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    Kindergarten teacher

    pairing : husband!bangchan x wife!kindergarten teacher!f.reader
    soft dom!Chan , sub!reader
    genre : smut, fluff, angst
    warnings : love making, penetration, unprotected sex, creampie, breeding kink, marking, pet names, praising, !!possessive behaviour!!, jealousy, swearing , !!violence!! ( not toward reader!! )
    word count : 2.6k++
    part 1?
    A/N : first time writing a fic with violence mentioned and jealousy 😭 I hope I did great! IT’S 2 AM , I WILL CORRECT THE MANY MISTAKES LATER ( even re-write it if I have to bcs I kind of really like this one?) Anyways, thank you for reading my mess ahah ily’all


    "Do you have something planned after school?" Chan asked as you bit into the sandwich he bought you for lunch. You hummed gobbling the food in hurry to answer him "yea" you grumbled "I've got this parent meeting" you sighed.

    Chan sighed too "and you?" you asked before grabbing your drink. Chan thought for awhile before nodding. "yea. I have something planned" he swallowed his grilled meat. Before you could ask him about his project, he cut you off reminding the time "baby, it's time. go on, don't wanna be late, do you?" you shook your head whining "argh! see you later then" you pouted. Chan got up, pecking your lips "see you later my love" he took you into his arms, hugging you tightly.

    Chan walked you to your car, telling you to be careful on the road. He waved at you as you drove away.

    You were at the door of your classroom greeting the parents arriving for the meeting, telling them to take a sit and wait until everyone was present to start. You looked down at the cute little boy next to you staring toward the door waiting. "hey, where's papa Felix?" you asked softly bending down a little to caress his head gently.

    Felix was actually one of your best friend and also your husband's. "oh I forgot to tell you.. but daddy told me he can't come today..sorry auntie" you looked down at him confused. Why didn't Felix say anything? you wondered. "oh i-" before you could continue he added "but daddy told me that unc-"

    "hello! Sorry for being late. I got stuck in traffic" a familiar voice interrupted your conversation with the little kid. Too familiar. "Chan?"

    "Hi Mrs. Bang" he smirked making you scoffed. "Felix couldn't make it, so I kindly offered to come instead at the parent's meeting. It's kind of important, isn't it?" he said patting Felix' son's head. You sighed deeply "hey cutie, you can go play with your little friends, hm?". He nodded happily before running out of your sight.

    You glanced at Chan crossing your arms over your chest. "Was that what you planned?". Chan chuckled "Felix was a little tired so I just wanted to help him out" he shrugged. "Is that so?" you arched an eyebrow "and maybe I wanted to come check out how pretty my nephew's teacher is" he said, a smirk decorating his lips. You slapped his arm making him whine playfully "idiot". You muttered before walking away to stand in the center of the classroom.



    After talking about general topics and replying to each of the questions you were asked, you brought out the issue you're meeting every day with your pupils : the homework. Some of your pupils often came back at school with their homework not being done. You explained to the parents that helping them at home was really important. They're still very young and they need support . Giving them advices on how to help them, suggesting them some good books and websites they can use if they're facing difficulties. Many of the parents understood and cooperated saying that they will try their best to help more.

    But one of the mother interrupted you impolitely "why don't you do extra-hours? You're the teacher here, you're the one paid to educate our children" she said with an unpleasant tone. You were taken aback, speechless, like the other parents. You didn't know what to say or what to do.

    "extra-hours?" Chan scoffed. "excuse-me sir?" the woman turned to face your annoyed-husband. You internally prayed for Chan to shut up and not make a scene at your workplace, but-

    "Well, M'aam Cruella de vil, I think Mrs. Bang is not only a teacher. She has her own life after school like every one of us here. She probably has someone waiting her at home. Or she just wants to do other things than to deal with your child!" Chan said annoyed making a few parents laughed quietly.

    "who are you to talk like that?" the haughty woman said offended by the meany nickname. "she has a mouth, she can speak for herself. who do you think you are to talk for her?" she said standind up angrily, Chan stood aswell "well, let me tell you that I'm-" .

    You cleared your throat catching both their attention, the present spectators immersed into the little altercation.

    "please Mrs. Wang, and Sir" you glared at him before continuing "please calm down.I- I'll find a solution for this problem" you gulped gesturing them to sit back. Chan threw a nasty look at the villian female as he sat down again. "good" you sighed relieved.



    Your meeting continued, you found a way to deal with the problematic woman, doing your best to stay polite and professional...

    It went well. You announced the end of the reunion. You felt Chan's eyes on you the whole time. He didn't joke when he said he came to check you out.

