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    03.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    Midoriya: *in bathroom with Bakugou* Kirishima can't have a crush on you and not like being degraded.

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    03.08.2021 - 12 minutes ago

    what do you call your nonbinary significant other when they're a fucking nerd?


    Part 1 of 6 works

    Language: English

    Words: 1,337

    Chapters: 1/1

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    03.08.2021 - 17 minutes ago

    Just thinking about sick spoiled brat Bakugou...


    Bakugou always know that you give him extra special treatment when he is sick, so he takes advantage of it.

    Bakugou is a spoiled brat at heart, his parents were rich and his mom gets him whatever he wants to shut him up. And now you have to deal with it.

    it’s not that it’s a bad thing, specially that Bakugou hides that part of him, unless he’s being needy. the only time you well see his bratty spoiled side is when he is sick.

    Bakugou when the two of you started dating he wasn’t like that, yeah he was being a brat, he was just being stubborn and won’t admit that he is sick.

    but after a while, he liked the way you toke care of him and did what ever he wanted just because he is sick. So on his sick days he takes full advantage of it, he’s all whiny and he sometimes becomes a crybaby.

    he would do anything to get you yo do what he wants, he well cry and whine to make you feel bad and do it, and Bakugou loves the way you gave in.

    he well demand you to feed him, wash him and even to cuddle him. and always, those cuddles turns into a him begging you to let him inside you.

    he well cry, beg, whimper and whine until he gets what he wants. The second he‘s inside you he won’t be able to move, so it turns into cockwarming session.

    he well be holding you for dear life, he well tell you how much he loves you and how much he is lucky to have you.

    every time you move a little he gets closer faster, and he well come so fast, faster then anytime he ever came.

    he well whine telling you not to move until he falls asleep. He is so spoiled but you love him.

    and he well say when he gets better that it was just a moment of weakness, that he isn’t a spoiled brat.


    requests are open! But read my Rules first!

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    03.08.2021 - 24 minutes ago

    the dynariot hero agency is on the scene

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    03.08.2021 - 44 minutes ago

    Todoroki: Let me read your palm

    Bakugou: This is stupid but fine

    Todoroki: Hmmmm interesting

    Bakugou: What? What’s it saying?

    Todoroki: It says you’re a bitch

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    03.08.2021 - 48 minutes ago

    me: stop relating every song you hear to bkdk, this is annoying and probably unhealthy

    also me: I Hate Everything About You is so bkdk it HURTS

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    03.08.2021 - 53 minutes ago

    Thank chuuuuu bakubabbbbbe💞💞💞

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  • midoz-art
    03.08.2021 - 55 minutes ago

    Krbk week day 3!

    Hi I haven’t posted here in a while lmao

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    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    ep 106 👀✨

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  • everythingbaku
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago
    #boku no hero academia #my hero academia #bakugou katsuki#katsuki bakugou#mobile games
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  • chibigaia-art
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Kacchako Week day 3: Sun and Moon (aka opposites :’) )

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  • king-queenie
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    AU where bnha is a show and fem krbk/tddk are actors. They all have different names.

    Eijiro Kirishima played by Delilah

    Katsuki Bakugo played by Carol

    Izuku Midoriya played by Aria

    Shoto Todoroki played by Danielle

    That's what I'd guess their names would be, I think they suit them. So anyway they'd be in an interview and get asked random questions.


    Interviewer: so Danielle, what do you think about Shoto's backstory to her scar/burn mark?

    Danielle: oh I think it's very tragic, I mean I related with her because I too had a shit father- oh can I swear? Sorry.

    Interviewer: it's alright. Do any of you, other than Dani, also relate to the characters you're playing?

    Carol: Katsuki Bakugo has quite nagging parents. My parents were like that when I was a teen and acting those scenes was like I just went back in time. So the anger portrayed in those scenes are somewhat real..

    Aria: my parents were also like Izuku's parents. I mean my dad left when I was young and it was just me and my mom.

    Delilah: did your mom find her All Might?

    Aria: yes! Oh she started dating my English teacher and I didn't find out until- well she told me she was seeing someone but I didn't know until I met him at dinner. I cried.

