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    27.10.2021 - 6 minutes ago


    félix i eu preparando brownnies ! <3

    só penso nele 💭 (( hyunjin.

    eu e lino brincando com os gatinhos 🐱♡.

    * bang chan existindo * eu: ♡_♡ (ou) ⭐_⭐

    han - me = :( han + me = :)

    em uma relação séria com @/seungmin.

    stay e depressiva nas horas vagas ‼️

    cachorrinhos, filmes & changbin.

    tbt: dia em que conheci o jeongin ❕😩

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    27.10.2021 - 10 minutes ago
    #anon <3#bang chan #bang chan smut #bang chan drabbles #bang chan imagine #bang chan blurb #bang chan reaction #bang chan scenarios
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    27.10.2021 - 17 minutes ago
    #🍒 anon#bang chan #bang chan smut #bang chan imagine #bang chan drabbles #bang chan blurb #bang chan reaction #bang chan scenarios
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    #anon <3#bang chan #bang chan imagine #bang chan reaction #lee minho #lee minho imagine #lee minho reaction #seo changbin #seo changbin imagine #seo changbin reaction #hwang hyunjin #hwang hyunjin imagines #hwang hyunjin reaction #han jisung #han jisung imagine #han jisung reactions #lee felix #lee felix imagines #lee felix reaction #kim seungmin #kim seungmin imagine #kim seungmin reaction #yang jeongin #yang jeongin imagine #yang jeongin reaction #stray kids reaction #stray kids imagine #stray kids#skz#skz reactions
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    27.10.2021 - 54 minutes ago

    (as trainees)

    Lee Know: let‘s exchange numbers

    Han: won’t that confuse people who are trying to call us?

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    27.10.2021 - 3 hours ago


    I.N / Jeongin x reader x Bangchan. (s, with a sprinkle of fluff)

    Author’s note: The Jeongin that I created is getting more and more dangerous, omg what have I done?

    You weren't expecting Chan to open the door, he was dressed in sweatpants with the sleeveless top on, barefaced with his hair in its natural curls. You opened your mouth to speak, but he was fast to catch up on you, "Come in, Jeongin has been waiting for you!" He said to you, stepping aside to let you into their dorm. You already knew that the other members were taking their days off to go home to their families but apparently not Chan. "You knew your way around here," he said, knowing that you were no stranger in their dorm. "Thank you, Chris," you muttered to him, left him to whatever he was doing but probably going back to sleep, and walked to Jeongin's bedroom. The blinds were shut, shielding his room from the afternoon sun, yet you could make out the shape of him lying facedown on his bed. You climbed onto the bed and didn't hesitate to snuggle beside him. He stirred in his sleep, looking at you with half-lidded eyes. "Is that you, baby?" He mumbled, voice groggy from sleep. "Yes," you replied. He propped his elbow on the mattress, "Am I dreaming?" He asked foxy eyes squinted at you. You shook your head. "Are you real?" He asked again, a smug grin dancing on his face. You shook your head again, held in your laughs. "Funny," he said, shifting his body and now hovering above you. You held your breath in anticipation, sighing when he finally crashed his mouth on yours. "I miss you so much," he said to you and crashed his mouth onto yours again, trapping you in an endless, titillating kiss. Things escalated real quick, his hands impatiently roaming around your body and getting more rushed as pieces of clothing were taken off of you. "I almost forgot how soft you are," he muttered, dragging the tip of his nose along your sternum. Using both of his hands, he pushed your breasts to the middle that gave him easy access to switch between or suck them both at once with his greedy mouth. You hummed in pleasure, feeling his tongue swirl around your nipple. Jeongin didn't miss out on tugging your hardened buds between his teeth and gently pulled away. He smiled a victorious smile when he heard you yelped with your hand pulling at his hair. "I'm going to take my time with you," he warned you as he got off the bed, pulling down his sweatpants along with his boxer. He noticed that you got your eyes on his long, veiny cock, "You missed it?" He teased. You shamelessly nodded. Truthfully, you've been waiting to have his cock buried deep inside you again. Your fingers were the only thing that helped you through the absence of it, even though it's nothing close to how it feels when he's inside you. "I think I can help you with that," he said, climbed onto the bed, and crawled over you.

