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    "Weird Secret Friends" *Chapter 1*

    So I will admit @chasingeverybreakingwave gave me the idea from an idea I initially had, and then I added an even bigger twist.

    I won't give it away here, but just know I sat down to write this first part just for funsies and 14 pages came out.


    Also, don't worry y'all--- I don't think this one will be..."dramatic". No dark themes here. Just some fun...shenanigan's I guess we'll call them. You'll see.

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    You sat at the bar in Forlini sipping an appletini and checking your watch for the millionth time. You stared at your phone again for the 10th time in thirty seconds. He couldn’t even shoot you a text, let you know he was running late? You were busy cursing him out in your mind you didn’t notice a handsome older gentleman sit at the bar next to you/ He ordered scotch, and then began pulling files out of a briefcase to work on them.

    “...Kind of odd to bring work to a bar, isn’t it?” You quipped, making him look up from his papers briefly.

    “Well, it beats being stuck in my office all night. At least here I can drink my scotch without judgement-- or so I thought,” He replied dryly.

    “Oh I’m sorry,” You put a hand up defensively. “No no, I wasn’t trying to judge you. I’m sorry, I just--”

    “You’re not great at sensing tones, are you?” The man smirked. He was joking. He had been joking with you. Duh.

    “Oh right,” You shook your head with a nervous laugh. “I’m sorry I’ve had a drink already. I came into the city just to see my older cousin for dinner and I’ve been waiting on him for over an hour, so-- y’know, drinks on an empty stomach,” You rambled on and on. Why were you spilling your life story to this guy?

    “I see,” The man nodded while taking a sip of his scotch.

    “Sorry, that was too much detail wasn’t it, I really need to work on that--”

    “No no, just enough detail actually,” He chuckled while resuming his writing.

    “Right…” You sighed, looking back down at your phone. Clearly you were annoying him. You waited a few more minutes before giving up on your cousin. You asked the bartender to close your tab while you went into your purse for your card. To your shock, a card was already left on the check when you turned back to the bar. You glanced next to you, the man was still writing. He gave you a quick side eyed wink.

    “What happened to the cousin?” The man asked.

    “Apparently he’s not coming,” You shook your head.

    “So you’re just going to not eat?” He pressed you.

    “Oh I’ll probably just grab some fast food on the way back to Jersey,”

    “Jersey?” He laughed with a raspberry.

    “Excuse you, it’s the Garden State,” You crossed your arms.

    “Yeah and you know what gardens require?” He stopped writing and looked at you.

    “...What?” You raised a curious eyebrow.

    “Bullshit,” He smirked.

    “Oh my god,” You laughed out loud. Usually the elitist New York jackassery just pissed you off, but coming out of that mouth you couldn’t be mad.

    “Ha ha,” You rolled your eyes with a small laugh. “Well I’d better get going, traffic’s going to be a bitch now,”

    “Why don’t you stay and have a decent meal for once?” He teased.

    “Oh well my cousin was paying, there’s no way I can afford this--”

    “Well I’ve finished all my depositions and I’m feeling quite peckish,” He patted the bar stool for you to sit back down and signaled the barkeep for two menus.

    “....Well alright, but you’re paying my toll fees for the bridge,”

    “We’ll see if you get home tonight, carino,” He said in a seductive voice.

    “Oh my god,” You muttered under your breath. Nobody this sexy and this sophisticated had ever hit on you before.

    “That’s assuming a lot, considering you don’t even know my name. Mr---?”

    “Barba, Rafael Barba,” He gave you another amazing smile while holding his hand out to you.

    “....Y/N,” You extended your own hand and shook his gently.

    “So, how about that meal?” He smiled coyly at you.

    “Sounds good,” You flashed a smile back at him.


    Soon you both had fresh drinks and a calamari appetizer between the two of you.

    “So...depositions?” You asked while pulling some squid onto your small plate.

    “Yes, tedious work,” He rolled his eyes at the mention of work while biting into his own plate full.

    “So that’s...law, stuff right?” You pressed. Rafael almost choked on his food laughing at your question.

