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    The AGFA Horror Trailer Show (2020)

    featuring: “Bambi Meets Godzilla” by Marv Newland (1969)

    #the agfa horror trailer show #bambi meets godzilla #marv newland#film stills
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    #🌿 replies #in-story bambi is still wondering abt their sexuality #I SEE WERE GOING FULL TITILE HERE !! #title but i cant type as always so #( DE roseville bc were french here )
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    And another hanahaki YCH for Caitosaurusr3x on twitter! ♥♥♥

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    Finished hanahaki YCH for Acatalepsic over on twitter! ♥♥♥

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    idk if it’s just a me thing, but i like outlining how all of my ocs relate/interact with each other even if their stories are all separate and at different parts of the “timeline” in my head. so:

    tatsu and hachi are coworkers. they both work nights at a little convenience store a couple blocks from hachi’s apartment. hachi is technically tatsu’s supervisor, but the store rarely does enough business to require both of them to be present at night, so hachi gives tatsu nights off when he asks for them (but still punches the clock for him bc hachi genuinely thinks tatsu is pretty cool and he likes doing favors for people he enjoys being around).

    dimitri and hachi are (distant) friends. they don’t talk often at all, but they reach out every now and then when they cross each other’s minds. they used to talk a lot more often when hachi lived in the city; they were neighbors at the time.

    fox and dimitri have met once while dimitri was an intern with one of fox’s photographers. though dimitri kept his head down and his mouth shut unless necessary...they did not like each other. dimitri has a low tolerance for bullshit, and fox is full of it.

    bambi has very, very limited contact with humans, but he frequents the convenience store, and tatsu and hachi recognize him as a regular. bambi typically buys the same things in the same quanties, so hachi and tatsu have his total memorized before he even gets to the counter. bambi prefers when hachi rings him out solely because hachi never attempts to make small talk, and tatsu always does.

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    oh so my parents threw down the technically femminine but can be read as masculine nicknames glove and I just picked it up when naming myself huh

    #i get called bambi and a play of my birthname by my family bambi is obvious but the nickname based of my birthname is Also what my #counsin-in-law who has the masculine version of my birthname gets called SO they truly could have avoided me being trans #hal.txt
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    #bambi lesbian asks #sunnywlw#ask game
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    oh to have long conversations with your girlfriend and talk about anything and everything while you gaze at them lovingly when their eyes light up when talking about something they're passionate about.

    #yearning #oh i want this so badly #girls like girls #lesbian#ace#ace lesbian#bambi lesbian#sapphic
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    16.05.2021 - 22 hours ago

    My sister asked me if Molly had missed her and I said that she came everyday calling mother, but I told her “your mother can't be with you anymore”.

    #that scene was so much better in spanish #i know i always say that #and that’s because it happens a lot #bambi#mine
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    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #anon#ask game #bambi lesbian asks
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  • bambi-lesbian-posts
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago
    #anon#ask game #bambi lesbian asks
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    #ask game#anon #bambi lesbian asks
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    #baekhyun#cover#tone stith #all i got #music #baekhyun’s cover of tone stith’s song #so good#bambi#Spotify
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  • things-we-cant-say
    15.05.2021 - 1 day ago

    Blood Wars

    Pairing: Vampire!Ten x Hunter!Reader (Female)

    Genre: Supernatural AU

    Warnings: Bit of violence, blood, lore I made up

    Summary: It’s your job to protect the human race from anything that creeps through the night. However, a chance encounter with a vampire called Ten threatens to upset an already precarious balance between light and dark.

    Word Count: 5,458

    A/N: This is going to be a mini 3 part thing because my BETA convinced me you guys would like it better that way. Warnings may change for the 2nd and 3rd parts but nothing too insane; just sex probably if I feel like it. I have plans for other supernatural imagines so everything is gonna be tagged accordingly so it’s hopefully easier to find. [Song lyrics = Terrible Thing by AG & Brad Gordon.]

    part one: honey, you’re so cold

    “What the fuck is wrong with you? Why did you stop me?”

    You shoved Jeremy back and tried to catch your breath, shaking your head as you did. “Are you insane? You were going to kill that guy.”

    Jeremy snorted and shoved his dagger back into the sheath strapped to his thigh. “Because that’s our job, or have you forgotten that?”