    Carol: are they still a thing?

    Aria: no, not anymore. My mother is single and I'd like it to stay like that. No man is good enough!

    Dani: haha- speaking of I think that All Might and Inko are cute together

    Aria: they are, big ship!

    Interviewer: any other ships you all have? I'm sure your fan would love to hear your opinions?

    Aria: oh I ship kiribaku, which is Eijiro and Katsuki.

    Dani: they would make a good couple.

    Carol: we are a good couple.

    Interviewer: come again?

    Delilah: what Carol is trying to say is that we are dating, in real life- but I agree with Aria on thinking those two characters would be good together!

    Carol: I think Tododeku is cute

    Dani: I agree

    Aria: yeah, our characters have such an amazing connection

    Dani: kinda like us

    Aria: haha yeah

    Interviewer: are you two dating?

    Dani: Me and Aria? No, sadly not.

    Aria: sadly?

    Dani: I think you're cute

    Aria: that no might turn into a yes we'll see how this night goes

    Carol: oohhh Deku

    Aria: shut up Kacchan!

    Delilah: haha they're so much like their characters!

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  • alythekitten
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    KiriBakuMonth prompt Number Three: #timeskip and you know, for me timeskip only means TALL KIRISHIMA

    So yeah, Bakugou and his super tall boyfriend went to a class reunion, can you spot all the little details I put into this pic? 💕

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  • backtobackbakubabe
    03.08.2021 - 1 hour ago

    Speak Easy Part 11

    Dabi x Reader , Bakugo x Reader

    Words : 4125

    Reader has a siren quirk and has spent the past several years of her life as a captive being experimented on by “heroes” Now that she’s out she needs protection and safe place to heal. Who will be the one to put her pieces back together.

    Words with ‘this’ is dialogue written in her journal rather than said out loud and and words with ~this~ is dialogue said in sign language rather than out loud.


    The longer you sat in the car the more uncomfortable you got. You knew you looked like a mess, and by the way Dabi was trying really hard not to look at you, it must be really bad.

    “I’ve had worse.”

    “I’m sure you have… doesn’t make me okay with it.”

    You would have rolled your eyes if you didn’t think the action would hurt your head. “I’m fine. You’ve literally stabbed and drowned me before.”

    His grip tightened on the steering wheel. “How long are you going to throw that in my face? They were both in your best interest and I’m done apologizing for them.”

    His anxiety and anger were written all over his features from his tense shoulders to his cold stare at the road in front of him. You reached over to run your fingers through his hair, knowing the simple action would help ease his nerves. However, your sore muscles and possibly bruised ribs throbbed in pain and made you hiss through your teeth and your hand ended up gripping his elbow instead.

    “What was that about being fine?” His tone wasn’t as antagonistic as you had thought it would be. Instead it sounded a little distressed.

    It finally clicked why he was so upset. He had told you before you left that he would keep you safe. In his head he failed. You knew he had a rough time coping with failure thanks to Endeavor’s less than ideal parenting. Dabi can pretend that his childhood doesn’t affect him anymore all he likes, but you saw through it.

    “None of this was your fault. You know that, right?”

    The car remained silent as he continued to stare ahead.

    “I’m serious. I’m not just saying it to make you feel better. If anything, it’s my fault. I let go of your hand after you asked me more than once not to. I froze when he attacked me.” Now you were just working yourself up. “And holy shit was I rusty with my quirk. Like I may as well have not used it at all. He was able to shake out of my word binding like it was nothing.”

    Back in your prime you would have been able to take a guy like that down with little to no effort. You looked down to your scraped hands and knees. Felt the pain in your ribs with every breath you took. And you knew there was a decent chance you had a concussion. “How did I manage to slip this far?”

    Now it was his turn to reach out and put his hand on your thigh. It was almost humorous how quickly he could shift moods when he thought you needed him. “Just a small hiccup. It was your first real fight in years. That guy was a trained assassin, and you still managed to incapacitate him. Next time you won’t hesitate. We’ll work on it at home, if it makes you feel better.”

