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  • strabiest-hero-mha
    26.10.2021 - 19 minutes ago

    I hurt like hell from surgery but hell yeah I finally got Bakugou in a summons!

    I had been wondering why his special affinity item was chilis and not an actual spicy dish like mapo tofu, and I guess this conveys that they're tools for making him sweat 🤣

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  • lazyanart
    26.10.2021 - 28 minutes ago
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  • fever-dreamer97
    26.10.2021 - 37 minutes ago

    Kirishima, with headphones in his ears: *walks in to see Bakugo and Kaminari making wild gestures and looking like they’re about to kill each other*

    Kirishima, takes out an headphone: Whoa guys! Let’s calm-




    Kirishima: What the hell?

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  • bakugosbratx
    26.10.2021 - 46 minutes ago

    Chapter One

    Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter | Taglist | Playlist

    Banner/beta reader credits: @cherrykamado

    Warnings: 18+ Content. College, quirks, drinking, degrading, sexual intercourse, peer pressure, etc.

    Words: 2.3K

    Tags: @awilddreamermain @cherrykamado @lanarist @kireirengoku @ovarysnake23 @gazelle-des-pres @lord-kagewakihitomi @kameiuchiha @bakugous-trauma @bakugousbrat @quaranweeb @anadandere @dynamightyriot @megumitodoroki @ssplague

    Y/N had completed many trips around the sun —over twenty to be more precise. She experienced many days filled with sunshine, rain, and even snow but, this day in particular, she brewed up a thunderstorm.

    “C’mon, Y/N, you should totally come with me.” Her friend, Chō, encouraged you as she strolled along to her dorm room.

    She rolled her eyes at her. “As much fun as it sounds, I have studying to do.”

    This time, Chō was the one to roll her brown orbs. “Such a buzzkill. The law will always be available, but not this party. There is even a rumor that pro-heroes will be there too!” She cheekily explained, hoping to peak Y/N’s interest only to fail in the process.

    “Thanks, but no thanks. I’d rather study.” Y/N half-heartedly smiled, unlocking her dorm to go inside with Chō swiftly following behind.

    Resting against the door, Chō folded her arms across her chest, sending glares to her foreign friend. They both are so young and aspiring. “Y/N, you come from a totally different country and you refuse to take upon the opportunity to live your life to the fullest?” Chō scoffed in disbelief. “We are already quirkless. We have to prove our worth to the public. Why are you not jumping on top of this amazing opportunity?”

    This peaked Y/N’s interest slightly, her attention now facing back to Chō, a brow raised to show interest. She did have a point. Y/N’s home country did not have as many pro-heroes as Japan currently does. She only dreamed of being as important as what society thought of heroes. Maybe, just maybe, this could potentially build her reputation.

    Sighing, Y/N gazed over to Chō, “Fine, you win. I’ll go.”

    Chō grinned, her success inflating her ego. “I knew you’d come around. Find your best outfit and meet me there at ten.”

    Y/N did not even have time to protest, witnessing her friend exit her dorm and closing the door behind her.

    You should have stayed home, Y/N.

    You should have stayed home.

    Y/N dressed herself up to the nines as if the amount of effort would appease the rich, though she knew deep down it would not do such a thing. She would merely blend in as a college fool who hoped to get noticed by a pro-hero. Maybe even good enough to bump into one by accident.

    She gazed at her reflection in the mirror as she applied red lipstick to her soft lips. “Y/N!” Chō called, banging on her dorm room door. “You are going to make us even more late than we already are! I want to meet some heroes, dammit!”

    “Coming!” Y/N replied, grimacing when her unfinished report begged her to stay, but she was going to make sure to silence the mess of paperwork’s cries when she returned. Saying goodbye to the last of her responsibilities, Y/N exitted her dorm and was now on her way to the party that would change her destiny.

    “Katsuki, for the love of God, can you listen to me for once?” Leiko exclaimed in annoyance when the male didn’t even provide her with the slightest of glances. His head rested in his palm, crimson orbs finding refuge on the never ending report on his monitor screen.

    Leiko pinched the bridge of her nose and shook her head, collecting herself before she would snap on her boss and lose her job. “Katsuki, please,” Leiko sighed, this time, earning Katsuki’s attention, “I need you to be on your best behavior at this college conference. There are impressionable young men and women there who look up to you—“

    “I’m not a fuckin’ child, Leiko. I don’t need you scolding me about my behavior.” Katsuki derided, no longer wanting to hear his coworker’s concerns. She was not wrong, though. Katsuki is aware she is correct, yet he did not want to hear it.