    You frowned. “Our job is to kill creatures that we know have broken the pact. Not to just start stabbing and shooting just because someone happens to be a vampire or whatever. Do you want a war between the factions?”

    Jeremy rolled his eyes. “Oh don’t be stupid, Y/N. Every vampire has broken the dumb pact at least once or twice. Especially when they were fledglings and not able to control their thirst. Killing one without concrete proof that they have done something bad recently means nothing because either way they’re guilty so we’re in the clear. I’d have been doing the world a favor not to mention my job.”

    “Well I don’t operate that way,” you told him. “As the senior member I get to dictate how our patrols go. We don’t just beat the fuck outta some dude because he has fangs.”

    “Heh senior member. Right.” He spat the words out as if the very taste of them offended him. “You know what? Screw this I’m outta here. Since you’re so freaking powerful you finish up on your own.”

    As you watched him stalk off into the woods you thought about calling him back but ultimately decided against it. Jeremy was an asshole and you were better off without people like him just making things worse. Besides you were right and he was wrong; he just couldn’t stand being called out by a Sangre Pura. As if that were your fault. As if you could control something that happened to you in the womb.

    With a deep sigh you looked up to the bright full moon, admiring the way it threw white light throughout the forest. While other people your age were out partying or binge watching their favorite shows on Netflix, you were out ridding the world of things that went bump in the night. Werewolves, vampires, wendigos, wraiths—if it targeted humans then it was your job to slay it. The creature features were easy however because they were the true monsters. All they wanted to do was rip people apart and make a feast of their entrails. Vampires and werewolves—basically anything with a functioning brain—weren’t as simple. Those were usually dealt with on a case by case basis. You couldn’t kill a werewolf because once upon a time he might have killed someone; especially if it happened before you were even born. What if now he was reformed? What if these days he just wanted to live a normal life with his Pack?

    It was something people like Jeremy refused to take into account. Sure not judging a supernatural by their cover often made the job more dangerous, but it was a risk you were willing to take. You didn’t want to accidentally kill an innocent and start a war. Of course Jeremy probably figured if there was a war, your side would easily win because of the magic you possessed but you weren’t so certain. Not everyone had the same power level or skill, and going up against an Ancient or an Alpha was no joke.

    A fact that often caused contention between members of your organization.

    When you’d came upon Jeremy he’d been in the process of repeatedly punching a vampire with brass knuckles made of silver. The vampire hadn’t fought back, instead he’d simply tried to shield himself as Jeremy continued to beat on him. At first you’d assumed Jeremy had found the mark you were both after but quickly realized that couldn’t be true. The thing you were hunting was deadly and unreasonable; it would have been lashing out like a dog gone rabid not backing away in surrender. As Jeremy yanked out his dagger and prepared to stab the vampire in his heart, you’d practically threw him to the ground before he could strike.

    Needless to say that had not gone over well…not that you cared. Jeremy had taken off deeper into the woods cursing a blue streak and you’d been forced to follow, leaving the broken vampire shivering and bleeding on the old ground. Broken but alive so all things considered you figured things would be okay. And if someone showed up at the manor asking questions you would not hesitate to rat Jeremy out. Fuck him and his prejudice ideals.

    Years before being switched over to active duty you’d always thought nothing in your world was as black and white as some wanted it to be. As the Elders obviously wanted it to be. If a human could be a remorseless serial killer then surely a witch could be a healer. People and supernaturals were more than their monikers. They were their intentions, and more than once you’d ran across a fairy that just wanted to enjoy a latte at Starbucks.

    No matter what you tried your best to be fair. After all what was the point of having so much power if you just behaved recklessly with it?

    Pushing up the sleeves of your trendy leather jacket, you started the long walk back to the place you currently called home. A large towering mansion with more rooms than people; you’d lived and trained there for most of your life with people just like you. Quite a few you thought of as family but more often than not, they were just phantoms roaming the halls until it was time to fight. They’d adapted the philosophy that attachments only made someone weak. That you could only depend on yourself, hence Jeremy being perfectly fine leaving you in the dark woods with a ferocious creature on the loose.

    Good thing I’m not scared, you thought to yourself. You’d always liked the dark for some reason. Maybe because you knew you’d be able to light the way if you had to.

