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    Part Four

    Summary: Baldwin de Clermont manages to upset an ancient hag. He wakes up.. different.

    A cannon-loud cracking boom reverberated through the castle. Matthew and Diana sat bolt upright in bed, and looked at each other, horrified.

    “The wards-”


    Matthew rocketed out the door as Diana leapt for the nearest window, flinging it open and rising into the air like a balloon. She flew across to, and through, the now-destroyed window of Baldwin’s bedroom to discover Marthe and Ysabeau, shaking with fury, standing over the unconcious bodies of Domenico and Gerbert.

    ‘Well done, Maman’ said Matthew, appearing in the doorway. Ysabeau shook her head.

    ‘We did nothing’

    ‘They were unconcious when we found them’ Marthe explained. Diana stared at her, confused.

    ‘But..but how could the warding have done that? It wasn’t supposed to hurt people, just warn us-’

    Ysabeau was already shaking her head again.

    ‘Your wards didn’t do this. They didn’t warn us either. They should have, if someone-’ she jabbed a finger towards the bed behind her, ‘-hadn’t deliberately broken them. They’ve been scratched out.’

    What?! Oh, of all the stubborn, stupid, pig-headed..’ Diana marched past Marthe, muttering a string of insults under her breath.

    Baldwin was, miraculously, still asleep; curled up contentedly in a ball with the sheets pulled up to his chest, snoring quietly, with a small puddle of drool collecting on his pillow. Oddly, there were thin wisps of smoke wafting off his face and hands.

    Diana resisted the urge to punch him and carefully opened her second sight. There was a network of fibrous silver lines like a spider’s web wrapped around Baldwin’s hands, feet, and heart, with a large collar of the stuff bound beneath his chin. Two long offshoots had sprung from just above his wrists and were winding themselves slowly around Domenico and Gerbert, pulsing a vibrant, glittering burgundy.

    ‘I think the curse protected itself’ Diana closed her eyes to ground herself, then opened them again. ‘Either that or it’s designed in such a way that no one can harm the recipient. Either way, it looks like it’s in the process of transferring or copying itself onto these two.’ She nudged Domenico sharply with her foot. He didn’t stir.

    There was a snort, and a rustle of movement from the bed as Baldwin suddenly woke up.

    ‘What’s going on?’ he demanded, rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

    ‘Matthew, Diana, Marthe, please leave us’ Ysabeau enunciated icily, turning to face him. Baldwin shrank back a little, his eyes widening.

    ‘I would like a moment alone with my son.’

    The last thing Diana saw as Marthe closed the door behind them was Baldwin trying desperately to disappear into the corner of the bed, while Ysabeau drew herself up to her full height and took a deep, deep breath.

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    Part Three

    Summary: Baldwin de Clermont manages to upset an ancient hag. He wakes up.. different.

    Domenico Michele was suspicious.

    First, the Bavarian hag cast a foul-smelling spell at Baldwin, which hadn’t seemed to affect him in any way at the time.

    Then the witch up and vanished, leaving a cryptic note behind, and suddenly Baldwin just dropped off the face of the earth. Emails went unanswered, only Matthew or Diana answered his phone. Even his PA in London had stuttered out an apology that she hadn’t seen or heard from her boss personally for over a week.

    Everything was being handled by intermediaries. Either Baldwin had died (there was always hope) or he was seriously ill.

    Which was…unusual…for the vampire.

    Which was why he was currently scaling the outer wall of Sept Tours, inching his way up the ancient masonry as he tried to keep his scent downwind. He reached the rampart and quickly darted along into a patch of shadow, listening carefully for the slow, rhythmic heartbeats of the various de Clermonts.

    Marthe was down below him, her scent wafting up from a grate leading into one of the cellars. Ysabeau was with her; he could hear the faint chatter of Ysabeau’s voice as the two talked. Matthew and Diana were up above him in the tower study, and the twins’ strong heartbeats emanated from the middle of the courtyard, beside one of the flowers beds.