    You were sure that there were no inches of your skin left in which his hands left untouched. Jeongin really lived up to his words, took his time to savor you. By the time his mouth landed on your core, it was pooling with arousal. He didn't shy away to slurp on it, sucking on it, tongue flicking and licking on your aching cunt. Your back arched at the constant motions of his tongue, let him have his way because you knew he would let you have your release this time. He pushed in two fingers into you, "There's nothing like it," he muttered, sounding like he was talking to himself. He pumped in and out of you at a steady pace, foxy eyes observing your reaction, "I might forget how soft you are, but I will never forget how to hit that sweet spot of yours," he told you breathlessly as he curled his fingers inside and automatically found your g spot. Your moans bounced around the dimly lit room. Jeongin kept hitting the spot until you finally cum. He was pressing kisses on your pelvic bone when the door abruptly opened, "Hey, I thought about ordering dinner, and I-" Chan's eyes landed on you with Jeongin laying with his head between your legs. Silence hung in the air, all three of you took a moment to finally register what was happening. Chan finally broke the silence by clearing his throat, and you immediately threw your hands over your chest. Meanwhile, Jeongin wiped his chin and lifted his head off of you. "I-, uh..." Chan scratched the back of his neck, looked nonplussed and in utter confusion. "Hyung, you can turn and leave or stay and watch. Either way, please close the door," Jeongin said as if he didn't just invite him over to watch you two fucking. Chan's eyes darted to you, and Jeongin seemed to get the signal. "Are you okay with it?" Jeongin asked you. It was really too late to feel embarrassed now, and it was not like he didn't know you had been fooling around with Jeongin in his room, plus there was no loss in letting him watch too. You gave a nod of approval. Jeongin's gaze shifted back to Chan. Chan's hand was holding the doorknob the whole time, looking down while considering his options, You watched as he slowly swung the door closed behind him, "I'll stay," he informed. Jeongin nodded at his decision, "okay," he said with a shrug. Chan dragged the office chair that was pushed to the desk and sat on it, swiveled in his seat to face you on the bed. Jeongin crawled over to you, removed your hands from your chest, and put them around his neck. He caressed your cheeks before sinking his mouth on yours, his kisses turned into hasty ones the moment his body slithered on top of you. You were so immersed that you forgot you were being watched. Jeongin was placing slobbering kisses on your neck when you caught Chan from your peripheral vision with his hand palming his growing bulge against his sweatpants. You never knew it until now that another pair of eyes would make you even more aroused. Jeongin dragged his wet mouth along your torso before kneeling between your legs. He let out a heavy sigh staring at your swollen, flushed cunt. Chan swiveled his chair slightly to the side to get a better view of your dripping hole, he swallowed hard, "fuck, she's so little," he must have thought I did not hear that. Jeongin's head snapped at him, "watch her taking me so well, Hyung," he said, eyes diverted back on you, with a sly smile on him. "Baby, can you pull up your legs for me?" He sweetly asked you. You complied, pulling up your legs until your knees squashed your breasts and holding it up with your hands. Jeongin wanted to make a clear view of him going inside you for Chan to see. "You listen to me really well," He praised you, rubbing the back of your thigh with his big hand. He then ran the tip of his cock down your slit as if your cunt wasn't aching enough for him, he took a shaky breath and began pushing his length inside you. He slowly eased himself into you, eyes focused on the way you took him little by little. Chan whimpered, couldn't take his eyes off of you as if mesmerized by how your little cunt can take him so well. You noticed that he had taken his cock out of his sweatpants, firm and flushed in his hand. Jeongin groaned when he finally buried deep inside you, "I forgot how tight you are," he let out another raw groan, feeling your walls sucking him in. He stayed still for a while to compose himself, letting out low breaths. Jeongin felt unbothered by Chan, whose hand began slowly pumping up and down his length, muffling his own moans by biting his lower lip. Jeongin looked down on you as he rolled his hips against you to make you feel his whole length inside you, "so good, Jeongin," you hummed in pleasure. He smirked, eyes hovering to Chan, making sure he heard your praise for him. Jeongin started thrusting into you, slow and steady. His low grunts mixed with Chan's panting filling the room, few curses spilling out of their mouths. Your breasts bounced as Jeongin pounded harder and harder into you, you felt that familiar feeling burning up inside you, ready to burst. "Oh, you keep clenching around me," Jeongin hissed between his grunts but didn't slow his pace, "Cum for me," he ordered, hips endlessly pistoning out of you, sending you closer to your sweet release. Your body was trembling, getting so close to your climax. Jeongin added more strength to his thrusts, and it hit you right on the spot, you came undone in a matter of seconds. You let out a loud gasp, eyes screwed shut with your arching back as Jeongin rides you out to chase his high. You were floating in sensuous delight that the next thing you knew, Jeongin collapsed on top of you, panting on your chest. You turned your head to the side to see Chan slumped on the chair with his head tilted back, his cum dripping down from his tip onto his sweatpants, smeared all over his hand. Jeongin got up with a sigh as he pulled out of you, watched as his seed leaked out of your cunt. "I cum a lot," he muttered, softly rubbing the inside of your thigh. He fell back down on the mattress beside you, pulling you closer by your waist for cuddles. "I can't believe I missed this for months," he whispered into your ears, pressing a kiss on your temple. "Hyung, are you good?" He asked, without looking at Chan, who was busy wiping the mess on his sweatpants with tissues. He hummed in response. "He's been so stressed out lately," Jeongin said to your ear, his hand lazily caressing your stomach. Chan pulled some more tissues from the box and wiped his semi-hard cock down with it, you must admit that his size intrigued you. You squirmed a little by just imagining it inside you. "Maybe I can help him," you blurted out. The idea just came out of nowhere that it surprised you as well. Jeongin retracted his mouth from your neck and shifted beside you, "you mean you want to...?" "Only with your permission," you quickly added, didn't want him to get the wrong idea. You gently scratched his hair as he looked down on your face. "Hyung, my girlfriend wanted to help you," he called out to him. Chan was dumbfounded at Jeongin's remark, "Huh?" "My girlfriend wanted to give you a ride," he tried again. You looked at Chan, who was still trying to catch up on the meaning of Jeongin's offer, thinking if it was some sort of test. When he finally understood, his eyes shifted at me, "I have his permission, Chris," you told him. Chan got quiet, so many thoughts running through his head at once, but the offer was too good to pass. "Okay," Chan finally