    Leiko gave a respectful bow to her boss. “My apologies, sir. I shall finish working on your schedule for the week.”

    Katsuki nodded in response, his scowl loosening. Watching as she left his office, he continued working on his reports, until duty finally called and he was needed for meetings. He did not care about going to the conference at night, but due to Leiko’s continuous nagging, he ended up giving in. Besides,it would benefit him along with his career.

    Tailor’s brought in multiple thousand upon thousand dollar suits that Katsuki could choose from. All of them received Katsuki’s critiques until he settled on one he deemed placated to his taste. His mother was not the best at much, but she sure did raise her son with a sense of style. That also helped him have any woman fall to their knees for him.

    Leiko walked into the room, where the stylist was helping Katsuki prepare for the conference. Their eyes met through the mirror. “The limousine is waiting for you outside, Dynamite, sir.” Leiko informed.

    “Wait for me in the limo.” Katsuki directs Leiko, following his orders swiftly. Spritzing some cologne on his tailored suit, the stylist deemed him presentable and he was led out to the vehicle that awaited him.

    “Here are your notes.” Leiko stated as she handed him a stack of papers that are freshly printed off for him. Katsuki arched a natural golden eyebrow.

    “The hell are these for?” He inquired, scanning through the documents.

    “This conference will definitely help your stats, so I took it upon myself to make a list of questions you more than likely will be asked. I just want you to be prepared as much as possible.” Leiko explained, not enjoying the glow Katsuki’s irises held.

    “Haven’t we been over this shit already, Leiko? I don’t need your damn help. I can take care of myself.” Katsuki snapped, burning the notes to ash using his quirk. Leiko was used to this by now.

    “I’ll prepare the lawyers and NDA’s.” Leiko sighed, scrolling through her cell phone to get things in motion.

    As always.

    The vehicle pulled up to the destination, servants already waiting for the number two hero’s arrival? Opening the door for him, he exited the car where paparazzi flashed many pictures of him. All angles were flattering on the pro-hero so much that it was quite unfair how beautiful of a man he was. It almost made up for his constant terrible attitude.

    Butlers offered cocktails to Katsuki and Leiko, which they both partook in. Leiko was already familiar with this campus since she obtained her degree from here. So, she took it upon herself to introduce Katsuki to important people and the direction he needed to head into.

    “Hi, Kacchan!” A kind voice greeted Katsuki from behind, vanishing any calm nerve Katsuki had within him.

    “What the hell are you doing here, Deku?!” Katsuki bellowed, smoke threatening to come from his clenched palms. That, however, did not diminish the beaming smile Izuku Midoriya held on his features.

    “Same reason you are! I’m here to participate in the conference.” Izuku explained the obvious, agitating his rival even more.

    “Get the hell out of my way, Deku!” Katsuki scoffed, brushing past the number one pro-hero and his wife, Ochako, and towards the stage. Leiko did not even offer an apologetic bow as this was normal behavior between the pair.

    “I hate to cut the conversation short, but we must really get going.” Izuku smiled, leading his wife to the stage, where they sat together to give their speeches. Leiko remained close by, sweat forming on her exposed forehead in nervousness.

    “Please, Katsuki, do not fuck this up.” She mumbled quietly to herself; her job title depended on Katsuki behaving for the night.

    Chō was quite the convincer. Y/N did not plan to consume any alcohol tonight but, with her third cup of vodka mixed with red punch, the night seemed to run together. She was overwhelmed by the famous faces that chose to have some fun with the young men and women of the campus.

    Loud music blared and the lights were low. Y/N’s vision became blurry from the liquor. Not paying attention to her drunken ways, she bumped into a pro-hero:


    Y/N was lucky she did not make him spill ice cold whiskey on his suit or else he would have had another issue to fix.

    Katsuki was not one to join college parties nor go to campuses, but something had drawn him to the excitement of it all. All he wanted was some liquor and possibly a pretty chick to keep his cock warm with her cunt. That was not hard to pursue within a college.

    Katsuki was ready to growl out insults when he met bloodshot eyes. The woman was not one he had met before, yet there is a sense of familiarity he cannot seem to shake. His heart raced to an unfamiliar beat, his calloused touch became velvet as he grabbed onto her arm with a strict grip.

    “I’m so sorry!” Y/N whined, afraid she had angered the number two hero.

