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  • ohsewbootiful
    08.05.2021 - 30 minutes ago

    Hot Air Balloon Embroidery Kit, Mountains Embroidery Kit, Sky Needlecraft Kit, Hand Embroidery Kit, Modern Needlework Kit, Hoop Art Kit by OhSewBootiful https://ift.tt/2OhPyXj

    #Etsy Shop for OhSewBootiful Hot Air Balloon Embroidery Kit #Mountains Embroidery Kit #Sky Needlecraf
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  • chdarling
    08.05.2021 - 40 minutes ago


    Yes. Snape was actually in every scene we just didn’t see him because it was Lily’s POV and he was Lurking Like a Pro.

    god I wish I were an artist because right now I desperately want to draw a series of shitty sketches:

    Snape peering around the corner of a popcorn stand with a snake-shaped balloon animal and a corn dog, scowling.

    Snape with binoculars on the Ferris Wheel, watching Lily and James a few cabins up, scowling.

    Snape getting cornered by a bunch of twelve year olds in bumper cars, scowling.

    Snape spinning on the tea cups ride alone, scowling.

    Snape following James and Lily into the fun house but getting lost in the hall of mirrors, scowling, scowling, scowling from every corner, scowling.

    alas I am emphatically not an artist so this is as much as I could muster:

    changed my mind i'm rewriting this fic entirely from Snape's POV

    #ch answers #i've done nothing today #but at least i doodled snape with a snake balloon animal
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  • typhitty
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Helux (Electric)

    Helux live deep at the bottom of the sea. They attack their prey by touching their heads to their enemy and releasing the store of energy they create from converting the kinetic energy of the sea currents into electricity within their bodies.

    #pokemon#fakemon#electric #this one is a little weird looking but thats because its based on the balloon sponge!!!!
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  • longlegsnamjoon420
    08.05.2021 - 2 hours ago

    Looking at the syllabus for medsurge and laughing so hard..... I already know everything 😂

    #I deserve this #my time has come #balloon pumps? check #pulmonary monitoring? check #art lines? hemodynamic monitoring? check? #heart rhymths double check #running codes triple check #I am so happy this is what I’ve been waiting for 😁
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  • strawberriesandhappiness
    08.05.2021 - 3 hours ago
    #art #hot air balloon #space
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  • hotairballoondubai
    08.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #hot air balloon dubai #hot air balloon ride #hot air balloon ride dubai #balloon ride dubai
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  • storecee
    08.05.2021 - 4 hours ago
    #storecee #hot air balloon
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  • fullmooncenzo
    08.05.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Potential storylines for development in Vincenzo Season 2:

    1. A shift in the underbelly of Vincenzo’s dark mafia world linked to a new case in Korea brings V back to his motherland once more. By this time, with the power of the Guillotine file and Agent An and Cho and Director Tae’s help, V can no longer be traced to the villains’ deaths and can safely return.

    2. Possible connection to Vincenzo’s biological father later down the road. He could be anyone and anything! Which leaves room for any kind of storyline. I personally think it’d be interesting for V to connect to his young persona and discover the possibility of another kind of life. Or if he realises his own father is a villain. How will someone like V deal with this?

    3. Which leads me to: Vincenzo’s heightened internal conflict between the prospect of having a normal life by washing his hands off of murder and blood, and his built-in mafia instincts and mafia-related history. Seeing his own evil reflected in his father’s might just put everything under a new perspective.

    4. Chayoung’s mum and her past with her. More insight into her internal world and how her past villainous partnership with Vincenzo has coloured/tainted the way she fights for justice in her work, and how loving someone like V has impacted her.

    5. Chayenzo’s relationship and how their LDR has affected them. Also possible development on what it means to be both partners in work and life. Major potential for more iconic moments and catwalks.

    6. Since Geumga plaza is still very much intact thanks to Chayoung’s iron-clad protection, we can see how they might’ve changed and their reactions to V being back in their lives again.

    I know that the prospect of Vincenzo season 2 lies very much in the hands of writer Park Jaebum, because he holds the keys to the world and can do whatever he wants. But all I’m saying is if a pigeon and his crew can save Vincenzo when he was literally at the precipice of death, anything is possible. So if ever inspiration hits and he has something more to say, I feel like where we left off in the story won’t make his job an impossible task.