    You weaved through the heavy brush, pushing branches out of your way as the sounds of the forest skittered around you. Your keen senses could detect deer playing together in the distance while a fox tiptoed up to a stream for a drink. With how calm everything seemed you figured there were no predators. At least nothing that made a grizzly look like a duckling.

    A fat little rabbit hopped across your path and you smiled, watching as its nose twitched in your direction before disappearing under a thick set of bushes. You’d half a mind to follow it when a stick snapped behind you and the hair on the back of your neck stood to attention. Before you could reach for the knife in the hostler across your chest, a hand wrapped around your throat and you were lifted off the ground. Feet dangling, you looked down to see a handsome young man and a pair of red eyes glaring up at you.

    Vampire, your mind supplied hastily.

    “Did you honestly think you’d get away with it?” He tilted his head to the side, watching you as if you were a peculiar sort of specimen. “That you could attack a member of my Coven—unprovoked, might I add—and that there wouldn’t be a reckoning?”

    “I—” But you couldn’t get the words out. His hand was like a vice grip around your neck, sharp nails digging into your tender skin.

    You latched onto his wrist, fingers tingling with your magic, sending white bursts of electricity down his arm to try to dislodge him but he just winced. Gave you a little shake and tightened his fingers until you were seeing spots dancing across your vision.

    “Powerful. Impressive but you’re still so young. You can’t contend with me,” he said lowly. “Try that again and I’ll reconsider making your death quick. I was simply going to snap your neck but perhaps now I will take you back to my Coven. Let everyone have a taste.”


    “I always thought this pact business was just a load of bullshit, but to have one of my friends attacked so brazenly? Beaten with silver and left for dead…” He growled, perfect fangs descending. “And for it to be Mark of all people. One of few among us who advocates for your kind? Well…at least now he knows the truth. The Pantheon cannot be trusted. You should all be wiped out so that you don’t cause even more damage.”

    Comprehension came slowly as air began to become a factor but you sluggishly realized that this vampire was apparently the leader of the one Jeremy had been wailing on. The one you’d stopped Jeremy from killing. And now you were going to die for that asshole’s crimes. Perfect.

    “Pact be damned.” The vampire shook his head and squeezed so hard you were pretty sure you heard a tiny crack. “If it’s war you want then I will give it to you. I’ll give it to—”

    “Ten! Ten stop!” A body came barreling out from between the overgrown trees, tall and lanky but with clear defined muscles. He put a hand on the shoulder of the vampire choking you. “Ten, stop.”

    Ten—apparently— glanced to the newcomer. “What are you doing out here, Johnny? I told you take Mark home. I’m dealing with this.”

    The newly named Johnny snorted. “Ah no you’re about to kill an innocent girl. Which hey, if that’s your thing then I kinda don’t wanna stand in the way of that but you do always go on about being fair.”

    “She attacked Mark!”

    “Nope. If you’d stuck around you would have gotten the full story buut…there was another one. Some dude with bad hair attacked Mark and she stopped him. She’s about to pass out by the way.”

    “Fuck…” Ten huffed and dropped you like you were nothing more than a sack of potatoes.

    You hit the ground with a heavy thump and groaned, curling into a ball as your lungs fought to suck in fresh air. Your throat was so sore it hurt to swallow. Your head was pounding, your vision hazy around the edges had you barely able to make out anything that wasn’t fuzzy shaped. It was quite possible you’d still pass out and that thought actually caused a spike of fear to run down your spine. Losing consciousness in the woods never worked out for anyone.

    Johnny knelt down beside you. “Jesus Ten, this was overkill even for you. I know you have a…complicated relationship with the Demios but, well, it’s not like you to be cruel.” He ran a hand through his dark brown hair.

    You managed to look up just in time to see Ten lick his fingertips. You’d thought his nails had pierced your skin but you weren’t sure until now. “She’ll heal,” he said distractedly. “It’s a talent all members of the Pantheon possess.”

    Johnny arched a brow. “Oh well then I’ll just take a kidney for the road.” He sighed deeply. “We can’t just leave her here. Any manner of wild animal could stroll by and make a meal of her.”