    “Yes, it is,” He dabbed his mouth with his napkin, an amused grin still on his face. “....So I take it you’re not very familiar with ‘law stuff’?”

    “Oh no, I’ve never been arrested,” You replied.

    “....I meant study wise,” He was even more amused at your obliviousness.

    “OH. Duh,” You were blowing this date so hard like cannonballs against a ship.

    “No, I’m in fashion design,” You ran your fingers through your hair nervously.


    “Yeah, you know I’m Elle Woods at the beginning of the movie,” You laughed, but stopped when you saw the blank expression on his face.

    “...Should I know what that means?” He raised an eyebrow.

    “No,” You felt your face run hot for the hundredth time since you’d been talking. “Forget it, it’s stupid,”

    “You’ll have to excuse me, I’m not fluent in pop culture references,” You could swear he was blushing now as well. Was he...was he actually nervous too?

    “Oh it’s just a stupid Reese Witherspoon movie, Legally Blonde,”

    “Oh lord,” He put a hand to his face with a soft laugh at the name of the movie.

    “It’s stupid, I’m stupid,” You waved your hands dismissively and put them in your lap while looking away with a nervous laugh.

    “Oh you are most certainly not stupid, Y/N,” He assured you.

    “You don’t know that,” You pushed your hair behind your ears nervously.

    “Trust me, I have a knack for spotting stupid a mile away,” He remarked.

    “Do you?” You finally looked into his green eyes. They were sparkling and lustful.

    “Comes with the territory,” He chuckled while finishing off his scotch. “So what does ‘fashion design’ entail, exactly?” He asked you as the waiter came to refill your drinks and to take the calamari away.

    “Um, well--” You picked at the calamari crumbs left on your plate. “A lot of drawing, mostly,”

    “Drawing?” He crooked his neck to the side, you’d definitely peaked his interest.

    “Yeah, um--” You started to go into your bag. “I had been planning on bragging about these to my cousin. I don’t know if you’ll get any enjoyment out of them,” You pulled out a sketchbook and handed it to him.

    He began flipping through it, making you feel the most nervous you’d been in a long time. You never showed your sketches to anyone, let alone strangers. Something about him made you extremely nervous, but entirely comfortable at the same time. You watched his eyes intently, looking for some tell of interest or disgust. He gave you nothing; damn poker faced lawyers. After a few moments he nodded gently and handed the sketchbook back to you, still with an emotionless face. However once you took it from him, a very big smile crawled across his lips.

    “These are very impressive, Y/N,” He complimented you, making your heart flutter.

    “Really?” You asked in disbelief.

    “Oh yes, I couldn’t draw to save my life,” He chuckled as the waiter brought your entrees. “Even my handwriting is shit,”

    “Oh, I’m sure it’s not--” You started to assure him but he pulled one of his papers from his briefcase and handed it to you. It was like a two year old had scribbled on a professional letterhead.

    “Ooof,” You made a face. “Maybe not,”

    “See?” He bit his lip while picking at his manicotti. “Horrible,”

    “Yeah well,” You bit into your chicken alfredo. If it helps, I’d be shit in the courtroom,”

    “I don’t know, something tells me you can hold your own in an argument,”

    “Oh I can definitely do that,” You agreed with a mouthful of pasta. “I’m half Italian, I can argue like nobody’s business,”

    “An Italian from Jersey? How original,” He quipped.

    “Ay, don’t make me get Gotti on your hoity toity ass, I don’t care how scrumptious it is,” You threatened in an overly thick accent.

    “Scrumptious?” He fully choked on his food laughing at the mention of his butt being something delightful to eat.

    “I mean, yeah…” You shouldn’t have said that, why had you gotten so ballsy all of a sudden? Maybe you should stop drinking. “I mean, it’s alright,”

    “Indeed,” He blushed even more. “Well, the sentiment is mutual,” He winked while biting his lip with enticement.

    “Oh, well--” You weren’t ready for that slick comeback, this man kept you on your toes with the flirty banter; so much more eloquent with speaking than Jersey guys. You’d never admit that to him.

    “Thanks,” Was all that you could muster out while his green eyes still stared at you with their sparkle and delight.

