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    Everything I Wanted

    Does He? - Bakugou X Reader -Chapter 4-

    "Good Morning (Name)." Aizawa's voice said, as you groaned sleepily. You had fallen asleep while talking to Shinsou the other day and had just woken up. "How long was I asleep?" you asked.

    "Two days." Aizawa said, casually. "WHAT!?" you spat. He walked and sat beside your hospital bed. "Yeah." he said, "That is exactly what happens when someone who woke up three days after almost dying exerts herself so much."

    "I didn't even get up." you groaned, "What did I exert myself in." Aizawa sighed. You could feel your throat being less sore than it was last time you woke up and could feel lesser pain in your head. "Talking, thinking , crying, remembering and stuff." he said.

    "Why are you here?" you asked, turning to face him a little, as far as your head could manage. "You're getting discharged tomorrow evening." he replied, "That's the quickest recovery the doctors have seen. They said that the pain didn't affect you and you had a good tolerance." You nodded and turned your face back towards the ceiling. 'I can't even work with this injury. I can't earn. What's the point of even staying alive anymore?'

    "Oh." Aizawa said, "And you've been adopted." You jolted and turned to him, a clear shock on your face. "W-What?" you mumbled. "You've been adopted." he repeated. You stared at him in complete shock. There was a long silence.

    You knew that you wanted your own parents to love you but if a family meant you being adopted, you were okay with it. Atleast you wouldn't have been alone anymore. "You have a brother who is also adopted." Aizawa said. A tear rolled down your cheek and a small smile made it's way to your face. After wishing for a family every birthday, every festival, every Christmas, you had finally got one.

    "Do I have a mother?" you whispered out. There was a silence. "No, but if you want one I'll manage." he replied after a moment of silence. You stared at him in confusion, then it hit you. "You forced them to adopt me!" you cried. Aizawa stared at you in disbelief. "God." he mumbled. You stared back at him, not understanding what his expression meant.

    "Mr. Aizawa, I...when can I meet them?" you mumbled, trying to contain your happiness. Aizawa sighed out loud and got up. "Call me dad." he said, walking out. You stared at the door from the bottom of your eyes, not being able to turn your head up. You were processing his words. 'Call me dad? Call him dad? But what about the people who adopted me. Wait...he said he'll manage if I wanted a mother. That could only mean he's adopted me which is impossible. He said I had an adopted brother which would be...Shinsou? The fuck. Am I dreaming. Did the great Eraserhead just adopt me?' You wanted to scream out in happiness and excitement but you felt drained. You were drained by the constant emotions, excitement and thinking. Soon, you fell asleep.


    "Good Morning, dear." a female buttery voice said. You inhaled heavily and then exhaled, blinking a few times to clear them out, your eyes focused on the ceiling and you groaned. "You're getting discharged today." the voice said. You turned to face the voice, a red haired woman faced you with a wide smile in a nurse's uniform. 'I slept for another day?' you thought.

    "Your condition is getting better. Last time, it took you two days to rest, now, it took you just one. Also, some new aspects of your quirk were discovered." she said. "Ok." you groaned, "Wait, what!?"

    "Yes." she said, "Your new family will brief you on that, for now, you'll have to get up."

    "Bitch, I can't fucking move." you groaned. There was a moment of silence. "That was just an expression, of course I won't cuss to my nurse." you said, with a forced smile. 'A crazy nurse, like seriously, my body is broken.' you thought.

    "You can move. You have low level regeneration. It takes time, but helps." she said. Your eyes widened and you tried to lift you hand. It lifted with ease, and you examined your fractured hand. "Woah." you said. "Lets go." Aizawa's voice said from the door. You tried to get up. It still hurt but it wasn't nothing too intolerable or new.

    You walked towards the door, and stood straight in front of Aizawa with sparkling eyes. "Mr. Aizaw-" you began but were cut off by him."Dad." he said. "Call me Mr. Aizawa when you're with the rest of the students."

    "Huh?" you asked. "I'm getting you enrolled in U.A." he said, helping you to walk out, towards the elevator. Your heart dropped and you halted. "R-Really?" you asked softly. He groaned and nodded. A small teary smile made it's way to your face and you jumped and hugged Aizawa. He groaned more.