    Ten blinked slowly, his red eyes fading to a rather warm dark brown. “Bring her to the road. We’ll get a car to stop and I’ll compel the driver to take her home, no questions asked.”

    Johnny hummed and slipped two strong arms underneath you, picking you up effortlessly. Your head lolled off to the side, the world swam like a merry-go-round and darkness claimed you a second later.

    ~oh you, you terrible thing, you~

    Hands braced against the ivory sink, you stared at your reflection in the oval shaped mirror and exhaled deeply. Three weeks since your encounter with those vampires and the bruises around your neck were still as angry and stark looking as ever. A set of perfectly slender fingerprints branded purple into your soft skin; so violent not even makeup could cover them up. Somehow a badge of honor and carelessness there on your flesh for all to see. Jeremy had cackled and you’d broken his nose. You were no longer patrolling partners.

    After passing out in the arms of that Johnny guy, you’d woke up in your own bed with your best friend Elizabeth hovering over you. Your healing magic had already started doing its job, so you’d been able to slowly whisper to her what had happened. And she’d word vomited everything she knew about Ten and the Neo Coven of which he was the leader. Evidently he was a Master vampire—hence your magic having near to no effect on him—who usually kept to his own kind unless it was for feeding. He was mysterious and very powerful but not the type to cause trouble.

    “At least not anymore,” she’d said absently. You’d wanted more details but Elder Cross had come in to talk to you about the incident, and that had been the end of that.

    Sort of.

    While you were fine now and even patrolling again, you couldn’t shake the odd feeling that sometimes crept up your back. Perhaps it was how close you’d came to death, or the fact that people now whispered when you walked by. Some thought you were brave for standing up to Ten though you hadn’t exactly done that. Others thought you were an idiot for interfering with Jeremy’s duty. It didn’t escape your notice how the split was shaping up but it was a bit alarming. Were the people just taking sides to be trendy?

    “Fuck it.”

    Stalking out of your bathroom you grabbed your jacket from a nearby chair and shrugged it on. Technically you were supposed to be studying but you knew you wouldn’t absorb anything tonight. You were too deep into your own head. Not to mention you’d been fighting for years now so it was safe to say you could tell a ghoul from a soul eater.

    You crept over to your window and pushed it open, throwing one leg over the sill. Staring down at the ground three stories below, you grinned and jumped, landing perfectly on your feet. And then you were running across the lawn and through the large iron gates; the world a colorful blur around you. By the time you made it into the city you were flushed and panting but happy, blood pumping and magic singing. If so inclined, you could have probably knocked out every light on several blocks but that would have just been showing off.

    With no real plan in mind you just wandered around for a bit. Dipped into this store and that store without buying anything but made mental notes to come back later. You checked on a few people you’d saved in the past—ones that now knew about the supernatural world—and dodged their questions about your bruises. Assured them you were fine before moving on, boots thumping on the pavement as you strolled along.

    You ended up sitting on a bench overlooking a lovely lake; the lights from the high rise buildings across the way dancing on the water. One by one the stars popped into existence and you slouched, eyes drifting to an elderly couple enjoying two giant cones of ice cream. For a brief moment you thought about your parents but quickly pushed those thoughts away. Looking at the intricate rune tattooed onto your palm, you dragged your fingers through your long hair as you remembered the pain from getting it. How it had ached for weeks afterwards. How proud you’d been. How it was supposed to mean something.

    Much like the marks around your neck you couldn’t remember exactly what any of it meant now. Everything was so…distorted.

    Or maybe it’s just me that’s all twisted up.


    Jerking back to attention, you blinked at the person suddenly sitting beside you. The hairs on your arms tingled and you realized belatedly your internal warning was a couple of seconds too late.

    Schooling your features back to neutral, you pursed your lips. “Hi…”

    The vampire—Ten—smiled at you. “Sorry if I startled you. I thought you heard me coming.”

    You shrugged. “My…mind was elsewhere. And it seems by the time I sense you, you’re already here so…”

    He nodded. “You’ll get better at it, sensing me I mean. Your kind always does.”

    That made you frown. “Well if you’re just here to say your kind like I have some sort of disease, I’m gonna be on my way. Not in the mood for that kinda shit right now.”

    “Actually…” He shifted to face you, right arm resting on the back of the bench. “I came to apologize.”

