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  • #honestyl if it goes bad i am just going to write #tried my best but my development fucked me over #since its an exam on development #bahahahahaha #im sure she will LOVE that #alice answers#anon #my TA told me the exam wont be super hard since she made most of it so we praying
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  • It’s the spooooooookiest day of the year, October 24th!!!

    ~My Little Brother

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  • Will Byers: *dresses as Ziggy Stardust for Halloween*

    Mike Wheeler: 👀


    thats it. thats the entire story.

    #bahahahahaha #i make myself laugh #there's a Starman waiting in the sky #byeler#stranger things
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  • please do not underestimate how much i am amused by the thought of flayn and lissa squabbling in a public space about their sword boyfriends.

    like the cherry on top is flayn throwing shade in a sugary sweet polite voice im never getting over this

    #bahahahahaha #❧ ooc & tbd;
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  • #well there you have it #i didnt know tumblr was an educational website #bahahahahaha#lazy answers
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  • Imagine being harassed, nay stalked…no–HUNTED! by this hideous ghoul:


    Having to resort to all manner of trickery, obfuscation and elaborate schemes– even hiring a fake girlfriend–  just to be rid of this uncharismatic monster who clearly inspires in you only disgust mixed with terror!


    Let us pray that Timmy finds a way out of this nightmare!

    #bahahahahaha#Charmie crack #Armie and Timmy #the things people say
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  • ‘but idk if she even likes girls’

    'hm well i know a way you can tell… its not For Sure but its def a hint…’


    'check the fingernails to see if theyre short’

    #bahahahaha #im readin a ff rn #and i burst out laughin #the character got so embarrassed when she realized #bahahahahaha
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  • sorry but santana’s original song “trouty mouth” has been stuck in my head all day and it’s a bop i can’t lie

    #guppy face...trouty mouth...is that how peoples lips look where you come from in the south... #WANNA PUT A FISH HOOK IN THOSE LIPS SO CHERRY RED #IF YOU TRIED.HARD.ENOUGH. YOU COULD SUCK A BABYS HEAD #wooooh ohyea#bahahahahaha #its a bop #stop lying to yourself you guys #glee#santana lopez#sam evans
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  • image

    everyone say thank You aspen for keeping sandy sane.

    thank you aspen 🤩🤩🤩🤩

    @yangkeosang i just wanted to let u know im not going to sleep anytime soon

    #san🧜🏻‍♀️#aspen🧚🏼‍♀️#bahahahahaha #gottem good yk #but also YES I GAVE ASPEN HER OWN TAG
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  • This started off as one idea, but it suddenly took a weird turn and went down another path. 

    I am not sorry, not at all

    The Hood sat at the desk, a self satisfied grin on his face.

    He had won!
    He’d achieved the impossible and taken over Tracy Island … and not Mateo Island next door. Oh no, he wasn’t falling for that one again.

    But as he sat there, drinking in the interior of their living space, he felt an emptiness inside of him. Empty and devoid, just like this place.

    Now where on earth are they?

    Oh yes, they’d set about their ‘space mission’. His mole had kept him informed of their plans. Very clever, very efficient. 

    So … he ran his hand over the old desk … Jeff Tracy was still alive. After all these years. At least he couldn’t be accused of flat out murder or deliberate sabotage. 

    Well … that last one was a little bit of a lie. He had been inside the cockpit of Zero X and had managed to plot a crash course, just to throw Jeff Tracy off the scent. But that man was a bloody bulldog. Once he got hold of something, there was no way he was letting go. Like his sons. The thorn in this particular man’s side.

    He stood up and tugged at his sleeves.
    Time to have a wander around his newly acquired ‘kingdom’.

    Kitchen. Clean and tidy.


    He wanted to get down to the depths and explore the caves where the Thunderbirds were all safely tucked away.

    Hmm … if memory served him well - as well as a highly detailed schematic of the island … there should be a hidden door that would lead him down to the caves. And they should be located close by.

    Actually, there should be two here. Behind a panel, and behind a painting … if memory served him well.

    He stood in front of the painting of a rocket.

    “How very sentimental.”

    His hands roamed around the frame, feeling for a tiny button or switch. There had to be something or other here. Minutes passed as he became more and more frustrated. Then his eyes settled on a small footplate on the floor. It could easily be missed.

    “Hmm … so how does this work?”

    He tapped the plate.
    Then he stood on it with his back to the painting.
    Nothing again.

    Angrily, he jumped up and down … then heard a click. 
    He beamed triumphantly.

    Until the panel tipped upwards and he felt himself going backwards. 
    This part he did not like. His vertigo kicked in and he felt a little nauseous.

    But that was nothing, compared to the hell ride he was about to endure.

    The panel clicked onto a rail, and suddenly he felt himself speeding backwards down a narrow chute. He couldn’t escape if he tried.

    Then the suiting up sequence began and he felt his hand stitched smoking jacket and silk cravat being ripped from his body, as a rather bulky uniform replaced them.

    And then a sickening jolt, the restraints closed around him, as the whole panel did a 180 and he was face downwards and heading towards ….

    … a blank spot where Thunderbird 2 was supposed to be.

    Fear turned into horror as he realised that he was about to be released …
    …. onto a concrete floor….
    … from a height of 50 feet.

    This was a joke …. right?

    Oh hell no.

    #thunderbirds are go #the hood #thunderbird 2 launch sequence #BAHAHAHAHAHA
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  • #bahahahahaha #im sure many of you know how vague i like to be about these things 😂 #lazy answers
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  • today i found my mom watching the video of shawn mendes getting ready for the met gala and when i approached her, she said

    wow he is so good looking

    like really hot

    oh wow he sings so nice


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  • image

    Credit to @bone-jingles for this perfection 

    #akublogs #selfie time! #BAHAHAHAHAHA #have I humiliated him yet #samurai jack edits #suggestive dirt
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