    "How about not break your bones further?" he said. You chuckled and let go of him. The elevator took you down to the first floor (ground floor for the British...or the other way around.). He took you to a fancy black car as you felt many eyes drift at you. Who wouldn't find a girl with all her limbs fractured walking out of the hospital so casually weird.

    He told you to sit inside while a woman came and passed on a bag with your belongings. You peeked into the car. It was the sort in which the seats face each other. You slipped into the car, only to find Shinsou sitting on the opposite seat.

    "Hey sister." he said. A wide smile spread across your face as you leaned forward and hugged him. "Ugh, you're clingy already." he whispered out making you chuckle. "So." Aizawa said, sitting beside you. "We're going home today. We'll stay there for two days and then you're shifting to the U.A. dorms." You nodded. A weird silence fell over as someone entered, sitting on the drivers seat and began driving.

    "What class." you mumbled, softly. "1 A." Aizawa said. Your heart fell. You weren't sure whether you were ready to see the kids who tried to save you with everything they had and had to see you almost die. Moreover, you weren't sure whether you were ready to see Bakugou yet.

    You inhaled and exhaled deeply. 'I'm forgiving Izuku the moment I see him.' you thought. The nurse's words rang through your mind.

    "Mr.- Dad." you said, a feeling a warm feeling finally saying the word, as a happiness glinted in your eyes. "Hm?" he asked. "About my quirk." you said. He exhaled deeply and turned to you.

    "So, your actual quirk was nothing like your biological parent's. It's a rare case but it happens. An even rarer case is when along with that sort of quirk, you develop your parents' quirks as well. Your mother had a blood controlling quirk. It wasn't strong so yours is even weaker, since you already have a major quirk. Your mother's blood control will only allow you to telekinetically control it, you can harden it slightly, not much." he said.

    "My mom's quirk was useless." you said, remembering how she had to cut herself and how she was scared to do so. "It'll be more useless for you." Shinsou said. You looked up at him.

    "You're quirk, sensory disruption uses alot of brainpower. When you use it, it may make you experience the same pain or numbness which will affect your brain and body, so, blood loss would mean walking towards death." Aizawa said.

    You nodded.

    "And the guy who's your biological father, he had an extremely low level regeneration. You have inherited it but a little stronger than his. Your wounds may heal faster than usual but will still take some time. That's all we have for now." Aizawa continued. You nodded, staring at your feet.

    You were taken to a large and beautiful house. Aizawa and Shinsou got off the car and you followed. "Pffttt..." you said, trying to suppress your laugh. Aizawa shot you a questioning look. "You should tell your fans that you're not homeless." you said, still compressing your laugh.

    "Yeah." Shinsou said, grinning.

    "Fans?" Aizawa said, softly. You burst into fits of loud laughter while Shinsou chuckled.

    "You're focusing on the 'fans' part rather than the 'homeless' part?" Shinsou said. Aizawa groaned and led you both inside.

    The next two days passed by quickly, and you mostly played with the kittens or Shinsou, got your stuff from your old apartment, left your jobs, went to shopping with Aizawa and Shinsou without getting jealous of little kids with their parents for long and got your casts removed.

    Your head was still heavily bandaged and your head was wounded but you could hide that with a cap. Soon, it was the morning when you left for U.A. Atleast your hair wasn't cut off. The wounds were not effected much by the hair until they were touched and caused movements in their roots. That's when it hurt.


    "Hitoshi is also in 1 A now." Aizawa said. "Tell him to brainwash Mineta and keep him away from you."

    "Huh?" you asked, remembering Mineta, the small weird kid. "Yeah." Aizawa said, "And if anyone so much as touches you, feel free to fuck their life." You and Shinsou gasped widely. "What?" Aizawa asked in an annoyed voice, as you three stood in front of the class.

    "You cussed." you said, loftily. Aizawa groaned. "Don't you both dare use such words on class." he growled. You both nodded and Shinsou entered the class first, walking upto his seat, which was behind Izuku's near the window. "I'll go first. Come in when I call." Aizawa said. You nodded. You were told that there were twenty five seats, five in each row.

    The first one in the row next to the exit door was empty. The last one in the row next to the window-side was empty. The seat to the right of Midoriya, diagonally behind Bakugou was empty and the second row from the door had an empty last seat.

    Aizawa had told you this and told that he would fix your seat to the right of Midoriya, diagonally in front of Shinsou's too. You inhaled and exhaled deeply.