    Domenico zoomed up onto the rooftop and made a beeline straight for Baldwin’s room. As he got closer, he paused.

    The scent was Baldwin. Definitely Baldwin. But at the same time, not entirely.

    He peered cautiously into the window, balked with surprised, and nearly slipped off the gargoyle he was perched on.

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  • @baldwin-montclair @adowobsessed @sylverdeclermont @lady-lazarus-declermont @nicki-mac-me @thereadersmuse

    Part Two

    Summary: Baldwin de Clermont manages to upset an ancient hag. He wakes up.. different.

    ‘But how is this possible?’ Ysabeau asked, for the umpteenth time. They were gathered around the kitchen table, Baldwin propped up in a chair with a blanket wrapped firmly around his shoulders to ward off shock.

    Diana shrugged and threw her hands in the air. ‘I have no idea! There are plenty of spells and potions that can alter appearance, but I’ve never heard of anything like this!’

    ‘That’s a comfort’ muttered Baldwin.

    ‘Where did you say the witch was from?’ asked Marthe, as she gathered Baldwin up in a gentle hug.

    ‘She was found in Ederheim’ said Matthew.

    The witch in question, Verich, had been discovered loitering around a shopping centre in Ederheim handing out candy canes to local children. She was a genuine old world hag; hooked nose and chin, warts, long ragged robes. A nearby coven had alerted the Congregation to her presence, and since then they had been trying to convince her not to remain out in the open for too long, for fear that the humans would become suspicious.

    Matthew’s mobile began to ring. He looked at the caller id, grimaced, and set it to speaker.


    ‘Tell your brother to answer his damn phone’ Domenico growled down the line.

    ‘Is there something I can help you with?’ asked Matthew.

    ‘The hag has disappeared; Gerbert thinks she’s gone back to the Black Forest’

    Baldwin stuffed the blanket into his mouth to stop himself from screaming with rage.

    ‘Did she leave a note?’

    ‘She did actually,’ there was a slightly rustling sound as Domenico fished a piece of paper from his pocket, ‘Ein Jahr und ein Tag. Agatha thinks that’s when Verich will be back.’

    ‘Thank you for letting us know’ said Matthew grimly, cutting the other man off as he shut down the call. Baldwin looked stricken. Ysabeau and Marthe were ashen-faced.

    ‘A year and a day?’ said Diana, horrified.

    Baldwin slammed a hand down on the bench next to him angrily.

    ‘Ah, ah! Ow!’

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  • 2020- the year of realising things

    Did i really spend my whole life dying my hair blonde to get away from being ginger, only to dream out two gingers from different book series?



    Originally posted by themusicsweetly

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    • Kiss from a Rose || Baldwin Eavesdropping on Simone’s Call

    A Discovery of Witches
    coming soon

    “It’s nothing. I should have come home weeks ago and my family’s starting to think I might have met someone …”

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  • Tasks:

    1. Finish this wiritng this fic before December

    2. Finish the series before the S2 premire in Jan


    Well, shit.

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  • See, I want to publish one shots of my OC and Baldwin, but if I do that it kind of spoils the end of the story so I don’t want to but I need to but I don’t want-


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  • 6000 words and im probably not even 0.1% through writing this fic. How did i go from a simple “one shot” to this is beyond me. Remind me to never take on a task like this again. My hands hurt my head hurts it all hurts.

    Although i do have some other ideas after i get Malcolm-Montclair out of my system.

    What even is the meaning of life?

    Can i eat toast at midnight?

    Is a slug a homeless snail???

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  • Look, Deborah clearly modelled part of Baldwin’s backstory on Baldwin II, King of Jerusalem, but it is hilarious to me that there are about four separate kings called Baldwin running around Jerusalem at about the same time so obviously Baldwin just kept faking his own death.

