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    Whumptober 2021


    Characters: Anakin Skywalker, Sheev Palpatine, Padmé Amidala (mentioned), Bail Organa
    Warnings: Manipulation, implied injury
    Summary: ROTS AU - Instead of deciding to go to Palpatine’s office after his wait in the Council Chamber, Anakin comms Padmé. She manages to persuade him not to do something reckless, but instead, he gets caught up in the attack on the Temple during Order 66, and Darth Sidious, displeased that his plans have not gone as he has foreseen, has come for his chosen apprentice.


    The Jedi Temple on Coruscant was burning, and the thick plumes of smoke rising in tall columns high into the air were enough to conceal from any observer the flash of blue and red lightsabers clashing on the roof. Stumbling backwards from the bind as he was caught in the path of a strong Force push, Anakin Skywalker retreated as far as he could from the man in front of him until he reached the edge of the Temple roof. He had been retreating ever since Chancellor Palpatine—Darth Sidious—had come for him. Retreated through halls scored with blaster fire, retreated as the Sith's saber slipped past his guard and sliced painfully across the muscle of his upper arm. Now, he could retreat no further. He was trapped.

    “Come, my boy,” Palpatine said, his yellow eyes glinting in the light of the fire and his blood red lightsaber alike. Sidious, Anakin reminded himself. He was Darth Sidious, the Sith Lord who had orchestrated the Clone War, not the kindly Chancellor Palpatine who had looked after him ever since he had arrived on Coruscant as a wide-eyed boy fresh from the dust and misery of Tatooine. That man had been nothing but a lie, and no matter how much the part of him that was still loyal to that mask wanted to, he must not allow himself to forget that. “Do not be foolish. There is nowhere to run.”

    He was right. Anakin hated that he was right. Keeping the Sith Lord firmly in his field of vision, he risked a slight glance over the edge of the roof down to the ground below. It was a high drop—though not one that was insurmountable to a Jedi—but even if he were to land safely, all that would achieve would be to put himself right in the middle of a veritable swarm of troopers. There was no escape.

    “It need not be this way, Anakin,” Palpatine continued, in the same gentle voice he had always used with him—the same voice he had used even as he told him that he was a Sith Lord, and that he wanted him as his apprentice. It made it so much harder to remember that this was not the face of his friend, even though that face had twisted and melted into something unrecognisable in the few hours between him leaving the man's office and him coming to the Temple to hunt him down. Even as his arm ached from where the Sith Lord's saber had slashed it, even with the evidence of the terrible thing he had done burning all around them. He sounded so reasonable when he spoke like that, like an adult reminding a child of something they ought to already understand, and for some reason that Anakin could not comprehend, he felt powerless in the face of it. “You will always have a place at my side, as my confidant, my right hand, my apprentice. Join me and—”

    “No...” The first protest came out as a whimper, faint and feeble. Then a little stronger, but choked and panicked. “No! Get out of my head, get out—!”

    He wished the man would threaten him, snarl and spit at him, or sneer in cool, superior tones like the other Darksiders he had faced before had. Those, he knew what to do with, but this... He hated that there was something in him—something which had always glowed under the praise and acceptance the Chancellor had so readily given him—that still lit up at those words, that pulled upon him to trust him as he had always done, no matter what had happened between them. But he couldn't trust him—he knew that—and besides, those words were a threat, of sorts. He may always have a place at Palpatine's side, but he had carved it out regardless of what Anakin thought on the matter, and expected it to be filled irrespective of any resistance he might put up. A willing apprentice would be more convenient, but something in those cold yellow eyes told the part of himself that didn't already half belong to Palpatine that Darth Sidious was not in the habit of taking no for an answer.

    He had to remember that.

    “My boy, if only you could see reason,” Palpatine sighed. He sounded worn and sad and disappointed, everything that was designed to make Anakin squirm in discomfort and shame. How could he hurt the man who had taken care of him and kept every one of his secrets and—no, it was a lie, a lie, a LIE— “The Jedi were traitors, and now they are dead traitors. What is to be gained from continuing to count yourself among their number? How will that help your wife and child?”

    Padmé. Oh Padmé. Padmé and the baby. The mere thought of the awful vision that had been plaguing both his sleeping and his waking hours was almost enough to send him crashing to his knees before the only hope of salvation he had right there and then. Familiar panic—panic that had been eating away at him like duracrete worms at the abandoned ruins in the Works, ever since he had had that first dream—started to rise up within him, but another memory stayed his hand. After—Force, he didn't even know how long it was—of pacing up and down throughout the Council Chamber after he had reported back to Master Windu, waiting for something to happen and not knowing whether he should try and stop it or help it along or just let it be, he hadn't been able to take it any longer. He had needed to hear her voice, to know she was alright, and so, without really thinking about what he was doing, he had commed her. What he had intended to say, he still didn't know, but the moment he had heard her soft, enquiring "Ani?" crackling through the commlink, he had broken down in tears, the fear and exhaustion of the past week finally catching up on him as he shattered into a thousand jagged shards. He had confessed everything to her, from the dreams that kept coming until he could neither eat nor sleep for terror of them, to the story about Darth Plagueis the Wise that Palpatine had told him at the Mon Calamari ballet, to what he had said to him just that day—that he was the Sith Lord they had been looking for and the only one who knew how to save her and that in return for teaching him that power, he wanted Anakin to become the latest in his long line of apprentices—

    "Anakin, oh Anakin, please, you can't," Padmé had cut across his frantic tirade, her voice full of a fear as keen and as desperate as his own. "You mustn't! Don't sell your soul for me. I couldn't bear it. I wouldn't survive it. I would die, it would kill me to know you had lost yourself for my sake."

    Her words, so raw and pleading and terrified, had stopped his wild panic in its track in a way that no lecture on the dangers of attachment or useless advice about letting go ever could. The fear he had sensed in her—for despite the distance between them, with him in the Temple and her far away across the horizon in her apartment, he had felt her bright presence as if it had been standing right next to him, the light of the child she was carrying mingling with her own to transform them both into a glimmering beacon amidst the noise and chaos of Coruscant—alone might have been enough to give him pause, but there was something else that had ground the storm of his mind to an abrupt halt. She had meant it metaphorically, of course, but there was a prickle in the back of his mind that made him wonder if it might be true in the literal sense as well. The dreams of his mother had been a warning to act before it was too late, and so he had presumed that the ones about Padmé were the same, but what if these dreams were a different warning entirely? What if the path towards Palpatine and the Dark Side would inevitably end with her death, somehow, and that was what the Force was trying to tell him? He hadn't—still didn't know either way, but if there was the slightest chance that such actions could bring about the awful fate he had seen for her, he could never go down that road.

    After that, Padmé had had a confession of her own for him. She had told him of the Delegation of the 2000, and the secret meetings she had been having with senators whom she did not dare name over a comm channel. Of their concerns about Palpatine's actions and their fears of what was turning the Republic into. They had all sworn not to tell anybody, she had said, not even their families, but she saw now that such secrecy was only making the situation worse. Now that they knew Palpatine was Sidious, the only way they could possibly defeat him was by pulling their weight together, because divided, he would have already won.

    "I'm afraid, Ani," she had whispered, choked with tears. She had been afraid. He had felt it—her fear for the Republic, for their baby, for him. "I'm so afraid. Please come to me. I can't do this alone. I need you with me, my love."

    He had not been able to deny her. She had told him, her Force presence sparking with sudden relief, that she needed to speak with someone—another senator that she had been meeting with, someone that she trusted—about this new information, but that she would be waiting for him when he arrived. And so, his gut squirming uncomfortably at the not quite rational feeling that he was betraying a confidence by sharing the terrible truth the Chancellor had told him, he had rushed towards the hangar, ready to fly off to the Senatorial Apartments as quickly as he could.

    Then, before he had known what was happening, he had felt Masters Windu, Fisto, Tiin and Kolar pass violently into the Force, and his own troopers had marched on the Temple, heavily-armed and mowing down any and all Jedi in their path.