    You intertwined your fingers with his and nodded. “I think I’d like that.”

    The rest of the car ride was quiet as you both let yourself stew in your own thoughts. Your thoughts were a dangerous place to be. Not only where you having a minor melt down about your recent fight, but you were still trying to cope with the fact you just watched Dabi murder someone.

    As a hero that was something that was a massive taboo. You only did it if you absolutely had to and even then, you were still scrutinized. The man was paralyzed and couldn’t mood. You could have called one of the guys to come pick him up. Dabi insisted that if you let them put the man in prison, it would just be handing him over to the same people who were looking for you. Right now, no one knows that you’re with Dabi. That kind of information would be invaluable to both heroes and villains who were currently looking for you.

    There was a sick feeling of despair that was settling in your stomach as you started to realize that Dabi might have been right. You didn’t want to accept it though. Your whole life you were trained to value human life, even if that life belonged to a bad person. But at this point you couldn’t figure out how much of your life as a hero was even real. How much you still agreed with. You were finding it was hard to even differentiate who was bad and who was good. It was enough to make your head spin.

    Closing your eyes, you leaned your head on the cold glass window as the spinning only seemed to increase.

    “Hey… Hey don’t do that. Keep your eyes open and stay awake. You probably have a concussion.”

    “If I keep my eyes open, I’m going to throw up. My head is spinning.” You put your head in your hands and rubbed your temples.

    “Okay… so you definitely have a concussion. Hold on we’re almost home.” You didn’t open your eyes, but you could feel the car pick up speed. For a while the only sound in the car was the low hum of the engine as Dabi sped home. He knew it’d be easier to calm down once you were safe within it’s walls.

    Before long the car slowed down as it approached the garage. You kept your eyes closed as you listened to Dabi’s quick steps around the car. He opened your door gently to keep you from falling out of the car. You heard his breath catch and you wondered if you really looked that bad.

    “Let’s get you inside and cleaned up.” Out of instinct, you reached your arms up to him just like you did when he carried you everywhere. Without a moment’s hesitation he slotted his arms under your knees and behind your back and pulled you out of the car. It sent jolts of pain through your ribs, but you bit your lip to keep yourself from making a sound.

    The trip from the garage to the bathroom was shorter than you would have liked. You were enjoying the feeling being caged in his strong arms, snuggling into his warm chest. He gently set you on the toilet, brushing some hair away from you face, careful to avoid any area that might be bruised or bleeding. “I’m going to turn the water on, but real quick, while the water heats up I’m going to go get the groceries out of the car.”

    If your eyes were open, you would be narrowing them at him right now. “…You’re worried about the ice cream aren’t you?”

    There was a moment of silence that just confirmed it. “Shut up…Don’t pretend you wouldn’t be sad if you couldn’t have ice cream after the shitty day you’ve had.”

    You snorted, “I’d rather have a shot… but I have a feeling you won’t let me because of the whole mild head injury thing…. So…” You opened your eyes and waved towards the bathroom door. “Go get it before it melts. I can take it from here.”

    He sprinted out of the bathroom yelling “Don’t fucking move until I get back!” as he left. He said not to move, but you could at least try to start undressing yourself. That shouldn’t be too hard.

    You started with your shoes. Easy enough, just kicked them right off with no problem. Now it’s time for your dress. That was a whole different story. You tried several times, but you couldn’t seem to be able to pull past your chest without some part of you hurting.

    You desperately wanted to get undressed and into the shower yourself. There was probably some part of you that was still feeling a little defeated and insecure after your fight. You had this weird need to prove you could do it by yourself even though realistically you couldn’t, and not only that you didn’t have too.

    You knew Dabi would help, hell he would probably be pissed if you tried to do this without him. Just as much as you wanted to do this alone, he wanted to take care of you probably even more. He was also still feeling the sting of perceived failure. So, what were you going to do?

    You surprised even yourself when you sighed and leaned back deciding to wait for Dabi. Logically you knew the only you were going to do this without hurting yourself further was to let him help. It was what was physically best for you. It also would help him get over his own pity party, so in a way it was what was best for him too.

