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    16.04.2021 - 58 minutes ago

    bts icons

    please stream 🖤:
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  • dreamyoongui
    16.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    bts icons

    please stream 💙:
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  • roguef-one
    16.04.2021 - 1 hour ago

    bts ; the best concept ; wallpapers/lockscreen

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    • credits @taehaIsey if u want to

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  • jeonjan7
    16.04.2021 - 2 hours ago

    BTS, THE BEST.👍🏻

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    16.04.2021 - 4 hours ago
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  • carni611
    16.04.2021 - 6 hours ago

    Armys hearing rumours about the BTS CB!!

    BigHit needs to confirm but that won’t stop us preparing for The Entire Universe Dominance!!

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  • anonbebe97me
    16.04.2021 - 7 hours ago

    Just a Boy. || Part 7: Goodbye Noona. ||

    Pt. 1| | Pt.2 || Pt.3 || Pt.4 || Pt.5 || Pt.6 ||

    "He’s your son’s best friend, he’s your son’s best friend...” You repeat over and over in your mind, begging yourself to grab ahold of realitybut with his tongue caught in between your lips and his hands desperately gripping the soft flesh of your ass,how can you grab ahold of anything but the fistfuls of that coco-brown hair?

    For some reason, your room feels much colder than it has in a while. Why is it so cold?

    It's absence. Emptiness. Loneliness...

    "Is…is everything okay, Mrs.L/n?" Mr.Park asked, clicking the bathroom door closed behind him after helping Taehyung clean the blood up form his nose.

    You stood there, arms crossed tightly over your chest as best as you could considering you still hadn't changed out of your clothes from earlier.

    Small spots of your blood stained your skin from when you held Tae after he fell to the ground.

    You couldn't even bring yourself to answer Mr.Park's question.

    "Mr.Park…I did something wrong. I'm a terrible mother."

    You look down, eyes too tired to produce anymore tears. You gripped the loose sleeves of your cardigan tightly in your hands and balled them into fists.

    "You don't need to tell me…" He took a step toward you, and before you knew it, you were in his arms.

    It was different from before, when he had tried to make a move out by the car; this time, it was truly a gesture of comfort. One you desperately needed in that moment, even if it wasn't from the one you truly wished could embrace you.

    "I'm not sure what happened- what you did, what this young man did- why Taehyung is so upset… but I do know that you are a wonderful mother." Mr.Park's voice was gentle and soothing.

    Right then, the tears you thought you couldn't give came pouring out.

    You shook your head into his chest, wishing his words were true but knowing they were garbage in light of the situation.

    "No, no. It's true. You had this boy when you were just a girl yourself. You had nothing and no one, and yet, you were still able to provide for him, and even provide shelter for a young man who needed it.

    I know it was so long ago when I met all of you, but I remember who you were- and I still see that woman today;

    responsible, caring, and still so full of love."

    At that point, you couldn't hold back the sobs. Your chest heaved so violently, and it felt both heartbreaking and yet so freeing.

    "Now; it is quite apparent that no progress will be made tonight with this guy," He said, motioning to the closed bathroom door, "So what you're going to do is get a good night's rest and deal with everything in the morning."

    You nodded, bringing your sleeve covered hands up to your eyes to wipe the tears off of your face, hiccups having taken place of the sobbing from before.

    He nodded and patted your back before letting go, "I'll let myself out."

    "Th-thank you, Mr.Park. Really."

    "Don't mention it," He waved before turning and walking down the stairs, the click of the front door following shortly after.


    Jungkook stares emptily into the fog produced from every exhale into the cold morning air.

    His knuckles are a bright pink shade, matching his cheeks.

    Who knew summer could be so cold...

    The earliest flight he could get on such short notice was for 9AM, but he was sure to be packed and out of the door by 6.

    He knew if he'd allowed himself to linger around for too long, he might risk running into you; and he couldn't bare anymore heartbreak.

    But the airport would also feel too suffocating, so, here he is:

    Freezing his ass off at 6:30AM on the bleachers at the football field he and Tae used to play ball at all the time in high school.

    “Well…there it is.” He said, voice quiet again. “There it is.”

    Your voice was so cold last night; If he didn't know you better, he would've believed every word.

    But it still broke him to hear it come out of your mouth at all...

    You were the only family he'd ever really known, and now…

    he feels so utterly lost.

    He heard you sobbing last night to Mr.Park.

