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  • haikyutiehoe
    02.12.2021 - 5 minutes ago

    very very very fucking mean bakugou who needs to fuck you back into your place. my friends said i needed to write smutty angst. no real comfort. he’s just being mean and treating you like a common cocksleeve.Angst

    “thought i told you to leave me the fuck alone.” bakugou growls, gloved hand roughly pressing your head down into the mattress. ass elevated and flushed against his chiseled torso, you whine at the awkward, uncomfortable position. “shut up.” the hero hisses, cock slipping into your further, irritating the ache in your spine.

    “gotta fuck you stupid again don’t i? too stupid for your own good, can’t understand that fucking you was a mistake.” body burning from the inappropriate positioning beneath dynamight’s rough thrusts, you wail in an uncoordinated fashion, voice struggling against the weight now slamming against your thighs, buried cock head spearing into you at a brutal rate. “i don’t fuck you for pleasure.” he claims, on hand sharply slapping against your bare cheek. you screech beneath him, the weight baring down on you rendering you immovable. “i fuck you cause you’re easy. you hear that. you’re an easy little whore - always waiting for me to fill your little hole.” you want to cry at the mean language, at the degrading nature of a hero who saved you once but was now inside you, ruining your sense of worth and your trust.

    “silly little slut.” he grunts, rapid thrusts now quickening as he feels his balls tighten with you clenching him like a common hole. yanking your head back to force you to address you slutty reflection, katsuki hisses into your ear, crimson gaze glaring back at you.

    “dumb yet?” you struggle to reply. “shouldn’t be long now. you weren’t that smart to begin with.” a bark of laughter accents the slapping in the room, the arousal trickling down your leg and the smacking saturating the sounds. “falling in love with a hero like me. dumb little birdie. the next time you see me, you’ll remember this.” the promise makes your blood run cold as you feel the milky substance leak from your tight entrance, slipping down your leg. “can’t say i was never nice and didn’t give ya anything. look, i bred you nice and pretty.”

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  • redriotsimp
    02.12.2021 - 6 minutes ago

    Kirishima: Sorry it took me so long to bail you out of jail

    Sero: No it’s my fault, I shouldn’t’ve used my one phone call to prank call the police

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  • arbitrarycategories
    02.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago
    #bnha #bnha time travel au #bakudeku #pro hero deku #pro hero bakugou #middle school midoriya #middle school bakugou #ruby and emerald au #yagi toshinori#all might#tsukauchi naomasa#principal nedzu #Symbol of Peace #(thematically relevant) #One for All #seriously i'm writing from future!katsuki's POV and it is SAPPY #love deku hours are 25/7 from kacchans viewpoint!
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  • apendice-chileno
    02.12.2021 - 32 minutes ago

    Kiribaku from a request (2/12)

    #kiribaku#art link#commissions open #boku no hero fanart #katsuki bakugou#eijirou kirishima#mha #Hc that bakugou has his fingers like they were burned bc of his explosions
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  • katsukibakugouprompts
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Hybrid AU, Investigator AU, enemies to friends [optional to lovers], bkdk/dkbk

    Malimois Hybrid Katsuki whose is rescued from a fighting ring and put through rehabilitation. However, due to his nature, he’s not thriving very well as an adoptable pet. Luckily, as a way to promote public image and show community connectedness, a semi-local precinct picks their newest hybrid unit trainees from shelters. Katsuki, with his natural work-drive, athleticism, and desire to be the best at what he does, is a perfect fit. He’s quickly slotted into the program and ready to succeed, and oh boy is he excited!

    Except, Katsuki’s expectations are nothing like the real thing, and instead of being a badass good buy breaking down doors, kicking ass, and taking names, he’s stuck with some touchy, feely wimp of a handler who can’t stop talking about his old hybrid. What, is Katsuki not good enough? It’s not like Deku’s even given him a chance!

    Meanwhile, Izuku’s glad to have another hybrid, it’s been hard since Shouto retired and he’s been itching to jump back into things after some time off. He’s just struggling to manage his expectations. He and Shou worked so good together, and after working through him, Izuku really thought he had this thing down. But this new hybrid is really throwing for a loop. He’s loud, bossy, pushy, and aggressive, and he isn’t trusting Izuku’s training methods, how are they supposed to work as a team if he wont even listen to Izuku?