    It was time to face them. To face him. You wondered whether he had been sad when you were hospitalized but your thoughts were interrupted by Aizawa signaling to to enter from inside the class. You inhaled and exhaled deeply again. You entered the class, your head covered in bandages, the rest of your body showing marks of healing wounds. Everyone gasped.

    "(NAME)!" Izuku shouted, as his eyes began sparkling. He almost got up and ran up to you when Aizawa said, "In your seat, Midoriya."

    The class fell silent. You stared at your feet, silently. "Shouldn't she be in the hospital?" Kirishima's voice finally broke the silence, "It's hardly been a week since then."

    "This is (Name) (L/N). You're new classmate. She'll be shifting to the dorms today. Yes, she is still injured so all of you stay careful around her." Aizawa said. You breathed out shallowly. You had decided to stick with your own last name, like Shinsou had. Aizawa had no problem with that since he'd prefer keeping him being your dad a secret, just like his and Shinsou's relation was a secret.

    "Introduce yourself." Aizawa said to you, softly. "But....you just did." you whispered out, still staring at your feet. He groaned. You inhaled deeply, trying to calm down your hammering heart. You looked up, focusing on the central part of the class, avoiding Bakugou's figure. Many eyes were staring at you and yours drifted to Shinsou's. He gave you a warm smile.

    You exhaled deeply and finally spoke up, "Uh...Hi...I-I'm (Name) (L/N)...um...your new classmate." You half expected them to start shouting cusswords and curses but their expression surprised you. "HI (L/N)!" the pink girl Mina shouted. "HEY!" Kirishima shouted. Many others greeted you with wide smiles. Your heart lightened. You glanced at Shinsou who gave you a c'mon-what-did-you-even-expect look.

    "Uh..I've been watching you all alot!" you said, with a large eyes-closed smile, "You all are amazing."

    There were lots of cheers and welcomes and alot of noise filled in the class. It was pretty heart warming in the beginning, but soon, it made your head start throbbing. You were still and injured person with a wounded head, more like crushed head. It had healed to a great extent but the wounds on the back-right of your head were still delicate and hurt.

    Aizawa noticed your expression and spoke up. "Silence!" The class shut to an erie silence. "You lot still lack in common sense." he said, in a bored tone. "Go to your seat, to the right of Midoriya." he said. You nodded and gripped on your bag, inhaling deeply as you tried your best to avoid glancing at Bakugou and walked to the right of Midoriya and sat on the empty seat.

    You turned to Izuku and saw his puffy red eyes. You felt a feeling of guilt rush up to you. "I decided to forgive you." you told him softly, making him smile widely.

    "Today." Aizawa said, "We'll be doing a flip classroom activity. Iida, Yaoyorozu, you're incharge as usual, make it help your new classmate." He grabbed his sleeping bag and plopped onto the corner of the classroom, falling asleep.

    You stared at the sleeping figure of your father. Iida stood in front of the class and told you he was class representative and that Yaoyorozu was vice. You nodded and sighed out. 'This is exactly everything I wanted.' you thought, with a smile.

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    ok just watched My hero academia: Two heroes and i realized that all might cursed more then bakugo

    #i mean if u can consider shit as a swear word #mha #my hero academia Two heroes #all might#katsuki bakugou#yagi toshinori #and the fact that David and All might are that close that Melissa call's him uncle
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    Bakugo x reader

    summary: y/n getting up in the middle of the night to make a snack and accidentally waking up Bakugo because they didn't stop the microwaves obnoxious beeping in time.
    a/n: I'm not so great at writing for Bakugo so I hope this was okay

    It was currently 11.30pm on a Friday night. Katsuki, who was out cold sleeping on your bed, hogging up almost the entirety of it since 9pm, had woken you up due to his constant shifting and grumbling in his sleep.

    You were also feeling quite restless so you had gotten up to go make yourself a snack in the kitchen. It was nothing fancy, just a taco you wanted to heat up that was a left over from lunch.

    Although you were sleepy, you still wanted that snack so you got it out of the fridge, placed it in the microwave to heat up.

    it was only going to to take a minute to heat up but you still had walked away into the living room to brush the unruly curls out of your hair.

    That's when you remembered your microwave had the most obnoxious beeping noise ever and when you also remembered of how much of a light sleeper Bakugo is, it had you sprinting to the microwave.