    You squinted at him. “Apologize?”


    “To me?”


    “For almost killing me?”


    His words gave you pause, your brain shifting between different things that you could say. But as you gazed at him you got the feeling that he was being sincere. His expression was open but impartial, dark eyes giving nothing away. He appeared to be completely at ease. He was also extremely and incredibly gorgeous but you were going to overlook that because he had choked you. It shamed you to admit it wasn’t easy however—there was just something about him. About the silkiness of his black hair, the smoothness of his skin, the way he carried himself like he had the world on the tip of his fingers. Only someone who feared nothing could be so composed. That or he was great at faking it.

    Biting your bottom lip, you cleared your throat. “Well…thank you.”

    “I—I shouldn’t have jumped to conclusions the way I did but after seeing Mark...” He sighed. “He’s like a baby lion; he wouldn’t hurt a fly. I suppose that’s why he didn’t fight back against your friend.”

    “Jeremy is not my friend,” you replied with a scoff. “He’s a dick and Mark should have slapped the taste out of his mouth.”

    “Hm. I’m thankful that you saved my friend. I care about the members of my Coven a great deal.” His eyes drifted to your neck. “Are—do they still cause you pain?”

    Without thinking you touched your bruises. “No. I healed in a couple of days but the—the bruises always take longer for some reason. It’s like the magic figures they’re just cosmetic or whatever so why bother.”

    “You must think me every bad thing your Elders have ever said about vampires,” he mused though his tone was dry as sandpaper. “The way I just went at you.”

    “That really sucked but you were upset. And I mean I was the only hunter around so it kinda made sense for you to suspect me.” You folded your arms across your grey shirt. “But yeah maybe next time slow your roll and get the facts before going off halfcocked.”

    His lips twitched. “Believe it or not but I usually do. I have to considering my position in the Coven. What happened with you was, well it was less about you and more about my own issues.”

    You snorted. “Ah the old it’s not you it’s me spiel. I get that you probably have a lot going on but it doesn’t make what you did any less fucked up. From what I hear you’re not a fledging, so you should have better control over your emotions.”

    Ten finally allowed his grin to manifest fully. “Are you always this sassy with someone who’s tried to kill you?”

    Well… “Quipping is a part of the business.”

    Chuckling, he absent-mindedly played with the gold ring on his finger. “The monsters must love that. On the verge of death and having to listen to some beautiful girl’s puns.”

    It wasn’t the first time you’d been called beautiful, but it made you smile just a little all the same. “You know I have to ask you. Why do you hate the Demios so much? I just get the feeling we’re not your favorite people in general.”

    Ten sniffed. “To tell you that story I’m going to need a stiff drink. There is a bar right around the corner if you’d like to come with me. My treat. I do owe you and I’d like to make what happened between us up to you.”

    Chewing on the inside of your cheek, you mulled his offer over. A tiny voice whispered that it was a bad idea but you already knew your curiosity was going to get the best of you. “Okay. As long as you aren’t hitting on me.”

    He stood and shoved his elegant hands into the pockets of his black jeans. “What if I was? What would you say to that?”

    “I’d say you know fraternizing between Demios and vampires is expressly forbidden.” You stood as well, enjoying the back and forth. “And that I don’t trust you as far as I could throw you.”

    “Smart. And yet we both know you’re coming with me,” he said stepping into your space, voice slipping lower. “Because you’re a curious little kitten, aren’t you?”

    Wetting your lips, you forced yourself to stand still even though the strength of his power flowed over your skin like rain water. You’d never interacted with a Master vampire before; never felt this type of overwhelming energy nipping at your heels. All of your training told you to be terrified—to go get back up—but you somehow knew that wasn’t necessary. Besides if Ten wanted you dead, you’d be dead. He wasn’t the kind of guy who played with his food. Besides that, it didn’t feel threatening…it felt…sensual.

    “Don’t call me kitten,” you replied coolly. “How are you so sure I’m coming with you? Is it confidence or arrogance?”

    “Both.” Very slowly he brought two fingers up and brushed them across the marks on your throat. “That…and your pulse is racing.”

    “Maybe it’s racing because the vampire that tried to kill me is currently standing in front of me.”

    He threw his head back and laughed. “Ten. My name is Ten.”

