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    by clicking [ THE SOURCE LINK BELOW ] you will find #135 ( 75x75 ) gif icons of BAMBAM member of the group GOT7. all gifs were made by me from scratch so please do not edit, repost in other hunts or claim as your own. please like/reblog if you found these useful !

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  • POV: You waste an entire roll of film because none of them can sit still long enough to take a decent picture.

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  • here is the astrological breakdown for GOT7′s BamBam~ kind of tempted to do a synastry chart for bambam and yugyeom now because i kinda get it now…they do be best friends

    disclaimer: i used my pendulum to get bambam’s birth time so it might not be 100% accurate but just try and convince me that bambam isn’t an aries rising. just try. 

    second disclaimer: this is all for fun and entertainment, astrology has so many nuances and stuff but i am only touching on the basics of his personal planets and aspects here that i find relevant to include~ hope you enjoy ♡

    birthdate: May 2nd, 1997 4:57am (ICT) (presumed)


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  • backfire • b.b


    warnings proposal, mentions of marriage, engagement, and just bambam being a clown

    genre fluff, comedy

    word count 0.7k

    inspiration a tiktok but they had bought their gf animal crossing

    synopsis in which bambam decides to document his purchase of your engagement ring

    “Is this thing on?” Bambam asked as he fixed his phone to stay on the counter of his bathroom. Knowing that the camera was rolling he took a couple steps backwards.

    “Hello ___— actually I don’t know if I’m going to show this to you yet. I mean, I should but— you know what, let me shut up.” He laughed his awkwardness off and proceeded to reach beyond the view of his phone to reveal a drawstring bag.

    He shook the bag gently in front of the camera. It had the name of the ring place you two had stopped by a couple of weeks ago. Inside was a ring you were basing your whole life around but still said you didn’t want it just yet. Bambam knew you were lying. You were practically drooling over the ring.

    So, he bought it.

    And now he was preparing a way to present to you. Preparing a way to propose.

    “Alright,” he inhaled deeply before pulling the strings back and pulling out the velvet box. “Whew.” Bambam bounced in his spot.

    “Honestly, I can’t believe I’m doing this.” Bambam stopped bouncing, now coming to terms with reality. He was about to propose to you. Not hand you a ring pop or a promise ring but propose.

    And then the next step were marriage rings.

    It was scary, but he was easily more excited than scared. “___, we’re going to be engaged, can you believe it?” Bambam asked the camera as if you were there to answer.

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       홫홯﹣⌇𝐍𝐄𝐖𝐏𝐎𝐒𝐓 ᵎ ﹅ 𝗆𝗂𝗂𝗁𝗌𝗈𝖿𝗍 ⑅

       ♡ ・ 𝗅𝗂𝗄𝖾 홯너 ꕁ or 𝗋𝖾𝖻𝗅𝗈𝗀 ՚ ✕


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    ❥bambam and pudding, favorite thing.

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  • If GOT7 was juice, they’d be lemonade:

    • Delicious
    • Pretty
    • Best during the summer
    • Versatile
    • Homemade ver. Is best.
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  • *jjparents arguing*

    yugyeom: come on guys can’t we just all get along

    jinyoung: this is an AB argument so C your way out of it

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  • *mark arguing with beom over forgetting things easily*

    mark: it’s always the old people tsk tsk

    jaebeom: says the old

    *yugbam appearing out of the closet*: BUUUUUURN!!!!

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  • bambam: I love the word yeet

    youngjae: yeet? why yeet?

    bambam: because it’s yugyeom’s feet ;)

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  • Bambam x fem. Reader

    Genre: smut if you can call it that

    TW: mild sexual content

    WC: 2.5k

    Author’s note:took me long enough. this is literally my first smut (r.i.p.). also the ending is a nit dumb but wow did I not know how I wanted to end it.

    Preview: “I can hear you heart beating,” Bambam spoke softly. His face was inches from yours; a soft hand placed gently on your jaw…

    You melted into an old beanbag chair slumped haphazardly against the corner and let your eyes wander the smoky room. Lit only by a few table lamps, the whole space seemed to rock to the R&B music being playing around you. Even though you were hesitant at first, coming to this party was the best idea you’d had in weeks. Well it was less of a party and more like you and 11 other people sitting around in your close friend, Yugyeom’s apartment. You didn’t know most of the people here, but social interaction was social interaction, nonetheless. It felt like ages since you’d had any actual fun.

    The smell of sweat, weed, and hours old pizza filled your nose with each breath. Your eyes traced over the mostly unfamiliar faces in the room and landed upon Yugyeom’s roommate, Bambam, causing your stomach to float.

