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  • 💎Carvalho💎⠀

    A radical band I’ll be forever obsessed with💘⠀

    >>swipe for each full sized member poster>>
    (Man Instagram quality really makes me wanna scream, catch some better quality pics in my fb n tumblr)

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  • Nobody told me how cute Ryan Ross and Pete Wentz were together tf

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  • Y'all don’t even know how good it feels to stan B*tcha, do you? (I censor their name so this doesn’t come up on search results but the censored letter is e. Please go check them and their music out they’re amazing)

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  • Fact: all the band members would probably be annoyed by me or they’d straight up hate me or something

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  • $10 says the tinder profile is fake

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  • When you find band members on tinder

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    My original character that I invited on the spot.

    The third one is named Ryan , he is the drummer of his band called “ UnDeads “. He is 19 yrs old. His eyes are green and blue . He has tattoos covering his face, a scar that he received when he was 8 years old and multicolored hair.

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  • How does one become friends with band members?

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  • Ryan Sitkowski - Drabble


    quick note: Any of my work that includes a gif is found on google search. if this is your gif, i will credit. till than, i do not own and will not claim i do. all credit goes to the creater.

    A/N: my first Ryan drabble thing. Be nice to me, i’m new and i know i suck.

    It was against everything Ryan stood for when meeting someone. He wanted to go out in the world and meet someone but when you stumbled through the meet and greet. Those bright beautiful eyes looking to his, it hit him. Everything he had searched for. Of course Balz and Vinny called him crazy all while Chris and Devin was all for it.

    His eyes stayed locked on you all night from his side of the stage. It took all his courage to gather to come to you after the show. From then on, the two of you had became close. He had became one of your best friends, closest even to the point that after the tour ended. It was decided via texts that he would stay with you for the two months off tour.

    The afternoons often spent cuddling on the couch, watching some horror movie at the request of Ryan despite him knowing you hate them. Always had but he had charmed his way into you watching them. All though this afternoon, he compromised with a blunt and some alcohol.

    He passes the blunt towards you and you lean down, inhaling it as he holds it. The biggest grin spread across his face as he watches you. It’s a few more puffs after when he puts it out, wrapping his arm around your shoulder and pressing a kiss to your forehead.

    He rests his head atop of yours, closing his eyes and letting the high take the effects of his day away. His breathing shallows down as the effects fully hit when something else hits him. His heart speeding up and as he lays there, he sees everything that he knows he needs to do. It startles you when he sits up and his arm comes out fast enough to tug on your long hair.

    Ryan’s eyes goes to yours and he sees the worry in them. The confusion and somewhat annoyed mixture all in them. He grabs your hand and just holds it. The soft skin meshing with his like all the puzzle pieces coming together. It hits like it did then at the meet and greet.

    “Ryan, what’s going on?”

    He shakes his head and looks down, “I need to tell you something. Don’t hate me okay?”

    You nod, still confused and now ready to light another blunt up.

    His eyes flash back to yours, “I uhm. I..”

    He scoots closer, his heart pounding and he is sure it’s loud enough that you can hear it from where he is. His hand cups your face, a thumb rubbing at your cheek as he just stares at you. He can see the tears starting to appear.

    He isn’t sure why, but he knows he needs to do this. He needs to get answers before you shut him down. He doesn’t want to scare you or harm you, all he knows is this is his only chance to do this. Do it! His lips press to yours, it takes him by surprise by how quickly you melt into his touch.

    He wants to stay like this forever but he pulls away from lack of oxygen. He smiles at the fact your lips had just touched his and then it hits he needs to explain his actions. Before you slap him or worse.

    “Ryan, what was that?”


    He knows it came out jumbled. He’s mentally hitting himself for that. You shake your head and look at him, trying to grasp if you heard him right.

    “I am in love.”

    He takes a breath, “With you.”

    Another breath, “Y/N.”

    Now to wait.

    Your own heart starts to beat even faster. He is nervously staring at you. It feels like it’s been hours. God, weed heightens everything he thinks.

    “I love you too.”


    You snap your fingers in front of his face sending him back down to earth.