    Every part of him wanted so badly to run out and hold you; to tell you how much you mean to him and how the very idea of losing you makes him hurt more than he ever has in his entire life.

    He wrapped his hand around the bedroom door knob, heart beating wildly out of his chest-

    "Now; it is quite apparent that no progress will be made tonight with this guy," He said, motioning to the closed bathroom door, "So what you're going to do is get a good night's rest and deal with everything in the morning."

    - suddenly, the courage he'd built up vanished, and slowly, he let go of the knob.

    You said you would never turn him away… And yet, here you are...

    doing just that.


    Had he been sober, he’s positive the pain would’ve made him cry.

    He’s never had a good pain tolerance.

    “Shit!” He hissed as Mr.Park pressed down slightly on his nose.

    “Well, son. If you hadn’t been a tough guy out there, you wouldn’t be in this position.”

    Taehyung didn’t even bother to reply.

    When he’d walked up to all of you tonight,  he was still angry. Pissed off, even.  Every ounce of him felt stabbed in the back, not just by his best friend, but by his own mother.

    But when he called you a whore- the woman who’d given birth to him, the one who’d given up her entire life so that he wouldn’t go without-- he felt ashamed.

    But he’d always been a proud person.

    Even as he sat there getting his blood cleaned up, knowing good and well that you were outside of the bathroom door, worried sick- he couldn’t bring himself to go to you and apologize.

    But then again, how could you? How could you both do what you did and not feel ashamed yourselves?

    “Mr.Park…who do you go to when you have no one left?” This comment gave Mr.Park pause,  and for a moment, all he could do was look at the young man.

    “You have no one?”

    Taehyung looked down silently, hearing his question said back to him, he realized how silly it sounded.

    “Son, I know right now it seems…sticky.  Dark. Lonely. But you are most definitely not alone,” He put down the cotton swab he was using and leaned on the sink for a moment, “Right out there, you have someone crying for you. She’s not perfect; no mother is. The day our mothers become saints is the day they die. Before then, we must expect them to be human.”

    At this, Taehyung’s tears spilled over. He’d never had much practice with forgiveness to begin with, and this situation-- Where would he even begin?

    It wasn’t like she’d been sneaking around with some man that she was just too afraid to let meet her son- this was her actual son’s best friend.

    Taehyung looked away, wincing with each sniffle he took.

    “I’ll leave you to get some time to think. Call me in the morning, if you’d like.” Mr.Park patted Taehyung’s shoulder, before walking out of the bathroom and closing the door behind him.

    “T-Tae…Do you want some breakfast…?” He hears your voice from outside of his bedroom door, but he can’t bring himself to speak to you.

    Not yet.

    After a moment, you realize he won’t be answering, and a second later, he hears your footsteps descending down the stairs to the first floor.

    He clenches his jaw, staring at his blanket-covered feet. He’s nowhere near as angry as he was last night; but in the anger’s place is a gnawing, pulsing pain.

    I need to get out of here… 

    Without a second thought, he’s throwing on a black hoodie and some jeans, and then brushing his teeth before flying downstairs and out the front door.

    When Tae first got his license, he and Kook would drive around for hours, especially in the summer. they’d wake up at around lunch time, grab the sandwiches you’d make before leaving for work,  and then they’d hit the road.

    Life was easy then.

    When all they had to worry about was doing his homework and not getting caught stealing nudie mags from the liquor store down the street.

    Being an adult is such bullshit.

    “BULLSHIT!”  The car comes to a screeching stop in the middle of the empty road near the old football field.

    Tae stares daggers into his steering wheel, shoulders moving up and down as he breathes heavily.

    He’s always had really bad trust issues with people, and is very selective with who he allows himself to be truly vulnerable with-

    who’d have thought his entire world would come crashing down in the span of a month and a half.

    He looks over into the field, and then squints his eyes when he sees a familiar figure sitting on the bleachers furthest away from where he’s parked.

    Before he can give it a second though, he’s getting out of the car and heading across the field.


    “I thought for sure you’d left by now…” Jungkook looks up immediately when he hears Taehyung’s voice.

    He’s stunned for a moment; he came to the field to get away as soon as possible- he definitely didn’t think he’d run into Taehyung.

    “I- I couldn’t get an earlier flight…” He doesn’t quite know what to expect, so he’s left sitting there awkwardly, staring up at his hyung.