    You nodded. “I know. I remember. I’m Y/N. Is Ten your real name?”

    “It’s the name I chose.” He held out a hand for you to shake, and after a minute you did. “It’s a pleasure to formally meet you, Y/N. So…about that drink.”

    Against your better judgment you followed him to the bar he’d mentioned earlier—a dimly lit hole in the wall where jazzy music groaned from a vintage jukebox—and took a seat across from him in a booth with tattered pleather seats. He ordered red wine and you got the same, finding the whole thing a bit on the nose.

    “If I answer your questions you’ll have to answer mine.” He fiddled with the stem of his glass.

    What could he possibly want to know about me? “Okay but I gotta warn you I’m pretty boring. I also don’t know any of the Pantheon’s secrets.”

    Ten snickered. “That’s fine. I want to know about you. For instance, you’re Sangre Pura. Pure blood. Blood pure. Born with your gifts instead of having to be taught them like others. I didn’t recognize it at first, not until I tasted you. Just a tiny sip…yet it’s what I imagine swallowing the sun tastes like. I have to say I’ve never tasted anyone like you before.”

    “Well this conversation escalated quickly,” you joked so that you could gather your bearings. Not like it was every day a gorgeous vampire talked about tasting you. The way he made it sound so sexy; your traitorous mind wanted to wander but you reined it in. “I am Sangre Pura. I came into my powers at three years old so I was sent to the Pantheon to…do my duty.”

    He leaned back in his chair. “Lightning, yes? That’s a rare power to be able to call upon.”

    You tucked strands of hair behind your ear. “Didn’t do fuck all against you though.”

    Ten scrunched up his face; it was kinda adorable and you hated it. “Yeah but I’m…old. Not to mention your Elders would never teach you anything that could threaten their stations. You can defend yourself when you need to yet still be managed. It’s a shame really because if you harnessed the lightning like I’m sure you can…wow. A demi god indeed.”

    “I don’t—”

    Suddenly he was leaning in close and laying his hand palm up on the scratched table top. “Show me.”

    Nervously your eyes darted around at the patrons inside but they were too busy drinking and playing pool to be paying you any mind. It wasn’t exactly forbidden to show your powers in public—after all you did use them to save people—but the Elders frowned on frivolousness. Your magic was in service to a greater good. Something you’d been told over and over again since you were three.

    But it was your magic which meant technically you could use it as you saw fit. You’d be lying if you said you’d never thought about how far you could take it. How much damage you could do if properly motivated.

    Gazing into Ten’s eyes, you placed your hand into his, fingers curling upward. Your magic started as a tiny spark between your fingertips, almost like a bit of static electricity before coalescing into a glowing white ball of pure crackling energy.

    Ten’s expression was jubilant. “Incredible. What does it feel like?”

    “It—it’s hard to describe. It’s…normal? Like any other part of me.” You exhaled shakily. “Just more.”

    “And how do you control it? What’s stopping it from exploding?”

    “I don’t want it to explode,” you explained softly. “So it doesn’t.”

    Ten pressed his thumb into the ball and let out what sounded suspiciously like a giggle as it shocked him. “Mm. I wonder if you’d still be able to summon it if you were turned?”

    You snatched your hand back—the light dissolving—folding both together in your lap. “That is a question that I’m afraid will never have an answer. I have no desire to ever become a vampire.”

    Ten smirked. “Fair enough. I was just thinking out loud by the way. A vampire with your abilities would be a thing to behold. Though I guess it would also be a waste. The blood wouldn’t taste the same. I’d need more to really understand however.” Picking up his glass, he took a long sip of his wine as his eyes became bright red. “Why fix what isn’t broken?”

    Feeling a shiver tickle your shoulders, you looked away from him. You heart was pounding in your ears but you’re at a loss as to why. Could it have been the predator in front of you? Could he have been trying to use his compulsion on you? It wouldn’t work; you’re thankfully immune. Or perhaps it’s because this was the first time you’d had such a frank conversation about such things. It dawned on you that Ten would answer your questions about your own existence truthfully.

    Most likely. He definitely wouldn’t stifle your growth.

    “If Demios are so yummy why do you hate us?” you asked him. “Why go all murder-y? Why not make a buffet out of us?”