    “Oh wow… you actually listened.” Dabi was back and making his way towards you with a first aid kit that looked like it had seen some shit.

    “Not on purpose. I tried to get my dress off… but it just hurt, so I gave up and decided I’d wait for you to do it for me.”

    He placed the kit on the counter and squatted between your legs. “I’m about to say something that I know you’ll think is sarcastic, but I promise it’s not… Thank you for giving up.” He gently pulled the hem of your dress up until he could pull it over your front. If he was affected by the fact that you were sitting in front of him in only a pair of underwear, then he didn’t show it.

    He quietly appraised your injuries with a serious face. “Other than your head and your ribs does anything stand out at overly painful? Can you rotate and bend all of your joints?”

    One by one you checked your wrists, shoulders, ankles, knees, and lastly your neck. “I think they’re all fine. Sore in some spots, but nothing too bad.”

    He nodded as he started to clean the dried blood off of your forehead. “You have a lot of scrapes, but those will be fine. I just want to get this nasty cut on your forehead cleaned up.” He bit his lip, “I don’t have a fucking clue what I’m supposed to do for your ribs though… or what you’re supposed to do for concussions.”

    You winced as he pressed a little too hard onto the gash in your forehead, “It’s fine… that’s what Google’s for right?”

    He apparently didn’t think that was very funny. He just grunted as he continued his dabbing. When he considered himself done, he put a bandage over it. “I was kinda hoping you could show off your surgical staple skills. We could be twins.”

    “That’s not funny.” His blue eyes fixed on you, you could see something cracking in them. “Okay maybe it’s a little funny… I might laugh about it tomorrow… but right now… not funny.”

    He reached a hand into the shower to test the temperature. “Alright, let’s get you cleaned up. We just need to try and keep your bandage dry, if that’s even possible.”

    He was helping you stand up to get into the shower, but you stopped him right before you got in. “I’m sorry… I feel like ever since I got here all you’ve done nothing but take care of me.” You took a step into the shower. “I promise I’m capable of taking care of myself.”

    He quickly stripped out of his clothes and got in behind you. “Stop with that shit. It’s like I said earlier today, just because you can doesn’t mean you should have to.” His fingers started massaging into your sore muscles in your back, “I promise I don’t mind. I know you’re a big girl, I know you’re capable, but you’re also mine. And I take care of what’s mine.”

    His fingers moved to base of you scalp and started rubbing firm circles, and you practically purred at the action. It felt so damn good. He leaned over your shoulder and pressed a kiss just below your ear. “I know you got a little beat up today, and I know you’re a little disappointed, but at the end of the day you’re the one who walked away. I’m still proud of you. You fought hard against someone who has been trained to kill top ranked heroes. Next time I’m sure you won’t even need me.” He kissed your shoulder and his hands ghosted around to your hips. His fingers so soft you almost couldn’t feel them. “I’m going to start training with you.” His fingers brushed up your sides, his thumbs brushing the sides of your breasts. “We’re going to turn you into someone they wouldn’t dare fuck with again.”

    His hands heated up slightly as they very gently hovered over your ribs. The warmth felt great against your aching bones. You closed your eyes and leaned back against him and let him take his time rinsing all the blood and dirt from your body. Every once in a while, his hands would linger, rubbing small circles or massaging your sore muscles.

    When he turned the water off it felt like it had been hours since you stepped in and your limbs felt like jelly.

    That’s how you ended up wrapped in a fuzzy blanket, lying on Dabi’s chest with his arms around you. You don’t know when you drifted off but thankfully there were no bad memories waiting for you when you did. You slept deeply and soundly, making up for the restless sleep you had last night. When your little mid-day nap ended you woke up still feeling sore, but well rested.

    You stretched the best you could, before blinking your eyes open. You had expected to see Dabi curled up next to you, but was surprised to find an empty bed.

    He better not have snuck out again to track people down. You weren’t in any shape to take care of him if he came back hurt again.