    You didn’t know him very well, but the longer you looked at him, the more you wanted to. However, he seemed to almost avoid you whenever you came by; ducking into his room or leaving the apartment altogether. On the rare occasions you were both in the same room, you’d barely acknowledge each other, giving only a polite wave and a short “hey”. You never really asked Yugyeom about it, opting to just admire him from a far as you were doing now.

    His slender frame was leaned against the wall as a bored hand scrolled aimlessly on his phone. A red plastic cup occupied the other. He wore white skinny jeans paired with a pale brick turtleneck that hugged his form. Short snow-white hair and small silver earrings contrasted with his golden skin.  

    Hey creep.”

    Your heart leapt to your throat at the shock. You shot a stern look to your left to see Yugyeom crouched playfully beside you. “Enjoying the view?” The shit-eating grin plastered to his face made your cheeks burn. He’d known for a while about your feelings for his roommate and took every chance to tease you about it. Honestly, he probably needed to bug you as much as he needed to breathe.

    Yugyeom lightly patted your cheeks, giggling at the pissy look growing on your face. “Go to hell, Kim,” you pushed his hands away and threw a punch at his shoulder. “Ow, hey! C’mon, I’m just messin’ around, lighten up,” he pouted as he rubbed his shoulder. “Seriously though, why not just ask him out already? I mean what’s the worst that could happen?” You leaned back with folded arms and sighed, “Well for one, he could laugh in my face and say no. And if that happened I would not and could not EVER come over again. Our friendship would then slowly dwindle away to dust since I rarely see you anywhere other than here. And I honestly don’t know if you’re prepared to handle life without me,” a smirk found its way your face. Yugyeom rolled his eyes and opened his mouth to retaliate but stopped himself and smiled impishly, “I have an idea.” He gave one solid clap of his hands, jumped to his feet, and breezed away, leaving you in a pool of confusion and frankly, mild terror.

    You watched as he traversed to the stereo and turned the music down, the sudden silence pulling all eyes to him. “Alright guys, it’s that time…” he paused and rubbed his hands together dramatically, “Anyone down for seven minutes?” The room whooped and laughed excitedly, everyone already moving to sit in a circle on the floor.

    “Seven minutes” was shorthand for Seven Minutes in Heaven. From what Yug had told you, he and his friends always played when they got together like this. Your stomach formed a knot as Yugyeom moved the small coffee table off to the side and an empty beer bottle was placed in the center of the carpet. Yug found himself a spot, patting the floor next to him for you to join in. Lazily you made your way over and sat cross-legged beside your friend.

    You noticed that Bambam was sat across from you leaning back on his hands. He eyed up everyone in the circle and the moment he landed on you, a slight smirk crept to his face. You quickly looked away, feeling your cheeks grow hot. Excitement sparked within you as you silently wished you’d be paired with him.

    Yugyeom piped up, “Before we start, I’m gonna explain the rules since y/n hasn’t played with us before.” You listened intently, “I’ll spin to see who goes first. Then that person spins for their partner. No re-spins. You get who you get. The pair will go into the coat closet together for exactly seven minutes. They’re free to do whatever they want with each other, no questions asked. When seven minutes is up, we open the door and let them out. Then we just go clockwise from the first pick. Questions?” Yugyeom looked directly at you.

    You shook your empty head. Even if you did have any questions, you didn’t want to make yourself stick out even more than you did. “Then let’s begin,” Yugyeom said as he spun the bottle.


    The rounds passed by quickly. Couples were sent into the closet one after another. Each time the timer went off, Yugyeom unceremoniously swung open the door. Make-out sessions were cut short, wandering hands returned to their owners, faces were flushed red.

    You remained mostly uninvested, only taking interest when Bambam was finally up. The circle whooped and whistled, a ring of excitement. You could see almost everyone crossing fingers and leaning in, hoping to sway the bottle in their favor. He smugly chuckled and gave a few flirtatious glances at girls he’d probably been paired with before. A pang of jealousy took root within you. Bambam obviously got around and at least half of these girls have gotten a taste before. You watched intently as he reached out and spun the bottle; your heart a lump in your throat.

    You weren’t sure if you were hoping to be chosen or not. If you got paired up, would he even be into it? Into you? Would he be disappointed? You mind did somersaults. Time seemed to slow down, the bottle taking its sweet time before finally stopping. Your heart paused; your eyes widened.

    You sat frozen, staring at the bottle waiting for it to somehow move to someone else. This moment was too perfect to be true. Your face grew redder; your cheeks hot. For a moment, you only heard blood pumping through your ears. The sounds in the room grew muddy and you thought you might pass out from shock alone.