    By the time you had reached the microwave, you heard its beeping and scrambled to switch it off. You stood in silence for a few seconds, hoping that it hadn't woken up Katsuki so that he wouldn't start bitching at you for how noisy you were.

    When you heard nothing, you internally sighed and was about to take out your taco when you felt a pair of warm hands wrap around your hip.

    You shivered at the contrast of the cooling air against Katsuki's warm hands.

    "D'you know how noisy you are" he grumbled into the crook of your neck and rested there.

    "sorry kats, I forgot how annoying the microwave could be." you answered back before turning to the side to give a kiss on his head followed by gently rubbing his head.

    "come back to bed with me" he said as he tugged on the waist band of your night shorts, pulling you to bed with him.

    He gave you a nudge just light enough to have you sitting on the bed. He crawled up towards you and plopped himself down on your chest.

    "really? on my chest? not to mention how my taco is still in the microwave" you questioned him.

    "shh y/n, im tryna sleep. I'll get you fresh ones tomorrow. You woke me up so you're going to have to make it up to me with more cuddles" he hushed you and snuggled into your chest a bit more.

    After laying down a while, you finally felt the exhaustion hit you again. When you started playing with Katsuki's soft hair you knew you wouldn't get up again.

    While you both slowly drifted off to sleep, you still had your hand tangled in his hair and his hands still wrapped around your hips.

    Sometimes you'd forget how much of a softie katsuki is when he's alone with you and you loved it very much.

    You gave a kiss on his forehead saying a short "love you katsuki" but not without receiving a  "love you too y/n" followed by katsuki giving a kiss to where he was currently situated on your chest right before your eyes closed.


    #Bakugo x reader #Bakugo x reader fluff #bakugo x reader #mha #mha x reader #mha x reader fluff #Katsuki x reader #katsuki x reader fluff #bakugou x y/n #bakugou katsuki
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    #i overthought this one so much which is why it took so long to come out lmao #sweet replies #bakugo x reader #bakugou x reader #bakugou katsuki x reader #katsuki bakugou x reader #bakugo katsuki x reader #katsuki bakugo x reader #bnha x reader #bnha headcanons#mha headcanons #bakugo x you #bakugou x you #bakugou fluff
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    Kirishima: Hey! You know what? Jirou is bilingual! Bakugou: Yes. Kirishima: Which means they like both boys and girls. Bakugou: Ye- wait, what- Jirou: Kirishima, that's not what bilingual means- Kirishima: Shhh, it's okay Katsuki. I still love you, man. Bakugou & Jirou: ... Kirishima: bUT NOT LIKE THAT-

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero academia #my hero academia incorrect quotes #boku no hero academia incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#gay#kiribaku#bakushima #kiribaku incorrect quotes #kirishima x bakugou #kirishima ejirou#bakugou katsuki#bnha bakugou#bnha kirishima#lgbt#malexmale #bakugou x kirishima #eraserhead#red riot#ground zero#anime#manga#Bisexual#Jirou#Kyoka#Jirou Kyoka#Kyoka Jirou
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    i love you.

    ↭ shouta aizawa x fem!bodied reader

    ↭ warning(s)! - fluff, eating out, profanity, spitting.

    ↭ 1.3k words

    summary. aizawa says “i love you” to his girlfriend for the first time. this escapades into a full face fuck session on the living room sofa.

    AIZAWA SAT BESIDE you on the couch in his apartment, the soft sounds of the television lulling in the background. three months… three fucking months since you asked him out after the teacher board meeting, and ever since then, the man’s been utterly infatuated.

    unbeknownst to you, dim eyes had been glued to you the entirety of the night. aizawa analyzed the way your face shifted expressions in reaction to the movie you’d picked out for them. the way you’d smile to yourself, the way you’d subtly frown…. fucking gorgeous.

    you were it for him. you were it for him forever, he was sure. aizawa’s known his feelings for you were strong, transcending past like and blossoming into a beautiful emotion: one he’s never felt for anyone else before. as each day passes with you, aizawa found it becoming increasingly more difficult to squash these foreign feelings down. no, they were bubbling over, bound to spill.

    tentative fingers picked anxiously at the faux-leather cushion, biting his lip as he made up his mind. fuck it, he thought, inhaling deep.