    Taehyung stands there for a few moments, seemingly flipping through a range of emotions before he finally lets out a deep breath and goes to sit down a few spaces away, leaning forward so that his elbows rest on his knees.

    Jungkook’s shoulders relax a bit, though there’s still an unspoken tension between the both of them.

    Wind blows gently past them, prompting them both to adjust their jackets to better cover themselves.

    “…I’ve known for a few weeks, you know.” Taehyung doesn’t even look at Jungkook as he speaks; simply stares out into the empty spanse of grass that’s surprisingly for this time of year.

    Jungkook clears his throat, slightly embarrassed, “Why…didn’t you say anything?”

    “Why didn’t you?” Finally, Tae looks at Jungkook, though the look in his eyes is much different from last night.

    Jungkook looks down at his hands, “We-” He catches himself using the word so casually, and he winces, “-I didn’t want to ruin the friendship that we’ve had for so long…”

    “Neither did I.”

    “Hyung, I’m so sorry-”

    “You know, before my dad left, we used to come to this football field all the time…” Tae leans back onto row of bleachers behind him.

    Jungkook raises his eyebrows, “I-I didn’t know that…”

    “I don’t talk about it,” Tae shrugs, “Anyways- when he left, I guess I- subconsciously swore to myself that I’d never allow anyone close enough to hurt me like that again. Ever.”

    Jungkook clenches his jaw, the guilty feeling coming to the forefront again of his heart again.

    “Hyung, I’m so sorry… I don’t- I don’t know what else to say. I’m sorry I went behind your back and that I hurt you.”

    “But you did, Kook.”

    “I know…” 

    They sit in silence for a good three minutes before Taehyung speaks again, “I don’t- I don’t hate you.”

    Jungkook bites his lip, feeling the familiar knot in his throat, “I hoped you wouldn’t…”

    “It’s going to take a long time to…get back to any semblance of what we used to be.”

    Jungkook nods, willing his eyes to withold the fresh tears already forming.

    “But I just- I need to know, Kook…” Tae looks over at Jungkook,

    “Do you…love her?”

    At this question, Jungkook’s tears fall silently down his face, and without a second thought, he’s nodding in confirmation,

    “With every fiber of my being… I have for a long time.”

    Another long silence. 

    “I- I truly wish things could’ve been different, Kook.  I really do…”

    “Yeah…me too, Hyung.”


    You lean against the kitchen counter, biting your nails as you stare out of the kitchen window at the driveway.

    It’s only been about an hour since you heard Tae rush downstairs, but you’ve already made a full course breakfast,

    now you anxiously await his return,

    while also doing your best to ignore the missing piece of your broken heart.

    You knew this relationship was no good to begin with, but when you were with him-


    You can’t keep doing this to yourself. It’s done.

    It’s done and he’s gone.

    You hear the screech of Tae’s car in the driveway, and you quickly smooth out your apron and straighten yourself up.

    You hear the door open and then hear his footsteps getting closer and closer.

    “Taehyung, I made you breakfast,” You say as cheerfully as possible, though when you see his face, your smile falters,

    “What- what are you doing here?” Your heart feels as though it’ll jump out of your chest when you see Jungkook standing just at the other side of the counter.

    For a few moments, you both just stare at each other.

    So many emotions race through both of your minds and hearts, but neither one of you moves.


    “I know you love me,” He says, voice firm and final.

    You don’t respond.

    “You don’t have to confirm or deny it- I already know it’s true… but I- I also understand why you lied and said you don’t…”

    Your mind and your heart are telling you body- screaming- for you to run into his arms… but your legs simply won’t carry you.

    “I know that, in order for you to be the mom that you need to be… you have to let me go, and I plan to respect that.”

    As he speaks, your eyes begin to water again. Every inch of you aches to be his once more.

    “Taehyung is in the car waiting for me…he’s gonna take me to the airport…” He lingers, hoping you’ll stop him- or at least that you’ll speak.

    “So, I- I just came to see you one last time… And now, I-I guess I’ll go…”

    He turns around and proceeds to walk back toward the doorway, though before he leaves, he turns to look at you once more,

    “Good bye, Noona.”

    And with that,  he leaves,

    Tae’s car roaring to life once more before pulling out of the driveway, taking the boy you’d fallen in love with away with him.

    Suddenly, your knees buckle under the weight of your heavy heart and you’re a sobbing mess on the kitchen floor.



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