    "thank you so much for coming today. If any of you want to talk individually about their child or have any other questions, feel free to stay" you smiled shaking hands with the parents leaving.

    There is one thing you didn't notice. Even tho Chan spent his time admiring you during the meeting and even had time for a"little" fight, he didn't miss the way one of your pupil's father was staring at you in a "weird" way. He glared at the mid-aged man, this one staying so he could talk to you.

    You accompagned the last mother to the door waving at her, coming back to your desk gesturing the man to come.

    Chan's eyes didn't leave him, watching every of his moves. He didn't feel this man..an untrustworthy man. Who the fuck he thought he was?

    Chan groaned sitting at the back of the class, leg bouncing as he tried to calm down, jealousy rising up. He closed his eyes taking deep breaths.

    First, this arrogant bitch, and now this unscrupulous pervert old man.

    "Mrs. Bang" he started with a flirtatious voice "I just wanted to say that Mark likes you a lot. He's always talking about you at home and about how of a good teacher you are" he said complimenting you. "oh ahah. I really like Mark too, he's such a smart and polite boy" you answered smilling. But you couldn't help but feel awkward at the way he was looking you up and down nonchalantly. Making Chan's jealousy and anger grew more and more.

    "And.. I was wondering if you were single.. you're really pretty and..sexy at the same time" he bit his lip. You just wanted to throw up in his face. Was he really thinking he was attractive or something? because the view was just sickening.

    He approached you slowly making you back away "excuse me sir, but this is really inappropriate and disrespectful!"you exclaimed enraged and shocked. The man laughed, his hand getting closer to your waist, you were ready to punch him hard and kick him in the groin if he dared touch you but you didn't have to when you heard the mid-aged man groaned in pain as his back hit the wall violently "how the fuck do you dare touching her?!" Chan yelled grabbing him by the collar of his shirt, his fist raised in front of the father 's face.

    "who the fuck are you?!! let me go bastard! get your fucking hands off me!" Chan laughed sarcastically loud "who am I? Who the fuck am I?!" he grabbed the man face tightly with one hand, fingersnails digging into his cheeks "I'm Chris.. Chris Bang! I'm her husband and she's my fucking wife!! My wife! Mine!" he pointed toward you, his voice laced with possessiveness.

    The man stayed silent for a moment before pushing Chan away to get out of his grip. Chan let go of his face and went to grab his neck squeezing it tightly. Perhaps too tightly as the man's face started turning a deep red.

    "try to touch her again and I'll break your arms and legs" he practically growled, throwing the pervert man onto the floor, this one groaning again. He got up straightening his shirt "keep the slut for yourself". Chan's hands balled into fists ready to beat the living shit out of him, but you were fast to grab his forearm "Chan! please!" you shook your head as you both watched the man leaving the room "he's not worthy-"

    Chan turned to you shock written all over his face "this asshole called you a slut and tried to put his nasty on you! He tried to touch my wife!" he looked disgusted. " I swear if i see him again, i think i will go to jail for murder!"

    "Chan.." you grabbed his hand, thumb caressing the back of it. He pulled you in his strong arms, the force of his pull making you collide hard on his chest. "Just imagine what this pervert would have done to you if I wasn't here" he said the last words coming out quietly. You shushed him looking up at him "but you were here". He sighed shaking his head pulling you closer to kiss you softly.

    You detached from the kiss " and you know , i can d-" he let a breathy laugh as he put a finger on your mouth "I know what you're going to say. You can defend yourself and you're an independent woman and all" you nodded chuckling "yup".

    You smiled cupping his cheek "let's go home huh?". He nodded "well, let's drop Felix jr. at his house first" he chuckled.



    You sighed pleasantly as you exit the bathroom from a good warm shower. A towel wrapped around you comfortably. Chan coming out of it too some minutes later, his towel loose and low around his hips.

    You were searching for some underwear in your closet when you felt Chan's hands on your hips. You smiled when he pulled you on his bare chest, stealing a back hug "i love you" he whispered leaving a lovingly kiss on your cheek. " i love you Chan" your heart melting as you let your body relax in his embrace.

    After a pleasant long silent, Chan shifted a bit behind you making you turn around his arms still around you. His eyes went to your lips, one thing in his mind. He lowered his face a little envelopping your lips in a sweet kiss. Your hands travelled up to his neck, fingers playing with the little curls at the back of his head.

    Chan backed you slowly toward the bed until the back of your knees touched the edge of it. You let your bodies fell on the mattress, the soft sheets welcoming you. You both giggled when you bumped your heads together. "sorry" Chan said rubbing your forehead still giggling. You laughed rubbing his.