    Yugyeom laughed and nudged your side, bringing you back, “you’re finally in the game!”

    He stood and made his way to the closet, opening the door and gesturing inside. Bambam appeared in front of you. He looked like an angel; a vision too good to be real. Smiling he extended a delicate hand. You gently took it, thinking if you grabbed too fast, you’d pass right through him. He pulled you up and guided you towards a giddy Yugyeom who was practically bouncing on his toes. You watched your feet as you walked, too nervous to look anywhere else. Bambam entered first; you crept behind, taking your spot opposite from him.

    Dimly lit only by a small strip of purple LED’s the closet took on a cozy air. Save for a few scattered jackets and the building tension, the space was empty. You were practically shaking, wondering if anything would happen between you two or if you’d both sit in awkward silence. “Have fun,” Yugyeom teased in a singsong voice, winking at you as she slowly shut the door.

    You were practically glued to the wall, your sense of time skewed. These first few seconds felt as if minutes had already passed by. Now what? You thought. Do I say something? Make a move? Keep looking at my feet, twiddling my thumbs?  You swallowed hard, finally working up the nerve to look up.

    Bambam was looking right at you. The weight of his stare keeping you pressed in place. He seemed to take notice of how tense you were.

    “We don’t have to do anything, you know. We could just talk; get to know each other better. I mean you’re hear all the time, and I only know your name,” his smile was genuine. It helped to slow your heartbeat just a bit. Even still, your head was swimming.

    “Yeah, yeah, sounds great… What do you wanna talk about?”

    Bambam thought for a moment, “Well to start, how long have you and Yug been hanging out? He’s never been one to brag about that kinda thing, but he’s never been shy about it either.” You raised a curious eyebrow, “Honestly I thought you were just some onetime hookup, but when you kept coming back-“

    A wave of laughter erupted form you. Bambam jumped a bit in shock. “What’s so funny?” he laughed uncomfortably. “I’m sorry,” you wiped a tear from your eye and took a deep breath in, “We’re not sleeping together. I love him yeah, but as a friend. That’s it.”

    Bambam’s eyes widened, “Oh. That’s good then…”

    “What do you mean ‘good’? Would it be bad if we were?”

    “Well yeah,” Bambam’s voice was low, the lighthearted smile now replaced by a sultry smirk. He stepped closer to you, “Cause then I’d have to keep staying away from you.” He pressed both hands against the wall on either side of your head, locking you in. You felt your breath leave you.

    You stammered a bit. The air in the closet grew thicker. Bambam’s soft features were illuminated by a purple glow; his eyes grew darker and sharper the longer you gazed into them. For a moment, you thought the floor had collapsed under you. Your eyes darted down, making sure there was still solid ground below your feet. There was. You pinched your arm to make sure you were awake. You were.

    He leaned in close to you “I like you, y/n.” The musky smell of his cologne took over your senses. Your heart picked up pace, your knees almost buckled, and your breath became shallow. You swallowed hard, your mouth an arid desert. “I can hear you heart beating,” Bambam spoke softly. His face was inches from yours; a soft hand placed gently on your jaw. “Do you want me to stop?” You shook your head and before you knew it, Bambam’s soft lips connected with yours.

    Electricity shot through your body. A soft moan left your mouth as the warmth of his body overtook you. Bambam released you face, his hands finding their way to your hips. Without much thought, you brought your arms around his neck and pulled him in deeper. His tongue knocked at your mouth’s door. You willingly let him in. Your tongues battled back and forth; teeth clashing wildly. He pulled your hips into him and you could feel the growing mass in his jeans push against you. He wanted you as bad as you wanted him.

    Bambam broke the kiss and set his sights on your neck. You welcomed him, craning your head to the side to give him room. You felt your core grow warm, beginning to throb with desire. He left a trail of animalistic kisses, pulling at the collar of your shirt. Your breath became hollow. A sharp gasp left you as he grabbed your left leg and pulled it up to his hip.

    “You don’t know how bad I’ve wanted this…” he groaned before lightly biting your collar bone.

    “Tell me…”

    “I’ll do you one better,” he lifted you, pressing your back to the wall. His hips ground into yours all on their own. You couldn’t help but let out a moan, your hands finding their way to his shirt, tugging it desperately. As his fingers dug into your thighs, you pulled harder, craving the feeling of his naked skin. He let you down, lip still attached to you, before unbuttoning your jeans. You were practically dripping, your panties ruined. He toyed with the hem of your panties, knowing fully well what he was doing to you. You bit your lips, frustrated, desperate for his touch. He slid his hand down, rubbing his first and second fingers against you through the thin fabric. You groaned. Two can play at this game…you thought, moving to undo his belt and pants button.