    It’s a match made in hell, but can these two learn to work together?

    #bnha prompt #bnha writing prompt #bnha fanfic idea #bkdk prompt#dkbk prompt#hybrids#hybrid au#bakugou prompt #bakugou writing prompt #katsuki bakugo#izuku mydoria #izuku midoriya writing prompt #deku #deku x kacchan
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  • bokunoherodaily
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Credits to Color_Division

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  • smoogieboogie
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Sketched some funky lil dudes 🤘

    #mha #my hero academia #bnha #boku no hero academia #world heroes mission #rody soul#katsuki bakugou#izuku midoriya#deku#my art#mars art
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  • sendhelpimstupid
    02.12.2021 - 1 hour ago
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  • kirishimasensei
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago


    author :: KirishimaSensei (Misha)

    pairing :: Bakugou Katsuki x f!Reader x Kirishima Eijirou

    word count :: 4.5k

    tags :: sexually explicit content | adult characters | polyamory | oral sex | cock worshipping | hair pulling | choking | dirty talk | cum play

    summary :: Katsuki helps you give Eijirou a blowjob.

    What’s better than a big, fat cock?

    Two big, fat cocks.

    More specifically, Katsuki’s and Eijirou’s big, fat cocks. And you should be fucking them both by now, but no, Eijirou just had to take a shower right that second. He couldn’t have waited until after, when all three of you would be undoubtedly sweaty and cum-covered. Oh no, he had to leave when you started getting all wiggly and Katsuki started getting all wordy and he should’ve been getting all handsy, but instead, he rolled out of bed so he could take a shower.

    Fine, then. He can be that way.

    Because when Katsuki is rock hard beneath you, you have zero complaints. He’s thick and long and grinding up against your clit and it feels so fucking good, you could cum right there if you weren’t waiting for Eijirou to get out so he can see what he’s been missing.

    And speak of the devil, you hear the door to the bathroom open, hear Eijirou step out into the bedroom, but you just continue to kiss Katsuki’s soft, plush lips. Katsuki still has his shirt and sweats on, but you’re stripped down to your bra and panties, back arched to press your chest down against Katsuki and ass raised to give Eijirou a little peak.

    When you finally look up and over your shoulder, Eijirou is leaning against the wall, thick arms crossed over his chest, wearing nothing but a pair of boxer briefs. His tanned skin looks soft and still damp, wet hair slicked back and dark from the water. He looks so fucking delicious.

    “I think Eijirou’s feeling left out,” Katsuki says, hands idly massaging your ass, kneading the soft skin, and pulling your cheeks apart. Eijirou’s eyes flicker down to your panty-covered core.

    “Then Eijirou should stop being a wallflower,” you reply, still lightly circling your hips against Katsuki’s, “and come join in on the fun.”

    “I don’t know,” Eijirou says, shrugging. “I have a pretty good view from here.”

    “Oh, come on,” you plead, giving him your best puppy-dog eyes from over your shoulder. “You’re already almost naked.”

    Eijirou just cocks an eyebrow and shrugs.

    “He doesn’t want to join us,” you pout, turning back to Katsuki.

    Katsuki gives your ass a quick, sharp slap and says, “Why don’t you go get him, babe.”

    “Yeah, come get me,” Eijirou repeats, giving his hardening dick one long stroke through his underwear.

    You don’t need to be told again. You swing your leg over Katsuki and crawl to the edge of your bed. Katsuki chuckles and slaps your ass again before your feet hit the floor, and then you casually stroll over to Eijirou, hips swaying a little more than usual.

    When you get to him, you hook your fingertips in the elastic of his boxer briefs and pull a little, but he doesn’t budge.

    “Eiji –“

    “Yeah, sweetheart?” he replies, the corners of his lip turning up into a little smirk.

    “Why are you being such a party pooper?” you whine.

    “He’s just spoiled and wanted us to bring the party to him,” Katsuki says, getting off the bed as well. “Ain’t that right, babe?”