    “Do you....want to get out of here?” He asked you with a smirk, glancing down at your lips.

    “I--” You tried thinking of reasons to decline, but his eyes and now his gesture of licking his lips while gazing at yours was making it very hard to use any brain function.

    You knew you had class early tomorrow, there was no way you’d make it if you stayed overnight in the city. But then if you went with him, it really might be super late to drive home. You should just politely decline and move on with your life.

    “Sure,” You stared in shock at yourself when the word came out of your mouth. How did that even happen?! Clearly your body was in control of your brain right now.

    “Excellent,” He grinned while motioning for the check.

    Soon enough you were outside in the New York City streets, waiting on an Uber. It was chillier than you anticipated, you shivered in the night air.

    “Oh, allow me,” Rafael took off his pea coat and wrapped it around your trembling body.

    “Oh no, now you’ll be cold,” You made a sad face at him.

    “I’m a big boy,” He chuckled. “Plus, I tend to run hot,”

    “Yeah you do,” You said that out loud, didn’t you? Based on his even more amused smile, yes you did.

    “Well maybe you could warm me up,” He smirked while pulling himself into the coat with you, catching your lips on his own. They were so soft, his kiss was so tender and loving, with a hint of aggressive lust. You stood there for several seconds making out until you both heard Rafael’s phone go off, signaling your ride was there.

    “Shall we?” He opened the door to the car and motioned for you to get in.

    “We shall,” You smiled as you took in and slid across the backseat of the Altima. Soon he was sliding in after you and the driver began driving towards Rafael’s place. You couldn’t help but giggle to yourself at a random thought.

    “What?” Rafael asked. “Did I have something on my face while we were kissing?”

    “Oh no no no,” You shook your head before giving him a short small kiss. “No you are-- very good at that,”

    “Oh,” He beamed at you proudly. “Well, I try,”

    “No I was just thinking about how my cousin would go absolutely mental if he knew I was doing this right now,”

    “Overprotective type?”

    “Mmmm, that’s putting it lightly,” Your eyes rolled. “I didn’t have the greatest home life, so he became kind of my big brother slash ‘father figure’,”

    “Ah, I see,” Rafael nodded, his arms around you pulling you into his chest to keep you warm. Even though you were pretty sure you’d stay plenty warm after that little make out session. “Rough home life is my expertise as well,”

    “Really?” You blinked at him in surprise. “Here I thought you would’ve grown up with a butler and a Bentley,”

    “Ha!” He let out a loud laugh. “Far from it, my dear,”

    “Hmm, very interesting,” You remarked while you played with his tie.

    “Is it?”

    “Yeah, I mean look at you now,” You gestured to the elegant gentleman that he was. “You made something of yourself, you live in New York City! God knows I’ll never get out of Ocean Grove, let alone the City,”

    “Well, it took a lot of hard work-- believe me,” He played with the rings on your fingers. “But seriously Y/N with those sketches, I think you could really be a great fashion designer,”


    “If not that, maybe a caricaturist in Central Park,” He gave you a tongue in cheek smile.

    “Oh shove it,” You giggled with a roll of your eyes, lightly pushing him. Before you knew it you were pulling to a stop in front of a brownstone apartment. Rafael exited the car and then held your hand for you and helped you out as well. He waved to the driver before turning and walking up the steps and unlocking his door, motioning you inside. You entered the most gorgeous apartment you’d ever seen. Which, wasn’t saying a lot considering you lived in the slums of Jersey your entire life.

    “So your cousin, do you see him a lot?” Rafael asked as he took his coat from you to hang it up.

    “Not so much since he moved to the City, no,” You shook your head.

    “So, he can’t be that overprotective,” Rafael went to his kitchen and pulled out another bottle of scotch, and two glasses. He offered you one.

    “Oh you’d be surprised,” You shook your head. “He has his ways of ‘looking after’ me, even from the City,” You held out your glass for him to fill. You usually didn’t drink hard liquor by itself, but by now the three appletini’s were giving you the ability to ignore taste.

    “Oooh, well that sounds very...Godfather-esque,” Rafael chuckled before clinking your glasses together and sipping his glass.