    #vincenzo#chayenzo #hong cha young #jeon yeo bin #song joong ki #still wondering what the pocket watch and byebye balloon was for #maybe pjb abandoned his former happy ending for a more open one? #can’t get over the sadness of the ending #the worst endings are when they provide no certainty about the fates of our beloved characters
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  • amazingxperience
    08.05.2021 - 9 hours ago

    Best Birthday Party Planner Delhi

    Plan an amazing birthday party with party planners in Delhi

    Birthday is a special day for everyone. We all have the expectation like superb decoration, party, and surprise gifts and all. Birthday calls for the celebration and friends get together. We want a lavish party that will enjoyable and memorable for our friends and family.

    Birthday is not about cutting cakes and has a delicious dinner, now it becomes a standard symbol for us. Our parties indicate directly our creativity and thought about the celebration of the birthday.

    Little champs are also excited for the birthday party and fun with balloon decoration. They also want birthday is not only notable for them but for their friends too.

    Elders also love birthday celebrations and surprise gifts. So, a birthday really deserves a grand celebration and elegant decoration that makes the celebration notable for the rest of life.

    Need of birthday party planner

    If you want to listen giggling sounds of your loved ones about last night party happened then you must need the birthday party planners that fill your day with fun. Make your birthday party better than the previous one. Party planners in Delhi provide you the never seen decoration that makes your celebration praiseworthy for you.

    Every time choose something different is a tough task for the parents and the host of the party.

    With a party planner, you need not take this kind of stress, they will provide you a bunch of popular birthday decoration themes and ideas.

    Balloons can be twisted to make balloon trees, balloon arch, balloon bunch, balloon pillars, balloon stands, and so on.

    Party planner in Delhi has a knack for twisting the balloon in different ways to make exciting and catchy balloon designs to add beauty to your venue. They will set all the designs according to the venue and other decorations.

    Elegant decoration enhances your experience and your guest will end up admiring you for the best decoration.

    They add a spice of fun to your function and allows you to enjoy the celebration to the fullest.

    Popular themes and balloons design for the birthday party in Delhi –

    Safari Theme Party: - One of the most exciting and popular themes. In this decoration, a balloon arch has been made and your kid’s favorite animals foil balloons are placed around the arch. Your baby's favorite animals’ appearance definitely going to be a reason for his/her happiness. Don’t miss this exciting decoration.

    Dreamy space-themed décor: - Kids are always excited for the moon, space, and astronaut. Metallic silver and black colors are used to make a space backdrop. Astronaut foil balloons, star foil balloons, and rocket foil balloons will be around the backdrop.

    White and silver-themed balloon surprise: - We are here to make your dream a reality with this elegant dreamy décor. Moon foil balloon and star foil balloons offer you a perfect backdrop. This decoration is best suited to your girlfriend's birthday, mother's birthday, and your partner's birthday.

    Superhero-themed birthday décor: - Surprise your kids with their favorite superhero balloon decoration. Kids are big fans of superheroes and this decoration multiplies their fun and enjoyment.

    Besides them, mickey mouse themed décor, champagne, and crown décor, best mom birthday décor, black and golden birthday décor, love décor for wife's birthday, first birthday decor, and so on.

    Why choose Amazingxperience for birthday party decoration?

    Amazingxperience has unique ideas for birthday party decoration. We convert your dreamy decoration into reality and make your experience extraordinary.  We have an easy booking process and our services are on time always. We are assured about the quality and style of our decoration. You can add customization like banners, balloon garland, rose petals, and so on to enhance your experience. We can modify any theme of decoration as per your choice. We will help you to bring lots of happiness to loved ones by adding their favorite cartoon character, sports, colors, and so on.

    We don’t only decorate your venue but decorate your day with affection and love. Our all decorations are too catchy to impress your friends and family.

    This is assured, you are going to win the day with us.

    Make your moments notable with us.