    Katsuki’s close behind you now, hard cock pressing into your lower back, and he drops a pillow he’s taken from the bed onto the floor. He leans over your shoulder and grabs Eijirou by the back of the neck, pulling him forward to plant a hard kiss on his lips. Which is one way to do it – taking, not asking – and you’ll keep that in mind for next time. But for now, you’re happy watching your boys kiss, two perfect pairs of lips sliding across each other, the tips of their tongues barely touching.

    And you’re trapped between the two – strong, solid bodies pressed against your back and chest. You will always love the feeling of being sandwiched between them, whether it’s sleeping or showering or fucking. There’s no place more safe, more comfortable, than being between your boys.

    When they part, you follow Katsuki’s mouth with your eyes. His lips are already swollen and spit-slick, tempting you to touch them even though you were just making out with him not two minute before. He catches your gaze and palms the back of your head to hold you still as he leans in to kiss you too. His lips are still warm and wet from Eijirou’s and the thought has you pressing your ass back against him.

    He pulls back with a sigh, one hand still on the back of your head, the other in Eijirou’s hair, and guides your mouths to each other. You bring your own hands up to cup Eijirou’s jaw, smooth-shaven and angle-sharp. You nip his bottom lip and he moans, wrapping an arm around your waist to bring you closer.

    “Get down on your knees,” Katsuki says, lips brushing the shell of your ear. His voice is rough and firm, and you find yourself pulling back from Eijirou and immediately sinking down to the floor, maneuvering the pillow so that it’s beneath your knees.

    Eijirou’s thick cock is right in front of your face, straining against the fabric of his underwear. Your mouth waters at the sight, but you already know from his tone that Katsuki is calling the shots tonight, and you’re not going to risk having this whole thing stopped because you’ve done something he hasn’t told you to do.

    “Give him a little preview, babe,” Katsuki says to you, as if reading your mind. “Let him see what he’s missing.”

    You do as Katsuki says and lean forward to nuzzle Eijirou through his boxer briefs. You love Eijirou’s cock. It’s long and generously wide. Always pink at the tip when he’s hard and wanting. And like every other part of his body, he’s hairless there too, from balls to belly button, allowing you to appreciate every single inch of his perfect length.

    You want to start off slow, tease him a little at first, but you can’t help yourself. You bury your face in the tented fabric of his underwear, running your nose along his shaft, grazing your lips over it. You nip at his dick, just barely, just enough to make him feel something other than the muted drag of your mouth on the outside of his briefs. This earns you a deep moan, one which you return.

    You move lower to mouth at his big, firm balls, showing them as much attention as you showed his cock. Eijirou’s hips are gently pushing forward, pressing your lips and tongue harder against him with each thrust. Katsuki has one hand on your head, petting your hair, and one hand on Eijirou’s stomach, steadying his pace.

    You love this easy synchronicity between you three. It’s so natural, so innate, ever since the first time. You all just fit, and it’s perfect and pure, and you don’t even have to think anymore. You just do what feels right and good, and you trust that your boys will take care of you the rest of the way.

    “Look at her,” Katsuki says from above you. “She wants your dick so fucking bad.”

    You brace your hands against Eijirou’s thighs as you rise up on your knees, licking a long line from his balls to the head of his cotton clad dick. You stop at the tip and wrap your lips around it, stroking it with your tongue until the fabric of his briefs are spit-soaked and see-through, precum seeping through which you are all too happy receive.

    Katsuki startles you when he tugs your hair and drags you off of Eijirou’s dick. He pulls you back so that you’re looking up at Eijirou, and you let out a whimper at the sudden loss of contact, but the sight before you is a reward within itself. Eijirou, your gorgeous Eijirou, looks completely wrecked already, beautiful red eyes blown wide and gazing down on you. His hair still shower-damp and tussled. His hands have a tight grip on Katsuki’s shoulders and you wonder if Katsuki told him to put them there while you were busy lavishing attention on his dick.

    You bite your bottom lip and massage Eijirou’s thighs. He has always had a soft spot for you on your knees, and you can only imagine how you look now. Your mouth is watering, lips rubbed swollen from his cotton briefs. Your chest is heaving in anticipation and all you want is to feel the satisfying stretch of his cock inside of you, regardless of which hole it’s in.