    “You alright?” Katsuki asked, not one to care about others' well being, but he cared about hers. She nodded.

    “Yeah! I’m great!” Y/N beamed, the smell of vodka dancing in Katsuki’s nostrils.

    Something in her had taken him aback: Her voice.

    It was so beautiful and... familiar.

    Shaking his head, Katsuki turned into his normal self, releasing the woman’s arm, “Watch your fuckin’ step next time, damn you.” Katsuki scolded, getting his whiskey from the bar and walking away.

    Katsuki stayed longer than intended that night. He wanted to leave, but his body refused to move. He had received several offers to take advantage of some girls who consented, yet here he was, watching her dance with who he assumed to be her friend and laughing at stupid stuff.

    Jealousy pinged his heart. Why did you not make eye contact with him again? Why are you ignoring him? This angered Katsuki for unknown reasons. Something within him told him he had to eliminate any distractions.

    You plagued Katsuki’s mind all night, Y/N. Didn't you see?

    “Hey, Y/N,” Chō giggled, attempting to tell you a secret that is way too loud, “pro-hero Dynamite is totally checking you out.”

    “Really?” Y/N’s easily impressionable, intoxicated words breathed out.

    Chō nodded, “Mhmm. Maybe you can get in bed with him.”

    Gazing over at her friend, Y/N would never fall for things like this. She would have slapped Chō for even suggesting that, but with the amount of alcohol that laid in her system at that moment, logical Y/N is out the door. Still, Y/N was intimidated by Katsuki. She could not even meet his eyes though they were demanding her gaze.

    Unlucky for Y/N, fate worked in mysterious ways.

    Katsuki felt nervous around her. He did not understand any of these emotions but, with enough support from the booze, Katsuki ended up making his way over to Y/N, “Wanna dance?” He asked.

    The pair did just that. Large calloused hands held her small soft ones, dancing in the large — now mostly vacant — room to a slow song. Katsuki and Y/N were mesmerized by one another. More than the naked human eye can see. They were in a completely different time.

    The two danced amongst the dance floor just like they did in the meadow. The floor below became soft spring grass, the moon being the disco ball, the stars being their only witnesses, and the crickets that were kind enough to play the music to their hearts.

    “Shall you return to me again someday, Abaddon?” Anthea whispered against the demon’s lips, kissing them slowly. He smiled, not feeling her gentle lips for quite some time.

    Tilting her head up, her bright aura shining down on him and burning his dark nature; he was willing to deal with the pain for his love. Peering down into her hopeful eyes, the demon smiles, showing sharp pointed teeth that would scare anyone who was not Anthea.

    “I shall, dearest. That’s a promise I make to you. When I live another human lifetime, I’ll go to the edges of the earth to find your pure soul.” He pledged, his demonic voice soothing Anthea’s nerves.

    Golden tears slipped from her eyes, planting flowers on her lover’s fingertips. He sighed when he could see the sky begin to brighten. Resting his forehead against Anthea’s, he sighed.

    “I shall leave now, Anthea. But I will return to you. Wait for me, okay?”

    “Okay.” She nodded, kissing his lips passionately, closing her eyes, only to open them, catching a glimpse of?Katsuki on top of her, thrusting deep into her.

    Moans fell from her parted red painted lips as Katsuki pounded deeper and deeper into the woman’s human weeping cunt. Her nails dug into the pro-hero’s muscular back for some sort of support, while his fangs buried themselves into her exposed neck, leaving her skin with beautiful markings to remember him by.

    Y/N would never be able to speak Katsuki's name to the public after that night. His threats of lawyers and signed NDA’s were not worth any amount of stress and hush-hush money. This was just Katsuki doing what many men did: take advantage of the weak while convincing society they are saving them.

    “Mm, Dynamite.” Y/N moaned, his thrust still as vigorous as from the start; Like a possessed demon feasting on the soul of the innocent. A trait Katsuki unleashed that night was one that would tarnish him for the rest of time. Katsuki attempted to conceal this beast that lived from the inside, but he lost that fight.

    A hard slap delivered to Y/N’s outer thigh, and a whine leaves her. Grabbing her chin in a forceful manner, he growled, “the name’s Katsuki, slut.”

    His eyes withheld a different shade of crimson when he gazed down at the stranger underneath him. But she is no longer a stranger to him; She was all he had ever known.

    Abbadon had been awakened.


    All Rights Reserved — I don’t give anyone permission to repost, distribute, copy or re-use my works in any way. 