    “y/n, i…” aizawa rasped, dim eyes glued to the screen ahead, unable to look you in the eyes during the confession. he felt like an idiot, getting all flustered like this. “i think i love you.”

    you blink, completely caught off guard. your boyfriend’s profession came out of fuck know’s where, and all you could do was stare holes into the side of her face. aizawa was quick to add, “you don’t have to say it back. you don’t have to say anything at all. i just… needed to say it out loud.”

    “i… wow,” you breathe in disbelief, snatching the remote off of the coffee table to pause the movie. “that’s um… just wow.”

    aizawa knew he shouldn’t of expected you to proclaim your love back, but fuck, he wasn’t prepared for the searing pain in his heart at your reaction. “i’m sorry, it’s probably still too early. i shouldn’t have—”

    “shota,” you cut him off gently, gliding a hand up his neck, past his sharp jaw to cup his cheek. slowly, you turned his head, forcing his dim eyes to look into your own. “shota, cut it out. never apologize for your feelings, you hear me?”

    he nods weakly, throat dry and tight. “i’ve never said that,” he whispers shakily, “never told anyone i loved them before.”

    “yeah?” you ask, thumb rubbing softly over his cheekbone. “what made you say that just now, then? what made you… love me?”

    aizawa’s face burned in your hand. he cleared his throat before speaking. “a lot of things. too many to list.”

    a sheepish smile tugged at your lips, and your eyes flitted to his parted lips. “too many? c’mon, i think you can name a few, can’t you?” you tease.

    aizawa began to catch into your not-so-subtle tease, and rolled his eyes, a playful scoff passing his lips. “so conceited,” he chuckles, shifting on the couch to face you fully. you shrug smugly, crossing your arms.

    “you bring it out in me,” you laugh. “fine, you don’t have to tell me, lover boy. how about you show me just how much you love me?”

    aizawa quirked a brow, a smile breaking out into his face and a hand shielding his eyes. “show you?” he asked with a laugh, leaning back into the couch.

    “show me,” your tone deepened, and you hoisted yourself over to straddle his lap in between your legs. aizawa peered at you with an unreadable expression, but nonetheless, his hands fell gingerly upon your hips. “please.”

    “fuck, i thought you said you weren’t in the mood tonight?” aizawa huffed, sitting up a little straighter. he opted to press his forehead against yours, watching your puffy lips with intent.

    “wasn’t,” you mumble, fighting off a smile, “but then a sexy man confessed his love for me. how could i resist?” you punctuate by grinding down into his lap. aizawa inhaled sharply, narrowing his eyes at you knowingly.

    “mm yeah?” he asked hoarsely, lips grazing over the skin of your neck. “then i think i’ll have to start telling you how much i love you every day. never would’ve guessed it could make you put out like this—”

    “asshole!” you snort, shoving him in the shoulder. you laughs broke off into a choked out moan as you felt aizawa’s wet, hot tongue dragging along your collarbone. “h-hey, up here,” you breathe out, yanking at his long hair to pull him away from your neck. “you missed my mouth.”

    “didn’t miss, just wanted to make you wait for it,” aizawa half smiled, a large hand on the back of your scalp pulling you into a feverish kiss. it was sloppy, needy. aizawa licked his way into your mouth with ease, digging his way deep down your throat.

    smacking sounds fill the living room, along with the occasional grunt. when you finally pulled away with a gasp for air, a tendril of saliva connected you mouths.

    “lay down,” aizawa huffed into your mouth. “here,” he helped guide you down to the couch with a cautious hand against you back. “there you go.”

    “shota,” you whine, arching your hips off the cushion lustfully. he snickered at your neediness, dipping his fingertips into the waistband of your sweats to drag them down your plush thighs.

    “fuck me,” he breathed at the sight of the damp spot in your panties, fabric darkening from your slick. “wanna lick you,” aizawa muttered whilst palming himself through his pants.

    “then what are you fucking waiting for, lover boy?”

    it was slow, sensual. different from the way aizawa normally ate you out. he took his time, parting your sopping lips with his thumbs before delving in unbearably slow. you glanced down as he worked, moaning at the filthy sight of his nose buried in your pubic hair. “fuckkk, sho!”