    “Hey Ry.”

    His hand squeezes yours when he realizes you were talking to him. He raises an eyebrow to you, silently asking you to repeat yourself.

    “I love you too Ry.”

    There is that smile that makes your entire world shift. Your heart pitter patter and your knees go weak. He pulls you into him, pressing his lips to yours once you get comfortable.

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  • ok, I’m about to get SUPER gushy and this has nothing to do with the Hunger Games but fuck it my Tumblr is a chaotic mess of random shenanigans. 

    so, I was browsing around Facebook and I happen to stumble upon a video of an old interview with the cast of Bring it on! And man oh man, I was about 14 or 15 when that movie came out and it’s been a while since I’ve seen it. Naturally, I went scouting through youtube for clips. Specifically the Clover’s original cheer for Burr it’s cold in here. 

    I don’t exactly know why but it reminded me of the movie Drumline. It came out when I was 16. And since once you’ve gone down the youtube rabbit hole it’s pretty hard to come out of it. I remember watching it back then and being in awe of the skills that all the musicians had but honestly seeing it 17 years later gave me a whole new perspective on the movie. 


     This movie is one of the most underrated and underappreciated of its time. It had so much that many at the time didn’t notice. 

    The most impressive thing that people seemed to have missed is the level of incredible skill the musicians/actors had. 

    Being in a marching band is no fucking joke! It’s like being in music Olympics. 

    the band members have so much to focus on that my ADD self runs for the hills. 

    - They have to tune out the audience’s noise to focus on tempo and beats all while having heavy and large ass instruments strapped to their bodies. Some of the band members are freaking tiny and they still play like rocks stars!

    -They have to maintain perfect synchronization during different intricate formation throughout the entire performance.

    - They do not play when it comes to showmanship! Every move is calibrated and precise while doing acrobatic type playing with the instrument. 

    - Try to play a simple beat large ass pott strapped in front of you while following synchronized choreography all while people scream in front of you. That shit is fucking stressful!

    This is some next-level shit and I am honestly impressed. IDGAF if they’re referred to as band geeks. Fuck that, they’re straight-up rockstars who deserve respect and plenty of attention. 

    I get cheerleaders, dancers, and all sorts of other popular athletes are amazing but band members do not get the attention they deserve. So, to all of you who are, have been, or plan to be high school and college band members, I see you and know that you have my biggest appreciation for the art you provide. Ya’ll are amazing! Keep at it because without you there would be no spirit in any game or school event.  

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    This definitely rings true for me and singers

    #band members #frontmen get all the pussy #frontmen crushes are my mo with odd guitarist or drummer crush
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  • Why sweat and blood looks so damn hot on a band member?

    #sorry but I just want to know why #also this was kinda inspired by a one picture that I can't forget lol #band members
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    Everytime I kind of forget my overwhelming crush on Nicholas exists he has to go and post something like this and my heart implodes 😍😭

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  • My type is 80s band members who look like they could kill me but are actually really soft

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  • Hello I’ve been trying to start a band for a few years now but have been having trouble with finding others who are as equally committed as I am, want to be in a band for a living, want to create the same type of sound or are inspired for the same kind of reasons so I thought maybe I could go online and find a group. 

    I’m 18 years old and have been playing the guitar since I was 14.  I listen to bands like My Chemical Romance, Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, All Time Low, Icon For Hire, Fall out boy, Set it Off, Bring Me The  Horizon, etc. As a band, I would like to help support fans that support us.

    So I’m looking for a Vocalist, Bass guitar player, drummer and I’m always open to having another regular guitarist, that want to play rock, punk, or alternative music. I am 18 so I’d prefer to ages of the other members to be somewhere around 16 - 23. I personally struggle a lot with mental illness and would like to be able to write music about it and be able to help other people like music has helped me, so it would be great if the other members shared that want as well. I live in Colorado but if we get along great and spend lots of time working as a band together online, I would be willing to go and meet the members in person after a while. 

    If you’re interested please message my tumblr, streetyouthkilljoy, so we can talk and if you’re not interested but you know of someone that might be, please send them this message. THANK YOU!

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