anywhere but in that seat

    I hear you

    Your laugh should be full and loud but it has been cut down and turned to a simple chuckle.

    I smell you

    Your negative energy with positivity sprayed over it like terrible smelling perfume

    I taste you

    The bitterness  lying on your tough as no one asks if you’re okay

    They see her

    But I see you

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