    "You-you killed—" he protested falteringly, his throat tightening as the truth of what Palpatine had done screamed and howled at him in the Force with the awful weight of Jedi upon Jedi dying, not just in the Temple, but across the Galaxy. Cut down without discrimination, regardless of rank or-or age or anything save for the fact that Darth Sidious had decided he wanted them dead. That was true. That was real. He had felt it, seen it, as his men mercilessly slaughtered every Jedi they came across—his friends who felt so wrong in the Force, like they were a collective mind rather than the individuals he knew they were. That was not a lie, and however much it pained him, he had to hold onto that.

    Obi-Wan could well be dead, he thought with a barely repressed sob. Ahsoka too. If they were...if they were, it would be this man who had killed them.

    "I killed traitors," Palpatine corrected him, and as he said the word for a third time, Anakin heard something of the horrible croak that had crept into his voice when he had ordered him to kill Dooku, and when he had praised his anger in his office earlier that day. It set his teeth on edge, setting off all the instincts in his mind that warned of danger from a deadly predator. And that was what Sidious was. A predator who had pursued his quarry relentlessly to this very point and had no intention of letting go. "Enemies of the Republic."

    Then, his expression softened, and Anakin once again found himself in danger of being subsumed by that part of him that wanted so badly to trust. It shouldn't be this easy. It was wrong. He knew it was wrong, but—


    "I don't want to hurt you, son," Palpatine said, and this time, his voice had turned gentle, coaxing. "Put down the saber and come inside, and we can talk about this sensibly."

    "No." Anakin shook his head. "You—"

    But he couldn't say anything more. He could barely breathe from the maelstrom of different emotions roiling within him, let alone speak. He had to get away. If he was away, then this man—this Sith Lord who had pretended to be his friend—could not get under his chin, couldn't mess with his head. Couldn't do whatever else he planned to do to him should he continue to refuse to oblige him. But it seemed he had not managed to hide his thoughts as well as he would have liked, for Palpatine's expression suddenly darkened, and he felt something immense and powerful and so cold it was almost slimy in the Force wrap around him, ready to grab hold of him the moment he tried to run.

    "Come inside," he hissed, a hard, dangerous note to his voice that told him his patience had finally run out, "my apprentice."

    No, no, I'm not your apprentice!, Anakin thought in panic. He had to get away, had to— Something flared in the Force, some warning or nudge of anticipation like a small spark amid the cacophony of death and suffering that it had become. A small light down below, moving fast in his direction. A speeder. Oh Force, a speeder. If he could break away and get down to it, he could either get the driver to help him get away from the Temple, or if they were not friendly, simply steal it and—

    Anakin acted before even he truly know what he was doing, and in hindsight, he suspected that had been the only thing that had allowed him to break free of Sidious' grip. Gathering all of his own power to him, he shoved the man backwards with a mighty Force push, feeling the threatening grasp retreat as he was catapulted away with a yell of shock and anger. Then, without allowing him even a second to recover, he turned and leapt over the edge of the roof as fast as he could.

    He both heard and felt the scream of fury that Sidious let out above him, but it was soon drowned out by the roaring of the wind in his ears. He could see the speeder now, plummeting down to it as it zipped below him. Reaching out to the Force, he slowed his descent to pad out his landing, but the combination of the horror it was overflowing with and the exhaustion that he had been suffering under for so many days made him a little clumsier than usual. He landed just a little too hard, feeling a quick spark of startlement followed by a wave of relief from a Force presence that was vaguely familiar but he couldn't quite—

    Steadying himself on the back of the speeder, he looked up through a curtain of hair to see—with no small amount of surprise—Senator Bail Organa staring back at him. For all that he looked severely dishevelled compared to his usual immaculate appearance, the first flash of shock Anakin had felt from him had faded away to reveal a calm acceptance that might well have suggested that he considered having a Jedi Knight drop down on top of him from the sky to be an event barely worth even the effort of a raised eyebrow.

    "Master Skywalker," he greeted, offering him a grim smile that didn't quite reach his eyes. "Your wife informed me you needed a ride?”

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    Chapter 1: Order 66


    Words: 1730


    Chapter 2

    note: hi friends! i'm really excited about this fic, i wrote it in just two (long) sittings and have a few ideas for little stories that take place during tcw. this chapter is a bit shorter as it sets everything up, but the rest are 2k+ :) so, without further ado, here's chapter one of Aliit!

    “Yes, Master Che. I’ll be back soon with the bacta shipment,” Liana spoke into her comm as she gathered her things.

    “Thank you,” Vokara Che responded. “Don’t be too late, Coruscant is dangerous at night.”

    “I know, I know.”

    Their call disconnected and Liana headed to the Temple’s hangar, eager to finish her errands and have a night to relax.

    She felt lucky to have her job, though. Rescued by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi from slavers when she was only four years old, he practically adopted her, much to the Council’s displeasure. Most people would assume Liana was his biological child, both of them with fair skin and copper-toned hair. She grew up alongside the Jedi in the Temple, her weak force sensitivity convincing the Council that she would do well as a Healer.

    Not long after her arrival at the Temple, Obi-Wan took on a padawan. Liana grew up with Anakin as her brother, sending him and her adoptive father off from the hangar bay for their missions and waiting there for them when they returned.


    “Hello, little one!” Obi-Wan called, crouching and opening his arms as she raced towards him. At nine years old, she still hadn’t outgrown her outwardly-displayed affection for her father. (Obi-Wan hoped she never would.)

    “I missed you so much!”

    “Oh, what am I? Chopped convor liver?” Anakin joked as he exited the shuttle.


    And then War broke out across the galaxy.

    At 18 years old, she fought with Obi-Wan for him to allow her to serve the Republic on the frontlines as a medic, but he shut down the idea.

    “My word is final. You will not needlessly put your life at risk!”

    “Dad, please! I could help so many people. This isn’t fair!”

    “I am not going to have this argument again. I don’t want to hear another word about this, Liana.”

    So she stayed in the Temple, learning healing and medicine under the guidance of Master Che. She worried endlessly for her father and brother day after day, comming them as often as she could just to hear their voices.

    As she drove the Temple speeder into the lower levels of the shipping yard, a chill settled deep in her bones. She shook off the feeling, trying to remind herself to stay optimistic. Her father had called her earlier that day, informing her that he would be immediately heading to Utapau to hunt down General Grievous. It was nice to have him at the Temple for the past few days, but she figured that it wouldn’t last very long. At least her brother was still here.

    The unusual coldness slipped in again, causing her to pause her steps. She was about to start walking again when her comm went off.

    “Master, it hasn’t even been an hour. I promise I’ll--”

    “Listen to me very closely. Do not return to the Temple under any circumstances, do you understand? There’s been an attack,” Master Che interrupted.

    “Wha-- Master? Who’s attacking the Temple?” she asked, her heart rate spiking in fear.

    “The clones, young one. And it’s not just these. It’s every battalion all over the galaxy. Stay far away. I’m going to try to get the younglings to safety with Master Nu. Get as far away as you can.”

    And then the line disconnected.

    Liana was filled with dread. The clones? How could they possibly turn on the Jedi?

    She remembered the time she spent with the men in both her father and brother’s battalions, all of them welcoming her in like family. She remembered Cody. She remembered what he meant to her father.

    “So are you going to tell me, dad? Or are you going to continue to hide things from me?” she asked, leaning back in the chair at the dinner table while Obi-Wan cleaned up from their meal.

    “Tell you what, Li? I’m not hiding anything from you.”

    Liana sat silently with that signature raised eyebrow that she learned from the man in front of her. Obi-Wan was usually good at resisting interrogation, but he could never lie to his daughter. Especially not when she was almost 19 years old and oh-so perceptive. And nosy.

    “About Cody, perhaps?” she finally said. It started at the tips of his ears, the blush travelling down Obi-Wan’s face and to his neck. His beard could only hide but so much.