    “yeah,” he panted into your heat, reeling his head back to spit into your hole. you shuddered when you felt calloused fingertips smear the saliva in before gently entering inside. “love this pussy so damn much.”

    you subconsciously grinded back, fucking yourself into two, long fingers. “keep talking,” you grit out, feeling yourself be drawn closer and closer to your orgasm by just his voice alone.

    aizawa smirked at this, planting sweet kisses against the inside of your thigh in between words. “love the way you taste. so fucking sweet for me, baby. love the way you smell, the way you get so wet f’me—”

    “oh god,” you breathe out, desperately weaving your fingers into raven locks. “yes yes yes!”

    “that’s it, ride it out,” aizawa muttered against your skin, fingers still curling up expertly into your heat. “use this fucking tongue, baby.”

    you gripped the back of his head, pulling his mouth flush against your pussy. his hot tongue was on you in a second, yours to use completely. your breath hitched, eyes rolled back in your skull as you grind against the wet muscle, his nose nudging your clit with each thrust. “shit, c-cumming!”

    aizawa closed his eyes, brows furrowed in concentration as he worked hard to bring you over the edge. your jaw was slack in a silent scream, back bowed completely off the couch as you came violently into your boyfriend’s mouth. he groaned into your pussy, gratefully lapping up all your juices with pleasure. with one last languid lick, aizawa pulled back from between your thighs, jaw and neck sheening with your slick.

    “fuck, that was so good,” you hiccup, still trying to regain your breath. “y-you’re so good.”

    “i’m glad,” he grinned, thumb stroking gently over your trembling thigh. “glad you felt good.”

    “c’mere,” you chuckle breathlessly, yanking your boyfriend up to draw him into the couch with you. you nuzzled your face into his neck, his arms instinctively snaking around your waist to rub your back. “hey, shouta?”

    “what’s up baby?”

    “i think i’m in love with you, too.”

    masterlist. | request.

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    Bakugou: Oi Shitty Hair, how do you know how to kiss? like who teaches you? Kirishima Well it’s actually a class, but unfortunately it’s full right now, Would you like me to tutor you? Bakugou: *Eyes widened, cheek turned red* Fuck no. Kaminari: That was smooth, but he doesn't fall for that!

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero academia #my hero academia incorrect quotes #boku no hero academia incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#gay#kiribaku#bakushima #kiribaku incorrect quotes #kirishima x bakugou #kirishima ejirou#bakugou katsuki#bnha bakugou#bnha kirishima#lgbt#malexmale #bakugou x kirishima #aizawa#aizawa shouta#eraserhead#dynamight#red riot#ground zero#kaminari denki#anime#manga#mina ashido#hanta sero
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    drunk doodle b4 bed

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    Bakugou x Chubby!Reader | Minors DNI
    Kinktober 2021 - Day 18
    You weren't the type to fall in love, and neither was he. How did you end up with two children?
    Aged Up, daddy kink, lactation, pregnancy, probably no spoilers

    Bakugou was amazing. The way he strived for complete domination over his competition would leave you in awe. The way he was so fixated on becoming the Number One hero - fueled by his inherent desire to win against himself was more than enough for you fall into his relentless gravity. It didn't help that whenever you looked into those crimson eyes, all you could see was his burning passion reflected in them. Those eyes showed his heart.

    And it was his heart captivated you.

    "Oi, Long hair! Pay attention!" Bakugou barked at you suddenly. You blinked and came back to the present, suddenly aware of your surroundings. He had moved quite a distance away and in you negligence, a villian was hurling themselves towards you, Relying on your reflexes, you dodged a punch, ducking down slightly before rotating your torso to deliver a sturdy kick to the gut. The villian keeled over, and you took the opportunity to punch him on the head. The villain fainted from the sudden blow.

    "Stop getting so distracted! You'll just get in the way," Bakugou yelled at you, yards away and dealing with villains of his own.

    'It's your fault,' you thought. You couldn't even be mad at him for yelling at you -- he was right, after all. You hurried to return to his side.

    "All these people were pretty weak," you stated as Bakugou debilitated the last villain.

    "Tch," Bakugou scoffed, his eyes catching the bright spring sun, "It's because I'm just that strong."

    "I bet this whole thing was just a distraction. You should inform the others."

    "I was already doing that," he retorted, phone already in his hand. The person on the other side must have answered, because Bakugou turned away from you and started yelling again.