    He smiled looking into your eyes "you did great by the way". You closed your eyes thinking about Mrs. Wang " such a pain in the ass" you groaned. "you're strong to deal with such ..specimens" you laughed closing your eyes.

    "don't want to ruin the mood but..I hate this dude. I just want to..argh" he dropped his head on your chest defeatedly. "I hate the way he looked at you. It was just disgusting. And the way he talked to you.." you noticed the way he gripped the sheet hard trying to calm down. You stroked his back slowly, hands going up and down his spine making him shiver and relax on top of you. You felt his heart beating slower "it's ok babe" you whispered kissing his temple.

    "but this asshole was right on something.. you're pretty and sexy" he smiled onto your skin. You laughed slapping him on the back of his head. "and you're also the best teacher ever" he left a light kiss on your collarbone. The compliment heating up your cheeks "I understand why your pupils love you a lot. You’re an amazing teacher. So kind, patient and loving." You smiled "thank you babe".

    "Y’know ,recently I'm having some difficulties with mathematics ..could you teach me?" he said smirking. "oh my god Chan shut up" you said ears burning making him laugh.

    "hmm you're mine" he mumbled, lips caressing your skin, leaving little kisses. His hands ready to take your towel off of your body but looked at you for permission first. You nodded helping him to get rid of it. "And i'm yours" he started nibbling on the soft flesh of your breasts, painting little red and purple flowers on the area. A little souvenir , to remind you where his lips were.

    His mouth travelled up to your neck, your pulse accelerating "Chan" his name leaving your throat as sweet as honey. The concerned just hummed against your -just found- sweet spot making you moan softly. The noises coming out of you turning him on.

    Chan bit lightly on the skin of you neck making you gripped his bicep, head turning to the side to give him more access. "you smell so good" he said nose deep into the crook of your neck.

    His boner was pressed uncomfortably under the towel still covering him, he was so turn on that he didn't notice he was unconsciously grinding down on you. He let out a soft groan when he felt your warm hands sliding down his smooth chest to the towel. He helped you, throwing it away on the carpeted floor.

    He spread your legs making room for him to lay between them. He lowered himself to connect his lips with yours for the umpteenth time. His hands went to your sides, one of them cascading down to your thigh to lift and place it over his waist.

    Chan ruted foward against your womanhood with a low moan "shit" he swore. Your essence on the tip of his erection already driving him insane. He teased your entrance, rubbing his manhood on your glistening lips making you whined "stop teasing!"

    He slapped the head of his cock on your throbbing clit teasingly, making you hiss,, the sudden action making you jolt.

    "you ready babygirl?" he asked hand placed on your cheek. "yes"

    Chan positioned himself at your entrance before entering you slowly making sure he wasn’t hurting you. "you good sweetheart?" he asked when he completely bottomed out.

    "don’t worry I- i am" you reassured him. Chan started moving making you whimper. Thrusting in and out slowly but firmly, he took his time making love to you. It felt so good , too good. He was so gentle and caring. Often asking you if you were good.

    He enjoyed his time painting your upper body with hickeys. "everyone will know you’re mine now" . He exclaimed backing up a bit to admire his masterpiece "perfect..".

    His grip on your waist was so tight that you were sure it’ll let bruises.

    Your body was adorned with marks he created. Some bigger than the others. Some darker. It was just .. pretty. All marked up by him, the thought made him twitched inside you.

    Chan couldn’t get enough of the way your warm velvelty walls clench around him time to time, squeezing his cock perfectly. He bit your earlobe lightly before whispering sweet nothings in your ear. Telling you how good you're doing, how much you're beautiful.. and how much he loves you.

    Your hands found his hair, fingers running through it and pulling on it harshly when he brushed against your sweet spot. You threw your head back, the combination of his hands wandering all over your body gently and his lips pressed on your neck made you feel lightheaded.

    The way his hard-on kept hitting the spot that made you scratch his back "fuck Chan! r-right there!"

    "you know seeing you with all those kids around makes me feel some type of way. You’d be such a good mother" he bit his lips " you’d look so fucking adorable and hot pregnant.. walking around carrying my children in your tummy f-fuck-"

    Chan moaned loudly at a particular tightening of your wall around him.

    "You’d like that babygirl? huh.. want me to put my babies inside you? Make you the mother of my children? You want that my love?" He kept asking, lust fogging his mind.

    He could only picture you pregnant. Big baby bump.. fuck- he was probably drooling by now.

    Your walls started convulsing around him, announcing your climax .

    “I’m gonna-” he took your hands placing them on each side of your head , intertwined his fingers with yours " I love you princess f-" he whispered.