    “I’m not sure what you--”


    He sighed and rubbed a hand over his face.

    “I never meant to hide anything from you, but we decided that in the interest of Cody’s safety, that no one could know the nature of our relationship.”

    “Oh, so you’re actually together?” she asked, leaning forward in her seat with a growing smile. Obi-Wan was a bit startled by that.

    “Yes. We have been for several months,” he replied. Liana wiggled in glee, clapping her hands together.

    “I knew it!” she said. Obi-Wan let himself smile a bit at her excitement.

    “You aren’t… angry?” he mumbled. She pushed away from the table to round it, coming to a stop in front of him.

    “Not at all. I understand why you hid it. I’m really happy for you, dad. You deserve this.”

    He pulled her by her shoulders into a crushing hug, resting his chin over her shoulder. Oh how he missed the days that he could rest his chin on top of her head with ease.

    “Thank you, darling.”

    They pulled away, and Obi-Wan spoke again.

    “I need to ask you a favor, though. I would like for Anakin to remain in the dark about this for now. I think it will cause too much confusion for him about our Code and about his own relationship.”

    Liana nodded. “You’re probably right. I won’t tell him.”

    After she had learned of their relationship, Cody had become another father to her. He made sure to sit in on her and Obi-Wan’s calls as much as possible, and message her whenever he had free time. He asked her about her studies, offered her advice, and lent an ear whenever she needed. He was her buir.

    How in the galaxy could Cody possibly turn against him? She remembers her father telling her just a few days ago how when the war was over, he and Cody were going to get married and make it all official.

    The Senate building. She knew her dad had good friends there, so that’s where she would start in the morning. For now, she needed to stay hidden


    So much had been happening for the past few days, with Dooku’s death at the hands of her brother and the battle raging over Coruscant. But nothing in her 21 years could have compared to the sight of the Jedi Temple burning in the distance as the sun rose.

    Liana flew her speeder as fast as it would go towards the Rotunda, pulling into Padme’s empty spot by the offices. She jumped out and ran, hiding behind a corner as she saw members of the Coruscant Guard turning down the hall. She overheard part of their conversation, putting enough of the pieces together:

    Darth Vader was looking for Liana Kenobi.

    After they passed, she slipped into Padme’s office and took a breath. Darth Vader? She had never heard that name before. She turned to move to the next room but before she could take her next step, her private comm chirped. She whipped it out, hoping it was her father.

    “Dad?” she answered.

    “Sorry, Li. It’s Ahsoka.”

    Liana still felt a wave of relief.

    “Gods, I’m so glad you’re okay,” she said. “Where are you?”

    “I… can’t say right now. It’s safer for both of us,” Ahsoka responded. “But Obi-Wan’s been to the Temple.”

    “The Temple? Ahsoka, it’s burning. He can’t still be there,” Liana said, heart in her throat. Another ping sounded on her comm as Ahsoka spoke.

    “The return beacon was disabled, and this message was left in its place about a day ago. I have to go, but I’ll try to contact you again soon,” Ahsoka said.

    “Please stay safe, may the Force be with you.”

    “And with you.”

    When the line disconnected, Liana played the holomessage.

    “This is Master Obi-Wan Kenobi…”

    She felt the tears well in her eyes at the sight of her father, his face sad but strong.

    “... But we must persevere and, in time, I believe a new hope will emerge. May the Force be with you always."

    The message blinked out, and she made sure to save it to the device. With the flames licking at the roof of the Temple, she didn’t know if it was the last piece of her father she had left.

    She was broken from her thoughts as the handle of the office door rattled. She ducked behind the large desk and held her breath as someone walked swiftly into the room and shut the door, locking it behind them.

    “Who’s in here? I heard a voice, now reveal yourself slowly.”

    She slowly stood from her hiding spot when she recognized the voice of her father’s good friend.


    “Gods, Liana! I feared you had been lost with the Temple! There are patrols all over the sector looking for you,” Bail said, running forward to wrap an arm around her.

    “Have you heard from my father? I can’t get ahold of him or Anakin,” she asked, tears still fresh on her face. She could feel him hesitate as he drew in a breath.

    “I spoke to Obi-Wan, and he is alright. Although I do not know where he went,” he spoke slowly. Liana furrowed her brow and pulled away from him.

    “You’re lying.”

    Bail’s face was full of conflict. Obi-Wan’s entire mission was far too important for his location to be leaked. But this was the man’s daughter.

    “Obi-Wan always said you were perceptive. But even if I knew, I could not tell you here. There would be too many possibilities for someone to overhear.”

    Liana heard the unspoken request in his words, nodding and following him out of the office and down the hall. They entered the hangar and boarded his Alderaanian ship before he piloted them out of the city and into the atmosphere. Once they were settled, he turned on a jammer.

    “Why all the secrecy? What’s going on?” she demanded. Bail took a breath and said one word:


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    This story happened a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. It is already over. Nothing can be done to change it.

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    More ❤🤍 Foxiyo 💛💙 because why not

    This could just be another day pre O66 of Fox getting paperwork done while Riyo keeps him company or it could be Fox finally signing his citizenship and sentient being rights when Fives successfully manages to expose Palps, causing Bail Organa to become the new Chancellor, and allowing Riyo to finally pass clone rights legislation but idk up to you 🤷🏻‍♀️

    Either way, ✨ Foxiyo ✨

    #cc 1010#commander fox#riyo chuchi#senator chuchi#foxiyo #give the clones their rights dammit #the clone wars #star wars #star wars the clone wars #Bail Organa would have made an amazing chancellor #clone rights champion chuchi #fives and fox decimating palps is my comfort scenario
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    I was talking with my husband last night about how, given the various times/settings for all these new Star Wars shows, there are SO MANY DIFFERENT CHARACTERS who either could or definitely will show up in any one of them, and I just went into this completely embarrassing Nerd Spiral of being like "Oh my God and also [so-and-so] could be there! Or [other beloved character]! Or if they do [whatever] they could have [some other character] in that one too! AHHHH OH MY GOD HOW IS IT ALL HAPPENING SO SOON ALL AT ONCE HELP"

    I just cannot wrap my head around how much new content we're going to be getting, and how soon it's all going to kick off, AND HOW MUCH OF IT I ALREADY KNOW HAS FICTIONAL PEOPLE I LOVE IN IT, to say nothing of the inevitable Surprise Guest Appearances.

    I need to go lay down. It's too much.

    #just assume the star wars main theme is blasting in my head at all times #REX AHSOKA OBI-WAN ANAKIN #THE REBELS CREW #CODY #MORE CLONES THAT ARE STILL AROUND #HONDO OHNAKA #BOUNTY HUNTERS AND UNDERWORLD TYPES AND THRAWN AND *SIDIOUS* #*ALL* THE BITCHY IMPERIALS! #BAIL ORGANA! #THE SKYTWINS! #HAN! #SO! MANY! PEOPLE!!!!! #will some of it be gratuitous fan service? YOU FUCKING BET #does this bother me in the slightest? HELL FUCKING NO #*twirls*
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    #actually now that i think about it aren't like all the lady politicians in sw like... all pretty morally right and also doomed in love #while dude politicians are way more likely to be power hungry sith or power hungry capitalist or whatever #there are somehow no nb politician to speak of... #*EXCEPT Bail Organa. token good guy. all my love #anyway just. Thinking now so thanks for that Anon #anon #pocket talks to people
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    #star wars #Obi Wan Kenobi #Stewjon#aliens #the clone wars #mimic spider au #phoenix talks#cannibalism tw#sort of#sex mention#Bail Organa#Breha Organa#Quinlan Vos #phoenix answers asks
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    #leia organa#breha organa#bail organa#alderaan #2sday.txt #media parallels #i miss the mountains from Next to Normal btw
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    Modernish AU, Coruscant's Next Top Model, all the contestants are Jedi in canon but normal here, and Palpatine isn't a politician, he's Tyra.

    IDK if aliens are a thing. Solid maybe.