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  • erenscockslut
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    when you fuck bakugou for the first time, he asks you to be gentle and to go slow — to have sex with him like you really, really love him — at least for the first couple times ; even though youd expected clawing and biting and clothes to be literally ripped off you, of course, oblige, and three rounds of soft, affectionate sex later he’s cuddling you to his chest before quietly thanking you for making his first time so special.

    #also theres this #katsuki bakugou x reader #bakugou katsuki x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugo katsuki x reader #mha x reader #bnha x reader #my hero academia x reader #boku no hero academia x reader #im in a bakugou mood tonight #if you couldnt tell #will also be expanding on this so wheeeee #this is more of a peekske though i guess #eh #enjoy if you enjoy
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  • erenscockslut
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    when you first start dating pro hero!bakugou you wonder why he’s so nervous to take his clothes off around you and why he insists on having sex with the lights off ; it isn’t until he’s absolutely certain about you and until you’re so fed up with him hiding that you ask him why that he admits his past s/o’s all hated his scars and the way they looked so he learned to hide them.

    you make sure to have him keep the lights on that night, and you make sure he knows how much he and his scars are worth.

    #help im in a angsty fluffy mood tonight #and this might be fuckin dumb #but i live for shit like this and its my blog so there #katsuki bakugou x reader #bakugou katsuki x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugo katsuki x reader #mha x reader #bnha x reader #my hero academia x reader #boku no hero academia x reader #will potentially expand on this!!
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  • headfirst-halo
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Do you think discourse in the BNHA universe would be like the ones we have? Like ok…imagine this

    Some streamer in the BNHA universe: hey guys do you want to see what I got today? I think it’s pretty cool and funny looking *pulls out a shitty animal mask that was bought from a costume store and puts it on* isn’t it neat? I think it looks kinda goofy and a little creepy

    Some human in chat: uhm…yikes….that’s totally appropriating people with *insert animal here* mutant quirks and it’s offensive

    Another human in chat: uhhh “mut*nt” is a slur stop calling them that. You’re part of the problem….

    Another human on social media later: so this is a callout post for a streamer who bought a *insert animal* mask and said it was “funny” and “scary” looking. This is so offensive and just all around shitty. I hope Endeavour burns them alive

    Person with ACTUAL *insert animal* mutant quirk: guys….shut the fuck up. This isn’t appropriating anything nor is it offensive….these things were made before quirks were a thing…calm the fuck down no one is mad. It’s only offensive if you make fun of mutants (which is NOT a slur you weirdos) or pretend to be a mutant while wearing one or not. Wearing an animal mask is not offensive in its own. Leave these people only holy shit. If you’re not a mutant you don’t get to say what’s offensive or not.

    I feel like it would be just as fucking bonkers as it is in our world. Actually if you have anymore examples of this please share omg I wanna laugh at what y’all come up with

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  • txpsyy
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    i just wanna be 60y/o w bkg and live in our little cottage in a little town w our little flower shop and our little garden and our little kids all grown up and visiting us now and then with our little grandkids..... :((((((

    #i’m miserable i’m helpless #i need this. i need. #tip rants#bakugo katsuki
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  • bluefuckboy
    26.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    I’m not saying anything about this other than this is two 🥛 I’ve written within the past 24 hours. How did my life come to this.

    Bakugo x f!reader

    The summary is 🥛 …fml

    CW: lactation 18+


    You developed an interest in Bakugo’s nipples after flicking one while he was rutting into you. He made a noise you’d never heard before and the rest of the night was spent with your mouth on them. He shrugs it off, but it’s not long before you playing with them becomes a regular habit. He makes the dirtiest noises when you squeeze the perked buds between your fingers and you’ve nearly cum to the moans that spill from his mouth when you suck on them.

    It’s movie night when you decide to add in the chill to Netflix and chill. You move the popcorn off your lap, running your fingers up his toned arms. He doesn’t move, focusing on the movie. Your fingers slip under his loose tank, immediately going for his nipples. He catches your wrist. You put on your best pout.

    “Baaabby….” Your lashes flutter.

    Watch the movie.”

    “It’s boring.” You push his tank up, pressing kisses along his stomach. “Please?”

    He rolls his eyes. “Fine but I’m watching the movie so don’t distract me.”

    You grin. It’s a challenge and you jump right in, diving under his tank so it’s over your head.