    “HA!” You let out your own loud laugh this time, thinking about your cousin being compared to the Godfather.

    “Oh god no. Actually maybe in his mind, yeah for sure. But Sonny couldn’t fight anyone to save his life, let alone kill someone,” You kept giggling to yourself imagining that awkward blonde haired boy trying to defend you against some bullying kids when you were younger. You practically had to fight for him.

    All of a sudden you were covered in scotch, being as Rafael had spit-took it all over the front of your dress.

    “What the-- Hey this dress is really expensive, Barba!” You exclaimed angrily.

    “I’m sorry,” He apologized, running and grabbing a towel from his laundry room. When he returned you saw the look on his face was not it’s aroused or even amused look anymore, and you swore his skin had gone pale.

    “That’s...okay…?” You took the towel from him and dabbed your dress, still staring at him curiously.

    “So, I’m sorry,” He shook his head, trying to wrap his head around this new information. “You said your cousin’s name is--”

    Suddenly your phone went off in your purse. You grabbed it out and read the screen:


    “Oooh, sorry one second,” You put a finger up to stop his question. “I’ve gotta answer this or he’ll start sending his cop friends out looking for me,”

    “Hey, Sonny,”

    “Hey, Y/N I am so sorry,” Rafael could hear that thick accent from across the room, making his palms sweat.

    “Sorry for standing me up the one night I got off to come see you, or sorry for not even calling?”

    “Both,” He said in an apologetic tone. “We just got real involved in a case over here, we busted a trafficking ring and I just lost track of time,”

    “Oh, well that’s okay,” You replied sweetly. His job was rough, you couldn’t deny that. No need to pile on the guilt. You turned to see Rafael’s face had gotten paler, and his face was twisted into a very distressed scowl. You mouthed “WHAT?” to him, while still talking to Sonny.

    “I met a friend at the bar, and he’s taking very good care of me,” You smirked, thinking that might brighten Rafael’s spirits. But instead, it made him freak out more, making NO gestures with his hands.

    “A friend?” Sonny’s tone turned concerned. “A guy? A stranger?!”

    “He’s not a stranger Sonny, he’s actually a very respectable man I’ll have you know. He even bought me dinner when you stood me up!”

    “Oh I bet he did,” Sonny laughed sarcastically. “So what’s this jag off’s name?”

    “He’s not a jagoff Sonny, he's a gentleman. And a lawyer,”

    “A lawyer?” Sonny’s ears perked up. “Did you say a lawyer?”

    “Yeah, why--”

    “Y’know what sweets gimme a second,” Sonny’s voice cut out as he put you on hold.

    “Wha--?” You stared at the phone. “The douche put me on hold?”

    “Aw crap…” Rafael muttered while searching his jacket pocket. He found it just as it lit up


    “Oh, my...god,” You muttered as you stared at the phone in his hands. Now your face went wide and your eyes went wide. Rafael quickly answered the phone, giving you a pleading look to go along with whatever he was about to say.

    “Hello? Carisi, why are you calling me so late? Don’t you have a life?” He snarled at him, trying to throw him off.

    “Me? I’m here at my apartment. Why did you want to come by for milk and cookies or something?”

    “Earlier-- I’m sorry, Carisi, are you interrogating me? Do I need an alibi for some mystery crime?” He got even more defensive. You’d feel bad if you didn’t know how important it was to keep this affair under wraps now.

    “Right, no I don’t know about any ‘cousin’ of yours, Carisi, but if they’re anything like you I fear for your bloodline,” He rolled his eyes and hung up the phone. He looked at you, who now had a very offended look on your face.

    “What?” He shrugged. “Oh come on, you know I didn’t mean that I was just giving him shit,”

    “Did you have to give him so much shit?!” You hit him lightly.

    “It’s how we work, carino,” He assured you. “You’d know that if you saw us together,”

    “Oh I don’t think I ever want to see you togeth--” You started to yell at him but Sonny’s voice came back on your line.

    “Hey sunshine,” You heard his voice. “Sorry about that, I just had to check something,”

    “Right,” You said into the phone, while glaring at Rafael. He was still giving you a pleading look, begging you to forgive him for his transgression on the phone.