    Various Fetts (clone troopers) are camera crew.

    I think Padme would be makeup J but IDK about who for runway J. Part of me says Mace or Satine? IDK.

    Tarkin is on the judges panel. So is Dooku. We need one more judge so let's go with uhhhhhh Maul.

    Ventress is a recurring photographer. Bail is a guest designer. Jango runs a fashion magazine (and hates it, but he's why so many Fetts ended up in TV production). I have no idea what I'm doing.

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  • leia-organa-fics
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    Some things that did happen, some that might have happened and some that should have happened.


    Bail Organa had always been a man people followed. Even before his marriage to Queen Breha and his appointment as senator of Alderaan had given weight to his name, his serene presence and carefully chosen words had led people to gravitate to him. When he talked, silence fell, and people listened. In a discussion when he argued for what he determined to be the right thing, barely anyone could defy his sound arguments and eloquence.

    When civil war had torn the Galaxy apart and many senators had in their panic lost any pretence of integrity, Bail had been one of the few politicians to hold on to the duty to his people and to point out the moral pitfall that using a clone army posed – not that it had changed anything. He had been the leading force behind the Delegation of the 2000, seemingly the only ones to recognise the danger in the supreme chancellor´s emergency powers.

    Bail Organa was what many would call a born leader. He had the charisma as well as the necessary skills.

    None of it had prepared him for the last few days.

    The Republic, a construct that had survived for Millenia, had been destroyed. It was not something that Bail had ever thought possible. The Republic had been a constant in his tumultuous life, a steady presence that guaranteed safety and prosperity. Its political body, while cumbersome and streaked by corruption, had been the work of hundreds of generations, subject to constant improvement. There had been countless failsafe mechanisms to protect democracy. A system of checks and balances had regulated the concentration of power so that no institution, neither the Senate and the Supreme Chancellor nor the Jedi or the Courts, had had free reign.

    It hadn´t been enough.

    The Republic was no more, and all that Bail could think about was ‘how’? How had it all gone wrong? How had no one sensed Palpatine´s intentions? How had the Republic crumbled when there had been so many people who had done everything in their power to safe it? But the most tantalizing question was: How could he himself have prevented all this from happening?

    What if he hadn´t voted for Palpatine back when he had first run for Supreme Chancellor? What if Alderaan had refused to support a clone army? What if he had voiced his fears louder? What if he had worked harder to gain allies? What if he had gone to the Jedi temple earlier? What if he hadn´t left after the clones had shot at him? What if …

    Bail could have tortured himself with this game for hours, but a droid approached him with the message that Obi-Wan´s starship was on landing approach … and the man had requested immediate medical assistance. Bail jumped to his feet. He cast all manners aside and ran towards the hangar without acknowledging the droid´s words. Obi-Wan had set out to confront Anikan. Something must have gone wrong. He just hoped that he wouldn´t have to see another person die today. There had been too many deaths already and he wasn´t sure whether he could handle another one.

    Bail reached the hangar just as the access ramp of Obi-Wan´s ship was opening. He could make out someone standing on it. Dirty boots and tan pants, the hem of a brown robe – Obi-Wan then. Bail breathed a sigh of relief. If the man could still stand, he couldn´t be hurt too badly. But then the ramp lowered farther and Obi-Wan´s torso came into view. He was carrying someone. A woman.

    A sense of foreboding overcame Bail.

    No, it couldn´t be. She had no business to be anywhere near that confrontation. But that wasn´t true, was it? The subtle swell of her stomach had been telling otherwise for weeks. Bail hadn´t confronted her - he had been sure that she would come to him if she needed anything – but he had known.

    Obi-Wan walked down the ramp and all of Bail´s worst fears turned out to be true. The person that the Jedi was carrying, was indeed Padmé Amidala, one Bail´s dearest friends and most trusted confidants. Icy fear started to spread in his chest.

    “We´ll take her to the Medical Center,” he said. “Quickly!”

    Sure that Obi-Wan would follow him, he hastened towards the med bay. There they were received by a medical droid who ushered Padmé into an examination room. When Bail tried to follow, he was denied access and told to wait outside.

    The longer the droid took to examine his friend´s state, the more Bail´s anxiety started to build up. Only years of political training kept him from pacing up and down the hallway. A part of him wanted to ask Obi-Wan what had happened, but a bigger part didn´t want to know. Not right now when he was barely holding everything together. Within forty-eight hours he had not only lost friends and allies, but also the very institution that he had dedicated his life to. He couldn´t take another blow right now, not without a minute of reprieve.

    And maybe it was exactly that kind of ignorance that had led to the Republic´s downfall. Who wanted to acknowledge the danger from within, when armed enemy forces were storming from every direction?

    It didn´t take ten minutes for the medical droid to step out into the hallway. Bail braced himself for what he was about to hear.

    “Medically, she´s completely healthy,” the droid started. “For reasons we can´t explain, we are losing her.”

    Bail felt his heart freeze.

    “She´s dying?” Obi-Wan asked.

    “We don´t know why. She has lost the way to live. We need to operate quickly if we are to save the babies.”

    Did he just hear that correctly? “Babies?”

    “She´s carrying twins.”

    Gods, why hadn´t she said something? Had she really thought no one would notice? Had she thought he would judge her for it when the love between her and Anakin had always been clear as day to anyone who was in a room with the both of them? For the umpteenth time, Bail felt the prick of tears in his eyes. He fought against it. No was not the time to cry, not yet. There too many things that needed to be done. Later, when all the hard decisions had been made and he was safely in Breha´s arms, he would be able to mourn.

    “Can I see her?” Bail asked.

    “Emotional support has been scientifically proven to be beneficial for patients in critical state.”

    Bail took that as confirmation and entered the room where Padmé lay. With her eyes closed and her skin unnaturally pale, she looked already dead. But she wasn´t. Not yet. Bail came up to her cod and took one of her hands. She didn´t react. He intertwined her fingers with his own and started stroking her hand with his thumb.

    He heard the door open behind him, but didn´t react. His eyes were fixed on the woman before him. All strength seemed to have left her body. Gone were the fierceness and the passion. What he saw was a broken woman, only a shadow of who she had once been. He had been wrong. Padmé Amidala was already dead. This was only her body going through the motions of childbirth before coming to a halt – forever. Her spirit was long gone.

    “Padmé,” he whispered. No reaction.

    A lone tear ran down his cheek and dropped onto hers.

    “I will start operating now,” the droids tinny voice announced.

    Bail grabbed Padmé´s hand tighter. On the edge of his vision, he could see Obi-Wan approaching.

    The operation was a gruesome affair. Despite being maxed out on pain medication, Padmé was still in agony. He could see it on her face and hear it in her hoarse screams. The volume of her voice drowned out the sound of the electrical scalpel. Her hand squeezed Bail´s painfully hard. The minutes felt like hours, but then the med-droid finally held the first baby. “It´s a boy.”

    Bail watched Padmé´s face as she took a first look at her baby. He could see some of the old spark in her eyes, but in his heart, he knew that it wouldn´t be enough.

    “Luke,” she whispered, as Obi-Wan took the boy and showed him to her.

    Padmé´s fingers ghosted over the baby´s cheek. Tears glistened in her eyes and Bail could see the wonder in them. “Oh, Luke.” Her voice was full of sadness. She knew that it was too late for her, that she was bringing her children into a world of chaos.

    Then, her body was overcome by another wave of pain. Her hand fell back on the bed as all the strength left her. Little Luke started wailing at the sound of his mother´s screams.

    Only a couple of minutes passed before the med-droid held another tiny baby, a girl this time. Since Obi-Wan´s arms were already full and Padmé was too weak, the droid held her out to Bail. He hesitated for a moment. Never in his life had he held a baby this small. She was completely covered in blood and looked so fragile. Only when he noticed Padmé´s frantic attempts to sit up and catch a glimpse of her daughter, did he dare to take her. Carefully supporting her head, he presented the little girl to her mother.