    Most people would find the explosive hero short tempered, annoying and problematic. You did too at first, but the more you spent time with him, the more missions you worked on together, the more his true colors reflected in his actions. He was kind, and you found yourself wanting to be by his side more and more.

    You slapped your chubby cheeks lightly with both hands, trying to refocus yourself. You needed to evacuate the surrounding buildings of any civilians that may have been trapped during the prolonged villain encounter. You were a pro hero, and you weren't going to let your feelings get in the way of your work. Bakugou wouldn't, so why should you?

    Unbeknownst to you, his red eyes watched as you disappeared into a building.

    1 year later

    You pushed Bakugou onto the reclining chair. You were looking at him with those crazed eyes, the ones that told him you were craving his sex. You straddled him, hands on his broad shoulders for support. He relaxed against the chair, his hands gripping the flesh of your ass as you started rolling your body forwards and back on his lap.

    You had gained a considerable amount of weight while you were pregnant with his child. He loved it. He loved how the extra weight put more downwards pressure on his dick whenever you mounted him. He loved the stretch marks on your breasts and stomach - battle scars that he only ever looked at with a sense of pride. He loved the bounciness of your body, loved that there was something soft to grab onto. Aside from your body, Bakugou loved something else about you. He wasn't sure what it was, but that certain something was always drawing him in.

    You loud moans snapped him back to the present. He swiftly covered your mouth his his hand. You allowed this, understanding that he was just trying to keep you from waking your six month old child in the other room. You take his fingers into his mouth. He didn't expect the sensation of your tongue kn his fingertips, but you could have sworn his dick got even harder inside of you.

    Suddenly -- violently -- Bakugou started bucking his hips upwards. Your eyes rolled back, loving the way his dick was not only hitting the right spot, but also the speed it was doing so. Your moans were stifled by his fingers, which were not pressing down on your tongue.

    Bakugou bobbed his head down and slowed his pace. His mouth suckled on you teat so hard that milk started coming out.

    You spat his fingers out. "Stop, that's not for you."

    "Tch," he scoffed, "These were mine first."

    He decided that it didn't matter, because the sight of your milk dripping down your curvy body was getting him close. He closed his eyes and plopped his head against the backrest. His mouth was slightly ajar, and you couldn't help but stick your tongue in there. He welcomed your kiss, and you felt him pick up the pace again.


    He liked that. "You wanna get pregnant again?"

    "Yes, yes! Lemme make you a daddy again!"

    "Fuck, you're such a slut."

    "Ha! Just for you."

    You reach down and start rubbing circles on your sensitive bud. That, along with his powerful thrusting, had you both cumming. You felt a bead of sweat run down your back as you came down from your high. He pulled your neck towards him, locking lips with you. What was it about you that he liked so much?

    You stood up, pulling your panties over your abused cunt. You found his clothes and threw them at him before clothing yourself. He barely had his pants on when you returned to the living room, baby in hand.

    "She woke up when I went in to check on her," you said, sighing.

    "You always open the door too loud. She never wakes up when I check in on her," Bakugou said softly, as to not alarm the child. He loved watching you ignore his words. He loved watching you roll your eyes at him just as you started to spin your child around, smiling and cooing at her. He loved how your eyes gleamed with love...

    ...love. That's what it was. He was in love with you, with your heart. Your accepting, taking-no-other-bullshit heart.

    2 weeks later

    You ran into your bedroom. Your hand was covering your mouth, your eyes wide with worry.

    You ran into your bedroom, eyes wide, your hand covering your mouth. Alarmed, Bakugou jumped up, immediately going into crisis-mode.

    "WHAT IS IT?!" he barked.

    "I...just threw up."

    Silence filled the room. Bakugou silently walked over to you, placing both hands on your shoulders.

    You looked up at him with a worried look. You didn't think he was really serious about wanting to get pregnant again. It wasn't like you both had a discussion about your future together. You and him both barely got it together before the first one came.

    "...I don't hate that," he said, his expression calm. "I don't...hate you."

    You chuckled, suddenly feeling relieved now that you knew where he stood. "I don't hate you either".

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  • elaineplayz
    18.10.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kirishima: There's no way they like me back. Kaminari: Bakugou would throw himself in front of a moving car for you. Kirishima: Bakugou would throw himself in front of a moving car for fun.