    Baldwin: I am dead, long live me. But who shall be my successor? Hmm, I nominate…myself.

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  • Thoughts of the day:

    I do LOVE the suits, but that burgandy top/black bomber jacket combo makes me weak.

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  • Hamish’s POV:

    “Now go and stand in that fucking corner or I will perform a living autopsy on you with a rusty spade you fucking imbecile” Malcom spat, his Scottish accent thickening with every word. I had not intended to have these two in a room, and in any situation Baldwin would always win. But this was Malcolm FUCKING Tucker and I wasn’t so sure Baldwin would come out unscathed.

    “Listen to me you oozing puss of impotence, speak to me in that tone again and I will do more than just collapse your entire Government.” Baldwin hadn’t raised his voice yet, or sworn but everyone in the room recoiled when he spoke. He didn’t need to shout to assert dominance, but none the less it was asserted but this didn’t faze Malcolm. I think Oliver may have wet himself.

    “If I could interject” a meek voice heckled, someone had tried to reason with them after 20 minutes of their tennis slang match. By the love of God someone shut this woman up before she is beheaded. Her moment of madness was silenced with a death glare from both men.

    “You may fucking NOT. Id rather fist myself with a marzipan dildo the take advice from an employee of Baldcunt Clairtit” I pinched the bridge of nose, exhaling. All I wanted was some advice from Baldwin in regards to some financial dealings with one of his business partners. And then the devil incarnate showed up. It was going to be a l o n g meeting.

    “Mr Tucker, you interrupted this meeting and I can assure you will not be interrupting any again” Malcolm is lucky he is not a creature and the room is full of humans. Baldwin wasn’t known for being the nicest to his staff but he reserved the right to talk to his employees like underclass and did not take to others doing to them as he does. Had Malcolm of been a vampire, his head would be nicely off of his shoulders being used as a ball for kick ups “IF you ever speak to my staff like that, I will boot your head from your shoulders, out of this window through to the Shard”

    Great minds think alike “As much as id like to sit idly by and watch this venomous game of who has the bigger… mouth… I really would like to continue my meeting. Malcolm, I appreciate your visit and I will attend to our matters after dealing with Baldwin” at times like these I wish everyone had the same diplomatic temperament as I.

    “well wopty fucking do, you would rather tango with a frog then your own kin. Fucking treacherous bastard placing me second. All the things I’ve done for you” Malcolm actually tutted. At me.

    “All you do is make me wish I was dying from type two diabetes Malcolm now sit down and shut up” I had lost my patience few times in my life, and Malcolm is accountable for at least four of those incidences. 

    “WELL FUCK YOU” he pointed at me “DEFINITELY FUCK YOU” Then at Baldwin “AND FUCK ALL OF YOU” He waved his hands about like the maniac he was, and stormed out shouting profanities. “hackled old face cock womble” was something I may adapt to my own vocabulary.

    “does this mean.. is it… am I over” Oliver whispered after what seemed to be a tense few moments

    “Good God you mewling quim, take your pathetic excuse for a life out of my boardroom. No wonder Malcolm speaks to you like shit I can smell the pathetic coming off in waves” Baldwin at this point walked towards the door and ushered everyone out. “and tell your boss If I ever see that bagpipe fucking tool again I will need all my energy to resist flaying him and selling the remains to the TIMES newspaper” Oliver may now have shit himself.

    “Baldwin, I make it my life mission to ensure neither of you are in the same country. Ever” I  inadvertently just caused and avoided World War Three. I need whisky.  

    @baldwin-montclair   - as requested. I did half ass it though so fair warning. I also weaved in some of my favourite Thick of It quotes. 


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  • #Kiss from a Rose #fd ADOW #oc Simone Kostopoulos #Baldwin Montclair
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  • Monday, October 12

    Secrets, torture and rescue.