    Something felt weird as you sat up, there was a weird pressure on your neck, almost like you were wearing a heavy necklace. Your fingers flew up to find a collar and your eyes immediately welled with tears as the memory of have having the medical collar on in the lab pushed to the front of your brain. Your fingers dug into it trying to rip it off, but you couldn’t. In your panic your nails dug into the skin of your neck. There was no latch that you could find, and it was leading to a gnawing fear in the pit of your stomach. “DABI!!”

    Your voice sounded hysterical and terrified even to you. But you couldn’t help it.

    The door to his room slammed open a few seconds later as he ran inside. His eyes assessed the situation and settled on the source of your panic. His hands replaced yours pulling your nails away from your neck. “Hey shhh, calm down. You’re safe. Just breath.”

    You tried to do what he said, but your breathing was getting tighter. “I-I need it off! I cant- I cant breath!” You felt a tear slip down your cheek. “Please! Dabi get it off of me!”

    His hands came up to cup your cheeks, forcing you to look at him. “No… no you are stronger than this. It’s just a glorified necklace. It can’t hurt you. Look at me y/n!” Your eyes met his cool blue ones. “It’s just a pretty collar for my pretty girl. I told you earlier today if you let go of my hand again, I’d put you in a collar. You did, and it ended up in you almost getting kidnapped.” His thumb rubbed your cheek, soaking up some stray tears you weren’t aware you had shed. “I don’t make idle threats… and besides if you let me show you, I think you’ll actually like it.”

    Your breathing slowly started to even out as your eyes started to look more focused. “Good girl. See there’s no danger here.”

    When you felt yourself come back to reality you slapped his chest. “Asshole! You had to have known that wasn’t going to go well! You should have asked first!”

    He grabbed your hand before you could slap him again. “I mentioned it earlier and you didn’t say anything. If anything, you looked turned on… so sue me.” He took your hand and led you over to the bathroom.

    He placed you in front of him so you could see. It was a pretty shade of pink with a metal heart looped in the front. From the heart hung a tiny Sakura flower. It really was pretty.

    “It’s not just a fashion statement okay, it’s functional. Consider it support gear. It has a chip in it that can only be tracked if you turn it on and only by people that have the code. Don’t worry it’s currently turned off.” He pointed to a little metal button on the side. “There’s another button over here that lets you record something and then play it back louder so it reaches more people. It also acts like a communication device. You can connect with me, Minimight, Squirt, and the angry Pomeranian. It’s voice activated.” He tapped the button and held it down until you heard a beeping noise. “Call backup plan.”

    You heard a ringing before an angry Katsuki answered the phone. “Who the fuck is this?”

    “Hey! Lose the tude it’s just me!”

    Before he could answer you, Dabi cut him off. “It’s her new com device. Save it.” Then he clicked the button ending the call.

    He looked smug. You’d have to figure out how to reprogram the names later. “It also can track your vitals, but before you give me the look I know you’re going to give me. It only sends updates to the people you have programmed into it, and only if it registers that you are in critical or life-threatening conditions.”

    Your fingers came up and touched the flower that dangled from it. “Ok… but how do I take it off?”

    Happy you were warming up to the idea of it, “Voice command. Just push the button and say ‘naked’ and the latch will open. You can also say ‘attack’ and some pretty little spikes come out, keeping anyone from putting their hands around your neck. Pretty cool right?”

    You sighed, “I can admit it’s cool… but can you please admit you should have asked first? I had to wear a collar for years in the lab… it’s what kept me under their control.”

    He couldn’t take his eyes off the way you looked in the mirror. Totally naked other than the collar. His eyes looked practically feral. “I regret that it scared you. But I warned you and you didn’t tell me it was a limit. That is due to a lack of communication on your side.” His hands slid around to your front pulling your back against him so you could feel how hard he was through his pants. “God you look so fucking hot. Bruises and all.”

    He began to grind against your ass, and you found yourself leaning over the sink and pushing back into him. You knew you were already wet, and you needed some friction to relieve the ache between your legs.

    “Oh fuuuuck baby girl. You want it? You want me to bend you over this counter and take you?”