decided, "alright, yes, let's do it," but he sounded so nervous. Chan got rid of all of his clothes, making a pile on the floor then got on the bed. He lay beside you while Jeongin spooned you from behind. You were surprised to find him so calm despite looking so taken aback a few minutes ago. You inched closer to him, overlapping his body with yours. His hand snaked around your neck as you placed a kiss on his mouth, his lips felt so soft and warm. Chan brought your face closer to his so he could pull you into another kiss, all the while Jeongin placed slobbering kisses on your bare shoulder with his hand cupping your breast. Your hand moved down to his cock, wrapped your hand around his length. You hummed into his mouth at the hardening cock in your palm as you kissed. Chan was a slow kisser, he took his time to savor your mouth, the kind that made you forget to catch a breath. Jeongin fingered you as you were busy pumping your hand up and down Chan's length, fresh arousal oozing out of yours. You guessed that both of you were ready for each other, you slowly sat up on the bed, retracted yourself off Chan. He sighed, groaning at the absence of your mouth on his. You kneeled with Chan under you, and Jeongin soon got up from the bed to get behind you. You looked down on Chan's toned upper body, tracing your fingers on his abs, in awe at how firm and finely toned it was. Chan's hands reach up to your hips, putting on a gentle grip on each side of your hips. His dark eyes didn't leave yours even for a second. Jeongin came up behind you, snaking his arm around your waist, "hold on to me," he offered, you put your hand on him as your other hand positioned Chan's cock at your entrance. With Jeongin's help, you slowly slid down Chan's length. The sensation of being stretched by his cock wasn't that different from Jeongin's, but the way he intensely watched to where his cock slowly disappeared into you got you to feel some type of way. You let out a gasp the moment you took him whole, "Look at you, taking Chan Hyung so well," Jeongin cooed into your ear, "such a good girl," he praised you with both arms wrapping around your naked body in a tight embrace. "Hyung, how is it?" Jeongin then asked Chan, who was too overwhelmed by the whole thing. He let out a long sigh, "she feels so fucking good," he muttered with eyes screwed shut. You felt so aroused by their conversation, talking about you as if you were there listening to them. Jeongin kissed your neck, "that's my baby," he said against your neck, also as a reminder of who you really belong to. You started moving, rolling your hips a few times to feel his whole length inside you. Chan groaned, loving the way your walls sucked him in deeper inside you. Jeongin began kneading on your breasts, giving you extra stimulation. You let your head thrown to the back and rested on Jeongin's shoulder. Jeongin took advantage of your exposed neck, nipping and sucking on your neck as his hands endlessly kneaded on your breasts. You focused on keeping a steady pace. Once in a while, your eyes glanced down at Chan whose eyes were enjoying the provoking scene playing in front of him. The room was so quiet except for the skin-slapping sound of you and Chan fucking, the low groans that spilled out of his mouth, and Jeongin's wet mouth as he sucked on your tender flesh. Jeongin's hand moved down to circling on your clit, applying gentle pressures on your bundle of nerves, you moaned at how much stimulation you received at once. You picked up the pace, and Chan started bucking his hips at you, you cried out at how he managed to hit the right spots whenever he did that. Chan couldn't contain his pleasures, his grunts intensified and echoed around the room as you kept clenching around him. Your body slowly turned against you, you began to feel the exhaustion from the time-consumed foreplay Jeongin did on you and got too greedy when you offered to ride Chan, you slowed down as your senses began to slip away by the second. He sensed that you were drained from earlier, he gripped your hips and guided your movements, he voluntarily bucking his hips at you. "I'm so close, I'm so close," Chan repeatedly said as a way to let you know you only need to endure it for a little bit more. You weakly nodded at him, clenching and quickening the pace with the remaining strength you had. Chan didn't hold his loud groans as his high closed in, he jutted his hips harder into you, a few more times of that until he finally reached his climax. He let out a long satisfied groan as you kept moving on him, riding out his high all the while Jeongin's hands clutching your body as it grew limp against him, completely drained with exhaustion. He placed kisses on every skin available for him, "you did so well, baby," for each kiss he planted on you. Jeongin slowly lifted your body, hoisted you against his chest while Chan helped by lifting your legs off of him. He hissed when you pulled out of him too fast, cum dripping out of your cunt. Jeongin lay you down on the bed next to Chan and settled himself beside you. He went on peppering your neck and face with wet kisses, "my baby," he cooed once in a while. "I'm going to get the bath ready for you," he said to you, placing a quick peck on your lips, then left for the bathroom. Chan closing in on you, nuzzled his head in your neck, "Hey, thank you," he muttered. You smiled with your eyes closed cause you couldn't keep them open. "That wasn't my best, Chris," you told him, feeling sorry for him. "What are you talking about?" He caught a strand of hair that stuck to your sweaty forehead, "You did so well," then planted a kiss behind your ear. You hummed, too fucked out to form a coherent answer. "I never felt this good, so thank you," he whispered before pressing another kiss on your temple. Jeongin came back a few minutes later, he crawled over to you, "Let's get you to bath," he told you, Chan slowly got up, "I can carry her to bath," he offered. "It's okay Hyung, I can do it," he kindly rejected his offer. He then placed his arms under you, and with one swift move, lifted you off the bed. He carried you to the bathroom, gently setting you down into the tub filled with warm water, sighed at how pleasant it was. "Thank you, baby," you muttered to him, feeling your body relaxed as the warm water enveloped you. He smiled, knowing that his decision to run you a bath was a great idea. Jeongin soon joined you in the tub, settled himself behind you, leaning with his back against the tub. He then pulled you to rest your back on his chest, putting his hand around your waist under the water. You turned your head to the side to capture him in a kiss, a long, lingering kiss to convey your gratitude toward him. He was more than eager to wrap his mouth around your lips in a captivating kiss. "Have I told you how much I miss you?" He asked the second he pulled away. You licked your lips, "You can tell me again if you wanted to," you told him. He softly laughed at you, hands reaching yours to intertwine it and folded them together on your chest. "Chan Hyung," he suddenly called out, "Yeah," a voice replied from the next room. "I want burgers for dinner," he yelled, making sure Chan heard his request. "Alright," he yelled back. Your body shook with laughter at how odd the whole situation was, making ripples on the tub water. "Funny, huh?" Jeongin snickered, pressing his head on yours. You tipped your head all the way back so he could plant an upside-down kiss on you.