    “So who’s this lawyer you’re cozying up with then?”

    “Uh….” You suddenly realized he probably knew all the lawyers, or at least a good amount, and you were shit at lying. You started snapping your fingers at Rafael for a name, any name. He started running names through his brain, thinking out loud. “Uhhh….Barlow, Buchanan,”

    “Buchanan,” You replied, making Rafael’s jaw drop. He shook his head “NO” violently.

    “I’m sorry, Buchanan?”

    “Y-Yeah why?”

    “Big fat dickhead of a defense attorney Buchanan?”

    “OH,” Your eyes went wide as you realized why Rafael didn’t want you to use that name-- that was unbelievable.

    “Um, yeah--YES,” You had to stick to this now, you were in it. “He’s a very sweet gentleman, you’re obviously just too judgmental,”

    “...Yeah, I’m sure that’s it,” You could hear Sonny’s eyes roll through the phone. “Do me a favor cuz, please?”

    “What’s that?” You asked him nervously.

    “Excuse yourself, call a cab and go home,” He begged you. “That Buchanan is no good, I promise you,”

    “...You know what you’re absolutely right Son, I’m going to go tell him right now. Okay? I’ll call you tomorrow,” You said quickly into the phone and hung up on your cousin before he could answer.

    “What the ever loving FUCK?!!!!” You shook your hands at him in anger.

    “What are you mad at me for?!” Rafael scoffed.

    “You know my cousin?”

    “I mean, technically he works for me,” He shrugged.

    “Does he?” You were skeptical of that.

    “Well, he follows me around like a puppy enough,” He smirked with a laugh.

    “Oh my god-- OH MY GOD,” It didn’t occur to you until this very moment that Sonny had indeed mentioned his “mentor” Rafael Barba to you. More than a few times. How did you not remember that? It was his damn smile, that had to be it. Or maybe your brain was just protecting you from the truth, knowing how your heart felt.

    “So how about you, Miss Jersey?” Rafael crossed his arms. “I find it hard to believe that Sonny has never mentioned his ‘idol’,”

    “Oh could you be any more--”

    “His words, not mine!” He defended.

    “....Fine, alright,” You put up your hands in defeat. “He has mentioned you, but I swear to you I did not recall that connection at any point tonight until this very second!”


    “What do you mean mmmhmm?” You scoffed. “You think I just wanted to seduce my cousin’s love interest to hurt him or something?”

    “I’m sorry, his what?” Rafael stopped you.

    Shit. SHIT. You shouldn’t have said that. Why did you say that. Why did you remember THAT of all things? Damn appletinis!

    “What? Nothing, doesn’t matter--”

    “No no no,” He wagged his finger as he walked closer to you. “Did you-- does-- Are you saying Sonny has a thing for me?”

    “I mean,” You shrugged. “He...I mean, I don’t know for sure.”


    “Meaning...we don’t...we don’t talk about stuff like that,” You wrung your hands out uncomfortably.

    “Stuff like what?”

    “Like...about boys,” You made an uncomfortable face.

    “Oh jesus christ…” He muttered.

    “I’m just saying!” You put your hands on his shoulders. “Look, all I know is there’s a certain way you talk about someone when you-- feel a certain way about them,”

    “Well, yeah, he idolizes me,” He tried laughing it off nervously. “I mean, obviously that’s probably why he would talk about me so...warmly?”

    “Mmm….” You made a face. “I don’t know, it just seemed like he described you as less like ‘a guy I wanna be’ and more like ‘a guy I wanna bang,’”

    “Oh, oh my god,” Rafael had to sit down. “This is...this is a nightmare,”

    “Hey!” You suddenly got defensive. “You could do a lot worse than my cousin, Barba!”

    “I don’t want to do worse, I want to do YOU!” He blurted out, causing a very shocked look from you.

    “....That came out wrong,” He turned red instantly. “I’m sorry, I’m just-- this, this is a lot of information to get in so little time with so much alcohol in my system,”

    “Yeah,” You nodded, joining him on the couch. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said that,” You put your hand on his knee.