    You whined and pushed back into him harder, “Please… but- but.” You groaned as his hand came up to tweak your nipple.

    “What was that? Come on use your words.”

    You arched your back, pushing your breast further into his hand. “Be gentle...”

    His lips found your neck, “Of course baby. I’m not a monster.”

    You felt him push his shorts down to his ankles and moments later you felt the head of his cock teasing your entrance. “You’re already so god damn wet.” He pushed into you slowly. Almost too slowly. It took everything in you not to shove yourself back onto him. You had asked him to be gentle, and that’s what he was trying to do.

    You let out a moan of relief when he was fully inside you. His chest pressed tightly against your back his hands reaching out to yours and lacing your fingers together.

    It was slow, it was slow and sweet. You thought at first it would drive you crazy, but you were eventually overwhelmed at the intimacy of it all. He wasn’t just fucking you. He wasn’t just chasing his own high. He was gentle, and loving, and every stroke felt like a promise. His lips were kissing every part of you he could reach. Your temple, your cheek, your neck, your shoulder.

    “So perfect.” He groaned at the effort it took to keep his hips from picking up their pace. “Such a perfect girl for me. So fucking pretty and strong. Ahhhh” His hips stuttered just slightly. “Fuck baby, you have no idea what you do to me.”

    You tried to control it, but it was almost impossible. Your quirk activated. Your feelings spilled over through your touch. His gasp got stuck in his throat. “I’m sorry I can’t control it right now. I just feel – ah- so fucking good.”

    You were both sweaty messes at this point, practically glued together. “Shit don’t apologize. It’s crazy how much I love that. I love making you feel good, show me how good I make you feel.”

    You hummed at the pleasure that was singing in your veins. You were so close and Dabi could feel it. Both through your quirk and the way your walls started to flutter around him. You were about to beg for him to let you come when a beeping sound came from your collar making him slow down nearly to a stop. “Fuck.. no no no. I was so close, please.”

    Dabi chuckled. “Someone’s calling you, say hello.” Your eyes bulged open as he hit the button to answer the call.

    “Uh.. hello?”

    “Y/n? What the fuck was that earlier? Did staple dick get you a phone?” This was not good. You looked at Dabi’s devilish grin in the mirror as he slowly started thrusting into you again as he mouthed, ‘talk to him’

    You bit a moan back absolutely mortified. “Hey Kats. Something like that.” Dabi’s hand wrapped your long hair around his hand and pulled to make you look at him through the mirror. His pace picking up. You could hear your breath begin to sound labored and you knew it wouldn’t be long before he pieced it together. “Now’s not the best time, can I call you later?”

    “Y/n… are you okay? You sound like you’re out of breath?”

    You coughed in an attempt to cover up one of your moans, “I’m fine, just tired. Dabi and I are… training.”

    There was a beat of silence on his end as Dabi continued his hard, slow thrusts into you. “Training my ass. Call me when you guys are done fucking… The mic on whatever you’re using is really good. I’ve already heard more than I want too.”

    You went to hit the button to end the call but Dabi grabbed your hand and put it back on the counter preventing it. “Ah- Sorry Kat-SUKI!” Dabi pinched your clit with his other hand causing you to moan in response. Your face turned a dark shade of red at the fact that Katsuki had just heard that.

    “Dabi… I know you’re listening and you’re a fucking asshole.” You sighed in relief when you heard the sound signaling that he had hung up.

    Dabi started laughing loudly as picked up his pace just slightly. “Teach him to want what’s mine.”

    You felt tears start to leak from the corners of your eyes as your orgasm built to its breaking point. “DABI! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum. AH!”

    You felt your orgasm rip though you and it was intense. Dabi cooed praises in your ear that you couldn’t quite hear as he continued to ride you though it. “Good giiiiiirl!”

    “I’m close doll, where do you want it?”

    Your eyes almost rolled back, “Inside. Cum inside me please.”

    “My baby girl want’s my cum. Of course, she does. What my girl want’s she gets!” He slammed into you a few more times before you felt his hot ropes coating your insides. “Gonna bread my pretty girl one of these days. Gonna put a fucking baby in you.”