    You teased back, palming him through his boxer-briefs. The soft groan vibrating against your neck felt euphoric. He grabbed your wandering hand with his free one, pinning it by your head. “You’re so mean,” you sighed. He said nothing, giving only a deep chuckle; his fingers finding, their way into your underwear, lightly brushing against your outer folds. Your hips moved on their own, instinct taking over. You wanted, no, needed Bambam to go further. If he didn’t, you were sure you’d lose your mind.

    He slipped a digit in between, lightly feeling out your entrance. “Holy shit you’re wet…” He brought his lips to your ear, nibbling your lobe, “Do you get like this for every guy?” You shook your head and hummed in reply, too lost to speak. “Good,” and he pushed his finger inside.

    You bit your finger as you forced yourself to stay silent. Slowly, Bambam curled his fingers in and out, savoring the feeling of you on his hand. You whimpered, trying your best to keep your sounds to yourself. He met your gaze, smirking smugly. “Having trouble keeping quiet, are we? You better be care, or else everyone’s going to hear you,” he pushed his fingers deeper, beginning to pump faster. You bit your bottom lip hard, your breath fast but deep. You began to feel yourself tighten on him, your body on autopilot, chasing a high so out of reach. You needed more so damn badly you thought you’d die. But you knew time was limited. If you both lost control then you’d for sure be exposed to a room of curious eyes. Bambam knew too, slowing his pace to a halt before slipping out of you. You whined in frustration, throwing a pair of big puppy eyes and a pout at him.

    “Our time’s almost up,” he sucked you from his fingers, while using his dry hand to caress your cheek. You looked at him inquisitively. “We’ve played so often; I’ve gotten pretty good at gaging the time. We’ll pick this back up later,” he winked and fastened his jeans and belt. You follow suit, quickly straightening yourself out to avoid suspicion.

    The two of you returned to your original spots, leaning against the walls. A bright smile stretched across Bambam’s face which you mirrored. The closet door swung open to reveal Yugyeom still bright eyed and grinning. The two of you stepped out and returned to your spots in the circle. Yugyeom took his seat next to you, shaking your shoulder and quietly whispering, “Well? Well?” You smirked, glancing at Bambam before looking back to your friend. “We’re gonna play again later.”

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    sorry for the low quality oop

    #kpop#got7 #kpop matching icons #kpop matching layouts #got7 matching icons #matching icons#yugyeom#jaebeom#mark tuan#jackson wang#jinyoung#bambam#youngjae
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  • title: music to my ears


    author: lovelynyeongie

    pairing: youngjae + reader

    genre: fluffyfluffyfluff + oneshot

    summary: youngjae hears you singing in the shower to the song that he recently covered

    word count: 1,030 words

    a/n: ive been listening to youngjae’s cover of square by baek yerin a lot and pls my heart cannot handle we’ve been waiting for this king (the same with when he covered ’to my youth’ dang pls if you need me im in the corner crying)

    date: 071320

    ”I’m home!”

    Youngjae yelled, waiting to hear the sound of your voice but there was no answer.

    He heard a bark and looked down, ”Good thing you answered me, Coco,” He grinned and rubbed her head, chuckling at how excited she was to see him.

    ”Coco-ya, where’s my other baby hm?” He crouched down and asked the confused dog cutely.

    The pup ran away from him and went into a room, Youngjae smiled and stood up again.

    ”Ah, I’m so exhausted.” He huffed, removing his bag and placing it onto the nearest table.

    He went into the kitchen to grab something to drink when he heard a song playing in the distance. He placed the glass of water on the counter and slowly went where the music was coming from.

    All the colors and personalities

    He found himself inside the bedroom where the music was getting louder and he was surprised.

    ”My voice?” He questioned.

    You can’t see right through what I truly am

    He saw your laptop playing his latest cover in Dingo with the speakers connected to it making the song blast out even louder.

    ”Huh, it’s even on loop.” He said.

    You’re hurting me without noticing

    I’m so, so broke like someone just robbed me

    Youngjae sang along quietly and roamed inside the bedroom, he brushed his fingers on the Polaroid photos pinned onto the corkboard that you’ve taken together.

    I’m no invincible

    I have much memories of getting more weaker

    ”Where is she?” He asked himself as he laid down on the bed.

    No, I’m not loveable

    But you know what you’d have to say

    He suddenly heard a voice coming from the bathroom, he quickly stood onto his feet and went a bit near to listen.