    #Party Planner in Delhi #Balloon Decoration#Surprise Decoration#AmazingXperience #Birthday Party Planners
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  • corpserabbit
    08.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    lucky boy's description if you want to know how he looks lmao

    Leaning over, Sergio discovered that the propeller cap was attached to the round head of a small, maybe ten-inch-high, plastic figurine. The figurine was that of a small boy with reddish brown hair, big blue eyes, an orange triangular nose, rosy cheeks, and a wide mouth full of pronounced white teeth. The figurine’s round head was matched in shape and size with the trunk of its body, which resembled a colorful bowling ball with arms and legs. The figurine was wearing a short-sleeved, two-button shirt that had vertical red and blue stripes, matching the pattern on the cap. The shirt was tucked into solid blue pants, and the pants cuffs ended at the top of a pair of plain brown shoes. The shoes were more rounded than foot-shaped, but they matched the boy’s fingerless, stumpy hands.

    he really is balloon boy lmao

    #fnaf #fnaf fazbear frights #lucky boy#balloon boy #sergio's lucky day
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  • bonesandpoemsandflowers
    08.05.2021 - 13 hours ago

    I have just learned that you can grow roses from cuttings, thereby extending and intensifying your feelings about plucking a rose from your own yard and kissing your beloved on the stairs and everything. bro. BRO. this changes EVERYTHING.

    #also apparently the roses in my backyard are climbing roses? #i just assumed they were floppy and idk just bad at their job of being bushes #but apparently no! they're climbers! #which means that all things considered they are VERY good at their job #given that their support/climbing structure is as far as i can tell #a fence post stuck in the ground #and tied with a bit of balloon ribbon #like really it's a post from the fence that's like two feet away #thank u used car salesman we bought the house from i love ur rose bushes and mint #the house has many Mysteries #we are constantly discovering them #what does this button do? i have no idea #what is this remote for? i haven't a clue #oh shit we have a SECOND attic? what??
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  • pinklightningmc
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    Think about my freakshow couple

    Thinks about 09 and Annie

    Thinks about a masked mystery man who steals people hearts

    Thinks about a weak and defective cupid who feels like he will never find love but finds someone who loves him.

    Thinks about a guy who repairs seemly unrepairable hearts but can't repair his own. Until he meets a defective cupid

    Thinks about a little child like robot who just wants to see people happy

    Thinks about my OCs in general. I have too many ideas and not enough skill to bring them to life.

    #narri needs to shut up #is narri thinking about OCs that no one cares about? #yes #I love them #the weird octopus mermaid like creature and his #underpaid trapeze artist/clown/balloon seller boyfriend #and everyone else I listed #I love them all
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  • moodyvoid
    08.05.2021 - 15 hours ago

    I went to our town fair and there was this giant stuffed pig plushie and I really wanted it, so I tried to win it and it was a stupid ball throw game and I have little wimpy noodle arms and the guy kept making fun of me every time I’d miss. 😡😡😡

    #I played softball when I was 10 and for what? #I retained none of that knowledge #at least I won the balloon pop game #I got fuzzy dice and put them in my husband car and he’s like ‘those are hideous’ and I’m like ‘I know I love them’ #not bnha
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  • cacohut
    07.05.2021 - 17 hours ago

    having a cat while being allergic to cats is like. the equivalent of eating ice cream while being lactose intolerant

    #just some thoughts of mine as i watch the area which my cat playfully bit me swell up like a balloon #message in a bottle
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  • reverseteehee
    07.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    The fact there is a balloon shortage in the US makes me laugh

    #balloon shortage #US balloon shortage #why is no one talking about this #please
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  • qr-closet
    07.05.2021 - 20 hours ago

    dress inspired by teuta matoshi ✨

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  • awesomebutunpractical
    07.05.2021 - 23 hours ago

    In Rescue Bots Academy, the recruits have to wrangle a triceratops. This isn’t a problem because, as they are REPEATEDLY reassured, the triceratops only eats plants. Unlike all those darn metal eating dinosaurs we have running around.

    #Look I KNOW it's a show for small babies #but those recruits are so darn dumb #they have a very loose grasp on cause and effect #I kind of seriously love them but wow #just pop the stupid balloon you idiot robot children #The original Rescue Bots show had the same target audience in theory #but they took the natural sounding dialogue actual stakes and orchestral score approach to preschool cartoons #which was fun and very confusing
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  • quaffles-with-syrup
    07.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    me and my friend have a balloon for our chemistry project and hes light blue and we drew a smiley face on him and named him abernathy (after francis). i get to carry him around all day. sometimes life is good

    #u know ur lonely when u get attached to a balloon for a science project #HES SO CUTE THOUGH😭😭😭
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