    He collapsed but managed to keep his weight off of you. After a few moments of the both of you panting he sat up, pulled out of you and kissed the back of your neck. “God I love this collar.”


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    The Fallen — AU Katsuki Bakugo x Fem! Reader

    Warning: 18+ Content. Cursing, abuse, slapping, amnesia, hospitals, medical terms, broken arm, drug use, death, etc.

    Words: 1.4k

    Tags: @awilddreamerwrites @tspice283 @threadofdestiny @praisehoes-and-runovervirgins @price-is-not-right @saucysuazo @bakugous-mamas @iamsorrypapi @shinsouscatpisssmell @ebiharachan @bakusquadtingz

    Chapter One | Chapter Three

    Chapter Two: Angel On Your Side

    Y/N eyes peeled open to an unfamiliar setting. Her head pounded, her left arm was in discomfort, and she was hooked up to quite a few uncomfortable wires. “What the hell?” She questioned aloud in the vacant hospital room.

    Questions ran through her mind. First, why is she here? And second, how? Y/N is not the type to make frequent hospital visitations due to the lack of income her family holds. So, this is very out of the ordinary. All she wanted was to be removed from these wires and back to normalcy.

    Only to make matters worse, Y/N’s mother barges in the room, slapping her unsuspecting daughter across the face. “Hello to you, too.” Y/N groaned in pain, her left cheek burning from the impact.

    “What the hell were you doing out that late, Y/N?” Her mother interrogated, bags present under her restless eyes. “You were supposed to be home, in bed, not in the back of some stranger's van!”

    Y/N raised an eyebrow, digesting this new inquiry. “Van?” She repeated, confirming what she heard was correct. “I was in the back of a stranger’s van?”

    Your mother’s nostrils flared, her scowl growing immensely. She is never one to believe you even when you are telling the truth. “Don’t play dumb with me, Y/N. None of this shit would have happened if you would’ve stayed home!” Y/N’s mother scolded, an accusing index finger pointing in your direction. You released an exaggerated sigh. This is nothing new to you.

    “Whatever mom.” Y/N grumbled with the roll of your exhausted eyes. Another slap is delivered to your face. You put your right hand on your cheek, a small whimper crawling out before you could contain it. At this point, Y/N should be used to this treatment. One wrong move and your mother is ready to hit you for it. Just this occasion, you cannot run or defend yourself. All you can do is take the abuse.

    “I am your mother. Show some Goddamn respect.” Your mother nagged through gritted teeth. She then proceeds to dig through her maroon leather purse, digging out a bottle of prescription pain pills — from a surgery she had many moons ago — and popping a couple in her mouth. She is already downing a water bottle full of fresh water. Her orbs meet yours.


    “Are you really poppin’ pills at a time like this?” Y/N questioned in clear distress. Y/N hated witnessing this, but she hated how much more temperamental her mother seemed to be without the medication. Plus, the poor girl had no fight left in her. She still has unanswered questions that her mother clearly will never answer nor will your mother have the correct information to give you.

    Y/N studied her mother closely, her face getting warm from the embarrassment seeping in. Though no one is around to see her mother do these actions it still gets under the young one’s skin.

    “Are you judging me? Jesus, Y/N! Have you ever thought that I wouldn’t pop pills if you didn’t stress me out all the damn time?” Your mother exclaimed, defensive as always. This mechanism always belittled any strength Y/N possessed.

    Swallowing what is left of her defeated pride, Y/N decided to apologize. “I’m sorry for worrying you.” She breathed, unsure if she truly meant it. Anger still boils deep inside her intestines along with shame. Her mother is not an easy person to love, by any means, but she used to be. She used to be Y/N’s best friend; now she is her worst enemy.

    “You should be.” Your mother scoffed, folding her arms across her breast. Silence fell over you two, the room’s oxygen supply becoming thick and suffocating. Y/N is used to the lack of breathing room. Her mother knows how to do this to her.

    A settle knock on your hospital room door brings both of your attention towards it. A male doctor welcomes himself in. “Oh good, you’re awake.” He grinned. “I am doctor Halcon.”