    “Hey! What… ah…”

    You have your lips on his right nipple like a lamprey and it has him shuddering. You don’t have much wiggle room under his tank like this so you push it up, hoping he’ll get the hint. He helps you take it off, staring at you with dark pupils. You give him a flirty smile and go back to your sucking, looking up at him through your lashes.

    His breath hitches and you let go of his nipple with a wet pop. It’s already swollen and dark despite you only starting your teasing. You lave your tongue over it and he squirms. It spurs you on as you take the whole of it in your mouth again, sucking on the puffy skin. He makes one of those sweet moans of bliss and your hand goes down to palm at the bulge in his pants.

    His hips jerk and you stick your hand down past his boxers, grabbing his cock. His head falls back on the couch as you move your hand down to cup his balls. Your teeth clip at the abused bud of his nipple but then you stop as something warm starts to pool in your mouth. Both of you look down at Bakugo’s chest, specifically at the opaque liquid dribbling out of the nipple you’d just been sucking on.

    “The fuck!?”

    He starts to get up, but you squeeze his balls, stopping him.

    “The hell are you doin’… shit.”

    Your mouth is back on his nipple, suckling up the liquid greedily. It’s so strange but you can’t help but want to suck him dry. His hands scramble on the couch and you feel his cock twitch. Clearly he’s enjoying you at his tit, mouth latched onto his nipple, practically drunk off him. You look up at him and his expression alone has you wetting your panties like a horny teenager. His eyes are screwed shut, mouth open, panting like a dog in heat.

    When his eyes finally flutter open to meet yours, the striking vermilion is almost obscured by the black of his pupils. You swallow thickly and your hand goes to tease at the head of his leaking cock. That’s all it takes for him to lose it, cumming in his pants as you finally let go of his nipple.

    He takes a shaky breath but you aren’t done with him. Your hand splays over his flushed chest and he starts to protest when your fingers roll the other nipple. He goes silent as you squeeze the bud and that milky substance oozes out. You lick it off your fingers, sucking a bit.

    “Looks like this side needs a little attention now,” you purr before scooting over to latch onto his other nipple.

    He whimpers and you start sucking. If this is a one time thing, then you’ve gotta milk it for all it’s worth.

    #what has my writing become #this is punishment for not working on my novel #bakugo#katsuki bakugo#why #why god why
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  • kazumidiary
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    -Bakugou *texting*: im gonna be 15min late just go ahead and order for us

    -kazumi *who forgot they were going out today*: you always do this

    #bnha incorrect quotes #bnha#mha#bakugou#bakugo #bakugou x reader #bakugo x reader #bakugou x oc #bakugo x oc #crack#fluff#bakugou katsuki#katsuki bakugou #katsuki x reader #katsuki x oc #bakugou x kazumi #katsuki x lyna #anime
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  • polonium-snap
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Vampire Deku and werewolf (it’s werecat but he won’t admit it) Kacchan for part 1 of my Halloween project…😈😈

    Notice how bk has bite marks and dk has loving scratch marks 🧡💚🧡💚🧡

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  • fatbitchgeek-blog
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    I 100000% believe this is how Pro Hero Dynamite would respond to thirst comments on TikTok and I need someone to fucking animate it riGHT FKN NOW

    #mha#bnha #pro hero dynamight #dynamite#bakugo #bnha bakugo katsuki #bakugou katsuki x reader #thirst traps#kiya's faves #yes pls dynamite judge our thirsty asses
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  • justauthoring
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    If I was to do a My Hero Academia rewrite, would anyone be interested?

    I was planning on making the reader Shoto’s twin — solely because of the angst that could be involved in that. And also making it a Bakugo Katsuki pairing.

    I really wanna know if any of you would be interested!! And if any of you have any ideas you’d like to add!

    #personal#mha#mha imagine #mha x reader #bnha#bnha imagine #my hero academia imagine #my hero academia #my hero academia x reader #boku no hero #boku no hero academia #Bakugo katsuki #bakugo katsuki imagine #bakugo katuski x reader #shoto todoroki imagine #shoto todoroki #shoto todoroki x reader #imagine#imagines
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  • rubylonewolf
    26.10.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #bakukiri#yandere #gender neutral reader #you #bnha x reader #katsuki bakugo#ejiro kirishima
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  • omiyatsu
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    defenseless bakugō katsuki


    — word count; 1,760.

    — synopsis; bakugō can’t resist his best friend’s little sister.