    “I mean….” Rafael looked to the sky and laughed dryly before looking at you. “What the fuck are we supposed to do now? What am I supposed to do now?!”

    “What do you mean you?!” You scoffed. This was your problem too!

    I can’t just ‘un-know’ all of this information, Y/N!” He stood up and paced his living room. “I can’t-- I can’t pretend now that I don’t know that Carisi has…” He stopped and put his hands over his face. “I can’t...I can’t even say it,”

    “Look, maybe you’re right,” You stood up. “Maybe I misread him, maybe he really does just...idolize you,”

    “Either way, you’re still his cousin, and he’d still kill me for….dating, you,”

    “Date? Is that what we were about to do? Date? That’s a new word for it,” You smirked.

    “Ok well I’m not about to fuck my protege’s kid cousin now, so--” He half chuckled, but stopped when he saw your hurt expression.

    He didn’t have to say it like that-- sure were you about to get…’biblical’? Sure. But he made it sound so dirty. And you hadn’t even just thought of it as a hit and quit-- although why you thought it would be more than that was beyond you. And forget it now.

    “Well, then,” You shook your head with a laugh, sucking back hurt tears. “I guess I should get home,”

    “No, wait Y/N,” Rafael ran over and stepped in front of you. “I- I didn’t mean it like that, I’m sorry. It’s just…”

    “It’s a lot,” You reminded him.

    “It is,” He agreed softly.

    “So…” You bit back tears. “It’s probably good that we found this out now. Before we...did anything we’d regret,”

    “...I-...I guess so,” He looked down at your hands.

    “Mmmkay well,” You cleared your throat and wiped away the dampness from your eyelids.

    “I should probably just get home to Jersey, and--” You stepped around him and opened the door.

    “And forget we ever had this conversation. Or, y’know what forget we ever met, really,” You stared holes into the floor, refusing to look into his gorgeous eyes.

    But he wasn’t letting you go that easily. He stepped forward and put his hand over yours that was holding the door open, and cupped your cheek to look up at him.

    “...Is that really what you want to do?” He asked you with a very soft, caring tone.

    “Isn’t that what you want?” You could barely whisper without tears clogging your throat. “Isn’t this all ‘too much’?”

    “I didn’t say it was too much, I said it was a lot,” He half smiled.

    “But what was this gonna be, huh Barba?” You gestured between the two of you. “You barely know me, and you asked me back to your apartment. I’m probably a decade younger than you, nowhere near as half as smart or as wealthy as you--”

    “I don’t care--”

    “And I live in Jersey, which you hate!” You finished. “So...so what did you think was gonna happen? Huh? Did you invite me here for a fairy tale romance, or a royal fuck?”

    “I…” He scratched his head. “To be honest with you, I didn’t think about anything,”

    “What?” You made a quizzical face.

    “I was just thinking how beautiful you are, and how creative and funny you are-- nothing like women I date,” He confessed.

    “Or as old,” You remarked.

    “Right,” He chuckled. “Well, I don’t want you to think I’m an old perv, I really don’t go for...younger, women,”

    “Well I’m not exactly looking for Sugar Daddies all the time either,” You chuckled softly yourself.

    “So um--” He now played with your hands.

    “...Weird, secret friends?” You bit your lip with an awkward smile as his eyes lit up at the term.

    “I’d like that,” He nodded, taking your phone from you and putting his number in.

    “Good,” You took his phone and did the same.

    “....Can weird secret friends still mess around?” Rafael’s eyebrows wiggled suggestively.

    “Y’know I’m still weirded out by the fact that my cousin has probably pictured you naked longer than I have, so--”

    “Oh,” Rafael grimaced. “Oh god-- you ruined it,”

    “That’s me,” You teased. "Y/N-- Mood killer,”

    “I’ll see you later, killer,” Rafael pulled you into a small slow kiss anyway, despite your cousin quipping.

    “Later counselor,” You pecked his cheek one more time before walking out of his apartment and down the stairs.

    So, you were now definitely smitten with the guy your cousin and best friend in the world was also possibly smitten with, but either very much idolized. Oh, and there’s the part where Sonny doesn’t approve of anyone you ever date ever, let alone someone he knows and who is probably old enough to be your dad-- sure, this was fine.