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    Changbin: i hate you with every inch of my body


    Hyunjin: ...that’s not a lot of inches

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    levanter outsold

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    Kinktober ~ Day 27

    WORD COUNT: 1.2K

    PAIRING: Hyunjin x Fem!Reader x Chan

    GENRE: threesome, blow job, protected sex, little storyline

    Your heart hammered against your chest as you finished signing the bottom line of the paper in front of you. Turning to look up at Chan and Hyunjin who were standing either side of you at the table. All three of you were in one of the most expensive-looking hotel's you'd ever been in.

    "Shall we take this to the bedroom?" Chan chuckled holding out his hand for you to take. You gladly took his hand and got up from the table. Following him toward the bedroom area of the hotel room you were staying inside of. 

    The two of them had just gotten you to sign an NDA form, all of it concluding that you could never tell anyone what you see, hear or do with them. They were two of the biggest mafia leaders in Seoul and didn't need any of their information being leaked. 

    "You're so precious," Hyunjin breathed as you sat down on the edge of the bed. Both of them staring at you. Given any other kind of day and the two men wouldn't be caught dead in the same room as one another. They were rivals. Sworn to fight whenever they came across one another but you were here.

    You changed everything. The only reason the two of them were at each other's throats now was that they had you. You were the one they were peaceful over because you bought them together.

    "Shut up and kiss me," You whined as you pulled Hyunjin over to you by his belt, bringing him down into a rough kiss as he smirked against your lips. Chan watched while biting down on his tongue, trying not to get overly jealous as the two of you made out on the silk bedding.

    "Did you wear what we asked of you?" Hyunjin breathed as he ran his hand up your inner thigh beneath the dress. You nodded breathlessly from the kissing and whimpered as the black dress was ripped open. Exposing the red lace underwear they had sent for you to wear. 

    "Of course," You smirked rolling your hips up as the underwear was ripped away from you. The clothing being thrown around the room as you giggled a little, Hyunjin wasted no time beginning to kiss down your body. 

    "You don't get to have her all to yourself," Chan grumbled as he pull you over to him this time, your body completely exposed as you looked up at him. 

    "Feeling needy?" You quizzed, running your hands down the suit pants he was wearing and smirked at him. 

    "S-Such a tease," He growled at you as he suddenly pushed two fingers into your cunt, curling them as he smirked widely at you. 

    "Drenched, look at that. So fucking wet for two men to be fucking you," You whined throwing your head back while you moaned as Hyunjin began to rub your breast. 

    "Your tits are so soft," He whispered as he began to massage your dress softly, leaning down and biting on your left one.

    His teeth grazed over your nipple as he pulled away making you whimper in the process. 

    "I think I know a way we can make this fair," Hyunjin said cooly as you kisses his neck, moaning out whenever Chan would thrust his fingers into you. 

    "How?" You whimpered as Chan stilled his fingers, your pussy clenching around the digits as he looked at Hyunjin. Interested to know how this was all going to play out since none of you had put much thought into it.

    "Chan can lay on his back and Y-Y/n you can kneel above his head-"

    "Giving him head while you fuck me?" You finished with a giant smile on your face, Hyunjin flushed a red colour and nodded. This was the first time you'd ever seen the man blush and you hoped it wasn't the last. 

    "You heard the man," Chan grunted slapping your ass a little as he laid down on the bed. Pulling your hips to lay above his head. 

    "So eager," You teased wiggling your ass in the air only to get another slap only from Hyunjin this time, you bucked your hips a little and Chan growled. Pulling you down so he could push his tongue into your cunt, you moaned loudly. Grabbing chan's thighs tightly in your hand. 

    "Holy fuck!" You cried out only for Hyunjin to stop Chan. 

    Hyunjin chuckled as he began to rub himself at your entrance. Massaging the head of his cock through your folds, your hands frantically began to remove Chan from his pants. Taking out his throbbing cock and whimpering a little. 

    "I want you so bad," Chan moaned out as you began to slowly rub your hand up and down his shaft, spitting down onto it to create a little lube. 

    "I bet she's so fucking tight," Hyunjin smirked at Chan's statement and suddenly pushed into you and grunting loudly as he held your hips in his hands.

     "Yes, yes she is." He chuckled as he moved his hips to be deeper inside of you, your voice croaking as you moaned out, 

    "S-Shit, Hyunjin you're so fucking big." You moaned out, licking small stripes on the head of Chan's cock as the man let out a grunt of your name. Thrusting his hips up to force his cock into your mouth. 

    "So fucking warm," He moaned out as he held your head down just a little, thrusting his cock in and out of your throat as you moaned around his length.

    "H-Hyunjin," You moaned taking Chan out of your mouth and pumping him with your hand, turning your head around to look at him as he smirked. 