    Diana is taken by a flying witch and brought to a castle-ruin where the witch, Satu Järvinen, tries to open her up to figure out her secrets and her magic. Satu fails, despite trying to make Diana doubt Matthew by telling her his only after her magic and that he’s killed Gillian. So she leaves Diana in the oubliette to get reinforcement.

    Meanwhile, the vampires of Sept-Tours are looking for Diana. Reinforcement in the form of Baldwin Montclair, head of the family and tracker extraordinary, arrive from London. He’s not Matthew’s favorite sibling and there’s a bit of dominance fighting going on before Matthew uses the “Knight’s of Lazarus of Bethany”-card and Baldwin falls in line. Working together, Diana’s located and they leave in a helicopter to rescue her.

    Diana is not alone in the oubliette. There are ghosts of those that died there but also her parents. She recalls the stories her mother told her and when Matthew and Baldwin find her and are unable to go down and retrieve her, she’s able to fly up.

    Matthew needs to use his blood to calm Diana down during the flight back to Sept-Tours. Her body is badly bruised and burnt so she needs help. Matthew, Marthe and Ysabeau take care of her while she tells them what happened with Satu but also that Domenico and Gerbert were there and that Gerbert in particular wanted to get his hands on her and that he once upon a time owned the Ashmole manuscript. Matthew reveals he killed a woman in Jerusalem that got between him and Baldwin. 

    Ysabeau calls Diana’s aunts in Madison, telling them Diana’s safe but that she should go to Madison as she needs to be protected from witches, Matthew agrees.

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  • Matthew Clairmont crouched in the shadow of the ruined abbey and waited. He had been silently pursuing his quarry for the better part of an hour now, and had just been about to take aim with the gun in his arms when they had slipped up and over a hill, and out of sight.

    He crouched, watching the horizon for subtle signs of movement. It was a beautiful day; the crisp autumn breeze blew the leaves from the fruit trees marking the boundary of the ancient church land.

    I wonder what Diana’s doing?

    He had left her and the twins in the custody of Miriam, with strict instructions to enjoy themselves on their shopping trip in Paris. Diana had laughed, kissed him, and wished him luck.

    He missed her. She had the most wonderful smi-


    The wet stinging slap of a paintball hitting the back of his head made him hiss. Matthew heard a loud chuckle behind him and turned.

    ‘The pain may be temporary, dear brother, but the humiliation will last a lifetime’ said Baldwin, smirking as he trudged up. He was spotless. Matthew, on the other hand, was already sporting three blotches including the one he had just received. Baldwin had already clipped his left shoulder, and Marcus had, embarrassingly, got off a beautiful shot to his backside shortly after the start of their game.

    Baldwin kept his pellet gun trained on the floor and made a great show of carefully refilling it.

    'Tsk, tsk, you’re getting slow’ he smirked again, 'You mustn’t let yourself get distracted so easily-’


    Marcus’s face suddenly appeared over the top of the wall as a bucket of bright green paint came slopping down directly on top of Baldwin, covering the shocked vampire from head to toe.

    'What was that about not letting yourself get distracted?’ Marcus said cheekily, grinning. Matthew fell about, roaring with laughter, as Baldwin threw his gun to the side and went charging after Marcus.


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  • Look at him. Sitting there in his neat, pressed clothes. Git.

    Dominico glanced sideways at Baldwin, letting the shrill chatter of the Congregation wash over him. Even the man’s damn hair was polished; he couldn’t for the life of him see one chink in Baldwin’s outward appearance that revealed the inner turmoil he must surely be suffering.

    If Dominico had been in Baldwin’s position, he would have been at least slightly uncomfortable. Not five minutes ago they had been voting to remove his head, and it very nearly had been.

    It wasn’t fair.

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  • Just a fun little idea that popped into my head ^^

    What if Baldwin’s appearance matched the levels of stress he is under as each season progressed?

    Season 1: Not a hair out of place. Shoes polished, suits on point. He’s frustrated and angry and upset but he’ll be damned if he’ll let anyone know.