    “You want his dick, babe?” Katsuki asks. All you can do is nod your head in response.

    “Ask for it, then,” he continues, but before you can even speak, his grip tightens in your hair. “And ask nicely.”

    You moan at his tone, gentle but commanding, knowing he’s in control. Katsuki is always in control – of his voice, his words, his actions. He’s in control of yours, too, and Eijirou’s half the time. You fought against it for the longest, but now you love it. Katsuki seems to know exactly what you need, even if you don’t realize it yourself. He knows when to push you and when to pull back. He knows when you need it soft and slow and when you need it rough and hard. He knows exactly how much you can handle before you’re writhing and weeping and begging for him to let you cum.

    And he knows, he knows, that you need Eijirou’s dick in your mouth right at this moment or else you’re going to explode.

    “May I have your cock, Eijirou?” you plead, voice a little more high pitched and pathetic than you would have liked it to be, but you continue anyway. “Can you please fuck my mouth?”

    Both of your boys groan above you, and Katsuki’s hand tightens in your hair even more, tipping over the edge of being painful. You whimper at the sensation, but you feel your pussy throb, too. You’re not one to shy away from a little pain with your pleasure, and Katsuki knows just how much to give.

    “Are you going to let her have it?” Katsuki asks Eijirou, sounding more breathless than before.

    You’re still looking up at Eijirou, begging. You need his cock; don’t know what you would do if he said you couldn’t have it. But before you can ask again, Eijirou removes one of his hands from Katsuki’s shoulder and brings it down to rub his thumb across your waiting lips.

    “Of course,” he says, looking at you, but speaking to Katsuki. “Anything she wants.”

    You sigh in relief, sinking back down so that you’re sitting on your heels. Katsuki gently eases your head back, carefully this time. He bends you so far that you’re arching your back to look up at him, then leans down and gives you a soft upside-down kiss on your lips.

    “See, baby,” he says. “He wasn’t holding out on us. Just playing hard to get.”

    Katsuki lets go of your hair completely and brings his hands up to cup Eijirou’s face. He kisses him again, this time slow and sweet, and you’re almost jealous that you’re not a part of it. But you remember where you are – on your knees, trapped between the two of them, seconds away from getting Eijirou’s dick in your mouth, and no telling what Katsuki has in mind for you. Suddenly, you’re not so envious anymore. You’re hungry.

    Katsuki gives Eijirou one last peck before grabbing the hem of Eijirou’s boxer briefs and sliding them down, sinking to his own knees as he lowers them to his feet. Eijirou kicks his briefs out of the way and now he’s completely naked, standing above you glorious and god-like, and all you want to do is worship him on your knees.

    You’d say Eijirou was a uniquely perfect specimen, so absolutely beyond your reach, if there weren’t two of them here with you now, one in front and one behind. They’re here and real and tangible, and Eijirou’s rock hard cock is finally free, standing at attention right in front of your face, so close you could touch it if Katsuki would let you.

    “Fuck, that’s nice,” Katsuki says. “You like the look of that, don’t you, babe? Eijirou’s gorgeous dick nice and hard for you? I know I do.”

    Katsuki presses up behind you, thighs on the outside of yours, broad chest against your back. He nuzzles his own hard dick in the crack of your ass and you can’t help but push back against it. He places a hand against your throat with enough pressure to keep you flush against his body, just far enough away from Eijirou that you can’t reach his cock.

    “Eijirou said I could have it,” you whine. “Please, let me have it.”

    Katsuki chuckles, deep and low, and plants a kiss on your temple. His free hand finds your breast, still lace-covered, and kneads it in his palm, plucking your nipple between his fingertips. The slight twinge of pain makes your hips stutter forward, so he does it again, smirking against your jaw as he does.

    You steady yourself with your hands against Katsuki’s thighs, grinding back against his dick. And now Eijirou is starting to stroke his cock, right in your face, teasing you with long, languid pulls. You don’t know how much more you can take.

    “Look at that, baby,” Katsuki says in your ear. “Eijirou’s as needy as you are.”

    You let out an involuntary moan and lean your head against Katsuki’s shoulder. He still has a hand on your throat, the other playing with your hard and aching nipples, but now he’s moving his thighs under yours so that you’re practically sitting in his lap.