    "What is it, angel?" He slapped your ass, thrusting harder and deeper into you with each snap of his hips. 

    "J-just like-" You couldn't finish as Chan pushed back into your mouth, your moans edging him as he grunting loudly. 

    "Being fucked so full." Hyunjin chuckled darkly as you moaned again. Head spinning at the thought of both of them using you this way. The way you had agreed for them to in the contract, you were theirs to do whatever they wanted with. 

    Hyunjin throbbed inside of you as he grunted loudly, his thrusts beginning to get sloppier feeling himself growing closer. 

    "CHAN!" You suddenly cried out, feeling his lips beginning to suck on your clit, your hips grinding back against Hyunjin and Chan at the same time. 

    "She's so close, fuck Chan you should feel her." Hyunjin laughed as you continued to take Chan into your mouth. The room-filling with wet noises and moans as you fucked one another passionately.

    Your head span as you felt yourself getting closer but you continued to pleasure Chan with your mouth. 

    "C-Cumming! Cumming!" You screamed suddenly as Chan thrust wildly into your mouth, Hyunjin never once stopping his hips as your legs trembled.

    A wave washing over you as your heart raced against your chest and your screams muffled around Chan's cock. 

    Just like that, he came into your mouth as Hyunjin came into the condom. None of you moving as the men held you steady in their arms. 

    "T-That was good," You panted falling down onto the bed beside them. Your mind was still in total bliss as you tried to calm down from your orgasm. 

    "Let's get you washed and dried for bed kitten," Chan breathed as he held his hand out for you. 

    "I'll order some more food." Hyunjin smiled at you.

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    Imaginary Friend (Y.JI)

    Warnings : swearing, alcohol, domestic abuse, childhood abuse, coma,

    Word Count : 2033

    Synopsis : jeongin has been by her side for as long as she can remember. he was her imaginary friend, her safe space, her knight in shining armor. but the only thing she wants is for him to be real.

    “You’re here.” She croaked out with a small smile on her bruised face. The man sitting on the chair next to her hospital bed smiled back, reaching to grab her hand only for it to phase right through. “I wish you were real. I could use some cuddles.” She giggled.

               It was music to Jeongin’s ears. Her giggle was something he’s missed these last few years. His disappearance from her life was for the best; she was getting older and making real life friends, but that doesn’t mean he didn’t miss her every single day. “I’d give you all the cuddles if I was real.” Tears welled up in her eyes and Jeongin wished he could wipe them away. He wished he could do more than just sit beside her and watch her heal from her injuries. “What happened?”

               She had come home from work later than usual due to her boss asking her to stay behind and finish some paperwork. Her fiancé was waiting for her in the living room, a beer in his hand as he stared ahead at the tv. “You’re late.” He said without even turning his head.

               “I’m sorry. My boss asked me to finish some paperwork tonight.” She explained as she quietly placed her keys in the dish by the door and took off her jacket, hoping not to disturb his show. She knows how angry he gets when someone disturbs his show.

               “Bullshit.” He raised his voice, slamming the bottle on the side table, smashing it to pieces. She flinched at the sudden noise and tried to hold back the tears that would surely fall in the shower. “I know you’re fucking your boss.” She opened her mouth to deny the allegations, but he was standing and throwing everything in his vicinity at her. “You’re nothing but a dirty slut!”

               “I’m not cheating on you, I promise. I love you. I only love you!” She cried, holding her arms in front of her face as the violence got worse. He started with pillows and books, and that escalated to the lamp on the side table, before he was in front of her, throwing punches while she lay on the ground, protecting her head.

               “All women are the same.” He spat, delivering one last blow before she blacked out.

               “Now I really wish I was real so I could kick his ass and run away with you.” Jeongin partially joked, smiling only when he saw her smile.

               “Can you stay with me? I always feel safe when you’re with me.”

               “Of course.” He whispered softly, wishing he could crawl into the bed beside her and hold her while she sleeps. Instead, he stays sitting on the chair, quietly singing to her while she drifts off to sleep.

               “A 90%? I raised you better than this!” Her dad yelled, throwing her latest test on the table before reaching to remove the belt holding his pants up. “Hands on the wall.” With tears in her eyes,  she reluctantly put her hands on the wall, her back facing her father. She wanted to ask him to stop, wanted to tell him she was sorry and she would study harder, but she knew better than to talk back.

               “Jeongin? What are you doing here? My parents will kill us both if they see you.” She whispered when she got up to her room.

               “I guess we’ll have to make sure they don’t find me.” He playfully smirked, laying on her bed, patting the empty space beside him. “I missed my best friend, okay? Is that a crime?” She couldn’t help but laugh at her best friends antics, rolling her eyes as she crawled into bed beside him.

               “Missing me isn’t a crime but breaking into my room is.” She teased, holding one of his hands with one of hers and drawing random shapes on the back of it with the other. It distracted her, calmed her, from the events that took place downstairs earlier. “Can you sing to me, Innie?”

               “Of course. Anything for my best friend.” As he softly sang some of her favourite songs, she drifted off to sleep, her hand still holding his, their fingers now intertwined. Even at the tender age of 12, Jeongin knew he wouldn’t have it any other way.

               It’s like she could still feel his touch, as if he was real. She could feel the warmth of his hand in hers while she softly drew shapes and letters on the back of his hand, writing secret messages only she knew. She could feel the warmth of his body laying next to her while he softly sang to her, brushing the hair out of her eyes, and pressing a soft kiss to her forehead before disappearing out the window he came in.