    “Leia,” she breathed.

    In that moment the newborn, Leia, opened her mouth and screamed for the first time. Her voice would have put a fully grown rancor to shame. How could such a little thing make so much noise? She clearly had inherited her mother´s lungs. Again, tears sprang to Bail´s eyes, but this time he couldn´t contain them. It were tears of sadness over Padmé´s imminent death, but it were also tears of joy for the life she had created. Luke and Leia. Barely a few minutes old, they already let Bail´s heart swell up with love.

    He barely noticed Padmé talking to Obi-Wan as he took in Leia´s scrunched up face. She had her mother´s nose and if the brown strands that crowned her head were to indicate anything, would soon sport her hair, too.

    Leia was still wailing. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her skin was of a puffy red. She was beautiful.

    One of her tiny hands grabbed a fistful of Bail´s robes and clung to it with surprising strength. He started rocking her in his arms. Softly, so she would stop crying. It didn´t work though. If anything, she cried even louder. At a loss, Bail stroked her cheek, wiping away the tears. Her hand let go of his robes and grabbed his thumb instead. He tried to pull it away, but she wouldn´t let go, so he let her hold it. Slowly, her tears ran dry.

    On the cod next to him, he could hear the laboured sound of Padmé´s breathing fade away. He tore his gaze from Leia and watched his friend. Their eyes met. Her lips moved but he couldn´t make out what she was saying so he leaned forward and brought his ear to her lips.

    “The children,” she whispered. “They need to be safe … Promise me.”

    “I promise.” There was no hesitation in Bail´s voice. Even if Padmé hadn´t asked him to, he would have kept her children safe. Not only were they innocent, but soon they would be the only part that was left of his dear friend. “They´ll be safe and loved. I promise, Padmé. You can go in peace.”

    Padmé was too weak to answer but Bail could see the gratitude in her eyes. The gaps between her breaths grew longer and longer until her chest barely rose and fell. Bail´s vision swam with tears. Inevitably, his arms tightened around Leia trying to find some purchase. As if the baby could sense what was happening, she started crying again. “It´s alright, Lelila,” he cooed. “I know. I´m sad, too, but it´s going to be alright.”  

    Shortly after 2100 hours Padmé Amidala died without ever having held either of her babies.

    That left Master Yoda, Master Kenobi and Bail himself to decide over the fate of her children. Bail already knew what he wanted to happen: he wanted to take both of them with him to Alderaan. He and Breha had talked about adopting a little girl, but he was sure that she would accept Luke as well. He was Padmé´s after all.

    Now he just needed to convince the Jedi of his plan.

    They left Luke and Leia with the med droid so they could be examined and vaccinated. Master Yoda already expected them outside the examination room and led them to a nearby conference room.

    “Strong in the Force the children are,” he said after they had sat down.

    Obi-Wan nodded. “I feel it as well.”

    “Hidden, safe they must be kept.”

    “We must take them somewhere where the Sith cannot sense their presence.”

    “Split up, they should be.”

    “Is that necessary?” Bail asked. “I could take them. Padmé was my friend. I will make sure that they want for nothing.”

    “Palpatine would find them,” Obi-Wan replied. “For their own safety, we need to separate them.”

    Bail sighed. He had feared something like that. “My wife and I will take the girl. We´ve always talked about adopting a baby girl. She will be loved with us.”

    “And what of the boy?” Obi-Wan asked.

    “To Tattooine, to his family send him.”

    “I will take the child and watch over him.”

    It was decided. With a heavy heart Bail left the two Jedi Masters to talk in private and went back to the Med Bay. When he arrived, the babies had already been cleaned, dressed and fed. Now they were resting. The small cod they shared didn´t allow for much space but the babies didn´t seem to mind being close together. They had shared the same womb for eight months after all.

    Now, lying next to each other, the differences in their looks were prominent. While Leia´s head was full of dark hair, Luke´s seemed to be almost bare. Only a closer look revealed a few fair strands of hair. His blue eyes which looked so much like Anakin´s were mustering Bail curiously.

    The thought of just taking both infants and running crossed his mind. He dismissed it, but with a heavy heart. The children´s safety came first – even before their happiness – and to guarantee it, they had to be separated.

    Leia, as if sensing his thoughts, started wailing.

    Bail took her out of the crib and started rocking her gently. Luke just watched the whole encounter. The trust he seemed to have in Bail to calm his sister, made him want to weep. Instead, he turned away from the crib and started his way to the hangar bay.

    It was time for Breha to meet heir daughter.

    #leia organa#bail organa#padmé amidala#Breha Organa #leia and bail #because their bond deserves more appreaciation #post-rotj
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  • yatskari
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    some time ago i got a commission to illustrate one fascinating obikin fanfic (it's writen on russian, but i still stongly recomend it), so this is my arts that belong to the begining of story :)

    i've read it in one breath and it was one of the best fics i have ever seen and that's why i want to share this story👉👈

    the fic is available on ao3 (and i hope u will enjoy it too if u decide to give it a chance):

    #star wars #star wars fanart #darth vader #obi wan kenobi #clone trooper rex #commander cody#bail organa #star wars original character #illustration
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    Okay but the idea of Anakin being high-key colourblind is the most hilarious thing I could think of. Why’s he wear nothing but black? Bitch he thought he was rockin navy blue wtf. Why’s Obi-Wan look like a blob of one Colour in every picture Ani draws of him? Y’all tan has multiple shades???????

    Bonus points if one day Padme is laughing about how Ani’s colourblindness comes to play whenever she asks him if this dress washes her out or something because his specific issues means he’s really good at telling dark-pale on people?? And Bail is sitting there like ‘I don’t mean to take the focus off but I can’t tell blue and green apart, what colour is that dress’ and Padme is all ‘)3$;74&3! Gehdjdbdjdnd ITS PINK’ and Bail just shares a look with Ani all ‘…lmao lemme introduce you to my stylist, she’s great with this shit. Sometimes I comm her at 3am with a pic asking what colour it is and she always comes in clutch for me’ and Ani is just so thankful

    I just need colourblind Ani having been relying on Obi-Wan most of his life and so confused when he’s gotta point things out for himself. One time a senator asked if it’s true that the Jedi Temple uses visions to test initiates (the test where they pull up a card facing away from a kid and ask the kid what’s on the card coincidentally made me lose my shit when I saw it because that’s also a test covens do to test new witches shendjdjdjdjr) and asks if he can use the force to figure out what colour something is.

    Turns out, if they hand him a box of 1000 coloured pencils and a pad of paper, he can draw a rough shape of whatever he’s trying to get the colour of, and almost always picks the right coloured pencil or the closest to it from the pack. It’s a new party trick he’s super excited about.

    #star wars#anakin skywalker#bail organa#padme amidala#padme naberrie#colourblind #I’m just losing my shit over Ani not even realizing he’s colourblind till he’s like 22
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    Day 1: Stolen moments / Outsider POV

    You don’t say, Padme, after all, everyone knows about you and Anakin too! Obitine week 2021 finally This is my first time participating, so I am very excited! I'm not a native English speaker, so I’m sorry in advance for any mistakes.  Cross-posted in my VKontakte group with Russian version

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    Miles to Go Before I Sleep

    Summary: Exhausted and still recovering from injury, Obi-Wan falls asleep in the middle of a Senate negotiation. Padmé and Bail come to the rescue, but learn that there’s more than just exhaustion lurking beneath the Jedi’s outward calm—and why. (4.5k, hurt/comfort and whump)

    “Obi-Wan,” she said gently. “Catch your breath. Please.”

    She reached out a hand again. This time, he didn’t flinch away.

    Her eyes found his briefly. They righted the chair, and sat back down.

    Obi-Wan ran both hands down his face, exhaling—a rare moment of vulnerability, Padmé thought. For a few long moments, no one spoke. Just gave him the space to collect himself, while Bail paced the room and she gently squeezed his forearm on the table.