    Season 2: Forgets his jacket, pretends it was a conscious decision. Waistcoat and pants looking pressed, shoes still polished, but he occasionally rolls up his sleeves when he’s alone-ONLY when he’s alone- and his hair’s slightly imperfect if you squint.

    Season 3: He’s honestly not sure what day of the week it is. Hamish finds him in his office buried beneath half a wine cellar. One shoe, open-collar rumpled three-day-old shirt, hair is a mess. Weirdly, his trousers are still pressed and clean. He’s going to go on a looong holiday after this.

    I know it’ll never happen but a person can dream XD


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  • All the things I’m dying to know in the next book from Deb Harkness is definitely Baldwin related.

    Things like:

    1. In nearly two millennia, how is it that Baldwin is STILL single? Did he EVER mate?

    2. Is Miyako his only sired child? If so, does he have many grandsires?

    3. What DOES Baldwin do in his spare time? Is he always plotting how to get back at people? Is he just constantly calling/texting/emailing everyone in the de Clermont clan? Does he ever take a break?

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  • @butternuggets-blog Baldwin is a pilot in ww1 with the call sign “Copper Prince”. Matthew finds this out. They’re in a pub. Matthew nearly dies laughing.


    “It’s hardly the Ritz!” Baldwin regarded the small village pub with snobbish disdain.

    “Lighten up,” Diana rolled her eyes, “the kids need to stretch their legs and I need some tea.”

    “Honestly Baldwin,” Matthew chuckled, “you are such a snob. It’s meant to be a nice drive through the Scottish countryside.”

    “We could have taken the plane, it has windows, we can easily see the scenery from there.”

    “It’s not the same,” Diana laughed, “besides, Douglas is expecting his second child any day now, we insisted he take at least a few months off to help at home.”

    “I can fly a plane, don’t know why we even keep a pilot on retainer.”

    “You can fly?” Diana asked, stunned.

    “Yes, I like to keep up with my certification, designs have changed much since they came into being. I could have shown you, and gotten to Osborne’s home sooner had flying been an option.”

    “Pip, Pip, they have swings!” Rebecca squealed with delight, grabbing her brother’s hand to pull him to the play area.

    “Kids, don’t rush off.” Diana sighed.

    “It’s fine,” Baldwin shook his head, “I’ll watch over them, cannot imagine this place has anything I would want.”

    “Alright,” Diana shrugged, linking arms with her husband and leaving the children, both pulling their uncle towards the swings.


    “Mmm,” Diana sipped at the comforting warm tea, “I needed this.”

    “Wine selection could be better.” Matthew grumbled.

    “Now who’s the snob?”

    “Apologies Ma Lionne,” he gave a respectful nod, “at least the children are happy.”

    Diana turned to see Baldwin push both on the swings.

    “How was Hamish, last you spoke to him?”

    “Um, a nervous wreck, but deliriously happy at the same time. Nathaniel and Sophie will be presenting young Margaret for flower girl duties with Becca tomorrow and Thomas’ nephew will be accompanying Philip as usher.”

    “They’re going to look precious.” Diana squealed, suddenly aware of a commotion in the pub by the window.

    “Dad,” the bartender started with gentle coaxing, “you know you’re the last member of your squadron, remember, we went to Harry’s funeral a couple of months back.”

    “No,” the elderly man retorted with firm confidence and hobbled over to a photo on the wall, pulling it off to hand it to his son, “you tell me that isn’t him.”

    Sighing, the man carefully looked at the photo and vaguely glanced out of the window before doing an obvious double take.

    “See?” The old man stated smugly.

    “My God, he has to be a relation, grandson maybe, it’s uncanny.”

    “He is the total spit of Benoit.”

    “Merde.” Matthew swore under his breath.

    “What is it?” Diana asked, unsure of the problem.