    “I said you were yummy.” He glanced out of the wide square shaped windows. “My history with the Demios is long and twisted to be honest. Once upon a time—before the pact was in full affect—they took someone very dear to me. I suppose I’ve never forgiven them. Things are better now but old habits are hard to break. People like your Jeremy don’t help the situation either. For every you there is a jerk out there that just wants to kill. How am I to know which is which?”

    You sighed, digging your boot heel into the floor. “I get it. I find myself wondering the same thing about some supernaturals. But you—you have to hope I guess. And look for the good when every fiber of your being is telling you there is nothing but bad. I try to do that; it’s how I’m able to sit here with you.”

    Ten pulled at one of his small hoop earrings. “Well you don’t have to worry about me anymore. I won’t be laying a hand on you again unless you ask me to.” You opened your mouth to say excuse me but he continued speaking. “Do you think you have more empathy because you were born different? A freak? I mean as opposed to those who learn their craft…”

    You took a slow draw from your wine glass as you pondered his questions. “Not really. Plenty of Learners know what we do is about keeping people safe, not how many nonhumans we stab. Honestly I don’t really like fighting night after night but someone has to do it. Might as well be the ones with a better chance of surviving. One of my ancestors or what have you had powers and for some reason they decided to pop up in me. I guess I could’ve ran away but what would be the point? The Pantheon would have found me again eventually.”

    “They sound more like prison guards than an organization for the gifted. You’re an adult, you should be deciding how to use your talents.”

    “True but by now it’s slay demons or join Cirque Du Soleil.” You watch him crack a tiny smile and it made you do the same. “Ten…you’re right to be cautious but you shouldn’t let that stop you from new experiences with hunters. Maybe you should consider being less isolated? Yeah some of my teammates are dick holes but not everyone is. I’ve always felt that there is good and evil in everyone. The world is a lot grayer than anyone wants to let on. I’m sure your friend Mark has probably drained someone before and while fucked up, he still didn’t deserve to be staked just because he’s a vamp.”

    Pulling his attention back to you, he almost appeared to be a bit sad. “Would be nice if more Demios thought as you did. Anyway Y/N I am truly sorry for choking you. I’m glad you accept my apology and were willing to have a drink with me.” He dug into his pocket and threw a few dollars onto the table. “If we meet again no doubt it will be under better circumstances.”

    “You’re leaving?” You couldn’t keep the disappointment out of your voice. “Daylight isn’t for another few hours. I was hoping we could talk more. There is still so much I don’t know about you.”

    “My Coven needs me.” He inched out of the booth and stood, gazing down at you with that placid expression he’d had when you’d first met. “And the less you know about me, the better. Your Pantheon wouldn’t like it.”

    “Since when do you care what they think? Earlier you were—”

    “That was earlier,” he interrupted. “I have to protect me and mine no matter what. It’s a lesson you obviously still need to learn. Won’t be much of a hunter if you don’t.”

    Caught off guard by his sudden brusque manner, you huffed and rolled your eyes. Getting your feelings hurt had no age apparently. “Okay. I’ll make sure to keep that in mind the next time someone tries to snap my neck.”

    Between one second and the next Ten was gone, and you weren’t sure if the touch you’d felt to your shoulder was real or imagined. However, the gold ring sitting in front of you was very real; you’d admired it on Ten’s finger as you’d conversed. Frowning, you picked it up and stared at it, finding that it fit your thumb but just barely. Would probably make more sense to wear it on one of your chains…if you decided to wear it of course.

    Did he leave this for me? Why? And with that good-bye?

    “Y/N! Hey I thought that was you!” A fellow Demios—Becky—skipped up to your table. “I was wrapping up my patrol and saw you sitting here. What’s up? Drinking alone? That doesn’t seem like you.”

    “I—uh yeah. Just needed a breather.” You plastered on a convincing smile but your thoughts shouted Ten Ten Ten like a drum in the back of your mind. Had he seen her coming and left to protect your reputation? Or now that his curiosity had been sated was he just done? So many questions.

    The main one being; why did you even care?


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    Ok I measured my height on my own because I am an independent young lady who don't need no help and I stand a grand 5 feet 7 inches proud. I did somehow manage to get tangled in the measuring tape though.

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