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  • koreanlovey
    12.05.2021 - 14 minutes ago
    #Top Badass Bodyguard Korean Dramas You Should Watch #strong woman do bong soon #k2 #the king eternal monarch #leeminho #ji chang wook #yoona #park hyung shik #park bo young #koreanlovey
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  • khaleesiriz
    12.05.2021 - 59 minutes ago

    I would like to thank Oh My Girl and WJSN Black for giving a concept that has not been plaguing the GG scene.

    #Oh My Girl #Wjsn black #Stream Dun Dun Dance and Easy #If you are like me who is sick and tired of the badass girl concept
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  • nott-gay
    12.05.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’ve finished a Crown of Candy and all the adventuring partys for it and I loved it I love this show !!!

    I think for every season of d20 I’ve wanted to recommend it to friends, but this season I especially would love to sit down and watch it with my friends, how wonderful

    I don’t know what to watch next tho!! There’s only two seasons left to go thru, The Unsleeping City II and Mice and Murder! Thing is I kinda don’t wanna head right into another full campaign so close after the end of the last one, but also Mice & Murder isn’t finished yet :(

    Darn darn darn gotta figure this out

    #me every 10 minutes: *zoning out to the episode imagining being on the couch with one or two of my friends watching* ... (‘: #dimension 20 #a crown of candy #non cr #I was surprised to find Theo to not be my favorite of the season at first since all of Murph’s characters kind of instantly become my faves #but by the end of it..yeah Theo is up there #it was the siding with Saccharina before the battle that got me #also that tension with Gooey was so fucking fun and funny I love them #Saccharina was my favorite I loved her!!!!!! #SO sad that we didn’t get to see Ally’s second character cuz she sounded cool and hot as hell #but also Liam went so hard and was so badass I had no choice but to stan #Brennan’s Scottish voice became the sound of my internal monologue for a few days because I was listening to so many episodes at a time #everyone did such a brilliant job #kudos to the dm for all the work put into the world #kudos to him and the cast for the story that was told #and of course kudos to the production crew!!! everything looks so amazing!!!
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  • galaxyqueenzzart
    12.05.2021 - 2 hours ago



    (I did an art trade with @/secondscrub on Insta and OMG THEIR OC IS FUCKING AWESOME! I just HAD to draw her like the mask??? EV👏RY👏THING! Anyways hope you like it!)

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  • kiss-me-with-the-stars
    12.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    David killed this episode omg

    #david harewood#supergirl #everything was so good #the time reverse thing was so cool #seeing Kelly in action badass #I didn’t know brainy biggest fear was balloons lol #I hope we get more dreamer enteric episode with her powers and all #very interesting #Lena seeing her mother again 😭 #supergirl spoilers
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  • callitdreamland
    12.05.2021 - 3 hours ago

    today is a good day to remind everyone that jesper fahey and nina zenik are bi

    #and they're both badass af #thanks for coming to my very short ted talk #jesper fahey#nina zenik #bi bi bi #six of crows #shadow and bone
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  • olivia-benson-barba
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    She's so fucking beautiful

    #law and order svu #law and order: special victims unit #olivia benson#mariska hartigay#svu #lieutenant olivia benson #slay#badass #captain olivia benson
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  • webhead742
    12.05.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I wish Arcee from Transformers Prime was my Wife. She’s Hot AF.

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  • caraleedixon
    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The Saviors

    One week....

    One week since Glen and Abraham had been killed by Negan and his Lucille.

    One week since Daryl had been taken to the Savior's compound by Negan.

    One week since Cara had spoken to anyone.

    Carl Grimes looked over at his older sister as she walked up the porch steps of the house he shared with their father and Michonne. "Hey there Sis... While Dad's away, I think that the Grimes kids should play what do you think?" He asked. Cara looked up at him confused.

    "What exactly do you mean by that?" She blurted out, making Carl actually jump. He smirked at her;

    "I know full well when you are silent that you're planning something..." Carl told his sister, "You did that even before the end of the world... You're planning on going after Daryl aren't you?" He asked, his older sister looked away from him but he knew it was a confirmation. "Alright then, I want to kill Negan... lets kill two birds with one stone" Cara's eyes whipped back to her little brother.

    "Do you know how dangerous that could be?! There's no way in hell that I'm letting you do that, Daddy would kill me!" She retorted at him. Carl shrugged;

    "We can't let him get away with this Cara... we have to do something!"

    ~~~~A couple hours later~~~

    Cara sat in the truck across from her brother glaring at him, she knew that if she hadn't come along, Carl would have gone by himself and she wasn't going to let that happen. She leaned forward when she heard a bottle open. "Jesus?! What in the hell are you doing here?" She hissed at him. Jesus looked up and raised his eyebrows at the Grimes siblings.

    b"Could ask you two the same question" was all the man said, looking out of the back of the truck.