    — content warning; 18+, MDNI. all characters + reader are of age. non-hero au -> college au, f!reader, mentions of izuku, sleazy!katsuki, NONCON, dirty talk, coercion, spit/drool, crying, size kink, teasing -> condescension, degradation, mentions of virginity, a sprinkle of misogyny, MIND BREAK, talk of free use.

    There’s only two people in the world who have keys to Izuku’s apartment. You and Bakugō Katsuki. His darling, little sister and his menace of a best friend.

    You stay at Izuku’s often. Because being all on your own is scary, isn’t it? Why would you stay in your cramped dorm when you could live comfortably in your big brother’s apartment? You’re always protected by not only him but Katsuki, too.

    At least that’s what you’ve been lead to believe.

    Katsuki might be somewhat handsy at times— sure, he drags his rough fingertips over your soft skin in passing and squeezes or pinches the swell of your thighs whenever the opportunity is presented to him (whenever Izuku isn’t around), but it’s simply a tender display of innocent adoration.

    Even when he tugs you into his lap and murmurs against the back of your neck, making your face hot ‘n your mind blank. “Don’t tell your brother, got it?”

    That’s all it must be. Innocent adoration.

    Just like when you zone out while studying and glance at him for a bit too long while he’s lounging around with his thick thighs spread and a bulky arm thrown over the back of the couch. And when he catches you staring, he never fails to grumble something along the lines of, “What is it, brat?”

    “Nothing, ‘Suki.” You always sing back.

    It’s nothing, you’ve ultimately decided.

    It seems to be a usual Thursday afternoon for you. Your notes are sprawled out in front of you on your bed, littered in neon pink marks and scribbled annotations. You swing your legs in the air behind you as you lay on your tummy, humming to yourself while you try to understand all of the material.

    The sound of the front door suddenly being unlocked with a barely there click before it swings open makes your ears perk up— “Izuku?” You call out. You could’ve sworn he had class around this time.

    Instead of Izuku’s usual cheerful yet gentle voice, you hear a gruff one hollering back to you, getting closer, “It’s me, dummy.”

    Your eyebrows pull together and nearly meet. You look over your shoulder to see Katsuki standing in your doorway. There’s an expression on his face that you can’t quite place, but the glimmer in his eye that you always manage to catch is present.

    “What are you doing here?” The question falls from your lips in a way that’s much more rude than you were intending. Regardless, he lets it slide.

    Katsuki doesn’t really answer you. He huffs, as if that’s enough to shush you. His eyes remain trained on your thighs and the bit of ass that’s peeking out beneath you skirt. Which pair of panties did you decide on today? He’s only seen all of them by now in the laundry room. You look like a daydream, so close to being sprawled out for him.

    Once again, Katsuki is handsy. Yes, it’s something you’ve come to accept… however your breath still gets caught up in your throat when he saunters closer to your bed, ducking underneath the princess canopy Izuku had lovingly hung up for you and kneads his fingers into the plush, exposed flesh of your thighs. You feel more pressure in his fingertips than usual. Something about his already scandalous touches have a new sense of determination.

    And you’re right about that. He had hoped you’d be home alone, doing whatever a sweet girl like you would be doing, during his entire drive to the apartment. He hoped he would find you just like he did, ready to finally be taken and ruined by him without your brother getting in the way.

    “‘Suki,” Your sweet drawl coaxes him out of his head. You repeat yourself, “What are you doing here?”

    “Just wanted to see my favorite brat.” He’s kneeling on your bed now, looming over you while you twist around and pout up at him. His face is suddenly centimeters away from your own. When did he get so close? He continues on, “Is that such a crime?”

    But his hands are now on your waist and keeping you pinned down before you can squirm ‘n wriggle away.

    Katsuki kisses you— gentle but sloppy.

    It’s heady and you’re left no choice but to lift your smaller hands up to the sides of his neck and take it. His tongue works it’s way into your mouth in greedy licks, making you squeak. This is wrong. You glide your palms down to his strong chest and push. As if you have any power over him and his stature.

    Breathless, Katsuki pulls away from your lips with a lewd, wet smack sound. You’re dazed, but that doesn’t stop you from trying to shove your way out from beneath him, babbling as you do so, “We can’t do this, ‘Suki. You can’t do this. You know that.”

    You’ve set him off. He narrows his eyes, spit slick lips spread into a dangerous snarl that you’re surprisingly unfamiliar with, right against the curve of your jaw, “I can do whatever the fuck I want, ya got that? Don’t give a fuck about what your brother thinks at this point— what’s he gonna do? ‘ve been dreaming about your pretty body for too long. Lemme have it.”