    You arch your back and push your breasts forward, relishing the feeling of Katsuki’s hands against them as you try to seek out some kind of relief. You’re grinding your ass down on his dick, and he’s rocking up against you to meet your movements, and you two must be putting on quite a show because Eijirou is now stroking his dick in short, fast pulls.

    “Eiji,” you plead, because it’s worth a try. You know you have Eijirou wrapped around your finger when it’s just the two of you, but you also know that he indulges Katsuki when he gets like this. Katsuki has always been a bad influence on your sweet Eijirou.

    “Kat’s calling the shots,” Eijirou says from above you and you can feel Katsuki smile against your cheek as he plants soft kisses on your skin.

    “That’s right,” Katsuki says into the hollow behind your ear. You can feel his head move, stubble scraping against your jaw as he looks up at Eijirou. “Put your hands on the wall,” Katsuki tells him. “You’re gonna cum if you keep doing that.”

    Eijirou groans, but does as he’s told, placing his palms flat against the wall behind him. His body is still moving, though, hips subtly thrusting into the space in front of your waiting mouth.

    You turn your head, lest you be tempted to try to reach out and lick a path up that perfect dick. Instead, you graze your lips over Katsuki’s jaw, and he turns his face to kiss you.

    “Katsuki,” you whisper into his mouth. “Katsuki, Katsuki, baby, please.”

    You distract him with kisses as you take one of your hands off of his thigh and begin to rub your fingers across your panty covered pussy. You’re so wet, completely soaked through your underwear, slick cunt and ass and thighs. You moan into Katsuki’s mouth, you can’t help it, as you stroke your throbbing, swollen clit. It feels so damn good to finally find some reprieve.

    “Fuck, Katsuki!” Eijirou moans, the traitor, looking down at the place where your fingers are trying to creep into your panties. You’ll make him pay for that another time, but for now, Katsuki has you both too wound up for you to do anything but sob when he grabs your hand with his own.

    “What are we going to do with you?” Katsuki gently chides before he brings your slick covered fingers to his mouth. He licks them clean, one by one, sinful lips and tongue wrapped around each quivering digit. Both you and Eijirou groan, two pairs of wanting eyes following all of his movements.

    You don’t know when teasing Eijirou turned into torturing you, but you don’t fucking like it. You can feel the tears building in the corners of your eyes and you try to blink them away before they have a chance to spill over.

    “You always taste so fucking delicious,” Katsuki says, his own fingers running a trail down your stomach. You only whimper in response, afraid of what will come out of your mouth if you open it to speak.

    “You want a taste, baby?” he asks, and you nod your head, crying out when Katsuki snakes his hand into your panties to run across your touch deprived clit. He circles it once, twice, and you swear on the third time you could almost cum, but then he moves his fingers down even further and slides them into your tight, wet heat.

    You could scream, it feels so fucking amazing. You didn’t even know how empty you were until you had something to fill you up. So you rock down on his fingers, trying to get them deeper, but after a few short pumps, Katsuki withdraws, leaving you unfulfilled once again.

    “I asked you if you wanted a taste,” Katsuki says softly, slowly wiggling his glistening fingers in front of your face.

    “Yes, please, Katsuki,” you beg, but instead of putting his fingers in your mouth, he reaches out and slides them up the underside of Eijirou’s hard cock, leaving a wet trail behind them.

    “Go on,” he tells you. “Lick it up.”

    Finally, fucking finally. You surge forward and lap at Eijirou’s dick, following the path that Katsuki’s fingers took just before. You moan out loud, and both of your boys do too. You could cry, you’re so relieved, but instead, you just keep moaning, wordlessly appreciating how perfect Eijirou’s cock feels against your tongue.

    There’s no pomp or real finesse to your actions. You’re not even thinking about Eijirou’s own pleasure. You’re just trying to soothe the sparks skittering across the surface of your skin.

    Katsuki grabs hold of your hair again and pulls you away from Eijirou’s dick, but before you can complain, he’s holding Eijirou’s shaft in his other hand and guiding you back forward. You part your lips and allow Katsuki to feed you Eijirou’s dick, groaning around the thick, hot weight on your tongue. Katsuki pulls you back and then pushes forward again, giving you the tip and nothing more.