    When his breath was steadier, Obi-Wan leaned forward. “I’m sorry. I don’t know what came over me,” he said. “I don’t even remember drifting off, just—”

    His voice chopped abruptly off.

    “Just what?”

    His face was darker now. He shook his head. “I haven’t been sleeping well, that’s all. And I suppose I’m so used to sleeping on a battlefield, that I startled awake. Preparing to fight. My apologies for the start.”

    But he hadn’t looked like someone preparing to fight.

    More like preparing to run.

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    #Don't Look Back #fic of fic #Bail Organa#Leia Skywalker#Leia Organa#Shmi Skywalker#oops #hope you weren't looking for warm fuzzies
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    i carry your heart (i carry it in my heart)

    (for Foxiyo Week day 7, for the prompt "reunion/hope")

    Read on AO3!


    Word Count: 4,411

    Tags/Warnings: rated G

    Riyo Chuchi had found herself spending a lot of time in the Jedi Temple over the past two months. At this point, she suspected she knew all the best ways to the Temple from the Senate Building-- although perhaps not as well as Master Skywalker, who she saw coming and going almost as often as she was. However, they had decidedly different reasons.

    Smothering a grin, Riyo adjusted the clothing bag she carried over one shoulder as she recalled the last time she’d spotted Master Skywalker in the Senate building-- pestering Senator Amidala’s temporary replacement, Saché Adova, for news about Amidala and her twins, who were positively adorable. Riyo had visited them on Naboo a few weeks ago, and Luke and Leia had their parent’s looks.

    They won’t be fooling anyone for long, she thought, shaking her head.

    Turning down the hallway to Fox’s cell, she was surprised to see a decidedly different figure than usual standing guard-- a familiar man with auburn hair and a beard, who smiled warmly at the sight of her.

    “Master Kenobi,” Riyo said in surprise. “I didn’t know you’d be standing guard.”

    “Neither did I, until recently,” Kenobi said ruefully. “However, Cere’s new Padawan, Cal-- well, he was injured in a training incident, and she wanted to be with him.”

    “I’m sorry to hear that,” Riyo said, frowning as she thought of the boy she’d seen with Cere. Red-haired, usually with a serious expression on his face, he’d seemed kind in their few interactions. “Will he be alright?”

    “Oh, certainly,” Kenobi said, an absent frown crossing his face. Shaking his head, he said, “However, I’m sure you didn’t come here to hear about such things.”

    “Unfortunately, I didn’t,” Riyo agreed. “It’s Commander Fox’s trial today--”

    “I’m well aware,” Kenobi said, nodding. “Cody and Master Junda have been repeatedly reminding me. He’s cleaned up a bit in preparation-- may I assume that’s his outfit?”

    “It is,” Riyo confirmed. “Can I go in?”


    “Thank you-- oh, and I should have some friends coming soon. Have them wait outside.”


    Kenobi stepped aside to allow her to the door to Fox’s cell, and Riyo entered to see Fox already on his feet, pacing back and forth in the small space he had. She was almost taken aback at the sight of him clean-shaven, with a regulation haircut again, after so long seeing him looking a little scruffier.

    But my, did he look handsome this way.

    Batting away that stray thought-- we can address that at a later date, when Fox isn’t worried that he’s going to prison, she told herself sternly-- she stepped forward. “How are you feeling?” she asked.

    Fox’s head snapped around, and his eyes widened fractionally at the sight of her. “Senator! I didn’t hear you come in.”

    “That’s not what I asked,” Riyo pointed out. “How are you, Fox?”

    Releasing a long exhale, Fox said, “Fine.” When Riyo arched a disbelieving eyebrow at him, he seemed to relent. “I'm a little nervous.”

    “I understand,” Riyo said. “It’s going to be fine, though. I have this under control.”

    “I’m not worried about that,” Fox muttered, starting his pacing again. “It’s all those people staring at me, watching me. I can handle people, but usually-- well, usually, I have my armor, my helmet, something.”

    Feeling a twinge of sympathy, Riyo said, “I’m sorry I can’t give you those. I mean, I have your dress uniform here, but I somehow doubt that’s the same.”

    “Better than nothing,” Fox said. Meeting her gaze, he asked, “How are you?”

    Tilting her head to the side thoughtfully, Riyo said, “A little nervous, but it’s a good kind of nervous. I have a good feeling about this, Fox.”

    “I hope you’re right, Chuchi. I just don’t see how any of those stuffed shirts in the Senate--” Fox stopped abruptly, and Riyo stifled a giggle.

    “They can be pompous,” she agreed. “But you just have to make them see things through their lens. That’s what I’m here for.”

    Fox glanced at her. “I don’t know if I’ve thanked you for that properly yet. For everything you’ve been doing. You didn’t have to visit me, bring me food. You didn’t have to care. Plenty of people don’t.”

    “I’m not like most people,” Riyo said. Something in Fox’s eyes softened.

    “No,” he said quietly. “You’re not.” And Riyo found herself catching her breath at the look in his eyes.

    A chime from her comlink snapped her out of it, and she shook her head. “Right. Um, here’s your dress uniform-- knock on the cell door when you’re done, Master Kenobi will let you out. Don’t take too long--”

    “My hearing’s in half an hour. I know,” Fox said wryly, taking the clothes bag from her with a nod. “I’ll be ready.”

    “I know,” Riyo said, shooting him a smile before leaving the cell.

    As she stepped outside and the door hissed shut behind her, she closed her eyes for just a moment, remembering how Fox had looked at her, how the warmth in his eyes had swept through her. Riyo had never had anyone look at her that way before. And somehow, he was the only one she’d want to. She already knew that much.

    ~ ~ ~

    Fox had always prided himself on controlling his emotions, on being the perfect soldier.

    However, now, less than half an hour away from an event that would decide his life, he was scared stiff, and it was infuriating.

    Pull yourself together, soldier, he told himself as he put on the dress uniform Riyo had brought for him. It was a little stiff and not as comfortable as civilian clothing, but Fox could handle it. The same way he was handling this whole situation.

    But kriff, he wished he had his helmet.

    Tugging on the hem of the tunic part of the suit, Fox took a deep breath, running a hand over his freshly trimmed hair. You’ve got this. You’re just going to walk in there, let the senator do her thing, and wait for the Senate to drop a verdict. While everyone’s watching. Everyone.

    Kriff. I can’t do this. Releasing a short sigh, Fox thought, But I have to.

    Stepping over to the door, he knocked on it, and a few seconds later it hissed open. “Hello, Commander,” Master Kenobi greeted him warmly. “If you’ll just step out here with us, I believe you’ll see you have a few guests.”

    Fox frowned as he moved through the doorway. “Guests? What do you--”

    His voice stuck in his throat at the sight of two familiar figures standing in the hallway. Thire and Thorn, both clad in the red and white armor of the Coruscant Guard with their helmets under their arms, caught sight of him and moved forward instantly. Thire reached him first, and pulled him into a rough hug.

    “Good to see you again, vod,” he told Fox.

    “You have no idea,” Fox managed, his face still crushed against Thire’s shoulder. “What are you doing here?”

    “The senator called us,” Thire explained, releasing Fox and giving him a onceover. “Made sure we knew the time and place-- looking quite sharp, aren’t you?”

    “Nothing but the best for the people who’re going to decide whether or not I’m going to prison,” Fox said with an eye roll. “I’d still rather have my armor, though.”

    Snorting, Thorn said, “Who can blame you?”

    Hesitating, Fox met his brother’s eyes. “I heard about Stone,” he said softly.

    Pain flickered through Thorn’s eyes, and Thire bowed his head, saying, “He’ll be missed.”

    “It’s my fault.” The words wrenched themselves out of Fox’s mouth painfully. “I ordered him to go to the Temple--”

    “Under Order 66,” Thorn reminded him. “I could have stopped him, I wasn’t--”

    “It’s no one’s fault,” Thire interposed firmly. “Neither of you are to blame. We’ve lost men before.”

    “Not like this,” Fox said, and Thire nodded reluctantly.