    Holding hands while making love was a gest of pure love , it meant a lot for the both of you . "Chan!! I'm c-coming!” You nearly screamed as you came around him. Eyes closed, eyebrows furrowed, mouth slightly ajar, his name the only thing leaving your mouth.. you looked so good to him.

    You looked up at your breathtaking husband, eyes half-opened "cum for me Chan. Cum inside me.. give me your children" you breathed out.

    A sudden wave of adrenaline rushed through his veins as he hold your hip still, going a little bit faster. The vein of his neck prominent, little beads of sweat forming on his forehead.

    Your words reasoning in his head, threw him over the edge of his orgasm.

    Chan cummed, after some firm thrusts, with a loud moan following by your name, his hot cum warming you inside, filling you up to the brim.

    You hummed softly hugging him as he buried his head into the crook of your neck, a tiny kiss placed on the marked skin.

    "I love you so much" he smiled heart melting. "I love you too" .

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    A 17 year old just read Eyes On Me… I’m sorry but I don’t want to keep repeating myself. Don’t interact with my stories if they have smut in it if you’re a minor that makes me extremely uncomfortable.

    It’s literally the law


    I have no problem if you like my fluff work. But hold off a year so I and other writers don’t get in trouble

    I am not having this argument again. It says it on my blog explicitly 18+

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    nervous again(ik I don’t have to feel like that but yea ) and plus I’m hungry asf 😭

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    Making out with Stray Kids

    Bang Chan

    -He’s often pretty busy but when ever he has time you cuddle or make out (or both)

    -Loves making out with you while he’s sitting and you in his lap or when he’s laying on top of you with your legs wrapped around his waist

    -He likes it when you are very close to him

    -Loves neck kisses (both giving and receiving them)

    -Probably praises you and tells you how good he feels

    -It’s not always getting really steamy while making out.. but when it does he loves dirty talk

    -And definitely would enjoy it when you moan while he’s whispering all the dirty stuff on your ear


    -He’s the sweetest

    -So loving and soft

    -His kisses are probably also very slow

    -Gives you pecks or kisses on your cheek/forehead in between longer kisses

    -Making out with him doesn’t get too heated often. It’s very cuddly and warm

    -Making out with him is really just a mix of sweet kisses, cuddles and a lot of “I love you”s

    -It can go on and on for hours

    -Maybe some soft giggles now and then

    -Wants to hold hands your hand


    -He enjoys it when you run your fingers through his hair and maybe tug on it softly

    -Kisses would probably get pretty sloppy fast

    -He absolutely loves it when you lick and kiss his jawline/neck

    -His hands wander under your shirt to feel more of your skin and maybe to your chest

    -Very handsy

    -He would probably

    pull away in the middle of a kiss just to look at you

    -Lots of tongue invented

    -Moans in your mouth and loves it if you do the same


    -You would be on his lap and his hands on your ass

    -You get so lost in the kiss that you start moving you hips on his thigh

    -He notices and moves his hands from your ass to your hips to help you moving on his thigh

    -Would be low key proud that he turned you on that much- would smirk cockily

    -He defined gets a boner while you ride his thigh

    -He’s very passionate

    -Calls you kitten (not only while making out tho)


    -Loves it when you bite his lip

    -Has cute pet names for you

    -And calls you gorgeous

    -Once you moaned his name there is on going back- it’s his biggest turn on

    -Firm kisses

    -Once he’s really turned on there is lots of dirty talk


    -Smiles into kisses

    -Very soft and loving probably

    -Likes laying down with you on top and his hands on your ass

    -Loves when you cup is face with you hands while kissing

    -You maybe start grinding down on him after a while

    -He would absolutely love that

    -A lot of mutual praising

    Kisses would get sloppy and messy quickly


    -Making out with him is very comforting (while it’s still non heated haha)

    -Once he gets a bit more into it.. it’s very slow and intense

    -With Seungmin there is a 50/50 chance if you will cuddle after a while or if you end up sleeping together

    -If it ends up with cuddling, make sure to give him a lot of forehead kisses and tell him you love him

    -While making out he likes when your hands stocke his neck and up in his hair (maybe also play with his hair)


    -Gets so worked up

    -Probably gets a boner as soon as you pull him closer

    -Is kind of a blushing mess (especially after you noticed that he’s hard)

    -But he will do is best to stay as calm as possible

    -Loves being very close to you

    -Gives you back rubs or runs his hands up and down your sides

    -Loves when your hands rest on his chest

    -If he gets to chance to he will lay on top of you on some point and start dry humping

    -He really loves being near you (including making out, cuddling and everything else)

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    the shortest vlive in the world

    #skz#stray kids#bang chan #skz bang chan #stray kids bang chan #chan#bangchan#skz bangchan
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    woofwoofication of bangchan

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