    You’re almost frantic with want, mouth watering from the caramel-salt taste of Eijirou’s precum. You savor the slow drag of his dick against your lips, saliva building up in the back of your mouth as you try to take more of it. You moan, deep and low in your throat, Eijirou’s dick muffling the sound.

    Katsuki pulls you back again, then pushes your whole body forward, running your face across Eijirou’s dick. Eijirou is panting above you, the picture of perfect obedience, still standing with his hands on the wall. Katsuki slaps Eijirou’s cock against your cheek, spreading spit across your upturned face. You wince at the sharp sting of skin hitting skin, but moan for more, as if the only thing that can keep you happy is a face full of dick.

    You reach forward and take Eijirou’s cock in your hands, massaging his shaft with corkscrew strokes. Katsuki lets you do it, even without you asking for permission first.  He must see how much you need it – a hard cock in your hands and mouth, your pussy too, and ass, if you’re being completely honest.

    You take Eijirou in your mouth again, short bobs of your head, taking only half of his dick. You hollow out your cheeks, nice and pretty like Eijirou likes them, and suck hard. From above you, Eijirou calls out your name and thrusts forward, nearly gagging you in the process. You get the hint and take as much of him as you can, closing the space between your hand and your lips as your throat loosens.

    Katsuki’s hands are all over your body – your shoulders and breasts and waist and thighs. He gets a good grip on your hips and holds you down, pushing his dick up against your ass. You groan at the feeling, imagining Katsuki buried deep inside of your pussy while your mouth is full of Eijirou’s dick. There’s nothing in the world that’s better than that.

    “You can touch her,” Katsuki says, and Eijirou needs no more permission than that. 

    He palms your head with both hands and gives your mouth a few fast, shallow pumps. When he calms down he goes slower, deeper, pushing his dick further and further into your mouth with each thrust. A couple more smooth strokes and he’s in your throat, the push-pull of his hands in your hair controlling your movements. And when he’s buried all the way to the hilt, he holds you there, giving your hair a gentle tug to make you look up at him.

    You must look ruined. Your eyes are damp and leaking, chest heaving, drool creeping out the corners of your mouth. But Eijirou is beautiful, his red eyes bright and shining, his stomach hard and rippling. His plush, pink lips are open, as if in awe. And best of all, he’s looking down at you like you’re the most amazing thing in the world.

    Eijirou pulls out and grabs his cock with one hand, holds your head steady with the other, and traces your lips with the tip of his dick. Saliva and tears and running together on your face, making a mess. You’re breathing hard and fast, trying to catch your breath. But you keep your mouth open for Eijirou, whimpering and waiting for him to give you his cock again.

    “You ok, baby?” Katsuki asks, holding you in a tight embrace around your stomach. Your arms are limp at your sides and you just fall back into him. He kisses your cheek, smearing the mess on your face, but he doesn’t care.

    “Yes,” you groan. “Please don’t stop.”

    You reach back and grab Katsuki’s hips, rocking yourself down on his dick. He slides his hand inside of your panties and starts strumming your clit with his fingers.

    “Oh, fuck, baby,” Katsuki says in sweet adoration. “You’re soaking wet.”

    You know. You’ve been wet and aching for ages, wanton and waiting for him to finally touch your neglected clit again. You’re writhing on his lap, rolling your hips, moaning, gasping, whispering words that you barely even realize are coming out of your mouth.

    Eijirou is fucking his fist again, an easy slip-slide aided by the spit you left on his cock. It’s hard and thick and red, and looks so fucking good sliding out between his long, skilled fingers. And right then and there, you know that you’re not going to last. Your legs are already shaking, breath catching in your throat, and when you do cum, it’s sharp and sudden, and Katsuki has to hold you down with his free hand so you don’t topple forward off of his lap.

    “Fuck, baby, do you feel better?” Katsuki asks, leaving kisses on your cheek. It takes you some time to come down from your pleasure high, but when you do, you nod your head and reach out to touch Eijirou’s thighs, wanting him to cum too.