    #bnha #boku no hero academia #mha #my hero academia #my hero academia incorrect quotes #boku no hero academia incorrect quotes #incorrect quotes#gay#kiribaku#bakushima #kiribaku incorrect quotes #kirishima x bakugou #kirishima ejirou#bakugou katsuki#bnha bakugou#bnha kirishima#lgbt#malexmale #bakugou x kirishima #aizawa#aizawa shouta#eraserhead#dynamight#red riot#ground zero#kaminari denki#anime#manga#mina ashido#hanta sero
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  • class1akids
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    The Three - Origin Trio Giga Jump poster

    #the giga jump three poster #origin trio#bakugou katsuki#midoriya izuku#todoroki shouto #bnha official art #horikoshi art #bnha giga jump covers
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  • toshimochzi
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Cheerful Deku and a very pissed Kacchan

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  • class1akids
    18.10.2021 - 2 hours ago

    They released a cleaner version of the Bakugou Giga cover!

    #bakugou katsuki #bnha giga jump
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  • atalante241
    18.10.2021 - 3 hours ago

    The BNHA fandoms shipping behavior annoys me, specifically in the case of BakuDeku

    Don’t get me wrong, I like BakuDeku, it’s a fun ship

    But when ppl start defending BakuDeku saying that it’s not toxic it really annoys me, bc first of all: what fucking point are you talking about

    Because guess what, that kinda matters a lot

    If you ship BakuDeku before UA then it’s a problem if you try to say it’s not toxic, bc I feel like bullying a person to the point of telling them to jump off a building is not okay

    If you ship BakuDeku during UA times and say it’s not toxic, then it’s more okay bc Bakugou doesn’t really bully Midoriya anymore he’s just a dick

    If you ship BakuDeku around the most recent points in the anime it’s okay, bc guess what. I’m like, pretty sure they’re friends or something close to it

    But guess what? I’m not telling you to stop shipping/reading/looking at BakuDeku stuff that depicts middle school them, bc guess what. As long as you acknowledge that it’s probs not a healthy fucking relationship it’s completely okay! Just don’t fucking go around defending middle school Bakugou’s actions

    I think I had more to say but my rant brain has shut off, this was born from me watching Gacha “past bullies react to Deku and Bakugou” vids on YouTube where they have BakuDeku as a ship with the creator having a pinned comment go on about the non-toxicity and then somehow defend middle school Bakugou

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  • the-insomniac-indian
    18.10.2021 - 4 hours ago

    I remember reading a comment on YouTube that said that Bakugo's Hero name should've been Heroshima

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  • totallynotreadingfanfics
    18.10.2021 - 6 hours ago
    #feels...[soft]☁️ #bnha#mha #my hero academia #boku no hero academia #bnha scenarios#bnha imagines#mha imagines#mha scenarios #bnha x reader #mha x reader #katsuki bakugo #bakugou katsuki x reader #bakugou x reader
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  • shippyreblogdump
    18.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    I self project everything onto Bakugou except the fact I’m a bottom

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  • simplysmilingdrew
    18.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Tickletober day #16 and #17 - Tickle Monster and Tickle traps

    Mina and Kaminari team up together!! These two are VERY dangerous XD they even dare to fight the Great Lord Explosion Murder!! Very bold and foolish thing to do...

    This came up in my mind when I read/saw the class Christmas Party, where they were trying to put the Santa Claus costume on him... and they succeed!!

    Tickletober list: https://gigglymonster.tumblr.com/post/659928005102239744/introducing-the-2021-tickletober-prompt-list-made

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  • elaineplayz
    18.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    If KiriBaku or MonoShin are arguing, what do you think their reasons for arguing? Help, I've lost my ideas

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  • stardust-juice
    18.10.2021 - 7 hours ago

    “Sir… what are you doing?”

    “Shut up, nerd. You looked cold and I couldn’t keep watching you shiver!”

    > AU where Ground Zero is basically a regular at the club so every night he stops by just so he could talk to the main act: Deku- he always gives him his jacket and pays him to just chat because it’s the wholesome thing to do 🌚🌚

    #deku #my hero academia #bakudeku#bkdk#izuku midoriya#fan art #digital art and stuff #digital art #my hero acadamy #bkdk art#bkdk fluff#procreate #katsuki x izuku #kacchan and deku #kacchan #pro hero bakugou #fluff#yaoi #boku no hero academy #boku no hero #boku no academia #so many hashtags #whoops
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