    “Why am I here, doc?” Y/N questioned, not caring for any introductions.

    The doctor scans over your charts on a clipboard in his hands. The anticipation ate away at Y/N, her anxiety forcing her resting limbs to rattle. He gazes up at the girl, her nervousness not going unnoticed.

    “What do you remember?” He quizzes.

    Y/N’s brain wiring went into overdrive, trying to collect and put pieces together for a puzzle she cannot clearly envision. Her mother’s overwhelming presence did not help her either. The last thing Y/N wanted was a repeat of an earlier episode in front of the health professional. Still, all of it is a blur. That whole night was a blur.

    “I-I don’t remember much, sir.” You admit, honestly present in your tone. “I went and visited my father’s grave and—“

    “You what?” Your mother seethed, one hand resting on her hip while the other one pinched the bridge of her nose. She deeply inhaled then exhaled a few seconds later. Tears welled in her tear ducts. “Let your father Rest In Peace, dammit!” She cried.

    “Mrs. Y/L/N, with all due respect, I need Y/N’s honesty. If you cannot keep your personal feelings out of this, I respectfully ask you to leave the room until I am finished conversing with Y/N.” The doctor politely informs, gesturing towards the door. Your mother gasped.

    “I am her mother! I have every right to know what is going on with my daughter!”

    “Yes, you do, but I am her doctor and I need to make sure she is mentally stable. Let me do my job so you can do yours.”

    Your mother pondered the doctor’s words for a moment. She wanted to stay and indulge herself in her daughter’s personal matters, but for the sake of your health, she decided to swallow her pride for once and let the doctor do his job.

    “Fine,” she exhaled, “I’ll be right outside this door. If either of you need me just holler.”

    “Thank you, Ms. Y/L/N.” Doctor Halcon nodded, watching as your mother left the two of you alone. Once the door shut, your tense posture turned relaxed. You sank into the hospital bed, your hands gripping the blanket as you tried to block out your mother’s tantrums.

    “Go ahead and continue, Y/N. You’re doing great.” He encouraged, hoping you did not shut down due to your mother’s outburst.

    “I-I don’t know what happened after that.” You stammered, still attempting to connect the dots that seem to fade away. “All I know is that I was visiting my father’s grave a-and..”

    “Hey,” you gaze up at the man who rested his hand on your covered knee, “this is a safe space. Give me your honesty so I know how to help you.”

    Y/N offered a soft smile, her anxious nerves calming down enough for her to concentrate. You released a heavy breath, no longer wanting to meet the doctor’s understanding pupils. “I went to sell some pills for some cash. Then I woke up here.”

    The professional nodded. “Did you know the people?”

    You shrugged, unsure of the answer. Even if your memory was fully attained, you do not keep up with names and faces. A sale is a sale. Someone has to fulfill your nicotine addiction and stealing your mother’s cigarettes only goes so far.

    “I don’t know.”

    “Okay. Well, good news is that you’re alright and you’re only suffering with minor amnesia. You hit your head quite hard in the crash that you went into a coma. Your head scans show your head is fine, though. No internal bleeding or hemorrhaging. The bad news is you have a broken arm and will be wearing that cast for about six to eight weeks.” Doctor Halcon explains.

    Y/N’s orbs rolled down to her arm. She is not sure what hurt worse: her arm or her cheek? Regardless, Y/N is happy that is the minimum damage.

    “When can I leave?”

    “Since it has taken you three days to wake up out of your coma, we are keeping you overnight just to be sure you are alright.”

    Y/N nodded in response. Doctor Halcon softly smiled. “I’ll leave you to rest.”

    Doctor Halcon began making his way out towards the door when he stopped, turning his focus back to Y/N.

    “Oh, and Y/N?”

    Y/N raised an eyebrow. “Yes, doc?”

    “You definitely have an angel on your side, watching over you.”

    Y/N stared out the large rectangular hospital windows, overlooking the small city in which she lived. She could not see him, of course, but she grinned at the thought of her father protecting her.

    “I guess so.”


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