    ~~~~Saviors compound~~~

    "Quick grab a gun" Cara said as she grabbed a machine gun and threw one at her brother as he caught it. They hid behind some of the boxes as they waited. "One... Two... NOW" She whispered as they jumped out and shot at the Saviors. They both downed two each as they both appeared at the edge of the truck.

    "All we want is Negan" Carl said, watching the crowd as Cara looked around herself.

    bCara's eyes fell on Daryl who looked from her over to Dwight, her eyes narrowed but widened almost immediately as she heard Negan's whistling.

    "Well well well" Came Negan's voice as he came into view, "If it isn't Carl Grimes and... Who are you sweet cheeks?" He asked looking Cara up and down. The girl pointed her gun directly at Negan's heart.

    "Doesn't matter who I am..." She said before her voice stopped as Negan looked from Daryl and back to her.

    "Oh ho! You're Daryl's old lady arentcha? Goddamn you're sexy" He said before he took a step back as Cara shot the air before directing the gun back to his chest.

    "You wanna know who I am? My name is Officer Caralee Grimes... I'm Rick's daughter... I'm Glen's best friend... I'm Abraham's friend... and yes I'm Daryl's girl... you took away my best friend, my brother in arms... you humiliated my father and you took the love of my life..." She said glaring at him. "So ya... My brother and I are here to kill you and I'm here to take what's mine"

    Negan laughed, "Well well well, Rick has two bad ass kids huh?" He looked over at Daryl. "And you're just robbin' the cradle aren't you, Daryl?" He asked as Daryl looked away.

    "I was eighteen when he saved my life" She growled at Negan.


    Negan had just forced Carl to take off his bandage to see his eye socket, had just busted his balls and made Cara's little brother cry. Cara's fists were clenched into fists as she sat next to her brother.

    Negan's eyes fell over onto Cara. "Now time for your punishment Caralee" He said smirking as Cara leaned back and placed an arm around her brother. "Sing me something" He said, Cara raised an eyebrow.

    "Excuse me?!" She retored, "I'm not gonna sing for you, it's not like I know any songs anyway" Negan glared at her.

    "It's either you sing for me or both your little brother and your precious Daryl get the Iron" he growled at her. "Sing me something, what did your mother used to sing to you? What did your father used to play on the radio? What does Daryl sing to you to lull you to sleep at night so you know your safe?" He asked as Cara watched dumbfounded. Cara was nervously playing with her wedding ring; She looked down at it for a moment, The only song that came to mind was the song she used to sing to Carl and now to Judith, the song where the nickname that Daryl had given her had come from. Cara sighed slightly before glancing over at Carl, beginning to softly sing as if it were to her brother.

    "LOUDER CARALEE" Negan yelled as he began to swing his bat around.

    "You... You are my Sunshine... my only Sunshine... you make me happy... when skies are grey.. you'll never know... dear... how much I love you... So... please don't take my Sunshine... away"

    "Wow" Negan said, he had stopped swinging his bat halfway through her song. "Didn't know you had such a voice on you Caralee..." He said before regaining his asshole demeanor. "So tell me... Mommy or Daddy sing that to you?" He asked smirking, Cara looked up at him as she squeezed her brother's shoulder.

    "My granddaddy used to sing it to me when I was a child... he died before Carl was born... I sang it to him when he was little" She said matter-a-factly.

    "Well well well... you know what... Let's take ya'll back to Alexandria."

    ~~~The Truck

    "Hey... Daryl... DARYL" Negan yelled as Cara strained to look at the man that she loved. "You seemed so worried I'm gonna take Carl and Caralee home now" Daryl glared at him.

    "If you hurt either one of them--"

    "Dwight! Daryl here needs a time-out" Negan growled as they started to pull away.

    ~~~Negan Leaves Alexandria~~~~

    "Whose idea was it?" Rick growled at his children who were sitting on the couch in front of him. "Come on... who orchestrated going to the Saviors to kill Negan."

    "Technically... Killing Negan was my idea" Carl said slowly as Cara glanced at him.

    "I went along to keep Carl out of danger and to try to save Daryl" She said slowly.

    "Do you two not understand? You could have been killed!" Rick said running his fingers through his hair. "We've lost too many people in the last week... I can't loose you two as well" ~~~HILLTOP~~~

    Caralee walked through the gates of Hilltop with her brother, father and Michonne. They were going to fight the Saviors and they were going to win. Cara was hugging Maggie when she saw Jesus come around one of the trailers. Her arms dropped as she saw who was following him.

    "D-Daryl!" She yelled, Maggie took a step away as the young girl took off running towards the man that she loved more then anything in this world. Daryl took off towards her as well, picking her up and spinning her around as he held her flush against him. "Oh god oh god.. I thought that he was going to kill you! I'm sorry I'm so so sorry!" She was sobbing now, sobbing into Daryl's chest as the man held onto her tightly.