    The implication of his words has you trembling in his hands. You thrash beneath him, fighting off the mind melting, gasp inducing feeling of his plump lips traveling down your sensitive neck. Your eyes are squeezed shut by the time his thick fingers stroke over the cotton hiding your pussy away from him.

    He’s sitting back up on his knees, clearly amused at the wet patch spreading over the soft material his thumb is gliding against, “I can’t do this?” He mocks your pitiful tone through an exaggerated pout, “Why is your lil’ pussy this messy just from kissing me, then? Hm? Be a big girl ‘n tell me.”

    His berating is all it takes to reduce you to tears. You turn your wet, burning face to the side to hide from his harsh gaze. You sniffle nice and loud, making his cock throb in his jeans, “No, no— I don’t want this, ‘Suki! Just go! I promise I won’t tell Izu!”

    “Yeah, you’re right.” He scoffs, “You won’t tell him a fuckin’ thing.”

    It’s a struggle for him to tug your disgrace of a skirt and panties down your thighs with the way you’re kicking your legs and wiggling around, but the glossy strings sticking to the cotton aren’t lying to him. You’re huffing, fully exasperated while Katsuki fumbles with his belt and removes his cock from his jeans that we’re starting to feel entirely too tight.

    Too tight for his fat cock to handle, but he’s sure your little cunt will have the same affect. 

    Your pupils are blown wide. Tears cling to your lashes as you watch him stroke his cock in a fluid motion. Big doesn’t do him justice, and words are falling off of your heavy tongue before you even know what they are.

    “It won’t fit, ‘Suki,” you hiccup, choking on the mixture of spit and tears that’s been clinging to your swollen lips, “‘s gonna hurt! Don’t want it!”

    Katsuki tsks. His tongue pokes out and swipes over his bottom lip, gaze remaining trained on his hefty cock as he lays every inch of it over your tummy. The tip brushes over your belly button, your whole body twitches when you feel it. He coos, “Don’t want it? Are you sure, baby? Don’t wanna cream all over your brother’s best friend’s cock like a good girl?” 

    You blink. Once, twice. Staring up at him while more tears slip down your cheeks and your pretty mouth hangs open, bottom lip trembling due to how sugar-coated and absolutely honeyed his tone is. It’s just your ‘Suki, isn’t it? It’s just him— he’d never do anything to hurt you. That’s what you’ve ultimately decided, yet again.

    But he’s already making that decision for you by sinking the first few inches of his cock into your awaiting cunt, squishing your thighs beneath his fingers and pushing your knees up to your shoulders. You try your hardest to bite on your tongue and swallow down your sobs at the stretch, gripping onto his hands. He’s crooning once more and it’s your downfall, “Be a good girl for me, yeah?”

    Yeah. You’re nodding dumbly, humming out the exact sounds Katsuki has been dreaming about night after night. Finally, he gets to split you open on his cock and make you forget about any other boy. You only need him— not even Izuku.

    “So fuckin’ tight,” he hisses through his teeth, “my baby isn’t a virgin is she? Can’t be— you’re always beggin’ for it with those little skirts.”

    It’s true; you’re not a virgin, but your hands still reach down and try to push on his lower abdomen.

    He’s fucking into you with little to no restraint.

    The sound of skin on skin rings throughout the room. Growls vibrate and rumble in his strong, sturdy chest, blunt nails dig into the delicate skin underneath them. You whimper pathetically with every single drive of his hips, eyes crossing each time the fat head of his cock presses up on your previously un-abused cervix. Your fingertips graze the subtle veins trailing down to his dick, before he snatches your wrists up and presses them down into your bedding next to your reeling head.

    “You’re mine now. All mine,” Katsuki is rasping his words out past another toothy snarl. His lips drool ‘n move over your own, “My pretty cocksleeve. All mine to fuck ‘n use up whenever I please, until all you can even fuckin’ think about is me. Only me. No one can stop me— not you, not Izuku. Am I understood?”

    And then you feverishly babble what he’s always wanted to hear, “Yes, ‘Suki! Only you!”

    In that moment, you mean it. You mean it with every fiber of your fucked out being— completely cockdrunk in a way you’ve never been, thanks to your brother’s best friend.

    “That’s right. My good, little free use whore, huh?”

    You nod, keening ‘n squeezing your eyes shut, more or less giving Katsuki permission to defile your mind and body further. He nearly wrings your wrists beneath his palms and dips his head down to glue your lips to his, in a mess of saliva and built up desire.