    “No. Not like this.”

    Releasing a long sigh, Fox’s voice was rough as he said, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything that happened.”

    Thorn shook his head. “Nothing to be sorry for. You couldn’t control the order or the chancellor. The only thing you could control was yourself, and you did. You fought back, Fox.”

    “And that’s more than I can say,” Thire said with a grimace. “Lucky Thorn had my back-- you know, your batchmate shot me, Fox. I take that pretty personally.”

    “It was a stun bolt, you kriffing pansycake,” Thorn muttered, and Thire smacked him in the back of the helmet, resulting in a yelp. “Watch it!”

    Shaking his head, Fox felt a smile crossing his face. “I missed you two idiots,” he said, reaching out to grip first Thorn, then Thire’s shoulder. His brothers reacted, pulling him into a hug full of elbows and edges of armor, but one that was somehow more comforting than any other Fox could have received.

    Thire was the first to pull back, shooting Fox a mock frown. “Now, don’t we have a trial to get you to? Oh, by the way, Bly, Cody and Wolffe are waiting for us at the Senate.”

    “What?” Fox said, gaping at them.

    “Yeah, they got news of the trial-- two guesses who told them,” Thorn said with a smirk. “Your senator gets things done well, Fox.”

    “She’s not my senator,” Fox muttered, ignoring the skeptical arch of the eyebrows from his companions.

    “Sure thing, Commander,” Thorn said, putting on his helmet. “Well, we’ll see you at the Senate building. We’ve got someone else’s job to do.”

    “Good point,” Thire said. Putting a hand on Fox’s shoulder, he gave him a serious look. “You’re going to get off, Fox. I know it.”

    “And how’s that?” Fox tried to keep his voice joking, to keep the fear still knotting in his stomach from coming out. He wasn’t sure that he succeeded.

    “Because I got off, and I didn’t kill the shuckface who caused this whole thing. Because you’re innocent. Because you’ve got the best defense you could ask for.” Thire paused. “And because I really, really don’t want to have to do your job anymore. It sucks, vod.”

    Fox actually laughed at that one, the tension in his stomach easing somewhat. “I’ll see you after the hearing.”

    “Yes, you will, brother.” Giving his shoulder one final squeeze, Thire turned and led the way down the hall, Thorn on his heels. Fox watched them go for a moment, then turned to where Riyo stood watching him.

    “You called them here.” It wasn’t a question.

    “I thought you’d want to see your brothers before everything went down-- I called Wolffe, Bly and Cody as well.” Riyo shifted from foot to foot, looking almost nervous. “I hope you don’t mind--”

    “No,” Fox said, his voice hoarse. “I don’t mind at all-- thank you, Riyo. I don’t know how to thank you properly.”

    Riyo’s eyes went slightly wider, and a purple-blue flush spread across her cheeks. “I’m glad I did, in that case,” she said, giving him a shy smile that was so unlike her usual one that Fox wasn’t sure what to make of it.

    What did I-- oh, kriff, he thought, realization hitting him. He’d called her Riyo. The name he’d sworn to only call her in his head. He, a clone about to go on trial, had just called her, a senator, by her first name. In front of a Jedi.

    At this point, I don’t see how things could get much worse, he thought, sending a subtle glance at Master Kenobi, who was clearly pretending not to be seeing or hearing a single thing going on. Which, knowing which Jedi it was, wasn’t terribly surprising.

    “We’d better get to the Senate building, or we’ll be late for the hearing,” Riyo pointed out, snapping Fox’s thoughts into focus.

    “Right,” he said quickly. “Let’s get moving.”

    The two of them made their way through the Jedi Temple and over to the immense Senate building, managing to keep out of sight of the majority of people. As they slipped out a back entrance of the Temple, Fox spotted a large group of what he guessed were journalists for some form of the Holonet at the front.

    “I thought you’d want to avoid all that,” Riyo said, following his gaze. “Besides, it’s always better to handle that sort of thing after the trial. You can release a statement later if you want to.”

    Fox was pretty sure he was going to do nothing of the sort, but he kept quiet and followed Riyo into the Senate building.

    They reached their entrance quickly, where Fox saw a trio of clone troopers waiting for him. Before he had time to react, Wolffe, Bly and Cody had all tackled him in a hug, sending him crashing to the ground.

    “Vode… you’re flattening me,” Fox gasped from under them.

    “Good,” Wolffe said. “That’s for giving us a heart attack.”

    “It’s not my fault no one told me the plan,” Fox grumbled. “Yell at Bly, he’s the one who kept his chip in.”

    Letting out a groan, Bly muttered, “Please don’t remind them. They keep punishing me for it.”

    “Someone has to,” Cody said, smacking Bly in the back of the head as the two of them got to their feet. Wolffe did the same, offering Fox a hand.

    “How’re you feeling, Fox’ika?” he asked seriously, studying Fox.

    “Ready to get this over with,” Fox said, grimacing as he rubbed his shoulder. “Kriff, Wolffe, I thought it was your squadron who tackled you all the time. You seem like you might have some practice at this.”

    “Trying to keep his general from dying,” Cody suggested. “Although he has it the easiest of the three of us and he knows it.”

    “True,” Wolffe agreed. “Well, we came by to check on you, make sure you’re not going anything stupid like blaming yourself for this whole debacle.”

    “I’m not,” Fox said, and when Wolffe gave him a look, relented. “Anymore. But I got talked out of it.”

    “By who-- oh. Interesting.”

    Fox followed Wolffe’s gaze to where Riyo stood, and immediately guessed his thoughts. “Don’t,” he said.

    “I won’t. Yet,” Wolffe said with a smirk. “You’d better sort things out with your, uh, defense before the trial begins.”

    “Tell her she looks nice,” Bly suggested.

    “Yeah, take advice from our resident love expert,” Cody said mockingly, and Bly punched him in the shoulder, resulting in a scuffle.

    “You are supposed to be Marshall Commanders of the GAR, behave yourselves,” Wolffe said with annoyance. Glancing at Fox, he said, “Go talk to her. I’ve got these two.”

    Giving him a nod, Fox turned and headed to where Riyo stood, a few yards away. “I owe you one for this,” he told her, nodding at his brothers. “Although you might regret bringing them into the Senate building.”

    “Actually, I like them,” Riyo said with a grin. “They seem to really care about you, which I can understand. But you don’t owe me anything, Fox. You’re my friend, and I wanted to help you.”

    “You know, I don’t really get called a friend by many people,” Fox said, surprising himself with his own honesty. “Least of all a senator.”

    “Well, I told you, Fox,” Riyo said, giving him that smile that seemed to sparkle. “I’m not like most senators.”

    And she wasn’t. She really wasn’t, and that was what Fox liked about her. He liked how much she didn’t care that he was a clone, all but a piece of property to most of the Republic. But not in her eyes. He could see it when she looked at him. He was something else entirely, and more than anything, he wanted to know what that was, and to show her what he saw in her.

    Fox suddenly had a feeling that he was in trouble. Because his thought process was starting to sound like Bly when he’d had a little too much to drink and was talking about his general again. Kriff.

    “The Senate session will be starting in a few minutes.” Riyo’s voice caught his attention. “Are you ready?”

    “I don’t know,” Fox said wryly. “Do I look ready to face the Senate?”

    “Hmm.” Riyo gave him a onceover, then stepped closer to him. Fox’s heart rate picked up and he went completely rigid as she stopped, mere inches from him, and reached up to adjust his collar, which had flipped over on itself. One of her fingers brushed against his neck fleetingly as she pulled back, and he caught his breath. “There,” she said with a warm smile. “You look very handsome, Commander.”

    “Thank you,” Fox managed. “You, too.”

    Riyo laughed, then her face grew serious. “Listen, Fox, I know you’re nervous. I usually am, too.”

    “You don’t show it,” Fox said, and she shrugged.