    This is totally fine.

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    But - but it's all the way across the map, Barbas...

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    i just wanted to show y’all fin’s shirt ‘cause i love it

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    Messy Bedroom




    Isla- 5


    Your mind was spinning when your mother called you. You didn't dream of the fact she was on her way. Instead, she told you with glee that she was on her way to the New York suburbs from your hometown. The delight wasn't mutual; in fact, you looked around your eight-bedroom, four-bathroom house, and it wasn't in the best condition. It wasn't disgusting; it was just lived in by four children and two adults who are balancing family life with very driven careers. Immediately you google cleaners in your area and ring around the companies. Luckily you manage to get a cleaning company to come around, which have loads of 5-star reviews.

    You asked your children to clean their own bedrooms, and there were no issues with the boys. They put their toys away, hung up their clothes, placed their dirty washing in the laundry basket and put their rubbish into a bin bag. Axel and the twin had finished cleaning their rooms in half an hour which meant you could go in and strip and make the beds and vacuum the floor.

    However, when you told Isla to tidy her room, she got off her butt, and she looked like she was doing work. You came back into her bedroom twenty minutes later. "Are you nearly done, baby?" you look around the room and realise it's a bigger mess than what it first was beforehand. "Isla, why haven't you cleaned your room?" "Well, mommy, I was going to but look at all the cool stuff I found instead." you heard Rafael snigger in the hallway. "Isla, you must tidy your room; Grandma is coming to stay for a couple of days. I promise as soon as she leaves, you can make as much mess as you want." "Grandma is coming. You mean the one that smells like oatmeal all the time?" "Isla! Don't be rude. That's not nice and could hurt grandma's feelings." you scolded your daughter. Just as she opened her mouth, Rafael entered the room. "Come on, Princesa, I'll help you tidy your room." you blink down at your husband. You were trying to give your daughter a sense of responsibility. You leave the room and finish preparing a guest room.

    A couple of hours later, your mom arrives, she rings the doorbell, and you open the door. "Hey, Mom", you greeted the older woman. "Hey honey, you look good, Y/N" she pushes past you to see your kids. Axel is first. "Axel, you have gotten soo big since I saw you last time," the woman was practically squeezing the life out of your boy with her embrace. "It's double trouble." your mom then gets on her knees to embrace your twins in a death grip. "of course, last by no means least, Isla." your daughter walked up to her grandma and gave her a quick hug. You notice, but your mother doesn't. "Grandma, do you like oatmeal?" you are giving your daughter your in trouble eye, while Rafael is trying not to laugh. "Yes, sweetie, I have it every morning. It sets me up for the day." Isla rolled her eyes at her "figures". Your mom looks at you, and you shrug your shoulders, "she been in an awkward mood all day." "Isla, why don't you show grandma your clean bedroom?" As your mother and daughter get upstairs, you turn to Rafael "Stop laughing. It's not funny, Rafi" you hit his shoulder. "Carino, Our five-year-old princess, is dripping in sarcasm. It's hilarious."

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    Hey y'all check out my girl @objection-argumentative and her works. She's fabulous. ♥️

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    So @objection-argumentative told me maybe people don't realize my requests are open because I post series all the time.

    But they are! Even when I'm writing a series!

    So.....you know. Request!

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    Regé-Jean Page photographed by Matthew Brookes for Variety, 2021.

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    Covidsafe travel to Aegean islands with highspeed ferries - Greece

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    "Christos Barbas is a Greek producer, director and creator of Timeline Productions Company. He studied Cinema and Communications at Sorbonne University. He worked as a Professor assistant at the D.E.R.C.A.V. (Paris III). He has worked as a special collaborator and director for C.N.R.S. and I.R.H.T in France. In Greece, Barbas has directed and produced audiovisual material for institutions such as the French Institute of Athens and the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople (for the Ecological Symposia of the Baltic Sea and the Amazon), the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture and Sport etc. He is the director and producer of the TV show “Remarkable Greeks” (ERT)."

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