    You feel breathless, weightless, exhausted. You just lean your head back on Katsuki’s shoulder and stare into Eijirou’s eyes as he jerks himself off. You love the tight flex of Eijirou’s muscles beneath your palms as he strokes his cock, the needy little sounds coming from his lips as he thrusts his hips forward, fucking into his fist.

    “Where do you want to come, Eijirou?” Katsuki asks. “Do you want to come on these perfect tits?”

    Katsuki pulls your bra down and palms your breasts, and for the first time tonight you feel his big, warm hands against your tender nipples. He runs his fingers across them, pinching them, pulling them. You sigh at the feeling, but can’t do much else but arch your back and let him have his way with you.

    “Or…” Katsuki continues, sliding his hands from under your arms, running them between your shoulder blades, then up into your hair. He pets your head then moves down to cup your jaw with both hands, making sure your face is upturned and ready. “Do you want to come all over this gorgeous face?”

    “Oh, fuck, yes,” Eijirou groans and he’s climaxing, spraying your face with hot ropes of cum. Katsuki’s holding your face forward and up so Eijirou can get the perfect shot, covering your cheeks and chin and nose and lips. Some lands on your tongue and you swallow it down eagerly, happy to take anything that Eijirou will give you.

    When he’s done, Katsuki turns your head so he can kiss your cum-stained cheek. “Perfect,” he says, licking his lips. “You did so well. Look at him, can’t even stand up straight.”

    Eijirou laughs a little, like he always does post-orgasm, and gives his dick one last pull before he’s sinking down to the floor with the two of you. He looks at both of you, bewildered like he doesn’t know what just happened or how. But then he leans forward and kisses you, tenderly, gently moving your lips with his own. He then reaches over your shoulder and kisses Katsuki. You’re too fucked-out to turn your head to watch, but you can hear Katsuki groan next to your ear.

    When he pulls back, he looks you over. “You look so gorgeous covered in my cum,” he says, grinning. Eijirou holds your face in both hands, thumb swiping over your cheeks, sweeping his cum into your parted lips. He pushes a thumb in your mouth and you suck, tongue swirling to lick it clean.

    Katsuki is planting hot, open-mouth kisses against your skin, lips gliding through Eijirou’s cum on your face. He’s still hard underneath you, but he’s not moving, not thinking about anything else but taking care of his girl.

    “Let’s get into bed,” Katsuki says before sweeping you into your arms and standing up. He walks to the bed, Eijirou following close behind. He lays you down, and slides in next to you, but Eijirou doesn’t get in his normal spot on the other side. Instead, he crawls into bed behind Katsuki and gives you a smile. You smile back.

    “Ok, Kats,” Eijirou says, “now it’s your turn.”

    #bnha smut#bakugou smut#kirishima smut #bakugou x reader smut #kirishima x reader smut #polyamory#bnha#bakugou#kirishima
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  • blackrose-1910
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Un encuentro contra los enemigos, la batalla final ... uno perecerá

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  • xosuki
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago
    #🧟‍♀️—frankie asks! #crying during exams rn #its about drive its about power we stay hungry we devour put in the work put in the hours and take whats ours #bnha bakugou#is bae #ok? ok
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  • escapenightmare
    02.12.2021 - 2 hours ago

    no thoughts, just that . . .

    when izuku is tired after a long day, all he wants to do is come home to you, have dinner together while ranting about both of your days, watching dumb romcom movies afterwards and falling asleep later that night when you can’t handle any more obviously stupid jokes, with his head resting on your shoulder and your arms around him, making him feel safer than he ever had before.

    when bakugou is on lunch break, he sends you a text saying ‘hey dumbass, i’m gonna call you now and you better pick up’ before immediately facetiming you. he never really gives you time to actually see the text he sent before he calls you, but if you do pick up it’ll make his day because he gets to see you and it makes up for the fact that you aren’t actually with him when he has lunch.

    when denki has a few minutes to spare during his job, he’s always texting you, updating you about his day, sending you selfies of him being his usual self, dumb memes and giving you random things to think about that may or may not be scarring. and when he has to go back to work, all that runs through his head is going home and running back into your arms, where he feels is the best place to be.