    “I’ve had a lot of practice at it. But when you’re in there, if you’re worried, or anything-- don’t watch the crowd. Seeing how many people are out there never helps. Watch me instead, alright? Keep your eyes on me, and everything will be alright.”

    Giving her a nod, Fox said, “Thank you, Chuchi.”

    “Anytime,” Riyo told him. “I’d better get in there-- see you in a minute.”

    She shot him a final smile and headed down the hall to where her Senate pod’s entrance was. Fox took a deep breath, watching her go for a few seconds before turning towards his own entrance. Where his three brothers still stood. Smirking.

    “‘You, too’?” Cody said as Fox approached them.

    “Shut up,” Fox muttered.

    “Surprised she didn’t go for a good luck kiss,” Wolffe said with a wicked grin, which Fox ignored.

    As he walked past Bly, the trooper leaned in and said, “Invite me to the wedding.”

    Disregarding all of their comments, Fox stepped into the Senate chamber and into the pod that would carry him out into the center of the Senate Chamber. The shadows made it hard to see most of the other senators, but he could hear them, hear their whispers. And he knew they were all watching him.

    Taking a deep breath, Fox thought, Calm down, soldier. Remember what Riyo said. Eyes on her, don’t think about anything else.

    Somehow, he didn’t think he’d find that terribly difficult, and he was right. As Riyo’s Senate pod rose up near him, his eyes moved to her without even thinking. And… kriff. She was beautiful.

    Fox knew that as a clone, he had no right to think of a senator this way. That his mind shouldn’t even stray there for a second. But watching Riyo, his heart had other plans.

    Her hair was arranged on top of her head and kept expertly in place with crystal-tipped pins that shimmered even in the stark light of the Senate Chamber. Her dress was dark blue, long and sweeping, with a deep collar, and with the serene but peaceful look she had in her eyes, Fox didn’t think she’d ever been so beautiful.

    He was also aware that he was falling for her, hard and fast, and he couldn’t have stopped it even if he wanted to. It’ll never happen, he thought, his eyes still on her even as he thought. A senator and a clone? Impossible.

    But stranger things have happened. Who knows? Maybe-- just maybe-- I might have a chance.

    In front of them, Acting Chancellor Organa was beginning to speak, and Fox braced himself. Of course, that chance will largely depend on if I’m pardoned today.

    The hearing dragged on and on, and if Fox was being honest, he didn’t listen to most of it. Witnesses came up and speeches were given by various impassioned individuals, both for and against him. There was even a surprise appearance from Senator Padme Amidala-- who wore an off-white overdress, the metallic teal underskirt peeking out at the front matched by the elaborate collar embroidered with flowers. Similar floral patterns, in blue, pink and green, covered the front of her overdress, matched by the white stomacher in front with one large pink bloom embroidered on the cyrene silk. Her hair was done in an elaborate collection of loops and braids, held back by a silver headdress and several pink ribbons-- who gave a speech in his favor that probably changed quite a few minds.

    The one Fox paid the most attention to, however, was Riyo. Her amber eyes flared with an intense passion as she argued with senator after senator, persuading where she could, bargaining, but never backing down on her ideals. She was a powerful speaker, somehow polite and firm at the same time. Seeing her in her element like he was… It’s incredible. She’s incredible.

    The proceedings came to a close four hours after he was brought in. By this time, Fox was starving, and his legs ached from standing in one place for hours at a time, which wasn’t actually anything all that new for him. He was used to waiting through hour after hour of Senate sessions, not moving an inch for more than a second and definitely not sitting down.

    But this time, he could feel his legs shaking as the votes for and against his innocence were tallied up. Finally, after what felt like hours but was only really minutes of voting, the results were announced-- 1,013 for him, 987 against. He was cleared.

    Fox felt a wave of relief sweep through him as a roar of approval thrummed through the Senate, and his pod floated back to the door from where it had come. The minute he stepped through the door, Wolffe had tackled him in another rib-crushing hug. Behind him, Fox could see Thorn and Thire chanting “HE GOT OFF! HE GOT OFF!”

    “Knew you’d be pardoned,” Cody said, his grin just a little too relieved to lend credence to his words.

    “You seem pretty relieved for someone that knew,” Fox said, shooting him a smirk. He felt a thousand times lighter without the threat of prison hanging over his head.

    “Yeah, well, the Senate and I don’t always agree on everything,” Cody said with a shrug.

    Before Fox could respond, Bly had appeared out of seemingly nowhere and hauled him into a hug, his grin gleeful. As Fox had the wind knocked out of him for the second time in under a minute, he caught sight of a blue-skinned Twi’lek woman watching them from a little ways away with a gentle amusement.

    “Your senator’s a genius!” Bly said as he stepped back. “You chose a great one, vod’ika.”

    Fox started to protest, but someone calling his name caught his attention. “Fox!”

    He turned to see Riyo heading towards him, her eyes sparkling. Fox knew the rules. He lived them most days. But the way she was looking at him and the way his heart skipped a beat at the very sight of her, he didn’t even resist the urge to pull her into a hug as she threw herself into his arms. Fox stumbled backwards, but quickly caught himself.

    “We did it,” Riyo murmured, arms twined around his neck.

    “You did it,” Fox corrected her. “You were amazing. I couldn’t have dealt with any of this without you, Riyo.”

    Pulling backwards, she gave him that wonderful smile. “You called me Riyo.”

    “I… guess I did.” Eyeing her, Fox said, “Is that... okay?”

    Her smile turning to something softer, warmer, Riyo put a hand on his cheek, and Fox felt himself catch his breath. “Yes,” she said. “It’s more than okay.”

    Today feels like a day where anything’s possible. If I can get a pardon after everything… why not this? Fox leaned in, ever so slightly, and was surprised when Riyo did the same.

    Her lips were barely inches from his when someone called her name. “Senator Chuchi!”

    Fox jerked back like he’d been burned, the reality of her title hitting him like a slap. Senator. Force, she’s a senator, you idiot. You can’t--

    “I’ll be right with you,” Riyo called over her shoulder. She turned her gaze back to Fox, who suddenly realized that he was still holding her, and started to let go. Riyo’s hand went up, catching hold of his arm, her eyes questioning him. “Don’t look at the title,” she whispered. “Look at me. If you’re not ready, I understand, but please, please don’t let it stop you if--”

    Fox interrupted her by pressing a kiss to her lips. Responding instantly, Riyo pulled him closer, deepening the kiss and sending his head spinning.

    He didn’t hear the wolf-whistles behind him until they finally broke apart. Keeping her eyes on his, Riyo smiled, long and slow. “Finally,” she said quietly.

    “Yeah,” Fox said, feeling a slight smile cross his face. He hesitated, and said, “Are you sure-- I’m not--”

    “I don’t look at what you aren’t,” Riyo said firmly. “I never have. I see what you are, Fox. I see who you are.”

    “I know,” Fox told her, drinking her in for a moment. “You’re more than I deserve.”

    Letting out a very undignified snort, Riyo said, “If I said that, you would spend the next hour telling me all the reasons I was wrong. And I’d love to do the same for you, trust me.” She paused, a smile curving her lips, and then said, “I have some things I need to take care of. Then we should talk.”

    “Absolutely,” Fox agreed, reluctantly letting her go, already missing her in his arms. But the final smile and the kiss she blew his way as she walked down the hall-- that very definitely made it worth it.

    He turned around to see his batchmates, Thire and Thorn smirking at him. “Never pegged you as the make out in the hallways type,” Bly said.

    Pointing at him, Fox said, “I guarantee you’re next.”

    Bly didn’t look like he would be too sad about that.

    As the others joined in the merciless teasing Fox knew he’d be dealing with, he couldn’t help but smile. He was surrounded by his brothers, had just been released from prison, and he had a really good feeling about what had just happened with Riyo. Who knew what the future would bring next?

    I don’t know, Fox reflected. Something with a minimum of drama, I hope.

    Ah, who am I kidding? This is gonna be a disaster. Time to get back to work, and hope I can keep Bly out of prison.

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