    “A recognition, we didn’t have it as much before but its become more difficult with things like photos and film. He knew Baldwin from the war.”

    “So, what do we do?”

    “We can’t let them meet, we need to distract the old soldier.”

    Matthew took a deep breath and approached the man and his son.

    “Excuse me, I couldn’t help overhearing your conversation, and I just wanted to tell you that you are right. Baldwin’s grandfather was a pilot. My name’s Matthew, I’m his step-brother.”

    “Would explain why you don’t look very much alike.” The man held out his hand for Matthew to shake, which he accepted.

    “No, we do not, but I am very familiar with the proud military history of our family. Oh, and please let me introduce you to my wife, Diana.”

    “It’s a pleasure,” Diana beamed, “could I-“ she stopped, thinking of how to delicately ask the next question, “I’m a bit of a history buff and would be honoured to perhaps take a look at the photo?”

    “Oh yes of course dear,” the elderly man cocked his head in the direction of his son, instructing him to hand it over, “doesn’t he look so similar.”

    “Yes,” Diana managed to contain the amused gasp, “not so much with the moustache though.”

    The older man laughed.

    “It was a bit dramatic, even for that time,” he admitted, “but Benoit was one hell of a pilot, there wasn’t an enemy gunner who didn’t wet themselves at the prospect of facing ‘The Copper Prince’ in a dogfight!”

    “I’m sorry, the what?” Matthew summoned every inch of control not to combust with laughter.

    “Yeah, he hated it but too bad you don’t get to pick your call sign,” he shook his head, “we got the idea from the girls in the postal barracks, always swooning over the handsome prince with the copper hair. They made up all sorts of ridiculously romantic backstories for him. Really, we knew very little about him so for all we knew they may have been right.”

    “Could I perhaps snap a quick photo on my phone, I’m sure Baldwin’s mother would like to see her father as a young man?”

    “I insist!” The soldier returned and Diana ignored the side-eye Matthew was shooting her as she snapped the picture and included every member of the family in a group message with strict instructions that Baldwin was not to know.

    She had her time planned.


    “You needed me for something?” Baldwin joined Diana in the room made up for the children.

    Both twins were in bed but still listening intently to Diana’s story.

    “Not me, these two insisted you sit in on the latest bedtime story, which you are interrupting.”

    “Alright,” he shrugged, taking a seat by the door, “pray continue.”

    “Thank you,” Diana turned back to the children, “where was I?”

    “Oh, the prince didn’t want the room full of silver-“

    “Yes that’s right Becca,” Diana praised, “because he wanted more. So, the enchantress offered him a second door and when he stepped through, the room was full to the ceiling with gold and precious jewels.”

    “Accepting a high instant return is always more advisable that gambling an unknown, of course he too it!” Baldwin rolled his eyes.

    “But he didn’t,” Diana smiled, “if the first room had silver and the second had gold and jewels, just imagine the riches beyond the third. At least, that’s what he told himself.”

    “Then he’s an idiot.”

    “No, he was greedy, even when his wife begged him to take it the gold he swore to her on his thick and manly moustache that the third door would be worth the risk and so he took it.”

    “What was in the room?” Baldwin asked, surprisingly involved in the tale.

    “No silver, no gold, no riches,” Diana sighed dramatically, “as soon as he crossed the threshold he was transformed into a bronze statue.”

    “See, I told you, never go for the unknown quantity. He’s an idiot!” Baldwin snorted in derision.

    “He was,” Diana admitted, “but that’s not what his people called him after that.”

    “What did they call him?” Philip asked with interest.

    “Ask your Uncle,” she smiled widely, teeing up her shot, “what would you call a prince who was forced to spend eternity as a copper coloured statue.”

    “The Bronze Buffoon?” He offered to giggles from the children.

    “Good suggestion but no, they called him,” she looked between the twins before fixing her brother with an unwavering stare, “the Copper Prince!”

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