    After all, there’s still forty-five minutes until Izuku comes back home from class.

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  • terrible-my-hero-academia-aus
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    An AU Where...

    Bakugou's name is Backugo and his quirk is time travel.

    #bnha #my hero academia #terriblebnhaaus#bnha au#bnha memes#bnha crack #boku no hero aus #boku no hero academia #boku no hero memes #bakugo katsuki
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  • aulel-process
    26.10.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #bakudeku#bkdk#katsudeku #bakugou x deku #bakugo x deku #deku#izuku#izuku midoriya#midoriya#bakugou#bakugou katsuki#katsuki#bnha bakudeku#bnha bakugou#bnha deku#bnha izuku #bnha izuku midoriya #bnha bakugou x deku #bnha #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #mha
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  • mhastuffbecauseyes
    26.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    season 2 ep 9

    Look at Bakugou playing nice with others. He’s grown so much

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  • katsukikook
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    you loved when bakugou wore sunglasses.

    his most used pair were these black shades. a typical pair, easy to style and pretty much went with every thing. black rims with black lenses so that you never knew where he was looking. your favourite was when he’d come pick you up, leaning over the passenger seat to open the door to let you in, peering at you from over the top of the frames. head titled so he can see all of you in the warm sunlight, scarlet pupils flicking you up and down, a little dilated because it’s you he’s looking at. and you look at him too with his matching tight black vest, thin gold chain and black shorts. he looks so good. you’re about to tell him as you slide into the leather seat but he beats you to it.

    “hey princess, you look pretty.” and he says it so casually, so politely like he’s a good boy that spends his last few pennies to get you a single flower from the florist. not a very handsome pro hero looking so similar to sin and temptation in his sleek car that was worth more than your student debt and then some. he says it wearing those goddamn sunglasses with one hand on the wheel and looking at you. you’re not exactly sure where.

    bakugou, on the other hand… his eyes bounce to your exposed collarbones, the centre decorated with a dainty necklace he bought you and… is that glitter across your chest? then the expanse of your neck, up to your ear, all exposed from your hair being up. he knew your hair always made you even hotter in this sweltering heat and he loved how it opened your face up. then his eyes drop down to your exposed plump thighs in your pretty little summer dress. so pretty. makes him wanna sit you on his lap and snuggle you to his chest. usually you’d push his head away when he’s so clearly checking you out. heating up cutely with embarrassment and shuffling to cover your skin. but you can’t tell.

    “thank you baby,” you kiss his cheek, “you look handsome too.”

    and it’s something about the way your boyfriends eyes are your favourite feature on him. yet you loved when you couldn’t see them when they were covered by the midnight black lens. it’s so obvious for you to love his eyes but it was true. you could see everything about him in his there; the way they shone like rubies when he was intimate with you, to the way they melted like magma when he was passionate about something. they were always alert and analysing, like he knew what was going on before anyone else did and he had to be aware of everybody and everything incase something happened. side effects of being a pro hero you assume. though of course, when he’s alone with you, at home, his eager eyes would soften, become lazy when he was with you because you were here, safe. with him.

    but… well wearing his sunglasses gave him that bad boy aura, that who’s he? you read about in those online books when you were 13. made him carry an air of mystery and expectancy, made you want to give him a reason to look at you.

    though you didn’t have to try very hard. proven by the ring cladded hand that gripped your thigh as he drove, sometimes drifting to hold your hand but always landed back on your thigh. and how whenever he was at a stop light, he took it as his chance to give you another quick once over. you now with windows open, seat reclined and head rolling to look at him with the most gorgeous smile he’s ever seen because you can feel him staring.

    “what katsuki?”

    “nothin. can’t i look at my girlfriend? damn.” and he’d shake his head facing forward, foot back on the pedal as the traffic light beams green at him.

    #one time i said everything i write is basically Before Smut #not BC it’s BS #thinking about bakugou #QUICK THOUGHTS BEFORE BED !!!!! #sunglasses fic in autumn ok #katsuki bakugou x reader #bakugou katsuki x reader #bakugo katsuki x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bakugo x reader #bnha bakugo #bakugou x reader
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  • solarkatsuki
    25.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    Remembering that one time my boyfriend knew (roughly) what the terms "limes" and "lemons" meant in fan fiction....he's for the streets!!!

    And the fact that he asked if i wrote them??? No??? I only read them c'mon now

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