    "You have nothin' to be sorry for, Sunshine" He whispered into her ear as he ran his fingers through her hair and holding her tight against him as if wanting to make sure that she was real. "You came to try to rescue me... I don't like the way you did it but I'm proud of my bad ass Sunshine" He whispered as he looked up at the dumbstruck Rick Grimes. With one arm still wrapped around Cara he hugged Rick tightly. When they finally broke apart Daryl handed Rick his gun.

    "How did you--?" Rick asked as Daryl shook his head.

    "I wasn't gonna leave without it, brother... you should know that"


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  • oetravia
    12.05.2021 - 5 hours ago

    The balloons thing was dumb. I mean, not even snakes? Sure, at this point Brainy being used for cheap comic relief is run of the mill...but yikes.

    Still, nothing can stop me from headcanoning that his compartmentalisation skills are genuinely that good - he just needed to hide his fears like he hid his knowledge of Kara’s identity in S4 - the balloons are a genuine phobia he has, but not his worst fear, the phantoms simply couldn’t find anything more upsetting to torture him with (even snakes).

    #supergirl#supergirl spoilers #look maybe it would’ve got repetitive because a lot of their fears already overlapped...but balloons? #(and of course even on an outwardly feminist show only brainy and j’onn would be able to power through their worst fears 🙃) #(or in J’onnz’s case everyone else’s worst fears) #(but really?) #(even in the end it seemed like Lena was the only one who truly figured it out by herself - Kelly was a badass and Alex was a hero of crush #but come on...and poor Nia the way she looked even after they were all ‘safe’ #that had better be properly dealt with because that poor woman is really not okay) #(and can I be a little bit of a bitter shipper thinking how awful it is that Nia’s there watching Brainy die because of her worst fears #while he’s worrying about a room full of balloons (which sure could’ve been a seriously issue for him but it was played for laughs)) #brainiac 5#querl dox
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  • dreamerdetectiveblr
    12.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    What confuses me the most in Outlander it's not the fact of the time traveling, but the fact that Claire doesn't fucking not know what a Forget-me-not is.

    I mean, she's a nurse, later a Doctor, but when she is took to the past is because she saw a pretty flower in Craigh na dum that she want it.

    In all the episodes she's this badass woman who know a lot about plants and medice, but she didn't know what a blue flower is.

    That's what concerns me most.

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  • inarizahki
    12.05.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #im like..not the innocent type so i like the badass vibes ksjdkj #but pretending i'm innocent is fun sometimes #fSKLJDLKSJ#💌#anon <3
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  • rainb0we
    12.05.2021 - 8 hours ago

    I need to make a separate wishlist for materials for making an actual fnaf costume so I know what to get 😭

    #srsly tho I wanna remake my costume #and actually look badass with it #god 😭😭😭
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  • bigfeelingsdyke
    12.05.2021 - 8 hours ago
    #i loooooooooove this scene #the wild wild west #i don't think artie functions as comedic relief by any means #but he is often out of commission during fights or is the one being rescued by jim #so i am OBSESSED with how scary and efficient he is here trying to track down jim #tnot howling light #also such a badass name for an episode LOL
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  • 93tilinfinityy
    12.05.2021 - 9 hours ago
    #joey badass #b4 da $$
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  • bishopsbitch
    12.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    current overall mood: giddy

    #WE GOT SO MUCH #and of course it ended with the doors closing i think the stressin all day was worth it to be mentally prepared for that 💀💀 #IM JUST GIDDY I DONT GET GIDDY BUT I HAVE BEEN FOR LIKE?? 2 HOURS??? #im so incredibly deeply in love with eleanor bishop also #in case anyone was unclear on that one #i love ellie so much she is such an adorable BADASS SHE IS SO INCREDIBLE AND SMART AND KICKS BUTT AND shes so CUTE #FLIRTY ELLIE 🥺🥺 IN INTENSE DENIAL ELLIE 😭 PUTTING PEOPLE IN THEIR PLACE ELLIE 😂 APPARENTLY RIPPING TRACHEAS OUT OF THROATS ELLIE?? 🤨😂 #thats my baby. ellie knows how to rip tracheas out of throats. she'll smile doing it 🙂 #DONT CHECK MY TAGS ON ANYTHING FOR THE NEXT....EVER AGAIN BC I WILL JUST BE SIMILARLY SCREECHING #ncis spoilers
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  • jennylikeafox
    12.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    I love imagining solving the troubles of Haven with Duke and the gang but I also fantasize about quiet days when I hang back at the home base and help run The Gull (Duke's bar). Imagining me closing up after last call and him coming home. His smile of appreciation at his hard working babe and knowing things are in good hands. Him coming behind the bar to hug and kiss me. Helping with closing chores while we discuss our days. Cuddling in his room in his house boat. He has the cutest little side smile smirk.

    #duke crocker#haven #i love badass men
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