    “Come on let’s go to bed, we gonna rock the night away,” Youngjae heard the sound of your voice inside the bathroom, “who did that to you, babe, if you’re not in the right mood to sleep now then…”

    ”I didn’t know she could sing…” He felt butterflies in his stomach as he discovered something new about you.

    He continued to listen, sitting down onto the carpeted floor with his back leaned against the bathroom door, a smile plastered onto his face, and his heart beating fast as he hears how lovely your singing voice is. Your singing kept going until it reached the bridge part of the song where you finished taking your shower.

    ”You’re the only one, who saw my yesterday,” Youngjae grinned as he heard you belted out the note, ”the one who knows I’m here alive today.”

    He felt his heartbeat even faster at how much he loved the small things that you do that he didn’t know.

    ”Comfort me say, what I mean to you,” He closed his eyes as he sang along, ”you should know what you have to say.”

    Youngjae’s singing got cut off when he found himself unexpectedly knocked down onto the bathroom floor as you opened the door. He stared at you with wide eyes from the tiled flooring he is laying on.


    He promptly stood up and smiled at you nervously.

    ”H-hi…” He stammered.

    ”I’m sorry I didn’t hear that you came home already, I didn’t get to prepare dinner since I showered.” You apologized.

    ”No it’s fine, I can wait.” He smiled at you and kissed your cheek.

    You suddenly remembered that you were playing his cover out loud and quickly went to your laptop and paused it, blushing at the fact that he heard you playing it.

    ”Did you like my cover?” You heard him ask behind you.

    You blushed even more, ”y-yeah, I’ve been waiting for you to sing it since you posted a teaser of it. Plus, it’s one of my favorite songs.” You admitted.

    ”I guess that’s why it’s on loop,”

    You turned off your laptop.

    “And made you sing along.”

    You turned to him with wide eyes, seeing his smug expression.

    ”How long have you been listening?” You carefully asked him.

    ”Not too long, since the start of the song.” He grinned at you as you looked at him in shock.

    You covered your face and sat on the bed.

    “What’s the matter?” He asked, sitting next to you on the bed.

    ”I can’t believe you heard me sing like a dying whale,” You huffed, ”I’ve probably made your ears bleed.”

    You heard his loveable laugh, ”why would it be bleeding when it’s music to my ears?” (a/n: oH tHeRe iT iS)

    You snickered at his response.

    ”What?” He asked.

    ”That’s a lie.” You said.

    ”No it’s not! Why would I lie to you?” He said, looking offended.

    ”Just say you hate my voice. Come on, don’t be shy.” You told him.

    ”Babe, I’m telling the truth. Why on earth would I hate your singing voice when I like your voice in general? Heck, I would ask for you to speak a lot for no good reason and it won’t even bother me, let alone sing,” He said, ”when I heard you sing, it fluttered my heart, giving me a lot of unexplainable feelings and all I can just say is I want to keep on hearing you sing cause I didn’t even know you had that talent. So don’t be shy around me when you’re singing, I love everything about you and all the things that you do.” He smiled, holding your hand.

    You became flustered at his confession.

    ”How did I get so lucky to have you?” You asked quietly, intertwining your fingers with his, ”you always know how to cheer me up.”

    He flashed you a smile that you grow to love even more, if it’s even possible.

    ”So does that mean I can hear you sing more? We could do a duet whenever we go karaoke and it’s also time that’s it’s finally your turn to sing a lot rather than me.” He persuaded, softly nudging your side.

    ”Who knows.” You teased, planting a kiss on his cheek as you stood up to get dressed, leaving him whining.

    Since then, you never got shy over showing him your talents knowing that he’s there to support and motivate you in everything that you do.

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  • Hello amora!, how are you?. I stumbled upon your account and if you don’t mind, may I please request a private selca ship with BTS, GOT7, and ATEEZ please?. Thank you so so much!. I hope you have a wonderful day/night, take care hun ❤️❤️❤️ @joonzreina​ ࿐♡‧₊˚

    of course, i don’t mind at all gorgeous!! you’re absolutely stunning !!! i hope you have a lovely day as well and stay safe! i deeply apologize for how late this is! >_<

    ᶻᶻᶻ [matching…] ˚◦○˚ ୧ .˚ₓ


    ₊.°• YOUR BTS MATCH IS: V .°•₊


    Originally posted by earthsignboys


    ₊.°• YOUR GOT7 MATCH IS: BAMBAM .°•₊


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    Originally posted by kqtiny


    thank you so much for requesting, i hope you like your ships! please stay safe and take care, have a lovely week!!! <3

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