               But how was that possible when Jeongin was nothing more than her imaginary friend; someone she created out of loneliness. That’s what her parents told her, it’s what her therapist told her. Jeongin, the boy she’s known her whole life, was nothing more than a figment of her imagination. But she couldn’t let him go. He was her safe space.

               As her injuries healed, Jeongin would accompany her for walks around the hospital. At first, they only walked up and down the hallway where her room was. But as she got better, they wandered further into the hospital, visiting different wards, and even venturing outside a couple times. “Are you going to stay with me when they discharge me next week?” She asked as they wandered the quietest ward in the hospital; the coma ward.

               It was the only place besides her room she could talk openly to Jeongin without people looking at her like she was insane. “If you want me, I’ll follow you everywhere.” He smiled as he turned his head to look at her. As he did, he caught something out of the corner of his eye, something, or someone, that looked a little too familiar. “Let’s go in this room.” He said, already walking towards it.

               She followed him into the quiet room, the only sounds that could be heard coming from the machines keeping the young boy alive. Jeongin hesitantly approached the bed, seeing his own face. As she took his side, her heart felt like it was going to beat out of her chest. “It’s you.” Jeongin turned away from the bed to see her looking pale.

               “Hey, sit down.” He was no longer concerned about the man in the bed looking like him. His full concern was on the girl he called his best friend for as long as he can remember, the only person on this earth that could see him. “Talk to me, Y/N.” His hands hovered over her face, knowing he couldn’t touch her, no matter how badly he wishes he could.

               “Y/N?” Before she could answer, someone was calling her name from the door. A middle-aged woman walked into the room, obviously just coming from wherever she worked. “It’s really you.” She smiled, opening her arms for a hug.

               “Do you know me?” The younger girl asked, looking at the woman who looked familiar, but no name was coming to her mind. She could see how dejected the woman felt by the way her smile and arms dropped.

               “I suppose it really has been a long time. I always wondered why you never came to visit.” She looked at the older woman, wondering what on earth she was talking about. “You and Jeongin were so close growing up. I thought when I told your parents about the accident, you’d come right here.”

                         Y/N turned her head to look at the imaginary Jeongin standing right beside her, his face conveyed the shock she felt. “You mean he’s real?” She didn’t even look at the woman, only staring at Jeongin’s face, tears welling up in her eyes. “Jeongin is a real person?”

               “Of course, sweetie. He was your best friend before the accident.” She finally met her eyes again, allowing the tears to run freely.

               “How long as it been?”

               “Today would be 8 years.” Her parents lied to her for 8 years about the boy she called her best friend. She was convinced he had been a figment of her imagination, someone she created because the other kids didn’t want to be her friend. She thought he disappeared due to the fact she had made new friends, but he was real this whole time. Laying in the hospital bed, barely alive. “Let’s grab something to eat and talk some more.”

               She followed the familiar woman down to the cafeteria in the hospital, Jeongin staying behind and staring at his own face, wondering how he ended up in such a position. “I really had no idea. My parents told me Jeongin was a figment of my imagination.” She explained, her voice soft. She could barely meet her eyes, instead staring at the drink she was holding in her hands.

               “Maybe that was for the best. You were so young, I’m sure the news would have devastated you.” Jeongin’s mom reached across and grabbed her hand, making her finally meet her gaze. “Ah, you’re engaged now?” She asked, noticing the ring Y/N still hadn’t taken off.

               She pulled her hand back, quickly removing the ring from her finger and denying her engagement. “Not anymore. He, uh, he’s the reason I’m here actually.” She admitted, feeling safe in the presence of this stranger, a stranger who isn’t a stranger at all. She’s her best friend’s mom, someone she grew up with.

               “Good on you for leaving him, sweetheart. You should find someone that makes you feel safe and happy.” They shared a smile, and Jeongin’s mom shared some stories of the two of them in their childhood. “I remember he would always sneak out to see you at night. I always knew, he was never quiet, but I knew he was going to you.” She giggled, and Y/N just smiled at her.

               “Jeongin was always my safe space. Almost like he was my knight in shining armor.”

               “I always thought the two of you were going to end up together. You were always attached at the hip.” Y/N couldn’t lie, with all the memories flooding her mind, she could see the two of them getting together. But before she could say anything, the woman’s phone rang; a nurse calling saying her son had finally woken up. “Oh my god.” She whispered, and the two girls ran back to Jeongin’s room, seeing him sitting up in bed with a smile on his face.

               “I’m real.” He spoke, staring directly at Y/N. She nodded with tears in her eyes.

               “You’re real.” Their wish came true. He could reach out and hold her hand, he could wipe her tears away, and hold her until she felt okay again.

               “My son, you’re awake!” His mom wrapped her arms around him, Y/N stood back and watched the heartwarming scene as the tears fell down her cheeks. “How do you feel? Are you hurt anywhere?” She placed her hands on his shoulders, looking over his body to see if he could be in pain anywhere. All the physical injuries he sustained had faded while he was in a coma. 8 years was along time to be asleep, and still he felt tired.

               “I’m fine, mom. Honestly I’m just tired.” He chuckled. Y/N crossed her arms over her chest, shaking her head at her best friend.

               “You just slept for 8 years, Innie.”

               “No! I followed you around for 8 years, Y/N.” He pouted. She smiled at the memories of him being by her side whenever she needed him. His mom stayed silent, not even questioning the confusing conversation happening before her, just happy to have her son back.