    when sero is out patrolling and he sees anything that remotely reminds him of you (your favorite café, a stray kitten or a puppy, heck even a newspaper he saw you glance at one time), he’s making a mental note to tell you about it. even if he gets just one minute to sit down, he’s taking out his phone and typing a long message, listing down all the things that reminded him of you.

    when shoto isn’t out doing his job, he’ll stop by at a random boba shop he spotted, and order a drink. he doesn’t forget to get your favorite and he will try to keep it safe (more like protect it with his life) until he sees you later on. he loves seeing your eyes light up at the sight of him and your favorite drink that he forgets all about almost falling into a river trying not to let it spill.

    when momo has some free time from helping people out, she’s sending you pictures of kittens that she says reminded her of you. sometimes, she’ll send a picture of an expensive t-shirt or outfit that she saw on her way to some place for work with the text that she thinks it suits your aesthetic and that she’s definitely going to get it for you on her way back.

    when monoma isn’t busy with work, he’s on his phone reading the books you recommended him. whether it be fiction, non-fiction, general fiction or whatever the genre is, he’s giving it a try because you recommended or just said you liked. either way, he’s adding it to his book recommendation list. he will ramble about it you, pretending he didn’t read it because you mentioned it / recommended it.

    #— branded by ash. #bnha x reader #bnha imagine #bnha reader insert #izuku midoriya x reader #izuku fluff #midoriya x reader #midoriya imagine #shoto todoroki x reader #shoto fluff #todoroki x reader #mha x reader #todoroki imagine #neito monoma x reader #neito fluff #monoma x reader #hanta sero x reader #katsuki bakugou x reader #katsuki fluff #bakugou x reader #bakugou imagine#momo fluff#mha imagine#mha fluff #mha reader insert #denki kaminari x reader #denki x reader #bnha fluff #kaminari x reader #momo yaoyorozu x reader
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    You’re a Mean One, Bakugou-san

    by KiriBakuHappiness


    KiriBaku, IzuOcha, Kamijirou, Todomomo


    It wasn’t like Bakugou Katsuki fucking hated Christmas or something.

    He just hated how damn cold it got outside. He hated how much the bitter season affected his quirk and noticeably slowed his reaction time. He hated how brainwashed everyone seemed to be by all of the sparkling lights and fluffy white snow. He hated how loved it was despite its pretentious, holier-than-thou glory when everyone already knew that it was arguably the most overrated tradition out of almost all of its festive competitors.

    Katsuki didn’t hate Christmas. He just liked to dislike things, and the winter holidays were somewhere at the top of his figurative, ever-growing list; steadily climbing higher and higher with each passing year.

    – OR –

    Enjoy 21 days of feel-good holiday stories with your favorite trash goblin as he rediscovers the joy of Christmas and what it means to have a heart full of love!


    Chapter Two is now Available!

    Chapter Two: Everybody’s Waiting For the Man With the Bag


    It’s finally here, I’m so excited! I hope you enjoy the ride, the story, and the playlist! I will update one character chapter every day for the next 21 days, with a special Epilogue on the night of Christmas Eve. 🎄❤️🧡

    Note: Some chapters are shorter/longer than others. The chapter length doesn’t have any reflection on my view of the character whose chapter it is. Think of it like a play! Each chapter serves a purpose, and between chapters is a change of set and costume! Some scenes just happen to be longer than others.

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    #I can't get over how Yato sounds exactly like Bakugou's English VA #Very talented #you talkin' bout me i don't see a shade
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  • valeshk
    02.12.2021 - 3 hours ago

    Sheep & wolf trop too hah?

    #Soulmates #They're made for each other #Like really #They're actually written for each other #I love them #Bkdk#Katsuizu#Katsudeku#Bakudeku#Kacchan#Deku#Bakugou #My Hero Academia #Mha #Boku no hero Academia
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    #💌bkdk. love #🩸no escape #izuku x reader #midoriya x reader #bakugou x reader #yandere katsuki#yandere midoriya#yandere deku#yandere bakugou#yandere izuku#yandere #bakugou x midoriya #bnha bakugou #izuku x kacchan #bnha bkdk#bkdk canon#mha bkdk
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