               “Yeah, yeah you did. I guess it’s my turn to take care of you though.” The two shared a laugh as she walked closer, taking the empty seat beside the bed, and grabbing his hand. “I hope you know that you’re never getting rid of me. I’m going to be stuck to you like glue.”

               “I wouldn’t have it any other way, love.”

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    2min - the divorced couple

    Minsung- the couple where one proposed to the other with an octopus

    Hyunsung - the couple who married? But will probably divorce because of betrayal. Aka rap better sing better couple.

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    Stray Kids on PMC Interview

    © inniefinity

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    Hyunjin: I don’t think we can mansplain, manipulate, and malewife our way out of this

    Jeongin: *cracks neck* manslaughter it is.

    #alternatively: Ten & Doyoung or Wooyoung & Jongho/Yeosang #kpop #kpop incorrect quotes #fandom#stray kids#skz #skz incorrect quotes #stray kids incorrect quotes #chan#bangchan#bang chan#chris#hyunjin#felix#changbin#han#jisung#minho#lee know#seungmin#jeongin#in
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    A domestic stormy night

    Synopsis: it was a late stormy night, you decided to just wait for your boyfriend to come back home. And when he came it was all domestic until the power went out. Maybe it got a little more domestic even if it was you, him, a flashlight, and a lightstick.

    bang chan x reader

    Word count: 1.9k

    Genre: domestic fluffy fluff

    warnings: mentions of thunder

    Crash! Crackle!

    It was a thunderous stormy night and you just wanted to Chan to come back home. It’s not that you were scared of lightning and thunder, you were scared for Chan’s safety because he was already on his way back home–

    BOOM! Crackle! Pang!

    Okay, scratch that, I may be scared of the thunder but that’s beside the point, you said to yourself.

    The last time you checked, Chan was being driven back to your shared apartment because he wanted to spend some time with you after all of their NOEASY promotions as well as their fan calls and meetings. You were uber excited to hear that they were given a 2-week break because that meant for you to have some time with Chan . Although you were so sure he was going to be working on songs if an idea pops up, you were understanding about it. Heck, he even asks some help from you as well because he knows you listen to different genres of music.

    20 minutes tops, he’ll be here, you paced around the living area being so worried about what could possibly happen. Having that said, the guitar hanging from the wall looked inviting, you thought about whether to use it or not, to at least get your mind off the crazy storm happening outside. And wouldn’t want you to worry about him too much. So, you took the guitar, sat on the couch and begin plucking a familiar tune.

    Over the past few days you’ve been practicing one of your favorite songs from Stray Kids, Another Day. There was something in that song that you just couldn’t stop listening to it, or maybe you were just a sucker for acoustics. You were just simply humming the melody and plucking the guitar until another wave of thunder decided to make a surprise. It had shaken you so much that you jumped to its sudden strike. You cursed under your breath and sighed.

    My gosh y/n don’t fret, it’s just thunder, it won’t hurt you.

    You went back to your little humming, plucking, and strumming until you some keys clinking outside the door. At this point, Chan was thinking that you have been asleep already considering it was almost midnight and you didn’t really like to stay up late. Once Chan opened the door, he was greeted by a small figure coming up to him and brought him up into their arms.

    “Oh my God, love, hello! How are you?” You said hugging him tightly, “I’m fine love, just a little tired and hungry.” hugging you back, he yawned and continued on to the living room to put down his bags, while you walked to the kitchen and got him some food you left for him from dinner earlier. “How about you? The rain has been pretty gnarly the whole night, plus there was lot of thunder going off.” He said while walking up to you. An as if on cue, another loud thunder struck and you couldn’t help but jump and spilled some soup on yourself and the floor.

    “If things couldn’t get any worse.” You said. Chan on the other hand, went in for a back hug “it’s okay, love, you’re safe with me. I’ll ward the thunder off!” He said as you let out a little giggle, and then a sigh. “Sorry, I just get surprised easily, and you know how I react to thunder.” Chan left a small peck on your temple, then turning you to him. “Hey, don’t apologize, it’s all good! Now, how about you go and wash yourself up and change into something comfier, hmm?” You nodded and went to your room and changed into a sweater and some shorts. While Chan waited, he cleaned the spilled soup and the set up the table to eat his very late dinner-almost midnight snack.

    “Come love, let’s eat!” He patted a seat for you as he returned back to his seat. “But, Channie I already ate.” You said when He was putting some noodles no your plate “oh come one, y/n, there’s always midnight snacking! And don’t worry you can just eat that small portion while I’ll everything else.” He said and you laughed, “Fine Bang, I mean it’s been a while since we’ve sat down and had a meal together.” You trailed off looking back to your plate as Chan looked back up to you after swallowing his first bite. “That’s exactly what I’m saying!“ he beams.

    Both of you just sat there and enjoyed each other’s company, eating some of the noodles and eating from each other’s plates, chan went on to tell a story how he got rick-rolled by a stay in their fan calls so he decided to take revenge and rick-rolled stays on vlive the other week. “Oh, so that’s why you rick-rolled us last week! You know I was so curious to know which song you were gonna spoil, and here we are. For the second time!” You exclaimed, holding two fingers up. Chan bursted into laughter and you then proceeded to say “why did you have to get us involved? we didn’t even do anything!? That’s war-crime!” You eyes were widening as you ranted on, meanwhile Chan was just clutching on to his stomach laughing non-stop. And because his laugh was just as funny, you couldn’t help but laugh along with him. And when everything else was just too perfect, the lights went down.


    “Well, you gotta deal with that mate, you rick-rolled us.”

    “How does that have to deal with my revenge?”

    “I dunno, karma?” You mused and chan paused.

    “You know, i mean, you got a slight point there.”

    “What do you mean slight? You literally got the other stays that didn’t get involved with the rick-rolling, get rick-rolled.” Chan nodded in defeat. “Welp, at least it’s not just me who gets to experience the whole power interruption.” He looked at you and shrugged. “Yeah, the entire neighborhood is gonna experience it, dummy. Including me.” You deadpanned as the both of you laughed and went on to find some flashlights. Chan held your hand while finding some flashlights because he knew very well that you were afraid of the dark, especially when you’re alone. One of the flashlights didn’t work because the batteries were dead, but then you remembered you had a Nachimbong in your shared bedroom.

    “Hey Channie, we can use this instead of the dead one.” You showed Chan the lightstick, waved it around and he let out a giggle. “Y/n you genius!” “Well duh, of course I am!” Both of you then cleaned up and washed the dishes together, as in one held the bright flashlight and the lightstick while the other washed. You both took turns, you put soap unto to the plates then Chan washed the rest. It was such a domestic scenario, a very rare one too. Not because you don’t usually wash the dishes together, but rather the fact that it isn’t everyday the power goes out and someone had to hold the light for them. Afterwards, the same thing happened in your shower before heading to bed. They had to be honest, both of their arms were tired from holding both light sources up whilst taking turns in the shower. You both then got changed into pajamas, despite you having to change clothes again because chan requested—or as he liked to call it an “order”.

    It was still raining outside, but it had a few stops then back to pouring heavily. You and Chan sat on your shared bed just talking about each other’s day, since he already talked about the fan calls and what happened during promotions, he asked you how your day went, what were the things you did when he was away.

    “Oh, just the same old actually. College being a pain even as usual, I’ve been worrying about getting an internship because I’m still working part time. Mom and Dad also told me to send you their regards. And other than that? Hmm, I’ve been starting to read books again! I know I don’t have a lot of time but it does help me take my mind off of things from university.” You said all in one go as Chan continues to listen to you. As you were talking about a funny moment in one of your online zoom classes, a loud cackle of thunder shook the both of you.

    Out of your reflexes you immediately jumped into Chan’s arms. “Gosh, why do thunders have to be so friggin’ loud?” It didn’t a long time for Chan to rub your back soothingly after that loud thunder. “Well, love, it’s tryna copy thunderous, that’s why.” You wheezed at his attempt to make you laugh, and then lightly smacked the small of his back “ow! What was that for?“ Faking a hurt face. “You’re so corny, it’s cute.” Both of you laughed together one again before Chan suggesting the both of you to lay down and sleep.

    You faced Chan and so was he to you, he held your waist as you were playing with the short curly strands of his hair. “I missed you love,” you said as you placed a soft kiss on his cheek. “I definitely miss you more, love. I missed this, I miss you being in my arms, I missed your warmth, I missed everything we did when both of us weren’t preoccupied with something else.” Chan places his hand on your cheek caressing it with his thumb and softly kisses your lips. You hummed to the feeling and you also cupped the other side of his face. It was all soft and gentle, Chan took the time to feel all time to feel you lips and you did with his. He wanted to stop time then and there, despite the pouring rain outside, he thought this moment was perfect after all the work he’s been through. You never wanted this moment to end, just you around his arms, and him around yours. It’s been a long while since both of you laid together and made out. You could say the same with what Chan told you earlier, you missed all of him, and you missed the moments you shared together. But here you both are now.

    You pulled away to catch your breath as you gazed into Chan’s eyes. They were beautiful despite not seeing them clearly, there was always something about them that made him so endearing. You moved closer and touched each other’s noses earning a little giggle from Chan. But of course, the thunder was not having any of it, another loud boom happened again. This time you squirmed and nuzzled your head onto Chan’s chest.

    “Hey, hey, hey, it’s okay my love, I got you. I got you.” Said as he pulled you closer and your clutch became a little tighter. He patted you head soothingly, making you calmer. “I’m glad you came home today Channie, I bet I’d be in tears right now if you weren’t here with me.” You whispered as Chan hums. “I’m always glad to be able to calm you down y/n, you don’t have to worry now. I’m here, I’m here.” He said kissing your forehead.

    You hummed in content and said “I love you, Channie.” You kissed his cheek once again.

    “I love you too, y/n. Now, let’s get some rest, I’m not leaving you anytime soon.” He said as he kissed you good night on your forehead.

    Stormy nights were never easy for you, but when Chan’s around, it gets a little easier that you thought it was gonna be.

    A/N: this is my first ever fic here, so please be nice to me 🥺 anyways, here’s a little soft song to listen to after this it’s Have We Met Before recommended by chan in one of his Chan’s room.

    Tag: @bngchnsi here ya go sunny im honestly kinda nervous posting this the first time kshdjshshs

    #stray kids imagine #stray kids headcanon #stray kids writing #stray kids fic #stray kids fanfic #stray kids fluff #stray kids#gnp skz #stray kids x reader #bang chan #bang chan fluff #bang chan domestic #bang chan fic #bang chan imagine #bang chan writing #bang chan angst #stray kids angst #chan#lee know#changbin#hyunjin#han#felix#seungmin #i.n. #kpop fics#kpop fluff #heehee i hope yall liked the song i tagged at the last hihihihi
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